Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Open Invitation to Comcast Executives

As you know, on December 11 we will be hosting a global podcast. It will feature guests and call-ins on the subjects of customer dissatisfaction -- especially with your company -- and consumer empowerment. We invite you to be our guest of honor.

Your very own Rick Germano expressed disappointment that he is unavailable on that date to respond to consumers live, but no doubt someone else at the world's largest cable company is up to the task. All you have to do is answer caller questions and e-mails from the comfort of your own telephone.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very sincerely,


John H said...

If customers have an issue they are better off calling and speaking with someone at the local level that can help them.

There is no way that any executive at Comcast can address all of the questions and be accurate for each and every question regarding the individual scenarios on each customers account.

Also, when a problem is escalated to middle or upper management they address the concern and pass the complaint back down the chain.

Here is a quick diagram of the Comcast hierarchy:

1. CAE - first line of contact with the customer. CAEs, when properly trained, should be able to address and correct most issues that ever come up.

2. CAE Senior - when you ask to speak to a supervisor these are the people who will most likely answer. These individuals spend roughly half their day off the phone to assist their team reps for any questions or concerns that may come up. They can approve all credit adjustments, escalate technical problems as well as escalations for field services (technicians, etc.) These reps also spend half of their day (or more) taking incomming calls as a regular CAE to hit their personal sales targets and objectives.

3. Inbound Sales Supervisor - typically most departments will have 6-8 supervisors on the floor depending on how many reps there are. Each supervisor will have 12-16 reps on their team and they will usually have 2 CAE Seniors. A typical sales deparment will have ~80-100 sales reps and Customer Service will have 100-120+ depending on how large the service area is. Their primary job is monitoring their reps daily activities (micro management). Making sure their reps are taking calls, reducing after call work, assisting their reps in achieving sales targets, holding weekly team meetings/huddles, handling attendance records (absense, tardies, FMLA,etc, tons of supervisor meetings with upper management, etc. Supervisors will RARELY take an incomming call from a supervisor or make a call back. The honest reason for this is that they know how to manage the team. A lot of supervisors can barely navigate through the billing systems as they rarely play with those customer databases. The supervisor will handle the complaint, state the problem will be fixed, and then pass off the resolution to have their CAE Senior fix the account.

4. Inbound Sales Manager - the primary job for this individual is to manage the 6-8 supervisors on the floor and be a middle manager between marketing and the call center director. The manager essentially makes sure that the supervisors are funneling the correct information on policy and procedural changes to the CAEs (level 1 reps). In addition, the manager takes the sales statistics and passed them up to the call center director, marketing, and the area VP. In my time at Comcast I think I saw our manager take 3-4 calls total. There isn't anything that THEY can do above and beyond a Senior or Supervisor. They don't get special power or have access to "special people" that can make things happen faster.

5. Call Center Director - Basically sits in their office and waits for daily sales reports from the sales manager and sales supervisor. This individual is rarely in their office, takes long lunches, plays golf, or works from home and sends stupid emails from their Blackberry phone.

6. Director for Sales & Marketing - this individual responds to marketing and subscriber changes and works with Marketing to make the phones ring. Their job is to make the phones ring and leave it up to the sales team to produce the estimated subscriber growth.

7. Regional VP - starting to get my point?

With all that being said, the person who will help you the most is the CAE who answers the phone, the CAE Senior, or the Supervisor. Asking for someone "higher up" will only delay the problem and take longer to find a resolution. Should a customer ever get ahold of a VP do you really think they know how to personally fix the problem? Do they know how to access a customers account and make changes? Guess what? They DONT! What they will do is send an email to a Supervisor or Senior to correct the customers issue. Again, the problem is passed back down the chain to someone in the call center who deals with the customers on a daily basis.

With all that being said, this is why an executive from Comcast would be worthless to talk to. They can basically tell you about the products they offer, the new products that are coming, what their stock is worth, what the financial forecast looks like, and current subscriber growth. Beyond that, they will open up Outlook Express and use a global directory if they have questions regarding anything more than that.

I hope this helps. So, in the end, my advise to all of you unhappy Comcast customers: Call in, be nice, and be mature about handling the situation. Be clear what the problem is, be clear of how you want it handled, and don't make it personal with the rep. If you are nice to the rep they will treat you like gold. If you feel they cannot handle the problem ask to speak with their Senior and they will most definately be able to help you with your problems.

Mark said...

Sounds to me like john h works for Comcast. His answers are good corporate line, but completely inaccurate.

1. The CAE reads from a script. If the called or the issue deviates from this script, the CAE usually can't deal with it. Problem is, they are "forced" to by Comcast management and catch heat having too many calls they don't close.

2. CAE Senior - this is a fallacy, there is no such animal. Anyone claiming to be so is just the person at the next desk, helping out a buddy. They don't approve anything, document anything, and cannot ever be held accountable for anything said.

3. ISS - Ok, this is supposed to be a supervisor, but this person is NEVER available to escalate an issue. This is the brick wall customers hit.

4. ISM - Someone a customer should be able to reach, but never will.

5. Call Center Directory - possible the most useful person in the chain. At least this person doesn't pretend to care.

Anything further requires going outside the "call center" chain. I've had to do this several times in the past. Basically, I've had to lodge complaints against the entire call center for refusing to address issues. This has happened EVERY TIME I've had to call Comcast for service or support. Maybe it takes someone higher up in the company to hear it direct from customers to get something done about it. It certainly won't change by itself.

Rick Germano said...

Thank you for the invitation. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'll be in Miami to meet with customers on December 11. Several members of my team are joining me, so while we won't be able to participate in the podcast, we will replay it to hear what customers shared. You have my word that we'll follow up directly with individual customers who want a response. And, customers can email me with questions, comments and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Well Rick, your company customer service is an abysmal failure.
I had service installed on 11/21/07that is not working.

On line techs,two e-mails and three phone calls and I am still being ignored.

I am ready to call Comcast and discontiue phone, cable and Internet bt they will robably get the order wrong.

Comcast has drapd themselvs in inefficiency, indifference qnd the customer service department in outright stupidity.

Enjoy Miami as I prepare a video about the Comcast Clowns. Will send a link when I hgave it done.

Dr. Maguire

Anonymous said...

Listen, folks. If you are serious about getting after Comcast, let me help.

Send me your e-mail address, for no other use, than keeping you informed.

I will make up a video that takes the skin off Comcast publicly and everyone can have the link to e-mail it all over the country.

You can even put it up on YOU TUBE and title it the COMCAST CLOWNS.

I have attached a link, so you can see what can be done. This video was to a company I was having a problem with:


Made my video for broadcast and within and hour after sending it, I had no less than three VP's all over the complaint...and calling...personally.

Comcast can ignore everyone but they will not ignore someone with their own TV station and transmitting ability because now they have a communication equal.

One-on-one complaints mean nothing to Comcast. They executives must be excoriated in a public, viewable forum with their names and pictures posted as bearing responsibility for the company-wide ineptitude.

Then watch their response.

Dr. Maguire

Anonymous said...

Don't believe that pack of lies that Rick Germano is telling about another meeting. He isn't going to listen to customers unless their is competition in areas where they hold a monopoly.

Take Hamilton County, TN. EPB wants to make available fiber optics cable, internet and phone service to the people of this county. Comcast is fighting it saying that no government agency should enter private sector. Actually the EPB is a quasi governmental entity. The EPB owns the telephone poles which Comcast runs it's cable on. Now Comcast is increasing their rates 3.8% for what you ask. Only 3 new channels on the HD side. The average customer is going to be paying around $3 to $5 increase per month.

Steve from MD said...

Well it is Thursday (big Football game) and I am a Comcast customer in North East MD and we are part of Delmarva, DE Comcast and I cannot get NFL Network from Comcast whether I pay for it or not. I will pay for it!
My region of Comcast simply does not offer it. Our region does not offer on-demand or HD even. We are treated like second class citizens!

Someone please tell Mr. Cohen he is wrong about availability to anyone that wants it. Simple PR BS. It is misleading. How can I write to Mr. Cohen?

Comcast Statement About NFL Network Carriage

November 20, 2007: 05:37 PM EST

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement may be attributed to David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation:

"Comcast offers the NFL Network to all of its interested customers today and they can watch every NFL game the league makes available on cable television. The fact is that the vast majority of our customers have elected not to receive NFL Network. Under our agreement with the NFL, which the league negotiated and signed, we offer the NFL Network as part of our Sports Entertainment Package. This is the best and fairest way to provide the NFL's expensive programming to customers, because viewers who want to watch the channel will be able to see it, while others who prefer not to receive it will not be forced to pay.

Anonymous said...

1. CAE - first line of contact with the customer. CAEs, when properly trained, should be able to address and correct most issues that ever come up.

CAE might be able to fix the issue but everytime a cae finds a way to fix the issue comcast finds a way to make that work around not work

CAE most likely dose not work at comcast they are probably at an outsource center and could careless if you cancel comcast because that outsource center has many other projects that they could take calls for

Anonymous said...

hi i take calls for the outsourcer and after taking comcast calls i would never sign up for their lousy service

Anonymous said...

I posted another copy of this under the topic " A response to Rick Germano"

Another Update from Andrew in MD

Hi Folks,
I had the opportunity to attend the customer service sit down in the Baltimore/Washington area and meet with Rick Germano. Here are my impressions of the meeting.

The groups consisted of about 10-15 Comcast subscribers and for every one of us there was one Comcast representative from either Corporate headquarters or from the local CSCs. Everyone was given an opportunity to tell their stories in fact you might say the discussion was entirely one-sided, the customer’s side. There was no one hiding behind a one way mirror taking notes, there was no trying pitch additional services or products, the focus was on service and the lack there of. The meeting lasted for two hours and there was an opportunity to talk with folks after the forum ended. (the meeting ran from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM and I didn’t leave the room until 9:00 PM). We were heard!
Some of the items discussed are ones we are all familiar with:

Long hold times
Poor Service
No notes on File
Techs missing appointments
A La Carte Channel Options
Problems not resolved the first time

Do I think change will happen as the result of this meeting? I can honestly say I don’t know. I saw a lot of head shaking and genuine concern but Comcast is a very large company and a turn around on this magnitude will not occur overnight. Fortunately they have added incentive as other well financed players are moving into the television/broadband market, addition to the complaints. The people I met with know they will be/are facing competition for everyone of their existing customers and things must change

Lastly here are my impressions of Rick Germano,
He is sincere and genuine and I believe he wants to get these problems fixed. On more than one occasion I saw a brief look of stunned disbelief come across his face as we told our various horror stories and at times I think I saw a bit of frustration with some of the answers given to us by the various service reps and the hoops we jump through just to talk to a person. He wants to make things right.

He gets it, folks! He understands that we are not asking for the world we just want our service to work the way it was promised and we shouldn’t have to spend countless hours on the phone or waiting for a tech to show to up. This isn’t rocket science. He understands that every time someone contacts a Comcast customer service agent or a Comcast tech make a house call Comcast is losing money. There is no greater incentive for any company than the almighty dollar and this simple statement is so true. Happy customers make companies money and they will do it gleefully!!, (my words not his) His greatest challenge will be trying to convince others at Comcast that changes must be made, I wish him luck.

Frankly I don’t want to switch service, I don’t want to have deal with another installation, canceling existing service, making sure my service is correct,…etc. I just want to come home from work, hit the remote and escape into the idiot box for 45 minutes before I have to wake up and do it all over again the next day. That’s all I want.

BobMustDie :) said...

"We look forward to hearing from you.

Very sincerely,

Bet you had a lot of takers on that.

Steve from MD said...

On 11/29 I posted a comment about lack of NFL Network on Comcast in my area. Low and behold I called Comcast Delmarva to ask a question, and asked what was new and they said, "NFL Network". Now I am very happy and not sure if the blog post caused this or after over a year of asking they just finally decided to provide and it was a coinsidence.
Now we need HD.

Ray M said...

mark is full of crap and here's why:

1)CAE's have no script other than "Home of the triple play, my name XXX, my operator ID XXX, how can I help you?" As others have stated, a properly trained CAE should theoretically be able to address most problems, if not resolve them without an escalation.

2) They're not called "seniors", but they are the ones who are slightly under the team supervisor. They are the ones other CAEs go to when stronger signals need to be sent or if they have access to parts of the account that the lower CAE does not. Do you currently work for Comcast?

3) Do you currently work for Comcast?

4) Same question as 2 and 3? If you do, you KNOW that unless a call center is getting hammered with calls, a supe FROM THAT CALL CENTER WILL get in touch with a customer within the hour.

Oh wait, the last paragraph states that you aren't someone who at one time worked their, but a customer with a really bad experience. It's understandable that you are pissed off, but don't argue against how something works, especially CURRENTLY, if you do not at this time (or any time, for that matter) work there.

As John H said, this open invite is pointless, especially if we are fielding calls from people who live outside of our area. Rate codes are different, practices are different, sales are different, and even the call center atmosphere is different. Sure, it'll help this blog make the exec look like an idiot and give the blog and it's disgruntled former comcast customers some ammo, but it's highly unfair considering the outstanding differences in each market.

Anonymous said...

A nod to Ray M,

I agree with you.The Mark gent has little internal knowledge of the actual internal structure of a call center.

Sups will call you back within the hour. A well trained CAE will be able to reolve the issue with your service (please try dignity and calmness along with your frustration and see the magic)

A call center will not be in the same geographical location as the market( only rarely). You dont want youe CAE having access to all your information when you are calling out of frustration being ghastly.

Granted you pay for a service and it is just that. A service . You do not own the service and neither can you actively dictate what is to be done. (wont happen)

Most of the time you are speaking to an outsourced call center (you wonder why comcast outsources?
They cant actively keep employees on a payroll to take the hammering from calls).Life is richer thatn that.Heh

A third party call center representative is probably apathetic unless you can establish a personal connection with them. Frankly the meagre pay is not going to be enough for an agent to put up with your negativity .You will get the standard "Im Sorry" and "I Apologize" and the agent will get rid of you quickly....
to get away from the negativity.

If you want issue resolved, just try being civil.Out in public the law requires civilness and there should be a law concerning phones too.. otherwise without that you are at the mercy or the CAE who is the frontline of the company. Try hanging up and calling back? Same center, same team, notes have you branded as irate , one starts reducing what effort they would put into resolving your issues. Not fair you think........

Read o'reilly's book on the my /me mentality. No one is going to consider your comfortzone and bubble but yourself.

we are all human beings... you hurt one.....one defends him/herself psych 101....

As you can tell just paying for service is not enough, resolving issues entails a great deal of patience on your part (unimaginable). Most of you have no idea how stressful the demands of the job are . With that said, you can run to satellite and have bad service during bad weather , switch to dsl which is relatively slower, or suffer under fios,only to run back. Yes , after finding out that there are some crappy companies out there. Think of comcast as your mother in law that you cannot stand

Anonymous said...

Hey, a call in thing i'm just a cae, but i would love to join, i have the 11th off you don't have much info up for it. i t/s cdv, video and hsi

Jackson said...

oh i forgot my email is rootbeertheonlybeer@gmail.com please send me the way on how to get on the show maybe i can help you guys out a little

Anonymous said...

hadenough2 said...
beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit comcastworkersfightback.blogspot.com

tlc said...

I would like to respond directly to John H’s very descriptive explanation of the internal protocol of Comcast. I appreciate your explanation and since I am in also in the media business, I do understand the standard in which you have described all the way to the top. I understand the lack in interaction and training that upper management has in dealing with the outward day to day business with consumers. However, you had me stumped with your first directorial. You explained that customers should first speak to the local office. While I understand that each and every property is not set up exactly the same depending on demographics, overhead and economic situations, I can assure you that you can not talk to the local office in all markets. Most of the time customers are routed to places unknown only to reach someone who cannot or will not help them. Not all of your level 1 employees try to resolve the concerns of the customers.
I also understand how supervisors only step in when absolutely necessary. So far there is nothing unusual or radically different about the company’s general structure. What sends up a flag is that you are describing each property to run exactly the same. It that were true, I do not believe there would be so many customers expressing unresolved issues. Management is missing their cues and cries for help on all levels it seems. Both from employees and Comcast customers. It seems that level-1 training may need to be addressed more aggressively. But more importantly, it is very apparent that middle and upper management are not in touch with level 1.
As we all know, Corporate America has had a change of command in the last 7-8 years. Most of the decisions are being made by accounting strategist that have climbed the corporate ladder. We are now seeing the results of what happens when bean counters structure corporate business to step over a dollar to make a dime. It is simply not working. Your multi-billion dollar company is not alone, however you have a very important and aggressive presence across the country. You also have a huge customer base which to you, seems very satisfied as a whole. I hope that you along with your superiors will take these issues very seriously. Not addressing this serious obstacles, will only lead to a decrease in the company’s annual profits. I’m sure you know what I would express next so I will not go there.
All of us are asking for simple customer service and a make good to provide what you promise. We ask that you aggressively search for solutions to some very worn out issues. I know that technology is growing at an alarming speed and it is difficult to keep everything running perfectly. That really doesn’t seem to be the real issue in this form.
The most important issue these people are concerned about is your company’s failure to follow-up on their concerns and to stop leaving them feeling as though you have abandoned them. I have a buying philosophy that I live by. It’s simple. “ Do not sell me your products, sell me your service.” Without good service, people will not want your products. In some markets you have the only game in town. You know that this could change in the future. If you do not change your customer care now, your company will lose customers at an alarming rate. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it’s coming.
Most of what I have written here, I’m sure in part or all is not anything new to you or your company. But how many customers have shown you that they know too. I could have gotten more detailed but I think you get the picture. I hope that you company will take pride in making CUSTOMER SERVICE the number one priority goal for 2008. Remember that corny saying, “build it and they will come”? rebuild your service and your customers will come happily.

BeverlyMasstech...... said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit comcastworkersfightback.blogspot.com

disconectNow!! said...

lets have a national disconnect day show them we hate them !!!!!!!

TiredOfLies said...

Comcast has started taking calls away from the local level and farming their call centers all accross the country. I have known many people who left Comcast due to the fact that they could never get a hold of anyone on the phone locally who had an ability to address the issue.

There is also a very poor line of communication between in what the CAE's relay to the Technical Department from the calls the CAe's receive.
Techs routinely arrive at jobs only to find out that much more work is required than what they were first informed. Each job is awarded so many points and time. The problem is that if the jobs were awarded the actual points, the work quota would suffer and the corporate goal would not be met.
For example: A tech is informed that he is supposed to install CDV (Comcast Digital Voice) and an HD box at a residence.
When the tech arrives he finds that he is not only installing CDV and an HD box ,but also doing two wallfishes and installing CHSI (Comcast High Speed Internet). Comcast supervisors are less than sympathetic, in fact they are usually P.O.'ed that the tech is not moving fast enough. This situation is not the techs fault; as they are trying to fix the situation. It is always amazing that supervisors, sales reps, and managers who are not in the field or never on site know exactly what should be fixed or how the job needs to be completed.
The problem is the fantic pace of operations and unrealistic expectations which are being placed on the techs.

The local Comcast systems are generally engaged in a continuing game of making reports appear like the company is making progress when in reality they are covering up their numbers so that the Comcast Corporate office remains in the dark.
One aspect of Comcast (which impacts performance and morale) that most employees are aware of is that their supervisors and managers are fighting tooth & nail and will ruin anyone who gets in the way their year end bonus.
Last year Brian Roberts got a $27.8million bonus; the average tech received: a hat, a squeaky toy, and a Comcast note pad.
It is impossible to build any sense of employee loyalty or dedications to the company when the company openly admits in its employee handbooks that Comcast has no loyalty or obligation to its employees.

Currently a large majority of Comcast field technicians have absolutely no incentive, desire, or motivation to excell or seek promotion in their arena of expertise.
Getting promoted or moving up within the company means more on-call time, more mandatory overtime, no breaks, and being forced to do the work of lazy techs which the Comcast management has always been too cowardly and afraid to confront.
Comcast has many very good and dedicated technicians working for them, however, many systems supervision and management are quite willing to allow the technicians work at a higher level and not pay them for it.
Many techs are also losing their interest in money and prefer to have the time off to be with their families. Many times techs are sent out to customers houses not to fix the problem but to placate the customer as the tech does not have the ability to fix the problem.
Being a Comcast tech means that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Paul said...

I just had an interesting experience with Comcast. I live on the fringes of Silicon Valley and wanted cable, but learned there is nothing in my area. The closest "station" is 2 miles away (which would encompass 100s of homes).

When I asked how much would it cost to have cable installed for my home .... they smiled and said: $792,000. (before tax). And even though I would be paying for infrastructre that would allow Comcast to provide service to 100s more homes - the entire cost would be borne by me (no credit to me for new customers using "my" cable).

I can see why people truly believe Comcast is one of the worst run companies on the planet.

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Danielle said...

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renise1 said...

How can the exe. make it better if they won't listen to us the rep.'s and so-called supervisor are not.

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sounds interesting but I do not know much about it I'll have to read more

Unknown said...

Comcast sucks they hAVe becomr too big to care and there id huge disconnect between phone reps and oitdoor techs.and me the poor customer is lost in between the two! Booo to comcast! Expensive comcast! Poor service no custome guarantee just bull crap guarantee!

Elliott Broidy said...

Loved reading the commentary

Rene said...

I have been a Comcast customer for the majority of my life. Over the last two years something has definitely changed. I can not wait for my contract to be up. It took them four service calls and a complete rewire to finally fix my problem that had been going on for almost a year. This was after they charged me 85.00 each time I moved within a 2 month span. (the first time was temporary) For the last year my cable went out at least one week a month in a year span and they gave me a 20.00 discount?!! I figure they owe me for 3 months service! At 119.00 per month. Now they added 3.99 per month on my bill because it took their techs so many trips. I did find a place for cheaper wifi. 90.00 for an entire year. Eight people have access and it is mobile as well. That beats 48.00 a month for wifi. So I am patiently waiting out my contract. I guess loyalty doesn't count with Comcast. So why should I be loyal? I can't afford to be loyal at these prices. -Rene Beaurline- renebeaurline@gmail.com

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With that being said, I decided to check out Republic Wireless for my cell. My bill at T-Mobile went from 119.00 a month to 19.00 per month. Again, No problems. I only have been using RW for two weeks, but after T-Mobile sucked an additional 200.00 per month for breaking the contract, (at first they said it was going to be 100.00) and I continued to pay 50.00 for service each month, on a phone that isn't worth 50.00. I figured out that I actually paid around 980.00 for that phone.
So to date I shaved about 150.00 per month for necessities. I even hooked up to my roommates Direct T.V. Again, no problems. After having Comcast for the first year here, I had techs come out four times. She needed techs to come out zero times. So all the bullshit about losing your connection every time it storms out is just that, bullshit. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have terrible snow storms. In fact we just had three in the past month and it is April. We finally had Spring begin last week. So gossip is worth what you pay for it. Nothing.
I hope this helps and saves some people money that in this economy is needed. Just to let you know the internet service provider I am speaking of is called CLEAR HUB 4G Internet for the home. No annual contract. You have to pay a little up front for the device, but it is so worth it. The cell company is Republic Wireless. Unlimited everything for 19.00 per month. You need to buy the phone that is about 250.00. It's a nice phone. Bigger and better than my Droid Comet. It is also a Droid. I was able to switch my number as well. And I didn't lose my contacts. Google/Gmail made sure of that.
I absolutely hate change. More than you will ever know. So to do this was a huge deal to me. I'm not saying things went smooth as a babies bottom, but I am very happy with my decision to make these changes. As well as having the patience to deal with the small hiccups that went with them. Like when I couldn't figure out why my new WiFi kept dropping me. It was a matter of resetting the power screen. That's it. Just changing the "power plan" to high performance.
I hope everyone is as lucky as I have been this past few months with the changes I made. I know at first it is hard to change from the familiar. Even though the change is beneficial to you financially. I know I got online and spoke with people on each and every website I was looking to change my service to. So that way, I knew what to expect as far as "hiccups" go. And the solutions to these "hiccups." Good Luck!!

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