Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Podcast 911

Tuesday''s live webcast is being edited as I type and will be posted for podcast download or stream within a day or two. It was an interesting exercise. My favorite part was a call from a guy who was puzzled why anyone would take the trouble to rally against Comcast because he personally never had any problems with the company.

This is approximately like saying gun violence isn't a problem because you personally have never been shot to death. The real question is, why call Comcastmustdie: the Podcast to say you have no complaint? That's like phoning 911 to say "Everything's fine here."


P-O'ed in Beantown said...

I heard you being interviewed by your co-host on NPR's "On The Media" and was delighted to learn what the problem was with my wireless internet connection. I just moved to Boston from Silicon Valley. There I had Verizon's new cable/phone/Internet service, which was great. Here I signed up for the same thing from Comcast.

Unpack the computer, wait for the installer (who claimed not to be aware I had ordered a wireless service and could only make one of the three telephone jacks in the apartment work), log on when he was gone, start to go through my email, and suddenly my Internet link crashes.

I check the computer. Why has it lost the connection that was working just fine a moment ago? Did it get damaged going across the country (although it's logged a lot of frequent flyer miles)? Why won't it recognize my new wireless net? I glance up at Comcast's little white box. The annoying blinking lights are out.

With no switches or buttons on the box, I just unplug it to reboot. It eventually powers back up, I turn on the computer and lo and behold, there's my Internet connection again.

I shake my head, a little perplexed, log on to the email again and, blam, a few minutes later, the I'm off the web again and my computer can't find the wireless net.

Is the device damaged? Is the computer damaged? Is the wiring in this old building faulty? Is the Intelligent Designer scowling at me?

I pace the apartment, trying to figure it out. The radio's on in the background. I hear Bob Garfield say "Comcast" and my ears perk up. I listen. The light bulb goes off.

This freaking so-called provider only "provides" when they feel like it! If my use of the bandwidith annoys them, apparently, I get slammed off the Internet. Makes me look for the contract to read the fine print, to find where it tells me that I'm paying for whatever the hell they feel like giving me, and I'd damned well better get used to it.

Anonymous said...

its funny how mad you are over nothing lol

TheLittleEngineThatTried said...

What I want to know:

Why am I being subjected to advertisements when I sign-in to Comcast Web Mail? I'm paying good money for Comcast Internet service...such that I shouldn't be sujected to advertisements. There is no excuse for Comcast doing this, as Comcast web mail is for paying customers.

On top of that...why can't I go to comcast web mail URL always forces me to go to the comcast home page.

And then there's the whole question of whether Comcast is reading/indexing/profiling my private email...seems unlike Google, Comcast has never come out and said explicitly...we will protect the privacy of our subscribers by all legal means possible.

P-O'ed in Beantown said...

I suppose I should add that my Comcast account number is8773-10-314-0505413.

Jessica said...

Since moving to Salt Lake City since August, I've probably been on the phone with Comcast seven or eight times. Here's the most recent hoopla.

My internet wasn't working so they sent out a technician to fix it. When the tech left, my digital cable guilde and On Demand were not working; the guide always reads "TBA." Every time I call, the custome service folks try to ping my box digital cable box but no luck. Finally, I took it into the Customer Service Center today, waited about 20 minutes, got a new one. When I brought it home and set it up: same result. When I called to try to figure it out for the FOURTH time, I was told someone could come out to fix it for $20. What galls me is that it was working fine until the Comcast Technician was here.

I've been horribly treated by the customer service people, I've had to repeat the problems I'm having a million times, and now I'm being asked to pay to fix what they broke. It just doesn't seem fair. All the while, I'm paying for digital cable and getting none of the benefits.

I recently heard about this website and I'm sure others have bigger complaints, but has anyone else dealt with this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it or what is wrong?

- Customer # 8495440012720119

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't look now but Comcast has increased the size of the advertisement when trying to compose or read your e-mail messages. I mean really, has anyone ever bought ANYTHING advertised on this sidebar???

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