Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Internet Problems HERE

Let's try a new way of organizing Qualmcastic complaints. Don't forget to leave your acount number so Comcast (and only Comcast) can track you down.


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Anonymous said...

How about an affordable internet option $10-20 (1-1.5mbps down) in areas where there is no competition, like in parts of Norridge, Harwood Heights, Des Plaines, and Niles.

Im not sure what was the problem with tiered internet.

You should be able to pay for the speed caps you want.

I always get the fastest available, because I need it for work since I use ssh/sftp/scp.

I would get symmetrical(upload and download are equivalent) and pay an additional price if I could....

But...a 65 years old isnt going to 6-10 mbps.

Additionally, pass the savings onto the consumer.

I don't need Comcast email, web storage, multiple accounts with these features, anything on the comcast.net web site, nor McAfee® Security Suite.

Why should I be charged for these services if I never use them. No, they are not "free" as comcast claims, but taken from the billing, so in fact, we, as costumers, are paying for these services, whether we use them or not.

Now, I understand, If people sign up for a special deal that gives them $3-$12 months, especially if they get the "free" modem and "free" installation. They sign a contract and are obligated to that term or they have to pay penalties.

1. I own my own docsis modem, a linksys. Superior to the moto surfboard in many aspects, especially since it only costs $10 and doesn't have a habit of burning peoples houses down.

2. I paid full price for installation, some $50.

3. I pay my bill on time and don't complain(well, except this)

4. I use my own server which is hooked up to comcast. It runs fedora, runs a web server, file server, ssh, remote, video, etc.
I get over 300gb of storage on it and allows me to execute PHP/JSP/CGI/ASP/ASPX scripts on it, in addition to perl, vb and others...
In my 15 years of being a ATTBI/Comcast customer, I have never used the storage service.

5. I use an external email service, such as gmail. This doesnt expire, ever, even if i were to cancer comcast. It is superior in every way to comcasts services.

6. I never use anything listed on comcast.net. From search to shopping, from video to news, i use non of it !
I get my video from youtube, google video and my own slingbox that hooked up to my satellite system.
I can look at images on google images, or flickr.
I get my news from theconsumerist.com, digg, liveleak, and fark.
I shop on amazon, craigs, ebay, adorama, j+r, b+h, and abes
Weather? The weather channel

As for my internet security suite, its taken care of by by the router, and ALL the machines are Linux anyways, running windows inside its secure environment in visualization if needed.

Why not offer a monthly rebate for services that one wants to relinquish.

Also, publish your caps for gods sake. You don't offer unlimited internet. ATTBI had a 250gb monthly cap and it was published, why doesn't Comcast publish theirs?

Basically, all I want is RAW internet, and no extra services.

My parents want internet that they will use. They don't want extra services either. They are OLD and on social security.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought my first house. We scheduled Comcast to connect our cable internet connection at our new home. The following issues ensued:

1) The technician put his foot through my ceiling while he was running the cable for a new jack in my office.

2) It took Comcast over a week to have the hole patched by a contractor.

3) Comcast charged a $60 connection fee (not even my electricity company charged me to move me services).

4) Comcast charged me two installation fees, one $24.95, the other $29.95. The best explanation I could get from them was that one was for going outside and turning on the cable at the box, the other for turning on the cable inside the house. This after we were told any install fees would be waved since they PUT A FOOT THROUGH MY CEILING.

They waved one of the fees and said they would lower my monthly rate for internet service. When the changes to the account did not update properly that required more phone calls.

We found out fiber optic internet from AT&T was available in our area. I fired Comcast once and for all. Pretty much the only reason I continued to use them was they were the only ISP available besides DSL and dialup.

I had to stand in line for over an hour to turn in the modem. This is the same crappy modem I've been paying $3 monthly to use for over 2 years. I'm sure I more than paid for it. The only reason I bothered to stand in line was to get a receipt to prove I had turned it in. This is after being charged for 2 months worth of phone and cable tv service after I had called 3 times and requested in person (when I turned in the cable box) to have it disconnected.

AT&T's rates were cheaper, I don't pay for the equipment upfront, I don't pay to rent the equipment monthly, we didn't pay a dime for installation and the internet is faster. The modem we were given has wireless internet, something we were about to buy.

For the same price we got base cable internet from Comcast we get: -fiber optic connection,
-a wireless network/modem
-2 DVR cable boxs without paying extra to do recordings
-the 100 channel package for tv including local channels

**** Comcast!!

Eph Comcast said...

I have had Comcast for almost 4 years now. We experienced a few minor problems here and there, the cable box not displaying info was the most frequent, but nothing that warrented a complaint. Until now.

My wife stumbled upon the triple play deal 3 months ago and discovered that getting home phone service (we have used only our cells up to this point), all the movie channels (except TMC [is that reall "all" then?]) and "upgraded" internet service we would actually pay less for 2 years then what we were paying at the time. I knew something was wrong, anyone else hear a parent saying "if it's too good to be true..."? But my wife, being smartert than me (ney more thorough) was convinced, she had called a rep, asked questions and signed up. Great. We are now ready to save money and get better service. The free-market economy at work. All we had to do was go to a customer service center and pick up the phones, install and everything else would fall into place.
Right about this time we experienced our first major internet problem. Our IE would come up as a blank page, nothing else would happen. Couldnt go to another site, couldn't close it, nothing. I called a tech rep. Holy crap was that a waste of my life. Over the next 2 weeks I spent 19 HOURS of my life trying to get through to someone and fix the problem. 19, thats no exaggeration, I have the times on my cell phone bill (technically 19h 4m,but i'll round down for convience sake)
All the while, I had gone to the first customer service center to pick up the phones, they didnt have anymore (it was closing time). no big deal "you can go to the Manssas Park one, they are open later and almost always have extra" i was told. Excellent, the negative of 45 minutes lost was turned into the positive of flexibilty and service. My wife went the very next day around 5 (closing time was 7) and found out that a)"we dont have anymore"
b)"your area is not allowed to self-install"
and most confusingly c)"you can self install we don't have anymore, we'll send out a tech tomorrow, sorry about that"
Fine. Send a tech as a customer service measure the next day, ok.
We were given a window of 5pm-8pm and as the hour of 8 o'clock approched, I decided to call just to check. Sure enough "you're not scheduled til next week". My immediate response was a preterbed "WHAT?" At which point my wife took the phone from me, mostly to figure out why she had been lied too and partly to save this gentleman from getting one of the worst mental bitch slappings of his life. 30 minutes pass and my wife comes upstairs to inform me that there was a miscommunication somewhere at the customer service centers, and we will be upgraded to an HD receiver, cordless phones (cordless is an upgrade?), and a "new, faster" modem. "sorry you have to wait until next week" I continued to have problems with our internet service and continued to waste my time. 2 days after my wife got off the phone with the rep I decided to call on my way to work and try to get our service calls combined (one had been set up for the internet and another for the phone /cable setup. In the infinite wisdom of comcast, they had been scheduled the same day. one in the morning, one at night.) Why have 2 different people come at 2 different times? or worse yet the same guy twice in one day?
During my entire 45 minute commute (bristow-fredericksburg via 95 south) i sat on hold. i hung up because i had to start working on supporting our troops overseas that were coming home. at lunch i told my boss i might be awhile because of qhat was going on, no problem. 30 minutes later i finally reached someone that barely spoke english, and the only thing i could make out was "serbis call?". Frustration got the best of me and i hung up the phone. On my way home I tried again, this time using the "angry customer" approach to get straight to a supervisor, just as i got home and took my boots off (I called when I left work, the same trip as above) I got through to a manager, who sent me to a tech manager, that sent me to another manager. Determined this time not to give up I endured 3 hours and 47 minutes of bouncing around, sitting on hold, and lets try this.
Ridiculousness has made it's mark.
Finally I found out that I had gotten through to the ESOL student I had talked to at lunch and 2 techs were coming out between 6pm and 9pm. Realizing that some type of progress had been made, I hesitated to ask why they thought that made sense. "we can give you a $50 credit". I told them that was a start I need more. I was then informed that I would have to talk to a retention person, and unfortunatly it was after buisness hours, here's a direct phone number, call tomorrow." Up to this point she has been the only competent, polite, customer oriented person I had talked to. I regret not remebering her name as I would be giving her a "shout out" at this time. But, I digress. Next day comes and after ruining one young lads day (he sounded like he was about to cry) I spoke with a tech guy that also worked in the retention dept. Turns out he too was focused on resolving first my internet problem, then my threat of lawsuits, FCC and BBB complaints (which is still my intent if this last route does not work). He also lived right behind me and had no problem dropping off the phones on his way home and fixing my internet. The fix worked until I hung up the phone and then went right back to nothingness... I called again and he spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to help me. Nothing worked so he made sure the techs that were on thier way in the next few days were prepared to handle and fix the problem. After that we discussed the retention issue, I wanted free service for as long as i am a customer. He and I both knew this was only a starting point. He told me he would send an e-mail to his higher-ups and for me and my wife to figure out an accpetable (to both parties) agreement.
Now we are here. My wife and I will still accept our current price and service levels locked in for life as a resolution to this problem. I heard from a friend that this should be a last (albeit a begrudged) step, before we file our complaints and lawsuit(s). our account # is 15011522454-07-4. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

My internet cable has been down for about one month. In spite of all their promises to take care of it quickly, their promises that people would fix it on certain days, their assurance it was fixed, it remains down. They have broken their scheduled days and cover it by saying someone routed the work order wrong or gave it the wrong number. Since, everyone we have talked to has heard the whole chapter and verse, it is inconceivable to me that all the technicians, telephone representatives and supervisors we have talked to have not gotten it right yet. Wednesday, eight days ago, we were told it was fixed. The we were told last Thursday evening someone would be out to fix it that night. Then it was still down and someone was sent out. He never made contact with us, though our front door was standing open. Later that night, someone came out and said his supervisor said someone would fix it Friday. Then, we were told it would be Monday. Then we were told it would be Tuesday or Thursday. They marked the route the replacement cable must go early in the week, but have not fixed it yet. Tuesday, they said probably Thursday. Today, they said they might have someone out to look at it tommorrow. At this point, this is unacceptable. It has been down for periods 3 times in the last year. The first two, the techs indicated it could be my equipment and so I brought a new modem twice, only to return them because the service was up when I got home. Once the whole local area was down, but the telephone rep never told us this. A technician repairing several other peoples' service restored ours with theirs and said it was a problem with Comcast equipment at the home base. If we had not gone out and talked to him, we would have waited for another tech to come out and let us know. The telephone reps have been polite, but ineffective, as have the technicians and the supervisors. As of tonight, with another vague promise to see about fixing it tommorrow, when we have already been told, they do not fix line problems on Fridays, I am seriously considering going to the Public Utility Commission and every local consumer advocate group I can reach. I do not want to have to go through this hassle, but it is now at a point that simply restoring service may not make a strong enough impression on Comcast to prevent this from occurring again. So, it could be that other organizations need to monitor their response. Maybe, as someone suggested, Comcast is so arrogant, they do not have to have good communication between their staff and their customers and can keep putting things off forever. My account # is 09513 108666-01-3.

Anonymous said...




If you don't want satellite, then go with fiber optics or IPTV: Just Google


"Verizon FiOS"


"ATT U-verse"


and sign up on their respective websites. Even if they are worse than Comcast in quality, there's no doubt they have better customer service.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with you fine folks is sorta like making love to a female gorilla: you can’t quit just because you want to.

Several months ago it occurred to me that I hadn’t turned on my TV since my wife died. When I called to cancel the cable service, the Comcast folks dug their heals in, and said they couldn’t do it unless I provided them with a copy of her death certificate. I lost it. Pitched a hissy . . . and they agreed to discontinue my service, but would have to jack up my internet rates . . . somewhere over $60/month.

I left town for awhile . . . came back . . . no internet service. Tech support said I needed a new modem. I could wait for a week or pick it up myself. Drove to Katy . . . picked up a new modem . . . didn’t help. I think they had turned off the internet when they turned off the cable TV. Soonest tech support available was a week later. When they came, I must have been in the back yard. Found a hang-tag on the doorknob. Next available would be another week away.

Not worth it. This is turning into a HATE thing. Not a good basis for a business relationship. Called to cancel service. Couldn’t be done unless I could provided an account number. They could give me my phone number, address, name and payment history . . . but didn’t know my account number?

In my eyes . . . we are officially divorced. Comcast is not welcome in my house. I have a modem here they can pick up at their convenience . . . occasionally their trucks are in the neighborhood . . . but am not paying for the sucker or driving back out to Katy to return it.

Now it appears that they have turned this thing over to a debt collection agency.

77701226738653 with 100528

Annoyed Gamer said...

I've had Comcast ever since they took over Time Warner in the houston area. And my internet connection has gotten worse ever since then. When we had Time Warner Cable my cable rarely went out and internet was good. But comcast took over and has ruined everything. I can't do anything without it going out. I like to play online games but always lag cause comcast tries to packet shape me. They freakin hate net neutrality or its morals. There is no bandwidth problem, its just a myth so companies can squeeze more money out of its customers. I would love to switch cable providers but comcasts stupid monopoly makes them the only provider for my area.


Anonymous said...

I must post a follow-up to the problem I posted approx 1 month ago.

I had found that a software update to the Comcast box has disabled the serial port connection that used to connect to my Tivo.

After dealing with customer service...who never seem to know what I was talking about...I was finally told that "Comcast does not support the Seriel port".

Frustrated, I posted my issue here.

A week went by and I got a call from a lovely polite woman at COmcast COrperate office asking me some more details about my issue.

She took the information, and I was ready for her response to be: "THere's nothing we can do about that".

TO my surprise she called back a week later and said "It all set!"

Needless to say I was skeptical...but after checking the COmcast box and the Tivo...she was right!

Comcast fixed my issue without ever coming to my house! From their main office!

While I am very frustrated I couldn't get the satisfaction from the Comcast customer service agent at their regular 800 #...I am thrilled that "Nancy" at the corperate office got my issue fixed!

Thank you Nancy!

I am impressed and amazed!

Lca said...

For around 3 years now I've been dealing with the same issue of my modem needing to be powercycled repeatedly throughout the day.

I have spent nearly $3000 verifying it isn't my computer, I have had techs out here to tell me the lines are ok, I have exchanged the modem out twice and I am still dealing with this. I can hook my computer up to a comcast connection at another location with the same wires, network card, modem and have no issues whatsoever.

When I am online, I will randomly start getting the page not found errors, I will be booted from games like World of Warcraft because of connection lost issues. I cannot repair the connection (following step failed, renewing the IP address, contact your network administrator for assistance).

I am a programmer and I repair electronics for a living. First step in troubleshooting is to identify where the problem is occurring.

Common sense says if the connection is fine (which it is if I take the computer to a friends house a few miles from here, to work about 20 miles from here, and to my Dads 2k miles from here), the computer, wiring and modem is fine, then the issue has to do with either something in the house (electrical issues, which I have spent quite a bit on to get checked out), or with the connection coming into the development I live in. After speaking up at a recent development meeting, I am not the only one with the issue, so why the hell can't Comcast either boost the signal strength to avoid the damn connection lost issues or fix the hardware pushing the connection out this way?

Lca said...

8495741013211135 is my account number.

Anonymous said...

They are already dead

I started “service” with Comcast in MI in December 06, and for the next year had nothing but problems with service and billing,

In December of 07 my “great “ introductory rate was over and since the cable TV and phone service sucked, even on a good day, I opted to just have the “high Speed “ Internet service continued. The price was somewhat high, but since it is the only thing I can get where I live I had to pay the piper.

I was told that I had to pay an amount to keep service on and that everything would be OK.

In January 08 I received a bill that reflected services that had been stopped in December 07. I called the local representative in MI and explained this and also that the charge was not correct for the Internet service . I paid again and thought all would be OK

In February 08 I again received a bill with a ‘past due’ and was again being charged for services that had been stopped in 07. I again called the MI service rep and after a run around it was supposedly fixed. Then I got a disconnect notice and called again only to be told that my Past Due balance had to be paid. I then called the Comcast Corporate Office and talked to them and thought that it was settled .

In March 08 the same thing and another call to the Corporate office. I then sent another check for the monthly Internet service. Again after a long and detailed conversation with the Corporate Office I was assured that the office in MI would take care of the matter.

In April 08 the same thing and again a call to both MI and the Corporate Office and the determination that I had in fact been over paying for the Internet service. I have in fact paid in “advance” for 6 months of services. Then another shut off notice and another call to Corporate to keep from getting shut off, a clear explanation and confirmation of the payments recorded to my account and a agreement that I was indeed paid in “advance”.
A return call from the local MI office and confirmation that ALL would be taken care off and that I would receive Internet service for ½ off for a year for all the trouble I had incurred. This was totally The offer of Comcast and I had not asked for anything other than getting my billing straightened out.

In May 08 the same thing again, and another call to the local MI office and nothing they transferred me to billing but that representative was in the corporate office and said I had to take it up with the local MI office. Just another confirmation that none of these people know what is going on. That was Friday and I left a message at Corporate Office and as yet have not heard anything. So Monday the 19th I will start this all over.

I would think that if I can figure out the amount paid and the amount that should have been charged and clearly find that there is in fact a credit due me without the use of any sophisticated computer software that a company of the size of COMCAST should be able to figure it out. But then again I am a blonde!

Almost 6 months and the SAME problem is still not corrected, like I said at the start of this THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD. And as soon as I can find another warm body to replace them I will.

MKS said...



Download Speed: 6055 kbps (756.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2734 kbps (341.8 KB/sec transfer rate)


Download Speed: 32571 kbps (4071.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2443 kbps (305.4KB/sec transfer rate)


MKS said...



Download Speed: 6055 kbps (756.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2734 kbps (341.8 KB/sec transfer rate)


Download Speed: 32571 kbps (4071.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2443 kbps (305.4KB/sec transfer rate)


Anonymous said...

Where can I even start with this nightmare? I have been begging and pleading with comcast for about 6 months now, and I am fed up! The entire mess started at set up. I was lied to right off the bat. I was informed I would be getting a home networking system that can power everything in my home. 2 computers and an xbox. Well not quite. The technician shower up to my home nearly 3 hours late with out any explanation of why. He had NEVER installed internet before. Great start! So I logged into the comcast set up with the help of a supervisor. It took me nearly 2 hours. 15 minutes to set things up and 1 hour and 40 min to get off hold and taken seriously. From that day on it has been awful. In less than a year I have had 7 service calls. Only 1 was close to on time, and only 2 left my house with everything working. I had to add a second internet line 3 months after moving in because the home networking can not support my 3 computers, even though it is designed to support and run 6. So I added a second line, bringing my bill up to over $60 per month for internet, as well as what I have to pay for the other services. Fine. No problem, except once I added the second line, the first line quits working. I call in and am told that I am being billed for 2 lines, but I only have one router! WHAT? It then takes 2 service calls and 13 days to fix it. My router had been put on a woman's account (Linda) and due to her delinquent status the router was locked. Two new routers and I got a whole 2 weeks of working service. Since then I have had 5 more service calls and loss of service so many times I lost count. As of right now I am still being billed for 2 lines, but only have one. I am owed 2 months worth of service and the rental fee too. I now only have 1 internet line and have even returned the leased equipment, but still have to pay for both. After 4 hours of trying to fix this today I found this site. Is it even legal for them to do this? When I finally got a hold of a supervisor today I was told that his English is not great, and he did not understand me. This is the way my 4 hour attempt to fix this is going to end?

Over the last year:

1. I have been overcharged for instillation, and forced to install things myself.
2. Triple charged for service 3 months in a row.
3. Accused of trying to steal my husband identity when I called in. Even after giving all the required information, including the last credit card used. She then threatened to call the police and hung up. (Unreal)
4. When calling in once while my internet was down I was told that I do not know computers work and that I should take classes before calling to complain. I then hung up and called back only to get set up for another service call for my internet that was indeed down.[
5. Billed for service I do not have any longer.
6. Lied to about calls back and what services I have.
7. I was even told today that it is their policy to say someone will call you back, and then do not even send an email to a supervisor. She went so far as to say never let them say someone will call you back, because they do not make calls out.
8. Threatened by a technician. He claimed he would just suspend my account and hang up. Yes I was upset about being charged for months of service that I was not getting. I in no way threatened him, but he had no respect for me what so ever.
9. Spent a total of 4 weeks with no internet, yet still had to pay for it. "The bill must be paid in full, even the internet or all of your services will be cut." -Direct quote from a comcast supervisor, after realizing the lack of service and agreeing that I was being asked to pay for services I was not getting.
10. Direct refusal to remove the charges and stop billing me for the internet line that does not work. Even after the equipment was returned and I called 3 times as well as emailed one time to have it taken off my account. I am still being billed right now.

In all honesty I can go on for days about this. I can not get direct tv or fios where I live, so now what?

Account Number- 09569 624093-09-0

Anonymous said...

I am writing to report a consumer issue with Comcast. Comcast’s “high speed” Internet service is anything but.

My boyfriend and I are paying for this service, but since May 20, it's been running more at the speed of continental drift. He placed a service call that day, and somebody came over and fiddled with something in our coat closet and pronounced the problem "fixed." About an hour later, the service was slowed to a crawl again.

My boyfriend placed another service call, and was promised that someone would come over on May 23 between 9:00 AM and 12:00 noon, which never happened. We then got a phone message stating the problem was fixed, which was a blatant lie, as the Internet service was still slow.

My boyfriend then placed a THIRD service call, and was told someone would come over on May 26 between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This was another LIE, as nobody ever showed up. Now, I realize that this was Memorial Day weekend, and if they want to give people the time off, that’s fine with me. But if they’re going to do that, they should just tell customers they’re closed that day – don’t set up phony service appointments.

If it was up to me, we'd just cancel Comcast’s inferior, overpriced service and find another ISP. However, he's more patient than I am; he placed a FOURTH service call, and was told that someone will be there on May 28 after 5:00. I’m not holding my breath.

Comcast’s product is inferior, their service is incompetent, and they are way overpriced for what we're getting. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Angie's List. I've also written to the Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch, Style Weekly Magazine, and the local NBC and CBS affiliates in Richmond, VA.

You know, we don’t really need cable TV. Everything worth watching is on DVD now, and we’ve got a DVD player, a TV set, and a Netflix account. Give me one good reason why we should stay with Comcast.

I think my boyfriend and I deserve to be reimbursed for the "high-speed" Internet service that we have NOT been getting, from May 20 until either 1) Comcast fixes the problem or 2) we take our business elsewhere.

Our account number is 09562 202743-05-3.

cross timbers said...

My Comcast E-mail stopped arriving. I could access the account but nothing new was arriving. I subscribe to services which regularly send me notices so I noticed the problem 7 days ago. At first I thought it was just a temporary thing but I got on the chat with Comcast analysts and kept being told that there was someone working on the problem. So now it is 7 days and counting and they still can't find out how to reactivate the e-mail so that messages arrive.

Comcast escalation tickets mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody forgot to pay their Domain Name fee to Network Solutions. Why else would the main www.comcast.net page have a coming soon/under construction message?


Anonymous said...

I (Account #8798 30 001 8379878), rely on having a 24/7 reliable and high-speed internet connection (and phone, since they're linked with my service plan), and I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get that, and am furthermore willing to switch to whatever service you offer that can give me that.

I have so far subscribed to Comcast's highest-end consumer package (16Mb/sec base cable connection) in an attempt to alleviate speed issues, and the service is very satisfactory when it is operational. Unfortunately, my connection frequently drops from your servers for minutes to hours at a time. This issue has been occurring for over a year to one extent or another - currently I experience a dropped connection 3-4 times daily at random for usually around an hour average downtime.

This problem has occurred though multiple "line" technicians, dozens of regular techs sent out, a handful of modems (rented from Comcast), and countless calls to your "technical" support line. I have even moved to a new apartment in the same building, and the problems followed me.

I like living where I do, but the only option I have for high-speed internet is Comcast - please don't force me out of my home in search of usable internet service. I can deal with occasional planned outages (though it would be nice to receive advance warning), but I'm looking to move somewhere nearby (I'm in a major city) where I can get FiOS so I can run my business and personal affairs reliably.

Most recently with Comcast, I have been run around and lied to by your support line. They have told me techs are being sent out, and then they are not and no record of them stays in your system. I have had my calls dropped on transfers between your departments (intentionally?), and have been told that your digital phone service does not depend on an internet connection (more an ignorant "technical" agent than a lie, probably).

I also encountered numerous billing issues when the installation tech (moving in the same building, still got charged a full installation fee) decided to double charge me on a number of installation items. I was also not given promised rates for adding new services to my account. Fortunately, the billing department has resolved these issues at this point, but they shouldn't have been issues in the first place.

I post here as a last resort, along with planning a way to reach as many executives as possible, before your lack of service forces me to physically move. Please help me resolve this issue, as I'd like to stay here for many years to come.

Technical details of my problem:

Service interruption occurs, then downstream connection ranges across the full frequency spectrum (~200MHz-1.4GHz), often for a short time, but occasionally much longer, until locking in at 555.25 MHz and -5 dBmV. Occasionally will not range and will stay at this value from previous connection.

Upstream ranges between 26.9 and 24 MHz at variable power and around a 2.5Mb connection, but also tries 34.4 MHz and a 5Mb connection with variable power. Power ranges beween between 8-61 dBmV that I've seen. I've seen it lock in on multiple frequencies on the upstream.

Usually the ranging/connection issues are focused on the upstream. I've manually disconnected my other services and an in-line cable splitter to attempt to isolate, with no difference noted.

As mentioned before, multiple line techs have looked at it, with one noting a off-spec voltage issue with the lines, and multiple modems have been used as well.

Any additional technical information I can provide I am more than willing to do so.

Mark said...

And Comcast has problems of their own...


Finally Over said...

Anyone see the MSN article today? The Customer Service Hall of Shame. Comcast rates second in a list of companies with the worst customer service.


Anonymous said...

My Comcast nightmare:

To start, we have used Comcast before, and would not have left them if there wasn't for a 10 or so square mile radius in the center of my city that is contracted with another provider. We ended up moving to that area for about a year, then moving back into Comcast territory. Our first install with Comcast years ago was a mess, with several techs unable to figure out why a wall jack wasn't working, and their solution was to run a cable to our balcony door and let it hang down to the cable box. Overall, the service wasn't bad, a few outages here and there, and I'm good enough with a computer to troubleshoot an Internet connection.

We called in early April, several weeks before we were moving in, to arrange install. We talked to the local tech, not the nationals, and he was excellent. They said it was going to take a few weeks to get our number ported over, but in the meantime they would setup a temporary account, give us the Triple play option for 2 years and not charge us for phone until it was installed. Ok.

Time for the phone install, and we got a call saying our number could not be ported. We were using Earthlink as our previous VOIP, and had an ATT landline that we ported to Earthlink before that. We were told numerous things, such as the information we had did not match Earthlink, that they couldn't port a number from Earthlink, and various other lies. The Earthlink account is in my name, the Comcast in my wife's, and they couldn't figure this simple thing out. I was flat out told that they would not port a number from Earthlink; I told them the FCC disagrees. In the end, someone on their end finally realized that they needed to port the number from ATT, since ATT still technically owned the number. New install setup, ok.

Install day ... contractors. Oh boy. They were useless. They didn't bother taking care around our things, and didn't bother to test the Internet connection before they left. The phone worked, but we couldn't surf, the modem wasn't pulling an IP address for some reason. A few hours later and several phone calls, our initial local tech got it sorted out. In the meantime, the contractors took with them the tech's cable modem, which our local guy was supposed to pick up with his cable box. The contractors did leave his power cord for the modem, though. He was fine with it, and we had all our services. For now.

Last Saturday, our TV, internet, phone all went down. The agent did no troubleshooting, and setup a truckroll for Tuesday after 3pm. The agent claimed he could see our modem, and said he was resetting it on their end. An hour later, nothing, so I called back, the new agent said he couldn't see the modem and would make sure we got a tech who was internet and TV certified. We were called on Sunday by Comcast, who left a message saying they could push the truckroll to Monday and to call. When we called back, no one knew what we were talking about. Ok, whatever. Still good for Tuesday. On Tuesday, I come home from work, work order is on the door stating we weren't home. No duh. Called, they said a tech would be back out by 5pm. 5:30, no tech, called, we were told that no one was going to come out or was supposed to come out and that we would have to reschedule. Not happy. We were also told the first agent I called never noted we would not be home until after 3pm, and that it was for the TV only, so we wouldn't have got a "internet, phone and TV certified tech," whatever that means. After much anger, the agent assurred me that she would have someone out the next day, and that she would note in the account that we would not be home until after 3pm. Not good, but I can't do anything about it. She gave me her name and her extention and told us to call her if something went wrong. She also told us to call back and get service credit for the time we did not have service.

The next day ... I come home, and surprise. Door knocker, tech had come before 3. Livid. Called, the smug little agent on the other end told me that the techs don't take requests and they will use the time listed in the notes as a suggestion, and it was our fault we weren't at home. He also said the tech checked the cable box and found nothing wrong outside. I asked to be transferred to the agent I spoke with the night before, he said that she was busy but she would call us back. Never called back. In vain, I tried unconnecting and reconnecting everything (again) and our service was restored. Much rejoicing. I am really curious what they did, because we still had no service that morning. When I called prior to checking the equipment again, the agent said the tech found nothing wrong with the cable box. So, either it now works by magic, or someone did something and now it is working again.

Now, I am contemplating calling and speaking with billing to get a service credit for the days we had no service. I am not pleased that not one of the agents I spoke with offered me any sort of credit, nor was anyone apologetic. I really don't want to call them again. But, I guess I will, if anything, just to take a few dollars out of their hands.


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Fat & Surly said...

Couple months ago Comcast bought out my isp..... it took about 2 days for my internet to go to hell.

when my isp was Insight, i used to average 750k + on nearly everything i downloaded.(Aussie excluded) i would peak over 1.5k.

my average ping w/ WoW (world of warcraft) servers was stable around 65 - 95 ping, not too shabby.....

then... teh comcast monster took over....

im lucky now to break 400k dl'n from a server in chicago,(im in springfield) and my ping rate in WoW has been over 350+ ping.

o.. and did i mention they raised our monthly internet rates by $10? o and upgraded us to a 10meg line for free? lotta good it did.

i actually tried to call comcast... twice... both times, their customer support number was busy.....

BUSY!!! how can you call that customer support!!!!! i cant even get ahold of someone who DOESNT know what bandwidth means.

so, i've cancelled my WoW account because they teamed up w/ comcast, and im changing my isp to at&t dsl because for some reason, a 1.5 meg connection w/ them out performs a comcast 10 meg connection in this area.

there you have it, yet another surly comcast customer, although i use the term "customer" very lightly... customers usually get some form of service.

eff comcast.

fatty :P
ID: 8798 53 001 0587710

Jasmaile said...

We have given Comcast 3 years to improve their high speed internet services. My husband and I are frequent internet users. We use the internet for business as well as gaming so intermittent service is a concern. Not having service for 1-3 hours or more is not acceptable on a regular basis.

We have been told by numerous people who rely on the internet, that Comcast has poor service. These comments are from people in IT professions, students at colleges who are online all the time and our neighbors.

We can almost depend on service to go out during a thunderstorm! This month alone we had two outages.

We are seriously thinking it is time to consider other options. DSL has been the recommended service.

Not to mention our DVR went out a week ago and I was told there was an outage in the area and should resume shortly. A week later there was no improvement and they finally sent someone yesterday to replace the unit. Of course this meant all shows saved were deleted and all programming scheduled. This is our 3rd time this has happened.

Account number 8220 18 890 3545143

Anonymous said...

I'm not giving any info here, because there is no compensation that will redeem pure evil.

Constant downtimes and throttled speeds have been plaguing me ever since signing up for their service. Phone service is almost non-existent especially when you really need it.

But hey, since I have comcast phone, I can't call to complain when service is down! BONUS!!! (I mean BOGUS!)

This is just the latest episode in many...

I called to enquire about why I'm paying for higher-end speeds and receiving non-existent or lower than dial-up speeds on average instead.

What was their solution? "Reset your modem and we'll set you up with our next higher speed."

"But then you'll be charging me MORE money, right?"

"Well it's free for 2 months."

So basically, had I not questioned it and simply followed their tech-support instructions, they would have switched me to paying a higher tier than I wanted without my consent and without even telling me. Paying more for bad service - yeah, that's why I called.

That is illegal, no matter how you paint it. "Timeo Comcast et dona ferentes” - I fear Comcast even when they offer gifts

Phone support is hell with a red-hot poker shoved up its tail. Several previous calls to them have wasted entire days with absolutely no results (except I may have made a few of their employees resign in disgrace - although, resigning from some bomb-crater middle-east tech support camel dump hole is probably considered a promotion).

If you drop comcast - no worries - it's a monopoly in most places and the only access available, so it's a "drink the strychnine kool-aid or die" proposition. You'll be replaced by 500 new suckers before you can hang up the phone, so you're no great loss to them.

I'm against govt. intrusion into business and internet, but this is completely out of hand. They owe us a LOT of restitution and should be forced to pay.

If you work for comcast and read this - go to hell. I don't want your "help". Soon Verizon will have fiber-optic in my neighborhood and I'll fight with them instead. I'm sure they can't be any worse than these clowns - or could they?

Furious Crawdad said...

So I recently moved into my first house and found out that AT&T DSL wasn't going to work. Turns out I was now too far away from their node to get reliable service. So the only other route I can go is Comcast. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, it should be a much faster internet connection and I will get cable on top of it!

So, the install day rolls around and the tech shows up. Except he doesn't know what to do. I have to *tell him* what I ordered. So I show him where to install the cable and high speed internet and while he has no problem getting the cable going, he clearly knows *nothing* about hooking up the cable modem. He has to call up another guy who walks him through it, and basically ends up plugging in the modem and bringing up a browser window with a webpage that looks like the Tech is supposed to fill out. He tells me to go through all the steps and it should be fine. Then he leaves.

So I follow the pages, and fill in my information. It's all going fine until one page comes back with a error message about a problem submiting some XML. The website seems slow and the time between pressing "submit" and getting the next page is literally like 2 to 3 minutes. Anyways, I try going back and resubmitting the page and I get the same error.

Restarting the modem/computer doesn't change much. I still get the same page that wants me to agree to some terms, and when I click on "accept", I get the same error. (Failed to retrieve account details) Ugh.

So I call 1-800-COMCAST as the page suggests, and they proceed to spend 2.5 hours testing my modem/restarting my computer. Finally, they tell me that some other group needs to fix it and to wait 3 days. Great.

So I wait 3 days and call back. Nothing has been fixed! In fact, the trouble ticket was NEVER SUBMITTED! They tell me NOW they are going to submit the ticket and to wait another THREE DAYS. What to do bet I'll call back and it still won't work?

So here I am, completely helpless. There's no guarantee that it will be fixed. They can just keep stringing me along as much as they want and there's nothing I can do about it. No one will take responsibility. No one can let me talk to anyone who knows what the actual solution is or who can give me a real timeframe in which it will be fixed.

How in the world can a company be so screwed up and still continue to exist?

Account #8770350420573669

Anonymous said...


Needed internet connection to work from home. Called Comcast. Asked them if they blocked UDP communication. They said they don't block ANYTHING. I asked for a supervisor. 'Nope, we don't block UDP.'

Comcast installs modem in my house. One week of trying to get my work proxy software to connect to DO MY JOB and no luck. I spent 20 hours trouble-shooting with Comcast, co-workers and software guys to no avail. 'No, we don't block UDP.' BS.

I finally got through to one of the tech supervisor supervisors and he said 'oh, you are trying to use UDP? Yeah, we block that.'

Awesome. I canceled, they were upset, they said someone would come by to pick up the modem in a week. It's been two years. I'm not kidding.

Comcast sucks. Tell you Congressperson that deregulation was a great idea. A$$holes.

Anonymous said...

This is for Anonymous who said:

4. I use my own server which is hooked up to comcast. It runs fedora, runs a web server, file server, ssh, remote, video, etc.
I get over 300gb of storage on it and allows me to execute PHP/JSP/CGI/ASP/ASPX scripts on it, in addition to perl, vb and others...
In my 15 years of being a ATTBI/Comcast customer, I have never used the storage service.

5. I use an external email service, such as gmail. This doesnt expire, ever, even if i were to cancer comcast. It is superior in every way to comcasts services.

6. I never use anything listed on comcast.net. From search to shopping, from video to news, i use non of it !
I get my video from youtube, google video and my own slingbox that hooked up to my satellite system.
I can look at images on google images, or flickr.
I get my news from theconsumerist.com, digg, liveleak, and fark.
I shop on amazon, craigs, ebay, adorama, j+r, b+h, and abes
Weather? The weather channel

As for my internet security suite, its taken care of by by the router, and ALL the machines are Linux anyways, running windows inside its secure environment in visualization if needed.

Why not offer a monthly rebate for services that one wants to relinquish.

Also, publish your caps for gods sake. You don't offer unlimited internet. ATTBI had a 250gb monthly cap and it was published, why doesn't Comcast publish theirs?

First off, using your own server on a residential Comcast account is a violation of the TOS.

Also, there is no need to publish the Caps, as residential users paying for the service do not use that kind of bandwidth.

Sound like you need a business account buddy.

Anonymous said...

People need to stop installing their own home wiring and leave it to the people who get paid to put the correct wiring. Ninety nine percent of the time the problem comes from inside the home.

Anonymous said...

Some people DO USE more than 250 GB/month LEGALLY. Comcast does NOT offer a business account and prefers to cut them off.

How would you feel if your cellular provider would tell you that "you talk too much" and "you need to drastically change your talking habits" and would NOT tell you what the limit is and cut you off and there would be NO alternative for phone service ?

Does sound pretty stupid, no? That is what a monopoly does for customer service.

Anonymous said...

I must be that < 0.1% when the wiring is NOT the issue although the cable co says it is.

First I rewired the house myself. I am an electrical engineer. Then I rewired the house again. Then I paid the cable co to do the wiring.

Guess what ? Still the same disconnects. Problem went away once they replaced the line amplifier at the pole after 6 months of mucking around, although I told them to check it the first time.

Funny, eh ? Must be that bad house wiring.

Anonymous said...


First off, using your own server on a residential Comcast account is a violation of the TOS.

Also, there is no need to publish the Caps, as residential users paying for the service do not use that kind of bandwidth.

Sound like you need a business account buddy.


Then Comcast should advertise plainly their service:

You get Web browsing and email at 6 Mbit / sec whenever they feel like it. Anything else is against the TOS whichever way they feel like it and you should pay whatever they feel is fair with no notice.

Is that what you meant ?

Anonymous said...

you sure are that 0.1%

Anonymous said...

Why do some electrical engineers think that they always have to announce that there a double e. It must make them feel good.

Anonymous said...

Comcast needs to make their help sections more helpful.

When anyone tries to use the FAQ’s and help section of their portal it’s overwhelming complex with way to much glitter and advertisements and bullshit on it.

The developers for that site obviously aren’t creating it for the average person on the street or user. The search functions prove that, it’s worse than MSFT’s cryptic bullshit returns on search.

When people want to change user names or passwords they don’t want to skip around through 3-4 links to even get there. They want direct and simple links and access.

Remember the site is for the average person not the power user back end geek at Comcast that created it.

Plain and simple, not overwhelming to the eye, take a clue from the Myway.com folks. Simple is better. Simple even for coding that way.

Keep making that portal more features rich and complex and you’ll keep getting the calls at your call centers about how to change passwords, how to create email user accounts and how to actually download that piece of crap McAfee software.

Remember it’s not about customer education on the phone, it’s about making the customer experience easier to navigate on the web, it’s Comcast education folks.

Do any of the developers know the acronym K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid. The average user wants ease of navigation without circular links and complex FAQ’s designed by geeks for geeks.

Eliminate the fluff and keep it straight forward and simple. Why does it take hundreds of calls a day from customers asking how to find the McAfee download and how to do it before someone at Comcast actually gets it that their portal isn’t all that functional or easy to navigate.

It sure as hell was easy to have hackers take it over though… goes to show I guess… looks like Comcast doesn’t really listen to the customers anyway.

Burke and Roberts probably don’t use that portal anyway.

Anonymous said...

Nothin' but a bunch of crybabies. WAH!

Anonymous said...


Why do some electrical engineers think that they always have to announce that there a double e. It must make them feel good.


Because we know what we do compared to a CSR reading from a script or a technician without tools or knowledge.

Anonymous said...

If you hate comcast so much quit being a little bitch and crying about it and go to a dish!! Bad ass double E's!! You are so cooooooool

C said...

@ the last and third-to-last Anonymouses: obviously you've never used Comcast. If you really must say something unconstructive and petty, please take it to another blog.

Roger Suflin said...

everyone on this site sucks a big ass dick and needs to get a life. And if you think your a bad ass my name is Roger, i live in L.A. CA near MacArthur Park off of willshire blvd

Roger Suflin said...

Oh Yea i also work for comcast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Bad ass double E's!! You are so cooooooool


EE's designed the computer you use and the Internet that transmits your posts.

Yes, we are cool.

It is the greedy business people and the incompetent technicians and CSR's that screw things up.

And the language shows.

That goes also for the cool Comcast's Roger.

If you are so great, spend your time fixing the crappy Comcast service WE ALREADY PAID FOR. That pays for YOUR JOB that obviously you are not doing well.

If the dish would provided good Internet access, I would switch in a second.

Anonymous said...

you think your a bad

Anonymous said...

roger is a low level no good sob

Anonymous said...

Acct #01726183379-01-8 Unable to forward emails due to an incorrect email address which I corrected. Nevertheless,the error sign keeps popping up @ disallowing me to forward anything.After spending an inordinate amount of time with a comcast tech I thought we had succeeded, but no it's back & I have no desire to go thru all of this again.Dear Comcast HELP!HELP!

Anonymous said...

Dear Comcast, recently you have been getting on my nerves and it is for the following reasons.

You have always been one to taunt me to the utmost, and the recent outages push me to the brink. This month I have counted two or more outages lasting an hour or longer. These outages included one very special day: my birthday. You screwed me on my birthday, and to compliment, in order to receive compensation for my down time, I must make a separate time consuming call at a separate time.


Besides, when I call you, your customer service reps should immediately take the few seconds needed to check if there is an outage, not absorb my time and tell me to go through the steps to reset my modem, only to find out when I'm done that, "oh god, it seems there's an outage! Well that was a waste of time, I'm sorry."

I spent a long time waiting, pondering, what to put down here, but when it came down to it, I really only needed to give the simple input that your outages are not few and far between, but rather often and short between. Come on now, how much can you mess up like that?

To sum it up, I would like all of my time spent on the phone line with your clearly poorly trained representatives erased from my bill, I would like all of the time down this month, whether it be internet, phone, television, or all three, to be erased from my bill, and I would just love this perfect world if all the outages would just stop.

Can't you manage just a little bit better?

Again, thank's for ruining my birthday and I can't believe I pay $172.73 a month or so for you,
Sincerely yours,
09519 534931-02-0

PS: Looking back on my billing notice, I see that you attempted to bill me an extra $171.18 again (for the previous month) for the billing month of 2/22-3/21 of this year.

JoePublic said...

You won't get better or more concomitant service here, but at least you won't have to push 1 for English! MAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS TO THE EXECUTIVE OFFICES 1 888 610 0995

Anonymous said...

The DNS hijacking is proof enough….

HIgh-Expectations said...

Account: 8777701340023487

I have my own cable modem ( Motorola SBV4200 ).

After much trouble and finally posting here a cpl. mos. back, Comcast was able to get my cable modem "provisioned" and it works fine ... except ....

I have discovered that it was not PROPERLY "provisioned" by Comcast. As such, my cable modem continuously "RE-BOOTS" every ~ 39 minutes; which is very annoying while surfing; but also disconnects VOIP calls which is driving me to distraction.

Comcast Support (standard and L-3) is of no support. They don't even understand the problem. One T3 tech insisted problem was signal strength issue and ordered service call. I insisted, problem was not signal-strength related ( I was correct) but relented. So Comcast charged me serv.call fee $25.

First of all, Comcast, that fee should be reversed.

I believe that the Comcast "provisioning" people have not properly configured the TFTP CONFIG files or some other initiation/setup/configuration for my cable modem. SO, some Engineer or software guy needs to custom-build the CONFIG files for my modem ( Motorola SBV-4200 ). This problem is way over the skills of the tech. support or field installers. Their problem is, they won't admit it; then they say my modem is BAD (sorry, wrong again !!). They don't even know who to report problem to; which is a sad fact for COMCAST.

see below for Cable modem log snippet ::

CM Cert Upgrade Failed. Delay 1440 mins before retry
Exhausted retries to provision MTA portion ...rebooting
*** BOOTING *** CG4D_05.4.27_SCM04_D1.1
Acquired DS with status OK, DS Freq 591000000, US Id 1
Acquired Downstream (591000000 Hz)........ SUCCESS
HFC: T4 Timer Expired
Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, but no Unicast Maint
No Ranging Response received - T3 timeout
Acquired Upstream with status OK
Acquire US with status OK, powerLevel 48, tempSid 93
Acquired Upstream .......... SUCCESS
DHCP CM Net Configuration download and Time of Day
DHCP Attempt# 1 BkOff: 5s Tot DSC:1 OFF:1 REQ:1 ACK:1
DHCP - Invalid Log Server IP Address.
DHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response
Retrieved DHCP .......... SUCCESS
Retrieved Time....... SUCCESS
Retrieved TFTP Config File SUCCESS
Attempting DOCSIS 1.0 Registration
DOCSIS 1.0 Registration Completed
Baseline Privacy
Bridge Learning Enabled.
Bridge Forwarding Enabled.
Cable Modem is OPERATIONAL
CM Cert Upgrade Enabled. AutoRun after Reg or via SNMP
Attempting CM Cert Upgrade via Provisioning.
Sending CM Certificate Upgrade Request. TransID = 20026
CM Certificate Upgrade Failure. TransID = 20026
CM Cert Upgrade Failed. Delay 1440 mins before retry
Exhausted retries to provision MTA portion ...rebooting

Thnx for this blog.

Look forward to hearing from comcast...

Anonymous said...

Docsis 1.0? should be 1.1

Anonymous said...

Comcast CHSI and Cable Television in most market areas is really a small market monopoly.

When will the government get that message?

AS soon as the taxpayers start writing them and telling them to use the anti-trust laws on Comcast.

70% rule under the FCC is already achieved… and Comcast is saying not yet.

I am not always for governmental regulation but this is one time that the government needs to step in and treat Comcast like the Old Ma Bell in an antitrust monopoly lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

seriously i work for comcast and i hate it as much as everyone here i only took this job to get through college and now every time i think of moving the first thing i research is "will i have to have comcast" so so far i've ruled out the bay area honestly this comes from someone on the inside the only way comcast will ever work is if it's torn down to the ground and rebuilt with a new name customers call in needing tech support and we get told to force them into buying phone service even using tactics like "the 2009 digital switch includes phones too so you will have to switch" by far the worst company i have ever worked for

Anonymous said...

Not related to Comcast but whoever is telling you people that AT&T has fiber running to your house is full of it.

Soo Yuen Forum said...

I am a comcast customer since they started broadband service, has to be 8, 9 years ago. I live in Freeman Street, Quincy, MA. I have no problems with my connection until the last couple of mouth. My connections (I pay extra $10 for the exta fast speed)started dropping off and stopped totally every so often. I called 1-800-comcast, figured that could help me. I suspect all the reps at Comcast, only know one thing, tell you to "reset your modem". Sometimes this technique doesn't work. So far they had sent two technicians to my house, the problem still exist. Obvisously their tech support department has no communications with the technicians. They couldn't tell me what has been done to solve my problem. The reps admitted, they don't share infomation, what a surprise? To make the story short, I called again today (6/8/08, 4:00), I spoke to a supervisor, he identified himself as Fred. He told me same as all the reps I'd spoken to before, he said my modem was working fine that he could see remotely. I told him I didn't call for fun, if I don't have problem with my connection, I would rather do something else. My connection only drops off every half an hour or so. Finally he advised me the only option I have is to switch service to another carrier. I couldn't believe I actually heard that from a supervisor of a company. I am ready to switch to Fios. I am paying $60 to comcast now, it would be about the same to have Fios. I have enough of this crap from Comcast, if that's how they treat their long time customer, pretty soon, they will have none.

Anonymous said...

Here is one place that Comcast is not always to blame. Despite what many people would like to lay at the feet of comcast, 80% of the time it is the customer's computer or router. The 20% where it is actually comcast's fault usually gets taken care of as soon as someone calls in. The customer rep schedules a technician to get it fixed.

However, here is where the disconnect begins. As far as a customer rep is concerned, their responsibility ends when the job is scheduled. Nothing more, nothing less. They have no power and no control over anything beyond that, and yelling at them does not get your problem repaired. The best they can do is address a problem using Comcast's poorly designed support system. If that doesn't work, they escalate it as best they can.

They cannot guarantee a technician will show up, much less the ability and skill of said technician, nor their exhaustion from you being their 15th call that day. All a customer rep can do is figure out what needs to be done to get someone out there as soon as it can be done.

People who say they need the internet to run a business are violating Comcast's Terms of Service. If they want instant responses then they have to get a business account.

People who want Comcast to come out and set up their routers are fooling themselves. It is not Comcast's responsibility nor their phone or field technician's job to do this. Why people think Comcast should do it instead of Netgear/Linksys/D-link is beyond me.

Not to mention the people who did their own wiring, or decided to move the modem to a different outlet and are then shocked that it doesn't work. It won't. Not every outlet is internet capable.

As for the internet shaping/torrent driving, what do you need more than 250 gigs of information for anyway? You're complaining about Comcast ripping you off when you're ripping off record and movie companies? What hypocrites.

Here's another fun fact for you. Wanna know why comcast has to do so much identification and security that people complain about? Look up comcast socialing, it's how hackers try to get IP addresses to rip off comcast and customers. It's how Comcast's web page was hacked, using socialing and web techniques.

Also, for those people who sadly cannot use their emails but don't know why. If someone mentions TB25, it's comcast's way of dealing with your emaail being used to spam. Chances are you use Microsoft Outlook and you downloaded a virus/activex control that then sent email spam. Or you got taken by a phishing site and someone used your webmail. Either way, it is not Comcast's fault. They are trying to protect others from you.

That being said, Comcast does treat email and people's email concerns with terrible inequality. You receive a ticket, and your email problem may or may not be researched within a week's time. At which time, you are usually told that it has been closed because there is no problem. What can you do about this? Start using another email client, other than comcast. I hate to say that as an option, but honestly, it is the best option available. Comcast's webmail is unreliable, poorly designed and prone to failure at the best of times. Use hotmail, yahoo or gmail. Anything would be better.

Anonymous said...

Re:As for the internet shaping/torrent driving, what do you need more than 250 gigs of information for anyway? You're complaining about Comcast ripping you off when you're ripping off record and movie companies? What hypocrites.

Because that there is LEGAL video content that we BUY that is more than 250 GB / month and is DIRECTLY competing with Comcast's overpriced video on demand.

The fact that you are ignorant does not mean that all people that use bandwidth that THEY PAID FOR are thieves.

Anonymous said...

Re:They cannot guarantee a technician will show up, much less the ability and skill of said technician


Cry me a river. They should guarantee the times of the appointment and the skill set to fix their own crap service that they HAVE BEEN ALREADY PAID FOR one month in advance.

This is not a hobby, it is a business. When clients do not pay for the service they purchased, they do not have the choice to use vague excuses of their income level and they have fixed deadlines to pay, or a collection agency and a court get involved.

When Comcast does not provide the service they sold, it is fair that the Federal Goverment to investigate Comcast for fraud and fine the company as a first step, then break it into smaller pieces as they did with the phone companies to at least try to get a more competitive market.

Anonymous said...

"Not related to Comcast but whoever is telling you people that AT&T has fiber running to your house is full of it."

AT&T U-Verse uses copper for the last leg of the trip [300 meters or something] (that's why they need to check if your in range of fiber). If you think that they run a fiber optic cable inside your house you are mistaken. That said, Comcast, depending on where you are, maybe using Fiber as it's backbone. Likewise you may not be experiencing Comcast hell, but why be unsure, just pick a service that says they're based on fiber optics and ditch the annoying lags and downtimes.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I don't have any complaints about the cost of Comcast's service in the Chicago area. In fact, I have been trying to establish service for nearly two weeks now but keep getting credits on my account! For the record, that account number is 879830018494412.

Here is my story in short form....

May 31st, 2008
We had an appointment to have cable and internet installed from 1-5 PM. Our technician called to see if he could come early, and then we told him that movers were still around. He then canceled our appointment and rescheduled for the middle of the week.

Of course no other technician in Chicago was available at 4PM on Saturday, so we continued to call customer service.

The best moment was when Mark (supervisor at national call center) didn't even bother to take a complaint. We even told him that we had the technician's phone # (773.759.8497).

Tally: $25 credit

June 7th, 2008
Because we both work full-time, we had to wait an additional week for a technician to come out. Two very professional tech's came out to inform us that we needed to have someone from the MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) come out to install additional wiring. They were both very helpful - no complaints.

June 9th
I called Comcast around 11AM, because I had not heard anything about a scheduled appointment from the MDU. As it turns out, someone was coming out from 1 to 5! Excellent! I took the afternoon off, and hurried home.... and waited... and waited.

After calling customer service, I was promised that an escalation had been placed on my account and that someone would be coming first thing the following morning.

Tally: $25 credits (2) + free installation

June 10th, 2008 (present day)
I received no phone call in the morning as was promised. I reluctantly called customer service around 4:15 to hear the normal lines, "We do have an escalation work order in place, so someone should be out there today. We are sorry for the inconvenience" But the day wasn't over, so they couldn't go ahead and give me my credit....

So I call back at 5 PM and talk to Peter (ID 2167, Tinley Park), who I'm pretty sure lied to me. He told me that MDU appointments are scheduled in a 72 hour window (false, not when there is an escalation). He also then told me that "Someone tried to call you at 9:30 AM, but they said the phone number was invalid." Isn't it odd that the representative at 4:15 PM didn't mention this alleged 9:30 AM phone call?

End result being that Peter ensured me that a work order has been put in for someone from the MDU to come out from 9AM-1PM tomorrow. Additionally, they scheduled another technician to come out on June 13th to install everything else. This is also amusing, because I was told yesterday that installation technicians come within 24 hours of the MDU. I'm not holding my breath for either.

Tally: $25 credits (3) + free installation

The worst part about this is that I'm trapped - RCN and Verizon do not service my condo complex. I would love nothing more than to give Comcast the boot, but I'm stuck until AT&T comes to town. Does anyone have suggestions to convince Comcast to come install my service so that I can start paying them, rather than accruing credits?

Best Regards,

HIgh-Expectations said...

RE: Account: 8777701340023487

Well, I am back again (3rd time) ; due to continuing Comcast customer service failures..

See my prior post here on 06/02/2008 : "I have my own cable modem ( Motorola SBV4200 )"

The COMCAST agent ( a Ryan? ) who responded to my prior post ( 06/02/08 ) ; has been quite incompetent and has not resolved ANY problems previously detailed (i.e. CABLE MODEM still re-booting every ~39 mins.)

First: Three times, he has PROMISED AND FAILED to reverse the bogus $25.00 fee for an unnecessary ( & not requested ) service call.

Secondly: I asked for his phone number contact; he gives me someone else's phone number. All calls to this number go directly to someone else's voicemail; who does not return calls. On last call received, we were disconnected during conversation ( silly cable modem re-booting; kills VOIP calls as described in prior complaint ); and he does not call back.

Thirdly: He says, that the "engineer?" tells him my problem is because I am subscribed to the "base-level" internet speed ( 768mB ). Though I'm completely doubtfull that subscribing to higher speed internet will fix this problem, I tell him to switch me back to the standard speed internet, just to test the "engineer's?" solution. So, after 36 hours, the agent still has not switched me back to the
standard ( higher speed ) internet to test that theory.

My original cable modem re-booting ( resetting) problems persist ....

BTW: During this last set of problem solving. Comcast dispatched a fresh batch of repairmen to our home last Sunday. I asked if they understand my problem; they acknowledged that they DID NOT!

They came out anyway to look at the signal strength, AGAIN. This time, these guys, replaced some cable connectors and SAY they boosted the signal 4dB. That did not fix the systematic rebooting of my cable- modem, but it may help my digital TV picture.

Comcast customer service continues to be a dismal failure in this regard and a major aggravation to this frustrated customer ( Account: 8777701340023487 ).

Comcast, please have a competent, senior Customer Relations representative contact me. ( please have the promised $25 credit applied to account before calling ).

Matt Peck said...

Here's my account number if it helps at all. Someone PLEASE get back to me!!!

Acct: 09518 108441-02

A new resident in my apartment building got Comcast installed on Saturday, June 7th. One Sunday, June 8th I realized my cable tv and internet were both out. I called Comcast and was able to get a tech to come out to my building yesterday. He sucked. He sucked hard. He couldn't figure out the problem and even commented on the number of lines outside the building, saying "I don't even know which cable goes where." He eventually did get my service working again, for about an hour and a half. Now it's out and the customer service reps are telling me I have to wait until Saturday, June 14th for someone to come out and fix it. The tech did say he would call in someone to come out and check the lines, but no one call tell me when they're going to be doing this!

My main argument for faster repair is that the original installation was never completed correctly. Obviously when they installed the new service, they disconnected me and now at least one other neighbor. I will not wait patiently at the end of the line for Comcast to man up and fix a problem THEY created!

I've been told supervisors would call me back three times in the past 24 hours and each time they fail to call.

Somone PLEASE help me get this problem resolved. Why no one can tell me when the line tech will be coming out is beyond me. There is such poor communication at every step of the process and I'm about ready to just cancel my service all together if I'm going to be treated this way.

Cell: 443-801-4805
Account: 09518 108441-02

To be fair, Sharee at ext 8042 has been great and has been trying to help me, but she just doesn't have the tools to get this done. Why Comcast can't give their reps the ability to actually FIX things is ridiculous. I hope to hear from SOMEONE soon.

Kyle said...

We are not Comcast customers, but some of our eCommerce customers are. Whenever someone places an order, a Thank You/confirmation email message is automatically sent to them. But if they are Comcast users, they don't get the messages.

Instead, I get a "bounce" message saying our confirmation email was "blocked for spam". Our eCommerce host, Pegasus Systems www.pegweb.com, tells me they vigorously enforce their no-spam policy, that none of their retailers are spammers, and that they have repeatedly contacted Comcast to get off their blacklist, but to no avail.

Kyle Knapp
Personal Threads Boutique

contact Pegasus' tech support at:

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get my internet fixed since comcast took over the Insight network back in Feb. 08. I know what the problem is and even tell them what is wrong, but they still IGNORE me and skate around pretending to fix the problem.

This last time, the service tech was scheduled to be at my house between 3pm and 5pm CST. I get a phone call around 1pm with a message stating that he'd already been there and swapped out connector on the outside of the house. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS ALREADY PEOPLE. The problem is with your darn modem on the inside of the house and if you continue to not make your appointments on time, you will have no way knowing that I'm right.

My speed is even slower than before and I'm tired of this CRAP!!! At these speeds, I may as well switch back to 768 DSL.

Does anyone over that a Comcast even care???????

Oh yeah, and calling my house with an automated dialer that hangs up as soon as I answer ISNT'T defined as a RETURN CALL!!!!

Friggin' Jerk Bags!!!!!!!!!!

Acct Number

Anonymous said...

After monthly calls about problems with my internet going out. My highspeed finally quit. I called customer service. The lady I spoke with was nice and tried to help. The problem could not be resolved over the phone. A Service person would have to come out to check it. They couldn't get to me for two days. The appointment was made Friday between 7-9am. I took off work Friday morning to meet them. Since I had to be home. I figured I may as well get some things done. Washing the car, pulling some weeds,etc. 8am comes and goes. I come in side and find a message from comcast. They had called to confirm the appointment. Since no one answered, they're not coming. I call the number they left. The lady I spoke with said since I had called in within the scheduled appointment time it would be ok. She would call me back in a few minutes with a new time. An hour later I still have not heard back from her. I place another call. The woman I spoke with this time said nothing could be done today. I will have to reschedule for next week. I have two reports I have to complete over the weekend. Now I have to go into the office.I also have to take a second day off work for them to come fix the problem. Maybe they should ask for a cell phone number and not just rely on the number on that account. The home number probably not work anyway. They customer would probably be using it for dialup, since their highspeed is constantly out!
Screwed by Comcast again.


DL Cobb said...

Mr. Garfield please consider an “All of the Above” or an “Other” category as this would qualify.

I have had numerous issues with Comcast over the last three years where I have been forced to use their service given no viable alternatives. I have come to have a saying that Comcast only fumbles on days ending in ‘Y.” None of these I deemed post worthy as they would simply be more stories about a company where customer service is a four letter word. This incident however I feel compelled to post as a warning to others.

I recently made a payment using my bank check card. Later that same day I noticed through on-line banking that not one but two charges had been sent. Twice as much as I had authorized had been deducted from my account.
I immediately called Comcast and after the normal 45 minutes to an hour of waiting and being transferred someone told me I had been credited for $2X. I informed the voice on the other end that I had only authorized $X and I wanted this issue resolved. He placed me on hold again and after a further wait I was informed that yes in fact two charges were sent. Having now been told what I already knew I asked what was to be done.
I was informed that it would be “sent to finance,” I was giving a reference number and told I would hear from the finance department within two hours. Foolishly I believed him and said my thank you and hung up.

Next morning, after of course NOT having heard back from Comcast, I called my bank. I might mention that I have had nothing but wonderful customer service experiences with my bank (Chevy Chase of Maryland) and this was no exception. I was told that it was a clear case of a double charge and as Comcast had already admitted the error the simple solution was to have Comcast call them with a “reverse authorization number” and the matter could be cleared up in moments.
Armed with this information I called Comcast again this time I was told that I would be unable to reach the finance office and that I had been misinformed – that there was never any chance “someone from finance” would contact me within two hours. More likely it will take three to five days! I said this was unacceptable and must be put in touch with someone who could fix this issue now. The agent said “sir there is a backlog. Issues are dealt as they arise.”

The concept floored me. I may need some translation but I understood her to mean there are such a large number of customers whose bank accounts or credit cards Comcast has fouled up that I have to wait in line?

Now I understand (as I believe we all do) that double billings or charges can happen – rarely but they do. But can you think of any other merchant, company, association who wouldn’t bend over backwards to resolve such a fumble immediately, and I mean yesterday, apologizing profusely the whole time? Only Comcast would try to make ME feel like the villain.

Needless to say my next call was again to my bank, where I initiated a credit dispute and investigation. I might add that during my conversation with the investigator she informed me that they (the credit dispute department) had had many dealings with Comcast. The initial phase of the investigation was to remove both charges from my account pending the outcome. So now Comcast doesn’t have any of my money, a fact I am sure they will discover in far less than the three to five days I was told it would take to resolve the issue.

The moral here (and I thank those who took the time to read all the way through) DO NOT under any circumstances give Comcast a credit card or bank card number. EVER! Pay electronically through your banks bill paying function or by check or in person. Never give them a card number…..it’s like giving whisky and car keys to a teenager.

DL Cobb

D Thompson said...

My primary Comcast email account, which I have had for a couple of years, suddenly quit working a couple of weeks ago. Email sent to that account is returned with an error indicating "not our customer".

This has gone on long enough. It is now causing some pretty major problems. Paperless e-bills that are sent from my creditors are bouncing back. They are suspending, if not removing entirely, the email account on file thinking I have changed providers and did not update the account. I am missing bills, etc

Not our customer??? I sent you a pretty fat check every month.

Ironically, I have several secondary email accounts that all still continue to work just fine.

What is even weirder is that I can access Webmail and send from the primary account to any other account and the msg is delivered. I can neither send or receive using a standard SMTP client like Microsoft Outlook Express.

I opened a trouble ticket that has gone absolutely NOWHERE.

I have spent hours on the phone and online chat. My issue is with Tier3 support. No one can provide me an update.

If they cant (or wont) tell me what they are doing, an ETA to correct, etc, I won't even waste my time asking why it stopped working.

Here's the error msg people get when trying to send me emails:

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was 'xxxxxxx@comcast.net'. Subject 'Saturday', Account: 'Comcast', Server: 'smtp.comcast.net', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 5.1.1 Not our Customer', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

"Not our Customer". I love it.

My account number is 8220210640650927

Anonymous said...

Last year, I was experiencing "service interruption" and called Comcast. They sent a tech out two days later who fiddled around for about an hour before asking me to go restart the modem (upstairs). While he was downstairs, he drilled a hole in my wall straight to the outside. Did he ask? No. Was it my house? No. This was my landlord's.

Then, as we walk up the back steps, he looks up my skirt and says that his girlfriend doesn't look nearly as fine, and then tries to make conversation that I should "shave my edges" so they don't stick out. I told him to go home. He refused so I shut and locked my back door and went to my office. He came in through the front door (unlocked from earlier) and said he had to get some tools, then went into my bedroom (next to living room and office), sat on my bed, and told me about how his girlfriend and he get it on. Seriously.

So I started screaming and he left. Then he came back 20 minutes later with the pink slip of paper and said I needed to sign. All he had done was drill a hole in my wall! So I signed a made-up name and he pulls out a phone and says I'm required to do a survey. He leans next to me, and is holding his drill, with that huge long bit still in it. The person asks if I was satisfied, and it wasn't like I could tell the woman, "Uh, no. Your tech has been sexually harassing me since he stepped on my porch," so I gave him fives and he went on his way and I deadbolted all my doors and started calling Comcast.

To summarize, they deny everything. They've never had a problem with him before, and are not even looking into the matter. "It's not our department." I've been everywhere! I ended up moving, leaving no forwarding address except with my landlord because he would turn up next to my car. I called the cops on him too and that's when I stopped seeing him at the old place.

In addendum, it took six Comcast techs to figure out where the splitter was at my mom's house. It was in the garage under the stairs...exactly where we said it was.

Anonymous said...

To the person that said
"First off, using your own server on a residential Comcast account is a violation of the TOS.

Also, there is no need to publish the Caps, as residential users paying for the service do not use that kind of bandwidth.

Sound like you need a business account buddy."

The comcast TOS is a perversion of capitalism, much of it is fruity and on the edge of illegality.

I use to have ATTBI and I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH IT. The cap was published at 200gb in their TOS clearly. You were banned for a month when you crossed it. I never did.

Business class.....not their locked-in rates and service. If they let me pick and choose...then maybe.
I would gladly pay 57.99 for
3mb/3mb symmetric interet, 200gb cap and static ip(static ips dont cost the isp anything on their end, its just a setting they have to enter in the dhcp)

No Powerboost (dont really need it, stationary speeds are fine)

No McAfee Anti-Virus (I already have a superior AV and its free and its on a non-windows environment)

No Microsoft Outlook Mailboxes (I don't trust comcast with my email...they might read it and loose it....wait...they have done that in the past...a massive outage I remember...also...I remember that you loose your account when you cancel....hmm....sucks...)

No Ip Gateway (Firewall/Router) (I have superior equipment already, no subpar mexican motorola garbage for me. All my stuff is linksys and cisco, including my linksys modem...which I own)

No Business Class Support 24 x 7 (Basic/Regular Class customer support is fine, 24 x 7....I assume I'm connected to INDIA...no thank....basic 9-5 customer service is fine...I only had to call in once to order basic cable (but will probably cancel soon since they keep jacking up the price for LOCAL-F-U-C-K-I-N channels.)

No Domain Name (Comcast is an ISP, NOT a DNS....I wouldn't trust them either...they could hold my DNS name hostage....or worse...cut me for unfounded complaints....so they could cover their a$$ and "re-imburse" later for service, but not time lost....no thanks...ill choose a third party registrar)

No Three Page Web Site (Again, I have my own server, why in the hell would I want comcast to peer through my private file....which I know they do)

No Windows Sharepoint (Doesnt comcast get it through their thick skulls....I DONT USE WINDOWS !!!)

No Microsoft Outlook 2007 (GOD!!!

No Web storage of any kind (again...why would I want comcast to peer through my fails...or worse...loose them...)

The choices I made clearly cost the price I have quoted that I want to pay....comcast my actually be making profit on my...since I dont want anything other than JUST THE INTERNET.

Since comcast doesn't offer such a service...anywhere...I'll stay with residential.

Maybe if comcast offered inter service....you know...like an ISP...then maybe they wouldn't be the worst company in America.

ATTBI offered a lot more service....and when FIOS comes to my hood, I'll pounce on it.

In, fact...all I really need is 1x 1mb email account in case a company requires an isp email address.

Also, If comcast stopped giving customers these little garbage services, then maybe....just maybe..they could invest in upgrading their network....you know...instead of throttling and capping service.....moving...you know....progressively....unlike a phone company...

Anonymous said...

So...comcast....way better than dsl but it still sucks. Not only do I have to restart my modem every morning, I frequently lag for no apparent reason, which then I must restart the modem again...and sometimes a restart doesnt fix anything. Why am I paying to use an internet service that is often not performing to its expected capacity. **** comcast because this company ruins the gaming community and internet experience, while overcharging simultaneously.

feduptohear said...

I have been battling comcast for 16 days about my call log not updating itself and i am not winning. I finnaly got intouch with a supervisor after one solid week of calling one to two times a day. she tells me they are working on the problem to which i told her maybe comcast should be more focused on giving people what they pay for and not so much those stupid commercials they run incessently!!

Marcelo Salup said...

This is from Marcelo Salup. Our company, DMG Solutions, just moved to new offices. Today, it was a complete Comcast Internet meltdown. The entire thing went on the blink at 11:30 am. Our office manager (we are 24 people) called them at 11:31. We spoke to both the business side (a woman who identified herself as Demetria) and to residential (Tory).

Our Ticket number is CR127907220

Naturally, Comcast could not solve the problem, didn't know where to start, promised to have people over "right away" several times.

No Dice.

No action.

No internet.

Horrible horrible service.

Steve said...

Comcast On Demand is a piece of crap. It freezes up every other day. You call Comcast and they don't even KNOW what ERR018 means. NOBODY AT COMCAST knows this code. All they tell you to do is to reboot and wait an hour. I pay for this service EVERY day, not whichever day Comcast decides to deliver the service. I've had servicemen tell me it tends to be erractic. That helps a lot. I could write a litany of complaints about this poorly run company, but, for today, I will stop at On Demand.


York, PA

H R said...

Former Comcast employee speaks out. This company does not care about you, or any customer service issues. All they are intrested in is money, and meeting sales goals.
Contact yout city, (Comcast has to renew its contract with your city regularly) and tell them you want Comcast out, and you don't want them coming back. Sell your shares of Comcast and never buy any more. Blog your complaint all over the internet. Let everyone know what a loser company
this is.

Customer service? You will never hear from them. But you will get tons of unsolicited brochures in the mail, (that you're paying for), for their stupid and way over priced VOIP phone service. And should you ever forget to pay your bill, you will get an immediate visit when they come out specially for you, to shut off your service.

Here is my complaint about Comcast:
This morning at 9:38 AM (and again at 9:48 AM) a Comcast service tech came to the Comcast cable box, on the outside of my apartment, and repeatedly and very loudly and aggressively banged on the cable box, till my apartment walls
shook. I am a morning sleeper and this childish behavior of the service tech is quite irratating. Being a former Comcast employee, I know that this is not the proper procedure to service the cable box. Also I think this rude behavior by the service tech is a retalliation, because he or his friends at Comcast remember me and are still envious.

In the past, when I phoned Comcast in regards to four other occasions when this same scenario repeated itself, each time that I called, a customer service rep told me that I will, within 48 hours, recieve a call from a supervisor in the
service tech department. But no one ever calls back. And if I call back again, I'm told that this time someone will definitely call back. But no one calls back.

In the future if this occurs again, I will contact the police and make a criminal complaint for disturbing the peace. Ironically, I am currently, and have been for years, a Comcast customer with a bill that averages over $125. per month.

Account Number: 87781030210856

AnnoyedinVA said...

My trials began on 5-20 (first tech arrived, actually started before that) with a tech call.

Problem diagnosis - upstream signal strength too high. At the modem location is runs from 53 - 58dBmv. The have checked it at the amplifier (my drop is right off the amp at the street) & the signal is 60dBmv = way too high

This is an intermittant problem, sometimes it's fine for a few hours.

I have had a total of 3 service techs visit in the last month, including a "tech supervisor" this Saturday. The diagnosis has been the same, the upstream signal strength is too high. They have all requested maintainence to come and fix the problem = they never show. The tech supervisor on Sat promised they would show within a couple hours - they never showed up. Calls later that night showed we were scheduled for a maintainence call on Sun - once again they never showed up.

Given the issues I'm not stupid, I marked the box with the amp = I CAN TELL if they've been in the box, they have NOT.

And on the story goes. Repeated calls on Monday resulted in a few hours of service......but it gave out by Tues morning.

It's become quite apparent that Comcrap has zero interest in resolving the issue - wonder how they'll feel when I take the same approach to paying the bill?

Stephanie said...

Hi there,

I'm from Arlington, VA. Account #:05613 222014-12 Since my roommates and I moved into my apartment in 2006, we've had spotty internet and cable while getting charged $150/month +. Or no service at all. We've had probably 15-20 technicians out to fix the problem, each time putting a "bandaid" on the problem. Each time we have a master technician come, they tell us that our signal is low and the apartment building needs to be rewired. It then breaks again about 2 days later. We're at our wits end and absolutely livid at the amount of money we've paid and the amount of time we've taken out of our jobs to wait for repair.

Please please if someone from comcast is reading this, rewire the Crystal Square apartment building!

Stephanie Hanson

Anonymous said...

I have had sporadic internet for the past month and a half. We have scheduled 4 different appointments to have a tech look at it and diagnosis the problem but they have been no-shows EVERY time. We are fed up and would like compensation for the missed income from missing work. 09569 026831-04

CAPTIVE said...

Account: 8777701340023487

Comcast, please help me get my NEW CABLE MODEM, working more quickly that the 3+ weeks it took last time.

I have called Comcast C.S. to have my new (owned) cable modem ( Linksys BEFCMU10-vers.3 )activated, registered, inventoried, provisioned or whatever you want to call it.

I fail to understand why a cbl. modem cannot be setup during the initial call, instead, the customer must wait weeks and hope " the ball " does not get dropped somewhere by some disgruntled employee.

So, Comcast, pls. help me get this cable modem working in less than a week? ... Or am I being unreasonable?


Account: 8777701340023487

Erick Gonzalez said...

My technician didn't show up on my first appointment, to make things worse when he did finally arrived he was rude, short and an asshole.

I just moved to Maryland from California and didn't know all of the issues Comcast has, if I would had known I would had stayed away from them.

We need to do something about these corporation, maybe start our own Cable or ISP service... start a walk down and demostration in Washington D.C.

Drunk Vegan said...


I did tech support for a P2P website for a couple of years and your problem sounds familiar.

A possible solution:

Since the problem seems to occur during the IP Renewal process, you might want to consider calling up Comcast (while your Internet is working correctly) and requesting a static IP.

Preferably, the IP that's already temporarily assigned to you.

That way, your modem will not have to periodically request a new (dynamic) IP from the Comcast servers, and fail to receive it.

Hope this helps.

If an admin sees this please forward to his email if possible, I know how frustrating problems like this can be.

Drunk Vegan said...

Oh, and everyone else, if you suspect the problem might be on your end, you might want to consider posting on Techie web forums and asking if anyone has an idea how to fix it yourselves. We all know Comcast has to be beat over the head in order to get it done.

The P2P site I used to work for is out of business (torrentspy.com) but the web forums still exist giving free advice to people with tech problems:


Just a hobby and excuse for us to hang out and socialize.

Anonymous said...

I ordered Comcast for tv and internet. At the time the order was placed, I was told the technician would be here between 8:00am and 11:00am on June 21. At 11:38am June 21 still no technician, so I contacted Comcast to be told that I needed to give the technician more time that I was wrong the time frame was 9:00am to 12:00pm (not what I was told) and then abruptly hung up on.
This angered me, but I thought...okay, maybe a time frame screw up on their end.
I waited until after 1:00pm, still no technician, no call or anything, so I contacted them again to be told that the person was updating my account, they apolgize, and someone should be here soon.
5:00pm, still no technician, so I contacted them again and got a very nice lady named Judy who asked if I had a brown door. How many apartment building have brown doors. Every external door in my complex is brown....but after humoring her and answer that yes, I do have a brown door, she promptly stated that the technician had been here and nobody was home. I said "WRONG!", I have been here, what time was the person here? She said 1500 hours....ahh.....3:00pm....is that withing either time frame of 8-11 or 9-12 Judy? Also Judy, I was supposed to recieve a phone call 30 minutes prior to arrival, where is my phone call Judy? This person says I have a brown door and thats all it takes? Judy, being a very bright lady and seemingly customer service minded apologized said she was escalating the ticket and I should here from someone right away. If I don't to please call back.
7:00pm, still no technician....final call to Comcast has yet another customer service rep asking if I have a brown door. I could not refrain any longer and pretty much let 'em have it. First off, they don't show up between 8-11, and its my fault, cause really they were supposed to be there 9-11....then its again my fault cause I have a brown door tech says and they were here.....at 3:00pm. This really has me upset, cause not only are they inept and have wasted 12 hours of my time, but they are insinuating it is somehow my fault.
Then I drilled the rep with rapid fire questions to find out that...the most helpful lady Judy had in fact escalated the issue only to have the technician close out the ticket 5 minutes later because he had come to my apartment and nobody was home and I had a brown door.
These are all lies, I was here, if they did come at 3:00pm, where was my phone call at 2:30pm....and I certainly did not hear a knock at the "brown door".
This is very disgusting.

I am so aggravated and stressed about the issue I am honestly considering taking Comcast to small claims court over wasting 12 hours of my time. When I go out on a consulting job or a services engagement...its $175 an hour. My time is worth money and my personal free time on my day off in my opinion is worth even more than what my clients are charged, however I think small claims court at the normal hourly charge would be sufficient and by not asking for my I feel I would be acting very amiable and charitable to a group of inept buffoons that cost me not just part of my day off....but the whole freaking day.

ticket 824701

Anonymous said...

I ordered Comcast for tv and internet. At the time the order was placed, I was told the technician would be here between 8:00am and 11:00am on June 21. At 11:38am June 21 still no technician, so I contacted Comcast to be told that I needed to give the technician more time that I was wrong the time frame was 9:00am to 12:00pm (not what I was told) and then abruptly hung up on.
This angered me, but I thought...okay, maybe a time frame screw up on their end.
I waited until after 1:00pm, still no technician, no call or anything, so I contacted them again to be told that the person was updating my account, they apolgize, and someone should be here soon.
5:00pm, still no technician, so I contacted them again and got a very nice lady named Judy who asked if I had a brown door. How many apartment building have brown doors. Every external door in my complex is brown....but after humoring her and answer that yes, I do have a brown door, she promptly stated that the technician had been here and nobody was home. I said "WRONG!", I have been here, what time was the person here? She said 1500 hours....ahh.....3:00pm....is that withing either time frame of 8-11 or 9-12 Judy? Also Judy, I was supposed to recieve a phone call 30 minutes prior to arrival, where is my phone call Judy? This person says I have a brown door and thats all it takes? Judy, being a very bright lady and seemingly customer service minded apologized said she was escalating the ticket and I should here from someone right away. If I don't to please call back.
7:00pm, still no technician....final call to Comcast has yet another customer service rep asking if I have a brown door. I could not refrain any longer and pretty much let 'em have it. First off, they don't show up between 8-11, and its my fault, cause really they were supposed to be there 9-11....then its again my fault cause I have a brown door tech says and they were here.....at 3:00pm. This really has me upset, cause not only are they inept and have wasted 12 hours of my time, but they are insinuating it is somehow my fault.
Then I drilled the rep with rapid fire questions to find out that...the most helpful lady Judy had in fact escalated the issue only to have the technician close out the ticket 5 minutes later because he had come to my apartment and nobody was home and I had a brown door.
These are all lies, I was here, if they did come at 3:00pm, where was my phone call at 2:30pm....and I certainly did not hear a knock at the "brown door".
This is very disgusting.

I am so aggravated and stressed about the issue I am honestly considering taking Comcast to small claims court over wasting 12 hours of my time. When I go out on a consulting job or a services engagement...its $175 an hour. My time is worth money and my personal free time on my day off in my opinion is worth even more than what my clients are charged, however I think small claims court at the normal hourly charge would be sufficient and by not asking more for my time I feel I would be acting very amiable and charitable to a group of inept buffoons that cost me not just part of my day off....but the whole freaking day.

ticket 824701

Anonymous said...

My Comcastic service went down over 3 weeks ago. In the past year that I was supposed to have their high-speed Internet service, I know that it's been down a dozen times. These are long outages too. In the past 3 weeks, I've spent hours on the phone with technical support, chatted online (obviously not from home), and sent emails. I waited on two different days for a technician that didn't show up. (That's two days off work). The second day they were supposed to be here between 10 and 2. I called at 2 and they said they were on their way. I finally gave up at 6 and left. On the third attempt, someone actually showed up and said my signal was spiking and dropping and that Maintenance would have to fix something on the pole. The buried cable to my house tested fine, but the neighborhood had a problem. I think I saw Maintenance working, but still no connectivity. Every time I call I have to start over. Some moron tells me to power-cycle my modem, which I've done a dozen times. There seems to be no way past 800-comcast and Tier 1 support. They tell me they can't escalate my ticket and read their script over and over. I run an Asterisk PBX at home, so my phones have also been out for over 3 weeks. I'm to the point now that I can't stand to talk to their technical support. They read the same script, and all they can tell me to do is power-cycle and then schedule another technician, so I can take another half day off work. They also try to tell me to reboot my computer, blah blah blah. They can't seem to "see" my modem, but think I can do something on my local network to fix it. Genius. If you ask them anything technical, they have no idea what you're talking about. It's unbelievable. I keep getting billed for a service I really don't have anymore, and I'm not really sure they can fix it. I'm done calling - I can't stand to waste another minute talking to them. To top it all off, at the end of each phone call, they try to sell me TV or phone service. Are you kidding me? Like I'm going to sign up for something else that doesn't work? Customer 09566 235206-04-6

Anonymous said...

Ok I work for Comcast and like anything man made it may not work but to be honest I noticed while working with the company alot of people are angry about the service going out and complain about this and complain about that. I agree with you, sorry we are not perfect but I would like to have all those who have a problem with Comcast, do you pay your bill on time? Sounds like a fair trade to me, if your services were not working. Maybe we should act more like a cell phone company and turn off your service after being one day late instead of allow your services to be on 48 days after being past due on your account. Something to think about right????

Hostage said...

in my recent experience, Concast is NO LONGER responding to the compaints and issues posted here.

Just another example of their uncareing, customer DISSERVICE.

... So is Concast responding to your issues? ... let us knw ...

Anonymous said...

I like how comcast workers who post here complain about people paying their bills on time. So what of us who have never had bill late, but for some reason still have service problems? Now it sounds like Comcast is on the assault, and not out for revenge (like one is better than the other, right?).

My internet goes out at night, every night for 15 seconds every 5 minutes. This is a big problem when you like to play online games! When I call to have a technican come out, it is always 3 days from when you call, but what tops that is when the service call is "cancelled" because of an "outage" in the area and you are never called or notified! I am confused by the outage though, I had internet all day and watched all of my racing as well.

My Sunday was wasted waiting for the technican to show up between 10 and 1....oh wait, there's my problem! How could I have been so stupid; Comcast clearly meant 10pm and 1am.

After writing all of this and figuring out it was my fault, boy, my face must be red!

P.S. Pay your bill on time, or the angry comcast technicans will come and get you! (See above post)

Anonymous said...

It really has nothing to do with Paying your bill on time or anything of the sort. It simply comes down to this mentality that because you pay for something that it should always work without interruption or issue.

Why do you not complain when your car breaks and costs you 3k? Why are things like that expected, yet when a service outage occurs or you run into an issue with your cable, Comcast is all of a sudden "incompetent" and trying to "con" you.

Anonymous said...

Re:It simply comes down to this mentality that because you pay for something that it should always work without interruption or issue.

It should work MOST of the time and reasonable attempts should be made to keep it working.

I do not know what crappy car you have (co continue your analogy) but if it died everyday for no reason, would get a bad attitude from the warranty department, the repair shop would suddenly dissapear or the mechanics would not show up consistently and have a bad attitude the rare times they do, multiply that by HUNDREDS of cases you would have a nice lawsuit going on.

Other utilities work consistently a LOT more than cable does: water, electrical energy, gas, telephone. Cable should be no different. It is bad attitude and greed, mismanagement and technical incompetence and lack of competition due to monopoly protecting laws that create this situation.

Anonymous said...

This Comcast Employee wants to fix everyone's employees by himself on CableRant.com There must be so many bad employees that this guy feels he need to do free work on the side to save the company.

They guy goes by TCG (The Comcast Guy)

Help is at:
Comcast Guy at Cable Rant

thebmt said...

For 6 months, I had great service from Verizon for DSL, but then despite great service, Verizon told me I could not keep DSL because I was too far from the switch and they couldn't guarantee my service. I even offerred to waive the guarantee but they wouldn't bite. So I went to Comcrap.

First, they insisted that I rent the modem for $3/month. I did the math and said that in 10 months I would have paid them the same amount as if I had bought it from Best Buy. They said, but if it fails, I'd have to buy a new one. They'd just send me a new one. I said I would take the risk, and they gave some comment like I was going to lose my house because I bought my modem.

I had to work, so I had my semi-retired mother sit at my house to wait for the tech. They were supposed show up between 8 and 12. The guy showed up at 1 PM. Luckily Mom was off all day. I left a typed document that gave the tech install instructions (i.e. location of my router, settings, etc.). Instead of telling my mother what he was doing, he ignored my instructions, and went into my basement, where the router is, ran in the cable, shot it through my cable switch to my office, where my desktop is, and then installed it in my office. In other words, the tech had no idea how to setup a simple network using a Linksys router. He called me after he left to tell me it would not work on a router. I asked him how it would, and he said only if we rented the modem from Comcast.

Livid, I got home, and looked at his setup. I saw nothing that would prevent me from routing it, so I took the modem down to the basement, hooked up up directly to the cable coming in from the outside, hooked up the modem to my Linksys router, and relayed it to the 4 places in the house I wanted wired service. It worked.

I'm an accountant, with zero technical training. I thought Linksys made America so accessible that an idiot could set up a wired or wireless network in short time. But apparently not Comcast. I shouldn't blame the tech, it's probably something he was trained to do. Unless he really was a total idiot and does nto understand simple routing.

Now, I get drops in service every couple of months, I guess better than most people. When I call, they tell me it's my modem. I ask if anyone else in my neighborhood is experincing service disruption. No. I walk outside and my next door neighbor pulls up to his house with a brand new cable modem. He reported the outage an hour earlier. Apparently next door is not in my neighborhood.

Leslie said...

My account # is 8777701224217858. We have been experiencing random outages (on a daily basis) with the high speed internet for several months now. We have called to report these outages numerous times and have had multiple service people come out, who have all provided their opinions on why the service is intermittant/goes out. Some of the reasons given by the service people who have come out are: (1)Comcast high speed internet is not compatible with Macs, so trying to use Comcast internet with a Mac will never work (this is my personal favorite because of how ridiculous and untrue it is); (2) the cable in our entire house is bad and needs to be completely re-run (mind you, the cable television works just fine); and (3) the line is "dirty" and needs to be "cleaned." None of the service people who have come to our house have had any training on how to use a Mac, so that makes the issue that much more difficult (we only have a Macbook Pro). We even had one service person who told us he "hated Macs" and that there was nothing he could do for us because he didn't know how to use them. Aside from the fact that we are far from the only people in this country who have only Macs in our household, so not training their technical personnel in how to use Macs is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable, we are still paying for an internet service to the tune of $50 a month that works only intermittantly. We have a service appointment for Monday, June 30th. I am crossing my fingers that this will be the service person who fixes the problem. Comcast, please help us with this issue.

mendedheart said...

09518160925-02-7 here!

My internet and phone service have been flickering in and out recently. Had problems around father's day. Nice tech came and reset RCA modem by removing battery and unplugging, then reinserting battery and replugging. Then today, internet service and phone out again. Then in. Then out. Then in per my husband who is now home. But I am not. I am typing this in a free WIFI location on my laptop because Comcast internet was out when I left the house.

Comcast cable TV hasn't worked since March, (see my earlier posts on Comcast Disservice), but I haven't been able to take off work to wait for techs to 1. arrive and 2. fix it.

Am ready to settle all this. It's summer. July next week! Will stay home and wait for your techs! Any day but Monday, when I do need to see my people at the office!

Would like a modem that works consistently, an amplifier to see if we can get the cable
TV going, but if not, will offically drop cable.

Will need credit for cable tv I haven't had since March up until now. If can't get TV with next tech visit, will request new contract - double play, not triple.

Will also need credit for recent lost days of phone and internet usage. Would also like credit of approximately $15 for cell phone usage in lieu of busted Comcast phone.

As a lawyer, I look forward to a nice class action suit as well as antitrust actions against Comcast. Happy to sign on a a plaintiff in the class action!

No offense to Comcast employees - Comcast problems have to do with a rapacious business model that signs people up even though the business infrastructure to provide adequate service is not in place.

Kenneth said...

I'm joining the club. Comcast must die. I am a certified computer tech with 20+ years of experience. After a month of losing my internet service (3 times while trying to order a new phone from my cell company)I finally decide to call and get a tech out here. The "Tech" on the phone tells me that my router is incompatible and I need a "Comcast Router" for just $14.95 a month and that for just $1.99 a month I get free service calls otherwise it's $25 for a service call. I told him that I was not using my router right now and I STILL am losing my signal AT THE MODEM! I can hardly use my Vonage because I spend most of my time saying "hello, hello" because I've lost my internet. God help me, I'm calling to see what my DSL options are.

Chase said...

I heard a few issues from Comcast customers before we decided to switch to them upon purchasing a new house, but now I can assure everyone else that it is, in fact, horrible.

I have a problem with all three utilities we have with them: Internet, cable and phone, but to make it easier I'll sum it up here.

About a week ago we were in the middle of a move. We were going to leave our old house and move into the new one the next day. At this house, we had Comcast for television only, and AT&T for phone and Internet. We called Comcast to get them to set up all three at the new house, and AT&T had done everything correctly and cancelled our service.

We arrive at the house for the first time, getting ready to unpack some of the initial load. The Comcast truck is sitting in front of our house, so I was excited to have it all working immediatley.

He spends 20+ minutes perusing the backyard then goes back to his truck, coming back with nothing. We had brought the previous box we had and he set it up, something even I, a 15-year old could do. We also bring the DSL modem from AT&T, and he sets it up. I, being naive, forget that Comcast is cable Internet, not DSL, so we try the Internet for a day and get no signal.

We call Comcast and arrange for them to set up the Internet, phone and TV. A month prior we had an issue with them regarding the Internet connection, even though they weren't our provider. Apparently they were charging us for Internet because they mistakenly thought we had a box. We had automatic billing so we never noticed.

After two days they finally figure it out and arrange for Internet to be installed Thursday (a week after we had moved in), and phone and HD boxes installed Friday, for some odd reason.

Thursday comes and the technician is 20-minutes late. He asks what's wrong with our Internet connection, and I tell him we don't have one; we need one installed.

He acts like it's my problem and says that the person I talked to on the phone had scheduled it to be a repair instead of an installation. According to him, the cost would be different and he didn't have the proper equipment.

He says that everything will be installed the following day because as I said, we were having phone and television set up, so he was going to arrange that the Internet be set up Friday as well.

Friday comes and once again we get an idiot as a technician. He spends three hours there and only successfully installs one cable box. He then says "I can handle" the installation of the second one, so he claims he'll be back later tonight to try hooking up the Internet and phone, because it wasn't working right.

He never comes and we get no call. We call Comcast to find that no later appointment had been scheduled. We cancelled the phone and Internet installation, obviously.

We're planning on using Verizon for internet and phone, and we're considering using DirectTV with Verizon because it offers about 5x as many HD channels as Comcast.

Anonymous said...

FYI to people posting their account numbers, complete name and phone number, those information can be used for getting your log ins. Which means access to your phone records, credit card info, and email.

Anonymous said...

Comcast does not reply to any of these posts believe me. Rant all you like but posting your account numbers and information is a BIG mistake.

Anonymous said...

19204 511336-01-6
Live in a condo community of 336 house holds. Last fall the master association was shocked to learn the line item for Comcast service was nearly twice our insurance premium, and living in south Florida after the huricane season we had three years ago, that was just mind blowing.

We are currently talking to DISH and DIRECT TV about having a 20 foot dish installed on the property and using the existing cable to get the signal into our homes. The porposals we have received so far are more than a third less than the current budget line item for Comcast.

Another alternative we are exploring is replacing the cable with fiber to the buildings. The fiber would carry the digital satellite TV signal, provide broadband quality internet (for less than Comcast), and even telephone for those who don't have VoIP. The fiber will also increase the value of our homes and community.

Speaking of Comcast internet, it's worse than the TV. Outages have been occuring nearly daily for hours at a time. Call Comcast and they swear they are not doing anything in the area. And by the time service tech can arrive (at least two days latter) of course it's working fine, and they can't find a thing.

It will be nearly a year before everything is done, but looking forward to that day with great expectation.

mojo said...


Wednesday, July 2, 2008
New Customer

I'm a new customer to comcast. 2 weeks into my comcastic bundle my screen froze. I called to report the problem. I was on hold for 30 minutes. I made the mistake of hanging up and trying again. I'll try to be brief, but that might be impossible. No one cared about my problem. We went through the modem test only to be hung up (disconnected) on several times. because, dah, I have digital voice. Once on my cell phone I actually thought I might be on line by the evening.They passed me off to several different people. I had to restate my problem, address, and phone number until I was bored with myself. Then there was a revelation, I needed a tech. to come out. But of course that would be 4 days later. 4 days later sitting and waiting for 4 hours on a beautiful summer day. Trying to entertain the kids,comcast did not show. I called and was told they cancel because the problem in my area was fixed. Mine was not. We went through the hole thing again (modem, address,phone number......) "Mam you need a tech to come out" No kidding. again the same thing happened, only 3 days later. I had e-tickets for an event that I could not access. They did not care. Phone call after phone call, no show after no show. They kept running through the same stepford wife , reading off a cue card, problem solving algarthyum. My problem was not solved. Finally someone flag my ticket to state it was not do to an area problem. Still no one came. I finally called dell. They had me up and running in 3 hours. I'm sill waiting for comcast. I have never been treated like this before. And they pushed me to a point I never knew I had. WOW
Posted by slowsky at 6:46 AM 0 comments
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Anonymous said...

Comcast are making excuses not to put the price at $20.00 a month.

They say this & that!

Give me a brack!!!

Anonymous said...

If all of your are unhappy then cancel the service. You all say that you don't have a choice but that is a lie. You dont have to have cable.

Every company that provides you with in home service has a plan to cover service calls.Please read your bills. To be honest the plan Comcast has is the lowest out of all.

If FIOS is not avail in your area you might want to call or surf the net to see why. You will be very upset and bothered by what you find out and the reason has nothing to do with Comcast.

And to all of you that think FIOS is new and better: Dummy it is the same coax cable wire you get with everyone else including Comcast!!!
Think B4 you speake or Blogg. No your facts!!!!!!!!!
To all of you that have already left Comcast for FIOS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Please dont call them back in 1-2 years when the promo you have is over and you begin to spend more than you were with Comcast.
Lastly what is the name of the company that has no problems and complaints??????

Anonymous said...

We are currently talking to DISH and DIRECT TV about having a 20 foot dish installed on the property and using the existing cable to get the signal into our homes. The porposals we have received so far are more than a third less than the current budget line item for Comcast.

Another alternative we are exploring is replacing the cable with fiber to the buildings. The fiber would carry the digital satellite TV signal, provide broadband quality internet (for less than Comcast), and even telephone for those who don't have VoIP. The fiber will also increase the value of our homes and community.

Go with FIOS i can't imagine the carnage a 20 foot dish would cause when it flys around during a hurricane

Anonymous said...

My internet goes out at least once a day, and i never get the download speeds they promise!! MAYBE, just MAYBE i will get 5 MPS never the 8 or 10 they say...i hate comcast, why oh why did you have to buy out Insightbb??

elam said...

comcast prevents our household from linking up 2 computers at the same time. do the research and you'll find it to be true. we've tried wireless. and a linksys router. and no results because of comcast's policies.

we both need to work on our computers at home but we can't. thanks.

04418 063223 02 0

cassie watters
and elam blackman

Anonymous said...

umm millions of people on comcast have routers and multiple computers in theory you should be able to connect maybe it's the fact that comcast is crap and you wouldn't be able to connect if you were only using 1 computer

BarZ said...

Incredible, Comcast called me this morning to let me know that ive went over their monthly amount of data traffic and threatened to BAN me for a year if I didnt "slow down". What kind of shit is that? Between netflix streaming and Orb streaming. Im just using my internet how i want to. How can they do this? How can this be ok? I wish we can fight, and do something. WHAT CAN WE DO???

Anonymous said...

Is there a way for Comcast to mess with your connection so as to force you to upgrade? My Internet performance has been horrendous - it reminds me of those dial-up days. It is extremely frustrating. Two attempts at calling got me automated messages saying that my wait would be no longer than 15 minutes. I don't have 15 minutes - not after spending so much time waiting for Comcast to serve up each webpage! Ugh! (Account #8773102150129056)

Anonymous said...

Comcast is a disease that makes your mom fall off.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Comcast "network abuse" club

ziggypop said...

Let me first say that just the thought that I might have to call comcast makes me sick. I mean I want to vomit.
So, as I'm heaving and dialing, I go through the regular BS of all the recorded crap until I get a comcast employee. I tell him what my problem is and what I would like to have done to remedy it. (it involved my wireless not working and wanting a hard line installed.) Well, I was given a day and a time of Friday, between 4:00pm & 7:00pm. So I leave work early at 3:30pm to get home in case he shows up at 4:00pm. Of course I'm sure in all the history of this company, that has never happened but nevertheless, I needed to be prepared. Well sure enough, he gets there a little before 7:00pm. After explaining to him my situation with my wireless not working (come to find out it was because of a Windows Security Update) and wanting a hard line directly to my computer, he proceeds to tell me that he can't do it because he didn't bring a modem, or something along those lines. I was only a little disgusted because this is the kind of service I've come to expect. If he was able to do the job, I probably would of died of shock. Anyway, I asked him to fix my wireless. He told me that he couldn't because that was not what he was called here to do (he was an outside contractor) and wouldn't get paid.
Thank you comcast for your lousy service that never disappoints and always makes me sick.

Longhrnlax said...

Have to have the internet. Taking a certification course which requires me to have to be able to sign in on the internet. Internet is down. Trouble shooted with Comcast (took forever). Now, they are sending a "tech" some time on Thursday. This is unacceptable as I HAVE to be able to SIGN in EVERY day to keep my certification process going. This is my life/career we are talking about here - not some run of the mill need to surf the net. I was told that I could call Comcast back tomorrow and "see if there was a tech in my area who might stop by." What?

Job #927197
Phone No. 713-208-1244
Ben Dyer

Anonymous said...

Comcast becomes more tangled and I become a more irritated subscriber...my HDTV stations often pixellate; sometimes I can't get one, but get others; sometimes they work for several days.
This afternoon my service is out and they are trying to fix the problem. I also learn that I still have a Time Warner code that locks in my HBO at $10.month and if it were to be changed to Comcast it would mean an increase of $7/month for HBO BUT it would fix my HDTV chanel problem.
I don't like being held hostage and this is unbelievable bad business practice. Is this true that the only way to correct my/Comcast's HDTV problem is for me to pay them $7 a month more for the privilage of watching HBO?

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon. I am writing to inform you of my ongoing struggle to transfer my Business class internet service from one location to a new location literally across the street. This is something I would have considered to be a relatively simple process, but experience is proving otherwise. For reference, my Comcast ID number is 1528290.

Here is what has happened so far:

7/14: I called the Massachusetts Comcast business number and set up the transfer.

7/15: I received the new contract only to discover that the pricing had changed and I was now to pay more per month for a service where my original contract had not yet expired. I attempted to contact my sales engineer (Donald Best - 800.830.2457 x63751) and was unable to reach him. After leaving multiple messages, I finally called the generic business number. After speaking with several people who only seemed capable of transferring me to Donald's voice mail, I finally was able to reach a sales rep who was willing to answer my questions without immediately trying to transfer me. He informed me that the prices had changed several months earlier and there was nothing they could do about the price and I was to direct any questions to Donald. At this point, I had already begun my move and needed the internet access ASAP so I signed the contract and faxed it in. I received an email confirming the receipt of the contract.

7/16: At this point, everything has been moved at my business except the internet connection and the servers. I attempted to contact my sales rep to inquire about the install schedule and to see if there was any way to expedite the process. After leaving messages with him all day, I finally received a call back after 5:00 PM. He informed me that there was nothing he could do, but he gave me the name of is supervisor and suggested that she might be able to help. He then informed me that she had left for the day but I could try reaching her the next day. Her name is Ilona Arndt - 800.830.2457 x63750.

7/17: Several hours after calling Ilona and leaving messages, I
attempted to contact Donald again without success. I then called the
main number in an attempt to reach someone who could assist me. I spent 2 hours on the phone and spoke to eleven different people before the last person figured out that I had somehow been transferred to the Philadelphia market and that I would have to hang up and start over. As a side note, I must say that the people I spoke to in Philadelphia were much more courteous and polite than any of the people I have spoken to
from the Massachusetts group.

At this point, I am seriously considering choosing a different internet provider. My servers need to be moved to the new location by the end of the day on Saturday and on Tuesday of next week I need to leave for a week long business trip. Unless I am able to get my new service installed over the weekend, including having my existing static IP addresses transferred to the new connection, my corporate web sites and email will all be down for more than a week. The lack of help and
inability to reach someone who is even capable of helping has left me
with a severe lack of confidence in Comcast's ability to meet the needs
of a small business.

Thank you for your time

Anonymous said...

An update to my 7/9/08 posting. One-and-one-half days after I posted my complaint on this website regarding the poor performance of Comcast's Internet service, I received a call from someone from the Comcast Executive Office. She worked with me on resolving my issues and was very diligent in following up. The kind of customer service she provided and professionalism she projected would make any company proud.

Anonymous said...

Over the last few months there have been some problems with the cable and internet service.

Three times there were instances that I lost blocks of channels. One time it was from channel 40-42 and some channels in the 100’s around where Encore is at, that lasted for about a week then suddenly fixed on its own. Then it happened again and while I was on the phone with customer service it suddenly fixed itself. This all took place on the cable box in my bedroom. The last time, I lost channels 34-44 which include ESPN, ESPN 2, Comcast SportsNet, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC and this happened on the box in the living room and bedroom. The only way I could access those channels while they were out was on the HD versions of the channel. Again that problem fixed itself. Small wonders!

Now there is the issue with my internet service. My fiancé was on the internet downloading some old radio shows. After he was finished, this was after a few days, the internet connection slowed to a crawl. Web pages that loaded up in seconds were now taking minutes, with little pictures and icons popping up as the page loaded. Trying to download demos off of XBOX Live stalled, never getting more than five percent complete. When I called customer service to ask about the problem, my phone cut off due to the modem losing the connection. The modem rebooted three times that night and did it again on Tuesday night when I was on the computer.

When I called customer service, they arranged a service call. The service tech was very nice, ran some tests and changed the splitter. Changed the splitter…are you kidding me. I could have done that on my own without having to waste my day off waiting around for the tech to come out. Unfortunately, it did not change anything and the problem still exists.

I recently read on Washington Post Online that the FCC recently came down with a ruling against Comcast’s use of throttling. This is limiting bandwidth for people using an excessive amount of bandwidth in downloading. If this is the case, then it is a disgrace because I got no phone call saying that the downloading was excessive and or given a chance to explain. Me and my fiancé are not on any P2P networks and don’t feel we should be singled out for a few days of downloading. The most downloading we do is the occasional demo on XBOX and ITunes.

Recently I was informed that Verizon FIOS will be installed in the near future. My fiancé wants to get rid of Comcast for Verizon, but I like Comcast and don’t want to leave. I have the Cable Packages that include the DVR, HD and baseball package. Also, I have the phone and internet service all bundled together.

Please help me!!

I have emailed this post and my account number to We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com

Victoria said...

About 5 months ago our Promotional Price ended our Comcast subscription. We called to renegotiate our price. We didn't really care for cable anyway, so we had decided to cancel it. The CSR told us that if we canceled it then we couldn't get any bundled price, so the lady told us that by adding the lowest package we could get a bundled price. The price being offered was 33 dollars for internet 15 for Cable per month.
We were ok with that price, so we went ahead and agreed to it. When the first bill came, we were charged 49 for internet and 15 for cable. I called Comcast to dispute this price and they said that there are you can't bundle with the lowest cable package. I let them know that their CSR had told us otherwise, and had it not been for the deal we had agreed on we would not have stayed with Comcast. The CSR told me that someone would "pull the call" and if that was the price that was promise that they would honor it. They said they would call within a couple days.

Move forward 2 weeks. No call, new bill, same price. I called an informed them of the discrepancy again. I told them the whole story, AGAIN. They said they would pull the call, and call me back within a few days. I told them that I would pay the bill in full once it was resolved. Weeks went by again, no call. We were done with Comcast at this point, so we let them shut off our internet and cable. I called them an explained again that we would pay when we were called back by them and the bill was adjusted to price we promised. No call. We took in all of our equipment and told them we were done for good with them. When we took it in they let us know that we had a balance, and I explained that we were waiting for a call (for 4 months), and that they had over billed us. They lady told us that she could see on her account that we were indeed owed a phone call, and that it showed it had not been made. I told them to call us as soon as they could and we would work it out with them

Today I get a call from Credit Service of Logan stating that our bill from Comcast needs to be paid in full today. No phone call EVER from Comcast. Now I am 25 minutes on hold with Comcast trying to reach somebody to finally get an answer. It is unbelievable that in 5 months we cannot get 1 phone call back from ANYONE after several promises for phone calls.

Comcast Account Number 84954445011576776

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This IS YOUR CHANCE to VOTE COMCAST 'The WORST Company In America'!

Click on the link and VOTE today!

Anonymous said...

We live in Virginia and Channels 252 and 253, ESPN Sports networks, are supposed to be included in our cable TV package. Most of the time, the channels are blank, though two days this month, we could view them. We have reported this twice to Comcast, and they send someone out to fix our cable box. Clearly, if we can receive the channels occasionally, there is nothing wrong with our box; there is something wrong with their broadcast signal (or whatever it is that is HD digital, etc. Why won't they admit this is a general problem? Does anyone else out there have this problem?

Anonymous said...

Comcast customer service problems were reported in the Washington Post on July 23, 2008, in an article entitled "Call the Cable Guy. Again."

See http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/22/AR2008072202685.html?hpid=topnews .

(If the URL does not work, try entering "Comcast" into the search box at washingtonpost.com.)

Anonymous said...

Comcast recently bought out my local ISP, Insight Cable. I had a 10mbps/1.5mbps connection that was rock solid, I have uptimes logged of 100+ days. The speed was 100% as advertised virtually 24/7. In March Comcast bought them out. Soon thereafter speeds dropped dramatically, closer to 3mbps/768kbps for all but a few hours of the day. They claim this is caused by network congestion, however it was into summertime and I live in a college town who's population swells dramatically during the school year. Insight never had these "congestion" issues during the full capacity months and here comcast is still billing me for 10mbps service yet only delivering 3mbps and claiming "capacity issues". This is blatent false advertising as they are delivering nowhere near the service which I am paying for. As is common they are my only choice for anything over 768kbps down speeds and in an apartment with 3 other roommates that just wouldn't cut it. Oh and did I mention that I rarely am connected for more than 3 days without some sort of outage, seemingly planned by the timing being somewhat regular. This is complete and utter crap. I heard people complain for years about service and thought they were just being overly picky as I had very few issues with Insight, less than six months of being under comcast I am looking into every alternative as they are TERRIBLE.

I don't feel compelled to leave my account number here as the only thing they can do for me is to stop metering my traffic and give me the connection I paid for. That ain't gonna happen, they are far to greedy to actually provide the service they advertise. Upgrade your damn network comcast instead of trying to "delay" bit-torrent traffic. If your "network management" worked I'd be far less critical of it as I understand the issues with so called "Peer to peer" traffic. You blocked it, lowered your overhead, and I saw NO benefit from it; sorry but I am not going to endorse that policy unless my speeds increase. The more I analyze it I am starting to believe that blaming everything on the "P2P" transfers is a giant scapegoat. I believe that P2P traffic just acts like a sponge soaking up the excess capacity on a network and not actually hindering other traffic. Comcast isn't willing to build in more capacity as this would just allow more to be soaked up by filesharing. With the advent of YouTube, Hulu and soon to come HD video streaming over the internet the logjam is going to become real unless you (comcast) act now.

Oh and one more thing. I measure my speed by connecting to the university one physical block away to install updates to my Linux OS about once per month. The university has multiple 10GB links and yet I somehow only get 3mbps from them (or virtually any other site), before comcast I would pull 10.1mbps EVERY time. Now the funny business, if I go to speedtest.net with my comcast service I can routinely pull "speeds" of over 25mbps. Comcast is clearly prioritizing this traffic just to make themselves look better. This to me is proof positive that it has nothing to do with capacity but rather is 100% a matter of them enforcing unspoken traffic management policies. This shit has to stop, or at the very least be publicly given information.

Just as an example I just ran a speedtest at speedtest.net for proof of my claim... the results speak for themself.


Anonymous said...

I live in a community of 6 houses on Strathaven Ct.in Chantilly, VA. There is a Comcast service 1 block away. All 6 homeowners have been trying to get Comcast to build to our neighborhood. I have made multiple calls and trips to the Ashburn Comcast office and to no avail we still can not get cable service. Last visit I was told "we don't know when it will be available, but we think it will be in 2008". Verizon has layed the Fiber for FIOS but it has not gone live yet. I never thought I would be cheering Verizon on but I sure hope they get to us soon. It wouldn't be so bad but the DSL speed in our neighborhood is 200K.

Anonymous said...

Comcast seems to eternally have problems with DNS resolution..and when you call for tech support the standard reply is that they don't have a problem in your neighborhood..and its likely the tech doesn't even understand what DNS resolution is or what it does..!

Anonymous said...


When I make an appointment for comcast to come out for service thats what my appointment is for.

For you to come out!!!I did not make an appointment for you to call me. Then you don't show up and claim that you called and no one was home. I have a real problem with this. Just bad business. I have been on the phone on hold asking when the tech would be there and was told that he closed the account out because no one answered phone. And lets not forget the time when they were to call 1/2 hour before coming so I could leave work and be home. Oh they called 6 hours later. The work day had been over 4 hours ago. The told me they called and nobody answered. Well duhhhhhh!!!

JoWynn Johns said...

C-Span is supposed to be a service of the cable industry. On weekends, Comcast replaces C-Span with a sports network, with lots of commercials.

There are countless TV outlets for sports, but nothing else like Book TV on C-Span every weekend.

It is outrageous that Comcast can usurp Book TV for commercial sports.

Living in a retirement community that provides basic cable to residents' apartments, I have no account number for Charlestown's Comcast account.

Anonymous said...

My story is a little different than what most people complain about here. I actually like Comcast's products, and want to use them. My problem is that Comcast does not seem to want my money. Sounds strange I know that a for-profit corporation doesn't want people to give them money, but that's the only conclusion I can draw from my current experience trying to get my internet service running. I keep contacting them offering to give them money, but so far they have refused to take it.

I moved on 7/14. I called Comcast and asked them to move my internet and basic cable service. In the process I even let them talk me into upgrading to digital cable. They said a tech would be out on 7/16 to do the on site work. No problem. 7/16 a guy shows up as promised and gets everything going except the internet. He says my modem is stuck on my old account, and he can't provision it to my new account. He says they will fix it "by tomorrow", but I should call if it's still not working then.. no problem I say.

7/17 - No internet. I call and talk with someone who tries to make it work, but ends up failing. She says she has done all she can, and now she has to escalate the ticket to another group. She says they have 1 to 3 days to fix it, and I should call back in Saturday if I still don't have service.. no problem I say.

7/18 - I call back on Friday anyway just to see if I can get a status on my ticket. No luck. The phone answering people don't have the ability to see what's happening with the ticket. They aren’t able to communicate with the other group. They can only see the state. It's still open. Call back on Monday if you still don't have service, the guy says.. no problem I say.

7/19 - I call back on Saturday anyway to make sure they haven't forgotten about me. The ticket is still open. The lady takes the initiative to try to fix my modem again, and gives it the old college try, but she fails to make a dent. She does however come up with a good idea.. go to the local Comcast office and get a new modem.. good idea, I say, I will do that.

7/20 - I take a break.

7/21 - I go out to their office and swap my dusty modem for another dusty modem. The girl at the office is totally convinced that this one will work no problem. I give it a 50% chance. I get it back home, try it out, and no service. I call them up again, and the lady fails to provision the new modem. The reason? It's stuck on someone else's old account (note to self: don't accept any more dusty modems from Comcast). She has to escalate the ticket. 1 to 3 days she says.. I say is this the same 1 to 3 days that my other still-unresolved-after-four-days ticket was going to take?

7/22 - Come home, and try the internet. Holy cow it's working..

7/23 (today) - The internet quits working. I call back to see what happened with my ticket, and I am told it's been marked resolved. Great! They fixed my problem.. or something. I will call them tonight and see if they can fix it again. I am giving it a 60% chance of working...

Laura said...

I had an apartment in Laurel, MD a few years ago and had comcast internet. I should have known by how they handled an intermittent signal problem, which affected our high speed internet and ability to use On Demand that they sucked, but they did have the best deal on internet/cable. So I figured I'd give them a shot.

I moved into my new apartment on 3/6/2008 and had an appointment the next day...supposedly between 2-5 PM. Since I was in the middle of MOVING, it would have been nice to get a phone call from them saying SORRY, we won't make it today, so I could go out and get things done.

I waited until a little after 5 PM to call and find out if the tech was coming. I was told he was "in the neighborhood" and that he would be by soon. It got to be 7PM, still no tech. I called in again, they said we would be NEXT. At 9 PM I called in and they said the tech had gone home for the night. Well no S%^& Sherlock, of course he has. But why did we never get a phone call?

They rescheduled my appt. for A WEEK LATER. I had to take off of my part time job, which costs me 19$ an hour. They promised that they would be there between 8AM-12PM, I requested that I be one of the first appointments in that window, so that MAYBE I could get into work. They confirmed the appt. in the morning, around 8ish. It got to be noon, so I was fuming at this point. I called back and they informed me that they were so overbooked, that they would have to reschedule me for the next day.

At that point I went temporarily insane. I told them that I would never do business with their company again, that I would inform the rental office of the HORRIBLE service I had gotten from the company, and that I would report them to the BBB. I hung up. I called Verizon to get their bundled Fios service.

While I was on the phone with Verizon, a technician manager called me, and said something like "so I heard you're having problems getting a tech to your residence?" I responded "YOU CAN TELL YOUR TECHNICIAN TO STICK HIS SERVICE IN HIS A**!!"

I was still on hold with Verizon when a tech knocked on my door. I surrendered and allowed him to install my cable. He then moved on to my internet, where he spent at least an hour bumbling with connecting it, on the phone with HIS tech support, typing a URL into a command line etc. Finally, (because it was 5 PM now, and I really really did have somewhere to be) he got it connected.

I got something like 2 twenty dollar credits, but the tech insisted that I give him a check for the full amount before he left. I refused and took out my first twenty dollar credit from the first check.

Later, they called me and accused me of having an extra cable box that they thought a technician had left at my apt. Insult to injury.

The one thing I can say, is that the people who answered the phone did seem sympathetic to my plight, and I did apologize for being upset, as they sure as hell don't manage the company or do the installations. They were pefectly nice and tried to be helpful, and I'm sure they deal with a number of irate customers. Good for you guys. The rest of your company well...needs some serious work.

Mia said...

It seems my situation is not a unique one and I am not at all surprised. Let's see... here are the issues I've had with Comcast in the 2 years I've lived in Florida (never had a problem in NM).

When I was getting ready to move from my apt to my condo, I scheduled the disconnect and reconnect that they advertise is so easy and smooth to handle. My closing got pushed back, so I called to cancel the move. The day of the original move appointment, I lost Cable and Internet. I called. I was told that the moron I spoke to to cancel only canceled the reconnect at my new place, but neglected to cancel the disconnect at my old place. I demanded and demanded and argued and yelled and they finally sent someone out at 8:30 to get it turned back on. They acted like I was the one who screwed up and how dare I (the customer) inconvenience them when I'm only paying them $120 a month.

Then I moved. And I paid my bill online like I always do every month. And the second month I noticed it seemed higher than usual and said I hadn't paid last month. I figured - hey, I was stressed, moving, it's the holidays, maybe I really didn't pay it. So I paid it again. Then the next month I get a disconnect notice and nasty collections calls. I said I paid this - twice. They insisted that they didn't get a payment. So I thought again - maybe I didn't click that last button. So I paid again (3 total months, prior to that 2 total months, and prior to that one total months). I called to speak to a supervisor once I confirmed with my bank that I had in fact paid them a hefty sum for 6 total months of service over the course of 3 months. They said that my payments went to my old account and I should have realized that when I paid online I was paying the wrong account. Again, I'm the idiot. When really the mistake was that Comcast screwed up the disconnect at my old apartment. They never actually disconnected it. So the new tenants got cable/internet courtesy of moi. They offered no apologies. They were unbelievably rude and again, I had to do the research. I had to prove to them that they made the mistake. They offered no compensation for forcing me to pay and waste time dealing with another one of their mistakes.

Most recently, I've come to my absolute breaking point. It started in February of this year. I signed up for Vonage. I work from home now and got a number dedicated for work. Perfect, right? Well, Vonage is great. The only bad thing is that it relies on Comcast to be reliable. We all know that is not the case. Inexplicably, my internet seemed to "reset" itself. My VPN would lock up, my Vonage would die. I could be in the middle of a career-making or breaking conference call and *poof* - no more phone service. It would just disconnect. I called. They came. It happened again. I called. They came. It happened again. I got the "best" modem that would guarantee no issues with service (ha, what a joke). I was even told that because I live on the 3rd floor they couldn't get "enough juice up that high", so he was going to "crank it up" as much as he could so I wouldn't have any more problems. Only for it to happen an hour after he left. So I get stuck in this circle of hell - the inner most circle with the Comcast Advanced Resolution Team, who are neither advanced nor do they resolve anything. So all I can gather is that they are people who know how to put a headset on and answer the phone. Again, I was basically treated like crap they stepped in. How can we get rid of her fast enough? How many customer service buzz phrases can we throw at her? If I hear "I understand that you are frustrated" or "I apologize for the inconvenience" one more time..... After 3 months of issues, they offered me one $30 credit. And told me to call their Executive Offices. So I called and called and called. I left 4 increasing angry and urgent voicemails - want to guess if I ever heard back??

So I wrote a letter to the CEO and CC'd the COO and Senior VP of Operations. Guess where my complaint ended up? The Executive Offices that never called me back in the first place. There's a certain amount of humor in that, I'm sure, but I'm still too angry to see it. After dealing with Bev, who could barely understand when a good time to call was (I specifically said I would call her on a Monday after my business trip, only to have her call me each day I was on the aforementioned trip asking why she hadn't heard back from me -really, Bev, really?!). I had to practically beg and plead to get her to credit my account for one month of service for every month that this had occurred - it was and is still happening from february to July. She was getting coached in the background by someone who told her to tell me that they could only offer $50. I demanded more and after almost an hour - I got it. 3 months of credit to my account. I told her I was going to call her directly each time it happened in the future. And of course, in the next few days - it happened. I lost a conference call, my VPN locked up, I had to reboot my modem, laptop, and router. It was insane. But despite my calling her, she never called me back. Never followed up - never said anything other than "I apologize for the inconvenience" and "I understand you're frustrated". Like I told Bev -you'd have to be retarded not to understand I'm frustrated. No one offers a real solution. Bev tried to sell me Commercial internet service - at $20 more per month - so that I'd have a faster SLA. So basically they're charging me $20 more for the service call they know they'll have to make. They offer no compensation outright - they make you fight for it tooth and nail. They offer no understanding for how this impacts people's every day lives - those that work from home or go to school especially. They offer no compensation for using your cell phone minutes as back-up when their service goes down. They offer nothing.

Comcast advertises high-speed internet, but what they fail to mention is that it is intermittent at best. That you're lucky if you can go a few hours without some sort of downtime. That it's high speed when they want it to be. And because they are so big and they know that the people in Jacksonville have no other choice, they knowingly and continuously screw us. Every single day and month that I have to pay my bill I'm getting screwed. I don't have any other options - I've explored them all. So I get to be the lucky consumer who has the privilege and honor to pay $49.95 for high speed internet that works when it feels like it and I also have the privilege of explaining to my boss and her boss why sometimes I disappear on a conference call... You'd think Comcast would care about their customers the same as they claim they do about the communities they are in. Comcast is worthless. And I'm tired, exhausted really, of fighting them every step of the way. What's a consumer to do?!

Acct Number: 8495740430048302

Anonymous said...

I hate comcast with all of my being

Anonymous said...





1. NONE.

Brendon said...

I am at the end with Comcast. I have had comcast since my move to Chicago in 2006. My boyfriend is a law student at John Marshall and I work for a company out of California and we need internet access for obvious reasons. I assumed that when I purchased internet access from Comcast that it would be a solid connection and available 24/7 as this is why I am paying 45 dollars a month. This is wrong. Every day around 8 in the morning my internet goes down and flashes waiting to connect to the internet. This may stay down for 1 to 2 days and pop up again as if it were working the whole time. I travel alot for work and don't have all day to either stay on the phone with Comcast, or stay around the 5 hours that it takes for a technician to come out and tell you that you need a new line to the house. The 4 days that I devoted to doing this over the past 3 months, this is what I was told. And since a tech has to come out and service the account, Comcast wants me to pay for it. One service tech had the nerve to show up 2 hours late and tell me it was too dark to do any work tonight and that I would have to reschedule. However, I didn't purchase the $1.25 insurance on the line so Comcast won't come out and fix the problem with the line that they own. I had several conversations late at night, when i could spend the time trying to work with a customer service rep, discussing the issue and it would never be resolved. I have been transfered from rep to tech to rep to manager to disconnection and back again and Comcast still will not fix my internet. OMG, there is no alternative in my neighborhood. I have a verizon wireless card, but I hate logging in all the time and this doesn't help my boyfriend. It's also really slow. I am very frustrated with the evil that is the management team of Comcast. They are decidedly over 30 nobody's that have to take the aggression from not being satisfied in their life out on the next customer that comes along. I hate that I cannot have an internet connection at my house because Comcast won't let the right hand talk to the left. I think I will update this bog every week and create my own so maybe someone in New Jersey can contact me saying they want to help.

Dr. Nancy Hoffman PsyD said...

I have a problem with my Comcast email that is getting worse by the day. When I am accessing my email through their internet site, I am cut off approximately 50% of the time by a message that says "Log in failed." This occurs when I am attempting to log in; when I am scrolling from one message to the next; when I attempt to delete a message; and when I attempt to send a message.

The problem occurs no matter what computer I am using -- home, work, or that of a friend. The problem occurs regardless of whether the computer is Mac or PC. The problem occurs regardless of the browser that is being used. In other words, the ONLY consistent factor in this equation is COMCAST!!!!!

I have contacted Comcast dozens of times about this problem and each tech has me rest my password, as if I am the problem, not their website. I patiently (and lately, impatiently) explain the situation and they act as if I don't know how to use email. This is frustrating, ridiculous, and a complete waste of my time! Their so-called "fix" has never fixed anything and the problem seems to be increasing! There are days when I cannot access my email at all due to this problem.

I got rid of my Comcast phone service because the service was so bad (techs wouldn't show up as scheduled, getting put on hold for hours or until I hung up -- the usual Comcast Customer non-Service routine). Now I'm thinking of getting rid of their internet service so that I can utilize someone else's email, which I use for business. The internet service is reliable and fast -- it's the rest of the company that totally sucks.

I have read a lot of the complaints about Comcast online and I cannot think of another company that is so universally hated! Why don't they do something about their atrocious customer service (I use the term "service" facetiously).

I'd include my customer number but the idea that they would actually DO anything about this (other than glad-hand me and give me a line of corporate BS) is laughable. If they really take this seriously, I'll know because the problem will disappear.

iltenoredigrazia said...

Here's copy of e-mail I sent to Comcast yesterday:

"Dear Ms. Kang, Your article on today's The Washington Post certainly reflects my very recent experience. I had my Comcast internet connection restored just last evening after a five-day interruption. The cause of the problem was not my system, but some sort of incorrect coding of my account by Comcast.

For five days and many hours on the phone with a variety of people at Comcast the only responses I could get were "we're sorry," "the problem has already been ticketed,' "we apologize for the inconvenience," "it'll take three to five business days to correct it," and "no, there's no one else you could talk with." To add to the frustration, these comments were often followed by the telephone line being "conveniently" disconnected.

Count me as one more unsatisfied, deeply unsatisfied, customer."

Herb Fontecilla

Corky Boyd said...

After numerous internet outages I finally signed up with Embarq, my local phone company. Cost for 3 meg DSL is $30 as opposed to Comcast 4 meg at $65 ($48+$17 unbundling fee, I had already converted to DirecTV). But I was willing to put up with it to keep my email address, until service got so bad and their procedures so inept I had to change.

Comcast is truly in the dark ages. Most outages here (I live on an island in SW Florida) are short term and are corrected in one or two hours. So the first thing I ask is whether they show an outage in my area. They always say no. Then they put me through the plug and unplug the modem routine which never works because I had done it already.

Guess how they determine a local outage? They won't even investigate until there are 3 service calls scheduled. That's their trigger. Of course I don't want to schedule a service call if there is an outage, I just have to stand by for 3 hours two days later waiting for them. They have the technical ability to check your and your neighbors' routers to determine local outages, but they won't.

I think the best advice is to do what Consumers' Report recommends. Forget the bundling savings, they usually mask poor service in one or more areas. Pick the best TV, best intenet and the best phone individually. Life's too short to be fuming all the time.

I find DirecTV's HD selections far more numerous than Comcast's and better than Dish. Their customer service is outstanding.

My phone DSL, while slightly slower, experiences fewer slowdowns.

The best way to let a company know you are dissatified with their service is to pull the plug on them. Complaining rarely works, especially with Comcast. All areas have competition for TV from the satellite providers and most have high speed internet and phone competition.

You will have fewer gray hairs if you go with the best.

JVH said...

I can't even buy their service. I live in an existing home. Comcast came through and ran underground service to the neighborhood. I now have one of those nifty green boxes in my backyard. I call them up and tell them I would like to get service from the nifty green box. I carefully explain that the wires do NOT come into my house yet. Of course, I had to explain that three times because no one believed that there are houses that are not wired already. No problem, the "supervisor" told me. A week later, at the scheduled time (meaning I took a half day off from work), up pulls the truck. "I'm here to hook up the cable. Show me where it comes into the house", Mr. Comcast says. I explain the situation again. "Oh, you have to call the office. I can't bring the cable into the house.", he tells me. I call back in. I'm told. "Your work order was cancelled. Someone told the installer, you did not want him to hook up the service" I talk to three more people. The exact same thing happens again, the next week. The third time, they send a guy out to trench without telling anyone or making any appointment. He leaves a note. "I can't trench until the office has your utilities marked." I call in again. I'm told the work order has been cancelled again. I give up. All I wanted to do was to be one of theit customers.

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with Comcast for 7 years, filled with rage at the horrible quality of thier TV service, the intermittant internet service, and the laughing customer support line, I can honestly say that I'm now happy.

I switched to Verizon FIOS as soon as it became available in my area (NJ) and have never been this satified with any service to this level. I pay for the bandwidth level I choose (20MB downstream 5 MB upstream) and choose a channel lineup I want.

SWITCH TO VERIZON! I know thier just another monopoly, but at least the FIOS service is reliable, and inexpensive compared to the crap Comcast sells.

dawn said...

I've been going through a nightmare billing problem with the company. In essence, at the end of June, my account wasn't credited with the $252.35 payment I made to a Comcast rep over the phone, using a debit card. He must have typed in the wrong Comcast account number. So even though my bank statements show that Comcast took the money, they're saying I have to prove it. I've had three way conversations with them and my bank. I've gone to Comcast offices to have them fax copies of my bank statements to the appropriate offices. I left a voice message to a very sketchy employee named "Deb" in Manchester, in answer to her letter that said "if I don't hear from you in 10 days we'll assume your problem is fixed," and then she had a note put in my "file" that I never answered. (There is another note in the "file" that an employee put my statements on "Deb's desk." But she closed the "file" anyway, saying that there was no evidence to support my claim.
And why should I have to prove this anyway?
My last move - to send all the documentation by priority mail -- copies of my statements AGAIN as well as copies of the fax transmission sheets that prove the stuff was already faxed. (They keep shutting off my service, of course, because they say I haven't paid since May.)
My bank (Citibank) said because the money was withdrawn from my bank account in a debit card transaction over the phone by them, and because Comcast refuses to credit my Comcast account, their conduct is actionable. In essence, they defrauded me of $252.
My acct. #: 8773 10 325 1264263.
How should I be compensated for this? I have spent over 20 hours, and have missed work, trying to deal with this problem.

Defogger said...

Comcast keeps blockingt my emails to my sister, my friends and my house manager, all of whom have Comcast accts. Comcast claims I am sendi ng spam. When I (in the past) go in to challenge this using directions supplied by comcast as it returns my email, the reply is that there is no spam coming from my URL. Yet the conmpany continues to block my emails. It's gotten bad enough I asked my sister and my manager to get accounts outside of Comcast so I could communicate with them. Checking with my ISP (in New Zealand) I learned that several of their users had also --falsely-as it urns out been accused of sending spam. I wish Comcvast would clean up its arrogant act.
Jay Kuten
Currently in US at Jay.Kuten@maine.gov

Mike said...

I'm not sure that this is the correct forum, but it fits as well as any other here. My complaint about Comcast is broad, but not as extreme as some others here.

I consider Comcast to be a practitioner of deceptive marketing. Here's why...

A few months ago, after I had become a Comcast customer, I received a mailer from Comcast, addressed to me (not "Our Neighbor" etc.). This mailer explained that I was eligible to sign up for a trial package including HBO for approximately 6 months. The total service cost for cable and internet (explicitly mentioned on the mailer - no need for phone) was less than the "promotional" offer for which I had signed up.

I scoured the notice for the fine print and found absolutely no limitations on applicability. Other similar notices often said they were limited to new customers only, required phone service, etc. This one did not.

I phoned Comcast and was told that the offer did not apply to existing customers. I asked where that was indicated on the notice and they insisted that it did not have to appear there. (Perhaps they are correct legally, but it's a smarmy practice). I asked to speak with a customer service supervisor(~6PM MST) and was told in a dismissive manner that the supervisor would simply tell me the same thing. I insisted and was then told that no supervisors were available. The representative informed me that "supervisors aren't always available at your request." I offered to wait on hold, and was then told that there were no supervisors present at the call center - something I find difficult to believe.

I then asked for a return phone call. The representative took my information and told me that a call would be received by noon the next day. That was about three months ago. No call. I thought I might wait for a written response. No letter.

I'd love to abandon Comcast, but given that they are nearly a monopoly in providing internet service here I'm not in a strong negotiating position - hence I'm turning to public humiliation of the company.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Comcast? Would you like to improve this customer's view of your organization?

Anonymous said...

We have subscribed to Comcast Internet and cable TV for years. My current frustrations focus on the lack of Internet service since July 8.

On July 8 I reported the lost service to Comcast. They replied that there was an outtage affecting several zip codes in my area and they were 'working to address the problem.' When I spoke with them on the 10th the problem was not as large, however I was still not receiving service.

I called almost every day and recently 2-4 times a day. I was told that the problems related to a faulty node and then a faulty part of a node. However on July 16 Larry (a Comcast telephone support person) told me that there wasn't a node problem and there had never been one. He further stated that what I needed was a technican to come into the home to see what the problem was with my modem, router, wireless connections, etc. I asked Larry if people had been lying to me about the problem and he replied, yes. Unfortunately Comcast couldn't get a technician to my house for 5 days! This after being without service basically since July 8th!

The technican arrived and determined that it was a problem with the splitters that they had going in to the house. He also thought that we should have a new router (Comcast supplied one in May because we were having so many problems)and there may be other problems to address. The technican didn't have a router with him but promised to return the next day at 1:00. Needless to say the technican didn't show, nor did he call.

I repeatedly asked to speak with a supervisor and was promised on at least 4 occasions that one would call me back within two hours. None did until last night, By that time I had called the 3 technical supervisors that I found names and numbers for, however none were available and they each referred in their voice mail outgoing message to call one of the other of them. I also sent e-mails (from the local library) to the Comcast help line.

At 6:45 last night Javon called, stating that he was a supervisor and he listened patiently to my story. Javon checked with the technican on our route and said that there was only one call in front of us and promised the technican would be there before the end of his shift. I asked Javon for his number in case the technican didn't show up. When I called back because of course the technican didn't arrive or call, Javon was no where to be found. As a matter of fact I was told by John the telephone technican that he didn't know who Javon was, or recognize the extension that I provided. Ultimately he did and I got to speak with Javon, who promised to get to the bottom of what was going on, admitting that I was not receiving good service and he would call me back before the end of his shift - 10:00 PM. Surprise, Javon never called.

Well, it is 10:30 AM and I have not seen or heard from Comcast. I've been trying to get through to Brian Lynch a Comcast VP in Maryland - some of his employees deny knowing of his existence, until pressed and they admit to knowing that he works in the same office, however they can't give me his number because they don't know it! Do these people really expect me to believe all of their contradictory stories?

I work from home and am loosing money without an Internet connection. Comcast does not appear sympathetic. I'd love to know a way to get their attention and get the service that I've paid for.

Account #:09525 144086-01-4

Anonymous said...

I was forced to use Comcast after their merger with Time Warner. Comcast got Houston. I hate, hate, hate Comcast. The entire time I had Time Warner I lost my cable once and that was during Hurricane Rita and not even for an entire day. Since Comcast got Houston, my cable is constantly out, the internet goes down for days, their customer service stinks and they charge more. What a great deal for Houston customers! I cannot wait until A T & T is in my area. I will be saying goodbye to Comcast.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Comcast user, and after visiting this site, I don't think I will ever be.

jim said...

First of all, $60/mo for internet is outrageous, and I've said this many times. They've given me a promotional rate a few times.

Recently I had a simple problem setting up a personal web page. I'm in graphic design and I know how to build a web page. But I just needed comcast to fix permissions on the account.

AFTER 3 EMAILS TO COMCAST SUPPORT and a LIVE CHAT SESSION, NOTHING WAS FIXED! I finally gave up, deleted the account myself and started a new one. It was like I was talking to the wall. After clearly stating my problem (3x), they'd reply with how to fix a totally different problem.

If the average rep couldn't understand my problem, after a 2nd or 3rd contact to support, they should've gotten a tech who could. And contacted me BEFORE I contacted them again.

HBJ in Houston said...

ComCast: I hope that you preceive that I am trying to be completely positive with my observations below: In turn, I am expecting the onset of dialogue between us.
Since the usage of the Internet is exploding both in terms of A) number of clients and of B)number and size of messages sent via the internet (think of video, movies, TV shows, et al), it is obvious that the net must grow (x4 ?).
*** I also believe the Communications Workers of America (CWA) labor union when the CWA notes that a number of foreign countries have faster and better internets than those found is USA.
*** Houston, we have a need, a problem, and with that an opportunity. ;-) humor intended.
*** One aspect of the expansion problem/opportunity evolves to A) who pays for the needed expansion, B)if a substantial percentage of non-causal users are going to have to pay for a range of serice levels and usage caps, then there is a need for the clients to have a usage meter measuring both dynamically and accumulatively (for billing period) usage. This meter should indicate current usage rates and cost rates (implies a copy of a loadable a rate table on the client side). I expect that the clock and the current gross usage levels will pay a role in both the rate tables and in the user (friendly?) meter. I would like to have a variable cap level that I can adjust myself or have the cap be auto-adjusted by my ISP by using my rules (ie, if usage is too low/high then the packet count per time unit is lowered/increase. I would hope to see a current verses projected dollar bill rate. ***
******************************** Of course, we all know that such a software package needs to generate a shareable log for both the client and for the provider. (Implies a need to close the opportunity for forgery.) ***
******************************** We also know that errors in software will be on the first releases, hence I foresee a 1.5 year clock duration to arrive at an usable product with needed user suggested functionality. Most of that development period should be satisfactorily completed before the onset of imposition of metered usage fees imposed for recovering some of the net build out costs. Oh yes, this meter would be an excellent place to locate a check box to FAQ check box and a well-designed comment and suggestion text box. ***
Also, we know that end users almost always make reasonable suggestions on needed functionality, the architects over looked. Experience teachs all of us. *** Comcast, plan for multiple language support, that need will come in later releases of the usage meter. *** [BTW, I find about 95% of comment boxes could be and should be improved. I will happy to dialog with Comcast for I have a gripe list and yet to see anybody's comment box so well designed that my comment box gripe list is perfectly clean (zero negative check marks on my gripe list. *** Comcast, please dialogue! *** One last idea before I stop, have an optional cost savings tips check box to generate tips such as "Save by sending messages with links rather than sending the entire HTML of the message that you are forwarding."
********************************* I concur that most users should subsidize users that only afford a
minimal service with low caps on both usage/cost rate. ***
For a rate, base, I have in mind pricewise about $10/month before taxes.
Do state and/or Public Utility Commission (PUCs) regulate internet rates and service levels? If not, who does? FCC? *********************************
Very respectfully yours,
Herb in Johnson in Houston
12510 Millbanks Drive *********************************
I hope that I have been completely positive. Please note that dialoguing will draw additional comments.

ITplanner said...

I am not a ComCast customer (use Time Warner RoadRunner), but if any of you want to access your modem, try this: and you should be able to view modem status, signal strength, etc. That is for a Scientific Atlanta modem. Other brands may be different.

Anonymous said...

The problem I have is with my email account. I subscribe to a daily email from a local news station. Comcast blocks the email from getting to my mailbox. I was having the same problem with the daily New York Times email, but the NYT published an article about how Comcast was deciding which emails get delivered an which don't, and they fixed the problem. I contacted Comcast about this, and they said they would work on a fix. They did, and it worked for about two weeks. Now, again, I can't get the emails. Not getting the emails is not adversely affecting my life. It's the principle of the thing. Who the hell is Comcast to decide what emails I get and which ones I don't? It makes me wonder what other emails are being blocked by Comcast. It shouldn't be their call. That's why we have junk email folders, virus protection, etc. Considering it took 2+ weeks to get it fixed the first time, I'm not even bothering. I've redirected the email to a different email account, which gets the email every day without fail. I hope that Qwest gets broadband working in our area soon. I'm switching as soon as they do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a customer anymore.
Here's why.

We had Time Warner in Houston and Comcast bought it out. With Time Warner I could have my business WEB email sent to my inbox and I could send from my inbox messages with my business email.

With Comcast I got a message that my business WEB address would not work with their system. Their little "trouble shooting" program said "use this address instead."

OK, easy address. Problem was someone else had that address. My personal and financial email went to her. I found out because, after a number of emails from my accountant went to her, she, thank you, notified my accountant that she was getting my email.

When I called tech support, "That was a technical glitch, mam. I apologize." I was, as you can imagine, livid.
The "I'm sorry" was just a breezy I'm sorry with my interpretation being, "Gee, no big deal that your private stuff was going to someone else because you did what we told you."

That was it.

I now have a package with AT&T. Yes, DSL is slower. Yes, sometimes I wish I had cable. But my email seems to be going to my email address...but then, I now use google and just use AT&T to get on the WEB. Still not going to give Comcast my money.

Pema Vajra Sangha said...

BILLING BAIT & SWITCH: $99/mo. 3-fer really is $129 which sleazes and sneaks up to $169/mo. after a few months with no warning. Lies all lies!
Complain? HA
Their voicemail automated merry go round until I puke delivers me after several eternities to someone who has to "check with my supervisor" to "offer" me $113/month which is really probably closer to $140/month after their BOGUS taxes and fees.
Big Brother CENSORING my email
Not picking up mail forwarded from my website to merge with my comcast.com account.
RENTING a freaking modem ea. month from them because they NEVER told me I could.
ad nauseum .......any suggestions???

Anonymous said...

BILLING BAIT & SWITCH: $99/mo. 3-fer really is $129 which sleazes and sneaks up to $169/mo. after a few months with no warning. Lies all lies!
Complain? HA
Their voicemail automated merry go round until I puke delivers me after several eternities to someone who has to "check with my supervisor" to "offer" me $113/month which is really probably closer to $140/month after their BOGUS taxes and fees.
Big Brother CENSORING my email
Not picking up mail forwarded from my website to merge with my comcast.com account.
RENTING a freaking modem ea. month from them because they NEVER told me I could.
ad nauseum .......any suggestions???

Outraged in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I am watching streaming videos from hulu.com and its is constant lag in the Maryland area!

I never watch TV as they never have anything I want to watch since COMCAST took over I no longer have the SCI FI channel.

Anonymous said...

I have been dealing with Comcast blocking any email lists I subscribe to. I'm not talking lists with porn sites or anything like that - I belong to the honor society at my local community college. Their emails to me were being blocked. I subscribe to NY Times daily email. It was blocked. I now have it delivered to my Yahoo account. Every time I've emailed them with this issue, I get the usual "check your spam filter" response even when I say in my complaint email that I don't want another canned response. And my spam filter being on or off doesn't matter - I still get the same amount of spam whether it's on or off. And none of the lists I subscribe to are spam - they are legitimate organizations that I want to receive emails from. I am tired of being censored by Comcast of the lists I subsscribe to but Comcast efficiently delivers spam. Very annoying and very BIG BROTHER. Account #09547166711-02-3

Anonymous said...

i had to spend 3 hours in voice mail hell
to turn off internet service.

it turned out to be easier to cancel everything
then to just drop Internet.

No problem, Dishnet TV and a EDGE
card from Sprint, I can live

Alan of NYC said...

I find it is so hard to understand that if you talk to 20 of their "customer service" people, you get 21 different stories.

And yes the ultimate way their deal with complaints,, is stay on hold or want to talk to a manager and then you hear, can i have your number, as they disconnected you.

Everytime I want to reactivate my account it takes them 48 hours in doing so, and the reasons are always different, they don't understand etc.

Unless things change I will be switching to DSL service and not have to deal with Comcast, the worst provider of internet service!!

Anonymous said...

[from an email sent to abuse@comcast.com following up multiple calls to support]

I received a report of spam coming from one of my machines via an email from your team. So that you can check that, my Comcast email account name is *******.

Days prior to receiving your notification email I discovered that my port 25 had been blocked. That is not warranted, as I have explained to your phone support security department.

My close read of my firewalls shows no significant activity on port 25. I run a mail server at ***.***.***.*** on a static IP assigned by my hosting ISP and associated with public DNS records for ******.com. All my port 25 traffic has been between my 192.168 network via Comcast and my own mail server.

This port 25 traffic pattern is a) typical for a person who builds Web applications that include a notification feature -- I.e. I'm testing my own software; and b) can not possibly be spam since the traffic is from me to me. In fact, for your traffic scans to pick this single point to single point traffic up as spam suggests that your monitoring configuration could use some attention.

I have checked my external IP to verify my public assignment over several days. I then ran a check at SANS to see if any abuse reports exist for that IP or for *******.com. There are no such reports.

In addition I have rerouted my mail between *******.com and my home machines to another port and monitored my traffic patterns. Nothing unusual shows.

My PCs (all Windows) are up to date and always have been. We run enterprise grade anti-virus and firewall software in the house and keep all the machines' definitions up to date. We are, in short, an unusually cautious and very technically capable household.

My call to your security desk resulted in a suggestion that I purchase a business account. Since my activities are well within your residential services agreement terms and conditions, I see no reason to make a change. Moreover, your business offering would not materially change the service I receive. I will not pay more for the same helping of less than I originally signed up for.

Degrading my service without a) offering proof of the problem so that it can be addressed responsibly or b) completely blocking my service until the problem is resolved is irresponsible. That behavior is something like a bar tender telling a drunk he can't use the jukebox anymore. If the drunk then crashes his car on the way home presumably no criticism of the bar's jukebox policy will ensue.

Please remove the block on our port 25 ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Comcast Hit With Another Throttling Lawsuit


This time starring the individual who first discovered it...
02:23PM Friday Jul 25 2008 by Karl Bode
tags: legal · business · cable · Comcast

In May of last year, Broadband Reports user Robb Topolski posted in our forums that Comcast appeared to be forging TCP packets in order to throttle upstream P2P traffic for all users, regardless of consumption. That finding ultimately led to a wave of press coverage, an FCC investigation, and forced (or will by the end of 2008) Comcast to embrace a more transparent way of managing their network (most likely 250GB caps and very targeted throttling). Topolski has since gone on to work with consumer advocacy organizations Free Press and Public Knowledge, and this week is the leading plaintiff in a new class action lawsuit against Comcast:

Topolski, asked via e-mail how much he believes Comcast owes him, replied that the question is "tremendously complicated." "This involves more than just Robb Topolski and how he was impacted," Topolski wrote. "It involves a very large group of people, it spans quite a bit of time on an expensive service, and it involves deception. So the lawyers are going to have to figure out how to explain this to the courts and the process ahead has to decide the amount."

Anonymous said...

Why not order a T1 line and get an actual SLA.

Matt Stewart said...

Comcast stole my modem and won't give it back. That pretty much sums it up. I've had a Comcast cable tv and internet account continuously since around 2003. All that time I've been using this Motorola 5100 modem. It's a pretty nice unit, never failed me at all. You could log into it and check status and connection quality, but that was rarely needed because it just didn't have problems.

So when I moved in August of 2006, I brought the trusty modem with me. I hooked it up to the cable line, and it worked right away. Apparently the previous resident still had an active account. So we used that for a week or two while we waited for the Comcast appointment. It worked great. Quick speeds, no interruptions.

Then the stupid cable guy showed up. I've dealt with quite a few satellite and cable installers, and most have been really cool. Some of them really know their stuff and will make things as easy as possible for you. However, this one couldn't figure out how to get the internet working. I'm serious. I had the internet working immediately using a modem I plugged into the line while someone else's account was active. And this idiot couldn't get it to work. (He couldn't get the cable tv working either, which is why I feel safe calling him an idiot. Installing these two services was seriously like a 20-minute job, no wiring, and he was here for three hours.)

Part of the problem was that I wasn't here. Thinking that since everything was already working the guy wouldn't need my help, I left and my wife let him in. So I couldn't really see his ineptitude firsthand.

The guy stole my cable modem. That's right, the Comcast installer took my property, my cable modem. This modem I'd bought years ago that had served me well, and that I had working already for the past week, this moron couldn't register it on the Comcast system or something. So he took my nice, quality modem and left me a cheap Comcast one. It seems to be more unreliable -- either that or they screwed up the system in this area recently. It goes down all the time, just for a minute or so. MY MODEM never did that.

About a month later the internet went down for like three days in a row. I called to check on that, and while I was on the line I asked about my modem. Not only did I now have this piece of junk modem instead of my nice one, COMCAST IS CHARGING ME TO RENT THIS MODEM. Yes, Comcast will steal your modem, then charge you to rent the one that they graciously leave in its place.

So I filed a customer service ticket requesting they sort this out, refund my money and give me my fricking modem back. I heard nothing for a few weeks. Then yesterday I called to take advantage of a cable tv deal, and I asked about my ticket. Nothing had been done, so the person handling my call escalated it. That got them to call me back at least. Today I got a voicemail telling me I needed to provide proof of purchase for a modem I purchased years ago.

Now I'm not a fricking genius, but I have years of invoices from Comcast themselves showing me that I was subscribing to cable internet but wasn't renting a modem. Therefore, they knew I owned a modem. Also, these modems are supposedly registered in their system before they work, so they also know the numbers that identify that specific modem that I was NOT RENTING.

In the end, I was out the cost of a new modem along with rental fees for the time between when this happened and when I gave up and bought a new one myself. They also kept charging me rental fees after I returned their crappy modem (they refunded some of that later).

With the amount of money I've spent every month for years on this goddamn service, you'd think someone with a head on their shoulders could take a reasonable look at it, figure out that I wasn't making shit up and credit me the small amount of money that was involved. But no. Comcast is all about increasing fees and unreliable service -- not customer service.

Carol said...

For three weeks, the apartment development I live in in Baltimore has had intermittent-to-no service whatsoever from Comcast--no TV, no Internet, no phone. After several visits to different customers, and several neighbors talking to each other, we determined the problem was not our individual service but a problem in the complex. The technicians "bumped up" the service request to the next level, and we were assured it would be taken care of right away. *Then* we were told it would be 7-14 business days before anyone could do anything about it because they had to get permission from the county to dig up the ground (not, of course, that they actually know what the problem is!). Now they're telling us the problem is fixed, when we clearly have no service whatsoever. I called two hours ago and asked to speak to a supervisor and was assured someone would call me back right away...as you can imagine, that hasn't happened. One hand doesn't seem to know what the other is doing, nor does anyone seem to care--the other day someone told me that since I didn't have a business account (I'm a journalist and told her that I was unable to work without an Internet connection) I wasn't entitled to the same service that business account holders receive (of course, the fact that the leasing office in the complex has no service either doesn't exactly support that notion). Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't offer their FIOS TV service in my area yet, but after a week of packing up my computer, notebooks, etc., and going to the library, I ordered Verizon's Internet service on a risk-free trial basis. Needless to say, we are beyond frustrated by the lack of service and the lack of attention being paid to this matter. If anyone has any suggestions, or if someone from Comcast is out there listening (and according to today's New York Times, you are!), please get back to me. My account number is 09519502721-06-5. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Account no. 01723122692-01-3
I am a Comcast survivor. I have since switch to AT& T DSL, also switched my cable TV to Direct TV.

As for as the internet, I could count on comcast being down practically every morning, call to the local office were usless, when you did get through, the employees were surley (probabily from receiving soo many complaints}

E-Mail to the company were usless, they would say that you were the only one having problems (divide and conquer stragety) however when talking to friends and colleges, they were experiences the same unsatisfactory results.

I find the DSL is slightly slower, however the dependability factor and being less expensive for makes up for it.

Also for the privileges of beling allowed to get the internest through Comcast they forced you to get two premimum channels (HBO, etc) from them jacking up your monthly outlay.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is the ONLY highspeed internet provider in my area.

Verizon doesn't service my area.

ATT\Quest will service my area except they will be using DSL through isdn which isn't cost effective. I could get vsat for cheaper basically.

ATT U-Verse will be in my area....but not for another decade .....sheeessh....

I live in the norridge area.

Additionally, even though comcast may be against fileservers in their TOS, by LAW it is not enforeable.

* Consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content of their choice
* Consumers are entitled to run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement
* Consumers are entitled to connect their choice of legal devices that do not harm the network
* Consumers are entitled to competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers

So comcast.....please drop the shenanigans....

Anonymous said...

Signed up for COMCAST Triple Play.
Scheduled install for Saturday July 26, 2008 between 11am & 1pm.

1:45pm, placed call to COMCAST to find out why technician was a no-show.

Was told by phone rep that the technician had called my number and got no response so he moved on to the next appointment.

Informed phone rep that I never left my home and my phone never rang and that the installer should have been sent to a voice mail had I not answered the phone if he did indeed dial the right number (which I highly doubt). I most certainly would have heard the phone ring. She insisted that the installer dialed the right number and I once again insisted that my phone never rang because it didn't. I never even went outside my front door.

Was given the option of rescheduling to which I said was unacceptable as I had set today aside strictly for this installation. I had no other free time to reschedule in the near future and I was not going to wait that long anyway. This was not my fault; I wanted the installation done today.

Informed them that Verizon FIOS did a simialr thing to me in January when they self-cancelled an installation and rescheduled it without ever informing me and had me sitting in my house all day wasting my time until I called and then found out. That resulted in my cancelling the order altogether (after spending over 6 hours on the phone trying to talk to a supervisor which never happened) and I stayed with COMCAST.

Now I decided to take COMCAST's Triple Play and this happens! As of right now (13:09hrs est), I have been on hold for 53 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor. This is my second call to get a sup. The phone rep keeps checking in with me about every 15 minutes or so. The supervisor is coming (and so is Christmas).

Finally at about 13:15hrs est, a supervisor named "Sheikey" picked up. She was very professional and allowed me to rant. I give her kudos for keeping a calm level of professionalism in the face of my ranting. Not her fault, she's just the sounding board.

Sheikey, told me the same thing, that the technician had called and got no response and I had to explain numerous times that I never left my home and that my phone NEVER RANG and that the installer must have dialed the wrong number even though the contact number they had for me was correct. I also told her that at no time was I using my phone during that time and that I have a 2 room condo of which both rooms have phones. I would have heard the phone if it rang!!!!!!!

She apologized for the inconvenience of me having been home all day but all she could offer was to reschedule an appointment for another day. She said that she could not send the technician back today because he did list that he had called and there was no response and that is policy.

And then she commented as to how my appointment was scheduled for between 11am-1pm and here it is almost 3:20pm and I'm expecting a resolve to happen today. My reply was that I had been on the phone twice for the past 2 hours trying to talk to a supervisor! She was like; "Oh". Yeah, no kidding. Maybe had someone spoke with me 2 hours earlier something could have been done and I'd be happy.

So, in a sense, it was my fault that there was no response even though the technician had to have dialed the wrong number and only tried once.

I tried calling my house phone from my cell phone and it rang just fine.

I did reschedule for this Tuesday at 9am which is an inconvenience and I had to move some things around. I made a point to tell them to make sure the technician tries twice if he gets no response the first time.

But if I don't hear from him by 9am (they say they will call at 8:30)I am calling COMCAST immediately.

The only positive difference between COMCAST and Verizon was that I did eventually talk to a live supervisor whereas, Verizon just kept jerking me around all day chasing around a fictitious supervisor named "Diane" until I finally told them to take their service and stick it.

But still, I am not happy with how this played out. They screwed up and should have sent a tech back today. But no, it's my fault for not answering my phone that did not ring and now, after totally blowing a nice Saturday, I have to take the risk of this happening again on Tuesday.

And I am sure they are still going to gouge me for the upfront installation fee that I have to pay the tech because it was my fault that I did not answer my phone that did not ring! And all they can offer is apologies for the inconvenience.


Here's my account#:

Anonymous said...

Have a business account with Comcast. Rely on it to run real-time credit card authorizations. Reported an issue yesterday. Service was sporadic throughout the day. today, no service, effectively putting me out of thousands of dollars in revenue for the day. On a Saturday. Rep was "sorry" and would only credit me for the 2 days. Would not let me speak to a Manager - poor form!!! If in my business, I didn't let a customer speak with who is in charge, that customer would not return. And, why no dial-up option for when their "reliable" internet serrvice is not so "reliable"?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! After posting that whole story (see post just before this one - 7/26/08 @ 1:13pm), my phone rings at 5:10pm. I pick up and it is the Comcast technician telling me that he is outside my door. When he came in, I mentioned that I was expecting him earlier. He said that they were running late today. Never said anything about having tried to call earlier and not getting an answer etc. Huh?

I didn't argue I said "C'mon in and get to work!".


Anonymous said...

I have had Comcast service at my current residence for over two years with minimal complaints, but am in the process of moving (across town at that) and after much frustration in getting through to a rep: waiting on hold for 20 minutes before I get a message saying my call is being dropped / trying to use the online chat several times before realizing that it doesn't work in firefox 3 (but doesn't tell you as much, just makes you think you are still waiting for someone to show up)...

I now have one MAJOR complaint:

Apparently someone who used to live in my new home had service disconnected for non payment at some point, So for some reason this means that I (who as I said have been a loyal subscriber for years) before being able to get service will need to make a special trip, wasting both fuel and my time, to their offices (where I am sure I will waste even more time waiting in line) in order to prove that I am a new resident and not the person who got service disconnected, and changed my name, (what!?!? this is the explanation I was given for why I would have to do this).

If I had any other option for high speed service right now, I would gladly take it, but alas I don't (not yet at least, local municipal telecom should have service for me in a few months)

(Acct #: 8773500210113038)

Anonymous said...

Problems with Comcast discarding my email

Over the past two years I've had continuing problems with Comcast's bouncing of legitimate email sent to me, calling it spam. However, there is a happy ending to the story (no thanks to Comcast) which I'll explain after describing how Comcast handled the problem. Examples of bounced email include mail from such notorious spammers as my son asking for some job advice, my local library saying a book was due shortly, and several professional e-magazines. There were undoubtedly others, but since Comcast doesn't notify its customers as to what it is doing, the only way to find out is if the sender tells you.

I called and emailed Comcast countless times over a period of several months, trying to get them to stop. Their usual response was to ignore my communication; other times they said they would fix the problem but then didn't; or they were seemingly unable to understand the problem, sending me email that said the problem was fixed and I should be able to send emails again (when of course the problem was that I was not *receiving* emails). Finally they said basically it was my responsibility to contact every party whose email to me they were bouncing (including those that I knew about and presumably those that I didn't know about) and request that they contact Comcast's "Abuse" department to get themselves removed from Comcast's blacklist.

I ended up writing letters to Comcast's CEO, Mr. Brian Roberts, my state senator, the Better Business Bureau, and my local cable commission complaining about Comcast's discarding of email that was of importance to me both personally and professionally. Finally, either coincidentally or otherwise, Comcast seemed to stop bouncing my email, as far as I could tell, for about a year. However without warning they started again, a change which I found out about only when I stopped getting e-magazines and received a notice from one publisher that its mailings to me were bouncing.

I started the complaint process all over again, but this time an email from one of their representatives provided the key to a solution, when he said "email is a free service that is included free of charge with your Comcast high speed internet service and is in no way guaranteed." Perhaps I should have known otherwise, but I'd assumed that email was inextricably tied into the carrier's internet service. I checked into Google Gmail and found that, in addition to the web-based service I knew they had, they also provide POP3 service. I immediately opened a (free) account with them and in the two months since then I've had no problems with bounced emails. Google does check for spam, but unlike Comcast they seem to be able to reliably tell the difference between it and legitimate email. Further, rather than discarding spam email immediately and irrevocably, they leave it in a web-accessible mailbox for 30 days so that one has the opportunity to scan for any false positives.

So while I'm still paying Comcast for internet service and getting less service from them than before, I have managed to bring my battles with them to a satisfactory conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Comcast sucks, plain and simple. The only way this company still exists is there is no competing cable companies since they absorbed them all. Here is Norridge, IL - A small suburb bordering Chicago - it's the second time in two years we've had major problems in the area, last time it took 7 months ( yes really ) to have the problem fixed, this most current problem is 9 weeks and still going strong, half a dozen techs and 4 line techs later still problems with internet and cable tv, it's literally so bad I have to rely on DSL more ( which I had to get since the cable modem is so shoddy ) Comcast sucks, they know it, you know it, I know it, I hope they get smashed to little bits.

That Guy said...

I am supposed to have so many email addresses, whatever the allotted amount is. I know for sure that it is more than one. i set one up for myself and tried to set one up for my girl friend. After setting up only one (1), it tells me I have used all my emails up. WTF?

What exactly is it that I am paying for besides a weak HD lineup and inferior internet services. Thanks Comcast. I hope the door doesn't hit you in the ass on the way out when Fios makes the one mile journey from the Heights to Downtown Jersey City in the next 6 months. Go screw.

Kenneth said...

I'm not sure anymore. Comcast didn't charge me for internet this month but the tech came and of course it was working. They were nice enough not to charge me for the call. A half hour later my little ready light on my modem is blinking. I have DSL in my neighborhood. So which is better, fast internet half the time or half fast internet all the time? Does DSL suck that bad for gaming?

Frustrated in Texas said...

I am astounded by Comcast's horrible customer service. My account number is 8777702030080266 and here is my sad but true story.

My wife and I were scheduled to go to Hawaii on July 8 to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We had planned the trip for nearly two years.

On July 7 our Comcast internet and television service crashed. I called Comcast immediately and reported it, and told the service representative that my wife and I were leaving for Hawaii the next day and to please schedule the service call for July 17, when we would be back to let them into the house.

On July 10, I got a phone call in Hawaii from a Comcast rep telling me they were outside of my house at that moment trying to get in. I called Comcast back and reminded them that my wife and I were in Hawaii and were not there, and that is why we scheduled the service call for July 17.

Incredibly, on July 15, while were still in Hawaii, Comcast called again to report again the technician was outside my house and needed to get in to check the service. We again explained that we were still in Hawaii and reminded them again that the service call was scheduled July 17 for that reason.

When we got back to Texas from Hawaii, July 17 came and went with no service call from Comcast. We called Comcast again and were told that they had no record of us having ordered a service call for July 17 and that it would be at least July 18 before a technician could arrive.

Finally on the 18th the technician arrived, checked the cable and determined that Comcast had erroneously cut off our service. Our neighbors were moving and had called and ordered cable service disconnected at their house next door on July 7. Instead of disconnecting our neighbors' service, Comcast had disconnected ours. The technician turned it back on.

Nine days later, on July 25, our internet service went out again. We called to report the outage and were told it would be at least July 27 before technicians could possibly work us into the schedule, and that we should have someone at our home all day on July 27 to wait for the possibility of a technician to come to our house. At that point, I asked to be connected with a supervisor to express my concerns about the horrible service at Comcast. I was connected to the voice mail of a supervisor and left a lengthy message detailing the problems. I was told I could expect a call back from the supervisor on July 26, but there was no call back.

Today (July 27) it is noon now and my wife and son have been waiting inside our house, canceling their schedules, all day for the Comcast technician to arrive. We have had no contact from Comcast as of yet. Because the Comcast service supervisor did not call me back, I called again today to try to speak with a supervisor and was told none were available. I was given what was identified as a customer service line. It turned out to be the voice mail of an assistant to a vice president. I left a message for that person detailing the problems. So far, as you might have guessed, I have received no call back.

Comcast doesn't discriminate in its poor customer service, I can tell you that. I am a two-time appointee of the Bush administration to high-level positions in Washington, but I have been no more successful at getting a simple returned phone call from Comcast than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

First (long standing) squawk:
My street side terminal box is located across the street. Several years ago they tore up the cable when repaving the street (it was buried about 6 inches). Comcast assured me they would get the paver to replace it and laid a temporary cable from my neighbors box which was, for some reason, on our side of the street. Many months later they told me I wasn’t getting a new cable and they buried the interim one. I ended up with a weak signal so they put an amplifier on my line. It works OK most of the time but I had to donate one of my scarce outdoor outlets and I am paying for the power that Comcast needs to amplify their signal to an acceptable level.

All of that is irritating but here is what really p****s me off. Periodically the amplifier craps out and I loose everything. A couple of days later, the service person shows up and informs me that “It’s usually a tripped GFI, where’s the GFI?” All they have to do is look at the outdoor light timer plugged into the same outlet and see it’s still running but that takes an IQ in double digits. Or they could take the tester that they should have in their shirt pocket and verify the outlet is good. At this point I can’t remember where the GFI is and let them waste their time finding it. It’s not in an obvious place. (Actually, I check it before I make the call for service)

Second squawk:
Several months ago, the TV Guide online guide quit working. Not worth a call, they obviously have a problem and will fix it eventually. A short time later, I had a real problem (lost an HD channel) and called in. I reported the real problem and then mentioned the TV Guide thing as an “Oh, by the way”. The support person (SP) got real snotty and let me know that since I had opted for a cable card instead of paying for the Comcast box, Comcast doesn’t support TV Guide. That much is true. Then the SP told me there was something wrong with my TV and I should contact the manufacturer. If I want an online guide, I should get (pay for) a Comcast box and use the Comcast online guide which they will support. I knew that was BS and dropped it after the SP treated me like an idiot.

The SP tried hitting the cable card and when that didn’t fix the missing channel problem, made an appointment for a service call.

The Tech that showed up was great. He cleaned up the cable installation and verified the signal strength. The problem still existed so he called whoever to check the cable card. They then found out that Comcast had not recorded the cable card serial number that is needed to hit it. With the number recorded, they hit it several times and it worked. I then mentioned the TV Guide thing and he said that it was a known problem. Comcast (in Tucson) gets that signal from COX and Cox had changed the signal so it didn’t work Comcast was working on a solution and recently, sure enough, TV Guide online seems to have come back to life. This verified that the SP had lied to me probably with the hope of selling me a Comcast box. I can also believe that this was at the direction of Comcast but I doubt that the instructions included “Treat the customer like an idiot”.

Next problem:
Returned from out of town on a weekend to find no TV, no internet. Of course there is no service on the weekend so a couple of days later, the service tech showed up. Another really good guy. He found that when disconnecting my neighbors service while we were gone, Comcast had left a cover on the terminal box loose and it had fallen and severed my cable.

And yet another problem:
Friday night after a thunderstorm, no internet. Naturally, Monday was the earliest they could come out since no coverage on weekends. But wait, Sunday morning a Comcast truck down my street. I talked to the tech and he said he would come check out my problem as soon as he was through there. I knew he was lying through his teeth since he didn’t ask for my name or address. I volunteered my address before I left him. Sure enough, an hour later, the truck was gone. I would like to know why someone else was able to get service on a Sunday and my problem is not important enough (second weekend in 4 weeks without internet).

At the moment (Monday AM), I’m sitting here waiting for Comcast. I’ll finish this diatribe and post it after the current problem is solved. Then I will do some serious research into DirecTV and other ISPs.

Tech showed and replaced the modum. Working now but what’s next?

Anonymous said...

In the military; transferred across country Permanent Change of Station. Just waiting for my check from last address.

Account is 8773 10 312 0241153.

Very frustrated with the continuous lies.

Cancelled account May 23rd; the account notes reflect request to cancel.

June 26th confirmed no cancellation occurred. Oops; the "system" didn't work.

July 29th still waiting for refund. Now, I'm told only 6-8 more weeks for check to be processed. Sorry, but the Supervisor is busy. Will be with you in a minute. Click, and line goes dead.

Great. Just great. Bet Comcast wouldn't be quite so patient if I had owed them the money instead.

Frustrated in Texas said...

Updated: After I posted my report on here, Comcast called me three times that day -- the first return of telephone call I've received. Eventually, at 9:30 p.m. that night, July 29, the Comcast tech came to my house. As always he was very nice and professional. But after working on my Internet service, which had come back up that day, for about an hour, he said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. He did however turn the information about my readings over to his supervisor so that when it crashes again, I can (allegedly) call the supervisor directly and have it seen about right away.

Anonymous said...

I just found this site after reading a New York Times Article and I'm thrilled!

I work from home on the internet so I can't work without it. Comcast kicks me off the net nearly every day mostly late afternoon.

Calls to support are absolutely useless - I'm apparently bothering them by their tone.

I'd switch but I have to beleive other providers do the same thing. As soon as I find out that they don't I'll be switching and urging everyone else to switch as well.

Comcast Account # 8220 11 603 0234463

Anonymous said...

Wow! I received a call from Betsy from Comcast. She offered major apologies for my situation and wanted to make sure that everything was rectified and that my service was working properly (see my post from July 26th "Signed up for Comcast Triple Play posted at 1:17pm). Credited my installation charges and told me to watch my next statement to make sure the credits posted and to call her back immediately. No doubt this post and site had something to do with that. So, obviously they do read and pay attention. Thank you very much!

Acct #06101-560598-01-6

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. I'm alos in a graduate rogram and take courses online. As luck would have it I planned my whoel day to watch a lecture I have to write a paper for today and lo and behold I must be using too much bandwidth so Comcast keeps kicking me off.

Can you imagine any other business where you pay for the service and then they are able to get away with not providing the service!

Comcast Customer# 8220 11 603 0234463

Anonymous said...

Trying to get the comcast internet installed for EVER. Live alone and work till 7- 8 PM everyday. Have asked the customer service multiple times if something can be worked out for timing or if they can get the service guys toweards the end later part of 4-7 spot but NO. That is a generic answer. No reasoning. Unfortunately my building doe not have another provider YET. Have waited already a month. First told me that cannot use my own modem so had to buy a modem from them for $90 then they shipped the modem to a wrong address. Took another 3-4 days for delivery. And now installation problems. GREAT! Asked them if I find out that am leaving early and call to see if they are free and come in ...NO. They will just work the way they want to.

Confirmation number # 301117706

oddsendsbyflo said...

ACCT# 8495 75 388 0204499
Another hr or more wasted, put on hold waiting for a supervisoe. If not you wait at home all day for another no show - ten times in a month a bit much- Read your notes, you owe me a credit of $143.12.

Anonymous said...

you're funny. Your main page says you want "gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity" to change their ways.

right next to an ad for GMAC! and prominent logos of NY Times, ABC and Washington Post.

Ha Ha Ha

while no big fan of Comcast, your fatuous, self rightgeous piety is a real laugher.

Anonymous said...

I had posted a complaint a few days ago about Comcast and received a phone call yesterday from their corporate office. The woman I spoke with said that Comcast is not blocking list emails now and when I asked if they had been blocking them she said she didn't know. I'm sure they have blocked them but maybe heard enough complaints and are now letting list emails through. I haven't tried to have them sent to my Comcast email account yet. But I did receive a call from Comcast and wanted to post about it. Thanks.

James Teets said...

I have had Comcast for over 8 years now and have been very satisfied until today . 2 days ago I could not send E-mail , I still can receive but could not send . I contacted Comcast and the 1st woman told me I do not use Comcast for E-mail and it was not their problem , I stated I just need to connect to STMP 25 and my 3rd party E-mail provider would work , she said no it was not Comcast's problem . I get my 3rd party E-mail provider on the phone for a 3 way call . Then Comcast informs me I have been blocked from using port 25 . WTF? I've used it for 5 years to run my bussiness !!!! I also have a Verizon wireless portable modem that works fine . Does anyone know what I can do so these idiots will let me send E-mail ? Thanks for listening to my RANT .
Acct. # 8770 34 009 3759448

Parag said...

There is such a love hate relationship with Comcast. They are the gate keeper to our content. I have actually come to terms with the idea that they are not really going to improve in any dramatic way. I friend of mine pointed me to comcast.ideascale.com to offer suggestions to Comcast. Others can offer more suggestions and vote on existing ones. Let's let our voices be heard through suggestions. Check it out at comcast.ideascale.com

Shannon Kish said...

I would be interested in hearing what Comcast has to say regarding the FCC decision recently made regarding their blocking of internet sites.

I know that for a time, I was being blocked from several sites. Comcast, up to their Corporate office, was claiming that this was an issue on my side of things and that it had NOTHING to do with Comcast. However, given that I was able to access the same sites on AT&T's internet, it appeared to be a Comcast issue.

So, Mr. Frank Eliason, I am interested in your response regarding this. You know my name and email.

Shannon Kish

Shannon Kish said...

"Ok I work for Comcast and like anything man made it may not work but to be honest I noticed while working with the company alot of people are angry about the service going out and complain about this and complain about that...."

To the dumbass (yes, you are a dumbass) that stated that those of us with spotty service should pay our bills on time to receive better service... Fuck you! I pay my bill on time MONTHLY. I have NEVER been late for a payment with Comcast, yet my service is still shitty and spotty.

Are you suggesting that Comcast only provides good service to those that pay on time? That is shitty business practices and not only that, but only further proves that COMCAST MUST DIE!

Shannon Kish said...

"Why do you not complain when your car breaks and costs you 3k? Why are things like that expected, yet when a service outage occurs or you run into an issue with your cable, Comcast is all of a sudden "incompetent" and trying to "con" you."

Yes, things go out and break all the time. The problem is NOT that Comcast breaks once in a while (like my car, which by the way has had only MINOR problems--cam position sensor, brake repair, etc-- since the day I bought it 5 years ago) The problem is that Comcast's problems never cease.

In a 1 month period, I was on the phone getting my cable and internet fixed at least 2x/week. That is not normal wear and tear, like you would expect on a car, that is outright crappy service

Shannon Kish said...

"If all of your are unhappy then cancel the service. You all say that you don't have a choice but that is a lie. You dont have to have cable."
This is just plain ignorance on your part. Sure, I don't have to have cable, but I like having cable and internet. If my only choice is Comcast, I'd prefer to put up with their shit than not have cable/internet service.

"Every company that provides you with in home service has a plan to cover service calls.Please read your bills. To be honest the plan Comcast has is the lowest out of all."
Why the hell would I PAY Comcast even more money to do their job? I already shell out $100+/month for cable and internet service with the reasonable expectation that both will function correctly. I refuse to pay Comcast more money for some service plan in which I still have the same issues, and same crappy service. That is just a waste of more money.

"If FIOS is not avail in your area you might want to call or surf the net to see why. You will be very upset and bothered by what you find out and the reason has nothing to do with Comcast."

Wow! You truly are an idiot.

"And to all of you that think FIOS is new and better: Dummy it is the same coax cable wire you get with everyone else including Comcast!!!
Think B4 you speake or Blogg. No your facts!!!!!!!!!"

Really? You obviously have no clue what you are talking about and have nothing more, if even, a high school education. (I say this because your entire comment has had elementary misspellings and grammar errors.)

"To all of you that have already left Comcast for FIOS GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Please dont call them back in 1-2 years when the promo you have is over and you begin to spend more than you were with Comcast."

Trust me, when I have FIOS, or any other option besides Comcast, I will not return to Comcast. I'd pay more money for better service before I came back to horrible customer service, shitty service and the stress that Comcast provides.

"Lastly what is the name of the company that has no problems and complaints??????"

There isn't one. But I can show you a slew of cable companies that have better customer service and provide better all around service than Comcast. Would you like me to email you that list?

Anonymous said...

Comcast keeps changing their settings. They changed polarity on my monitored alarm system without informing anyone. The alarm company had to come out to change my system so it would be monitored.

I have had to call five times to change the incoming and outgoing settings on my email. Three of the people on Comcast's end were helpful and two were absolutely worthless. None however were able to explain why I need to keep changing my settings and put the blame on Microsoft.

I have been using the same Outlook problem for several years with no problems until now. None of the settings have been accidentally changed on my end.

I hope Comcast can get this straightened out of I may have to change providers. ATT isa offering a nice package in my area and I would change except I have Comcast's bundled package and changing would be a major pain.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, around 7 p.m. I phoned Comcrash because my Internet was down. Total waiting time was one hour with that annoying music. My first call as answered by a woman who had such a thick accent I could not understand one word she said. She sent me over to a young man who had a major attitude. He asked my account number, well I don't have it and have never been asked that question in all of the years I have had their service.

They need competition. What they did to me last night should never have happened.

Thankfully the Internet was restored by morning. Oh, how I dread calling those people.

Anonymous said...

I live in Fishers, Ind. and have been a customer of Insight for the past three years. Recently, I believe Comcast and Insight switched districts, and my district is now covered by Comcast. My account number is 01727 246046-04-9.

Last Wednesday, 7/30, my Internet stopped working because of a thunderstorm. We think the lightning affected the modem. I spoke with a customer service representative the next evening, and she ran a test of my line. Because the cable was working fine, she thought it was the modem and offered to schedule an appointment for a technician. However, the only appointment offered was for the next week from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Because both my boyfriend and I work jobs that require us to be online constantly - I am in PR and he is reporter - we can't take off 12 hours without Internet service. So, she offered us another option - to deliver our modem to our local center to switch it out for a new one. She gave us the address for the "only" center in our area.

When we could finally take off work to get to the center, we waited in line for 45 minutes. When we reached the representative, she took one look at the modem and told us when couldn't return it there - we have to go to another center that was closed at that time.

We left the center and immediately called a number given to us by the representative to see if our designated center was open on Saturday. I called and reached someone, who put us on hold after we asked that question. After being on hold for 15 minutes, I hung up and called again. I spoke with a customer service representative and asked if it would be possible to send a technician on Saturday to get everything fixed. She said that would have to be done by a customer service supervisor, and that person would call us Friday evening to discuss.

Around 9:15, when we hadn't received a call, we called again. We spoke with the first customer service representative, who said he'd credit our account for the time lost, but he could only offer us an appointment for next week during the day. When we said they wouldn't work for us, he put us on hold for 15 minutes until he could find an "escalation specialist." After speaking with her, she could only provide the same option. So, we asked for another supervisor and were on hold for around 20 minutes. When the next person answered the phone, he sounded asleep and told us he was only the supervisor for the call center and couldn't really do anything. He told us that we should just buy our own modem. He then suggested that we go to our local center on Monday morning to switch out the modem. When we asked where that was, he gave us the address for the original service center - the same one we went to on Friday afternoon and were turned away. He told us that was the only center in our area...

After we explained that to him, he told us he couldn't help us any longer, and he said someone would call us back. Around 11:15, we received a phone call from a representative. She quickly went into a speedy explanation about how we weren't paying for our modem and they couldn't help us until we did. Confused, I said that we had never paid for the modem - Insight gave it to us as part of our package. Because we are now needing a new modem, we aparently have to pay a $3/month rental charge. I am completely fine with the rental charge - it was the way the message had been delivered. No apology.

Basically - we've had an awful experience. We were sent to the wrong service center, lied to about when someone would call us back, and now we're paying for something we weren't paying for before we had problems.

Mike D'Virgilio said...

My account number is 8798 20 143 0660236. My problem started the moment the technician turned on the service. I mostly use Firefox, and I lost a bunch of my Bookmarks. Bummer, but there wasn't anything to be done about that. But the problem with Firefox has proved to be ongoing.

For some reason my computer will now not recognize that I have the latest version of Firefox. I've had Firefox updates since, but it's still the same. It's more annoying than anything, but it just shouldn't be. Every time I go to the Comcast home page I get a great big message that says, "It's Time to Upgrade Your Browser". Not it's not! It's already upgraded! On a couple other sites I get the same message as I'm logging in.

Also, and I assume they are related, even though I have the option chosen to remember passwords and history, that doesn't work. Well, it does work, until I shut down and boot up again. Then I get a clean slate.

I called Comcast customer service several times and they said it was Firefox's problem. It's not. When I had AT&T I didn't have this problem. After several times of getting ignorant answers I just gave up. This needs to be addressed.

Also, the Comcast e-mail is terrible. Again, probably because of the Firefox issue we have to click on "To" every time to get an address. They will only be remembered during that day. When I turn the computer off and then on the next day addresses will not be remembered. And the pathetically few tools that show up in IE for the e-mail are non-existent in Firefox.

It is ridiculous for a company the size of Comcast to not have a better handle on their technology. Can I get a little help here?

Ulrich Herter said...

Here is my letter to the dude who claims to be in charge of Customer relations. I don't think he really exists and all this will just lead to another round of frustration. But it made me feel good to write it, and someday I will find somebody at a regulatory agency who actually should be concerned about these characters.

"Dear Rick,

I sent you mail before only to have yet another totally unqualified tech come out and not fix the problem.

The Intenet connection I pay dearly for goes down twice a day at a minimum. With it VoIP telephone service obviously dies too. To restore it requires shutting down my computer, cutting the power to the Comcast router/modem and restarting the whole thing. A process of about 20 minutes each (Windows, unfortunately). A costly and frustrating process as I work out of a home office.

Your crack crew, when here, performs the same shutdown-restart and then considers themselves geniuses for having fixed things. Of course they have not, the situation has been going on for over 2 years.

They will leave business cards with alternate phone numbers or write their direct line on one of our many service slips. Of course they do not return any calls, which leaves me calling the regular service line again. Average time to speak to the right human about 40 minutes. (I am sure you deem this an improvement!) Average hang ups 1,5 Guaranteed technical suggestion from your people: Turn everything off and then on again. Duh!

Suffice to say the wireless is only working when the second PC is in immediate vicinity of the router. And, of course the Comcast service and router work for a change.

And suffice to say that Comcast has a total monopoly in the area. Nevertheless I am now totally sick of your insults. I respectfully request you:

A: Find a technical person in your company who actually has some working knowledge about and can provide a level of service with reasonable uptime. Something like only one failure per month.

B: Stop billing me for what you term Internet access. Given your track record the billing is bordering on fraud.

I would love to contacted by a qualified representative of your organization although somehow I doubt to have that experience.

Coffee shops in town usually provide sustained wifi uptime, maybe I can search the web and find alternative means to make my point to your corporation.

Anonymous said...

I had just told a friend how comcast had acctually gotten better then that blew up in my face. I scheduled an installation for Monday at 5-8. The tech didn't show despite repeated call by me to ensure that everything was on schedule. At 8:30, the tech finally shows only to say he doesn't have the equipment he needs and would be back. Fastforward to 9 p.m. He shows up and my work order is wrong. Willing to deal with that part of the problem later I tell him to install cable internet and phone. While he is installing he talks to someone on the phone who tells him "don't spend to much time on that job beacuse you need to go help Bob* finish a job."

At 10:30 my tech leaves saying someone will come back tomorrow to finish the internet install (which he seemed unable to accomplish) and bring the other digital box that was not on the work order.

Disgruntled, but at least confident in the fact that I had one watchable TV, I flipped it on only to find that I had no digital channels, premium channels, or on demand. I called comcast who again promised to have some out today to fix it. No such luck, when I called this morning, "no one could access my account" because the work order was not closed and I was scheduled for an appointment on the 9th. I kindly explained that that was unnacceptable and they agreed to come tomorrow between 11-2 we'll see if they show up, but I don't have much faith.

What bothers me most is that for every three people you speak to there seem to be three different answers and they are very aware of this problem. No matter which buttons you press the computer apprentaly dumps you into whatever department has an available rep wether they know about you problem or not.

Comcast really needs to be punished for doing bad business. Unfortunately, they're the only game in town, can't wait until we get FIOS in my area.

acct 0959269358405

Anonymous said...

It's been two and an half months since my first complaint to Comcast regarding my June/July statement. I've spoken to 10+ Comcast representatives and everyone of them has sent me the wrong statement. I need my statements in order to get reimbursed by my company. And the reason why they can't provide the correct statement is because the "June" statement was never generated in the Comcast system due to a computer gliche. For this reason, Comcast representatives has me running in circles with the following excuses:

1.) The June statement was never processed so you get a free month.

This is a lie since I know I have already paid that month in advance.

2.) They have stated that it's because I have paid in advance that I am not getting my statement.

Whether there is a balance or a credit on my statement, I still should have a statement.

3.) They have suggest that I can obtain the statement if I drive to the local Comcast center.

Funny, I drove down there and they said to contact the customer service line to obtain the statement.

So far I have had all these representatives create or update email requests to their internal department. The latest ticket request is ticket#888245. I have been promised of calls back within a certain amount of time and they never kept that promise. I am very angry with Comcast for their lies and broken promises. And on top of that, I am constantly put on hold for a very long period of time with every call. The last call put me on hold 6 times and didn't get anything resolved. I am very frustrated with them and really considering canceling my contract with them.


Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of freshly blocked Port 25s. I just spoke with "Advanced Support" and was told I'm blocked for abuse reasons. Given that the only thing I have running that needs port 25 is incoming only, I'm pretty surprised at that. WireShark shows zero attempts to use the port, so the only thing getting abused must be my incoming traffic.

If I'm doing something wrong, I would love to be informed so that I can rectify the situation. I had been careful to throttle everything I run so as to not be a hog on their network, but apparently having any port 25 traffic at all is abusive to them.

To top it off, in looking for my account number, I found out they just raised my rates about $40. Awesome! That means my promo period is over and I can cancel without paying an ETF to the shill company that signed me up in the first place!

Inmate 8778103051332190 - not for much longer.

Emily said...

My business switched over to Comcast Business Class service for phone and internet service and have had nothing but problems. We have a fairly large business (just under 100 employees) and cannot afford to be down for any length of time. Here is my running list of issues:
6/25/08 Install Internet 12:00 pm

6/27/08 Internet Quit working 3:30 PM CR129639319

6/28/08 No Internet Service

6/29/08 No Internet Service

6/30/08 No Internet Service

7/1/08 No Internet Service

7/1/08 Telephone Install

7/2/08 Internet Service back up approx. 2:30 PM (Comcast was out here 4-5 times over these 6 days to fix the problem and each time said that the problem was on our side. We called in 2 networking experts to try to diagnose the “problem” both said it looks like a Comcast issue. Comcast finally figured out what the problem was. It was a Comcast problem.)

7/2/08 Receiving faxes in our hunt group. We discovered that Comcast did not have our phone system set up correctly. 2 of our fax numbers were going to our hunt group and hunt group numbers were directed to stand alone lines. Had to call Overman’s telephone to diagnose the problem, then again once Comcast fixed their side to fix the set up on our side.

7/10/08 Fax outage – unable to receive or send faxes on our main fax line 1/2 day – Repaired 5:30 pm

7/12/08 Unable to make phone calls no dial tone CR130804953

7/13/08 Unable to make phone calls no dial tone

7/14/08 Phone system repaired 12:00 Noon
7/17/08 phone system down again 4:00 p.m. we cannot dial out or receive calls. (no dial tone to call out phone is busy when you call in) Called Comcast they were able to fix it remotely within a few hours.

8/6/08 Phones will not disconnect when a caller calls in and hangs up CR133441357

8/7/08 phone system down we cannot dial out and calls coming in have a 50/50 chance of getting a message that says "all circuits are busy" or it rings endlessly and we never receive the call. CR 133441357

If someone from Comcast contacts me soon to resolve these issues we may be able to avoid getting lawyers involved.
Account #0951420787303

Nicole said...

There is no doubt that Comcast is incredibly incompetent and the least user friendly of the utilities.

My story:

Bad internet connection since Fall 2007. Called comcast sometime in Spring 2008 to report this. The usual blame the customer first response. It must be your modem. It must be your inside wiring. If it is... we'll charge you for the visit. Are you sure you want us to come out? No. I want my internet connection that I pay a premium for to be the same as the ancient dial-up speed of yore.

So the tech comes out and discovers... Oh No... apparently one of our more incompetent staff spliced the box on the pole for four houses. Well that's not right. It should be for two houses max. I can't fix it. I'll call in for a team with a ladder or cherry-picker to do this.

We wait assuming this will take time. Nothing changes.

Two months later. The exact same scenario happens.

Nope... didn't learn... waited again.

And again in June same thing... except this time the tech calls the dispatch to order the speciality team with the truck/cherry picker in front of us.

Yep... you guessed it... it's now August...


and yet when we call or email they don't even bother to look up our long and sorted history... they ask first if we've checked our modem.

Total incompetence and lack of customer service.

I am disgusted.

I wish there was some Class Action Suit we could take against them.

Anonymous said...

I am Anonymous who posted on July 23, 2008 2:36 PM

To update my saga, I called in on 7/23 and spoke to someone who was able to fix my problem in fairly short order. When she was finished, she asked me if I wanted to participate in a customer service survey. I asked, "You mean a survey on Comcast's service, or your service?" Because if she was talking about Comcast's, I was about to ruin her day. But she said her service, and since she fixed my problem, I said ok. She said, "Hold on and I will transfer you to the survey". Ok.. no problem. And then, in a final bit of poetic justice, the line clicked a few times, went to fast busy, and then disconnected. In that last blaze of FAIL, I was free of my Comcast problems...

Or was I? Today, a bill arrived. For my old account. The disconnected account. So now, after leaving the ranks of people who are battling Comcast over their service, I get to join the ranks of people battling Comcast over their billing.

At this time I'd like to point out how much Comcast SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Whatever systems and processes exist at Comcast are garbage. Freaking monkeys writing on Visio diagrams with crayons would do a better job creating processes than Comcast. If the glorious day that Comcast ceases to exist ever comes, I will be very happy to dance on its grave.

Stacey Kannenberg said...

Thank you for having this site! I have already called Comcast numerous times and they say the problem isn't them but my internet provider and my internet provider is blaming them. So meanwhile we have the she said, he said finger pointing going on. I can receive emails from comcast customers to my business site but I can't answer them -- they bounce! I have had to open a gmail account to answer them and honestly it is a pain because as a small business, this happens 4 times a day and drives me crazy! Any ideas?? Email me at Stacey@cedarvalleypublishing.com. And if you are comcast I can see the email just will have to respond to you from my gmail

Anonymous said...

So After I posted my comments on this blog I got a phone call from Comcast (Joel). Well he spoke so fast that there was no way to decipher the number he left so I didn't call.

A couple days go by (keep in mind that I continue to get kicked off the internet by Comcast on a daily basis) and Joel calls back. This time I'm able to decipher the number - the only problem is that when I call, they pick up only for me to hear noise in the background - obviously a call in center - but no one speaks to me. After repeated tries over several days I've given up.

Is that not classic Comcast or what?

Comcast Account # 8220 11 603 0234463

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot - did everyone see the New York Times article about the FCC and Comcast:


"The Federal Communications Commission formally voted Friday to uphold the complaint against Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company, saying that it had illegally inhibited users of its high-speed Internet service from using popular file-sharing software. The decision, which imposes no fine, requires Comcast to end such blocking this year."

You have to read the article and see Comcast's response - it so typical of their "No customer service" mindset. Instead of realizing that they have this huge marketing and customer service problem they dive right into denial mode and basically say "screw you" to its customers.

Way to go Comcast!

Comcast Account # 8220 11 603 0234463

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Comcast doesn't want to keep paying customers as paying customers!

9 or 10 months ago, I had a series of problems with my cables being cut more than once. It took many tries to get Comcast to fix them, and they still have not buried them. Thankfully the technician was smart enough to use bright orange cable so that the grasscutters would see it, and so far so good... but due to that, they lost me as a cabletv subscriber to DirecTV.

At that time I tried to get away from my very expensive Comcast Commercial internet service plus home phone service, but the DSL speeds here are abysmal so no luck. But my neighborhood is on the list for FIOS in the next few months, so I am strongly considering switching my phone and commercial internet to FIOS.

In an effort to see if Comcast was interested in saving me as a customer, I called to get a sales person to see if there were any new promotions for commercial internet, since my contract period is long over. I have workplace standard, $99/mo + $10 for static IPs, and 6/1 speed. Commercial FIOS for the same price is much faster (20/5), so I was hoping to get the Workplace enhanced for the current price, otherwise it will be FIOS the day the truck pulls out of the neighborhood. Comcast could even get me into a new contract if they offer me the right pricing.

Anyhow, I asked for a call back 6 months ago, and nada... I asked for a call back last week, and nada...

guess Comcast doesnt want to call me back...

Account # 09568 328576-04-7

Anonymous said...


How is this for unbelievable? Almost THREE YEARS after I discontinued service with Comcast I am still having problems with them.
I was a Comcast customer until October of 2005 when I moved to an area in which Comcast did not offer service. I paid the last bill in full (though I should not have, but more on this in a moment.)
In October and November of 2007 a household member mistakenly paid my cable bills to Comcast (not Cablevision) for these two months ($109.22 and $113.29). I only found this out not when Cablevision said the bills weren’t paid. Comcast did not return the checks or call me (my phone number hadn’t changed since I was their customer). They simply deposited my money.
And since January of 2008 they refuse to give it back!
Not only that: In my calls to Comcast I discovered I overpaid the last bill (October 2005) and had a credit balance of $72.41! I never received a credit statement or refund check or phone call. Comcast just kept the money without a word! What a sleazeball company!
Comcast has $294.93 of my money and won’t give it back!
I have called Comcast dozens and dozens of times since January 2008, and it’s always the same: The reps acknowledge I am owed a $294.93 refund but say there is nothing they can personally do. They say they will pass the information to accounting who will call me. No one has EVER called me, nor I have I gotten my money.
Forget the poor service gripes; is this not outright theft of a customer’s money?
Does anyone have any ideas? Should I sue in small claims court? Thanks.
Account 06101 400419-03-3

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