Thursday, November 8, 2007

Off the Radar?

This comment came in today:

"I work for Comcast. Sorry Bob you are pretty much off the radar now. It could have been something good that helped bring some issues to light but you've turned it into a mockery."

I don't doubt he/she is right. The novelty of, Mona Shaw and a lot of mainstream publicity converged briefly to force Comcast to take notice. That critical mass may well be disintegrating. Or not. This is a deep vein of consumer rage we've tapped, and Comcast continues to behave with monopolistic arrogance. If it regards this project as a blip on the radar now to be safely ignored, that is in and of itself proof that they don't understand the new world the live in -- which is pretty ironic, since they're the ones that wired it.

But we are not surrendering. In the coming weeks, we will be attempting something extraordinary once again to shine light into the dark crevices of corporate misfeasance. But as to the charge that I'm turning this site into a mockery, that's not true.

It was always a mockery. That's the point.


Fred said...

Hi Bob,
I am fed up with Comcast too and would like to post my story on your blog. How can I do this? Can you add me as a contributor? my email is answerpls AT gmail DOT com
Thank you and good luck

Anonymous said...

I just got digital voice and it was screwed up from the beginning. ON the phone for over an hr with the tech support trying to figure out why my internet and telephone service both went down within an hr of getting digital voice installed. Don't believe thier lies about using the same phone jack that is in the wall. It has to go through a separate modem in order for it to work period.

I admit that it worked good except for the buzzing sound on the line at first but it doesn't work now.

Jesse Harris said...

I'm sure Frank over at ComcastIssue knows what you're going through. He had a Slashdot day that spilled over to my site (to the tune of 500 visitors, about 5 full days worth of traffic) and hasn't had the same volume since. Despite this, if there's a "flash in the pan" every couple of months, it establishes a firm pattern of the company's abusive behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Comcast isn't great. They won't be winning awards for customer service any time soon, but you need to get a hobby or something man.

shawn said...

sent. clocks in at just under a minute. enjoy.

darcy rudnay said...

Actually, Comcast is very focused on this issue and is paying atention. Just because we are not posting on this site everyday does not mean we are not working on customer service. Our new head of customer service is going across the country to meet with customer to listen to their issues.

Bob Garfield said...


next month, if the stars align, i will be hosting a national call-in podcast on the subject of Comcast and consumer insurrection. i have no details to provide yet, but i'd be delighted if you would be a guest.


Anonymous said...

Darcy, when comcast installed the digital voice in my house. They screwed up the wall jack, I used when I was with AT&T to the point if I was to go back to AT&T I couldn't. That jack is dead now. Also the commercials are lies since you can't use the wall jacks as well as existing phones unless they are digital phones. Since I am using a 900mhz cordless phone, the buzzing sound is so loud that I can barely understand the caller. More than likely, I will have to get another tech person to come out here when I get the new phone if the buzzing sound doesn't end and I still get a busy signal. I am getting to the point where the $20 savings isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...


How can I upload some audio files of conversations I had with the Comcast folks. They are very illuminating. Note that during each conversation I told them that I was recording the call. Two of the calls were with the "Executive Relations Office??" or "Executive Customer Service??" in Philly. Essentially these folks represent Brian Roberts (CEO). The strangest part of the whole experience in calling their corporate office in Philly was that rarely did anyone answer the main number 215-665-1700. It would ring and ring and ring with no answer (during standard business hours). I mentioned it to them each time and they said that they would look into it. Nonsense. Isn't it odd that a large company like Comcast doesn't have front desk operators (or least enough of them) to answer calls?? The other annoying aspect of my calls to the CEO's representatives is that they thought it was funny that I was recording the call. Laughing at an irate customer is foolish. Maybe I should try youtube also. As for "off the radar", I would not have know about this sight if it weren't for publicity from that irate lady with the hammer.


dan pak said...

Comcast is not interested in customer service issues. I have had repeated problems with order hd pay preview fights since I moved to my new apartment in may of 2007. First they never showed up to my scheduled install date. I have not been able to watch a hd pay preview fight since I moved here. I have called repeatedly to comcast with this issue and nothing is ever done. Before I was able to at least order the fight in standard def, but I would always get charged for both programming. Now tonight I tried ordering the Mosley Cotto fight and both the HD and Standard def pay previews channels do not work. I have been on hold for the past hour tring to reach anyone, but no one is picking up. I spoke to several so called supervisors who stated they would look into my problem and call me back. I have never received a call back yet. I have tried to get in touch with them, but ever time I call, they are not signed in there system. I want to pay for an extra service, but I can't even get comcast to do anything to fix the issue. I am just a frustrated comcast customer like many.

The Union Master said...

Come to our world Comcasters,we will give you better wages with a
competitive pension plan,your current plan is shrinking like a dickie on a cold day,Comcast stock is under 20.00 a share,this is due to the ways of your current management who reap in the benefits of your hard labor,they are making the money,you get the crumbs brushed off their tables,you have the power to change that-ONLY YOU!!
Think of your families in the latter years to come,,come to our world.
Have a voice and choose how you want the company to be ran,come to our world.
Stop being cheated and lied to by a
dictatorship which is your current management.come to our world.
I will not lie to you,I will tell you this:
We will provide the power of collective bargaining for you..but with a price

Union Wages will be provided,but memebers must pay dues.
Expect Comcast to threaten you with such things as STRIKES,LOST WAGES,NO MORE FREE CABLE AND INTERNET.
Nothing more than mere threats by a management desperately wanting to instill fear into you,because their jobs hang in the and only you have the true power to change the are the force..the voice.
Union members also get RESPECT from the general public,even your current customers will respect you more..UNION IS RESPECT AND POWER..
Management at Comcast uses the "divide and conquer" method with all of its staff,so no one can unify together,they teach Comcast managers this in classes,if you can believe that.

I was a non-union worker at one time,let me tell you,it's a sad life,you are really at the mercy of your employer who could fire you at will without warning

With a Union..We represent you,We fight for you..You have someone on your side,Not management!!

Heed this all Comcasters:
Thank you for you time
Good luck with your future decisions
The Union Master

Debbie Cavins said...

I have been living on the Comcast support forum for the last few days after having my internet service turn worse than dial-up and I am a successful web developer in a small town with no other high speed options. I had problem free service for 3 years. Apparently I was lucky from what I've read.

Suddenly it is like I am on dial-up or worse for browsing and forget about uploading, frequent disconnects ruin that for me. Every time I publish a page, it loads part of the file and then disconnects, leaving my client with a page not found or errors on the page until I can successfully get through the process. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

I replaced a perfectly good modem - Comcast told me to make mine to the office for a new one, so I did. I came home and hooked up and it didn't work. Turns out you have to call and have them provision the modem. No problem, except...oops, they can't because this one is still tied to an account. So they tell me just go get another one, and I do, because I just want to fix my problem as fast as I can. They provision this modem, but it does not correct my problem. They send a tech, who showed up, not late, but two hours early on a Saturday. I think this is great, but as I feared everything was fine on my end. A guy is coming to check the lines past my pole Monday.

But, like I said I have been living on the Comcast support forum and realized this same sudden loss of speed and disconnects was being reported around the country. I began to speculate that this was not a local issue, but something Comcast has done causing this new issue. Some of the long term contributors, who vehemently deny working for Comcast, swooped in and attacked me when I told another poster who said they did not know how to perform the tests they keep telling everyone to run, that it probably wasn't going to help anyway. They accused me of "trolling threads to provide mis-information due to my frustration". Needless to say I countered, not with anger, but with facts that this sudden loss was being reported in CA, WA, VA, TN, GA, and others and not one of them had posted a resolution. Most of them had performed and posted the test results, replaced equipment and had many techs. But there was not one post of a resolution. Those long term posters said I was spreading conspiracy theories. I told them I didn't believe that Comcast was conspiring to intentionally provide bad service...but I am beginning to wonder having investigated further. I think it has to do with the recent P2P law suits and "traffic shaping". They must have stopped doing it and as they stated, it effected network health. I don't really know, but I know my service sucks now and my business is on the line with no competitor. I have ordered a wireless DSL card from AT&T. It won't do what I need but it is that or dial-up and as a web developer...I am going to lose a ton of money.

If you check the forums at Comcast, I am webguru_tn. Those long-term posters stopped responding to me and no one posted a resolution on my thread asking if anyone had a I think I am winning the debate, lol.

I guess the BBB and general attorney are my next options. I like this blog, I wasn't familiar with it before now, but I too do not want to sit quietly while my business may go down the drain because they don't care enough to even admit a problem is occuring, let alone offer a plan of action or time frame of resolution.

Thank you for providing a valid place to vent. Comcast forums are only for user to user help. They will lock your thread for venting. I haven't vented, I stuck to the facts, but I saw others warned and locked.

I just want my service back so I can do my job!!

Debbie Cavins said...

I took the time to come here and vent my frustration, so now I want to take the time to come here and let you know that Comcast is paying attention to what their customers are saying. I am not sure if it is because of my posts on the Comcast forum, or the one post on this forum, but I had a call this morning from a Comcast VP who apologized for the way I was treated on the Comcast forum and assured me it was not representative of the way they want their customers to be treated. They are working to correct the way the forums are being used, as certain people are attacking others, but they do not represent or work for Comcast...they just make them look bad.

Anyway, the VP assured me they would resolve my issue and sure enough a tech came, found and fixed a problem in the lines just down the road...actually he went up and down the poles and up and down the road...but long story short, he fixed it. I don't have packet loss and time outs now and I hope that it will remain that way. But, I was extremely impressed, not to mention validate after being told I must be mentally ill and desperate for attention for posting on the other forum.

That's about it. I just wanted to give equal time to positive news and kudos to Comcast for restoring my faith in them. I rely them as the only provider of high speed in my town, so I need to maintain a long happy relationship with them.

My sympathies and best wishes go out to those of you that have been treated unfairly or have not received a resolution. This squeaky wheel got her grease and that is all I wanted. I think you catch more flies with honey...but not everyone thinks the way I do.

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