Saturday, January 5, 2008

Customer Disservice


Rich Barkes said...

Well here is my complaint for the new year. I scheduled installation of Comcast's Tripleplay on Jan 4. The install was to happen anywhere from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. I took off of work to be there and my kids where excited about the prospect of getting rid of dial-up. I received an automated call the night before remineding me about the scheduled install. However, the day of the install no one showed up. I called in only to discover my installation was canceled on Dec 21st. Now how can my installation be canceled on the 21st and I get an automated call the night before? What really ticks me off is the fact no one called about the cancelation.

The customer service rep. was polite and helpful as she could be. She reschedule the install for 15 days later. She had to request the phone number form my local provider again. She also gave me a $50 dollar credit for the frist month. But this did little to ease my frustration.

Now I discover I cannot be available on the new schedule date, but when I call into Comcast their system determines the call volume is too high and requests I call back at a later time then disconnects me.

And Comcast customer service is getting better?

Anonymous said...

Comcast is the only cable player in Hallandale Beach. Last year they raised condo cable fees %6, there service sucks big time...
The first day it is an alternative on the market such as WiMax they will see the my back and more, same as crocks at AT&T see at there solicitation I always mail them back...

MCD said...

I am currently a subscriber to Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand for $59.98 per month. I have recently received several promotional postcards from Comcast encouraging me to get this cable package along with Internet for just $66 per month. I keep calling to sign up for this package and they tell me I can't get it because I'm already a subscriber at a different rate. But they'll give me internet (which I DO want) for an additional $33 for 6 months and then $42.95 after that. I know there's a game they play with the subscription rates, but I am not obligated for any time period under my current plan. I guess I should just CANCEL Comcast altogether and then come back as a new customer to get the best deal?! At least they could stop soliciting me so I don't cringe every time they tell me they're giving someone else a better package!

Anonymous said...

What is up with the Comcast scheduling process?

Two weeks ago I set an appointment to get the triple play installed between 9:00-11:00 today. After spending 9 minutes on hold, 11:30-11:39, I was told that the installer was still working at another location. When I asked where, I was told "in the area." When I asked when they would get to my home, I was told there was no way to know. Can't these folks get cell phones or something?!

It's Bombastic! said...

The most rewarding thing I have ever done to fight the idiots at Comcast is hit them where it hurts.

One Sunday afternoon about 2 months ago I turned on the television to find a frozen info bar that remained there from the night before. Well I called Comcast a total of three times, the first two I was hung up on, and talked to a rep...after 35 minutes on hold...I asked the woman if she could change our channel since I could not. She said she could not, so I canceled the service and returned it...well not exactly in the most workable state though. I stuck a screw driver all of the available ports of the modem, cable box, and controller; not to mention jamming a crushed battery in the controller. Let just say the devices can no longer be used, but the 85 year old rep at the counter didn't care...well probably didn't know. So needless to say we now have a credit on our account too from a partial month!

See there are ways of winning, just be smart and you can win.

P.S. I always honk at every Comcast worker I see. It is just a little sign that I am watching them.

tcmarv said...

I would love to be able to post pictures I took in our neighborhood of some of the shoddy and exposed cable boxes, so-called "underground wires" and panels that have the look of a "third world" country. The trucks and techs are some of the most unprofesional service people I have ever dealt with! My company would fire me if I had this unsavory look and attitude...Is this possible (pics.)?
You would love it at "Comcast Must Die"! What a joke...

A said...

Just more of the same. Below is the letter I recently sent to Comcast. I'll post any follow-up...if THEY follow-up!

January 6, 2008

Mr. Rick Germano
Senior Vice President, Customer Operations
Comcast Corporation
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Mr. Germano:

Although three months have elapsed, I feel obligated to contact you to relay the horrific experience I had with Comcast when I relocated to Philadelphia last September. As both a new resident and new customer, I had hopes and expectations of a positive transition with one of the area’s largest companies. Instead, I experienced perhaps the worst level of customer service that I have ever had the misfortune with which to be involved.

My originally scheduled appointment for cable installation was on Sunday, September 23 between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. I was at home all day but no one showed or contacted me. I called Comcast on Monday morning and was told that a service representative had attempted to contact me 7:18 p.m.; however, I received no call, nor was there a missed call on my phone. When I expressed my disappointment at having waited several hours in vain, the representative (Lawrence, #9124) apologized, but defended the technicians saying that they get busy out there and sometimes they run over - “it happens”. Lawrence also told me to call right away if no one showed up. When I asked why no one would show up he told me “things happen”. He rescheduled service for later that day (9/24) between 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Later I received a call from a technician asking if I wanted to schedule an appointment between 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. or 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. As I had earlier, I confirmed the latter timeframe.

Again no one showed. I called again and spoke with a woman who apologized and sympathized that I had now spent over four hours waiting. She told me she was sending an e-mail message to technical services because the service technicians were not available via phone. I reiterated my irritation, not only for having to leave my job and waiting at home, but also for the lengthy wait times on the phone. She told me that someone from technical services would respond within 30 minutes. A technician (Amir) called back and stated that there was no record of an appointment for me between 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. on Monday, despite the fact that three other people (Lawrence, the follow-up technician, and the customer service representative) acknowledged the appointment. I asked Amir to reschedule but was told that his department does not schedule appointments.

Feeling completely frustrated and aggravated, I conducted research to identify other, non-Comcast options and was completely discouraged to find there were no other providers in my area. Thus, I again rescheduled installation for the following Thursday (9/27) between 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

No longer surprised but increasingly exasperated, I called customer service at 10:15 a.m. when (yet again) the installers failed to show. My representative (Kathy) was sympathetic and, at my request, connected me with a supervisor. Kathy switched me to Megan (#8482) who apologized and said she would try calling technical services. After fifteen minutes or so she came back to see if I wanted to continue holding or if I wanted her to call me back. I told her that unless the technician arrived within 30 minutes I would have to reschedule because I had to leave for work. Given the lengthy time I was typically put on hold (I averaged an hour for each appointment that was not kept), it did not seem likely that she could contact them within that timeframe. I requested that I again be rescheduled for 3:30 p.m. and she said she would make the request. I also asked her to for the name and telephone number of the supervisor from technical services but was told that those supervisors did not speak to customers so that information could not be provided.

Later, after I left for work (just after 10:30 a.m.), Lorraine from technical services called to see if anyone had kept the appointment. I said I was on my way to work and relayed that I had told Megan that I could not wait any longer. I again expressed my irritation and she told me that she had called me at 7:18 a.m. to confirm the appointment. I told her I did not receive a call, or see a missed message, or receive a voice mail. She offered the inexplicable response that they do not leave voice mails – if no one answers the call, the appointment is cancelled. Voice mails are only left if a driver will be late. I asked for a 3:30 appointment and was told that would not be possible. However, later that morning Megan called to tell me that I would have an appointment at 3:30. I told her what Lorraine had said and she asked what time I had spoken to Lorraine. Upon finding out that it had been nearly an hour earlier, Megan said that she had just gotten off the phone and that my appointment was, in fact, scheduled. Now that I was aware of the requirement that customers must be available for the convenience of the installers, I asked that a notation be added to my record requesting that the installers arrive as scheduled and NOT call since that seem to be the cause of the problems. She said she would put a “no pre-call” note on the order and that if there was a problem call back and ask for her.

At 5:45 p.m., having had no service call or late phone message (as Lorraine suggested would happen), I called and asked for Megan. Wanda told me she could not transfer me and instead offered her assistance. For approximately the seventh time I explained my situation and she put me on hold while she called tech services. After 30 minutes on hold she told me she was unable to get through to them and that she would have to walk over to their offices. She asked if I prefer that she call me back or if I would prefer to reschedule. I told her I had no confidence whatsoever that any appointment would be honored and asked if she did find something out from tech services to let me know.

On Thursday, October 2, ten days after my originally scheduled installation, after having been stood up for four appointments, waiting more than eight hours of scheduled appointment time, spending more than an hour on the phone for each missed appointment, and missing roughly six hours of work, a service representative arrived to install cable in my home.

As someone who studies organizations for a living, the apathetic behavior exhibited throughout the ranks of Comcast represents all that is wrong with large organizations and monopolies. Although several representatives were considerate and made sincere efforts to right some of the many wrongs that had been endured, the overarching culture of disregard for the customer and convenience of the employee and company was clear throughout this ordeal.

Not only were there multiple inconsistencies in what I was told (e.g., one person said the only way for customer services and tech services to communicate was via electronic messages, while another person told me she was calling them; someone said that tech services were not co-located with customer service, and someone else said they were in the same physical building and that she would walk there), but a complete and utter disregard for even minimal customer service was made clear every time an appointment was broken. The never-stated policy of determining whether or not a customer is home for the appointment via a pre-service confirmation call is ludicrous and completely self-serving. If a customer does not answer this call, the appointment is cancelled! Thus parents who may be putting their children on a bus, or someone who is out of hearing distance of the phone, or someone who may be physically slower in getting to the phone, or people who leave their jobs to arrive at home promptly for a service call are disregarded. No messages are left, nor is any type of follow-up offered. I have to imagine that Comcast would not be such a dominant a player in the communications market if this policy was reversed and an opportunity was lost every time someone failed to respond to a phone call made by one of Comcast’s employees or executives. This practice exemplifies the power and greed of an organization that has no competition and whose sole focus is on their own profit, with no apparent regard for customers’ time or resources. What a farce for a company who claims that “providing excellent customer services…is our #1 priority,” and an even greater misfortune for the customers who you mistreat with such indifference.


(Acct #)

cc: Jeffrey Tignor, Acting Chief; Consumer Inquiries & Complaint Division, FCC

Nina said...

My mother is notorious for being bad with technology, but when I came to stay with her and realized she had no wireless, I had to put up a fight. After about a week of grumbling from my end, she called Comcast to get them to come and set up her wireless network. I had misgivings to begin with, but didn't say anything. I had tried to set up her wireless network without success, because, as I found out, Comcast had not even given us a modem that I could start with.
The technician who showed up to our house half an hour after the end of his scheduled bracket was certainly very nice. It must be reiterated that Comcast does not hire evil people -- but evil isn't really the point. I think the real issue here is this: Does Comcast hire competent employees, who are skilled at what they do? Are they experienced with the tasks they are assigned to carry out? Do they care? In the case of our technician, he seemed to care -- he apologized for being late (he'd gotten a flat tire, he said) -- but I have serious doubts about whether he knew what he was doing. These doubts started when he had to repeatedly call headquarters to ask how to release our IP address, how to renew it. He typed with one finger, pecking. He said he did not know Windows Vista. The person he called was also stumped by Windows Vista ("Uhhh....shoot....Vista..." was what I heard). The passwords to the router he brought did not work. I believe our technician did try his best, but finally we had to call in the big guns.
Our technician called someone who seemed like he knew what he was doing, and who had actual access to our system's information. "Why didn't you call me first?" this man (let's call him Jeff) asked. Our technician replied that Jeff usually complained about his accent, so he did not like to call him. Jeff finally said that the router our technician had brought seemed to be unusable, as it was transmitting no signal. Fine. So could we get another? Luckily there was another technician within the vicinity, who brought over a new router, and two other technicians to help him out. So we had a group of four technicians, puzzling over why something as simple as connecting to the internet could not be done.
Here I'd also like to say that even for the technicians to reach support personnel, they are put on hold. One technician called the support tech department, and was told there were six people ahead of him also needing support. A collective groan was let out. Why the hold up? Apparently this support department is lacking in people, and the one they usually talked to (the aforementioned Jeff) was out to lunch. Nobody knew how long Jeff's lunch break was. Why, then, aren't there more support people on hand for these technicians? One of the new technicians, we'll call him Andy, alluded to a situation similar to ours a couple months back.
"How did you solve it?" our original technician asked.
"You don't want to know," said Andy grimly.
At the very least, Andy seemed to know what he was doing and seemed to care. But he also seemed irritated by the job, by the waiting, by the redundant advice he was being given by support. The bottom line was that we were all waiting on Jeff, who was still out to lunch. I'm not complaining about lunch breaks, to be clear. Obviously everyone deserves a lunch break. The appalling thing to me is that Comcast does not have more competent tech support people on hand to solve these kinds of problems. From what I gathered, the problem with our network could have been solved remotely by Jeff -- if he were there. It seems ridiculous that there are not more people like Jeff who can also do this.
It is maddening to think that Comcast could install an entire home network incorrectly and never notice until the customer has to point it out. My misgivings about calling Comcast were justified in the end, because I had a feeling that it wasn't my superficial knowledge of wireless routers that was the problem, but rather the greater network. This turned out to be true.
Finally, after 3.5 hours of work, our issue was resolved (though no one knew quite how). We were very grateful to the technicians who spent so much time working with us, but frustrated with Comcast for not providing adequate support.

It's not just about tech support, either. I have a whole litany of other complaints against Comcast, the biggest one being billing. When my mother only used them for cable, she had called to complain about a billing error, and was told that she could get a package deal: phone, internet and cable, all for $99 per month, for a whole year. The man she spoke to promised to personally make sure this was reflected in her account, and that she would only be billed $99 per month for the year.
I think it's obvious this promise was broken. After three months at the $99 price, her bill suddenly shot up to $170. Because she was preparing for a big trip and had a lot of business at work to take care of, she decided she would just pay it off to avoid cancelled service, and deal with the issue later. Upon returning and calling Comcast, however, she was told that no such promise could be honored, and although she had the name of the man who had promised her that price, Comcast told her that was impossible. She settled for a slightly lowered rate of $135 a month, but was at her wits' end. It's not that my mother is a hapless customer, easy to be taken advantage of -- she is a smart cookie. But there is no way of recording what price you are promised by Comcast, because everything is done verbally, over the phone. Even if you ask for it in writing, someone will tell you they PERSONALLY will take care of it, and not to worry. If you press further, nothing is ever sent. She has talked to several people at Comcast, gotten disconnected, and even when you have someone's extension, they won't answer unless they happen to be at that desk, not already on a line. In addition, each voicemail holds about ten messages, so it is impossible to leave a message for them to contact you back.
One of the frustrating things about dealing with Comcast is that everything seems to be so fragmented: Nobody has the same information, there seems to be no uniform computer system in which to enter account information or records (and if such a system does exist, it is sorely unused), and there is little communication between departments. For the most part, the technicians seem to be knowledgeable and nice enough. They don't seem to be aware of the complaints against Comcast, probably due to the lack of inter-departmental communication. My mother has gotten past-due notices for bills that aren't past due, and every time she tries to call about these billing problems, no one seems to have any information.
These are complaints which have been lodged before, but deserve reiteration. It is unthinkable that a monolith like Comcast can continue to provide this shoddy level of customer service. Being a monopoly should not give you the right to act in this manner. Top brands in any market stay at the top by spending millions on advertising and going the extra mile -- why is it different with Comcast? Why is nothing being done to improve customer service when the outcry is so loud?
Shame on you, Comcast. Truly, shame on you. It won't make a difference, I'm sure, to tell you that as a company who advertises themselves as making the customer #1, you are a disgrace to customer service.
My name is Nina (mother is Nancy); account # 8770470150952394.

It's Bombastic! said...
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It's Bombastic! said...



lpappas said...

After my townhome HOA would not allow me to install a satelite dish on the roof, I was reluctantly forced to go cable. Reluctantly, you ask? Yes, having previously been a dissatisfied Comcast customer, I had no choice in the matter...I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the process was to sign up and set up an installation via the website. When I got an automated voicemail the day before my appointment, my skepticism diminshed, but never went away.
My original installation of Wireless High-Speed Internet and HDTV cable was scheduled for 12/28 from 8:00 to 10:00 am. As appointments were limited, I had to go through all sorts of machinations at work and rearrange my schedule and have someone else be here as well in case the technician arrived late since I HAD to be to work by 10:30. At 9:55 am, the dispatcher called to ask if a technician had arrived--of course, he hadn't. She told me he had yet to show up for work and his supervisor was concerned. She then asked if she could call me back within the next 30-60 minutes with an update and to most likely reschedule. Furious, I had to leave my mother there JUST IN CASE someone did show up and I went to work. An hour later, the dispatcher called to say nobody would be coming and the soonest date she could give me was 01/03--a week later. I said that was was not acceptable and asked if there wasn't a way to get a sooner date. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes I was told that 01/03 was the best she could do. She then offered free installation. Fine, then--if I don't have to pay for installation, I guess I can wait one week.

On 01/03, the technician arrived on time. As he was installing the modem for the Internet, I realized it was not wireless! He told me wireless was not his work order. He was kind enough to call while he was here to reschedule yet a third appointment for someone to install the proper modem. Luckily, it was rescheduled for the next day. That technician did arrive more than an hour after his scheduled time but at least I received a call giving me an ETA.

I just received my bill today and I see that the installation of the cable was credited but not the high-speed Internet. So, I called. I was on hold at 9:30 at night for more than 20 minutes before someone answered. I was given the canned replies of "Ma'am, I understand what you're saying to me, but we normally give a $20 credit for late appointments and I see you got $28.99", as if I'm supposed to be placated by the extra $8.99! I then waited on hold for 12 minutes for this young lady's supervisor, Lashon, who gave me the same speech. She was willing to to cut the price in half, which I still feel is not justified.

Free installation should be FREE INSTALLATION. If it had been explained to me that the cable install would be free for the inconvenience, I probably would have been fine with that. But don't tell me that installation will be free and then not give it to me.

Lashon informed me that I could write a letter to the Installation Services Department to plead my case. I'm starting here first.

I think it only fair that the $49.50 Internet installation be removed from my bill!
Customer #: 8798200602649480

tcmarv said...

Re: Nina said...
Right on Nina! We hear your pain!
*Update on my rantings and endless "pestering" for reasonable service and quality product...
Today a construction crew showed up(I happen to be at home for other reasons), and started to dig and "mole" a new line to my house! After 3 months of terrible, cable, phone and internet service, due to a "bad line" outside,boosted with an amplifier,endless phone calls and tech visits (between 7am and 8pm-LOL)and still no luck? Finally yesterday I e-mailed, forwarded and called everyone that I felt needed to hear the "blasphemy" of their wrong, including pictures of broken and un-safe outside equipment,and scanned service tickets to Comcast, local County Code Enforcement, etc.....
BINGO! JACKPOT! Had a "Contracted" Comcast crew out and utility company rep out in one day! Tonight I am resting on my laurels, but it is a sad, sad world that we live in that "forces" a paying consumer to take these drastic and time consuming steps in order to get satisfaction for a product or service that they would gladly pay for if it were of some quality and piece of mind. Comcast, that you are neither! My patience was tested to the breaking point by them, and now that it's finally evened out-I will be switching to Verizon and their "Fiber Obtic" services soon, now that it is available in my area. Hope a new blog isn't started there after entitled, "Verizon Must Die"? Good Luck All...

lpappas said...

I posted my complaint just last night. Twenty-four hours later, I received a phone call from Maurice from the Executive Services Dept. Maurice agreed that I should have received a true FREE INSTALLATION since that was what I was promised. He even credited me for the DVR install, so I received a credit of $67.00 rather than the $49.50 I was requesting. I'm glad to see this website works! Include your customer number!!! Thank you!

rosc2112 said...

Here is the letter I am sending to the FCC, FTC, local franchise board, comcast, and the AG of PA:

I am writing to inform you of what I believe to be fraud on the part of Comcast Broadband Service. On January 8, 2008, I received a telephone call from an unnamed person from an undisclosed telephone number, claiming to be from Comcast Abuse Dept. This person refused to identify himself beyond stating he was from Comcast's Abuse Dept.

He told me that I had downloaded over 500 gigabytes of data in the month of November, and that if I did not stop downloading so much, Comcast would terminate my account. He asked me if I had a wireless network set up, to which I replied I do not. He told me I had to be doing something to cause that much bandwidth usage. I replied that I'm just using the bandwidth Comcast provides me that I pay for. He seemed to imply that my use was excessive, and therefore a violation of Comcast's terms of service. I asked what Comcast wants me to do. He did not give me any specific answer, only that I should stop using their service so much. I also asked if Comcast would send me this warning in writing, I was told no. I was told my service would simply be terminated without notice if I did not stop using their service.

I am at a loss here, since I use the service as provided, and as intended, to access the Internet. I asked how much am I allowed to download, but this person absolutely refused to give me any specific limits, so I have no idea what Comcast expects. It seems there is some arbitrary limit that Comcast refuses to disclose to us, but still accuses us of abuse for using the service as provided.

Comcast fails to realize that the amount of freely and legally downloadable data is GROWING. I much prefer to listen to streaming radio, download tv shows from networks that do provide such downloading (such as the major television networks now offering full tv show episodes available for download, NetFlix and Amazon offering movies for download, and so on) and very much enjoy watching amature video that is proliferating in every direction on the Internet.

Many other ISP's have found it necessary to implement download limits (per month Megabyte/Terabyte limits.) However, these other ISP's have been honest in disclosing those limits, so that heavy users know where the line is and can comply with the terms of service of that ISP.

Comcast, on the other hand, apparently because of a lack of regulatory oversight, is pursuing a draconian policy of terminating peoples' accounts under the pretense of "abuse of service" while refusing to disclose any standards or limits that we should adhere to. After doing some research, I found that this undisclosed, arbitrary limit could be anywhere from 20 Gigabytes per month, to 200GB, depending on the customers location. Obviously I am not the only person Comcast is doing this to, as witnessed by the many many websites and weblogs devoted to this very subject.

We moved to this location in Oct. 2007, and had to switch Internet Providers because our previous ISP did not have DSL available here. I thought Comcast would be a good ISP, having no prior experience with them (and failing to do my own research beforehand to see how horrible Comcast treats its customers.) My usage has not changed since moving. I do the same things now as I did before, using my Internet access for completely legal purposes, downloading freely available music, movies, tv shows, games, listening to streaming radio, watching streaming video, using Voice over IP and NetMeeting, the list is endless. Yes, these are data-intensive applications, but I thought that was the whole point of having broadband? Comcast itself is now offering media-rich content over its Internet service but we're being told not to use it because we "download too much."

I feel like I'm being told I cannot use the service I pay for, and that I have this vague threat being held over my head, that if I do use it, and cross some invisible line, I will be accused of doing something wrong and penalized.

If Comcast would clarify its terms of service, and reveal an actual limit on how much data one can upload/download per month, I would be happy to comply. Comcast has put me into the position of having absolutely no choice. Considering that Comcast is the *only* broadband provider in my area, I do believe they are abusing their authority and violating their contracts. They offer no reasonable alternatives, nor any resolution, except for me to stop using their service.

It is fraudulent for Comcast to terminate accounts on the basis of "excessive usage" while refusing to disclose exactly what their usage limit is. It is fraudulent for Comcast to implement an arbitrary policy such as this, selectively terminating high usage customers on whim. Comcast is a corporation crying out for help, specifically regulatory oversight, to halt this continuing abuse of customers. Comcast should be required to disclose any download/upload limits in their terms of service, if this is going to be used as an excuse to terminate customers' accounts.


BTW, from a bit of research, Sprint EVDO does not currently have any mb limits, so I'll be switching there next once comcrap terminates me.

Geo said...

Since this issue started with a late payment on my part, to be fair this missive isn't meant to be so much a rant about my experience but an example of what is WRONG with comcast customer service and what they need to do to fix things at that company.

Payment was late. Cable went out. Comcast (alison) called and said that if we paid online it would take 2 days to reconnect but if we paid by card, everything would go back on in a few minutes, so my wife paid by Amex at 6:30 on Wednesday.

9:30-no TV so I called back. Talked to craig who had no idea of what I was talking about. Said he couldn't comment on anything Alison told me because she was not there. Said he saw that i was paid up, but he couldn't help me. All he could do was schedule a tech appointment for the next day between 11-2.

Next day-2:30. No tech. Called back and talked to someone else. He said he didn't see any appointment scheduled. If it was not in his system, then the there was no appointment. explained the situation again. he said he would send another tech out for this morning. About an hour later, the cable came on, but the internet didn't.

I called back and talked to billing. They said i was showed as paid so I had to talk to tech support. Called Internet support. She said there was a block on my modem. Told her i paid and she said she had no record of it. She put me on hold and called billing-came back and said that it would be 48 hours for it to post to the internet side of the business. I told her what alison said before, and she said "i can't say anything about what someone else said."

For the fun of it, I called billing again. The woman sounded like i just woke her up and she wasn't happy about it. She said "I'm in billing, you are showed as paid, if your connection is not working there is nothing i can do about it. I asked her if it was posted as paid to the internet side of the business. She said, "I don't know."

Tech came this morning. Nice enough guy, but I think I knew more than him "Is this xp or 'veeesta'?" He got no where so called tech support. They said i was blocked for nonpayment. He told them his work order showed that i was paid up. Woman on the walkie said, you guessed it, that I need to call billing.

So I called billing. more rigormarol. Got transfered and, low and behold, I got an advanced tech person who was actually helpful!!! He understood the problem, was friendly and courteous, and resolved it in a few minutes. I am sorry I didn't get his name or ID number to send a note to CC saying this is what ALL service reps should be like.

So, what is the take away? As I said, this started from a gaffe on my part (just moved, didn't set up the online payments correctly, holiday/business travel, etc.) but it DOES show how self defeating CC cust. service is.

1. COMCAST IS PUTTING THEIR CUST. SERVICE $$S IN THE WRONG PLACE: To resolve this problem, I had to talk to no less than 8 CSRs (more than an hour of phone time) AND get a visit from tech. How much did that cost Comcast? (I am sure some employees on this blog could tell us.) If I was elevated to the last guy on the first call, it would have been resolved in one call in 10 minutes. Sign of a poorly run company.

2. TRIPLE PLAY/X-PLAY/BUNDLING IS A MYTH: Anyone in telecom knows this is true. Bundling is little more than "electronic stapling" of bills. They need to look at companies like Synchronoss (the guys who provision the iPhone) to integrate and automate provisioning and cust serv. requests. I am all for dropping the "human element" when the human element is useless.

3. THERE IS A BETTER WAY: The best CS out there (based on my experience) are AmEx and Nintendo. Whenever I have had to contact them , I've dealt with ONE person who was polite and made me feel like they care about my business. Even when the issue couldn't be resolved right away, the calls would end with a clear course of action on their part.

I just don't get why comcast continues down this path. Especially with the financial impact stated in point 1.

that is all.

Nina said...

After posting my complaint on this blog, someone from Comcast called us about our issues. On my mother's request, the Comcast rep sent one of the technicians out to our house again to make SURE they fixed the problem that was on Comcast's end, so that in case our equipment stopped working, we would not be held liable since the error was through Comcast's service. Now our wireless is up and runing fine. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.
The rep also credited my mother back about $200. However, she did not change our monthly rate back to what was initially promised us, so it is still at $135 per month, rather than the $99 per month that was promised for a year. It's a nice gesture, but in my opinion not completely satisfying. I guess we have to take what we can get with Comcast...I still think it's a shame that we have to think that way.

-Nina, account # 8770470150952394

rosc2112 said...

I am leary about posting my account number, fearing someone will spoof my info and call up and screw around with my account or something. If Comcast is monitoring this site, how about providing a mailing address to send my previously posted letter to, to a specific individual who can address the matter, as opposed to a general customer service mailbox.

I have other issues I did not disclose in that letter, since the issue of the data quotas is my main concern right now. No need to worry about the crappy wiring, misbilling, etc, when I may not have the service much longer.

I can be contacted at rosc2112 yahoo com if a Comcast rep wishes to contact me to discuss these matters.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is the worst company ever. First, in our area, they removed the Hallmark and Oxygen channels from the Standard package, and moved them to Digital Starter, which we could get for an extra fee, of course. When I emailed them, they sent me a standard company-speak reply, which, besides being incomprehensible, wasn't even grammatically correct. When I asked the rep why they moved my favorite channel, they gave me some pre-formed response, so I asked for the supervisor to call me back. I was assured I would be called within the half-hour. No call, ever.

Then, they apparently discovered through some sort of random audit, that we had been receiving the Standard package while paying for Basic. Did they notify us of this? No, of course not! They simply suddenly disconnected the "extra" channels. It took an hour of phone calling and online "chat" to try to get the service back. Of course, there will now be a "connection fee," which we wouldn't have had to pay if they had just notified us that we needed to upgrade our package.

My husband also had an awful time with waiting for a technician.

I swear, if this weren't the only cable company in our area, I would never deal with them. They can make any changes they want to a customer's account or package, without impunity.


Anonymous said...

Looks as if Comcast has lost me as a customer. It isn't important why, because it has been posted here multiple times. I am taking my 200 bucks a month to another provider. No hard feelings Comcast, but you know you suck so we'll just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Last summer I called Comcast to inquire as to whether or not they were bringing on the Big 10 Network. All I got were reasons why they did not want to pay the price. It turned out to be a moot point for football season as we ended up attending 5 of 7 home games for MSU.

With basketball season around the corner, I tried calling as a coutesy to inform them that if Big 10 was not coming, I would be forced to leave. After 20 minutes on hold I gave up.

I ordered Dish Network and was asked what day and time frame I wanted for installation. I chose Saturday between 12-4pm. The guy showed at 12:30, set up 4 rooms, and was off to his next install by 3pm. Great picture, tons of channels, satellite radio, etc. Lost signal only once in 2 months for a half hour in an ice storm (no big deal, cable used to go out intermittently all the time).

Finally, I had to call Dish customer sevice for a minor technical issue the other day. I think I spent all of 45 seconds on hold. And the guy that answered was able to help, no problem, without having to transfer me. HA!

Since leaving Comcast, they continue to pull channels, the latest being all of the local access channels now going to the higher priced digital range as noted in a newspaper article. The comment from the local Comcast rep was callous at best. But what did you expect.

I am entirely happy with satellite and do not see any chance of going back to cable unless there were to be some huge changes in programming, pricing, and customer service. They simply do not care.

One last point...when I called Comcast to cancel and spent my 25 minutes on hold, the girl that answered told me she wasn't authorized to cancel my account and that the dept that did that was busy. "But we'll call you back later today or tonight" to take care of that, was her reply. Yeah, right. Next day, you guessed it, no call back and another 25 minutes spent on hold. Good riddance.

grammiepam said...

I do not know my account number and am not sure I would write it. A tech came to check on our complaint (yes, a nice guy did come) but of course he could not do anything about the problem. My husband is a computer professional and one of the Beta users when TCI and Roadrunner first started here. I sure do miss them. Comcast bragged about the new speed we could expect after they took over. Guess what? There was an increase in speed for a couple of months. Where is it now? Not only do they not "know", they deny that the speed has dropped. My husband has written down the speeds of internet access and downloads for years. He keeps track of that and constantly does upkeep on our computers, all 5 of them.
We talked to the young tech and eventually told him that it was obvious what Comcast was doing and realized that he could not change a thing. He did not say anything and could only look at us as we told him we understood that he was "under orders" not to admit to anything. He just did not say a thing, poor guy. He knew that a denial was useless and obviously could not admit anything aloud.
What kind of recourse is available to us when there is no competition and it is not even allowed?
Finally, how can they continue to say on television ads that they have speeds that will blow us away?

Alphasiderius said...

A month ago I tried to switch to a different bundle of services with Comcast that actually coast less but gave a few more premium channels. Sad to report that since then I have been disconnected three times and double billed for services that were disconnected. This is just for a change in service level. Each time I am disconnected it takes 2 to 3 hours on the phone to get reconnected. Most of the people I talk to are polite and professional except the last fella' who chose to be a complete jerk. He told me that every time I would call in for a billing question or change in service, they would disconnect me after I got off the phone and I'd have to call back again later. This was so i could prove I was legitimate. I don't understand the logic of that, but it does explain the extended hold times. Here's an idea to decrease call volume by 50%, stop the practice of disconnecting customers from the services they just ordered.

wowmom said...

Here's my story:

I moved into my apartment this past summer. I had scheduled online for installation of the triple bundle pack before I moved in. On the day of the installation, I drove from 1.5 hours from where I was living to the new apartment to be there for the installation. Tech guy showed up late, but I wasn't surprised.

He begins by testing the signal and decides that it is too weak for all the three services (internet, phone, cable) that I'm supposed to have. He had to call for support to figure out how to use the machine beforehand, which made me instantly suspicious that he had no idea what he was doing. He goes outside the house to check on the wiring. He tells me that even though there were two apartments in the building, comcast only dropped one line and used multiple splitters to direct signal into both of the apartments. He said that I couldn't have all of the services because there just wasn't enough signal. He fussed around for about an hour changing cables to see if that would make any difference, it didn't. He calls for support and is put on hold. Meanwhile he gets a call from his own supervisor asking why the job was taking so long. He tells the supervisor that he has everything under control and hangs up. He then tells me that he doesn't like the guy and doesn't want him to show up for help. He still hasn't installed anything. The supervisor shows up an hour later wondering why this installation has taken hours. They figure out that original tech guy really did not have a clue as to what he was doing, if he had originally called supervisor for help, supervisor could have boosted signal and there would not have been a problem with the installation. While they are working outside of the house, 3rd guy shows up, he tells me he's the director for the entire california area and he's concerned as to why there have been 2 tech guys here for nearly 4 hours. Supervisor and director guy ask original tech guy why he's doing everything incorrectly (all if front of me). They bicker about who is right and why the problem is a problem. Director guy ensures me service will be installed today and apologizes for original tech guy. He tells me that a second line should have been dropped and that i have weak signal because of their original installation of comcast cables into the house. He tells me that someone will have to eventually fix this problem because there will be problems with signal.

4 months later, up to this point I've only been using internet and cable, never the phone because I relied on the cell phone. I finally get around to plugging in a phone and notice that there's no dial tone and there's flashing lights on the modem. I talk to customer service agent Melinda. She tries to fix remotely and tells me that there must be an outage since there's no dial tone. I ask if it's possible to have phone outage without internet or cable outage, she says "i'm sure it is, we see it often." that doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I'm buying it so far as I assume she knows better than me. She continues to try to fix remotely but decides that the actual problem is that there's just not enough signal for all 3 services. I'll need someone to come "boost" the signal. I tell her about the original installation problem and ask why no one had ever fixed it if they knew it was a problem. She has no response except to ask if i wanted a tech to come out. She says appointments can only be made 8-noon or 1-5. I can't make it any of these days as I am a law student ant can't simply miss class for phone installation. I tell her that none of these blocks of times are really possible and she offers this solution, since I can be home from 8-10am on thursday, she'll schedule me for the 8-noon time block and make me first priority of the morning so that i'll be helped at 8am and can make it to class. I'm pretty satisfied because that was nice of her. EXCEPT = she told me that she needed a phone number in order to schedule an appointment. I told her I don't have a working cell phone at the time and obviously my comcast phone number isn't available. She tells me she can no longer schedule the appointment because she needs the phone number "new rules." I tell her I really have no phone number to give her since I don't know any neighbors and don't have a work phone number. She tells me she can't make the appointment without the phone number. I tell her I can give her a phone number but just because she has the number doesn't mean that I am attached to the number or that I can be reached at that number. She says that will work. She schedules the appointment without ever asking for the fake phone number I was going to give her! What was the whole point of making sure I had a number then?

Day of installation, I am sure that I am ready by 8am. By 9am, no one is there. I talk with a customer service agent and she tells me that original customer service person can't guarantee what time a tech person will be there. I tell her it may be policy that she can't, but she DID, now what? She tells me that I can reschedule for another appointment. I tell her that I'm not available too much and tell her that I can be home from 3pm and on and she says that she can schedule me for the 1-5 time slot and make me the last person serviced so that likely I could be there when the tech guy shows up.

I go home that day at 3pm exactly and when no one shows up by 5pm, I talk with a customer service person again. This time joel tells me that the tech guy was there at 2:33pm and that customer service agents can't guarantee customers when a tech guy will arrive.

Currently, still no phone service.

Anonymous said...

Does Comcast employees have out going phone service?

I seriously think they don't. I recieved a call from a person located in the Philly hq asking if I would be willing to particpate in a comcast forum. I have retruned her call twice and still haven't heard from her. Nothing says I don't care about you than an unresturned phone call

MamaBearNJ said...

I am a former Comcast cable customer with lasting bad memories of customer disservice. The guy they sent to install the cable drilled a hole in a heating pipe & left us to discover the damage. When we complained to Comcast, they first made my husband bring the repair bill to their inconveniently located office in the swamp during their inconvenient officer hours, then took the bill that they made him hand-deliver and FAXED IT TO THEIR SUBCONTRACTOR (like, it was really important that they made him hand-deliver it) and told him that we had to pursue the sub-contractor for our refund because the subcontractor was responsible for the installation and so they washed their hands of it. It took us months of multiple phone calls, e-mails, and letters to finally get our refund--just exactly the amount the repair cost, not a dime more for the trouble and time. And then they had the nerve to ask us why we dropped the service.

ComcastCares said...

To Anonymous (not receiving a return call)

First I would like to apologize for this experience. I am very concerned that you did not receive a return call from our Executive Support Staff. This is something that should not happen at any level. I would like to look into this further to ensure it does not happen to another valued Customer. We do have multiple programs in which we seek assistance and feedback from our Customers (or even former Customers), so I would like to speak to you further to identify the specific individual or program involved. If it would not be too much trouble, please follow the link below and click on 'Send an email to Rick.' In the beginning of the email please state "Please forward to Frank Eliason."

We appreciate all the feedback provided by our valued Customers through all communication channels including websites, online forums (our support forums or those on other websites), emails or over the phone. No matter which channel we take the feedback very serious and we will use it to create a better customer experience. For anyone who may need assistance or would like to provide us feedback, we would love to hear from you through the 'Send an email to Rick' program.

Thank you to all our valued Customers!

Frank Eliason

Customer Care Improvements

Anonymous said...

Call 856-317-7272 for Comcast customer security assurance for help.

Anonymous said...

Comcast account #01720485662-01-4

We’re a Comcast high-speed and HD/digital cable customer that used to mock lengthy customer service on-hold, less than productive customer/tech service calls, audio/video distortion and spotty on-demand issues. All frustratingly tolerable until now. . .

Our adventure begins on 9/7/07 (I’m posting this on 1/21/08.), I called Comcast customer service (on hold for-ever) for a dropped on-demand movie credit. Before ending the call, CS rep wants me to add digital phone service to which I made a comment about improving quality of service - then we'd talk about spending more money with Comcast.

On 9/13, a Comcast technician calls telling me I’m his next stop - hmmm, I never scheduled an appointment. We finally deducted the mystery service appointment was a result of my 9/7 “quality of service” comment. When the tech arrives, I tell him about our spotty issues. The tech examines/fiddles with settings on our two cable boxes, proceeds to replace our splitter (a regular Comcast service call fix), and tells me there's a problem at the pole. He’ll initiate a pole service call and things might be flaky for 24-48 hours.

After technician leaves, we notice on-demand DOES NOT work - AT ALL (E1003). So, I call customer service (on hold for-ever) to be told nothing is wrong and no pole service call has been placed. I press and after a couple of lengthy transfers end up with technical support. They see the pole service call and tell me no on-demand until the pole service call is completed. If nothing by Friday, check back.

My husband and I discuss that we need to keep better track of dates, errors and/or issues to better communicate problems to Comcast. Here begins our never ending saga. . .

•From 9/14 – 9/18: Internet up/down (mostly down), video pixeling and/or distorted voice continues, and no on-demand (E3602/E1003).
•Called tech support on 9/14: “pole” referred to management; lengthy discussion with tech about quality of service and tired of issues blamed on my house (which is another blame/cop-out story).
•Left voice mail on 9/17 at tech support and on 9/18 about possibly swapping out cable modem.
•After intermittent internet, no on-demand and pixeling for four days (no help from Comcast), we troubleshoot the splitter left by tech on 9/13 and discover we can get internet service back. We decide it’s time to try a booster/splitter. After a visit to Radio Shack, we’re in business – internet works, best pictures we’ve ever had, video pixeling is basically nonexistent, but still no on-demand.
•From 9/19 – 10/23: Internet up/down (when down modem lights might be on or off), brief video pixeling, and no on-demand.
•Call from Comcast tech on 9/19: others in state having same on-demand issue; wait until Saturday, if nothing call again.
•Left voicemail for Comcast tech support on 9/22 and 9/24.
•Work from home a lot and retrieve Comcast e-mail with Outlook and realize I’m only having e-mail/internet issues at home. Comcast mail via office network almost never fails, which means there is an issue in the neighborhood.
•Left voicemail for Comcast tech support on 10/2.
•On 10/7 - When pressing on-demand button: E1003 Initializing Please try again in 5 min. When pressing chl 1: Interactive Service VOD, to activate service press ok, one moment please. This channel should be available shortly. Identical problem we had when on demand was first available where tech flashed my cable box on a Sunday – which made things work.
•10/11 – Called tech support: problem referred to maintenance managers on 10/9, takes 48 hours, going to “fix line”. Talked about lack of service, credits for no service; reviewed log to stress how much internet is down, explained on-demand pre 9/16 (some flakey, but worked) vs. post 9/16 (zero service), and “identical problem” irony. It’s here I’m told internet is a separate group (same lines) and I’m transferred; will dispatch manager to check line, will get ½ month credit on next bill (and only credit we’ve received for extreme lack of service).
•10/11 - Had on-demand briefly then E6302.
•10/12 – left voicemail for Comcast tech support asking if the line had been fixed.
•10/13 – have on-demand, slow/hiccupy, then E6302; can still maneuver the menus, E5030 trying to start free movie, E5324 movie dropped, E3602 starting on-demand
•10/14 - no checkmark by free movie watched yesterday, hasn’t been 24hrs. Internet tech stopped by house; big Comcast splitter installed on 9/16 is for apartments, ok with booster, showed me how to check internet settings (which are set correctly).
•Left voicemail for Comcast tech on 10/18.
•From 10/24 – 10/26: on-demand up/down; when down received E3602/E1003 for menu, but on-demand voice still there.
•10/27 – 10/28: AM on-demand E3602, voice in background but no menu; PM on-demand works!!! Ordered pay movie, paused part way through and on-demand froze (E6302). Tried to get back into on-demand (E1003). Next day on-demand works; last night’s movie listed on my rentals, finished watching, stopped at end and got E6302. Later kids want to watch movie on another TV with on-demand, but movie doesn’t show in my rentals. Back to TV where movie was originally ordered and it’s on my rentals.
•10/29 – 12/31/08: Sometime on-screen cable menu (full and bottom screen) are all lined and gray, most times ok; no on-demand (E6302/E1003/E3602), sometimes can hear the on-demand audio.
•Called Comcast tech support on 10/31: lines have been resolved, discussed flakey on-demand. They can dispatch someone to my house (why?) or switch the head/node for temporary fix. Didn’t understand and finally got tech to admit that the system is overloaded and should steadily improve as more equipment is added and upgraded.

PS. As of 1/21/08 (almost 5 months) still no on-demand, still have all same issues/error messages. reported Comcast promising “ultra-fast Internet – more HD content” – NICE! And, I can’t get on-demad because the lines are already overloaded – so, let’s add more! Now receiving TVGuide out of nowhere; according to TVGuide probably from cable provider – NICE! Can’t fix what’s already broke, but can spend money on TVGuide. Did I mention I’ve heard nothing from Comcast (except telemarketing, which we don’t treat very well) since I stopped calling? Needless to say. . .Blockbuster has been getting our regular movie business that would have gone Comcast’s way 99% of the time. Plus switching to the dish is a daily discussion. FIX my cable!

smaus said...

UGH! I love this site, except I hate that there is such a need and a demand for it. It's sad.

Our house was recently remodeled: in, out, and all around. We ran cable throughout the house and into a telco room. We already had Comcast internet service and had a technician come out to reconnect the cable outside the house since it had been disconnected when the new siding went up.

A few weeks ago, I got online to order Digital Cable. After over an hour of an online chat with a CSR, likely in India or some other offshore location, I was told that we could not have the order processed but he couldn't explain to me why. He said there was no service in the area which makes no sense to me. How can there be no service when we already have internet service. According to Comcast, it's the same damn cable technology.

Try again. Yesterday, my boyfriend spent an hour in a chat with a CSR trying to upgrade our internet service and get digital cable. Not until after the order was submitted did the rep even know that he couldn't process it. Why is there not a service area or service address check right off the bat? And, again, how can there be internet cable and no tv cable. My boyfriend was told he had to go to the local Circuit City. Ridiculous! What does Circuit City have that Comcast does not have?

Relentless and a glutton for punishment, I tried again.

I don't get it. Even if the account required more attention, why isn't there someone else who can help? Someone else who can explain the situation to me? Someone else who could schedule a technician to come out and do what needs to get done.

Why does Comcast offer additional channels of service (i.e. live chat) where the only escalation path is to go to a local service center? Do they think it's helpful? It's just frustrating. And maddening!

Sure, I sent an email through the Contact Us path on their site to voice my digust with their service. Does it make me feel better? Only in the release I found while pounding on the keys of my keyboard.

I read the Comcast Customer Care Improvements page that someone on this blog posted.

I find these two bullets hilarious:

-Opened six new call centers so far this year with two more call centers set to open by the end of the year and added seating capacity to 11 existing centers.

>>New call centers with CSRs who clearly don't speak English and can't do anything but input some text and spit out an automated reply.

Improved our training and development programs.
>> Improved training and development for whom? Their sales group? Their technicians? What about their front-line CSRs who service customers (and potential customers)? What about training CSRs on what "Customer Retention" means? Hell, let's teach them what "Customer Service" means because I don't think they know.

So, tomorrow, I'll walk into Circuit City (hammer in hand) and see what they have to say. If that goes nowhere, my next step is to call DirectTV.

Ugh. My fingers are bruised now but I feel SO much better commiserating with you folks.

Longhrnlax said...

Turned on the TV last evening and clicked on the Encore stations. They no longer exist with my package. I contacted Comcast as we have always had the Encore movie package - 10 years with Time Warner. No longer. I'm still paying for Digital Preferred, but I no longer have the Encore movie package - per Comcast - just because. I have no words.

Steven Fifield said...

I think I originally put this in the wrong place, so here it is again.

First of all, I want to say thank you for this blog site. I have been powerless in my issues with comcast over the past month, and I am so glad to finally have a way to deal with it.

I moved to East Lansing from Kalamazoo for law school 2 summers ago, and signed up for a Comcast package for high speed internet and cable. The plan was far $71.72 per month, and the person who helped me set up my account told me numerous times during the phone call that the rate I was to pay would not change. I was never told about 6 month or 12 month premiums I needed high speed internet for law school and I enjoy watching a number of channels that are not available with the most basic cable packages in my free time. Combining my situation with the deal I was informed of ($71.72 per month for the life of the account if I stayed with the same package) I decided that this was not a deal to pass up. I told the person signing me up that the major selling point was the price and how reasonable it seemed.

Fast forward to the next summer (2007). I found a much better apartment across town, and had my service and account with Comcast transfered to my new home. My bill remained the same since the first month: $71.72 per month. That summer I had a number of issues with my internet not working for a few weeks while local Comcast technicians were working on the box outside my apartment. I called a number of times and was told that the service in our area was being "upgraded". Eventually I received a credit for the lack of internet and the bill returned to $71.72 after that.

Last month I received my bill in the mail I was surprised to find that my bill had jumped in price. The bill was for $93.25. When I got a free minute away from law school and my job as a clerk at a law firm, I called on a Friday morning and spoke to a person who told me I needed to speak with a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would call me the next day. By the next Wednesday I still had not heard from anyone and my bill due date was coming fast.

I called again, and this time managed to get transfered to a supervisor. After being on hold for 50 minutes. That's just about an hour of my time spent waiting for someone to pick up the phone and address my concerns over my price rate going up.

When I finally got to speak with this supervisor I explained the entire situation, from the promise made, the lack of internet over the summer, and now my increased bill. This woman almost immediately gave me a lot of attitude. She told me that there was no record of me making any calls regarding the internet outage (basically calling me a liar, despite the fact that I was issued a credit for it) and that I should have known that the cost of service would go up after 12 months. When I pointed out that it had been 18 months, she admitted that someone had added a six month promotion to my account. She had no explanation for this to counter my assumption that it was the way whoever was handling my account was keeping me at my promised rate.

She asked what I wanted her to do about this, and I responded that I wanted my rate changed back to $71.72 per month. At this point she said that she couldn't possibly do that, and that in fact, my bill would be going up AGAIN the next month by $9.95 for internet.

When I started to protest this extra charge as well, she told me that all she could do was give me a $60 credit over a period of 6 months, after which I would have to pay the full amount.

I pointed out that it was hardly good customer service to raise my bill by $21.53 and then again by $9.95 but offer me the "courtesy" of $10 off that bill for 6 months.

I tried to explain that it amazed me that Comcast would offer brand new customers great deals but charge more to loyal customers. I expressed my opinion that by putting me on hold for an hour and taking an attitude that I was in the wrong right from the beginning made me feel like Comcast was trying to sweep dissenters under the rug, not address billing concerns by a dissatisfied customer.

After practically being shouted down by this supervisor, I informed her that I would just pay MY bill and say good day.

I sent in a payment of $71.72, not wanting to be late in my payment.

Just a few days ago I got another bill that includes the extra charge from the previous bill and another price increase, totaling $124.73. That's my promised rate of $71.72 plus $53.01 in added charges from January and February. PLUS, the rate is going up again next month. While the issue of whether it is right to do this to customers is also raised by this, I am more concerned with the fact that an employee signed me up by promising me that my rate would not change. That promise has been broken twice, and it seems will be broken again next month.

I put a check out in the mail today for $71.72. I tried calling Comcast today, but after 15 minutes on hold, I had to go to class and couldn't waste even more time of my busy day going around in circles with people on the phone.

I've already been on the phone with other companies including Directv trying to figure out if I might be able to get service with those companies. I found out that if I switch from Comcast, I'll have to go through 2 providers to get cable and internet. As much of a pain as that is, unless Comcast can address my concerns and give me the rate their representative promised me almost two years ago for the life of the account with this package I will have to look elsewhere for my service, write directly to the board of directors and the CEO, or consider legal action. I have read a number of articles on Lexis regarding legal disputes where cable/internet companies, including Comcast, were held accountable for lying to their customers.

Before this situation, I didn't really believe all the horror stories about Comcast, but now I'm living one. I am very upset that a company would not own up to promises made by its agents. I relied on what I was promised and now they are trying to ignore me, keep me on hold, and use other tactics to avoid my concerns. This is NOT good customer service.

My Comcast account number is 01721170117-02-5.

Tamara said...

Finally, a forum for my Comcast experience. I read about this blog on BusinessWeek, and I was intrigued, since I am in the middle of a dispute with Comcast right now.

So, I needed to transfer service from my old house to my new house which is one town away. Simple, right? They said it would be a seamless transition. Well it was anything but.

They SHUT OFF my service at my old house of my Triple Play service TWO DAYS EARLY. That is two days without phone, internet, or TV service for my family of four, including two students with coursework online, one a business owner with an online boutique that needs monitoring from home, and two young children. I have always paid my bill on time since around 2001 when I became a customer, and was very offended when they wouldn't come out and rehook up my service until we were moved into the new house.

They reassured me that they would credit me, and I have called several times since the incident and keep being told that a manager will return my call, to no avail. They say that I have service credits already- for the days I had no service! That's not a credit, idiots. I want compensation for my frustration and lost two days of work.

Not to mention I missed an episode of Reno 911 and Lost. The technician asked if I cared at all about my TV service when trying to hook it back up for the two days. YEAH I care about it, why the hell would I pay $180 a month for something I don't really care about? I am a disabled veteran in constant chronic pain, and my shows are my only escape in the evening from my painful reality. By the way I have not told that to Comcast, but why should I have to?

So at this point I'm fairly certain I am switching providers for all three services, and taking my loyal payment elsewhere. Comcast if you're listening and you give a shit, you can look up my customer number 8497606401142911.

Thanks Bob you're my hero!:)

Anonymous said...

This is an english speaking country. I should not have to press "1" to speak english. It's insulting.

Benjamin said...

I've got the same horror story as everyone else... Lots of E1003, E6302, etc. etc. errors with On Demand. Billing issues requiring 3-4 calls to resolve - repeating ourselves over and over again. Less than a 20% success rate with on-demand movies.

Never had a single problem with my old DirectTV satellite. Not even in thunderstorms with tornado's in the area... and any customer service calls (couldn't have been more than one or two) were simple and resolved quickly.

If Comcast didn't have me captive by an exclusive arrangement with our homeowners association, I'd be long, long gone!!! Now I'm planning to get on the board of the HOA so that I can protest our arrangement with Comcast. Or I'll have to move.

Anonymous said...

My problem is that when we fast forward a show that we taped on the DVR we lose the sound and have to start the show over again to get the sound back. Comcast has replaced our box 5 times, the remote once, and sent techs 3 times. I don't want to change the box out again because then I have to reprogram it and that is obviously not the problem after 5 times. Everyone has treated us curtiously but no one ever fixes the problem!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I wish I knew this post was here months ago. I would have vented long before now.

Here's my story: About a year ago I purchased a HDTV and swithced to digital cable with HD. Not long after we had it installed, the "On Demand" service began to act erratic. When going through the On Demand menus, the box would inexplicably freeze and the only way to unfreeze it was to pull the plug from the rear of the box. Why? Becasue the power on/off button on the box was unresponsive as well. Once the box rebooted, after 5 mins of waiting each time, the On Demand would work fine. This problem didn't occui every time we attempted to watch something On Demand, so we lived with it. After a few months of this, it became really annoying, so we contacted customer service. Their response was that "this is a known problem" with the service and had nothning to do with the cable box. They assured us that they were working to fix it. Feeling that we had not options since this was a known problem with the service, we lived with it for a few weeks longer. Finally, it became so annoying that we took the box back anyway, and requested a new one. They took the box back, gave us a new one, we took it home and plugged it up. It worked flawlessly...for a a few weeks. Then the same prtoblem returned. Same story, called customer service, explained the problem, and this time they said they'd send out a tech. No mention of this being a know problem. A tech comes out as scheduled, does some troubleshooting and determines the problem is somewhere outside. So she goes out to a box in front of our home, makes some adjustments, and tells us all is well. On demand worked great again...woo-hoo...for a few weeks. The problem is now back again. So, we've given up on "On Demand". We don't even bother trying to use it now. They should change the name from "On Demand" to "Sometimes".

During these many months of frustration, Verizon has been installing FiOS in our area. It has not reached my house yet but it is extremely close. A few months ago I got a letter from Comcast explaining that by bill was going up becasue (to paraphrase) competion (Verizon) was now available in my area. My next bill included the increase despite the fact that Verizon is not yet available to me. This was the straw that broke the camels back. I will be running to Verizon as soon as it is available. They completed installing the cables in my block last week. I'm sure we are just a few days away from having it available.

A short time ago we received another letter from Comcast apologizing for charging us the "competition" fee. As it turned out, they charged us prematurely, since Verizon is not actually available to me yet. They issued a credit, but I'm still pissed.

Verizon FiOS HERE I COME!!!

Berlin, NJ

Dre_B_Mad said...

It's SMUD's fault

to begin, i run a small resale business from my home and i depend on it for income. HERE IS MY STORY when i got comcast the deal was that i get 2 new locations insalled in my house. then i guy came i showed him where i wanted the new locations. one room had an existing plug and i wanted it moved to another side of the room (3 of the walls are exposed to the outside) all he had to do is chop the wire and run it on the outside of the house to the other side. he just gave me a 10ft white cable wire and told me to run it on the inside of the room. problem with that is my room is 12 ft long not including the extra couple of feet needed to run the corners. recently my internet stater to give out i called costumer support they tried to reset it and it wouldn't work, so after 10 min i just ended up turning it off for the turning it back on to get it working, one week later the same problem occurred but this time the turn off and on technique didn't work so the following Monday 7-8 am the tech came but and the guy was cool, he checked the modem and passed, so he checked the wires and told me he had to rerun the main wire to the house, 5 min later he comes to me and said that there is a 308 volt power-line is running right next to the cable wire and the AC current and that is what causing the interruptions so an hour later a SMUD guy comes out check the wire and starts to laugh and said that it was pointless to come out and everything is fine and said that there is no such thing as a 308 volt power-line... so after he left i called comcast to see what's next the rep told me that the job order is still open and that some one will call me back... so 8:30 i call comcast back and they said that the job ticket was CANCELED so i said i need someone to come out the next morning to get it back up and they had no opening and told me to to call back in the morning to see if anything opened up... so here i am trying to get their attention!!!!!

O# 1000224702652037

Can't Take it Anymore in Bucks Cty Pa said...

Account This has been a weeklong affair. As of 4/14, I had Verizon phone service and Comcast Internet & Standard cable. On 4/14, I decide to stick with Comcast (over Verizon) for the upgraded TV w/HD. Negotiate an offer and arrange for a free service call to deliver/install the boxes (appt is for 4/15, 5:30-7:30). On 4/15, my husband leaves work early to be at the house. 7:30, no Comcast. We call and are advised that they often come later. Tell customer service rep that is unacceptable and cancel the upgrade and ask for the service created..."no problem." Ok...two days later...I've cooled a bit and decide to try this again. I call, renegotiate the retention offer (slightly better this time) and decide to pick up the boxes. (I know they can ship them, but we have problems being available for signature.) This time I leave work early and pick up the boxes. Hook up the HD, I'm thinking Comcast has it together. Realize that they didn't give me any HDMI cables for my two boxes with HD service. Call again. What I want is two HDMI cables shipped to me. Comcast is offering me the opportunity to leave work early again and drive to the office to pick them up. 3 people and 1 hour later, "Annette (#UTE)" arranges for a free service call to deliver the cables. I'm also getting HBO free for a year (for my trouble), but it won't start until my service call, which is schedule for Sat. 4/19. On 4/18, my On Demand dies on the HD DVR box and I call to complain. I'm promised that it will be fixed in an hour, but they have no good ideas for what to tell my 2-year old who wants to watch Pooh on demand. Fast forward a few hours...we hook up the HD non-DVR box to our new TV and we get sporadic channels, no guide, no on demand and the channels are in the incorrect sequence. Tried the activation thing several times. AGAIN call Comcast. Now a I get a trouble call set up for the next day (this is in addition to the service call delivering the HDMI cables), but because it is short notice the comcast rep can't give me a specific time..."you will be called at 9 AM." OK, so on 4/19, we realize we no longer have Internet. It's after 9 and no one called about the short notice call, so I call Comcast AGAIN. Now I have Crystal in New Castle, DE. She's very nice and advises that the supposed "short notice" call doesn't ful;y exist in the system because the person just created a shell of a ticket. Now I'm being asked to be available from 1-5 that afternoon for a tech and also be home for the service call from 3:30-5:30 (yes, more than one person). I lament to Crystal about the less than below average service and she offers a free month. (which I learn later is just a bunch of bunk) Chris the tech shows up at 1. Well, one culprit is the signal to my house. It is very weak and not sufficient for Internet. The 2ns box never got the full data feed from Comcast because of the week signal, hence the weird channel line-up. He tells us that the wiring outside needs to be replaced (no charge) and that we need all new wiring inside (charge). We decline the inside wiring offer (husband can do it). He adds a signal amplifier and that fixes the Internet. The 2nd HD box now receives the signal, but now my TV (brand new) has scrolling purple bars and it hums. He tries two different boxes and two sets of component cables with no improvement. We try the HD DVR box and encounter the same problem until we use the HDMI cable. Voila - fixed. Problem is, we want the DVR upstairs. He calls in to ask if non-DVR boxes are available with HDMI cables - yes, he is told, so they set me up with an appointment for Monday 4/21. While all this is happening, I call Comcast to tell them to cancel the service call because the tech that was already there gave me an HDMI cable. I asked about the free HBO and learned that Annette lied and never put it on the account. Steve, the rep of the moment, fixed that for me. I take a 1/2 day off work to deal with the delivery of the HD set-top box with an HDMI cable. Comcast is set to arrive from 1-3. At 2:45 I get a call from the tech - "we don't have these in XXXX County. I am unable to get you one. It is a special request." At this point I am about to go ballistic. I MADE a special request as noted in the ticket. While waiting for the tech to arrive, I call Comcast. The moron there doesn't quite understand that I wasted a 1/2 day for a sevice call that was pointless. He said that there was no way they could anticipate not being able to help me. I pointed out that he was full of it since the boxes aren't available in the region, so therefore there was absolutely no way Comcast would able to help me yet scheduled the appointment anyway. He orders a box for me to be shipped. Of course, he doesn't offer any type of expedited shipping. I've only been dealing with this for 6 days now. Then I want to be compensated for the time I wasted taking off from work. I get a free month (this is when I realize that Crystal never gave me a free month)..or at least that is what he tells me...but that doesn't make me whole. He eventually hangs up on me (nice), but at least the box is ordered. The tech then continues to talk to me about the tech call on 4/19. He calls the office and advises that the tech on 4/19 never put in the service request to have the outside wiring replaced (nice). He takes care of that paperwork. I'm now under the impression that eveything will be made ok. Two funny things throughout this. They keep offering me the phone. As I pointed out to someone while I didn't have Internet and my box couldn't even communicate with COmcast because the signal is so bad that if I had their phone I wouldn't have been able to call. But the best joke of it all was that while the tech was there on 4/21, my laptop downloaded and installed an update for the free McAfree software. It auto-installed some configuration changes that blocked sites such as and for inappropriate content (what, better service?), but freely allowed I've been rethinking my decision to stick with Comcast. I really didn't want to switch, but I just can't justify being treated this way anymore. The tech today said "I don't blame you for wanting to switch."

Shaun said...

He call comcast corprate numbers here and they will help you.

Anonymous said...

I have started using to get my ideas heard by Comcast. It seems to work. I learned that the Comcast PR group is now reading these comments and focusing on the ideas which have the highest ratings. Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to say comcast is a wonderful company you people complain to much. my cable always works so does my internet and my phone works fine. the only times my service has been out is when there was a outage in my area wich was due to extremly cold weather of -30. Comcast understands the frustrations with many customers and is taking time to train their techs and focoses on customer satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Comcast Sucks!!!!!.
Customer service is a joke.
Rep barely spoke english.
When I requested that the rep turn me over to someone who spoke English he hung up on me.
I would rather have a root canal than deal with Comcast.
There has got to be a better service provider out there.
I plan to cancel my comcast service.

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