Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Podcast Will Be Up Thursday Afternoon (Minus the Disastrous Call-in Element)

The studio was in New Mexico, in a blizzard. I was in Maryland, on a cordless phone. Most callers got a busy signal. And the few that got through were greeted by an apparently addled blabbomaniac. Namely: me.

No, the call-in portions of the live comcastmuustdiecast were not pretty.

We could have retooled the webcast with calls recorded later (we eventually found lots of voicemails and emails from listeners trying to get through) but that seemed a bit sleazy. So we'll chalk this one up to experience and post a 34-minute version of the program that still includes my interviews with Ralph Nader, Jeff Jarvis, Mona Shaw and Harry Shearer in their entirety.

Apologies to those who had trouble streaming on Windows Media Player. As far as we can tell, most listeners had no problem. Of course, that's what Comcast always says, isn't it? On the other hand, our show was done by two volunteers digging into our own pockets for bandwidth, website development, etc. And you'll get no bill from us, screwed up or otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


JTRockville said...

What happened to the "Mea Culpa" post, and Germano's comments?

gtron said...

Where can I post what I'm currently going through with Comcast? I just received a bill for $1,933.35 which my bank said they have tried to make multiple unauthorized auto deductions from my checking account. good thing my bank caught it before they took my money. I want to hire a attorney but that cost even more money. :(

Bob Garfield said...

"Mea Culpa?" will be back up Monday. I inadvertently scooped my own publication. This is widely considered bad form. So as soon as it appears in Ad Age, it will be back up on this site.

Shannonkish said...

Here is the number for the Executive Complaints department for Comcast. I spoke with a Mike Dickson who was very helpful. 215.665.1700

Shannon Kish
09550 107680-05

Anonymous said...

I use comcast Web mail. Yesterday, they posted ads on my inbox page. I complined that I don't want the ads there and got back an email sayhing that the ads were good information I might like to have. I don't want this "information." Anyone else annoyed by this? Any way to get rid of these ads?

ironic said...

How ironic...people had to wait on hold? People couldn't get their issues addressed in a timely manner? People want to voice their opinions, but you are leaving them out? Technology and experience stood in the way of good service?


Anonymous said...

Hey, but if you go right now to Google and put in the web address of the main page (, the "Mea Culpa" post will still be available for awhile when you click on "Cached" in the search results. :-)

Anonymous said...

At least some of the Comcast Installers are reliable. This installer actually saved someone from a burn building. This should be talked about in the next podcast.

Click here for story

otmfanboy said...

@ Ironic

You are so right, we should hold everyone to the same standards as we do publicly traded companies with annual revenues of 24,966USD(mil) charging me 150USD a month.

If memory serves the cost of accessing = 0.0 USD. For that I expect perfection from by Bob Garfield triple play.

mncallcenterrep said...

@ Otmfanboy

The point is not to hold a non-profit to the same standard, it's to demonstrate the enormity of the struggle.

Mr. Garfield and had do to a small portion of what Comcast does (take phone calls) for 45 minutes on one night where he knew he had to be at his best, and he failed miserably.

Comcast and it's representatives do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When it comes right down to it, more things unite the two entities than divide them - at least in this case. They are both run by inherently fallible human beings using programs and technology that are difficult to manage (at their best).

It's just a perfect commentary on what's wrong with a blog of this nature, and Monday morning quarterbacking in general.

Don't like something? Complain about it. Of course, you clearly can't do it any better...but doing it better isn't really what you're about.

You really want to make Comcast better? Do what I did - get a job there and work diligently every day to provide the utmost in customer service to every customer that you come in to contact with - oh...and try to keep a smile on your face when you think about a blog like this one that's basically out here telling you that you are a worthless and inept waste of space, hell bent on making people's lives worse. Yeah... That's why I go to work every day...

So thank you, Otmfanboy and Mr. Garfield, for doing your part to make my job just a little bit harder. You'd think the least you could do was to do it better than us for one short night.

Thank you

COMCAST TECHnician from beverly,ma said...

The company is nothing more then a two bit place to work. They screw there customers by not giving the tech any time to fix a problem. If I was a customer I would be looking at FIOS.

Beverly Mass Tech
Tozier Rd
Beverly, Mass. 01915

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