Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bring Me the Head of the Big Bad Wolf

Comcast appreciates my patience. The reason I know this, is because as I write this sentence, I just heard them tell me that 28 times over the past 35 minutes, which is how long I sat on hold to inform them that my Comcast voice phone line is dead.

Finally, in minute 35, a rep named Lisa answered my call. She was caught by surprise, however.

Turns out when you go through the push-button options at Comcast to inform them your telephone service has problems -- including the press 3 for phone trouble option -- and then wait on hold for 35 minutes, you are not connected to someone who can help you. She has to transfer you to a tech.

Three minutes later someone named Marie picked up. I explained my problem.

Then I was disconnected.

One minute later Marie called back to tell me my bad line was working properly. It was still dead on my end, however. She seemed puzzled and said she will reset my modem. Then I heard silence. "What will happen next?" I asked. No response. The next thing I heard was a dial tone.

This time she didn't call me back.

At this point, I went to my basement and fiddled with my modem. Turns out, the problem was there and I got my phones working again. But that is scarcely the point. Many customers are surely ill-equipped for troubleshooting and require the assistance of the people who are supposed to be giving assistance.

Losing cable TV is incovenient. Losing broadband is worse. But losing phone service is potentially catastrophic. Thank God I happen to have a cell phone and another digital landline that works. But some people don't. It is simply inexcusable -- i.e., there is no excuse -- for a phone company to fail repeatedly in the routine servicing of its customers.

How long will it be before someone is killed by an intruder, or dies of a heart attack, or loses a house to a fire, because their phone line is dead and they can't get it fixed and they can't dial 911? Not long. And when it happens, you will not have any difficulty finding who is responsible. Just follow the trail of blood. It will lead to a greedy corporate beast that simply cannot digest what it so ravenously swallows. Comcast admits (see post titled "Mea Culpa?") that due to its rapid growth it cannot adequately service what it sells -- but is working very, very hard to do so.

That will not do. If you cannot reliably maintain phone service, you are morally and ethically responsible to exit the business -- just as you were morally and ethically corrupt for entering it.

Comcast must die, before somebody else does.


Anonymous said...

All this cracks me up.

Hey, whoever dosent like comcast just get anotehr provider. There are pleanty of options out there for phone, internet, and cable. So instead of being angry do something about it and switch providers.

Would you continute to go to the same resturant if it continued to offer you bad food and poor service???????

Everyone on here sounds like little crying babies. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Comcast and AT&T are engaged in the same "race to the bottom" Yesterday (Jan. 6) I reported a phone problem to AT&T (which I've proven is in THEIR network, not mine). I was given a "fix by" date of Saturday, Jan. 12,by 6:00 pm. Six days! To fix a problem in THEIR system!

What if I had to call 911 and that was my only line? Do ANY of these large companies care about anything but Executive Compensation anymore?

To the earlier commenter: Your hard-core credentials of arrogantly telling your betters how to behave are now well-established. Are you gonna change doctors after one "mistakenly" cuts your testicles off? It might be a bit too late. Professionals, be they doctors or telecomm companies, have minimum standards we should have a right to rely on. In telecom, they're called the Bell Systems Practices, which AT&T and Verizon have been steadily eroding; Comcast doesn't comply, but promises their customers better quality service. They don't deliver. Your solution: Blame the victim.

Anonymous said...

The all this cracks me up comment is rubbish.

You are blind and foolish, and pretty much (not to shame the handicapped) retarded.

For instance, I have the option of Direct TV... no dsl no fiber no other cable company.

I personally don't like dtv I think the service, and the quality sucks, espeacially for internet.

So I am now in a rut.

I have comcast.

Comcast won't service there lines but assume they are my fault. So they want to send me a tier 2 tech. (wait glorrified electrician) Cause I can't put a 100 dollar downpayment... when I am actually having issues that is there problem.

(packet loss... I have done everything and then some. which means it is there problem)

I wonder if that goes for the phone too...

Anonymous said...

woops meant They won't send the tech, I got a piece of mail instead asking for 100 dollars cause my credit sucks.

Wait I pay my bill? meh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was about to sign up for Comcast simply because someone told me that was what's available in my area. A quick glance at their wikipedia entry, and then this site, proved to be all the encouragement I needed to stay away. Did some digging and found another provider in the area. Thanks again! I feel like I've been saved big problems.

Anonymous said...

Good Game comcast careing just enough to keep track of these posts.

After posting my angry comment about my Internet Service, I noticed a call from an unavailable number. It was Nancy from Comcast executive offices.

Come to find out the letter I recieved was 'not about getting a service tech but an HD box, but when I read it I saw service... and 100 dollars and the word



Sorry, but still I need more choices to be extremely happy, look at cell phones if someone makes me mad I switch companies :)

It's Bombastic! said...


ANON WTF?! "other providers?" You kidding? Yeah, not in most areas. Trust me on this one.

AT&T used to have to meet a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate after the 96' Telecom Act. Too bad Comcast isn't forced the same.

Dewayne said...

Another Simple Problem == Unsolved

My Motorola STB stopped sending HD signals today. Instead, it "letterboxed" the picture into a 480i (4:3) box. I know this is a simple setting on the STB, but I know not how to set it. So I call Comcast. They should know how to change a simple setting, right? Wrong!

The first CSR tells me to unplug the box. I tell her it won't help, but she insists. So I unplug it, and it goes into a 35 minute software download phase (which is why I have a UPS). Then she tells me it isn't receiving the test signal she is sending. I tell her it has no software, so it cannot respond to her signal. She explains in her I-Know-More-Than-You-Do way that it should respond as soon as it is plugged in, blah, blah, blah, and in any event she won't tell me how to set the signal output mode, because a technician has to do that.

So I call back in 45 minutes and get another CSR, who tells me my box is now receiving a signal, even though it wasn't earlier. (miracle!) So explain to him that the box was downloading software when the first CSR checked it. He seems to believe me. Still, after walking me through the box's menu, he determines that my box is faulty. His solution? For me to drive 25 miles to Downingtown, PA and exchange the box.

So I go to Motorola's web site. Unlike Comcast, Motorola took the time to make a user manual available. It seems that Comcast not only keeps the manual from their customers, but they also keep it from the customer service reps, because on page 24 are step-by-step instructions for setting the output signal type. Two minutes later, I have HDTV again.

Now, I can understand that every person at Comcast cannot know everything, but I expect the technical support CSRs to know the basics of operating a receiver.

Comcast gave me a "goodwill" credit after my last post here, but I would much prefer competent customer service. Two hours of my time is worth more than a year's worth of my cable bill.

Comcast Customer No. 09575 260469-02-4

Anonymous said...
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Dewayne said...

Kudos to Comcast!

After my posting here about a lack of training for the troubleshooting CSRs I spoke with last night, Comcast did indeed tack action. A pleasant person from their executive offices called me today and let me know that she plans to make sure that the CSRs I spoke with have the training that they need to troubleshoot the DCT6200 HD set-top box.

I designed digital communication systems for 10 years, so I do understand the difficulties of training "normal people" to troubleshoot equipment. I appreciate that Comcast is actively engaged in improving their customer service by addressing individual problems raised in this forum. None of the other consumer service providers I know of dedicate manpower to solving specific problems.

Comcast Customer No. 09575 260469-02-4

mom said...

I feel your pain. I waited today for 65 minutes on hold waiting for someone to transfer me to a supervisor, I gave up. We used to have them for Tv, dumped the tv with them, but i am stuck with them for internet. We have had them for two years and have had nothing but problems. From the service not working, to them crashing our computer, to billing problems, to crappy custmer service, and not doing what they say they are going to do. Where we are we have no other choice for internet service. At least Vonage has been good to us.

IhateComcast said...

I would like to submit my story to bob garfield can he please contact me thank you cindy baltimore

Wildman said...

I agree Comcast must die in the worst way. I have the triple play and the other week my cable tv went out and thus my phone did as well. I spent an hr on hold using my cell phone to talk to a tech. I explained to them that my cable is out and that I should be able to use the 6 hr battery backup on the modem. How wrong am I to assume that bit when she explained that the battery backup goes on after the power to my house is down. That is a bunch of BS that I have ever heard. I know enough about electronics to know that their explanation doesn't wash.

Here's my theory, if the cable is out in power outage then why would the phone be in operation since the phone is still plugged into the modem. In the past 3 months since I got digital voice, my cable has gone out 3 times and in each cable outage it has been off-line for over an hr.

Here's another issue, $32 service charge when it's thier own equipment that goes down. How many of you are pissed off because of this recent change?

Anonymous said...

All this cracks me up.

Hey, whoever dosent like comcast just get anotehr provider. There are pleanty of options out there for phone, internet, and cable. So instead of being angry do something about it and switch providers.

Would you continute to go to the same resturant if it continued to offer you bad food and poor service???????

Everyone on here sounds like little crying babies. Grow up.

January 7, 2008 10:41 AM


Wildman said...

Hey Anonymous,

Comcast is the only cable provider in my neck of Tennessee. Of Course we could go with At&T or satellite but they have more disadvantages than advantages than Comcast. So far Comcast has been fighting against allowing EPB and At&T to compete in Hamilton County. So until we get real competition, Comcast is the only player.

mom said...

Same thing here, after numerious calls again today the problem still is not fixed. So I was looking around their site and starting calling people on the exc board of comcast. hopefully things will get fixed, but i doubt it. They are the only choice where we are for high speed internet otherwise i would change. So its not just whining here. just no other choice

Anonymous said...

I've been calling Comcast for the past 2 weeks- probably about 20 times now, each time I have had to wait average of 15 minutes on hold...

I have a credit on my account $240 that Comcast needs to send me a check for due to a billing mix-up last year. (I was paying $45 per month instead of $120 per year bulk rate thru my apartment landlord for Internet service).

But for some reason Comcast is unable to send me a check for this amount ! They are perfectly happy to take my overpayment and collect interest while it sits in their bank account. They promise to follow up and call me back with an update by they never do. Meanwhile I get blown-off repeatedly by Comcast and my landlord who claimed the extra amount was for "equipment". What a load of horse bull is that .

If any Comcast reps read this board. Here is what you guys need to do: SEND ME A DAMN CHECK FOR THE AMOUNT YOU OWE ME. NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK, TODAY !!!!




In the future I promise you I will actively badmouth Comcast Cable and recommend Verizon Internet service as superior and higher quality to all my friends and relatives. I guarantee you people listen to me because I am known for giving good advice and recommendations when it comes to the latest consumer technology. People make big purchase decisions ($$$$ tens of thousands ) based on my opinions, so if I give Comcast poor marks it will definitely cost them business in the future.

Comcast Customer Number: 09569 661891-01-9

Ticket number: 640883

Ticket number: 632131

Anonymous said...

Follow up to "SEND ME THE CHECK NOW"

Comcast called me back - I guess they really do read these forums.

They said they will get on top of it Monday morning !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and in all of the years that i've done business with companies I have never encountered an organization with customer support as bad as Comcast. I cancelled my service years ago because they did not value my business. My sister cancelled her service for the same reason. My next door neighbor had Direct TV installed for the same reason. My parents are now looking into different providers because they can't take it anymore. Although this website is a great place to let Comcast customers's really not needed because Comcast is doing a fabulous job of losing customers all by themselves! Keep up the good work Comcast! Pretty soon you won't be hooking anyone up to anything! The proof in this is that 2 Comcast salesmen have hung doorknockers on my door in less than 7 days - need business???? Well you can forget about getting mine! THIS IS WHAT RUDENESS GETS YOU - ZERO!

Steve Fairbairn said...

I can't have a dish where I live, so my choices for cable/satellite TV are Comcast or nothing. I find it astonishing that some people fail to grasp this concept. My Internet and phone are already with other providers, and you couldn't pay me to switch them to Comcast. I can't wait for FiOS TV to get here so I can finally tell Comcast where to go.

Wildman said...

There are a few messages boards where the topic of comcast has come up so far. From what I have seen is that the majority of the posters don't see a problem with Comcast monopolistic ways and are willing to be screwed over.

I have an idea, why don't everyone go over there and tell them the truth about comcast. The address is

Anonymous said...

You guys will not believe this! Okay, so I posted a comment two weeks ago and I got a call from the executive offices who then referred me to someone in Atlanta, Ms. Manning. My fiancĂ© and I spoke with her on Friday January 11th at 6:00pm detailing all of the issues we have been having. They are sending a tech out tomorrow..okay, this is where it gets crazy. So, just about 10 minutes ago our cable goes out right before our football party (The Colts)! We are on hold with Comcast while my cell phone rings with COMCAST confirming our appt. for tomorrow...ironic. We ask her to help us since we have been on hold for 10 minutes and she says that she cannot help us because that is not what she does, she only confirms appts.WTF? And to make matters worse they are saving we did not pay our bill which has been on autodraft for the past SEVEN years. So, as always we are still waiting on customer service, oh wait we have someone on the line! Insert saracatic comment here…the customer service rep is an idiot! Great! We are screwed again! I think we are going to look at Direct TV, what do you guys think?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I am the packet loss guy!

Hehe, not to impressed with the tech that came out. Although he knew our buildings well.

He knew how to ping using the -t but he didn't bother with the packet size. My issue isn't with small packets of 64k it is when they are larger. I drop packets every 5mins or so making it hard to use my FTP for my 4 web servers, and maintaining a connection with my VPN to work. My theory is either a over weathered utility with all the rain we have been having OR my area is over sold and my bandwidth takes hits.

I especially feel this issue when I game.

I have rebuilt my computer (reinstalled, new hardware) and moved all around my apartment. meh....

I don't believe paying 45-49 a month for internet if I am getting a far worse connection then dialup... I have downloaded and uploaded to find corrupted files now too.... MEH!

I am mad. this has almost been a month! DO something please!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for while now and I can hear (read?) the frustration in people's issues with the comm. provider. I am in no way defending Comcast, but I just wanted to make a general observation of telecom services in this day and age.

I am currently employed in Hartford, CT in the IT field as a Network Administrator for a small company. We have about 15 field agents all over the US. On average, we get about 3 calls a week about internet issues, IP phone issues, etc. Our equipment has been set up in house and is vigorously tested before being sent out to the field because giving support to our agents is tough with such a great distance. Almost all the issues are a result because of some sort of outage from their ISP, a compatibility issues, etc. We have 2 agents that suffer from dropped internet connections who have Comcast, and agent in TX that can’t hold his VPN connection because of bandwidth issues with his ISP, and another agent who recently switched to Verizon Fios and now realizes her IP phone doesn’t work on their service (which Verizon has confirmed is their issue). In my crazy observation it seems that comm. Providers these days are not being held accountable for the services they provide or the service they give. It is so far from the threshold of acceptability of how these companies are held accountable (if that makes any sense). It is a shame that big business does not care about its customers anymore. It is cheaper for them to push out a crappy, half-assed, unsustainable product and then service it in a shitty manner then to actually offer a good product that works when it’s supposed to.

Not to long ago a story broke about how these comm. providers were taking service fees that were supposed to be going into the upkeep and maintenance of their infrastructure and actually hiding them elsewhere in their company and not making these upgrades and maintaining their infrastructure.

Some entity needs to step in and really hold these companies responsible and regulate the hell out of them. Why not monopolize the comms in certain areas? They have to pay you! They have to buy your service because they have no choice. Then you can turn around and cut costs in your service areas and cut budgets to upkeep the infrastructure and then turn around and give Mr. Executive John Smith of ABC Communications a nice big bonus for Christmas.

Just my 2 cents.

rhbaby said...

I feel your pain. Our business internet connection has been down for over a week. I'm worried that Rick may be missing or dead - why else could he possibly allow customers to go without service for so long?!

I wish I had the option to pull another provider in - someone who has a Senior Vice President of Customer Operations that doesn't have a penchant for getting lost in the woods - but that takes time we don't have.

Save Rick!

Anonymous said...

i'd rather go back to dial-up than use COMCRAP. never heard anything good about them. now they're trying to cap how much you download?

Anonymous said...

can someone help me?
I had a service call on 10-18-07 to upgrade to triple play. This resulted in a 3-hour service call. after which I was left with only 1 of 4 working phones, no upgrade on cable service and no internet.
I rescheduled a second service call but Comcast never showed up. They told me I had the wrong day. Why would I take the wrong day off from work? The supervisor I spoke to said I would be credited for a week's a TV service for my inconvenience and lack of upgrade until their next call 8 days later.

They showed up on 10-24-07 and fixed everything. On my next bill I did not receive the $42.29 credit for a week of TV as promised but, to add insult to injury, I was charged $32.25 for the second service call. I spoke to Donna G1k in the billing dept on 11-19-07 and she requested I receive this credit but I'd have to wait 2 billing cycles for it. Today I recveived my 2nd cycle bill and no credit. When I called COmcast today they said that on 12-4-07 my request for credit was denied. I spoke today to Bernice a supervisor and she said she was unable to offer me anything but $8 for the lack of phone service between service calls and that Comcast would have to research whether I really shouldn't have been charged for the service call. Why haven't they done that in the last 2.5 months?

I want $75 credit now. If I don't get it I am willing to swallow the penalty and switch to a competitor. Is there any other recourse before I go to Verizon???????????

My account number is 09504174716-01-5

John G said...

I am sure you get beat up here all the time, but that’s life in the big city right! Listen, I need some help. I am about 4 weeks away from completing a new multi-million dollar distribution facility in Clinton, Mississippi. Since late November I have been attempting to make contact with Comcast Business in my area with very poor results.

My area is not directly serviced by Comcast; therefore I will be required to pay construction charges.

The first person I spoke to was a man by the name of Joey Clark. For about a week he worked with me and then when he got back the service inquiry found there was no service and would need to send me to a higher level. He then put me in contact with the area manager (I believe that was his title) who's name was Ray Clarkwright. I explained my situation to him and was hoping we could come to an agreement better than $10,000 construction charges. He told me it would take about 10 days but he would get back to me (get ready – “get back to me” is something you will see a lot in this email – but it never happens) This was sometime in mid December.

Far more than 10 days passed with no phone call from Ray, so I called him back on January 2, 2008. He obviously had no idea he committed to helping the customer and didn’t even remember who is was. So Ray sent me right back to a new sales rep that had no idea what was going on. His name is Tray I believe; however he has yet to tell me his last name.

I first explained my situation to him on January 7, 2008 and he said that he would need to speak with Ray. I explained to him that we are now starting the circle all over again. Tray said he would look into it and get back to me. I never heard back from Tray so I called him back AGAIN on Friday January 11, 2008 and asked him what was taking so long. He told me told me he didn’t have any more information and he didn’t know what else to do, so I asked him who the next level would be and he told me Trevor Drake. I asked him if he could give me his number. Tray said he would call him and tell him to call me. An hour or so later Tray called me back and said "Trevor might have a cold or something so he can't talk to you” and said he would get back to me next week.

On Monday Morning January 14, 2008 I called Tray back AGAIN! Tray said he was told the construction would be $7900 with a 5 year contract at $100.00 per month. I told him that was ok to please get me a contract and a construction commitment date and that we wanted to get this complete as soon as possible, so get me a contract and I will send you a check that day. By the way, the construction is for 1500 feet of underground cable. Nothing all that complicated I wouldn't think. He told me he would "let me know” Again no one called me back…..

I called Tray back again Tuesday, no answer.

I called Tray back again Wednesday January 16, 2008 and asked AGAIN what the heck was taking so long. He said something about Ray (the same Ray that didn’t do anything before) would need to write the contract and something about he hadn’t done it yet, but he was with Ray at that time and he would get “right to it” and call me back.

Well, guess what, he didn’t and I started searching the internet. Coincidently I found my best chance at getting my problem solved at You know, if there was better customer service at Comcast no one would have created

I just want to pay you guys. I would love it if my customers would try for weeks make dozens of phone calls and then write a SVP just to pay me $7900 up front and another $100 per month for 60 months. What an awesome gig you guys have, I guess it pays to have a monopoly.

This is insane. For starteres I think I am getting ripped of at $7900.00 for construction charges, however I obviously can’t work with anyone on that, heck I can’t even get Comcast to get me a contract so I can pay them. Please call me Thursday and PLEASE get me some help. I just want to be a customer. I need an alternate connection to my AT&T T-1’s and DSL unfortunatly isn’t availiable so Comcast is it. Therefore I am willing to pay you guys for a backup connection.

For what it is worth, I have just recently gone through this same process with my Tallahassee, FL location and they got me a written contract in 3 days. Yes, 3 days. I have been working with these Mississippi people for 6 weeks and still have nothing!

Thank you,
John C. Gentle

Marcelo Salup said...

In Coral Gables, Florida, we don't have a choice of providers for cable. I just spent 20 minutes on the phone waiting for a rep because my digital box went on the blink and about 2/3 of the channels went dead. Only on that box. On the other 3 boxes in the house, they work. After 20 minutes, some rep (which made me repeat my information time after time in a futile attempt to gain time) just said, well, I need to send a technician. And we know how good they are about keeping appointments! Not! Not even tried to fix it on their end. They really suck.
Marcelo Salup - 305 215 7229 and

Blogger-Todd said...

I went down to the Local Comcast office today to pick up another HD box for a new HDTV set that I bought. There were 37 people waiting in the lobby. I had to "take a number", like they make you do at the deli. I thought, "Wow, Comcast is busy...customer demand must be high." Most of the people waiting, however, had boxes in their hands. I was perplexed and asked a couple of them: "Are you here to upgrade?" Nope. They were there to turn their boxes in! They all had had enough of Comcast. And, they were not going to the Dish, they were going to VERIZON FioS. Apparently, their "triple play" is about 10% less per month AND, they give you a FREE 19" HDTV. Every customer I talked with said the picture was outstanding and the speed of the internet was 10x faster than Comcast. Sooo......instead of getting another HD box (which I'm sure Comcast would have charged me for), I called Verizon. It's time to switch. By the way...people were in the lobby WAITING to return their boxes and cancel service for over 45-minutes long. They only had 2 employees at the window on a Saturday at 1:30pm.
Now I understand the reason for such mass customer exodus!

Anonymous said...

WE NEED REGULATION NOW! This is WAY OVER THE TOP and GONE TOO FAR!! Another one forwarded to the FCC.


Date: October 6, 2007
To: Comcast Board of Directors
From: Alexis Luthoré, COO, Comcast Internet Services
Subject: Bandwidth Filtering; next plans of attack

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board,

You're undoubtedly aware of the brouhaha growing over our new traffic filtering software. By limiting the traffic of heavy users, we’re improving performance for the majority of our customer base, while protecting our bottom line. The complainers are upset because our methods forge packets that appear to originate from the user; in effect we pretend we’re the user, then transparently disconnect them from the offending services. It also seems we’ve been inadvertently filtering other, more legitimate applications as well. To offset the extreme financial liability of impending litigation by the offended parties, I propose further cost-saving measures. It’s all wrapped up in a simple, easy-to-implement, three-phase plan that should solve all our problems. We've recruited Hollywood legend Christopher Walken to help us introduce our customers to the "Comcast Happy Bandwidth Initiative" on its November 15 launch.

Phase One: Cap Unlimited Bandwidth
We need to establish reasonable bandwidth limits, especially among our greediest customers. By capping our generous unlimited plans with a 150GB Monthly Usage Limit (or MUL), we can minimize the impact of the our most rapacious users—the so-called “outliers”—on our bottom line. Typical users should never notice the MUL, ensuring that the vast amounts of revenue we exact from them remains intact. (After all, unlimited bandwidth only feels “unlimited” once you begin to thoughtlessly consume more than your fair share.)

Phase Two: Good Citizen Incentives
Phase two hinges on the rollout of a new Comcast toolbar. In addition to tracking our users' web surfing habits and favorite pornographic sites, this toolbar also alerts customers before they download any file larger than 75KB. A helpful pop-up bearing the question “Are you sure you really meant to do that?” appears, and if the user does the right thing, and opts out of his bandwidth-intensive download, he’ll be greeted by a clever multimedia ad unit for a free webcam. The Happy Bandwidth Initiative team will be using the webcams to track user eye movements, allowing our research department to identify the content that users enjoy most, so that we can charge them a modest premium to access these high-traffic pages. The toolbar will be a mandatory download for all of our customers.

Phase Three: Pay More for Popular Protocols
Our current pricing structure is needlessly oversimplified. Even the dimmest mouth-breathers understand that “faster” connection speeds are “better,” and it’s currently much too easy for customers to determine exactly what level of service they need. Users can immediately tell whether they should drop to a less expensive plan, or if the features of the higher-priced plan give them real benefits. You'll all agree that this policy has a negative impact on our revenue picture and long-term profit forecasts.

To fix this problem, we propose shifting to a per-protocol pricing structure. By implementing a sliding-scale pricing structure based on the popularity of various protocols, we can ensure that every customer pays for his or her fair share. For example, telnet makes up just 0.0001% of overall network traffic, so users who subscribe to our telnet service will pay a relatively minor $0.02/month fee for access. More popular protocols, such as HTTP and BitTorrent, will cost more. We’ve run some numbers, and are projecting that the average monthly fees for users of mainstream protocols would range between $10/month and $3,275/month.

BitTorrent, in particular, represents a large potential revenue stream. Modeling out the current traffic of customers who use BitTorrent to "download the latest version of Linux," we are looking at a minimum monthly spend of $135. More enthusiastic users would pay between $25 and $3,275 monthly to download their regular faire of what we must assume are license-free movies and music--which are all really quite entertaining. No, they really are. There’s some really good copyright-free content out there. Seriously.

In closing, we of Comcast Internet Services believe the Comcast Happy Bandwidth Initiative is a modest proposal that exposes us to virtually no liability, while promising exponential returns in revenue. We happily await the Board’s comments on this plan.

January 30, 2008 9:07 AM

Anonymous said...

We decided to switch to Comcast from Verizon when they offered us a sweet $75.00/mo unlimited long distance, local, Internet, and Cable service. They never showed up to hook us up on 3 different occasions. When we decided to go back to Verizon, we ended up not having ANY phone service for almost 1 month and we did not own a cell phone. No one can tell us what happened except that the cable was broken in the central office (Verizon said). My husband's mother (who was living in a Nursing Home) died during that time and we had no way of contacting her we visited with her at Christmas time. We usually called her every 1-2 weeks. To me, this is a shameful way to run a business. I finally wrote to the Virginia state commission for Communications to complain. Verizon seemed to find the problem after her call. Both Comcast and Verizon lied to us promising to return calls and saying that they couldn't contact us when they had our work phone numbers and could have called and in fact, did call. I waited may days after hours at work when they said they could call back and they did not. Where can I go with this complaint?



Petition created by: The Producers A

Because of the recent actions in Michigan and similar actions executed and planned across the country including, but not limited to; The closing of Public Access studios. The termination of the Community Calendar's & bulletin boards. The planned move of Public, Educational and Governmental programming to additional fee 900 channels and rate increases of 13.5% for services.

We the undersigned are asking Comcast to become the community partner they claim to be. We ask that they actively improve response times, improve customer service, restore Public Access support, simulcast channel 17 for 90 days, and encourage local playback and participation. Help us get to 26,000.

Anonymous said...

Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration! Don't LET COMCAST TAKE AWAY YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS!!!


Opt Out Of Comcast Arbitration
Assuming you enjoy having your legal rights...
10:53AM Wednesday Jan 30 2008 by Karl
tags: legal · business · cable · Comcast

Comcast was recently slapped down by the courts for trying to bury language in your terms of service that would limit your legal rights. The companies have tried to force consumers to take place in mandatory arbitration instead of having their grievances heard in a court of law. Not surprisingly, arbitration almost always rules against you.

The primary goal is to prevent you from participating in a class action lawsuit against your provider -- say, for forging TCP packets (court pdf) in order to slow upstream p2p traffic. The Consumerist notes that Comcast customers have another opportunity to opt-out of arbitration via this months bill -- simply head to this Comcast website and enter your information.

is this the right approch? said...

I am guessing that Comcast can't help when people mess with the equipment in there home. If you can fix the issue by "fiddling" with the equipment, then it was probably "fiddling" with the same equipment. Many companies don't provide e911 (911 where your name and address info pop up when you call), many companies (ie Vontage) "spares" that expence. There are good things and bad things with every single company.

is this the right approch? said...

So, if you all truly want help dealing with Comcast and other call centers read my
I have tons of experience both as a rep and a consumer. Here it is for ease of reading . . . . So I want to offer help . . .

I work in a call center and I have for several years. It's been about ten years and several different companies. I am a first time visitor to comcastmustdie, however I noticed one thing . . . Do you remember when you wanted something from a teacher, parent, or friend when you where young and you went and asked nicely? I am willing to bend over backwards to fix mistakes or problems for people that call me calmly without there head up there asses swearing. I will do the littlest possibile for people that yell, blame me, call me outside my name, and are unwilling to work with me. There is a saying about getting more "flies" (or help) with honey than lemon juice. I will call or email on my day off for my sup or friend to follow up if need be. I will call back and be certian issues resolved even months later if need be, but only if you treat me like you would like to be treated at your job. If not then take your issue and fuck off. I will give every customer the chance to vent and the chance to have all there feelings and issues heard, however if you ask a question LISTEN to the reply, if you present a set of issues ALLOW the person to give you the options they have and be RECEPTIVE to the choices. You only have the right to be SUPER PISSED OFF about a mistake if you have NEVER made one. It's VERY unrealistic to think that no company will make an error. If they have human employees, there will be mistakes. It's not ok to call and yell at a rep that wasn't the one that caused the issue and is trying to help fix the issue. I could see if your gas company came out to disco your neighbor and turned off your service in the winter in the snow being insistant on someone comming out the same night, but if it's FUCKEN tv, learn to READ A BOOK, go outside, excerise, GET OFF THE COUCH AND PLAY WITH YOUR DAMN KIDS. COMCAST = TV, ENTERTAINMENT, AND BEING CONNECTED TO THE NET AND PHONE. It's not LIFE, AIR, LOVE, FAMILY, FOOD, HEAT, or anything that you HAVE to have to live!!!!

Anonymous said...

YOUR MODEM was the problem, on YOUR END, and yet you're attacking ComCast for not giving you good service?

Come on dude, this is totally pathetic.
Sure, waiting on hold for customer service sucks, but YOU HAVE TO DO IT WITH EVERY COMPANY ON EARTH. At least they called you back! At least they had some idea of what the problem was!

What the eff do you expect?

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Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

All this cracks me up.

Hey, whoever dosent like comcast just get anotehr provider. There are pleanty of options out there for phone, internet, and cable. So instead of being angry do something about it and switch providers.

Would you continute to go to the same resturant if it continued to offer you bad food and poor service???????

Everyone on here sounds like little crying babies. Grow up."

Well I have no other choice than
Comcast because the only other service in my area is Direct TV and My building does not allow satellites.

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