Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Has Comcast Gotten Back to You?


onpolk@yahoo.com said...

My computer has been down for 3 weeks they have been giving me the run around I currently am trying to invest in a small business venture so their timing is absolutely awful!!!!!! This problem that problem they are the problem. I'm so upset I feel like the lady that was on the today show.

Anonymous said...

No, they have not gotten back to me. I posted under the heading "DON'T BE A COMCAST CUSTOMER AND DIE" on October 19th along with my account number in Billing Fiascos, and zip, nada. I got another statement yesterday showing the unrefunded credit balance still on the account.

Anonymous said...

An update on Comcast can't do math ...

Acct # 8220188902846690

My roommate got a call from Comcast this morning saying that since they cashed my check for the wrong amount (they blamed it on the bank, which could be true), the money is still in my account and therefor I still owe them the $20. A pain in the rear, but I'll write them another check and I still feel like I shouldn't have to go through the effort since it was their mistake in the first place.

Interestingly, about five minutes ago, my roommate received another call from customer service - she didn't get a chance to answer, but maybe a response to this post? Will let you know

Anonymous said...

Comcast hasn't gotten back to me lately but it looks like somebody's about to get back to Comcast.

Comcast sued over Web interference

By JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Technology WriterThu Nov 15, 5:58 AM ET

A San Francisco Bay area subscriber to Comcast Corp.'s high-speed Internet service has sued the company, alleging it engages in unfair business practices by interfering with subscribers' file sharing.

Subscriber Jon Hart based his claims on the results of an investigation by the Associated Press published last month that showed Philadelphia-based Comcast actively interferes with attempts some high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online.

Hart's lead lawyer, Mark N. Todzo of San Francisco, said his client suspected before reading the AP report that Comcast was interfering with his Internet traffic.

"What the AP report did was just confirm to him that it wasn't just him who was suffering from the problem," Todzo said. "There was this confluence of events where everyone seemed to reach the same conclusion, which was that Comcast was engaging in this activity."

Other users claimed they had seen interference with some file-sharing applications. Subsequent tests by the Electronic Frontier Foundation confirmed the AP's tests, which showed that Comcast is causing software on both ends of a file-sharing link to believe the connection has been dropped.

A coalition of consumer groups and legal scholars formally asked the Federal Communications Commission early this month to make Comcast stop interfering with file sharing. Two of the groups also asked the FCC to fine Comcast $195,000 for every affected subscriber.

Comcast is the country's largest cable company and second-largest Internet service provider with 12.9 million Internet subscribers.

The company denies it blocks file sharing. But it acknowledged after the AP report was published that it delays some of the traffic between computers that share files.

Comcast said the delays are designed to improve the Internet experience for its subscribers as a whole. A relatively small number of file sharers is enough to slow down a network.

Hart's lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court, alleges Comcast misleads customers by promising "mind-blowing" speeds and "unfettered access" to the Internet in advertisements while hindering the use of certain applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing. It seeks unspecified money damages.

Todzo is seeking class action status for the lawsuit.

Comcast and its subsidiaries "intentionally and severely impede the use of certain Internet applications by their customers, slowing such applications to a mere crawl or stopping them altogether," the lawsuit reads. "This class action seeks to end (Comcast's) practice and seeks recovery of fees paid by customers who paid for services they did not receive."

A Comcast spokesman reached late Wednesday said the company hadn't been served with the lawsuit yet and could not comment.

Anonymous said...

i'm going crazy here... comcast has my credit all focked up saying i owe them money and i dont, if i did i would pay them. was a comcast customer for 16+ years and they lost me. i gave up and cancelled comcast. still could not get my bill correct. so i went to the comcast local office and the nice lady said she would take care of it but never did. so i went back and the manager told me she had family death or some lie i dont remember but not to worry she could see the mistake and would fix it. now i go to buy a new home and comcast says i still owe them money. they never took care of it. they reported me to the credit maggotts. so today i call the maryland/virginia collections office just to be on hold for 29 minutes when you get a recording they will call you back in 24 hours and never do. so they post bad info and you cant contact them... that alone is many FCAR rules being broken. going to court house on my t-day break and filing against comcast. anybody else done this?


Tim said...

Surprised I haven't seen any comments here on the TIVO issue that's exploded nationwide. Lots of info here:

To sum up, over the past week or so the serial port to Motorola set-top boxes from Comcast has been disabled which affects Tivo's ability to change channels. This has apparently affected hundreds if not thousands of subscribers nationwide.

Both Comcast and Tivo (strangely in a new partnership) have blamed each other and offered no solutions or answers to the situation. Customer support (or lack thereof) has had no unified response and the message board at Tivo is filled with confusion.

One comment even suggests (according to one Comcast tech support person) that Motorola independently sent a firmware update to its boxes that's caused the problem...

When my wife called "customer support" she was told by "Enrique" that the only fix was to subscribe to the Comcast DVR.

Simply unnerving...

Anonymous said...

I am one of the many Comcast customers whose Tivo stopped changing channels this week after they remotely shut off the serial port on my cable box.

Simultaneously, Comcast are about to roll out a DVR service with Tivo software in New England. Of course, I wouldn't need that service, because my standalone Tivo has been working fine for 3 years. Oh wait...

Of course, it could be a coincidence...

Anonymous said...

An update for Acct #8798400370258973 in Billing Fiascos.

My significant other, the account holder, got a call from a man at the Executive office of COMCAST last week, within about two days of my posting our story here.

He checked out our situation, and I don't know if he did this or our local service center did, but our modem had finally been removed from the account and the amount we owed cleared. The exec needed to know which collections agency they sent everything to, so he could call them and tell them everything was cleared. We gave him the info, and he said he would call back as soon as he had contacted the agency. He called back the next day, and had taken care of everything. He personally spoke to the collections agency and apprised them of the situation. He then faxed us a letter from the collections agency detailing such, and said he's mailing a physical copy as well.

Kudos to COMCAST for *finally* taking care of this situation.

Anonymous said...

Customer # 8777702062564054
I posted this last month. I still have not been able to verify what my monthly bill should be. EVERY bill I have received for service from Comcast has been for a different amount.

Original post:
Anonymous said...
Customer # 8777702062564054

After having spoken with two Comcast "customer service" representatives, both of whom seemed ignorant of billing policies and one whom was rude, I have no idea how Comcast is arriving at the amounts I am being billed. If I look at the schedule of billing changes effective 10/1 that was sent out by Comcast in my September bill, it appears I am being incorrectly. That is not necessarily the case, but it sure would be nice if I could tell whether my bill was correct or not.

This is what I subscribe to:


Digital Video Preferred Package
Sports Entertainment Package
1 non-HD, non DVR cable box
1 non-HD DVR box
1 HD non-DVR box

Internet with modem

That's it. Anyone have any clues on how I can "check" what Comcast is billing me? My October bill was about $150.

October 29, 2007 9:59 AM

Anonymous said...

Yes, Comcast finally got back to me. But I didn't get any satisfaction.

I posted under Billing Fiascos on October 19th with the heading, DON'T BE A COMCAST CUSTOMER AND DIE.

Nancy T, one of the Comcast Executive Customer Care representative called me Friday 11/16 to discuss what I needed as a resolution. I was looking for two things-- for them to stop sending me notice of an account credit (money they owed to me) every month, and to refund the money to me and close the account. I'm not a Comcast subscriber but for a couple of years I was paying the cable bill for an elderly neighbor in a nursing home. The neighbor died, the nursing home notified Comcast, and they came out the next day and disconnected service. However, they continued to bill me for a couple of months and I paid it, not knowing that the woman had passed away (read my original post for the details).

Anyway, even though the bills are sent to my name at my address, and I've been paying them out of my bank account with my name, somehow Comcast has it in their corporate brain that the account is in the name of the woman who died, even though her name does not appear anywhere on the bills I received. They don't even have her SSN on the account, they have mine! And somehow even though they knew she had died (they came to the nursing home after all and disconnected her cable), they continued to bill a dead woman's account (that's their stance) for two more months of service, go figure!

And so today I was informed by Nancy that even after consulting with their head executive financial gurus, they are unable and absolutely unwilling to refund the money they owe to me, even though they continued to torture me by sending me a statement every month showing exactly how much they owe me back, but won't pay back to me.

Nancy did offer, however, to kindly stop sending me the statements every month. I thought that was awfully generous of them. They won't give me my money back, but at least they'll stop telling me that they owe me money!

So Nancy, you were pleasant enough on the phone with me, and I with you, but in the end as I fully anticipated, it was Comcast "business as usual". I put you on notice that I'd be back here and post the results of our conversations, and so here I am again. This is surely not one of Comcast's customer relations success stories at Comcast Must Die. In the meantime I will continue to read here and laugh at the tales that are told here, and tell my own story to anyone who cares to listen. Comcast, you're so insistent that it's her account, so please make that refund check payable to the dead neighbor, and I'll take it down to the cemetery and see if she can still sign the back for me.

You do have a cable system or two in my local small claims court's jurisdiction, correct? I think I have enough bank records of my own to convince a magistrate that it's my money that you are showing on the credit statement. The filing fee wouldn't phase me in the least, and it would be an interesting experiment just to see if Comcast shows up. It would be worth it just to hear one of those finacial gurus explain to the magistrate why Comcast thinks they need to refund money to a dead woman who never even knew that I was paying for her cable, and not to me.

(BTW, the initial overnight UPS letter from you was a nice touch; I almost thought there was a check inside, I was so excited! I'll bet Comcast spent nearly what you owe me just to send that one page letter, wow!) Now I wonder if my friends at The Consumerist are interested in this tale....

Anonymous said...

Followup to my previous post DON'T BE A COMCAST CUSTOMER AND DIE:

Wow, that was quick. Posted that at midnight, and there's a voicemail message at 9:35 AM this morning from a gentleman named Frank at Comcast HQ in Philadelphia, telling me that a check has been cut and is on its way to me overnight. I'll say no more, the whole experience speaks for itself.


After posting my open letter to Comcast executives on 11-27-07 in the Customer Disservice section of Comcast Must Die, I called Comcast Corporate in Philly, speaking with a secy, in the office of Rick Germano (Sr VP Customer Care). She took down all pertinent info and told me it would be directed to the proper departments. Later that same evening I did receive a call from a hi level tech who was experienced in dealing with email problems. I was still doubting his credibility after all the misinformation I previously had received from other techs. However, after 1-2 hours, much to my dismay, all of the emails that were blocked since 10-12-07 suddenly started to come into the inbox with the force of a phospho-soda laxative, literally hundreds. The following day I did receive 2 phone calls from Comcast Execs, Mr Eliason and Mr Spence who were apologetic and sympathetic for the situation and assured me that there are ongoing improvements being made in their customer care service. I was genuinely impressed by Comcast's quick response to both my phone call and the posting on this blog, which seems to be required reading for Comcast Customer Care Dept execs. KUDOS!!!!!!!!

Steve Pregosin

Paul's Blog said...

I am now in my second day of waiting for a Comcast representative to call me back. A few weeks ago I ordered the "Comcast Triple Play," to add digital voice to my cable modem and cable TV. Well, the installation tech showed up on time, but he did not have an HD box. He told me that I could go to the local paycenter center and get a new box. I called Comcast the next morning and the customer service rep confirmed what the tech told me. I drove to the payment center, only to be told that they were out of HD boxes. I was told that someone would call me when the next shipment of HD boxes show up. I drove home and called Comcast to complain and I was told my Jane at a call center (734-667-1003 x2107) who was very apologetic (aren't they always?) and she said that she would have an HD box shipped to me and that it would be here in two days, or by 29 November. Yesterday, I had a voice mail from COmcast telling me that the credit card used to pay our bill for literally years was no longer valid, so I needed to call them. I called Comcast and spoke to Lorraine (734-667-1002 x2164) and she, too was apologetic, but she said that they are unable to speak directly with the billing department, that they could only e-mail them. Comcast screwed up and dropped my credit card billing as two other recurring payees (Verizon and my electric company) billed my credit card this month w/o a problem. Lorraine once again apologized and told me how sorry she was and she told me that a supervisor would call me within 60 minutes. That was almost 27 hours ago and I have yet to hear from anybody. Also, today came and went and no HDTV box was delivered to my house.

I called Comcast at the 24 hour point to ask about the status of a supervisor calling me and the status of my HDTV box. I spoke to some moron named Joshua (again at 734-667-1002) and he, to apologized and told me that he did not know that Comcast shipped HDTV boxes and he could give me know status of the shipment of the box. He acknowledged what Lorraine had told me and he said that he did not know why a supervisor had not called me back. He said that he would escalate the issue and request that a supervisor call me. He said that I should receive a call from a supervisor "within 2 hours." That call ended almost three hours ago and nobody from Comcast has called me.

If Comcast were not a monopoly here, they would be out of business in less than a year.

ktk said...

I made a one-time payment to Comcast via their website using my credit card and this past month they auto drafted my card without my approval for a double payment. This is about the 10th time this year that my account has not been correct due to one issue or another here in Chesterfield, VA.

Just as all of the other bloggers have said, when you call you are told that there are no notes placed on your account in the system regarding the last issue that you notified them of. The CSR's have certainly been trained well apologize but I submit they have also been trained to ignore any notes and to wear you down until you give up and they keep your money. There is no way that every rep they have could be so inept. I think they are as dumb as foxes because I have not spoken to one yet that took less than 1 hour to fix my issue - IF IT GETS FIXED, WHICH IS RARE.

Back to the double, unauthorized draft. When I called I was told that a credit that large could not be posted to my account and they could not help me... end of conversation. Where do I go from here, any ideas?

web said...

In fairness to Comcast, I posted to this blog today (Dec 4, 2007) to discuss the issues that I have had with their installers. Within 7 hours, I received a call from their main office in the Cape Coral area asking if I was still incurring any problems. I explained to him that it was mindboggling that they would send out an installer to install a cable card who had never seen a cable card. He assured me that it was mindboggling and that they would look into this issue. He gave me his direct desk line and assured me that I could direct any future issues to him. My comcast Account number is 19204 690659-01-6.

I appreciate the efforts and hope that this is not solely in response to the USA Today article. Either way, it is the first time a company has called me to apologize.

Amy Alkon said...

There's a link to your blog on Consumerist.com today. Here's the comment I just left there:

What Comcast execs should be asking themselves: Why isn't it just the normal course of business for Comcast's regular employees to resolve idiocies?

When Garfield, a reasonable guy I've read for years has to start a site like that to get a customer service issue resolved, well, it says a lot about the company.

Hey, Comcast, I live about a mile from the beach in southern California, which means the lines get degraded by the salt air. Every year, about once a year, my cable goes out, because, instead of just regularly maintaining the lines, you wait until the people around here lose their cable for a few days to replace them. Nice!

I'm with Bob.

If only Comcast didn't have a monopoly on cable in my area, I'd be with ANYBODY else.

the gringo diaries said...

After three months of the triple play i finally cracked and canceled my service despite the fact that i'll most likely end up paying the price for a broken contract. Over the three months the following problems occurred.

1. The installer managed to mangle my walls leaving large holes that he didn't even try to cover which i called and complained about but NEVER was gotten back to about.
2. took over a month and FIVE (5) calls to get my DVR working at all
3. DVR recordings shortly there after started losing sound for 1 second intervals every 5 seconds a problem that comcast said would go away in a matter of weeks. Comcast failed to contact me or correct this problem as well.
4. Internet service would go down at least once a day for the entire time of service despite numerous calls. Comcast failed to resolve or contact me again about this problem either.
5. Spent over an hour on the phone last night trying to gain access to my online statement, which i had access for the previous 3 months without problem. After an hour and no success in the forseeable future i just melted down and canceled the service.
6. Amazingly after 3 months of not being able to fix any problem in less then two weeks Comcast managed to disconnect my cable, internet, and phone service in about 1 minute.

After all this they can't figure out why im disgruntled. Why should I pay for a service that requires me being on the phone several hours a week to keep things at least functional.
Account # 09565231018-04-1

Rontiara said...

Comcast did get back to me! See my posts of Dec 14 & 17 under the "The "Tiny Percentage" of Dissatisfied Customers" blog entry.

Steve said...

Comcast has screwed me for approximately $700. Case Number: 2372.10474

I would like to take a moment to air some of my frustrations about Comcast. I'm a long time customer in South Jersey and I can’t believe how they run their customer service.

In August of 2006 I was having signal problems there my internet would intermittently drop. I had a guy come out and check the lines and according to him all was great. Still, I continued to have signal drops and breaks in my service. They had me try a new modem, replace splitters and even replace cabling. NOTHING WORKED so I cancelled the internet service and got Verizon DSL. I decided at the time to keep them for my cable TV.

On November 14th 2007 - I noticed a charge of $42.95 on my bill. I immediately called customer service and they told me that I’d been charged for internet service since August 2006 (which was ironically when I cancelled the service) and they opened a case to verify that my service was not used in the previous 17 months. The rep told me that I should get a call within 3 weeks.

The case number is 2372.10474.

On December 5th I followed up (3 weeks later) and was told that they were busy but they would make a note in the system to rush.

On December 13th – after not hearing anything for a week, I follow up. Vicki, unfortunately, couldn’t find my case in their system – in fact I was informed that I hadn’t even called since June. I asked for a supervisor and was refused because her supervisor was busy getting ready for a staff meeting, but was assured that my problem would be brought up in the meeting and she would get a call back by 3:30. I never did get that call. I called back at 4 and got Suzette, explained my situation and was questioned why I paid the bill for all that time and why I never returned the modem 17months prior rather than trying to help me. Frustrated, I asked for a supervisor and got a very nice and helpful Jennifer. She took all my information and told me she would review my account and get back to me on Monday December 17th. She provided me her phone number. Before I hung up I asked her if they can check my usage to see that my internet service was not used since August. She claims that usage cannot be tracked. I find that hard to believe that a multimillion communications GIANT can’t tell if you are using their service.

Anyway -- I followed up:
…….with a message to Jennifer on Tuesday – No Call Back
…….with a message to Jennifer on Wednesday – No Call Back

How can a company run a business like this? I have been nothing my nice to them, have not yelled, screamed and been nothing but professional to all of their people. I am so fed up I can’t believe it…..I’m calling Verizon and might have to sign up for their triple play package with a free 19in. HDTV.


Anonymous said...

This is to ktk who posted a msg on 12/4 who overcharged by Comcrap.

Did they charge a credit card or a debit card?

If it was a credit card, I would call the credit card company immediately and put the charges into dispute. Ask for their fraud prevention department when you call. And when you speak to someone be sure you tell them that your card was fraudulently charged by an unauthorized merchant who is now refusing to give you your rightfully due refund.

If it was a debit card the laws a little different. I would still call the issuing bank behind the debit card and explain to them that there was an unauthorized charge to your card by Comcast and find out what they can do for you.

I would also get a copy of the statement with the incorrect Comcast charges and I would make a copy for myself and mail a copy to the Comcast Corporate HQ with a letter explaining everything. And, I would also CC the credit card company/bank.

Steve said...

In response to Case Number: 2372.10474....

Within 6 hours of my post on December 19th. Comcast called me to let me know that they were working on my case. They followed up on the 20th & 24th with the same message.

How Ironic.....

Last week I was informed that I will be receiving a refund for the FULL Amount!!!

I appreciate ComcastMustDie.com and fully believe Comcast monitors this site -- Thanks

Steve said...

In response to Case Number: 2372.10474....

Within 6 hours of my post on December 19th. Comcast called me to let me know that they were working on my case. They followed up on the 20th & 24th with the same message.

How Ironic.....

Last week I was informed that I will be receiving a refund for the FULL Amount!!!

I appreciate ComcastMustDie.com and fully believe Comcast monitors this site -- Thanks

dcdave007 said...

i am very upsat with comcast..my property was damage 3 months ago i have been given the run arounds by comcast consultants here in silver spring md. after the tech put a hole in my wall i was told they would pay for it i had to come out of my pockets with $160.00 dollars cash to have it fix the first clam number i was given some how it got lost they came out and took pictures they called me playing the game like they was so concern the consultants in the silver spring office in md. took me for a ride and then i was told to write a letter and have it notarized and sent it back to them and they would cut me a check for my damages now here it is 3 and a half months later now im being told they have not yet received my notarized letter as of yet and it has been two weeks now and we are in the same city i am very hurt about this matter that no one from the corporate office has contacted me concerning this matter and its wrong. calvin f.

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