Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Podcast or Bust

Anonymous said...
what a bust. YOUR PODCAST DOESN'T WORK Mr Perfect.
December 11, 2007 6:55 PM

We got a number of emails along the same lines. But, in fact, the live webcast did work -- at least, it fed properly and was received properly by people with Windows Media Player installed. The event chewed up plenty of bandwidth, so we know the success was not limited to Voyager360's webcast facility in New Mexico or my computer in greater Washington, DC.

There was, however, some audio distortion. Also, alas, a certain shortfall in the amount of live call-in activity, which a) was disappointing, and b) led to some live vamping of the Most Embarrassing Kind.

But the rest sounded pretty damn good, in our opinion. So we shall press on. We are not perfect, but are are very, very persistent.


arkitect75 said...

Hey Bob,
Ever heard of having to pay a fee to downgrade comcast cable? Give me a contact email and I'll tell you the story.

shawn said...

Oddly enough, I had the most recent WMP, and it played back the live podcast at chipmunk speed. :|

Will the whole thing be avialable as a standalone download later?

rhr said...

Sorry, Bob, you're wrong. I'm on a Mac, and I downloaded all the necessary Windows Media players and files and plug-ins -- beforehand AND during the event on 3 different Mac machines (two laptops, one box). The podcast never worked, ever.

iHATEcomcrap said...

Wouldn't be surprised if Comcast had a hand in some of the technical difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Bob's notion that he was "podcasting" live and not streaming or shoutcasting suggests a certain level of inteptitude. This movement needs a new leader.


" Anonymous said...

Bob's notion that he was "podcasting" live and not streaming or shout casting suggests a certain level of ineptitude. This movement needs a new leader."

Well "anonymous" (aka Comcast Management)..I've corrected your misspelled words (hint: there are 2 in your original post if you can find them!. as soon as you learn HOW to use spell check, we'll consider your suggestions.

disgruntled tech said...

Yes Comcast charges a service fee to downgrade your service. In Nashville it's just under $20. They sometimes charge an upgrade fee which to me is insane. I can almost see the downgrade fee as they do have to pay the tech to come and pick up your equipment or place a filter on your line.
The crime is the charge accrued when adding a DVR or HD box. In Nashville it's just over $34. That is insane!

Anonymous said...

Hey I found www.bobgordonmustdie.com too. What are you planning to put there?

Stacy G

MNCallCenterRep said...

I'm a Comcast employee and I just LOVE the fact that you had issues with your call-in system.

Now, I'm not saying that there aren't things that my company couldn't improve upon - many of which came from suggestions on this very forum - but maybe now you begin to see the difficulty in running a GIGANTIC network that must meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers. Just one caller gets denied access to your show, and now he makes a blog. Was it necessarily your fault? No - but still you are to blame.

Every day I personally take hundreds of calls, the majority of which are overwhelmingly positive experiences for both my customers and myself. Where's my blog? Do you give me credit for being consistently committed to customer service?

It's difficult to make a million people happy - particularly when dealing with a luxury commodity that is considered by so many to be a birthright - and we really our trying our best. Some of my co-workers could be better trained. Is there an industry where that isn't true? I personally could do a better job of shrugging off the irrational, crazy, angry customer calls about things that are most certainly not our fault (not that all problems are not our fault, but in those cases they are easier to deal with emotionally because you can just be committed to helping without the complicated "why do I keep this job and try to help these people who just spit venom at me" kind of emotions that arise when I'm being yelled at for, say, not carrying the Big Ten Network - something that is 100% NOT OUR FAULT - for more info go to www.puttingfansfirst.com).

However, your Podcast experience should teach you one thing: this isn't easy. Sometimes people have to wait on hold. Sometimes people's issues don't get addressed. You did this for one night, for 45 minutes. We do this EVERY SINGLE DAY, 24 HOURS A DAY. You made one critical error in a short time frame where you KNEW you had to be on your best. Now, again, I'm not saying that there aren't things we can do to improve, but maybe you'll have some sympathy for the enormity of the struggle.

Thank you.

PS - You're right about one thing: Mona IS a poster child for the frustrated consumer. Her problems were HER FAULT. She failed (upon repeated attempts by us to correct the issue) to complete the FCC mandated "third party verification" process by which the FCC can confirm her consent to the porting of her number between two phone products. Without that, a phone number cannot be moved between services BY FEDERAL LAW. We did our job. Now, her experience in her local store was an unfortunate one, no doubt. However, up until that point we had done everything right. We tried to correct the problem with her before it became a problem. After she refused to help us help her, we were committed enough to her that we did not release her number for public use as is what would normally happen when a number is disconnected without consent to a port. We were committed enough to give her a temporary number for the weekend until she completed the FCC mandated third party verification (which she refused). In general, I think we can genuinely be shown to have wanted to get her her phone back, but we had to follow the law. Apparently the same rules did not apply to Mona. Should all the callers who couldn't get through to your show be encouraged to come after you with a hammer?

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, Comcast is the Antichrist. Kudos for putting this blog up!!

Just found this clip on YouTube of a lazy piece of trash Comcrap employee asleep at a customer's home:

Anonymous said...


Great post. Especially the "P.S."

A number of "customer issues" I encounter on a daily basis could be remedied (or wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place) if I could get just a little cooperation from the customer.

The fact that "the hammer lady" didn't finish her TPV, and therefore sabotaged her own phone service, is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

Hey You tube finder guy (or gal.) I just found out that they invented the wheel..

Anonymous said...

You know, I have lost all respect I ever had for Comcast. Unfortunately, the company has what most would consider an internet monopoly in this region. I have never been so frustrated with a company in my life. Not only are their prices outrageous (over $100 for internet and the most basic television available as of October 2008) considering the fact that I live in a relatively inexpensive part of the country (eastern TN). Add to that the number of times I have had to visit the local customer service center, which, I might add, is in the middle of nowhere, and you have the makings of a consumer's nightmare. They have mishandled bills and forgotten promotions they promised more than once. A few weeks ago, I asked to cancel my television due to the end of a promotion and the sudden increase from roughly $60 a month to over $100 a month, but after receiving the next bill I noticed a $30 [de]installation fee. Are you kidding me? Not only that, but the fee for the tv ran until only four days ago, wheras I turned in my cable box and asked to cancel tv over 2 weeks prior (on the 14th they cashed the check I had written and handed when I cancelled my tv on the 10th, even though they charged me for television all the way through the 25th, thus producing an additional $20 charge). I have experienced little more than frustration in dealing with this company. I will admit that on occasion the customer service agents have been helpful, but more often than not they have been less than helpful, nay detrimental, especially the ones I have talked to over the phone. For any prospective Comcast customers, I HIGHLY recommend that you seek internet or television services elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind part of that last comment. They did not charge me for half a month of cable, but they did charge a $30 deinstallation fee. Needless to say, I was not expecting to have a $76 bill when I knew I would be getting about $20 credit on a $66 bill. Thanks for the warning, Comcast!

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