Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Customer Disservice


Anonymous said...

I just heard about this blog site and it is long overdue.

I have Comcast internet service in Virginia. Because of the lack of programming options(mostly football), I switched TV service to satellite. This drove my Comcast bill to $62/month, an outrageous amount which I have been paying only because I do not want the hassle of switching business email.

Yesterday I had a service call from DirectTV on a receiver which went kaput. The man was on time, courteous, professional, and fixed it well...all within 24 hours of my initial call to Direct TV. One hour after he left, Direct TV called me to ask how the call went, was the man courteous, prompt, etc. Great follow up and at least the appearance that somebody cares.

Contrast this with the corporate monstrosity called Comcast. The stock is plummeting for a reason, and while Mr. Roberts makes a great interview on CNBC, his employees could care less about the customers or the company.

Yesterday I also received my Comcast bill... $62/month(for ONLY internet). This is beginning to irk me, especially with Verizon fiOs suddenly in my neighborhood and offering incredible packages. But here is the clincher: last month a modum supplied by Comcast went on the blink, and I was out internet service for several days. As you might imagine it took forever just to get through on the phone to them, then they set up a "service call". Well, I guess it is too much for a customer to ask for service any sooner than 72 hours, or to expect such service to be "free". Afterall, what can you expect for only $62/month. Comcast actually charged me another $20 for the "service call." So the bill this month is $82.

Needless to say, I think enough is enough. So I call Comcast, locally here in Northern Virginia. It took 25 minutes to get a person to pick up the line. Do they have this many issues, or do they simply short-staff the "service" lines? The call was an outrage.

I introduced myself and tried to be nice. I explained that I was on a $62/month plan which I thought was too high, but anyway.....at that point I get interrupted, and a man with a verrrry condescending attitude says, "Yeah....$62 sounds about right." Keep in mind he does not know me, hasn't looked up an account, etc. So I begin to discuss the extra $20, and he mentions that they do not work for free....Why would I not expect to pay for a service call?

Now the guy is getting my blood going. This is a Comcast representative dealing with a customer who has plowed several thousand dollars into their coffers the last three years?

Then it gets really good. I mention to the man that Comcast stock is in the dumpster, and the reports from Wall Street are that it is going lower and losing customers. A common complaint is lack of service. The Comcast employee, in his best condescending gangster tone (he must have just watched American Gangster), interrupts with this: "I don't care about Wall Street and I don't care about Comcast's stock price." I figured I would let him out of this, so I asked, incredulously, "You don't vcare about Comcast's stock price?" He says, "Why should I care. I don't own any..." then continues on in the most condescending tone to me that I have ever received on any service call to anyone.

At this point I completely lost it. When I asked for his name he said, "That is irrelevant. But I need your name." As the water boiled some more, he refused to put me through to a supervisor. I am sorry to say I completely lost it and gave the guy about 20-30 seconds of my true feelings about him and his company, then hung up.

This call followed a great experience with Direct TV. Brian Roberts can alibi all he wants to Jim Cramer about why his stock sucks, but custome disservice is the number one issue causing the demise of Comcast.

Good bye, Comcast. This Verizon package is beginning to look better every minute.

---Ray Wedell

Anonymous said...

Recently we decided to replace out TV service with the Dish Network with Comcast because we were so fed up with the Dish people. I also looked into changing from AT&T internet service to Comcast but decided at the last minute not to change to Comcast internet after hearing such horror stories from their current internet customers about tremendous interruptions in service, etc. The Comcast guy is outside right now installing the cable TV service. I just hope that we are not going to be sorry that we left the Dish Network for Comcast.

Larry McNeil said...

I am on my way to my local Comcast office this morning (AGAIN) in Peachtree City Ga. I switch to their bundel package at the end of my last billing period so there would be no problems. I have been a customer since 1999 according to Comcast Customer NO Service. So first bill arives for the month of October. As opposed to the $182.43 is is $360.99. Ok, I call speak with Customer no Service and they agree that it is not correct and will send a new bill. That would have been customer no service person Julet, (Employee number 05H). Time goes on no bill received. Next bill comes with (Past Due note)November $503.60. Call again on 11-7 speak with customer no service Theresa then Talia (Supervisor) will call me back in 24 hours. Three days later with no call back. Off to Customer no sevice office in Peachtree City Ga. One person on the sevice desk. Explain problem yet again. "Yes I see it is not correct" "I will review this and call you" Did receive call back stating "This is very messed up I will get back to you" NO call back, Send email to "RICK" Corp. office get standard auto responce. "Will get back to you in a few hours" November 11. November 13th Message left from Corp on answering machine. Receive phone call from wife while at office. Service has been turned off! Call Customer no service. Explain, told them to see notes in computer. Turned back on. Called Corp. (Evelyn) 770-559-7139 who had left message on answering machine. "I can go over your bill" Call me tommorrow. Now it is today. It is the 15th of Nov. I have been trying to pay this bill since Oct 5th when it arrived. I have left two messages with corp.Evelyn today but no call back. I am on my way to the Comcast NO Service office. I do not have a HAMMER! My Comcast account number is 8220155700081150.

James Farmer said...

Well I just found this Blog and I can tell you that in 10 years Comcast or "CUMCAST as I call them" has Goten worse not better!

I rember waiting for them to first Get Cable Modems in Charleston, SC and it worked for a few months when I finaly got it....but I came home one day to find my 3mbs ..considered fast at the time to be slower than my 56k modem ..I tried for 2 weeks to get them to fix it they come out 3 times and kept telling me it was my PC but I had take my PC to a friends house that had the Roadruner service and it worked fine...I told them this but they would not come out any more to look at it..

I took my hardware a week later to the loco office and closed my account and told them I was switching to there competitor ...they told me arrogantly "we have no Competitors!" I told them yes you do it's Called Knology...and that was the last time I was a cumcast slave.

About 6 months ago I was going to switch back..."I know I was losing my minde" but I herd that my Phone Provider "Vonage" might be going under and cumcast had 6mbs for what I paid Knology for 4mbs...

But Cumcast wanted both the curent month and the next months bill up front! I told them I could not pay my old providers last bil plus 2 months of there service all at once and I did not see why I had to pay a extra month in advance my credit was good...they said that did not matter I would have to pay the first 2 months up front plus they wanted to charge me for connection fees!

I told them NO WAY! and reminded them that they would be getting a old customer back from there competitor...that did not matter to them...

So I told em where to stick there service and I am still with Knology...and 2 months after that Knology upped there service to 6mbs with no increase in price...and my Vonage phone service still works...so I lucked out but many have only "CUMCAST" to deal with so I can understand your rage.

I just wanted to point out that CUMCAST has not changed and I don't think they ever will.

Anonymous said...

OK I'm in Arlington VA and channel 7, NBC, is not working. I called and they have no idea of course why not and said it might be fixed in 24 hours. Of course the show I wanted to watch is on now but OH WELL.

Anonymous said...

God I hate CONcast. I just saw their new commercial which i thought was hysterical. They claim to have 3 times as many HD channels as satellite. They then go on to say this is not based on actual channels its based on our programs available and HD in demand. I've been having numerous problems. HD channels freezing frame,the sound of a phone dialing every time National GeoHD goes to commercial and when it comes back. They sent a guy out here and he didn't know his face from his ass. Well hmmmm lets just switch the boxes out. So they replaced them with the EXACT same boxes. TimeWarner used to run the cable business around here and then they got bought out by ConCast about a year and half ago. The service has been piss poor since Comcast took over. From being on hold for over 30minutes and then to get hung up on repeatedly.
I called in complaining about the bill and got an honest employee and this is what he said(first and only time.) "Mr. B, in my honest opinion, with you having 4 receivers and internet and telephone, you are being seriously overcharged. And I did not say this to you, 'If I were you I would switch to another provider.' I can only assume that his poor young man is living out the rest of his days in Comcast's prison, for going against protocal and not reading the script in front of him.
Also I signed up for a subscription channel that was $7.99 a month. It worked until Comcast took over TW and it hasn't worked since then. I have canceled the subscription on the telephone and in person over 3 times. They refunded me back for the 2 months I was charged BUT STILL WILL NOT TAKE THE REOCCURRING monthly charge off my bill. THIS SHIT IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. I wish verizon offered service in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I switched from comcast to directv. It was over the big ten network that started here in the midwest. At first I sided with comcast when they refused to carry it but when they started running ads that were full of lies I decided enough was enough. There is also no doubt that directv has many more channels and many more HD channels than comcast. Comcast's main advantage is on demand. They don't listen to the customers-the bottom line is all that matters to them and that is why they will continue to lose customers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this together!!! In one of my classes I posted a comment stating I would like to see the Comcast HQ burned to the ground, the ashes bulldozed and the ground salted to prevent any further abomination to spring from that site. When asked by a fellow student why such anger I sent the following email. My classmate's reply included the reason for his/her curiosity. It turns out my classmate is employed by the Sportsnet Division and (shock) this is not the first complaint they have received. In fact when they reveal they work for Comcast they don't receive a very positive response from anybody.
Anyway here is my story

Here is my experience with Comcast
As with any story let’s start with the beginning. Some three years ago my wife and move into our current home. Until that point my complaints about Comcast were probably very standard, the outages, the 45 minute hold time during non critical periods, the technicians not showing up for appointment after I spent my vacation time waiting for them, same technicians tracking mud through the house, …etc. The standard complaints all customers continue to have about Comcast. **How pathetic is it when these experiences are the norm rather than the exception? **

When we moved I experienced a new set of problems I didn’t dream possible. Let’s begin at the beginning

When I called to cancel my existing service and set up new service I was advised that is wasn’t possible because the existing homeowners hadn’t called to cancel the service. I was told I would have to wait until they turned off their account. When I ask if could place a note on the file to have my service turned on when the account was deactivated I was told no I would have to wait until the service was turned off then call (again experience the 45 min hold time). When I asked why I was told it was because Comcast’s system is unable to handle such requests. Hmmmm doesn’t Comcast bill itself as a technology company but their system can’t handle a simple order entry database. So I had to wait a week after moving into my house to call to set up an appointment to turn on my service, which was another week waiting for a tech guy to climb a pole and flip the switch but the good news was they billed for the entire month…in advance!

After that ordeal everything appears normal for about a month, then we realize our on demand service (the big selling feature of digital cable) isn’t working. Again 45 minutes on hold, unplugging and plugging in the cable box, and finally being told “Hey, your signals are degraded.” And like the Guinness’s beer ads I reply Brilliant! Fix it.

A tech guy comes to the house and replaces the digital box and says all is well and it is for about three months and then the processes repeats itself and has repeated itself every 60 days for the past three years. I have the outside tech department on speed dial and recognize most of the technicians by sight and voice. All the wire in the house has been replaced, the boxes have been replaced at least 10 times and I have been assured the problem in the line leading to my house has been fixed. The last occurrence was in June so I am due any day now

But wait there is more! This is my favorite!!

About two years ago we lost internet connectivity (yay 45 minutes on hold) after 35 minutes troubleshooting I was advised the problem would resolve itself in a few hours. Few hours later still a problem. I called back and again troubleshoot and advised the problem was not on my end and would be resolved in the morning. To make a long story short after one week I was advised the problem was Comcast instituted a new billing db in my area and many accounts were moved into the deactivate status for non-payment but wait there is more. I later found out they had just done this same process in the West Virginia area, experienced the same problems but decided it was a good idea to proceed with the more populous Maryland area, “Brilliant!” I got billed for the entire month of service.

So that’s my story. I guess what truly upsets is the arrogance displayed by the company. They really just don’t care because they are a monopoly. I have never received a formal apology. I only receive a bill. To answer your original question my problems is all three.

Price – my bill keeps going up but I get fewer channels I want to watch. (I am a 39 year old male do I really need the lifetime move network)
Reliability- hah!
Customer Service- The front end csr’s and the guys that come by the house are nice enough but they really can’t do anything. Either they are extremely under trained, very good liars or perhaps a mix of both

What I really would like to see is the Director of the local CSC which is White Marsh, MD. (I am only 15 minutes away) burn one of his vacation days by coming to my house with the genius database guy who screwed up my internet, call the 800 #, wait for 45 minutes, then be told the problem can’t fixed and have to use another vacation day for when the tech guys come one week later between the hours 8:00 AM-6:00 PM.

Fortunately hope is on the way Verizon is running FIOS in area; rumor has it they will start in Jan. I will be waiting at the end of my street with hot coffee and donuts.

Andrew Gaither
Perry Hall, MD.

Anonymous said...


I am very happy to see that you are doing this. I have had issues with Comcast since they took over in Houston. My issues has been with the phone service. We have expeirenced major outages due to switching us from Time Warner to Comcast and now upgrades. What I started doing is filing a report with Texas PUC and then calling Comcast and making them note my account with the report number. What happens is Comcast has to answer these reports. I suggest that everyone do this. Again, thank you for starting this blog.

Best regards,

Michael Kinion

Non-Squidge said...

Hooray for this website! I think there should also be an AT&T sucks and a Lotus Notes Sucks website.

My husband and I were Comcast customers for about 7 years and I lost track of how many times our internet or cable TV went out -- especially during big games or when I was teaching a class online. It happened once a month, easily, sometimes for days. My neighbor got in the habit of watching big games on his tiny black and white manual knob TV with the antennae and lots of screen-snow.

They didn't care; if we took the time to complain they would take a day or two's worth off our bill. Here is an email exchange with a customer service rep after our rates went up for crappy service. You can see how much she and comcast care. I actually sent this email to some director of Customer Service at Commcast in new york and they hurried up and tried to kiss my ass, giving me the rates I wanted and service with a smile. They even sent a card in the mail.

But too little, too late - I switched to Wowway and just about danced a jig around the installers while they were hooking us up. Now I am so happy with Wowway, I can hardly contain my glee, although I'm sure most of that satisfaction is because they're NOT COMCAST!

chat id : 3ea15d22-230a-4f0b-b6eb-4d5a82975842
Problem : Billing/General Inquiry
Kim > Hi, recently our bill went up. I think we were involved in a promotion where we got a certain rate for cable TV and cable internet access. I presume the promotion ended. I would like to reinstate that promotion.
Michelle.4842 > Thank you for contacting Comcast. My name is Michelle. May I ask with whom I am chatting with and how may I help you today?
Michelle.4842 > We do not offer promotions to existing customers. Once your promotion has ended you will be expected to pay the full price for services.
Kim > Hi, my name is Kim XXXXXXX. My husband XXXXXXX and I have had cable and internet accounts with Comcast for several years now. Did you see my previous posting about our rates going up recently?
Kim > Okay, well then we would like to go ahead and close our account. WOW has had a lot of promotions in our area and we have heard a lot of good things about them.
Kim > They guarantee their rates through 2008.
Michelle.4842 > Please hold and I will transfer you to cable tv chat to arrange for the disconnection of your account.
Kim > Thank you. Can you please provide me with a phone number so that I can talk to someone live? I dont like this internet thing.
Michelle.4842 > Sure. 1-800-266-2278 is the number to call.
Michelle.4842 > Thank you for using Comcast’s Live Chat support, is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Kim > No, I got the message loud and clear that Comcast doesn't care about retaining their current customers.
Michelle.4842 > Thank-you for contacting Comcast, it has been a pleasure assisting you today. Please feel free to contact us again, through chat or e-mail, or to assist yourself in the future, please read our most Frequently Asked Questions found under HELP on the Comcast.net homepage and click on FAQ`s.
Michelle.4842 > I have created the following reference number for this chat:
Michelle.4842 > 65822648
Michelle.4842 > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else on this site, I have numerous horror stories about Comcast. Hours spent on the phone, "lost" phone calls when things start to get heated, contradictory stories, being told I need to go out and buy a part to fix my cable. The real jaw-dropping part of this whole situation is that, when asking where I can voice my complaints--perhaps a phone number to call or email address to write to--I'm given a physical mailing address. Comcast, the phone/internet/cable giant with a technology-based business, routes its customer complaints via snail mail--it doesn't even use its own technology and infrastructure. That speaks volumes about how much they value customer feedback...I can only imagine the address I was given is just a (large) storage garage.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the term "Comcrash".

While there had been a legitimate problem and I got a real technician who took the time to figure it out, I'll get service interruptions every now and again. I'll do the usual reset-the-modem dance; when that fails, I call up the company.

The poor bastard that answered the phone got an earful last night. After doing the scripted Mickey Mouse thing about the modem reset, he told me that my signal was weak (which I have heard a zillion times) and that they would send a tech.

Now, my service calls have fallen into an amazing pattern. Lose television or cable, call them, get tech, by the time the tech arrives the problem has resolved itself, and then I get someone who generally scratches their head and goes "well, everything looks ok here".


So, last night, I told the poor bastard at the other end that my network problems were not my issue, but the network's issue. This, apparently, was a new concept to this poor bastard. He was insisting that the problem was most likely at the house and it was essentially MY fault not theirs. Having heard all this crap before, I laid into him by recounting every single line I've heard from a tech's mouth. (I left out the guy who told me I had to upgrade my account for more bandwidth, for karma will take care of him). I ended up getting a tech appointment (why, I don't know, but it felt like something better).

Sure enough, 30 minutes later, my service was back and fine.

I tried to call and cancel the appointment. I get a message that 'due to high call volume there will be delays in connecting' and then dropped. Twice.

I guess I wasn't the only one having an internet issue...

The most satisfying moment in the call for me was saying "As soon as Verizon FIOS gets to this area, Comcast is done in this household."


TARA said...

I call it ComPLAINTcast. I have been on the phone with them for HOURS today trying to get my bill straight. I moved in late September after paying my old bill which was due 9/20 for service from 9/15 to 10/14. I was told when I scheduled the transfer that my new bill, due to discounts would run 86/month. I got a bill for $131. So I called them. They said you should owe $83.95. Pay that and I'm square. I go online the very next day, which was 10/19 and paid $84 even. The next day I got a bill for over two hundred dollars. NO, I have paid for service from until 10/14 with the previous location and $84 at the new location and I should be good until 11/15 or thereabout, you would think. But they switched my due date when I moved, and I realize I have a $16 transfer fee. OKAY, I'll give them that, but now they're telling me that I owe them $269.71 for service through 12/29. Every way that I do the math, there is no way they can prorated my last bill at the other location, taken my $84 payment, and me still owe $269.71. I talked to a lady today who said to call another number. When I called the number she gave me, this girl was very sarcastic with me and wanted to analyze me. She said most people who don't know how to read a bill will tell me I'm right, but if they understand how to read the bill, they'll realize I really do owe $269. There is no way, unless they charged me $153 for the past two months, that I could owe that amount. And if that's the case, I think I'll pass on that discount, ma'am!

PLEASE somebody stop the insanity.

abbyshel said...

Comcoast. Please put the BIG TEN NETWORK on regular cable... Basketball season is upon us. College Alumni are frustrated. Pregnant women cannot sit in smoky bars to watch the games on satellite. Should we all switch to the DISH Network? This is the message we are receiving and you are losing many customers because you won't settle the issue. And don't make it a premium package. What about all the stduents and those who can't afford it? Put it on the same package as ESPN. Come on. Just get on with it. Thank you.

Andrew Schulman said...

On about Oct. 16 or so of this year, Comcast upgraded their Personal Web Page service. In my case, "upgrade" meant removing all of my existing content without notifying me, and locking me out of upload.comcast.net, so that I could not reupload the content. My web site, which had been up continuously for several years and which comes out at as the top ranked page for some two-word searches, went dark suddenly and with no notice to me.

Since I noticed this problem, I have spoken with Comcast representatives on the phone on 5 occasions. The problem is still not resolved. Twice I called back to find that someone at Comcast had marked my ticket "resolved" and closed it, although the problem is certainly not resolved.

Now when I call I always ask to speak to a supervisor, but they are no more knowledgeable or, ultimately, helpful than the regular customer service reps. Several of them have tried, but two of the supervisors obviously had no knowledge of the personal web pages or how to upload files by FTP.

The last time I called, the supervisor told me all she could do was to resubmit the ticket again. I pointed out to her that we had already been doing that for several weeks, to no effect. She agreed but said there was nothing else she could do. I asked could I speak to her supervisor, and she said, no, *she doesn't have a supervisor*. That is what she told me. I asked her could I talk directly to the people who manage the web pages, and she said no.

So that is that. The problem continues, people at Comcast keep closing the ticket, they won't let me talk to the people who might be able to solve it. Comcast claims to offer personal web pages with their service, but in this case they don't and they do not have a solution in view.

Truly, Comcast does suck.
Andrew Schulman.

P.S. Is the site back up yet? Check for yourself! http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/index.html

u235sentinel said...

Doesn't surprise me. The more I research the company the more I realize they simply don't care. They will talk like the customer is important but action is where the rubber hits the road. Not talk.

I've started a blog earlier this year about how Comcast is terminating internet service of people who "use it too much". But of course they don't tell you what is acceptable. Only give people examples of what isn't. And to try getting a hold of someone who can actually help resolve the problem. Good Luck with that.

Government regulation or a free market with similar services and products would shape the company up really fast (either that or they would go Bankrupt which is ok with me). No free market (monopoly) basically allows them to continue abusing customers.

I will never go back to Concast after the experience I've had. They will say only .001% are affected. Sounds like a low number huh? So... that being the case, what is the chance of more than one person on your block being terminated?

I know of three on my street who have been terminated. Guess what. The chances of that happening with only .001% being affected are amazingly low.

anyway... Good Luck with the company. Personally, I think they suck.


Open Letter To: Brian Roberts, Mitch Bowling, and Rick Geramo
Here is an example of the CRAP that has been going on within your company as customers try to get problems fixed. Comcast might want to work on fixing their EMAIL FAILURES.
To find more information about why this issue is occurring, I encourage you to perform a Google search for “comcast e-mail forwarding problem”. I found several articles from different companies explaining, in detail, why this issue is occurring.
To cut spam received by users, Comcast block entire mail servers. By doing so, these companies are preventing legitimate e-mails from getting delivered. While these blocks do prevent spam from getting through, they also prevent legitimate business-related e-mails (orders, reservation requests, questions from potential customers, etc) from being delivered as well.
The problem with Comcast doing this is that they do not seem to be telling all of their support people, and do not be notifying their customers. This has been going on around the country for MONTHS. Instead, it takes the end user hours of frustrating time on the phone spent with lower- level tech-support who has no idea that this change has even taken place.
I am using steve@giftsite4.com , chana@giftsite4.com and colpre@giftsite4.com as forwarding email addresses to spregosin@comcast.net. The “giftsite4” emails are part of a domain hosted by Yahoo. Emails to the “giftsite4” addresses are forwarded without problem to both Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. They are not forwarded to the Comcast address. I do NOT receive any orders for the products sold on the giftsite4 website. Additionally I do not receive 18 financial, health oriented or interest oriented newsletters to which I subscribe. This is an outrage!!!! This problem is ongoing since the beginning of October 2007.
I have spent 12-15 hours cumulatively attempting to rectify this problem. Your 2.0 techs either had no knowledge regarding the neither the problem nor the tools to fix it. They would either blame the domain host, my computer or accuse me of spamming. After wasting time calling our web host, and going through various troubleshooting techniques, they tell you to call Comcast. Finally I was elevated to your 2.5 techs who primarily repeated the “blame process”. I called Richard Spence, from Comcast’s Office of the President in West Palm Beach, Fl. I had gotten his number after dealing with corporate on the absolutely terrible job their installers did on the initial install. Mr. Spence has been helpful in the past dealing with other issues. After placing several messages with Mr. Spence, I did receive a return call. He was empathetic and informed us he would look into the problem and get back to us. Not too long after I received a call from Ryan at Comcast’s National Support Desk. I reiterated the problem and arranged a conference call with Yahoo’s tech support. It turns out Comcast is blocking my incoming mail port 25. After several additional calls and adjustment on your end the problem “appears” to be remedied. The remedy is extremely short-lived. We attempted to recontact Ryan, but he was unavailiable because of an emergency leave. We now received emails from Jim, who took over from Ryan. As per his instructions we changed the email portal settings in Outlook Express to port 587. This temporarily corrected the problem for at least ONE day. That was 11-12-07. THE PROBLEM IS STILL UNRESOLVED!!!! I have placed several (5) to Mr. Spence, without so much as a response.
You should google comcast and see the complaints customers have that they go online with rather than try to complain because for starters, there are no complaint forms or EMAIL ADDRESSES to complain to. Your main corporate telephone number can ring, unanswered for over an hour
One can only guess how many individual users are still frustrated at this very moment because they are being forced to do their business e-mail from home using their @comcast.net accounts, after uninformed Comcast agents are unable to help them?
Great customer service. If there was any competing product in my market I would switch in a heartbeat.
Thanks Comcast, for valuing our time so very little, in your quest to make mega millions.
PS According to the website comcastmustdie.com it is my understanding that Mr. Rick Geramo will be hearing complaints in the South Fla area on Dec 12. I reside in the Boynton Beach area and would love to speak with Mr. Geramo face to face to fully explain the lack of service and customer care on the part of Comcast.

Steve Pregosin (561-734-3844)

Anonymous said...

To abbyshel

So you want Comcast to eat the cost of $1.10 per customer to carry the channel? While I would like to have BTN as well, I think the blame goes to the Big Ten for taking the programming away from local carriers and charging providers to carry the once free games.

Anonymous said...

I have never been provided with such astoundingly bad service by any company, ever before. Over five weeks ago, I purchased a new 40" TV with HD Tivo. The Tivo requires two cable cards, which I ordered in advance. Who would have thought that I've now waited through seven scheduled appointments (equating to 21 hours with a three hour window for each appointment), and I'm no closer to getting cable cards today than I was five weeks ago. It is sheer, unadultered incompetence blended with a complete disregard for customer service. Mix the two together and you have a pretty potent cocktail that only a company operating as a monopoly would ever exploit.

I won't bore you with the details of all seven ill-fated appointments. Most of the time, Comcast just doesn't show up. Comcast claims that even though they are required to provide cable cards by law, the cards are so much in demand that they can't keep them in stock. On one of the seven scheduled appointments, they actually showed up with two cards, only to discover that the cards were "used" and had another customer's account information encrypted on them. Oh, and then there's the excuse that contractors hired by Comcast are the last ones to get cable cards, so it's important to make sure the installer is a Comcast technician. The only problem is Comcast claims to have no control over who whether contractors or employees get assigned to each appointment. Hard to believe that excuse, isn't it?

I've been tempted to subscribe to Fios many a time in the past year and a half. This series of Comcast missteps has put me over the edge. At this point, I'm ready to return my Tivo and bid Comcast farewell. Everyone else with service complaints should do the same.

In fairness, two Comcast employees have tried to help me, to no avail. They are overrun by all the other uncaring employees in the organization.

I'm a very patient person, but I think that waiting over five weeks for cable cards is beyond the pale. I'm in a service business, and if we operated as Comcast does, we'd be out of business by now.

But, good service is borne of an ethos set by senior management, and, based on my recent experience, it's obvious that senior management has no clue--or cares little--that its' service is non-existent.

So, does anyone want to take bets on how much longer I have to wait for cable cards? I wouldn't make that bet right now...

Emma said...

I've had Comcast at every place I've lived over the past five years, and I made the choice to use their services each time, so yeah, I must be stupid. What can I say, there are not really any other options in my area if you want on demand and internet that is actually fast.

Anyhow, my main problem with comcast was with their lack of keeping my account secure. Last year I rented a townhome with three roommates. A month into our lease, one of them let their sleazebag boyfriend move in. He managed to rack up over $200 on the comcast bill by ordering movies, porn, and constantly calling 411. So I set parental controls on absolutely everything, and then called comcast to block all paid services on my phone (411, accepting toll calls, etc).

I also made it a point to mention that I was doing this due to a roommate issue, and I asked what they would do if one of my roommates called up and tried to get into my account to change the controls. (The account was solely in my name - all the bills were, bad idea in retrospect!!)

The CSRs response was that nobody could ever possibly get into my account - they always ask for the last four of my social, etc. I told the CSR that my roommates could likely get ahold of this since we lived together - could he place some sort of restriction on my account so only I could get in? He assured me he would do this, and I hung up fairly confident that sleazebag roommate wouldn't be renting any more $15 porns.

Next month the bill comes, and while there are no phone charges, there are about $150 in movies. After screaming at sleazebag roommate for a while ("You won't let me borrow your DVDs so I needed something to watch" says he...GRR), I called up comcast. Turns out that someone had called in and reset the parental controls. I asked how this was possible, since I had not done this and it was my account. The CSR said that someone had called in, knowing the account number (of course, I post the bills on the fridge), and said they "forgot" their social.

We debated for quite a while but I lost - I was responsible for the charges. I was then informed of the option to block all pay per view movies on my account from comcast's end. I took that option, and again requested that a note be put into my account that other people had accessed it and to carefully verify the identity of the caller. The CSR again assured me she would do this.

Guess what happened the next month...??!! The bill comes, this time with over $300 of movies. So again I called comcast. Same lousy excuse - "oh, someone knew the account # but forgot the social". Are you freaking kidding me???!!!??? This time I won and got the charges taken off, since I had initially requested the block. I had to spend over two hours on the phone and ended up talking to a supervisor. The supervisor repeatedly assured me that he would take steps to make sure nobody but me got into my account, and that letting people into an account without the social isn't "comcast's policy" and those employees would be talked to. (Yeah sure.)

The next bill was blissfully movie charge free, and so were the rest. But it doesn't make me feel very safe knowing anybody could just call up and get into my account by saying they "forgot" their info.

Oh, and when I moved out of there, my boyfriend and I bought a house, and we again signed up for Comcast (in his name). They were offering a free Nintendo DS if you signed up online, and boyfriend really wants one, so we did. I read all the fine print and saved it, and we're still waiting for our DS. It was supposed to be delivered within 10 weeks. We signed up online in early August, and got our service installed in mid August. It is now December. My boyfriend has been diligent about bugging comcast (I could care less), and they just keep telling him it's out of their hands and it'll come when it comes. Nice. I'm sure we'll never see it.

web said...

I want to applaud you for putting together this blog. I appreciate this type of forum that allows the disenchanted and underrepresented consumer to post issues on a forum for others to see and find via search.

My own situation was remarkably similar to what I assume anyone with a HD Tivo has run into with cable cards. The original installer indicated to me that he had never installed a cable card. I handed him the directions that came with the TIVO which he ignored. When he left, frustrated because it would not work, he suggested I simply return the cable card to the office and get a replacement. I went to the office which was 25 minutes away, waited half an hour to speak with a representative who said that they don't keep cable cards at the office. To her credit- she immediately got on the phone with the installer supervisor and gave him a good talking to. She set up another appointment. Three more visits and two more installers who allegedly understood cable cards, the system finally worked. To this day it works fine.

My only other issue is that one of the previous installers forgot to note that he had taken the cable card with him, and I soon was being billed for three systems along with Digital comcast and HDTV on all of them. The bill was over $200/mo.

I spoke with a customer representative who was friendly and courteous who could not fix my bill until she sent someone out to verify how many cable cards and boxes I had in my house. When that occured, sure enough my bill was reduced.

I am anxiously awaiting the time when Verizon FIOS or AT&T Fiber comes to our area. I will drop Comcast immediately. Until that point, I will suffer with limited HD selection (15 channels) untrained installers and overly expensive services. In Comcast's defense-I have had no service outages with the exception of the hurricanes in FL- which is understandable.


ACCOUNT- 19204690659-01-6

ladyrebel said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I just read the paper and that's how I found this site.I have had so much trouble with comcast from not getting an email address to the cable ALWAYS messing up to the rude people that work there. Cable costs so very much and you would think that you could get good service. Not true with this company!!!!!! Maybe if enoough people get on their case that something will finally get done!! Thank you so much for this site! Now I'm not the only one calling comcast REALLY bad words!!!!

Cochise said...

I am delighted to discover that there is a way to get these infuriatingly incompetent people on the hook.

I find it stunning that they can automatically charge me each month irregardless of whther they have provided the correct level of service, the product, for the whole billing period, the term.

My frustrations with Comcast began in April. At that time my house was being remodelled so I thought it would be a good idea to have the cabling done while there were no walls inside thus enabling my contractor to dry wall over the cabbles and make elegant outlets at the right point oin the wall for each TV.

The first installation appointment was made, with specific reference to the objectives of the installation (as above) and we acheived an appointment for two weeks hence, early May.

I took a day off work as the 'window' for my appointment was 10 to 2 pm.

At 2.10 I called the service office and commented that no one had arrived, I was assured the technician would call me and he "is in the neighborhood"

He called at 2.30 from a location some 15 minutes away stating he was on the way. At 4 pm I called the office to be told that "Oh, he went home and we couldn't get anyone scheduled but we will epxedite an appointment for you in 7 days instead of our current 14 day delay"

So we are waiting on that day and early in the morning a ComCast van turns up but they are the outsdie guys only, they hook up the 'service' and suggest I wait for the other team to arrive for the inside work. I wait all day, I call the office on four occassions, I am told they have me on their list, finally at 4pm they tell me that the installation team can be here by 7pm, I can't, we reschedule for the following week.

Team turns up, it is now June, and the supervisor enters the house, listens to the explanation of the job and announces "We can't do that, it means we will have to go in the roof space, they have sent the wrong team" and drives away.

I call for a new appointment, given a date in July. My contractor waits all day but no one shows. New date made and that is for August, my contractor advises that he cannot hold the walls open any longer and I regrettably advise hm to go ahead and seal them.

Mid August the team arrive, and in my post arrives a bill for service as my 'free' period has expired.

They insist that they know best and place the outlets in the entirely wrong position on the walls expalining to my wife that where I left the 'stickies' to indicate the point of cabling would be incorrect.

I return to discover that their installation will resut in cable intended to connect to a cabinet actually leaving the wall 5 feet above the cabinet, I call Comcas and tell them that this is the last straw and to consider that I will not proceed with the 'service'

Lady on phone agrees, bad outcome, sorry about that, and I point out that I am being billed for a house with no TV and no outlets until today and in the worng position and she states that the billing should not have occurred and she will remove the item, "promise".

I find that despite my best attempts there is no way to get servioce at this location except with Comcast. I call and they send out a guy who fianlly places the outlets in the right place though one of them left with cable trailing down the lounge wall of a newly remodelled house until my contractor can hide it and drill open the newly created wall to do so.

My 'service' is finally on and I am watching TV on the set on September 19th, on October the 17th we move in, on Ocotber the 20 th we recive a bill for service which I pay, on October the 23rd we recive a letter from a Credit Agency stating that we have an outstanding amount for Comcast from June. I am unable to speak to the Credit Bureau, they only provide a number to pay, I speak to Comcast, they confirm that my account is up to date so waht I need to do is drive 40 minutes to my local comcast office and get a wriiten leter to this effect that I can send to the Credit Bureau and that will be that. I drive and am met with incredulity at the Comcast Office, they do not have such a process "Who advised you to do this", I reply, "Comcast", "they must be new or mad" states the counter person.

I get a copy of my bill showing paid up to date and mail it to the credit bureau, they ignore it and file a bad debt report on me dated the 15th November for 182 dollars and I seem unable to do anything about either an alternative provider or a rational outcome. Comcast state I am the subject of an internal process called an ER and that when, time unknown, it can verify that my account is in good standing, even though their own billing statement evidences same, they will notify the credit bureau to remove my name from the list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site.

Here's my story. Comcast acquired Adelphia Cable, who was my provider of TV and HSI until they went bankrupt.

When I was an Adelphia customer, my monthly TV bill was about $45. Adelphia offered three speeds of HSI, and the lowest speed was perfectly suitable for my needs, so I was paying $19 monthly for HSI. All in all, pretty happy.

Then, in comes Comcast. My next bill has a new rate of $42 for HSI. I went to the local office to inquire and was told that Comcast only offers one level of HSI, so it was take it or leave it. And incrediously they also added a "connection fee" for a service they never connected - I already had it.

Disgruntled, I stayed with it anyway. Meanwhile, Verizon is filling my mailbox with promotions for the phone/TV/DSL bundle for $99 a month.

The first of October, I get a letter in the mail from Comcast, advising me of the new rates effective January 1. My TV would go up another six or seven dollars a month. AND - get this - their own letter lists the three different speeds of HSI.

End result: I have had my new DirectTV service and Verizon DSL for one week, and I'm ecstatic. The DirectTV folks who came out were outstanding - they even called to see if we could move our install date AHEAD as they had openings earlier. Verizon shipped my new DSL modem, and the tech came the same day. I was able to complete the self install in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, one set of in-laws who live nearby have done the exact same thing in the last couple of weeks, and I'll bet another set do also before the month is out.

Yesterday, now that everything is settled, I drive down to the local Comcast office to terminate my services. The sign on the door says they open at 8:30, so I'm there at 8:40. However, a paper taped to the door says "opening at 9:00 today". Crap. So as I drive away I look at a Comcast truck, get the phone number, and call and terminate my services over the phone. The phone rep was somewhat apologetic that I was no longer a customer, and advised me that I had an overpayment and therefore a credit balance. Think I'll ever see that money?

Sincerely, No longer a Comcast customer
Wilson Weaver
Salem, VA

pellky said...

We have lived in this house for 3-1/2 years. During that time, 26 different techs have been here. We have been amped/de-amped/split/unsplit/reboxed (13 times)/rewired (4 times). Our TVs still tile/freeze. We still can't access On Demand on the weekends (infamous Communication Error 207) and about 1 out of 3 times we try during the week. Sometimes we get the Black Screen of Death (One moment ... (whatever) should be available shortly). Email that doesn't work in the morning until after 9 am (go figure THAT one out). Half the rate of "blazing speed" we are supposed to get for our broadband connection. Hours on hold waiting for tech support. Hours of lost time waiting for techs. Hours of lost time explaining (for the 26th time) what all of the problems are (WHAT account notes?). Hours lost listening to some hot-stuff tech who thinks he knows everything tell us what is wrong, when that "solution" was ruled out long ago. We have no choice but Comcast; there is no competitor. And they consider MICROSOFT a monopoly?? We pay them a small fortune ($145 a month) for service we do not get. We have called MANY times after the tech has left to get a credit; we're lucky if we get a free on-demand movie coupon (which of course, we can't use, because we can't access On Demand). They ask if the problem is fixed; we say no, and they say they can't issue a credit until the problem is fixed. Talk about runaround?!

All together now: COMCAST MUST DIE!

Mrs. Frere said...

Last year our local Comcast sent us several warnings that we had to switch to Digital/OnDemand in order to keep our premium channel-- HBO. The note included a toll free number to call in order to make the switch. With the final Sopranos season coming up, I wasn't about to lose HBO. So I called the number to make the switch to digital OnDemand.

Funny thing-- the woman at the other end (I made the mistake of not taking a name or number) had no idea what I was talking about. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with her with a promise that within a week I would be receiving a digital converter, I would be receiving 6 free months of HBO and Starz and then I would be billed for HBO (I had made it clear the whole reason for making the switch was for HBO).

After a week no converter had arrived. But a helpful Comcast salesperson called to sell me the whole digital/OnDemand service. I asked him why it was that they were calling since I had signed up for this service a week ago. He informed me that he was looking at my account and no I was not signed up for it. A whole 45 minute conversation with the woman a week before had led to-- NADA.

He got me hooked up and sent the converter and a supposedly better deal-- a year of HBO and 6 months of Starz. The converter arrived and all was right in the OnDemand world for awhile.

At the end of 6 months Starz ended, but so did HBO. When I called to figure out why that was, there was no record of me having ever received any promotion. Another 45 minutes on the phone got HBO back and working, but I am paying for it now when I thought that it would be another 6 months of free premium channels.

(This story is ignoring the ridiculous fees that I now pay. I have been a Comcast customer for three years and during that time my bill has gone from about $65 a month to over $90.)

Modred189 said...

I dumped Comcast last year because of several reasons:
1: Terrible custoemr service. I could never get anyone on the line in less than 30 minutes. Plus once I did, I had reps lie to me outright several times.
2: Price. It was going to be ~$150 for TV, HD and internet per month. TOO HIGH, especially with no BigTen network!

So I switched to the new AT&T U-verse. $90/mo, I get the same things as Comcast, plus a DVR, a free wireless network, and basic premium stations. Can't complain a bit about the customer service.

Andrew Schulman said...

Well I have to report back that after I posted my complaint here last month, Comcast corporate called me back within about 2 days. It could've been smoother-- John called and left me a phone number, but when I called it back there was no answer for days, and I had to dig deep into my file for a secret local office phone number that I got at some point. Miguel was very polite and helpful when I called.

So after another day or two of hassle, finally I was put in touch with Hamed, who asked the right questions, called me back daily with a progress report, and after another week or so finally got the problem resolved. Hamed told me that they had to go all the way to the software vendor to get the problem fixed. I sympathize with that; it's just a shame that it was so hard, and I had to resort to this blog, for me to talk with the technical people who had the means to solve my problem.

I learned two things from this experience:

1. The people at Comcast customer service mean well and do try to help, but for whatever reason-- either they don't know enough, or Comcast doesn't give them the power to fix things-- it's useless to talk with them for anything but simple problems. A hard problem meets a brick wall. They can't solve it.

2. Comcast corporate really pays attention to this blog, because it reflects badly on them and is outside of their control. Thanks, Bob.

u235sentinel said...

2. Comcast corporate really pays attention to this blog, because it reflects badly on them and is outside of their control. Thanks, Bob.

Then here is an experiment on your comment. Comcast has ignored a problem for years even after I've spent weeks with them and other Comcast customers to resolve.

Internet bandwidth is important to everyone especially the provider. The company has marketed "Unlimited use for a flat monthly fee" for YEARS and now they are performing a bait and switch saying it's not unlimited consumption. Huh?

Ok, so if that's the case, is calling a customer once then terminating their internet truely the way to handle it?

I've been blogging about it since February. I spoke with several dozen people for over 3 weeks before starting the blog. But the company ignores the issues and simply posts a form letter response with no useful information.

I've posted their response and mine ad nausem on the blog. Hopefully someday they will awaken and take positive action. I've YET to see anything but a quote for me to upgrade my residence line to their Corporate Account. Charging a residence in Downtown West Jordan Utah (population 101,000) about $10,000 to install the line and up to $2,000 a month for Internet is lame.

Shame on your Comcast. Until the problem is resolved, the blogging will continue. Oh and we're looking at over 72,000 visitors since we started in February.

Again, Shame on you Comcast!

chadcad@gmail.com said...

I have called Comcast in Baltimore County every week for the last month trying to get them to fix the sound on FX and also on Cartoon Network. The sound is to loud and buzzy. I believe the term is overdriven. No one ever calls me back and the problem is still there.
The last 3 weeks of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were unwatchable because of sound. I wish my area had more then one cable company, because I pay to much for this crappy service.

Anonymous said...

In early April this year, I ordered the MLB Extra Innings Package with my credit card. However, the package was also charged to my Comcast account which was then paid again with automatic bill pay. Since receiving my May bill and realizing the mistake, I still have not received my 159 bucks back. I was told at least five times a check was being sent to me. I would wait the 4-6 weeks and then nothing. Another call and then another assurance it was being taken care of.

Just this week I spoke to a rep who seems to have finally figured out how to get my money to me. He was helpful and managed to call me back to update me on what was happening rather than letting me twist in teh wind. I guess time will tell if he was actually able to help me.

I also wrote an email to Brian Roberts' office hoping to get some compensation for having to wait 9 months to get my money back, but the person who emailed me back said she would make sure I got my money back but did not take me up on any of my other suggestions of how I could be compensated and kept a happy customer. I am now thinking of withholding my payment for 9 months except I know the response will be quick: my service will be shut off. Am I crazy or is it reasonable to ask for some discounted or free service for a period of time for having loaned Comcast my money for 9 months?

Account # 05014646588060

Anonymous said...

Comcast has screwed me for approximately $700. Case Number: 2372.10474

I would like to take a moment to air some of my frustrations about Comcast. I'm a long time customer in South Jersey and I can’t believe how they run their customer service.

In August of 2006 I was having signal problems there my internet would intermittently drop. I had a guy come out and check the lines and according to him all was great. Still, I continued to have signal drops and breaks in my service. They had me try a new modem, replace splitters and even replace cabling. NOTHING WORKED so I cancelled the internet service and got Verizon DSL. I decided at the time to keep them for my cable TV.

On November 14th 2007 - I noticed a charge of $42.95 on my bill. I immediately called customer service and they told me that I’d been charged for internet service since August 2006 (which was ironically when I cancelled the service) and they opened a case to verify that my service was not used in the previous 17 months. The rep told me that I should get a call within 3 weeks.

The case number is 2372.10474.

On December 5th I followed up (3 weeks later) and was told that they were busy but they would make a note in the system to rush.

On December 13th – after not hearing anything for a week, I follow up. Vicki, unfortunately, couldn’t find my case in their system – in fact I was informed that I hadn’t even called since June. I asked for a supervisor and was refused because her supervisor was busy getting ready for a staff meeting, but was assured that my problem would be brought up in the meeting and she would get a call back by 3:30. I never did get that call. I called back at 4 and got Suzette, explained my situation and was questioned why I paid the bill for all that time and why I never returned the modem 17months prior rather than trying to help me. Frustrated, I asked for a supervisor and got a very nice and helpful Jennifer. She took all my information and told me she would review my account and get back to me on Monday December 17th. She provided me her phone number. Before I hung up I asked her if they can check my usage to see that my internet service was not used since August. She claims that usage cannot be tracked. I find that hard to believe that a multimillion communications GIANT can’t tell if you are using their service.

Anyway -- I followed up:
…….with a message to Jennifer on Tuesday – No Call Back
…….with a message to Jennifer on Wednesday – No Call Back

How can a company run a business like this? I have been nothing my nice to them, have not yelled, screamed and been nothing but professional to all of their people. I am so fed up I can’t believe it…..I’m calling Verizon and might have to sign up for their triple play package with a free 19in. HDTV.

Thanks for listening

Erik said...

I have Comcast Internet service in Atlanta and it's down again. So while I’m thinking about Comcast what do I decide to do? Make another attempt to try and get my cablecards from the Comcast office for my HD Tivo.

I've been trying for a month now to get my Cablecards. Every time I go in to their office "Sorry sir, we don't have any". When will you have them? "We don't know". Can I call you before I come in next time to check if you have them? "No, we don't have a phone number". Can you call me when you get them? "Yes". Have they ever called me? No.

That's been going on every time I come in for a month now. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone in now and it’s driving me nuts.

So today, I arrive at 5:01 PM. Big mistake, you see they close at 5:00 on the dot and I'm out of luck, they are inside, the door is locked, but the lady at the desk isn't getting up and is waving me away saying something I can't hear. How about some compassion? Ok, you have some super strict policy on closing the door at 5:00? Great, I can understand that, how about a friendly explanation then, maybe an apology “Sorry, we have to close at 5:00, it’s out of our hands sir”. Anything would be better than watching her co-worker laugh at me knocking on the door while she won’t even look me in the eye and just waves her hand in the air. Why is it funny that I’m 1 min. late? Comcast clearly doesn’t care and doesn’t ask their employees to care about their customers either.

I've called the Comcast help line is there is another way, they will send a technician out for a fee to install my cards or I can go to the office are my choices, no negotiation. Why does Comcast have to waste my time and theirs to send me something I can do myself? When can the technician make it? Between 9:00 and 12:00, can they come when I might actually be home? Nope. Why can't they just mail me the Cablecards? Clearly if I can pick them up in the office, then I can install them myself.

And why is my Comcast Internet still down and I'm forced to use my almost as bad, but not quite as bad AT&T DSL right now? (Which I bought because I needed a backup for my ever failing Comcast Internet).

Comcast - I hate you. You waste more of my time than any company I've done business with ever. You provide crappy service, have unfriendly reps. and in general make it hard for your customers.

As soon as FiOS or Speakeasy or anyone else comes along other than AT&T DSL (which isn't great either) I'm switching and if I don't get these Cablecards before January I'm going to DirectTV.

I've had it.

And if anyone out there at Comcast cares, I'm at silvexis@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening; I feel better getting that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

My comcast horror story:
I decided to switch to the triple-play package early this december.
I call up comcast. I'm advised that since my current phone provider is vonage, it will take up to 3 weeks to port my number, i say fine. they schedule an appointment for december 15.
Comes december 15, the tech shows up and says "oops, i made a mistake" - turns out he canceled our work order instead of someone's else's work order. He spends about an hour on my cell phone with comcast to "re-open" the work order.
After he's done, he tells me that since the work order was canceled, he can not port out number today, so it will be a matter of another 3 days. I say ok, and off he goes.
I now have both comcast's phone service (with some temp. number) and vonage's.
After 3 days i call customer service - they assure me everything is ok, and the port should be completed soon.
I call again. They now say it actually takes 6 days, and it should be completed on the 25.
december 25 comes and goes, and still, no number port. i call them again - i'm asked to call again(!) after 12 hours, since "it takes a while for the process to complete".
I call on december 26 - still nothing, the number doesn't work, they assure me it will be done tommorow.
December 27. i call them once again . The first rep puts me on hold and i get disconnected by their system.
i call again.
The next customer service rep tells me that actually, the number port did not go through, since "the work order is still open" (not that i know or care about their internal process), and tells me :
"call again tomorrow, to ask us to open another work order, so we can start the process again - it may take up to 30 days".
At this point i get completely frustrated. I ask to at least get a refund for the phone service i get from them, he tells me that since it is working fine, he can not give me anything, and tells me that this is due to problems between comcast and vonage.
I explain(!!!) to him that all of this mess is due to their incompetence and errors, he still insists that there's nothing he can do, and just tells me to call again tomorrow. After arguing for 10 more minutes he offers to give me 20$ credit for my trouble.
Today is december 28. It is more than one month since i called comcast to sign up for their service, and that number port is still nowhere close to being done.

I find this whole attitude of "call again in 12 hours"
"call again in 24 hours"
"call again to tell us what to do tomorrow" ridiculous. Why can't the customer service reps handle this? why should i be the middle man between all of those random reps i get on the phone? Why isn't anyone there interested in resolving my problem?

I guess i will too switch to verizon once they are available. I don't think customer service can be any worse than this.

(sagis99 at gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

I forgot the best bit about my number port horror story:
During one of my calls to the comcast number, their automated system tells me i have a service appointment scheduled for december 26. ???? I have never scheduled any appointment.
I ask the customer service rep - why do i have a service appointment on the 26? my problem is with the number port, there's nothing that needs to be done at my house - he tells me, you don't have any service appointment on the 26.
I ask: are you sure? your automated system just told me that.
He says, yes, i'm sure. i checked, and you don't have anything scheduled.

Guess what happens on the 26?
A comcast tech shows up at my house, to "finish the wiring".
i give up.


rosc2112 said...

Got the nefarious call about "using too much bandwidth" - so now I'm under threat that if I use my Internet service as I've always used it, I'll be terminated.

I do the exact same things I did on my dsl line, which never produced any complaint from that ISP (we moved to an area where dsl is not available, only comcrap and satellite service, which is more expensive.)

How can comcrap terminate accounts without producing any proof of "abuse"? They claim I downloaded 500 gigs - I don't think thats even possible if I had downloads going full-speed 24/7!

For all the cynical people who think we're doing illegal crap, you do realize that more and more music, movies, tv shows & games are becoming available for free download? Then there's VOIP, NetMeeting, streaming radio, etc.

So my only choice is live in fear as if this was stalinist russia and not use the service I pay for, or tell comcrap to f*ck off and switch to dialup or satellite. Nice way to treat customers comcrap.

I'm already preparing a complaint letter to be sent to the local franchise board, the ftc and fcc. I don't believe it is legal for them to terminate accounts in this manner, with no proof and no remedy.

u235sentinel said...

Unfortunately rosc2112, Concast doesn't care. I've spent three weeks after they turned off my service to figure out why it was off and how we can get it back. My family depends on the Internet for a wide variety of services and turning it off because we violated some invisible bandwidth limit just isn't right.

I've gone to the BBB (they closed it in favor of Concast though the problem was NEVER resolved), the FCC called me after I filed a complaint and said they don't do Internet (huh??) and the FTC is taking their sweet time. Maybe someday they will wake the hell up and remember we're paying THEM to do something. In essense, Concast has wasted weeks of my personal time and just isn't worth it. So I'm supporting whatever I can find that will give competition to my area.

I've been blogging about it since February 2007 and am pushing for Fiber to the home. An infrastructure like the rest of the world has would either force Concast to fix their attitude or make them go bankrupt.

Either works for me. At this point I'll never go back to that lousy company. Even with the 12 month termination coming to a close, we're not going back now that DSL is here. At least with an upspeed 3 times what I received with Concast, my CounterStrike Source gaming has vastly improved :-)

mlevis said...

Comcast does not care at all.

Decided to give them another shot several months ago as they were offering a $400 dish credit LIE!!!!

That was at the top corner of my flyer along with 3 package deals. No where in the fine print does it say the credit is not valid with any of those offers.

Rep had me fill out dish credit form and informed me I qualified for it. Informed cridit was payable over 8 months. Well 50 a month off was a nice savings enticement. On 1st call was informed credit was only 25 a month over 16 months. Yep Red flag!

Filled out form a few more times. Faxed flyer and forms over to them. Nothing no call backs, no credit on bills.

Only time they ever called me was when I filed a complaint with my Attorney General. I will be updating this complaint with the new information as well as a copy of the flyer showing the misleading ad.

Their response. Flyer does not say credit goes with those packages.

FRAUD - MISLEADING Advertisement.

Going to call back my Sat provider and switch back! BTW at least their DVR works correctly.

Acct # 09507 650832-04
Zip code 48079

Steve Fifield said...

First of all, I want to say thank you for this blog site. I have been powerless in my issues with comcast over the past month, and I am so glad to finally have a way to deal with it.

I moved to East Lansing from Kalamazoo for law school 2 summers ago, and signed up for a Comcast package for high speed internet and cable. The plan was far $71.72 per month, and the person who helped me set up my account told me numerous times during the phone call that the rate I was to pay would not change. I was never told about 6 month or 12 month premiums I needed high speed internet for law school and I enjoy watching a number of channels that are not available with the most basic cable packages in my free time. Combining my situation with the deal I was informed of ($71.72 per month for the life of the account if I stayed with the same package) I decided that this was not a deal to pass up. I told the person signing me up that the major selling point was the price and how reasonable it seemed.

Fast forward to the next summer (2007). I found a much better apartment across town, and had my service and account with Comcast transfered to my new home. My bill remained the same since the first month: $71.72 per month. That summer I had a number of issues with my internet not working for a few weeks while local Comcast technicians were working on the box outside my apartment. I called a number of times and was told that the service in our area was being "upgraded". Eventually I received a credit for the lack of internet and the bill returned to $71.72 after that.

Last month I received my bill in the mail I was surprised to find that my bill had jumped in price. The bill was for $93.25. When I got a free minute away from law school and my job as a clerk at a law firm, I called on a Friday morning and spoke to a person who told me I needed to speak with a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would call me the next day. By the next Wednesday I still had not heard from anyone and my bill due date was coming fast.

I called again, and this time managed to get transfered to a supervisor. After being on hold for 50 minutes. That's just about an hour of my time spent waiting for someone to pick up the phone and address my concerns over my price rate going up.

When I finally got to speak with this supervisor I explained the entire situation, from the promise made, the lack of internet over the summer, and now my increased bill. This woman almost immediately gave me a lot of attitude. She told me that there was no record of me making any calls regarding the internet outage (despite the fact that I was issued a credit for it) and that I should have known that the cost of service would go up after 12 months. When I pointed out that it had been 18 months, she admitted that someone had added a six month promotion to my account. She had no explanation for this to counter my assumption that it was the way whoever was handling my account was keeping me at my promised rate.

She asked what I wanted her to do about this, and I responded that I wanted my rate changed back to $71.72 per month. At this point she said that she couldn't possibly do that, and that in fact, my bill would be going up AGAIN the next month by $9.95 for internet.

When I started to protest this extra charge as well, she told me that all she could do was give me a $60 credit over a period of 6 months, after which I would have to pay the full amount.

I pointed out that it was hardly good customer service to raise my bill by $21.53 and then again by $9.95 but offer me the "courtesy" of $10 off that bill for 6 months.

I tried to explain that it amazed me that Comcast would offer brand new customers great deals but charge more to loyal customers. I expressed my opinion that by putting me on hold for an hour and taking an attitude that I was in the wrong right from the beginning made me feel like Comcast was trying to sweep dissenters under the rug, not address billing concerns by a dissatisfied customer.

After practically being shouted down by this supervisor, I informed her that I would just pay MY bill and say good day.

I sent in a payment of $71.72, not wanting to be late in my payment.

Just a few days ago I got another bill that includes the extra charge from the previous bill and another price increase, totaling $124.73. That's my promised rate of $71.72 plus $53.01 in added charges from January and February.

I put a check out in the mail today for $71.72. I tried calling Comcast today, but after 15 minutes on hold, I had to go to class and couldn't waste even more time of my busy day going around in circles with people on the phone.

I've already been on the phone with other companies including Directv trying to figure out if I might be able to get service with those companies. I found out that if I switch from Comcast, I'll have to go through 2 providers to get cable and internet. As much of a pain as that is, unless Comcast can address my concerns and give me the rate their representative promised me almost two years ago for the life of the account with this package I will have to look elsewhere for my service or consider legal action. I have read a number of articles on Lexis regarding legal disputes where cable/internet companies were held accountable for lying to their customers. Not to mention the media that Comcast has received for it's less than stellar customer service.

Before this situation, I didn't really believe all the horror stories about Comcast, but now I'm living one.
My Comcast account number is 01721170117-02-5.

Andy said...

Be Careful if any of you go on vacation and put your account on vacation hold. I had to do this for my winter break (college student) and when I came back they decided to double bill, because to Comcast ending a vacation hold was like starting a new service.

After speaking on the phone with customer service for over an hour and a half she finally admitted my bill was wrong and agreed to credit my account for the next billing cycle. It was great that my bill will be credited next month, but why can't they take it off of this month's bill. I asked the kind lady that and she recommended that I simply short my bill this month the credited amount and then it will even out next month.

Sorry Comcast costumer service lady, but I do not trust Comcast to not hold it against me for "underpaying" them on a bill.

I want to finish off by saying this is one of my more minor problems with Comcast. If fact most of my problems have been minor ones (outside of over billing), but enough is enough. They add up. After this school year, I will not return as a customer to Comcast. It would take an absolute miracle. I would rather be stuck at home eating shit, than degrade myself to their service in the future.

u235sentinel said...

I want to finish off by saying this is one of my more minor problems with Comcast. If fact most of my problems have been minor ones (outside of over billing), but enough is enough. They add up. After this school year, I will not return as a customer to Comcast. It would take an absolute miracle. I would rather be stuck at home eating shit, than degrade myself to their service in the future.

Sounds like another satisfied Concast customer :-)

Yeah that was sarcasm. And be careful posting here. Concast does monitor this and it's extremely amusing how offended they get when customers complain since the Yankee Group highly rated Concast's service.

That must have cost them a bundle to pay for such a rating ;-)

Jon B said...

I would like to share my worst customer experience in my life with the rest of the world.

Where to begin...? From incompetent technicians, to gross abuses of billing procedures, to a simple lack of basic service, I am appalled at what they claim to be "Comcastic". In addition, I am a graduate student, and so do not have much time to fight with call center employees over their horrific overcharging (60 hours and counting, no exaggeration. I also don't have time to sit at home for yet another technician who doesn't know anything about the services they are providing. For my work-study, I am an IT technician for an office building in downtown DC. As a result, I oftentimes know much more about networking than the technicians who are supposed to service my line!

FINALLY, suits are being brought against Comcast for bittorrent throttling, false advertising and misrepresentation of their service. I'm truly happy that a suit is coming in DC (see the bizjournal.com article). I am fairly representative of the class, seeing as I personally have been over-billed hundreds of dollars for services that didn't work at all or only intermittently. It took three months to get television service that didn't cut out every couple minutes. My internet still comes and goes as it pleases. All the while, they over-billed me hundreds for things that I never had installed, and services I never ordered. Its disgusting when their system seems DESIGNED to overcharge and underservice their customers and they have power over your credit rating.

Most egregiously, I paid my installation fee and first month's service up front with a check to the technician. To my surprise, they sent me my first bill for an amount almost double what I had ALREADY paid them for that same period of service! From the very beginning, there was not a single thing done correctly: neither service functioned properly, my bill was the wrong monthly amount AND included several extraneous fees (I do not have multiple TVs, etc.). When I tried to correct the monthly rate, they charged me to change the service!!!

Worst of all, they apparently don't even maintain copies of the work orders that serve as my contract at their billing offices or is made available to their call center employees. They did not have any accurate record of the level of service I signed up for at the beginning of my service, and I had to FAX them the work order.

Since then, I have simply shut off my TV cable service with Comcast, and am desperately searching for a replacement internet provider, but it appears that no companies service my area [at least, not: RCN, Verizon FiOS, AT&T, Cox Communication, Clearwire, Speakweasy, Earthlink, or ANY others that I can find]. There is currently a movement in DC to attempt to bring some semblance of service through telecom diversification, but most of the residents are simply up a proverbial creek. My roommate and I have decided that it is actually better to have no internet service at all than try to deal with the ridiculousness of Comcast. Once my service is turned off, I am never going close to this company again.

Enjoy your deserved legal comeuppance Comcast.


Acct# 09529213899043

Jon B said...

Wow, it really is true. Make sure to include your account number. I got a personal phone call from a local exec within two hours of posting on this blog.

Its so sad that if you buy into their customer service route, they will just spin you in circles indefinitely, but if you raise a peep of public outcry, you get contacted at what some might even call a quick speed!

u235sentinel said...

Wow, it really is true. Make sure to include your account number. I got a personal phone call from a local exec within two hours of posting on this blog.

Its so sad that if you buy into their customer service route, they will just spin you in circles indefinitely, but if you raise a peep of public outcry, you get contacted at what some might even call a quick speed!

I'm glad to hear people are getting a resolution with this company. They have YET to contact me and resolve my issues with them thus my blog

The ONLY resolution they are willing to give me is setup of a node to my house which is up to $10,000 and up to $2,000 a month for internet service.

Somebody at Concast is smoking crack to think that's a reasonable solution!!!

Anonymous said...

Just received my latest comcast bill. I have been a comcast customer for 10 years, in addition own a second property with comcast at that location. My current bill had a charge for a fight we ordered back in Oct/07. I paid for this fight because it was on my bill in 12/07. I phoned to ask the rep why I was being charged again for the UFC fight. I was told that I had ordered it again on 11/9/07. I explained to her, no, I ordered it one time for a get together at my home on 10/20/07, and did not order it again. Explained that it was some type of mistake on their end. Absolutley not, Comcast doesn't make those type of billing errors. I am not even sure that after a live UFC fight that you would be charged the full amount to watch it at a later date. The winner is announced thru all media outlets. I rarely use my pay per option and this is why, I do not trust comcast. I think if you don't scrutinize your bill they can get away with charges that should not be on there. I would love to leave my account number on this blog, but hestitate, as I do not want someone getting a hold of an account number and causing me additional headache. RMoser, Monument, CO 80132

Anonymous said...

Honestly, some of you are right to get angry for some of the problems you are having. Most of the complaints I read are the same complaints I hear everyday and some of them are small and unreasonable. For the guy who is complaining about paying $62 for internet service...it is all about the customer. Cable customers receive a $15 discount where internet is42.95 if you need a modem $3. Why is it fair that non cable customers get the same discount as cable subscibers?
I work in the call center for Comcast and the one I work for is (in my opinion)way too leinent with customers. There are customers who re in 120 days past due status and still have cable, get credit for every little thing and have way too many rules bent for them! And there is always a long wait because customers call in to complain about little stuff such as why we wont troubleshoot THEIR equipment (routers, DVD plyrs VCRs)and asking how much their bill is when they have called in the day before!
Or they call to say "I don't understand my bill" and take up 15mins complaining instead of letting the rep talk/explain. This is what pisses me off because that could be time we spend with a customer who really is having issues or problems

u235sentinel said...

Honestly, some of you are right to get angry for some of the problems you are having. Most of the complaints I read are the same complaints I hear everyday and some of them are small and unreasonable.

Some of them are small and unreasonable? What about the others? Your comment suggests they are large and reasonable.

For the guy who is complaining about paying $62 for internet service...it is all about the customer

You are aware being a Concast rep that this is an exceptionally high price to pay (in US Dollars) anywhere in the developed world right?

I mean for $62 in the UK do you know how much the customer gets? Or how about Japan or Hong Kong?

Look around. You will be amazed how Concast is ripping American's off.

People come visit me from out of the country and are amazed how bad our Internet is here in the United States.

Or they call to say "I don't understand my bill" and take up 15mins complaining instead of letting the rep talk/explain. This is what pisses me off because that could be time we spend with a customer who really is having issues or problems

Sounds like you are talking about something I don't hear very often here and in other blogs about your Conpany. When people talk about the money I explain they are right. We're getting shafted. But usually I hear about bad service (as in my case) or about problems with the product (also as in my case).

Anonymous said...

What similiar tales to my problem. Have had comcast cable for years but last October switched to their bundle package. MISTAKE. The installer didn't do it right and if a butterfly flew by the wire it would knock out the internet or the cable or the phone and then just as mysteriously it would come back on, minutes, hours or even days later.

They come out on the problem and finally fix it the 3rd or was it the 4th time out. Now the fun begins.

The didn't hook it up right in the first place so I don't think that I should be charged for a service call. Well they charge so I call to complain and am told the charge will be removed, this is in December. January bill comes, past due, service charge still there. Call again, go around and around and am told it will be removed. February bill, still there, call again and am told that the removal of the charge has been denied. Each time I called I asked to speak with a supervisor, each time I was denied. I have now wasted over 6 1/2 hours of my life being told different lies.

I obtain the corporate address and all the head people's names and write them a nice long letter telling them what I think of their lousy installation and then charging me for it. I then mailed each one of them a letter, a total of 7 letters, I figured one of them would have to get through.

Well one did, someone calls me at home even though I specifically left my work number at the end of my letter. My daughter gets a call back number which I immediately call. She's left for the day, I leave my name and number and wait. After 3 days I start calling and not leaving messages but figure someone has to pick up sooner or later and finally get someone.

Well it turns out they didn't even read my entire letter, they just called me up. I ask why should I be charged for something that is NOT my fault, that they didn't install it right, etc, etc. She agrees and says that the charges will be removed, well I've heard that before. I also found out some interesting facts, comcast outsources their calls when they get too many and they go to a call center. These people are told to just agree with everything because they figure people will give up and not keep calling because of the wait time and lack of service. I finally did get the charges removed but I am busily checking out other options in our area.

Jesse Palmer said...

"...completely disregarding their customers. Personally, I nearly left cable like many others because..."


Anonymous said...

So I have been having issues with On Demand...reference error 207...big suprise to most of you im sure...3 times i called to get someone to fix it...they scheduled someone to come out...each time, no one came out...the last time I called the customer service rep actually told me "you get charged 2 dollars each time you call in, you should probably stop calling or your bill will be high". What the hell is that bull S--T? Great site here guys, I figured it was just crappy service in my area...its pretty apparent that comcast just sucks everywhere.

Oh, to the customer service rep that posted here...I hope working for comcast isnt a career for you...if so, open your eyes because Comcast wont be around that long. It is almost like upper management is trying to sink this ship. My 2 year old could run this company better. At least I can clean him up after he craps...Comcast's crap just wont go away.

Anonymous said...

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skate8 said...

idk i have the triple play and it seems OK but the thing is that the bill is outrageous and the T.V. keeps freezing up.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you all any more strongly than the words that you have written. Comcast is TERRIBLE. The number of outages in the last 6 months is simply ridiculous. I work out of my home office and have to constantly use my expensive verison JETPAK to compensate for having my internet service - thus my business down. Absolutely ridiculous. There should be more competiion in the area amongst cable companies - that is the only way that service will improve.

Just like with the airlines. 20 years ago when we had more airlines, service matter. Now with all of the consolidation we are just a bunch of cattle in cattle cars with no service. I feel the same way about Comcast as I feel about flying in coach.