Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Has This Blog Helped You?

If you've had a complaint with Comcast, and gotten it settled via comcastmustdie.com, probably you aren't visiting anymore. Why would you? YOU ARE NO LONGER IN HELL. But if you happen one of my jihad's satisfied customers, ensconced in paradise, please check in here to describe the experience. Also, send me an email: bobgarfield@msn.com.



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Wildman said...

It has helped me since I don't find myself alone in this fight against Comcast's monopolistic attitudes.

Anonymous said...

I am not as eloquent as most here but my hatred of Comcast is equal to none. And this web site has helped me realize I am not alone.

I have been a Comcast customer for as long as they have owned AT&T Cable in my area (before AT&T got into TV). My only reason was we did not like a satellite dish on our house and I needed the high speed internet connectivity. I cannot obtain reliable DSL as I am 12,000 feet from the CO.

My current tale of woe. I decided to upgrade my entertainment system and purchased a TIVO HD box. Was told by Comcast I could pick up the cable card at the local sales office. Went there and found out they moved. But of the course the telephone rep had given me the old address.

Went to the new address and was told cable cards must be installed by a technician. The only good thing was that they waived the install fee.

First technician came and cards were activated in a relatively short period of time (under 1 hour) but he left before all channels were synced. Called the number he gave me for his supervisor 3 hours later and two more technicians came to the house. Seems the signal at the PED (sp?) (the post on my back yard) had a weak signal. These technicians were not authorized to work on the signal before the pole so was told would take 2-3 days.

Three days later, still no HD channels so called again. New technician came out. Says signal at post now good but problem with my wiring. He did replace some splitters but he did want to sell me an amplifier for $75. These are the same ones that Best Buy has for $30. Nice mark up Comcast.

So after 3 trips, I finally had a decent signal and thought all was well.

Then I received my bill. I am being charged $1.50 for the cable card. Two hours of phone calls and chat room discussions with Comcast has yielded that they do not charge for the first cable card but they consider an M card two cards and therefore charge the $1.50 for an extra card. Plus Chicago area only installs M Cards.

Now $1.50 is not much and they are not charging me for a cable box which I still have but take that $1.50 times 1 million Chicagoland customers.

The most frustrating part of all of this is that their customer service reps do not know diddly squat. Talk to 4 and get 4 answers. I also swear their chat rooms are managed overseas as all those reps can do is quote prescripted text form a book of answers. And now every conversation they ask “How do you feel today?”. Told them I was pissed and crappy and it made no difference. I do not think they even read what you type.

So bottom line is

1. Service is crappy
2. Customer Service is crappy
3. They do everything they can to screw the consumer
4. And they really do not care.

In conclusion, comcastmustdie

Bob Garfield said...


leave your customer number. the rest will take care of itself.


Anonymous said...


I guess I have a concern in publishing my account number but do you really think it will help?

Right now I am probably flagged on my account as a trouble maker

Bob Garfield said...

nobody can trace you through your account number but comcast. and they will follow up.

ComcastCares said...

Bob, I hope you are feeling better!

Another option Customers have is to contact us through the "Send an Email to Rick" link located on the right side of the webpage listed below.

Thank you to all our valued Customers!

Frank Eliason

Customer Care Improvements

Anonymous said...

(from Employee Confessions)


Wow...this company will stoop to whatever level it takes.
This post is clearly from either from a Comcast hired Union Buster or a company representative and may be in violation of the law. Is it possible to remove the post and forward it to the National Labor Relations Board?
Thank You.

***Anonymous said...
A buddy of mine turned me onto this blog for some laughs (the 'contract' in the Oct '07 employee archive). I saw this most recent section and had to add my 2 cents.

Unionizing is a joke. Unions do nothing but mandate expensive mediocrity. If in-house in every single system unionized do you know what would happen? Comcast would most likely lay off 50-75% of its front line and give that work to the contractors. Think I'm wrong? Track down one of the old in-house audit techs. Unions are one of many reasons alot of our manufacturing has moved to China.***

Anonymous said...

I hope that this blog can help me to get through to Comcast. I haven't received a reply to my "Ask Rick" message in over a week, and I sent a "reminder" message about three or four days into the waiting process but that didn't seem to help any.

Not only that, I got a business card for a Comcast supervisor through a technician that came out for a trouble call. I've sent two messages to the e-mail address and have left two voice mails -- still no contact from Comcast.

I thought they tried for a response time somewhere between "a few hours and 24 hours" not a week or more.

My account number is 8495751010139957

Anonymous said...

I love this! Looks like NO ONE is in Comcast heaven. And the idea that such a thing could exist really gets us riled up.

Bob Garfield said...

No, you are quite wrong. Many, MANY people have written in to say Comcast miraculously intervened once they complained on my site. It appears that every complaint accompanied by an account number gets immediate attention.

But obviously there is no incentive for those folks to keep visiting this blog -- because their problems with Comcast are over.

Still, I'm hoping enough of them drop back in to give me a means of getting in touch with them.

Anonymous said...

I will try the email Rick approach and will report back.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take a minute to leave a comment. I am a current comcast employee and have been there for many years. I guess I am one of the stupid people who dosn't know anything that answers the phone when we feel like it. I wish everyone who called in would stop for one minute to think of how they talk to us and how they want to be treated. I can tell you any customer who calls in and is pleasent will get my full attention and I will personally do anything in my power to help them , however the customers who call in cussing and screaming and demanding we do this and do that... well frankly I speak for most employees .. we don't really want to help them. We are in fact humans , we are mothers , sisters, wives, fathers , sons , daughters , and so on and all we are doing is our job... you know the thing almost all americans have to do to survive.. we did not get up early , drive the distance to be cussed at all day long.. would you like it if that was your job. I understand that we can always leave... but why should we have to .. you need somoneone to answer the phone right? so why cuss at us and yell ... grow and and act like adults and trust me we will help you .. if your demands are reasonable. I have been in customer service for over 20 years and never in my life have I ever called a company and acted a fool, or talked to an employee like our customers talk to us. I'm not saying you have to kiss our butts but come on folks .. do unto others .. treat them the way you would like to be treated. Just because you have a problem with our company don't take it out on the poor soul who is just trying to make a living by answering your call. Please keep in mind when you call ... cable is not free... and if you want to complain about he price you don't have to have it. there are other choices. It's entertainment not electricity... if you want it you have to pay for it. TV and internet and even phone is a luxury not a necessity.. it's not food or shelter it's a luxury and like your car and your cell phone and your other toys it costs money.. if you can't afford it .. don't have it. Don't yell at us about rate increases.. we are not a charity we are a business. As for all the complaints you read on this web site.. I am sure that most of them are valid.. however you can have an i hate company website for almost any business out there!! You name any company and I'm sure there are thousands of people who hate them so in that fact we are not unique, but keep in mind for every complaint you read about us there are millions.. yes millions of customers who have no complaint at all and actually like our service, If they didn't we still would't be in business. OK so now that you have heard my ranting.. the one thing I ask of you is the next time you call in if you take a few mins to show the rep a little kindness .. I can almost guarntee they will bend over backwards to help you, on the off chance you get a rep who is not helpful... which can happen in any business... hang up and call back.. there are hundreds of us.. you will not get the same one twice, and I can guarntee the next one will help you again if you are at least a little kind or at least human toward us.
I appreciate the forum and thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

I can now say that this blog has helped me. Just as it was suggested, I left my account number and within a few hours, I got an e-mail indicating my messages had been received and were reviewed. Additionally they were forwarded to the local leadership office since they were technical in nature and that was where they could best be handled. I hope to not have to bother Comcast too much more.

Wildman said...

Hey Comcast employee, you have raised rates in my neck of the woods more than a dozen times in less than 7 years to a point where it is over 60% of what it should be if we had any competition in Hamilton County TN. You take away channels and raise the rates over and over again. Your company claims that the rate increases are for better service. BS. When you raise rates and take away channels then there is no value to going with cable tv. In Hamilton County, TN you are the only cable company here while AT&T and satellite are in the area still it doesn't matter on the monopolistic tactics your company is using to stop any real competition from getting into my neck of the woods. You are now charging to fix your own equipment which I rent. Heck, that is some racket, charging $32 a pop to fix your own equipment. No telling how much you have made from that deal so far.

Your phone service is not that good when the cable goes out. The battery backup should have kicked it when the cable goes out like I was told prior to getting digital voice. The fact is that your commercials lie about using the same phones prior to making the change. I know this for a fact.

I hope the feds do get enough complaints and take action against your company and force you to lower prices and stop your lobbying tactics in Nashville and other state houses across this country. Nothing against you personally but you are the front line while the big shots are hiding behind you.

Anonymous said...

This blog definitely helped me. I was having a hard time getting the refund owed me so I posted a msg. on here explaining my problem along with my Comcast Customer Number. Within 30 minutes I got a call from Corporate HQ. A very professional corporate liason helped me and got me my refund check, when nobody else could help. So, people from Comcast Headquarters really do monitor this blog, and will take action on it. If you can't get your problem resolved thru the normal channels, then I would recommend you explain your problem on here. Don't forget to post your Customer Number so that they can get in touch with you.

So, I am happy now with the service I got from Comcast.

I think Comcast has some good employees working for them, you just have to connect with the right people, and they will help you resolve your problem.

Don't forget to thank the person who helped you...

Bob Garfield said...

Great. Please email me at bobgarfield@msn.com. I'd like to learn more.

Dorian Benkoil said...

This blog has helped reinforce for me how a Web-based campaign of consumers can move their David position a little closer to the Golliath they're paying to serve them.

Richard B. Johnson said...

Check out my interaction with the devil's ISP:


Anonymous said...

WE NEED REGULATION NOW! This is WAY OVER THE TOP and GONE TOO FAR!! Another one forwarded to the FCC.


Date: October 6, 2007
To: Comcast Board of Directors
From: Alexis Luthoré, COO, Comcast Internet Services
Subject: Bandwidth Filtering; next plans of attack

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board,

You're undoubtedly aware of the brouhaha growing over our new traffic filtering software. By limiting the traffic of heavy users, we’re improving performance for the majority of our customer base, while protecting our bottom line. The complainers are upset because our methods forge packets that appear to originate from the user; in effect we pretend we’re the user, then transparently disconnect them from the offending services. It also seems we’ve been inadvertently filtering other, more legitimate applications as well. To offset the extreme financial liability of impending litigation by the offended parties, I propose further cost-saving measures. It’s all wrapped up in a simple, easy-to-implement, three-phase plan that should solve all our problems. We've recruited Hollywood legend Christopher Walken to help us introduce our customers to the "Comcast Happy Bandwidth Initiative" on its November 15 launch.

Phase One: Cap Unlimited Bandwidth
We need to establish reasonable bandwidth limits, especially among our greediest customers. By capping our generous unlimited plans with a 150GB Monthly Usage Limit (or MUL), we can minimize the impact of the our most rapacious users—the so-called “outliers”—on our bottom line. Typical users should never notice the MUL, ensuring that the vast amounts of revenue we exact from them remains intact. (After all, unlimited bandwidth only feels “unlimited” once you begin to thoughtlessly consume more than your fair share.)

Phase Two: Good Citizen Incentives
Phase two hinges on the rollout of a new Comcast toolbar. In addition to tracking our users' web surfing habits and favorite pornographic sites, this toolbar also alerts customers before they download any file larger than 75KB. A helpful pop-up bearing the question “Are you sure you really meant to do that?” appears, and if the user does the right thing, and opts out of his bandwidth-intensive download, he’ll be greeted by a clever multimedia ad unit for a free webcam. The Happy Bandwidth Initiative team will be using the webcams to track user eye movements, allowing our research department to identify the content that users enjoy most, so that we can charge them a modest premium to access these high-traffic pages. The toolbar will be a mandatory download for all of our customers.

Phase Three: Pay More for Popular Protocols
Our current pricing structure is needlessly oversimplified. Even the dimmest mouth-breathers understand that “faster” connection speeds are “better,” and it’s currently much too easy for customers to determine exactly what level of service they need. Users can immediately tell whether they should drop to a less expensive plan, or if the features of the higher-priced plan give them real benefits. You'll all agree that this policy has a negative impact on our revenue picture and long-term profit forecasts.

To fix this problem, we propose shifting to a per-protocol pricing structure. By implementing a sliding-scale pricing structure based on the popularity of various protocols, we can ensure that every customer pays for his or her fair share. For example, telnet makes up just 0.0001% of overall network traffic, so users who subscribe to our telnet service will pay a relatively minor $0.02/month fee for access. More popular protocols, such as HTTP and BitTorrent, will cost more. We’ve run some numbers, and are projecting that the average monthly fees for users of mainstream protocols would range between $10/month and $3,275/month.

BitTorrent, in particular, represents a large potential revenue stream. Modeling out the current traffic of customers who use BitTorrent to "download the latest version of Linux," we are looking at a minimum monthly spend of $135. More enthusiastic users would pay between $25 and $3,275 monthly to download their regular faire of what we must assume are license-free movies and music--which are all really quite entertaining. No, they really are. There’s some really good copyright-free content out there. Seriously.

In closing, we of Comcast Internet Services believe the Comcast Happy Bandwidth Initiative is a modest proposal that exposes us to virtually no liability, while promising exponential returns in revenue. We happily await the Board’s comments on this plan.

Mark said...

Uh, did anyone catch the name of the author of that memo? "Lex Luthor", anyone? Somehow, this seems to be some kind of joke to me.

However, if this evil plan were real, I'd have to say that this sort of thing would kill the online-gaming industry. Any idea how much data goes back and forth playing MMORPGs?

Anonymous said...


Look up...do you see it? No? Went right on by ya.

Billy said...

Allow me to explain (vent) my problem (extreme frustration).

Call 1: I called Comcast and reported that my internet connection would be blazing fast one minute and crawling the next then back to blazing the third...(www.speedtest.net may as well be my homepage and I've got a spreadsheet that shows some WILD numbers over very short periods spanning several days) I wanted to know what was happening and how that could be fixed. I was given a ticket number and a technician was scheduled for the next evening. That technician came, on time, very courteous, placed a tester in the jack and told me that I have no signal problem (he was right for that minute my internet was racing along *naturally*) ... he reset my modem and verified that all systems were go.

Call 2: I called Comcast, gave them the first ticket number and explained that yet again this was still an issue and I'd like to have it investigated. I was assured that Comcast would monitor the situation and keep me informed (he verified my email address) of thier finds and/or progress. I called them back 3 days later, thinking it to be sufficient time, when I gave this person my ticket number she kindly told me that the ticket was BLANK! No information regarding the problem, just a number generated with my name attached. After being quite upset by this news she was more than happy to schedule a technician to come to me and see what was wrong with my signal. I explained that this process had already been done, no trouble found here, and that I need something different done to resolve my issue. SO...she opened for me a "special" ticket and assured me that a technician would call me within 30 minutes!

Call 3: Three hours later I called back and was informed by another kind helpdesk lady that she couldn't understand who would give me such misinformation, but according to my new ticket a technician would be calling me in 24-72 hours due to the nature of my problem.

Call 4: Upon dialing the helpdesk number the automated attendant tells me that I have an appointment scheduled and if I would like to cancel or change the date please press 4 or some such. What the?...I never set up an appointment...so after a short misrouting through thier menu I got back to the help desk where they assured me that I had in fact scheduled an appointment for Tuesday between 12 and 3pm. When I told the lady that at that time I'm still at work and I would surely NOT have scheduled an appointment for a time that I could not possibly make, she was more than happy to help me reschedule the appointment to have the technician come to me and check my signal. AGAIN, I explain that that step has already been done to no avail and that I want the next step in the process taken. She has me unscrew the coaxial connection from my modem and blow on it....that should fix it, she says.

These four calls and three tickets happened within a week of each other...I still have problems and have little faith that they'll be resolved. How do you go about getting Comcast to actually acknowledge and/or fix problems?!

Disgruntled Customer#:
15011 504986-13

Anonymous said...

Comcast account #01720485662-01-4

I would like to thank this blog for getting me attention from Comcast that I couldn't accomplish on my own.

Within 12 hours of posting my huge complaint, I had a voicemail from a local Comcast rep. After a little phone tag, I'm happy to report the attention we received appears to have ended with positive results.

A week after my posting, the best cable technician just left my house AND the on-demand is working for the first time in about four/five months. The tech told us all the same things we've been told in the past, BUT this tech actually fixed things - not break them.

I'm very appreciative to this blog, but VERY sad that it took this blog to get the quality of service we all deserve in the first place.

Billy said...

I, too, recieved a call shortly after posting here. All the same things were tested..another tech has been scheduled to come to me and see if he can find a problem.

While the solution to my problems may be far off, I'm still very appreciative that I received the customer service I should've gotten from calling 800# the first four times. Why it takes the extra step of posting a long winded pissy rant to get someone to call you seems a bit much. However, I now have a direct line with which to reach a specific person regarding my specific issue.

Bob, (and to some extent, Comcast) I thank you.

AP said...

Fortunetly I am in Bright House Networks Service area in Central Florida, but the following happened to Comcast customers in South Florida:


Fans see red (zone) until TV glitch fixed


For a suspenseful half-hour before game time Sunday, football fans across Boca Raton and Delray Beach were looking at trays of chicken wings and cold cuts - and snow on their television screens.

An electrical glitch in a local circuit center knocked out cable service to 180,000 Comcast customers around 5:30 p.m., drop-kicking spirits of Patriot and Giant fans alike. Minutes to kickoff, screens flickered to life.

"Everybody was outside freaking out," said Frank Hoffman who was at his girlfriend's place in Delray Beach when the screens went black. He got in his car and drove to Lucille's Bad to the Bone BBQ restaurant.

By the time he got there, the game was back on, but patrons had shared an unusual pre-game warm-up.

'We just kept praying," said Kim Milburn, a visitor from Atlanta who had come to Lucille's to watch the game.

In Boca Raton, Coal Mine Pizza delivered pizzas to angry sport fans who had food but no football.

Although calls to Comcast met busy signals, workers moved fast to restore service, spokeswoman Marta Casas-Celaya said.

Notwithstanding the pre-game time out, the company was ready for TV's biggest night with extra workers on site and in the field, playing defense, she said

Ryan Ease said...

I just got off the phone with comcast. My second conversation tonight. I've worked at a corporate help desk for some time in the past. I understand how things work.

Rick Germano, if you are still reading this. Do me a favor and pull up ticket CB595017 or maybe CB596017, since I was given two different numbers.

I called into your Houston office twice tonight. The first time I was honestly just trying to get some information about previous bills.

I was given a lot of grief to get my previous account information, and after speaking with a manager, I finally got them to agree to send me some data, but not what I needed.

The second time I called in, writing down every thing along the way to clearly keep documentation of what I was being told. It seems in the first phone call, I was lied to several times.

The 'supervisor' Francisco Balambuela, the one I spoke with on the first call, had totally different information for me. I asked him if a ticket was created for the first phone call, and he said no. When I worked in CS, a ticket was created for every call.

It's kinda sad when you just get lied to over and over and over simply to get you off the phone.

When I was in CS, it was always a priority to keep the customer satisfied.

I'm currently not a customer while I'm out of state, but when I move back, because of the way I was treated, I believe I'm going to chose satellite tv and Verizon Fios instead.

Rick, if you are still reading this, I'd love to hear what you or your staff has to say about this case. A supervisor, caught in a lie... Seriously you guys need to clean things up, and it's sad, even after everything that has been documented on this blog, things haven't changed.

Bring in consultants. Make some heads roll. If you don't, you're customers who are being provided other options like FIOS, are going to have no qualms about switching.

lilhaocius said...

I'm new to this website. This is my 3rd year living in Seattle, a Comcast-controlled cable monopoly city. I didn't realize how fucked up Comcast is until recently.

Late last year, Comcast has decided to "prevent fraternity and sorority houses from splitting one outlet to multiple televisions" by forcing the Greek houses, or in detail "locations that registered to City of Seattle as fraternity use" to change their residential account to "commercial bulk". I heard that we get two outlets instead of the regular one outlet for doing so, so I told our executive director that we will switch the account.

However, 1 month passed, I tried calling and emailing her and couldn't reach her. Then I've decided to add sports package for $5.99 per month and found out that our TV account is still residential.

Last month, we've received a call from her again and saying that we need to get this "commercial bulk" bullshit resolved. We have about 12 rooms and only one working outlet, and Comcast forced us to wire every room up, and charge about $10 to it. The thing is, not all of us have TVs in their room and now we'll have to pay about $120 per month instead of the regular residential $80. I tried to negotiate with the executive director of our region and asked het to talk to her manager. However, her answer is that there's nothing I could do about it, even if we ask the fraternity that owns our frat house to authorize me to sign up for a residential account for the rest of the house.

I don't know if our mayor is a good one or not, but I heard that his city government approved Comcast's request to allow them to force fraternity houses to switch to the more expensive "commercial bulk account". The things is, I can't even look up any webpages or hard-copy policies regarding this matter. I'm starting to think that Comcast is trying to scam us and trying to screw us students over. Even now if we go with the commercial bulk account, there won't be any sports package and great channels like NBA TV and NFL Network will be super expensive.

If there's another cable company then I would've sign up with them instead, but having cable is still the best of our interest.

Fuck this monopoly. Back home in LA where I'm from there's like at least 2 cable companies where I can obtain service from. I even heard cable cost in Seattle is more expensive than nearby Tacoma.

I'm sorry if this post is not organized, and I really wish there's something that can be done. It wasn't fun watching the Super Bowl on antenna.....

Account #: 8498-32-007-2338340

lilhaocius said...

Oh by the way, the account executive's name is Zshoni Gilbert-Nalls. I don't think Comcast will be able to reach me since my phone # is not w/ our fraternity account but I'm now responsible to take care of this business. Once again, I would like to thank Bob for having this blog so there is a place I can finally find people similar to me, frustrated with Comcast's bad treatment to customers.

Anonymous said...

I received an HD TIVO for Christmas... only to find the cable cards in the Jacksonville, FL area stopped working around Jan. 5th. It is now February and whenever you call or email Comcast to ask the status of the cards, they usually have no idea what you are talking about. They have said it was fixed and sent a technician over twice... only to have them cancel on me without my knowledge.
I have sent Motorola, the makers of the cards, many emails about the issue. They claim they are working fine here and have not been contacted by Comcast. I now can not cancel or freeze my TIVO account without an early termination fee of $200. I hate Comcast. My account #8495-74-101-8115760.

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to who else may be having this experience. We've had the Comcast Triple Play for a year. About 4 months ago, our On Demand service stopped working. We called to have a technician come out to fix the problem, but the morning of our appointment the technician called us and said that there was no point to him coming to our house because the service wasn't working anywhere in our area (Northern Virginia). He said Comcast was working on it.

Over the next few months we called several more times but service still wasn't restored. Comcast finally scheduled another technician for this past weekend, saying that the problem could be fixed. Nobody showed up for the scheduled appointment. We called Comcast again tonight and were told that On Demand is not working anywhere in Northern Virginia. We were also told that we aren't entitled to any kind of partial refund or credit because On Demand is a "free service" and not something that customers pay for as part of the Triple Play package.

So Comcast claims that consumers aren't paying anything for the On Demand service, despite the fact that it is a huge selling point in their advertising and in their website description of the Triple Play package they prominently feature On Demand as one of the core services. Is anyone else getting this line?

Account number: 05613-004561-02-0

Anonymous said...


Comcast is ruining my credit for an amount I have never received a bill for. Three years ago (March 2005), I disconnected service at my old address. This month (Jan 2008), my credit report shows a COLLECTIONS AGENCY charge of $150 from Comcast. I NEVER received ANYTHING from Comcast or the collections agency about this charge. I am investigating now and it's apparently from equipment that I returned and Comcast can't find. The problem is that the customer service people CAN DO NOTHING TO HELP ME GET THIS MESS OFF MY CREDIT REPORT. I have been nice to them and they have done what they could to help me. Unfortunately, Comcast gives them no ability to help. They have to email someone to call me about it to fix the problem - and of course that doesn't happen (the call at least, I have no proof about the email). This is ridiculous. I am trying to get a mortgage right now!!! If Comcast had ever notified me of this charge, I would have worked it out a long time ago. Instead, Comcast ruins my credit score and refuses to fix it while we resolve the issue. The AT&T commercial that ends with Comcast saying "oh well" to its customers rings true.

The worst thing is I'd have been better off NOT returning the thing, because then I could hand it to them and make them take the charge off. Since they lost it, I'm apparently out of luck.

I am not the only one:

kdrex said...

I am writing to express my frustration with Comcast. Last year they called me and told me that for the same price I was currently paying for regular cable - I could have the digital cable box - this would be for one year. My husband and I decided to try it out - we liked the idea of the on demand cartoons for our two kids. We don't watch alot of tv but thought that feature would be nice. They brought the box right out and set us up. We mainly used the on demand feature - but did order one, maybe two family movies the first month. Then a few months later we received a bill with charges for two "adult" movies on it. We never ordered these movies (nor watched them). I immediately called Comcast and was told that they would take these charges off our bill. The next month - more charges for "adult" movies arrived. So, once again we called Comcast and they said they would send a tech out to check out our box - maybe there was an issue with it. Of course, that was going to be two weeks later - but they assured me that this would be taken care of. Of course, my husband took time off work to be at home when the tech was to come over. The tech never showed on said date - when my husband called comcast - he was told that someone cancelled the appointment?!?!?! This went on for months! More charges - more appts that they never showed up for. I finally called and got a "supervisor" and they told me that it was impossible for the box to be ordering movies and I needed to check around my house and find out if someone else could be coming in and ordering them. This is absolutely ridiculous - there is no-one else at my house but me, my husband and two infant children - so there is no way anyone else could order the movies. THese movies were ordered on days when we were not even home! The supervisor finally agreed to credit half of the charges ($170) - but said they couldn't credit all because that is the "policy". Finally I had them take the damn box out so they couldn't rip me off anymore. I will say the supervisor I dealt with was decent - but every other person at Comcast was rude and disrespectful. They do not follow the cread that the customer is right! My husband and I have spent endless amounts of time trying to resolve this issue and we have gotten nowhere - we are totally disgusted with this company! Has anyone else had a similar problem with their cable box?

Comcast Account# 01720 302572-01



Petition created by: The Producers A

Because of the recent actions in Michigan and similar actions executed and planned across the country including, but not limited to; The closing of Public Access studios. The termination of the Community Calendar's & bulletin boards. The planned move of Public, Educational and Governmental programming to additional fee 900 channels and rate increases of 13.5% for services.

We the undersigned are asking Comcast to become the community partner they claim to be. We ask that they actively improve response times, improve customer service, restore Public Access support, simulcast channel 17 for 90 days, and encourage local playback and participation. Help us get to 26,000.

Anonymous said...

Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration! Don't LET COMCAST TAKE AWAY YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS!!!


Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration
Assuming you enjoy having your legal rights...
10:53AM Wednesday Jan 30 2008 by Karl
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Comcast was recently slapped down by the courts for trying to bury language in your terms of service that would limit your legal rights. The companies have tried to force consumers to take place in mandatory arbitration instead of having their grievances heard in a court of law. Not surprisingly, arbitration almost always rules against you.

The primary goal is to prevent you from participating in a class action lawsuit against your provider -- say, for forging TCP packets (court pdf) in order to slow upstream p2p traffic. The Consumerist notes that Comcast customers have another opportunity to opt-out of arbitration via this months bill -- simply head to this Comcast website and enter your information.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine lives in Washington, D.C., in a condo building served by Comcast. A few weeks ago she suddenly could not get the channel that displays the program schedule for all the channels, and her favorite movies channel was also suddenly unavailable. So she called Comcast to get the problem fixed.

She was told that those channels had been switched over to digital, and that she had been sent a notification, with her last bill, that the changeover was about to happen. She was also told that she would immediately have to begin renting a digital converter box just to keep getting the channels that she had been getting all along.

So she protested because no such notification had been sent before she started losing the channels and, furthermore, it did not seem fair that she was suddenly being charged more just to keep access to the channels she had been tuning into all along.

The Comcast representative put her on hold for a moment and then came back saying that they could install the digital converter box and not charge her rent -- for one year. Since she had already been through multiple billing problems, it will be interesting to see whether Comcast gets the billing situation right this time around.

The condo association has since met to discuss -- for a variety of reasons -- the possibility of dropping bulk purchase of Comcast cable for all the condo units, but satisfactory alternatives are not yet available. Someday soon, hopefully....

Stay tuned -- if you can.

_eug said...

Account Number 8495 75 261 0265689

Yesterday (Sat 2/9) at 1pm a Comcast contractor came to our apartment building to terminate service for a neighbor getting DirecTV. When he left I had no TV and no internet and no notice. I've spent the last 27 hours trying not to yell at Comcast CSRs while having visions of going to a Comcast Service office and pulling a Mona (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/17/AR2007101702359.html).

All told it took 8 calls and over an hour on my cell phone trying to get someone out to fix one man's 5 minute mistake.

I get a CSR and she tells me that since the orders are already out for the day that the only thing I can do is schedule a service visit for 11-2 on Sunday. Upset but without any other recourse I say ok.

Sunday rolls around and I wait until 2:40. I start calling Comcast again.

Would you believe that they have a system in place that once a service call is placed an automated call is made to confirm the appointment. If your internet is out and have VOIP or Comcast Voice the call doesn't get answered and they CANCEL your appointment! I was informed that this it what happened to me.

A new service request was sent and I was told I would receive a call from Dispatch. An hour later no word. Back on the phone to Comcast. The service request was declined. Declined?

It took telling the CSR that unless I had cable and internet TODAY or I'd be canceling my service that I got a promise of hearing from dispatch within 15 minutes. He sent the serive request again. I waited another 15 minutes. No Call.

Again on the phone to Comcast to be informed that I am schedule for an "All Day" appointment whatever THAT means. At this point she says "4 to 7." Ok good I have an appointment. Now, I've waited 5 hours on a beautiful Sunday.

The tech shows up 30 minutes later and it takes 5-10 minutes for him to figure out which cable is mine and it's fixed. He never even need to enter the apartment.


This doesn't count the fact that when I asked my wife to set up service while I was away, I specifically told her to get Basic Analog service, they Upsold her Digital (and the service has horrible artifacting) and they told her that the cable modem we bought 5 months before wouldn't work and that she needed a 'New' modem. Then there's the issue that the username and password given during installation never worked. I'm using the username and password for another account to send mail. Or how about the fact that I couldn't get two addresses put on one bill?

I HATE COMCAST. I've never had anything but trouble. The only solution is TRUE competition.

_eug said...

Account Number 8495 75 261 0265689

Comcast must be on vacation this week. Here it is Wednesday and no one has tried to contact me. I posted to the Customer Cares site on Sunday where it states, "Do you have feedback for us? Send an e-mail to Rick. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less."

More lies.

Anonymous said...

I just want to send an email to convey my complete dissatisfaction with not only your service, but more importantly your customer service. ACCT # 095183394110309

I have used various Comcast services since having moved to Maryland over 5 years ago and have continually had cable services through Comcast with an average cost around $100 a month.

To make an extremely long story short, most recently I got behind on payment, which is easy to do for me since I spend a large amount of my time outside of the country. I was home for a few days when I got your service interruption notice in the mail on the same day you cut off my service (Jan 22nd). I paid my balance in full (approx. $284) by 9am on Thursday, Feb. 7th by phone. Friday evening I called inquiring about the status of getting my service turned back on after numerous automated questions I finally speak to a person who gathers all my information, puts me back on hold for a few minutes only to come back and say “hello, sir?” and then hang up on me. She had my phone number, does your company not encourage a callback? I call back again and when I finally get someone on the phone again, her name was Colleen, she says the service has been disconnected as well as the phone number (digital phone service) and that this number has to be re-activated before they can schedule for my service to get turned back on…she will research what it takes to get this done and give me a call back. Then she nonchalantly mentions that I also have $136 credit! I’m thinking if I have $136 credit, then why did I pay $284 the day before and even more importantly why was my service disconnected!? Needless to say she never called me back.

The next day (Feb 9th) I called back to go through your painful automated system yet again and when I gave the guy all of my information his response was “Uh huh, yeah, can I help you?” After explaining my situation again, guess what? I was put on hold. While sitting there patiently on hold, wasting even more of my time I receive another call from Colleen, the girl who was supposed to call me back from the day before stating that she needs to schedule someone to reconnect my service and the earliest it can be done is in 11 days from now…Wed, Feb 20th. I know to physically reconnect that service takes about 30mins but I know how incredibly painful it is deal with your company because I have to do it all the time with work.

Lastly, 2 days later (Feb 11th) you guys disabled my email account and to get re-enabled was literally 26 minutes of hold time before speaking to someone who could help me.

Your customer service is practically hopeless, everyone always knows to expect the absolute worse when dealing with Comcast, it’s a given. I personally look forward to the day I don’t live in Maryland for the simple fact I won’t have to deal with Comcast.

Anonymous said...

My gripe with comcast started when i recieved my first bill after signing up for the Comcast Triple Play. $99 a month, right? No...It was an additional $30 on top of that because i was already a comcast customer. If you have cable in my area, yes, you have to be a comcast customer.

So my first bill was for $228. When i paid my bill i paid $200. Leaving a $28 balance to be tacked on to next months bill. When i had family visiting, my cable wasnt working for a few days, finally i called and the reason was because my account was past due. In order to get it turned back on i had to pay $169 (not my $28 balance)by phone immediately. So i did, electronically... and before i hung up the phone the tv was on again. That fast. Embarrassing.

So since i paid over the phone i disregarded my next payment and instead sent my check to the "Comcast vampires" and paid in the amount of "My right Arm and zero dollars" memo "Robbing customers blind". Haha, i got my little dig in there, so i thought.

About 2 weeks later, i was out of town visiting family when my husband calls from home telling me that he just recieved a strange phone call from a woman in Colorado. We live in Pennsylvania. She just recieved an email that said "This is too funny not to pass on. This is an actual payment we recieved via yesterdays mail." And attached was a copy of my personal check with my name, my address, my phone number, My account numbers, my signature... nothing was blacked out...Nothing! And a copy of my comcast statement.
Immediately, i called my bank, then comcast, then the police. I had to cut my visit short to come home and take care of this situation. That was last August. Since then i have filed complaints with the BBB, Attorney General, and the FTC. I have searched for an attorney to file a case against them. No Luck. There are 3 Consumer Rights attorneys in Pittsburgh. I am affraid of the whole identity theft thing. A comcast employee put all of my personal information out there, its just a matter of time in my eyes. They have givin me so much runaround, i dont even want to go there. I even spoke to a comcast security agent that couldnt even tell me her last name, she just had an Agent ID B!<. How ridiculous is that. She gave the the number for the comcast legal dept, 1-800-871-6298 and fax, 1-720-267-2794. She claimed that she had reported the incident and it was now out of her hands.
Nothing has been done, i have had to change my bank account, get new checks, and constantly keep an eye on our credit report. They issued me credit for 3 months of services.
A few people got fired, but that doesnt help me any. For all i know, the email could still be circulating. Now i am not sure where to go now. I just know that this incident could haunt me for years to come. And i still write my checks out to the comcast vampires.
Comcast Account 8993212810028962

Anonymous said...

SO much for the Email Rick link. I sent in a nice email (no threats) and received thsi response:

Thank you for your message. I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with me. To respond as quickly as possible, I have asked members of my leadership team to join me in addressing all "Ask Rick"
messages. Please expect to hear from us within just a few hours. This is an auto reply message letting you know that we've received your e mail, so please do not reply to this message.

It has now been more than 24 hours.

Guess we know where there idea of time management starts.

At the top.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if comcast in the Pittsburgh area has and will lay people off in their division

Anonymous said...

I read about comcastmustdie.com in the March 3, 2008 issue of BusinessWeek and what a relief it is to hear that I am not alone. Like so many others who posted here I would leave Comcast in a second, but I have no alternative (yet!). Without going into a lot of details here is a summary:

Account # 8798101200193824
Note: my monthly bill is $200 (including taxes) and it includes all premium channels, Sports Entertainment Pkg, 2 DVRs and high speed Internet. You’d think I should get some respect at Comcast, right? Read further!

I got a call from a Comcast sales rep, pitching a triple-play bundle i.e., including the same services PLUS phone service for $159/month for 12 months. Even after including the taxes, this would be LOWER than my current bill, so I made the mistake and accepted the offer.

Imagine my surprise when the next bill from Comcast was HIGHER than previous. Trying to solve by email is not allowed by Comcast; I tried chat – the guy gave up. The attempt to solve by phone was the worst nightmare: long waits, passed around, customer reps with no access to telephone account or to bundled service account, etc. Even though the statement is confusing, being an experienced business executive I was able to decipher it and I figured out all the issues: I was charged for modem rental even though it is mine, I was charged for installation even though I SPECIFICALLY asked and was told that there is NO installation fee and, the worst offender, I was not given the pro-rated NEW discount for a partial month. Nobody at Comcast understood these things, not even when I finally got escalated to “executive customer support”. It looks like their billing is not comprehensible by their own support people, but I’d expect ANY service rep to understand that there is something wrong when the amount charged is INCREASED while the monthly service fee was REDUCED.

The (unsuccessful) experience of trying to sort this out was so awful that I cancelled the whole thing. Needless to say, the following statement, while canceling the phone service and restoring my previous services, continues to carry over an incorrect overcharge of $30, which is extremely frustrating, but not enough to make me contact Comcast customer service. The thought of making such a call makes me shiver.

This is not the only “nightmare” story with Comcast. In 2007 I bought a computer with cable modem. In order to receive Comcast HD channels, I needed to have a cable card installed. Comcast advertised cable cards for computers with cable modems on their website. The technicians that came were so clueless that they were not able to install; they said that Comcast doesn’t support such a configuration and even gave me the business card of their supervisor. He never answered my calls/email and, out of frustration, I returned the computer to the store.

If Comcast had competition they’d either go out of business or they’d improve the quality of their service. As things are, while they score very low in customer satisfaction surveys, all I can do is to join this community and share my story with other people, just like me.

Anonymous said...

Account# 8498 34 002 0374007

Comcast cut my internet and tv for downloading too much. I was flagged and blacklisted from their service. When I asked what UNLIMITED means, it means the INTERNET is unlimited, but NOT the BANDWIDTH.

I Understand. I agree. However, if I can't use bittorrent, then I will go to newsgroups. They didn't slow down the newsgroups and I downloaded too much. So they cut me off.

I noticed however, they have been charging me a rental fee for a modem I never used. I bought one at Compusa when I signed up there for the service ( I never got the comcast rebate for it either, but we all know where THOSE go).

So I've called several times, and each time I get "The Ticket Escalation Team is behind and they will call you when they are caught up". Wtf. What is THAT? "Ooops, Sorry Ma'am, I just charged you an extra buttload of money for your groceries, but it's going to take a few weeks/months/years to get it back to you." What kind of customer service is that?

You know why those ticket escalation people are behind? It's because they are the worst company ever. At this rate, they will NEVER be caught up. I doubt they will call. They never want to give money BACK, they need it to hire more Ticket Escalation Clientele.

Dear God, could you PLEASE bring me some FIOS Verizon Fiber to Seattle?

Lol, when I called them about cutting off my service, they told me to return their modem. I said, "You guys never gave me a modem, I had to buy it"

"Oh, uh, nevermind"

That's when I knew something was very wrong....

Rich Panelli said...

It's ironic ! After numerous calls to Comcast with no results, I read the BusinessWeek article regarding customer service and that led me to this website. Afew hours ago I entered a summary of the telephone problems I'm having with Comcast. Shortly thereafter my wife says I had a phonecall from Comcast. The person said he was contacting Customer Service to have some come out next week to fix our problem. Coincidence ? I think not but I'll wait to see if anyone shows up or if I just get a callback to have me once again explain the problem. I'll post again next week to provide an update my problem.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE 2/25/2008

Account # 8798101200193824

I posted my story over the weekend and on Monday morning I got a call from Comcast Executive Support. Comcast rep went through the numbers and confirmed my conclusion about the overcharge; she blamed the sales rep who offered me the promotion, even though this was a CLEAR case of overcharge. She offered me (and I accepted) a 6 months promotion on both Internet access and cable services.
My conclusions:
1. this site (comcastmustdie.com) is EXTRAORDINARILY effective. Excellent job, Bob Garfield!
2. Comcast DOES care about their image and about their customers. However, it’s obvious that, so far, their solution is to put off high-visibility fires instead of institutionalizing a broad but strong, high quality customer service.

Anonymous said...


Account# 8498 34 002 0374007

Comcast left me a message stating that they have been charging me for a modem, but they dont have record that I leased one or one was never sent to me. So they said they are sending me a refund check for that. It's not a huge amount, it's the principle of it.

Tony_SanJoseCA said...

I hate comcast, and despite the fact they are the only cable company in my
area I am resolved at not watching any cable tv because of them.

When I was preparing to move out of my apartment in May, I had made several
attempts to cancel my service via phone. On one occassion the customer service
rep actually hung up on me, and on another occassion I was on hold for nearly
a half hour. I got fed up with this treatment and it seemed like they
weren't going to let me cancel my account.

So instead, I sent in a letter by mail with my payment to have my account
a month before i moved out of my apartment.

It was pretty clear, even on the check I sent in with my final payment, I
wrote on the message, final payment, please cancel service. With this was a
brief note with my account number, address and phone number, and my signature
asking them to please cancel my service because I was moving.

They continued to charge me for service saying
that they never received my letter and that mailing them was not the
appropriate course of action that I should have called them.

I tried to call them!!!!

I spent 5 months arguing with customer service about whether or not I had
actually called, which my cell phone clearly had record of, I even offered them
a copy of my phone bill, but why should I have to go to such lengths?

Finally a customer service agent, sympathetic to my situation assured me that my
account would be resolved and that I would neither be charged nor sent to collections.

This was a complete lie.

I spent the next 3 months arguing with Comcast's collections department
and finally being stuck with their Credit Protection Association friends. They kept sending me
notices that they were going to report me to credit reporting agencies, but I responded
promptly to all their requests informing them of the situation, following all their
protocols, even sending them certified mail.

They reported my account anyway.

At this point I was besides myself. I tried to work with collections to have
them remove it from my credit report. Naturally they had no care about my situation
and made no attempt to resolve it short of me paying the fee I was told by
Comcast that I would not have to worry about.

I was very distraught and finally agreed to pay the fee so long as they help me
resolve the issue of it being on my credit report.

They said that in order to do that they would need approval from Comcast.

So I called Comcast Customer Service again and told them the situation.

The guy he told me that indeed there was a way to fix this. Of course pay the fee,
but that I would have to go to the Comcast center
in Sanfrancisco to pay for it; that they would give me a letter that I could then use to
have them remove the remark from my credit report.

He even noted my account to the same.

I made arrangements to make the 40 min drive to San Francisco, ready to pay,
and when I brought up my issue to the people at the Comcast Center, they of course
had no idea what I was talking about but were very happy to take my money. I asked to speak
to a manager but there was no manager on duty. Great. I wasn't going to hand over my money
without the resolution I was promised. It seems like that is the only bargaining chip that
I have here because they've done absolutely nothing to help me.

The worst part about this is I shouldnt have to pay them at all, but they've gone out of
their way to make my life miserable.

I hate them. I hate Comcast. I will never watch cable again.

Comcast: You've basically ruined my credit and by extension my life for $100.


Tamara said...

Hi everyone- Please listen to Bob about Posting your account number. I posted my situation 2 days ago, and within 12 hours had a Comcast suit calling me and giving me credits up the ying yang, plus his direct line for any future problems.

Although this is great- I never asked for a windfall. If Comcast would have just responded to my situation fairly when I called the "Customer Service" line, they could have saved a lot of money and time, and PR. As a business owner myself, it sickens me to think about how much waste occurs within that company. Maybe they should just scrap their Customer Service line and just start a blog because that seems to be the only way to get any help.

Although I thank Comcast for their service credit, I guarantee that the first breath of something better coming along- I will switch.

Anonymous said...

Account Number: 09529 378788-01-6

Back in December, I bought my own cable modem after having rented Comcast's for over 2 years. I live in Washington DC, but the Rockville, MD office was actually closer to where I live, so I called customer service and asked if I could turn it in there. They said yes. I took it in to the Rockville office, and told them that I lived in DC, but wanted to return my cable modem in Rockville. They said no problem, and took my modem.

3 months later, I'm still getting charged $3 a month for the modem I returned. I called in to complain, and they said that I couldn't, in fact, return it anywhere but in Washington, DC! Now they want me to go back to the Rockville center, get my modem back, then take it to the DC center and return it there. After 3 months, I'll need to dig up the receipt, assuming I even have it, and if I don't, I'm out $150 for a $20 modem.

1. Why did they tell me I could return it in Rockville?
2. Why did they accept my modem in Rockville when I told them I had my service in DC?
3. How can Comcast's systems not know that I returned my modem, wherever it was?
4. Why would I be charged $150 for a $20 piece of equipment?

I'm so angry right now. Rest assured, if this doesn't work out like it should, I will cancel my service and never subscribe to Comcast again.

lilmomo999 said...

This is an update to a complaint I left last week. I posted my comment at night and the very next day I had a representative from Comcast executive named Holly call me. We've been playing phone tag for the last week but I finally got to speak to her today. She was so nice and she credited my account for one month of service. She also encouraged me to call her in the future if I have any other issues and she gave me her direct number. I really appreciate her help and I am so impressed at how well this site worked! Thank you Comcastmustdie!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I had Comcast back in my area.. they actually looked good compared to Time Warner, my current cable company.

Slime Warner gained my area for some reason when Adelphia cable was divided up between the 2 companies.

When I had Comcast as my ISP, I had a reliable 6 MB download connection, that (and this is no exageration) went years with no problems.

Slime Warner takes over my area, and promptly turns my connection into flush water. Most of the time I was lucky to see 1/3 of what I was paying for in download speed.

I finally gave up and switched to DSL, which is 1/2 the advertized speed of cable, but 3 times a fast as I was able to get with my cable connection on an average.

Sometimes you need to see the other side of the fence before you talk about how bad your side is...


I enjoyed the Platinum package for years with my Hi-Speed internet. :) When finances got to be tight, I had to downgrade. I had to downgrade. My bill was $299.46 (with taxes and such) That was for everything. I had to get rid of the internet. Which only dropped it to $207.53. When I saw a deal with Sattelite - which my mother was not going to go for, they offered me the Digital Preferred for $39.99 for 3 months - A SPECIAL! Then I was told "$55.55 thereafter" Well surprise that my bill turned out to be $101.39 because the package is $70.48 and $13.99 for DVR service. I asked "What happened to $55.55?"
I was told, and very rudely I might add "SIR, No one here ever quoted you that price, I can promise you that. You're making it up!" I pushed all the way to the Vice President's administrative assistant and told her "Easily solved. I work in a call centre. Pull the tapes of the calls from this date, and this agent. And hear him quote me $55.55!" I was put on hold for 15 minutes, and someone picked up the phone "This asshole isn't giving up!" and hung it up. Should I call CNN?

Anonymous said...

Comcast sux... They throttle bandwidth and for the most part THINK that consumers don't or can't figure it out. Bottom line is they should be investigated by every state attorney general where they conduct business. They do the ol' bait and switch when it comes to giving you what they advertise and what you pay for.

Example: Uploads = 768 kb/s...

Well, for the first 5 megs it is close to this, then thereafter it drops off a cliff, averaging down to somewhere around 50-75 kb/s. Download too, any large file downloading will reveal TRUE bandwidth speed.

They (comcast) has done this cause they know that the speed tests use certain sized files and can easily deceive them.

Verizon FiOs just installed in my area and I CANNOT wait for the hook up to take place. I will rid my self of the Comcast abuse they serve on their customers on a daily basis.

praisecanti said...

The trouble I have been having with comcast and my only trouble to date, besides some channels not coming in correctly on the tv, is their control of bandwidth over applications involving p2p. I use p2p for work, and when comcast throttles my bandwidth so that I am running slower then dial up I get a little pissed. I am paying to have full 16 mbps. This only makes me feel slightly ripped off as I could be saving over 50 dollars a month. There are many scams and other solutions that I can supposedly get around this, but I am paying for this extra speed and bandwidth for a reason.

anubis2night said...

I live in Santa Rosa CA, and so far I have had no real problems with Comcast. I use the internet a lot and usually do xbox live gaming. But I am worried about Comcast throttling my internet when I watch shows online or with those proposed caps that the Time Warner is trying out in Texas. All I know is that if they try that in my area I'm calling my local congressman, and yes I mean it. I've known the guy since high school and would put this issue out to the politicians so fast it would make you head spin. In fact I still think that the Cable companies should be kept in line or be deregulated and broken up as they are a monopoly and this site proves what they are capable of when left unchecked.

Anonymous said...

@Anyonymous employee of Comcast:
You're at complete discression for who you work for. Your feelings don't matter, the customers' does. You make the decision to wake up every day (wives, sons, daughters, fathers, child molesters, rapists, criminials) and head down that road. You chose to work for a company that has managed to spawn sites like this. That has managed to leave it's customers feeling neglected and used.

If you wake up, stretch, put a smile on your face, and decide, "Wow, I love the guys I work for!" then your relationship with Comcast is such that you're subject to whatever repercussions come from the Customers, *YOU* piss off. And here's the catch: Yes, you CAN quit. You CAN decide you don't want to work for a company that consistanty fails the people who are forced to pay them for services, or they receive no services at all. The difference between Comcast customers and Comcast employees?

You have a real choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'd like to thank Comcast for port blocking NetBIOS, the only means by which I was able to connect to my small business and an horridly timed discovery (like, when the connection was suddenly dropped). Also something the techs knew nothing about. "Duuuhhh wot? I dun kno nuffin about that. Wow.. uuuhhhh wwwelll.. uuuhhhh let me.. I'll send a notice to a supervisor.. uuuhhhh"

Don't bother Humpty.

Anonymous said...

My best friend is a single mom of a 13 year old who racked up close to $400.00 in adult movie charges last month. I told her to call them to have the charges removed since they were not authorized and were charged by a minor. She said they told her that the movies "had been watched" and there was nothing she could do about it. She also has a 3 yr old and is about to give birth to another child in 2 weeks. She is not in a financial position to pay these charges, nor do I feel she should have to. I have since advised her to use the parental lock capabilities, but how should she go about rectifying the current situation?

Anonymous said...

I worked for Convergys, who did the technical support for Comcast. They closed this office here in Lethbridge, Canada and the other two offices here in Alberta.

Without question, dealing with AMERICANs is the worst possible job in the world. EVER. For the most part you are all obnoxious, rude, demanding, impatient and pigheaded. that being said, there is the occasional normal person, but believe me they are few and far between.

There is NO emergency Cable TV service or repair. It's just television after all. Go read a book, or go outside. Big deal if you are paying for it, life goes on. You get credited whatever time you are down and the world does not end.

There is no need to scream and yell, threaten legal action, demand demand demand all because Oprah has been off for over 10 minutes!!! Or ONE DAMN channel has no sound.

I would recommend you all GET A LIFE, cancel your cable TV service and see if you could actually survive. Maybe you blood pressure would go down and if you ever have to call a company with a REAL PROBLEM, you would treat them with respect.

Naota said...

I agree whole heartedly with the comments left by the customer service workers. There are so many people that figure if they are loud and demanding enough nothing will get done. Which is just the opposite from the truth, but a good portion of us on this blog have many reasons we hate Comcast. These reasons are most substantial in the fact that they aren't little trivial problems that can be fixed by a service repair man in the follow days. The problems most of us face are problems that Comcast pulls us around in a circle to deal with. For instance, we had a technician come and repair our cable when the line was ripped from our house. All was fine with the three day wait and such. After the repairs I had him take our cable box; since we only us internet and do not watch it regularly. For the past month we haven't had access to cable television only to be surprised when the bill came to be charged for a full cable superscription.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the place where I posted my problem, but cannot find it any more!
However, I must report that after having lost my order and waited for my new Comcast service to be installed, and having posted here, in frustration, when noone would tell me a date for said installation...they did it! One day i called, gave them my phone number and actually got the reply...yes, your installation is scheduled for Saturday between 3-7pm (good thing I called Thrusday!). On Saturday around 2pm I received an automated call to verify that I was home, and by 4pm the technician was here!
True, te 2pm verification call would go unansered if you had made plans to be at home by 3pm and were running some extra errands...so its not a good idea and may be causing more trouble than solving any... but having read this blog, there waw someone in the house at all times saturday (in the off chance they might show up in the morning even!)
So then the technician at one point almost left...but somehow we managed to entice him to help us regardless of a "loose jack" and, hey, that didn't matter anyway as it was only cosmetic (when moving furniture apparently the wall jack got hit and was loose, we fixed it since) so...now I have cable and internet!
We'll see what I get billed for and hope all complains end here.
I dont know what channels I have or what I was supposed to have, too happy because I can see some of the Olympics! (and the huricane looming towards us, I'm in SE Florida) so I'll worry about channels next week!
plus...if this line-up is horrible, I will switch to DirecTV as I have no contract, so I retain my ability to take my $$ elsewhere!
Well..do not have a customer number to post...but wanted to post my success after posting here before w/my phone number and order number!
Good luck to you all!

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I am happy to report that less than a week after I posted my billing dilemna with Comcast, a rep. from the "executive customer care" office in Beaverton, Oregon called me and we went over my billing errors, questions and so far, it appears that she straightened out that mess.
Not only was I given a credit for the errors but also a 25 dollar extra credit for my time and trouble.
She seemed to be very understanding of the situation saying that Comcast is very aware of their image problems and are working hard to change their mistakes.
My billing credits won't show up until the November bill as the October bill is already out. If it happens that these errors aren't corrected and we aren't given the credits, I will report back to you all here with an update.
Thanks so much for your blog and I do hope that more people post their problems with Comcast here since it appears they do read them and make efforts to help.
Don't forget to put your account number with your post. There IS hope out there!

ariennex said...

Comcast starting screwing me when I turned 18. I moved into my first apartment and their service was the only thing in the area. Not knowing better (yet!) I signed up. When I moved out the next year, I called to cancel the service. 6 months later, I found out that they had not canceled it at all, kept billing me for 4 months at that address, then added thousands to the bill for the "unrecovered equipment." When I called them to clear up those ridiculous charges, they claimed I had not cancelled the service when I called, and the only thing on my account was a request for a 'change in service.' I pointed out that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard, since I didn't live at that address anymore and the area I had moved to did not have comcast. Nonetheless, they refused to do anything about it, so I just refused to pay it. Goodbye, credit score.

I moved later and, much to my chagrin comcast was the only provider in the area. I had no ridiculous billing conflicts this time, just terrible service. My internet was out more than it was on for 4 months. They kept sending techs out who would stare at my computer blankly for a few minutes and do nothing, then leave claiming that since it wasn't off at that moment, there was nothing they could do. It was always off again within a few minutes of them leaving, but of course they never could spare a minute or two to wait and see if anything changed. Eventually it was actually out when they showed up and they claimed there was 'unidentifiable interference' in the line, and that they had known abou tit all along, but there was nothing they could d about it. It was, according to them THAT time, already being investigated by higher ups than them and should be resolved soon. Soon, as it happens, was a couple months later.

Even after all that, we continued to have sporadic outages. Sometimes service would drop for 12 hours with no explanation. I would call to complain and I was promised credit on the next bill. The 'credit' was about 1 dollar, for several half day + outages in the months. I inquired as to how exactly, they thought 1 dollar was compensation, and it turns out that they took the percentage from only a small portion of the bill, because of the package they forced on me.

Oh yeah, I didn't even think to mention that. I signed up for a 45$ a month plan for internet only, and 5 months later, I start getting billed 60$ a month. I called to see what the bloody hell was going on with that, and they informed me my account had been changed to a new combo plan for customer convenience and savings. I replied that increasing my bill was not convenient or saving me money and that I should like to have it changed back to my old internet only bill, as I don't watch TV and have no use for being charged for cable. They told me that I could do that, but NOW internet only is actually 5 dollars more than the combo plan. So, thanks for that, now I pay more no matter what and get billed for services I don't even use. How convenient.

Another move, in with some friends who already had comcast. Worst service so far. Internet connection cuts out CONSTANTLY. Can't go more than 15 minutes without losing the connection. It's completely impossible to play online games. My guild hates me because I MT raids and guess what? Now I can't because I lose connection constantly. Thanks, I just screwed over 30 other people because comcast fucking sucks. Constant complaining, running new cables through the house myself and replacing the router, no improvement. Abruptly, 3 days ago, the constant interrupts slowed down to a few times a day. Still obnoxious, but more bearable.
I hate failcast so hard, i literally get nauseas thinking about their evil, deceitful, and ridiculously improper business practices. They're unethical, have terrible customer service, and ... I just hate them. I'm glad I foudn this page so I don't feel like I'm the only one they're screwing anymore.
I hope Comcast dies. Hard.

Anonymous said...

This was the email I sent to The Hartford Courant and ct department of Public Utility control
Account #8773406100606125

Dear Sir/Madam

I want you to look into Comcast not following through with deals that they quote customers. I was an AT&T customer (8 Years) paying $59.00 for my phone and internet service. I called Comcast to see what they could do for me for the same service. The slick saleperson ask me what was the price I was paying for what services. I told him and he had me hold on for awhile. He came back saying that they had a special going on with an introductory price of $38.00/mo. I told him i did not care about the introductory price, I wanted to know what it was after the six months. He cam back and told me $57.97. He also stated there were no additional charges (lie!). I thought that that was a pretty good deal since cable is know to be faster than DSL so I signed up with Comcast. I have had the service for about 1.5 weeks and I get the bill. There was one charge (a service activation charge of $29.95) which I could have overlooked if it was not for the actual price per a month after the initial 6 months. They did give me the introductory for the internet rate of $42.95 (minus 22.96 service discount) and the phone was $44.95 (minus $29.96 service discount). This amounts to $38.43 per month with was aproximately the aggreed upon amount. What I started to question was when the service discount was over the bill went to $87.90!!!!! NOT THE AGREED UPON $57.97. THIS IS OUTRAGOUSE!. Now a good friend of mine also lives in vernon and he pays $99 for COMCAST-Phone, Internet and Cable TV. After talking with Jerry in the Malden office, he told me there was NOTHING he could do. That the $87.90 had been the same price for almost 7 years. He also said the Initials of the salesman that sold me my service was APK and that somebody would look into my complaint. I promptly cancelled my service with comcast and went back to ATT and got the premium internet package and phone for $52.00. Now I know the reason that I stopped using cable almoste 8 years ago....They are deceptive, lying, SOB's.

I hope you can write an article or do some research to instruct people how to protect themselves from this type of deceptive marketing practice.

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