Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Billing Fiascos


Anonymous said...

Acct #8798400370258973

I'll put this under Billing Fiascos, but it could be several.

This train wreck started with what otherwise was good news - my significant other was preparing to move out of her place to live with me. She called in late Aug to set up a service disconnection on the 09/15, a few weeks before the move out at the end of the month. She also informed them that she would be renting her home, already had tenants signed, and wanted to make sure everything would be able to be turned on at the end of the month when they moved in. According to COMCAST, everything’s ready.

Unfortunately they ended up disconnecting it over a week early, while we were in the process of changing addresses on bills, etc. Had to call and argue to get it turned on, but it was back up within a few days, and again, COMCAST assured everything would be ready for the tenants. Fine. Small mix-up; it happens. No problem. Then the tenants move in Oct 1st. Cable/Internet won't be available 'til November, a whole month. According to COMCAST it was disconnected at the site and someone would have to be sent out. So *we* call, only to find out it wasn't disconnected at the home, everything was all set and ready, and they should have been able to get service right away. A second call by the tenants and it was ok. Another weird miscommunication... whatever. Everything's fixed.

Meanwhile, as all that’s going on, we receive a bill dated 09/03, billing us for the whole month of Sept. Another call to remind them they’re turning off the service halfway through the month, so our bill should be considerably smaller. A worker by the name of Mia fixes it, tells us our final balance is $29.26. No problem.

So my significant other moves in at the beginning of Oct. We’re not in the house 3 days and we get *another* bill, for a whopping $268. Previous balance of $93, which I was assured was only $29 (as well as being paid), plus $190 of unreturned equipment. Now, we hadn’t returned the digital equipment for the television with all the packing and unpacking and moving… It slipped our mind. But there was also a charge for a Docsis Modem. We told COMCAST when we called to disconnect the service that we had been using *our* modem. The cable modem was *purchased* at a local Circuit City during a promo several years prior – Free cable modem (by rebate) with a sign up for COMCAST, plus only $20month for the first 6 months. So we called COMCAST. AGAIN. We spoke with a “supervisor” named Raymond. He says I have to prove I don’t use COMCAST's modem by producing a 2 year old receipt from Circuit City. Yes, apparently *I* am the one that bears the burden of proof and therefore have to prove that COMCAST never shipped us a modem. Finally, after a 45 minute argument of the absurdity of such a proposition, Raymond says everything's fine. Final bill is now $39. Whatever. I want to be done with this. I ask for his name and employee number, since this was supposed to be taken care of last time and I don't want to get a bill next month too. "Oh, we don't do that here. Just ask for Raymond. I’m the only one here." Fantastic.

So, on 11/08, we receive ANOTHER bill, dated 11/03, this time for the $79. A whole bunch of fees I didn’t understand plus, once again, an unreturned equipment fee for equipment that COMCAST doesn't own. Now I’m just pissed. Raymond assured me this was taken care of. This is OUR modem, not yours. This time we spoke to a supervisor named Andrew from the Woodridge branch in IL. He actually gave us his employee number - #18801. Andrew says he doesn't know what Raymond was talking about, because everything was listed under our account in the computer. He says the bill must have been sent in error since our account balance is ZERO. Great, I say. It's taken care of. If I hear from you again, I'll consider it harassment. Have a nice day.

Then just yesterday we receive another letter, but this time FROM A COLLECTIONS AGENCY. Hilariously dated from 11/05, two days AFTER the bill Andrew *assured* me was taken care of. Now not only is COMCAST's incompetence exceedingly annoying, it is now affecting our credit rating. I call in another frenzy, 'cause I'm rightfully angry. This is nothing short of harassment now. After waiting on hold for 25 mins, I get hung up on by the first person I'm finally able to reach and tell my story to. So I call back, reach another waste of an employee who tells me I need to take it up with the collection agency. I told him, and I quote, "No, you idiot. First of all, this is YOUR error, not mine. YOU have to fix this. Secondly, I don't have any proof other than a bunch of phone numbers and names scribbled onto each one of your ***** bills you’ve sent me. If all it took to get collection agencies off your back was, "It was their error. Honest." there wouldn't BE collection agencies. Now get me your supervisor." Another 40 mins later I'm finally talking to another human being, this one named Yolanda, who tell me that the bill is NOT in error, that I DO owe 79.95, which means it was NOT taken care of. She tells me that if I want it fixed, *I* need to produce the receipt from Circuit City from 2 years prior at a local COMCAST service station in order to have the balance removed.

So, at this point several COMCAST employees have outright lied to me every time I've called, as they've assured me that everything is taken care of. Anthony either didn't tell me about the collection agency, or he didn't know. Incompetent either way, since it was verified and still standing when I spoke with Yolanda. And the burden of proof is on me to prove that COMCAST did NOT send me a modem? Honestly, how do you justify that, COMCAST? How do you prove a negative like that? How do you prove you didn't get mail last Wednesday other than saying, "Really, I didn't get any." There are reasons our courtrooms do not work like that. I have to wonder if COMCAST is shipping packages and equipment all over this country and not keeping track of any of them. Otherwise, they certainly could have looked at their records and noticed, "Oh, yeah. We DON'T have a record of mailing them anything. No shipping date, No serial number on the equipment... Oh, and we haven’t been charging them a rental fee." How exactly do they know I've returned the right equipment? Can I just slap together a metal box with some connectors sticking out the back?

So that's where the situation stands. I'm sitting here waiting for my local branch to open at 0900. I pity the employee that will have to deal with me. As luck would have it, we managed to find the receipt for the modem while unpacking two weeks ago. Thank the gods. I don't know what my options would be if I hadn’t. I will inquire as to why the onus is on me to prove they didn't send me anything; it's patently absurd. "What? You can't prove we DIDN'T mail you several billion dollars worth of gold bullion for safe keeping? Too bad. Pony up." I'm contacting a lawyer, the BBB, and the state attorney either way. Not only is this harassment, but it has to be borderline criminal. Phony bills that cannot be proven false sent out under the threat of being sent to collection agencies? Yeah, that's one count of intimidation under Indiana law. But if I'm not alone in my victimization (if this site is any indication, then I'm certainly not) then it becomes "a pattern of racketeering".

Anonymous said...

An update to the above comment

So I make the to my local station, with my bills, the letter from collections, and my receipt, more than what Yolanda told me I'd need, expecting them to take care of as promised. I should have known better. I arrive at my destination and am second in line just a few minutes prior to opening. I tell the poor woman working my story, and she looks at the receipt. "Well, does it have the modem number on it?" "What modem number?" "The number on the back." She brings a COMCAST modem up from the back of the office, and refers to the MAC address on the back. She then tells me there's nothing she can do without the address on the back of the modem. I display my amazement that no one had mentioned this before. Can I phone it in? No, I have to bring it in person. Or I can try calling customer service to see if they could do it (yeah, right).

So I trek back to my house and proceed to tear open some boxes in the basement in a desperate attempt to find our modem. Thankfully I hadn't buried it pretty deep. I return to the service center, modem in hand, desperately hoping this will be the end of it. I hand it to the woman behind the desk who looks it over carefully, noting I'd imagine, the obvious differences between mine and theirs. The COMCAST modems are small squares, and have COMCAST actually on the box. Our modem was a mini-tower design by Motorola. She looks at the number on the bottom and says, "This is the number we have on the account." "Of course it is. That's THE modem we were using on the account." I remind her that it was a promo deal - we signed up for COMCAST at the same time we bought the modem. I refer again to the receipt that clearly states this. "Yeah, I saw it when you were here before." So now I'm stuck waiting. She has to "send it over to research" so *they* can deal with it, which may "not even be today." All I can do is wait.

Nothing to worry about, right? It's not like they have a track record of being completely incompetent or anything...

Anonymous said...

Acct # 8220188902846690

Comcast can't do math.

In October, we received a bill for double our normal amount. Both my roommate and I thought this was odd given we wrote our checks well in advance. Checked online and they did not post our checks until 11/4 - after the due date. Interestingly, on my check, I always write the account number before (I once had them post my check to the wrong acct). A 6 was scratched out, in my opinion, making it look like I had written the wrong acct. number. However, I have a carbon copy of my check and I wrote the correct number in the first place. I let it drop b/c when we called, they said not to worry about it and to pay our regular amount.

Fast forward to this month - we get a bill stating that we owe an additional $19.99. My roommate and I pull up our canceled checks online - thinking maybe one of us wrote the wrong amount by accident. Nope - even thought my check CLEARLY says 66.35, they posted it for 46.35. Okay, so it was a typo - easy fix, right?

Nope - because Comcast keeps NO record of when you call regarding your account (as opposed to say insurance, which records every time you call on a claim number). While my roommate faxed over all the canceled checks to the service dept. when she called the customer service dept, they had no idea what she was talking about. They have now threatened to turn off our cable if we don't pay in full by Tuesday. I will pay my normal half, but I will not pay for their typo.

Anonymous said...

Account Number: 8497303240855644

This all started 3 months or so ago when my small internet cable company sold my account to comcast. On the first bill I received had a hookup charge which I found anoying since I didn't ask to be switched. Since I was I figured I would try out cable, second mistake, should have canceled my internet as soon as I found out.

Sales man assures me charge for internet will be droped. I get a digital starter package w/ HBO and HD DVR.

5 or 6 phone calls and 4 service visits still no HD DVR. Still billed for internet hookup still being billed for HD DVR. Current bill for 3 month up to $ 357.55. On top of this I think they cracked the mirror in my big screen.

Tried to sort it out online with them today-
user Ex-customer has entered room

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:52:40 MST 2007)>I never got an HD DVR box. The techs where never able to get it working. Also, I was a transfer client from champion broadband and I dont think I should be charged a hookup fee for my internet service.

analyst Andre has entered room

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:12:27 MST 2007)>Hello Ex-customer, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Andre. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:12:28 MST 2007)>

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:12:31 MST 2007)>I apologize for the time that you've spent waiting on hold, and thank you for your patience.

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:12:44 MST 2007)>NP

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:12:50 MST 2007)>I'd be happy to take a look into this for you. Before I'm able to, I will need to obtain some information. For your protection, please provide the last 4 digits of the social security number listed on the account, or the full account/subscriber number.

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:13:10 MST 2007)>3329

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:14:04 MST 2007)>Thank you! Please hold as I review your account information.

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:18:53 MST 2007)>Thank you for waiting patiently. I apologize for the delay.

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:20:34 MST 2007)>Your service is scheduled to be hard-disconnected on 11/27/07. You currently have an account balance of $357.55, with a delinquent amount owed of $251.78.

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:21:53 MST 2007)>Yes, but I am being charged for services that I never received. The HD package and the HD DVR.

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:21:50 MST 2007)>Since your service is in this state, I cannot make any changes to your billing or services.

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:26:19 MST 2007)>I have tried to resolve this with multiple phone calls, multiple tecs in my house. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a service company. If you are unwilling to correct my billing. Please disconnect my service.

Andre(Wed Nov 14 14:28:13 MST 2007)>I apologize for any inconvenience. Your service is scheduled to be disconnected on 11/27/07. If you would like to have it disconnected sooner, please call us at 1-800-comcast to discuss.

Ex-customer(Wed Nov 14 12:30:03 MST 2007)>You are wasting my time and making my leasure into a pain. Good bye.

I will never pay them a cent...

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again-- when you're doing an online chat with Comcast, you're chatting with a computer. You will never ever get any satifaction dealing with Comcast in a 'live chat', because the only thing live about it is you.

Anonymous said...

We disconnected my mom's service on Sept. 12th when I bought her house (she did not move out). It was a fiasco to say the least to have my service transferred - I started calling to make arrangements in early August and it was still a HUGE headache and mess, I had to use vacation time at work, and we still have ongoing issues stemming from that situation. I posted on here about a month ago, received two messages from Comcast "executive office" and I have since left 3 UNRETURNED messages with them. My mom, whose service was CANCELLED on Sept. 12, received a bill last month for $140.00 - she called, and was told NOT to pay - they would adjust and send a pro-rated bill for her last couple of weeks of service. We got the adjusted bill on Tuesday of this week - a whopping $687.72! I'm guessing that they are trying to charge her for all of the digital boxes and modem that the absolutely CLUELESS technician took out on the day when they finally came to install my boxes and modem. But, the "executive office" number that I was given is actually the "customer escalation" line. I *wonder* why they need something like that. The thing that burns me up is, my Comcast bill is taken directly out of my bank every month. Therefore, the good people at Comcast don't have to worry about getting my money late or getting a bad check - not to mention the fact that I am currently paying for every service they provide, with the exception of a couple of movie channels. I would have thought that I would be the kind of customer they would actually want to KEEP.
Two and a half months into this ordeal and still frustrated - still no answers - and still paying the damn bill every month, in full and on time. Awesome. Their customer service is a JOKE and I have told everyone I know.
Account number 05645 096271-05-2

Will S said...

Just got my Comcast bill... They raised my internet fees by $42.95, for a grand total of $82.95, just for the internet!!! I also have their digital cable... They originally wanted me to go with their "triple play," but I refused. Now, they are insisting that I was participating in a promotion that allowed me to pay just over $40.00 for the internet, for some unknown amount if time?!? All they could tell me is that the promotion expired... "What promotion" I asked them... I received a rude and frustrating response from the Comcast rep! I have never heard such nonsence. After 11 years of giving Comcast my hard earned money, they double the cost of the internet?!? Real nice! Thanks Comcast, and farewell to your overpriced services!

John H said...

This post is in response to Will:

First, you need to speak to someone else at Comcast. Comcast has never raised the base price of their service in the 6 years I worked there. If you pay for cable tv service it costs $42.95/month for the 6Mb service and $52.95 for the 8Mb service. The only time the price changes is if you are on a promotion that may have expired, for an example: You start off paying $19.99 for 6 months, well on the 7th month the bill will go to $42.95.

The internet pricing is standard nationwide. You can clearly see these prices in print at www.comcast.com. If you honestly believe that your internet service is $80+/month then you really aren't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

John H said...

This post is in response to the anonymous user with acct# Acct #8798400370258973

It looks like a standard situation that I dealt with all the time as a Comcast Supervisor. I will try and clear some things up. Being that I no longer work there I can't look at your account.

First, you need to realize that Comcast has, and always will, bill one month in advance. The billing system will always bill unless a pending order has been completed. As an example: If your billing date is from the 4th-3rd that will be your billing cycle. The bill will usually print 3 weeks before the due date. This means that if a pending order is not completed by that time, the computer will print and generate a bill and it will be sent. Now, once that order is completed the computer (what the reps see) may show a different amount from your bill - this is because the computer is updated daily and we only send out a bill once per month. Once the bill is printed and sent the computer will NOT generate a new bill as it will just prorate the changes on the next bill. I hope that makes sense!

As far as your equipment goes that is all automated by the billing system as well. It isn't an indivual saying, "whoops, this person needs to pay for unreturned equipment" and then slaps a charge on your bill. All Comcast cable boxes are rented equipment. Once an account is disconnected you have 45 days to return the equipment (in most markets). The equipment can be returend by A.) being home when the tech is out to disconnect your service or B.) returning the equipment yourself to a payment center location (make sure you keep the receipt!).

In regards to your modem issue I saw this problem ALL the time. I can tell you exactly where this error comes into place. When you purchase your modem and sign up for your service at a retail store (or authorized reseller) you are given a phone number to call and to activate the service. This number is used for ALL RETAIL activations. This number directs you to an outsourced call center (usually in Canada). They add the $19.99 billing code to your account (for the promotion), and then add a $0.00 modem/equipment charge on the account. The $0.00 code is essentially for tracking purposes. The rep will then ask you for the MAC address on the modem and add that to your account under a different 'equipment screen' that logs all serial numbers on your account. As an example, your equipment screen could say HD-DVR JDXXXXXXXXX, Digi DCT JDXXXXXXXX, Modem-Own MAC XXXXXXXXXX. This phone number is to also track how much revenue is generated by Comcast third party stores and tracking spiff payouts to stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. Also, by calling this third party it ensures that Comcast won't be duplicating a payout and giving a sales rep commission for a product they didn't really sell.

Now, this is where your problem came in. The third party obviously added the $19.99 to your account as well as the $0.00 modem tracking code to your account. On your bill you see the $19.99 for the service. What the outsourced agent (not even a real Comcast employee) did was accidentally add the code modem-lease under that 'equipment screen'. Your bill is going to be accurate to you until you disconnect your account. The billing system doesn't go off what you pay monthly to generate a bill for "unreturned equipment". This charge is generated off the "equipment screen" that I have been speaking about. If it sees "lease" (even though you own the modem) it will generate this bill.

Now, the fix should be easy and I will tell you how I handled these calls. If you were my customer that called in I would first believe what you said. Honestly, crediting an account for $50 (or whatever the charge is these days) is what I would do to save your time and my time. I would then let you know that I would be submitting an "equipment research request form". What this does is generate a request to the Comcast warehouse. The warehouse scans all equipment that comes from our vendors. When a brand new modem arrives it is scanned and checked in as inventory. When the modem leaves it is scanned "out". Comcast then ships the modem in a self-install kit or a tech brings it out. All that is needed for this request is the MAC address on the modem and account information. The warehouse types in this MAC address and can tell if it is a modem that Comcast purchased from the manufacturer. If the MAC address is not one that we had purchased the case is closed and sent back to the rep who submitted it. If it came back as not our equipment the problem is solved. If the form came back that we owned the modem I would call you (the customer back) and state what we found and credit the $50 back on to the account. Now, if you weren't a complete ass to me, paid your bills on time, and sounded like good individual I would just leave your account alone.

In the end, that modem problem could have been resolved in 10 minutes or less. The equipment research requests typically took 48-72 hours for me to get a response as our warehouse only has a few employees and they are running around trying to keep tabs on all the deployed and new equipment coming in.

I hope this long explanation helps you understand how easy it is to screw things up and how easy it SHOULD be to correct things. It sounds like you dealt with a few bad apples.

For some sick and twisted reason I always try to help Comcast customers even though I am no longer on their pay roll.

If you have any questions you can feel free to email me: Oto60In4Seconds@gmail.com

Take care and good luck!

Mrs. Frere said...

A couple of months ago, I called in to pay my Comcast bill over the phone. While in the middle of the call, the oh so wonderful automated Comcast phone system dropped my call! I had already entered my checking account number, routing number, check number, payment amount; I was simply waiting for the confirmation number.

I called back right away and after going through several options was finally able to get through to a real person. I asked them a simple question: Did my payment go through? I was told that Comcast can't tell.

WTF???? How can they not tell if a payment goes through or not? What other business would not be able to tell you if you had made a payment or not?

The rep told me to call back later and see if it had gone through and he would make a note to not charge me late fees.

Well, apparently I did not call back in time because a week later I received the next month's bill with the previous month's balance there along with, you guessed it, a late fee. When I tried to call and explain, I was turned down.

Philly Photo said...
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Philly Photo said...
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Philly Photo said...
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Philly Photo said...

Acct #9575-125001-12 (according to Comcast representatives) or 0507132601112 (according to my Comcast bill).
Sorry this is so long but it gets interesting... it may even help Comcast figure out where one/some of their problem(s) is/are...
In 2002-2003 I had a Comcast account and had many billing problems. I would make a payment and it wouldn’t show up on my next statement. I would call and explain, and they would say they fixed it and my next statement would show the correct balance. The next statement would come and it would still be incorrect. I would call again. Customer service representatives were rude and didn’t return phone calls when promised. In the end, out of frustration, I told them to cancel my account. They told me my final balance was $119.22 and I paid it immediately. I ordered Dish Network and went on with my life, happy to be rid of Comcast and vowing never to deal with them again.
Then in December 2007, I checked my credit report and found a collection account entry from “ER Solutions” with a balance of $165, dated 9/18/2007. Called ER Solutions; was told “this is an old Comcast account from 2003.” Explained that I had no outstanding balance with Comcast and there must be a mistake. Was told to fax my final bill from Comcast and my proof of payment (which was my checking account statement since I had paid via Comcast’s online bill payment system) to ER Solutions and they would correct the mistake. Faxed the information as requested.
1/2/08: Received a call from ER Solutions; Comcast told ER Solutions that the paperwork I faxed was for a different account number. That’s strange; I only had one account with Comcast. ER Solutions said I needed to contact Comcast to get this fixed.
1/2/08: Went to Comcast.com and used the chat feature to explain the problem to representative Angeli.24797. Was told to call my “local office” in Downingtown, PA at 800-266-2278.
1/2/08 10:30 AM: Called the number above. Spoke with Kevin, Comcast Operator # 9IJ. He said that he could not find any record of account number 0507132601112, which is the number on my bill. Comcast has a different account # for me: 9575-125001-12. He requested that I fax my Comcast bill to (302) 661-8101, to attention of Val (who Kevin said was his supervisor) and Kevin. Kevin said he would call me back “after 12:00”. Kevin asked how soon I would fax it “so he could look out for it”. I told him I would fax the information within 5 minutes, and did so. Received no return call.
1/2/08 5:00 PM. Called again. Spoke with Operator # 9NF (I think her name was Barbara.) Explained the problem again. She spent over 30 minutes looking at the records and saying “hmm” and “huh?!” She finally explained that there was no record of the account # I gave her, but that there was another account that was created for the same address, in another person’s name, during the same time period that my account was active. There were at least two different accounts (more likely there were 3) that were open at the same time for the same exact address. *This is not a multiple-unit address; mine was the only residence with that address.* Barbara said that she would need to look into the problem further, and asked for my callback number. When I pressed her for a time that I could expect a call she said someone would call me on 1/3/08 in the morning, and that when she came in at 3:30 PM on 1/3/08 she would call me if no one else had already done so. She never called me back, nor did anyone else.
1/4/08 2:00 PM: Called again, spoke with Johnna, Operator #C4G. Explained the problem again. She eventually got a supervisor involved “so that we can fix this for you right away”. Supervisor’s recommendation? Take my documentation to the local office! Johnna explained that she has no “jurisdiction” to issue credit. The only way she can ever issue credit is to enter “promotional pricing” and back-date it, but she can’t do that for me since I don’t have an open account. (Amazing that that’s their way of issuing credit – how confusing must that be for customers when their bill doesn’t show a credit as expected; instead, the price changes retroactively?!) She also explained (this is interesting!) that the fax # I was given is in Philadelphia and is nowhere near any of the representatives who answer phones; the representatives are in West Virginia, Florida, etc. She said “in my experience no one ever gets satisfaction through faxing to that number. The advice you should have been given from the start was to go to your local office.” Then why didn’t Kevin, or Barbara, tell me that? And why did Kevin say he’d look for my fax in 5 minutes? I then asked Johnna where she was and she said West Virginia. **** Then why was I told to call my “local Comcast office” in Downingtown, only to end up talking to someone in West Virginia, who can’t find the papers I faxed to Philadelphia?!?!?! WOW!!! ****
So far I’ve spent over 2 hours on the phone with no resolution (call 1: 30 minutes, call 2: over 60 minutes, call 3: 30 minutes). And now I find out that I need to drive to the local office and start over?!?!?!
I am preparing to buy a house so I need my credit as clean as possible to avoid paying a higher interest rate. The last thing I need is to deal with Comcast again!
One thing I will say: all 3 of the people I dealt with (Operators 9IJ, 9NF and C4G) were nice about it. They seemed to be doing what they could to resolve the problem, and seemed to have good attitudes. The problem does not seem to be the individual representatives; it’s the larger system… how can they possibly allow creation of 3 accounts for the same address at the same time? And how in the world can they expect to run a customer service department while telling customers to fax their proof of payment to a different state?! That’s poor management.
I worry about where my checking account statement ended up. I faxed my statement, which included my account number, to some black hole somewhere! I trusted Kevin when he said he would look out for it and handle my situation personally.
The one thing that does make sense after all of this is that I now understand why I had so many billing problems all those years ago -- my payments really were being credited to the wrong account -- another account for my address! And Comcast doesn't ask for your account number when you call; they ask for your phone number, which may explain why they never noticed that my account number was fouled-up somehow.
Bottom line: 2 operators from Comcast agreed with me that mistakes had been made. So wouldn’t it make sense to save both Comcast and me a lot of trouble by just adjusting the account and calling off the collection agency? Why continue digging into a problem almost 5 years old, when it’s very clear that an error occurred? Come on Comcast, get your act together!!

Anonymous said...


Comcast failed to show up for installation of HD/Internet, making us wait all day. We got a phone call saying they'd be late but they just failed to show.

I called to ask why and they were defensive, insisting that they'd been there and no one had answered the door. We had no call records on our cells of them contacting us and had not seen the van through our two giant front windows. Additionally, no one rang any doorbells.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor about rescheduling, to make sure that they actually showed, he was told to expect a call back in 24 hours, and the CSR launched into a sales pitch, with me when I was already irate. I was flabbergasted but said no and that I would wait for the supervisor to call.

Again, no one called. Apparently at Comcast they have a different idea of what it means to "call" someone.

I called again, asking to speak to a supervisor immediately. She was apologetic, rescheduled the appointment, let us know that there would be a $20 credit to our account, and that installation of Comcast services would be free. My boyfriend had already met Comcast halfway--we had our own moden and he managed to install internet himself (using Comcast's home install programs), so the only thing we needed installed was our HD system.

The gentleman who set up our cable was polite and punctual, the only person with acceptable customer service through this whole fiasco, and he was obviously a contractor so it appears to be chance that we ended up with a good experience in this slew of bad experiences.

When the bill arrived, we found a $19.99 "Top-Set Install" fee. Not only were we promised free installation, we were promised a $20 credit, and on top of that, the only thing we needed to install was the cable, since we'd already set up internet ourselves, so there should have been no install fee and we should have seen a $20 credit on the account.

When I called to ask about the bill, the CSR said that they can't take off the HD equipment install fee and there was nothing they could do about it.

If there was another option, we'd take it, but Satellite can't be installed in our historic building, and we're stuck with miserable service and exorbitant fees.

Anonymous said...

Tp accnt#


As a comcast employee I see this all the time. Sadly the techs are all outsourced, I wish they were not but they are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Comcast....One of the worst companies in the world

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mike_dish said...

I had the same problems all the time with Comcast. There would always be a new charge or a new increase. I dropped Comcast for DISH Network and have had no problems since. As a consumer an employee of DISH, I can tell you that DISH has the lowest price for all-digital programming in the industry. I have a low bill every month and my price is guaranteed until 2013. I am pretty sure you'd be saving more than enough money, just take a look at dish.com.

3oh3badboy said...

I personally have experienced years for poor customer services and out right fraud from Comcast. I have fired them and gone to internet only video. My ex-wife is in the middle of a dispute with them right now for their fraudulent billing practices. They say she owes them over $200 in past dues but have never documented to her for what. They canceled her service and sent her to collections when all she ever asked for was a detailed record of what it is they are saying she owes and for what. This is not just poor customer service this is an organized criminal effort. The volume of billing "errors" is not a mistake its a strategy. Most consumers just pay it and give in to the extortion. I think a class action law suite is in order. The feds should get involved as I believe this rises to the level of racketeering. All of their licenses and markets should be pulled and competition should be allowed in.

3oh3badboy said...

I personally have experienced years for poor customer services and out right fraud from Comcast. I have fired them and gone to internet only video. My ex-wife is in the middle of a dispute with them right now for their fraudulent billing practices. They say she owes them over $200 in past dues but have never documented to her for what. They canceled her service and sent her to collections when all she ever asked for was a detailed record of what it is they are saying she owes and for what. This is not just poor customer service this is an organized criminal effort. The volume of billing "errors" is not a mistake its a strategy. Most consumers just pay it and give in to the extortion. I think a class action law suite is in order. The feds should get involved as I believe this rises to the level of racketeering. All of their licenses and markets should be pulled and competition should be allowed in.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you meant to pay 66.35 and they "accidentally" posted 46.35, and only 46.35 came out of your account, why wouldnt you still owe them the $20?

Anonymous said...

Comcast will not beat anyone's price, but the quality and speed of there Internet is unmatched.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you meant to pay 66.35 and they "accidentally" posted 46.35, and only 46.35 came out of your account, why wouldnt you still owe them the $20?