Friday, December 7, 2007

Things for Comcast to Think About

Are your installers incented to do the maximum number of jobs, versus getting an installation right?

Are your phone reps capable of communicating with techs in the field?

Are they incented to fix your problem, versus getting you off the phone and handling the maximum number of calls?

Do they even have the authority, in most cases, to resolve issues?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is no (and, as it happens, the answer to ALL of them is no) then anything you say about your commitment is customer service is irrelevant.


Feliz Navidad Comcast said...

on the first day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "we will put a ticket in,theres no time to fix it today"
on the 2nd day of christmas my comcast tech said to me. '2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today'
on the 3rd day of christmas my comcast tech said to me: ' 3 csg issues, 2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the4th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "the work orders wrong, 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 5th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong, there are 3 csg issues, 2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 6th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 7th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "i cannot climb its a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 8th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "i dont have the key to the lockbox, no climb a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today
on the 9th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "i am out of the right equipment, no key 4 lockbox,NO climb a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 10th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "i am out of the right equipment, i dont have the key to the lockbox, i cannot climb its a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today.
on the 11th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "i will ask my supervisor, out of equipment, no key 4 lockbox, no climb a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today
on the 12th day of christmas my comcast tech said to me, "ask 4 a credit, ask my supervisor, out of equipment, no key 4 lockbox, no climb a safety issue, its your TV, i need to reschedule, the work orders wrong,there are 3 csg issues,2 falling drops and theres no time to fix it today

Anonymous said...

I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

lmtfa001 said...

When a company is a government-sanctioned monopoly they lose not only any incentive to serve the customer, they also lose any incentive to treat their employees with respect as there is no longer competition for labor. I saw this years ago, first hand, when I worked for the USPS. Companies will indoctrinate their workers to oppose lifting their monopoly status when in fact it is often the best thing that can happen to the workers, as it creates competition for their skills and knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I have been sent a list of charges to expect for 2008. One is a "Technician Visit" charge of $19.95.

So help me God, I will not pay one red cent for them to have to come out and change the spliiter that is on my house. For the last 18 years, this splitter corrodes and must be changed at least biannually.

I have suggested to the technicians that they either put it inside or put a "plastic box" like the telephone company around it. They always blow me off as the stupid customer. I save all the old splitters and put them in a box of FAME. I break out the box and have show and tell with them. There are approximately 22 splitters and other paraphanalia that has been replaced through the years. So much for the stupid customer.

The last time I had to have a technician out, 11/27/2007, I noticed a new nastiness in the the technicians voice. He was late, called me in the two hour window prearrranged, said he was on the way and would be there in 15 minutes and yet showed up one hour later.

He immediately hit me with his condescending attitude. Pulled cable's here and there, DESPITE MY ASKING HIM NOT TO TOUCH MY DEDICATED INTERNET LINE! I asked this pompous ass numerous times to stay away from it yet he went directly to it and flaunted the fact that he done this. Screw you you stupid customer. He is identified as installer 4250 on my statement. He has checked tech on time yet in a 5-7pm window I hardly call arriving at 6:55pm on time. He did not leave on time.

Never the less, my chief complaint would be that thesesleazy SOB's are planning to charge us for their cheap equipment that fails at regular intervals. How is that for a new revenue stream? Honestly, these slime bags do not care about the customer at all. In fact they mean to knock your service out, then make you pay to revive it.

The technician said," There will be no charge, this time". I said, "What would you charge me for, your equipment that is improperly installed failing?" He could have not cared less.

A few years ago the technicians were not as surly. They now are all giving me a bad feeling. I tried to get stallite but trees rule that out.

I feel we are in for even more torture from this comcrap. As soon as a viable alternative is in my area I will be leaving. There is no doubt in my mind that they do not care at all about us and intend to try and further profit in a way that is disgusting if not criminal.

Anonymous said...

After a rash of unresolved billing issues stemming from a sales representative's misleading promise of "free TV!", I dumped Comcast for another broadband ISP. Comcast nevertheless saw fit to perpetuate their dysfunctional mode of operation by sending their junk mail - from two different offices, no less - about once a week as they put my account in the hands of a collection agency.

After my letter asking Comcast to stop the mailings got no response, I called twice, complained, and on the second call finally reached someone who evidently had the authority to cut off the unwelcome mail. It worked! And after I disputed my bill repeatedly, that issue also went quiet.

A few months later I found in my yard an orange cable that had been looped over a tree root instead of inserted properly into the ground. Several weeks after my letter asking Comcast to remove the cable got no reply, I finally made a phone call and eventually the offending cable segment disappeared.

My call to fix the cable issue must have raised a red flag concerning the balance on my closed account. About a year after I quit Comcast, I got another bill.

Anonymous said...

Alas in the spring of 06 I was offered the triple play package for $100/month. Upon inquiring as to its expiration I was told "no it's not a promotional rate it will be your new permanent rate". There were numerous twists and turns (think bad installation/improper billing) to get the service installed but eventually all was well. I then again asked my customer service agent "this is my new permanent rate right?" and was told yes. Unfortunately I chose to believe them and now I am told they have no record of that conversation (as if we're supposed to tape all calls).

I was told they would look into it (ie what I was promised) and they would get back to me. Of course getting back to me involves sending me a bill every month for about $50 more than it was supposed to be.

Any organization is only as good as its word and needs to deliver on its promises. This is especially important in a near monopoly situation. Of course next month when I switch to Vonage, Dish Network and a DSL line my bill will come in guessed it $100 a month, just what Comcast promised. Hopefully someone there can step up and do the right thing here.
Customer #06102158582-01-5

Anonymous said...

To the person who has had all the splitter issues, I can't be sure without seeing the setup but if you have gone through that many splitters in a short time it usually means one of three problems.
1. There is water leaking into the wire feeding the house, working it's way to the splitter and knocking it out.
2. The splitter is in a spot that is constantly exposed to water, ie. a down-spout.
3. Electricity is backfeeding to it.
If it is water damage it should be an easy fix, move the wiring, or relace the wire from pole. I hope this helps. I can't tell you it's a cure but that's what it sounds like to me.
P.S. I have worked in the field for Comcast.

Anonymous said...

Here's something rather compelling for Comcast to consider:

People are actually reading this stuff for the fun of it -- for the sheer enjoyment of tapping into others' griping, bitching and blogging. People are logging on to read a massive batch of whining, not to commiserate, but just for the hell of it.

So, my dearest Comcast, The Grande Frustrator... Here I point out to you the finest resource for customer service reps. Hire these people that log in just to check out what's new in the whining circuit. They enjoy this. They get some sort of thrill out of hearing other people complain. They would lavish themselves in the crazed voices of consumers -- otherwise considerate folk now full of rage born from hours spent on hold. They would skip to work in the morning knowing that they would no longer have to seek out the angry postings. Oh no. The upset authors would come to them.

Don't forget to tell them that they will get paid for this! Sure, they're standard of living will have to drop significantly, as I'm sure their pay will be meager at best. But can you really measure financial gains against the hours of pleasure this will bring? Days spent living a fetishist's life and having it be almost socially acceptable? Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Keep an eye on them, Comcast. Watch the ones that are not angry, but curious. I believe you have a wealth of potential employees on your hands, and you can discover exactly who would make it into the upper echelon of customer service with just one question:

Why are you reading this?

Anonymous said...

I am a former employee of Comcast in California who just stumbled onto this blog and would love to comment on this post.

"Are your installers incented to do the maximum number of jobs, versus getting an installation right?"

A little of column A and a little of column B. Most local cable systems have been used as trading cards among a variety of cable systems for the last twenty years. In the area where I worked, I'd tend to say that the technicians were more encouraged to get it right than quick, at least with service calls. Though with installations this was less the case, as contractors were more likely to be used.

"Are your phone reps capable of communicating with techs in the field?"

Pretty much no. You can type about a hundred characters or so on a work order and hope that the technician will notice, but otherwise not really. The only real exception being dispatchers.

"Are they incented to fix your problem, versus getting you off the phone and handling the maximum number of calls?"

This again depends. Most phone reps are subcontractors, so their incentive structures are all over the map.

"Do they even have the authority, in most cases, to resolve issues?"

If it involves a credit of up to about fifteen dollars, yes. Otherwise not so much.

"If the answer to ANY of these questions is no (and, as it happens, the answer to ALL of them is no) then anything you say about your commitment is customer service is irrelevant."

Comcast doesn't want to have great customer service. They just want to have better service than AT&T.

Darrell said...

I WAS a Comcast Customer.

In the beginning I waited months in the beginning for their high speed internet to go live in my neighborhood High Speed Internet was still new for them in Howard County, MD, and thus not a problem. I just wanted off dial-up in a bad way. I even had "normal" cable TV installed a few months early as they had to dig under the street out front to bring the cable to my house, and I wanted that in place so the internet could go live as soon at the internet upgrade was completed.

Once the internet service started I was "A Very Happy Customer" for about 18 months. No significant problems to speak of and I thought highly of the service.

Then the outages started, lasting for weeks at a time, only to clear up before a tech could arrive to find a problem (always a 2-4 week delay to schedule an available tech). Each time I then had to go through hell looking for a problem that was not in my house, but they always started in the house, regardless of the number of times they had already been to my house.

Eventually everything item of equipment was replaced (amplifier on the phone pole, a new buried cable, new modem, splitters, re-terminated cable ends, etc.). I had a string of both regular and "super techs" stopping by on a regular basis. But the intermittent problem persisted. I pointed out that it only occurred when the weather was wet, and cleared up after a few nice days, so the problem was probably outside, and further away from the house then the pole across the street.

I said repeatedly, "Look further down the line on other poles, the problem has to be there”. It was the only place I could not get them to go look. Apparently that was a different department from the techs that services home visits, and only service requests to another department would be put in and the tech would leave. The call center eventually also said that 93 other customers were OK, and I was the only one with a problem, so it must be my house. Only when I disputed that did they discover I was the only customer on my street, as the other customers lived blocks away. Eventually a line tech knocked on the door to say he found a marginal amplifier/splitter a quarter mile, and after that the problem finally went away. My 18 years as an Electrical Engineer fixing broken customer equipment during my day job made their ludicrous repair activities even more painful to watch.

Too bad for Comcast, but FIOS rolled out in my neighborhood 2 months after the correct repair occurred. It allowed me to drop Comcast like the losers they showed themselves to be. When dropping of my modem equipment at the service desk, they didn’t even bother to ask why I was leaving them. Just handed me my receipt with little more than “here you go”. I probably would never have switched had they fixed the problem 18 months earlier and much aggravation later.

The 3+ departments (cable TV, Internet call center, outside plant, billing, etc.) don't talk between themselves effectively, making me learn too much what they cannot do themselves. I don't care what your internal structure and problems are, I only want the talk to one company, and I want the problem fixed in a timely manner.

The only positive thing I experienced was the employees all seemed to be nice and helpful, but they were just unable to actually resolve anything on their own. By spreading the problem between multiple departments, no one department could ever fix the problem, they were not flexible to change what didn’t work in the past, and allowed them to finger point between departments as to who else was at fault for not getting the job done.

I will NEVER go back unless Verizon becomes worse than Comcast (pay attention Verizon...), and only then if nothing better is available at the time. I hope Hell Freezes Over First.

Good Riddance,

Laurel, MD

Whatdoyoustupidcustomersexpect? said...

These crepy sob's had the Michigan State University men's basketball game against Brigham Young on the schedule all week to appear on the Versus channel begining at 4pm Saturday.

Without the decency of advance notification the evil empire changed the schedule and did not show the game. WTF? What am I paying for.

This company is on track to set the bar so low as to shatter any and all depths of crappy, lousy, insulting and rude behavior.

Just for fun and to confirm my thoughts, I called customer service to see how they would react. You have guessed correct if you said they treated my bad. They could not see what my issue was and were pissed that I would waste their time.

I inquired of the costs in $ to visit their local customer service center. Confirmed that it is $1.99 to pay your bill in person. They also let me know that they hate us so much that they plan to shut these bothersome service centers. Also if you want to quit Comcrap, they will hit you with a $20 pick up fee. I asked if it was $1.99 to drop off the crap at the service center and they hung up on me.

Hanging up on me is not the first time that they have done this. Without question Comcrap is the strangest, boldest and evil entity that I have ever done business with. It used to be Continental cablvision and things were sort of pleasant. Since the consolidations of the late 1990's things have been directly downhill.

I truly hope that this company dies. Soon. Painfully. I hope their investors lose their A$$.

MT said...

then anything you say about your commitment is customer service is irrelevant.

"infuriating," not "irrelevant," I think you meant to say. Or maybe it was "incriminating."

Pissed Off in Tampa said...


Can you explain to me why you closed your office in Tampa, Florida, and are now forcing customers to drive over 100 miles roundtrip to the nearest Comcast office for service? Seriously, what kind of nutjobs do you employ who make these kind of idiotic decisions? And you wonder why people make derogatory comments about Comcast? As soon as Verizon FIOS is available, I'll be the first person in line to sign up!

Anonymous said...

I am theguy with the splitter problem. It is not near a water source. It does get rained and snowed upon in every occurrence of such.

Two years ago when they came out and changed the splitter, they put the little rubber boots over the connections. Two years is about as long as it has gone without problems. The tech this time saw fit to take those protective covers off and just toss them on to my lawn. This tech was a jewel if you catch my drift.

Why don't they put a junction box, similar to the phone company? Everytime it rains or snow, this splitter is getting hit. The telephone connections are made in nice little tight fitting junction box.

Corrosion is the problem. But thank you for the suggestion. And I am sorry that Comcrap treats its own employees like crap as well.

I await the rollout of FIOS in my area. AT&T uverse and comcrap is toast. Or sooner since they did not show another Michigan State University basketball game yesterday. I have all the confidence in the world that Comcrap will blame some other entity for this new disgrace.

Comcrap= the worst company ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of a billing nightmare with RCN in New York City. Fraudulent packaging of my service, broken promises, you name it. It occupies hours every day while I'm at work -- because they don't have after hours billing support!!! Does anyone have any suggestions regarding RCN?

ohnoitsthesoundguy said...

The last Comcast tech that I allowed in my home told me that the reason my splitter wouldn't work was that it had "too many megahertz in it" and I would have to use his.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this outlet for ComCast users to vent. My personal all-time favorite conversation with this company involved speaking with a phone tech. When I explained my problem, her advice was as follows: "Why don't you do what I do when I have that problem? I just start pushing all the buttons on the remote until something happens."

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that neither "incented" nor "misfeasance" is a word. WHAT magazine do you write for?

PLM said...

This is an awesome opportunity for you to change TV forever and get a jump on the other providers. Give us the customer (which I am one of) what we really want, unscheduled viewing. Any program, any time it is coming and here is an opportunity for you to change the old corpate ways and set an example for the others to fowllow! Greed is the only thing standing in your way!

Anonymous said...

in·cent (ĭn-sěnt')
tr.v. in·cent·ed, in·cent·ing, in·cents
To incentivize: "would use tax breaks to incent corporations to invest in their future".

[Back-formation from incentive.]

mis·fea·sance (mĭs-fē'zəns)
n. Improper and unlawful execution of an act that in itself is lawful and proper.

[Anglo-Norman mesfesaunce, from mesfere, to do wrong : mes-, wrongly (from Old French; see mis-1) + fere, to do (from Latin facere; see dhē- in Indo-European roots).]

Both from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, via

Anonymous said...

I am currently doing battle with Comcast over what I believe to be unwarranted charges and -- subsequently -- very rude and unprofessional behavior on the part of telephone customer service (the latter term is used in only the broadest possible sense). I recently sent a message to the VP for Customer Service via the Comcast web interface asking for help with, and a reasonable resolution to, my problem. The website promised a response within 24 hours. I'm still waiting...and it's been considerably longer than 24 hours. This company needs to understand that not all customers are liars, or cheating, stealing deadbeats. Some of us are honest consumers who have been done wrong by this unresponsive, arrogant company.
Acct# 8770470311094060

Calmity said...

Comcast doesn't want to have great customer service. They just want to have better service than AT&T.

This is one of the best points made on this whole blog. The questions asked to Comcast about their CRM are applicable to all companies.

My experience with Comcast were not as bad as my experience with AT&T. I am now a customer of neither. I am fortunate enough to live in Mountain View, CA, where Google supplies my WiFi, and thus my phone service, for free.

Yes, eventually, digital TV may force me to go back to cable. I hope there is some competition by then. For now, I just vote with my online payments.

The real question is - how do we compare the service of competitors - in one place - so that people can make an informed choice? Banging on one company won't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Comcast should ask why they mail me postcards twice a week. I have no interest in being a customer regardless of how catchy the ad campaign that month might be.

I have called comcast twice asking that they save themselves a few pennies and stop clogging my small apartment mailbox. I have had no luck, because the first thing they are trained to do is ask for an account number. They simply can't understand that I do not have, nor ever want to have, an account number!

I have heard that Comcast closely monitors this blog.

With that in mind, here goes nothing...

234 North 3rd Street -301
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Hector Yee said...

In response to "Are they incented to fix your problem, versus getting you off the phone and handling the maximum number of calls?" I must say the answer is a resounding NO.

I had signed up for their automated billing system back in January and their system was late in paying, so I ended up paying manually and it turned out that I paid twice because the automated billing system decided to deduct my payment AGAIN anyway.

It has been impossible to get my second payment back. The comcast reps have played delay tactics, saying they'd send me a form but the never do. I think I've called 8 different representatives about this already and have given up ever getting my double payment reversed. Not only did I NOT get my money back, they used to have their automated system dial me on Saturday morning to say my payment was late. I can't believe they have the cheek to take my money TWICE and THEN say I am late in paying.

Too bad its a pseudo-monopoly. The next time I have to switch services it will be Satellite or some other cable provider.

Thanks for providing this site to give vent to my comcast problems, I heard about it on On the Media, NPR.

Unhappy comcast customer 8770100030981822

Anonymous said...

Just a word to the wise, posting your account number is not a good idea. For identity thieves, that's all they need to screw with your account.
Comcast tech support agents do not have direct contact with the field technicians. They do not have the ability to resolve all issues. They are also pressured to take as many calls as possible at the expense of customer service.

Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...

Thank you Mr. Garfield for your work here. I've had a similar experience with Earthlink. After three months my service was up and running, (albeit with frequent drop-offs of DSL service), my consolation gift: a $5 dollar Starbucks gift card. It never came...!

Karl Wolfbrooks

bunn boy said...

Comcast sux, I have tried to get them to repair a signal problem for more than a year. Comcast has only been rude and the problem has not been fixed. So, COMCAST SUX!

big country said...

i am (sadly) a comcast employee. i work in south louisiana. Up until a little over a year ago we were owned by time warner. This was a joy. Although i know time warner is far from perfect, from a tech standpoint, they gave us more time, equipment, and resources to complete each job. comcast came in and doubled the amount of jobs we have to complete in a day, therefor the quality of work will suffer (i am not trying to justify this, just making a statement). I am one of the few techs who does care about the customer, and this is why in my area i am the most requested installer. I'm always polite, helpfull, and do my best to do your install right the first time. Unfortunatley i am one of only a handfull. 95% of techs are rude and take way to many short cuts, hence giving all of us a bad name. Although we are a small system maybe 30 techs, so i guess it's a little easier to keep the quality up (like putting all outside splitters in a grey box). i sympathize with what the customer is going through so if they want to vent to me, i let them because if the roles were reversed, i'd do the same thing. all i ask is if your tech is polite and intelligent, don't take out your anger on him, it's not his fault. I am constantly getting sent to customers houses to deliver an hd box, when the office has none in stock. We tell the call center in mobile not to schedule these appointments and they still do. I get sent to houses to install cdv (telephone) when the customers telephone number is not ready, because the call center does not tell us.

Our problem here in louisiana is that we answer to the mobile alabama office. They insist we do things their way, they claim they "run the show." well i can tell you this, everything they make us do is dumb! they make us stop doing things the right way and do it the comcast way. they give us way to much work to do in a 8 hour timeframe. I have to take a 10 - 15 minute lunch 3-4 days a week because of the work. I am suppose to work 8 - 5, but i never get in to the office until atleast 7 or 8 everynight. The kicker is that comcast says we are making too much overtime, we need to work less. The funny thing is that comcast recently surveyed all of it's employees and when we got the results back the average amount of positive responses to a question was 20% - 30%. Guess how much comcast did about this..... nothing. I need to stop writing or my rant will go on forever

hermes369 said...

I'm typing this on my iPhone because my Comcast service is down for "scheduled maintenance." While I'm happy that Comcast may actually address the bandwidth inconsistancies in my area. Why could they not leave me a message through my cable box warning me that I won't be able to work for six hours when they can leave me a message inviting me to pay $59.99 to watch Floyd Meriweather?
At least they had the decency to mention the situation on their recording. After, of course, offering me the chance to purchase the same fight.

nc said...

So, the only reason why I have relatively continuous broadband Internet service from Comcast is because my best friend is married to a network engineer. When my installation guy, a service for which I had paid $200 extra, left without having me up and running and the escalation guy they sent out after the manager yelled at me for being upset because I had been left with no working service and no options, also couldn't get it running, I made dinner for my friend and her husband and in a couple of minutes I had service. I have had to do this three or four times since in the 15 months that I have been forced to pay homage to the Comcast monopoly. I pay extra for wireless because I have a laptop and in theory would like to work all over my house...only the wireless rarely works, and it just seems so "archaic communications company" to pay more for wireless for one little laptop. As I drag my very long Ethernet cable all over my house, I regularly call AT&T, who, at my last address, delivered highly reliable wireless service whose speed seemed equivalent to me as a user for less than half the exhorbitant rate Comcast charges, and beg them to offer their DSL service here, but I seem to have moved into a DSL black hole and Comcast is my only choice besides dial-up. Did I mention that the two times in the beginning of my service when I called AT&T, I got great support and never had a problem after that with my wireless service? Did I mention that when the Comcast Internet service went down one day, their tech recommended I get a backup dialup account since they couldn't have anyone out to solve the problem for 3 days. Since I was working at home and HAD to get to email, and have since started my own business which depends on email access, I now pay over $62 a month for the lousy Comcast service plus the backup dialup account because who knows when it will go out again. I never paid over $26 for my nice, reliable AT&T service. Writing this blog has got me so incensed thinking about Comcast, that I need to go call AT&T now and beg them yet again to deliver competitive service in my neighborhood. They are missing a great opportunity, since I can't be the only one who'd drop Comcast in half a heatbeat if there was any kind of affordable broadband alternative.

P.McCracken said...

My main bone to pick with Comcast is long before I was a customer. It was August 2002, someone had stolen some bankcard information from me and used it in Washington, D.C. and Virginia to purchase about $800.00 worth of services from Comcast.
COMCAST refused to divulge anything claiming that they were customers, despite the proof of their criminal activity.
Comcast protected Identity theft criminals. Even my lawyer failed to get anywhere.
I had to cancel that account and restart everything. I had almost no money to pay to get to the new job I started that month in D.C.

Angry_In_Halethorpe said...

COMCAST FireSale??
At least 2 houses on my block had a fire started recently because the Comcast authorized installer drilled through a wire in the wall. There were small fires in almost all the houses in that block on Bero Road in Halethorpe/Landsdown Maryland.

My neighbors house now smells like a camp site with a 8 by 5 hole showing exposed brick.

Respectfully Irate said...

Thank you for giving me an outlet for voicing the abusive, fraudulent, unresponsive, arrogant, lying, cheating, stealing comcrap corporation that is Comcrap.
My story is to long to write here. Same lying, broken promises and being charged for services I never received but they reported those fraudulent charges to the credit services effecting my personal credit.
So I am #1 filing a small claims lawsuit in my local District Court. And #2 file a case with the FCC since the state will not do anything.
I will continue to post a "How to do it yourself" file with the FCC and your local District Court as I continue my two year fight with Comcast.
Maybe if enough of us file our cases with the FCC and Comcast has to send lawyers to defend its crappy service to District Courts all over the country, maybe after they are fined allot of money by the FCC and it cost to much money to hire lawyers maybe then some of us might get someone to take care of business with us, abused former Comcrap customers.
And yes, AT&T is so much better! They have a Customer service department and they answer the phone and try to help but to be real honest I haven't had to call them much because I get the service that they said they would provide! Novel idea!
Former, never to be again Comcast customer Thank you for giving me an outlet because no one at Comcast gives a crap!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm going to be a Comcast customer since they're taking over my area from Insight broadband. Not a happy camper about that. :(

Josh said...

My gripe was,

I had oredered Comcast.. whom has one of those COPPER contracts with my town. Raynham, MA which forbids FIOS to be a service to us. BESIDES the Oh sh*t we won't last to much longer contract.

Every representive I dealt with acted as if they where know-it alls then I even PROOVED I was lied too.

I had ordered an installation of the phone and told them the person prior to me (whom was a family member) just had their service shutoff and wouldn't need someone at the pole.

Not to mention that I am a Networking/telecommunications major.

So I want the self install package.

I was told sorry sir, but that is non-existent.

I was a little confused... So now I take a day off work, the comcast installer comes in and says, "Oh look you are already connected" I got charged x2 actually for that.

Then I ask did you really have to come out here, I had asked for the self install kit and was told they don't exist. He responded, they sure as hell do... so now I am saying to myself WTF?

I don't make the most money in the world being a student, I am still paying for my installation mind you.

I called several times to have them say sorry nothing we can do... But it was OK for them to LIE TO ME.

IF I HAD A CHOICE I WOULDN'T BE WITH COMCAST..(wtf! copper contract). and I am all set with satelite, I need my internet!!!

Oh and I am shut off for now... Cause I am still livid for the installation costs... 4 calls got me know where, I maintained respect on those calls and was treated as if I was an idiot!...

My account number is my phone number... I don't know if I want to post it... but my email is the name on the account!

Anonymous said...

Comcast had access to my checking account to pay my bill. After 3 months of on time payment, suddenly they claimed they were not paid. My bank showed no attempt to take the payment. My Comcast bills showed a CREDIT balance, yet Comcast turned us over to a Collection Agency! During one phone call to CSR, I was read the correct account information. After receiving more credit collection letters, we made a personal visit to the customer service office. We were told there was no account information on file. It took a call to the local city customer service department to get a supervisor at Comcast to look at the information we provided. It was at least 2 more months before we finally got a Comcast bill showing no payment due. We never got an apology or a letter showing they had contacted the collection agency nor the letters to the 3 credit bureaus showing our account was not in collection. We have not been a Comcast customer for more almost 2 years. Tallahasee Florida

Jonathan Kamens said...

My Comcast story...

My first blog entry about Comcast, which was rather positive:

Unfortunately, it got much worse:

Hector Yee said...

I am happy to report that comcast called me today and resolved my billing issues.

I finally got my double billing reversed, quickly and no run arounds this time.

Anonymous said...

dont beleive it. wait till next months bill buddy and it will be happy new year to you from comcast.

Anonymous said...

To the wet splitter guy:

Why don't you put your splitter into a plastic box yourself? It's easy to do. Home Depot or Lowes has in the electrical department little gray weatherproof boxes about the right size. All you have to do is screw the box to your house, unscrew the cables, put the splitter inside the box, and reconnect the cables. Stuff some cloth or pink insulation into the holes in the bottom of the box, and you're done. Out of pocket cost: about five bucks. Knowing you've done something that Comcast said they can't: priceless.

Sometimes it's far less aggravating to take matters into your own hands when you're able to than to stew over Comcast's incompetence.

RamonMedinaNJ said...

Comcast Triple Play
I am account # "20001121839-03-5". I signed up for Comcast Triple Play way back on 4/20/07. I was told that a tech would come out and set me up and I was given a date. I signed a contract that locked in a price of $159.99 (including some additional stuff). No tech ever showed up and I never received a phone call to reschedule.

Months and months went by without another word from Comcast. Luckily I never cancelled my Vonage phone service. Comcast kept calling me to sell me triple play after this. I kept telling them that I signed up and I just needed a tech to come out.

Finally someone got me to schedule another appointment. This time the tech showed up. He told me that I would not be charged for the cable modem that he was hooking up and that I would not need to call Vonage.

Well next thing I know I am getting a bill with the cable modem rental charge as well as a new bill from Vonage.

I called Vonage and settled with them, they agreed not to charge me.

I called Comcast and the situation was not settled so agreeably. They told me I had to pay for the cable modem as well as some additional charges. I have a contract that I offered to FAX to the customer service rep but she told me that she cannot accept FAXes and that I would have to drive by a store location to show them the contract.

I would like Comcast to follow the terms of the contract that they gave me $159.99 per month for the triple play including the few extras I have. They charged me two months in advance so I will be interested to see what my next bill comes out to.

If they do not satisfy me as a customer I will start to look into changing over to Verizon. Enough is enough.

sayonaraclowncast said...

Here is what comcrap mailed me a couple weeks ago:(Get this, the heading says"Dear Valued Comcast Customer") It has come to our attention that ou arte currently receiving Cspan, Cspan 2 MSNBC and CNBC as part of your basic service tier. These channels are part of our Standard Service and were inadvertantly provided to you in error. Then it goes on to tempt me into upgrading for more money, more channels, etc. Thing is, I downgraded to just receive basic reception and because I have been becoming more and more fed up with the bulls**t I have been experiencing from these clowns. Repeatedly interrupted service, constant broken signal pixellation and sound drop out. I called for an upgrade and I was told a tech would be at my apt. btwn 8am and 2pm. I'm like, you can't switch me from your location? You can downgrade me but you can't upgrade me? I'm not waiting for you to show up. I came home once to no cable and no internet. I called for hours getting recorded messages and finally got somebody who told me that my payment hadn't been made. It certainly had been made, early and in full. The guy said "o yeah, there it is, my bad, have it back on for you later tonite. THREE days later.
I was out of my freekin mind. Call 'em back repeatedly for WTF. Got NOWHERE. Got no pro-rate for lost service. That was the when the bad taste came up for them and it hasn't left and I'm just a heartbeat away from throwing the bums out. I've never been treated so bad by some entity I'm paying money to for a service I want. Comcrap has let me know that they think I'm a piece of s**t who will just keep payin' em. Guess what, not for long...

D. Ogdin said...

I've recently moved from an apartment where I shared Comcast with a roommate. The account was in my name. I was told I could simply call to request a change of name form when I moved. So, after moving from Chicago to Tennessee, I made that call. I was then told no such form exists and that I had to turn in the cable modem in person (hard to do when i'm in TN and the modem's in chicago.) My former roommate said she'd take care of and didn't. So I called Comcast again and they said I could after all get a form. However, I was on hold for 20 minutes while they told me to keep waiting until they could email me this elusive form. I told them I couldn't hold any longer and they said I should get within 5 minutes. An hour later, no form. These guys suck. Using their service has been a constant headache. This is only the latest disappointment in a string of horrible service (it took five appointments for them to fix a problem with my internet service when I first opened the account. Guess I'm foolish for having continued with them after that.)

ComcastCares said...

Disclaimer: I am a Comcast Employee.

I'd like you all to know that Comcast is indeed working to fix the service we provide to our valued Customers. I work within our Customer Service department and I can tell you that a lot of work is being done to get it right the first time. These improvements will take time, but we are confident we will get there. It is exciting to work with our new Senior VP for Customer Service Rick Germano. As Andrew from MD posted after meeting him "He gets it" (see A Response to Comcast's Rick Germano).

We have reached out to many who posted on this website, but of course some people do not provide their information due to privacy concerns. I would encourage anyone that needs assistance or has feedback to write to the Office of Rick Germano. I especially want to encourage Josh who wanted us to use his email to locate him, but the email address was not part of the post.


Comcast Customer Care Improvements

Chi_Urbanista said...

Comcast, I don't believe anyone has authority to fix anything- which is why you are the worst company ever. Now listen up. I ordered your internet service (I know you tried to upsell me to cable but I'm smarter than that, I get free cable once you open that filter up). It didn't work in my building (well eventually you had to blame the building after multiple calls, service visits, modem resets, patient waiting on tempermental internet service...). So I cancelled your sorry-**S service in March 2007. Now, I cannot meet your 9-6 hours to return the modem since I actually have a full time job and you only have 2 locations in a city of 3 million.... so it was a little late. You owed me $74 and I only got $24 back (you kept $50 for the late modem, returned in May 2007). I have been calling for months trying to get a check for $50 sent to me. Each time I was promised "accounting" was going to clear it up, and I would have a check in 2 weeks (not the usual 6 to 8 weeks). It is now December and I would appreciate my $50 back, but when I called last week you said since my account has been closed for 6 months you can't access it. Are you serious? You can read back all my personal info over the phone, but you need my account number (which I no longer have because I burned all evidence that I had your service). Please send my money ASAP. I know you know the account number. Don't forget the interest.
t: 8157516057
Chicago, IL (you know all the rest)

Amy Alkon said...

Hi, Bob - been a fan of your journalism for a long time. Here's my current experience with Comcast/Time-Warner (in Los Angeles). Hellish. Lost two hours, and I'm on deadline and needed to be up at 4am. Why? They randomly shut down their servers, I think for maintenance, without telling their customers. Disgusting. I had a level three tech support phone number, and along with 20,000 other people, got in line to talk to six people helping everybody (so their tech told me).

Greg said...

As much as I like to jump on the bandwagon to bash poor customer service (don't EVEN get me started on SPRINT - the evil one!), I have used Comcast as my ISP for a number of years. I've had service technicians out a couple of times, and have had excellent service, prompt response time and accurate resolution of problems. Perhaps I'm just one of the lucky few?

Totally Frustrated in Memphis said...

I knew better than to become a Comcast customer when, over the course of four consecutive days, I received five different rates for internet service, with not ONE agent able to tell me why my rate differed depending upon who I spoke with. But against my better judgement, I signed up for service. Since August, I have had to call every month to dispute my bill because of raised rates, non-contractual equipment fees and missing payments. Even now, as I attempt to disconnect my service, no one can find my last payment (already cleared with my bank) and my rate has been raised again because I was "receiving an unathorized rate." DSL may be slower, but I'll take all the time I've spent on hold every month to more slowly surf the web.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I am a Comcast Employee.

And I believe your the guy doing Ricks work for him while he is on the road .. The BS continues,

Elizabeth said...

today i am trying to call a friend in england. it would seem that this is impossible. after talking with 5 different customer service reps, i am more than a little fustrated. when this happened last year, it took 3 months for comcast to straighten it out.
tonight i begin a petition to my town, bedford, mass, to have comcast kicked out, seeing as they are the ones that let comcast have an exclusive right to this territory.

Anonymous said...

Comcast Must Die

Comcast is thousands of employees and representatives.

Bob apparently wants to kill all of these people. (Now there's a book idea.) That seems a little over the top.

Tiredofhearingpeoplewhining said...


I would have to suggest your the typical person, screaching to save money by claiming you were promised the triple play promotion for ever. If you somewhat had a brain or slighty any knowledge, you would read the terms and conditions prior to signing up.
They expire after ONE YEAR...

You have had 6 service calls in the past 7 years of comcast service. Since you were a customer in 2001. I assume we're terrible, by that.

Sorry you did not take the time to read what you were signing for.

How was the service when you were an Adelphia customer? terrible as well?

"quote" Anonymous said...
Alas in the spring of 06 I was offered the triple play package for $100/month. Upon inquiring as to its expiration I was told "no it's not a promotional rate it will be your new permanent rate". There were numerous twists and turns (think bad installation/improper billing) to get the service installed but eventually all was well. I then again asked my customer service agent "this is my new permanent rate right?" and was told yes. Unfortunately I chose to believe them and now I am told they have no record of that conversation (as if we're supposed to tape all calls).

I was told they would look into it (ie what I was promised) and they would get back to me. Of course getting back to me involves sending me a bill every month for about $50 more than it was supposed to be.

Any organization is only as good as its word and needs to deliver on its promises. This is especially important in a near monopoly situation. Of course next month when I switch to Vonage, Dish Network and a DSL line my bill will come in guessed it $100 a month, just what Comcast promised. Hopefully someone there can step up and do the right thing here.
Customer #06102158582-01-5

Anonymous said...

Signed up with Comcast for "Windish" pomotional rate of $76 a month plus tax for TV & Internet. Gave installer $95 check. Installer never turned check in (lost it?) Bills sent to incorrect address (street instead of PO Box I supplied); to date have never received a bill.

Paid Comcast Branch Office $192.96 for first 2 months. They finally provided Dish Buy-Back form.

Phoned innumerable times to verify balance for 3rd month; told different story each time by Comcast reps. Apparently they were applying Dish Buy-Back from date of form, not date of installation. I'd had enough and cancelled service.

Now told I owe additional $184.37 to close account. (Comcast reps refuse to pro-rate last month.)

That's $126 a month, a far cry from $76 plus tax originally agreed upon. No more Comcast for me. Live and Learn.

Acct #8495640090250380

Anonymous said...

I pissed that Comcast has moved c-span2 to digital cable. They are giving wrong reasons for this move.
In my opinion that try to kill the $15 a month bill.
They are taking out channel after channel without any reduction in price. Now they want $8 a month for some digital converter box. This should be illegal.
I guess I am waiting for Verizon as well. Lesser of two evil. I guess it is time to ween myself off tv completely. When I did have the $50 a month bill all I saw wast Comcast commercial in every bloody channel. If that is a sign of successful company that I don't know what is. They can't even sell ad space to all the corporations.

rev.billy said...

My service with Comcast has been a fiasco since day one, when they sent two separate techs to install my telephone service and upgrade my TV cable service. They took several hours trying to figure out how to authenticate my account.
They have lied to me repeatedly. I was initially told, when I signed up for the 3 for $99 "deal," that when it expired I could "roll over" into another special. When the time came I was told that I had been misinformed, that there was no record of that agreement, and I had to wait six months to be eligible for the special again. That seems to be Comcast's standard dodge...they lie through their teeth to hook you in and then when it comes time to deliver on the promise you can't prove it as ever made because the original liar was responsible for noting his/her lie in the record.
So...I waited six months only to call to sign up for a new special and discovered lie #2. " were misinformed...we can't offer you the SAME special...but we'll sign you up for a MORE EXPENSIVE package and give you a break on the rate." So instead of reducing my bill, they extorted me into paying MORE money because it was a "good deal."
The only way to REDUCE my bill to what I was paying in the beginning, and was first promised would be a permanent rate, then promised I would become eligible for again after six months, was to REDUCE MY SERVICE.
In the past two months ALL of my services have gone down FOUR TIMES, at one point for nearly 24 hours. The past couple of months I've had extra bills so I got behind on my payments and made a "payment agreement" at the beginning of this month that I could pay for a month and a half and make my next payment out of my check next month. Based on this agreement I paid other bills. Then I get a disconnect notice. Ten days from the date of the notice to pay, but it took them SIX days to get the notice to me, so by the time I had it I had FOUR days.
I call them up and AGAIN they say I was misinformed, that there was no record of the agreement, and that they can't make payment arrangements "that far out" (2 1/2 weeks).
Total scumbags.
Then this jerk gives me a lecture..."this isn't an essential's entertainment...if you don't pay your bill, we cut you off...simple as that." Never mind the fact that they lied to me repeatedly about their end of the bargain.
To add insult (and further extortion) to injury...if you drop one service, the other two go up. If you drop TWO services...the remaining one goes up even MORE.
I'd post my acct # here if I thought it would make any difference but it seems that people who do are getting replies from some Comcast snot who posts details of their account histories.
These guys should be run out of town on a rail.

Carol Anne said...

I just sent this to the VP of Customer Service, Rick Germano, at Comcast. I hope it helps understand the depth of the rot at Comcast:

I commend your attempts to address the major customer service issues that plague Comcast. However, your defensive posture is counter-productive.

After decades of helping CEOs at major corporations (e.g., DuPont, Intel, H-P, et. al.) transform their businesses, I see all the signs of major philosophical problems with Comcast. Like AT&T, Comcast is wholly focused on "Shareholder return." And, we all know that this is merely a euphemism for "Executive compensation."

When will Comcast start putting it's customers first, and reap the longer-term benefits from that focus? I fear Comcast will continue on it's current course because the corporate culture lacks clear objectives and values, and concern for the long-term results.

So, How can I help YOU? It's clear that Comcast must change the underlying beliefs among the execute corps. Your defensive justifications for Comcast's relationship with its customers suggests there's an intrinsic belief in the value of the status quo. That's NEVER a good harbinger of a potential for change.

But, Comcast will change, whether you want to change or not: You can choose to manage that change and shape it to your own objectives, or it will be forced on you by dramatic losses and financial/executive reorganizetion utterly out of your control. The choice is yours.

disgruntled tech said...

Us Contractors do have an incentive to get more jobs done per day as we are paid by the job or by the piece actually. The sad thing is that Comcast often handicaps us and only allows us to do so much. Here in Nashville they first send their in house trouble techs to evaluate the prob and instead of fixing it they then hire us to do what they say. Then when the prob is not fixed the hammer falls on us.
Would you believe that often, very often, Comcast actually charges us back more money than we made on a job in the problem is not fixed even though we did exactly what they prescribed?

Anonymous said...

Guess why I have a satellite...Comcast. When I moved into my house, I called Comcast to install the cable. They made FOUR visits and never installed it (I don't have the technical expertise to do this; I can put it in the bedroom but not the living room, This isn't an easy install and I don't have all day to do it; and Why don't you want it in the guest bedroom where it's an easy hookup although it's crammed with unpacked boxes and you won't be able to see it until you are completely unpacked). I wrote a letter to the city official in charge of their franchise and had them put the letter in the file for when they came up for renewal.

RamonMedinaNJ said...

I am account # "20001121839-03-5". I give kudos to Comcast for calling me back.

They agreed to give me the price advertised for the triple-play. Unfortunately, I am losing some channels that were included in the contract I signed (which would have given me the price they are offering now including my few extras like modem rental [which I don't think they should charge cause I have my own], DVR box, xtra digital box [which I don't think they should charge cause I am entitled to one]).

Anyway I am tired of fighting and I am impressed that they took the time to call me and try to set things straight.

If anyone is interested I would be happy to FAX a copy of the contract I have, just call me and provide a FAX #.

Happy holidays to Comcast Customer Service. Good job but still not quite 100% customer satisfaction.

Give me what is on my contract; all channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, and Starz), and my xtras for $159.99/month and I will be 1000% satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Read my lips Comcast: You CROOKS should be ashamed of yourself!

...Horrible service, poor reception, intermittent cable, on-demand that only works when it wants to, DVR that's a joke, rude employees, tech people that do not know jack, incorrect bills, local channels moved to digital cancels or local channels completed deleted...need this 17++ year customer of Comcast go on...?

I would switch to Verizon FIOS because I HATE (maybe "hate" is to weak a word though?) Comcast.

The only thing that is keeping me with Comcast is their channel lineup. Keep in mind, they own a lot of the digital cable channels (G4, TVOne, FearNet and the have an ownership in SoapNet and other channels.) That is the only thing keeping me with Comcast.

As soon as Verizon Fios gets better channels I will SWITCH because heaven knows that any company treats their customers better than Comcast!!

Thank you for having this great site!! I am so just happy to find this Web site (I saw the link the Comcast wikipedia page,) because I feel like I am not alone anymore!!

likmynuutts said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
comcast employee said...


sorry about the caps, now where was i? ah, let me first touch on the original questions from this blog:

"Are your installers incented to do
the maximum number of jobs, versus getting an installation right?"

its not a matter of incentives, but simply being over worked. the sad truth is that the number of field techs are overwhelmingly outnumbered by customers and they get their asses bitched at for not making it to a job. so, unfortunately many jobs get "duct taped".

"Are your phone reps capable of communicating with techs in the field?"

straight up, no. only thru tickets sent to dispatch can we communicate and even that is relying on the dispatch rep to care enough to call the tech.

"Are they incented to fix your problem, versus getting you off the phone and handling the maximum number of calls?"

believe it or not, both. every call center hates call-backs so management wants the problems fixed the first time. unfortunately this doesnt mean that they accept that rationale when you are explaining why it took 25 minutes to explain a bill and go over reception problems

"Do they even have the authority, in most cases, to resolve issues?"

depends on what it is. i am a simple service rep with no special authority but since i have enough neurons to form a synapse i can easily handle 97% of all calls that come my way. if you are talking to someone who doesnt seem to know what theyre doing then you might be: a. talking to a new hire.
b. talking to an outsourced call center
c. talking to someone whos spoken to 5 assholes in a row and cant bring himself to give a shit about you.
d. all of the above.

some advice now: no matter what, REMAIN CALM!!!! customers are harder to deal with when they are calm yet firm rather than swearing. i personally prefer a customer to swear at me since that means i have washed myself of any real obligation to help him.

understand that the person youre talking to just spoke to some asshole before you, and will talk to some asshole after you. try not to be the meat in an asshole sandwhich; it will get you much farther.

one more thing: comcast has built our computer programs with many limitations so that we cant move the heavens to help a customer. so give the kid youre screaming at a break, im sure he would love to teleport a tech to your house if only to shut you up and get you off his phone.


bleckb said...

I'm not so unhappy with the service I receive from comcast, but what has me steamed right now, and led me to this blog, is the recent appearance of advertising in my email inbox. I'm really not sure when it started, but it bugs the hell out of me. I'm going to have to drop my use of comcast mail and open an address with my blog isp where I won't have to see that. One less eyeball on the ads might mean only one less penny of revenue, but I'm already paying for hosting service and I won't be selling ads.

Anonymous said...

Here it is December 17, 2007 and I'm still having a problem with Comcast internet connection that started in August of this year. I keep having to power recycle my modem almost daily in order to access the internet. I've had 3 Comcast technicians out trying to find and solve the problem in this span of time, without success. They have replaced the cable from the telephone pole in my backyard into my attic, one of the technicians claimed that the cable was old and breaking down inside causing the problem, not, I'm still having the problem. They have replaced my Comcast modem with a new one, did not help, still having the problem. They claimed that it was my wireless connection that was causing the problem and to disconnect my router and plug directly into my modem and this would solve the problem, you guessed it, did not work, I'm still having to power recycle my modem at least once a day in order to access the internet and this gets very frustrating! I'm beginning to think that their technicians do not know what they are doing and I'm very dissatisfied with Comcast's services. I now see why so many people are changing providers, Comcast with their so called "Comcastic" service sucks!

Amy - Chicago said...

For the second time Comcast has called my WORK number and to leave me a message and say that I have missed my scheduled technician meeting.
The biggest problem with this is that I AM NOT A COMCAST CUSTOMER.

So I called, for the second time today to clarify that they've got the wrong person.
She says,"Well it could be a typo or something that your number got put in there."
I say, "Okay, well go in there and delete my number."
Her: "Well if your name isn't on the account I can't get into it."
I say, "Give me to someone who can."
Her: "Hold on....... Okay, well, I can't find your number in our database."
Me: "Well, it's got to be in there since you've called me twice now."
Her: "No. It's not."
Me: "It obviously is."
Her: "Well maybe someone listed it as a contact number."
Me: "Okay..."
Her: "But we don't keep records of that."
Me: "Let me talk to your supervisor."

The supervisor tells me the exact same thing. So I say: "So, there is no way to ensure that I am not going to get this phone call again?"
Supervisor: "No ma'am."
Me: "So I will get this phone call again."
Supervisor: "Maybe it's one of your coworkers or someone that used to have that phone number."
Me: "What? Why does it matter. I just don't want to get the message again. It's annoying."
Supervisor: "There's nothing I can do."


beautyinandout said...
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beautyinandout said...

I've been a on-and-off Comcast customer for the past three years, and NEVER have I experienced so many technical problems with them as I have since moving to Baltimore.

When the technician came to install my service, I told him I already had a router and that he didn't need to use the router provided by Comcast. Well, needless to say, he thought I would need it, so he left it. Of course, Comcast charges $5/mo. for the router, so I requested that they send someone out to pick it up. That started a new world of troubles...

Apparently, when they entered the pick-up into the system, they somehow indicated that I no longer wanted internet or phone service. The internet problem was easy enough to fix, but the phone problem was horrendous. Within a 2-hour period, Comcast proceeded to disconnect my service and assign the number to a new customer.

After 4AM calls to my line from the new customer and several calls with Comcast to get to the bottom of the issue, my service was restored. But only to have it disconnected b/c of a "software" problem one week later. When they finally restored service the second time, they failed to reapply my voicemail, which led to another service call.

It's such a ridiculous set-up. The departments don't communicate with each other, but for every little thing, they need to transfer me to another department to have my question answered. Unfortunately, I'm locked into a rate for 2 years. At this point, I'm seriously considering just breaking the not worth the trouble!! I'd rather have the slower speed of Verizon DSL than deal with the shoddy service of Comcast. Yeah, they give you a courtesy credit for all your troubles, but why do we have to deal with all of these troubles in the first place. And to the Comcast customer service rep who posted earlier--it's SO hard to stay calm after you've had to explain your problem several times and know the person on the other end of the line is only going to transfer to someone else...

Very unhappy Comcast customer

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I had Comcast Internet and it was lousy. The connection was always poor and second-rate. The Comcast pricing structure was a total joke. Because no one ever knew what the correct price was, I was incorrectly charged more than once and I was also charged for items that I did not receive. Comcast does not have a dedicated tech support department for Internet customers. Every time I called I got some ignorant hourly employee who was more interested in filing her nails than in doing her job correctly. These types of scum bags probably do not even have a high school education, let alone a college credential; yet they are put on the phone to deal with Internet tech support questions. Sometime is very wrong here.

Anyway, I switched to Verizon. First of all it is quicker! My DSL service from Verizon is much better than anything Comcast can ever offer. And, when I installed the DSL I called Verizon and they walked me through everything. Verizon has a real tech support department with knowledgeable, intelligent and courtesy employees who actually know what the hell they're doing! And my Verizon DSL bill is only $17.99/month (Comcast was $39.99!)

LOLLERS! said...


That post was ignant! and came from a comcast monkey... who obviously doesn't understand their job and has nothing but a diluted mind from listening to the people who get the money for dealing with there @#ck up.

Josh said...

Not to mention comcast will go under when the world goes Fiber!!! LOL

I bet the @#it bricks about it everytime a town ends or kills there contract for Copper service.

Josh said...

It is TRUE... as to WHY comcast has found a way to monopolize AREAS!!

And they can't say different.

Forcing towns into signing 10 to 20 year contracts for copper service... (THE ONLY COPPER SERVICE)

For what seemed like a discounted rate... For all you monkeys working for Comcast... (mokeys being a tool to the monopolists)

There are other customer service jobs...

Besides this..

If you have gone and looked to find a servive for yourself and realized why can't I get fiber, or why is there no DSL and the only thing is Satelite or Cable.. This is because comcast has a contract with your town forcing them to only provide comcast internet and tv via the wire! =P

That is dirty, and should have some sort of punishment.

Anonymous said...

This is an update on my last entry (I am the one whose check for $95 was lost by the installer, who was not given a Dish Buy-Back form and was subsequently was charged regular rates.)

In fairness to Comcast, I must report that my situation appears to have been adjusted. Dish Buy-Back rates were finally applied, my payments credited, and I am told that I now have a 0 balance. (I have since cancelled my service and returned the equipment.)

How did this come about? Not by talking to the regular customer service reps or their supervisors. As a whole they ranged from indifferent to arrogant, were uninformed and without authority to follow through.

What finally resolved my situation was that I wrote a factual statement, took it to the closest Comcast branch office, and gave it to the clerk. She immediately Faxed it to Comcast corporate, and I had a call the next day from the Customer Service and Complaint department at Comcast. The person I spoke to was sympathetic, helpful and finally took care of the situation.

Happy to be back with DirecTV and ATT DSL where I should have stayed in the first place.

Acct #8495640090250380

Anonymous said...

lollers.Get some enlightenment.

Re: This is so freaking simple...
BRAVO fuffer! I could not have said it better myself. I can tell you that after working 10+ years in all levels of customer service that I have lost all faith in human kind. We are, as fuffer says: uncivil, impatient, entitled, spoiled brats. It's one thing to get what you pay for, receive quality service, and expect courteous customer service, but it's a completely other thing to scream and yell at a CSR. Or to demand 2 months credit for losing your internet connection for 1 hour.

Also, if you have (and pay) for residential internet service, but you use it for business purposes, don't call in expecting to be credited for your "loss of wages" or "business earnings." I have had several "day traders" call me and say that they lost "$10,000" because their internet went down for 20 minutes. It's amazing that each one of them happened to be having a record day the very minute the internet stopped working.
I only use that as an example to show how pathetic the human race has really become. Those folks on the other end of the phone are human beings, treat them as such. You have no idea who it is you are talking to. I work with 70 year olds that hold master degrees. They work in a call center "because they feel useless just sitting at home" or their spouse has passed away and they want to be around other people. The point is that not everyone that answers your call is "uneducated and underpaid." In fact some of the sales reps at Comcast clear a substantial amount of money, very close to six figures.

Scott said...

Another Comcast dumbnitude. On Friday, December 14, the cable went out for over an hour so I took a nap. When I woke, it was still out so I called. The CSR said he would send someone out Monday which would push the area-wide outage up in importance. I argued that if it was still out Monday, I'd be hanging from the rafters and that I would work 7-6 on Monday. He said it was just to push me up and once the problem was resolved, nobody would be sent.

The cable came back a half hour later and the tech came out on Monday while I was at work. If I get a bill for that one, they're going to get an earful.

RamonMedinaNJ said...

I am account # "20001121839-03-5".

Kudos to Comcast for following up with me multiple times to make sure things were handled to my satisfaction.

We had some difficulties with the Triple Play contract, but in the end they agreed to honor the contract they gave me.

What impressed me the most was their follow-up to the issues I posted here. I have to say their customer service folks did a fantastic job, just in time for the holidays.

Thank you to both Karen and Frank who called from Comcast Executive Office.

Happy New Year!

Kumba said...

Alright, 'nuff's enough.

First things first, the account number for my family is 05659 101502-02-0.

The problem: Upstream/Return-Path issues among all devices (Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 and two Motorola DCT-series HDTV boxes).

The Story:

For the last three years or so, we've been having recurring problems where on random days, the upstream line quality takes a downward spiral into the bilge tanks, if you catch my drift. As a result, the cable modem increments its upstream power level (measured in dBmV) slowly until it can "punch through" this interference. However, the modem can only increment its power so much, and it usually tops off around 55-61 dBmV. At this point, the modem will automatically power cycle itself, and try again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The HDTV Boxes play a different game. Normally, when watching plain TV, your data flow is downstream only. However, when accessing OnDemand, you send data commands back upstream that tells the box what to do (jump to different menus, pause/play/stop a movie, buy a show, etc..), and the box itself has to chat back to the head-end systems at random. When the upstream interference is really high, the HDTV box will hang for several moments, then kindly state that it has encountered an error, lovingly referred to as "META-6", and drops you back out to the main menu.

In both cases, I've called Comcast customer support *multiple* times, and had probably every type of technician out here to look at the problem.

Common Tech: They show up, check the signal with their wave meter device thingy, and sometimes find something wrong, sometimes don't. Back in 2004, these guys constantly insisted that the problem was in our house itself, and thus was our problem to deal with. On a few occasions, they gave us supplies, like spare cable or even connector ends and splitters/taps to help fix our internal wiring. We did this, yanking out a LOT of old wiring (the prior owners were insane and couldn't wire worth a lick). That fixed a few problems with downstream, but upstream was still messed up.

Smart Tech: These types tend to be directly employed by Comcast (versus the above who are usually underpaid contract hirees), and tend to actually have a bit of a clue as to what their doing. Several of these guys have come out, and determined that the upstream signal issues actually comes from the nearby pedestal (we have underground cabling, thus the pedestal is this green box sticking up out of the ground). For this, these guys usually placed a call to the maintenance division to have them come out and look at the pedestal.

Whether anything was ever modified is unknown. It's hard to tell when maintenance has done something. All I know is the pedestal/tap in our area is extremely old. However, one tech once determined that the "anchor bolts", screws that lock the mainline cable into the tap, had come loose and allowed moisture to get in and cause a voltage differential to get onto the line. This was one of the causes of our upstream problems it seems.

Turns out the same tech was also a maintenance tech, and he came out three days later or so and fixed the problem himself. We had no problems for over four months, then it started all over again.

Another tech, probably a year and a half ago, came out and tested several of the pedestals in our cul-de-sac. He discovered that he was getting bad upstream/return-path signals from two different pedestals, and told us that "This is a mainline problem." He said he'd put a call into maintenance and have them come out and dig up the mainline to try and trace down the problem.

To the best of my knowledge, no line digging was ever performed.

Site Surveyors: I've had the best luck with these types of techs. Apparently, they have a higher authority and/or better equipment. On at least three occasions, I've called them out and they checked all the nearby pedestals, found something wrong, and had something fixed. In one case, I know an order was put in to "replace the main tap". Generally, this solved the problem for several weeks, but the problem always returned, indicating that the root cause had yet to be discovered and fixed.

Other Info:

At one point, an order was put into the Comcast Construction division to run new cable, in what was descibed on the order as "a 200ft bore drill". Miss Utility even came out and did some line markings from our local pedestal to both my cable input box on the outside of the house and that of our neighbors (who also have problems, I'll add). My guess is the order was to re-run cable from the pedestal to the houses, which would not solve the problem, as this had already been done once before (our cable coming out of the ground next to the house is still a pale orange/yellow).

I called several times, speaking with a nice lady at the White Marsh, MD facility who, through her supervisor, tried to contact someone in the Construction division to find out exactly was a "200ft bore drill" was. No one ever responded.

That was about a month and a half ago.

Today is Saturday, December 29th, and again, the upstream/return-path problem has been going on all day. A lead technician is supposed to come out on Monday, the 31st to look at things, and I intend to make sure he checks every pedestal in the court for signal abnormalities (and Murphy's Law dictates he'll find nothing wrong. Just watch).

My Personal Opinion:

I honestly believe that there is damage to the mainline feeding the two/three pedestals at the back-end of our court/cul-de-sac, and this damage is the reason for the upstream/return-path issue. A neighbor, whom we have been friends with for the past 20 years has never had problems with their service, and they sit at the entrance to my court. Now my understanding is that phone, power, and cable all enter the court under their yard, and travel to the back end of the court, curving around the cul-de-sac, and into a sub-court where everything terminates. Thus, being a bit of a problem solver myself, if there is damage to the mainline AFTER our neighbor at the beginning of the court, then all pedestals and neighbors attached to them would be suffering problems.

However, I have yet to have this confirmed. Hopefully I can get some confirmation with the lead tech on the 31st, but who knows.

I honestly think the entire mainline needs to be dug up and replaced. I know this will cost several thousand dollars and probably take a few weeks to schedule, but by the gods, this has really gone on long enough.

I am getting to the point where I am about to call several entities to lodge complaints. These entities include my county's local franchise office, and Comcast's own Executive Complaints Center, the FCC, and whoever else will listen. Verizon too, so I can yell at them to get FiOS down to my area and relieve the monopoly that Comcast has had for the last few years. Heck, they're even raising prices in our area again, supposedly because they say that they've been providing us better service.

Hah, at this rate, a quadriplegic orangutan can provide us with better service by playing the harmonica and an accordion at the same time.

So if someone at Comcast reads this, DO SOMETHING. Either send someone out to check the health of the mainline in my area or just rip the stuff up and replace it. Replace all the pedestals. Send out the CEO to juggle a carton of eggs on a unicycle. Something!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

I recently started as a comm tech for Comcast in northern California, I have read lots of your blog and would like to request that you post something requesting people to suggest things techs specifically can improve on. Achievable things that we techs can actually change, (example: stop tracking mud on the carpet or leaving wire clippings on the floor for my baby to eat, not things like ( lower my rates or give me a shorter window time) stuff we can seriously work on.

I am really excited to be working for Comcast, and I too have been held hostage by them for cable and internet, so I do know how that feels. I’m doing MY best to do the best job for my customers, and would like some quality feedback.

Thanks for creating this blog for venting, free speech, and feedback, I hope I can change my customers minds and am working to do so. – Com Tech

Comtech 3, $18.45 per hour, family of 6 said...

hey new com tech. hopefully the regret does not set in too soon. comcast is adept at taking fine,motivated talent and molding it into disgruntled slave labor. Keep believing as long as possible just shrug off the company lies and stock prices. I too believed for 7 long years. Top numbers = more work and less pay. please visit the website: comcastworkersfight back.
Like the group Boston says "Dont stop beleiving, hold onto that feeling". good luck and start looking for Verizon ads.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to make comcast port my number from vonage.
It has been since december 15, and i still get the run-around.
why on earth should it take so long? vonage told me that they have completed this request on their end, yet comcast keeps on saying they need more and more time to do this.
Every customer service rep i call, told me that he will open a request to handle this, and I will have to call them back to follow up.
when i call back, they ask me what seems to be the problem.
It seems those reps have NO control over anything that goes on there. to me it appears they are typists, entering data into the computer system, nothing more.
I don't know who are the mysterious people who actually do the work, but all the customer service reps keep on telling me they can't contact them directly.


Spector, Roseman & Kodroff, P.C. Announces Class Action Suit Against Comcast Corp.
January 4, 2008 1:00 PM ET

All BusinessWire news
The law firm of Spector, Roseman & Kodroff, P.C. announces that a class action lawsuit was commenced in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, on behalf of purchasers of the common stock of Comcast Corp. ("Comcast" or the "Company") CMCSA between February 1, 2007 through December 4, 2007, inclusive (the "Class Period").

The Complaint alleges that the defendants violated the federal securities laws by issuing materially false and misleading statements contained in press releases and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission during the Class Period. Specifically, Comcast failed to disclose: (i) that it was experiencing increased competition from satellite providers and telephone companies; (ii) that this adverse trend was worsening; (iii) that the level of capital expenditures necessary to upgrade and maintain its technology and equipment was rising beyond internal expectations; and (iv) as a result of the foregoing undisclosed material information, Comcast's earnings guidance lacked any reasonable basis during the Class Period.

Isaure said...

Another Comcast example.

We called them because our internet service kept breaking down last summer. The technician came and could not fix the problem. The result was a $25 service fee without anything being fixed.
Needless to say that since then we have never paid the $25 fee. We called a couple of times to complain: "How can you charge me when my internet is down and you need to fix it? I already pay for the service and it's more likely that I should get a refund when the service is down numerous times for several hours the same month, rather than pay an extra fee for you to maintain a decent service!”
Acc#8773 10074 040 1696

Isaure said...

Well, surprise surprise!
We got a call today, the day after I posted my comments, and we got a refund for our service fees! So, we are much happier now, and internet has actually been working great since the summer, so All's Well that Ends Well. Thanks to this blog and thanks Comcast for trying to work on your customer service!!

Anonymous said...

I also work for comcast and I must say that I get really tired of all the people that call in and expect some huge credit or free service for a year. The fact is that noone is perfect and if you have a problem with the services you receive from us, go somewhere else. People like most of you that post on this site just make it worst for the next person. More and likely if you have gotten a rude CSR, its because the person they talked to just went off and treated him/her like an animal and they dont really care about your problem because of that. So my point is if you dont like your services with us, find someone else to get your services from and see how long it takes you to find something wrong with that. We are actually better off without you.

Josh said...

YOU work for a company that STATES they have the best of CUSTOMER SERVICE!

You are a technician to provide that quality of service.
You reflect the companies image.
and such.

If I was comcast and I traced the IP you used to post the comment I would fire you on the spot. You're a no brainer fool who should've payed attention in school so you wouldn't be stuck beinng a "Cable Guy" or maybe use that knoweledge to get it done right the first time. Don't be ignornat.

The customer is always right, for god sakes they pay your @#cking pay check.

As for going somewhere else... tree tops are too high, and dsl is to far... SO I HAVE CABLE.

So if I don't have a choice in the matter, I'ld sure as hell hope they would give birth to a child for me. Since I do pay almost more than 1 third of a paycheck to comcast a month.

Next time, before you get upset for not being able to answer a question for a customer, come at them with actual care and respect cause they probably WASTED MORE money taking the day off of work than you did, on the internet service you used to post that message.

The Cable Guy said...

Since I worked at a cable company I know for a fact they want you to get that customer off the phone asap The longer your on the phone the more money it cost the company So your were told to cut them short and get them off the phone .

Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm a Comcast customer in northern California. Yeah I have had a lot of trouble with them. But that's not my problem tonight. We have a slightly older Motorola box. When emergency broadcasts come up such as fire/flood warnings or Amber Alerts, the channel display changes to EAS and the emergency announcement comes up. For over a month this system has been broken. On 4 separate nights in the last 3 weeks the display has changed to EAS and QVC has popped up on the screen. On each occassion we confirmed with friends that it happened at their houses as well, in other parts of town. Each time we called Comcast and CSRs told us it was an Amber Alert. the first rep said "Oh yeah we have had lots of complaints." and wanted to swap out our box. The second rep said an Amber Alert went out but there was NO WAY that QVC came through and wanted to send out a tech. Third rep, same thing. The fourth rep said it was the Sheriff's Departments fault. Can the Sheriffs department broadcast QVC to us, and other homes as well?? So yeah. I don't want anything free. No credits or anything like that. I have 3 children. I want Comcast to pretend it cares about the children north of Sacramento and give us our Amber Alerts. What is the problem, were the missing kids not customers? Did their parents work for competition? And for informational purposes: we have had everything from the pole to our boxes, our boxes, lines, (even something ON the pole that required 3 trucks and a supervisor to replace) and splitters changed in the last year when we experienced "issues" with our cable. So Comcast, it is not my box, the problem is not in my house. I ask you as a concerned parent and citizen... Please, give us our emergency notifications back.

Anonymous said...

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A better Comcast Employee said...

I feel that Comcast employees should be givin a break. Well, not treated so badly. In certain positions working for Comcast sometimes you aren't just handed a list of required duties and there is difficulty communicating amongst each other. I knew a comcast employee who didn't have any clue as to his position in the organization at all. He said he didn't know for a while that he had a job with the company. He told me that he feels that they are working towards better communication. He didn't really know how to communicate properly and says he still doesn't but wants so much to communicate and have a better understanding and make things right with his Employer!

Anonymous said...

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С уважением, Федор

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Prior to anything at all else, nevertheless, you should determine regardless of whether the concrete can really be resurfaced. There are no complex actions here. All you will need to perform is inspect the cement surface to make certain it's in sound condition. If you'll find widespread, large, or deep cracks, heaving or destruction from freeze/thaw circumstances or [url=]Concrete Resurfacing[/url] when the soil has begun to settle, then it would not be feasible to resurface the concrete floor. If you're not positive what to try and do, ask a definite professional to take a look at the definite.
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