Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Ironic. The Lie Has Become True.

For years and years, cable has told Congress and the FCC not to regulate it as a monopoly, because it is really in heavy competition with satellite.

Between that whopper and the vast political payoffs it makes to maintain friends in the administration and Congress, it has managed to fend off federal scrutiny while behaving exactly as a monopoly in the marketpace: ever-increasing prices, ever-worse customer service.

But now, lo and behold, the Big Lie has become the Expensive Truth. Cable now is indeed facing competition -- a bit from satellite but mainly from telecoms. Hence Comcast's "Triple Play," the voice/data/TV bundle the company is so incapable of installing and supporting. It is a naked gambit to a) grab market share in the broadband/voice free-for-all, and b) boost new-customer "units." In this growth metric closely followed by the industry, every Triple Play subscriber counts as three. Alas, the metric doesn't measure the real effects of churn -- when large numbers of subscribers flee Comcast the moment their promotional pricing expires. It is very expensive to keep unit growth up in the face of inevitable subscriber defection, and Wall Street knows it. In a year, when the first Triple Play customers run for their lives, Comcast will face a Comcatastrophe.

Meanwhile, just as real competition is rearing its head, the FCC has decided that Comcast is on the very cusp of the critical mass deemed to trigger federal broadcast regulation. This means that the company is effectively stymied from growth via acquisition. If it gets any bigger, the federal regulatory hammer comes down.

That's why the stock price was $30 a year ago and $18.50 now. The company has lost 38% of its value because Wall Street thinks it is in trouble. Which it is. because, on top of everything else, the cable TV business will eventually disappear from the equation altogether. The cable (or fiber) coming into your home will be a broadband pipe for internet TV. Cable channels, per se, are an endangered species -- which means, within 10 or 15 years, Comcast will have lost its biggest revenue source.

So there's the irony for you. If, over the past 10 years as it has grown huge crying "Competition! Competition!" Comcast had actually behaved as if there were competetion -- you know, by treating its customers like human beings -- it would not be in the position it's in now. Arrogance and deceit, one could argue, has cost it $25 billion in 2007 alone.


Anonymous said...

I officially hate Comcast. Not only where they not helpful durring my wife's last call. The Rep went as far as insulting my wife and asking, "lady, do you even work". We tried calling back and talking to a manager and the guy gave us the run around, "blah blah don't know what to say, sorry", basically I'm not going to do a thing about it. Even thought we had the customer service reps full name and dirrect extension. Now you can add sexist to the list of what Comcast customer service reps are. And what boils me is that they record everything when you call in, so they know why people are angry at them, they just don't fix the problem. We sign up for Satelite the next day.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I am stuck with them is I cannot get a decent DSL circuit to my home.

Otherwise, satellite here I come!

D. Ogdin said...

I hope that everyone on this site will file a complaint against Comcast with the FCC. It only takes a minute, and here's the link:

Yes, the FCC sucks as Chairman Kevin Martin proved last week by ramming through MORE media consolidation. However, this is still the best venue to file complaints and have them on record.

dougb said...

TV users are facing the switch to High Definition in 2009. It troubles me that Comcast apparently can't be bothered to send its subscribers a simply letter of guidance on what that means, if anything, to them as Comcast subscribers with TV sets. You would think they'd have enough public relations sense to recognize the need of customers for insight, and this as an opportunity for them to be relational.

Anonymous said...


Truth is cable is going to be analog past 2009. While airwaves won't be, cable by FCC will be required to continue to carry at least basic (local) channels, though will have the option of moving extended basic (non local like CNN, Discovery, Comedy Central) to digital and Cablevision already has done that in some areas. However, for non subscribers, it makes a good advertising ploy to gain new subscribers because digital signals barely come in with rabbit ears.

Anonymous said...

Comcast (and other TV providers don't really make that much money on Television subscribers.) The programmers are the ones that are jacking up the fees.

Look at it this way, Comcast began providing its High-Speed Internet Service in 2002. The price (for cable subscribers) in 2002 was $42.95. It's now 2007 and the price (for cable subscribers) is STILL $42.95.

If Comcast was so concerned about "jacking up" the prices, wouldn't this be for all of its services?

Also, what I haven't even seen mentioned on here is that when Comcast became the biggest cable provider in the nation, the FIRST thing that it did was sue Encore/Starz. Why did Encore get sued? Because their prices were TOO HIGH. The NFL sued Comcast because the NFL Network osn't on the standard Digital Tier of programming. If Comcast added it to that tier...prices would go up.
Stop bitching about price schemes.

Sadly, customer service has been a rather large target. Every large corporation has trouble with customer service. Comcast does try to improve their customer service, but nobody seems to understand that it's a process and that change doesn't happen overnight. Believe me, I'm not praising bad customer service at all. I'm just saying that changing it can take a bit of time.

Anonymous said...

Had to weigh in here. We live in Virginia and, three years ago, dropped Comcast in favor of Satellite because our experience, like so many on this blog, was that the rates were increasing unreasonably at the same time that customer service online, via the phone and in the field was descending to new lows. We've been very happy with Satellite and haven't really thought much about Comcast since (except at cocktail parties and social gatherings where the subject of pay tv comes up and we always share our negative and positive experience with comcast and satellite, respectively) until this week due to the publicity surrounding the NFL's dispute with "big cable" about the NFL network and tonight's Patriots game. Anyway, that led me to re-check Comcast pricing and to investigate both sides of the NFL Network issue. And that led me to this blog for the first time. Sigh...seems nothing has changed and, indeed, things have gotten even worse in the three years since we were customers. Maybe the new head of customer service will mean real change at Comcast but experience with other similarly customer-service "challenged" organizations tells me that it likely won't. Companies only change when there is clear CEO (and to a lesser extent CFO) committment to change. And, there's no evidence whatsoever that that's the case at Comcast. Thank god for other options like DirectTV and Echostar. Slowly but surely, competition and Comcast's deafness to customers will mean their demise. Look for further churn in their senior executive ranks in the months to come.

Anonymous said...

comcast starting wage for cable installers in Miami, FL is $11.50 an hour. period. you will get gradual increases as time progresses and at the end of the day, you cannot live on a starting comcast salary alone.... i am from mass, and the last time i made $11.50 was quite some time ago, but miami companies won't pay people any more than $12 an hour for your average-joe job. there are opportunities for OT but still, who's kidding who, i mean 11.50/hr is poverty level...
yes, you get to use a company vehicle to go back and forth from work, so considering how much gas you use in a week, ad that on top of an otherwise UGLY paycheck. their benefits are OkAY and they do give you courtesy cable and highspeed. so at the end of the month, you may have saved yourself $100 bucks in cable bills and $100-200 bucks in gas just by working for comcast. not that bad, but 11.50 an hour kills it. bottom line on comcast is that their decent benefits sort of level out the sub-average hourly pay to make it a semi-decent job if you are at a loss for work or don't have a college degree.
by the way, does anybody know how much they pay an hour in boston for commm tech 2 or 3?

JB said...

whoever said Comcast's prices are high because of programmers sounds like a Comcast rep. That's just the bald faced lie they want us to believee. The fact is that they set the price to whatever will make the most money! No secret there; so does everybody. The key difference is that they are a local monopoly virtually everywhere they do business. Whatever programming costs, it is a fixed marginal cost. The only thing holding down what they charge is how many people will buy at that price. Monopoly power produces a price inelastic market where they can gouge their customers all they want and lose very few. Most of the cost goes right to Comcast. After all, the bribes and other unnethical business relationships they maintain with the politicians who enforce the monopoly cost lost of money to. That's why Comcast costs so much more that satelite for the same channels. the difference is lining the wallets of Comcast and corrupt politicians. History proves again and again: Government has no need to protect us from monopopies because government interferance is the only thing that can create them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

This is in regards to complaining about Comcast.

Someone posted a comment stating that all customers who have had problems should complain to the FCC. I think it is a great idea to complain to everyone and anyone (about Comcrap) who will sit still long enough to listen, but I know firsthand that the FCC does not care.

Once you submit the complaint to the FCC, it goes into their database and you get a form letter back. They do not do anything else.

My advice to customers who want to complain is to look up their State Board of Public Utilities and complain to them. I am from NJ and submitted my complaint to: They will actually investigate your complaint. If you're in NJ, too, and want to file a complaint against Comcrap, click this link:

If you're out of NJ, I provided a Google search for you:

And, if you're in doubt, you can always contact your State's Dept. of Consumer Affairs to steer you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is losing, on average, about 200 triple play customers a day to Verizon's FiOS. Comcast is out and Verizon is in, thank god.

Anonymous said...

We had comcast for 5 years. Then this November they announced they were deleting 3 channels from analog cable (Hallmark, Oxygen and GSN)and if you wanted these channels you had to upgrade to digital. I started looking around and saw that satelite was cheaper and called comcast and asked if they could match the price of the sattlelite with a similar digital package. They said sure. I was happy and they had the installer out the next day. When I got home that night I didn't have any of the new channels or even the 3 channels that they took away I was expecting. I called them up and asked what was going on. They told me they put me on a digital starter package and I basically get the same channels I got with analog. I asked them what the point of having a digital box was and they couldn't tell me. I then asked to have my account cancelled. They transferred me to another lady who was very rude and when she asked me why I was cancelling. I told her that the value isn't the same as satelite. She told me that was debatable, I told her not with my money it isn't

3 days later my dish was installed from dish network. The installer was laughing and said that's comcast's philosophy - Less for More - when I told him my story. He used to work for comcast

So in the end, I get more channels for less than I was paying for comcast(analog or digital). I did get to keep a bunch of expensive coax cable that comcast used to install the digital boxes and comcast lost $55 a month from a loyal customer. Obviously comcast has more money than they know what to do with.

Kraziquban said...

I cancelled my triple play order when the installer indicated additional charges. I was worried they might try to still install the phone cable, & after repeated emails, phone calls they told me everything was cancelled.

Today an installer for the phone showed up, insisted he had legal right to install it. I let the weimaraneer lose. The whole thing turned into a police scene. He did leave, nothing was installed but I think they might try again. The police said if the installer had insisted, he was entitled to public easement rights. What can I do to stop them? Calling Comcast only gets me another idiot telling me not to worry, everything was cancelled.

blautens said...

Who posted that customer service can't improve overnight at Comcast? Wrong. As a network engineer, with 3 tiers of people ahead of me, it's EASY to improve customer service.

1) Use your help desk software as it's intended to be - make people accountable. Get contact info from caller immediately, and issue a ticket # to said caller. Send surveys to each client via email.

2) Pay someone to review the work orders. You won't even have to touch the survey's to figure out which morons simply hang up on people, or trasnfer them to the wrong person just to get them off their queue.

3) Once you've eliminated the obvious morons working for you, you can start looking at the survey's to fine tune the process.

Anyone who says you can't improve customer service overnight is just towing the company line - it's been done in thousands of call centers just that quickly. You just commit to being better, execute long understood ways of improving, and repeat.

I would *so* love a chance to review the Comcast call centers/homeless shelters...

Anonymous said...







Bob said...

Comcast charged me a service fee of$32.50 to replace THEIR faulty modem. The customer service rep said a notice was sent out in Jan. of 2007, informing customers of the new service charge policy. To avoid the charge, I should have taken the modem to a local office and exchanged it myself. Which I would have gladly done, had I been informed about the fee when I reported the problem. Comcast now charges the CUSTOMER to replace faulty, RENTED, equipment that they provided? Mercy.

Comcast managers who wish to discuss the issue can contact me at Otherwise, I'm officially in the market for a new cable/internet/phone provider...I've had enough.

Marilyn said...

Comcast has been nothing but trouble from the very start for us. I decided to use them for the internet as I was both working at home via the internet, and getting my master's degree for work through and on-line course at a major university. I should have known there was a major problem when more than three weeks after Hurricane Wilma, I still had no internet. Upon calling them repeatedly, and explaining that I was getting further and further behind in both my job and my schooling, several techs were sent out over a month period. Because the problem was intermittent they never seemed to be able to find it. I finally got angry and asked them to either fix it or get it out. I explained to customer service that I would be out of town attending a week on campus, and that is when they sent out the tech. No help again.
The problem was finally "fixed" in February, a full four months after it began. However, it was not really fixed because it kept happening. It is amazing that I haven't lost my job and that I actually made it through the master's program and passed. We have had numerous problems with the internet since that time, all of which have taken a lengthy period of time to resolve. We have also had a problem with the "on demand" box that comcast told me was a problem with my tv. It took them over a month to finally decide to come out They found out it was their box and not my TV.
I have received a couple of credits, but nothing in comparison to the time and aggravation Comcast has put me through. I, too have been insulted by their customer service reps. Most have been nice, but there are those who have hung up on me and when I was given the number for the customer service rep over Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, I left numerous messages without even a response over a three to four day period.
Comcast is just too big. They don't care about their customers and they don't care if they put your job in jeopardy or not. They just don't care.
Marilyn Millsap

Anonymous said...

If Verizon purchases Comcast, will this become Verizon must die?

Kraziquban said...

After I replied in the most obscene way to another one of Comcast's standard "so sorry about your unpleasant Comcast experience...", the next day they responded to a resume I had posted online that they are looking to hire realtors & mortgage sales agents in an effort as part of a "pilot" program. LOL

Anonymous said...

Bob - great job! Heard about your blog on This Week in Media podcast. Seems like Comcast is going to raise my bill by $10/month to over $100 for JUST digital + HBO. I went crazy! I am going BACK to my HD Tivo and using a $10 antenna to get excellent HD over the air FREE TV in Pittsburgh. Of my 30 or so regular shows that I record, I will only lose about 5 that I really like, and I figure it is worth saving $75/month to miss "Damages" and "The Closer". Just doing my part to bankrupt the greedy corporation. Do most people know you can get FREE HD TV signals? Who needs 150+ channels of garbage?

Shawn Canfield said...

I am currently a Comcast customer and hate them. I am one because there is no competition here, and when I want a faster speed, it’s the only option I have. I’d pay my own cash for a fiber to be placed from a box to my home, if that meant consistent speed. I pay for the enhanced residential service and I get the awesome hiccups from bit-torrent sites. Not to mention I don’t even get the speeds I pay for. 8 meg down, RIGHT, I’m lucky to get 1-3. My download matches my upload. And if you are to use various sites for downloading games (yes I’m a hard core gamer), their “filter” slows down my speeds to 70-90kbps. Again, I pay for 8 meg down. Rock on.

And what happens when I call for help, they tell me how to reboot my modem and router. How insulting. Why don’t they listen to my issue before they start preaching what they think I’m doing wrong. When you talk to them, its like there always right, bunch of pricks. I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of retired people who have no idea what a PC is and are reading from a book. Hell, comcast may as well send their customer support to India…..they’ll probably do a better job.

I also have comcast cable tv….there’s a joke from hell. I decide to get this basic digital starter package to go with my HDTV (before I watched TV from the websites of the respective channels for free *i.e.,, etc. They just don’t offer HD and I need that for my new HD tv.), and I don’t even get the channels I want. For example I PAY for CNN on on my digital package (and get the “old” analog channel), BUT I can’t get the CNN or Discovery on HD. Ok, fine, fair enough. I then pay EXTRA for HD content and STILL don’t get CNN (and other respective HD channels). Even though I get them in my “non HD” quality, I have to pay ANOTHER price to get the HD quality of the channels I want ON TOP of my HD prices. This is a jack, its worse than the IRS. Get this, oh get this……

I am using CNN as a common example, there are many channels that do this

1.) I pay for a Digital Starter Package and get the old “analog” signals and “some”….few….crappy digital channels (non HD). I get non CNNHD
2.) I want the HD channels so I pay extra for HD content. But still, I get no CNNHD, got the crappy NON cnnhd
3.) I need to pay an extra HD price for non-preferred HD to get CNN. Funny part its not a premium channel (HBO, etc.)
4.) Best part is I have to pay another fee for a premium channel and its HD. At least those come together

Now if I pay and get the analog channel, I should get it in HD as well. ESPECIALLY, if I’m paying the additional HD channel request price of $7, give it to me. Below is a quote from comcast’s site;

High Definition Television

Want to feel like you’re really THERE? HDTV is for you. Enjoy crystal-clear primetime shows, sports programs, and local broadcast channels — without an antenna, or any other clunky gear. Just install the HD box, and for a small monthly fee you’ll dive into the huge and expanding universe of great HD networks like ESPN HD and Discovery HD Theater. And of course when you subscribe to premium channels like HBO® or Starz!® , they are all available in HD, too.

Since when is there a new tier between analog and premium? I see no notation of it. I had CNN before, and I pay this new HD price, why don’t I have CNNHD too? Eventually analog will go away, will the price? I highly doubt that. Does this make sense, or am I going nuts? This is truly a joke. They want to bill for the same thing 3 times. SCREW the analog signals. I want the HD ones…..can I get just the HD ones, no…..Where’s my ala cart? Give me that.

I’ve called to tell them as soon as competition comes, I’m out of here. Customer Service sucks and are not helpful, their site is misleading, their “guidelines” on bandwidth caps is vaguer than the US Laws and Rules (and that’s pretty vague), they slow down bittorrent site (which DOES have legal legit uses), they charge for the same thing 3 or 4 times before you get what you want, and they never show up for their appointments on time.

I get a higher download of 1.5 meg at times, at least my upload is 1meg – 1.5 meg. If my d/l speed was to keep falling below that, I will just go to crappy slow DSL. At least its 1/3 the price and I’ll keep the speed I’m promised!

Sorry if this is a bit grammatically off, comcast has really pissed me off lately. You now have a new backer to your blog. I plan on reading all past information and seeing if I can help be an advocate to the cause.

Keep up the great work!


Shawn Canfield
Florida Comcast Customer Until something better comes along

Bob said...


One day after posting my complaint (and my email address) in this same thread, I received a message from Mark Casem of the Comcast executive offices. I provided him with general information and within hours, a local rep called and handled my issue immediately.

I strongly suggest you offer an email address in your complaint on this forum. You might be surprised at how quickly, and professionally, the matter is resolved. I was.

Shawn Canfield said...

I didn't post my e-mail address because as Comcast is a major company, they will be able to find my information from my name alone, if they wanted to. Not to mention it’s not the best practice to post emails publicly. I posted my state to assist them finding me if they wanted to. And to my total shock, Ms. Joanna Thursby contacted me on behalf of Comcast within 24 hours of the post. I have to say I was truly amazed beyond my wildest beliefs. I couldn’t get that kind of service normally locally, even if I went their like Mona Shaw did at her local comcast office. I came here and posted a comment on a blog site, which is not even run by Comcast, and I get a reply back from them faster than if I left a message with comcast themselves. All my issues were made to my local office, but it took a post here to get my point across.

I’m truly speechless. She is offering to review all my issues and work on getting them resolved in one way or another. She was polite, and even let me vaguely vent a little without getting mad. Truly, this is the customer service that is needed. And I only hope there are more Ms. Thursby’s out there. As a comcast consumer, I can put up with bad coaxial service longer than bad customer service.

sacto said...

Winter storm knocks out cable in Sacramento and no one answers the phone at Comcast.

I have tried to get Comcast on the phone five times between 2:30 p.m. and 10:44 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 4th.

Currently I have been on hold for 31 minutes. I'm going to wait until I have been on hold for an hour and then I'm going to file a complaint with the local cable commission.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had an issue with Comcast internet. We have satellite but wanted high speed internet and it looked like comcast was our only option where we live. So anyway we had a little internet wasn't working.

We call comcast and of course they send out a tech person.

The tech person messed up the whole connection somehow. I told her to give up trying.

I called the satellite guy. He came out and fixed the problem.

Comcast tech said I had a bad connection with my splitter. She didn't realize that this was because she added some other wire which the satellite guy just simply removed and that fixed the problem.

Anonymous said...

For months now the HD channels have been freezing and pixelating. They have replaced my HD box TWICE, and they want to do it again. I think they believe movement is the same as action.

The problem is now moving down to the off air channels. Last night, WTTG-TV Fox 5 was freezing.

Yesterday we lost all the digital channels for extended periods several times, and this morning all of the digital channels were gone for more than an hour.

Thank God we get our Internet as DSL from Verizon, and we use other companies for our VoIP phones. I dropped Comcast Internet the moment DSL came to the neighborhood. It was supposed to be slower, but there are so many fewer re-try requests and so much less jitter that it turns out to be MUCH faster. DSL also provides much better VoIP quality.

Our cable boxes have always been slow to change channels. This problem gets worse and then better, but is trending worse all the time. The pause feature in the DVR is slow to respond too. Sometimes, when rewinding or fast forwarding it just keeps going on and on and on. How screwed up is that? It's the third box, so it must be a problem common to all of them.

Good news though, Verizon FIOS TV is now available. I am short on time right now, but I think I can get them in in February. SO, Comsast has ABOUT a month to make us very happy customers, or we will be gone. I have one friend with FIOS TV, and another with FIOS "triple play" and they are both very happy. I want to be happy too.

I didn't want to go satellite because of News Channel 8 and the county Board of Supervisors' Meetings on cable, but FIOS TV has them.

I got a call from a woman in the local office wanting to fix our problems, but she gave me a LOCAL number that just gets me into a call queue that is worse than the toll free number. BUT, from the toll free number they cannot transfer me to her. You know, they HAVE to have direct lines into the office, but they sure as heck aren't going to give them out, even though they want me to let them know when the problems exist.

Finally, they must comply with the Emergency Alert System. They don't. Their Required Weekly Tests don't work right, and I haven't received a Required Monthly Test in nearly a year. This could result in huge fines from the FCC, but worse, if there is a local or regional emergency, those people not watching a local channel are going to not bet the alert.

Comcast is just as bad, or maybe worse than Adelphia ever was.

01668 024168-01-1

Anonymous said...

To the fortunate writer who says FiOS is now or soon will be available: RUN, DO NOT WALK to sign up for FiOS NOW! Their TV and Internet service is totally superior in all ways to Comcrap, to whom I had the extreme pleasure of giving the old Heave Ho! an hour after the FiOS installer left. True, Verizon's tech support and customer service leave something to be desired, but not to the extent of Comcrap. And by the way, with a 15/2 Internet service, I have uploaded over a Terabyte and downloaded 2 TB using BitTorren without a hitch. If you can, don't install the FiOS phone service. It may be OK, but Vonage is cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Comcast will continue to have their monopoly unless the FCC and Congress take action to stop them. You may think that Satellite and FIOS type services will take away market share, but not in all markets. For example, look at the Philadelphia area. Comcast will not allow satellite companies to broadcast their regional sports network. Satellite subscribers are instead given Baltimore/Washington regional sports networks. Then League packages (NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings) are forced to block game broadcasts of Philadelphia games, even ones broadcast from other markets and on national networks. Can someone explain how that is not creating a monopoly for local sports coverage? Local network affiliates are forced, by law, to make their signals available for broadcast over cable/satellite at reasonable rates. How is this different? It is only different in the method the signal is broadcast. Over their system instead of over the air. The public interest cited in the decision to force local over the air networks to allow their singnal to be broadcast is the same in this case. Comcast should worry about a mass exodus in this market once the satellite companies and their subscribers get their act together and file suit. I dropped Comcast when they lied to me about their services provided and went straight back to satellite service and DSL. DSL has been more reliable than cable internet, but not without problems. The only satellite issues have been related to the blackouts of sports programming, caused by Comcast's greed. The only way the beast will learn is by losing subscribers, which leads to reduced advertising revenues as well. Of course the advertisers are being mislead about the number of subscribers already. I subscribed to cable internet and telvision combined since that was cheaper than just the internet alone, but watched the satellite television. I'm sure there are others doing the same.

Anonymous said...

this is copied from my live chat..unbelievable!

user sylvia_ has entered room

sylvia(Wed Apr 16 23:12:59 EDT 2008)>we are haveing very bad & constant audio drop out on all hd network channels, it's impossible to watch

analyst Jorge has entered room

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:15:05 EDT 2008)>Hello sylvia_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jorge. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:15:08 EDT 2008)>I will be more than happy to assist you. Please allow me one moment to pull up your account.

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:15:13 EDT 2008)>May you please verify the account number?


Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:16:08 EDT 2008)>May you please verify the complete service address?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:15:27 EDT 2008)>2910 EMATHLA ST MIAMI FL 33133

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:17:59 EDT 2008)>For verification purposes, may you please verify the last four numbers of the social security on the account?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:17:11 EDT 2008)>3612

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:18:49 EDT 2008)>Thank you. May I ask when did this problem begin?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:18:10 EDT 2008)>TONGHT AT ABOUT 7 PM

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:19:33 EDT 2008)>Is this affecting all television sets?


Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:21:04 EDT 2008)>I will need to schedule a service appointment. Is that alright?


Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:23:41 EDT 2008)>Could you please unplug the power cable to the back of the box for one minute and plug the power cable back?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:24:14 EDT 2008)>okay it's unplugged

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:26:21 EDT 2008)>Great, thank you

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:26:02 EDT 2008)>we'll "re-plug" now

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:26:23 EDT 2008)>let's see what happens

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:28:53 EDT 2008)>Sure.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:28:14 EDT 2008)>it says something s being restored

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:28:45 EDT 2008)>didn't work still happenng like crazy

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:29:02 EDT 2008)>every other sentence

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:30:27 EDT 2008)>Okay, I will place a notation on this for the service technician. Would you like to schedule a service appointment?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:31:06 EDT 2008)>yes

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:32:13 EDT 2008)>I do not show you are subscribed to the Service protection plan for $2.95 per month which covers the service appointment fees of $28.85 and the inside wiring repair. I will be able to waive this fee only one time as a courtesy. Please be advised future service charges will not be able to be waived if the account is not subscribed to the Service plan.

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:33:31 EDT 2008)>There is an appointment available for Friday, 04/18/08 between 8am-11am, 11am-2pm, or 2pm-5pm.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:32:37 EDT 2008)>i though i was i have never paid for service before, isn't it kind of wrong if it's a Comcast problem?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:33:17 EDT 2008)>if it was my equipment then it would happen on all the channels

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:34:07 EDT 2008)>friday 8-11 please

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:35:02 EDT 2008)>I do apologize, Service appointments are subject a one time service charge. I will be able to waive the service charge once.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:35:11 EDT 2008)>thanks but i still don't get why i would ever be charged for a problem that is on the Comcast end. i'm payng for cable that works supposedly

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:36:36 EDT 2008)>if it's a problem with a line or a signal I REALLY don't get why the customer would have to pay.If it's their equipment that's faulty right?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:36:45 EDT 2008)>Is ths something new?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:38:21 EDT 2008)>Yes, it is a new business practice policy. Comcast is now offering a comprehensive service protection plan, eliminating any concerns about being charged additional fees for trouble calls related to inside wiring. For a low monthly fee of $2.95 per month, our Comcast Service Protection Plan will cover all chargeable trouble calls for all 3 lines of business! The coverage applies to an unlimited number of trouble calls as long as you continue to subscribe to the plan.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:38:25 EDT 2008)>what 3 lines of business?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:40:29 EDT 2008)>The 3 lines of business refers to Cable Television, Internet service, and Phone service.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:39:40 EDT 2008)>i'm talking about cable tv!

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:40:01 EDT 2008)>i don't have internet and phone witrh comcast

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:41:33 EDT 2008)>The service protection plan will cover the service appointment charges and inside wiring repair for any of the three services.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:40:55 EDT 2008)>this is SO crazy, Your equipment isn't sending the signal right and I'm supposed to pay extra on top of the huge amount I alredy pay per month,

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:42:14 EDT 2008)>Please understand, I will be able to waive the appointment service charge once, the system will not allow a credit for the service appointments if the service protection plan is not on the account.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:43:47 EDT 2008)>I'll call about ths tomorrow .I know it's not you, but it's REALLY awful toi expect me to pay my regular m0onthly charge and then to make me pay another $36.00 yr on top of the $1,500 yr I already pay or expect ME to pay extra if the service you promise to provide doesn't work

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Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:47:09 EDT 2008)>I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I have placed a note on the account regarding this evenings chat session.

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:49:25 EDT 2008)>Is there anything else I can assist you with?

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:49:31 EDT 2008)>yes please answer this question, If the problem is not to do with the inside wiring nwould the customer still be charged the fee?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:50:49 EDT 2008)>Yes, a service fee is applied when a technician visits your home for a service call.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:50:33 EDT 2008)>even if it's their problem and nothing to do with my equipment or inside wiring?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:51:39 EDT 2008)>Correct.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:50:49 EDT 2008)>Why?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:52:45 EDT 2008)>The service charge fee of $28.85 is applied each time a technician visits your home to correct an issue. This is applied even is the problem is outside the home.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:52:50 EDT 2008)>why? if it's a problem on the street with YOUR equipment then why am I charged a servce fee?

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:55:07 EDT 2008)>I'm sorry, the service charge applies to appointments when technicians visit your home to correct and issue. I will be more than happy to forward your comments to the marketing and management team for additional consideration and review.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:55:30 EDT 2008)>no other utilities do that, it doesn't even sound legal. Your equiment could break over and over agan and the customer would have to pay for a "so-called service call!

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:56:46 EDT 2008)>Imaginme if every time the lights went out and we called FPL they blamed it on the customer and charged a fee to fix it that's CRAZY AND WRONG and I would lke to know who we can talk to.

sylvia_(Wed Apr 16 23:57:28 EDT 2008)>what if he doesn't have to visit my home because the problem is obviously YOURS!

Jorge(Wed Apr 16 23:59:33 EDT 2008)>If the problem is in the area neighborhood, you are not charged. However, if an appointment is made and a technician visits your home. They will inform you a fee will be applied before the repair is completed.

sylvia_(Thu Apr 17 00:00:46 EDT 2008)>then check the area because I'm sure I'm not the only one with issues

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Beachten Jene die Differenz zwischen dem Plan, der Doktoren Besuche, welche Laboratorienarbeit anbietet, ferner Unfallstation besucht das copayment contra Plaene, welche appetit, dass Sie Ihren abzugsfaehigen Betrag vor beginnenden Nutzen schaffen. Paradebeispiel. Ein Mandant kostete, wenn zum Doktor und dem Besuch, kapital 75. 00. Dieser Mandant hatte eine copayment Vorsorge, bekannt ebenso denn Mantel, welches erlaubte ihm, dem Doktor gegen das zusammengezogene $ kapital 30 zu bezahlen, bewerten. Wenn die Nevada Krankenversicherungspolitik diese Vorsorge in keiner weise hatte, haette der wissenschaftler das $ 75. wc bezahlt, ferner jenes Geld geht in Richtung seines abzugsfaehigen Betrags. Zwecks weiterer Informationen via Nevada bitte besuchen Krankenversicherungsplaene die Verbindungen unten. Welche Verbindungen unten umziehen geradeaus zu einer Agentur und in keiner weise einer Hauptgesellschaft.

Jener Staat Minnesota hatte ein Dokument im Jahr 2010 zu befolgen ferner zu zu entsprechen herausgegeben, welche welche Erfordernisse analysierte ferner ausfuehrlich darstellte, falls, dass ein Tausch Beifahrer verwendete, erwartet wird. Allesamt voraussichtlichen Beifahrer muessen die Faehigkeit besitzen, Geschaeftsbeziehungen mit welchen Tauschkunden einzufuehren, unversicherten oder aber versicherten, Verbraucher, selbststaendige Personen, Arbeitgeber und Angestellte, um ihnen schnellstens zu beistehen, mit den Tauschoperationen vertraut zu machen. Verstaendnis aller Versicherungsbedingungen ist wesentlich, dass welche Typ die klare Interesse ueber die Gesundheitsfuersorgenutzen bekommt. Zu helfen den Leuten, mit all den Politikdiensten, Apollo Muenchen bekannt zu werden, die reine Krankenkasse liefert echte Information via die Gesundheitsfuersorgeprodukte.
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