Thursday, November 29, 2007

If True, It's Stalinistic!

I found this hidden among the 1100-plus comments we've received to date. It's anonymous, and must be evaluated accordingly, but it also happens to be the third mention to me of a mysterious episode that's said to have occurred on Oct. 19 when Mona Shaw -- the Comcast "Hammer Lady" -- was featured on Good Morning America.

Anonymous said...
I happen to live in the same county as Mona. Talk around town is that last week when Good Morning America was running their piece on Mona, the ABC channel on Comcast mysteriously went dark. I have a long-standing hatred of Comcast, but I must admit that even I didn't think that they would stoop to that level.
October 26, 2007 1:04 PM

One of my other sources on this was Mona Shaw herself, who says she's heard complaints from church friends who told her they'd tried to see the ABC segment but found their screens suddenly going blank. I have had some difficulty running this one down, so I'll simply address the question to Comcast: Did any Northern Virginia subscribers suddenly lose service in the middle of that broadcast?


Mark said...

I find it hard to believe that this was "intentional". I mean, if it was, wouldn't that constitute an FCC violation of the highest order? Intentionally pulling the plug on what would be considered a news-style broadcast? Come on. However, if this is true, and that segment was "blocked", I highly urge every Comcast subscriber who tried to watch it to contact the FCC and file a complaint. That is refusing to provide service, and not permitted.

Anonymous said...

Here is a short rant about how poor Comcast is; when I ordered wireless Internet I was told the local Comcast service office was closed for remodeling so there was no way to get the necessary equipment to start up my Internet service.I had to order it direct from their corporate customer service center. 10 phones call and 5-1/2 weeks later I finally received the equipment, when I was told it would ship in 48 hours. Once received it took litertally an entire day to get it working right, with hours of waiting and talking to their "un-tech" center.

Last night I cancelled the service after having it less than 2 months. Why? I logged onto to see the online score and stat tracker of the Packers vs. Cowboys game and within minutes they shut the service down... no more Internet for the rest of the night. So much for voice of the customer and their petty battle with the NFL is ridiculous.Good by Comcast and just disappear. Fiberoptics will kill them, and they won't be missed!

Spiralize said...

You could probably settle this fairly easily by calling people in the area, introducing briefly why you are calling, and asking them if they recall any problems on ABC at the time. To cover all bases, it would probably be a good idea to confirm that ABC was the only station not available.

FYI, it's not "Stalinistic" for a private company to censor criticism being broadcast. This would be corporate abuse of the media Oligopoly which results when a goverment submits to the demands of a corporation.

Jenni Moyer said...

To be absolutely clear, in no way was there any intentional blocking of ABC or its Good Morning America show on October 19. Some Comcast customers in several states, including Virginia, might have experienced intermittent issues with their video, phone and/or Internet services that morning due to technical issues with a previously scheduled early morning software upgrade. Any suggestion or speculation that we would intentionally block ABC is absolutely ridiculous.

Jenni Moyer

adwarf said...

Well, it COULD have been legitimate. The audio on my service LEGITIMATELY fails for a few seconds about every three minutes on my HD channels. But that's okay, I understand that the bandwidth needs to go to other great programming, like adopting pets on demand.

Pete said...

comcast is just terrible anyways.

i've waited 3 months for them to "rebate" my account for my internet being CONSTANTLY down. comcast has come to my house 10 times, and they do nothing every time, they do the same thing i do to the modem and then they say , ya i'll work in 10 minutes, BYE.

comcast was supposed to comp me 80 dollars for this, and i was supposed to be getting a call from a supervisor to talk about it becuase i was REFUSED a transfer to one TWICE.

its been two months... im still waiting for the call.

John said...

The only way Comcast will listen to our complaints is when they come to affect their bottom line. In the past I have gone out of my way to vote with my dollar, and patron their competition, but sometimes cable is your only option. Keep in mind there is a hidden alternative: "None of the Above."

You don't NEED cable/satellite TV! It's nice to have, of course. I enjoy a few shows that I can't get over the air. But you can get by just fine without TV.

Think of it this way: Dumping Comcast TV service (easily $100/mo) will take $1200 a year out of Comcrap's pockets. If 1000 people do that, Comcast will lose over $1,000,000 dollars in revenue! Imagine if 10K, 100K or a million households did that!

Fabiano said...

Oh, that's absolutely normal. In China.

comcast tech said...
we are frontline workers and maybe we can shed light
on why nothing gets fixed.

Pete said...

It is a typical night in Southwest Florida. Comcast telephone service is out, internet service is down and still cannot receive several HD television stations on their box the reasons for which remain unresolved after 12 phone calls. Welcome to hell--it is called Comcast service land.

Ray M said...

Well, is it true or not? I know this is only blog, but if you're going to rail against a company, let's use some fact instead of sensationalism here. You have other legitimate ammunition - but this blog entry just grasps at straws without hard evidence or at least more witnesses.

Jack said...

I have serious issues with Comcast sending out customer information to third parties. Under the Telecommunications Act of 1984, they are prohibited from doing so upon request. After contacting them and filing a BBB complaint because no agent knew of the Act, I threatened to pull service and file an FCC violation.

Recently, our service for our cable has frozen. Sunday of last week I called Comcast 3 times. It took three times because the first two calls were lost, and the third I was on hold for 35 minutes. After waiting an agent thanked me for calling, oh was I happy then. Our cable box had frozen and by this time still was frozen, with the info menu locked on the screen showing 101 Dalmatians, and the channel on GAC. We could not even change the channel or power off the box so I asked the woman since we could not change the channel if she could for us. She kindly stated she couldn't so I cancelled the services.

Since then I have used Comcast as a media entity to consult in my media management class. Hmm...let's see customer service overhaul, less call waits, less outages, etc. etc. etc.

Want to flip out Comcast? Ask to see their Public File!

BeverlyMasstech...... said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

Clay-Chicago said...

Would this be the same way that Comcast strangely runs "Comcast Newsmakers" (interviews with mayors and officials of insignificant villages and townships in the Chicago area) on CNN over Glenn Beck when ever he takes on sensitive or controversial matters? But strangely when it as a human interest piece (such as hi spiece last night on the Hartman Cancer institute inSalt Lake City, UT) his show isn't preempted by Comcast?

Anonymous said...

Check out the following blog entry which I pasted from comcastworkersfightback.blogspot. (That website is designed by Comcast workers who hate their own company.)

"Impressed!!! said...

Wow...I found this blog after visiting No offense, but after years of experience as a Comcast customer, I'm just shocked that Comcast employees could actually write a blog! I haven't had the good fortune of meeting one who could find their ass with both hands...unless of course a script was provided."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how slow my computer has become .... has 3.0mhz plus all the other stuff on a 2005 Dell desktop. Have done all the usual things to speed it up but it still takes me 6+ minutes just to get into the Comcast Website. Anyone else have this problem????

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mike_dish said...

I definitely have had more than enough problems with Comcast. A very good reason to drop them and go with DISH Network. As a consumer and employee of DISH, I have had the service for a while now and have had no problems since. The customer service is the best I've ever experienced. In fact, DISH Network is rated #1 in customer satisfaction amongst all cable and satellite providers by ACSI.