Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the Morning, a 74-year-old Woman in My House Was Taking Nitroglycerine for Angina... 1:15 p.m., our phones -- our link to 911 service -- went dead. I went to the basement, got on my hands and knees and -- as I've grown accustomed to doing -- reset the modem. The phones remained dead.

I went to my cell phone to dial Comcast customer service. "Due to heavy call volume" they couldn't process my call. Then they hung up on me.

Comcast Must Die.


Wildman said...

I am sorry that this had to happen to this lady. Comcast misleads its customers by stating that when the cable goes out then the phones will continue to work. It's time that Comcast does something about this problem.

This isn't new to Comcast at all. The only way that the phones will work is when the power is out to the house then the phones will work. It's ironic that when the cable goes out the phone doesn't work but when everyone goes down the phone does. That is bs. I have had in the past 2 months, the cable goes out and so does my phone.

If the EPB ever does get into the cable tv market in the southereast TV market then I will switch to them and tell Comcast to shove it where the sun don't shine.

Jesse Harris said...

If you lose E911 service for any reason, immediately report the outage to the state PUC. They're more than happy to go on the attack to get service restored quickly, usually under the threat of sanctions.

Wildman said...

Hey Jesse, it seems that Comcast doesn't care. What's PUC? I don't know if Tennessee has that department. I find it outrageous that when the cable goes out so does the phone even with a battery backup.

Jesse Harris said...

PUC = Public Utilities Commission

They're the state agency charged with regulating gas, power, phone, cable, etc.

Wildman said...

Ok, thanks. I doubt that Tennessee has one since the state government doesn't regulate cable at all. The citizens of TN are at the mercy of Comcast.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask the question - If you were trying to call 911 and the Comcast service was out, why did you call Comcast Customer Service on your cell phone? Did you think that calling 911 may have been a better choice?

just curious

Anonymous said...

ASSURANCE AT 856-317-7272

Bob Garfield said...

dear curious,

there was no medical emergency when the phones went down. the point is, based on what happened a couple hours earlier, there might have been -- and if my cell pjone weren't charged, i'd have big problems.

Wildman said...

Hye Bob, I sent an email to the Chairman of the FCC about this problem with comcast. Hopefully something will be done before someone is dead due to the lack of being able to call 911 when it's needed. I just wished that more people would take this seriously and take some action.

Like I stated, it's ironic that the battery will come into play if the power in the house goes out but not when the cable does. Comcast doesn't tell anyone that until it's too late.

Anonymous said...

OK, it must be frustrating when this happens...BUT, when I read that someone assumes there is no PUC in Tennessee and bases that "knowledge" on nothing and doesn't bother to look, it drives me nuts!!!

Here's the link:
They are called a regulatory authority, but the rest of the states are mostly sticking to PUC, and they can be found here:

If you can't be bothered to look, service interruptions can't be bothering you that much. Or you like complaining that much more.

Wildman said...

Hey Anonymous,

Keep on defending your company sooner or later, It will be regulated to where we have lower prices for what we have now. It makes no sense to cut the channels and raise the rates at the same time customer service lacks.

Wildman said...

Hey Anonymous,

Keep on defending your company sooner or later, It will be regulated to where we have lower prices for what we have now. It makes no sense to cut the channels and raise the rates at the same time customer service lacks.

Anonymous said...

ur all , like, fanboys. but I sympathize. keep it up. it's fun to waqtch people take out a big company. like ants killing a snake.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is a tribute to penises.

Anonymous said...

Would it be funny. A semi truck demolished a Comcast office.

Anonymous said...

***PS*** Comcst Digital Voice
is NOT considered a utility

it is


( i work for comcast and i hate it but before you run your mouth PLZ CHECK YOUR REFRENCES FIRST

Anonymous said...

No offense, but it's a bit ignorant to not make the pairing that your cable phone service and the cable node are not related.

A cable-digital-voice unit, CDV or MTA in some circles is a cable powered device. If the cable in the area goes out, of course you're going to lose service.

This may be due to a bad drop, or an overloaded node, but to blame Comcast for lack of phone service because the cable goes out is the same as saying it's the power company's fault that your tv won't turn on.

No signal is no signal. Cut your phone line, or drop the node and what do you expect to happen?



Petition created by: The Producers A

Because of the recent actions in Michigan and similar actions executed and planned across the country including, but not limited to; The closing of Public Access studios. The termination of the Community Calendar's & bulletin boards. The planned move of Public, Educational and Governmental programming to additional fee 900 channels and rate increases of 13.5% for services.

We the undersigned are asking Comcast to become the community partner they claim to be. We ask that they actively improve response times, improve customer service, restore Public Access support, simulcast channel 17 for 90 days, and encourage local playback and participation. Help us get to 26,000.

Anonymous said...

Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration! Don't LET COMCAST TAKE AWAY YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS!!!


Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration
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10:53AM Wednesday Jan 30 2008 by Karl
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The primary goal is to prevent you from participating in a class action lawsuit against your provider -- say, for forging TCP packets (court pdf) in order to slow upstream p2p traffic. The Consumerist notes that Comcast customers have another opportunity to opt-out of arbitration via this months bill -- simply head to this Comcast website and enter your information.

informed said...

Wildman, your lack of interest to find out any of the facts before attacking a service provider stuns me. If the cable goes out, your phone won't work. Just like if there was a problem with the cell tower in your area, your Cell phone won't work. Any service provier you have will have problems now and again. As monopolies go,the field is wide open!! Try and find a company willing to pay all the money it costs to build a new cable system where one already exsists. Find out the costs and you will understand why other than Satellite, there aren't alot of takers. I hope you find happiness where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said... > Live Chat. A live chat rep can address issues the same way a phone rep can.

You may not think it, but some individual reps care and will go to great lengths to get you much needed tech appts for phone service.

dom said...

I've been on comcast the past year, after they took over Adelphia(which also sucked but thats why the executives are in jail), they are nothing more than a greedy monopoly. For the guy who wrote "nobody wants to build a new network" Comcast snubs out competition any way they can, is trying to destroy net neutrality, and giving me a piece of shit connection for 60 bucks a month and calling it "speed boost". If anybody knows a class action suit I can be a part of please send me the URL. I hate this company and I find it absurd that my cable as degraded since I had my first broadband connection in 2000. They are a monopoly and something needs to be done about these types of corporate greedy assholes taking over the country. If it doesn't stop, this country will no longer be the way we know it. It's a bit more important than defending some piece of shit cable company you happen to work for.. They probably underpay you anyway and treat you like a dog. I am a web developer, I've been on the net since its been in existence and the fact I am getting 300ms pings at 3 AM is just uncalled for, obscence show of corporate power, and not right in any stretch of the imagination.

Maryellen said...

Does anyone know of any class action suits against Comcast. I'm scheduled to go to small claims court against Comcast in March, but I'd rather join a larger suit instead of going one-on-one against this huge company. Comcast came out to my house to switch my land line phone over from Verizon to Comcast. We thought that "bundling" services would be a good idea. Big mistake. In the process of changing our land line service, Comcast managed to wipe out our e-mail accounts. That means that all of our Folders and Address Books were destroyed, and Comcast said they could not be retrieved. That means that I lost 3 years worth of information that I need for my freelance writing and editing business. Comcast claims that I violated the agreement I had with them because I was using my e-mail account for business purposes. If you read the very small print on the back of your contract, you'll see a reference to this stipulation. Anyway, I'd like to step up my complaint against Comcast. Small claims court seems like a feeble attempt to get the company to step up and admit they don't train their personnel to handle procedures without hurting the customer. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Anonymous said...

the reason comcast doesn't seem to care is that all of there calls are being taken by an outsourcer the outsourer has one concern bilking comcast out of as much money as possible

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