Monday, December 3, 2007

The "Tiny Percentage" of Dissatisfied Customers Turns Out to be 44%

This just in from the American Customer Satisfaction Index:

-- cable and satellite TV service drops 2% to 62, the lowest level of customer satisfaction among all industries covered by ACSI.

-- Comcast down 7% to 56 (67 in phone service)

Comcast is one of the lowest scoring companies in ACSI. As its customer satisfaction eroded by 7% over the past year, revenue increased by 12%.


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garikari said...

I contacted the email site this morning and still have yet to have a call back at the number I provided. In "conversation" w/a customer service rep "Pricilla" this morning, I have never been treated more poorly and disrespectfully by her than any other customer service rep with ANY company. She talked over me and yelled at me! All for $20 Comcast has charged me without me knowing or being alerted to for a "box" of theirs that I "RENT" that went bad - they had to replace and now they are charging me $20 and didn't even tell me it would would cost me! What is the rent for? I don't own the dumb thing - it should be replaced at their cost! But that's not the point now! I told her I want to speak with her supervisor after she yelled at me and she flat at said "NO"! Can you believe that? I hope they listen to the tape - she should be fired or moved to a department she can handle. she is a horrible person and the worst so called "customer service rep" I have ever dealt with! Hum.....I wonder if they will ever call me! I have a message at my house (probably from her friend pretending to be a supervisor). No one has called the number I left! What a joke! I think I am going back to Qwest!

Shorty said...

I hear ya! You'd think with the % of people dissatisfied that they would man up and find out the root of the problem. AND FIX IT!! Just because they're a monopoly, doesn't mean they can treat their customers so poorly. If my service does not get fixed this Thursday, I will be going to Direct TV, WOW or AT&T-I think everyone should do the same, quit buying shitty service! Ic an't believe I pay almost 200.00 for everything-it's not worth a nickel, and the only reason I stay is becasue of the High Speed Internet, but as of today I'm searching for another provider with a bundle package

garikari said...

You know - Qwest does a bundle for $60 less a month!

Anonymous said...

Comcast is completely predatory, overpriced and ridiculous. I have been waiting for FIOS for months to dump them. I hope they die first.

ENIGMA said...

They are the worst. I was TRIPLE Billed for 12 months because their consumer and business teams can't see each others systems. They billed my company directly, my wifes company directly and myself for internet service for 12 months. When I called to complain and request a refund they said they couldn't help me and gave me the run around various depts. I never got this resolved and they collected an extra $1000 and refused to do anything about it except shut down my cable service if I refused to pay the bill. It must be nice to have a monopoly. When will they create cable competition to our houses like they did for electricity and phone?

Anonymous said...

A little note, you have no idea how fragmented this company is. The legs have no idea where the arms are located. Anybody working in lower tier levels cannot assist you do anything apart from follow ridiculus procedures and processes that are antediluvian and asenine.
The truth, seek out the execs who hide behind the white tape and put their feet towards fire . Otherwise let there be fair market competition for all cable service providers then see what happens. We will never see a day when this company actually does an accurate survey of customer satisfaction.
Ideally, in a sense of the word , there should be alot if internal restructuring done by the company
(this will be met with heavy resistance from the execs because they are too comfortable drinking tea at the local golf club).
Major markets that are suffering are like the Florida market where the company has got the worst tecnical team bar-none. The incessant outages and repeat calls for trouble are astronomic. You would think that there would be red flags triggered internally because of this? No... Comfort zone. Nobody cares. as long as you have an addiction to the services that are provided , you are stuck paying your money to a provider that is apathetic. Dont let the "we care" slogan and innate attempts of minor executives to appease little forums fool you. At the end of the day , they have satellite service and dont care about you suffering because of bad service .
Proof to date is that the CEO and his cronies have not had a public forum in order to address the customer dissatisfaction levels that exist right now. Each customer is just a mere financial statistic....
That is capitalism at its best for you . Do not blame the capitalist mentality for pillaging the hapless, instigate paolocal process that will make amends , comcast aside, look at the jetblue saga and need i start going down that list????...
Open your eyes wider because frankly nobody cares if you switch service to another company.Why, you will find the same shenanigans, white tape and probably more ruts with service and billing that you might just (will)opt to switch back.
Yes im sure that this site is monitored and for all you reading , Comcast is an overgrown Elephant that cannot wipe its behind.

Horror Angel said...

Ok, im not sure how bad comcast is, but its not DSL, so from the start its better than half "broadband" providers. I worked for verizon DSL, we signed peopel up into contracts that we KNEW were outside of the loop length (service area) and wed just charge them and troubleshoot them for months, THEN if they wanted to quit, wed eventually send the contract to collections. AT&T does this too. The best overall service for the cost ive received was by time warner/insight cable. The best customer service was WOW, they charge insane prices tho. You people are doing a good job by bringing this up, but you must have never had DSL if your complaining about a cable company. Like I said, I worked for verizon DSL, and have dealt with every other DSL there is in columbus ohio, as part of their policy, they will sign people into 18 month contracts that say "we do not gaurentee service" and they mean that, you will be sent to collections when you refuse to pay for a service you didnt receive.

Ziggyhere said...

Here are some of my issues with Comcast:
1. They left an unburied cable strewn across our front yard for more than a year. Even after my mother tripped over it in the dark one night - they still refused to do anything. They said she needed to be more careful. During the winter - i must have cut it three times while shoveling snow.
2. The internet connection would work 3 out of 7 days a week. This was due to them setting up new signals for the VOIP. This made it difficult during the school months when our kids had reports to do. So I would take the kids to the library and then sit on hold for half an hour plus to tell someone our connection was down.
3. I would ask for a partial credit for the month and I was told I didn't call in enough to complain.
4. When they were able to get the signal right for the internet, our cable would go out. Again, no credit because I didn't call in enough to complain.
5. A minimum - not average - but a minimum of 30 minutes per every phone call on hold.
6. Called in to cancel my service. Seemed like no issue. They were supposed to have come out and picked up the equipment. They knew where I lived. They were there often enough. Following month I received another bill from Comcast. This time when I called in, I was told the cancellation didn't go through and I was still responsible for the bill. I tried to cancel again and they told me I was not allowed to. I had to speak with a certain customer rep agent who was only available while I was at work. Next month I received another bill. Still adding up. Called again. I finally got one decent person who took care of the whole situation. He had the equipment picked up on the following Saturday and credited most of the bill (most not all - but enough that I was happy to get them out of my life).
8. Most of the appointments Comcast tried to schedule with me involved me taking off work. How do you explain to you boss you have to take off once every other couple of weeks to fix a TV and Internet problem.

Ziggyhere said...

Oh - and to horror angel:

I did switch to DSL after Comcast. Yes, DSL is slower but far much less down time. Who cares if Cable is faster when it only worked 3 out of 7 days a week. I am much more content with my slower, dependable DSL. I will bet you that bit per second - my DSL is actually faster than Comcast if you calculate in all the down time.

Matt Hooge said...

I have a long history with Comcast High Speed internet and I can say the service is good, and the customer service is ridiculously bad. Here are several tips for high speed internet that will help you skip the worst of it.

1. Don't let service techs in your house. They are independent contractors for many areas, and all they are going to do for high speed is call customer service at Comcast, sit in your house on hold, and answer simple questions like "The mac address on the modem is...." and " The street address is..". Have them turn on the service and go away, because they CHARGE to come into your house and get on the phone. Do it yourself, it's easy, I have done it several times, and the tech on the other end of the phone does all the work.

2. Comcast will not be at there appointments. Fuck, how do they screw up "We'll be there sometime between 12:00 and 4:00".? You have to have a complete free day, sometimes two. Learn to crochet.

3. When calling customer service, enter a local phone number, especially if you only have cell service, or VOIP. Fake it, you will get the closest call center, and they are the only call center that can help. If you move from out of state, and are starting service in a new state, enter a fake phone number with an area code for the previous state. Or , after 20 mins on hold, they will tell you they can't help you, and disconnect you when they try to transfer you. Seriously.

4. Don't talk to anyone from India. Ever.

5. If you have a technical problem that you can solve yourself i.e. "I cannot get a network ip address", immediately ask for a supervisor. They lower tier is going to read a script of questions, and ask you to turn off your computer, router, and cable modem, then restart them all, blah, blah, blah. Do that first by yourself, then call tech support, wait, then ask for the next person, wait, crochet, hope for the best.

6. There is no viable alternative to Comcast in my town. So I'm stuck. As soon as you can get reliable service somewhere else, go there. Comcast will not change until financially forced to do so. So be demanding, and be willing to jump ship at the first opportunity. Good Luck.


Horror Angel said...

its not that its slower, as DSL can be faster than time warner/insight cable. Its that the service itself is crap, and the way they force people into contracts who they know will never receive service, and then you cant even get out of the contract, even if you cancel within the 30 day "trial" period. I didnt even get into how horrible dsl can be as far as speeds dropping, becuase the copper lines they run on arent any better than the old tin cans on a string telephone method. If you arent within 2 miles of the central office (which 90% of the population isnt), then you will know why DSL is horrible. Your near the central office for the phones arent you? EVERYONE ive met who liked DSL lived practically next door to it.
Oh did you mention you had voip? Cause voip is another thing in itself, and everyone ive known who has tried that complained about their "internet" but the relating factor every time there is that Voip is like tying firecrackers to your cable line and expecting it not not cause problems. I had no idea that a cable company would try to damage their internet with voip. In my city our cable companies provide service that ive found to be as reliable if not more reliable than standard POTS (plain old telephone service) service. ANd its ran thru the cable lines, and doesnt use your internet like VOIP does.

Anonymous said...

Why can big companies get away with what seems to be criminal behavior? I pay almost 200 bucks a month to comcast, and for over a year, the service's sound has cut in and out.

I call customer service and get nothing but the same looping run around.

The tech comes to the house and makes up some silly reason why it's MY fault that the service doesn't work.

I would love to help in every legit way to turn this scummy criminal company on its head.

BEST of luck.

Sincerely, Paul Saurini
Miserable Comcast Customer

Anonymous said...

I saw the article and found this site.

All I have to say to everyone complatining is:

YOU DON'T NEED CABLE!! I am getting along fine with bunny ear antennas and an HDTV. Also, I have netflix. TV shows are released on DVD very soon after the season airs. Seriously, it seems that it's more aggravation and money than it's worth to be chained to a horrible company like Comcast. Just dump them.

...just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I decided I had enough of the price gouging and called to complain about the money I am spending monthly with the schleps. They pretty much told me to bring their crap back and move on... I am going to AT&T (the lesser of two evils) and resolve myself to the fact that monopolies rule the world! Thanks, Exxon, Wal Mart, Comcast and AT&T! You all suck.

Steve Miller said...

The other day, I went to log into my account to see my balance so I could make my payment. I work out-of-state and am not home to get my regular mail and having online access is the most convenient method of making payments. I've done it many times. Well, this month, something changed - there was a new PIN number to enter in order to get logged in. The web page was so poorly designed, there was no easy path to get the PIN taken care of and get into the system. I am a software engineer that specializes in user interfaces, so this is a pet peeve of mine. After I screwed around for five to ten minutes which was five to ten minutes too long, I called the Comcast help line. After going through several, yet equally poorly-designed menu options, I finally got connected with Jenny. I explained to her my travails and started to get a lecture from Jenny on how to open my mail and read that the new PIN had been sent out that told me what to do. She apparently couldn't connect the dots that I work out-of-town and hadn't had the fortune to read that correspondence yet. She definitely had a crappy attitude - not the type you want when you call customer service. That, unfortunately for her, is my biggest pet peeve - poor customer service. I told her that I was already having a crappy experience with the crappy website, I wasn't in the mood to have her talk down to me in an extremely rude fashion, which translates into a crappy experience with their customer service.

I would think that it would be extremely rare for someone to call customer service when everything goes right. You call customer service to indicate something is wrong. When you get lectures and attitude from those in place to help - that is a sign that someone is in a job that they don't belong. After I requested Jenny to transfer me to someone without an attitude, I got to John and he helped me and I was in and got my bill paid. Jenny, you are not good at what you do and I suggest you find a different line of work!

Make the "Tiny Percentage" just a wee bit bigger!

Steve Miller
Portland, Oregon said...

comcast workers feel the same way please read

Anonymous said...

OMG I had no idea there was this site until I saw it on Channel 2 this morning. THANK YOU!!! I CANNOT STAND COMCAST and have been trying to find an avenue to vent my frustration!! I have had Comcast for about 3 years now. I have basic cable and "high speed" internet. My internet connection runs slower than a dial up. Seriously. It SUCKS. I have had their 'technicians' come out at least 5 times to see what the heck is wrong, and none of them knows, or in my opinion, are just to damn lazy to fix the problem. Yet, they happily charge me each month to subscribe to this crappy internet service. My hands are tied because I need internet at home, and I dont have a land line because I only use my cell phone. If I had a land line, I'd drop Comcast in a hurry and subscribe to a dial up service. Another issue is when I called to have a cable line run into my bedroom. They sent some shady contractor who did not tack the cable to the floor, but instead ran a loose cable line down my hall into the bedroom, so now I'm tripping over cable every time I walk down the hallway. AND he wanted me to pay him $20 under the table so that he didn't have to report the job to Comcast and could pocket the money. Wait...I'm not done!! NOW Comcast has decided that they want to take away some channels, and if I want them back, I need to pay EVEN MORE money to get them back. So, I'm paying over $100 a month to get CRAPPY SLOW internet service that Comcast refuses to fix, and for basic cable channels that are continuously diminishing unless I pay more to get them back. WHEN IS ANOTHER DIGITAL CABLE SERVICE GOING TO BE INTRODUCED SO I CAN LEAVE THIS CRAPPY SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! The only reason they do this is because they know there is hardly any competition for digital service and they can get away with it. They are blood sucking leeches!!!

comcast worker said...

As a comcast tech in the Boston area. I can tell you this Comcast will not give us enough time to fix the product the right way.
we get 12 to 14 trouble calls a day so you people do the math. But please look at our site and it gives you indea what we deal with every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've done this. I actually did it, too, on Blogspot after botched installation attempts. The key I found is complaining to your county or municipality. After I did that here in the Atlanta area, I received a call from Comcast within an hour and had a guy who made things happen (I picked my own appointment, they showed up on time, and my cable was buried within two weeks). I just got my first bill, and it's wrong, so I'm calling him again. I'm glad they've hired someone to look after customers. It's a good first step.

Renee said...

Along the "what a joke" line...We had Comcast cable and broadband installed at our new house this year. There was Dish Network there when we moved in. The Comcast guy who came out, looked around and said "we can't install this here. I have to call someone, like a supervisor to see if we can even put it in." We waited for an hour until a supervisor came...and then both of them stood in the yard, trying to figure out how to install it. Then, we looked outside, and they were digging up our sidewalk! When we asked what the hell they were doing, they said that was where they were running the cable. They were going to install it from the box at the street. Temporarily. And they wouldn't guarantee that we'd have any signal. But that was the best they could do, they said. At the 3-hour mark, they looked at the basement, where we needed an outlet for the office, and said. Nope. Not possible. You'll never get cable down here. Nope. The guy reminded me of John Candy in National Lampoon Vacation, turning people away from WallyWorld. Anyway. At the 5-hour mark, they announced they were done. I looked at the probably 100 feet of cable snaking all over our yard, and asked how, exactly, should we mow our lawn? And when would we get a permanent solution. Welllll...that is up to the installation contractor. Here is the phone number. Bye! I called the number they gave me, and the office was closed (Saturday.) I called on Monday, and the contractor said they might be able to get out in about 2-3 weeks. Meantime, I was afraid that some neighbor kid was going to trip and break their damn leg. But, it was over 2 weeks before they came. And we had to be home. And they trenched the hell out of our yard, killing everything in the path. What a fiasco. And that was in April. We are STILL waiting to get the cable/internet installed in the basement. Maybe, oh maybe, we'll finally get someone out that can figure it out. But, I'm not holding my breath

comcast tech said...
we are frontline workers and maybe we can shed light
on why nothing gets fixed.

kickdinthejimmy said...

I have never seen so many perfect people post on one website in my life. You people are truely just the greatest. I'm sure all of you work for a perfect company and those companies never do anything wrong. What a bunch of bitchers. Here's an idea. GET A LIFE.

PeeJay said...

we used to have Comcast DSL for years, only b/c we had no choice and they knew it. Our cost for DSL was over $60/month. Last year, we moved to a different house in the same town. My husband called to say we'll be out of the old house and in the new house on 08/04/06. He called two weeks in advance to give proper notification. When did we get disconnected? 07/30/2006. Nice, huh? So we try to get them to connect us in the new house, just a mile away. When did we get connected? 08/31/2006. They said they couldn't get anyone out to our place any earlier. You know what was a slap in the face? There was a Comcast truck in the driveway next door during the month of August. Nice, huh? So when AT&T finally was wired in our town just a couple months ago, days later, we set up with them. at just over $20/month. with a guarantee that the price won't go up. So long Comcast!

Techie said...

Gawd this crap is pitiful. Sleazy business practices, poor service,and now limiting the (promised) bandwidth.

Competion - Cable is cable and either the cable (pipe) is shared, limiting the bandwidth or a bigger pipe (Fiber) is put in place. Also, the municipality will need to 'own' the pipe. If you think cable companies will share 'their' cable, you are sadly mistaken.

Wi-Fi, DSL (which in the rest of the world is 2-3x faster than available here) are better options.
Satelite companies will provide better television, due to the technology.
Also, I've never allowed any installer (cable or satelite) in my house as I am more than capable of doing the work myself.

Next time you call their CS folks, tell them that you are recording the conversation for quality control. Then see how they respond....

Anonymous said...

The idiots at Comcast as usual missed several appointments- were greater than 90 minutes late for two consecutive repair appointments. After complaining to a manager on the phone, I was credited $32---about 1/3 of what I pay in a month, and vastly less than the value of my wasted time. When I received my bill, they had accidentally charged me an extra $32 instead of crediting my account. How is that for thanks? I was charged extra for their incompetence. Go to hell, Comcast.

OutOfTN said...

I recently disconnected my Comcast service because of an out-of-state move. I delivered the cable box myself (13 mile drive) to their local service center on Nov. 21.

Once there, I asked about disconnecting the service that day (since I was returning the cable box) rather than continuing to pay until the 30th as my plans had changed and I was moving earlier.

The in-person rep said the earliest I could move up my disconnect would be the 28th. So I was already paying for an extra week, what's another two days, right? He asked if I wanted to go ahead with the earlier disconnect. I asked him, "what do you think?"

His response: "They don't pay me to think".

Thanks to that gentleman for summing up the past 12+ years of Comcast service in Middle Tennessee.

Kristian said...

Here in Morgantown, WV we had Adelphia up until last year. Not long after Comcast took over, I received a letter telling me to watch for upgrades to InDemand . . . I'm still looking, still receiving InDemand emails telling me basically everything I am missing that other subscribers are receiving. When I call or use the online help, they tell me that their programmers are working on it. Basically, what it is is that the old Adelphia cable boxes aren't compatible and they don't want to put the money into upgrading them. The service reps keep saying "It's a free service. You aren't paying for it." But, yes, I am when other Comcast subscribers are receiving it and paying the same as I am. I feel that they should discount our service until we are receiving the same services as the others.

UpQuick said...

How about adding to this a related campaign to pressure Comcast (and all cable and dish providers) for a la carte cable? This stupid business of being forced to pay for many dozens of cable channels that we do not want (and do not want coming into our homes) is ridiculous.

There is *NO* viable justification for bundling. Never in the history of mankind has increased competition resulted in either higher costs or reduced choice.

kickdinthejimmy said...

Wow. So many interesting stories. I love the ones were it sounds like they said it 10 times so it has to be true. I have Comcast. Love it. Never had a problem. My phone works, cable is on, and obviously internet working well. I do admit the internet may go done for 10 minutes, the cable gets pixels in it once in a while and no, the phone has always worked perfect. When it is company error I find something else to do. ( Most of the time its user error ) Like read a book, go outside or exercise. America is the home of two things 1.choice and 2.there is always something better. All the blogs have read " Can't wait until something else " , " I'm switching" , and " They have better service." Here is an idea for people who can't make a decision. Go find that, there is always something better. Clue, It is the same everywhere. Whether it be banking, credit cards, or cable service. People make mistakes, companies are short on staff or have a bad labor pool. And one final thing. If everyone hates Comcast why do you have it? Go to that greener grass and get off this blog.

nonoles said...

The day Verizon lays fiber in my front yard is the day I leave comcast. Yes, if they offered customer service like Nordstrom, they'd make more money. For me, however, the damage is too far done. Comcast would have to create a new class of customer service never seen before to keep me on board. And I'm pretty sure the level of service I'd want is illegal in 49 states.

Unimportant Comcast Customer said...

I just spotted this today, less than 1 hour after a miserable customer service experience. All I wanted to do was change my billing date cycle, and was told I couldn't unless I canceled my service, and restarted on the date I wanted to be billed.


The agent either could not or would not help me, and then WOULD NOT transfer me to his supervisor in spite of my telling him repeatedly I would hold the line and wait.

Then he told me I needed a reason to talk to his boss. My existing reason, billing cycle, was not sufficient, because he had answered my request [Reminds me of the credit card commercial with David Spade. No, notta, no way, not going to happen through me, etc.].

I told him I was going to write a nasty letter to the corporate office, and a copy is on its way to the senior executives for customer service and operations.

I hope it rolls back down hill on the foolish rep who thought he held some sort of power over a customer.

comcastIsEvil said...

Here is an example of "just give us your money and don't bother us".

I recently moved a few files south of San Francisco to San Mateo. Both are comcast counties. Their commercials of how they can easily move your service...thats nonsense.

When I moved they basically had to create a new account for me because they had no way (told so by 5 customer reps) of transferring my service completely. This meant that I could not use my own cable modem for a month and had to use their modem (they gave me an ancient looking thing from the egyptian era and had the nerve to charge me for it because their system could not release the IP of my own cable modem for 30 days).

Now comes the fun part. An installer came to my apt. They gave me an appointment window of 4 hours. He arrives with less than 30 minutes of the far range of that 4 hours. He arrives with all of 5 feet of coax cable and then told me he didn't have enough cable. Hello? you're the cable guy. If anything you should have, its cable. He comes back 2 hours later with cable. Fiddles around outside. Fiddles around inside and in his barely recognizable english tells me he can't install it but can't explain to me why. Came up with some dumb excuse and came back another hour later with another guy who spoke english. But guy #2 was obviously not suppose to be there and was in a hurry to leave as he was being paged constantly. Both of them told me the cable outlet was installed incorrectly and something inside the walls of the house was not correct and there was nothing they could do about it. One (the fool who couldn't speak english was moving my furniture to find outlets without my consent and almost broke an expensive lamp even though I yelled at him from across the room to stop moving my furniture) I emailed support to let them know how unhappy I was and they responded with a form email basically saying "we don't care".

After getting assurance from my landlord and the contractor who worked on the house, there was nothing wrong with the house wiring. I had to make another appointment with comcast. So had to take another 1/2 days off from work for this. This next guy came and was VERY curteous and very professional. He went right to work and within 15 minutes had it all figured out and completed the job. Why couldn't the 2 idiots before him do the same thing.

I emailed comcast to let them know how great this guy was and how horrible the last 2 guys were. They responded with the almost identical form email that they previously sent me.

I also hate the fact that they will charge my internet an extra $15 if I drop cable TV.

The whole traffic shaping issue now makes me hate them so much now that as soon as an alternative shows up (wi Max or FIOS) I will drop comcast like AT&T telephone service. And I'm sure when I do they will tell me how much they appreciate my business and I will tell them to take a flying leap.

GeorgiaYankeesFan said...

I just found out about this blog. Bravo!! Over the last few years I have spent more time on the phone with Comcast than with any other of my service providers. The technical support is dreadful. Here in the Atlanta area, all I need to do is mention the word Comcast and I get the dirtiest looks and comments, people are about as fed up as you can get with this company. My biggest hurdle right now has been to try to get a decent signal at my house, I get intermittent pixelation and breakup that makes most channels unwatchable especially the HD ones. It is really sad. This has been going on for more than 10 months, I've had several visits from technicians but no one knows what to do. Their next suggestion is rewiring the house. I personally believe it is a problem impacting the entire neighborhood (I couldn't possibly be the only one experiencing this). The worst is calling customer care every time and always getting the same response "let me send a signal to your box" "have you tried unplugging the box" I am thisclose to getting Direct TV or the Dish ... this has been way too aggravating. My question to the forum beyond the wonderful PR this site has received for this cause - is there any sort of state or federal oversight agency that can help us get a better price and better service from the big monopoly.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had our basement remodeled into a home theatre. We spend $5000 on a plasma TV, surround sound system, and furniture. Comcast showed up to turn on the cable for the HD TV. His name was Troy. He had tattoos from head to butt (which he liberally exposed while installing the hookup). Nose and lip rings and stud earrings, low-cut jeans and boots, and white hair. He first announced that he felt sick and should go home to bed but would stay because in his 23 years as a Comcast tech, all of his jobs were easy and this one would be too. Except it wasn't. The cable signal was awful. After spending 10 minutes on the install, and changing the background on my living room TV from blue to black to match his mood (which I am still trying to fix), he announced that the signal was as good as it was ever going to be and left.

DirectTV, here we come.

Anonymous said...

Matt's comment is one of the most technically astute ones about cable service (Comcast or otherwise) I have seen yet. When the system doesn't work for you, enable yourself and work around the process - give Comcast or any other cable company a headache to deal with instead.

When Comcast is the only game in town, it's tough just to leave. However, most counties have commissioners you can report repeated problems to, and in the case of Montgomery County, MD, hordes of subscribers did just that. What happened is the Montgomery County Council *fined* Comcast (it's infamous, just do a search on Montgomery County and Comcast in your favorite search engine) for not answering the phone fast enough, and they have kept a close on eye on Comcast ever since.

Your elected officials in your county have a responsibility to manage that agreement effectively for you. If you and others you know in your county or city are having repeated issues, report them to your local council. The more they hear, the more they act.

Fatima said...

I am sooooo excited that a forum such as this exists.
We were FORCED into the Comcast arrangement when Time Warner left Houston. After years of trouble free service Comcast customer service was a nightmare.
We have had great experiences iwtht he installation folk and repair folk - actually even the customer service folk - WHEN YOU CAN GET TO THEM. TO get to someone alive and well is beyond impossible - it's inconceivable in their world , I am sure.
In desperation - I even went on to their investor website to complain - imagine this : NO RESPONSE !!!!!!!!!!
Why would they care about their customer if they wont give a damn about the investor.

Shannonkish said...

Can I tell you my story? I have had Comcast Digital Cable and Internet for 3 months. Those three months have been HELL for me.

To begin, I contacted Comcast to on September 11th. The install was scheduled for September 21st. I never heard anything from the installer and nothing was installed. I contacted Comcast on September 22nd. I was informed that my installation would have to wait until Monday the 24th but that my install would take place NO LATER than September 26th.

September 26th came and went. I never heard anything from the installer or Comcast. On September 27th, I called. I was informed that the installer would not be able to install on that day and that he would for sure be out on the 28th.

At 5pm on the 28th, I hadn't heard anything from the installer. I contacted Comcast again. I demanded that my services be installed that same night or I would go elsewhere. Finally, the salesman agereed that he would come out an install it himself that night.

The salesman did in fact show up and installed my cable. He explained that the internet would be easy to install and that I could simply follow directions to install it myself. Because I was in a hurry, I let him leave.

The following day, September 29th, I attempted to install my internet. I spent the entire day on the phone with Comcast "Support." They informed me that there was a problem with my service and that a technician would have to come out to my house. They also told me that the earliest that they could get a tech out to my house would be Wednesday.

At this point I was furious. I contacted the Executive offices of Comcast and spoke with a gentleman. He was very helpful and had a rush put on my installation/services.

When the technician came out to my home, he informed me that the installer had "fucked up my installation" and that he would have to completely reinstall everything. So, he did. I was left with an HDTV receiver (with no HDTV) and my services compeltely functioning.

Fast forward 2 months. My service has been great for the past 2 months. Haven't had any problems or concerns since the second installation. That is, until I called to add service to my account.

I called on 11/30 to discuss DVR services. The person I spoke with said that I should be all set up and wouldn't need anything additional. She asked me to give the receiver about 20 minutes to update. (Remember, I have an HDTV receiver)

The following day I tried to setup DVR recording. No luck. I contacted Comcast who stated that they would resend the signal and that I would need to reset the receiver. I waited about 3 hours. Attempted to record again, same problem. This time, however, I didn't have On Demand or Music channels.

I contacted CS who informed me that I didn't have the correct service for DVR and that I would not be able to get it unless I upgraded my package. I asked them to cancel the DVR service and restore my original programming. I was told that in order to do that I would have to return the box and get a new one (which was odd since this is the box I started with).

After playing the CS game of calling in and speaking to different agents about 4 times, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor informed me that he would have to send a technician out to my house in order to fix my on demand services and music channels. He stated that he would not be able to do anything further on the account until the technician came out.

The tech came out. Fixed on demand. I still have NO music channels, no dvr service, the wrong box, and a hell of an experience.

I am so fed up with Comcast but my only other option is Directv which, in my experience, is no better than Comcast.

chickie26hg said...

A-freakin'-MEN! I have been lamenting the lack of care/response/customer service skills from Comcast for the entire 6 years that I've subscribed to cable internet. Until now, I've had no other choices and since they've recently increased my already-crappy service FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER MONTH, I'm through with them. I'd much rather go without internet at home than have to deal with their sub-standard service practices ever again.

In that 6 years I've probably put in 50 (yes, FIFTY) service calls for outages, and rarely were they resolved without a second call. They'd send a tech out and he'd change a splitter or two, but by then the service would magically be back on before he would arrive. However, 20 minutes after he drove out the driveway I'd be internet-less AGAIN. During the 5 years I was in college, ONLY ONE final exam period passed when I wasn't forced to freak out about not having internet access in order to study. I've even been told not to leave the cables unscrewed from the modem for longer than a few minutes because I could get AIR IN THE LINES, then my cable CERTAINLY wouldn't work. Seriously, do they think we're idiots? Oh, yeah...they do.

And do they go out of their way to check on the service or anything? Hell no. If your cable is out longer than a day or five YOU have to call back and chase your tail to get ANY sort of credit to your account for the outage. For all the times I've been out of service and having to deal with their crummy techs, they should be paying ME to use their crappy service.

Mikepcfl said...

I just heard about the site and had to post my worst Comcast story (i'll save the cable/internet installer whom I had to help do everything for later).

A couple months ago, I actually wanted to upgrade to an HD DVR system. I waited a week for an appointment so I could get a coveted 4-6 pm slot. I didnt want to miss work, so it was worth the wait. The night before my appointment I get a confirmation call from Comcast. I talked to a rep and we confirmed my appointment from 4-6 the next day. The next day I get home from work at 3:45 and check my messages. At 2:30, the Comcast tech called and left me a message for me to call him about my appointment. I call him just before 4 (when I was supposed to be available) and he says he cancelled the appointment because he couldnt reach me almost 2 hours before the appointment! He said that he calls customers to make sure they are there. I said I was at work and couldnt take the call, but I confirmed the appointment last night. He didnt care and even though it was only 4, he couldnt come that day. He offered to reschedule me for 7 am Saturday morning! I said no thanks I was cancelling my upgrade. He seemed shocked that I couldnt understand why he cancelled on me. When I contacted the Comcast Center (In Arlington, Virginia if anyone cares). They never got back to me. Comcast is a monopoly in my apartment complex, but as soon as I move, I am cancelling them!

I Hate Comcast said...

Its funny because as I called Comcast for the third time this week my mom was reading an article based out of New York in the Muncie Star Press about the poor service provided by the locally made monopoly. It started with me simply trying to change my password and it just kept saying correct errors or something of the sort so I tried several time before I called, I did not want to be on hold for the average time of 10 min. The so called "technician" told me that there was an error with a new verification program and he had to send them a report and that I should be able to log in within 24 hours, LOL. After two days I called again and a woman simply told me that since I tried to change it more than 2 times that I must now wait 72 hours...even though that it was an issue with their program. After 4 days I called and told the Rep my story and he said that they never had a new program and that it has been the same for quite some time. He told me that I have changed my password 5 times this week and I said that even if I had attempted that many times it would be the same password and should not have even went through (not to mention that I would have been entering the wrong password each tiime). Anyway I can now access my e-mail. I would like to let all my frustration out about all of their services and how they are always out and always are "Experiencing higher than normal call volume (because your service sucks)," but I have vented enough for now...I can only hope that I can have a good service provider such as the town just north of me. My friends say they never have to put up with unavailable service.

Steve said...

In my mail today, I got a letter from Comcast advising me that because they are concerned with "my security" I now have to use some stupid PIN they've generated to identify myself to them when I call for service or to discuss my bill. As if they can't see from caller ID at their end that I'm who I say I am! And as if I need to spend more mental space remembering something stupid like their PIN number. Oh wait--could it be that having to hassle with a PIN is simply a ploy to stop so many people from calling them? No PIN--no talkee? Hmmm??

Lucky said...

This Big Ten Network feud is ridiculous. I would dump Comcast if they didn't have On Demand (I'm a Howard Stern junkie. If the Big Ten problem doesn't get fixed soon, Direct TV is going to get a call from me.

Anonymous said...

as a comcast technician this is my perspective on some of the horrific issues i have read. i can honestly say myself and others try to do the best by the customer but our hands are tied by the company. we are given no lunch , no breaks and no time to fix the issues. the equipment gets cheaper and cheaper and the workload is huge. we many times have to pass the buck to get a new line into the house because we do not have the time. customers hate us and rightfully so. the technicians that come to your home are many times overworked,underpaid. We are told to charge for just about everything and we are reprimanded when we do not charge enough. if we put as much energy into fixing your problems as we do selling you the service and add ons then we would be great. you need to tell them you want one call resolution meaning everything should be complete regardless of the time when a technician comes to your home. the company treats us like crap and we in turn are not happy campers many times. you deserve the product you are paying for and timely delivery of service. just know that many of us are doing the best we can with what they give us.

comcast technician from beverly,ma said...

i see little consistency between regions and between managers. there are many company issues and in my opinion the quality of work depends on the leadership.

Jennifer Maher said...

I bought a newly remodeled rowhouse in southeast Baltimore in May. Since that time, I have had approximately 13 service appointments, 2 of which never happened because the technicians didn't show. Though my cabe TV has worked fine, my Internet access and digital voice work less than half of the time. In fact, right now my Internet works but not my phone. Last week neither worked. The technician who was suppose to come out on Monday never showed. And the manager whom I talked to said that it sounded like a computer hardware problem even though the Internet problem happens on more than one computer.

Besides not being able to do the work that I need to do on the computer as a university professor, I live in fear that my phone will not work should I need to make an emergency call to the police, fire department, etc. Today, I went out and bought a cell phone to control for that circumstance. I just hope that if I do have an emergency, I can speak, because if I can't I understand that 911 won't be able to locate me quickly.

Oh, and forgot about my house alarm working. Each time the phone goes out, it sets off the alarm, so I can't use it until the phone problem is fixed; if I do use it, the police are going to start charging me for unnecessary visits to my home. And since my home phone won't work in such circumstances, I have no way of telling the alarm company not to send out the police.

I guess if I get attacked in my home or if my house burns down, I'll be able to sue Comcast. But I'd rather my phone and Internet just worked consistently.

Jennifer Maher
09518 332224-02-5

Jennifer Maher said...

P.S. If Comcast would like to contact me, you can't call me because your phone service isn't working at my home. My email is Of course, I have little hope that anyone at Comcast cares about resolving this.

csr said...

I work for Comcast as a CSR and I just want to clarify some stuff. First and foremost, I apologize if I seem grumpy. I got off of work 20 minutes late (which isn't why I'm grumpy) because I had to have my ear chewed off for 45 minutes because a ladies Encore - Romance was not working and refused to troubleshoot and would rather "call the FCC".

I mean, you have to realize, you'll have people who love Comcast, you'll have people who hate Comcast. Every large company has customers with horror stories. Every large company has a few rude employees per call center, but complaining on here won't do ANYTHING to punish rude employees. Make sure to grab the rep's name and extension and let the supervisor's know!

As far as working for Comcast goes, I'm a little fish in a big sea, but as far as the call center I work at goes, I would say I know 3 people there tops (night crew) that would be rude as people mentioned. You have to remember though, belittling by yelling or name calling will not get your issue resolved! PERSONALLY, when I'm at work, you can scream / yell / swear at me as much as you want. I realize the CSR's are representing the name Comcast (or any company you call)and most of the time, you're venting - and i'll let you go. By the end of the call of a yelling customer 9/10 we are laughing at the end.. Insult my intelligence and the conversation with you and I will end. We don't get paid to be trash talked, grow up and act like mature adults (i'm directing this towards customers as a whole). I could go on and on about the abuse we take, it's just unfortunate that the nice customers might get the "I just spent 1/2 hour being insulted and belittled" CSR. Granted that if you work Customer Service you have to let that stuff roll off.

With all that being said, we too have irritations! We are indeed human, two off the top of my head is:

- people who want credit (which I give when due) for 1 day without, oh I don't know, (insert channels) but when I offer them the amount they pay for that day, it's not good enough. Look, do you want credit for the principle of you don't want to pay what you don't recieve, or do you want it so your bill is cheaper? Don't be cheap.

- people who when asked if you can check connections respond "I don't pay xx to do that". Ooooh that is annoying and ridiculous.

I can't really speak as far as trouble calls go, as I work in video repair / billing / sales. If you think about it though, in any form of technology, there can be a NUMBER of things wrong! I can see the frustration (like I had when I had Verizon service) when things don't work, but if you have had lets say 2 techs out and the first one clears up some of the problem but not all of it, why vent about it on here? Okay, tech 1 tried what he thought was wrong (and could have been) but didnt fix it completely. Fact is, there could be many things, technology is man made, not god made things happen.

To the people that have had bad experiences with rep's over the phone, you have a right to be furious, just remember next time you call in, it's not the same person and you don't know them and vis versa.

People who have had bad experience with tech's (rude and uncaring), I feel for ya, you have a problem and want it fixed and you have a bum doing it. He represents the company as much as anyone else that works there and gives people reason for this site.

People who are oh-so furious because a tech is 20 minutes late, sit down and think for what should only take 10 seconds as to why he might be late, there are literally probably about a good 50 if not more. Whether the reason is good or bad.

Also, yeah, we have 2 and 4 hour time frames because look how mad people get when techs aren't able to get there within those time frames. Let alone if we said "Okay! We'll be there on Friday at 1pm." That would be nuts!! At my call center, we deal with a decent portion of 3 states, PA, OH, and WV, and a tiny amount in Delaware. Adding up to hundreds of thousands of customers. Which is a reason for A) 1-2 day trouble calls / 5-7 day installs, B) Contractors, C) the 2-4 hr time frame, D) Perhaps a 10 minute wait to talk to someone when calling.

I won't defend everything Comcast does, but have you called other tech supports? Verizon isn't 24/7 like Comcast's is and when I called them while on a conference call with a customer the other day we waited 10 minutes and talked to someone who probably wasn't in the united states!! I had Dish before Comcast and I had only 1 problem in 1 year. Not bad huh!? Oh, not until they were going to charge me $75 for the trouble call and could do next to nothing remotely!

The point of this is to *try* to make everyone understand that people have problems with every massive company! I really think this site is a great idea, I just await until dish/direct/verizon/cox/time warner/etc have sites like this. Just remember that every company has its ups and downs! Wait WTF? Comcast has an upperhand on different aspects of the competition?! We can troubleshoot alot more without a tech call, we don't charge for all trouble calls (unless your tv isn't on or something silly) nor do we charge insane amounts for trouble calls, we're 24/7 tech support and local(ish), lenient on missing a payment, and alot more. Granted we like other companies have cons too, which I don't need to mention because this site exists :P

Sorry to posting so much and being kind of all over the place with my points and what have you, if anyone has questions feel free to ask (I look at this site all the time) and if its something I may be able to help with (not internet/cdv), I'd be happy to.

At the end of the day customer service rep's at any company are customers (who would have thought!) who have problems and gripes with other companies as well.

PS: To the person who gave the excuse that tech's don't get lunches or breaks, get underpaid and overworked and get treated like crap; this is your excuse? I forgot there aren't thousands of jobs out there. Let me help:,

PS:S: We don't use scripts at Comcast.

Have a goodnight and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

terryc1000 said...

This is for Matt Hooge. Can you please clairfy your statement "If you move from out of state, and are starting service in a new state, enter a fake phone number with an area code for the previous state." for me. I will be moving to another state soon. Thanks!TLC

tlc said...

To Kickdinthejimmy - Like everyone else who has discovered this blog and understands it's original purpose, I don't understand why you are criticizing everyone for sharing their experiences. This site was created for people to share their frustrations and to try and find some solutions to some of the customer service issues that many are having with this company. I don’t think this site was intended to be a place to beat up frustrated consumers. On the contrary, it should do just the opposite. You seem hell bent on deconstruction, which solves nothing. I think the people that are spending time, sharing and communicating here just want the service they are paying for. I believe that most people are well aware that they and others are not perfect. Finally, it’s a safe bet that most of the people with these issues DO have a life, a family, maybe career and are probably very busy. This site is very pro-active and should be a big help to everyone if used properly. Instead of putting all of us down, help us to be constructive and informative. I’ve read many things on here which have helped me already. I am not being rude and I am not perfect as I suspect all of us would agree that are not either. Are you?

Peter said...

There is only one correct solution to this. And that is competition. My question is why there is none? Is Comcast market regulated somehow? Is it licensed? Only when government leaves the business space, we, customers, will get what we need.

Anonymous said...

I will give you some insight into why there are missed appointments for those new Comcast customers waiting on their installs. My husband and & we once independent contractors that did installs, most all of installation are done by contractors now, it is cheaper for Comcast and other MSO's. The worst Company to Contract to is Comcast. They do not pay what other MSO Multi-System Operators pay their contractos, they want excellence and for contractors to complete all there requirements 110% with the crappiest of pay and the rudest of customers service reps, the installer has to wait on their own cell phone up to 1 1/2hours to get a job completed. The installer has to call into Comcast to get digital boxes and modems activated. They used to send the equipment out activated, but Comcast will not do that, it may lose some money, or I should say people sold these boxes and equipment illegally to make money themselves. Anyways I have to pay for all my services thru Comcast, again in January 2008 there is a rate increase. I am sick of it, whenever I have a problem it is never solved, I refuse to wait on my cell phone using my minutes up to get someone who has never worked out in the field some stupid ass excuse why my internet is not working. When I say I am an installer they transfer me to someone else thinking I dont know the answers, they have the worst of all customer service in the industry that I have ever experienced, why do they have so many calls per day, maybe because they have the crapiest service and are hiring the worst of all contractors to get the job partially done.. Yes I think so, that is why we no longer work in the cable industry it has literally gone to the dogs....

Anna said...

We are seniors and have basic channels we don't use. Why can't we just pay for what we use? Bill keeps going up!

BeverlyMasstech...... said...

This is from a Tech. I think Brian Roberts only cares
about money. He only wants to steal from customers
from verizon. They treat the workers worst then then


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Dewayne said...

In October I decided to try Comcast Internet. On their web site, Comcast had two deals: $19.95 Internet for six months, and Digital Preferred Cable TV with HBO for $35. I upgraded my existing account online and selected the $9.95 "install your own cable modem" option. I also ordered the HDTV option, which requires a new STB. After I double checked my order, I spent 30 minutes in a "chat room" where a CSR verified the order and scheduled the installation of the HDTV STB.

Days later the installer arrived promptly to install ... a cable modem. I explained that he was supposed to be installing the HDTV box, but his order sheet disagreed, and he had no HDTV box. So he installed the cable modem, and I called Comcast to schedule the installation of the HDTV box. The second installation went smoothly.

Then the bill came. Not surprisingly, it was completely botched. Instead of the $19.95 Internet trial rate I was charged $43, plus a $74 installation fee instead of the $10 DIY fee. I called Comcast, where a CSR insisted that Comcast had no $19.95 Internet trial offer. I explained that I was currently on their web site and that they most certainly did. She then put me on hold for about 20 minutes until she found the allegedly nonexistent Internet offer. She enrolled me in the offer from that day forward (not retroactively). She also cut most of the $73.95 installation charge, slashing my bill from $189.63 to $90.42, which was nearly correct.

So I was forced to spend nearly 30 minutes in a chat room to complete an online order, only to have it mutilated by the chat CSR. How hard could it possibly be to confirm an order? Still, Comcast did essentially correct their mistake, even though it wasted hours of my time, and I had to practically do the job of their CSRs at every step of the process. At many companies CSRs cannot even correct a problem that they admit exists.

Comcast Customer No. 09575 260469-02-4

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to write all the problems I have had with Comcast!

I just quit them completely! Their customer service and billing departments are the worst I have ever seen in any business!!

Now that FIOS is available we finally have an alternative. (Satellites are just not reliable.)

j ansted said...

comcast has the worst service in history, outside of the phone companies. their agents will leave you on hold til you die.

Beverly-Mass-tech...... said...

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Find out how comcast treats its workers.
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lets all bring this company to its knees.

Jason B Bour said...

As far as the Comcast employee who said they do not work off scripts, wrong. I am a computer tech, so when I have to call in I already know the problem is on their end. When the tech answers I identify myself as a tech doing work for a Comcast customer, and let him know I have already checked her PC, and modem. The first thing they do is start going down a basic check list, and try troubleshooting from a book (you can hear the pages turn) Several times I tell him I am a computer tech, and that I already know he cannot help me, and that I need tier 2 support. One time, being the smart ass I am, I asked the "tech" if he had his sheet out, and when he did I started telling him step by step what has already been done ( After awhile you know their questions before they do) After I was done he tried to start telling me the steps to do, that I just got finished telling him I have already done.

One day I finally got tier 2 support without going through teir 1, a great guy with a sense of humor. I told him the trouble I had getting to him, and he told me they basically read off of scripts, and he is surprised half of them knows how to turn on a computer without the book in front of them.

I know there are people who does not know the first thing on troubleshooting their PC's, at $60 per hour with a 2 hour min. for a in home call I love them, so I understand the need for teir 1 support. Now when a professional tech calls in, give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows more than you, and the problem is on teir 2 level.

donr said...

Comcast Nashville (and perhaps the system also) is using a high audio setting on the local commercials it inserts into the satellite feed from the various channels. I had performed some volunteer work for a cable company in Ohio and learned that they were very concerned that these "local inserted comercials" had proper local controlled volume settings.
It is very obvious that Comcast in the Nashville area has these currently set super high. Most customers think these commercials are coming directly from the channel source and thus are blasted at them by the respective channels. It may be that Comcast is doing this on purpose to sell more local commercials or giving them the doubt it might be just poor local cable management. It is an aggravation that they can easily correct...Don Russell,Franklin,TN

WeNdCompetition said...

It seems that I too am one of the many dissatisfied customers with Comcast. I have had numerous issues with them over the last couple of years from technicians never showing up to customer service reps who are absolutely clueless.

How can a company who provides an overpriced and terrible product and horrendous customer service and support continue to stay in business? Well, the answer in my part of the country is that there are no other options for a cable company. Depressing!

Anonymous said...

Poor service,(installer could net get broadband working,did know how to hook HDMI cable from box to tv, and he smelled...) Over priced service that doesnt work, changes....I am tired of not being able to connect to the WWW, then they continue to take channels away, and i getl liek only 5 HD channels, c'mon, and the wait time to get through to support...

Cant wait to swith...

It's Comcrap....

BeverlyMasstech said...

I am a Comcast worker we have been fighting with the company over working conditions. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 call per day. please add a comcent to if you could at

AtTheMurph said...

Dissatisfied Comcast Customers??!! Who knew??!!!

Good God, where do I start in my rant about this inept, lying, unaffected company........

I have been a Comcast customer for over 10 years, only because of the monopoly they enjoy in my area and because I have no other outlet for highspeed internet service and I cannot get a dish for TV because of interferrence issues. I am stuck.

Since the day I have lived here my TV reception has been terrible. I have had numerous service techs come out to my house to inspect and change the line from the tap at the street. That line has been changed at least four times and with each one the claim has been made that my issues would be corrected.

It hasn't worked and I really enjoy having abright orange cable laying on my yard for months as the neighbors lawn service chops it to pieces while cutting the grass!

No matter, Comcast will come out and replace it again and the new cable will lay there for months as well only to get cut, nicked, bent and crimped as well......

But the really great story is my internet service. If it reaches 85 degrees or higher my service becomes intermittant then shuts off completely until it cools outside. This is especially helpful for me in the summers in Indianapolis since it rarely gets warm and I work from a home office.....Plenty of time to work on burying my cable by myself while my internet is dead!

I have had multiple service calls for this issue the last being a service tech telling me that the entire areas serive was down but would be back up in a day or two.

So as I'm outside kicking around the bright orange cable running through my yard I see my next door neighbor who also has Comcast highspeed (he too works from home. I ask how he's dealing with the service outage and he gives me a blank stare. Apparently the area wide service outage stopped at my property line.

The best issue is also the most recent. I bought a new HDTV and plugged the cable into it (never had a box and only have basic cable). To my surprise (and my 10 year old daughter's) I now get all sorts of new channels, including hardcore porn! I tell you there's nothing like sitting down with your child, some popcorn and enjoying some young couple performing unnatural acts upon each other.

All I could think about was what fun i could (and maybe should) have contacting an attorney, the local TV news and the paper. Hell, Robin Meade on CNN-HL would have a fun time talking about the Christmas surprise we had in my basement excitedly watching our new TV.

Oh, and when Comcast finally came an did a driveway bore to reroute my cable under my driveway to shorten the drop from the street by over 100 feet, their boring machine blew up and dumped a line of hydraulic fluid across my yard, killing a swath of grass and staining the pavement in front of my home. Nice touch simply ignoring that and leaving me with a barren stripe across my lawn. I'm not sure if that's better than the orange cable or not but at least it's a differnt look finally.

(Please note that these and other complaints have been shorten and/or ignored in the interest of brevity)

Customer Number 09566107950028 - still held hostage but now having to pay extra for a cable box to block the porn.

Anonymous said...

For over two years comcast has blocked my English fiancee's emails to me, labeling him a spammer. I followed their instructions, talked to many techs to get him removed from their hit-list of people they have labeled spammers, all to no avail. We had to stop using for our emails from him. They would remove him for a period of two weeks and then have him right back on their list again. Blacklisted for spamming....when dozens of obvious spam they are paid to let through come into my emails addy every day. If there were another service I could use for cable hook-up, I would. They have been all right in all other things except I did not hire them to police my email and I am capable of deleting the rest of the spam they let through everyday, but they are very picky about their spammers! It looks like they could tell that a person emails someone from their address book and quickly let their emails through to you; but they aren't that sophisticated, evidently. They have made me livid over this discrimmination of my fiancee's email addressed to me. They obviously have a personal gripe with, the big ISP of Europe and England, but their gripe with another server should not involve my service from that other server. I am sick of my friend being the target of their automatic black list and never being able to get him off. They don't listen and the rigamarole you have to follow to request they be taken off is geared to tech to the knowledge of their techs, not common subscriber's. There should be a simple way to get your blacklisted friends off their blacklist. But, that would be to simple for them to do! I want the option of choosing what is spam and what isn't spam in my mailbox; I don't need Big Brother, SpamCop deciding such important issues that are MY RIGHT to decide for myself.

bigmonee said...

I'd like to see a blog post done on one of the Comcast scams that irritates me the most. You change one item about your service and they immediately add their guide/magazine/trash to your bill and charge you over $3.00 for the privilege of getting in print what you already pay for on the screen. I have to continuously tell them to stop billing me, even when I just add a tier or a new tv box.

RevGeo41 said...

Customer service is a word that Comcast does not understand. I closed my checking account in Indiana because I spend most of my time in Florida.

I wanted to change my billing arrangements with Comcast in Indianapolis. When I called the local number I received a Comcast Customer Service Rep in Canada. She could not handle the transaction because Comcast requires a signature.

After verifying the address of the Comcast office in Indianapolis I drove to their site which was almost impossible to find. Only to discover that they had moved their office on Saturday and this was Monday.

After miraculously finding their new office - the address posted on the old office had the wrong cross street but I found the bar used as an identifier.

When I told the Customer Service Rep that I was having a terible day and explained my frustration. The manager of the office came over while the other workers hunted for the form that I needed to sign.

She began to argue with me about the sign that was posted at the old office. She said that she had verified the addess with the Post Office which she might have done. However she did not verify the street sign.

bofdem said...

"Comcast sees customer loss in '08"

AtTheMurph said...

Well I assume that Comcast reads this blog because within 15 minutes of my previous post my internet service crashed - again.

Was that reprisal or just coincidence??


Anonymous said...

Yet another customer that has been treated poorly and so poorly this customer wont put up with it and is getting ready to dump comcast and get another TV service. Who knows maybe Dish or Direct TV. However the treatment from the customer service at comcast leaves much to be desired. With the poor attitudes and demeaning manner they talk to you. Let alone the poor tv service and high bills, wrong bills, strange charges on the bill. I have had enough. Thanks comcast, Thanks for nothing.
I was happy untill I upgraded my account, thats when the SHTF.
Well thanks for letting my vent,
I feel better now. (not)
32007 381826 03 2

Jason B Bour said...

AtTheMurph what you stated about the cable going out when it reaches 85 sounds like line leakage. Tell them you want a truck to come out in the neighborhhod to check for leakage the next time it happens.

Have them replace the soil where the fluid leaked. Tell them that if they do not clean it up totally you will report them to the state's enviromental agentcy. That is considerd a HazMat spill, and the state can fine them for everyday it is not cleaned up starting with the day the spill occured.

Martha said...


I am a would-be Comcast customer, but I am not allowed to be a Comcast customer by COMCAST THEMSELVES.


about 8 years ago they bought the cable system in the area in which I live. At the time I did not know this, as I had yet to move there.

I moved into my current residence in 2003. I called Comcast to sign up for their services, as it said on their website that I could have any of their digital packages as well as cable broadband.

I live in an area which is considered rural, yet it is not as 'rural' as one might think when hearing that term. I live only 10 minutes from the west end of Nashville, and there are numerous houses around me. The population density is not as high as areas IN the city, but 90% of the people in the area in which I live work in Nashville.

The Comcast technician showed up at my house, and here is what he said:

"I am not going to even get my tools out until I inform you that your cable system only has 45 channels and you cannot have cable broadband internet".

I was stunned.

I thought this was the 21st-century.

I spoke with him for about half an hour about this situation. He said that Comcast had a possible 900 homes on my system. This system, was built in 1978, and had never been upgraded. EVER. He said the only way they could get spare parts was to scrounge them from other systems that were being replaced, as parts for this system had not been made in DECADES.

BellSouth refuses to provide our entire area with DSL. So it is either dialup or satellite, which is almost as bad as dialup, but 5 times more costly per month, with several hundred dollars needing to be paid upfront for equipment and installation.

There have been NUMEROUS petitions circulated and presented to both BellSouth AND Comcast asking for broadband internet access, with NO RESULTS.

As most of the people in my area work in Nashville, and many of them would kill to have broadband in order to increase their productivity and quality of life, it makes no sense that BellSouth and Comcast REFUSE to provide us with broadband, which these days is as essential as electricity.

Since that fateful day, I have pestered Comcast to no end. I call them every summer to ask the engineering department if their budget for the following year has been approved, and if they are going to finally upgrade my system. The answer is ALWAYS NO!.

I was told 3 years ago that it is possible Comcast will NEVER upgrade the system, as their business model requires a return on investment within 5 years.

So I have some things to say to the idiots at ComCast.

1. If you retards did not wish to upgrade the cable system, WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?????

When the cable tech came out that day in December of 2003, he said they were steadily losing customers, because nobody in their right mind would want a cable system with only 45 channels, when DirecTV and Dish Network were so affordable and offered up to 1,000 channels of DIGITAL programming? a LIE.


I am SURE they would LOVE to have a revenue stream from our area, something that Comcast obviously is not interested in.

Funny, I thought large corporations were so greedy they would do anything to earn a buck! Stab their children, sell their soul to the devil, turn their grandmothers into slaves, whatever.

But I digress.

2. The excuse I was given about Comcast not wanting to upgrade our system because they might not be able to recoup their investment inside 5 years is LAME.

I would think (again) that Comcast would wish to provide as many services as possible to their potential customers, thus drastically increasing the rate at which the return on investment could be realized. However, it seems such a concept is over the heads of those in charge of providing upgrade budgets for the Middle Tennessee area.

Why doesn't Comcast FIRE the person who shoots down the Nashville Comcast office budget requests every year??? He appears to not be able to do his job competently.

Not only that, you should fire the idiot responsible for hiring him in the first place.

It is only common sense that if the Customer comes first, then Comcast should be ready, willing and able to provide the FULL RANGE of services to ALL their customers.

And if it takes longer than 5 years to receive a return on investment for system upgrades, SO FRIGGING WHAT????



3. Last, but certainly not least, the notion that Comcast can not 'afford' a system upgrade (yes, I have been told that as well by the morons at Comcast's Nashville office) is laughable at best.

Go surf the net...hell, screw that, I will even provide the link to prove that Comcast makes a NET PROFIT AFTER ALL OPERATING COSTS of OVER 2 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!!!

Here is the quote for year-ending results for 2006 from COMCAST'S OWN WEBSITE:

"Net Income increased to $2.5 billion, or $1.19 per share, in 2006, compared to net income of $928 million or $0.42 per share in 2005"

And for the first 3 quarters of 2007:

" Year to date September 30, 2007, net income decreased 7% to $2.0 billion or $0.63 per share compared to net income of $2.1 billion, or $0.67 per share, in the prior year."

Ok so it is OBVIOUS that Comcast makes a MINIMUM of 2 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR IN PROFIT!!!

And don't even hand me that BS about "We have a duty to our shareholders".

Guess what? If it were not for Comcast CUSTOMERS, there would be NO shareholders!!!




What is a million dollars or so to upgrade our cable system? YOU HAVE BILLIONS EVERY YEAR to shovel into the fat gullets of your wealthy investors.


I have spoken my piece.

The burden of a rational response is now on Comcast.

We will see what they have to say, won't we?

If past history is any indicator, they will continue to ignore us.


Anonymous said...

Seems like alot of people in the Nashville area are have problems. I to live in the nashville area. Ive had all I can take and will be dumping Comcast withing the next couple days.

Anonymous said...

please help us I am a Comcast worker In Beverly Mass.
They treat us just as bad as they treat you. No lunches
no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day. You wonder why nothing gets done. They yell at us when we don't charge the customer. It is now a metric of ours to charge you the customer. We have so many goals now
I don't think fixing it is one of them any more. Please
visit our site and give a comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a customer number because I haven't been one in years. I see what sound like great deals to go back with them, but then I remember..

Just a small sample of problems:

1. When we tried to change service packages, it took months.When we tried to cancel, it took months.

2. When we tried to cancel after they messed up the package switch, it took months.

3. When they installed our cable, they put two holes through nice decorative wallpaper that had just been hung.

4. Years ago, when we moved, we canceled service. A service person came to pick up the equipment. Fine, right?

Wrong. It seems he never turned the equipment in, or they lost the paperwork. Nearly 6 or 7 years after we turned it in, they sent us--with no preliminaries--to a collection agency! After much wrangling, I finally paid $200 to make it go away, as I had no proof I'd turned it in.

Guess what. Now it's about 5 years later--and they're billing me for this equipment AGAIN. It's been more than that long since we've even had service! I returned this thing in the EARLY 90's and even paid for it once, and with absolutely no warning whatsoever, I get a notice from a collection agency! Has this happened to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

For over four weeks, I have had a problem receiving channel 2 on my cable-ready analog set. While I have been able to receive a clear picture on the set attached to a digital box (I am in the middle of a three week trial for digital, but am not going to continue as it is not worth the additional costs.)
My experience over the past four weeks includes one "no show", two phone callse from tech saying that there is a "system problem" & did not show up, two actual visits from techs where one said the condo comples needed to be re-wired and the other could find no problem. Admitedly, the problem is intermittant and occurs usually early in the AM or later in the evening after 7:00PM. I tried to explain ths to the customer service personnel, but they were not interested in documenting this info. At any rate, I will probably cancel this service and try a dish of some sort as I am tired of spending hours on hold while Comcast is unable to resolve my problem. My Comcast Account # is 05705 354500-03-8 which leads to another issue. It is not possible to pay a Comcast bill on line using a credit card. The only way to use a credit card without paying an illegal fee is to use the obsolete telephone key entry where one has to enter a 14 digit customer number followed by a series of other yes/no prompts. If they think I would allow them to provide telephone service when they cannot get internet or TV right, they've got to think again!

Comincompetent said...

Some people have posted here about Comcast internet service being down 3 of 7 days - I only wish it were that infrequent. I have experienced 7 to 10 days straight of either completely unavailable, or so slow as that virtually all acccess is impossible - much slower than standard dial up. We are now beginning to log full availability hours and they are few and far between. We are on our second straight day this week of no access. Comcast is sending someone out Friday to look things over, but based on the results of my neighbors with this in home evaluation, I do not expect any improvement.
The service has become progessively worse since Comcast aquired my previous providor (Adelphia). They may have been run by thieves, but at least the service worked. Frequent phone calls to complain or diagnose have yielded no help. I could go on but will not. Thank you for the forum.

comcastbites said...

please help us I am a Comcast worker In Beverly Mass.
They treat us just as bad as they treat you. No lunches
no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day. You wonder why nothing gets done. They yell at us when we don't charge the customer. It is now a metric of ours to charge you the customer. We have so many goals now
I don't think fixing it is one of them any more. Please
visit our site and give a comment.

AtTheMurph said...

Jason B Bour,

I am already an expert on "line leakage" and having had my system checked numerous times and having had three seperate upgraded lines installed - including the latest some "hard" wire.

As for the Haz-Mat spill, you are absolutely right. Comcast is getting a call.

Indy Mike said...

So glad I found this site. Let's see, where to start...It took the tech 3 visits to correctly install the digital cable. He even made the comment "this is probably one of those boxes that doesn't work" before he left without even bothering to check and see. After two more visits (waiting 4 hours each time) I finally had the correct channel line up. Got my first bill and they charged me 19.99 for internet software installation. WTF, I didn't even have a computer at the time, Dell shipped my computer the following week. I installed it myself. I called to get a refund on the internet software install and could not get any of the customer service nitwits to understand the difference between installing internet and installing software for the internet. Spoke to 3 people who told me after re-explaining it that they had no authority and that they would pass it to a supervisor...never heard back and never got my 20 bucks back. Bottom line, they agreed to charge a certain price for total installation and over charged me by $20 without my approval. After my 6 months is up and internet jumps from 20-40 a month I am going to Dish or Direct TV. Screw comcast!

tntinkerbelle said...

I am a victim of Comcast's South Carolina branch called Charter Communication. For the past 6 months we have not been able to watch Fox, WB, the local independent channels, or their wonderfully touted On Demand. Their response....their computer says there is nother wrong with our service. They increase their fees every few months without prior notice also. I tried their computer service and I either could not get online or could not stay online. I have had the internet with ATT for 18 months and have never had a problem. As soon as I have the money for the hookup fees I am going to go with the Direct TV package offered by ATT.

David Ford said...

My family said goodbye to Comcast this week as we switched to a bundle provided by our local telephone company. We will be saving $60.00 a month by bundling internet, phone and dish. Comcast forced us to consider a move after several missed service appointments with out a call to inform us they were not going to show. We never had an issue with the cable TV, we always had an issue with the broadband service.
Good luck with your quest and you can now watch the percetage drop a hundreth of a decimal point because a dissatisfied customer is now a departed customer.

R. Kent said...

I'm a retired "snow bird". Every year when it's time for us to leave, I have suggested to Comcast that they need to have a way for people like me to maintain our account, but to pay a significantly reduced rate because we're not home. But, NO - I have to cancel my account, take my box back to the local office and then pay the installation fee to get reconnected when I come home three months later. Since the box is addressable, it would not be difficult for Comcast to do what the satellite providers do - stop sending the signal to your set, and stop billing you for the time you are not using the service. It seems to me to be a no brainer, but no one there seems to get it. I'm very likely to get the dish when I come home next year. I do like the On Demand feature, but in reviewing our usage of that feature, I'm sure we'll get along just fine without it. And, it appears that I can have Direct TV hooked up to three sets, with the DVR feature on the main set for about $30 a month less than Comcast. That also seems like a no brainer to me. Thanks.

Steve said...

Has anyone yet noted how Comcast PREBILLS for services, a month in advance, and then charges LATE FEES for not paying by the 5th day of that month? I have put up with the added fees for about 4 years now, since I refuse to pay ahead for services not yet delivered.

And when there is an outage, it is a bear and a half to get credited back for the lost services ...

homeless said...

I have had a yearlong battle with Comcast, it all started when my home burned down (due to my neighbors hot water heater) and I was charged for the loss of my DVR box. I sent this letter to Comcast two months ago...of course, I have gotten no response...

October 9, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Comcast customer, I try to be understanding and patient with service and billing issues. However, in December, I lost my home and all of my belongings in a housefire. Your customer service rep was very understanding and compassionate when I called in tears to cancel my service. When I told her the DVR box was also lost, I was told not to worry about it. Apparently, that meant I would later be charged $503 for the DVR receiver that was burned. Several weeks after the fire, I received a call from a Comcast worker who needed to "pick up my DVR box" since I had cancelled my service. This employee could not comprehend the fact that the DVR receiver was destroyed. He repeatedly asked if he could stop by my residence to get the equipment. I tried in every way that I could to explain that the residence, let alone the DVR receiver no longer existed. After repeatedly trying to explain the situation to him without getting emotional over the tragedy, I lost my composure and cried to him that I had lost everything I owned. Only then did he comprehend that the DVR receiver, could not be returned. He then asked if I knew whether my neighbors were home, because he needed to get their DVR box too (the entire building was undoubtedly the neighbors 1-were not home, and 2-did not have their DVR box). After paying the $500 charge at a time when I was using every penny I had to replace clothes and belongings, I hoped the "Comcast ordeal" was over. However, here it is 10 months later, and I am again experiencing difficulties dealing with your company. I received a letter on Friday, Oct. 5th from Comcast Collections stating that a DVR receiver from my account had not been returned. I called Comcast Collections on the following Monday and explained that the DVR receiver had been destroyed, and I had already paid this charge. The employee courteously apologized for the confusion and told me that everything was taken care of. However, immediately after this conversation, my cable and internet services were turned off. I did not correlate this action with the telephone conversation until the next day (today) thinking that it was simply one of the all too frequent, temporary service outages. I called the Customer Service line. After being on hold for 45 minutes, I was able to talk to an employee who, with great difficulty, was able to re-establish my service. Am I the only customer to experience this overwhelming incompetence at every level? I cannot imagine a company of Comcast's magnitude to allow such poor account management.

Anonymous said...

I posted the following in the comment section of our local paper's web site after they ran an article about htis web site and reading other customer experiences about Bombast, uh, excuse me, Comcast:

I too have had the same problem as the summer, during the hottest part of the afternoon (usually when temp is over 90), I lose internet service because the cable modem cannot connect. I've called Comcast numerous times to complain, and their immediate response is I have a bad splitter (signal is split so I can have TV and internet in the same room). So, eight splitters later (four mine, four they installed) and four service visits later I still have the same problem in the summer!

My other complaint is with spam that THEY caused but refuse to admit. I was an Intermedia customer, so my primary Intermedia email address became a Comcast one when Comcast took over. That email address has never been spammed. Nor has the one I signed up for online several months after Comcast took over. But the two I signed up for online at Comcast's web site a few days after Comcast took over from Intermedia began receiving spam the second day I had signed up for those two email addresses, and both continue to get dozens of spams a day. Their spam filter catches most of them, but 4-5 per day still get through on both accounts. For the first year or so all of the spam would be addressed to dozens of Comcast customers and only Comcast customers, all beginning with the same letter, e.g. an email address beginning with the letter "B" would be addressed to dozens of Comcast customers, all with email addresses beginning with a B. When I complained to Comcast, they blamed me, saying I must have posted my mail address publicly online and spammers harvested it. When I denied having done that, they blamed it on having given out my email address to friends/family whose computers were compromised. When I pointed out I had never even used or given out one of the email addresses, they blamed it on my computer being compromised. When I pointed out that I am behind two firewalls and have numerous security programs (antivirus, antispyware, antirootkit) they went back to blaming me for having posted my email address online. So I started corresponding with all of the other Comcast customers who were on the spams. In every case the story was identical: email addresses that were assigned by Comcast after the takeover, and email addresses they signed up for online months after the takeover had never been spammed, but email addresses they signed up for on Comcast's web site the first couple of weeks after the takeover were being bombarded with spam. The only logical conclusion from this was their sign-up web site was hacked and spammers were harvesting email addresses as we signed up for them. But of course when I presented all this info to Comcast they denied it and blamed me for the spam.

The day AT&T starts providing TV service here will be the last day I will EVER do business with Comcast. No wonder they're running thousands of TV commercials trying to block AT&T's attempt to get enabling legislation passed!

They want me to sign up for their internet phone service? Phooey! I've never lost phone service through Bellsouth/AT&T, but even when it's not summer I lose Comcast service due to outages in Bellevue. I've been without service for as much as two days at a time, but I notice they never take that off the bill!!!

comcast tech beverly,ma said...


shantellylace6778 said...

I HAD Comcast Now I'm with Dish Network...I love it...I wish I done it sooner, before Time Warner turned in to Comcast. I had no complaint against Time Warner...until Comcast took over ...their serivce was Sh*tty and their customer serivce really sucks...they was also over charging me over $100 and more on my bill...they was doing the same thing to my mom her bill was coming up over $600+ a month and all she had was extended cable and one DVR no other serivces from them...Comcast SUCKS and I Wish That They GO DOWN and DIE!!! I'll stick with my Dish Network I Love it, and the customer serivce is open 24/7. Well I think that's all I can say or think of to say about this :D


David J. said...

In Tennessee, the state is considering a statewide franchise act to enable AT&T and others to obtain a statewide franchise for cable television. The communists at Comcast are of course spending millions to defeat this bill since it will mean competition for them. They are also prohibiting AT&T from buying television ads on their cable systems in support of the bill. Instead, they are airing anti-AT&T ads ad nauseum. Down with Comcast!

Anonymous said...

I too live in an area where Comcrap is the only allowed cable company.
I just "LOVE' the nightly reset of my HD cable boxes. This causes the tv-guide feature to be inoperative for the entire time it takes the cable box to reload all the data. NOT a quick process, Usually over 15 miniutes.

phantomZr said...

After years of quietly settling for Comcast's ridiculous performance as a company, I moved to DirecTV last year. Comcast could now offer me every one of their services entirely free of charge and I'd gladly pay DirecTV for service instead. In every single category, DirecTV wins hands down. Comcast has built it's business on selling "fear of change" and by establishing monopoly positioning for cable services in major markets. The only reason I would ever set foot in a Comcast office again in my life would be to take a huge steamy sh*t on the customer service counter. Later Comcast... I'll never be back and I'll sings the praises of superior companies like DirecTV to every person I ever encounter in life who dares to mention your pathetic company name in my presence.

And by the way, my high-speed DSL internet connection smokes your fastest cable modem as well.

Steve Fairbairn said...

Comcast is the only game in town here too, and I can't get a dish so it's either Comcast or rabbit ears. They've been pissing me off for years with the constant rate hikes and crappy service (I have expanded basic TV with them, that's it) but the way they've handled this situation with the Big Ten Network is the last straw. It's bad enough that I'll never get this channel that I so desperately want (I accepted that fact a LONG time ago), but they have to run commercials about it that are pure propaganda, not to mention full of lies. Here's the truth about the situation: the BTN is a joint venture between the Big Ten Conference and FOX Sports. If Comcast would've been the partner instead of FOX, I GUARANTEE you the BTN would be on expanded basic just like the 11 other Regional Sports Networks Comcast owns. Therefore, adding that channel (which has proven to be popular) to a "digital sports tier" would cost expanded basic subscribers like me roughly $30 more per month. That's what it's all about. And don't feed me that lie about forcing people to pay for channels they don't want because I (and everybody else) are already paying for dozens of channels I never watch. If you really did care about that, you'd institute a la carte programming. Needless to say, I find that particular lie to be very insulting. You know what Comcast? As soon as I get a viable alternative, buh-bye. The damage has been done, and NOTHING you do will ever change my mind. Enjoy your bankruptcy, I know I will.

josquin said...

Thank you for the forum. Absolutely true story. I'll try to be succinct. We needed another outlet installed so we could hook up the cable and bypass wireless. When I placed the service request I described the hook up and they told me several times there would be no additional charge. I was amazed so asked again to make sure. Nope, no charge. Well, when the guy showed up, of course it was going to cost ($29 I think). Not bad, so I said go ahead. He went outside to try to figure out how to get the cable under the house. First, he drilled a hole into my garage thinking it was the crawl space. Would have been an honest mistake except he was about 2 feet from the garage door. Finally he figured to how to get under the house. So next he cut the service to the upstairs and redirected that wire under the house. He finished the install and everything worked, except now I had a hole in my garage and no service to 2 upstairs rooms. I happened to be getting a new air conditioner installed the same day. It was actually those guys who noticed he was drilling the garage. He borrowed some silicone, pliers, and I think electrical tape from them, then took their tools with him when he left. They copied his name from the paperwork, and were not happy when they left.
Well, a few days later I got a call from customer service asking how our service call went. I said I was glad she called. Told her the whole story, more details than I can remember now. She sounded totally bored but stuck in a few uh-huhs now and then. When I finished she read the script about being sorry. I asked her if this counted as"filing a complaint" because I needed to get the hole patched and the service reconnected to the upstairs. She assured me it would be passed on. A week or so later when I had heard nothing, I called again and finally got to some sort of regional customer service who of course had heard nothing about it. I told them all about it again; they too read the apology script and said I would be contacted by a supervisor. We week or so later a very tired but genuine sounding man called my home and left a message on the answering machine. I called him back, got his voice mail, twice, left messages, never heard from him again, decided I had reached the end of the road, and let it drop.

Mr Germano, with any due respect, if you really believe what you said in the paper, that the overwhelming number of people have positive experiences, then you and I are living on two different planets. Mention Comcast around ANY group of people and you will get nothing but groans. This is one story of 4 or 5 could tell. Next time I'll tell you about the 2 malfunctioning digital converters. My senior citizen parents have recently been put through worse. I would love to see people stand up and demand good service and put Comcast out of business. You have earned it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the following blog entry which I pasted from comcastworkersfightback.blogspot. (That website is designed by Comcast workers who hate their own company.)

"Impressed!!! said...

Wow...I found this blog after visiting No offense, but after years of experience as a Comcast customer, I'm just shocked that Comcast employees could actually write a blog! I haven't had the good fortune of meeting one who could find their ass with both hands...unless of course a script was provided."

Posted December 5, 2007 10:13 PM

kickdinthejimmy said...

Why dont you people start doing what you are saying your going to do.... LEAVE Go get directTV or what not. Eeryone is complaining about customer service. CLUE.... The labor pool is all the same. The same employees or contractors will and would be working for them. I just appreciate the fact that almost all of the call centers are in the US other then sometimes they use internet ones out of India. Not always though. Most of those calls are routed to Texas. But my point is most of the jobs are held by americans. Giving to their local economy. SO LEAVE and stop the chaos you cause yourself.

terryc1000 said...

I just found this site last night and I cannot get off of it. I am fascinated by all of the horror stories being shared here. I feel for the Comcast employees who are caught up in all of this and I am sorry for your frustration. However, from what I am reading, the serious issues far out way the reasons to show some compassion. While reading I kept seeing entries from Comcast employees who are only cutting and pasting previous postings. Guys, this is not getting your message across. Customers are pouring their hearts out here and you are putting about as much effort into your postings as you do in your customer service. You keep asking us to go to your website. Why don’t you just stay on this one? Explain or enlighten all of us as a group. Put some effort into your involvement. Something right is happening for once in Comcast’s history. Customers have had enough. They do not owe Comcast employees, additional time to express these issues again on another site. It seems that you would like to get us involved and on your side. We have created our own outlet for help and to vent without the help and/or support and/or compassion from Comcast to date. If anything, maybe everyone should cut and paste their stories directly on the “contact us” part of the Comcast website. Can you imagine the techs who would be forwarding these emails to management? Some of the employees may be reading this but I doubt that the shareholders are and they are the ones that management must answer to.
Another thought: Does anyone think this has the making of a class action law suit? Are there any legal eagles out there that could shed a light on this idea? This may be the right fuel to turn things around. I welcome any comments. As I have stated in previous postings, I am not trying to criticize anyone. I am trying to be pro-active. Sometimes that requires straight forward constructive criticism and solution ideas, no matter how harsh they may seem. Thanks, TLC

Mike Olson said...

I recently switched from Comcast to WOW. The rimary reason was the constand IP swaping all day long. this practice caused me to re-boot the Modem, and router several times daily. I work from Home and theis was not acceptable. calls to support were met with indifference and consistent instructions to re-boot or unplug the router, and plug directly into the Modem. After hundreds of instances and frustration, I bailed out.

Political Spin be the inept management in Customer Care, will NOT resolve issues with service. The service reps are not even engaged enough to be rude.

Frustrated Comcast Hostage said...

I was thrilled to see in the Lansing State Journal this morning that this site had been created.

I spent time making 3 calls, waiting on hold up to 20 minutes to find out why my bill had doubled. I also sent an email request for which I received no reply. When I finally reached a live person, they couldn't explain my new bill so they set me up for a call back. Well, I missed that call 2 days later. I physically went in to the Lansing office, waited in line with 15 other angry, frustrated people only to get more frustration. My bill was sorted out. I then told them my DVR wasn't working. They told me to go home and get it and bring it back. I drove 15 miles to get there, I wasn't going back. They offered to send a technician to my home. But there was a charge. I told them I wasn't paying them to fix their equipment. They offered me a new box and said I could bring in the non-functioning one at my convenience, I agreed. Then they said I would have to pay double until I brought it back. I asked for a manager and was told there are no managers to speak with in Lansing. The next day I made a call for technical support on my DVR hoping it was something that could be fixed over the phone and they offered to send a technician, which they said there was no charge for! So ony 3-4 weeks to get my problem taken care of. Comcast has no customer service! We are not able to get a signal for a dish so we're stuck. We have to go out to friends houses or bars to watch the Spartans play and it's time we had a choice in the cable market.

beverlyMasstech...... said...

please find out the real reason why nothing is getting fixed.

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BeverlyMasstech...... said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
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*The Blogstar said...

Comcast is NOTHING but trouble. The "customer service" is a JOKE!

Cheers on the blog.

Anonymous said...

To all these angry people: Get a life. Why don't people ever include the full story? Like "I was shut down for not paying my bill and demanded that it be turned on ASAP!" or maybe I'll use some logic and reasoning here and realize that Comcast is a BUSINESS that is here to make money and that rate increases are part of operating a business. If the cost of everything else goes up, like oil, insurance, electricity, that any business will therefore have to make rate increases.
Stop complaining about the NFL network. Comcast is the only cable provider that actually carries it. The NFL decided to jack the price up, not Comcast. Do your research before you open your misinformed, ignorant mouths. Granted, there are problems. I don't think it's problems that any other company doesn't experience as well. How bout Verizon? Were I live, they are constantly cutting sewer,water and electric lines almost daily. I just read the city of Tampa, Florida had to put a halt back when they were digging for the FIOS. Where's the website at? Do you know any time you experience an outage, most of the time you certainly trace it to someone that was digging. Most of that time if Verizon was laying FIOS in the area, it was them. I don't think Comcast would intentionally cut the cable. Do your research people, all this is available on the web.

It's Bombastic! said...

I think this needs to become a grass roots effort where every city has an organization meant to fight the crap Comcast is throwing our way. It is not fair that they have a monopoly and it isn't fair that the government doesn't regulate this cable company!

It's Bombastic! said...

Oh by the way...glad this website made front page of the Indianapolis Star's Business section yesterday morning!


I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

Anonymous said...

This may sound ironic, but I am a relatively happy Comcast customer...or at least I was. Sure, they are charging me twice what they should for Internet service, but it typicaly runs twice as fast as it should. The only problem I have is traffic shaping. Now that Comcast is traffic shaping, most web video I try to watch stalls after several seconds. Fortunately AT&T is dropping fiber and a remote terminal a few blocks away as I write this, so I'll finally have FAST DSL (with no traffic shaping!), and be able to leave Comcast. Not looking forward to that process! BTW - for Comcast DSL alternatives, see

sadiwork here said...

As an employee, customer's need to know we are treated as badly, if not worse than they are. This unfortunately, contributes the poor level of service customer's experience.

There are 3 opportunities to make a lasting "good first impression" with our customer's.

The first, is the point of sale...many sales reps either outright lie or mis-represent products in order to achieve mandatory sales goals that are always being raised while commissions are being revamped lower making it more difficult to meet goals and make a fair living wage. Manager's recieve a percentage of total sales as part of their pay package and turn a blind eye to the deception. The Attorney General of Massachusettes fined Comcast 1 million dollars for deceptive sales practices 2 years ago, yet the problem still exists today.

The second, is the point of installation. We have many dedicated, talented, and highly qualified technicians, but, due to extremely high workloads many techs don't have the time to do the initial job properly, resulting in degraded service, hastily explained information on how to use devices, and more often than not, require and additional visit to the home to straighten it all out. Many techs are out there working long hours, some not taking breaks or lunch (as required by law) to complete their days work so their supervisor will not cause them problems. The Attorney General of Massachusetts is once again investigating Comcast for violating labor laws.

The third, is the first point of contact with customer care to resolve either a billing or technical issue. New employees are given a whirlwind training period which needs to be longer and more in-depth. Unfortunately new hires are more or less "thrown to the wolves" without adequate training or support once on the floor and it's either sink or swim. Compounding the problem is a pervasive High School mentality atmosphere, where gossip, lies, and innuendo rule, uneducated and unqualified middle-management who exacerbate the problem. Definitely not the most professional approach a company could take, or environment to work in. This, coupled with the fact the pay scale is woefully low, (remember..."you get what you pay for") results in less than desirable front line employees who are smart enough to learn the job and articulate enough to assist the customer. There is a tremendous turnover in most departments which does not contribute a team approach in getting things done.

Many of us used to post our grievances on "" until Comcast started complaining to the sites parent company (Arlington Development, LLC. "" 12 Pond Ln Apt 23 Arlington, MA 02474 tel# 781-883-5292) and began censoring negative employee comments. If you go to "" and post some constructive criticism, it is usually removed and those who sent it are blocked from posting on the site. So much for "freedom of speech"

While many companies have daily and long term challenges to face and overcome, this company is the worst I have even been employed with. The reason?'s company's attitude regarding employees and customers alike...they believe they can do what they want and act with impunity whether it's legal or not.

sadiworkhere said... the way, to understand HOW Comcast, and the union-busters they hired, have infiltrated "", "", "" pretending to be employees. Their posts will try to make genuine employees who are seeking to better the company for customers and themselves, seem to be just a few disgruntled, malcontent, lazy people looking for a hand out OR a free ride. Their posts will be easy to spot as they prefer to talk about personalities rather than the issues at hand. Character assassination is all they have to fight you a little sample of the mind-set this company has, which is out of touch with every day Americans.

Anonymous said...

I found this on the comcastworkersfightback blogspot

sicktodeathofcomcast said...

"National Disconnect Day"...what a great idea! I like the sound of that one. Probably the ONLY way to wake up the isolated, (and insulated with all their salary, perks, bonuses, etc. from reality)head up their asses old farts to the fact customers AND employees want and DESERVE better treatment. They're the ones running this company in to the ground. NOT the the employees who are looking for a fair living wage. George Bush (who couldn't run a company, baseball team, state or country) could do a better job than Robert' what the hell does THAT say?

DISCONNECT NOW! They only thing they understand is the money...when it stops coming in, maybe, just maybe, they'll start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

From USA Today 12/3/07


By David Lieberman, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — Broadband service is one of Comcast's (CMCSA) most popular and lucrative products. But the powerful new medium is also creating a public relations headache for the No. 1 cable company.

A blog,, has begun to rally consumers irate about everything from missed or botched installation appointments to unresponsive customer service agents.

Since Oct. 4, visitors have submitted more than 1,100 comments, says blog creator Bob Garfield, a columnist for Advertising Age and co-host of National Public Radio's weekly show On the Media.

On Dec. 11, he hopes to turn up the heat with a podcast featuring listener calls and interviews with guests including Ralph Nader and comedian Harry Shearer.

"What I want is for the scales to fall off of (Comcast CEO) Brian Roberts' eyes," Garfield says. "I'm trying to persuade him that if Comcast were to become the Nordstrom of cable and telecom providers (in providing excellent customer service), then the rewards would far exceed the cost."

Comcast, which has 24.2 million cable customers, says it's on the case. Rick Germano, who became senior vice president for customer operations in September, says he's conducting focus groups with Comcast customers, including some who wrote to Garfield's site.

"They've come up with good ideas that never really crossed our radar," Germano says. "We're good, but we need to be much better."

Specifically, he wants to see Comcast move up in the J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction rankings. Customers rated it below average for cable and satellite providers in all four of the researcher's regional tallies in August.

Germano says, though, that Comcast deals with more than a million customers a day, and, "The overwhelming majority of those experiences are positive."

Blogs such as Garfield's can help, he says. "Comcast is very much aware of Mr. Garfield and is very open to talking to customers in those forums." He declined to appear on the podcast. He'll be in Miami on his listening tour.

In addition to Nader and Shearer, Garfield will talk with blogger Jeff Jarvis, whose 2005 accounts of maddening encounters with Dell led to customer-support upgrades.

Garfield also will talk with Mona Shaw, a Virginia resident who in August vented her anger over an exasperating installation by taking a hammer to a Comcast office and smashing PCs and phones.

Garfield says that his self-described "consumer jihad" also began in August after he signed up for TV, broadband and phone services.

By his account, the installer failed to show. It took several calls, long waits on hold and exasperating conversations with customer service reps to fix things.

"The people you speak to on the phone are not empowered to fix" problems, Garfield says. "That's insane. And it's going to stop."

The Internet will see to that, he adds: "It has empowered people to be a force that corporations should exploit instead of antagonize."

comcastmassachusetts north shore said...

comcast is battling its customers, the employees, the NFL and the list goes on. their cheap ways have come full circle. if they cannot show respect for the customers how can they ever respect their employees and themselves. We all pay for our evils and by the look of their stock they are in trouble.

Anonymous said...


BeverlyMasstech...... said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

December 6, 2007 6:50 AM


Marky Mark said...

I have hosted a local access program in Greater Boston for a number of years. Comcast is closing up its local access channel in November 0f 2008. So, I will be getting rid of Comcast finally! It costs me $180 a month.

ville123 said...

Comcast says it will televise a MSU vs BYU bball game on Nov 8th (its on the schedule). Not believing it and some more research came to find out they will not (from Versus website).

More digging came to find out this story -
I told you this might happen...
Here is the bottom line: CSTV/Comcast/Versus/TheMtn are all part of a group that has rights to BYU home games. BYU has been battling them all year about distribution, as The Mtn (Our conference network) is not on Dish or DirecTV.

The past Saturday, BYU had a football game (vs SDSU) that was rescheduled due to the San Diego fires. BYU wanted to get better distribution for that game than just the MTN network.

BYU told them (Comcast, etc) that they did not own the rights to the BYU v MSU bball game, and offered to trade them the rights if they would relent on the football broadcast. Comcast/CSTV refused like the arrogant jackdonkey's they are, and said there was nothing to trade since Comcast/CSTV already owned the rights to broadcast the bball game. Because of that attitude, BYU reminded CSTV and Comcast that they did not own the rights to the BYU v MSU basketball game, and Comcast/CSTV just realized today that it was true.

Needless to say, our relationship with our TV broadcasters isn't exactly what you would call productive and cordial at the moment.

So now, the game has been taken from Versus and will be shown on BYUTV. If you have Dish or DirecTV you have BYUTV. (Even if you can't find it on your channel guide). BYU basically gives this channel away so it is on even the lowest packages.

Dish - 9403DirecTV - 374

Anonymous said...

One day I will tell you about the Comcast technician that showed up to my house with a gun on his waist.

Strange, I know, but true.

Where do they get these carnival workers?

Anonymous said...

Check out this story. This guy is suing Comcast for falsely advertising "Always-On" It wasn't always-on for this guy. He was out two weeks.

If anyone wants to join the class action law-suit check out the link.

Comcast sued for "Always-On" advertising

Anonymous said...

I was on Comcast for 8 years.. it was miserable - hold times were often long enough to disable the battery in my cordless phone. I moved to Cleburne Texas and got on Charter.... they have PHENOMENAL service - they answer quick and fix problems immediately instead of days or weeks.

Ronda P
Cleburne, Texas

Bob from Indiana said...

The poor customer service record of cable companies is a natural outcome of their normal local monopoly. In most communities their only competition is from dish services, which are expensive and not always available to many consumers (those, for example, living in apartments). So the cable system has no real economic incentive to provide good service since the normal cost of not doing so, losing customers to their competitors, is not an issue. Consumers reluctantly tolerate poor service because there isn't a really good alternative.

Cicero said...

HI BOB. I urge you to check out

I am sure you are aware of the activity on this blog already. It is a site created for Comcast workers to have a frank, and open discussion about their right to organize a union.

It is interesting that consumers are having such a difficult time with this corporation. The employees feel frustration with management as well.

This is a great medium for these workers to communicate freely with each other. Though at times the debate gets heated, it is meant to serve as an unedited avenue of communication for people to speak freely (without mentioning names of course). The company and its anti-worker consultants have always historically tried to define the union. This site allows the union to finally define itself and provides workers with a central hub of resources.

Finally Over said...

To Anonymous that said Get a Life,

Sounds like people on this blog are including the full story. The accounts of their dealings with Comcast are too detailed for them not to be true.....down to names, dates, and times. My story is included in this blog and I can tell you that it is 100% accurate and my payment was NEVER late so until you have walked in any of our shoes you have no ground to stand on. As far as rate increases go, I understand rates can and may go up, however if good customer service is not given why would I want to pay more for the service. We are all just asking for good customer service and not that it has to be perfect. I have done my research and I found three things to be true when dealing with Comcast: 1) the communication within Comcast is horrible. 2)the CSR's blatenly lie (at least in the Atlanta area) and 3)the computer systems don't talk to each other. Or is it that the techs, don't talk to the CSR's who supposedly can't talk to other departments or local stores and vise-versa. I would think it would all be automated as large as Comcast is, but I did not find that to be true when I dealt with them. Needless to say I am no longer with Comcast and switched to DirecTV, however I may always be a blogger on this site because that is how much I hate Comcast for all the time I wasted with them. I love DirecTV. Their customer service is outstanding and I have had just an overall better experience with them. So to your "GET A LIFE" comment, I did and switched to DirecTV.

Frey said...

We seriously considered living 35 minutes farther away from our friends and paying an extra 150$ a month more in rent just to have a different broadband provider than Comcast available. In the end access to our friends won out. However there are plenty of days that the 150$ a month more to get away from a contract that requires them to provide no service and they come pretty close seems good. I'm just glad my name isn't on the bill.

ohdoyouhavecomcastcauseitsfaster? said...

You would think with all the "updates" Comcast has recently added, there would be more HD channels and OnDemand. These updates consist of nothing more than extra charges. My friend with satellite has three (3) times as many HD channels. His service does not randomly freeze up and play bits and pieces of a show. I had a box of theirs, brand new box, not even work. It took two months for me to get someone out to fix it, only after several calls where I was told to turn off the system while they reset it. After the sixth or seventh time, I finally got someone to come out to replace the box. It still does not work properly. This is the second time around for me with Comcast and I seriously doubt my intelligence for returning to such a horrible company. Maybe instead of playing your commercials designed to lure in unsuspecting victims into your lousy service and try to hold on to the few who want to remain with your terrible company.

TO BOB said...

I was thinking, since everyone complains about bad/rude customer service reps, why don't you post a blog where customers can list these people. Everyone can list the reasons why they were bad/rude reps, their names, and which center they work at. Hopefully you will see a lot of repeats on the same people and something might get done. Just an idea.

Pissed-in-Franklin said...

They're a joke. My wife is moving her home office to a suite in a coverted house in a historic district. We're on day 3 trying to get it hooked up. Residential says that it has to go to commercial and I can't get a hold of commercial. I'm tired of waiting around!! They're idiots. They knew it was previously hooked up as commercial when I called for new service but they sent a residential contractor who wouldn't hook it up. I'm ready to go postal.

Mame said...

I've had a dreadful experience with Comcast in Chicago. First off, given the amount they charge they should be able to provide more than one or two offices!! The lines are long, reps are snotty. This summer am woman standing in line next to me fainted and had to be taken out.

Early this year I began getting sales calls to sign up for their Triple Play promotion. After saying no several times a guy called and offered me every single movie channel, high speed Internet and phone for at GRAND total of $150. He promised my TOTAL BILL would be exactly $150 per mo. I signed on AND NEVER, EVER GOT THE DEAL. They say I did...but, my bills were all about $200. They did charge me extra for each movie channel. I went in person several times and called for help. Each time the person was rude and ill mannered. I asked if there was a copy of my purchase order...they said there wasn't. I had no way to confirm my "deal".

I could care less about cable, but I have a severely Dyslexic daughter who is a movie nut.

They just turned off my service as my bills got way to high to pay. I requested a payment plan. They said no. I'll go back to AT&T. I'm not sure what I'll do for cable but dealing with these people is a nightmare.


at&tLoudAndProud said...

The guy talking about loop length. Not true, we test loops when it comes to ADSL, and if there is a problem we fix it. If we don't we get slapped with a fine by the Govt, and Manne or Mamme, look up Uverse. See if it is in your area

Anonymous said...

WE dont get our raises if we dont upsell you. we dont get raises if we dont sell you. in my opinion the system is built on deception.

partialpressure said...

I signed up for Comcast, by phone last year by offering them a "take-it-or-leave it" monthly cable internet rate that would not change. This was their 6 month introductory offer, and they agreed to maintain it. About six months later they sent me a bill increasing my rate from the $29.99 to $62.94. I called Comcast and after nearly an hour was able to convince them that they violated the price agreement. I documented that call (employee number 22707 4/27/07 5:15PM EST). My rate then returned to the agreed $29.99 - But only until last month (5 months later) when I got a bill increasing my rate AGAIN to $67.83. I spent an hour online with a billing customer service person who said I needed to call another department. (Hello? Isn't this a billing problem, not a sales problem?). So I copied the transcript of this detailed and lengthy customer service chat, included a detailed letter of my previous comcast fee increase problem interaction and sent it to their local brick-and-mortar customer service location, by certified mail (in Royal Oak, Michigan). Now I am waiting to get the next bill - and we can all guess what amount they will be charging me. They create problems for their customers and then ask the customers to take hours of their time to correct the problems that Comcast created! Who has the kind of time to burn on this nonsense? What is particularly incredible is that Comcast is and will be increasingly under price pressure from wireless and other offerings of non-cable internet access for customers to choose from. This is their time to offer competitive rates and gain customer loyalty. Customer Number 09564 138937-03-1

Anonymous said...

FIOS is coming and it wil be Bye Bye Comcrap.

That chick that does the lying on the their TV commercialsgets to me. How can you be such a Mata hari? I mean, you know the product you are hawking is God awful and sucks, yet you are the perkiest shrill out there.

I call her Connie Comcrap. To Connie, do something else worthwhile with your life. Don't be a whore for comcast. The Porn industry would get you more of my respect.


scw said...

Recently in September we moved to a place across the street. The bill gets to our new address and we noticed that the "service" address was partly wrong. For example say our new address is:
1234 Some Cir. Apt. A
Some City, Statename 00000

..they have our "service" address something like:
1234 Some Other Dr. Apt. A
Some City, Statename 00011

The street name and zipcode is completely wrong and they were told this on at least 11 different occasions. Both billing and service address should be the same. There is a "Some Other St." down from us. It is a "Street" not a "Drive" and in our zipcode. In fact we are on the only part of the street that has a different addressing name because of the location of the area it is in. USPS addressing standards has us at "Some Cir." and separate from "Some Other St."

Still after multiple times of telling them the error, and the "Oh, I'll fix the address right now" on the part of their CSRs (customer service reps), they still do not have the correct "service address". We get the bills and other correspondence just fine, but no Monthly Cable Guide. It's sent to "Some Other Dr." in someother zipcode, I guess. Some how they must of had our new correct address because we were able to get the November Cable Guide re-sent out via regular mail (at the end of November!) in a white envelope with our new address on the label. For some reason it was not placed directly in our mailbox and given to our property manag. office nearby.

One time, one of the customer service reps asked if we ever lived at the "service" address...(duh, NO!) One even stated that they did not see on the account that we should be getting a Cable Guide! We've been getting them for years! All this because we relocated across the street! They were even told of the new address before we moved and have no idea where they would have even gotten the other address in the first place. Strangely, the service guys where able to find our new place just fine to set up the cable signal and service!

Anonymous said...

Get this! I have been an Adelphia/Comcast customer for approximately two years. I have made several hundred phone calls to this company over the last two years regarding my Internet service and of late my crappy cable TV service. They damn well know who I am and have lengthy notations on my account. After two years, I am now informed by customer service that the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number do not match their database, and therefore they refuse to speak to me. After calling and speaking to the so-called corporate office about this, I am told I must present my authenticated proof of my SS# to the nearest Comcast office. They just closed the office in my city. The nearest Comcast office is over 50 miles away! Are these people on crack? I offered to fax my a copy of my original installation order from 2/21/06, which has my signature and my SS# number printed underneath it, but that wasn't acceptable to them. Finally, I reported this to a senior level technician, who said that I shouldn't have to be going through this nonsense. Reluctantly, I gave him my SS# so that he could report it to the nearest Comcast office and finally got this mess straightened out. In the meantime, my cable television reception has been screwed up for weeks and after hours and hours of talking to different people at Comcast's regional and executive offices as well as senior level technicians, the problem still isn't fixed. This company just blows smoke up your ass! Their customer service reps are unprofessional, uncaring, and just plain stupid. They don't deserve to get paid more than $0.10 an hour!

Anonymous said...

Check out the following blog entry which I pasted from comcastworkersfightback.blogspot. (That website is designed by Comcast workers who hate their own company.)

"Impressed!!! said...

Wow...I found this blog after visiting No offense, but after years of experience as a Comcast customer, I'm just shocked that Comcast employees could actually write a blog! I haven't had the good fortune of meeting one who could find their ass with both hands...unless of course a script was provided."

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. When I heard "On the Media" yesterday, and Bob mentioned this, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Who could make this stuff up? Why is this company still in business? Are we all stupified by TV to point where we let this kind of crap go on?

Comcast can't seem to figure out that if you have a customer phone number to call, and you call it but don't leave a message, that somehow the customer may not know you called. They show up at your house anyway, even though you told the order taker that they had to call you first or you would not be home. Does everyone else take 4 hours off to wait for these idiots? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, I cancelled the order, not that they care. I'll be reading a book.

Eric said...

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07Verizon account 510-524-9297
I am tired of having to deal with bad and bad: Verizon or Comcast. I have had high duress and very unsatisfying experiences with both of them in a recent move. Verizon couldn't provide basic phone service for over 2 months, somehow I always ended up in accounts receivable after multiple transfers taking over 20-45 minutes on each call... all billed to my.. Verizon cell phone... minutes I had to pay. Finally as I was on the line with customer service telling them to cancel, they looked at my invoice … that they filled out and said they had made a mistake and could fix it quickly… I said no thank you. I went for a Comcast triple play... after about a month of runarounds (Comcast was at my home at least 3 times), all three services were working. My triple play was $149.11month because of extras I did not understand at the time ... I let that go and after 1 year, the next bill went up to $188+ for the same service. When I called, I asked if there were any special deals. The agent indicated I could get 5 premium channels, higher speed downloads, and sports entertainment package, and phone for a 2 year deal for 159.99. I asked about other charge and taxes and was told it would be $168.00. All that for $20 more than I was paying… good deal I thought. When my bill came the first month, it was for $234.01. After more phone time the bill was reduced to $162.00, the agent indicated the bill would reflect the $162.00. Next month it came in at $188.12. When I called, the agent said I was wrong and the amount was $188.12 and that I need to listen to them more carefully. I indicated, I had asked if the $168 was for all charges and the previous agents had said it was $168 (2 different agents). I told agent that I felt this was fraud and to communicate that to his management. Specifically, I communicated that because I was now getting taken advantage by COMCAST for the next two years with no way out other than to pay $150 penalty, that I would be changing all my services. I will probably take all my business to Verizon... and probably get screwed again. My suggestion to Comcast and Verizon would be to send out the actual amount in writing with all fees etc...back to bad That might reduce the confusion. The other thing is that make you deals consistent... its pretty much a free for all and you get left to negotiate with each operator who may or may not really know the very confusion billing structure and the limits of their deal making for each company. I very disappointed in all these companies. And will be writing my senators and Congressmen to investigate the current practices of both these companies.

Sincerely EV Sudano

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07, Verizon account 510-524-9297

Steve-o said...

Our entire neighborhood experiences 30-second service outages several times per day. We have a neighborhood email group and the circulating messages confirm this. Comcast is sending trucks out to combat individual reports, but I don't think they realize it is the entire neighborhood. And yes, they have the most discourteous customer service folks ever, but then, I imagine trying to defend that kind of service wears on one...

Anonymous said...

In their recent "upgrade" of service to DSL subscribers, they decided to remove functionality for contact forms on personal web pages. Excuse me, aren't they the same people sending me emails about how to avoid having my email address harvested by spammers?

I suppose they were getting too many contacts because the documentation was completely inadequate unless you have a fair amount of technical knowledge.

When I called to protest this idiotic business move, I was told they had been even more inundated by people wanting the functionality back. The rep claimed they were going to re-instate contact forms.

I'm not holding my breath.

If capitalism is supposed to serve customers, where are the competitors who can do a more competent job? Oh, wait, my city gave the c-scum company a virtual monopoly.

Les Jacobs said...

From my experience, I have to say Comcast is probably the worst cable TV company in the world. When I first moved to New Jersey my wife and I subscribed to Comcast. It was the only provider in the area (Woodbridge), so we really had no choice.

We asked for the lowest-cost package when we signed up. They gave us a higher-cost one. When I found out (months later - who would think they'd be dishonest like that?) I tried to switch to the cheaper package. They said they would, but never did.

I called to complain and every time I did they said they would solve the problem. They never did. After months of being lied to and given the run-around, we finally switched to satellite.

Friends of mine have had the same experience with Comcast. The most recent complaint was that a friend signed up for a promotional offer but was charged full price. When he called to complain, Comcast promised to fix the erroneous charge but never did.

What astounds me is that Comcast continues to make money and its stock price keeps rising. Why? How can company that lies, cheats and steals succeed like this? Well, the simple answer is they make money b/c customers have no other choice (or think they don't).

Switch to satellite, people! And lobby Congress to allow multiple cable providers to service the same areas.

pat w said...

12-9-07 Re.: Account #443-860-9983
On 11/17/07 a comcast rep. came to my apartment to install what was sold to me as a "Bundle Package". I was told this would be the Internet, cable and phone for $99. a month. When the tech (#3008) showed up he was there working on my cable for awhile but then said some things went wrong and he was clearly upset. He called his supervisor, a Mr.Williams who came out within the hour. This man "acted" very nice to me when he was there and he appeared to acknowledge that the installation of the software crashed my computer. He left me with an assurance that it would be taken care of. He gave me a paper to sign that he told me said the installation of the software crashed my pc.
I found out later these were contracted employees. I also found out that the paper Mr.Williams asked me to sign did not state what he told me, that it said my pc had crashed BEFORE they installed the software, which is not true. My pc worked fine before they did this.
I called several times during the week but heard nothing back so I called a friend who recommended a competent pc guy and he came out and did some trouble-shooting. Then he called Comcast. He spoke with Mr.Williams, it was on speaker and I could hear the person I had to hire talk with Mr.Williams in a calm, clear way about his suspicion that the CD-Drive and something else was the problem. Well, Mr. Williams was furious, loud and argumentative very quickly. After this, he told me that he would call me Monday and he hung up on the person I hired. But when I called Monday, Mr.Williams was on vacation for a week.
I paid $100. to the tech on 11/17 but then received another bill in the mail for $143. When I called to question this VERY unexpected addition, I was told this was for all miscellaneous charges. This was never mentioned when the "Bundle Package" was explained. When I questioned this high extra fee, I was told "that's just the way it is".
The first tech did not connect the box on top of my TV, he didn't give me a channel changer and he didn't install the telephone in the kitchen. I only have one TV that works now. The tech wired my bedroom but did not connect the TV in there.
I cannot believe the way Mr. Williams did such an about fact with the tech I felt I had to hire to try to help me. I'm also very upset that he misrepresented the paper he asked me to sign off on.
As of this date 12/9, I STILL have not heard a word from Comcast. I faxed this letter to them last week on 12/3 and sent a copy in the mail. Nothing so far. So, I'm trying this in desperation. This is certainly not what I expected from Comcast. Bobby S.

pat w said...

12-9-07 Re.: Account #443-860-9983
On 11/17/07 a comcast rep. came to my apartment to install what was sold to me as a "Bundle Package". I was told this would be the Internet, cable and phone for $99. a month. When the tech (#3008) showed up he was there working on my cable for awhile but then said some things went wrong and he was clearly upset. He called his supervisor, a Mr.Williams who came out within the hour. This man "acted" very nice to me when he was there and he appeared to acknowledge that the installation of the software crashed my computer. He left me with an assurance that it would be taken care of. He gave me a paper to sign that he told me said the installation of the software crashed my pc.
I found out later these were contracted employees. I also found out that the paper Mr.Williams asked me to sign did not state what he told me, that it said my pc had crashed BEFORE they installed the software, which is not true. My pc worked fine before they did this.
I called several times during the week but heard nothing back so I called a friend who recommended a competent pc guy and he came out and did some trouble-shooting. Then he called Comcast. He spoke with Mr.Williams, it was on speaker and I could hear the person I had to hire talk with Mr.Williams in a calm, clear way about his suspicion that the CD-Drive and something else was the problem. Well, Mr. Williams was furious, loud and argumentative very quickly. After this, he told me that he would call me Monday and he hung up on the person I hired. But when I called Monday, Mr.Williams was on vacation for a week.
I paid $100. to the tech on 11/17 but then received another bill in the mail for $143. When I called to question this VERY unexpected addition, I was told this was for all miscellaneous charges. This was never mentioned when the "Bundle Package" was explained. When I questioned this high extra fee, I was told "that's just the way it is".
The first tech did not connect the box on top of my TV, he didn't give me a channel changer and he didn't install the telephone in the kitchen. I only have one TV that works now. The tech wired my bedroom but did not connect the TV in there.
I cannot believe the way Mr. Williams did such an about fact with the tech I felt I had to hire to try to help me. I'm also very upset that he misrepresented the paper he asked me to sign off on.
As of this date 12/9, I STILL have not heard a word from Comcast. I faxed this letter to them last week on 12/3 and sent a copy in the mail. Nothing so far. So, I'm trying this in desperation. This is certainly not what I expected from Comcast. Bobby S.

Comcastsucks said...

I was listening to NPR while driving back to Chicago yesterday and I learned of this site. I have had nothing but, bad experiences with this awful company since I received service in March. Their bundled offer is almost from 3 different companies since their phone person didn't know the cable person was also coming to install the same items. I have been overcharged for a second phone line for 6 months and for a digital phone that I use for an average of 10 calls per month, the best rate I can get is ~$50/month. I've never been so dissapointed with a company like I have been with Comcast. Although my condo building has Comcast basic cable, I think I will cancel my service and find something else. Comcast is the worst!

Comcastsucks said...

I forgot to add the my soon to be cancelled account number is 312-929-2556...

seeyalatercomcastUsuck said...

i am gone too. ex comcast account number#
459-029-5611..its been an experience

Anonymous said...

I have Comcrap not by choice but because there is no other choice..I had to move into an apartment last year..I am facing the I can not have Directv and there is no other cable choice in Little Rock! First time I was charged over $60 for a guy to come and "connect" my cable..which was to connect a cable from the outlet to my TV!! The packages are outrageously priced..The so called "free On demand" service has crap on it..I can not wait for the satlite over the phone lines to come to soon as it does I am getting rid of this crap forever!!!

Rontiara said...

I have a friend who is 86 years old and living on savings. He is extremely hard of hearing, so he asked me to contact Comcast about a $34.50 charge to his account (#8495-77-010-0004145) for installing a cable TV outlet.

First: the outlet was already in place, installed by Comcast's predecessor Time Warner. All it needed was to be activated. There was no need to install a new one.

Second: after three trips out to the customer's home, the technician (tech #1591, for what that may be worth) told my friend he couldn't install the outlet. Yet Comcast insists on charging my elderly friend $35.40 for nothing!

I spoke with David, the local Jacksonville/St Augustine, Florida, Customer Service Rep for Comcast, who told me he doubted Comcast would refund the charge, but he'd check and call me back.

David didn't call, of course. A week later I called him and he told me that, since the customer had signed a work order, the charge would stand.

Because of his extremely poor hearing, the customer may have signed something, not understanding what he was signing -- but he says he didn't sign anything.

David was polite, but firm -- but after I insisted, he gave me a phone number to call "Corporate Escalations." I called that number. After 25 rings, I lost count, but finally I got a recording saying I should leave my name and phone number and Comcast would call me back. And, oh, by the way -- they were sorry they missed my call. I called right in the middle of the business day; the offices couldn't possibly have been closed -- if indeed that number reaches an office at all.

I would prefer not to post my phone number online, but if Comcast is reading this, my phone number and the customer's phone number are on the records for the account.

In a November 28 article in Fortune magazine, CEO Brian Roberts, asked about the "horrific reputation regarding customer service", replied blandly, "I hope that reputation is not universal, and we are working very hard to improve where we have made past mistakes. We do 250 million phone calls a year between orders and services, and, inevitably, with that many calls, you are going to have failures. We have added 11,000 technical and customer-care employees just in the past 18 months. And we are beginning to call customers before and after service appointments to make sure we did the work properly. It is a major goal to continue to improve."

I hate to dash your fond hopes about your reputation, Mr. Roberts, but from what I've read on the internet, there is no sign of improvement. Having a goal is meaningless if no efforts are made to reach that goal.

You'd think that Comcast would refund the charge simply to improve their public image. If $34.50 is such a huge expenditure for Comcast, maybe they should apply for welfare. Instead, they steal from the elderly.

Anonymous said...

I just found my new favorite blog!!!

In NJ there is Time Warner in the North and Comcrap in the South.

Take 1 guess which company I have.

Why is the Federal Government doing all these hearings and enacting all these policies for Airplane Companies?

What about the largest Cable Company in the country: Comcrap.

Why isn't the Federal Government interested in this exorbitant amount of complaints and the crooked and underhanded way Comcast conducts their establishment? This is a much greater issue.

Brian Roberts and all the Comcrap execs should be FIRED and brought up on federal charges!

In the meantime, I am writing to my congressmen and I recommend that everyone do the same thing; remember, that is what they are there for.

Anonymous said...

Are other Comcast customers entirely happy with the iridescent and annoying banner ads that have been inserted into their
DVR and set-top box menu guides this last year? Comcast has been re-introducing these unpleasant annoyances all over the country for a little over year now and they have become ubiquitous and more garish and demanding than ever before. Comcast seem to have concluded that although customers will call in to complain at first, ultimately they will simply have to cave in to the position of power that Comcast is in. Due to the simple fact that Comcast generally has a unilateral access to their TV, customers will feel that they have little choice but to put up with the intrusion. Is this in fact what has happened? After all the thousands and thousands of complaints that were phoned in - and completely ignored of course - have the customers in fact decided there is nothing to be done about the matter and we might as well acknowledge that we simply have no power or say in the matter and we will just have to put up with it?

Rontiara said...

Much to my amazement, today I received a call from Ellen at Comcast, apparently in reply to the message I left at the "Corporate Escalations" number (for the Jacksonville, FL, area, the number is 904-374-7701). Ellen was very pleasant and very apologetic and reversed the 34.50 charge on my friend's account.

She mentioned one thing we might keep in mind: the Comcast technicians are actually independent contractors, and this is the way they make their living. Understandably, the tech didn't want to lose his 34.50.

When I told her I didn't really expect a callback from Comcast, she said she hears that a lot, but she usually manages to get back within a day or so. (I left my voice mail on a Friday and she called me the following Monday.)

There's still hope, folks.

Eric said...

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07Verizon account 510-524-9297
Comcast Corporate offices contacted me within about 3 days of my original post. We had a very good discussion about rates and misunderstandings. Comcast offered to change my account contract without charge. I accepted their offer to change my services to a package that was less expensive. My services have already been adjusted and I am waiting for bill adjustments which should be complete by the next billing cycle. I will post an update to this blog when the billing gets adjusted. I am thankful to this blog for enabling me to express my problem and frustration with Comcast and Verizon. I am also thankful to Comcast for responding to my blog with an earnest offer to make things right.

I am hopeful that in the future Comcast, Verizon and all the big companies will make an earnest attempt to educate their local customer services to resolve isses with expediency and without the need for corporate intervention.


EV Sudano

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07, Verizon account 510-524-9297

J and K Downey said...

I am on the verge of throwing my DVR box out the window. This is our 2nd DVR box in 2 days; our 3rd cable box this WEEK. First we didn't get our premier channels. Then it worked, but the On Demand service stopped working. Then we return home after a holiday party tonight and the cable box is completely frozen. "This channel will be available shortly". BS. I called the help desk and got nothing but a migraine and ZERO HELP.
I spoke with someone named Candace at ext. 8459 at 10:20pm on 12/29/07 who refused to give me ANY help at all. Couldn't even explain to me why my box upstairs was working but my box downstairs would not. She said simply : "Oh, we'll have to set you up with a service call." I've had the Comcast guy out here for 3 days in a row already -- NO ONE CAN SEEM TO FIX IT! Not only that, she was RUDE --refused to give me her last name and SPAT her extension number to me. If this were a face to face conversation, I would be in jail right now. I cannot believe that they can employ someone like that. Utterly useless with an attitude as big as her ego. I hung up on her after we had a cursing battle.
I refuse to waste another day for a 'tech' to come out to the house who has no knowledge of my problem since no one communicates in that company and who will most likely tell me he cannot help me like the other 2 guys who've been out this week.
I pay $130 a month for internet and digital (non HD) tv. I refuse to order their "phone" service (laughable) due to the problems my family members have had with it. I would rather pay $50 a month to Verizon for service that works than $5 a month to Comcast for a broken phone and customer service reps from hell.
Months ago we had a comcast rep (fixing yet ANOTHER problem with the cable) break 1 speaker of our surround sound set. It took 6 weeks to get our check and that was only after I called every Comcast office in the state to get answers.
I'm on the waiting list for Verizon -- when they get in the area they will call.
I have to contact Comcast tomorrow morning to A) complain to a supervisor about Candace B) get yet ANOTHER cable box C)get prorated for the time I'm being charged for a DVR that doesn't work.
I welcome anyone from Comcast contacting me that can HELP ME. Otherwise, DirectTV will be my next call.

Acct. number 05627-112616-14-8

stang9481 said...

I cancelled my cable television and internet service because of the over priced Comcast. I hope these type of companies do disappear. There is no lesson for new companies to learn if the likes of companies like Comcast prevail in the end. I was lied to an uncountable number of times because the comcast employees who answer the phone know nothing about how the technology works, but they don't let them stop that from telling you what the problem is. But of course the solution they give you (that almost never works) requires you to wait 30 mins so you won't wait on hold with them. If you did then they would eventually have to tell you they have no idea how to fix your problem, and they don't care either. I urge everyone to think about how little TV they really watch, and hopefully realize if this is an unnecessary expense. A company that I have received great customer service from is Netflix, and I have found that I prefer renting TV series on DVD and be able to watch the episodes at any time I want. The only thing I miss on TV is sports sometimes, but I am at the games or watching them at a buddys house more often than not.

Flyboy said...

First post of the New Year! Anyway, I decided to get a one bedroom apartment in metro Atlanta for my job as an airline pilot newly based out of KATL 3-4 days a week. I have a home in Florida and use a full package of DirectTV with HD and DVR there (and LOVE it). I looked into getting a dish for the apartment, but obstacles and line of sight made it out of the question. Realizing that I would be spending half of my week in Atlanta, I decided to sign on to Comcast for high speed internet and digital cable since they are the only cable player in town. Well, it didn't take long to learn about Comcast. There were two no-shows during two weeks before I finally had a tech show up. What, do I not have anything else to do with my life? Third time's always a charm, and it was a two hour ordeal and the two contractors didn't even know how to set up a wireless router. They must have spent an hour alone on the tech line. After realizing I’d have better success getting my mother to connect the router, I told them to just set up the internet with my laptop directly with CAT5 and I'll deal with the router later (which I did in twenty minutes after they left). Finally after getting settled and connecting a bedroom and kitchen TV to wall jacks and two more PCs to the internet (I'm a gamer :p ), I was happy more or less. For a while there were few outages and disruptions of service and I enjoyed the relatively low cost. However, when I signed on, I was paying ~$75 for both cable and internet services due to the $33/each promo. Then after three months my bill went up to $105 as expected. Just last month it went up to $115. Ridiculous! Now, I haven't had many problems with the internet service. Only once in six months has it been down, at least when I was there, which is random due to flight scheduling. However, many times in the last several months the TV cable signal has gotten slightly scrambled as if there's a satellite communication problem. There are now several useless DVD show recordings burned on a DVD-R recorder because of it. Calls to Comcast are fruitless about the problem (ongoing for three months) and their constant response is "we apologize but we are upgrading service in your area." For THREE MONTHS? Well, considering I have no alternative, I have to deal with Comcast. In this day in age, I just cannot fathom why people in Atlanta, or elsewhere, have to put up with this. Bring on AT&T and U-verse! Bring on the competition!

*Tara* said...

Basically my problems start in July. My cable tv and internet services were disconnected due to being behind on payments. At the end up July an attempt was made to settle the debt. Out of an approximate $500 payment we were told to only pay $370, since the remaining balance was a pre-bill for services that we were not using. That remaining balance was to be brought back down to zero and a new cycle started once the technicians came out to install our new Triple Play Package.

In Aug 2 subcontractors came out and basically did the worst job imaginable. They lied about not being able to do a wall fish, and the price of such service. They told me it would take about 6 hours to complete and cost me more than $100/hour. I informed them that I thought that was absurd and that my husband who is a much larger man then them (they stated that it would be a tight fit) could probably do it by himself in about an hour. Their polite reply?... "Just have him do it then!" Not only did they only leave me with one of my 3 phones in working order, they left with out completing the internet download/authorization, so I was also with out internet service.

Over the next 14 days or so, no less than 4 more technicians were sent to my house, only to not be able to complete the job properly. One gentleman even fell thru my ceiling. Upon that happening, I was told that it would be fixed in a matter of days. It took about 2 weeks of me playing phone tag and filing damage reports with Comcast to finally get it resolved. I was to be refunded any cost that may or may not show up on my bill for the hacked up install jobs.
Imagine my surprise when I open my first bill since this whole fiasco and not only was I STILL carrying a balance that was supposed to drop down to zero, but there were charges for the install and also they were billing me for the Triple Play AND my old service.

Numerous calls and reports were filed to Comcast. At least one a month for the next 5 months, my husband even personally went down to our local Comcast building to try to settle the dispute. My cable services had actually be disconnected TWO times with no warning and because of Comcast's mistake with my billing. No one ever seemed to return phone calls or correct the problem. I promptly filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, the FCC and let Comcast know via email what was stated in those reports. In November all the confusion was supposed to come to an end when a woman sat down one afternoon and totally figured out my bill.

Melinda was very helpful, apologetic and understanding. She informed me that all that was owed was $404.01. The next week I paid $200 of that off and on December 17th paid the remaining balance of $204.01. Also on December 17th, I had gotten another statement from Comcast. Imagine my surprise when once again my bill was incorrect and my balance was up to $675! I filed TWO reports that day. Both of which were to go to separate managers, both of which were supposed to call me with in a few days. Once again, I hear nothing.

And to top it all off, Comcast has stated to the above agencies that my reports were now settled, with an incorrect amount listed as the correction. I tried to reopen my report with the BBB, but now they cannot even find my file and the case number that they gave me is incorrect.

The other day I got a notice in the mail that I owed Comcast $471.97 and that my services were to be disconnected if I don't pay it by January 8th. According to my calculations, I should only owe for this billing cycle... approx $165. Do the math... in Nove $404.01 was owed. I paid $200 ($204.01 remained). Then I paid the $204.01 in December. I placed a call earlier today to try to settle the problem once and for all. Basically I was told that the information that was given back in July about my remaining balance dropping back down to zero and the number that Melinda gave me in November were totally wrong and that I should just pay the amount due unless I want my services to be disconnected.

I absolutely refuse to be pressured, scared or bullied into paying money for mistakes that were not mine.

I am researching packages for Dish and Satellite Cable right now.

*Tara* said...

This is in reference to my post above.
If anyone from Comcast comes and reads this, and wants to try to resolve the issue, here is my account number:

And if someone tries to steal my identity from that, then they have another thing coming. I am a stay at home mom with no income. LOL

lkmcclain7357 said...

comcast is unable to keep the service from the street up in the Macclenny area. i have had service there now for over 2 years and if the temperature goes below 40 degrees, there is a very good chance that i will not have internet access. the field tech knows that it is an automatic gain control, but is unable to locate it. again for about, the unknown time now, i have called into customer service--that's a joke-- and got the same old, we need to send somebody to your home first, you have to be there--i guess they forget people work and may not always be able to sit around waiting for them to show up! not to mention that if any CS Rep with any common sense would review my notes-as i pointed out to him--and see that we played that game too many times and every tiime the issue was on the street. i many times work from home, especially in the evenings and late nights (mmmmm, coldest times) and guess what, no service. lets see now, i called in last night at 9pm to notify them, i got a smart **bleep** rep (in Jacksonville, Fl) that follows a company made script (instead of being able to actually think for himself and make a logical/common sense decision) and now i still do not have service at 8:16am. bet i do not get any credit for the outage!!!
if anybody from comcast hapens to read this they can email me, my user name is lkmcclain7357.
i wish somebody else besides them would come to the Macclenny Florida area (besides the local ma and pa telco), they would loose even more customers. it is no wonder why articles like this show up in nation wide news papers:

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Comcast (CMCSA), the largest U.S. cable television operator, said Wednesday it expects to lose video customers in 2008 as competitive and economic pressure mounts, and its shares plunged.
The comments from Comcast Chief Financial Officer Michael Angelakis came a day after the company lowered its forecast for 2007 cable revenue growth to about 11% from a previous forecast of at least 12%, citing a "challenging economic and competitive environment."

NEW YORK — Broadband service is one of Comcast's (CMCSA) most popular and lucrative products. But the powerful new medium is also creating a public relations headache for the No. 1 cable company.A blog,, has begun to rally consumers irate about everything from missed or botched installation appointments to unresponsive customer service agents. Since Oct. 4, visitors have submitted more than 1,100 comments, says blog creator Bob Garfield, a columnist for Advertising Age and co-host of National Public Radio's weekly show On the Media.

On Dec. 11, he hopes to turn up the heat with a podcast featuring listener calls and interviews with guests including Ralph Nader and comedian Harry Shearer.

"What I want is for the scales to fall off of (Comcast CEO) Brian Roberts' eyes," Garfield says. "I'm trying to persuade him that if Comcast were to become the Nordstrom of cable and telecom providers (in providing excellent customer service), then the rewards would far exceed the cost."

Anonymous said...

Count me in the 44% of dissatisfied customers. I had their basic cable and broadband. I was never 100% happy with either. They had several outages during my work day (I work from home, so losing the internet is BAD), and my reception was never great. One time a tech came and told me there was a kink in the cable feeding my house causing the bad reception and that they would have it fixed. That was over a year ago.

Not long ago, my wife bought us an LCD tv for Valentine's day, so I decided to upgrade to their digital HD DVR service, hoping that this would improve things. What a joke! The tech came, rushed through the install to the point of near-rudeness, had me sign some paperwork and left. Shortly afterwards, channels started to come and go. After dozens of calls in which they couldn't figure out the problem or commit to fixing it, we swiftly called DirecTV and canceled the HD DVR service. I now am back to basic service and broadband. For another few days, that is. DirecTV is installing on Friday, and I already have my ATT DSL Direct (i.e., no phone service) up and running (took them a day). Oh yeah, and I get a $125 reward from ATT for leaving Comcast, not that I needed much incentive. The way I see it, I'm not going to bother fighting bad customer service, I'll just take my business away because I don't think they deserve it.

Funny thing, a couple days later a Comcast tech shows up (after we canceled everything and returned the box). He was one of the older ones and really good. He noticed the bad reception on some channels and later pointed out again the kink in the cable. He promised that someone would come the next day and fix it. Sure enough, nothing has happened, not that it matters at this point.

It's hard to understand how a company can screw up so spectacularly. I was ready to double my business with them, but after experiencing the worst customer service ever, I am canceling everything. Way to go, Comcast!

Eric said...

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07Verizon account 510-524-9297

Well my bill Comcast stabilized in February to within a couple of dollars of what was discussed with the corporate representative. Further more, it has been consistent since then (I didn’t post earlier because I use a 3 month rule for all large companies).
I am thankful to all at Comcast who made this happen.
I am also disappointed that it takes a blog, a youtube or other public display to catch the attention of these public service organizations on order for them to deliver what they promote and promise.
From the additional posts, other sites I see emerging, and magazine articles (e.g. Business Week) its apparent that this may be the only effective avenue for customers to obtain their “pound of service” for the high fees paid to the corporations who focus only on maximizing profits and forget that if they focus on providing the best product (and services) that profits will come naturally.
Thank you Bob Garfield for starting this blog, I know it has helped in many dimensions!


EV Sudano
PS Verizon has not so much as sent an apology to date.. and I don't expect one.

Comcast account: 09575-263669-02-07, Verizon account 510-524-9297

Anonymous said...

I'm a condo board President in Chicago Ridge. We have 2 Comcast "drop boxes" behind the building where the incoming lines are split to each unit. The techs that come out to service our building are forever leaving the covers off the boxes and the wiring exposed to the elements. Recently I came home to see the boxes open (again), and it was raining. I called Comcast to complain about this and was told that the rain didn't matter - there's no voltage traveling through the lines. Oooookay...then how does the signal get transmitted. I happen to know that there's 50 volts traveling through the lines, and told the rep that. She responded that someone would come out and button up the boxes.

FOUR DAYS LATER - still no visit, after multiple calls.

SIX DAYS LATER - I shot video of the open boxes, went to the local Comcast office, and SHOWED THEM how the boxes were laying open. When I got home, surprise, there was a tech there closing the boxes.

It's pretty sad that you have to show them PICTURES of the problem before they believe you and take care of it.

Anonymous said...

comcast migration from analog to digital.
Working out very badly for me. I could not get the new dta boxes working. I tried dozens of times using all methods #1 on the internet#2 on the telephone using the automated voice vregognition program and # on the phone withv live people including two level two techs and one level three tecnicians. finally had a tech come to the house and he found the dta faulty.and the second set was off a faulty cable line (in house wiring) I will replace that one and try to get the second DTa working.Not looking forward to it.

Under the new digital thing I will have three sets workin in the house. one off a comcast dvr and twooff DTA boxes.Living room and two bed rooms.

My house is 7 rooms we have a cable outlet in every room and one out on the porch. With the analog system wecould use any of the seven outlets Under the digital system WE had to reduce the cable outlets to three to limit signal degregation.Nowin order to use all the cable outlets , we would have to buy a signal booster and rent 4 more DTA boxes from comcastAt $1.50/mont5h each.

Its not right that we should be paying comcast 50% more now than we did two years ago and have a much lower level of service.

Finally Its true that the usa gov. mandated the migration to digital , comcast could have done it differently In my opinion. I believev they could have installed a digital converterat the place where cable enters the house and serve all house cable outlets from there without individual DTa boxes for each set.

IMHO comcast took advantage of the situation to unfairly monatize (make more money) from the change.

RoyR said...

Went to local YMCA for my regular exercise and found that that only a few channels were available to watch on their many exercise TVs (Ch 2 thru 10) and except for a few local channels the rest were next to worthless. Our home Concast took three service trips to get organized and they had the nerve to try to charge for two of them and only removed one charge after I explained THEY had trouble making the digital conversion. Comcast's TV monopoly has gone to their head and need some improved management procedures that are obviously missing.

Anonymous said...

Huge Fucking hole in the wall with wires left out. The asshole "tech actually told me to "put a plant in front of it. [the hole]" I hope my toddler or cats doesn't get tangled up on the wires.

Thanks Com-Crap. Thanks for nothing, and fuck you!

Anonymous said...

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