Sunday, December 2, 2007

Comcast Must Die: The Podcast!

Next Tuesday, Dec. 11, marks a historic moment in consumer e-activism: a one-hour call-in podcast.

Guests Jeff Jarvis of, Mona "The Hammer Lady" Shaw, Ralph Nader and comic Harry Shearer will talk about consumerism, net roots action and the frustrations of dealing with soulless corporate giants.

My co-host Bart Wilson and I will take your calls, and emails, and together we will present Comcast with an alternate view of the universe -- one in which consumers are not simply a cash drawer and a nuisance, but a priceless resource to cultivate and exploit. Just not in the way we've been exploited -- i.e., pissed on -- for decades.

Visit (the new, improved version, coming this week) Dec. 11 at 9 p.m. EST with your ideas and your rage. You know, that is, if your broadband is working.



how do we access the Podcast

Anonymous said...

Bob we could use your help.
we are frontline workers and maybe we can shed light
on why nothing gets fixed.

les said...

I switched from AOL to comcast high
speed on Nov.15,2007 They had me use their switch program to move my
e-mail from AOL to Comcast. On Nov.16th i called them about not getting any e-mails they opened a trouble ticket on the 16th they said it would take 24 to 72 hrs. to fix the problem.Several calls to comcast didn't fix anything after 7 days they opened another
trouble ticket. after calling them several times they hung up on me
Here it is December 4th and I still have the same problem

Ray M said...

Will Comcast be the target of this podcast? When I hear the name soulless corporate giant, the name "VERIZON" pops into my head considering that it's raping the customers with their phone bill...but nah, they make FiOS; they must be cool.

lady1 said...

I am the wife of a comcast employee and I hear the most discouraging things about them. My husband is a CAE rep. I can tell you that not only do they treat their customers bad he's so wound up and disgusted with the lack of tools and access to fix things. I'm afraid this job is getting the best of him he now brings his frustrations home with him because he can't vent them at work due to fear of being terminated. Needless to say Comcast weighs heavily on our home life. They to me are very inadequate at everything they do they don't train their employees properly and all they want to do according to my husband is push sales.Oh and by the way don't get their phone service it absolutely sucks! The phone will rings and when I answer it, If I'm lucky I will at least be able to identify whos calling before it cuts out. Then if I'm even luckier I might have a 30 second conversation with the person on the other end. Point being I've yet to have a complete conversation with someone on this service we are both too busy calling each other back explaining to each other that we didn't hang up on them. My cell phone bill has esculated due to the fact I have to use it for more important calls so that I'm not interrupted while making a call. God forbid I'd need 911 and couldn't get through or disconnected attempting to explain my emergency to the 911 operator.

Nancy said...

Ever since we got the whole package of comcast, I have had to deal with inept service, I call to complain the very next day after it was installed, no TV, if the lights go out forget about that battery in the phone thing, and my PC has never run slower, it has one button that blinks red continuously. I talked to one woman 3 different times who was trying to tell me how to program it. I know nothing about installing cable, she finally told me I was wasting her time???? I called back and was assured there was no way they could find out who this woman was, funny I had talked to her 3 diggerent times, but due to the contractors they simply could not find out, but a real comcast truck showed up that afternoon. The Comcast man admitted to me that none of these boxes work, mine had been hooked up backwards and he had to go get new parts to replace the ones the first people installed, still with me? Watching an entire television show has become quite entertaining with the picture and sound constantly going in and out. Back to the reinstallation, there was something wrong at the pole across the street and things are, to be nice, better. My PC gives me more and more trouble everyday. I don't have time to wait for them to show up everytime they screw up. I thought we would get a great thing in this total package, boy was I wrong. I have a friend that decided not to hook her's up for awhile, they called her to ask her why she had not hooked it up, She said she does not want to be spyed on and what shows she watches. My sister did not want to change to the new box, we didn't either, but my sister is legally blind and works. Staying home is not an option. They pushed her into it by telling her they would cut the entire cable off. Sure they are nice on the phone, with the exception of the idiot I had to deal with, hey I am the costomer paying for all of this non working crap, if I can't reprogram it and do their job for them, I am wasting their time? Now my TV want turn off, I am sick of calling them. I wish they would die.

BeverlyMasstech...... said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

Cheesesteak the Impaler said...

Is it technologically possible to have a "live" call-in podcast? I mean, isn't podcasting a way of distributing complete file post-production? I admit Comcast has it's faults, but this post suggests the problem may also be the lacking technological literacy of its consumers.

Proclaimed by an NPR media journalist to boot.... sigh.

FreeSpeech309 said...

Keith Olbermann is the only liberal news program on TV. I used to watch him on channel 47 in Eugene, Oregon. Comcast has moved his program to channel 128 which is unavailable to me because I don't subscribe to that level of service. Is this another way the conservative media is controlling the news we get? said...

I have made up official Mona "The Hammer" Shaw T-Shirts with Mona's permission. They are listed in the CraigsList postings for Northern Virginia, categorized under "Collectibles". I encourage ALL supporters of Mona Shaw, and her courageous act, to buy a Mona the Hammer shirt and show your support! They make a great XMas gift for the like-minded, too!

mona said...

Sorry, I wasn't part of your podcast. had a bug that laid me so low, had to die to get better. BUT, in the meantime, AARP Bulletin came out with another story about my exploits & have received loads more positive calls. Also have received calls from a TV station in LA requesting our presence in early Jan. Hopefully, we can make it it &help all theses suffering Comcast users & employees

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