Friday, October 19, 2007

What Part of "We Hate You" Don't You Understand?


Mona Shaw is the Hammer. is the anvil. And Comcast is getting pounded.

But it still doesn't understand why. It doesn't understand that the world has changed, that its customers are no longer passive victims of the corporate agenda. We are stakeholders. We not only wish to have a say in how things are done, we not only demand a say in how things are done, we have the power to get our way.

Here's a post from the company's P.R. department. It speaks volumes:

Jennifer Khoury said...

We are committed to improving our customers’ experiences with us and we’d like customers reading this post to know that we are undergoing a company-wide effort to improve customer service. More information about this effort and how to contact Comcast online can be found at

Jennifer Khoury, Comcast

October 19, 2007 1:44 PM

The company is working on customer service, she says. And no doubt it's true. Comcast is investing in new equipment and new personnel. What is implicit, though, is that the company is doing so based on management's view about how to go about it, and management's view alone. Sorry, Jennifer, but that will not do. You have lost your privilege to act unilaterally. Partly because you have behaved so arrogantly till now, and partly because the world has changed around you, you now must answer to a Greater Power.


And we have demands:

1) You will recruit a standing panel of customers to consult, brainstorm, complain and advise you every step of the way -- from your customer-service practices, to your billing, to your programming content. This process, within the confines of protecting proprietary information, will be transparent.

2) You will host a website soliciting customer feedback of every kind. In other words, there will be the customer-delegate panel, and a mega-panel online. Don't sweat the flaming you will take. You will also get a) countless great ideas, b) a mechanism for locating and attending to hardcore customer-service issues, c) a vast increase in customer loyalty and goodwill, and d) a vast advantage in impressing potential customers. If you're smart, you will also cultivate a social network of TV watchers of all stripes who credit you for your hospitality.

3) Most importantly of all, you must recognize that none of this is PR move you have to make through gritted teeth in extremis. It is a golden opportunity to exploit the unprecedented potential of a connected world. How ironic. You've been stringing co-ax for decades, yet you don't even realize what you've wrought. Yes, that's right, you have created the very conditions for all of us to band together against you. At the moment it must seem like Frankenstein's monster, but take our word for it:

It's Comcastic!


The IPR said...

1-800-comcast 24/7 service is only available 11 hours per day. i am sick and tired of these bastards and i can't even cut off my service when i want!

Anonymous said...

How does Comcast respond to a PR nightmare ?

Why....raise rates of course!

Comcast today announced an average 5% rate hike for most service regions in Pennsylvania. (The hardest hit are people who subscribe to only the "basic service" with a 12% increase.

This is the second increase this year. The last increase was an average of 4%.

Comcast spokesman Jeff Alexander said, "In the area of advanced products, customers have received numerous enhancements and additional value over the past year."

Charlie said...

The advantage of this website is for all Comcast customers to compare notes as to how they have been treated by your company.
As you can see the vast majority are not happy.

Comcast does not share the complaints made on their webpage with the general public.

Are you embarressed to be a rep. of
such a poorly responsive organazation?
I would be!
They couldn't pay me enough to stand up for them in this place.
I'd be afraid of the hammer!

Anonymous said...

Comcast is raising their rates by 5% in a few weeks. Check out the story at

Anonymous said...

this year i worked for a 3rd party answering service and we would get comcast calls. every time one would come in I felt like crawling under my desk because I knew how upset these people were and that I simply could not help them, I was not a comcast employee. the script would have me take all their info, address, telephone, and name- then I was to suggest they dial their local customer service center, which, more often than not, was the number they dialed to reach me.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware there are numerous other websites that deal with lousy Comcast service? The link below is a Google search for Comcast Sucks:,GGLD:2004-46,GGLD:en&q=comcast+sucks

Anonymous said...

Link does now work.

Anonymous said...

Where does Comcast get the right to charge nearly $50 a month for HSI, When other providers do it for $30 or less,[DSL]and Comcast is not really that much faster?

Anonymous said...

I have had a series, no less than 5 incidences, of technical difficulties with Comcast since I moved in to this apartment in Chicago.

Nearly every time a technician comes out they are late or do not call. Every time they come out, the problem is their fault. This is after the audacity of offering me "insurance" in case it is not my fault and they have to charge me.

The last technician to come out, 1 month ago, told me that they needed to install a MDU or Multiple Dwelling Unit in my apartment as the signal coming in to the building was good, but up to my apartment was poor. This requires a "special team" which was only available a month later, due to the fact that I work normal hours and needed to be here for the technician.

Today he called at 12:02p (2 minutes after the 8a-12p window). I missed the call because I was in the bathroom. I didn't have my phone in there because I presumed he didn't want to talk to me while I was using the toilet. He never knocked because my roommate was sitting right next to the door and never heard it. I called back at 12:07p and was told that he could not come back.

I am calling Comcast customer service right now. They are getting the technician out here today and giving me a drastic discount to my bill, or I am canceling service and hereby looking for other dissatisfied customers with which to start a class action lawsuit.

I will monitor this blog regularly and if enough people are interested I will leave contact information to get the lawsuit started.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here is a simple "quick fix" for Comcast to implement that will surely improve customer service. I suggest sending a translator out on service calls and providing a booklet to the users at home who call in. Not EVERYONE speaks jiggaboo and it is very difficult to understand conversations with the 92% dark work force that Comcast employs.

Anonymous said...

My Comcast Experience

I get a Tivo HD for my birthday.


I call Comcast to move the CableCard from my TV to my Tivo and install a second card in the Tivo so that I can use the dual tuner support. I am give an appointment for 10/17 for a window from 9a-12p, and am told I would be contacted by a techician before the appointment by phone.


9:30a I have not received a phone call from the technician, so I call Comcast to check on the appointment. I am told by the Comcast sales representative and a dispatcher that I have no appointment in the system. I inform them that I have taken a day off of work to meet with them and I am upset that I have now wasted one of my vacation days. I was told that there is no way to have someone out on the same day and I’ll have to schedule an appointment. At this point I informed them that I have the option of Verizon Fios and was going to cancel my Comcast and go with Fios. I was asked to hold; when the representative came back on the phone I was informed that I would receive a free month credit on my bill for my trouble. But there was no way to have a technician out today. I inform the representative that a free month does not make up for the lost wages. But I decided to give them another chance and made an appointment for Friday 10/19 for a window from 7a -10a.


10:30a No technician arrives for the in the appointment window of 7a-10a so I call Comcast. I was informed that the technician was in route and would arrive within an hour.

12:15p Still no technician has arrived so I call Comcast again and this time I am told the technician would arrive in 10-15 minutes.

12:45p The subcontractors technician finally arrives for my appointment window of 7am-10am. He only has Multistream cards so he removes my single stream card from my TV as planned and installs an M-Card in my Tivo. He makes a call to his office to activate the card and they have trouble so they call Comcast. He is told that all is programmed on the Comcast side and the card should be working.

1:30p The CableCard is still not working and he makes a couple of other calls and then informs me that it takes an hour for the card to start working , and he has done all that he can do. I inform him that at this point I am very late for work and have to leave anyway and I’ll check on it tonight. He leaves his phone number for me to call if it is not working when I get home. At this point I have now used almost two days of my vacation time to meet with Comcast.

8:00p The CableCard still not working. Because of the service I received from the Subcontractor, I am not willing to call the technician. So I call Comcast, they resend the activation signal multiple times and I am told it is sending the signal fine and it may take a little while for the card to start working. Instead of holding I am given the option to have them call me back in 30 minutes.

9:30p No call back from Comcast. I call again, and am told that the signal is being sent. I verify all the CableCard information on the phone and am told it is all correct. At this point I decide that I would like to go to bed and would call back in the morning if it still wasn’t working and make an appointment.


9:00a I call Comcast and they send the activation signal again. It is still not functioning and I am told to call Tivo.

10:00a I call Tivo and they go through all the diagnostic screens and determine that the CableCard is functioning correctly and is receiving a signal from Comcast. They tell me that the card is just not paired correctly and to call Comcast and have them resend the pairing signal and then the activation again.

12:00p I call Comcast back and am sent to the repair department. I inform them of the situation and what Tivo has told me. He sends the pairing signal and activation with no change. I am then informed that I would have to make another appointment for a technician to come to my home. I ask him to confirm the CableCard information one more time. He reads off a CableCard ID that doesn’t match mine and attempts to put my cards information in. He tells me that the system is not taking the information and that a technician would have to come to my home. So I make another appointment for Wednesday, October 24th for a window from 7a – 9a. Apparently they don’t have any CableCard capable technicians that work weekends. It also leaves me wondering what a technican can do at my home about their system having trouble with imputing the CableCard information. So now I am going to be taking more of my vacation time. What is really bad about having to take all this vacation time is that my wife is pregnant and when the baby arrives, I’ll have to take leave without pay for every hour of time I am wasting with Comcast.


7:00a To be determined, I’ll let you know when the day arrives. I am still wondering why I haven’t just canceled and called Verizon Fios.

I have also posted this to

MichaelSF said...

8770 34 009 2045310

Well I have been a ComCast customer for about five years. I really hate their monopolistic pricing practices [here in San Francisco there is little choice to use others besides ComCast. Unfortunately, because of a building blocking the path, I can't get a dish to point "south" for a satellite connection].

Here, basic coverage is $56 a month. That's a lot just to get about 10 channels that I watch [recently canceled HBO and now use NetFlix].

Sidenote: I canceled HBO because gone are the days when they showed recently released movies on HBO. Now it's all TV series, much like the broadcast channels. All the movies they show are older ones, that have been out for a year or two. NetFlix, for $10 a month is cheaper and better [since I get to pick the movies I want to see and they have releases as soon as they go to DVD.]

Anyway, I also paid as part of the package for ComCast's broadband "DAL" type connection. That costs way too much, I think almost $50 monthly.

Over the past three years I have uploaded 10MB to 50MB personal video files to my website server. [Home movies, if you will.] I have always noted that the uploads don't go faster than about 56 to 110k or so. I always thought it was Network Solutions [my web hosting service] where the problem was.

Come to think of it, it now appears that the slowdown is ComCast intentionally causing the problem. That's a criminal act in my opinion since ComCast is clearly defrauding us.

What I mean is that ComCast is constantly advertising the speed difference with their service compared to others. But come to find out that they are intentionally slowing down upload and download of its customers. Where in the ads does ComCast say that they will do that.

I am sure it's buries in their Terms of Service that they can slow down the connection if they unilaterally think you are pirating or simply using the service too much. While having that buries in their TOS gets them off the hook, the consumer is still feels like he or she is being defrauded. [I know I do].

The videos I have posted have all been homemade videos of motorcycle rides, how to on computer repairs and reviews of products. I made all the videos and they are sometimes up to 50MB in size.

I would have liked to know that ComCast interpreted my uploads as hogging bandwidth or pirated material. That way I could have moved on to another provider since the only reason I stuck with ComCast was because of the supposed faster speeds the Company provided. I really feel cheated and duped. All that time wasted over the past three years, waiting for files to uploads.

Two days ago I got a taste of ComCast's reputation for rude and incompetent service. My broadband connection was disconnected for about three hours. I figured the service was down [as happens from time to time on ComCast].

I finally called tech support. The woman that answered was fine, at first. I explained the issues and she said to cycle the modem off and on. I knew what that meant, so I told here I already did that, four times.

She then asked "would you like a technician to come out?" I said I would prefer to see if we can work this out since an appointment is a hassle, etc. She then said that the only choice I had was for a technician to come out because "my modem was out."

I then said "Can we try something more than simply cycling the modem on and off because I am seeing the lights on the modem working."

She then got tense and rude and said "It's the modem that is out sir, a technician has to come out."

I then said "Well I don't want a technician to come out, especially with the reputation ComCast has about appointments." She then asked "What reputation?" I said "missed appointments, having to stay around the house for four or five hours waiting for the guy to show up."

I then told her I had a T-Mobile hotspot @home router, maybe that was the problem. She said "No sir, your modem is out and a technician needs to fix or replace it."

In desperation I said, "Well let me try to fix it because I don't want to make a four hour appointment to check on this."

After we disconnected, I disconnected the router and hooked up the modem directly to the PC. I cycled the modem and PC off and on. The broadband connection was reestablished.

So it was the router and I did not have to make an appointment for a tech to come out.

My point is that this supposed tech support person did not know what she was talking about. After saying to cycle the modem off and on she immediately wanted to set up a tech appointment. What a waste of ComCast's and my time and money.

Maybe our rates are so high because people like this tech support person, who are not competent, are so quick to send out technicians [which eats up ComCast's payroll].

I was also very dismayed at her tone. She acted like she was the know-it-all tech support person and I was the dumb ass customer. In the end I knew more than her and she was the dumb ass. Now if she was polite, professional and not so condescending, that would be one thing, but to treat me like I was the idiot, well to hell with that.

I also was not appreciative that if I followed her advice, I would have had to take a day off from work to gamble that a tech would show up to work on the modem. I wonder how much of its customers' time ComCast wastes setting up unnecessary appointments [and not keeping many that it sets.]

So that experience along with the expose about them blocking my uploads, well.... I am defiantly sheetcanning them in the next month.

I can do without these characters.

Anonymous said...

READ THIS...if you haven't already:

Danielle said...

Improving customer service? When? I have been calling them for 9 months to fix our cable service. After 6 months of no resolution, I went to the Corporate Escalation Team...even they would say "We called you three times, which was an outright lie?!" Obviously, the behavior from the top trickles down. Our problem is still not fixed and there appear to be some great deals with DISH TV.

GimmePeace/Comcast Customer 0426506 said...

Praises to Mona Shaw for her actions!

Mona did what thousands of Comcast customers feel like doing due to extreme frustration and anger after dealing with Comcast’s so-called customer service department. They needed a wake-up call!

I have put off calling or writing to Comcast about my complaints for two months because the last two times I dealt with their company on the phone I became so completely outraged I was physically sick…. screaming out loud in my own home…because of Comcast employees’ incompetence.

I moved to a different city within Utah and called to transfer my services. After about 20 phone calls and many service calls to my home, I still don’t have the phone or cable TV features and hookups I requested. I have never dealt with such incompetent employees on the phone at any other business. Many times I was transferred to four or five different departments, and I was disconnected from three calls with no return call back to me. I was promised unlisted phone numbers but did not get them, and the solicitor calls became unbearable. I was then promised two new phone numbers that never activated; I was informed the order never went through and they gave those numbers to other customers. I was again told I would get two new numbers, and after several transfers and incompetence, disconnected. No new numbers – too incensed to call them back!

The service technicians were all friendly, but some did not have the expertise or willingness to provide all of my requests. The first technician they sent to my home cut or disabled all my phone wires, but was able to connect my Internet and TV. However, the Comcast Internet is the slowest high-speed service I have ever experienced. I wasn’t told by the tech which channel to leave my TV on to get a signal, and waited another week for a technician. The next technician spent hours replacing wires and restoring my phone service, but lost the connection to my kitchen telephone and advised me I would not be able to have a phone line there. I wanted TV connections in the kitchen and more rooms, but was told it wasn’t possible, and that the service would not be good if I used more TVs in my home. I paid hundreds of dollars for the hookups, and pay over $100 a month for my services, but can’t have the number of televisions I want in my home? I asked the next technician if he could go in the attic to run a phone line, which he gladly did, and he figured out a unique way to bring the phone line to the kitchen. He tried to refuse the $40 tip I gave him, which was double the tip I had given all the previous technicians. I insisted he keep it for his willingness to do what the other technicians did not do.

Bottom line – Comcast leaves a lot to be desired. Their customer service employees need better training in order to take care of the needs of every caller rather than transferring the customer to many other departments. Employees also need positive training on proper handling of frustrated or unsatisfied customers, and should be immediately fired when they disconnect a customer and don’t call right back to finish helping them (meaning they purposely hung up on the customer).

I invested about $500 having Comcast bring services to my home, not including about $100 in tips, so I reluctantly retain their service. I’m afraid I will have another horrid experience if I cancel their services and switch companies…but at least I know it’s an option.

If every disgruntled Comcast customer discontinued their services, would it make a big enough impact on them?

comcastRIP said...

Ever since Comcast took over Time Warner Cable in the Houston area, they've increased the rates without providing additional services that justify the extra expense. My cable bill went from $78 to $100 for the same service after Comcast took over. I switched to DishTV last Thursday, and judging by the people waiting in line at the local Comcast office (felt like the DMV), majority of people are canceling their service.

Anonymous said...

Account No. 8798100870068225 .We get cable from Comcast, and anytime we have a problem, we get the same response, “We will open a ticket and someone will call you within 48 hours.” No one has ever called us in regard to the alleged “open ticket” or the problem we called about. This last time, we couldn’t get the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on On Demand. We called and they tried to “resend the signal.” When nothing happened they opened the ticket and told us to wait 48 hours for the telephone call that would lead to a resolution. When that phone call never came, I telephoned and, after waiting over twenty minutes for an actual person, I asked for a supervisor. I was told the supervisor was busy and she would call me back. “Excuse me if I don’t believe you,” I said calmly, “but you never gave me that 48 hour phone call, we still have the problem, and I don’t want to wait for a phone call for someone to explain to me why I haven’t gotten the first promised telephone call.” “I promise I will walk it over to her desk, her name is Susie,” he stated. “When will she call me back?” I asked. “Well, she has a lot of phone calls to make, so it may be a few minutes.” Guess what? That was almost two weeks ago. Did we get our telephone call about our problem? No. Did the supervisor ever call me to talk to me about the phone call we didn’t get? No.

Oh, and one more thing. Before we hung up, the guy who promised to take the message to the supervisor told me that it was HBO’s fault, not Comcast, that the recent episode of Curb wasn’t available. He gave me HBO’s telephone number. I knew he was full of it, but I called HBO anyway. Of course, it was a Sunday and no one was there. On Monday, I called HBO again. “Unfortunately, that person at Comcast was not accurate,” the HBO representative explained. “As soon as the show airs on HBO, it is made available to the cable company. If you can’t get access to it, it is Comcast’s fault, not ours.” I knew Comcast was lying to me. They will say anything just to get you to go away. They will even promise you a credit, but they won’t give it to you (at least that has been my experience). Then you have to be willing to sit on the phone for another 2o minutes to get a few dollars off for a credit, and it may or may not appear on your next bill. Right now, I’m so pissed I am just not willing to sit on the phone and complain about them again. I need to add yet another thing. I went online when my husband was originally on hold on the phone waiting for help. The online person told me that the Curb issue was a local problem and to call Comcast during normal business hours to get a "local" person who would help. She took a long time to get the "local" number. When I told her that that was the number my husband called, she said that different people answer it during business hours and to call back then. When I telephoned then, the Comcast rep said I must have misunderstood the online person and that all they could do was "open a ticket" which they could see had already been done. Hey Comcast, you've got that runaround thing down pat! We are account No 8798100870068225 if you care.

daffyphack said...

I had Comcast back when I lived in Charleston. I scheduled an installation for my cable box and paid an installation fee. The next day when I came home from work, all the material was sitting on my dining room table. I installed it myself, but didn't have enough cable, so I called and (after getting the installation fee waived) asked if they could help me. They told me that early in the morning, a guy would be by to install it. The next day I got up early and waited for the guy to knock. I never heard anything. An hour later when I went to leave for work, there the cable was. In a bundle at my door.

Honestly, the worst corporate experience in my life. And I eat at Taco Bell all the time.

Anonymous said...

I have had excellent service with telephone calls x2 from comcast employees about my new service and if i had any questions about it. they gave me free installation BUT only after the installers didn't show uo for 12 hours and i had to complain ...

Anonymous said...

I went and looked at the "customer service improvements" listed on the comcast site. All I saw was a laundry list of "stuff", and "we're hiring more people".

Are you people NOT reading the complaints? It's not about the "stuff"!

Here's a hint, Comcast: All the shiny new stuff and haircuts won't make a damned bit of difference until you fix one thing -- ACCOUNTABILITY.

Hold CSR's ACCOUNTABLE for fouled up orders, and faulty advice.
Hold technicians ACCOUNTABLE for missed appointments, and improper repairs.
Hold managers ACCOUNTABLE for broken business processes, and people who don't perform.

THEN -- maybe the tidal wave of complaints will subside.

Mark said...

I sure am glad to read in the paper about "The Hammer" otherwise I might not ever know about this site. I sure hope that people from comcast read this and try and make positive changes but I reall don't think they will for the majority. I had adelphia cable until comcast took over a little over a year ago. I have had many problems with both service and equipment and takes mulitple calls to get the problems taken care of. Most every time that I have a problem with equipment it can never be taken care of by the "unplug" deal so someone has to come over to take care of it. The last time they were supposed to bring another box but when they came over they didn't have an HD box and said to go to the local office to get one. Once there the local office said they didn't have one so I had to call again to get one brought to me. I could go on and on about other problems but it all seems to be on here already. When I have had problems and after complaining they want to give me some kind of discount (which I never get) Comcast LISTEN UP! I don't want discounts I want better customer service and better equipment. I want problems taken care of on a one call. I used to work for Echostar (Dish network) and as a trouble shooting technicion we went through five weeks of classroom training and at least two weeks on the phone training with trainers to help. Our goal was to fix the problem with one call to make the customer happy. Sometimes we couldn't fix problems and had to have someone come to their house but 9 out of 10 times the issue was taken care of in a few short minutes. When I call comcast to fix something the only thing they know how to do is
1. unplug the box
2. they send out a signal
3. unplug one more time
4. give the signal time to work and then call back if it don't work.
I'm really sick of the problems. Oh and one more thing. Comcast always talks about "digital" cable. Digital cable? Only for a few channels. anything under channel 100 is horrible. I'm watching espn right now and the picture is not very clear. I had one man on the phone tell me that it is my calbe wire. Well I could believe that if the upper channels were like that but they are not and the guid is clear as a bell. Maybe I should unplug all my boxes. To end this, Comcast listen to us. We don't want discount and credits we want results! So we don't have to call and talk to someone in India that we can't understand.

physics309 said...

It's pathetic how similar all the stories about Comcast are. This is obviously not a coincidence, but a sympton of the corporate attitude. You can see my experiences, along with the letter I wrote the the Comcast CEO at

Thanks for the webpage. I hope you make a change in the company.

Chris Keating

Eric and Katie said...

I feel validated; as you can see by my e-mail address, I am owned by Satan. I live 20 minutes outside of Nashville and we were not able to get high speed internet through our phone service, so we finally relented and got access from Comcast. It has always been a rocky relationship, which certainly didn't improve after this experience; they showed up on the wrong day for the installation and we had to reschedule. Installation was for $30 and monthly charges for six months was to be $20. I nearly had a heart attack when I received my cable bill; it was $230; they overcharged us essentially by $110 dollars. During the first phone call, I was told to have my husband call back (the account is in my name) and I was told that if a credit was issued, I would be responsible for the full balance on the current bill, but it would be credited on the next statement. So the husband comes home from work to find a very distraught wife and calls Comcast; after he gets done, they assure him there will be an immediate 60 dollar credit, he informs me of this, I inform him this is still incorrect and he puts me on the phone with the rep. Rep is as patronizing as the first rep, who tells me, "I just explained this all to your husband." I pointed out that they still hadn't addressed the mystery prorated charge on my basic cable (which had never been changed); I believe I said something to the effect of "this is bullshit" at which point I was chastised for my language. Nearly 20 minutes later he came back on to inform me I had in fact been correct and they issued the $120 credit. I can't wait to see my next bill. I have no doubt I will end up incurring late charges because I paid the adjusted balance....The experience nearly ruined our Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I love Hammer Woman. and I love this blog. I HATE Comcast so much it is almost funny.

But it's not. Comcast has a monopoly on cable in Minneapolis and they abuse the situation horribly.

Ironically their beef with my account is that four years ago when they sent a service person to our house we weren't there as we were supposed to be. Of course, they had never told us that they had scheduled an appointment.

But in every call since then - including the four most recent service calls - I have had to defend myself as a responsible customer.


Anonymous said...

I won't go into details, but Comcast has proven to me on more than one occasion that it really doesn't care one bit about its customers. And the recently announced raise in rates is adding insult to injury. And just to add icing to the cake, they're running commercials about the Big Ten Network stating that they don't want to carry it because they don't want to charge people for programming they don't want. Are you kidding me?!? I don't want 90% of what they're already charging me for! If they truly believed in not charging people for what they didn't want, they would offer a la carte subcriptions. It's going to take something drastic to get Comcast to change its ways.

Anonymous said...

yes I initially had a bad experience with them BUT they gave me free installation subsequentaly to make up for it - now I am saving about $50+ A MONTH - I'm in Sacramento CA THANK ALL OF YOU FOR GETTING THEIR HEAD ON STRAIGHT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I work for Comcast customer service, and I must say reading all this is slightly unfair. You all are lumping us all together in one cateogory. I enjoy my job, I enjoy helping people as much as I can. Most of the calls we get all day is people calling in to complain about one thing or another and putting the blame on us. It's our job to be there and try to resolve your issue, remember that. It's not our fault for the things that go wrong, and the majority of the people who call in think it is. People call us up and want something for nothing. Screaming at us isnt going to help, asking for a supervisor isnt going to help. The sups have the same tools and resources we do on the floor. Yes our prices are higher, but we offer 24 hour customer service, we're developing new technology to bring better services into your homes, We are local people helping you out. People dont take time out of their day to talk about good things, they only take the time to complain. I think it's awful one sided. I talk to plenty of people who are happy with their services and tell me daily how glad they are to have us to help them whenever they call. Comcast gives back to the communitys, we give scholarships and work on community projects. You give me examples of competitors doing that? When it boils down to it Comcast is a business. It must be doing something right. Isnt the goal of any business to make money and succeed? Give us a little slack.

Anonymous said...

Rate changes are a way of life. Every company has them. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

This AP story makes clear that Comcast is pretending to be part of online conversations in order to frustrate users who want to use particular online applications. This happens all the time in the name of “traffic shaping” — it’s the kind of thing that China does to interfere with internet use. What’s different and important about today’s story is that people have carefully experimented. We can now understand exactly what Comcast is doing.

Click Here for story

Anonymous said...


Here's a Comcast issue I haven't seen mentioned. You might want to consider a separate thread.

I don't use their cable service--just phone and internet. They charge a $3 a month "Voice/data equipment" fee for the internet router (modem). Remember several decades ago, when we used to pay Bell Tel a monthly fee for the phone rental? Then remember how that ended when we started buying our own phones?

Well, if you have Comcast ... it's back. When I had Verizon DSL, they *gave* me the modem, with the provision that if I canceled my service in less than a year, I'd have to return the modem or pay $100. Fair enough.

But Comcast doesn't give it to you (the router, anyway) ... they charge you $3 a month for it ... in perpetuity. So after two or three years, the router is paid off, but you go on paying them for it. They won't sell it to you--I've asked.

I checked with my state DPU about whether they'd change their regulations to require Comcast to offer the option to buy the router. They said Comcast is cable, and they don't regulate cable--the FCC does.

I contacted the FCC to see if they'd consider changing their regulations. After several months (the FCC's bureaucracy is as bad as Comcast's), they finally said no, because they regulate service, not equipment.

So basically, Comcast can continue to charge on a monthly basis--unless people get together and tell them we want the option to buy.

Mattro2.0 said...

Sad reality: We have no choice. No choice in TV. No choice in internet. No choice in telephone. Comcast's competitors are terrible too. The only way to hurt them is to hurt ourselves. No connection to the world. Sad.

Anonymous said...

For yet another example of Comcast customer disservice's gross idiocy, try asking them for a list of what channels you receive. The idiots have different names from what's on the website, so there's no way to check online, and they don't care. About half of them can hardly speak English, making it even worse. Pathetic losers.

Mark said...


Sounds to me like you'd be the perfect White House Press Secretary for our current administration. Who else can sit there and openly say how good things are when in fact they are downright lousy. Do you have to work to smile when you lie like that? Seriously, if Comcast really wanted to improve their customer service, they'd start by throwing out that antiquated "SOP" book used on every single service call. That alone makes most customers with a brain angry. Simply telling the customer on the other end to "try" something isn't enough. If you need to run a diagnostic during a reboot, start with "I'm going to run a diagnostic, so can you reboot your modem so I can see what is happening when it comes up" is much better than "reboot your modem". Most people have tried that, but don't realize that your tech people are actually looking for something here. Treat your customers like they have a brain, and they might just act like they do.

Tybio said...

I'm not sure what the Anonymous user who posted about "Traffic Shaping" is talking about, but it has little to do with reality.

Traffic shaping is the act of dropping or delaying traffic to manipulate protocol windowing and flow control in an attempt to slow down, or constrain traffic. That is VASTLY different then modifying the content of, or ability to maintain a session.

So much bad information going around, most of it by people who support Comcast out of some faulty belief that they are a benevolent dictator out to protect their rights.

budman said...


115.40 a month in advance, thats what I pay so when I have a fuzzy screen for days and then weeks because no one comes it becomes more than just a problem, now its been 2 months but hey I guess i should be happy I got a 33 dollar credit. F-comcast

Finally Over said...

I am finally out of Comcast HELL (I hope). My cable went out in July for maybe 10 minutes. Maintenance crews were parked in front of my house. Talked to them and they said they had nothing to do with the outage, but I should call customer service and ask that my equipment be switched to the Motorola boxes from the Scientific Atlanta boxes and to also change from one plant to another plant on the outside(2 boxes in the front yard). So thinking that they knew what they were talking about, I called. That's where the nightmare began. They sent 3 techs out and each time they were not given correct info from customer service....brought the wrong equipment, didn't bring enough boxes, and didn't know anything about changing plants or why that needed to be done. One appointment was not even in their system. They dug up my yard twice while I was not at home (still not sure why). Finally fed up, I cancelled service in August. I returned my own equipment a week after I cancelled and I had to send a fax of my receipt 3 times showing that the equipment was returned. Almost 3 months later, it took a call to corporate to finally receive MY refund. I think I talked with every NON customer service rep at Comcast. I left out a lot of detail in this blog, but you get the picture. I called Comcast yesterday to say thanks for finally sending my refund and that I had just watched Good Morning America on my new DirecTV DVR (love them!) and funny thing.....a broadcast about how their service SUCKS! I understand Mona Shaw's frustration and stand behind her 100%.

Oh and one more thing, if you have to call them and they mute their phone listen may just hear their plans for a Saturday night with friends instead of how they should be resolving your issue.

Anonymous said...

Mona,Mona,Mona You were wrong...If your phone service is bad...disconnect it and move on. There are other service providers out there. Going into a business, any business, with a weapon,yes...a dangerous weapon is wrong on so many levels that I can't even begin to explain how wrong it is. Let's not even applaud this premediated silliness...this is a senior citizen who should know better. no more hammers Miss mona, no more hammers......FAS

Anonymous said...

Some problems I can understand and some I can't understand why you are upset...IPR why can't you disconnect your service? annymous asks why the rate is 50.00 dollars and other providers charge 30.00. That's called business. If pork chops are 5.00 a pound at one store and 3.00 at another. You chose where you want to make your purchase. You purchase what works best for you..If you dont want to pay 50.00 for internet try a 30.00 provider.....You have the power to choose.

Anonymous said...

Anymous, you can purchase your own modem and save the 3.00 a month modem charge. It's available..just call Comcast and advise them that you purchased a modem( from any store that sells computer equipment) and no more 3.00 charge. You asked all the right just asked the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

please visit if and when you are done with the bitchin.

chrisidore said...

Can we please use Comcast Must Die to start a defense fund for Mona? Yes, she got off relatively easily. But she shouldn't really be out any money out of pocket. I know I would be more than willing to send her $10 through the site using paypal. I'm sure there are dozens of other readers willing to do so as well.

Rick Germano said...


These are good suggestions and ones I have been thinking about as well. I am focused on how Comcast can get better at making our customers happy. I have just taken over Customer Care at Comcast, and I do believe it’s important to listen to customers….it’s good business. I am actually going out to meet with groups of our customers throughout the U.S. as part of my new role. I believe we have to continue listen to them and take their suggestions to heart. Also, I have received lots of comments in response to my letter that was linked to your blog and posted on your Web site. We are contacting those customers to resolve their concerns. I am committed to letting our customers know we are doing many things to improve the quality of our service. Change will take some time. I hope you will allow me to reach out and update you periodically.

Anonymous said...

As an employee, for comcast i hate to say this but i agree with you all. comcast is horrible. the techs suck never show up when they are supposed to an "complete" your work orders an not do em or not even attempt to take care of your situations. an the service you all get is garbage. i honestly dont know why any of you use comcast cable. im just glad i dont! i would rather have no cable than to use comcast. theres no way in hell i would ever an i mean NEVER use comcast. THANK GOD FOR DIRECT TV!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that all of you are so stupid. If you don't like it shut the shit off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am a comcast customer from Mpls. There service has been inconsistent since May. We got a HD tv and the HD reception always freezes. We also have our phone and cable through them. The phone service is static and I can hear other people talking. Every service we have from them is not up to par. We have technicians come (who do actually come and are very nice, and whoever made the "jigaboo"comment is a racist). Every time it was a comcast problem that never got fixed. We would call everynight and they would say they were sending out a night team to look at the connection coming into the house and would credit us. We could never see if we were getting credited because at that time we stopped receiving our bill. I would call monthly and say that I did not recieve the bill, but did receive the disconnection notice. The person would say they would re send it, but we never get it. One person said we should ask our mailman, WTH. Finally months later we get a competent person who retypes our address and now we get bills. Comcast also tried to charge us for HBO that we did not order (check your bill!!) We finally threatened to leave so they gave us a credit and discounted our service for the next sixth months. The problem is that we cannot change to sattelite because the number of trees in our are block the signal. Things have gotten better, but the service is definitely not worth the money.

Exceptional Service said...

I am not a Comcast employee. I don't own Comcast stock. I have been a Comcast's customer for a year now, paying around $60 for a basic channel line-up and a relatively high-speed internet connection in a Boston neighborhood. I am Ok with our arrangement. I don't watch TV a lot and supplement my video diet with a $17 three-at-a-time-plus-three-in-store Blockbuster subscription. I am not entirely happy with the HSI and am considering Verizon FiOS that offers twice the speed for the same money.

Yet, the customer service I have received from Comcast is nothing short of exceptional.

1. In March, a tenant in our building did some exterior cleaning and damaged the cable. I called Comcast, they sent a technician within a day, fixed it in 30 minutes, didn't charge anything.

2. When we were moving in June, I called Comcast and requested to move the service. The technician arrived at the new location on time two days after the call, didn't have a cable that was long enough, apologized, rescheduled for the following day, arrived on time again, fixed everything, masked the cables, left an extra chunk of cable just in case, replaced the cable modem with a newer model, didn't charge anything.

3. In September, I found out that our cable service has been shut off. I checked the online billing system and saw that a payment was overdue. I made the payment online at 1 o'clock after midnight, called Comcast customer service the same night, the guy on the other line looked me up. He said he had the notice of payment, thanked me, pushed some buttons, the cable and the internet came back to life right away.

4. Every once in a while, my wireless router gets clogged up. The first time it happened, I thought it was the modem problem, called Comcast customer service, they walked me through what seemed like every imaginable troubleshooting guide they had, apologized for the inconvenience and offered to send a technician but asked that I called Linksys first. I did; the problem was with the router. For the record, Linksys people called me back in a few hours after fixing the problem to make sure my internet connection was fine.

I am a real paying customer. I understand other customers have had experiences with Comcast that are very different from mine. Mr. Garfield or Comcast may contact me at andy_whistler at yahoo and I will be glad to repeat the story.

I don't like lynch mobs.

budman said...


Anonymous said...

In early 2006, with Martin in charge, the agency released another study, the first 30 pages of which were dedicated to refuting the first study. This one concluded that "Consumers could be better off under a la carte. ..."

Now the price argument has been overshadowed by the issue of content.

The Parents Television Council and Martin argue that the best way to protect children from gory or tawdry programming is to give parents the option of keeping certain channels out of the lineup.

Supporters say an a la carte system is more palatable constitutionally than imposing rules to restrict the airing of violent content during certain hours of the day.

Thus far, Congress has yet to bite on it.

Rockefeller hasn't introduced his bill, and when he does, an a la carte regime will not be part of it, according to spokeswoman Wendy Morigi.

The No. 1 contributor to the senator's political campaigns over his career in federal politics, according to the Center for Responsive Politics: Time Warner.

Anonymous said...

The average household in 2006 received 104 channels, yet tuned in to only 16 of them, according to the Nielsen TV ratings company.

If we aren't watching all those channels, why can't we just pick the ones we want and avoid paying for the rest? The answer lies within the arcane world of cable television economics.

An a la carte regime would blow up that system and disrupt its economic model. And that would lead to higher prices and less programming diversity, according to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, an industry trade group.

An la carte Bill was Killed by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. Under former FCC Chairman Michael Powell,

Anonymous said...

Time Warner owns the second-largest cable television service in the nation with 13.4 million subscribers. It also owns some of the most popular cable channels in the United States. That means that Time Warner the cable system owner has to negotiate with Time Warner the cable channel owner to provide programming.

In a nutshell, the cable television business is a closed, profitable system with a small number of very large players who negotiate secret deals with one another and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

"The whole system feeds on itself," said Jeannine Kenney, senior policy analyst with Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine. "It's almost like everyone benefits except for the consumer and the independent content provider."

Anonymous said...

Consumers Union has lobbied long and hard for a la carte, saying it would put a halt to steadily rising cable prices. It has an ally in the Parents Television Council, a group that successfully pushed for higher fines for broadcast stations that air raunchy programming.

The opponent is the cable industry, led by the NCTA, which issues press statements every time Martin utters the words "a la carte."

Anonymous said...

Comcast buy Time Warner service got worse as a result. Now they don't do any service calls without first paying a service charge of $34.99. Plus other charges on top of all that.

Bruce said...

So last night I find out that Comcast has eliminated 2 more channels from my basic service, but their customer service staff couldn't figure that out, even with my account information in front of them. The reaction from the people overseeing the Comcast franchise, basically so what, you were notified. By the way, I have basic cable because I refuse to pay Comcast any more than I'm paying them now.

Alexandria, VA

Anonymous said...

Im still a comcast subscriber..but more than likely not for long. Since June...Ive had to contact Comcast at least 15 times. Be it that they didnt install my phone (triple bundle deal) when they installed my cable tv and internet...yet they still charged me for the phone just recently...letting me hit the "buy now" button for movies which did not show. about when I had my phone installed...2 mos. after my other items were installed...the technician stayed at my residence for 3 FULL HOURS..real fun times..trying to change my phone #. The technicians have to wait like you and I to get help from comcast even during installations. Freakin pathetic. Im pissed! I love this site...thanks for letting me vent..even though I wont be getting the $30 dollars back from unseen movies. Id bet Comcast really needs that free $30. Thats why I go to work every give Comcast free to go simmer. pissed off dude.

Byrnie said...

Bob, here's a personal anecdote for you, which in my experience exemplifies the kind of arrogance and abuse that's most abhorrent. I became a customer almost a year ago, and from the first day, my mailbox was crammed with SPAM. I didn't even have time to go sign up for any freebies or download anything, there was SPAM coming in directly to my new address. Comcast sold me an email address, and before I could begin using it, began selling that address to SPAMmers. There's a special place in Hell for people who do business like that.

After a few months of selecting the unwanted commercail email and hitting the "This is SPAM" button to no effect, I called Customer Support. It was a Saturday, I had other things to do while I was on hold, and when I got a rep on the line, I told him my problem.

The customer service rep unleashed all his fury at me. He wouldn't give me a name or number and eventually hung up on me without transferring me to a superior--as I had by that point requested. The entire conversation was his saying, "All that SPAM is YOUR OWN FAULT because you used your address to sign up for free stuff. It's not our fault. If you weren't so stupid..." Right from the start, the guy (did I mention, this was a customer service rep?) was hostile, yelling at me. It was all my fault. "It's addressed to you by NAME, isn't it? That proves it's not our fault."

Now, the irony: from that day, the SPAM coming to my mailbox dropped to zero. So their strategy (apparently) is to tell the customer service rep's to heap abuse on customers, while they secretly tell the marketing people on the other side of the business to stop selling this complaining customer's address. I'm reminded of Monty Python. The conclusion: We need third-party forums like yours to air complaints, or they'll run away with greed. Too simplistic?

Good luck, email me when your book comes out. If you want to take on AT&T, too, I have some great anecdotes there. I am a network engineer servicing mostly small businesses, and have dealt with both Comcast and of course AT&T through the back door to deal with network interruptions. Comcast isn't all bad, and AT&T trains its sales and customer service rep's to lie about its services. Most DSL contracts that AT&T executes with businesses are fraudulent.

Such is life dealing with megaliths. Must they die? No. Play fair? Yes. But we need to be realistic. If we want low cost deals like the triple play, we will wind up shouldering more and more "hidden costs" that don't hit us in the checkbook.

Cheers, keep up the great work.

Phil said...

This is the problem, there is no competition, comcast has a monopoly, because they OWN the cable that runs through everyone's backyard.

If anyone else had the right to broadcast using the same bandwidth this whole problem of customer service would be moot.

We would simply go to the better service, and comcast would go out of business.

Go out in YOUR backyard and dig up the cable, cut it at both ends of your property, then re-bury the dead thing. If every insulted customer did this, then comcast stops.

In the name of Liberty

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