Saturday, January 5, 2008

Billing Fiascos


National Office Supervisor said...

Good evening.
I saw this site and I gotta say folks, many people who call me (even in the Canada site) are really happy with WHAT I CAN do to help.

But when people who call in are pissed at ComCast because you can't get the PPV Fight at the last second because you neglected to pay for the services you have "enjoyed", then f off.
Second, on my wishlist, pay your goddamned bill, leave me alone and stop trying to screw the system.

Third, when you threaten me with your local news system, make sure you tell them that the whole FIASCO WAS BECAUSE YOU DIDNT PAY YOUR FUCKING BILL!!!!!

Mark said...

I just wonder this. Why is Comcast willing to offer internet for a promotional cost of $33 a month, then raise it to $42.50 (or something) a month, when I've been billed at a rate of $65 a month since we got our serivce? Their answer, that was the price when we signed up. Yup, billing is based on a "whatever" mentality. I wish we had an alternative.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of billing fiascos... I transferred my account, or attempted to and the whole thing ended up so screwed up that I HAD to stop paying my bill! My money kept being put onto another account that was supposed to be transferred. It took 4 months to transfer completely and by then, I had racked up all kinds of wonderful monthly charges on 2 separate accounts when there should have been only one! I was being screwed because someone only ordered half of the transfer and still expected me to pay for their mistake. I even have all the documentation and paperwork.

I talked to 22 different employees and all of which told me that the problem has been resolved and to 'disregard' the bills. Boy did I hear that a lot! Not a single one of them helped. Then, I was contacted by a lady from corporate (who shall remain nameless). She was impossible to get hold of, but when we talked a few times, I always felt better. Finally, after 2 or 3 weeks of calls and messages, she said we had the whole issue resolved, and I asked for the 0-balance letter and everything and was preparing to my my entire bill. Instead, I got a collection notice for the account that was supposed to have been transferred. She outright lied to me, it seemed. I have since called her 19 times, all recorded by date and time and have not heard from her at all. I left a message, every time. I was under the vast illusion of being helped by a corporate liason and was really just being appeased so that they can take their time and send it all to collections. NO HELP AT ALL! Thanks Comcast for your crappy customer service.
accts #8495752541392099 & #8495752541437761

tcmarv said...

never ends...
Does anyone really look closely at their "Comcastic" bill? Well it is the most studied bill I attempt to pay every month, and I must say, you better be an accountant, or better yet "stupid"! Examples:
*What is "PPV Franchise Fee"?
*What is Event Sales Tax? (you get those when you purchase a PPV.)
*What is Universal Connectivity Fee? (they can't even tell me?)
*Rental Fee? (That's on the Digital Voice area of my bill.)I don't have or lease any of their phone equipment!WTF!
*How bout-MD.Athletic Tax? (That must be a political coffer to help out those poor, millionare team owners, football-baseball, and the luxury sky box stadium upgrades!)I can't afford to go to any games @ $35 a ticket, my "Comcastic" bill is much to high-ouch!
Called "Dumbcast" tonight for the 4 billing month in a row, and could not get their "trained and for recorded purposes" personal to explain not one item? Basically it's "some form of tax" was her (Andrea)reply? I laughed, or I would have let them get to me again! Followed up by being put on hold for 20 mins.(on my cell phone cause the Comcast phone line is so bad it sounds as if I'm in a blizzard!) Andrea returned to say a supervisor would call me back tonite-yea right-and she could explain/handle all of my billing concerns? Never happened-Does that surprise you? HA-HA, thought not...
Well fellow "Dumbcastic" friends, that was my evening-how was yours?
This site really needs to be able to post pictures, scanned bills, etc., and maybe we will get somewhere???Let us pray now...
#09519 760364-04-5

Anonymous said...

Speaking of billing.... I moved and Comcast don't have service so I have to cancel the service. They sent a final bill, I paid over the phone all well. After less than a month I received a letter from a collection agency say I need to pay the money - amount same as my last bill. Well I paid $4 more so that I can pay over the phone. You cannot pay through Internet if you cancel you account.
Anyways This is almost 76th day since I received the bill from Collection agency. No resolution. I went to the local office in TUSCALOOSA several times - no help. Crystal who couldn't help me. And Lynn from CBSi collection agency who couldn't help me.
I also called Comcast complaint center today. Let's see, if they can reverse my credit report.

Comcast Cellular Communications
1500 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2100
(215) 665-1700

AJ said...

I cancelled my account Aug 31, '07, then in November received a letter from a collection agency. I NEVER MISSED A SINGLE PAYMENT. I called comcast, and they said they were charging me $99 for the cable box that their employee picked up from my house, and $50.45 for my October service. After much yelling and threatening, they removed the $99 unreturned equipment charge, but I have been harrassed for the past 3 months by the collection agency over this bill for services supposedly rendered 2 months after I cancelled service. Comcast's response? "oh, well, then the bill is for August's service." Really? then why have you declined 6 requests for a copy of my final bill? I've got 2 responses, both of which are dated as November service. Even the collection agency had no advice for me.

My only request: send me a bill with the proper dates, which I will promptly pay, or NEVER SO MUCH AS UTTER MY NAME AGAIN.

I hate you, Comcast, with an indescribable passion.

cust id: 8773 1002 8031 2444

Alphasiderius said...

I was a happy Comcast customer but they changed that. I noticed on one billing statement that Comcast had a bundled package the provided slightly more services than what I was currently buying for just a few dollars more. So, I changed bundles. Big mistake. Since then, they have disconnected my service three times and are billing me for both bundles. More than twice what the advertised rate is.

When I was most recently disconnected from my high speed internet service (Last Night) after two hours and three different people, I got a tech who (with a great deal of attitude) restored the service I was paying for and explained to me that every time I would call in to question a bill, buy an additional service or other item, they would disconnect my internet service and I would have to call into the office and go through the procedure again. he told me I should stop calling.

So you call in to buy more services. You buy the services. Then Comcast disconnects the services and you have to call back in again to prove you actually bought the services? Then they tell you to stop buying there product? This is quite a dis-incentive for buying anything from Comcast.

I think I am going to re-evaluate my choices in entertainment and internet services.

PS, gee, "national office supervisor" I don't scream four letter words at your people. Very unprofessional an uncivil of you to do so here. And You wonder why people don't like Comcast.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, I know alot of the ComCast customers have had TERRIBLE experiences..
We get 2 weeks of in class training, which is all systems...
THEN we are expected to make sense of terrible systems in MULTIPLE areas that dont make sense.
Sadly, the only thing that I get mad about is people who call in and cant figure out why their services are off because they aint paid (yes I said Aint) in 3 months lol

On the other hand, we really do feel for the customers who are getting the shaft. I mean, hell, anyway which way but loose would I go if I got the shaftski.

However, being a third party call center, we can't do ANYTHING because COMCAST wont let us.

I'd do a helluva lot more with 4 weeks of applied training and 4 weeks of on phone experience rather than 1/2 that with what I have.

Im really sorry for the rant but I feel for you guys. Im hoping we get more leeway at our center in Canada to see what we can do to help rather than be bound at the wrists :(

CallCentreMonkey said...

I have worked in call centers in canada since june 1999, all dealing with american contracts (I do love most of you guys) and I know the deal too anonymous. They outsource to us, do half ass training, give us half the tools we need and then then never help us with the issues we report to them ... I have actually been told to just make something up and lie to customers by a frustrated supervisor who couldn't get the company paying us to answer/do anything to help the customers. Sometimes there are just asshats who like pissing off the customer but most agents have their hands tied. Here in ottawa it's call center city, I have worked at 5 different ones. I have quit everyone, never been fired from them because the other part of the problem is turnover, agents tired of getting yelled at for something they are not given the tools/authorization to fix and they quit. At the worst one we only had 15% retention after 6 months on the floor. Anyway that first post was a douche who probably gets his jollies from making old ladies cry and I hope he works in call centre's for eternity. Good luck to all of you, but unfortunatly these companies don't care about you or the people getting paid shit to clean up their mess they won't fix.


d3v0nru55311 said...

Comcast, I hope you read this blog and get back to me. My customer account number is 05613 107458-05-9

I had service with no problems for a couple of months. In september during maintenance on the floor of my building, a comcast technician cut the line going to my apartment. I didn't call them for about two weeks because my building management said to expect problems with service because of maintenance.
When I called they sent a tech out to my place who said he couldn't fix it and would have someone else come the next week. That person never came and at the end of October I got a full bill. I called and said I wasn't going to pay for services I didn't receive. They said they had cancelled the charges and would send someone out to repair it. They never did.
November, same story, full bill for no services rendered. I called and they said they would cancel the fees and cancel my account.
December, full bill, no services...again. Apparently my account wasn't cancelled (surprising huh?). This time, after I bitched at them (sorry, but I was righteously pissed), they again claimed that my account was cancelled, I owed no money, and I would never hear from them again as long as I lived. Today I got a call from a collection agency, explained my situation, and once again was forwarded to customer disservice. This time they wouldnt even promise to disconnect and delete my account. They claim that someone will call me within 24 hours to disconnect it and no it's not possible to have it disconnected right away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that it is too long to reproduce here, but my Comcast billing ordeal can be found here:

Steve said...

I've put this in a number of places, because I'm not really sure where it falls under. it's poor customer service AND a billing fiasco. So, here it is for the last time:

I moved to East Lansing from Kalamazoo for law school 2 summers ago, and signed up for a Comcast package for high speed internet and cable. The plan was far $71.72 per month, and the person who helped me set up my account told me numerous times during the phone call that the rate I was to pay would not change. I was never told about 6 month or 12 month premiums I needed high speed internet for law school and I enjoy watching a number of channels that are not available with the most basic cable packages in my free time. Combining my situation with the deal I was informed of ($71.72 per month for the life of the account if I stayed with the same package) I decided that this was not a deal to pass up. I told the person signing me up that the major selling point was the price and how reasonable it seemed.

Fast forward to the next summer (2007). I found a much better apartment across town, and had my service and account with Comcast transfered to my new home. My bill remained the same since the first month: $71.72 per month. That summer I had a number of issues with my internet not working for a few weeks while local Comcast technicians were working on the box outside my apartment. I called a number of times and was told that the service in our area was being "upgraded". Eventually I received a credit for the lack of internet and the bill returned to $71.72 after that.

Last month I received my bill in the mail I was surprised to find that my bill had jumped in price. The bill was for $93.25. When I got a free minute away from law school and my job as a clerk at a law firm, I called on a Friday morning and spoke to a person who told me I needed to speak with a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would call me the next day. By the next Wednesday I still had not heard from anyone and my bill due date was coming fast.

I called again, and this time managed to get transfered to a supervisor. After being on hold for 50 minutes. That's just about an hour of my time spent waiting for someone to pick up the phone and address my concerns over my price rate going up.

When I finally got to speak with this supervisor I explained the entire situation, from the promise made, the lack of internet over the summer, and now my increased bill. This woman almost immediately gave me a lot of attitude. She told me that there was no record of me making any calls regarding the internet outage (basically calling me a liar, despite the fact that I was issued a credit for it) and that I should have known that the cost of service would go up after 12 months. When I pointed out that it had been 18 months, she admitted that someone had added a six month promotion to my account. She had no explanation for this to counter my assumption that it was the way whoever was handling my account was keeping me at my promised rate.

She asked what I wanted her to do about this, and I responded that I wanted my rate changed back to $71.72 per month. At this point she said that she couldn't possibly do that, and that in fact, my bill would be going up AGAIN the next month by $9.95 for internet.

When I started to protest this extra charge as well, she told me that all she could do was give me a $60 credit over a period of 6 months, after which I would have to pay the full amount.

I pointed out that it was hardly good customer service to raise my bill by $21.53 and then again by $9.95 but offer me the "courtesy" of $10 off that bill for 6 months.

I tried to explain that it amazed me that Comcast would offer brand new customers great deals but charge more to loyal customers. I expressed my opinion that by putting me on hold for an hour and taking an attitude that I was in the wrong right from the beginning made me feel like Comcast was trying to sweep dissenters under the rug, not address billing concerns by a dissatisfied customer.

After practically being shouted down by this supervisor, I informed her that I would just pay MY bill and say good day.

I sent in a payment of $71.72, not wanting to be late in my payment.

Just a few days ago I got another bill that includes the extra charge from the previous bill and another price increase, totaling $124.73. That's my promised rate of $71.72 plus $53.01 in added charges from January and February. PLUS, the rate is going up again next month. While the issue of whether it is right to do this to customers is also raised by this, I am more concerned with the fact that an employee signed me up by promising me that my rate would not change. That promise has been broken twice, and it seems will be broken again next month.

I put a check out in the mail today for $71.72. I tried calling Comcast today, but after 15 minutes on hold, I had to go to class and couldn't waste even more time of my busy day going around in circles with people on the phone.

I've already been on the phone with other companies including Directv trying to figure out if I might be able to get service with those companies. I found out that if I switch from Comcast, I'll have to go through 2 providers to get cable and internet. As much of a pain as that is, unless Comcast can address my concerns and give me the rate their representative promised me almost two years ago for the life of the account with this package I will have to look elsewhere for my service, write directly to the board of directors and the CEO, or consider legal action. I have read a number of articles on Lexis regarding legal disputes where cable/internet companies, including Comcast, were held accountable for lying to their customers.

Before this situation, I didn't really believe all the horror stories about Comcast, but now I'm living one. I am very upset that a company would not own up to promises made by its agents. I relied on what I was promised and now they are trying to ignore me, keep me on hold, and use other tactics to avoid my concerns. This is NOT good customer service. I want my original rate that I was promised back, and I want the added fees taken off my bill.

My Comcast account number is 01721170117-02-5.

Thanos said...

I read about your blog in this week's business week and it was nice to find out that I am not alone in my opinion of Comcast's customer service. I live in the Memphis area and their customer service is horrible if you have a problem. I had a billing problem (who hasn't?) and kept getting hung up on. My first 4 calls over two days were very pleasant, but after that I started to get annoyed and not pleasant. Try calling up and asking for the supervisor, they CLAIM someone will call you back. Never. Call up and ask for the District Managers or home office's contact information and you get hung up on. Well, almost always. I did have one soul at the call center who did tell me she did not have the info but her supervisor would call me with it. You guessed it: no call back. Eventually I started emailing Comcast on the "email Rick" section of the website. I sent one email and waited two full business days before starting my campaign. I started sending an email once in the morning and once at night. About a week later I received a call from a "customer retention specialist". While I had someone that cared on the line, I complained that my 6mps line never got above 4meg (and that was on good days); this was not a huge complaint, but was annoying on the rare occasion I had something large to download. Comcast had been out a few times to work on it, but they were unable to find a problem. After explaining how incompetent the local CSRs were and given the times and dates of my calls and who I spoke to, she apologized. No surprise, this was her job. She also fixed my current bill.
I now enjoy a 25 dollar a month credit because of the ignorant people I had to deal with at the call center.

I can honestly say for the most part, customer service is nonexistent. It is only when you start to repeatedly contact them they do something. For anyone who wonders, I did try the local Comcast outlets for help, but they do nothing more than trade out boxes and modems and take payments. Not their fault; it is Comcast's fault. They can not show up on time for service calls, their call centers are rude, uninformed, and unhelpful, and their service is not 100% reliable. I am hoping WiMax opens up some serious competition in Broadband.

Anonymous said...

I just heard on the news this morning that comcast is going to stat charging some charges that are really stupid. They are going to charge you (and I hope I get this right) for downloading music and movies and games because they want to ensure that everyone can get on there computers with the same speed as everyone so of course it is taking the speed of your computer and punishing those who don't have anything they want to see on television. So better start looking into games, music and movies away from your computer or they are going to charge it on your bill.

Anonymous said...

Comcast are really criminals! I called about a downed CABLE line that was 3 blocks from my house. They demanded I give MY address & Phone number so they'd have a contact. That is BULL! On my next bill a $35.00 charge appeared for them to come out and fix the downed wire that had nothing at all to do with me!! I called and ranted and got that off but now they are attempting to force customers to pay an extra $2.95 a month for service or else you'll be CHARGED for service calls to fix THEIR own problems! How on earth is this legal??

Garry Scarff said...

I am a former Comcast Cable customer in Los Angeles before it was bought out by Time-Warner. I have had no billing issues with Time-Warner or Comcast (that I can recall), yet I was informed by my bank last weeks that Comcast submitted a charge of $582 against my checking account (which was closed a decade ago) and I got slapped with an NSF fee from my bank. I spoke to TimeWarner who conceded there was no lawful reason for Comcast doing this. I'm pissed and the City Attorney is going to hear about it. When did Comcast Cable become a crime syndicate? Customer No. 1206040287072.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Customer Service. Ever.
I have been trying for the better part of a year to get my bill straightened out. I started out calling and emailing several times a month. Now I am down to calling every month after the bill arrives and it is still wrong.
You can forget emailing – I figured that out pretty quickly. I would receive auto response emails sating that customer support would get back with me in a few hours. No one has EVER gotten back with me via phone or email.
Calling yields an array of results:
Telling me that someone would get back with me (at least 10 times) and no one ever has
Telling me they fixed the problem (they never did, or only partially fixed the problem, or added a new problem)
Tell me I have to talk to a supervisor and none are available right now and they will leave a message for them to contact me – HAH! That’s a joke, too. Never happens.
Putting me on hold then cutting off my phone connection (at least 5 times)
(My account # is 8777 70 206 0002917)
Prior to 9/07 I had two Time Warner (now Comcast) DVRs and a HD Digital box without a DVR. In September, I a bought a HD TIVO and returned one of our cable company DVRs. On our October bill I was still being charged for two DVRs @$7.49 each and one DVR service @ $9.95 plus the $12.49 for the HD box. This continues through our December bill. (at this point we were overcharged by $22.47).
On Dec. 27, we bought another HD TIVO (the Scientific Atlanta DVR is a piece of *%^*) and returned our last remaining Comcast DVR. They were out of cable cards so we went back and got some a few days later. Our 1/16 bill continued to charge us for the DVR box ($7.49) and Service ($9.95). This continues through our 5/16 bill. This adds an additional $87.20 to the overcharges for a running total at this point of $109.67.
On May 28, I actually got someone to help me (Karen, Operator # T7-) who removed the erroneous code from the system – FINALLY. ON our 6/16 bill, we were no longer charged for the DVR and service, and received a credit of $22.47 – not the entire amount, leaving $87.80 still owed me. More phone calls and idiotic customer service reps later, I finally got Jason on 6/30 (Operator Q36) who said he understood the problem and would fix it. He said he would also make sure we were credited for the 3 weeks when we did not have cable television and only spotty internet service that month (none of the first three technicians who came could or wanted to solve the problem so they left before service was restored – until the last guy finally stayed here for many hours and fixed the problems).
My 7/16 bill gave us $44.94 credit toward DVR box rentals – so $42.86 still owed. What’s more, I wasn’t credited for cable downtime, I was instead charged an additional $6.07 for partial month service – where the HELL did that come from??? AND…. On this bill I am no longer billed $12.49 for the HD (non-DVR) box that I DO have – that’s off the bill. Instead it is replaced with $12.95 monthly charge for – you guessed it – “HD DVR service!!!!!” Unreal.
I got on the phone – AGAIN, this time talking to Scott – (Operator number 4562JSL). During this 45-minute phone call (actually shorter than most) he spent half that time INSISTING that I had a Comcast DVR instead of a HD cable box while I INSISTED that I did not. He eventually checked with a supervisor, looked up the serial number and finally agreed with me. (He said the serial number looked like a DVR serial number – Pleeeeeeeze!) Anyway, he told me is supervisor was at a meeting – they ALL were and she would call me back. I told him that I had heard that one at least a million times before.
So, this is my last attempt before going to the BBB. Comcast customer service simply doesn’t care. COMCAST - Refund me the money you owe and fix my bill so that I am paying for the actual equipment and services I get from you.

Anonymous said...

I have had it with Comcast with their confusing bills, double talk, HD interuption and slow internet. I just spent about 20-30 minutes on the phone and got no where. I will switch to Verizon and/or Direct TV.
Account# 09575270060-01-0.

Mike said...

I recently signed up for Comcast internet and TV service because they are the only providers in my area.

We signed up for the double play, which was 66 dollars a month for basic cable and internet. We asked about showtime and the sales person told us we could get a 25 dollar package that included HBO Showtime and Starz, plus another 13.95 for HD-DVR and HD service. Fine, this all seemed reasonable.

So we got our first bill, paid it, everything was good. Got our second bill, and it was 90 dollars more than our first bill. So we obviously said "WTF?" and called comcast. We were told that the package we were sold didn't exist, and we were being charged 20 dollars each for showtime starz and HBO (We didn't even want Starz or HBO in the first place). In addition, to get HD service we were signed up for the "premium" cable package that costs 80 dollars a month, plus the 13.95 for the DVR, and 33 dollars for the internet(at least that was right I guess). So our bill came to 80 + 33 + 60 (starz showtime and HBO) +14= 190. The women on the phone told us she couldn't do anything, that is what the rates were in our area (that has no other service) and she can't change them. Fine, let me talk to your supervisor. Well the supervisor was bitchy but put us back to the 33 dollar a month rate +10 dollars for HD service +20 dollars for showtime+14 dollars for the DVR. I think I might be switching to direct TV very very soon.

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Anonymous said...

OK, what is this "MD Athletic Tax" I'm being charged on my bill*(&)#$(*&#$()!!! I call customer service this morning and they don't know. I've been online for more than 1/2 hour now and they can't explain it either. What a__h___ politician thought up this tax. Talk about being taxed to death!!! What does athletics have to do with my cable/internet/phone. I'm pissed.

Mad as hell in Finksburg

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