Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here at Comcast, The Stupid Customer Comes First

This excerpt came in today from an employee fed up with the bashing Comcast is taking on this site:

We honestly do go out of our way to make things better for you and the main thing we are taught is that Customer comes first. So what if you had an installation that didn't go well? So what if you came across a rep who's miserable? You'll find that anywhere you go. Hell, you probably act the same way at work…
God forbid someone forget to leave notes in the account, no ones perfect, but usually we do have everything documented and we'll still give you the benefit of the doubt. You don't know how many times a day I deal with, "if you don't do this or if you don't do that" (as if what we have given you isn't enough) "I'm going somewhere else" Well good, you know what, go and when that company does the same thing I hope you feel stupid when you come running back to use. You all should be ashamed of your selfs.



Nerraux said...

Open response to that Comcast employee...

Dear Sir,

You might have noticed that this site exists not because of isolated incidents, but because it has been a phenomenon shared by people across the country. I could regale you with my own nightmare Comcast experiences in three different cities, but I really have better things to do.

If your office is different, I applaud you for it and hope your goodness infects the whole company. However, don't think you are the norm.

I've worked in customer service before. I know what it's like to deal with jerkoff customers all day that want a ton of crap for free. I also know that if you let the next call be affected by the last, then you need to find a new job, because you are not capable of performing this one. Don't actively screw me when I'm trying to be courteous and ask for help just because you have a burr up your ass or the next time I call I WILL BE THE BURR, and that will be YOUR fault.

I'm not being snippy when I wish you good luck changing the company known all over as having the worst customer service system of any major corporation. I sincerely hope you can make a difference.

PMW said...

If it's imperative to the successful resolution of customers' problems that Comcast Customer Service Reps keep accurate and, dare I say, consistent notes for use by future reps, and if this is not done, then I remain unclear as to why this poster believes it's OK for people not to do their jobs.

How can someone forget to complete a task that is central to their job? More to the point, how can this sort of incompetence be acceptable and expected by an employer?

Questions that will probably never be answered by Comcast I imagine.

Anonymous said...

I love how you dare not post any of the courtious things I've said. You're ignorant and misleading. Way to be a moron, creep. I hope this all blows up in your face. Just goes to show you'll do anything to get your own way. My point is proven. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage employees with less interest in you than they have in their own futures and you seemed surprised. I have seen the best and worst in customer service, but in the end the consumer has the final say. It took me 8 phone calls, a high degree of patience to resolve a simple subscription to Ad Age. The buck was passed, but in the end I spoke with the EDITOR and he actually cares. My advice, don't sit there seething,call the top of the food chain... you just might find someone who has to care. said...

Dear Dissatisfied Comcast Customers:

RETREAT!!! RETREAT!!! Go to Verizon FIOS as soon as you can. You will be much happier with not only the service, but the quality of the products as well!! The marketplace is responding to Comcast in it's very special way- Just look at the plunging stock price.

Anonymous said...

WOW, you really don't get it. The only thing coming out of this web page is that you're offending hard working employees and making employees who read this site angry with innocent customers. My only point really being is that if you were to meet me on the street or if I were to take your phone call you would see that there would be no need to fight me. Here I am, sitting here, getting all defensive, and angry when there is no reason to. The comments that I have made were not to comcast customers. They were made in the defense of the Comcast emploees who would love nothing more than to help you the best they can. I read comments that tell you you should move on or get over it and it makes me proud that some people can be that grown up. Then you allow comments such as "Minimum wage employees with less interest in you than they have in their own futures" and it makes me wonder who the real enemy is here. NEVER would I refuse to help a customer, and yes if they were to even yell or swear at me I would apologize and it's not because "I'm told to" it's because it's the only way I get get personal with someone enough to have them calm down and help me understand their situation. It's a hard job and I'm sorry that over time it wears down people to the point that they take it out on their customers, but that is not all of us. This website is not fair. It fuels the fire and it only gets innocent people involved in your ugly sceme. If you have a major problem and can't seem to get it resolved. I agree, " don't sit there seething,call the top of the food chain" but don't think for once that we don't care. And for your information I'm in college and working full time. Working at Comcast does not mean that I'm any less educated than you. Picking on someone's grammar and typing mistakes only makes you look like a arogant jerk and you wouldn't want someone doing it to you if your were trying to stand up for yourself. I'm sorry if I had offended anyone by this post. I guess I let the frustration of feeling helpless get to me. I don't agree that people should dedicate there time in hating everyone who works for Comcast miserable. We're hard working people just like you trying to make a living. Sorry things can't always go your way. It happens to the best of us. God, it happens to me. Do something constructive with your time. Make a site dedicated to all that positive changes you wish to see with in the company instead of a hate site. seriously, how barbaric does that sound. Believe it or not when you're nice to people you get a lot farther in life. Even if you have to get through to more than one person you WILL find someone who cares.

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Anonymous said...

haha, anyway p.s. I don't even work for Comcast. SURPRISE! ;)

...Guess I'm just as bored as you. Haha. You're lame.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is now using hacker techniques againt their own customers. Check out thi article.

Anonymous said...

What they are really saying...

We honestly do go out of our way to make things better for you and the main thing we are taught is that Customer comes first.

(That being said let me expose my own go-f-yourself attitude)

So what if you had an installation that didn't go well?

(Even if you had to miss a day's work waiting for us to show up at the last second of our appointment timeframe)

So what if you came across a rep who's miserable? You'll find that anywhere you go.

(Or at least we hope your world sucks that much so we don't look so bad)

Hell, you probably act the same way at work…

(OK we know you don't or you wouldn't have a job for long. But maybe if you were a monopoly you would)...

You don't know how many times a day I deal with, "if you don't do this or if you don't do that" (as if what we have given you isn't enough)

(Like the $200 or more you pay us every month gives you the right to expect something in return)

"I'm going somewhere else" Well good, you know what, go and when that company does the same thing I hope you feel stupid when you come running back to us.

(of course we'll all be laid off when the exodus happens but I still have my McDonalds uniform in the closet)

You all should be ashamed of your selfs. (for putting up with this crap)

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the amount of time , effortand print pages spent on this "Rant". The power of a pissed off consumer, with access to a major publication, is frightening. Bob is in need of therapy. Take a break and go back to writing something that is relevant to advertising. Follow the advice of one of the bloggers and create a positive experience out of this. Or get a life!

binarygoon said...

The Comcast employee's grammar is atrocious. That alone is enough to convince me that he/she is an idiot.

Anyone who chooses to rant in a public forum and can't be bothered with such minute details as the proper form of the word self (selVEs) cannot be taken seriously. End of story.

binarygoon said...

The Comcast employee's grammar is atrocious. That alone is enough to convince me that he/she is an idiot.

Anyone who chooses to rant in a public forum and can't be bothered with such minute details as the proper form of the word self (selVEs) cannot be taken seriously. End of story.

binarygoon said...

The Comcast employee's grammar is atrocious. That alone is enough to convince me that he/she is an idiot.

Anyone who chooses to rant in a public forum and can't be bothered with minute grammatical details, such as the proper form of the word self (it's selVEs), does not deserve to be taken seriously. End of story.

Anonymous said...

FCC may impose a limit on Comcast

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe when I hear Comcast employees saying that they really do care about their customers. A few days ago I called to complain about the fact that they bill a month in advance when they can't even provide service for the month we're currently in (long story involving three days of waiting and no shows). I asked the customer service representative why I should have to pay for bad customer service. His response? "You don't pay for customer service, you pay for cable". And a new slogan was born.

Paul's Blog said...

I am now in my second day of waiting for a Comcast representative to call me back. A few weeks ago I ordered the "Comcast Triple Play," to add digital voice to my cable modem and cable TV. Well, the installation tech showed up on time, but he did not have an HD box. He told me that I could go to the local paycenter center and get a new box. I called Comcast the next morning and the customer service rep confirmed what the tech told me. I drove to the payment center, only to be told that they were out of HD boxes. I was told that someone would call me when the next shipment of HD boxes show up. I drove home and called Comcast to complain and I was told my Jane at a call center (734-667-1003 x2107) who was very apologetic (aren't they always?) and she said that she would have an HD box shipped to me and that it would be here in two days, or by 29 November. Yesterday, I had a voice mail from COmcast telling me that the credit card used to pay our bill for literally years was no longer valid, so I needed to call them. I called Comcast and spoke to Lorraine (734-667-1002 x2164) and she, too was apologetic, but she said that they are unable to speak directly with the billing department, that they could only e-mail them. Comcast screwed up and dropped my credit card billing as two other recurring payees (Verizon and my electric company) billed my credit card this month w/o a problem. Lorraine once again apologized and told me how sorry she was and she told me that a supervisor would call me within 60 minutes. That was almost 27 hours ago and I have yet to hear from anybody. Also, today came and went and no HDTV box was delivered to my house.

I called Comcast at the 24 hour point to ask about the status of a supervisor calling me and the status of my HDTV box. I spoke to some moron named Joshua (again at 734-667-1002) and he, to apologized and told me that he did not know that Comcast shipped HDTV boxes and he could give me know status of the shipment of the box. He acknowledged what Lorraine had told me and he said that he did not know why a supervisor had not called me back. He said that he would escalate the issue and request that a supervisor call me. He said that I should receive a call from a supervisor "within 2 hours." That call ended almost three hours ago and nobody from Comcast has called me.

If Comcast were not a monopoly here, they would be out of business in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

haha my girl had comcast and when her cable was cuting out for more then 2 weeks they said they would credit her account but guess what.... her intro period ended and the bill was less $3.00 wow thanks guys.. if its available in your area switch to WOW most probs with your cables clarity can be fixed over the phone no waiting 3 days for rep to come out when its good for them.

Paul's Blog said...

Apparently, this blog is monitored by Comcast executives. About an hour after I posted on this site, I received the following e-mail:

From: Eliason, Frank>
Date: Nov 29, 2007 10:05 PM
Subject: Comcast Blog
To: Paul Kratochwill

Mr. Kratochwill,
On behalf of Comcast, I would like to apologize for all the difficulty you have experienced. I have asked our Michigan team to reach out to you tomorrow, and make sure all of your concerns are addressed fully.

If you need my assistance, please let me know! By the way, Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being a Comcast Subscriber!

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices
1500 Market St. 28th Fl West
Philadelphia, PA 19102

I will let everyone know when I hear back from Comcast.

Anonymous said... won't hear back from them.

Anonymous said...

Dear ignorant Comcast Employee:

Good enough isn't good enough.

Paul's Blog said...

I am happy to report that this morning I received two phone calls from Jill and Judy, who work at the local Comcast office, to get a tech to my house to install an HD box, as well as to tell me what happened with my billing issue. Well, it took about 2 hours and 2 HD boxes, but I am now HD capable. I also spoke with Mr. Frank Eliason regarding the hassles I experienced the past few days. He was contrite and expressed his regret for what happened to me. He said that Comcast wanted feedback from me whenever bad things happen. Thanks to this website, my problems were identified and quickly resolved. I hope that this site can help others with their problems with Comcast.

Anonymous said...

if wide open west is available in your area sign up your bill wont go up for 2 years and youll pay less for the HD package then you will for comcast basic with and have better customer support, technology, and over all good feeling.

Anonymous said...

as a comcast employee i do empathize with customers, it is understandable that there are many connectivity issues that customers deal with. The call center employees are not miserable, all they ask is for some level of respect and dignity when you call in to explain the issues with service. Granted there are issues and there always resolutions , being mean , childish and arrogant will just make an agent reduce the effort he/she will put into tring to solve your situation.
The company is large and the executives dont care about your account you are paying for as compared to the masses recieving services. The threats , yeallng does nto help you at all. Oh and by the way , good luck while trying to get a supervisor or an executive, even the employrees themselves cannot find answers from this shady bunch of gray suits.

Shorty said...

I am so glad I found this website--seriously, comcast has the WORST service ever!! I only switched because a friend of mine became an employee there, told me how great ON DEMAND was,etc. Well, needless to saythe past 4 months I have called comcast at least 2 dozen times...First because they screwed actual nails into my siding, which I literally had a huge black cable going form ny back of the house around to the side OVER my side door, back down my side door and a huge drill hole to where my computer sat. My husband, a carpenter, was outraged at how this even made our house look-Well, it took about 5 weeks and 7 different service dates to finally get that situation closed. (they literally filled the holes in with caulk) Anyways, it is Decemeber 3, and I have now scheduled 3 different service requests since before Thanksgiving. My picture is pixelated-anything I watch-I haven't watched TV in 3 weeks, and I refuse to pay for my TV. Again, today a call was made assuring me they "really wanted to help me out" and "not lose me as a customer" and such. I'm not mad at the guy on the other end of the phone, I'm mad that these technicians they send out don't do shit.In fact, last Thursday 2 gentleman showed up, were basically pissed because I didn;t have the NFL network for them to watch the Greenbay Game, and yes-I'm back calling because they didn;t want to do their job. Well, I've about had it-I'm either going back to Direct TV or using WOW-

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Stupid Customer is about 14th in line with comcast. I've given up trying to send email to my mother that is on comcast. They continually block it and respond saying that I have to fill out a form to send her email. Why? According to them, my email server is on a dynamic ip address. Hmm, its been the same static address since I setup the server 6.5 years ago. Have they ever responded to the form I have sent out? Of course not. When I call, they say that won't do anything. will they give me contact info for their ISP services? No. My company is currently shopping for a new ISP. I refused to shop Comcast ISP services for us. Are we a big company? No, we need 10 megabits/sec into our office here. It is obvious that their customer service is horrible.

Comcast, you need to get your own house in order. If Comcast had to compete in the open market, I doubt that they would get a large number of new customers.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Mass. Please find another provider. Nothing but labor issues here along with very poor working condition. We have 12 to 14 jobs per day along with upgrades. They make us charge all our customers if we don't charge enough we get yelled at.

Scoob said...

This site frustrates me. Every company has problems! It is just human nature. If anyone has acheived perfection, please let me know. My dad has worked for Comcast for over 20 years now. I watch him on mandatory overtime, and on-call go out at all hours of the night, and sometimes work all night after working all day. The comments regarding minimum wage are of complete ignorance. Comcast employees are very well paid...starting from the installation techs up to my dad's position. I understand that it can get frustrating dealing with problems, but why isn't there a "mustdie" site for every other company in the world?? You people will never be satisfied, will you?? My dad works his butt off! Yes, it's his job, but he goes above and beyond. Everyone just wants, wants, wants, well I hate to be the one to break it to you all, but sometimes things take trial and error to perfect. I know you probably think I am getting defensive because my father is employed at Comcast, but it is more than that. I am so sick of people complaining about EVERYTHING. Fine, if it is THAT BAD, go somewhere else. Because there are plenty of satisfied customers. Comcast will not sink without you. Sometimes there are people out there that you cannot please, not matter what. They even give free movies with On Demand...I just truly believe that people are getting increasingly selfish in this day and age. Considering that NO ONE in this world is perfect, how can you expect any company made up of imperfect employees to be absolutely perfect??? All I am asking is for people to be a bit more open-minded. My dad is out in the freezing weather fixing YOUR cable before you even realize that it has gone you are sleeping in your warm bed. Again, yes, it is his job, and yes, he makes very good money...but you know what...don't take out your isolated bad experiences on everyone. I have had poor customer service at many restaurants, banks, etc., but I don't set out to ruin the company's reputation, or waste my time degrading them. I am a human being, and I realize that a handful of individual's actions cannot be a fair representation of an entire company. Just be fair. My go to all the work to construct a "Comcastmustdie" all must be absolutely perfect! And I guarantee there are quite a few of you that are complaining that are stealing cable just think about that. I am just so fed up with this world, with the people in it. This is a very minute example of why the world is the way it is. You all focus on the wrong things. Put your energy into something helping children in need. Wasting your time trying to deface Comcast because of a few poor's life people. You will have that everywhere you go. I am just disgusted. Absolutely disguested. And I'm sure I will receive numerous rude responses...because just like politics, rather than hear me out and listen to what I have to're always going to be right and that is all that matters. What a waste of time. And these are the people we have setting an example in our world today. I'm only 25 and sometimes I feel like I could scream. Grow up everyone. Please.

TLC said...

First, thank you for this site. I know that everyone is very upset by some experience related to bad or no service. That's way there is so much traffic here. To the employees defending Comcast, I salute you. You are a professional and it is good to see that you are hanging in there under some very stressful situations. I too work for a media company in sales. Believe me when I say, I work hard to provide my customers the very best service that is available through my company. When I cannot deliver this, I take responsibility for myself and my company. The hard cold facts are that if a customer comes to you for solutions to their needs, your company charges for those solutions and services. There is no bargain to be made. Prices are set in stone. The customer must pay for the services they expect. The problem lies in the breached contract between the company's agreement for expected services and the customer. The customer pays his/her bill every month without question as long as service is provided as promised. There lies and trusting customer/service provider relationship. So far, Comcast is destroying their customers trust and therefore, customers feel betrayed. Prolonging resolutions creates frustration for the customers. Since they are the ones who pay to keep you, your co-workers, your supervisors and your CEO in business so that you can have a paycheck, customers’ requests for prompt service, solutions to problems and yes, follow- up calls are not an unreasonable request from customers.

I too have experienced some outlandish problems. I continue to have issues with Comcast. Here's one I haven't seen yet: In September I paid my bill on line as usual. In October I didn't get a bill and didn't notice it. In November I got my bill, paid it and a few days later, notice that the same amount was deducted from my checking account twice within 5 days. I researched and found that Comcast had taken an auto payment from my account which had not been authorized by my husband or my self. After more research, I found that they did the same thing in September and that is way I did not have a bill in October. My husband called Comcast and after 30 minutes of refusal to help, he ended the call and we went to our bank to stop the second payment and to block the auto pay from happening again. That day, we received an email stating that we were removed from the automatic payment. A few days ago, I received my bill for December. They decided to charge me an NSF of $15 because we took our money back. I called Comcast and explained what happened very patiently. The employee said for me to take all my paperwork to the local office to straighten up. Until this point, I had been very calm. I responded by asking why I needed to waste my time and gas to go to the local office. They had nothing to do with any of this mess. Besides, she had all the same records I had right in front of her on the computer. She insisted that she could not help me so I asked for a supervisor. She responded by saying that wouldn't do any good because they would just tell me the same thing. I insisted on talking to a supervisor again. She put me on hold and a few minutes later, she let me know that a credit would be issued for the $15 and the bill would be corrected. I explained to her that I was not upset with her. I know that she was trained to handle the call as she did. I do believe that Comcast needs to rethink their strategies in handling customer solutions (not problems) it’s the mindset and attitude that's the secret.

At the same time that all of this was going on, we were having massive outages with broadband. I called to report the problem and was routed to TN. They were very rude and said that they didn't know when the problems would be fixed. Sorry. That was it. I just dropped the issue for a while. Our community is up in arms about the poor service and many are switching their service to other providers. In fact, I found out about this site from an article in today's newspaper entiltled, "Comcast takes their whacks in customer service".

Last night, I experienced another outage and called. Again I was routed to another state. I found someone who not only listened but was very interested in what I had to say. We stayed on the phone for about 20 minutes and the tech couldn't have been nicer. He found some things he didn't even understand himself. Still he tried his best to find solutions to my issues. I expressed to him what was going on in our community and how others have been demanding credit because of the chronic outages. I explained that I have not requested this so far but was getting close because it has gotten out of hand and I'm still paying my full amount. The tech volunteered to give me a month's credit. WOW! Now that was great service. I was very impressed. I wish I had his info so I could let Comcast know what excellent service I received by a patient and caring tech who took pride in how they conducted themselves. That was a real pleasure.

I know this is long but so important. The moral is either follow- up with your customers and take care of that relationship or get out of the business. There ARE other choices out there and people will not volunteer hard earned money as charity to a multi-million corp. without something in return. This kind of service will destroy Comcast. Thanks for letting me express my experiences and opinions to others who feel the same frustration. All any of us want is good service.

Anonymous said...

I might actually believe that Comcast cares as they say they do if they would FIX MY BILL! I have been calling them every month since July when they double billed me. Each time I call, the representative tells me they will remove the charge from my bill, but it never happens--shocker! Do they think I'm stupid enough to pay double just because it's on my bill? How dare they ask me for more money when they take channels away, such as the TV guide channel, and already charge an arm and a leg for basic cable.

It's time we got some competition in the area. Maybe then customer service and prices would improve. Just a thought.

Jason B Bour said...

I have had several problems myself with Comcast. One of the problems was my wife switched to Comcast from Satellite, and when Cable came out they only spliced into the Satellite line. It took them coming out three more times to get it in right, and then they tried to charge me for a missed appointment.

The appointment time in question was between the hours of 12 PM- 4 PM. I had to leave work at 11:30 in order to sit around and wait for 4 hours. I had on the work order to call before coming out, and my cell number, so at 3:30 I still have not gotten a call or visit. Knowing the call center will hit peak calls soon I went ahead and called to check on the tech, and was told the tech came at 11:30 AM and I was going to be charged for a missed appointment. I told her my appointment was at 12 - 4, and on my clock 11:30 does not fall between those times, and I pointed out the tech was suppose to call when he was on his way. She told me that techs can get to a job earlier than expected, and if I am not there they mark it down as a missed appointment and move on, and they are not required to call the customer. She told me that I would have to reschedule for next week, and I will be charged a service call since I missed my appointment.

Long story short, I let the military instructor come out in me and chewed her out like a new recruit and told her she better have someone there in 30 mins. When she started in saying she cannot do that I get even more irate and told her I do not care what she cannot do, and before she tells a customer no she better call her supervisor, and then I asked for her supervisor. She told me customers cannot talk to supervisors and I told her to get one on the line, and she might want to start cleaning out her desk while I am on the phone with her. She hung up on me, and the phone rung a few minutes later with a supervisor who ever heard the statement that customers cannot talk to supervisor and his first comment was that employee is being dealt with before even asking me what happened. After I gave him my side of the story a tech was at my door in 30 mins apologizing for the previous tech. The supervisor called the next day to make sure the job got done and credit my bill for a month of service.

That is the story that sticks in my mind the most, but I have had other problems with customer service as well.

BeverlyMassTech said...

please read and see how they treat there workers in Beverly Mass. No lunches No breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day you wonder why nothing can get fixed

BeverlyMassTech said...
we are frontline workers and maybe we can shed light
on why nothing gets fixed.

Please give a post here to

Comcast Free At Last said...

I just read about this site and have to add my own horror story to the mix.

Last April, we received a notice from Comcast that our park's manager had refused to let high-speed Internet service in the park any longer. Upset, we called the manager and Comcast several times.

When we finally got to the bottom of the issue, Comcast had decided that after years of serving us, they suddenly needed an EXCLUSIVE contract with the park in order to provide us with the Internet.

Not wanting to regulate which companies residents could and could not have, the park refused to sign the contract.

Comcast's response, "Find another provider."

So, we called AT&T and switched. Comcast came and picked up their box and we thought all was fine.

However, every month we received a bill for the High-speed Internet.

Every month we called, reminded them that they wouldn't allow us to have it anymore and that they had picked it up.

Every month, the CSR was polite, apologetic and told me it would be fixed.

Then, I started receiving collection calls at work for my unpaid cable bill (we were only paying for the TV).

I explained it to them again and again. Each time I was put on hold, switched to a CSR who apologized and said it was being taken care of and not to worry.

Then, the collection agent showed up at my door. I went through the same thing again. This time, however, I was told the balance was too large for anyone to take off. It had to go through a manager.

Of course, none were available, but this person promised they would get with one and take care of it and that someone would call me back. They never did.

By this time, it was October and they turned off my cable.

When I called again, the person I spoke to with was wonderful. She couldn't believe that many people had messed up and she called me back three times so I wouldn't have to wait on hold and took care of the bill.

About the same time, we received a digital cable box in the mail. When we called to find out why it suddenly showed up, we were told they were getting rid of the analog cable at the end of October and that we were being forced to switch -- and rent 4 boxes at $5 each per month.

The end of October came and nothing happened.

But, we decided to try out the digital anyhow on one TV. We hooked it up and waited and didn't have the wonderful On Demand services they promised.

We called and after an hour on the phone were told to wait 72 hours and it would work.

We went through this scenario THREE times on and were told the same thing each time.

Finally, we got someone who tried to be helpful. She decided we needed a technician to visit.

We got up early on the next Saturday, cleaned the house and got ready for the cable guy.

When he was supposed to show up, we received a phone call telling us that it didn't work because that service was NOT OFFERED in our area!

Livid to be paying for something not even available and to have wasted so many hours on the phone trying to fix it, I called to complain.

I was told the date had been pushed back and that the new time for switching to digital would be Nov. 15. (Mind you, they were still charging me for the extra equipment during this time). And that all of the other people we spoke with couldn't be expected to know that we didn't have that service in our area. (I thought that was their job, but who am I???)

Unwilling to deal with anymore lies from the company, I decided to go to a dish. He told me he couldn't cancel my cable and put me on hold for about 15 minutes before I gave up and hung up.

When I called back to cancel, I was put on hold for 30 minutes before anyone answered the phone. Then I was told that I had to personally return the box to their office before they would stop billing me.

I told them the nearest office was an hour away, that I hadn't asked for it and asked if I could mail it back -- which is how it got to me in the first place.

She offered to send someone out. I agreed until she told me the ONLY appointments available were 12 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

I told her I wasn't going to take off work and she told me she wasn't going to stop billing me. I even offered to leave the box on the porch, but that wasn't acceptable to her either.

I asked for her supervisor who was very nice and found someone to come out on Saturday morning.

So, while I am glad to be away from Comcast, I miss my local Weather Channel and I would really like the 3 or 4 days of my life that was wasted on the phone and waiting for appointments with these people!

I wonder how long they will continue to bill me for the cable? Do you think I can sue them for undo stress and harassment?

Anonymous said...

I am very happy with my Direct TV I signed up with after you didn't show up to install my service. You even went as far as to tell me you would be late and ask me to wait around for 4 more hours so you could come by. I waited 4+ hours then got another call, and it was just too late to install on this day. You suck Comcast. I am very happy with my Direct TV.

comcastwantsyourcash said...

please help us I am a Comcast worker In Beverly Mass.
They treat us just as bad as they treat you. No lunches
no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day. You wonder why nothing gets done. They yell at us when we don't charge the customer. It is now a metric of ours to charge you the customer. We have so many goals now
I don't think fixing it is one of them any more. Please
visit our site and give a comment.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I've had few problems with Comcast since I subscribed 10 years ago. But... I have minimal cable service (simply because I don't watch that much TV and it galls me to have to PAY to watch the televsion) and high speed internet. What DOES bother me is that there is no incentive for loyal customers to stay with Conmcast except the lack of competitors. In my area of Northern Califonornia, it's Comcast, AT&T (which I LOATHE) or satellite.
Anyway, all the great deals go to NEW customers. Why not reward the loyal customers with reduced rates or free services after 12 months or so? Better than holding us hostage. And don't advertise that you're the best provider when you're the ONLY provider.

Finally Over said...

I was told by a Comcast non-customer service rep that if they place your call on hold it counts "against them" so they mute your call instead. Comcast employees listen up. When you mute the call I can sometimes still hear you....not very good customer service. Why does Comcast have such policies or is this a lie like all the other lies I was told? I can only speak for myself when I say that my service with Comcast sucked (Atlanta area). Since switching to DirecTV I have had no issues, no complaints, no lies, and when I call them they are more than accomodating and guess what....they have always done what they said they are going to do and they have done it on time.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I hate Comcast more than words could possibly describe. My cable is out right now which is how I found your blog..

Also, they need to tell their service guys to SLOW DOWN in residential neighborhoods..

hurry up and die you pathetic monopoly.. YOU SUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amusing how the angry Comcast rep can't spell??

lmtfa001 said...

I signed up for Comcast's Triple Play package several months ago. On the day it was installed the TV signal would crap out two or three times AN HOUR. When I called Comcast the same day they told me I may be billed $30+ for a technician to come back. I told them if they were going to bill me then the technician may as well take the box with him, as I would cancel the service. I subsequently had two appointments and neither time did the technician show up. I finally cancelled the service. I get my phone and internet through Clearwire and I am very pleased with the service. Once my lease is up I will move to an apartment where I can get DirecTV. I had DirecTV for several years before moving here and loved the service.

I cannot completely blame the customer service representatives. They do not call the shots, they are merely the mouthpiece and they are trained to try to BS you into thinking the company cares.

Comcast is nothing more than a government sanctioned criminal racketeering organization. If you live in Tennessee it is important that you contact your state legislators and ask them to support SB1933/HB1421, which would help to end the Comcast monopoly over cable service in the state.

HADENOUGH2 said...

beverlymasstech...... said...
I am a comcast worker find out why nothing gets fixed. They are the worst company in the world to work for. No lunches no breaks 12 to 14 jobs a day.
WE also get REPRIMANDED if we don't charge the customer.
Please visit

Anonymous said...

So many times I here Comcast employees say they go out of their way to make the customer happy. They need a reality check. Keep in mind that some do a good job but many of them don't. There are a multitude of trouble tickets where other techs have to fix or complete the work that an inhouse (Comcast) tech has not done. There is a very large number of irate customers because of the number of repeat visits by techs for work not completed. Also the cable system in Northern Virginia especially Loudoun County is an old and failing system.

Jack said...

Yes I may be a stupid Comcast customer, but I do know that under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there are certain guidelines Comcast should follow but do not. Well as soon as I become FCC chairman I will ensure your company follows all regulations imposed by the FCC. Don't like it? Go to Mexico.

Newenglandcomcastworker said...

it all goes back to not enough time
and to many jobs. this company only care about the roberts. The poor guys only make 30 million. Some techs only make 14.per hr.

Just go to

IsComcastthreatening Me? said...

Do they hold a weapon to your head at Comcast and make you write these unbelievable comments?

Please. The fact is that Comcast has very poor customer service and it is getting worse. I have never in my life heard of a company charging people for the right to come to a local business office to pay their bill. Comcast is expecting people to fork over $2.95 for an in person transaction and any of you brainwashed naddering nabobs would call this customer service?

And then I am reading threats from Comcast employees to take their ire out on customers becasue this blog exists? Seriously, if their is a member of the legislature, congress or an aid of a member, you need to pay attention when so called employees of this company threaten wreaking havoc on customers.

How incredibally low of an entity.

GeekTechBoy said...

I work as a technician for comcast as a subcontractor. I have only been at this job for a few months. The training we get is poor.The company I sub for is always putting too many jobs on my route. If you wonder why were late, this is often the case. Sometimes a 1 hour job will take 3 or 4 hours. We try to fix the problem no matter what. Some techs will just tell you some B.S. to get out the door. We get paid by the job so if it's a mess it's not worth taking the time to do it right. If you take too long(to do it right) the Boss will be screaming at you on the radio and your losing money. If you don't do a job you don't get a penny, even if it's because the customer isn't home.I've been working 12 to 14 hour days. We can't cancel jobs and have to show up, even if were late we have to call the customer and we still lose "points" for being late. If no one is home we have to call in a description of the house and dispatch will try to call the customer. Sometimes I'll go on a job and 3 or 4 techs have already been there and told the customer some story why the job can't be done. Or they will call your phone(hoping it won't work) then drive by and get a description of the house to get out of a job.When dispatch calls they can't reach you-Job canceled. For those of you having a tech come out here's my advice: have a working phone so you can be reached. If it's a CDV job then leave a BIG note telling us how to find your apartment. Or LOOK for us, we are required to come by your house or apartment and call in a description. If you cancel or have service switched/move TURN IN YOUR BOXES AND MODEMS.They send us out with new boxes even if you move. They will charge you any boxes you have or don't turn in. I had modems and boxes stolen from my truck and they take it out of my check.All in all I don't think Comcast is a bad company. Most techs try to do things right. There are a few bad apples so it's a crap shoot who shows up. If you want your service fixed please be home. Subcontractors don't get a dime if the job isn't completed.

Anonymous said...

Check out the following blog entry which I pasted from comcastworkersfightback.blogspot. (That website is designed by Comcast workers who hate their own company.)

"Impressed!!! said...

Wow...I found this blog after visiting No offense, but after years of experience as a Comcast customer, I'm just shocked that Comcast employees could actually write a blog! I haven't had the good fortune of meeting one who could find their ass with both hands...unless of course a script was provided."

Anonymous said...

I found excerpt from the employee's statement interesting: "as if what we've given you wasn't enough.." Given us? I get a bill every month so I'm pretty sure Comcast hasn't "given" me anything.

Anonymous said...

Well I am reasonably happy w/ Comcast on the whole. BUT that's due to an anomaly. I've just started w/ them so I'm under a bunch of promos and so have a very reasonable monthly bill for like 6 months. And I ugpraded after my initial install to a dvr, and there is a promo running now - 12 months for free, with the HD box. Better still, it seems to be unlocked - I'm getting ALL the standard movie stations now for free! Sweet.

BUT - when I first got the service, it was a super big pain to get it installed. My phone # is in a different area of the same state in which I live, so their system ALWAYS routes me to "the wrong office", and apparently I can only talk to the "proper office for me".

This does suck - there should be ONE CALL CENTER for any given state. So, I always get routed to the wrong group up front. And then when they transfer me, they screw that up 4 out of 5 times - and the next group does the same. And round robin I go ... again. And the "direct" # they provide me for my area of course still sends me to the wrong folks. From my standpoint this is truly the big problem w/ Comcast - that to get to the right group is absolute hell. It is inexcusable. I could understand if I had a California phone # that I'd get routed incorrectly but my # was merely in a different area of the same state.

The Comcast execs need to do ONE (it's enough) call in a month, as a standard customer to judge the quality of customer service, understand where things are broken so they can get fixed.

It's much easier to get it right the first time, and is more profitable for them also. So, it's also dumb for their management to allow this crap to continue - it hurts their bottom line, especially if their year-end bonuses relate to their revenue and profit. I used to work for ATT and IBM - they KNOW how to do customer service right, and minimize the time (and # of agents) to get the job done.

My initial install had issues (the box hadn't been cleared out from the last place it was at and had to be replaced - my installer was a moron - he spent like 2 hours here and still didn't figure that out, even with someone on the phone w/ him for an hour. He's the first service guy that I haven't tipped in years - he certainly didn't earn one.

He also totally lied about making it to my appointment on-time - in theory I missed him by 3 min the first install date (by the time that HE wrote on the slip on my door). I live way at the end of a long one way road at the back of a complex - there is no way that he could have made it out of there in those few minutes before I entered the one way. He was certainly just there early, and just marked the sheet for his convenience and bailed. All he had to do was call me - my mobile # was right on the form that he had. And then I would have gotten an install the first time and he would have gotten a nice $20 tip.

When I finally did get someone in tech support that guy knew what he was doing, and figured it out in like 5 min. And, he hooked me up w/ a special 6 month promo for my high speed. Nice. He also told me, "when your promos runs out - call back in and find out what the new promos are, and you should be able to get one". Sweet.

So I'm happy now with the end result but not the process.

The Comcast Execs need to spend some time in the trenches, identify the gaps, and get them fixed. It's not rocket science - just good procedure and it's good business for them to have good customer service.

Anonymous said...

We can't go somewhere else...we tried.

Anonymous said...

No, not: (sigh).

The most relevant response is:


E,L,M said...

imagine going to work each day for this company. its like having Enron on your resume.

Anonymous said...

I am a comcast employee i just started a few weeks ago. ive worked in other customer service jobs and most are pretty the same. im not gonna try and say its "think customer first" or anything along those lines lets face it like most businesses they want your money but the fault doesn't lie completely on the phone reps. or the tech guys. Blaming them for issues they can do nothing about isn't fair, alot of issues that arise your average rep can't change. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that everyone who works for Comcast is a genius but that doesn't mean we are all morons who believe the rhetoric either. i guess all im trying to say is yea there are problems but u show me a large company that doesnt. Also for all of you who will jump on that statement it is not an excuse and theres no reason for the people who don't, at least, try to help and supervisors who don't know whats going on, no service for extended amounts of time, or any other problem you may have, but chances are the man/woman you speak to on the phone or in the service center isn't to blame and to lump the people who are actually trying to put you first is wrong and unfair.

Anonymous said...

Dear ignorant Comcast Customer:

Good enough is good enough.

Anonymous said...

All you have to ask yourself is this:

If cable had real competition, would you be using comcast over another cable company?

Just imagine if you had choices in cable companies...not just one local cable company vs. satellite. Comcast would not be in business for much longer in my scenario...I am with them out of mere necessity, as I presume most of you are.

So Fed UP said...

I actually came by this website while looking for a solution to my Comcast problem. Everytime I pay my incredible 300 and some odd dollars Comcast bill I swear within two weeks I have another one. I noticed the problem last year when I switched to the triple play. I switched just before a new month began and I thought the bill seemd pretty high. I went down to the local office and received nothing but rudeness. They wouldnt even listen to my questions of how or why my bill was so high. They just kept telling me that it was right. I than called them time and time again and they never can tell me anything, just that its right. I do have any other cable providers in my area so I am forced to stay with them. I think I will file a report with the BBB demanding some answers. I have talked to probably over 100 customer service reps and gotten not one sincere one that acutally cares about the customer. Isolated incident? I think not. I can not wait for a another cable come to come to the area!!!

Anonymous said...

I am Sorry, for Comcast, that is.I get a different service rep. each time I call. One tells me one thing, and the other tells me another. Just today, my internet went out again.(AGAIN) That makes 3 times in a month.and they always walk me through the same steps. Even if I tell them I have already done that! How LAME. and when I do as they ask.(AGAIN) and it still doesn't work, they say. "give it an hour and check it again". I bet if I was a business, losing money foe every min it was down, they would do a better job of finding the problem.. SO Screw COMCAST! Sadly, I still have comcast :-( Singned : King-ryu

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knally said...

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Anonymous said...

Comcast . . . like any/many ISP companies have external and internal issues.

The company is not perfect . . . and neither are their competitors.

100% of the problem is not solely on Comcast, but . . . their dumbass customers . . . such as . . . the majority of their fucking customers should not even be allowed to use a computer.

When a customer signs up for service with any ISP . . . read the fucking terms of service. The ISP is not responsible to fix your piece of shit computer or teach you how to use your computer or teach you how to use the fucking internet.

No ISP bends over backwards for dumbass retarded customers with an absolute fucking sense of entitlement. Don't like it? Then be a problem to another ISP.

The internet is like a highway. If traffic/travels flows smoothly with no apparent problems within the highway itself, then all is well.

ISP customers with their network set up, PCs, etc. are vehicles on the highway. If your network, PC, set up is operating smoothly and you're flowing fine through the highway, then all is well (i.e. your service is working fine).

If there is construction, detours, delays within the highway, then granted . . . it's an ISP issue. DUH!

However . . . if your "car" can't keep up with flow of traffic because your "car" is experiencing mechanical/service problems and you're too fucking ignorant and stupid to realize it . . . then how in hell is it the ISP's problem?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dissatisfied Comcast Customers,

I am seeing this post for the first time and thought of commenting to help... well, hopefully!

"RETREAT!!! RETREAT!!! Go to Verizon FIOS as soon as you can." <--- This line really got to me... very funny... as Verizon can't be better when they do the same thing have customer service reps that are only human much like Comcast...

If only the customers cared enough to give good ratings when calling in if they were helped or the customer service rep was nice while you were crazily ranting...

If only, the customer realized that there is more things going on in a customer service rep job... ummm, I have a suggestion for all the negative customers out there that are hating on Comcast, Verizon... etc... umm, take a customer service rep position... and work in their shoes and see what all the behind the scenes they have to do for the company to be able to "Think Customer First", ok! And if not, then stop complaining or at least complain to your friends and then... wait for it... breathe... and then... LET IT GO! Goodness... sometimes you think like little kids in elementary... just learn to let things go.

And if you are wondering if I work for any of these companies then I will tell you this... work for them yourselves... trust me... don't trust me... but believe this... you will go through the tunnel and see for yourself first hand of what it is really like. And just maybe come away with some good friends and a new persepective. Ok? Thanks for reading. Don't forget, "Think Customer First"... and believe me they do not purposely mess your account up... sometimes it REALLY does just happen... I am sure you are not perfect ALL the time... and if you are can you tell me your fake secret? :) But, seriously they would not, could not, mess you guys up on purpose it is not in them... so go and work for them and see what I mean for YOURSELVES... ok?

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Dear Customers,

Having worked for Comcast for going on 5 years as a service tech I can assure you that EVERY single one of you are being screwed. In the nearly 5 years of employment with the company, I have worked under 7 Tech Ops Supervisors, and 3 Tech Ops Managers. Every single one of them have the exact same attitude. Brainwash the employees that we are the absolute best company to work for, and intimidate them so that on a daily basis, it could be their last day of employment if they do not follow every and any task or expectation. First off let me start by saying, to be hired on as a service tech, you can have zero experience or understanding of low voltage and RF, not a type of person to work with your hands, but as long as you willing to go through their 8 week training course, (brainwashing camp) then your the PERFECT candidate. They make it a point to hire the bottom of the barrel, hard on their luck, poor/broke male. The reason I am explaing this to you is so you have an understanding of the type of workforce we have. The reason they hire people of this caliber, is people like this are easy to control. This will be the highest paying job they will most likely ever have in their lives.

Anonymous said...


I literally had to lie to get hired in because I was making too much money in the work I did prior to this. I was asked repeatedly by the recruitment dept if the number of $74,000 I had listed of my yearly earnings at my prior job was correct. I finally said it was incorrect and said I meant to put $24,000, and after that never heard another word about it.
So back to my point, our company tagets the low income, non qualified men to hire. Those are the ones that they have the most control over. That being said, the turnover rate in my position is a shade under two years...under TWO YEARS! If you have more than three years as a tech, you are considered a "senior tech"! Wait a minute, if you go to any local traditional phone company work center, the average time techs have with their company is roughly 15-20 years, your lucky to find ONE tech with less than 5 years. That is because they treat them fair and pay them well enough to make a career of it, and that genuinely directly reflects in their craftmanship and work ethics. At any given Comcast shop, you are LUCKY to find more then a handful out of maybe 100+ techs that have over 5 years with the company. The way we are treated is absolutely horrible, not to mention the ridiculously low pay. So what do you expect to get customer service wise. When you have a company that doesnt want an employee to stay more than two years, that means EVERYBODY is a new tech. How do you expect to maintain a Hybrid Fiber-Coax network when everyone is still learning how to execute their job duties? And just as you come close to 2 years in your position, and are just getting a really good understanding of the theories of RF, you are let go, fired, or are so physically/emotionally/mentally drained you are forced to quit to keep your sanity. Comcasts "Customer Service" is all a show. Our leadership enforces policies that from the customers perspective looks as if the company generally cares about our customers and our community, but those policies are just smoke and mirrors, a front, and take up more energy and resources than if we were just complete the tasks at hand, and that is fixing and maintaining our HFC network. It is sickening to think about the company I work for, and will always be perplexed how much money we find a way to take in with the way we operate. And thinking about that, how much money we could potentially bring in if we just were allowed to do our job and operate,repair and maintain our HFC network. I cannot stress enough about the brainwashing and intimidation we face from our supervisors and managers on a daily basis. It is the way of Comcast, and having talked with many techs from all over the U.S. this is not just a local management issue, this is how it is within our company across the board. I would love to sit in on managment trainging classes that every supervisor on up is forced to attend as they transition to the management side of Comcast, I imagine it would be somewhat like being detained at Gauntanamo Bay, with a lot of propaganda films and possibly sleep deprivation :)

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Anonymous said...

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"You all should be ashamed of your selfs."

LOL. OMG. This is exactly what I mean. This is coming from a Comcast employee. No. I'm not rude. When I talk to 8 representatives and only one, the last one, can understand a simple, simple problem, that means the other 7 are not trained and loafing. Some of these employees actually try to make the call go in circles on purpose so that they can eat up time on the clock and get paid for it. Many are RUDE, RUDE jerks. Yet they expect all the customers to always be so pleasant and never get mad when comcast promises something, but then does not deliver, over and over and over. "stupid customer". Go away, pathetic little Indian boy. And before you call me racist, it's just an observation that most of them sound Indian and can not talk worth anything. Then they get all upset when you point out the truth. Get this: I DO NOT CARE. From an originally VERY NICE and patient... overly patient ex customer!

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