Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's Where to Email Your Podcast Questions

The Comcastmustdie show begins at 9 pm EST. Listen in and call or post a question here.


Shawn_Struck said...

Shawn Who here. For the curious, here's the lyrics:

Comcast may claim/
with bombast that they/
can outclass any company you can name./
So who's to blame when ya home all day/
and you sit an' wait, cable guy never came!/

When they do finally get up in ya house/
see the tech passed out, sleepin' on the couch/
Say the service they got is so "Comcastic"/
but customers say it's "ultra-spastic!"/
Resort to reportin' somethin' drastic/
Comcast has gone way past gettin' its ass kicked!

ill tell you why/comcast must die/
it's cuz they lie/ comcast must die/
we're the thumb in their eye/comcast must die/
thanks for droppin' by/ to comcast must die/

ill tell you why/comcast must die/
it's cuz they lie/ comcast must die/
we're the thumb in their eye/
comcast must die/
comin' atcha live:/
comcast must die!

I have an archived streaming link of the theme available here, and a downloadable version will be available on my myspace tomorrow.

A big thanks to fellow nerdcore artist Antisocial for the beat.

Steve said...

Great Bob.

I have complaints with Comcast, they've been over 3 times in the past 6 weeks to attempt to get my digital cable to work but this is about your bogus Windows media plugin (????) in order to login to the podcast.

Windows Media player?

Come on

lynne said...

I would love to tune in but after dloading Windows Media Player, and restarting, I still get an "x" where the webcast should be. So I can't watch it.

rhrossiter said...

Can't get your webcast

rhr said...

I think I'm having a Comcastic moment, Bob. Did you make no concessions for Apple/Quicktime users? I'd love to listen to your podcast, but it's NOT WORKING. I think I'll call your 24-hour customer service number right now and DEMAND a fix or a refund and an elevation to a supervisor for immediate intervention. You DO have a 24-hour customer service number, don't you? And a helpful staff to solve customers' problems? Because after all YOUR hype, this is a big glitch.

It's NOT working!

Anonymous said...

what a bust. YOUR PODCAST DOESN'T WORK Mr Perfect.

Mikey! said...

I used to have Comcast. i was 52.50 for 67 channels??
am pay a few dollars more like 55ish dollars for 140 channels with directv & with all 3 boxes!

and with comcast when u want a box its 53.50/month and u only get 15 more channels??

swich to directv i love it

AT&T cable sucks 2 its about the same price

Anonymous said...

Bob - 3 words.....GET A LIFE.

Anonymous said...

oh and I found www.bobgarfieldmustdie.com
What else??

Lets get these ones

Stacy G

Anonymous said...

podcast plays fine for me
I didn't need any plug in ever.
MAybe these morons need new computers
yeah your bobgarfieldmustdie.com site rocks!!
I love your comcastmustdie.com is good clean fun. I have comcast and it works great for me!
Never had one ounce of problems

Anonymous said...

Here's a (perhaps) different complaint about Comcast: I'm on the left coast e-mailing my borther-in-law on the right coast, and starting last night (12/13) my e-mails started getting rejected - by a comcast server that seems to think that something in the chain of handlers is emitting spam! And they have taken it upon themselves to reject at least my mail, maybe tons of mail. Anybody else seen this? Now, I really hate spam but denying ordinary communication seems pretty serious to me. Who can I yell at about this?

Allan said...

My Comcast ticket number...CR109369475

We have only been costumers since Sept9, ’07...today is Dec 14, ‘07
For most of Sept and October, we were not at home to use the computer or cable system.
In Nov and Dec I have phoned tech service at least 3 times.

The last two times I was told it is a national problem and the tech would file a report and I should have a call in a few days. NOTHING!

Biggest problem is my email is sporadically not arriving. One friend has never gotten her letter to me. It has been reported each time I have talked to them.

On the last call Dec 4th the tech was rude to the point of Awful!
He began with not wanting to give his name...Later when he became rude I said, “This is why costumers need the tech name to report this behavior. He then gave his name.

Their billing is so messed up they have phoned, sent letters, for money that we have a check proving we have paid! Multiple calls and letters about that also.

The real ho-ho is the advertisement we got saying, “We miss you and we want your business back!” Gezzz they don’t even know we are still paying and using their silly system???

Comcast also lied to us about the email service...I had Eudora...before we signed up they said it could be used! However, they will not service any email but Outlook Express! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Larry, Comcast Account #09558479670012.

I am so disatisfied with Comcast Cable, here are several issues I have:

Prior to November 15, 2007 all 5 of my TV's worked very well on Comacst without cable boxes.The reception was excellent and met my expections.

On November 15th, all my TV's stopped receiving channels above #21. Although I was paying $72.00 per month, I was unable to get all channels I was paying for.

I called Comcast, waited about 1 hour, talked to a customer service rep, she stated Comcast now broadcasts only in digital and all my tv's will require a cable box to receive all the channels I pay for.....

The digital cable converter boxes rent for $7.00 per month per box....hum only an additional $35.00 per month to get the channels I presently pay for.

So now I pay $72.00 for cable plus $35.00 for cable boxes. Seems like a tremendous rate hike.

This story does not end here, I requested to have the 5 cable boxes installed so we could watch channels 21-99. But the technician was not able to get the cable boxes to work, he stated my cable wiring in the walls, ceiling, basement are all inferior for digital and must be replaced.

He then left my house and said, call Comcast customer service to set another service appointment.

I really feel Comcast has let me down and jacked up my monthly rate and now wants to replace the physical cable in my house???

Lost in cable space,


Colorado Russ said...

Recently I became aware that no one has been receiving emails that I have sent. Apparently this has been going on for several weeks, without me knowing about it.

I have used Comcast as my internet service provider for the past two years (username russjjo), and various versions of Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey as integrated web browser/mail reader for many more years.

So far, Comcast has not been helpful in fixing the problem. Their SMTP server is not reporting any error messages when I send emails, or I would have been aware of the problem earlier.

One suggestion that I've already tried is changing the SMTP port from 25 to 587. I've heard that many ISPs are blocking port 25 to prevent spam. This did not change anything. To complicate things, my wife can still send email on port 25 without any trouble (we share the same Comcast account).

Can it be my computer is the problem? I don't think so, because the SMTP log file shows that the mail was sent properly to the SMTP server. Right now I'm mystified, but I hope that I can get in contact with somebody at Comcast who knows what's going on.

Update: 18-Dec-2007
You are not going to believe this.

After two days on the phone with Comcast tech support (one of whom rudely hung up on me), they convinced me that the problem must be in my router. Today I spent over an hour with a very helpful Linksys tech support person.

Afterward, I noticed a pattern:
* The emails which successfully reached their destination had no "signature".
* The emails which did not reach their destination had my "signature" at the bottom, which I have not changed since 2004.

So I sent a series of test emails using my Comcast web-mail account.
Sure enough, something in my signature was causing my outgoing emails to go straight into the Comcast bit-bucket. Through process of elimination, I found it to be my web page address at http://www.geocities.com/russj_yah
So far, Comcast has not admitted that this is the problem, but I am now asking them for a refund on my billing from 1-Nov through 16-Dec.

MAM said...

I subscribe to Comcast Internet, TV, and phone service. Periodically, they completely block emails to me that come from financial newsletters that I subscribe to, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME OR notifying the sending website. They have done this four times in the last year. I called them the first three times it happened, and Comcast said that email-originators must call Comcast to get off Comcast's "blacklist" -- and they must call again every time Comcast updates its (secret!) list of "allowed originators" (they don't tell anyone when it is updated!). Yet, I still get spam emails that advertise inappropriate and offensive products! I HAVE FINALLY GIVEN UP. COMCAST DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MANAGE EMAIL; they should learn from Yahoo! and Google. I now have an email account elsewhere that behaves properly. AND YOU CAN BET THAT I WILL ***NEVER*** BUY ANY PRODUCT ADVERTIZED ON THE COMCAST WEBSITE!

Peter said...

After the big overhaul of the Comcast home page portal, on December 10th I noticed that the online email access was not working properly. Despite what their help screens say I was not able to access secondary email boxes from my primary user name nor was I able to add a secondary email box.

I called Comcast and spoke to a technician about this problem and after a great deal of hemming and hawing he put in a service order to fix the problem (Ticket #CR109939839). Since the 10th of December I’ve checked half a dozen times to see if the problem had been corrected and as of December 22nd it had not. Oh, and by the way, this feature use to work fine before they overhauled their site and added more storage to users.

Anonymous said...

My emails have "disappeared" to who knows where! Last week I was reading an email, decided to compose a note from a link in the email I was reading. I sent the composed email, went back to my outbox and POOF! ALL my email was gone. All my work, (some fun) but mostly work. I called and of couse they had to "escalate" the ticket
I asked if I could speak with a super. right then and was told no,
they have no way to contact a super. except through email, Uh-huh
That was 2 weeks ago. I never received a call although I was told they did call me on 8-31. I was here all day, no call from Comcast came to my home phone.
Now guess what? Today the same thing happened. I was viewing my email account, decided to compose a quick note, did so and came back once again to NO EMAIL! Has this ever happened to anyone? Was there a resolution? I asked for a refund of sorts and was told possibly $17.50, and I said "possibly I'll just cancel right now". Of couse they are "looking into it" as we speak-

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