Sunday, March 2, 2008

Customer Disservice

Leave a comment with your own personal Comcast nightmare. Don't forget to include your account number (but no other personal information.) Comcast has been extremely good at following up on these complaints.


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Anonymous said...

I would just like to know why it is that only Cable companies have the horrible policy of giving you a three hour window for appointments? As a person who works the normal Monday - Friday work week this is incredibly inconvenient. Even if I get the earliest time slot (8-11), 90% of the time they show up at 11 a.m. and I've just had to take a half day of vacation from work!

Anonymous said...


I no longer have a Comcast account number because I've left and never looked back. I did, however, want to tell my story. I find it really sad that this company operates like this and it requires a blog that they don't even operate to potentially get things done. I have never received such shoddy and incompete customer service in my entire life. My husband and I moved to Maryland about 5 years ago and arranged to have Comcast come to the house to set up the cable and internet service. The previous owners already had Comcast and we didn't want any additional service, just switching it into our name and delivery of our digital box so we could order the occasional pay per view. SIX WEEKS later, 8 appointments (with 8 hour windows - thank goodness I had not started my job yet), we finally got our cable hooked up. Comcast would schedule an appt, I would wait patiently and no one would show up. One Sunday, I was given a 12-8 window. Comcast strung me along until midnight telling me the Tech was in the neighborhood, but got behind. Finally after calling every 15 minutes, an honest customer service tech told me that no one was out any more and I had been lied to repeatedly throughout the evening. No one would ever come to my house that late at night. At that point, I was so desperate to just get service, I would have let them come at 3 am. Depending on the customer service person that answered the phone was the dictator of what type of customer service I got. I requested repeatedly that supervisors call me and that was a real shot in the dark. I went as far up the line as I could because I was so angry I could barely see straight. Unfortunately, my house had so many trees around it, a dish was not an option. I had three pages of log notes for every time I called. Throughout the ordeal, Comcast gave me about $250 in service credits, but still could not get the tech to my house. The next to the last appointment they set for me the tech didn't show. When I called to complain, the customer service rep told me that the technician was at my house and no one came to the door. I knew that was a lie because not only did I sit for the 8 hours on my couch reading a novel, I have two seriously large dogs that tell me if someone is walking within 10 feet of my property line. The customer service rep said the technician described my white door (which was not uncommon in my neighborhood) and I didn't answer the door. After six weeks of trying to give these people my money for a service, they had the temerity to accuse me of yanking THEM around. The insinuation was that somehow I enjoyed wasting approximately 60 hours over six weeks just so I could screw them out of service credits for a service I wasn't getting, I guess. I was astounded. The next appt that was set, the tech finally showed, albeit 2 hours late. I found out he was actually a contractor and a very honest customer service rep told me that they have problems all the time controlling their contractors. The tech couldn't figure out why my brand new digital box wasn't working, he had some serious hygiene issues and could barely speak English. I was horrified and as a woman home alone with this person, I was nervous. Over the next week, we had 3 addtl techs (1 contractor and 2 actual Comcast employees) come to my house to try and fix the digital box. I finally screamed and yelled so loud, they just replaced it. From that point on, my service was fine. If I am ever in a Comcast area again, I will go without cable then to ever do business with them again. My suggestion to anyone looking at Comcast is to run in the other direction. Get bunny ears or a dish. It will save you a lot of pain.

Suzanne said...

WOW...I never realized there were so many nice people here in Comcasthell with me! Here's the short version of my Comcast nightmare...have had wireless internet (along with cable and phone service) for over 2 years, the wireless has never worked properly even though they have tried, including digging up my front yard and killing my grass which they never repaired even though they promised to do so!! I finally relented and purchased my own router (after several Comcast techs told me the one they provided me was crap!)Now I have a dead one year old HD TV because a disgruntled Comcast tech was not happy he had to change out my box to downgrade me to regular HD from the DVR which never worked and that I was tired of paying for. His bad mood has now cost me a TV because in his frustration of fighting with the cords from my TV, DVD, Playstation, and the DVR he managed to unplug my TV and plug it back into the wall instead of the surge protector where it was plugged in. I live in Florida, land of horrible lightening and power surges, everything plugged into the surge proitector is fine, but my TV is DEAD! I filed a claim over two weeks ago and they have not even had the courtesy of calling me back. To add insult to injury I requested that they turn off my HD service because I only had one HD TV ( the dead one!)and they turned off all my video services so I had to go without cable for several days! I called two days ago and spoke with another Supervisor who was appalled that no one had gotten back in touch with me and promised to call me on Tuesday, it is now Wednesday night and even after leaving another message with her I still have not had the courtesy of a phone call in return. Their service is horrible, but they are the only game in town so unfortunately they do not care. Thanks for this site, I will probably still get no relief from Comcast, but it feels better to air my concerns in this forum. Disgruntled Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

February 27, 2008 8:42 PM

Above I have copied my previous post to update...... WOW this site really does work! The morning after I left the above referenced post I received a call from the Comcast Executive office. The woman was very courteous and seemed genuinely concerned about my service history and dead TV. The subcontractor who is the Supervisor of the dodo who killed my TV had an appointment to come to my house Friday to look at my TV and assess the damage. Well, as has been my experience with Comcast, with their overall lack of respect for their customer's time the guy never showed up! Now I am a reasonable person, things come up sometimes, but I think common courtesy would dictate a phone call to re-schedule and explain the no show, but alas, my TV is still dead and I am still awaiting appropriate resolution. I will call them again in the morning because I really do believe their intention is to resolve this finally...... we will see .... I will update this post as soon as I hear back from them. For now I am still Disgruntled Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Illinois, and recently, Comcast (or should I say, "Crapcast") had taken over all of the formmer Insight Communications cable headends in Illinois and Indiana.

As far as my area, the cable headend had so many name changes over the years. General Electric were the first ones ever to launch cable TV service in my area. Then, around the mid 1980s or so, that's when UA Cable took over. I don't know what had ever happened to those first two cable companys, but GE on the other hand, happens to own NBC, Bravo, USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, and more recently Oxygen. GE is still in busness today, its just not their cable company. As for UA Cable, I don't know what had ever happened to them too -- I'm guessing they are defunct too.

Then in the early 1990s or so, TeleCommunications, Inc. (or more commonly known as TCI) took over. Back in the 1980s and 1990s (even back when cable TV programming was ready for primetime at the time), TCI was then the nation's cable giant at time. I don't even think TCI was a monopoly like how Comcast is these days. The workers from the TCI-era in my area were even alot more friendlier too.

Then in 1999 as some of you may recall, the old AT&T (predating the SBC and BellSouth mergers from 2004) then aquired TCI, and became known as AT&T Cable. Also, their internet service at the time was called AT&T Brodband (hence the early days of cable modems).

Most of the formmer TCIs were bought out by AT&T at the time, but in our area (including most of Illinois and Indiana), AT&T Cable was short-lived. In 2001 (two years after the AT&T buyout), Insight Communications then took over.

Like in the TCI days, Insight Communications was also alot more friendlier too. They're only the 10th largest cable company in the entire nation that now serves only in Ohio and Kentucky, and they are also based in New York City (that's right, New York City -- the busness capitol of the world)!

The only downside durring the Insight days were, that they didn't add those two channels that I wanted so bad! The channels are Boomerang (Cartoon Network's classic cartoon channel) and WeatherScan (The Weather Channel's 24 hour local forecast station).

I really miss Insight, and I even bet the bills were alot cheeper back then too (probly the same price since the TCI days).

My family had been a cable subscriber for more than 22 years (I think), and we had digital cable since 2004.

I first found out on April 2, 2007, that both Insight and Comcast had agreed on dividing what was known as the Insight Midwestern partnership with Comcast. I even wrote an e-mail to them and I was able to recive this e-mail back from the General Manager that reads:

"Comcast has taken over the operations of the Insight system effective January 1, 2008, Insight and Comcast had originally been partners in this system since January of 2001.

I want to assure you that we the employees of Insight will continue to be the face of Comcast in this area and are committed to providing the same high level of service that Insight provided you with in the past."

-John Niebur
Peoria, District Director

Insight and Comcast as partners?! What the hell?! Anyways, were planing on switching to AT&T U-Verse once when it comes out in my area. My parents even had worked for AT&T (one of Comcast's compeditors) since the Ameritech days, and even before that, the pre-1984 AT&T days.

What else can I say, its CRAPtastic!

Anonymous said...

This is the most crazy thing that has ever happened to us with a major corporation. When I woke up on 12/18, all of the enails that we had received and opened in our inbox had been deleted (about 300 emails). I called Comcast and they said they would look into the problem. A week goes by and still no call. I call again and the same response. A week goes by and surprise, no call. I call again and they told me they would give it a higher priority and get back to us. A week goes by. I stop in the local Comcast office and they inform tthat they see the ticket and are working on it. A week goes by. I call again and ask to speak to a supervisor. That person is busy and will call back within the hour. No call back. A week goes by and what do I do, but call again. They inform me that I am not the only person affected by this problem (Which makes me feel great) and that the the problem is with the technical group. I ask to speak to someone in that area and I was informed that they do not take calls from customers. Wonder why? I have given up with thier email. I set up an account with google and have all important emails sent there. Beware. Any day, your emails can be erased. My account is 860-236-0786.

Anonymous said...

Download Speed: 248 kbps (31 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1086 kbps (135.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

aareyan said...

Thank you, Mr. Garfield, for making it possible for many of us to get our voices heard. Your drive and your pursuit for rightful justice are empowering. I found this website after reading an article titled “Consumer Vigilantes” in March 3rd edition of Business Week.

Here’s my story (acct# 09568 326358-01-7):

Recently I started noticing that my Comcast bills were getting higher – 3 cents here, 5 cents there, you get the idea. Well it wasn’t until February of this year (2008) that I sat down and started analyzing where all of the charges were originating. To my surprise I discovered that I was being charged a cable modem rental fee (let’s call it CMR) despite the fact that I purchased my own Linksys cable modem back in December of 2001. I wanted to know how long I was being charged the CMR fee and why was I being charged that fee in the first place. Here’s a brief description of my calls to Comcast:

1. 02/04/2008 – Called local office and was basically told (in a totalitarian tone of voice) that I should’ve checked my bills more frequently and that they (Comcast) are not responsible for anything more than six months of CMR fees based on a recent FCC regulation. She wasn’t able to give me the specifics of that “regulation”. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that the supervisor won’t say anything different of what she already told me. Excuse me?!? Since when a rep is assuming the role of a manager?? (too bad I didn’t write down her name). I politely insisted on speaking with this rep’s supervisor but was rudely told that she’s not available but will return my call as soon as possible. She also told that she had difficulty “pulling” my account’s info concerning CMR fees (which 10 minutes later turned out to be an utter lie).

2. 02/04/2008 – Unsatisfied with a previous call I called the same # again (about 15 minutes later) and guess what - there were 2 supervisors on call. A client rep. named Jennifer told me that Comcast owed me $180.00 for charging me CMR fees since December of 2002 in the amount of $3.00 per month. Now I was getting somewhere. The rep was courteous and very understanding. She couldn’t explain as to why Comcast all of the sudden started charging me CMR fees. She also double-checked to verify that they had the same Linksys cable modem registered – and it was. She promised to either reduce my monthly bills for this year to reflect the $180.00 of unlawful CMR charges or simply write me a check for same amount. I was promised a call back no later than 02/06/2008.
Well that didn’t happen.

3. 02/08/2008 – Called my local office to check on the status of my request for CMR fee reversal and was told that except for the reduction in my high speed internet bill (8.00 promotional fee reduction) and six month of CMR fee reversal there was nothing else. Desmin (4J1) told me that my request was processed and there’s nothing else they can do for me. There was no info of 180.00 or the name of Jennifer mentioned under my account. Again I was told that the supervisor is not available and that I may leave my message at “her” mailbox. I was then switched over to a generic mailbox with no name. How’s that for customer support? ARGHHH!

4. 02/08/08 – Unsatisfied yet again, I called the same # and asked (always politely) the billing dept rep to please connect me with a supervisor. And again, remarkably, there was a supervisor on call!!! Vanessa (20899), unlike Desmin actually extended the courtesy and listened to me without the “sir” interruptions. She basically reiterated what Jennifer told me 4 days earlier and again acknowledged the fact that Comcast owed me $180.00 but this time she actually made an official request to review my account via Comcast’ corporate channels (whatever it is). She also provided me with the tracking #. She asked me to give them about 10 days. She promised that I would be contacted within that time frame. We’ll see.

So far, in dealing with Comcast customer support, I’ve encountered:
1. Rudeness
2. Unprofessional conduct
3. False statements (or simply put – lies)
4. Incompetence
5. False promises

Shame on you Comcast, your customer support is bar none the worst I’ve encountered. I can’t wait till FAOS reaches this side of Princeton – I’ll drop your service in a heart beat. I’ve also called your customer support numerous times on my relatives’ behalf. Why? Because the moment your reps sense a technically challenged client – it’s “I am sorry Sir / Madam but there’s nothing wrong with your service on our end; you need to … take your PC / Laptop for service … or … your PC / Laptop is infected with a virus and we don’t deal with viruses”. Sounds familiar? You bet. Unfortunately, the problem does not start or end with the reps or techs – it’s the company itself that puts profit or stock price / performance above service.


March 3rd – Called my local office to check on the status of this billing dispute (no one called back since 02/08/08). The rep tells me she can’t check on the status of my dispute from her station. She puts me on hold; 3 minutes later I get transferred to a mailbox with no name. Where does this limitless stupidity and brainless arrogance end?


March of 2001 to December 2002 - my new Linksys cable modem is registered with Comcast and CMR fees are taken off of my account. December 2002 the cable modem fees reaper on my account and continue for the next 5 years at $3.00 per month even though my account clearly indicates the make and model of my modem (modems that Comcast doesn't and never used). Total unlawful charge / damage $180.00.

bvila said...

Hi, my Comcast account number is 8497303240358102. My trouble ticket number (from October/November timeframe) is CR108478976.

I called Comcast months ago (also emailed them, live chatted three times) and still have not gotten my problem solved. The problem is this: every time I log into to look at what services they offer (Digital Cable, High Speed Internet, Digital Voice, etc.) keeps rerouting me to a summary of my account. You would think they would be all over this problem since I'M ATTEMPTING TO GIVE THEM MORE MONEY!!!

A year ago, I could log into and find out what services they offered and compare them to other options, or to just see if I was willing to pay more for digital cable. With analog TV going away next year, this is especially important since I'm trying to decide if I SHOULD SWITCH TO DISH OR DIRECTV!!!

The livechat idiots hung up on the connection twice and kept telling me about Comcast's Triple Play. I kept insisting that I did not want it and that they were not solving my problem by telling me about Triple Play. I called their main support number for TV and they just wanted to sell me the Triple Play as well. Finally I called tech support for High Speed Internet. The guy was nice enough to issue a trouble ticket but gave me some excuse about there being some new password security problem on . I called a month later to find the status, because nothing had changed on The tech support guy said the ticket was closed and said it was resolved. Interesting since IT'S NOW MARCH AND IT'S NOT RESOLVED!!! He did give me some measly credit to my account, but still did not solve the problem.

So Comcast, I'm really interested in seeing what you have to offer. I don't want to hear about it on the phone. I want to research your pricing options, research your DVRs and CableCards so I can determine what I need to buy in anticipation of the switch to Digital Cable. This is your opportunity to perhaps make more money off my gullible butt. But I won't give it to you over the phone. I just want to use your website the way it's supposed to work, and I don't want some flunky calling me on the phone telling me about your Triple Play. I don't want it.

Fix your website or I'll be forced to switch to Dish or DirecTV, because I can see exactly what they offer on their websites.

BTW, you mistakenly disconnected my service on the 19th of January, right during the NFL Playoffs. You were supposed to disconnect my neighbor's service and then your technician didn't come out to my house until the following Monday, meaning I was without TV, telephone (Vonage) and internet for 3 days. He was going to charge me for your mistake but decided not to since it was MLK day!!!

So in addition to fixing for my account so I can see what you offer, It would really be great to get a refund for those three days I was without service due to your negligence.

PJ said...

It would seem that with all the bad publicity about Comcast they would try to improve their image not verify the negative comments. While trying to give them a chance by ordering service on their website, I was connected to an "analyst". This was suspicious, but I played along. The analyst turned out to be a salesman who regretfully told me that the bundle was not available, but the same services were available at a higher price. I guess there are people stupid enough to fall for that.

irishmikeone said...

We have been with Comcast for years, and only because they were the only ones available, but FIOS is coming and as soon as it does, buenos noches comcast!
We pay $150 per month for at best a beta site situation. One day the intenet is down, and may be down for days or weeks, then the Cable TV is down for days, or weeks. You call for help and most of the time you get an idiot that must be at a call center for pizza. The only one with a brain is Ms. Pat in Sarasota, but she's so good that you can hardly ever get her. On my lastest call last week, the idiot on the other end of the phone actually said to me, I really don't know what the problem is or how to fix it. I told her to have a good sleep. At least if she's asleep she can't do any harm. The last service call we had the moron that arrived was a transfer from NY, hopefully he has returned to NY. After a thorough analyis, he said, that we needed the whole house rewired. I said the house was only three years old, and you're telling me all the wiring is bad? He said, yes. I asked him how come our other TV's were working fine. He said, the entire house needs to be rewired, and he would have someone sent out tomorrow. When the next guy arrived, he was a contractor, and told me the Comcast employees don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. He said I'm here to rewire the entire home, but let me look at a few things first. He found the cable was not plugged in. And everything was fine. Could you imagine if we had the entire home rewired, and then they found the cable lose? He told me Comcast is going to start charging for service calls unless you pay $3.00 per month. I said because of Comcast cost of poor quality, lack of training, lack of knowledge, lack of capable management, the customer will have to pay for Comcast's ignorance. Meanwhile we continue to pay $150 per month for service that should cost $15 per month. We have stayed with Comcast much to long, but now we are exploring alternatives, and we will find them, and when we do, it's good bye Comcast.

Anonymous said...

This may be shocking news to some, but internet service and cable TV are not necessities. People existed for thousands of years without Comcast. Tell them to take a hike...

danielferebee said...

I'm from Maryland and I've been dealing with my Comcast problem for over six months now. Since September, a Comcast wire has been hanging precariously low to my rooftop deck. So low that if someone was not paying attention, and they were over 5’ 7”, they would walk right into it. I do not have an account with Comcast, but they are the only ones who can fix this issue. I have substantiated this with Baltimore Gas and Electric. I have contacted Comcast approximately once a week for the past six months, and here are my results:

1) In December 2007 a technician showed up (yeah!) and looked at the wire and stated they didn't have the right equipment (boo!). They rescheduled me for the following month.

2) I have been stood up over five times by the cable technicians. Every time I call back to reschedule, they delay the next appointment for another month. After the most recent time, I called the customer service rep the next day, and she tried to convince me that they did show up, (wow, I was there, but thanks for trying to change my mind) but didn't have enough time to do the work (huh?).

3) For the past two months, I thought it would be smart to just speak to a supervisor. When I call Comcast, I am transferred to someone stating they are a supervisor. I ask for their name and extension. When I call back to follow-up, the customer service reps state that there is no one there by that supervisor's name and that extension doesn't exist. This has happened twice. Extremely frustrating.

4) The most recent supervisor (if it really was a supervisor) on February 29, 2008, stated that they would contact the construction division themselves and setup a more recent appointment. They would call me back the following Monday (today). I almost believed him, but I’ve given up hope.

All I want is Comcast to come and move this cable so that my guests won't be accidentally electrocuted by a wire that should have been moved by Comcast months ago. It has gotten to the point where I have run out of options. Maybe I should contact the local news station (maybe those Channel 7-By Your Side consumer advocate features) or some other media outlet, but I am hoping this works. My friends think I should film myself cutting the wire and put it on youtube. Even though it would provide relief and much needed humor in this situation, I like my freedom. Please help me! The address is 243 S. Chapel - Baltimore, MD and my phone (443) 254-0966.

Anonymous said...

If I have to deal with Comcast reps one more time, I'm going to slit my wrists!

After rearranging my living room and moving my cable box I lost my service. A Comcast tech support rep informed me that, by turning off my cable box and moving it, I had burned out the cable box. I was advised to return the box to my nearest Comcast store where it would be replaced. The following day I drove to my nearest Comcast store - where I stood in line with countless others while ONE of the three reps there waited on customers. When I finally got to speak with the ONE working rep I was told that she couldn't help me because they didn't have a replacement box. When I returned home, I went to the Comcast web site to look for the phone number of the next nearest store to see if they had the replacement box I needed. As I should have guessed -there is only one commom number listed on the site. So I ended up with Comcast customer service (HA!). The rep I spoke to informed me that the local stores cannot be contacted directly and there was no way for me to know whether a store had the replacement I needed without driving over there and taking my chances. Who has time for THAT!?! Of course she did offer to mail me a replacement FOR A FEE! So...if you need a replacement box, be will need to take a half a day off of work to track down your replacement or pay Comcast a fee to mail to you what should be available in the local store.

This newest issue, however, is secondary to the real corker! I also have Comcast phone service - a costly mistake. Comcast regularly performs "scheduled maintenance" on the phone lines in my area. When this maintenance is performed I lose home phone service which, in turn, sets off my home alarm. Generally this happens in the wee hours of the night so that I am terrorized out of bed by the alarm. On occassion, however, maintenance is performed during the day while I am at work. When this happens, the alarm company alerts the police who come to check out the house. Since there is no emergency, the police department sends me a $75 bill for each false alarm. I have paid $300 in false alarm fines over the past year. I have called Comcast countless times to 1) determine if they will reimburse the $300 I have paid in fines, and 2) ask them to let me know in advance when the "schedule maintenance" will take place. It should come as no surprise that I can't get an answer to either question.

I am F*E*D up! If I performed my work with the same level of disinterest, I would be fired within a week. Each call to Comcast leaves me wondering how, in the name of all that is good, do these people keep their jobs??

Comcast - if you really do monitor these sites for complaints - you have 48 hours from now to 1) credit my account $300, 2) provide me with the dates for scheduled maintenance on the phone lines in my area, and 3) Feded my replacement cable box to me for FREE! I won't hold my breath!

My account number is 8777702061276924.

lbierre said...

i noticed that my comcast account wasn't downloading in the newsgroups anymore. inquired of customer support on three separate calls, why it was giving me an error about the login. the first two support people after exhausting their knowledge, put me back into the call queue without warning. the third tech informed me that comcat does not have its own news servers, as did time-warner, They farm that out to Giganews. Giganews has a 2.5 gig limit on comcast accounts, starting over on the 25th of each month. So if i want to download all month long, i have to subscribe to Giganews, in addition to Comcast.

mendedheart said...

Hi - This is Comcast account 09518 160925 02 7. An overview of my opinion: Comcast as a business operation gets a very low grade for organization and communication. As a result, unpleasant things will happen to any consumer willing to enter into a contract with Comcast. I am waiting for the inevitable huge lawsuit by the feds and/or consumer class action suits. At the very least, Comcast has a serious problem with all written and spoken descriptions of products, services and prices. Just for fun - take a look at the page called "See Prices & Choose packages". Prices differ for 3 bundles, but bundle descriptions are identical! Then try to get a Comcast rep to explain how they differ! I have a cum laude law degree and I can learn almost nothing from Comcast web pages or customer service reps. Even my bill on the web is an opaque summary with multiple charges for diffrent services and months lumped together. As for service problems: On Friday 2/29/08, my 7 week old Comcast digital converter box died. A phone rep told me I could take it to a nearby Comcast office Saturday and swap it for a new one. Did that. Very friendly woman came from behind bullet proof plexiglass to give me a new box; signed form documenting the swap w/ serial numbers etc. Got box home, hooked it up. Didn't work. No regular cable channels (just a sign that the channel would appear shortly - it didn't), and, weirdly, could get free On-Demand, but not On-Demand premium channels in my Comcast contract. Called phone rep. Was told - All Comcast computer systems were down, call back in an hour. When I called back, was told that the serial number of my new Comcast digital converter box is not in their system - so now a rep must come to my house. I'm not happy, since I lost several hundred dollars of pay in fall 07, and then again in January 08, staying home waiting for Comcast installers, who either didn't show, or showed up, but didn't know how to open the outdoor cable box in my condo community, then left and never came back. Miraculously, after multiple reschedulings, in early January, a very nice cable installer did show up and did know how to complete the installation (the condo was already wired for cable - so there wasn't much to do, though opening the outside box was apparently a big challenge). Unfortunately, he did not have any "Welcome Package" for me. As a result, I struggled to decode the complex Comcast digital remote without any instructions. About billing - my first "triple play" bill was quite a surpise. $99/a month was actally $291.24 for the first month. A nice phone rep took off about $30 for an unexpected digital telephone activation fee, but I am stuck with paying a $100 deposit, I wasn't expecting, plus various incidental fees and charges. On the bright side - the $2.95/mth Service Protection charge I didn't expect will provide free visits from cable guys (at their convenience)and thereby keep my cost for service visits to my lost pay per hour. My conclusion: A powerful governmental entity (maybe the justice department)really needs to shake this monopoly at the highest levels. With improved employee training, more coherant customer manuals, better organization, I bet Comcast shareholders could earn even more $. Higher profits would flow, if Comcast employees wasted less time dealing ineffectually with numerous phone calls from astonished, infuriated, or desparate customers - like me.

stacy said...

Does anyone have a name of a supervisor and an extension for Comcast Collections for Baltimore County. I've left messages the last two days with no call backs.

I'm getting bounced between comcast and credit protection associates. Last I spoke to Comcast my balance was zero. I paid for equipment that wasn't returned by my ex. FINE! $311.00 for a box. Anyway, they never updated credit protection associates and now I need some written documentation that I have a zero balance for them to remove it from my credit report. Any suggestions or info?

It blows me away that they have no one you can talk to in collections. I mean what if I was actually calling to give them money. Crazy.

QuizMasterChris said...

Account # 0956523987003

In speaking with and emailing Customer Service VP Bruce Crooks, Comcast has agreed to reimburse me a total of $712 for my lost work time (internet disconnected for no reason, lied to serially about someone showing up to reconnect me), additional cell phone bill and a conservative $2 in lost checking account interest for the $200+ they held of mine for 2 months while insisting that "they don't do refunds."

People - use this site! Post the acct. #, someone will contact you. If you're out income or rack up expenses because of lies and negligence, insist that you get compensated for that.

I think Comcast fears this site and fears regulation especially, witness the FCC hearing packing. The corp. still desperately needs regulation and competition, and I will continue to fight for both.

The claim is that I should get a check after signing some agreement paperwork (? - hopefully not the equivalent of gag order) in about 2 weeks. I'll update all about this when there's an update to give.

This took two months, but I'm finally going to break even. Thanks, Bob!

Anonymous said...

I was told the other night by a CSR that although she had been working the CSR Line for years, she had never heard of any customers having unresolved issues with their DVR and could offer nothing more that to "send a signal to by box" As a CSR myself for another company, I feel like I've just been to Monty Python's Argument Room. That Parrot's not Dead, he's just a little tired, wot

Shannon Kish said...

Let's be real.

Yes, I complained on this site. Yes, someone from the local "corporate" office (aka a customer service rep) contacted me and gave me some credits to my account to "satisfy" my issues with Comcast thus far.

But, have my problems been solved? Am I receiving quality service? Am I getting what I am paying for?

The answer to those questions is STILL a resounding NO! I still have to call Comcast on a monthly basis to get them to fix my bill. I still have to deal with a lack of channels that I am supposed to be receiving, but that according to them are not in my market yet (how fucking convenient). I still have to deal with an escalating price monthly because someone can't program their damn computers to do math correctly.

Sure, they fix the problem in the moment and hope that I forget about the past 6 months of Comcast HELL I have been living in. I have the direct number to one of the higher ups in our local office. But, I still have to call them monthly to fix something else.

The reality of my situation is that I have no other option at this point. I could go to At&T for internet service and phone service. But, I have no other options for cable televisions. I live in a townhouse community and our association does not allow satellites.

So, I stuck in Comcast Hell!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site after I heard Clark Howard mention it. Coincidentally, I am in the middle of a Comcast nightmare of my own. I do not have an account number because I am having problems just trying to get commercial service established. I do have a reference number if anyone cares. It is 1224213. I called about 2 weeks ago because I want new service for a commercial shopping center that I manage. I want to connect the recorder for my surveillance cameras so I can monitor them remotely. When I called (2 weeks ago) to get my service set up I wound up talking to a woman whose attitude quickly deteriorated. She was supposed to call me back to tell me how we could go about determining if we could even get service there and she never called back. So I called them back today and they gave me the voice mail of a woman who may or may not be the dingbat I talked to previously. If it is her then I am sure she will never call me back. If it is not her then MAYBE she MIGHT call me back when she gets around to it. It would be a shame if this forces me to go with Charter because that is who I have at home and their customer service now stinks as well, but if you call to order new service they WILL accomodate you. Clark Howard says that Comcast monitors this board to help take care of angry customers, so I guess we will see.

Shiva said...

Account Number: 09529 378788-01-6

Back in December, I bought my own cable modem after having rented Comcast's for over 2 years. I live in Washington DC, but the Rockville, MD office was actually closer to where I live, so I called customer service and asked if I could turn it in there. They said yes. I took it in to the Rockville office, and told them that I lived in DC, but wanted to return my cable modem in Rockville. They said no problem, and took my modem.

3 months later, I'm still getting charged $3 a month for the modem I returned. I called in to complain, and they said that I couldn't, in fact, return it anywhere but in Washington, DC! Now they want me to go back to the Rockville center, get my modem back, then take it to the DC center and return it there. After 3 months, I'll need to dig up the receipt, assuming I even have it, and if I don't, I'm out $150 for a $20 modem.

1. Why did they tell me I could return it in Rockville?
2. Why did they accept my modem in Rockville when I told them I had my service in DC?
3. How can Comcast's systems not know that I returned my modem, wherever it was?
4. Why would I be charged $150 for a $20 piece of equipment?

I'm so angry right now. Rest assured, if this doesn't work out like it should, I will cancel my service and never subscribe to Comcast again.

Anonymous said...

My problem has been ongoing since November. I called Comcast to tell them that my OnDemand service was not functioning properly sometime in November. As usual, when there is a problem with Comcast and one manages to get the half hour set aside to call, it usually takes about 20 - 30 minutes of holding before speaking to the representative, and then they put you on hold or transfer you (and transfers usually result in "accidental" disconnections). Well, I set aside an hour and finally called, waited 30 minutes and then was accidentally hung up on... again, without provocation (of course not, because if you provoke them, they instantly hang up, so you must be nice no matter how badly you are treated). Now I have learned to call Comcast from my office because I have a handset telephone and can work while on hold. The sad thing is, the problem with Comcast is simply the people who work front line customer service.... Most people are happy with Comcast UNTIL they finally have to have contact with a member of Comcast's front line customer service people.
Specifically, my problem with the OnDemand service was that two Showtime series were missing episodes. The Comcast website noted that the missing episodes should have been available, as did the Showtime website. In total, I called four times over a six week period and was "accidentally" disconnected twice after holding for a half hour. The I had one customer service rep ask me why I hadn't just recorded the shows on my DVR. Ridiculous question, my DVR is almost always full and has no recording space because the size cannot be upgraded and I must use a Comcast DVR. Besides that, why would I record a show that SHOULD be on my OnDemand service, assuming it worked properly. Finally, one episode magically appeared, and now just one more was needed to complete the series. I emailed using six times. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. Now this is what upsets me the most. I leave a message for the supervisor, Mahjid (sp?), the "Technical Support Supervisor" and he calls back three days later, I explain the history to Mahjid, and he sounds as if he is going to diligently work on the problem. I also tell Mahjid that the show is scheduled have its last OnDemand showing on February 12th. By the time I actually spoke with Mahjid it was early January. Each time he says he will call me back "the next day" he would instead call three days later... but hey, at least he would call and give me updates. So February 12th is coming, and I remind him that the problem is still not fixed. He tells me that he is also unable to view the episodes on his TV (at work or home, I don't know) and that although it should be available, he can't figure out why it is not. this is the Friday before the 12th. So he tells me that he will call me on Monday, Feb. 11th after he digs int othe problem deeper. Today is March 4th, and Mahjid, the Technical Support Supervisor has yet to call me back. In addition, I caled him on that Monday and left a voice message on his extension. Then I called the week after because I was having additional problems and also wanted to find out why he didn't call before. Last week I left another message for Mahjid asking if he could refer me to another supervisor. It is evident that he does not intend to call me back at all. This so called supervisor, Mahjid, should be severely reprimanded. I cannot believe that I pay a company to have its employees treat me like crap.I was complaining to a friend and fortunately I was referred to this website to post my rant.
I also plan on sending a complaint to the local public utility commission, the better business bureau, and if the FCC heard such complaints, I would also contact them, although their website states they do not handle these types of complaints and the public utility commission in your state should be the first point of contact after you have exhausted all measures within the cable company. I'd say this fits within those guidelines. #8777701410088964

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever thought of filing a class action for the improper billing for services/product that we don't receive, and those same fees are not reimbursed because you can never speak to a representative wit authority to credit your account?

Anonymous said...


It's primary election night in Texas. Unfortunately, my cable has been acting up lately. Random channels no longer work through my digital cable. I called Saturday and made a technician appointment for tonight in the 5pm-8pm slot. At 7:15pm here in Houston, the primary caucus took place in polling places. I was not able to attend this exercise in democracy because I was waiting for the repair man. I even came home from work early to do so.

It was 7:30 and I hadn't heard a thing from Comcast and decided to call and see if my appointment was still on. "Cancelled. He said there was no one home."

Wrong. I was home. I was home, and I could have been out working, or voting, or doing something productive.

So, I sacrificed my ability to take part in my constitutionally mandated right to have my voice heard, and was rewarded with the lies of a lazy cable technician.

Thomas Jefferson would be a Dish network subscriber.


Anonymous said...

I posted my comment today and received a call from someone at Comcast just two hours later. Because it was late in the work day (almost 6:00PM) The customer service resp stated that he was just calling to let me know that he would begin looking into my issue and I can call him at my convenience tomorrow. So yes, Comcast really does read this... Thank you Bob Garfield. I can't say that I'm a happy camper as yet, because i still need to call tomorrow, but this is progress, even if I had to post on a blog to get it. And here is the coincidental part... suddenly, supposedly out of the blue, the supervisor who has neglected to return my phone calls for the past three and a half weeks finally calls me at 7:23PM (yes., PM) claiming that he would now like to sort out my issue, unfortunately I was unable to answer the phone and he left this on my voice mail. I called him back ten minutes later and he did not answer (though he said he would be in the office for the next half hour) and I left a message saying that I did not want to deal with him regarding this issue any longer because the only reason he has called me tonight is because he was most likely told to call me, or he was trying to mop up his mess. Despite my leaving a voice message cordially telling him not to call me again, he called right back and acted surprised that the issue had been escalated (as if he wasn't told about this) I then asked him not to contact me, just as I stated in my voice message because I have no respect for they way he does his job (only when made to). If you can believe this, he stated that he's been out of the office since I last spoke to him on Feb. 8th. Interesting statement, so I ask him if he's been out for the entire month and he admitted that he had not been out for the entire time, but that when he listened to my voice messages he was at his home checking his voice mail. So? Call me the next day... there is no excuse, and I told him that if I did the same thing at my job, not returning phone calls for 3 1/2 weeks then I would be fired on the spot. But sadly enough, he is not a rarity among Comcast supervisors, he is the norm. I will post the results of my call tomorrow as well.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about this website in the BusinessWeek article. I have two horror stories and possibly another building.

When I moved into my apartment (Maryland suburb of DC) last fall the only television option was Comcrap, as I now call it. The technician Comcrap sent to turn on the service somehow managed to turn on the television but not the internet and phone service which is included in the package I ordered. I called and set up an appointment to have a technician fix the problem, of course 8 to noon on Friday. I skipped a day of work, which I did not get paid for to wait around for the technician to show up. At 1 in the afternoon I called and was told that the technician was backed up and would be there by the end of the day. I didn't want to piss them off since I wanted my service fixed. At 6 in the evening, after calling once every hour I was told that the technician called the number on the account and no one answered so he assumed no one was home. Now, if you are coming to fix phone service that is not working, why would you attempt to call the phone that is not working to see if someone was home? Comcrap said that they scheduled me in for the next day (Saturday) and no one showed up. At the end of the day Saturday I was told that I had been lied to and no one was scheduled to come on Saturday. They said that someone was coming on Sunday, no one showed up and I has supposedly been lied to again. The next weekedn someone finally showed up. All I got out of Comcrap and their rude customer service reps was two free weeks of service which didn't make up for my missed day of work. This was after I threatened to contact the local media about their issues.

Two months later... My service is shut off. I call them and they say that I had not paid my bill. I had signed up for automatic credit card payments and for some reason Comcrap had not charged my card so they shut off my service, without even contacting me. I spent hours on the phone to get the service turned back on.

Now my HD channels are distorted sometimes and Comcrap always says it's a problem in the neighborhood and they are working on it or they make up excuses and blame Verizon. Don't Ask.

But guess what... Verizon FiOS is coming soon to my neighborhood and if Comcast doesn't change their practices to fight the competition, I'm leaving Comcrap and going to Verizon.

Account #05014622719093

EC said...

I pay $180 a month for a phone that works occasionally, a cable box (brand new mind you) that turns off randomly (which it did this morning) and internet service which while fast was out again last night due to "weather problems". And here is the kicker, my new bill is for $205. These guys wrote the book on how to piss your customers off. Between long phone calls, spotty service and expensive fees, how much longer do you think I am going to use these YoYo's.... two weeks at best.
-Acct # 8773 10 312 0257134

Anonymous said...

Comcast cable TV inexplicably blinked out in Champaign-Urbana last night (Tues. March 4), during American Idol.

Both local and national 1-800 numbers were busy, and automatically disconnected me.

I can't watch Big Ten hoops on the Big Ten Network, as Comcast would prefer to spend money on a contrived public relations campaign against the Big Ten conference than to pay the $14 per subscriber per year fee asked by the Big Ten.

Comcast sucks, and the C-U Cable Commission needs to find a new provider when that franchise agreement comes up for renewal.

Anonymous said...

To the Comcast Corporate Customer Service Rep who telephoned me yesterday:

I am unable to return your call today as promised because I've left the paper with your name and telephone number at my home. My account number is posted in my original message. If you are reviewing this site today, please call my home number and leave a message with your telephone number and I will be sure to call you later today or tomorrow depending on when you get this. My apologies and thank you very much!

Anonymous said...


moore850 said...

I think I know why these things are happening. A lot of customer service at the "point of contact" level is making sure that only people who "really want help" get through to those who actually can help. The rest of the people are purposefully given the runaround because it's cheaper to not help you if you really will eventually accept the problem as is with no resolution. If you take the strategy of calling back repeatedly, tracking in great detail who says what and getting tracking numbers, etc. it should be easy to get an escalation, but expect to be making several calls per hour until the problem is escalated past the "runaround" level to the "actually will help you" level.

Ivan said...

Here's a breakdown of what I sent the "ask Rick Germano" link earlier today. (Noteworthy item: According to Comcast HQ at 925.973.7000/Kim the Front Desk Person, Germano is no longer with Comcast.)

I've been a Comcast customer (Account #09569663904-01) since August of 2000. Up until the last four months, my service has been exemplary. Internet and digital cable were spot-on fantastic, speeds just get better, and any reliability issues were addressed quickly and directly, without any need for followup.

Starting this past November 2007, I've had a continuing issue with my connection reliability for TV and internet. This problem has always been at the post for my apartment building. A Comcast rep would come out, literally "jiggle the connection", and everything would be fine... for a month, then it would suddenly fail again. Come out, jiggle it, all's well... until two weeks later. Etc.

I've had three outages in the last 30 days with Comcast now, and for two of those three the response time was 3-5 days to come out to resolve. Each time I'm told "Oh, this will fix the issue"... and it doesn't. The problem is not in the home; the problem is at the post. But no time is taken to offer a long-term solution for one user having issues.

My ticket number as of last evening is #709 950. I have been told last evening that my call was "routed to a technical supervisor" who would contact me as soon as they received it. When I called in this morning, I was quickly rebuffed by Aaron @ Rockville's call center, stating "there's an outage in Montgomery County", but that does not affect me. How do I know? My nextdoor neighbor in the same apartment building, that goes to the same post, has digital cable and internet through Comcast, and was/is working fine.

Bottom line: I HAVE A SERVICE ISSUE THAT'S BEEN UNRESOLVED SINCE NOVEMBER. The existing resolutions have been jury-rigs that fail after a few weeks, leaving me with the original problem. I would like a final resolution for this issue that involves:

1. Surveying and replacing the post that feeds my building ASAP. The problem is rooted on the post, and not in our home (see all the previous technical tickets for background).

2. A 3 month refund (I'll give 30 days leeway for diagnosing and address of issue) for digital cable and internet services. Each bill is $125 on average. I've had this problem since November, and since the service continues to remain degraded, I would like a refund of payments for this period. As of today, that amounts to $375.

3. A written explanation as to why it's taken four months without final resolution from you, and what will be done to prevent this in the future.

NOTE: When I began posting this, one of the Rockville, MD Technical Supervisors called me directly and is sending out a site survey team (Comcast employed) to investigate the problem. ETA is 20 minutes. I'm guessing that spending 2 hours on the phone with 5 CC supervisors, each one hoofing to get my name up the list, had an impact. I'm hoping for a resolution on this issue. If there is, I'll amend this comment.

Anonymous said...

I have a Comcast question that I've never found an answer to, either online or from a rep on the phone. Why is it that prime time network shows broadcast in widescreen are always zoomed up to fill my screen, effectively cutting several inches of picture off both sides? I've experienced this with regular analog cable, with a digital converter/DVR, and now with my non-comcast TIVO box. It was suggested to me by Comcast customer service that it's a setting on my tv...which is impossible, since I experience it on two tv's in two rooms, and there is no aspect-ratio related setting on my tv. Anybody else have this issue?

Customer #01110 417089-05

Anonymous said...

Acct #: 8772156220386592

I have Comcast digital service as part of their bundle deal (phone, cable, internet).

I own a Tivo S3 which uses 2 of Comcast's cable cards.

My billing has been messed up for a while, I thought I had it fixed but still looks like i do not.

For the longest time I was being charged an 'HDTV' fee of 7.00 a month. From what I was told the charge is for the use of a digital converter box with an HDTV decoder built in. Since I have an S3 and use cable cards, I don't even have a digital converter box. So therefore I should not be charged the 7.00 a month. Last month ANOTHER 7.00 charge was listed on the bill ON TOP of the 7.00 i was already being charged. So I was being charged 14.00 a month now extra for something I didn't have.

I called Customer Service. They said I was correct and they would remove all the previous 'HDTV' 7.00 charges from my account.

I get this month's bill and I have been credited for the charges - and now I have a new charge for an Addl Digital Connection a charge of 6.95 ?!?!

Can someone please get my bill straight before I throw my hands up in the air and switch over to directtv?

aedhan_koun said...

Account: 492502- 1
My family decided that we would pick up some high speed internet since it is in style. I am a game so my parents did the research and found out that DSL has a higher ping then Cable... well cable should be better.

We are going with comcast high speed internet and are renting a gateway modem from them. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a problem playing an MMORPG called, Everquest 2, where my ping was really high. Ok annoying but I can deal with it for a day, I just wont play. Well a couple days passed and it didn't get better, it also caused the speed for browsing the internet to drop to near dial up speeds. I was getting ready to set up an appointment with a tech when it began to work. Ok, just a glitch told myself.

Well here I am again, unable to play and browsing at insane slow speeds. We can't have a tech come out until Saturday, but I am going to tell them to replace my Gateway modem, since that is what the tech on the comcast help forum said is wrong; which makes since. The wireless is running fine but the ethernet-connected computer is slow.

My family does not have a very high opinion of comcast, and neither do I since I called for help and the technician hung up on me. (Not naming her unless comcast asks for her name). I also seem to be able to fix my network setting better than their employees can.

JediZombie said...

Account Number: 8777701840747395
I too have been jaded by Comcast's tricky ways. I recently had both Comcast TV, and Internet, while I had this everything was fine, no issues except for a day here or there where I had no internet service, nothing I can't deal with right. Well, I decided to go with Direct TV for my television service, I receive more HD channels andmore channels in general for about half the price. However, I wanted to keep to my internet service, so I went down to my local Comcast office and turned in my HD DVR box, as well as my other standard DVR on the day Direct TV come out. I was assured that everything would be fine, they were sorry to see me go as a cable customer, blah, blah, yakkity, you get the point. Now here is what I didn't know. Apparently when I discontinued my tv service, someone was going to have to come out to my house and disconnect something. I say something because I have no idea. I did receive a call on the day the tech came out, I was at work at the time because I needed to pay for my internet and tv service somehow, silly me, I should have been at home at all times. I was told that the tech didn't need to come inside, and even asked if he could access my backyard. Sure, I have no dogs outside just close the gate when your done please. Now again silly me I have a busy schedule between two jobs, school and enjoying hanging out with friends, so it was almost a week before I got online on my computer again. As soon as I tried to use Stumbleupon (some on we all do it) I noticed that my speeds were insanely slow, ok no big deal, I have dealt with this, reset the the modem and router. Nope nada. Ok no big, I have some time to waste, I'll call Comcast. After being on hold a surprising 3 minutes I was plesantly awaiting a helpful phone call. I got with the tech, and sure enough it wasn't all that bad, he couldn't do anyting for me over the phone, he had to have a tech come out to look at the line, ok np when can you come out. a week from that day. Hmm I was hoping to use my internet for some xbox 360 gaming, but ok, I am patient and understanding, problems arrise no matter what business your in. I tell the guy that my fiance or I will be home. The week goes by, I am missing the service cause I just bought two new games, but again I really am a patient and understand man. The tech arrives at my house and proceeds to check the line. He tells me that when the man who disconected the tv came out he must have not tightened something up enough. Sorry I don't recall exactly what he said, but when he left everything seemed fine. I checked my internet speed on and was getting a little under average speed for my area and ISP, ok I can live with a little under average. Skip ahead 3 days, I am trying to play some Halo 3 online and I am having bad lag issues. My xbox live won't load properly, so I decide to get online to resolve the issue with microsoft, when lo and behold my speed has dropped again on the internet service (which was the xbox issue). I run another speed test (even the site took minutes to load. I was getting an average speed for dial-up...dial-up on my cable modem from the great and powerful, blazing fast (with speed boost) Comcast digital cable internet. So another call to the service center and he tells me the tech will be out on TUE (this is SAT), ok, again I am patient, but I have been patient, so I ask to speak to someone in billing so that I can can get a credit on my account, a reasonable request I thought. I get to someone in billing (after being hung up on) and explain (again) my problem. She tells me that she can issue a credit from my first to the time the tech comes out, she also tells me that my "first call" was the one on SAT, I correct her and she looks again,
"Oh" she says, "I see you called once before a week ago." (why didn't she see that the first time.
"I can issue you a credit from then." she says
My response "But my service has been out since this first guy came and unhooked the tv"
"I can only issue you a credit from this call to TUE"
"But that is not a credit for the time my service has been down"
"I am sorry sir, that's all I can do"
Again, I am very polite and patient so I ask her who can help me out, her reply was this
"I will put on your account the credit that I can issue and that you have issue with that, someone should contact soon"
Well no one ever contacted me, the tech came out and removed the trap (which I am not supposed to tell anyone), according to him it is now easier for me to steal cable tv, but I don't want to do that, I have satellite, I want my full internet service, well this should fix it he says, I go inside and check it by running another speed test, sure enough it is faster, but still under average, farther under than before (BTW the trap also removes "bandwidth inhibitors" according to this tech. So if thats the case why is my service still not up to par, it sure isn't faster than everyone else's, nor is it even the same. He checked all the lines and says there all good, but like I said, my service is still shoddy at best. Now I am so the guy who just takes my business elsewhere when trouble arrises like this, but in my area, there is NO OTHER BROADBAND service, none, not even one, just Comcast. I have no ill will against Comcast (yet) but please Comcast, fix my internet and give me my full month of February free since I was not using your service because of "line" problems. I am not demanding, degrading or shouting at anyone, I just want to be treated fairly (I realize that is hard to do for you guys, but you can try)


P.S. Verizon if your listening GET FIOS HERE FASTER!!! (Pasadena, TX near houston)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been a Comcast customer since August of 2007. I originally signed up for the triple play package.... unfortunately Comcast didn't connect my phone until almost 2 months later. My billing has been forever a mess.... and just when I thought it was fixed by a manager called Eric Garcia.... I receive a bill 2 months later for triple the cost! I called and asked Cust. Serv. what happened. Apparently they never showed me to have phone or internet service (yet billed me for the modems) and had not billed me for several months for these services. Another odd explanation was made by a manger... that I had just turned my phone on in January! I told her that could not be.... since I clearly have had service since October. The manager refused to correct the billing problem and wants me to pay back fees totalling 185.00! It doesn't make any sense to me that the company bills me incorrectly for more than 5 months and now wants me to pay the back fees in one lump! This is not my fault and I had plenty of conversations w/ managers that assured me my bill was correct.

Online bill notification does not give me a detailed breakdown of my bill. It only showed me that I was paying for my comcast services totalling 99.00 (triple play price) and that my bill due was 113.19. I paid my bills and now I just want to discontinue service w/ them all together!

I am tired of calling customer service, because a manager is never available and I always have to leave a voicemail for one.... then wait days to get a call back. If I was to switch services it would cost me time and money to transfer all three services over .... Which I think Comcast shoudl pay for since they are the reason for these problems!

I wish a real manager would call me- settle this billing issue with a credit and fix my billing so that all future bills would be correct. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR COMCASTS MISTAKES ??? AREN'T THERE RIGHTS TO PROTECT A CONSUMER FOR MISLEADING BILLING AND OVER BILLING ?? I feel as if I was mislead by Comcast too many times and if I could do something about it - I would! Even this post is waste of my precious time!



Customer Account Number: 8777702063492750

Petruchio said...

Account # 8798 20 099 0091535

10 years ago AT&T Broadband built out this area. At that time we signed up for Internet and Digital Voice. Service was fantastic. In 2003 Comcast bought out ATTBI. Service has gone downhill ever since.

In 2004 we added Cable TV.

In August of 2007 suddenly, without warning, the Hallmark channel vanished. When I called I was told that in order to get it back I had to upgrade to a larger package for another 20 Dollars a month. I found out that for the same price as Comcast's 79 or so channels I could get DirecTV's 240 channels. No brainer. Goodbye Comcast Cable, Hello DirecTV.

Starting in Sept. 2007 I started getting weekly calls and junk mails wanting me to sign up for Comcast Digital Voice. I ALREADY HAD DIGITAL VOICE! [sigh] Then in December I was told my Digital Voice was being disconnected in April 2008 and I had to sign up for Comcast Digital Voice or lose my phone. Goodbye Comcast Digital Voice, Hello AT&T.

The only Comcast service I still have is the Internet. During “Prime Time”, (4pm to Midnight) I get frequent random outages for darn near EXACTLY 2 hours or 2.5 hours at a crack. One problem found the first three times I called it in was the incorrect modem Mac Address was on the account. The Mac Address they kept assigning was to a modem I replaced on 4/7/2007.

After the 4th outage a service tech was sent out. With the outages happening between 4pm and Midnight, Comcast in it's infinite stupidity sent a tech out for between 8am and 10am. The tech hooked up his meter, looked at it for 10 seconds and said “No Problems.” and left. Duh!

CR 116968892
CR 117147028
CR 117397002
CR 117430402
CR 117161063
and Service Call 759,722
I would have 9 more CR numbers but I kept being disconnected.

I have another Service tech scheduled for 3/6/2008 for between 3pm and 5pm. Only God knows if he will show up, or if the intermittent problem will be going on at that time.

Last night it was so bad that when I called it in the CSR could not even read my modem from their end, so I was put on hold and then disconnected. (again)

BTW, Comcast phone menu system is for the birds.

Call 1-800-COMCAST
Press 1 for English. (This is an English speaking Country. Why should I press 1 for English?)
Press 1 if you have an outage
Press 1 for Cable TV
Press 2 for Internet
Press 3 for phone

Well, I went to school in the US, so I do know the difference between a 1, a 2, and a 3. I press 2 for Internet and get connected to cable TV! Half the time during the transfer to Internet techs the call is disconnected so I have to start over.

I am convinced that the problem is caused by someone on this node streaming movies (Netflix?) and maxing out the capacity of the line. The only way to find the true cause is for Comcast to place a line monitor on the node and record the traffic levels for at least 48 hours. If the line reaches saturation, then split it into 2 lines/nodes/whatever. Comcast refuses.

I am not asking for the moon. Just for the Internet connection to work as advertised. If they have over sold this area than expand the network capacity to handle the load. Simple. If not I will switch my Internet to FIOS or U-verse. At the point I am at, a fractional T1 from Covad is starting to look mighty good.

Anonymous said...

On February 23, 2008, I had a COMCAST nightmare... it was... well.. COMCASTIC!

So, I sent the message shown below to Rick Germano, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations at Comcast. As of March 5, 2008, I have not received a response of any kind.

To: Rick Germano, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations, Comcast
From: One of you customers

Your website says, "Here at Comcast, providing excellent customer service to you is our #1 priority."

What a farce!

I just signed up for high-speed internet. The technician showed up and immediately displayed a bad attitude. He didn't seem to want to run a cable all the way down the hall to my room. He eventually did run the cable. He ran it right across the doorway instead of over the door. This saved him maybe 5 minutes and now I get to trip over a cable. He also said he didn't have any of the little clips for use in attaching the cable to the walls. We got some from my housemate.

The form I was provide at the end of the installation "service" said that I acknowledge receiving several documents like your welcome packet and privacy policy. The tech had neither one of these. I asked him and he said "no", with no sort of apology or explanation whatsover. He also said he didn't have them in his truck.

I was given NO information on how to set up my userid/email account before going to or while at I tried to use the chat feature to talk to a Comcast rep but this caused an error. I called Comcast and the person on the phone ("Lisa" in Louisiana... number 26114) was very nice but told me her computer had locked up on her. I asked that she talk to a supervisor about some of these issues. When she returned to the phone, she said the "Shawn" (spelling unknown and she did not know his last name) said Comcast doesn't normally give out those things (service agreement, privacy policy, etc.)... you know, the CONTRACT between Comcast and myself. [By the way, I believe it is likely a violation of state law in Virginia to enter in to a contract and refuse to provide a copy of that contract. If nothing else, it's a really nasty and sloppy way to do business.]

I then asked Lisa to let me speak directly with Shawn or any supervisor. I was put on what I call permanent hold, meaning that after about five minutes, I began hearing the general announcement to the effect that "Your call is important to us... please stay on the line for a representative." After 15 minutes of that, I finally hung up.

As soon as I have a choice for cable or other high-speed internet, I will choose ANY COMPANY OTHER THAN COMCAST. It is the same every time I have ANY dealings with your company. Comcast is the bottom of the barrel, surpassing even Verizon and T-Mobile for truly hideous treatment of its customers.

I finally, after many tries, got myself logged in to my account with very little help from Comcast.

But... I hope you have nice day. Your call is important to me.
I'm sure Comcast has made many contributions to the REPUGnican party that is in power and allows this kind of stuff to continue while ordinary people have no way to change it other than to vote the
airport-sex-loving REPUGNICANS out of office in November. And REPUGnican Mark Foley should keep his hands of the Congressional Pages too!

Anonymous said...

This site is too convenient. In the age of the big lie, wouldn't be surprized to learn big brother pays the rent.
I wrote the dead parrot comment two days ago, and I actually do have an issue.
I spoke with rq5 margarette in Richmond on 2/29 at 4pm and was agreed that technician would come fix my dvr then install new line.

Subcontractor showed up on time to install new line but knew nothing about fixing dvr first, so sent him away, no thanks.

Counting down to fios, you know, not going to reward people for mistreating me.

Anyway, RQ5 also promised lower rates and free hbo. Well, no hbo, expect I'll be getting a bill for the useless service call in lieu of discount on my next bill.

I know I should call back and complain some more, or return the malfunctioning dvr, but Verizon Fios will be in philly next year and Comcast's 20 year reign will be over, leaving investors wondering what happened to their money.

Maybe they will call customer service. Comcastic idea!

re: 073585017

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to tell my story about my partner who is an employee at Comcast just visit the link

He doesn't know I'm writing this I've written this blog.

Anonymous said...

comcast is the worst cable company ever. i've been a loyal customer for over 5 yrs and just didn't switch b/c i didn't want to deal with it even though every time there was an issue, the customer service was horrible. on the phone and at the payment centers.

at&t u-verse is where's its at now.

Anonymous said...

Well I have a few problems. Firstly is that when my wife said she wanted to get a dvr she went to sign up for it and the representative stated that we had to upgrade to digital, which is fine, but they upgraded us to premium digital instead of the digital basic. So when I call a CSR for a refund, she says that my wife asked for the upgrade, which I KNOW she did not, since we don't even watch those premium channels or listen to music. So she basically called me and my wife a liar. When I asked for a refund of the difference of the service, she said that could not happen since I had recieved the service. I find it hard to believe in such a big company that all these mistakes miraculously don't happen and that this company is unwilling to be accountable for them. So I ask to speak to a manager, and she tells me that one will call me back, which never happened. Additionally, my internet went from the promotional 20 dollars to the standard 45 dollars even though they are still offering that in my area. I ask to get the promotional deal again since it is pretty obvious that I can get cheaper high speed internet in my area, and it would be more reliable, since my internet has gone down several times. So then I go online to try to get this worked out and that chat CSR simply downgrades my service, and tells me that I will need to contact the local office for a refund. I am sick of getting the runaround from different people, it is pathetic. I should be able to call one time and get this taken care of. If this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction I will be taking my business elsewhere. I will also contact the BBB and make sure I tell all my friends what horrible service comcast provides. My account# is 09586-125798-12-7. I really hope someone contacts me and restores a little faith in this company.

JediZombie said...

Account Number: 8777701840747395

Update on Comcast trickery
When I got home last night, I once again foolishly thought I would get on my computer and surf the internet, actually I wanted to download a song I heard on the radio during the drive home from my office. I open my browser, and my homepage which is Google took a complete 3 minutes to load. I realize that 3 minutes doesn't sound very long, but for Google to load in 3 minutes in unacceptable when I paying $54.02/month for "high speed" internet. I searched today for other high speed service providers in my area, I found none again. I decided to call Comcast last night and tell them that once AGAIN my service is very slow. While I was on hold, I figured I would run a couple of speed tests at a few different places. Comcast has had me run them before, and they always ask me to use
Here are my results and what sites I used (they are rounded to the nearest 10) - DL=340 kbps
UP=1500 kbps - DL=600 kbps
UP=2600 kbps

I ran them again 10 minutes later (while still on hold) - DL=380 kbps
UP=2900 kbps - DL=1600 kbps
UP=2800 kbps
Hey that one looks good, let me check again...

nope, back to the previous speeds.
Sp here is what I am consistantly seeing happen, the tech will come out, tell me the line is just fine and it will work for the day, maybe the day after he leaves, then it is back to having super slow download speeds and higher than average upload speeds. hmm could the problem be in my modem, and if it is why did it take MY diagnosis to figure this out and not Comcast. So I wait on the phone last night for 1:53:27, that's 1 Hour, 53 minutes, and 27 seconds before I finally hang up. I couldn't sit there any longer because my battery was giving out my cell phone and the charger is in my office. So skip ahead to today, I just got off the phone with them, Melody tells me she is escalating this problem to a supervisor (heard that one before sweetheart) and that she will have a tech come out on SAT between 5 and 8pm. Okay, I will be there, not going anywhere all day. I told her about my speedtest and that it may be the modem, she says, sometimes these issues (packet loss BTW) can be caused by the modem, I will have the tech check that too. Okay fantastic thanks. She gives me the work order number (933331) and sends me on my way. I will wait again for my service to return, and once again it is another week, and once again I will have to call and get a credit on my bill, which I watch like a hawk BTW when it comes in every month. Verizon's FIOS service is not in my area, AT&T Uverse is not in my area, and no one offers DSL where I am. Satellite internet is more expensive and the speeds are supposedly a bit slower, I looked up some info, installation is expensive, and apparently there are lots of problems with that as well, plus I wouldn't get unlimited usage and it would slower with MUCH slower upload speeds. So my other option is using my Verizon wireless PCMIA card for internet at home, yes I have this card, I use it in ymy laptop at work (my way of getting our Websense), but that card does not come anywhere close to the speeds I SHOULD be receiving with cable and at home I would only be able to use it on one computer at a time, and thats if I switched it to the USB one and not the PCMIA slot. Another issue with that is routers, there are approx 1 router that the card would go into, but it is also very expensive and theres simply not enough bandwidth to go around to the umpteen things in my home that use the internet.
1 Compuer (desktop and BRAND NEW)
2 Fiance's Laptop (1 year old)
4 Xbox 360 (I have 2 of them)
5 PS3
6 Wii
7 Desktop (3 years old, but still used often and in good shape)
8 My laptop (I pretty much use the verizon card on this all the time now, but I would like to use my home network from time to time)

So you see my problem, my only viable, affordable option is Comcast, and oddly enough I am okay with this. I am okay with horrendous customer service, I am intellegent and can fix most issues myself. I am okay with long hold times when I do call, I am patient and my company pays the cell phone bill. I am okay with never getting a Comcast tech, contractors are fine, I am the one there and not my fiance. What I am not okay with is not getting what I pay for. I PAY for highspeed internet, if I was paying for dial-up, I would not be compaining about speed. I realize that people went centuries without internet service, but people went centuries without indoor plumbing too, do you want that taken away from you? Comcast please fix my issue, come to my house, replace my modem, fix the line, do whatever it takes, and while your at it, I now need a credit for another week of service. I am not asking for more than I deserve here people, I am only asking to get the service that I signed up for and have been paying for, for awhile now.

Lucas Murray
Account Number: 8777701840747395

Anonymous said...


Absolute power corrupts. Comcast
over the years have increased their monthly fees. I started at
approximately $25.00/month , now
I spend $57.00/month on basic
service - no preimum channels.
FIOS is being installed in my
area (Perkiomenville -PA.) and I
fully intend on leaving Comcast.
Comcast for years has not had any competition other than Dish networks. So, being the "Capitalists" that they are, charged what the ecomony would bear. You should read about the
bonuses and stock options that the
executives at Comcast received
last year.
And we (Public) are as much to blame for the current condition. I watch approximately 10 - 15 hours of programming a week (fox news, MSNBC,DISCOVERY,SciFI) however, there are people glued to the TV 6 to 6-8 hours a day. Take time out , do something new, read a book. HA!!!
As far as quality. We have had many problems (technical) with our cable reception. I have found that customer service has been fairly receptive to our needs however, getting through to customer service can be a challenge at times. I can rememeber when (I use to live in Philadelphia) city council divided the city up into 4 sectors when cable first arrived. In a couple of years , only Comcast was present. Gee - I wonder why that happened.
I know people who have converted to FIOS locally and they said the receptions is fantastic and the price is right. I also know people with dish service who are happy. I feel sorry for the peopel who live in geographically isolated areas where only Comcast is available. Truly,,, competition causes proces to drop.

JediZombie said...

Another update

Okay, here we go, I got a call from my fiance a little bit ago and she says
"There is a guy here from Comcast"
"What, there not supposed to be there until SAT"
"Well he is here and he said he heard that we are having trouble with our service."
"Okay, does he have a Comcast truck and shirt?"
"Yeah, he looks legite if thats what your getting at."
"It is, but I am taking my lunch now and coming home anyway."
"My brother is here, you don't have to worry."
"I am not worried about you, you could kick The Rock's ass, but you never know what to say to these people cause your not as much of a geek as I am, and you don't like the stress of dealing with them."
"Your right, come on home, and do you really think I could kick The Rock's ass?"
"No sweetheart, I just don't want you to worry. I love you"
"I Love You Too."

Ok, I'll, stop giving you the play by play. I got home and sure enough there was a guy there, he tells me that he a line tech and he has checked all the lines, they seemed fine, but he replaced them anyway. He also found some part with some moister in it, he replaced that. After doing all this we were still getting 3% packet loss, where only 1% is acceptable. Okay, he plugs in his modem, and we do another 450 pings, 0 packet loss, 0 people ZERO. It is the modem, but he cant replace it, he is only a line tech, okay np, I tell him that I already called and that someone will be there on saturday. He tells me that they will call soon and could possibly be out there in the next couple of hours. Okay I'll wait for the call then. Skip ahead 30 minutes, let me say that again...30 minutes, and I get another call from the lady at home, she says this time that another guy is there to replace the modem. Again, I got no phone call, but at this point, I don't care. The problem is getting fixed and I am happy.

Yeah I still want to get a credit for the last month, but that will happen eventually. Yeah FIOS should be faster, but as of right now, I am a 70% pleased Comcast customer, they have a long way to go, but I can see some improvement, and I think that my posting here helped, I never got a call like some of you did, but the very next day my issues have been fixed, I will post again if the speeds end up being slow again, so that you may be informed.
Thanks for the site, I think it has helped.


Petruchio said...

About 30 minutes ago Will called from Comcast Exec. Office.
Will not give me a last name
Will not give me a phone number
Will not give me an employee ID number
(I guess Will is the right name for him)

Basically said he understood a tech was scheduled for today. He was going to review the tech report and call me again tomorrow. Granted this was a phone call, but I had the definite impression he was tasked with talking to me and in reality he did not want to. The whole tone of the conversation was poor.

For the record, I posted here late yesterday afternoon and this morning I get a phone call. That alone proves that this Blog can get results. It is sad that it takes a Web Blog embarrassing a Corp. to get even minor results.

QuizMasterChris said...

FYI Comcast is HQed here in Philadelphia, and pretty much owns the governor and mayor, both of whom are Democrats.

Both parties take the corporate money and REAM us.

JediZombie said...

I am now at home and my internet is doing fantastic, the new modem and lines are working wonderfully. I also got a call from someone at Corp. and he said he will call again tomorrow to be sure that my service is still doing good. Hooray, I finally downloaded the song I wanted!

This site works people!

Anonymous said...

I am from Illinois and just experienced a transfer from Insight (wonderful customer service, never a problem) to Comcast. I dont know that a week has gone by where I have not had a problem with comcast. That is not even my main gripe right now (as my service is working for the time being...*crosses fingers*) I would like to point out how Comcast sucks. From an article printed March 4, 2008 in the Peoria Journal Star “Comcast has stated that no changes in channel placement or prices are planned for the immediate future.” This followed on March 5, 2008 with the announcement of price increases beginning April 2008. I am glad to see that the 'immediate future' equals less than 24 hours.

My other gripes include: spending over 6 phone calls over 4 days attempting to get my internet service restored. I was repeatedly told that it was a problem with my computer (which it wasnt as it worked on other networks) and was referred to calling Dell to have them fix the problem. I was also told that if I needed further help, to use their online chat service...that would be splendid and all if i could get on the internet! To be fair, after sending an email via their contact us on their website, I did receive a response within the hour, but was informed I would be charged for the tech. Like I said in the beginning, I had no problems with Insight as my provider, as they were always responsive and sent a tech out immediately.


Christopher said...

Acct # 09586 088967-06

I'm just going to post about the problems I've had (having) with Comcast in 2008. I spent most of Fall/Winter 2007 working with Mike Dixon in corporate on these same issues.

I have poor connectivity and the problem is not from the 'box' to the house or the house to the cable modem or tvs per the last technician who came out. He replaced all sorts of signal adjusters and things on the pole and assured me that I would not have any more problems.

I finally gave up and dropped digital cable in January because half of the channels were blocky at random points in time, as if the digital signal was bad. I now have standard cable and the picture quality is mediocre at best.

My internet speed continues to be spotty. Tonight I called customer service and they told me that I had 30% packet loss. And that was taking the modem to the junction box in the attic and plugging it directly into the connection coming from the street. So I basically have a 128k connection rather than the 3mbps connection advertised.

I can't reach 'Judy' who is supposedly the customer service manager in Memphis...who also by the way is a very unpleasant person to deal with. The Memphis office also seems to have perpetual phone issues...perhaps they're using their own digital phone service?

At least now I'm only paying $50 a month for awful service and not $129.

I'm giving them one more chance. After my scheduled service call on Monday...if I don't go a year without having to call a technician out, I'm dropping them. I'm fed up.


Anonymous said...

It just kills me to have to post here -- AGAIN, but here is the problem.

For over FOUR WEEKS, FX, Loudoun County Channel 33 has had a problem with "local insertian" blowing away the programming and killing one minute four times an hour. It isn't part of any stop set.

800-COM-CAST doesn't understand the problem. They want me to reset the box on the HD TV, even though the problems are on that TV and the one with NO BOX! GOD, how stupid can they be?

I don't really care during "That 70s Show," but it really makes me angry during many of the FX movies.

The sad thing is Comcast just doesn't get it. How can it be that they have HUNDREDS of employees in Loudoun County, yet NONE OF THEM ever see the problem?

They must REALLY be idiots!

Ward Fetrow

Customer Account #: 01668 024168-01-1

OH, and our cable just increased in price to over $100 per month. At $20, sucking isn't that awful, but at $100, we are not going to stay with it!

Anonymous said...

Comcast doesn't give me a three hour window -- they give me a half a day window.


FIOS is now available, so Comcarap is going away.

Tell me why I should subscribe to the awful video quality (HD at 1/3 HD rates, and SD at 1/6 SD rates) and continue to pay for video that freezes and audio that drops out. To hell with Comcrap!

It just kills me to have to post here -- AGAIN, but here is the problem.

For over FOUR WEEKS, FX, Loudoun County Channel 33 has had a problem with "local insertian" blowing away the programming and killing one minute four times an hour. It isn't part of any stop set.

800-COM-CAST doesn't understand the problem.

I don't really care during "That 70s Show," but it really makes me angry during many of the FX movies.

The sad thing is Comcast just doesn't get it. How can it be that they have HUNDREDS of employees in Loudoun County, yet NONE OF THEM ever see the problem?

They must REALLY be idiots!

Ward Fetrow

Customer Account #: 01668 024168-01-1

OH, and the rate just went up by a factor of FIVE!

Anonymous said...

DUH, you know what?

Not only does channel 33, FX have stupid commercial insertions happen up to four times an hour, but USA HD keeps freezing.

How can Comcast have employees looking at cable see this awful service and just keep drinking Gin? How drunk do they need to be

Adelphia sucks at Account #: 01668 024168-01-1

BDS said...

Account #03402 177084-02-3

I have never been satisfied with Comcast's service and it has recently gotten worse. Current frustration: when I am working on my comuter AND making a phone call (I have the triple package) my phone is crackling AND people tell me that it clicks out so they can not hear me.

I had been paying too much money according to Alex (ID: U3T) who I got only because I told a CSR that I was going to leave comcast. Well Alex was fantastic and renewed my faith that there are people who car at Comcast. He relooked at my account and made some adjustments since the last CSR made some incorrect adjustments and I was paying too much. Alex asked me if the service quality (product not customer) and I told him in fact no, my phone clicks and cuts out. He arranged for a service call the following Wednesday (I chose the date).

The service tech came told me the lines were good (I could not show him how the lines click) however after he left I figured out the phone clicked when I was simultaneously working on my computer. I called the customer center immediately and the nice lady (did not get her name) told me she would have the same service tech come right back out. Well, I work from home and I was on a teleconference when the servicetech (who had just been there) called to see if I was home. Since I could not answer his call - he assumed I was not home (never called back again and did not leave a message) and so I did not see another service rep.

So I started over and made a call this past Monday requesting a service tech. to come Friday (today). This morning I get up and see that one of my family members pulled a service call "we missed you" flier from comcast from the door yesterday. They showed up yesterday and had written 10:30 - 10:40. Not sure why they did not speak to my step-son who was home all day...

I called this morning and got Jason at 609-394-2288 and he asked what the problem was. Told him I wanted to confirm the appointment this morning and he said it was for yesterday. Told him no and explained. He was looking into the system telling me it was slow and then hung up on me.

I called back and got Jennifer who told me to tell her the "cliff notes" version of my issue. She arranged for a service tech to come today 1-5.

When I asked her to speak to someone in a supervisory role who could help me understand the service issues she informed me that she could not provide a number but she would provide my number to the next supervisor who came in. She said I should expect to hear back within 3 business days. Let me repeat that...3 business days. BUT someone might call back today.

Needless to say Comcast, you have grown a little too big for your britches and you need to take care of your customers with a QUALITY product and service. As Verison and other come to our neighborhoods, it will be about service and people will go the the best and the best price.

Boy what I would not do for a call from someone with the authority and desire to make things right.

slsbeacom said...

Comcast-Insight change over sucks.

We're caught up the transfer to Comcast. I started calling/using live chat to make inquiries prior to Jan 1 2008 to no avail. The live chat people said no info was available yet (Dec 27 or so) even though the swap was days away and they had known since APRIL.

We received our Insight bill which we paid (although it took almost a month for the check to clear our bank) and subsequently received our next monthly bill for Insight due Feb 22.

We mailed a check to Insight with the bill payment stub the last week in January. When it hadn't cleared our bank, I called Insight and asked what was going on. The automated system says payment received Jan 13 (our Jan bill not the Feb one) but no balance is due at this time!

I got a person who "had to check another system" and found the payment posted Jan 31 but couldn't tell me where the check is! She said it might be caught up in the switchover. I asked her to print out something from the "other system" to verify payment received and mail it to me. She agreed but we never got it.

2 days ago we got out first "official" Comcast bill. It shows an unpaid balance in the amount of our Feb bill but gives us a "credit" dated Jan 31 (oddly the same date as Insight's "other system" recognized the payment received). The check has still not cleared our bank! The same day we received notice that "to contiue our high level of service, we need to increase your charges". What service? Haven't had any yet!

I called to ask and was on hold 3 HOURS before I gave up. My spouse called and got a techie who said call back when local office is open and they can help.

So now I am on hold again, 23 minutes and counting.

Acct # 8798 52 030 0036155

I want to know where the heck my payment went (since clearly someone's seen it but the check hasn't been presented for payment (and it's now March) AND, since they chose the lazy way to notify us of charges increasing) what the charges on my bill are and what do the equate to on the schedule they mailed so I know how god-awful the next bill is going to be and start evaluating our options.

Dawn said...

Are you kidding me? As a consumer, I have never been treated the way Comcast has treated me. Unfortunate for me that I have trees and nature around me so a dish is out of the question. So I am yet another Comcast hostage. I cant believe I am having to spend my Friday morning writing about this. I am actually writing this out because I plan to send a copy to the mayor, county commissioners, state legislators and federal legislators. This monopoly in Tennessee has gone on long enough.

My story begins back in January 2008 when my box was malfunctioning. I called Comcast and they sent a technician out to fix the problem. He fixed it alright by giving me some refurbished piece of garbage in its place. And let me add, I had to figure out what the problem was on this box. The second tuner had no picture. I found this after setting up multiple recordings on my DVR (which is very time consuming) and they came out black with sound. So, on January 17th I had to wait for another technician to come out to tell me he couldn’t do anything for me and didn’t have a replacement in his van. However, he discovered that I didn’t have HALF of the channels I have been paying for in the last year. Apparently, I had been paying for HBO and the rest of the channels that are on a premium package. He called his supervisor, Dawn, who spoke to me directly and told me she would credit my account close to $300.00. Apparently, I should have gotten this in blood because Comcast denies every telling me that. So, two days later I finally get a box that works, and the channels I have been paying for. With the refund, I am happy.

I called twice this month to Comcast since the credit never appeared. I was told both times that accounting handles that and it could take over a month. Fast forward. I called today and was told by Pearl (Ex 5166) that I should have called as soon as my bill increased (a year ago) and that Comcast does NOT credit for that length of time and basically it was too bad. I asked her if what she was saying was that because I live a busy life where I travel almost every week and I thought maybe rates had changed or some other erroneous service tax had been added AND I have been a good customer who just paid my bill every month that ultimately, it was just too bad. The answer is YES.. They offered NO compensation for the service I did NOT receive for almost a year (and they have it in their records that the signal they sent my box did not have that code). So as I see it, Comcast is nothing short of highway robbers. They are stealing from their customers and our city is stealing from its taxpayers by allowing this behavior.

Comcast, you are nothing but a bunch of crooks and I will do everything in my power to make sure that competition is brought in and your PROFIT is brought down.

Comcast customer number: 25201 306715-05-1

Dawn said...

Are you kidding me? As a consumer, I have never been treated the way Comcast has treated me. Unfortunate for me that I have trees and nature around me so a dish is out of the question. So I am yet another Comcast hostage. I cant believe I am having to spend my Friday morning writing about this. I am actually writing this out because I plan to send a copy to the mayor, county commissioners, state legislators and federal legislators. This monopoly in Tennessee has gone on long enough.

My story begins back in January 2008 when my box was malfunctioning. I called Comcast and they sent a technician out to fix the problem. He fixed it alright by giving me some refurbished piece of garbage in its place. And let me add, I had to figure out what the problem was on this box. The second tuner had no picture. I found this after setting up multiple recordings on my DVR (which is very time consuming) and they came out black with sound. So, on January 17th I had to wait for another technician to come out to tell me he couldn’t do anything for me and didn’t have a replacement in his van. However, he discovered that I didn’t have HALF of the channels I have been paying for in the last year. Apparently, I had been paying for HBO and the rest of the channels that are on a premium package. He called his supervisor, Dawn, who spoke to me directly and told me she would credit my account close to $300.00. Apparently, I should have gotten this in blood because Comcast denies every telling me that. So, two days later I finally get a box that works, and the channels I have been paying for. With the refund, I am happy.

I called twice this month to Comcast since the credit never appeared. I was told both times that accounting handles that and it could take over a month. Fast forward. I called today and was told by Pearl (Ex 5166) that I should have called as soon as my bill increased (a year ago) and that Comcast does NOT credit for that length of time and basically it was too bad. I asked her if what she was saying was that because I live a busy life where I travel almost every week and I thought maybe rates had changed or some other erroneous service tax had been added AND I have been a good customer who just paid my bill every month that ultimately, it was just too bad. The answer is YES.. They offered NO compensation for the service I did NOT receive for almost a year (and they have it in their records that the signal they sent my box did not have that code). So as I see it, Comcast is nothing short of highway robbers. They are stealing from their customers and our city is stealing from its taxpayers by allowing this behavior.

Comcast, you are nothing but a bunch of crooks.

Comcast customer number: 25201 306715-05-1

Camel said...

Comcast Acct# 8220 20 412 0314203

I am writing this on behalf of my parents who are not very savvy in the world of blogging and technology. They are also not getting any younger. This is quite a last ditch effort and I have informed my father he should expect a call from someone that will fix the following problem, so Comcast, you better you stuff in order.

I am sick of your company and I have only recently become a Comcast customer myself. My parents are on their last straw.

Everytime it rains my parents lose Comcast service. Apparently, this happens to people all through their neighborhood. My parents have the Triple Play Package, meaning they have phone service through your awful, awful company.

I have repeatedly told my parents to look in to switching to satellite but that only covers television and they are on fixed finances.

Once again. EVERYTHING goes out every time it rains, which includes right now. My parents are getting quite elderly and my father is not in the best of health, neither is my mother for that matter. My father is also on an organ transplant list and needs to have his phone working ALL THE TIME to ensure if he is able to be contacted.

ALSO, 911 service does not work when it rains. My father has had to go to the emergency room numerous times over the past few years. God forbid something ever happen and my parents are unable to call 911 for your awful service.

You really have no idea how angry I am at your company. God forbid, but if anything happens I will sue your company for so much money that your execs will be shining my shoes for a living.

This problem has gone on for YEARS with my parents. They have had lines replaced, as per Comcast recommendations, have had all sorts of other work done.

Your excuses are ridiculous. The current Comcast excuse is that Squirrels are eating the lines, causing water to get into the cables. SQUIRRELS!?!?!! This is a problem that is occurring throughout my parents neighborhood. The problem is much bigger than SQUIRRELS.

Comcast recently replaced the lines from the street because of these hungry squirrels. A few days later it rained and the service went out. Some squirrels. They were supposed to bury this line but couldn't do it right away. To be honest I have no idea if this line has been buried as of this date.

If it has been buried the services still go out when it rains. These genetic freak, plastic huntic, wire chomping, squirrels are quite impressive. The phones at their house were out again this morning because it is raining. It is illegal for Comcast to not provide them with 911 service.

Like I said. This has been going on for YEARS. Not One. Not two. YEARS. I am amazed my parents have put up with it this long. They call Comcast all the time and complain. Comcast either a) makes some lame excuse; or b) says there is no problem; or c) claims the problem is now fixed, even though it is not. To Comcast's credit they have given my parents some rebates on their bills, but what good is that if you haven't solved the problem!!!!

Comcast, get your act together and get in touch with my parents. If their phone is not working (It isn't now) try and try and try again until it is. Go camp out on their street and fix the freaking problem. This is not just isolated to them but is their ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD.

You have no idea how angry I am with you Comcast. I do not live close enough to my parents to run home quickly if there is an emergency. It will take me hours to get there. I am tired of worrying about this silly problem. FIX IT.

Not only does this need to be fixed NOW, but you should probably give my parents and all Comcast subscribers in that neighborhood free service for at least a year. I know MANY of them complain constantly. If you check your records, which are undoubtly CRAPTASIC and INCOMPLETE, you should see hundreds if not thousands of complaints from that one neighborhood. These people deserve apologies, gifts, and you on your collective knees.

You have deprived god knows how many people in that neighborhood of 911 service, phone service, tv service, internet service for FAR TOO LONG, my parents included.

Also, stop playing your stupid commercials saying satellite in the rain doesn't work. I had satellite for years and never had problems like these people have in the rain. WHAT A JOKE!

God forbid I or someone else in that neighborhood have to sue your company because you didn't get this fixed in time. GET ON IT. NOW!!!

The next time it rains, I expect to be able to call my parents to check in and get through without garbled unintelligible sound. I expect them to not have to complain about this anymore. I expect you to give them free service for a LONG TIME.


Anonymous said...

Account #8220204121065903
I hate that a company with a monopoly has no incentive to provide customer service.

After being a loyal (and on-time paying) customer to Comcast for over 2 years, i made an amazing choice - I moved. I don't know if Comcast doesn't run into this much but installing my cable has so far become a nightmare.

After scheduling an appointment for an install for one of their customer friendly 3 hour windows, the installer showed up and proceeded to tell me that my apartment was prewired badly and that I would have to schedule another technichian to come out to wire it correctly. The next available appt - 4 DAYS LATER. I let the technician know to make note on my account that I will need a phone call 30 minutes prior to him arriving to make sure I'm there.

2 Days before Appt 2 - Called Comcast to confirm address and phone number.

Appt 2 - Technician never shows up between 11 and 2. Turns out he waited for me for 20 minutes AT THE WRONG HOUSE and called me twice ON THE WRONG NUMBERS. I called Comcast - somehow they got the two accounts mixed up and went to my old residence to install. But no worries - there are still appts available between 2 and 5 and between 5 and 8. Someone will be in touch within the next hour and come out.

3:30 called Comcast again. Someone should be with me in the next half hour.

5:40 called Comcast again. Nothing yet from the tech. Put in a note that customer called again.

7:30 called Comcast again. They probably won't be out tonight but we can't contact the technician. Someone will be back in touch within the next 48 hours.

9:00 called Comcast again. Rescheduled appt - earliest available 2 DAYS LATER.

Day of install (today) called Comcast to confirm information. Rep tells me I have two appts scheduled for today - one from 11-2for rewire, another from 2-5 for install. I ask can both be done at once. Rep says he thinks so - ask the installer when he gets there...

Resolution so far - Comcast offered to credit me for my installation fees - I suppose they think $20 is sufficient for wasting my time for almost a week.
Account #8220204121065903

Anonymous said...

For a couple of months now, Comcast's email server has been applying a primitive so-called anti-spam filter which blocks the receipt of ligitimate emails from thousands of European IPs. This is horrendous for e.g. sellers in the US who use comcast email addresses; US students trying to contact their families; potential customers of shops and other traders who use comcast email addresses and websites linked to comcast; etc.. because Europeans cannot contact them. So people with comcast email addresses who are expecting replies from Europeans can thank their provider for loss of business etc.
LIGITIMATE Emails sent from ligitimate email servers in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and other European countries are bounced back to the sender as "undeliverable". I have also lost business because people with comcast email addresses who have ordered stuff from me do not receive my replies with payment information.
This is an incredible state of affairs and for us in Europe with providers who apply efficient anti-spam measures can only shake our heads in amazement that a company such as comcast simply blocks thousands of IPs then pats itself on the back thinking it is using an efficient anti-spam system.
There is even a Guide about comcast on ebay warning users about it because it leads to poor feedback for "lack of communication".
My IP can't inform comcast of the problem because their emails bounce back as well !!!

One of these days, one of comcast's bigger customers is going to read this, realise that they are losing a LOT of export business and sue the pants of comcast. Good luck to them, I say !

Anonymous said...

We canceled our Comcast service and we received our final bill with a credit due to us. So now I wonder if they will send us a check. Cause i know for sure we aren't going back to them. We have ATT UVerse and we love it!!!! The picture is ten times better then Comcast and we have HD in every single TV in our home for one low price. They don't charge you for each box like Comcast. Their Customer Service has been great and the tech guy that came out to install was super nice and explained to us how to use all the features and it includes a T1 internet and we LOVE IT. So Comcast because of your bad service, bad services etc etc ( I could go on and on) you lost a customer. Yes it is only one customer but they shall be more.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? The prewire guy can't install (surprise, surprise...)
But I can certainly wait until the installer who is promised to be here by 2:00 arrives. Why when my appointment was initially set up did the rep not tell me it was for two different people at two different times?

Account #8220204121065903
I hate that a company with a monopoly has no incentive to provide customer service.

After being a loyal (and on-time paying) customer to Comcast for over 2 years, i made an amazing choice - I moved. I don't know if Comcast doesn't run into this much but installing my cable has so far become a nightmare.

After scheduling an appointment for an install for one of their customer friendly 3 hour windows, the installer showed up and proceeded to tell me that my apartment was prewired badly and that I would have to schedule another technichian to come out to wire it correctly. The next available appt - 4 DAYS LATER. I let the technician know to make note on my account that I will need a phone call 30 minutes prior to him arriving to make sure I'm there.

2 Days before Appt 2 - Called Comcast to confirm address and phone number.

Appt 2 - Technician never shows up between 11 and 2. Turns out he waited for me for 20 minutes AT THE WRONG HOUSE and called me twice ON THE WRONG NUMBERS. I called Comcast - somehow they got the two accounts mixed up and went to my old residence to install. But no worries - there are still appts available between 2 and 5 and between 5 and 8. Someone will be in touch within the next hour and come out.

3:30 called Comcast again. Someone should be with me in the next half hour.

5:40 called Comcast again. Nothing yet from the tech. Put in a note that customer called again.

7:30 called Comcast again. They probably won't be out tonight but we can't contact the technician. Someone will be back in touch within the next 48 hours.

9:00 called Comcast again. Rescheduled appt - earliest available 2 DAYS LATER.

Day of install (today) called Comcast to confirm information. Rep tells me I have two appts scheduled for today - one from 11-2for rewire, another from 2-5 for install. I ask can both be done at once. Rep says he thinks so - ask the installer when he gets there...

Resolution so far - Comcast offered to credit me for my installation fees - I suppose they think $20 is sufficient for wasting my time for almost a week.
Account #8220204121065903

Anonymous said...

Account# 8220188901480079

I had an appointment on March 5th to get two cablecards delivered and to have the sub-contractor take my HD/DVR box back to whence it came.

I travel 5-6 days per week and my family uses Comcast, not me.
I called well in advance to schedule an appointment for the only day I would be in town this week. I explained my situation to the Customer Service representative and she told me not to worry, everything would work out perfectly.
My situation was that I was arriving back in town on Wednesday morning and later that day I was planning on purchasing two new Tivo’s. I was told that the only appointment was available from 11-2. I told the service rep that I would not be able to pick up the Tivo’s by 11. I was reassured that the sub-contractor would leave the cards with me and I would be able install myself. I asked three times about this to clarify and make sure she was telling the truth. She told me that installing the cablecard was easy. You just put it in the Tivo, go to the config screen, call Comcast and give them two sets of numbers off of the TV screen. I accepted the 11-2 appointment.

On my appointment day, I waited for the sub-contractor to arrive. He arrived around 11:30 and only had one cablecard. He blamed it on customer service and he said that CS always screws things up. He said, “I am just a sub-contractor, Comcast really screws over their customer. Maybe you should switch to DirectTV. Their cheaper and have more Hi-Def channels”. I asked him to leave the cablecard he had and to drop the other one by later in the day. He called tech support and was told that he was not allowed to leave the cablecard with me. He said that he had to install it and he had to activate it. I was on the phone with customer service when he left. The sub-contractor said that there was nothing he could do and he had to get to his next appointment.

So, the first customer service rep lied to me. I can deal with that, but I do hold Comcast responsible. When customer service finally answered the phone the second time I spoke with a really nice lady that listened to my issue and apologized profusely. She stated that he should have left the cablecard and she would make sure he came back to my house today and make sure it was taken care of. She told me that if I did not get a call back from dispatch within 30 minutes, then to call back and my issue would be escalated immediately.
I waited 1 hour with no call. In this hour I went to Circuit City and bought my Tivo’s.
I called Customer Service back and I had to explain the whole story again in detail. The customer service rep could not find any notes left by the previous CS agent and she could not find any of the sub-contractors notes either. She kept telling me that I allegedly spoke with someone and the sub-contractor allegedly came to my house. I felt like she was calling me a liar. She said that none of my story made sense and she did not think she could help me. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she magically found notes in the system from my previous calls and even notes from the sub-contractor. After my story was 100% corroborated she busted out a MAJOR attitude with me. She kept asking me what I thought she could do about it. She told me that I should not have let the tech (not really a tech but a sub-contractor) leave my house and that it was my fault that I scheduled an appointment without having a Tivo. I tried to explain to her again, but it was useless. I again asked for her supervisor and she immediately transferred me into the voicemail of Mike Caldwell – Supervisor. I left Mr. Caldwell a voice message and asked him to call me back by a certain time. He did not return my call, so I called him again and left him a voicemail and asked him to please call me back to get the issue resolved. I did not receive a call back from Mr. Caldwell.
I decided to call customer service back one more time to try to get this taken care of. The CS agent was very nice and helpful as told me that dispatch was notified and I should have someone back at my house that day. It never happened.

I waited the rest of the day for a call and never received one. I called back on Thursday and scheduled another appointment for Saturday.

I am very dissatisfied with what happened. And I am hopeful this gets resolved.

I have been lied to, been called a liar and been treated very rudely. A supervisor did not call me back and I was left hanging all day waiting on a call from dispatch.

I am not sure why Comcast did all of this, but it would have been very easy to just tell me that I needed the Tivo onsite in order to install the cards.

To all of the other customers out there, make sure that you have the Tivo onsite prior to ordering a cablecard. Comcast will not allow you to set it up, even though it is very easy to do so.

Account# 8220188901480079

Anonymous said...

I live in Illinois and have had Insight services with only a few problems. Now Comcast has taken over and right away the internet stops working (even with their modem reset instructions), they say its my problem even though I had great service before them. They announce price increases in my area days after taking over and they don't even share with me how to get my new email address. I'm told the internet service is ran through Chicago (which is about 100
miles away)so the speed will be affected now. Insight BroadBand was the gold standard of ISP's and I did not even find any web sites that trashed Insight like Comcast gets trashed. Theres a reason for that and I'm finding this out the hard way. Read the local paper about this transition and the blog at the end.

Anonymous said...

Alienated forever, thanks so much for this blog.
1. No, I do not want to rent your boxes for 40 a month, yes I will buy them.
2. Yes, you cost a lot more then satellite and that hurts you.
3. I do not want all your packages, I only want a few channels and I really do not want to see the others ever, really I mean it. Can you make it so, really I know I will never watch the religion channel even if "he" appears at my front door. End this clutter
4. No, you can not have my phone service, because you have screwed up my cable and internet service for years. Lose my phone are you nuts?
5. Yes, the cable monopoly needs to be broken
6. Yes, I do dream of fiber optic to my door and would pay a thousand for it.
7. Yes the internet will replace you in time. I patiently await.
8. Sorry I live on netflicks/satellite now and it feels good
9. Yes comcast must die and the market will do it if you continue your ways. Hey you should pay me for telling you this, you might value it more.
10 Hey did you know your guys love to sit in trucks in my neighborhood for hours. A few like to sleep there on a regular basis. Maybe that is why every service call was late or no showed.

No problem I await the competive solution.

Anonymous said...

I have already posted my COMCAST nightmare (only one of many I've had over the years).

95% of this MONOPOLY nonsense would stop if the REPUGnicans were not in power. They receive HUGE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS from the same guys who brought us two ongoing botched wars and gasoline at $3.16.

Huge corporations make huge donations.

I can't wait for November and I'll NEVER EVER vote REPUGnican again.

Christopher said...

Acct # 09586 088967-06

Received a phone call from 'Judy' at Comcast in Memphis this morning, who immediately confronted my comments about her being hard to reach and unpleasant. Perhaps unpleasant was a bit much, but historically hard to reach via the local Comcast phone number, using the extention given to me (and from coporate), yes. In fairness to her, they have been having phone issues locally, which she probably has no control over. I refrained from apologizing on pricinple (as the customer of the maligned service, i should be on the receiving end of any apologies given, not the other way around).

Anyway, she said she would try to get a technician out today if I was available. I told her I can be home on 15 minutes notice.

Later this morning, I received a call from Mike Dixon at Comcast Corporate and we reviewed the issues I'm continuing to have.

I mentioned the fact that someone from Comcast copied Judy in on an email copy of this blog and evendently my comments hurt her feelings. I commented to him on how that probably wasn't a good idea on Comcast's part since she is apparently the only local person who can handle the resolution of my service issues (don't bite the master's hand).

The technician came out while I was at work and found the following problems outside of the house: 1) Ancient wire drop from the pole to the house 2) Said wire drop was completely chewed up at the pole.

He called me to advise that he would come back by this afternoon if I was available and check for problems in the house.

He arrived at 1:00 and found that the installation in the living room was done improperly (Cable Modem and 2 TVs on a Comcast splitter sharing the same wall outlet) and a bad splitter in the attic. The Cable Modem and router were moved to a separate outlet in my office and the 3-way splitter in the living room was removed. The splitter in the attic was replaced (all of these splitters had been changed by prior technicians).

As a result of these changes, I went from having 30% packet loss to no packet loss. I went from having a signal of -18.5 dBmV to -8.3 dBmV, which is still slightly out of tolerance, but deemed 'acceptable' due to a wireless router on the line.

My cable TV picture is the clearest it has ever been.

And the technician, Renaldo Taylor was awesome. He was friendly, on time, and determined to make things right and took the time to explain everything he was doing along the way. He was also very candid about the very obvious nature of the problems and not sure why the other technicians didn't immediately fix them.

Comcast, if you're listening, give the guy a raise! You need more technicians like him.

That said, Comcast was very responsive to this blog (thanks Bob), and I got a level of service better than I have ever received from a telecom company as a result of it. Renaldo was excellent, and Mike Dixon at corporate was very patient and understanding.

The expectation remains the same though...if I have to call Comcast about a service issue again in 2008, I'm jumping ship. I shouldn't have to beg for a service I'm paying for.


Genevieve said...

Acct. No. 05613 294504 14
I just want to's so damned frustrating! I made an install appointment 3 weeks in advance so it would coincide with our move to a new place. Nobody showed, nobody called, and I guarantee someone was there all day long. Four calls later (all made by me on cellphone) I have to threaten to cancel my account before a tech shows up (with no uniform, badge, truck ID, etc.) without warning and announces he will install the cable/internet/phone. Since we didn't know he was coming, and the manager's office was closed, there was no way to get into the locked room where the technical stuff is kept. I got lucky and called the contractor who built the place and he still had a key. But what a waste. The tech found that there was NO SERVICE at all coming in. More calls, more delay, finally a contractor fixes the cut cable and we get cable tv and internet, but not some channels, and NO PHONE. My kids had a serious medical emergency on Sunday night,(they live 1500 miles away) but could not reach us because we HAVE NO PHONE. My cell phone battery was low and I had turned it off to save it. I called again, same runaround, apologies, etc. Still no phone, no on demand.

FIOS, I am looking forward to seeing your installer later this month.

Surge said...

Well my story starts with my internet being intermittent if I'm lucky when i get home from work it might work or if not let's try tommorrow. In the past 2 1/2 weeks i've reset my modem over 60 or 80 times and well reboot my pc let's not even start.
I've called Comcast about 15 or 19 times, and well let's see... they do the normal troubleshoot. Unplug the modem, pull the power cable out than shut the pc off for about a minute than boot the pc and than the modem and oohhh let's also clear the internet temporary files. Yet it doesn't work. That's all no more support oh and they state they can't see my modem on their end, gee lady duh that's what i said the internet is down. If you could see it chances are my internet is working.
Well than comes scheduling a tech to come out, well so far it's been 6 different techs. Which by the way most of the times the day they come or at the time there here it works. The sad part is that for $42.99 i should only being paying per the hour cause my bill would be about -$42.99. Cause my internet works for a bit, and than it's down than it comes back on it's own and bamm it's down again. Oh and if i download music or movies during the times if comes back on, it resets my modem.
Know on to the techs that have come to check on the situation, they've replace the splitter 3 times, and each of them tell me that whoever put that there should've known that the splitter they provided previously sucks and replaced it with another, than another guy comes and tells the same story that the splitter sucks. I even had one guy explain to me that he was replacing the cable because it's worn out, yet the previous guy was the one who put the cable there. Than the last guy what a joke, told me that the cable rolled around in the box within the wall, should not be bent so he took it out of the wall, and he connected it to his juke network tester and said look the db's are better, hello i never saw the original one he just said take my word for it... it's better. That same night it went down, gee again. Oh and by the way the easy thing to everything is to blame my WCG200 modem, they need to take responsibility. It's comcast! Well feel free to comment

Joe said...

New Comcast # 8798510010264155

Alas, I am once a again back in the folds of Comcast's head-lock. As of March 1, my service is officially Comcast. As of March 1, I no longer have service. My experiences in the chat and phone support have been futile. I used to get local insight rep on the phone. Now I get a call center in who knows where. The insight tech who was eventually dispatched to my house was friendly and effective. Granted, he was sent on the wrong day, but he came back after I got home. Comcast has been given my last hour of PTO back in my days in the Windy Suburbs. New problems cropped up within 2 hours of the tech leaving. Comcast now tells me that the next tech that can be scheduled outside normal daytime business hours is on Sat. March 15th. 2+ weeks of downtime, and the chat rep can't promise I'm not getting billed during that time. Swell. Not that big of a deal. I won't miss the local Illinois games, since I can't get the Big Ten Network on Comcast. If I was getting a new install, I suspect I would have someone here THIS Saturday. Truthfully, I could put a DISH Network system in a couple of times between now and then. Tack onto all of this the fact that I am still fighting with them over the return of hardware from my last residence in the Chicago market. This to the tune of several hundred dollars. They acknowledge that they have the gear, but they can't confirm the date of return, and nobody can seem to find a phone number for the service center it was returned to.

It's a state sanctioned monopoly. Illinois legsilators want to get involved to force a resolution to the Comcast Big Ten issue. Ordinarily, I don't like to see legislators try to solve this sort of thing, but I am also getting sick of having to scalp tickets to see games here in my own town.

Anyway, I am sick of dealing with it for tonight. Thank God I can still get my local public radio channel over the air.

Anonymous said...

Account Number 0172211279103

So in January I signed up for the comcast triple play. Since signing up, my phone service hasn't worked correctly. The bulk of the problems were resolved within the first 72 hours,however one annoying problem still remains.

My phone will not accept calls from landlines/analog phones. Cellphones and digital office phones work just fine, but everyone else gets the error message, "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please recheck the number and call again."I have missed multiple phone calls because of this issue.

Comcast has been out to my house twice and has promised both times to have the issue resolved within 72 hours. Yet, the issue still remains.

At this point I want two things:

1. I want my phone to work correctly

2. I want a 100% refund for the time my phone hasn't been working properly. I work from home and I've been forced to take calls on my cellphone. Last month, I went over my minutes.

Fix my phone comcast, just fix it!

Anonymous said...

uh oh. Received the Comcast Security call today. This first and only warning. I had this call before from previous addresses i know the drill, but played dumb and left with just warning. YES i do use what they call 'excessive' bandwidth, because i pay for it. NO i don't want unlimited service i just want what is advertised. 6mbit/s = 1.99TB on a 30 day month. Actually i only want about 1/2 that a month. But anyway, Rep guy says I should cut back on gaming. WTF? I can't game on Comcast 'too much'. It was thrown at him that i use xbox live just as an excuse. But i have to cut back at that because im not allowed to game with what they consider 'too much'. But anyway DSL will sound nice in another 30 days.

bmfc1 said...

I have the "Triple Play" and in the past week, the following has occurred:

TV--while watching a game, I did the normal thing during a commercial and changed the channel. The DVR froze for several minutes on the next channel and I ended up missing a little of the game I was watching;

I wrote to Comcast to ask when we were getting CNN-HD, like our neighboring counties. The online chat people said that I was directed to the wrong place and when I was switched, the person had no idea what I was talking about;

Phone--my phone service went out for 15 minutes;

The next day, my calls had echoes;

Internet--my internet went out for a short while.

None of the above are catastrophes but all are annoying as heck. However, when I called to add service (MLB Extra Innings), somebody answered right away and was polite. They are great at taking money but far from great at fulfilling their service obligations. Every time something occurs, I should get a credit on my account but we know that this would never happen.

Anonymous said...

News Story:
Comcast if buying back stock and boosting dividends in an effort to boost is sagging share prices.

The big wigs are feathering their nests because they know their reign is coming to an end. Long Live the Geek! Get on the FIOS waiting list, go to

mendedheart said...

This is account number 09518 160925 02 7. I posted my first comment/complaint here one week ago on March 2.

Reason for that first post: I was frustrated that a replacement converter box from Comcast, one I had just picked up at the local Comcast office, didn't work. When I called Customer Service, I was told a tech would have to visit to authorize the start up signal to the replacement box.

Per the phone rep, when I'd picked up the new box at the Comcast office, the serial number of the new box had not been entered into Comcast records. Their records still showed the serial number of my old converter box.

But...I'd gone to Comcast on a Saturday, so that I would not have to miss work waiting at home for a Comcast Service Call! In other words, I'd wasted time on Saturday visiting the Comcast office to avoid a tech visit, and now was being told that I needed a tech visit afterall.

In my first post on March 2, I also complained about previous work hours I'd lost waiting for Comcast installation visits. In addition, I complained about surprise charges on my first bill and the lack of clear information about Comcast products and services on the web and elsewhere.

Well, here's the good news:

On March 3, the Monday after my March 2 post, I came home to a phone message left by a rep in the Comcast "Executive Customer Care" office. Because it was a very busy week for me (and having the luxury cable TV is not high on my list of priorities), I did not call the rep back until Friday. Between Monday and Friday, the rep left two more messages, and sent a letter, dated March 6, saying she was having trouble contacting me.

I do appreciate these efforts to contact me, and when I did talk with the rep, she was courteous and empathic, and she seemed very genuine. The right person for this higher track of customer service.

Clearly, "Comcast Must" is a direct line to a higher level of Customer Service at Comcast.

I will post more later about the unfolding situation. Must get to church.

Anonymous said...

I recently added phone to my Comcast services of internet and TV. It took them 3 trips to my home get the phone installed.

After the phone was completely installed, I called to explain that I had lost over 5 hours of my time and had paid a higher charge to the existing supplier. I also told them it was difficult to track there invoice. I requested a comprehensive detailed invoice and someone to call me to review it so I could pay it properly.

I never received the detail I requested no did I receive a call. What did happen was that Comcast suspended my service leaving me on a weekend without TV. That is really interesting as if someone has looked, they would have seen that the Comcast bill for this account has not had a problem for 14 years.

I cleared the suspension and requested that I be called by Comcast management. That did not happen. I called today and spoke to an agent who would not listen and basically told me that I was the problem in the phone transfer - something the Comcast people at the time of the transfer said was their problem. She made a token offer to ease my pain but after she would not give me a chance to talk, it seems too little too late.

I believe that Comcast was given every chance to address and rectify problems created by their administration. I don't know any alternative other than to look for alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Here is a transcript of a recent chat I had about an unannounced $5.00 charge on my bill for porting my number over from my local RBOC. Things get interesting about half-way through the chat session:

user Jeffrey_ has entered room

jeffrey(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:04:41 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

i have a question regarding a charge on my recent bill

analyst Phillip has entered room

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:04:46 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Hello Jeffrey_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Phillip. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:04:56 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

One minute please, Jeffrey, while I check a few things.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:07:04 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Ok, what is the charge in question, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:08:02 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

The $5.00 number change charge on 2/15. I was never notified that there would be such a charge during all of my inquiries about porting my number. As a result I would like to ask that this charge be removed since it was never disclosed to me at the time of my request to port my number.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:08:27 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

One minute please.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:11:27 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Ok, I reversed the charge. Just remember, in the future, whenever you make any changes to services on your account, including adding or removing features, there will likely be a service charge applied, Ok?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:12:43 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

I appreciate it, thank you. However I do not appreciate the nickle & diming by Comcast. I would also appreciate that all charges be disclosed clearly & upfront at the time of the request so I as a consumer can make an educated decision.

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:13:30 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

I feel that changes to service must be factored into Comcasts's cost of doing business. If I was to nickle & dime my customers, I wouldn't have any customers!

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:15:47 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

I understand your perspective. Perhaps you can try and understand the reverse. Lets take, for example, a number change. Even if a technician appointment is not required, when a phone number is changed, several switches have to be reset. A skilled technician has to perform that function.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:17:38 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

If a phone number change was free, they would be spending most of their time doing that since customers would be doing it on a whim whenever they felt like it.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:18:50 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Do you send items to customers in your business?

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:20:07 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Are you still there Jeffrey?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:20:48 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Yes, I'm here. Yes, I do things on behalf of my clients.

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:21:26 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

However, I do equate everthing into a fixed amount. The last thing I want is for my clients to feel like they are being nickled & dimed. I rather feel that they are getting value from me as that is how customers are kept.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:21:34 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

If you send items to customers, do you charge a shipping and handling fee?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:22:22 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

no, it's already factored in as the cost of doing business.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:23:51 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Ok, and what do you think the monthly service charge that your phone would be if every possible service charge was factored in?

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:24:23 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

You might have one or two factored in, but what if there were 100 or more?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:25:20 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

At that point then you would need to deal with that "problem client". However one bad apple should not ruin it for everyone else.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:27:27 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Well, I do not make those decisions. I can give you the corporate mailing address if you wish?

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:28:14 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Jeffrey_(Sun Mar 09 2008 16:28:41 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

I appreciate your help today. Thank you.

Phillip(Sun Mar 09 2008 18:28:42 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

Thank You for chatting in today Jeffrey, and have a good evening!

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mendedheart said...

This is account 09518 160925 02 7.

Continuing with my post from this morning, here is the current state of my Comcast triple play services.

Digital voice: OK, except for a two hour phone outage Saturday night, 3/8, due presumably to 60 mph winds in the region. (Used 24 minutes on my cellphone - cost $2.40 - with a very pleasant phone rep.)

Broadband: OK, except for the two hour internet outage last night, due presumably to high winds.

Cable TV: Still busted. For my Full Standard Service ("FSS") package with digital HBO, Starz and Showtime, I now only have On Demand, including HBO On Demand. I do not have any of my hundreds of other contracted channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, BRAVO, regular HBO (rather than On Demand) and all the rest.

Nonetheless, last night, after the wind related two hour outages ended, I was very happy to use HBO On Demand to catch up on last week's episodes of HBO's "In Treatment" - the ones I'd missed while my HBO and ON demand HBO were out all week, along with the rest on my contracted channels.

So in essense, my trip to the Comcast office on 3/1 to pick up a new converter box, followed by my posting to this site on 3/2 and a tech visit to my house yesterday 3/8 to fire up the box, regained me access to HBO On Demand, but did not regain me access to my regular channels.

However, I did learn some things that may be important in the long run.

Regarding the specifics of my cable TV problem - the techs who visted Saturday 3/8 checked the new converter box and said that the signal strength coming into it was very low, less then 0, if I understood correctly.

The techs got another converter box from their truck, hooked it up, spent lots of time on hold with the Comcast office, and finally received the signal necessary to fire up my tv channels through this, my third converter box. At this point, I did have access to all my channels! But...

The techs and I discussed the fact than when my condo community was built in the early 1980's, it got the first cable TV in my city. So the cable in my unit was old, with sufficient capacity for analog signals, but maybe not enough for digital, according to the techs. In the early 1980's, installers had run cable to each of three bedrooms and to the living room. This means that the cable signal coming from outside the condo unit is split within the unit 4 ways (again, if I understand correctly).

The techs wanted to remove the splitters going to the three bedrooms, so that the signal running into the living room, where my main TV is located, would not be siphoned away to the other unused cable outlets in the bedrooms. They felt this would improve signal strength to the living room.

They warned that the converter box would probably stop working after a while, because of the weak signal, unless the splitters were removed.

At that point, having spent all of Saturday morning waiting for the techs, then dealing with the techs, I declined having the splitters removed. Afterall, at this point, early Saturday afternoon, we had all our channels!

I agreed that at some time in the next few weeks I would schedule a return visit to remove the splitters. The techs, who were very nice, left.

By sunset, all our channels were gone again. The dialog box on the TV acreen says "will be available shortly," but not so.

So, I am currently wondering whether I have the energy and time to keep puzzling this through.

I have been researching signal amplifiers on the web. Perhaps a $40.00 Motorola amplifier from Amazon can boost the signal to the latest converter box, so that Comcast techs won't have to remove splitters from cable outlets in my bedrooms, as I lose income watching them.

Or maybe I just want basic cable with an analog signal - forget about digital and HBO until 2009.

Or maybe the Comcast signal to my neighborhood is weak because of too many customers nearby or maybe there are problems with the outside cable lines. In that case, the splitter removal may not work, or will only work for a short time.

And I ask myself, how come that very nice guy from Comcast who installed my first converter box in January 08, how come that guy never told me about this weak signal problem?

And why is it that Comcast broadband and digital voice work ok in my house, despite the old cable and splitters, but digital cable tv doesn't?

To my husband I say, maybe I need to become a cable tech, work for Comcast, learn all about cable, figure out this technical stuff. At the same time, with my background in social work, corporate law, community organizing, my interest in organizational development, business and history, my writing ability - maybe I can figure out this whole Comcast monopoly, make-hay-while-the-regulatory-sun-shines approach to earning short term profits as fast as you can before rapidly changing media technology makes your business obsolete in less years than fingers on one hand.

My husband laughs.

What else have a learned since my first post here just one week ago?

I'll write more later about my bill - if I find the time.

Tomorrow or the next day, I'll call the helpful Executive Customer Care rep. Maybe she will have some clear answers to my questions.

mendedheart said...

Account 09518 160925 02 7

Reading my 2 posts from earlier today, I realize that I forgot to thank the Executive Customer Care Rep, who contacted me after my first post a week ago. This rep did offer to send the signal needed to fire up the swapped converter box I'd picked up at the Comcast office, so that I could avoid a tech service visit, if possible. When I told her I would not be home that evening to deal with Comcast on the phone, she immediately arranged a tech service visit for the next morning, a Saturday. So, posting here has helped some. I am waiting to see how it all turns out. See my previous post, if you can stand to read thru the excruciatingly boring details.

Shannon Kish said...

So, Yay for this site. Through this site, only a day after posting my 2nd or 3rd comment, I received yet another call from a Local Comcast Exec. Unfortunately, this is yet another person who has been unable to help me with one of my MANY problems with Comcast.

So, Good Job Comcast! As soon as I have another option for Cable and Internet, I will be switching!

Anonymous said...

everytime i have ever called comcast they have been jerks! whew that felt good.. well anyway everyone should know there is a big lawsuit against comcast(hooray) because of a new system that supposively limits internet usage. If you play games like halo 3 and get booted from games randomely you should be happy about this lawsuit because it may fix the prob. Comcast recently started using a new technology called sandvine that prevents peer to peer networking. I am glad someone is finally pinning them down on something!
oh and they are also getting sued for false advertising I believe

Anonymous said...

Account Number: 8770100146905624

I have canceled all my account with Comcast in Feb 2008, and has paid the last bill. Today, Mar 10 2008, I got a notice on my email that a new bill has been posted to my account. Upon contacting customer service, Brian (the CSR name) told me that I'll have to pay for it, then say that the bill will go away by itself. He doesn't seem to know what going on. Comcast, care to explain ?

mendedheart said...

It's interesting to reread everyone's comments. I think it might help Comcast if the company put clear information on its own website about services and service issues. We blog writers are a fairly literate bunch and I think would make good use of clear and accurate written materials. In fact, my impression is that the front line people at Comcast also need these clear written materials (and on-going training) to better answer customer concerns. In general, the impression I get from all these posts and from my own experience is that Comcast is signing up customers as fast as possible, that it's all about SALES, SALES, SALES even before the infrastructure for service delivery is sound. Yes - I guess I'm stating the obvious. But I do find this an interesting business model - very frontloaded, with relatively little concern for customer satisfaction and retention. A freewheeeling jugernaut of CSR's and techs, the front line service delivery people, working as well as poossible, given the thin and undertalented management structure, overloaded cable infrastructure and, in too many instances, poor product quality. I am wondering about the possibilities for new boutique cable companies, offering cable packages tailored more closely to customer needs, e.g., no 100s of unwanted channels, just the ones you want, plus sterling customer support...I'm wondering what legal avenues exist to get these sorts of competetive options in play.

QuizMasterChris said...

Account # 0956523987003

I was able to go over to my local Comcast center & pick up a check for $712, reimbursing me for lost work time, cellphone bill and interest for overpaying.

I highly suggest that people post here w/ acct. #, and hold out for actual reimbursement for any damages that you suffer as a result of lost service and especially lies regarding appointment times.

Thanks Bob for the site! Maybe if enough people go this route, and poor service ends up costing them more than us, things will seriously start to change.

Anonymous said...

Update #2:
Got a phone call from Corporate - my problem is taken care of. Billing restitution, services working and new tech to be sent to look at my new internet issue. The blog works and I appreciate the fast response to my problem. I have never had issues with them before so hopefully this was just a blip in service.

Guess what? The prewire guy can't install (surprise, surprise...)
But I can certainly wait until the installer who is promised to be here by 2:00 arrives. Why when my appointment was initially set up did the rep not tell me it was for two different people at two different times?

Account #8220204121065903
I hate that a company with a monopoly has no incentive to provide customer service.

After being a loyal (and on-time paying) customer to Comcast for over 2 years, i made an amazing choice - I moved. I don't know if Comcast doesn't run into this much but installing my cable has so far become a nightmare.

After scheduling an appointment for an install for one of their customer friendly 3 hour windows, the installer showed up and proceeded to tell me that my apartment was prewired badly and that I would have to schedule another technichian to come out to wire it correctly. The next available appt - 4 DAYS LATER. I let the technician know to make note on my account that I will need a phone call 30 minutes prior to him arriving to make sure I'm there.

2 Days before Appt 2 - Called Comcast to confirm address and phone number.

Appt 2 - Technician never shows up between 11 and 2. Turns out he waited for me for 20 minutes AT THE WRONG HOUSE and called me twice ON THE WRONG NUMBERS. I called Comcast - somehow they got the two accounts mixed up and went to my old residence to install. But no worries - there are still appts available between 2 and 5 and between 5 and 8. Someone will be in touch within the next hour and come out.

3:30 called Comcast again. Someone should be with me in the next half hour.

5:40 called Comcast again. Nothing yet from the tech. Put in a note that customer called again.

7:30 called Comcast again. They probably won't be out tonight but we can't contact the technician. Someone will be back in touch within the next 48 hours.

9:00 called Comcast again. Rescheduled appt - earliest available 2 DAYS LATER.

Day of install (today) called Comcast to confirm information. Rep tells me I have two appts scheduled for today - one from 11-2for rewire, another from 2-5 for install. I ask can both be done at once. Rep says he thinks so - ask the installer when he gets there...

Resolution so far - Comcast offered to credit me for my installation fees - I suppose they think $20 is sufficient for wasting my time for almost a week.
Account #8220204121065903

Anonymous said...

Customer #8798300017201602

I have Digital Cable and wireless internet through Comcast and have since February of 2006. My laptop sits just 5 feet away from the wireless router, yet it has a terrible signal! The laptop is new, I have a new Linksys modem and a router that was also purchased within the last year.

When I complain to Comcast about the crappy service I pay a ton of money for, they tell me its the modem's fault. I call the modem company and am told its the cable company's fault. I call them back. This time it is the router's fault. I call the router company - they blame the cable company.

Two different companies attribute my problems to Comcast, yet each time I address it with them, they find another entity to blame. I am not one of the people constantly downloading music or streaming videos, so they would have no reason to (illegally) limit my bandwidth. My network is locked and never has more than two computers on it at a time.

When I call Comcast, I try to head off their silly "solutions" by having already done them. I will power cycle my modem, router and restart my computer - yet despite being told of my proactive steps, they make me do it again. And really - I don't pay for service that I have to manually jumpstart (though none of those solutions ever do anything but waste my time). I pay for the ability to be "surfing at broadband speed" and I'll tell ya what - broadband speed is definitely NOT what I am surfing at! I'm limping along at a speed similar to an ant going uphill. Not impressive.

In addition, my "digital" cable is always pixilating! But they "can't do anything about that" since its not happening at the very specific moment I call. Thanks for the effort.

To add insult to injury since October of 2007, my bill has been getting higher, bit by bit! My cable TV fees have increased by $5 in those 5 months - I'm afraid of what it will be in another 5! What happened to benefits for loyal customers?!

Comcast, I am not happy with your service, nor your customer service. Teach your techs to stop interrupting the people who ultimately provide their salary. Appraise them of the fact they are not demi-gods and cannot treat people like scum. Lying has economic repercussions in the business world - namely a lack of customers in the future.

Anonymous said...

So let's add this to the list of complaints.


My girlfriend and I moved to another county and had to cancel our Triple Play "contract" with Comcast and renew. Okay, I'll have to only because Verizon Fios isn't available as of now. Well after scheduling an install appointment we sat patiently waiting the service tech. The window was from 10 to 2. He decided to show up at a prompt 2:03. SWEET! The guy makes me wait because as he said, "I forgot the most important item in the job". So after 45 minutes he drags tail into my apartment. We talk about details and I notice that he absolutely stinks. His B.O. had B.O. It did wonders for my apartment's brand new carpet. So after he does the install a notice the piss poor wiring job in my bedroom. He went around the entire bedroom with coax to a spot 3 feet from the cable outlet. I'm pissed because I originally offered a better alternative. Not only did he screw that bedroom up but he screwed the next. I have a 10 month old. Why would anyone need 4 ft of extra cord hanging loose? Why did the cabling around the door frame look as if my infant installed it? So I'm ready to sign the paperwork so he can leave. You what? Can't find the paperwork. I could only expect this much.

So after talking to Comcast's superb CSRs. We schedule another service tech visit specifically asking not to send the same guy as he was horrible. I think we know what's next, right? Right, "Hey, Service Tech guy didn't expect to see you again". Same guy.

So after getting new remotes because he gave us remotes with old instructions from 5/2003. Yea, nothing worked. And now my HD-DVR box is on the fritz.

Comcast if you don't get your act together I'm gonna divorce you.
Forever. Your pricing and service techs speak to your customers. We don't like what we're hearing. As soon as Verizon is available I'll be blogging here from a Verizon IP.
Watching TV through good ole cable IP.

Anonymous said...

since im a kid i like to watch cartoon network there making us swich to digital and taking away from me. how can someone do that to me. there also taking away my dads history channl,my history teacher is a jerckwad so i dont learn any thing i depend on the tvfor infomation.they are just like the I.R.S. I hope they die a slow horible death

Luke Shipley said...

Giving credit where it's due....

I posted with my billing fiasco and got on the horn to the Exec office. They called me within two days and negotiated the bill with me and apologized for their rude/misinformed CSR's.

I wasn't completely happy with the resolution, but they weren't either and that's usually;y the sign of a good deal- mutual dislike of the terms.

Management, thanks for doing something

Anonymous said...

For Christmas we bought a HD TiVo and we have been trying since then to get the two cable cards required for the system to record in HD and receive the whole spectrum of channels. Six no-show service calls later I have been concentrating on my local Comcast office in Alexanadria, Va., in the hope that more personal contact might be more successful. The receptionist took some interest at first and tried to connect me with a technical supervisor but that failed. I managed to make contact with the governmental liason, Tammy Watkins, who said she'd let me know when a new supply of cards came in and arrange an appointment, but now she seems to be avoiding my calls. People are polite but terribly inconsistent in their information. When I complained to Ms. Watkins about the lack of a system, she said there was a waiting list for the cards "and you're pretty far down on it." That's fine with me, if I could find someone to tell me they were keeping track and they'd call me when my turn came. But it's all very passive aggressive, with bland promises and no follow-through. I'm on the verge of sending back the TiVo and gritting my teeth until FiOS arrives in my neighborhood.

TWalker422 said...

I signed up for Digital Preferred Cable and Internet via the Internet at a price of $63.60 and Internet for $19.95 (promo price for 6 months - then it changes to $42.95). When I called to schedule the appt the person I spoke with told me that he could give me a different promo price that would be better ($33 for the Cable and $33 for the Internet). I hesitated and he said that it was a much better deal so I told him ok. I called today to add the DVR Service that and I was told that the DVR service is not available for the plan that I signed up with...she said it was only available for the "Digital Preferred" and I had the "Digital Starter" plan. I explained that I ordered the Digital Preferred plan...then I went through explaining that when I called to schedule the installation that the person talked me into this "better deal". I then told them that I would really like what I originally signed up for...she advised that she could do that but she would not be able to give me the Internet for 19.95 for 6 months because that was only available for NEW customers (even though I have only had the service since Saturday) and the agent misrepresented himself. All I want is what I originally signed up for...needless to say after talking to about 3 people and chatting with an Internet Customer Service person I am now on the $63.90 Digital Preferred Cable and $42.95 (+3.00 Modem Rental) Internet Plan. I was told by one agent today that he would correct all of this however it has not been corrected. I am so frustrated and it just doesn't seem fair.

I really would like the service plan that I was promised...either the $33 Cable (with Digital Preferred Plan) and the $33 Internet or the Digital Preferred Plan at $63.60 and the Internet at the promo price of $19.95 for 6 months (then it will change to $42.95). I do not think this is much to ask... A company should not be able to misrepresent a package and get away with it...either way I welcome a response.

I have also opened a case with the Memphis BBB but I do not expect much to come from this.

Comcast Cable Account# 43169605
Comcast Memphis, TN

Ernie said...

Account # 8495290024755151 Well this morning when i turned on my PC I did not have any Internet connection. So I called 800# to have them know about the problem.
The customer CSR asked what type of Modem was i using, becasue her system was not showing a modem on my account (MOTOROLA SB5120). So i told her that everytime I loose connection my modem wont show on their system,so she stated that I need it to use one of their Modem,(yea right) and was going to send out a technician between 8am-10am on 3/12/08. Well after giving her a few tips on how to set up my Modem on her system, my internet connection came back on, but she told me that my internet signal was weak, and was still going to sent out a technician on 03/12/08. With all these Contractors not showing on time or not showing at all, I think that they wont show up. I had the same problem in past just like everyone in here, where the tech never shows up. I'll be waiting for the Tech on 3/12 see if he comes by....I'll keep veryone updated...

Pegasys said...

a call from comcast after you blog'd here ??? ill believe it when it happens to me -=)> check this out, and ty to out host for the forum CSR's....
i would love to discuss how to manage a computer network with anyone that may call

Pegasys said...

Customer #8798540480113525

Anonymous said...

Account number: 09529 278208-03

I don't know if this story will sound bad compared to others on this blog, but basically it makes me so angry that I cannot concentrate. I am on hold with Comcast right now in an attempt to speak to a supervisor -- I am sure many of you are familiar with their "jazzy" music. (it has only been about 50 minutes on the phone so far which is nothing for them). They did not want to leave me on hold and told me someone would call me within 24 hours, but I have heard that 2 times already in this process and have never received a call. They probably will not take me off of hold anyway, so I don't know why I am bothering.

Anyway, for over 3 weeks we have been missing about 40 of our channels. They say "This channel will be available momentarily," but they never are. They are not obscure channels either -- it is all the ones we watch: CNN, Comedy Central, etc. By the way, our monthly bill is about $165 with internet and phone -- obscenely expensive when you consider that we don't have functioning cable service.

Two weekends ago, we had a service call scheduled for Saturday 2-5. At about 7:30 pm, after calling all day, we were told that there had been a mix up and the tech wasn't coming. We rescheduled for Sunday 11-2. At 4:30 the guy shows up and tells us he can't fix the problem because it is a weak signal coming in from the pole. He says he will refer it to the appropriate person and that it will be fixed by that Tuesday (2 weeks ago.)

Obviously, nothing changed, so I have continued to call from time to time over the past two weeks. Last night I sppoke to someone who said my service "ticket" had been cancelled because someone had come out and "fixed" the problem at the pole. I assured him that it had not been fixed. He then revealed that I had been charged $24.99 for some service call last week that I never knew about and if it occurred outside the house, it didn't work. That is when I almost lost it.

So now no one can tell me anything about what the problem is and why it is so hard for them to fix. I guess I will just switch to RCN which is available at my address, but my preference is that Comcast will get their act together and actually provide the service that they have contracted for so I don't have to go through the aggravation.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I am not hopeful for a resolution, but at least I feel temporarily better after venting. Thanks for any advice.

Katy said...

Re acct # 04418 878006-05-9

In the interest of giving credit when credit is due, I am VERY pleased to report that I got my final statement from Comcast today and they have fixed my bill. The final amount that they now say we owe matches what I calculated that we owed. This amounted to almost $300 in our favor. Thank you so much for providing this site, in my case (and many others, it seems) it got my point across quickly and efficiently.

Anonymous said...

I am going to small claims court against Comcast next week. I'm wondering if I should instead try to find a class action suit that might be in the works against Comcast. Here's what happened to prompt my suit. Comcast came out to my house to change our land line service from Verizon to Comcast. In the process, Comcast wiped out our e-mail accounts, including our address books and folders. I lost all of my clients' e-mail addresses and their e-mails containing documents that I edited and/or wrote. When I filed a complaint with Comcast, they accused me of violating my agreement with them not to use my account for business purposes. I never knew about this stipulation or that there is such a thing as a Comcast business account. The fine print on the back of the work order is miniscule. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any class action suits on this topic?

Anonymous said...

I'm scheduled to go to small claims court against Comcast next week. Instead, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a class action suit that I should pursue. Here's what happened. I had Comcast come out to our house to change our land line phone from Verizon to Comcast for the "bundled" advantage. In the process, Comcast wiped out our e-mail accounts, including all of my clients' e-mail addresses and all of our folders. When I complained to Comcast, they said I was in violation of the agreement I signed with them not to use my account for business purposes. I never knew about such a stipulation. The back of the work order contains fine print that is too miniscule for the average person to read, much less understand without a lawyer present. Does anyone know of a class action suit that I could join? I'm sure this has happened to others.

Pegasys said...

I see now that I'm just another victim in a long line of Comcast incompetency . I have been building computers for almost 20 years and a Sattelite Technician and WiFi Broadband installation tech. Recently to my dismay Comcast took over our perfectly working and wonderful BB service and life has been hell ever since . It seems that after numerous local service phone calls and a larger # of so called Tech-Support sessions , ComCast is unable to control thier own services when they malfunction and start blaming the customer for erratic internet service . This actually happened to me this past week. So far, thier tech came out and spent 2 hours rewiring and swapping out cable modem to no avail .

Finding Comcast's Corporate Headquarters Customer Service phone # was too easy , no disrespect to this sites host intended . For those of you who have been victimized , I have the number: 1.215.665.1700 You can expect to get a corporate representative with a smooth voice and will hear you , but then we all know the difference between hearing and listening. After reciting my litany of problems , i was assured by the representative i would be contacted that day by a senior technical adviser , apologizing the whole time we talked . Guess what .... no call .

The problem is a simple one to anyone who knows their way even basically in the behind the scenes but little talked about way in which internet traffic is routed. I have had the same dynamic ip for almost 6 weeks . I have to no avail tried to drop the lease and renew it using the standard dos prompt and via my home network router . Insight had no trouble with this task, that is automatically taken care of every time you cycle your cable modem and or PC together .
Every representative whether scripted or not says the same thing , YES it is a problem , and no its not possible for that to happen . Hence the blaming me and my 3 different operating systems , including Vista 64bit .

If I had access to the NOC { network operating center } I could solve the problem on my own in a couple keystrokes , by terminating the lease and forcing the reset of the cable modem and PC . But according to Comcast they cant even do it because they have no control over it . How stupid does Comcast think I am . I can at will kill any connection to my network for any reason at anytime. Why can't Comcast control thier own network ? and troubleshoot their own equipment ? I'm open for reasons , but they better be revolutionary. So much time for so small a problem is simply mind blowing . So as soon as I'm done venting here , I will Hit the phone AGAIN and simply refuse to pay my bill until the problem is solved . I encourage anyone here to NOT PUT UP WITH COMCAST INCOMPETENCY , and use the number i provided in addition to relentless complaints until they solve your problem . Do not let a corporate or lower level individual dismiss your concerns .
Posted by Pegasys at 8:10 AM

Pegasys said...

comcast customer #8798.54.048.0113525
sounds kind of ominous doesn't it heres my story :
I see now that I'm just another victim in a long line of Comcast incompetency . I have been building computers for almost 20 years and a Sattelite Technician and WiFi Broadband installation tech. Recently to my dismay Comcast took over our perfectly working and wonderful BB service and life has been hell ever since . It seems that after numerous local service phone calls and a larger # of so called Tech-Support sessions , ComCast is unable to control thier own services when they malfunction and start blaming the customer for erratic internet service . This actually happened to me this past week. So far, thier tech came out and spent 2 hours rewiring and swapping out cable modem to no avail .

Finding Comcast's Corporate Headquarters Customer Service phone # was too easy , no disrespect to this sites host intended . For those of you who have been victimized , I have the number: 1.215.665.1700 You can expect to get a corporate representative with a smooth voice and will hear you , but then we all know the difference between hearing and listening. After reciting my litany of problems , i was assured by the representative i would be contacted that day by a senior technical adviser , apologizing the whole time we talked . Guess what .... no call .

The problem is a simple one to anyone who knows their way even basically in the behind the scenes but little talked about way in which internet traffic is routed. I have had the same dynamic ip for almost 6 weeks. You woudn't think that means anything but to anyone who braves the internet beyond the realms of the prying eyes of the private providers it can make you a target for all kinds of highly sophisticted complete searches of ip blocks for unsecured cable modem and routers to hack . A permanently assigned ip# is like having a target on your back , you can be attacked or dos'd at the will of the attacker. I have to no avail tried to drop the lease and renew it using the standard dos prompt and via my home network router . Insight had no trouble with this task, that is automatically taken care of every time you cycle your cable modem and or PC together .
Every representative whether scripted or not says the same thing , YES it is a problem , and no its not possible for that to happen . Hence the blaming me and my 3 different operating systems , including Vista 64bit .

If I had access to the NOC { network operating center } I could solve the problem on my own in a couple keystrokes , by terminating the lease and forcing the reset of the cable modem and PC . But according to Comcast they cant even do it because they have no control over it . How stupid does Comcast think I am . I can at will kill any connection to my network for any reason at anytime. Why can't Comcast control thier own network ? and troubleshoot their own equipment ? I'm open for reasons , but they better be revolutionary. So much time for so small a problem is simply mind blowing . So as soon as I'm done venting here , I will Hit the phone AGAIN and simply refuse to pay my bill until the problem is solved . I encourage anyone here to NOT PUT UP WITH COMCAST INCOMPETENCY , and use the number i provided in addition to relentless complaints until they solve your problem . Do not let a corporate or lower level individual dismiss your concerns .

Anonymous said...

My experiences have been slight, but it is nice to have somewhere to complain. I have two things to say, and they both have something to do with my not paying on time. I admit, I was in the wrong, I simply am not very good at finances. However, I do not believe, being a paying customer of theirs some four years now, that they have any business calling me four or five times a day, every single day from the very first day I am technically late, even when I speak to them and inform them of my intent to pay. I have had one incident in which I was two weeks late in paying and had my service disrupted. I called and paid my bill, and the man I was talking to was about to hang up when I asked him when my service would be turned back on. He sounded very annoyed and said it would be five to ten minutes. Five minutes go by. Ten minutes. Half hour. Hour. I call again, and they say "sorry about that, that will be five to ten minutes". Another hour goes by, and I call again. This person says he'll take care of it, and lo and behold it is done before I get off the phone with him. That's wonderful. But next morning, it's off again. Call, this time on hold for about a half hour, then get hung up on. So I call again. This time they turn the cable back on. It's turned off again three hours later, so I call again, and finally it is turned back on and stays on. Now all I had to deal with was the four or five phone calls a day I got for the next couple days asking for the money I had already given them. Only when the charge cleared my account did they stop calling. I know it was my fault for being late, but did they really have to punish me with hours of back and forth crap? I will not include my account number in this comment because the issue is resolved now, and I don't want to open another can of worms they might screw up. Thank you for letting me vent.

Mark said...

Account #:05014 332827-04

I posted something in the Billing Fiasco section. It seems that Comcast did call my wife at some point after that. She gave the nice people who called my cell phone number and told them to call me at that number. Nope, no call. Good job making a half-hearted attempt.

I will say that I did call billing myself and talked to "Tiffany", who was helpful and did make an offer to lower my bill for the next 12 months. We will see what happens from that on next month's bill.

Stay tuned, faithful viewers, for our next exciting episode...

thasler said...

When I signed up for the Digital Preferred package I was warned that I get great technology but lousy service, and I'm afraid that that's what I got. My cable TV offerings improved significantly and my Internet connection was much faster and that's important because I'm involved in a documentary film project. But oh the customer service.

The account #09518279686-01-5

1. The technician was fine but he left no instructions about making the ISP switch.
2. The EasyChange software didn't work to help change email accounts, and I had a techie spend an hour to straighten that out.
3. Then there was the billing: I got an initial invoice over twice the package rate and no exlanation.
4. I called customer service several times but was put on endless holds.
5. I got on LiveChat twice and once was told they couldn't help me and once was told that they'd have billing look into it but I didn't hear back.
6. I emailed and was told they couldn't handle it.
7. I finally tried a local number and actually spoke to a person who explained that the extra charges were one time only prorated charges - there was no explanation anywhere about these charges.

Anonymous said...


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing one final time to express my disappointment with your POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. And yes, it's long.

My story began last Friday when I emailed you guys this note through your web site:

I wanted to give you an idea of the kind of service you''re offering your customers. On Thursday, Jan. 31, I called to set up HD service with DVR. I was satisfied until she told me I could have my service installed in two weeks. She did offer that I could go to my local Comcast office and pick up my cable boxes at this address: 2397 Wynmoor Rd. N, Coconut Creek, FL 33066. I drove there this morning only to learn that it was in a senior living community, and that it was "not open to the public." I was directed to go to another Comcast office about 20 minutes east. I did not appreciate being told to go to an address that I couldn''t access. Upon my arrival at the second office, the customer service reps told me that they were out of HD boxes. So now I had driven to TWO Comcast offices, wasting an hour of my day and gallons of gas, I was late for work and I STILL DID NOT HAVE MY CABLE BOXES! I called you again and spoke with a representative who understood my problem but couldn't help. Christina put me on a list for a box, and made an appointment for me to have one installed. Obviously, I am disappointed and upset with your service. Christina has already given a credit, which probably covered my gas and time missed at work, but you should not only keep track of how many cable boxes you actually have available, but also never send a customer to the senior community location if they cannot receive any service and are just going to be re-routed.

Assuming you are still reading this, I'll be glad to share with you that on three subsequent occasions that same Friday, you responded with steno pool, paragraph-pasting GARBAGE emails that didn't really address my problem (but I love the hard-sell for Comcast Digital Voice in the email). I understand that you're a huge National company, but so many other companies have begun addressing each email personally and not farming out generic responses to un-generic problems. At no point did anyone representing Comcast try to explain why I couldn't/didn't have an HD box with a DVR. At no point did anyone representing Comcast try to offer a short-term solution (other than a $40 credit that I had to ask for). I wrote in my last email to you guys that I would consider other options for my TV service. I received no response to that email.

Since then, I have purchased DirecTV. I had a nice DirecTV customer service rep answer all of my questions over the phone for 30 minutes, then had someone come to my house and install DirecTV in TWO DAYS of my phone call, complete with a brand new HD DVR box. I love the selection of channels on DirecTV, as well as the picture quality. AND I LIKE HOW THEY TREAT ME.

The time has come for me to disconnect my TV service from Comcast. When I attempted to cancel, I was put on hold by a phone rep named Sheila for 15 minutes, trying to cancel my service. This was after waiting to get on the phone with someone for 15 minutes prior. Sheila just told me she'd have to call me back to confirm cancellation of my service. So even when I'm trying to break off part of my relationship with you guys, it's a hassle.

I'd like to let you know further that my next step will be to find a new Internet access provider. From there, I plan on selling the shares of Comcast stock that I own.

I expect a canned, cut-and-paste response from some minimum-wage-earning ham-and-egger who couldn't care less about my experience, most likely because he or she gets treated like garbage by Comcast, too. In any event, thank you for putting me in the position that you have since it appears I'm going to like DirecTV FAR more than Comcast.


Richard said...

I, too, have just placed my DirecTV order.

I moved in to a new house about 2 years ago in which the HOA for my neighborhood had a bulk contract wiht Adelphia. Adelphia service, features, and network lineup stunk. But it was in my fees so I cheaped out and cancelled my DirecTV move (had been a loyal DirecTV customer for years.

Then Comcast bought Adelphia. A year and a half later, The DVR software STILL stinks, the channel lineup is STILL just okay, and the great video on demand service is STILL only a figment of my imagination and nobody at Comcast can even tell my when the service and features will be improved in my neighborhood.

Then over the last 2 days the signal has been horrible, big chunks of shows like American Idol are missing, and my family is fed up.

Add it all up and Comcast still sucks as bad as Adelphia did.

I'll gladly spend well over $100 a month to get the programming I want with HD DVRs that actually work on all the TVs in my house via satellite.

I can't wait til next Saturday when it gets installed.

Sayonara to Comcast and good riddance. I never should have left my DirecTV.

Pegasys said...

to our site host : in the interset of fairness could you remove the duplicate post of my misery ??? seems as though i in my frustration hit the save button with MY giant hammer twice, and dont want to look as tho I'm using a nuclear device to squash a microbe ;} : the occasion for this post ??? after gaining all this grey hair and having to triple my tranquilizer dose ... I got a call today from a comcast representative, apparently with undertones of rumblings from on high , this rep says that now that I've spoken to her she knows exactly who to have contact me and I actually got names ...

Anonymous said...

On March 8th there was a power outage in my area due to high winds. About 8:30 am March 9th my power came back on and thankfully my heat too. My internet, Computers, and televisions worked again. However my digital cable box did not so I called 1-800-comcast. The rep told me there was an outage in my area and they were working on it. Did I need anything else, have a nice day, thank you for calling comcast hung up. How Rude! OK, so that was that, I can wait, i have to go to work anyway, I'm sure it will be working when I get home. So I come home and see that my cable box is still blinking. I call again and get the same response again. OK, Must be a serious outage. Monday i call again. Same response "an outage in your area. We are working on it". I asked about a credit to my account and was told that i would have to call back when the service was working to calculate credits. ARE YOU KIDDING! I have to notify you of when your service is working? On Tuesday March 11th, I call again asking about when the "Outage" will be fixed and was told there was no "Outage" in my area! And that i would have to schedule a tech to come out. OK, The tech is supposed to come out March 12th at 3:30 to 5:30 PM. 5:45 no tech. I call and am told that they will connect me to the local dispatch and dispatch will investigate the issue and let me know when the tech will be out. Turns out the dispatch office will call me back in 30 minutes to let me know whats going on. 40 minutes later I am calling them back again. The woman I talk to this time tells me that it hasn't been long enough and that I need to give them more time. I explain that i was told that it would only be 30 minutes till I got a call back. She tells me that I didn't give them enough time and that it had only been 40 minutes. I think that now I have given up the past 3 hours of my time to just be blown off by comcast and their CSR's and been without a service that I am paying for but have to alert them to not receiving.
It's like going to a restaurant, ordering food, paying and receiving nothing. Would they say "there's an outage on your plate please call back when your food arrives so we can credit you for not receiving it" Who would stand for that?


Comcast Customer 09517 307134-02-09

Anonymous said...

March 12, 2008 Acct: 8770350560161234

Half of the stations have been out for over 2 hours. I have been trying to get through to customer service for over an hour. As has been the norm in the past, after being on hold for 15 min's and hearing how important my business is I've given up. Sadly, this is neither surprising or unusual. I firmly believe that Comcast is the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. I have experienced the same lack of caring when I've visited the local office.

We don't care because we don't have to should be their motto.

Comcast, you should be ashamed of how poorly you treat your customers.

Tomorrow I begin my long over due shopping for a new carrier.

Your entire customer service staff, at the top, should be fired on the spot. With the increasing number of options for getting TV service I feel that it's only a matter of time before this ongoing situation will be the undoing for this level of disinterest and arrogance.

Fed - Up

to call customer service.

Anonymous said...


Reference the message posted at March 4, 2008 6:01 PM to find out how this all started.

The technician finally came out on Saturday (having missed my Tuesday appointment) to try and get my channels back. She replaced my box, she replaced my splitter. She was unable to resolve the issue, and I was told that some sort of "higher power" of tech support was going to be helping me out because obviously this was a hardline issue.


A customer service rep was nice enough to call me this week (due, no doubt, to my posting here) to make sure that my problem had been resolved. I told him that it hadn't, and now I had no channels and a cable box that was much, much slower to operate.

He was apologetic and promised to send someone out, tonight, March 12th.


The second that my complex starts allowing me to use a satellite dish, or the second the calvary that is AT&T U-Verse is available in my area, I am gone. Gone, gone gone. For now, though, I have no recourse. If I want to watch TV, I'm stuck with a company that doesn't care if I can watch TV.


Anonymous said...

Comcast Phone Account 001 876 1143782016.
On 2/29/08, I transferred my phone service to a different provider. Today, I received a bill for monthly service from 3/8/08 to 4/7/08. When I called Comcast, the CSR stated that I had service during the billing period. She had no clue that Comcast bills for service in advance (like rent). When I asked for a supervisor, she disconnected me. I called back and again asked for a supervisor, the 2nd CSR demanded to know why, I told him due to the poor treatment of the previous CSR, and then he disconnected me.

Anonymous said...

I work for a major phone company and no it's not comcast. People have to understand that service is not perfect. You may be one of the small amount of customers that is having a bad experience with you service. In reality if a company like comcast, which has like 76 million customers and 1 million call in on a daily basis, that is a small percentage of their customers. Normally the people that call in are repeat callers. The majority of the customers are doing just fine with the service. Every company has problems like this with a small amount of their customers, regardless of the size of the business. Right now i bet there is probably a website just like this about the company that I work for, and people are posting comments about their experiences. Basically what i am saying, the reps you speak with or the techs that have gone to your home are also consumers. We have all had a bad experience with some form of service, from going to a department to store, doing business with credit card companies, and choosing phone companies. There is one resolution, take your business else where. Its probably stressing you out dealing with this all the time and why would you let a stupid situation over phone, cable or internet get to you. You the consumer can do what you chose. You would not have to continue to have these problems if you just made a change which was go to the competitor.

soldier_girl said...

Received my Comcast Cable Bill, and after seeing a Rate Increase I finally just said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!" I read everything thoroughly and knew what my rights were and then I called to DOWNGRADE for free. The Comcast Representative was trying to pleasantly pressure me to either change my mind or to UPGRADE... I'm tired of paying so much for so little!" This DOWNGRADE IS FREE OF CHARGE." ...YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! It is time for the people to let their voices be heard and to take action against ALL THESE MONEY AND POWER HUNGRY ORGANIZATIONS! NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU AND ALL TO TAKE ACTION! Send your message, by hitting them where it will hurt the most! DOWNGRADE OR DISCONTINUE NOW! By the time February 2009 comes, they will be ready to listen to and work for the people!

Rise Up And Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Anonymous said...


We are moving from Chicago to Evanston and called to place a transfer of service order in advance, so we would be able to get hooked up immediately upon our move. My boyfriend works from home and internet is imperative. He called them on Friday, March 9th, asking that our service be transferred on Monday, March 31st. Ever since then, we've had nothing but problems. We have been offline for hours at a time. He has called a total six times. They arranged for four separate technicians to come out, and only two have shown. Every time he calls customer service, he gets a different explanation for why we're having problems. Most of them say it's noted we are disconnecting, though he's quick to point out that 1) the transfer isn't for several more weeks and 2) if we are truly disconnected, why is our cable still working? He finally spoke to a "level 3" techinician who said he'd figured it out and that it was an IP address problem. A tech came out today, told my boyfriend that the person he spoke to was wrong, and that he thinks it's a problem with the building wiring. My boyfriend pointed out that we haven't had any problems (since July) until he called about transferring service. He's tired of calling them, of getting no answers, of no indication that this is actually going to be fixed. What really ticks me off is we didn't even want to use Comcast to begin with, but our building is "exclusively" Comcast, which I didn't even think was possible. Their business continues to increase because they've created a monopoly, so of course they don't have to provide any sort of customer service. What's the point of filling out a BBB report when they are obviously not going out of business anytime soon? And what would a fine even do? Nothing. I wish I knew that this complaint would actually make a difference.

Anonymous said...

All I wanted was to sign on to and Pay my bill online. First the stupid ditz i had fired neglected to leave our login and password in the comcast file. So i call the comcast customer service number thinking i could get some help and first I get a woman who tells me that the reason i can't login is b/c my account is delinquent and my account is being closed, which I know not to be true mostley b/c two days ago on the 11th i paid 360 dollars CASH, there should be no reason that my account is deliquent for any reason so she transfers me to billing who assures me that is not the case and can transfer me to someone in internet deparment who can help me but she doesn't transfer me i get hungup on. So I call back calmly and go through all the prompts get to internet department and after 10 mins of explaing my situation to Domnic or whoever he tells me he cant help transfers me to the business department where i go through the prompts again and get placed on hold b/c all reps are busy which is fine with me then after 8 mins of holding i get hung up on. So i pick the phone back up and call the number i was givin for the business department and go through the prompts one more time and again sit on hold b/c all reps are busy again not bothered but after 3 mins of holding i get hung up on again and i am so close to want to completly disconnect my service and go somewhere else. All i wanted to do is pay my bill online!

Mark said...

I'm not posting my account number here anymore. It seems that Comcast takes this as an e-mail communication to the company, and not a blog posting. Good job, making my wife think I'm sending nasty-grams direct to the company.

I can't wait for FiOS to be available. I'm switching as soon as it is.

Pegasys said...

and it goes round and round and round

things are getting weirder by the day . Literally 10 minutes after my post yesterday 2 comcast cable trucks show up unannounced and then the circus begins . These 2 guys had absolutely no concept of what they were walking into , not their fault ... they were told absolutely nothing about me or my problem so were totally unprepared . Kudos to them tho , they were both understanding and again checked over everything here and concluded they couldn't do anything on this end . I told them this before I let them in . Ya I'm the high strung type , but I kept my cool . Comcast has done dis-service to their own now by not even communicating with their own employees . Stay tuned .

soldier_girl said...

I'll just call you Evanston, if that's ok?! I totally understand where you are coming from! I just stick with the basics: simple phone service (Qwest-$35 monthly), dialup ISP (People PC-$16 monthly), a prepaid cell (Nokia Tracfone-$35 quarterly), and basic cable (currently Comcast-$20 monthly). All these simple services (of which are of no less quality than the high priced services) costs me only $83 per month! Hit all these Companies where it hurts the most! Their high priced services are no better than the cheap basics!

Cynthia (aka soldier_girl)

#8798300018008519 said:

"We are moving from Chicago to Evanston...Their business continues to increase because they've created a monopoly, so of course they don't have to provide any sort of customer service. What's the point of filling out a BBB report when they are obviously not going out of business anytime soon? And what would a fine even do? Nothing. I wish I knew that this complaint would actually make a difference."

soldier_girl said...
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soldier_girl said...
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Suzanne said... just keeps getting better.... but the good news is I think I am now ready to do without Comcrap service ......... here's the latest .....the TV repair guys who the Comcast Supervisor took my TV to for repairs say that my TV death is not due to Comcast, that the deadly power surge did not cause the premature death of my TV, the part that is blown is an electrical part that provides power to the TV tube but the power surge did not cause the part to fail, it is only by complete coincidence that the power surge and the TV dying occured simultaneously, DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANYONE??? .... PLUS the SUPERVISOR came to pick up my HDTV in the rain,and put it in the back of his truck, with no tie downs and nothing at all to protect it .. I was not concerned at the time because I thought the TV was dead, but now I have to pay $300 for the electrical part that died completely unrelated to a power surge that just happened to occur at the same time!! This is the Supervisor of the idiot who plugged my TV into the wall instead of the surge strip where it was before he came. To make matters worse (if that is even possible at this point!) I got my new bill today and it is incorrect.... I have triple play which means I should be paying roughly $33 each for internet, phone, and TV...they charged my $58 for internet (some basic math... is $58 = to < than or > than $33?!) When I called billing the moron actually said "the total looks right" I said "that is because the amount charged for my TV is a credit due to the fact that I have not had my TV for a month, do you see where is says High Speed Internet $58?" when he said "no" I was so appalled by the abject stupidity of it all I could do was hang up! AT&T I'll be calling you real soon!! Disruntled (and DONE) Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

Suzanne said...

Mendedheart I bet if you contact everyone who has posted on this blog you could form one heck of a class action lawsuit!!! Power to the people!!! Disgruntled Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

Anonymous said...

Comcast customer 8798 20 060 0756592 here, with a similar tale. For over six weeks now, we have been having problems with our internet, TV, and CDV. The internet is extremely slow, the TV (whether analog or digital) freezes or pixelates, and people on the other end of the phone have a hard time hearing me. Here begins the doom loop. I call - the rep cant find anything on the old problem ticket so we "troubleshoot" - she sees that there is a problem based on the line signal - dispatches technician - technician (who may or may not speak english - not being racist, it is just very difficult to explain your technical problem to someone when you don't speak the same language)determines the problem is outside the house - technician then runs new cable to box, or moves cable laying in yard to neighbor's box - says it is all he can do and a line tech will come to fix problem -Repeat as many times as you call. AT&T is starting to look pretty good.

soldier_girl said...
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soldier_girl said...
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Anonymous said...

here is my story. my account switched from insight to comcast recently. i have tried for 4 days to reach someone at comcast merely to ask a question about my services. each time i get..."we're sorry but we can connect you to a representative because we are assisting other customers. please call back in 9 months." now, i no longer have a question about my services, i want them cancelled. so...i have now filed a complaint with the local BBB office, filed an FTC complaint and we'll see what happens. account # 01727 1275840305.

Anonymous said...

NIGHTMARE, RIPOFFS, CRIMINALS - that's what Comcast has meant to me. About 2 years ago, we renovated a commercial building across the street from a new housing development where new Comcast service was being put in. I was told that we could not access the new service - only feet away from our building (before it jutted underground for the new homes) to get cable into our building.

WE WERE FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN spending $4000 to have Comcast run wires to our building from 2 blocks away OR setup 2 accounts for 2 years for INTERNET ONLY!!! Adding TV would have required a 3rd account!!!!!

So, we went along with it. One account had payments of about $250/mo and the other had payments of about $100/mo. I constantly fell behind in my payments and Comcast would have no problem shutting my service off.

Now, the service associated with the larger bill is completely turned off, but I have a $1,284.36 balance and a collection agency is constantly calling me. I still have the service associated with the smaller bill running, but just barely.

By the way, I complained about a year ago and the agent who setup the accounts refused to call me back. The people I spoke to at Comcast said that the deal I was forced to sign was irregular, but they wouldn't make any adjustments.

I really hate what Comcast did to me. COMCAST STOLE MY MONEY, HUMULIATED ME, IGNORED ME and are now HARASSING ME. The account number for the smaller bill is 09565-302938-01-1. The collection agency's File # for the larger account is 07-019159070 and they refer to a Comcast account number of 302939-1.

Can I get a partial refund, future service, an apology, ...?

Gretchen said...

I am not an 'angry consumer'. I am the "It's okay, mistakes happen, let's just get it fixed" kind of person. Comcast has gone beyond a mistake. I feel it is my need to share my Comcast story.

On December 29th, 2007 I moved apartments. Comcast was in my name, and my roommate didn't want a lapse in the internet and asked me to just transfer the account into her name. We both went down to the office together and had them transfer everything from my name into her name. I had things set up for automatic withdrawal, and asked the guy there if there was anything in particular I had to sign to make sure that it would no longer withdraw from my account. "Nope," I was told, "You're all set."

February 8th, 2008 $66.48 is withdrawn from my bank account from Comcast. I don't notice this withdrawal until February 17th. A Sunday evening.

February 18th, 2008 I call Comcast and fill them in on this. "Somebody must have your credit card number, do you know who it could be?" After about 10 minutes of repeatedly telling her nobody has my credit card number, the service is going to my old apartment, and it's their mistake and her telling me "No no, someone must have your credit card number" she finally says "Oh, oops, we make a mistake." She tells me she'll fill out a reversal/refund form and that the money will be back in my account within 5 days.

February 27th, 2008 - A week and a half later - No money back in my account. I call, go through the spiel again and am told "Oops, it looks like that form was never filed. I can file that for you right now." I'm told 5 times through the various different people they keep transferring me to that they can see on the computer that yes, I did cancel service in my name on December 29th and yes, they did take $66.48 from my account on February 8th. I'm then told that I have to jump through hoops to fax them a copy of my bank statement saying that they took the money from me (didn't you just say you saw it on your computer?) and I'll have the money back in my account within 3 weeks. I'm also told they can't get my money back to me any faster because I don't have an account with them. Funny how my lack of an account prohibits them from giving me back my money that they wrongfully took from me despite my lack of an account. I'm on my lunch hour at this point, so I just fax it over and get back to work.

I call back that evening after work and ask to speak with a manager. "Okay! Let me just ask you a few questions so I can make sure you get to the right department. Is this in regards to your cable or internet service?" Look bitch, I don't have any service. You're taking my money illegally and I want it back. I tell her the whole spiel, and that quite frankly, I'm starting to get pissed off. "I completely understand that, ma'am." Don't placate me. If you completely understood you would have said "Damn, that sucks. We're a shitty company. Let me fix that for you right now." Finally I get transferred over to a supervisor. After many, many, many apologies from her she says she can "cut that time down drastically to 5 days!" Yeah, whatever.

March 6th, 2008 - 1 week 1 day after the last '5 day' promise. I call again and get some guy who says "that could take up to 3 weeks. I guarantee it'll be there within a week."

March 10th, 2008 - 1 week 5 days after last '5 day' promise. Speak with the supervisor I spoke with on the 27th. "I don't know why it's not back in there! I sent it as a priority e-mail! Let me send another e-mail and give you my direct number."

March 13th, 2008 - One week after the "one week" guarantee. Two weeks, one day after the second "five day" promise. Three weeks and four days after the original "five day" promise. STILL no money in my fucking account.

Jackie the supervisor will be getting a very angry call tomorrow.

GetSum said...

First off there are 3 businesses in this world which will fuk you over every chance they get: telecom, insurance, and microsoft.
Comcast and Microsoft will one day rule the world after they have gobbled up every sector of the economy, and then placing as many corrupt lobbyists into our government until the empire of "gimme all ur money, legs and arms" arises. My problems arose first with Road Runner. I went through 4 cable modems, 5 splitters and a multitude of rewires do to shotty installation of our equipment in a 3 month time span after first purchasing our service. Then a peaceful time of about 3 years until Comfingcast came along and without any warning took over Road Runner. We were charged 2 times in the same month, from both RR and Comcast (which took a host of 3 hour calls to figure out wtf was going on). Their special "triple play package" ended up being an extra $20 a month. On top of all that I was forced to change emails within a week (no forwarding from the RR address) and not to mention the time it took to get the multitude of passwords and usernames for everything; Internet was more or less nonexistent for about 2 weeks after the merger. A month ago my DVR displayed a Hard Drive Unrecoverable Error during the superbowl, so much for replay on bullshit calls. Recently I just had to deal with a problem with my cable modem (my good ol refurbished piece of you know what modem). VOIP went out and internet was extremely sluggish. After driving 30 minutes to the closest store I was given another refurbished modem, and guess what happened when I got back to the house; didn't even turn on. Ok so I have had it with Comcast and I call and explode on their tech support who proclaimed "well sir I guess you should just be more careful with the equipment". So somehow I muster enough sensibility to go back and get another modem. This time they give me a brand new though different modem (least it was in a sealed package). After I brought this modem home I plug it in and everything works except the phone....and that is where I stop here. I think I am done with comcast and I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to deal with anything from them because you are going to be between a rock and a hard place.

Anonymous said...

I know that many people here have gotten calls from "corporate" customer service after posting on this blog, and also had promises of fixes or refunds. Has ANYONE ACTUALLY received proper compensation and service???? Please post the good news, because this site is growing exponentially and EVERYTHING is negative. I personally have nothing good to say about Comcast or the "corporate" customer service.
I'm hearing a lot of good things about Verizon FIOS and can't wait until it comes to my area.

Jin said...

Here is my transcript about me trying to get comcast since I am not allow to have Direct TV or Dish Network nor can not have Time Warner. But enjoy and please give me input.

user Jennifer_ has entered room

Just needing to know how much I need for tomorrow and what time the installers are coming out That way I know to be there.

analyst Leah.24798 has entered room

Hello Jennifer_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Leah.24798. Please give me one moment to review your information.

I will be happy to assist you with your concern today. Please give a couple of minutes while I access your account information. Thank you.


Hi Jennifer!


Do you happen to have your account number handy?

hang on I'm at work right now


Jennifer, are you still there?

sorry about that

had a reservation call.

no I don't know my account number I am getting service starting tomorrow.

How about the last 4 digit of the SSN listed on the account, please?


Thank you for the information.


Jennifer, you will need to prepare a check amounting to $234.78 tommorow. You are scheduled at 10 AM to 2 PM.

234.78????????? I thought the last time that I talked to someone it was suppose to be 134 something????

Yes, it is $134.88 before you changed your order.

so then its 134.88 not the 234.78???? I am a bit confused now, am I being charged with a hundred dollars for change my order which the change was just the installation date???

Jennifer, I see here that your monthly rate will be $154.78 and the one time installation fee of $80.00

For a total of $234.78.

Whoa wait a minute here. 154.78 what exactly do you have me down for It should be just cable and internet this is totally different' the quote that I was given 134.88 was for the installation and everything to get started

I see.

Jennifer did you also ordered additional outlet?

Nope, just one cable box DVR, and Interent with us leasing the modem for 3 bucks a month, and showtime for like 4.99 for the first six months.

I see.

Please give me a moment to correct your order.

Jennifer, I am sorry but it might change the installation date.

why, would that change the installation date?

Because the date you have chosen before is already booked. The first available date that I have here for the installation is on March 17.

Will that be okay with you?

Okay let me get this straight, cause there was an error in our order for some reason, and before we changed it only once, but they were already booked to come out tomorrow any how????

Jennifer changing of order can also change the installation date.

Were were already booked, and all they have too do is set me up, and not worry about an extra outlet.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Yes, but in order to correct your order, we need to change it and that would mean that your installation date will also be changed.

Thats the deal, we didn't change the order we contacted you and found out there was a error on comcast behalf and now we have to wait until afterweekend in order to get service???

Okay then here is a question, the installation person comes out tomorrow, and we don't change the order here and we tell him that we don't want the extra outlet, would it only be 134.88???

That would work.

Okay so you are saying that we leave the order as is and they come out tomorrow, and we tell them just one outlet, that all I have to pay is 134.88 no questions asked by the installer???? Cause I am really frustrated right now and aobut ready to walk away from the whole deal.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. I understand how frustrating this can be.

Then also would this information be noted to the account for billing saying that I only have one outlet?

I do not know how your order was changed but that was what I see here in your account.

Tell me the details of my account of the services that I am to be getting?

And when it apparentlly was changed.

One moment please.

Cause on Feb 28th I had initally changed just the installation date. To tomorrow.

Jennifer I see here DVR $27.90, installation $80, Starter $29.99 Showtime $4.99, internet in 2 outlet $85.90 and modem rental in 2 outlet $6.00.

It seems that when you changed the schedule an outlet for internet was added.

If you want, I can correct it but the installation date will be changed.

Jennifer I am really sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Hang on just a sec here


But I just want to make sure that I only have to pay 134.88 for everything minus the extra internet modem and outlet?? And that the Tech will know when he/she will come out to install everything tomorrow???

And wasn't the DVR Box 13.95???

The DVR that I see here is $27.90

I'm checking that too.

Well I'm checking your website as we speak too.

I show on our website 13.95 for the DVR box its on the Comcast website.

Jennifer I can correct your order but I cannot assure you that I can still get the schedule for tomorrow.

I made this order on the website and when I chatted to the very first person after submitting the order the order was correct.

Yes, but then the order was changed that is why your rate is so high.

Why he was already to schedule for tomorrow. All that needs to be done is have the changed information to be passed to the installer.

If you want, you may contact your local office to correct it for you.

but I suppose the local office is closed.

I cannot change anything in your account because I will not be able to get the same schedule.


Lets do this again, I just wanted everything to be hooked up tomorrow, but that doesn't seem to be able to happen. Here is what I want, The Stater Pack, Showtime, Internet, DVR ( which I believe were are getting charged for two DVR's for 27.90) and modem. How much is that.

And we take the March 17th installation.


Jennifer, let me confirm what you ordered.

Digital Starter $29.99

But double check the DVR box, 27.90 is 13.95 for two boxes

starter pack corrct

Showtime $4.99

Showtime Correct

DVR $13.95

DVR 13.95 Correct

Internet service $42.95

Internet Correct

modem $3.00

Modem 3.00

Modem correct excuse me.

Installation fee $40.00

Installation correct

Your one time installation fee will be $40.00 and your monthly rate will be $94.88

A total of $134.88 will be due at installation via check.

Now when is the earlist installation date?

and will the installers accept a money order.

The first available schedule will be on March 17 between 10 AM and 12 noon.

Will that be okay?

We will take that

Jennifer, the technician also accepts money order.

now after you submit this order does it show that there is now possible installation date for tomorrow consider that was changed.

There is still no available schedule for tomorrow and the system will not allow me because the schedule should be a day after the order was placed.

I have successfully changed your order.

Now what if we were to contact the local office.

You can try that too.

ok we will try that then. Thank you

Let me give you, your account number for future reference.

One moment please.


Here is your account number ( Deleted that for this posting)

Is there anything else that I can help you with?

not unless a opening come open for tomorrow, then no. Thank you.


Thank you for chooosing Comcast. We appreciate your business.

If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at to help you reach a resolution independently.

Have a nice evening.

Acutlly I do have a request

since there was mistake based on the of Comcast is there any way that we can be compensated?

That is subject for approval in your local office.

Do you have any other questions for me today?

That is fine and I have a copy of our chat for reference nothing against you personally. But was it the local office that messed up my order or was it through the live chat??

I am sorry I have no idea.

Thats fine I will talk to the local office then.

Anonymous said...

Account number: 09529 278208-03

I have to give credit to this blog. I posted my tale on Tuesday. By yesterday, our cable problem was solved. We had had about 40 channels missing for almost a month. A technician had come out (after 2 no shows with us waiting around the house for a whole weekend) and diagnosed that our signal was too low and had to be "boosted" outside the house. Yet it did not get fixed, and each time we called, the Comcast agent would have no clue what we were talking about. Each time the agent would want me to unplug the box, they would send the signal -- etc. It got to be a joke since they were the ones who told us the problem was outside the house. In addition, twice they sent technicians to our house when we were not home, and then charged us for the service call!

Anyway, after 3 weeks of calling constantly, I posted here, and the next day my husband got a call from Comcast. The problem was fixed from outside the house the next day. As long as all the charges for the service calls are taken off our bill and we are compensated for the missing cable time as I asked, I will be satisfied, but why did this have to take so long? The problem was a serious lack of communication and follow-through within the Comcast organization.

Anyway, bottom line: if you post your account number, Comcast will fix your problem, but there has to be a better way! Thanks for helping us, though, Comcast, if you are reading (which I know you are). I don't mind paying so much for your services as long as I get what I pay for and I don't have to spend 3 weeks on the phone to get it fixed when it breaks!

soldier_girl said...
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Pegasys said...

#comcast customer # 8798.54.048.0113525 28 hours after last post : recieved a call from comcast CORPORATE headquarters from {name withheld} in thier IT department , who was very courteous and actually LISTENED and understood that it was indeed a problem and that there were others just like me in my area who had the exact same problem . He assured me from the highest levels it WAS possible to solve this and it WAS able to be done in a few short keystrokes exactly as i had outlined here.I was told it would be handled within an hour at most. I wish I could have recorded that conversation to play back to all the CSR's and Tek Support who told me my problem didn't exist , was my fault, and it wasn't possible to resolve. Now the waiting game begins anew .

Wildman said...

Hye Cynthia, I am sure that Comcast is reading this blog since it is hurting them in thier pocketbook. Why don't you listen to these stories and learn from them instead of insulting us? I am sure that there is other sites that have exact same kind of stores as being told here. Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to deal with the brain dead CSRs at comcast yet? I pray that you do and you will see how right we are in this.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, as awful as I feel for the rest of you, at least I've now the comfort of knowing I haven't suffered alone.

My story started a month ago, when my roommate bought a house and began the process of moving out. All of the utilities were in her name, and switching them over to me has been less than a smooth process. Comcast and Georgia Power have been the worst offenders, by far.

Because I work from home half of the week, I need to keep high speed internet up and running. To ensure that the transfer goes as easily as possible, I've spoken to five reps at different times over the past four weeks to figure out the best way to kill off my roommate's line and add mine in. I was told repeatedly that I couldn't set up a request for my service until my roommate canceled her own. That needed to happen for Friday, March 14 - the last day of her billing cycle.

So she canceled her service for pi day yesterday and I called in to set up my own account. I go through the whole process without issue until the time comes to set up my appointment for service initialization. Suddenly, the next day service I'd been guaranteed for the past several weeks was gone. I called on Thursday and I'm told "Tuesday at the earliest."

No concern about the fact that I was promised next day service. No concern about the fact that I work from home on Sundays and need to get service set up so I can do my job. Oh no. None of that! And no matter either that my roommate needs them to come out to turn off service anyway, so it's not like they can't just hook the one up when they turn the old one off!

I realize that compared to some of the other horror stories on here that this one is a minor event, but we're a small company and the ability to work our given hours is necessary. If I can't work, I put my two partners at a loss, and then all three of us are screwed over: they are because they lose a day off and I am because I have to lose a day of pay. Two days, as it turns out, since I'll need to take off when they come out anyway.

I sympathize with them as well when they tell me that towards the end of the week, there aren't many slots available but that doesn't excuse the fact that they didn't explain this to me until *after* it was too late to sign up for my own service early in the week, I'd called in repeatedly beforehand to find out the best way to do this, and likewise that I was promised each time I'd called in that I could get next day set up. Given that I sent my request in on Thursday and was expecting a Friday turn around, Saturday at the latest, I'm so far from thrilled that I don't know what to do.

If this is how Comcast treats new customers, what will they put me through when I'm already a paying member and therefore not as valuable as a new lead? This is a terrible start to a business relationship that I'd hoped would continue for years to come. I'd give an account number, but they want to give me mine during my appointment and to get a copy of my account number via phone or chat before then, I need a copy of my account number. How well planned is that! Social, credit card number, address and phone check or any of the above won't get it for me - it has to be the account number. Well done, Comcast. Claps for you.

If anyone at Comcast wants to email me about this fiasco, I can be reached at

(As a side note - props and kudos to Carl, the agent I spoke to on Thursday night when I called back in to see if my appointment date could be shifted. He was kind, considerate, and was able to move my appointment from Tuesday to Monday morning; still not desirable and it will definitely get me in trouble at the office yet, but of all of the people I've spoken to since I signed up, he's the only one who was able to help. Thanks, Carl, and have a good time on your vacation!)

thasler said...

At the top of this blog we are advised to include our account number because Comcast is said to be very good about getting in touch.

Well, I was very gratified to receive a call from a very courteous Comcast representative who wanted to know about my problems and said that they would look into them. I described the problems and he took notes and said that they would be in touch. I couldn't ask for a better response.

Pegasys said...

resolution is sweet ... comcast customer 8798.54.048.0113525

closure to my problem has arrived , and his name is Sean . I received a phone call today from corporate in Denver, this one was different tho , it was immediately apparent that I had the man with the fingers to hit those keystrokes I knew could be hit . I was actually listened to , and my problem was clearly identified , we both agreed that it was real and that it was a problem. It was resolved in roughly 2 hours. I saw it happen on my system activity log. I was provided with his personal email at comcast and what I was told was his personal/business cell # so I could provide him feedback. To respect his privacy I will only provide his email upon request for technical issues only, cell # is private and wont even be used by me except for the reply he asked for, because it actually was his cell #. He even told me what department would address the issue . Had I not been laying down id have fallen over . And I'm sure Sean will be dropping in on us here since i provided a hyperlink straight to this page ;}

So to any doubting Thomas we may have here ... They are watching this place I guarantee it , if we have CSR's lurking here you can bet they aren't alone . I've been listening to NPR for more than 30 years , we have a leg up here because of NPR and our host . I know for a fact that it was a combination of having to place a call to corporate and this blog that led me to a swift and precise resolution . I think also it was my somewhat unique situation , no geek with an ounce of integrity ... private like me or corporate, likes to be shown up on thier own system .

And to Sean, when you read this ... I'm available for a technical position in my home area . Seriously . ;}

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, this has been the Comcast-week-of-hell:

I had been a loyal Comcast customer for almost 2 years at my apartment in college in Washington, DC. I get basic cable and high speed internet. On Tuesday afternoon, 11 March 2008, my service went out. When I called Comcast, I got the recording saying there were service outages in the area and they were working to fix it. Okay, sure, that's fine.

The next morning, I was still without service. When I called, I asked if the problem had been fixed, and I was told that I was the only one with problems and would need an appointment with a technician. When I asked if they could check my connection from their office, they told me it was not possible. "You've done it before," I told them, but the lady blew me off and I was forced to make an appointment. The soonest I could match their time windows was Friday, 14 May 2008 between 2 and 5 pm.

On Thursday, I missed their call to confirm my appointment while I was in class, so I called them back to confirm. This time, I got the message about service outages in DC again, so when I spoke with a person, I asked if I was one of them and if I still needed the appointment. They said yes.

Later that day, a different person called asking if I still wanted my appointment because I was probably one of the service outage customers. "I have no idea," I told her. So she said she could check my service from her office -- "But on Wednesday, I was told that that couldn't be done!" I explained. She laughed and said of course it could be done. I had been lied to. Turns out, though, I still needed my appointment on Friday.

On Friday, the day of my appointment AND the beginning of my Spring Break vacation, I waited around my apartment for the 2-5 pm window. At 4:55, my apartment concierge called to let me know that the Comcast technician had arrived. Fine, whatever, at least my service should be fixed.

For the next 1.5 hours, the technician wandered around my apartment building looking for the cable box that supplied my apartment. By 6:30 he explained that my service could not be restored because the box was located in another resident's apartment 2 floors above me, and that he/she wasn't home. I realized that he/she had probably left for spring break and wouldn't be back for a week or so--by now I'm getting really angry. Comcast had just wasted 5 hours of my Friday afternoon and not fixed anything!

I walked up to the concierge with the technician to ask about the resident 2 floors up. The technician suggested that I get in touch with this stranger and work out a time with them for another Comcast technician to come for a different 3 hour window. Yeah, right! I got really flustered and told him to forget it, and that I'd call later to set up another appointment if I still wanted to keep Comcast as my provider.

After the technician left, my concierge handed me a Comcast flier that she had gotten earlier in the week. Tuesday, to be exact -- the day my service cut out. Apparently, there had been a Comcast service audit in my building, and my service had be cut because they thought I was stealing cable! I have all my payment invoices to prove that I have paid on time and in full for the last 1 year and 10 months. That's it!

I called Comcast to cancel my service and get a credit. The person on the phone said that I could only receive credit for the days of no service - 2 days. TWO DAYS? You don't have to be a genius to know that no service from Tuesday through Friday is more than two days! After doing the math for this individual about eight times on the phone, he agreed on a week. Congratulations, Comcast, you have given me an ulcer!

I will never use Comcast again. Thank you for listening to me vent. I'm tempted to file a complaint with the BBB, but I need time to cool off first...

Account number: 09529 163885-02-7

Anonymous said...

Our most recent Comcast bill included $3.95 for a "convenience fee." I emailed the Company to ask what that entailed and was told that it was a charge for using the Live Chat feature to contact a customer service representative. The representative said he removed the charge since we didn't know about it. I can't find anywhere on their site that explains you'll be charged a "convenience" fee for asking about Comcast Service.

Our cable service was out for about 1/2 a day last week and we were thinking of deducting $2.00 from our payment as an "inconvenience fee."

Troy said...

I don't have my account number (college student under parents account) but I can speak for myself and many other customers in the Aurora, Colorado area. A year ago Comcast was a decent internet provider, but over the last 6 months or so the quality of service has been dropping lower every day.

The connection dies all the time. I watch the connection speeds die multiple times within one minute, to get through one hour of service uninterrupted is amazing.

I used to be able to get easily 700Kbps download, now even from Comcast or other 'fast' servers I rarely exceed 200Kbps, and it's very unstable, with downloads often getting stopped and restarting. This speed varies randomly, sometimes I can hit 300Kbps, most of the time I get 125K, if even.

I am an animation student who often deals with very large file transactions, and with how intermittent service/speed is (not to mention BitTorrent being choked) it has become very arduous and troublesome to send large files around, an issue that seemed to arise from nowhere.

I know this isn't just me, pretty much everyone I know uses Comcast, and pretty much everyone I know has had enough of this horribly shoddy connection and plan to go to Qwest, or even sattelite.

My net has dropped 3 times writing this, a (personally made) film upload tells all.

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year, I moved into an apartment with three other guys. The previous tenants had paid for Comcast's cable package and so we figured we had free cable through the apartment. After the first two months, the cable was discontinued. We then found out that we were only getting it because the other people forgot to stop their payment.

Well, at the beginning of the year, Comcast offered a deal for $15/month for their "Back to School Special" which basically included all cable channels other than the Encore movie channels. Since our cable was canceled, we asked Comcast to sign us up for that package and they refused to, and said we would be charged about $50/month for that package even though we would have obviously taken that deal had we known we didn't get free cable through our apartment complex. And so for the last 6 months or so we just haven't had cable because we can't afford the ridiculous price they were trying to charge us.

Acct no: 8495 29 018 0639876

Anonymous said...

Comcast's new set top box upgrade sucks!! Trying to set up recordings for the week (it's Sunday), find out cannot get guide data past Wednesday! And that's on my PVR - cannot get data past TUESDAY on my standard set top box! Called lame support, said "That is no longer an option" - BS!! Also, on VOD you cannot preview any movies before you rent them anymore - AND you cannot resume them after an extended break (less than 24 hrs) like you used to under TimeWarner's system! What are we to do - they're a dam monopoly here, I do like the high speed internet service, but it seems like Comcast is TRYING VERY HARD to push all users to other services!! Anyone else see these issues??

sdt said...

I just got a comcast phone and new phone number and suddenly I am getting sales calls from people who not only have my brand new number that I have yet to give out to my friends or family, but they even know my name.

Comcast must be selling this information to third party vendors. This is unacceptable. I am getting 5 or 6 calls of this nature every day now.

How can I stop this????

Pegasys said...

you can get on the federal do not call registry , they take private cell #'s and land line #'s . over the years i have reduced 99.7% of sales contacts by eliminating my land line and going totally cellular , even my security system is cellular/radio backup and anytime anyone calls tell them not to ever call you again and they can be prosecuted for any further calls under federal statutes ... and yes it even applies to services you already have

Anonymous said...

Account No. 09519 03085506

The following is a recap of my recent experience with installation of Comcast Digital Voice, High Speed Internet, and a change in service for my cable TV plan. I was scheduled for installation on Monday, February 4. The technician showed up, saw that he couldn't reach the phone box because it is behind a wall, and told me that i would have to cut a hole in the wall and reschedule my installation. I was at work at the time, and my 20 year old son was at home. I explained to the technician over the phone that I rent the house, and I would need permission to have a hole cut in the wall. I told him I would call my landlord and call him right back. His response was "I really don't have a lot of time". The landlord did give permission to cut a hole, but my son was unable to do so with the saw that I had available at home. So the technician advised that I would need to reschedule once the hole had been cut. When I called Comcast Customer Service to reschedule, I was advised by the person in customer service that there were other ways to connect to the phone line without using the phone box, and the technician should have known that. I rescheduled for Wednesday, February 6 between 4:00 and 7:00. After waiting for someone to arrive, I called Customer Service a little after 7:00 p.m. and was advised that the technician was "on his way". When 45 minutes had passed and no one had arrived, I called Customer Service again. This time, I was told that he attempted to come to my home but "no one was home". The technician had put in the notes that the house is a red brick house with a white door and an American flag out front. The description of the house is correct, except for the American flag, and I was home all evening not far from the front door waiting for him to come. So we rescheduled AGAIN for the next day, Thursday, February 7. In the meantime, I was without home phone service because Verizon shut off service on Wednesday night, in anticipation of my new service with Comcast being activated. The technician who came out on Thursday was unable to complete the work because he said the ticket was written for a "reinstall" instead of an "install", and he did not have the proper codes to complete an install. Once again, I called Customer Service. I was told that the number had not been ported over from Verizon yet (even though I scheduled the initial appointment on January 31 for February 4, allowing the five days for the transfer to take place). The first day I could get another appointment would be Tuesday, February 12. I told the customer service representative that it was unacceptable, since now by no fault of my own, I would be without home phone service for almost an entire week at the least. The customer service representative ("Victor") did call me back on Friday, February 8 to advise that he was able to move the appointment to the next day, Saturday, February 9, between 1:00 and 4:00. After waiting until 4:00 p.m. for the technician to arrive, I called customer service for an estimated time of arrival. I was told at that time that I was the next call on the technician's schedule and he should be there shortly. After another call to Customer Service, the technician finally arrived at 6:30 p.m. After spending 3 hours in my home, he was finally able to connect the phone line and also high speed internet service. The technician was courteous and professional, however he spent the entire time on a cell phone call while he was in my home. He went out to his truck for almost an hour at one point. Essentially, I spent almost a week trying to get my service installed, and it was just one problem after another. Additionally, the first technician left a large spool of cable and his flashlight in my basement, with my ceiling tiles askew and debris from the ceiling on my floor. The last technician (who actually installed the service) told me he would take the equipment with him to try and get it to the technician who left it behind. After he left, I noticed that he hadn't taken it with him. I had problems signing on to the internet initially, and I did speak to a very courteous and professional customer service representative (Isaac) who tried diligently to get the problem resolved, but was unable to do so because my account had been set up for "home networking" and I was not using that service. I did receive a call back from customer service the next day telling me that the issue was resolved (which it actually was). On Monday, February 11, Isaac called me to follow up and make sure everything was okay. Now granted, he couldn't initially resolve the problem, but I do feel he went above and beyond by following through with a phone call the next time he was scheduled to be at work. If all of this wasn't enough, I get in the mail yesterday a "24 month contract" to be signed and returned to Comcast. I specifically asked the person who I spoke with originally to change my service and schedule the first installation whether or not I would be locked into a contract because I anticipate moving in October 2008 and would most likely not be able to transfer my services to my new home. She assured me that there was no contract involved. Then there is the issue of the misspelling of my name on my account. I never really cared about this before, that is until I got Comcast Digital Voice, and now my name comes up spelled incorrectly on Caller ID units. I contacted customer service online, and I was told I needed to go to one of the payment centers and show two forms of ID to get the name changed. I pointed out to the online representative that what she was asking me to do was to take more of my time and drive to a center in order to correct something that was obviously Comcast’s mistake. Well after I tried to pay my bill this month online and wasn’t able to because the website wasn’t working properly, I drove to Comcast and figured I would pay my bill in person and get my name corrected. I showed the woman behind the counter my driver’s license (she didn’t want two forms of ID), and she assured me that the name was being corrected in their system, effective immediately. This was now over 3 weeks ago and it still isn’t corrected. This entire experience (except for the assistance I received from Victor and Isaac) has been a nightmare. If Verizon had not turned off my service that first week, I would have cancelled the entire installation, but I was stuck at that point. I am beyond frustrated. I am very unhappy with the entire experience, and I would not recommend Comcast to anyone for these services.

Anonymous said...

Account number 8770 30 013 1330776
I have had several terrible customer service experiences trying to deal with what should have been a minor technical glitch. I have been a Comcast customer for many years in California, as well as the last three years in Michigan. I moved back to California and scheduled an installation appointment to get cable tv, internet and telephone service. I brought my own personal Modem/Cable Gateway (which I purchased for over 200 dollars from Best Buy last year after calling Comcast to make sure it was a compatible piece of equipment) from Michigan where it had been working perfectly since I purchased it. The technician told me it would not work. When I asked why not, and told him it worked with my Comcast in Michigan, he said he would TRY to call dispatch and see if they could add it to my account. They couldn't. I was told there was a hold and I would have to call Michigan Comcast to have the hold released, and have a tech come back at a later date (for an additional charge). I called California Comcast to say if they were going to charge for that appointment, I would rather have the tech leave without installing, and I would schedule a new appointment after I resolved the modem problem. A nice rep (named Harrison) told me he would explain the issue in the notes on my account and I would not be charged, and if I was his notes could be used to reverse the charges. Then I called Michigan. I was told there was no hold on the modem in Michigan. The Michigan rep called california to help me get the "hold" released and get the modem added to the account. After 40 minutes on hold with california, we were disconnected ( I had been on my new Comcast phone line--don't know if the problem was Comcast dropping me from the customer servcie end or from my end). No one called me back (even though they obviously had my phone number since it is my account number and they were working on my account). I called California directly (figuring if there was no hold in Michigan I should be able to deal with them directly). After half an hour, Zachary told me it still wasn't working and they would have someone call me back in 24 to 48 hours. No one ever called back. I scheduled a new service installation because in the meantime I realized my cable didn't have most of the channels I had ordered and the phone was working sporadically. Tech #1588 was great, but he too was unable to get the hold released from the Mac Address on my modem. Let me reiterate: this is a hold from my COMCAST account in MY name with MY social security number. I am trying to set it up with comcast again in MY name with MY social security number. Why is this even an issue?? I tried everything I was told on numerous calls: try an amplifier for the signal, bring the modem to the local office, talk to a supervisor... to no avail. Another terrible experience was with Travis (a supervisor in the Sales Dept.) at the Morgan Hill, CA call center: on a phone call last week, I explained my problem and he actually got me far so good. He told me he successfully added the mac address to my account, and of course I was overjoyed. Within an hour of getting off of the phone, I had lost the connection and when I called again I was told the mac address was not added to my account (this was confirmed during my last service call by tech Mike Barrow). I called Travis back and left him a message which he didn't return. I called him again today, and he told me that if I had internet access through the modem that was providing my phone service, then comcast was doing what they were supposed to be doing and it wasn't his problem if my ROUTER wasn't working. I RE-explained that it is a CABLE GATEWAY, which is a modem first and foremost and that it was his responsibility to help me. He transferred my call. He was so unhelpful that my next call was to discontinue my internet and phone service. I will try AT&T and hope for better service. An alternate solution to my problem (which should NOT have been a problem in the first place) that I had mentioned to Travis was for Comcast to set up my house with Comcast equipment (at no charge to me) for home networking (which is what a Cable gateway would provide for me without the need for home networking) until they resolved my Mac Address problem. I actually think I am being very reasonable with this solution considering at this point I had spent over eleven hours on phone calls with comcast (including being disconnected twice) and had three technician visits as well as two in-store visits. Having Comcast waive the $99 home networking fee and the $3.00 monthly equipment fee seems very fair to compensate me for all of the grief I have put up with through NO fault of my own. Travis was so rude to me when I suggested this and then he passed the buck and transferred me to another dead end in the technical support department. So, I have come to this conclusion: Comcast obviously does not want my business. I have cancelled most of my services and gone with AT&T (with the plan to go to directv for television and cancel from Comcast entirely in the next couple of weeks). In the entire time I spent trying to resolve this issue, I only had contact with three people who actually seemed at all sympathetic to my situation (even if they couldn't resolve it): Mike Barrow (tech #1588), the in-store rep. at the Doyle Street Santa Cruz location named Michael, and the person who processed my disconnect request in Morgan Hill, CA called Tanya.

They really need to resolve the problems regarding customers with personally owned modems who are trying to transfer service. Otherwise they will have more customers transferring their services right out of their company.

An extremely disgruntled customer (who used to be a Comcast enthusiast)

BDS said...

The general comcast customer service still leaves a lot to be desired. However when they get something right, I am the first to give them "props". I posted a complaint one early morning and within 2 HOURS I received a phone call from corporate asking what they can do. I had two Senior technicians come to my house on time and with all the knowledge needed to fix my issues. Absolute satisfaction. Also got three seperate follow-up calls AND a name of someone and a personal number to call. They are trying, what now has to happen is that the regular customer service representatives need to be empowered to make these same customer service decisions.

Anonymous said...

No account number, since we have already left Comcast.

Our internet problem was not even Comcast's fault, but our dealings with customer service was so bad that we have cancelled all services.

My family was an original cable subscriber. I believe it was about 1973 when we first subscribed.

Through numerous company changes, we didn't really have any problems.

When Comcast took over, they sent us the introductory letter along with telling the local paper there would be no rate increase "in the near future". Three or four days later (no joke) the mailing was sent out spelling out the price increases. Not a good start.

Now our problem: My wife works from home a couple days a week. One day she tried to use her work laptop. Can't get online. She called Comcast and was on hold two seperate times for over two hours and was told "there's nothing we can do". My wife asked why customers weren't notified when the computer switchover was going to happen, "I don't know" was the response. I called later and was on hold for so long, I hung up.

Well, it turns out the problem was that our router needed to be synchronized with the new system. I got online, bypassing the router, went to the router company's website and was given a step-by-step instruction on what to do, which solved the problem. The next day the online tech I dealt with CALLED OUR HOME to check if the router was working correctly. (We are now Linksys customers for life, BTW)

We have already cancelled cable, went with Direct T.V., went back to AT T home phone service and are going with AT T DSL in two days. This switch is going to save us just over $600 a year.

We would have stayed with Comcast if we would have gotten just a little bit of tolerable service.

Mselys said...

I am done with Comcast after this weekend. Last week we were having internet issues again with packet loss and latency, surprise surprise. My husband goes through all the details with the tech on the phone, lets them know its random in happening, they go through everything, they bypass the router and the problems still occur so they set up yet another appointment to have a tech come out and try to fix it again, of course they set up the appointment for a day when my husband was at work.

So, the appt is set for 3/15 8-12. The tech doesn't show til right after 12. He comes in and asks questions, wanting the details of the problem. I tell him my husband is the technical one but my husband says its packet loss and latency issues and that it is random. Doesn't matter the site or what day or time it is, it just happens. He sits down at my computer and just sits there for the next 45 minutes, going through my bookmark toolbar, clicking on the bookmarks and reading a couple of forums, one was a forum for a game I play and another was a mom website. I just sat in the chair behind him watching as he scrolled through the sites wondering what in the heck he was doing.

Eventually he wants to know the password to our router which I am not going to just give out to some stranger so I go over to my computer to type it in, and he just stares at the keyboard as I type it in. Come to find out the techs aren't even suppose be doing anything with my router. So after I let him in, he spends a few minutes looking around my settings and decides that my firmware is outdated and I need to upgrade, he mentions that sometimes this might be an issue, but again, I am not the technical one, my husband is so I just say okay. He then tells me he is going to escalate the issue, but he wants to go outside to check my lines. So I wait..and wait...and wait. I message my husband and tell him what he said, and he wants me to remind the tech that its not a router issue, because it occurs when the router is bypassed.

40 minutes go by and he still hasn't come back inside so I go outside to see what is going on, only to find out he isn't there. So I call Comcast and get an older gentleman who says he will find out when he will be back. When he comes back on the line, he said the tech left saying the problem was an unsupported software issue. I was livid! The tech just ups and leaves, not only did he say he was going to escalate the problem (which has been done before with no response) but he never has me sign any papers like every other time they come out.

We spend the rest of the night trying to get a supervisor to talk to us only to be hung up on or told someone would call us back. Eventually we did get a supervisor who promised a local office supervisor would call us back Monday night.

So Monday after work, we stopped by the office and talked to them. They proceeded to tell us they were going to BILL us for the service call! I would like to know how they could even prove they were out there without me signing any papers, which by the way, when the tech came in he didn't have his clipboard with him. So we asked for a copy of the service order. It was COVERED in notes with all the "tests" he ran while he was sitting there browsing my bookmarks. I can tell you this, He only opened CMD once and only typed in 1 command before he closed out and did nothing else the entire time I sat there watching him beside read unrelated websites ( and are not work related!)

The office said they saw on the account that a supervisor was supposed to call later that night so we went home to wait. I went to bed around 10pm and my husband came to bed around 11pm and not a single phone call the entire night on either of our lines. So I have had it, not only was the tech unprofessional and I felt completely violated by having this guy go through my personal bookmarks and I still have no issues with the connection solved now I am furious with the lack of customer service and the fact they think they are going to get me to pay for a service call that was 1) late and 2) the tech just walked out and left without telling me he was leaving! Since where I live I can't get dish (wrong side of the building) and U-verse is just a couple of hundred feet too far away, I am going to give up on the TV and and switch my internet to DSL and bide my time for U-Verse to upgrade so I can have cable again. I will NEVER have Comcast again and they will never see another cent out of me either!

Acct 05645 229794-01-1

Anonymous said...

I live in Olive west apartments in Sunnyvale,CA. Apparently comcast has some issues with the high speed internet connection in the area and they dont want to admit.

Our connection keeps going in and out every now and the. It goes out and comes back up again in 30 min.

I may have called them atlest 4/5 times in last 1 1/2 months

Today the connection was down since morning , I ended up wasting my time in the morning and had to go work out of library.

I called the comcast customer serivce twice since morning,obvisously both the times I got different solution and none of them worked.

"Sir The modem is offline and we can't do anything. We'll have to send the technician ".

I mean how many times should I waste my time waiting for the technician and only to find out there is nothing wrong with the modem and the line is being fixed around this area since they have recieved similiar complaint already.

Well how about fixing the problem in the area. I can get atleast 10 of my neighbours who will sign up pettition for comcast and how they have been experiencing the same issue.

here is the account #8770100272192104

big cheese said...

I turned in my cable box & remote on Feb. 6th. My husband had to close the account by phone the same day as it was in his name. They told him we owed $18.14 so I paid it online & they got it w/in 2 days, before our monthly bill would've been due. Comcast then sent me a bill for $110 saying our account was past due even though they'd scanned in the returned equipment and received our $18 payment. I called and Jamie apologized, saying the bill had already been printed. She said we still owed $3.57 and and that we'd receive a corrected bill in 2-3 weeks. Why do I still owe $3.57 when they told my husband the balance due was $18.14? For their own incompetence? What are computers and scanners for if you can't keep your accounts updated? We'll see what happens. My husband didn't write down the name of the person who gave him the balance. I am so glad we have At&T U-verse now but they are idiots too. I had the same problem with Charter Communications 7 years ago but at least they had the grace to waive the $20 balance because it took them so long to update their system.
Account #8770 21 022 02220392

big cheese said...

To Anonymous College Student in Washington, D.C. who posted on March 14th at 6:35 p.m. Complain to the BBB but also complain to the FCC (Fed'l Communications Commission) as they have jurisdiction over the cable companies. I don't know if D.C. has its own regulatory agency like California's Public Utilities Commission, but if they do, complain to them too! Good luck!

angbailey said...

Today I had a three hour window 11-2 to have DVR installed. Still waiting at 5:28. After three calls to customer service and two calls from them to me the rumor is a tech will be here in 30 minutes. Uh-huh. When I asked why he was so late the dispatcher said it was because he didn't have the equipment he needed to do the install. When that happens he is supposed to call a supervisor to bring it out to him. He didn't call. But since I did call, three times, he now has the DVR and is on his way. Yeah right.

Devine said...

Account number = 09529427404-01-8

I am so tired of Comcast of Washington DC and specifically their contractors wasting hours of my life and then lying about it. I dislike Comcast so much I am considering getting internet elsewhere at double the cost, just so that Comcast does not receive a dime from me. FIOS cannot come fast enough!

Let me relay a situation which has occurred no fewer than 3 times since moving into DC, and using Comcast for TV and internet. Cable and or TV goes out, all normal troubleshooting is done, Call Comcast, set up a service appointment. Then usually I sit home, taking off work, at some point during my wait I will get a call from some dispatcher saying "sorry we missed you". THe bottom line is the contractors don't show up and then lie that they came and you were not there. I have sat on my porch while I received this call about how they were there.

So i call, ask to schedule another appointment, and this turns into a nightmare, the CSR on the phone must go through the entire history of the previous call, regardless of my urgency to simply make another service appointment. After taking all of my information the girl simply says "hold please". THis is followed about 60 seconds later with a differnt "senior" person answering the phone. She has no idea why I have been connected to her, and asks me to start the entire process over again starting with giving her my Account number! I had already been on for about 20 minutes, and simply could not bring myself to go through the whole process again. I told her I just did all this and had to go she claimed "sorry I don't know why you were transfered to me I get no info". That's wonderful...

They compound the worst employees with the worst CSR infrastructure in history. This is definitely the Worst customer service company in America. Only MONOPOLY keeps them in business. I am already looking elsewhere and will gladly pay a premium to avoid dealing with the losers they employ and contract to. Once I find something, anything, I am never, ever going back. Comcast has stolen many many hours of my life with their incompetence and I am just sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Account Number 05613289503-07-9

I am in the process of detailing my nightmare experience with Comcast, but first I just wanted to toss this little tidbit out there for your consideration...

I don't know how things are in the rest of the country, but here in Arlington, VA Comcast has so little regard for their customers that they not only keep you on hold forever, while you're on hold they repeatedly play the same ONE irritating song OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...

Is it any wonder that customers are so pissed when they finally get a CSR on the line? A CSR who invariably puts you BACK on hold, for whatever reason, forcing you to listen to the same cheesy excuse for music over and over ad nauseum?

Do you think they do this on purpose so they don't have to deal with you; hoping you'll finally give up before you go completely mad?

Anonymous said...

Here's a Suggestion:
Call the Awesome Verizion FIOS guy.
Verizon FIOS is Awesome.
Saying Goodbye to Comcast is, well:

dianha said...

It is now 9:17 pm. I've been on hold now since 7:45. If I have to listen to that recording, "We appreciate your patience...," one more time, I'm going to scream!

My beef: Last month, I got a letter in the mail informing me that I had not been charged since signing up for DVR, and so now the fee will be added to my bill. Great. Except for one thing... I never asked for DVR. As a matter of fact, when I called customer service to inquire about it, I had to ask the woman what it was and why I was being billed for something I neither ordered nor have in my possession. She assured me she would remove it from my bill.

Here we are a month later, and, yes, I was credited for the amount on my current bill...but I'm being charged for it AGAIN!

Also, I've had the service protection plan since forever. I called recently to have a tech come by to figure out why my Internet wasn't working. The guy came within the specified window, took a gander at the problem, and fixed it. Hooray. What do I see on my current bill? A charge for the service call. Why? So you mean to tell me that a service that I wanted and was paying for was dropped from my bill, but a service that I neither requested nor had (DVR) was added? Why? Can someone please explain it to me?

dianha said...

It is now 9:17 pm. I've been on hold now since 7:45. If I have to listen to that recording, "We appreciate your patience...," one more time, I'm going to scream!

My beef: Last month, I got a letter in the mail informing me that I had not been charged since signing up for DVR, and so now the fee will be added to my bill. Great. Except for one thing... I never asked for DVR. As a matter of fact, when I called customer service to inquire about it, I had to ask the woman what it was and why I was being billed for something I neither ordered nor have in my possession. She assured me she would remove it from my bill.

Here we are a month later, and, yes, I was credited for the amount on my current bill...but I'm being charged for it AGAIN!

Also, I've had the service protection plan since forever. I called recently to have a tech come by to figure out why my Internet wasn't working. The guy came within the specified window, took a gander at the problem, and fixed it. Hooray. What do I see on my current bill? A charge for the service call. Why? So you mean to tell me that a service that I wanted and was paying for was dropped from my bill, but a service that I neither requested nor had (DVR) was added? Why? Can someone please explain it to me?

acct#: 06104 145898-07-5

Anonymous said...

Switched to Comcast from Insight (account number 8798520050009758)

I was recently switch from Insight to Comcast internet and cable service in my area.

On the day my IP changed to Comcast, the trouble started.

Speeds were jumping up and down during peak hours, latency was through the roof, and worst of all random disconnects of 10-30 seconds started happening. During these disconnects I am unable to send any data out and nothing comes in, my modem does not appear to lose connection. All of the light remain on. The activity light goes crazy, but eventually slows down and traffic passes normally again. I am able to SEE these disconnects by running a ping command to any address. No router on the line. Any application which requires an kind of real time internet connection dumps, and even web pages wont load.

told me they could see my problems from their end--scheduled a tech. The earliest available time was a week and a half after the call.

He checked my signals, swapped my modem, and that was about the extent of his knowledge. At one point he was talking on his 2 way cell..."I am with a customer"...the response from the other end..."I am sorry to hear that". Luckily, one of my random connection drops happened while he was there! Good stuff! He can actually witness the issue! I show him the packet loss on a trace route destination. His response was to point at the 2nd hop of the trace route (the one where the equipment at your house doesn't will time out) and told me that "this must be where its hitting our firewall back at the office". Game over this guys tech limit has been reached. He eventually said to me "this stuff is over my head...I will have to send this up to a higher level". I ask him if there is a ticket number I can reference or the name of the person I that will be contacting me...he tells me "the next tech will call you in 24-72 hours and he will have the ticket number for you, I do not know who it will be."
Never got a call.

Internet and TV service are shut off. Calls Comcast. Apparently there was a billing issue and they had a different person attached to our account and had me attached to an old address. We had been receiving bills from Insight for months with no issues, but somehow there was a problem in the switch over and never got anything from them. This is cleared up over the telephone with little problem and the account is reactivated.

I got tired of waiting for a call and contacted Comcast. Call the telephone number on the work order that I signed after the first tech was there (and wait for 1.5 hours on hold). The telephone tech told me that they could see the trouble from their end and asked if the previous tech had checked my lines. I said they had not to my knowledge. The telephone tech told me that she would be sure to send a tech to my home that would be able to check the lines and the box in my front yard.

Shows up to my house, checks my inside equipment. I did not witness him checking any outdoor lines or the box in my front yard. I do not know what he did before he knocked on my door. I did not feel, at this point, that I had to follow them around. We had some discussion about my problem. Through our conversation I learned that this tech was brought in from a city an hour away from my location in order to help the local office "catch up". He tells me that he doesn't think the problem is in my home, but rather, on the node or in the area. He said that he would place a note on the account stating as much and would try to elevate the issue to the next tech level. Still no ticket number given as the tech said he was unable to assign those from the field. Again I get the 24-72 hour timeframe for a next level tech to contact me. He leaves after telling me to continue to call Comcast if the problem persists.
Never got a call.

Same issues persist, but I can surf the interent to some extent after the tech leaves. Later in the evening I open my browser and get the "Welcome to Comcast" screen which directs me to click on either "customer" or "technician". I go through the customer side for a couple of screens until I get to screen telling me that an error has occurred and I will need to call Comcast. I wait for support on hold again.

The tech on the phone attempts to provision my modem multiple times and is unable to do so (he is also running into errors that are beyond his ability to remedy). After an hour or so on the phone with him (on and off hold) he said that there is nothing more he is able to do and will have to elevate the issue to a higher level. This time, I am given a ticket number and told again that someone will contact me in 24-72 hours. 3 days pass and no phone call, no internet connectivity, so I finally contact Comcast AGAIN.

The telephone tech this time was somewhat hard to understand due to the fact that he was obviously receiving directions from someone else and paraphrasing their response (perhaps he was in training or was receiving queues from another tech?). He put me on hold after every question and would come back telling me things he was obviously being told to say while I was on hold. At one point I actually heard someone in the background laugh at what he said before he put me on hold again. It turns out that my previous ticket had been closed and marked "resolved" even though I was never contacted as I was told I would be. The phone tech runs through provisioning twice and is finally able to get the modem provisioned. I figured out for myself that the remainder of the problem was due to the fact that the Comcast "walled garden" had put a proxy server into my browser and failed to remove it when the registration failed. After the call I was able to again receive and send data. I never did get a call.

Speeds and latency seem to be somewhat improved at this point, but still not satisfactory. The biggest issue which remains is the random disconnects. I can run ping plotters and see the disconnects, but my modem still does noappear to fully lose connection. 2 days later, I contact tech support. This time via the live chat once again.

Live chat had a decent sized queue so I had to wait for a while. The tech finally comes on, reviews my problem, and immediately says "would you like to schedule a home tech visit". I explain my situation in details, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. He tells me the following:

David(Wed Mar 19 22:44:26 CDT 2008)>____ all i can really do is as if you want a tech out, if you like you can try and go to the local office and see if they can send out a line tech

A line tech?! Wasn't the second dude here supposed to take care of that?

David(Wed Mar 19 22:46:28 CDT 2008)>i can only give you a normal tech the local office would need to set that up
ME(Wed Mar 19 21:47:50 CDT 2008)>I assume then that a normal tech is unable to examine the line and outdoor connection?
David(Wed Mar 19 22:48:17 CDT 2008)>Right, and in the first case they should have setup a line tech

I though they did!?

ME(Wed Mar 19 21:54:45 CDT 2008)> the next step for troubleshooting via Comcast is to request a line tech from my local office then?
David(Wed Mar 19 22:55:01 CDT 2008)>Yes.

In the meantime, I have been posting to the Comcast members forums. Nobody from Comcast has replied. I did get a message at one point from someone via their forum PM:
"Hi----have you been contacted by anyone at Comcast that can help you on this? Where do you live at? Let me know and I may be able to get you in contact with someone."
I replied to them twice, but have not heard back...that was 5 days ago and I still don't even know if this person is a Comcast employee or just another customer.
Most of the people I have talked to thus far have been pleasant, but "nice" doesn't fix my problem. It seems as if, not only does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing, but the right hand doesn't even know the left hand exists. "Nice" does not equal good service.
I guess now I call the local office to do something that I was told was already done. directed I called my local Comcast office to ask them about a line tech and ask why the second home tech didn't actually check my lines like I was told, or possibly why the chat tech told me he couldn't schedule one for me. I am really not sure which is the case.

Called in the afternoon talked to a female on the telephone and was disconnected both times when they tried to transfer me. 3rd times a charm...but they asked that I be physically present at my computer as they wanted to do some troubleshooting first. I explained that I had done this 7 times before, but I agreed to call back in the evening when I was at home.

Later in the evening after returning from work I called my local Comcast office, waited on hold for 15 minutes was disconnected on transfer again. Call again...on hold for 20 minutes, again disconnected on tranfer. Call a third time, FINALLY make it through the transfer after another 35 minutes on hold. Phone tech walks me through the usual shut down/start up routine and I do it. He says he can't see any problems on his end. I explain that my connection dropping (packet loss) issue is may happen in 10 minutes, it may happen in 2 hours, but it will happen..I just can't guarantee at what times. He asks if he can put me on hold for a second and he does. 40 minutes go by and I'm somehow back in the general queue. Lady answers with the "Thank you for calling Comcast...." thing. I explain I was just talking to someone about my issue and she transfers me again. A new guy picks up the phone and we start all over again.

This time the guy tells me he sees "low bandwidth stream" from his end. He reboots my modem from his end 3 times and says that he continues to see it. The Comcast solution..."call back tomorrow and see if its still low". I tell the tech what the last tech had told me, that the problem I am having has been happening since the day I got my Comcast IP (about 3 weeks ago), and that I seriously doubt if one evening is going to remedy the situation unless there was some sort of scheduled maintenance being performed. He said that there was no maintenance being done to his knowledge, but that he thinks the problem will clear up by tomorrow...and if it hasn't then a line tech can be scheduled.

Is there a ticket number I can reference when I call in tomorrow? Of course not, however, the infamous "note" is being put on my account to tell the tech tomorrow about the "low broadband stream", and if the same problem is there tomorrow that I can THEN schedule a line tech.

The call ended after that.

For those keeping score...5 disconnects on transfer, so many hours on hold that I dont want to think about it, 2 home techs, 5 phone techs (that I actually got to talk to without getting disconnected when transferred to them) , 2 chat techs, 3 calls I was supposed to receive in 24-72 hours that never came, 3 days of no service completely while they had trouble provisioning my modem in the middle of this issue, 1 new modem...and a partridge in a pear tree. All of i can "wait until tomorrow" to see if a problem I have had for almost 3 weeks is going to go away on its own. Unless there is something that they aren't telling me, I don't see that happening.

Anonymous said...


I no longer have a Comcast account number because I have switched to DirecTV,and ever since have never looked back,and I'll tell you why.

My problem started when I found out in 2002 that my former cable provider,AT&T Broadband,was going to be purchased by Comcast.Two weeks later,I recived a letter in my mail from The Cable Company From Hell that my neighborhood was switching to a Comcast service area,and I would need a new converter box to access Comcast programming.The next day,I called Comcast to set up a appointment,and I chose a Friday morning appointment.Once Friday rolled around,and started to clear the areas around my TV's for the serviceperson,who,I as I thought,would be at my home in an hour.However,once 11:00am arrived, the serviceperson,as you probably would have expected,he did not show up. But that isn't the reason why I'm SEETHING mad at Comcast.It's this:I called Comcast the next day to find out what the heck was going on,I was kept on hold for over an hour by some all-dolled up 20-something until I was finally answered by some whackjob of a person who just spent all the time saying "yeah" and "uh-huh" all the way to the time I hung up. It was not until SIX WEEKS later until some Cuban who could barely speak English appeared at my door. I had to point to various places on my 3 TV's just to get him to install the box.After that, I thought that my worries were over, but I was damm wrong.

Six months later,I turned on the tube to see a new message on my box stating "CardAccess unit invalid.Video service terminated." Before I knew it, I pictured myself in a silver Chrysler headed for the Comcast central office.After raising hell about the issue,I led a servicevan(now featuring not only a serviceperson, but 2 Comcast employees,as well)to my house.Once there,they did essentially nothing until I screamed so loud,I drowned out the noise of a running lawnmower.After that,I told them to get out of my house.Never have I been so appalled at "customer service".Promptly,I grabbed my AMEX and called DirectTV.Let me tell you,best entertainment investment I ever made.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Well, after switching back to AT&T home phone service and Direct TV, we completed the trifecta of Comcast abandonment by going to AT&T DSL tonight.

And I thought broadband was supposed to be faster than DSL?

Not as far as I can tell, in fact I think this is faster for 18 dollars less a month.

And the AT&T tech who came out to the house thanked us for coming back and gave me his work cell number if we ever had a problem. What a difference from Crapcast.

So long, Comcast.

mendedheart said...

ACCOUNT 09518 160925 02 7 here!

My faith in humanity continues to take a hit as I read through these complaints that stream daily into my email. Yes, I, a mere Comcast user, elected to receive them all!

It troubles me deeply that Comcast users, myself included, have the same icky, icky problems over and over again with Comcast service. Did US ingenuity, know-how, and competence once put a man on the moon? How can it be that the US government, in that instance, was organized and effective, but Comcast, a private enterprise, is unable to deliver on its promises of service, despite taking millions dollars from the little people like us.

And I can make no sense of the fact that thousands of basically decent people, employees and contractors for Comcast, are cobwebbed up in this incoherent mess of a business, required to give a facsimile of service, but apparently unable to give the real thing. When I think of all the mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, supporting themselves and their families on a Comcast paycehck...I want to weep. We think, that as Comcast consumers, we are wandering in a dark and hellish realm of empty promises and unfathomable excuses. Imagine if you were a Comcast employee and your daily bread depended on a Comcast paycheck!

As for my own little Comcast problem - I am deciding whether to stay with my Triple Play contract even without functionning cable tv. I really should run the budget numbers on this. It may be that keeping triple play, even if it's really double play, is what I will do. I simply don't have the time or resources to get Comcast cable tv up and running in my home, even though I am paying for it. I lose money whenever I wait at home for a tech, and I have no confidence that even a thousand tech visits would fix my cable tv reception.

Before I took a brief break from my Comcast tech saga (visited an out-of-town frind with cancer...sorry fell into fifth place on my priorities list behind my friend's life vs death, my family, my church and my paying job) we thought that maybe my inside cable wiring was overtaxed, possibly due to multiple splitters. Of course, the real problem could be that my neighborhood cable lines are overtaxed, in which case no amount of my time wasted while hosting tech visits at home will do a damn thing for me.

So - my question now is: Should I continue to play the hyper risky Comcast service lottery? If I'm lucky I'll eventually get the service I pay for. If I'm not lucky, I'll actually lose income from my paying job!

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Recently Comcast bought out Insight cable services in my area. I received a postcard saying that my rates were going to be going up for Comcast - with no additional services being offered. This past week I had a cable interruption - my cable box shut itself off and then came back on - when it came back on the sound was dead on my tv. I called Comcaast on Monday March 17 to report this issue - I was on hold listening to music for 22 minutes prior to my call being answered - this was approximately at 5:30 pm CST. The rep said that they were experiencing high call volumes. She pinged my box and fixed the issue. On Tuesday March 18th I experienced the same issue - box turned off and on and I lost volume. I called Comcast customer support at approximately 4:30 pm CST and was listening to music for 23 minutes before a rep finally picked up. The rep said that this was the high volume call time and that I should call in the am.
This type of customer service is not acceptable. If Comcast knows that the times after 4 pm CST are high volume call times then they should staff their call centers appropriately. If my company were to make a person wait 23 minutes prior to answering a call I would be out of a job. This cable company should be held to some sort of standard - why should I pay high fees for crapy (lack of a better term) service. Today I am having Direct TV come out and set up my new cable and internet services. The customer service I received was so horrific that I am telling each and every single person I know about it and urging them to switch to some other service. My parents have made the switch - and are much happier.
If Comcast would like to contact me my account number is: 8798520290516448.

Todd said...

I recently had a very frustrating experience trying to upgrade my services using the comcast website. I wrote about this experience on my blog and received an apology call from the comcast corporate office within 24 hours. Within a week Comcast had installed my new services and waived the setup fee. To help others who may be experiencing a similar frustration, I have posted all the details at

Anonymous said...

I have an issue: I love television. Until last weekend, I subscribed to most of Comcast's offerings: Digital Package, HD Package, rental of HD DVR, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Comcast Sports Entertainment Package, High-Speed Internet, and countless PPV movies and programing.

An offer comes in the mail to add Cinemax for only $6.99/month for 12 months, so I decided to order. After speaking to a very pleasant Comcast representative, she informed me that the Comcast Triple Play Premier service would be less expensive for me then what I was currently paying. This allowed me to drop standard phone service and potentially save some money.

The next available date for installation was 5 days later of the new modem. I found a time that fit into my schedule and made the appointment. My prior experience with Comcast should have told me better though.

My original installation with Comcast was not satisfactory over a year ago. Wrong cable box brought to the house, twice. Technician hours late for appointments, twice. On Demand finally worked after I configured the cable box using settings from a website when a technician no-showed.

I hoped that this installation would be different. It wasn't. Technician did not show up by the scheduled time. I would at least understand if there was a phone call to say that he/she would be late.

Called customer service to cancel the Triple Play and bring my service down to the most basic of services until I can get DirecTV to come out and I can cancel Comcast.

I work in the Customer Service industry. My job depends on my customers being extremely sastisfied with every aspect of service. Of all of the Comcast representatives I have spoken with, very few seem to be focused on trying to do make me extremely satisfied with Comcast's product.

Comcast's product could be so much better if they only listened to their customers and actually delivered excellent service, as their TV commercials make you believe.

Account Number: 20001 061531-14-7

dianha said...

UPDATE: I finally got in touch with a customer service person (after hanging up on an hour and a half's worth of hold chatter and calling back). Not only was she pleasant but she was also quite helpful. She went over my bill and agreed that I should not have been charged for the service call, much less for DVR. She suggested that I pay the current bill in its entirety and assured me that I will be credited for the added charges. I think what I'll do is remove them myself and send Comcast the difference (just in case).

So, if you see me on here again next month, you'll know things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Good luck to all of you with your various issues. I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

I have had Comcast for over 2 years. However, they do not offer "On Demand" services in my area of Miramar, Florida, which is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. Every surrounding suburb of Ft. Lauderdale has 'On Demand" expect for my neighborhood. I use to have Comcast on Demand at my old residence and when I go a couple of blocks down the street to visit family/friends, they all have it except for my area. Every time, I ask about it, a CSR says it will be available in a couple months. Well 2 years have gone by and no “On Demand”. Does anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Comcast is not the only one. All cable companies have the same basic windows. As do most service repair companies. They also have Saturday and Sunday appt. People kill me. If you call Verizon you get an all day appt. What do want them to give you a one hr window, what if they get hung up a job. Then you would complain about them running late for that. You just cant make people happy.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say this website does work. I posted a comment/complaint about the terror of service I recieved over the phone. The missed service appointments. The promised return phone calls that never came. But one complaint on this website and BAM! Phone call from an executive at 11 am the next day. I don't think thats reasonable by a long shot. I think comcast needs to get it together before it comes to this website. But I did get some compensation. For that I say Thank you COMCASTMUSTDIE.COM.
Thank You

Suzanne said...

March 13, 2008 10:18 AM
Suzanne said... just keeps getting better.... but the good news is I think I am now ready to do without Comcrap service ......... here's the latest .....the TV repair guys who the Comcast Supervisor took my TV to for repairs say that my TV death is not due to Comcast, that the deadly power surge did not cause the premature death of my TV, the part that is blown is an electrical part that provides power to the TV tube but the power surge did not cause the part to fail, it is only by complete coincidence that the power surge and the TV dying occured simultaneously, DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANYONE??? .... PLUS the SUPERVISOR came to pick up my HDTV in the rain,and put it in the back of his truck, with no tie downs and nothing at all to protect it .. I was not concerned at the time because I thought the TV was dead, but now I have to pay $300 for the electrical part that died completely unrelated to a power surge that just happened to occur at the same time!! This is the Supervisor of the idiot who plugged my TV into the wall instead of the surge strip where it was before he came. To make matters worse (if that is even possible at this point!) I got my new bill today and it is incorrect.... I have triple play which means I should be paying roughly $33 each for internet, phone, and TV...they charged my $58 for internet (some basic math... is $58 = to < than or > than $33?!) When I called billing the moron actually said "the total looks right" I said "that is because the amount charged for my TV is a credit due to the fact that I have not had my TV for a month, do you see where is says High Speed Internet $58?" when he said "no" I was so appalled by the abject stupidity of it all I could do was hang up! AT&T I'll be calling you real soon!! Disruntled (and DONE) Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

March 13, 2008 12:13 PM
Suzanne said...
Mendedheart I bet if you contact everyone who has posted on this blog you could form one heck of a class action lawsuit!!! Power to the people!!! Disgruntled Comcast acct. #8495740150866412.

Today's update..... just called Comcrap to cancel my phone and TV service (yeah since they killed my TV don't really need that anymore!) Funny how the reps in retention are so much more concerned about the poor service I have experienced! After my last post regarding how the repair shop wants to charge me almost $300 to replace a $20 part after Comcast promised to repair my TV, I was happy to receive a phone call the next morning from Devon Thomas in the Jacksonville, Fl "executive office". She left a message about how she was concerned and wanted to resolve my issue blah blah blah. Problem is she was apparently not too concerned because I have since left 3!!! voicemails for her without so much as the courtesy of a return phone call! Then in a moment of complete insanity I e-mailed the CEO of Hell and apparently he too is unconcerned about their really poor service history. So alas, my TV is dead, I will not pay $300 to replace a $20 part, no one at Comcast even has the courtesy to respond, and now I am finally free!! as soon as I find alternate internet service I will be living in a Slowsky free world, little did I know that as cute as those darn turtles were, they even have a stronger sense of urgency than the average Comcast employee. Sad, you would think that they would care. Customer 8495740150866412, you know, the one with the dead TV, who tolerated your ridiculously bad service for almost 3 years, and for whom you could not muster up enough respect to even return her calls!? Good riddance!

mendedheart said...

It is not a problem to stay home 3 hours or even 6 hours to get service installed or fixed. What is a problem is to stay home 3hours or 6 hours or 8 hours and not have anything accomplished, to have techs show up late - after the 3 hour window - and without the knowledge and equipment they need to do the job, so that endless reschedulings are required.

Here's an example - when I first called for the start-up of my service in the fall of 2007, I told the scheduler to have the techs bring a special key to open the outdoor cable box in my condo community. The techs who showed up had no special key (called a star key) and no clue about it. They wandered away!

It seemed very strange to me that the local Comcast office didn't automatically send techs familiar with the older cable tv network in my condo community, containing with hundreds of homes, but I guess Comcast just doesn't have a community orientation to service assignments. Go figure. After various near misses with tech appointments and equipment, I eventually gave up and that seemed fine with Comcast as they never called to figure out why I'd stopped calling.

Then, in early 2008, I called Comcast again to order service. The first tech who showed up did know my community and was able to complete the installation of Triple Play immediately. That was great! But, now my cable tv service does not work, which may be related to the overall network in my community. Unfortunately, I can't trust Comcast to be honest with me about that. First - why would they? Second - what department at Comcast would actually know the status of the network/cables in my community? Third - would that department bother to inform the sales or service department about the status of the network/cables in my community?

That would require the monopoly Comcast to be more organized and efficient than it apparently is.

Anonymous said...

YES! I agree, lets file a class action law suit for over billing, failure to correct invoices, compensation for the numerous times we've all taken a day off of work only to have the cable person not show up and not call to cancel or reschedule. We just need a lead plaintiff.

Anonymous said...

FOUND ON A LAW FIRM WEBSITE SPECIALIZING IN CLASS ACTIONS (all points are a yes, I am seriously considering contacting an attorney):

In order to meet the requirements for adjudication as a class action, the Plaintiffs must meet certain elements. In federal court, the procedures for "certifying" a class (making the lawsuit a class action) are governed by Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These elements include:

* Numerosity – are there enough people affected by the alleged illegal practice to justify a class action.
* Adequacy – will the named class representative(s) and the lawyers litigating the class action act in the best interest of the class; do the lawyers have experience in class action litigation.
* Typicality – are the claims of the named plaintiff(s) typical of the claims of the class members.
* Commonality – are the facts and legal issues common among the class.

Anonymous said...

Comcast ruined my house. They drilled a hole from the outside into my wall and they measured incorrectly and damaged my baseboard. I now have no cable, a hole in the wall from the outside in and a damaged baseboard. Comcast's use of contractors is pathetic. All liability for damage is on the contracting service. The contractor was ACI and this service tech was incompetent. I wanted the hole fixed today and it will be at least a week until it can be done since I cannot take off from work while waiting for them during their 4 hour window or time.

Anonymous said...

Our problem is with our DVR. When we fast forward during a recording we lose the sound. We have to play it over from the beginning to get the sound back. We have replaced the box 5 times and recently replaced the remote. Nothing helps. Comcast treats us like we are from the moon. They always want to repalce the box and then we have to reprogram it. After 5 times, I don't think it's the box. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

I have been having issues with my comcast service for about 3 months now. Currently I cannot connect to On Demand except for early in the morning which is not exactly the time I like to watch tv. On Demand was one of my favorite services now it is nothing but a headache. I have done all that was asked of me in troubleshooting this issue. I have payed my bill on time. I am not rude when I call in with an issue. I have been a customer for several years. I just feel at my wits end with this. I live in Knoxville Tennesse and I would love to hear if there are others having issues with On Demand.

wthkah said...

Acct#8993 20 617 0198878
I've had nothing but headaches with Comcast since it was installed. I went for the tripleplay. I ordered two digital boxes, and the tech only had one. He installed everything (took about three hours) and the digtal box he brought eneded up being defective. I went to the local Comcast office the next day and got two new boxes. Came home, hooked them up and everything was fine. I went out for a few hours, and when I came home, the cable phone and internet were all down. After $30.00 in cell phone calls (which I was told they wouldn't reimburse me for) and a day and a half, I finally got a tech to the house only to find the service had been disconnected at the pole while I wasn't home. This tech was here for another three hours straigtening everything out. During the day and a half of phone calls it took to get someone here, I was told I would get a $50.00 credit for my inconvienance. When I got my next bill, there was a credit, so I was happy. The only thing was, the credit ended up being someone else's payment that was applied to my account. They obviously took that money back off my account. I called to inquire about my $50.00 credit, and was told there was no record of it in the customer service persons log. All they could give was a $10.00 credit for the time I had no service. Remeber, I spent $30.00 in cell phone calls (i have a prepaid cellphone because I only use it for emergencies.) In the last couple of months, I've had my service go out on me twice. Both times, when I called 1-800-COMCAST, I was informed they were experiencing larger than normal call volumes, and I would have to call back. Then I was hung up on. Neither time (after numerous attempts) did I ever get a person on the line. Eventually my services came back. Verizon FIOS just came to town, and it's looking very tempting once my contract with Comcast expires.

Anonymous said...

Comcast took over, or whatever, in our town and said the transition would be very easy as far as internet service is concerned. When I didn't receive email after the last one from Comcast, I went to the "chat" help thinking the process would only take a minute. One hour later my problem was taken care of, at least that's what I thought. When I tried to login with the password I was given, it didn't work. I found out that the helper with the very Anglo name didn't know about the NCAA and it's March! The helper confessed to be working "offshore", and this was the main part of my problem, as far as I was concerned. The next time I tried to login, my password or username didn't work again. This time I used the phone and the helper told me what user name to use and a new password. I should have kept her on the phone while I tried again to login, but I didn't and the stuff she gave me didn't work. I called again. This person said the first person gave me information that they don't ever give out. Well, I now feel like my security on my computer may have been breached. I'm most concerned about that and would appreciate some assurance from Comcast that this is not the case. I've written a few emails to the CEO and expect to get a reply tomorrow. I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Acct: 8498340051200287
Standard story by now. I spent a total of four hours on the phone, incredibly rude CSRs, was refused a supervisor, finally spoke to customer retention rep who assured me an incorrect bill would be fixed. Three weeks later, it's still not fixed.

Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

I love this site! It's nice to come to a place to vent and others actually agree with you! A couple months ago, my husband and I awoke to no cable and no Internet. We figured there was an outage, so I ran some errands while my husband stayed home to do some work. When I returned home a few hours later, the cable was still out, but I had noticed when pulling into the drive way that there was a cable cord stretched across our yard into our neighbors yard. I promptly called Comcast to inquire about this and they informed me that technicians do not come out on Sundays and they could not come fix the situation. I asked how this new cord appeared on our driveway and they implied that maybe our neighbors were stealing our cable. Well since they weren't coming out to check out the situation, I went down to the cable box in our yard (it's the hub for the entire neighborhood) and realized that our cable cord had been taken out (it was tagged with our number) and our neighbors had been plugged in. What did I do, I unplugged theirs and put ours back in. Magic! Our cable came back on. The next day (monday), I called Comcast again to let them know that I though someone was stealing our cable and told them what I did and that they needed to come out and put some sort of lock on it. They said okay, but someone would have to be home when they came. I don't know why someone had to be home, but luckily my husband would be available. At this point, the cable cord is still stretched out across our yard into the neighbors yard and when I get home Monday evening, I go check out the box again and notice that now there is a splitter coming from the box with the neighbor's cable cord attached! I can't believe it. I call Comcast again to tell them and they say that the technician will be out Wednesday as already scheduled with my husband. I say okay and leave it be. On Tuesday when I get home from work, I notice that the cable cord is gone, but paint markings have been left indicating that someone dug in the groung to bury the cable cord. I call Comcast again and lo-and-behold they did have someone out there trying to route cable to our neighbors. They DID have a technician out there on Sunday who "mistakenly" unplugged our cable and plugged theirs in. I asked why I wasn't informed of all of this before and they said I didn't ask. They led me to believe that my neighbors were stealing our cable and I almost went over and said something to them, but I really didn't want to cause any trouble in our neighborhood. Comcast lied to me and did faulty work and should be ashamed for the way they do business. When our six-month special is over in the next couple of weeks, we will be switching services. So long! #04418 090211-03

Anonymous said...

My Comcast account number is 01645105201027, and I wanted to gripe about my internet, which I've had with Comcast over six months now. Other than some unbelievably inept tech support people (who obviously knew nothing about computers and transferred my call around from office to office for over an hour unti I ended up at the same office where my phonecall had started) when I did the initial self-install, everything had gone smoothly until about a month ago. On March 1st, while I was out of town, I received a phone message from somebody from Comcast who did not give his name or a number where he could be reached. He said that I was probably going to have a problem with my internet connection and that I might need a tech to come out to fix it. Sure enough, the connection was not working. I called (the dreaded, dreadfully inept) tech support people to see what was wrong. They had no record of anyone having called me! What kind of company operates like this? I talked to a number of Comcast representatives who could come up with no better advice that to "unplug my modem and wait thirty seconds" (they were obviously reading from some manual--none of them had a clue). Finally, one of them said she would arrange for a tech to come out the next day to fix it. I said okay and that was that. Well, the next day, the internet was working again. Relieved, I called to cancel the tech's visit. Well, for the past month, since this incident, the internet has been on the fritz: on again, off again, completely unreliable. I'm a college student and I rely on my connection for important school information and to communicate with my professors! Friday I got so disgusted with my connection's pitiful performance that I went down to the local Comcast office, hoping to receive more satisfactory service from somebody I could actually interact with face-to-face (by the way, I think it's ridiculous that Comcast's local office does not have a phone number for the general public to use and we have to talk to underqualified phone-answerers in a completely different part of the country). The lady that helped me (using the word "helped" is being extremely generous) just made me incredibly angry at Comcast. She offered no solutions except for me to sit at home and wait for a tech to (maybe) come out, and informed me that the visit would cost ME (!) twenty-five bucks! I was incredulous, and told her that Comcast had called ME about the problem. She said yeah, but that the problem might be with my hardware and that therefore I was going to have to pay. I left that place not believing what I'd just been through. Comcast is obviously such a huge, monopolistic leviathan that they have no concern for helping their individual customers out. We customers should obviously have to do all the legwork and pay for all the expense of having the PRIVELEGE of being Comcast's oh-so-lucky customers. I don't know what I'm going to do at this point, but I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I've been treated.

Anonymous said...

I have a story to tell!

Recently in our area (Lafayette, Indiana) we were switched from Insight to Comcast. I never ever had a bad experience with Insight and was a little surprised about the change. I knew nothing about Comcast, but assumed my service would be similar. HELL NO!

All of the literature about the changeover that I received was polite and straight forward. Downright reassuring. However, I got a phone call last week that just sent me over the edge.

My FIRST contact with Comcast came on my cell phone while I was at work. It was a collection person saying I was going to be disconnected because I hadn't paid my bill. Nothing pleasant at all in her tone, actually very accusatory. (Geeez, most folks at least say something like, Have you forgotten to pay your bill?) I explained that I had the Insight autopay, and had a postcard from ComCast that said my service would be transferred straight across. She said she didn't know anything about that, but that if I didn't pay they would disconnect me (this is still my first month with Comcast!) She offered no resolution or suggestions, just hostility.

Seeking some type of resolution, I asked her for a phone number in my area if she wasn't able to help me. The number she gave me was disconnected. Not a good sign for our budding relationship at all.

I called the old Insight office and waited, and waited. I normally don't waste time on hold but I thought this was important. I also felt wrongly accused. I watched the timer on my phone click to 59:30

then 59:45
and at 59:99, it just clicked out. the phone call terminated after one hour. Now I was not only mad, I was looking for a fight.

I emailed their customer service dude guy and got this great Thank You for Contacting Rick Germano! Your Message Has Been Received (KMM30253253V59251L0KM) message. It seemed like at least someone cared at comcast. FYI.. that was the last time anyone at Comcast called me.

I finally did get a hold of someone at the local Comcast who had worked as an Insight rep, explained my situation, and she instantly resolved it. (well, I THINK it is resolved!)

Seriously, if this is the indicator of service that I'm going to pay for, I would rather use bunny ears and not have internet. That will be painful, but if pushed I'll do it for sure.

Comcast, if you are paying attention, you have a very vigilant customer in West Lafayette with many many friends and connections. I have this blogsite listed and I will not hesitate to publish it in the opinion page here. Play nice and do what we expect.

And train your people to at least try to be polite and have a customer service orientation.

that's all

Anonymous said...

Well, here is some good news: Comcast wants to put cameras in your living room to see who is watching TV! They can then tailor suggested programs and commercials for you!

I feel so warm and fuzzy inside!

If I were to keep Comcast, and I am NOT as FIOS is now available, I would spray paint anything that looks like it could be a lens or could hide a lens.

Mark said...

You've got to be kidding me. Comcast actually thinks people WANT invasive technology in their homes? Yet more proof that the people running this ship are saying "what iceberg"?

I'd just love to see what privacy rights advocates have to say about this.

Anonymous said...

This website is a bunch of BS if you ask me. I posted an account of my issues with comcast several weeks ago with my account number and no one ever contacted me. I am never going to use comcast ever again and I am about to cancel my service. They have lost a customer for life, what a pathetic company. Acct # 095856 125798-12-7

ComcastCares said...

Re: Acct # 095856 125798-12-7

I apologize that we did not reach out to you. We were unable to access your account with the information provided. If it would not be too much trouble, please email me at the address listed below.

Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Office

Ann said...

Account Number 8773 40 382 0074221

I created this a couple of weeks ago and just figured out how to post it today, March 25. Anyway to continue my story, three weeks have gone by and I'm still playing telephone tag with Sue Guytano(sp?)from Comcast in CT, who says she'll call me back the next day and never does. I left another message for her this morning. And, my bill is now $603. At this point I think I need to cc: some top execs. at Comcast, this is horrible customer service. My story continues on below:

Friday, March 7, 2008
Ann's Story

Account Number 8773 40 382 0074221

Where do I start?

I have a bill of $584.55 - meanwhile I pay my bills every month at approximately $180.00 and that's for a $99.00 bundle of all three services. To make a long story short, Comcast sucks! I've spent countless hours over the phone with idiots who can't take care of this issue. The tech. who comes to my door has the wrong work order and has to come back. I'm internet ready, and am an internet costumers already, when a $140.00 installation fee shows up on my bill. Repeated attemps to have someone take care of this fails.

I go into a Comcast office and I'm told I owe the money. At that point I ask for a supervisor and am told one isn't at this location, at which point I wipe out my video camera, which then brings out the supervisor who didn't exist. Then I'm told the women who can help me doesn't work on Wednesday's (must be nice) and am promised she'll call me Thursday. It's Friday at 12:02, and I've only heard from the credit department to tell me there shutting my off on Monday, March 10th. Oh, the BS goes on and on!

I can't stand Comcast! The supervisor, Patrick from Danbury, CT gave me his cell phone number - well here it is Comcast, the only one at Comcast trying to get it right. 203.948.6287.

Ann Vecchiariello

Posted by Ann at 8:56 AM

ComcastCares said...

Attention Anonymous Regarding the NewTeeVee Article

The article "Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You" portrayed some assumptions that require correction and clarification. I want to be clear that in no way are we exploring any camera devices that would monitor customer behavior.

To gather information for this article, the blogger picked up on a conversation between Gerard Kunkel and another person at a recent conference. They were discussing the various input devices offered by a variety of vendors that Comcast is reviewing.

The camera-based gesture recognition device is in no way designed to - or capable of - monitoring your living room. These technologies are designed to allow simple navigation on a television set just as the Wii remote uses a camera to manage its much heralded gesture-based interactivity.

We are constantly exploring new technologies that better serve our customers. The goal is simple - a better user experience that allows the consumer to get ever increasing value out of their Comcast products.

As with any new technology, we carefully consider the consumer benefits. In fact, we do an enormous amount of consumer testing in advance of making a product decision such as this. We're confident that a new technology like gesture-based navigation will be fully explored with consumers to understand the product's feature benefits - and of course, the value to the consumer.

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices

Chris Tondini said...

I've been a loyal Comcast customer for years (Account #8798300016421136) -- and planned to continue with a transfer of service to my new apartment. The horrendous customer service I received on the day of my transfer caused me to cancel my service completely. What a shame it is that an existing customer, who is trying to STAY a customer, can't even be treated with an ounce of respect!

After moving, we took an early day from work specifically for Comcast, as our weekends are full. We had the 1pm-5pm time slot. At 2:41pm the tech called me -- not bad. Unfortunately when I picked up the phone, it was apparent that he couldn't hear me -- an obvious cell phone problem on one end or the other. After a couple of calls, I realized this was going to be an issue. I immediately called the tech back from a different phone, but he didn't pick up. I left a message stating that I WAS home, giving him the new number if he still wanted to call and confirm. I followed up by calling Comcast Customer Service. I told them the situation and asked that they contact the tech, tell him I was home, and ensure he had the other number. The woman on the phone was VERY rude and told me she would "put a note in my file" but there was NO way to contact the tech. This is crazy! Even *I* had the tech's phone number on my cell phone -- and does Comcast really want me to believe that they have no way of contacting their employees in the field??

This all transpired within 10 minutes of the original call. As I hit a roadblock, I hoped the message got through somehow and the tech would come back. An hour later -- at 3:46 -- I called the tech's phone again to make sure he got my message. At this point, almost 75 minutes before the end of the 1-5pm window, the tech DID answer his phone, told me he was done for the day, and completely refused to come take care of my service. For the next hour, until almost 5pm, we were on the phone with numerous supervisors trying to figure out why our appointment was dropped -- everyone was completely rude, and no one could give us any answers or would even attempt to rectify the problem. We got passed from person to person, we had supervisors promise to return calls and then have their assistants call us back, refusing to let us speak to the supervisors again. As many on this blog know, it was a complete nightmare.

Finally I got so fed up I decided to cancel. When I tried, the best compensation I was offered was "free cable for a month." I said I would reconsider if my entire bill (i.e. internet too) was covered for a month -- if I'm giving in, Comcast is going to give in too. But -- hard to believe -- that was not "approved." I'll tell you Comcast, you shocked me with this one! My request wasn't about money -- I wanted to see how important I really was to you. Obviously I wasn't even worth the additional $40 -- and upon learning that, I had no desire to give Comcast any money ever again.

My questions to Comcast are as follows:

1) As someone who has paid over $100/month for years, do I not deserve an ounce of respect?

2) Does customer retention mean so little to you that you're willing to let me go so easily and frustrate me so much when all I was trying to do was KEEP your service??

3) Why in the world did the tech refuse to come when I both left him a message AND called Comcast? You can't blame ME for the dropped call -- it could have just as easily been his cell phone as mine. As the customer, don't I get the benefit of the doubt?

4) When we finally spoke to numerous people at 3:46, why was no one dispatched to hook up our cable? The rooms are already wired, my TVs were ready -- we just needed someone to turn it on -- 10 minutes max. We STILL had over an hour of the time slot left, and the tech -- George -- had us in his schedule for the day. It's not our fault he went back to the office early.

5) Even IF my first messages were never received/relayed, why did the tech give up so quickly? Couldn't he have tried calling again? Either in a few minutes, or maybe after his next appointment? Is he REALLY allowed to give up and go back early without attempting to try one more time?

5a) Why are thousands of people paying $100/month to Comcast for employees who quit early and supervisors who support that ethic?

6) After all the problems, you really couldn't give me one month's bill free? The additional $40 of internet was worth losing me over?

I admit there was a problem, and MAYBE the original dropped call was on my side, maybe not. But I acted in a timely manner to take care of it. Because of Comcast's horrible customer service, lazy work ethic, and blatant disregard for its customers, I lost half a work day and Comcast lost a great customer and another $120 a month. Comcast is used to bullying people because they know there's no alternative. News flash -- I'm not going to be bullied. I can't wait until the day RCN or AT&T Broadband can service my building -- until then, I'm a busy enough person that I can get by with antenna TV anyway!

Chris Tondini said...

After reading other posts here, I want to amend my previous post. I'd like to point out that, for the record, I'm usually not a complainer... I would have understood if there was a miscommunication, a misunderstanding, or a problem that couldn't be avoided. Unfortunately what frustrated me was the obvious disregard by the CSRs to help me, and the fact that the tech and his supervisors were so flippant and condescending through the whole process. This problem could have easily been addressed immediately with my return phone call, but instead my time was wasted to no avail. That's truly the part that annoyed me.

Anonymous said...

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GetVerizonFiOS said...

Please everyone, READ THIS ARTICLE!

- Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices Wrote:

"The article "Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You" portrayed some assumptions that require correction and clarification"

"The camera-based gesture recognition device is in no way designed to - or capable of - monitoring your living

Sorry Frank. But Comcast and it's management team has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY with subscribers. Why would believe ANYTHING the company says? So many broken promises and OUTRIGHT LIES! I couldn't be happier you now have legitimate competition in areas you serve.

Comcast will experience what so many of us have experienced from you...the cold shoulder, snickering, and laughter as we cancel service and choose a company that might actually care about it's employees AND it's customers! By the way, whatever happened to Rick Germano? Did we wear him out...or did he leave the comapny already?

Verizon's on the phone Frank, gotta run!

Anonymous said...

I have had continued problems with Comcast since I switched to their service last September. The following is a brief recap:

When I originally called them, I asked for a quote for Internet service, Cable w/ OnDemand, HD package, and HBO. I was quoted at $120/month. Certainly not cheap, but I was willing to pay this amount.

After realizing that my first two monthly bills were over $140, I called to find out why I was being charged $20 more than I was quoted for. The Comcast representative explained that I was quoted for a bundle that included phone service, and since I declined that service I was ineligible for the bundle. No need to get in to how ridiculous it is that I was being charged more for using less, but after confirming with the representative that adding phone service would ultimately decrease my monthly bill, I agreed to it.

So now I have a phone that I'm never going to use, that I paid to have installed so that my monthly bill would go down. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

After adding a basic cable box (quoted at $7/month) for my bedroom, my bill was now close to $160/month. Having had 2 horrible experiences with their phone customer service, I figured I'd try the live chat feature on their website (I work with Google AdWords, and have had great results with their chat specialists...that may be why I was somewhat optimistic). After complaining that I was originally quoted at $120/month, and never actually billed for that amount, I was informed by the Comcast representative that Comcast was "not obligated to honor my original quote." How convenient. The explanation given for why my service costed more was that I had additional add ons (ondemand, HBO, HD package), even though I specifically mentioned wanting all of those when I originally called.

Fast forward to today. I decided that I no longer needed HBO or OnDemand, so I called to cancel them. Well guess what? Apparently HBO/Starz and OnDemand are part of my bundle, and if I cancel them I will end up paying MORE than I'm currently paying! How is this possible. I'm supposed to be paying $127/month right now!

I would like to know why my original price quote was never honored. I would also like to be given a fair price quote for ONLY the following services:

-High Speed Internet
-Digital Cable (with HD channels)
-Additional basic cable box

Confused, Frustrated, and Angry. Comcast account #8773103230585127

Steeler said...

Our internet connection is much spottier now that Comcast took over Time Warner... that's the only gripe I have as we don't use Comcast's phone service.

Mike J Cole said...

March 25, 2008
What are they thinking – not much?

Once again my Time Warner highspeed internet connection is not working. Of course to report the problem, I must go through the automated instructions that are designed by a very smart chimpanzee.

To protect my “privacy” I must now give them my name; my PIN number, which I had no idea it even existed; my full address including ZIP code; two phone numbers, and my email address. Never mind that they could have gotten all this information from my phone number alone. They are protecting my privacy. But think about it. Protecting me from what? Someone calling them to clandestinely tell them that my connection is NOT working? Just how many times have they had some horrible person call to falsely report an out of service? I would confidently venture NEVER. But why not further aggravate your customers who are already hacked that their service isn’t working. Then they ask you if two days from today will work for a repairmen to come out…all better now.

I wonder if someone, someday, will ever ask why I changed my internet provider, phone, and TV to Verizon?


Mike J Cole
Irving, TX 75062

Anonymous said...

i want to give Comcast money! I want internet and phone service but Comcast seem so inept that i cannot get it! I have had them around to my place 2 times in Arlington VA (a place where Comcast has a strong presence) and the useless people cannot get to work. I then today spend 2 hrs getting on a call with numerous transfers and people only to find that is not the same as comcast VA which is not the same as dealers offering comcast on line etc etc etc ! Arghhhhh! why cant i get internet!!!!

Bill said...

account #877 70 141 0081019

Comcast took over in Houstn Tx jan 2007 and went on Tv to Guaranty o price increase, well within 60 days they did raise the rates.


And when you call to complain they charge you $1.98 for service change per call.
TO: Better Business Bureau
Fax: 713 867 4947 ( 215 893 9312 ) 01-16-2008


Case # 4db1-90b%

I have been contacted by Comcast, they told me they would give me credit for:

1) The 2 each $1.98 charges “change of service charge ( I called in to complain I had no service )
2) One (1) day credit instead of the 9 month @ $10 charge

I told them I was not satisfied, they do a lousy job of customer service, and do not try to work with customers, they act as thou they are the only choice .

Complaint 1: customer service wait time is over 30 minutes and of no help when they come on

Complaint 2: Comcast told me they took over in Jan of 2007, and now I discover I have not
had the $10.. HBO monthly service for 9 months but have been charged

I have been charged each and every month, FOR 9 MONTHS but not tried to use the service i paid for, Comcast told me I had to notify them the service was not turned on, I argue if you pay for a service it should be available or a credit issued.

I paid for the HBO service, but it was never provided, so I should be given a credit.

Anonymous said...


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