Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome to the Revolution

Welcome to Comcast Must Die. My name is on this site. I didn't build it, however. It was a gift from the Bobosphere. A fellow named Bart Wilson, of Voyager360 in Santa Fe -- himself a Comcast victim -- did all the heavy lifting. Many thanks, Bart. The domain was registered and paid for by a shadowy figure who calls himself D.B. Cooper. He was a stranger to me, but I appreciate his generosity.
I invite others to employ their special skills -- and networks -- for the same noble cause. If the consumer is really in control, it is our duty to seize control. We must cease being victims. We must take up our keyboards and spread the word. Comcast (at least as we know it) Must Die!


Anonymous said...

I would post my customer number if I knew it. Which is part of the issue...

Comcast assumed service in my area after the local deal with Time-Warner expired.

Since then, I have received no paper bill. Only my bank account's bill-pay service asking for money.

The bill has changed every month; formerly, it was $49.95 for service and about $4 in misc. fees. $53 and change.

Since the switch, bills have been as low as $20, and as high as $85. And they are inconsistent.

Online communication is not possible, since they refuse to deal with me without a customer #. (The Time-Warner customer number does not work)

So use the phone, right? Call me lazy, but 5 calls later at 10 minutes of holding each, at I can't bring myself to care. Wasting any more time with this is foolish; but I'll have to hold until I reach someone- solely to cancel my service.

Nathan said...

Comcast treats customers like shit.

shdwsclan said...

1. Comcast called me with their marketing scheme and tried to get me to sign up for basic cable so supposedly I would get faster access.
8mbit+ speeds supposedly. In the beginning this was the case, but ever since they raised my bill, i have been downgraded to the 42.99 cable and the ~20 basic. So they said I would be paying less, but in fact, im paying MORE for less.....

2. Comcast digital voice is a SCAM.
Basically, since comcast internet drops out every now and them, that also means the phone goes with it. Especially on a sunday night....
Think of the irony, a burgular in your home on sunday night, just because you CANT call the should probably sue comcast.

3. Unlimited internet scam.
Comcast used to say unlimited internet, but thats not true. Comcast is scamming customers out of their money. Since most dont use 200gb a month, and still have to pay a full bill.

4. Comcast should reimburse you for outages automatically. For an internet thats always on, having an outage twice a week is way to much...and they outages last anywhere from 12-6 am, so comcast thinks you wont notice. I guess you forgot about the college students.

5. Horrible upload speeds. Nuff Said. Running a slingbox or an ssh on comcast is pretty painful, not to mention rdesktop.

6. Large variance in the competance of service workers. For example, the guy who installed the cable internet, starting off, was compitent, but the black guy that came later couldnt even turn a screw properly....
Ive also heard that comcast hires serial killers in chicago...hmm..and with those serice fees....

7. When comcast was attbi, it was all good. The newsgroups server actually WORKED. After the takeover, comcast completely obliterated it and outsourced it to another company that put a 2 gb limit on monthly transfers.

8. Advertising on Listen, I'm PAYING for a service and if your gonna keep running, then keep the ads on

9. You can get 7gb of web storage....when, the next decade...youve been advertising this for half a year...and i still dont see and changes "soon".

10. Packetshaping. Still, it get really poor speed on torrent and I know its comcast. Since people know that comcast doesnt allow uploads from the service, people just block comcast ips.

11. The speed in many areas is below advertised. Comcast should publish and average bandwidth map so people know what they are buying. Comcast should also charge according to this map...
Dont charge me for 8mits if i can only get 4...

Anonymous said...

love it, but there is a typo in your mission. a correction will make you appear more trustworthy.

Actually, I have no deathwish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity, What I do have is the earnest desire for such companies to change there (SIC) ways. This site offers an opportunity -- for you to vent your grievances (civilly, please) and for Comcast to pay close attention.

TP said...

So how do you become a contributer?

Mike said...

I'm completely irate with Comcast, especially seeing as they pretty much have a monopoly in East Boston, MA. Sure, there's Verizon, but the lines that Verizon leases out are actually leased out to Verizon by Comcast. So no matter which of the two companies you use, Comcast is getting money for it.

Now I have not had any issues with the TV cable service, but their Internet service is just trash. Sure, when it works it's fine, but that's just the problem: it really doesn't work. Some would call this being inconsistant, but in this instance, it is consistant... consistantly not working.

The Comcast website specifically states that they have worked hard with Mircosoft to ensure that Xbox Live will work quite smoothly with Comcast "High-Speed" Internet. Well, maybe it's just East Boston or my apartment, but I am constantly getting kicked off the game's server due to lag. And explain to me why it is that it can take up to 2 minutes for the regular Google page to load up. It's the best site to test a connection because there is almost nothing to load!!!

Then there is the customer representative of the Internet service. I calmly explained (and being calm is a must if you want to get anywhere with anyone) that I am experiencing these problem and that I can't even work from home because the connection is horrid. The response I received was, "Are you sure your computers can handle our Internet speed? Are you sure your work's Internet connection is good enough?"

*sigh* Here we go:

Machine 1: Sony VAIO, 2.3 GHz processor, 2 GB of DDR RAM, 300 GB HDD with 85% free space. Don't tell me my system sucks because it beats the pants off the POS you're using right now, honey.

Machine 2: Xbox 360... enough said.

Work's Internet Connection: Dedicated T1... don't try to tell me that a T1 is causing this because I might reach through the phone and smack you (not to be taken literally, as I would never cause physical harm on anyone unless they attacked me).

$42 a month for service that isn't even worth $20.

So here I am, having to deal with this day in and day out because they will only send someone over to the house while I am at work and my fiance knows almost nothing about computers except that she can use one. I refuse to let some technician use this lack of knowledge against her, but I also can't just take the day off to sit around and wait 8 hours before the tech. decides he'll show up.

Hell, they probably wouldn't show up anyways. I waited 8 weeks for a call that I was going to get my HD cable box. Every time that I called, I was told that they could not help me and that I would have to go to the nearest office during business hours. Well, I finally had a holiday where I could do this and the lady apologized for being lied to. Let me state that again: A Comcast representative blatently tells me that Comcast was LYING to me about unavailability and that I was also LIED to about the phone support "not being allowed to transfer me to the branch office!!!" They've had plenty of boxes for the last 2 months and I was waiting for nothing. No one called me to let me know like they insisted they would.

Bottom line is this: Comcast doesn't care. I've been waiting for FiOS to come into my area just so I can call up Comcast, demand a manager and laugh at him. I've been doing what I can to discourage others from using Comcast if they can avoid it. Instead, use RCN as they've always been helpful and have always given me a good experience. On second thought, if you are a high-ranking employee of RCN, would you please start offering service in East Boston? I would love to stick it to Comcast.

Mike said...

Oh, forgot to add my customer number: 8773103100467091 for my old apartment.

I'm still waiting for them to come and setup my new apartment since Monday (10/1).

Cynon said...

Can't say I'm overly happy with Comcast, currently for the following reasons:

1)They are using Sandvine to throttle my bandwidth. This works by packetsniffing and spoofing packets. It's fraud and it's not legal. Either they have common carrier status or they don't.

2)JUST as the new TV season started, my (not digital, but analog) picture seriously degraded on about the only channel I watch. I rather down it's a conspiricy, but here's what I don't doubt:
Reporting it will get me nothing other than a lost day at work, since I'll have to sit around waiting for a tech who will assume (If he arrives at all) that my TV is at fault. Guys, if ALL the channels in a given range have poor reception, that's one thing. If only one of them does, that's something again.
Still, even if the problem isn't at their end and it is my fault, I'd be happy to fix it -- if I knew how. I'm not happy, however, to wait forever for an appointment only to have an inept 'tech' tell me my equipment's bad, fool around for a while, then leave.

Derek said...

You know the $99 deal? $33 for cable, $33 for Internet, $33 for phone?

Ya well, when I receive my bill each month it's broken down for like .21 cents for voice, .17 cents for Internet, and the rest for cable and all kinds of other weird fees that I know nothing about.

The problem is that I expense the voice & internet for work. Try convincing your AR dept that you have a $33 x 3 deal with comcast when the bill says different!

Nice work Comcast, I get compensated .38 cents per month from my company because of your screwy billing system.

I really need to find a better provider.


Anonymous said...

Our Comcast On Demand works about half the time-- the other times we try to access it it times out. I've had people out there 3 times and they can't figure out what is wrong (also replaced the digital box once to no avail).

Its CLEARLY a case that their lines are conjested (I see that on my cable modem as well) - but that is the last thing they'll admit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Comcast,

I recently cancelled my cable service and switched to DirecTV. DirecTV provides much more value for me given all of the HD programming they carry that you don't.

I did keep my Internet access but unfortunately, I just discovered that I am no longer eligible for the 8mbps package, which I had been receiving for $52.95 a month. Instead, I get to pay more (~$60) for 6mpbs speed. In addition, I no longer can access your "Speed Boost" technology so my download speeds are far slower than before.

I would have been happy to pay extra for the 8mbps tier, even though Verizon FIOS is available in my area. I begged and pleaded with your customer support people to allow me to pay extra for the 8mbps tier but they refused and eventually hung up on me when I started talking about switching to FIOS which provides much faster speed for a lower price.

So... not only have you lost a cable customer but now you're going to lose me as a high speed internet customer. Competition is a bitch.

Customer 8773200810754907... a happy DirecTV customer and a soon-to-be Verizon FIOS user.

Anonymous said...

Never had a problem with Comcast. My internet is always blazing fast. If my connection speed drops it's always because I left something plugged in and running. Sure it drops out once a month or so for a few minutes, but way less than my previous provider (Cox, who would go down for hours or days at a time).

I've found that most of the initial problems I had were due to the wiring inside the apartment, which is YOUR responsibility, not Comcast's.

I use bittorrent religiously (hundreds of gb per month) and have never had an issue with throttling or sandvine.

I have no experience with digital voice because: 1) landlines are a thing of the past... completely unnecessary, and 2) the wiring in my apartment cannot support it.

An educated customer is a happy customer. Learn the details of your service and don't blame your ignorance on the service provider.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to this site (and the need for the front page spelling correction...STAT!). The thing that catches in my craw is the fact that my increasingly online/iTunes-using household can't abandon cable in any sensible way, as I would like. AppleTV is not yet an option, especially because -

If I cancel cable, my indispensable broadband cost doubles thereby keeping me STUCK in my current package.

All we use is On Demand (for my small daughter) and would happily pay...perhaps $10/month for that minor privilege. We tune in to about 4-5 basic cable channels otherwise. Disney, PBS, Bravo...even my A&E/CourtTV/USA habits have been overtaken by my web access to the same programming.

A per network, a la carte menu of programming so I don't have to feel like I am paying for 95 channels I NEVER WATCH. Come on Comcast - $10 base On-Demand, plus 2-12; $2-10 per additional network depending on how "premium" or not it is. You'll even end up making more money in the end, at least until people wise up.

Cynon said...

TO the person who said this:
"An educated customer is a happy customer. Learn the details of your service and don't blame your ignorance on the service provider."

I'd suggest you do the same. See this link for Sandvine info:

Also, use google with the keywords Sandvine and Comcast.

Also, some of us live in houses, and are well aware of the condition of our wiring.

Also, Sandvine has not been deployed everywhere -- yet. This is a well documented fact.

Finally, and this may be very hard for you to believe, but not everyone in this country lives in a house that gets a decent cell connection. OTOH, I'm not forced to use Comcast's phone service, so that's fine with me. But saying landlines are a thing of the past is a bit inaccurate.

Please fact check before blasting other users.

Cynon said...

Sorry -- for some reason this link was cut off. Here it is in full:

Anonymous said...

WOW, I was going to order comcast cable and internet when i move next week, but after reading this stuff, I think I'll go with another company.

Rockin' Rich said...

Did you design this site, Garfield, or was it Stevie Wonder?

Great color combination. I just puked on my shoes!

Anonymous said...

I'm the poster that complained about being told I had to downgrade to the 6mbps internet package after cancelling my cable.

I just received a call from Frank @ Comcast HQ. Frank saw my customer number and reached out to me to apologize for my poor experience. Although there isn't much he can do at this point, it was refreshing to see that Comcast is listening to its customers. In my case, Frank seemed to agree that internet-only customers like me should be able to pay for the fastest internet speed tier. I hope he's empowered enough to actually affect some change!

fistcar said...


I have bad Comcast service. I started a message board where anyone can complain about poor internet service. Check out and keep the fight alive.


Mike said...

Well, my finace just received a call from a Comcast manager who apologized for the poor treatment we have received. In essence, this means that you should definitely be putting your customer number on these complaints, as it is becoming increasinly more obvious that this blog is starting to get noticed.

Unfortunately, my fiance is a little too kind and didn't quite explain how bad of an experience we've endured. I guess Comcast still has not put my number as the primary contact like I had asked them to do back in May. Figures...

Anywho, I hope that the manager takes a serious view at our complaints. And if you are the manager who called, subtract 1 from the last digit and you'll get my number instead of my fiance's. I think that you'll be better informed if you call me, but I do thank you for taking the time to actually address our concerns; quite noble of you.

Customer number: 8773103100467091

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how a big company like Comspastic can survive when every time I try to order something I get the "fatal error"....I called them and they said try again. Won't bother to give my customer number...I am going to Direct TV.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that anyone could get this angry over something like Cable Service. You would think that someone raped your cat and killed your wife. It is quite amusing that someone would have so little control over their blood pressure that they need to spend the amount of time necessary to put this site together and maintain it. This site is nothing more than a pathetic and childish attempt at vengeance. Take a walk in the park, smell the flowers, it'll do you some good.

I wait in anticipation for all the simpletons who will now respond to this by stating that I must be a Comcast employee since I don't hate Comcast.


DO NOT post your customer numerber in this blog. This is personal information that can be tracked back to your account and potentially allow a less than honest person to make changes. Shame on the site admin for requesting this info be included!

Anonymous said...

this past July I moved into a new apt in Miami, and called comcast to install internet. This was on a Monday, and they said I would have my self-installation kit mailed to me by that Friday. I wait till the following Monday and no package. I called comcast and they tell me the original rep had no right to tell me that, they cannot garuantee a day, etc, etc, but the package is still coming. I wait till the next Monday, and by this time extremely pissed off. I call again, and this time they tell me my original person never actually put the order through. After complaining to a supervisor I was given a "free installation" by an acutal person the next day. Obvously the person never showed.

Before I called back to complain (and I was getting ready to do the executive email carpet bomb- I called Bellsouth to see what they could offer me. Not only did they match comcasts lower price for me, they also are letting me "rent" my modem for free. Bellsouth mailed me an installation kit that very next day.

During the first week of august (about 40 days after my original request for comcast internet) I get a bill in the mail for a month's worth of internet service. I went down to a comcast store and explained that i never received the installation kit nor am i using comcast internet, but they still insisted I owed the money. The only cleared my account and closed it after I called my uncle who's a lawyer and had him rattle off some legal jargon.

Anonymous said...

I used to love Comcast...

When I first set up my service they gave me an awesome deal with all the features I desired. I quickly fell in love with OnDemand, DVR, HD Programming, HBO, and acceptable internet speeds.

I just got my bill...

At first I thought it must be a mistake, how could my rate double!! The CSR notfied me that my promotional period is over and now I must pay full price, $42.95 for just acceptable internet service?!

I guess the honeymoon is over...

I cannot justify paying double without any additional benefit.

Anonymous said...

"I used to love Comcast...

When I first set up my service they gave me an awesome deal with all the features I desired. I quickly fell in love with OnDemand, DVR, HD Programming, HBO, and acceptable internet speeds.

I just got my bill...

At first I thought it must be a mistake, how could my rate double!! The CSR notfied me that my promotional period is over and now I must pay full price, $42.95 for just acceptable internet service?!

I guess the honeymoon is over...

I cannot justify paying double without any additional benefit."

So you singed up for a promotional rate, love the service and the ptions. Once the promotion ended you were SHOCKED at what it actualy cost? This isnt hidden information? You were made aware of the cost of service and the discount you received.
You will not pay $42 for "acceptable" internet. I dont even know what that means?

Anonymous said...

Do you think companies like Comcast provide services out of the goodness of thier hearts? They are there to make money, just like every other company out there. Where are the blogs to complain about gas companies, the phone companies, electric companies, grocery companies, cell phone companies, etc., etc., etc.??!! ALL of these companies are out there for OUR money. We have choices... Do what's right for you but DO something.

Anonymous said...

To "I used to love Comcast".... It was a PROMOTIONAL rate; not a FOREVER rate. You obviously did not make note of the length of your promotional period so I guess you should be shocked at the rate increase. Shocked at how STUPID you are that you did not pay attention or plan for the increase.

Anonymous said...

The last three bills I've received from Comcast (HD digital & Internet combined), there have been charges on for pay-per-view events that we did NOT order. When I called the local office, they basically told me "Well if it's on your bill then you HAVE to pay it."

Well I paid the bills but deducted the amount of the bogus charges. I have had to write a letter each month explaining that we absolutely do not order pay-per-view events and that I'm tired of doing their job for them. It almost seems as if they are just adding it to the bill and hoping that I won't notice.

anahn said...

In May of 2007, the De La Hoya vs. Mayweather fight was on.
I just bought a 60 inch sony TV, and invited all my friends over for cinco de mayo and fight night.

I called comcast all week asking them to assure me that the fight was in HD, because my HD-DVR couldnt find it anywhere. I called on fight day right before work and they kept giving me a channel number (8 calls after my initial call and the day of the fight...) and I cant find it.

10:15 and no HD fight. SD only. 18 people staring at 60 inches of poor-excuse-for-digital tv. I call comcast, and they tell me even though my account number indicated I was in an area that received the fight, the lines in my area werent going to deliver that HD channel.
something I couldn't have come up in any of my previous 9 calls?!?!?!

...8 days and $300 later, DirecTV brings me a brand new HDDVR and HD receiver. I'm paying a non-promotional rate of 89.97 a month and the bill doesnt change with random fees. I have a fantastic HD-DVR from DirecTV and another HD receiver. I have 42 HD channels
(21 added last week, 11 added this week) and over 200 standard def. It was a big up-front cost, but vs. what i had before and the company I was dealing with, it was worth it.

Bryan J, former Comcast customer in Pittsburgh, current happy DirecTV customer.

By the way, Comcast...quit calling it digital cable until every channel is digital. DirecTV opened my eyes to the quality of non-HD channels on an HDTV. It's a Night/Day difference.

Anonymous said...

I am a 19 year old teenager living in the suburbs of Maryland south of DC with my family consisting of my Mom, my Aunt and Uncle, and their two kids. The lack of customer service we've had for OVER A YEAR is amazing, to think a company as large as comcast can be so imcompetent over a simple issue.

Heres are story.

Around January of 2006 we finally upgraded to get the entire house fully networked for our comcast high speed internet with a linksys router. We had one computer directly wired to the router, and a pc and a laptop that were working wirelessly with the system and also a game system.

Not being the youngest in the house *thats able to the use internet* i'm basically the only one who uses the internet *playing an online games, itunes, online classes, etc* but i never was one for massive downloading.

Aside from myself, the two kids never went online, and my mom, aunt and uncle were rarely on for anything more then a quick checkup at for the daily forecast. So around November of 2006 our router started acting up where it would reset it self randomly, making it so everyone would lose a connection and we would have to unplug the router and then re plug it back. Usually after it was plugged back in it would work fine. And at first it was nothing, it would go out maybe once a week to even a few times a month. No big deal, i knew routers would occasionally reset.

Now heres where it got interesting.

In December of 2006 our router started acting up to the point of resetting itself several times a day, and would do it especially when lets say you were downloading a song, or podcast, or going to a site with alot of flash, or even a quicktime movie would reset it. So of course we called comcast to come out and fix it.

So a tech came out, fiddled with the cable cord, said it was fixed and left. Not even two minutes after he left the router resets.

So we call comcast again, they come out, say its something with the line going from the telephone phone out on our street to the house and it needs to be fixed.

Okay, so when are you gonna fix it?

We're gonna send some techs out to do some tests and we'll get back to you. Eventually two weeks later a tech guy comes out, and says theres nothing wrong with the line and leaves. The router was now even worse because the minute we would go online AT ALL the router would cut out.

So for the next 9 MONTHS, we went through hell with comcast trying to get our cable internet repaired. Each time sending out a tech who had no idea what was wrong with our internet coming up with there OWN little solution that never solved the problem. Solutions being from "A new line needed to be put in" to "Maybe you should get another Router and modem down stairs for your two downstairs computers", to even "Well you need to reset your WEP Key because this one is too short" ???? Look i understand the WEP key helps with your network security and can prevent people from accessing your network. But staying the WEP Key is too short is just plain stupid.

I even had a tech come out who said he was sure that our problems was because of my Xbox 360 and thats the reason why our router kept on resetting. Even when they swapped out the linksys gateway for a newer linksys gateway the problems just got worse, sometimes the internet being out for days to even a few weeks at a time. When they decided to put in a new line that was JUST FOR the home internet, it took them a two months to complete that task since they had to go through contractors and get permits. And even when they FINALLY dug up our yard and inserted this new line, it took them two weeks to have someone come out and hook it up. Which even when he did that, he mistaken one of the wires for something else disconnecting all of our second floor televisions.

The only thing worse then dealing with the techs is dealing with customer service. The wait time for me to even GET someone on the phone was on an average about 45 minutes. My usual responses to my problems was "We'll send a tech guy out" which hasn't helped me yet. As for trying to contact a supervisor or manager, several times i was left on hold for more then an hour until i hung up, TWICE i was on hold for more then two hours, and even a few times i was hung up on. When i finally got a supervisor though, some of them were sympathetic and tried to help, still got no where though as the tech guys have yet to find out what the problem has been. It wasn't until TWO WEEKS AGO that a random tech guy who came out, just swapped out the linksys router with a netgear router, and it worked fine. Since then i have tried everything to see if i can get the router to reset, lose connection, or show any signs of faulting, but so far i have yet to lose a connection.

How is it, that comcast could not figure out what was wrong with our internet for an ENTIRE year. Several supervisors, about 2 dozen different tech guys visiting our house, and that a guy who came to fix our Shoddy television reception one day, just simply exchanged the router for a different brand and it worked perfectly. How is it that something as simple as that can stump THAT many comcast workers, and for the last year cause us the Hell they've put us through trying to get it fixed.

If only i knew that a different brand of gateway was the solution, i would've saved us the countless days we had to take off so comcast could come out, the countless hours i spent on the phone steaming as i was on hold for the second hour, our lawn being dug up, and leaving a large dirt trail through the middle, the time i spent having to travel to the local star bucks 10 miles away to have acess to a wireless connection so i can complete by college course work.

If it took them over a year to figure out that a linksys gateway wouldn't work for some mysterious reason in our home, then maybe they should just stick to television, because their internet service sucks.

Frank said...

I have the Comcast High Speed Internet Service and it has always been slow for me. I finally decided to call Comcast Technical Support over this issue. The person I spoke with had me do some things first, like rebooting my PC and my cable modem. This did not help anything. The tech then had me "PING" my "GATEWAY" and then read off some numbers to him. The results said I had 28% Loss. The tech told me this is not too bad by Comcast standards. I am not a tech person so I am left to believe what the expert says. However, the tech helped me more on the issue. As soon as I mentioned that I have DirecTV for my TV service he said that was the problem. Apparently there becomes interference between the satellite signal and the data in the Comcast data network (so I am told). The tech said I would definitely have faster Internet service if I switched to one of the Comcast cable TV packages. I agreed to do this since I like the WORLD WIDE WEB better than TV anyway! So, I cancelled my DirecTV and Comcast installed my new cable TV system. The big problem is this did not fix my WWW slowness and now my TV picture is much worse than satellite! I was somewhat upset since I thought this was going to be a for sure fix. I called Comcast back and went through all the troubleshooting steps again with a new tech. After being on hold a long time the tech came back and said more than likely the problem is my "NODE" has too many people on it and they are probably downloading a lot of pornographic material!

Anonymous said...

DirectTV: Not flawless, but likely much better than anything I've read here.

In some areas in California (maybe elsewhere), they can now bundle with satelite internet. Our WildBlue service has been excellent, albeit pricey. However, it IS possible to negotiate a great deal. Existing DTV customers mearly need to call to cancel service and they will be offered all sorts of perks including upgraded equipment and better pricing.

Everything I've read about satelite internet was "Only if nothing else is available", but it doesn't sound like Comcast is a viable alternative even if we could get it out in the boondocks.

James said...

I recently became aware of just how underhanded Comcast really is. I bought a Tivo HD Series 3 the other week and had the tech come out to set me up with the decoder cards. I found out that if you are not using the Comcast Motorola box, you will not be able to get on demand, so this doesn't seem very fair that I am loosing half of the capability of the service I am paying for, yet still paying the same bill $80 bill a month. Now I can't see any of my encore content on demand or use any of the on demand features. I also have no access to the on demand encore HD movies. I pay extra for this encore package, granted it's not one of the super duper ones but still. The main reason I had to go with the Tivo box is because of the Comcast Motorola crashing and messing up my recordings all the time, it's totally unstable and as far as I’m concerned, I should be paid to have to use it, not pay them for the rental, that thing is alpha hardware at best, not even beta test.
Seriously, I called to complain about why I have to pay the same bill since I can use half my features now and guess what; the on demand stuff is FREE. How convenient. Their marketing dept should be given an award for this. There is no way the infrastructure to run all that on demand stuff is free. NOWAY, it’s wrapped up into the total price but they like to tell you that it is free so you feel good. I defiantly think this is a class action waiting to happen. The FCC has mandated that they have to provide you cable cards so you can use your own hardware, then you can’t use half the features of the Comcast cable TV service, and Comcast tells you, sorry it’s Free anyway. I can live without on demand. That is part of the trade off in using my TIVO and not the Motorola box, but for me to not get an adjustment on my bill for loosing half my features is absolutely mad. I’d love to hear other people who are annoyed by this, is it only me?

Anonymous said...

Why would you buy a Tivo before finding out if it works with Comcast. OnDemand requires two-way communication. Tivo with a cable card is only one way. It's like comparing a standard cell phone to an Iphone. would you complain that you can't get video on your old cell phone? ATT promotes free video downloads but you need the right phone to get it.
Buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer a comcast customer. After much frustration and really no other options as a renter in Chicago, I quit paying for their abuse and bought a decent antenna for the cost of less than one month of cable. Of course I missed the food network and the Discovery channel, but I avoided epic customer service disasters such as the following incidents:
1) some of my neighbors moved so Comcast cut off all the service in the building. When we called to complain they insisted that we must be stealing cable and have no right to complain. When they finally show up to fix the problem, they discover that the reason they thought we were stealing cable was that it hadn't been installed properly by their installer.
2) multiple instances when cable just went out, for reasons unknown and weren't fixed for days, despite repeated complaints
2) multiple instances where cable repairmen insisted upon leaving that the problem was fixed but someone at some central office was backed up and we would see it start to work in an hour, only to find that it didn't work and we had wasted our morning waiting for the repair guy.
3) multiple instances where cable repairmen failed to show or call, instead insisting to their manager, who then had the audacity to insist to us that we hadn't been home, despite the fact that we had spent the morning sitting at home by the phone.
4) when i tried to cancel the account they took 4 weeks and multiple complaint calls to get the proper DHL box to return the cable box. During those 4 weeks, comcast repeatedly called a number that they had been repeatedly informed was no longer the number to reach us, to leave threatening messages about our failure to return said cable box.

All in all, I think comcast makes cable TV not worth it. God forbid you rely on them for something more important like internet.

Anonymous said...

Just think of how bad Comcast must be if a website called "Comcast Must Die" was born. The true only way to stop them is to stop giving them business. Immediately. Where you have a choice, choose anyone but Comcast. When you don't have a choice, let your government officials know you want choice and you want Comcast to be stopped. They are too big, powerful, greedy and arrogant to be affected by this site. If you have a customer number -- become a former customer. You will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

I hate my dish network. I cant upgrade my remotes, they offer now internet and it goes out consistently. I ad direct tv and it was just as bad. My at@t DSl is slow and sucks. Plus they alloow the government access to all my web activity. Had comcast before and had little if any issues. Can't wait or my contracts to be up.

Anonymous said...

The government cannot access all your web activity and no provider is allowed to give them access without a FEDERAL COURT ORDER !

James said...

TO: Mr anon:

Why would you buy a Tivo before finding out if it works with Comcast. OnDemand requires two-way communication. Tivo with a cable card is only one way. It's like comparing a standard cell phone to an Iphone. would you complain that you can't get video on your old cell phone? ATT promotes free video downloads but you need the right phone to get it.
Buyer beware.

**** You are missing the point numb skull. I understand I won't get the on demand service and can live without it. I don't think I should be paying the same monthly fee after lossing half the features of the service when the government has mandated they make their system work with non comcast equipment. Readthe whole post and don't be so thick you block head. You must work for Comcast.

Betty in PA said...

I have a story similar to the one from a year or two ago with the installation technician sleeping at a customer's house while stuck on hold with his own support people. I saw this on CNN back then but figured it was either fake or a very isolated indicent.

Well, this is much worse. I had a young black man come to install my family's Comcast after we just moved to PA. He was very nice and polite even though he was wearing his pants around his thighs, hardly a proper work outfit in my opinion! Anyway, it seems the technician had problems doing the install. Something about my cable modem not being able to lock on. I was home taking care of the kids while my husband was at work so I just let the technician do his thing. I was out in the yard doing some gardening and watching the kids play when I suddenly realized I had not heard from the Comcast technician for some time. When I went into the house I saw the technician was sleeping on our sofa! I had lost track of time and realized I and the kids had some errands to run. Here is the kicker, I could not wake the tech up! I was about to be very late for a hair appointment that took me 4 weeks to get. So, I left the technician there and took the kids. I got my hair done, we had lunch at Friday's, and then came home. Believe it or not, the tech was just walking out of the house when we arrived. I figure he must have been sleeping for 3-4 hours. The good news is he did get everything working and the service has been OK for us since then.

On a side note: Does Comcast only hire African Americans? I seem to talk to one everytime I contact Comcast. I'm from the South and think it's great for what Comcast is doing to help our fellow less fortunate African American friends!

Anonymous said...

You folks have nothing better to do than this? I guess bored people need a way to pass the time unproductively. Just a note for you no matter what large company you talk about i.e.,Microsoft,Home Depot,Wal-Mart & or Comcast especially those who are successful people will find something to bitch about. Those (Evil Corporations that we all use and love)! I Have had all three Comcast services for years and have yet to have an issue. Keep in mind that 90% off all issues in the Cable/Telecommunications industry originate from the customers interior equipment and or wiring. If you want a revolution try to help the less fortunate all around you. You might also want to take a look at the biggest corrupt U.S. Business your Government. Enjoy your Blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree if you knew anything about the technology they are still working on a compatible 2 way cable card. Also as far as I know On-Demand is a service offered in addition to your Comcast service you do not pay extra for the content and satellite for example does not even offer on Demand.

Anonymous said...

"**** You are missing the point numb skull. I understand I won't get the on demand service and can live without it. I don't think I should be paying the same monthly fee after lossing half the features of the service when the government has mandated they make their system work with non comcast equipment. Readthe whole post and don't be so thick you block head. You must work for Comcast.

Your missing the point. The On Demand IS FREE. It isnt a scam. Anyone with a box had it added automatically with their service at no extra cost.

The reason you cant get it on TIVO isnt becuase Comcast isnt allowing it. Its because TIVO didnt produce a two way capable unit. There are Two Way capable cards but no one has produced a tuner for them yet. This isnt Comcasts fault..

You chose to not use Comcasts equipment, they cannot control how Tivo makes their units.

Since the cards are most likely free or a few bucks at best, why dont you get another box like you had before for your HD On Demand?

Comcast did nothing wrong or underhanded. They are in complete compliance with the FCC.

If you wanted to save money you did so by not leasing the box.

James said...

2nd reply to Mr anon:
Your missing the point. The On Demand IS FREE. It isnt a scam. Anyone with a box had it added automatically with their service at no extra cost.

The reason you cant get it on TIVO isnt becuase Comcast isnt allowing it. Its because TIVO didnt produce a two way capable unit. There are Two Way capable cards but no one has produced a tuner for them yet. This isnt Comcasts fault..

You chose to not use Comcasts equipment, they cannot control how Tivo makes their units.

Since the cards are most likely free or a few bucks at best, why dont you get another box like you had before for your HD On Demand?

Comcast did nothing wrong or underhanded. They are in complete compliance with the FCC.

If you wanted to save money you did so by not leasing the box.

**** Why do you keep insisting on demand is free. Here is my argument. It's not free. Do you have any idea the amount of storage and infrastucture it takes to make on demand content available to customers, it's not something that just magically happens out of thin air. In my area when you get any cable service other than basic installed you have on demand, it's part of the service. Why do you think it's free? I don't get that. Just because they aren't charging you an extra 10 bucks a month like when you order HBO or whatever, doestn't mean it's free, you pay a standard monthly fee then any extras. So clearly it's not free. It's only free when you want to use your own hardware, at that point they say there is no charge for that, that way when you don't want to be stuck by their monopoly and their inferior hardware they don't have to give you a price break on the on demand content. I understand i have no rental fee for the box now but that is not realated to the problem i have with on demand. Forget I even mentioned Tivo, I also have a samsung tv that can take a cable card, that part is not important, I don't care about the two way comm from the card either, which is being worked on by the way, but that is irreleveant to what I am complaining about. And so why should I suffer because I don't want to use an inferior product, I don't want the on demand. I want to be compensated for not using it because it is not free like you are claiming, it's part of the service price, it's hidden. It's like saying i pay for my telephone service and the dialtone is free. ;) Can't you even consider what I am saying?

Thanks for reading my last post and sorry i called you a block head and such.

Edward Vielmetti said...

words to add to your lexicon:


"cable weasel"

Anonymous said...


"**** Why do you keep insisting on demand is free. Here is my argument. It's not free. Do you have any idea the amount of storage and infrastructure it takes to make on demand content available to customers, it's not something that just magically happens out of thin air. In my area when you get any cable service other than basic installed you have on demand, it's part of the service. Why do you think it's free? I don't get that. Just because they aren't charging you an extra 10 bucks a month like when you order HBO or whatever, doestn't mean it's free. ......

it is not free like you are claiming, it's part of the service price, it's hidden. It's like saying i pay for my telephone service and the dialtone is free. ;) Can't you even consider what I am saying?"

Actually, because you dont pay an extra $10.00 a month like when you order HBO is the exact definition of it being free?

If you read the reply, On Demand was added to existing services at no cost increase. It isnt free to offer or free to develop for Comcast but it is a free service since when it was added no ones bill increased to allow for it.

On Demand generates revenue. It is in Comcasts best interest to have you use it. They would give ANYTHING to have TIVO develop a two way box.

In comparing it to phone, its not like saying the dial tone is free. Its like havening phone service for $50.00 a month for the past 10 years and then they call and say "By The Way, we are adding Caller ID, Two Way calling and Call Waiting at no additional cost to your current rate. Enjoy these free added services!"

Then you go out and buy a phone that doesn't have a Caller ID screen and ask for a discount because you aren't using the feature.. that they are not charging you for.

Its a simple concept really. I guess its just hard to believe a company would develop this service and add it to existing accounts and not charge for it.
But you not believing it doesn't make it untrue .

Anonymous said...

I have had Comcast for basic cable for 6 years.

In that time the bill has gone from $28 to $49 per month, with no additional services. I happen to remember when cable was essentially commercial-free. Now it's loaded with commercials and I have the privilege of paying for it. Nice.

Comcast was not my first choice. I tried to get Direct or Dish, but there are too many trees on my property to get a shot at the bird.

The initial installation was acceptable, but after another utility co. cut their underground cable, Comcast came out and reconnected me. In doing so, they left the cable connecting me to their point laying across a neighbor's yard-- easily 900 feet of unburied cable across two lawns It remained this way for 3 months and numerous calls to Comcast. My neighbor repeatedly threatened to cut the cable that was on his property (Comcast makes for great neighbors!). I kept getting the runaround from Comcast ("We're very busy, we have you scheduled for next week"-- for months on end. Liars.)

Two things finally solved it: my neighbor hired a lawyer to write a letter (and included a rent charge for the cable laying across his lawn). I called Comcast HQ and raised holy hell for 5 days in a row.

In recent months Comcast has been bombarding me with their bait-and- switch limited-time offers. Screw them. I've forbidden them from calling me again under threat of legal action.

And guess what? I had some tree trimmers out yesterday to get a quote on opening up a shot at a bird. ATT is now in my area offering monthly charges that are less than half of Comcast's.

I hate Comcast-- they disgust me with their monopolistic thuggery and arrogant pricing. The minute I can drop them I will, and never look back.

Anonymous said...

I love my COMCAST THERE WILL BE PROBLEMS WITH ANY SERVICE , nothing but good service with comcast

Daniel Gardner said...

I have neither DirectTV nor Comcast. From the reputation Comcast has on this blog and on the web, I would gladly - GLADLY - choose DirectTV first if given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Why do people believe forum postings? Someone on a FORUM says Comcast is using Sandvine does not make it true. There is a lot of B.S. about every company out there on forums. A FORUM is not news. I can make something up and say it is true on a forum. It does not make it so.

Anonymous said...

I work for Comcast and can't believe this stuff. Do you people have jobs? I'm only reading it because I was asked to by my boss. Let it go! Get a life. Smell the flowers. If you don't like the service, simply switch. If we can't compete then we WILL die, but a lot of what I just read is hogwash. You just want to bitch, I know, it's human nature, but you could do much better by going out for a run to expend some of that animosity and energy. You know, I've had numerous problems with my auto insurance company in the past six months...maybe I should create a blog to bitch about them. And please, please, please don't post anything without proof-reading it first. I'll bet none of you are English majors! And what's up with the racist comments? That's sad. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I'm not really a Comcast employee, I just think I am. I love that company! My internet connection is pretty fast. I love On Demand too - and it's free! :)

Eric said...

Comcast is horrible. In my area, I have been fighting them for 10 years to give us Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. Because they won't broadcast their own channel on their own cable system, Flyers and Sixers fans in this area have NO access to the teams (which Comcast also owns...). If you're a Comcast customer and you try to get the NBA or NHL season packages, they black out the Philly teams. They also won't make the channel available to satellite subscribers but thankfully at least they can get the games via the season packages.

James said...

You are completely missing my point and refuse to answer any of my legitimate questions and instead flood me with your personal opinion. I find it difficult to take anything you are saying seriously. Their service is not free no matter what you say. You are drinking the Comcast koolaid in that respect. I have consumer rights to use whatever hardware I want. You can't seem to get past the fact I have a Tivo either. I'm only putting down one aspect of Comcast that is simply just not fair. Like another poster said, basic service has almost doubled and he gets no other bang for his buck. It's the same cable that has been in the ground for the last 20+ years. Almost 1/3 of the channels are adds, i have about 20-30 channels that aren't even in English. Why should I have to subsidize all that garbage to make more sales to minority catering and not to mention channels like logo and the like. Why should my bill pay for that junk to be available. Direct TV makes you pay extra if you want content like that.

Face it, they have a monopolistic attitude. This kind of TV will eventually go away. We will be able to pick and choose the content we want and not have to pay for a big line up of trash that they control. And on demand won't be the answer either. It's laggy, slow, unresponsive. Enjoy fastfwding your on demand movies, what utter junk.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Gardner:

That's a pretty bad way to judge, especially considering I'm sure there are just as many disgruntled DirecTV owners out there (I myself have had trouble with DTV, but never with Comcast).


There are going to be issues with ANY company you run into, and keep in mind people on this blog represent .0001% of the Comcast population, most of which are probably very happy.

Michael said...

What I would like to see from Comcast is the freedom to use devices like MythTV.

CCEmployee said...

Hey folks,

I'll probably get myself shot in the foot for this one, but I happen to work for Comcast. Truth be told, I used to think like most of you did/do, that it's a faceless corporation, but honestly it's not. It's just made up of people.

I've read the entire thread so far, and there are some valid complaints, some not-so valid (ex: there are several complaints of things that aren't even under Comcast's control... to give you an idea, we have no control over how many commercials are in a given program, that's handled strictly by the network that puts 'em out, we're just a delivery system), and some flat-out bad experiences (technician falling asleep is an example, there is NO excuse for that).

All-in-all, I feel this is a good company, and to be honest, most customers that I talk to on a daily basis are satisfied. So, if anyone has any questions, I'll try to field them as best I can (keep in mind I work in the Internet/Phone department, TV stuff is a little out of my realm).

Btw - I'm doing this of my own free will as a fellow customer, hoping to clear up any misconceptions.

dlight said...

I have been a Comcast Cable customer since 1996 and HSI sub since 2000 but I have just about had it. I am paying over $100/mo. for basic cable and HSI (that's all I want!) and they keep taking channels away! The latest one to go was the Hallmark channel. If they keep taking my channels, instead of upgrading to the digital tier (which is what they want) I will switch to AT&T. I live in a U-Verse capable neighborhood, and they are really courting my business. The only reason I have not made the switch already is because of my email address...

Laurel said...

I suspect that a lot of the troubles people have are related to what local control is in effect in the geographical area. In our area, Comcast has been the only licensed provider of cable for years. Certain things are in the contract they have with the local authority (county), like how fast they must respond to a customer complaint. So, of course, most people here are satisfied with Comcast's response time to problems. Makes sense.

Other things are not in the contract, like they can choose which channels are in each level of service and switch them any time they please as long as the total number adds up to X.

Of course it's infuriating, and different for everyone, because they manipulate whatever it is they can under that particular local service agreement in order to get people to sign up for more expensive services.

The only solution is competition, which *supposedly* is coming to my area soon--there are 3 other providers out there petitioning my county government for licenses. Not exclusive licenses, mind you, just licenses. I want them ALL to be approved! That will be the fastest way to get to a menu type arrangement for channels, good service, and reasonable pricing for everything.

Anonymous said...


You are completely missing my point and refuse to answer any of my legitimate questions and instead flood me with your personal opinion. I find it difficult to take anything you are saying seriously. Their service is not free no matter what you say. You are drinking the Comcast koolaid in that respect. I have consumer rights to use whatever hardware I want. You can't seem to get past the fact I have a Tivo either. I'm only putting down one aspect of Comcast that is simply just not fair.

You arent asking any questions? I never said Comcasts service was free. I stated On Demand was a free service inluded with any package.
When you pay 65.00 a month for a package.. and they add On Demand and you are STILL paying 65.00 for the package how can you state if you change hardware and cannot get OnDemand that hey should deduct it from your bill? Its not a line item to deduct. Im not sure why you do not see that.
Even after you are told the service was added at NO COST to anyone you still say "Its NOT FREE and I dont want to PAY FOR IT!!!"
Your not?
This isnt my "personal opinion" Its a fact?
You state that I cannot get past the fact that you have a Tivo, I dont care what you have but your complaint is that you DO HAVE A TIVO and cannot get On Demand and because of that you shouldnt have to pay or OnDemand. Which is great... if you ever actually did pay for OnDemand or if it was an "extra" added service they could deduct.

With the card you dont have the guide either.. or the menu should you get a discount for that?
Lets call the difference between a box rental and a cable card rental your "discount" and pretend the cost for OnDemand is built into box rental.
Otherwise your going to o insane. ;)

But really, Ive stated time and time again that no ones rates went up when On Demand was launched. It was added to all packages and pushed to everyone with a two way digital box.
Now tell me how a service that was added to accounts and no charge is not free to the consumer?

If someone gives you something, and you dont pay for it, its free.

If someone mows my lawn for $20.00 a week and then, on their own decide to take my garbage to the curb I cant say two months later, "Stop taking my garbage to the curb and then deduct $5.00 from my weekly bill..."
It really really is an easy concept and Ive explained it 10 different ways.. yet you still come back with "How can you say its FREE!!!"

I pay 49.00 a month for internet, but this post to you is free!!

James said...

Thanks Laurel and dlight for your intellegent and insightful posts, I totally agree with what you guys are saying. It's nice to know there are other folk out there that feel the same way I do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boo-hoo, my car ran out of gas. It's the gas station's fault. They should fill my tank for free.

Morons. You all are morons. Above is the logic most of you are using.

Cable companies are for profit. No where in the Constitution does it state Americans are entitled to free or cheap cable, internet and/or phone service.

Get a clue. Why do millions of customers have no issues with their service. Seems that the problem is with the customers here, not Comcast.

James said...

You are waisting peoples time. I see you have have finally broken down now because I refuse to play your silly little game. Your posts are irrelevent to me and quite amusing. Beacuse you are so purile I'll clue you in one more time. Before comcast released on demand there was about a 40% price increase over a 1-2 year period. This was to cover the cost of your "FREE" on demand. LOL, wise up jack ass, nothing is free in this world. That is the real capilist way, so don't try to sit there and tell me it's a company that needs to and should make money or otherwise, pointing out the obvious. You are a communist in desguise. LMAO. I won't waiste anymore time replying to you and I have many other negative experiences I am gong to share with people from being a comcast customer for many years now. Notice how i've only been a comcast customer. That's because I have only once choice. Doesn't that sound familiar. LOL, O and your analogise are hilarious. You remind my of a 5 year old trying to justify why he should get a present too on his siblings birthday. Now piss off and go keep sucking off comcast so I can have a good laugh at your trivial posts, and keep in mind i will never finish reading one of your posts again, or reply. :) Hahaha

you are a chicken sh*t anonymous poster, get some balls.

Anonymous said...

Hey James, don't waiste your time dude, that idiot is cleary trying to bait you. He probably works for Comcast by the sound of it. I've had my comcast for a year now. I'm paying for digital classic it is $70 a month, when they came and brought me my box the tech showed me how the on demand stuff works. I wish this on demand was free lilke that fool is saying. Would be nice. Obviously i'm paying 70 a month, how the hell is it free? and many of the movies on there you have to pay 5 or more dollars to watch, and some of it you have to subscribe to. I'm cracking up reading those posts because it's not free at all, that's why my bill is 70 dollars eh because it's free. hehe
and those apples to oranges comparisons he is making are a joke. next he'll be saying.

"Changing the channels is FREE"
"Leaving a channel on for 4 straight hours is FREE"

Freedom isn't Free said...

OMG, Free cable TV - How do I get it. What is the secret? my bill is 90 a month and this ONDEMAND is not free, i go to channel 1, then there is stuff that costs money and yes stuff that is no extra charge to play. so just because I go to channel one, lol it's not free, with that retarded logic i could say that that my channels 1-87 are free. ROFL.

Anonymous said...

08 June 2005 — Verizon Sucks (89)
I hate big corporations. I really do. They're enormous behemoths that can't be fought. Or when you do try to fight them, it's futile; you get squashed. (Some of my previous complaints about corporate frustrations: Authorized Apple Service Provider, Credit Report (in which I complain about Sprint), and Customer Disservice.)

On January 12th, I received a phone call here at work from somebody representing Verizon SuperPages asking us to advertise in their phone directory. I have little memory of the conversation (because I have several similar conversations a month), but I'm mostly certain that the call ended with me saying something like, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to advertise with you." I have no memory of agreeing to advertise with any new yellow page company; we're pleased with our current level of advertising.

In March, we received a $37.20 bill from Verizon for advertising in their Portland/Vancouver SuperPages. I phoned Customer Service (what a misnomer!) and explained that we had no record of having placed any advertising with them — would they please remove the charges? They would not and could not.

They asserted that we had, in fact, placed the order. "We have third-party verification indicating that the sales representative spoke with you, Mr. Roth, and that you provided your taxpayer identification number. This is all the confirmation we need to verify your order."

The call ended with nothing resolved. A few days later, I received a letter from Verizon re-iterating all of this information. I contacted Dave. On his advice, I sent a certified letter to Verizon's customer service department stating that the business has "neither requested nor authorized any service from" Verizon, etc. The letter threatened legal action if Verizon continued to bill us.

Verizon continued to bill us. They billed us in April. They billed us in May. They never replied to our certified letter. Today I received a letter from Verizon's collection department. Enough is enough, so I phoned them again.

The woman in the collections department was nice enough, but she couldn't help me. Her department has nothing to do with resolving disputes, only with collecting on outstanding debts. She suggested I call customer service.

I called customer service, and though I was trying to be polite, I was, I admit, a bit confrontational. (No shouting, no cursing, just had my hackles up.) This conversation was frustrating to a degree that I cannot even convey. I went through the whole "we did not authorize this" bit, and the customer service rep (Makeesha — is that a real name?) went through her whole "we have third party authorization in the form of your name and your business tax identification number" bit.

"Look," I said. "My name is common knowledge, accessible from any database. And I give out our TAX ID number all the time. This is not proof of anything. I want written documentation that we authorized this, or I want an audio-recording."

"I'm sorry, sir," said Makeesha, "but this is authorization."

Repeat ad infinitum.

Eventually, Makeesha gave me the address for Verizon's legal department, though I'm certain any correspondence sent there is destined for the same old dead letter file that my former certified letter reached. (Actually, to be fair, the previous letter has been scanned into Verizon's computer system. They have the letter, they just don't care.)

Have you ever gone through anything like this? How do you cope with the awesome might of transnational corporations? How can the individual hope to have his voice heard when the transnat will not admit error? How can this be resolved to my satisfaction?

Yes, I could just pay for the add — $40/month is peanuts for Custom Box — but I refuse. It's more than a matter of principle. If megacorporations can collect money because they say you owe it, where does that leave us? It's insane!

On 08 June 2005 (10:54 AM), Anthony said:

Anonymous said...

Extremely funny and ignorant. I just read this entire thread and can't believe it. Stop it you fools! Like a previous poster said, this blog represents a 0.00001% of Comcast customers. People have stories like this about EVERY big company. They all suck. The bottom line is that we live in America, a capitalistic, supply & demand, survival of the fittest country. Don't you get it? Stop bitching and just switch your service! If they can't compete then they won't last. If their service sucks and their customer service sucks they will eventually lose thousands of customers to the competition and change their ways. It's what makes this country great. The truth is that tv and internet are addictive and are our lifeline. How did we possibly survive without it? That's what makes you folks so passionate about thinking that you're getting screwed. But Comcast is a provider of entertainment services and can charge whatever and provide whatever service level the market will bear. You have no God-given right to cable and high-speeed internet service at a low price, it's ENTERTAINMENT. If you have the disposal income you can buy it from whoever you want. Okay, I DO work for Comcast and do know that there are certainly MANY, MANY legitimate problems out there with our service but the truth is (as painful as it may be for you) that our customer sat scores are favorable. These are based on responses from thousands of actual customers that we survey. I guess what I'm saying is that your cause is noble, you're sticking up for yourselves and lashing out at a big company, but c'mon, stop bitching and actually DO SOMETHING. Cancel your service - you'll be back just as soon as your contract (which Comcast doesn't make you sign) with Verizon expires. I truly believe that Comcast is a good company and is trying to do the right thing in terms of customer service and service reliability. We have good people. Technology is moving at such a fast pace and we want to be able to provide the advanced products and services as quickly as possible that I think we sometimes go too fast and offer it before all the bugs are worked out. We're doing our best. And to James: the OnDemand is free. There was no additional charge when we rolled it out. Our price increases are due to programming increases. ESPN and the like stick it to us every year. Why can't you let it go? You might want to apply for a job at Comcast, our margins are in the high 40's (unheard of!). But never forget what I said earlier, you live in America and therefore have a choice. Stop bitching and switch if you don't like it. We'll fold up our tents if we can't compete.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "disposable" income, not "disposal." Sorry, I sound like James when he repeatedly says "waisting" when he means "wasting."

Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked that this assanine web site originates in the Pacific timezone. Most likely California. Why don't you just come out and say that you're a bleeding heart liberal, Bob? Why don't you stump for Hillary or Obama right on this site you loser? I'll bet you're all for national healthcare, huh? I'd love to meet you in a bar sometime. You know what, I think I'll look you up when I head west next month.

monopolies are always bad said...

Wrong, most people have no choice. In my area there is ONLY 1 CABLE company. Sat TV is not cable. Alot of people don't want the headaches of dishes on their house. There is only 1 cable company in most cities 1. only one. NO CHOICE of another you arrogant over simplifier. go let the market decide jerk weed.

My don't we let the Mexican police do our border security, after all they can do it cheaper. Maybe we can hire the chineese army to patrol our borders since it's cheeper and a better bottom line.

Anonymous said...

You are waisting peoples time. I see you have have finally broken down now because I refuse to play your silly little game. Your posts are irrelevent to me and quite amusing. Beacuse you are so purile I'll clue you in one more time. Before comcast released on demand there was about a 40% price increase over a 1-2 year period. This was to cover the cost of your "FREE" on demand.

That post wasnt me. Mine are formatted to stick out a bit. I guess you couldnt pick up on that. Not surprised.
Cable rates go up every year. The Content providers raise thier rates yearly. No MSO will come out and say "ESPN raised their price by 23% ( which they do by that exact percentage EVERY YEAR) because its bad PR to push off blame on your content provider.
But from ESPN to HBO thats the bulk of those increases.
And the more you want "SOPRANOS" and the more awards HBO wins and the more people want sports the higher they will charge the MSO's.
Notice HSI and CDV havent increased while speeds and features are being added? Comcast has complete control over those services and their costs.

Im not sure if swearing and attempting to belittle others is the best way to discuss things.
I dont think its me.. or anyone else on this page acting like a 5 year old.
Good luck with all that anger.
The great unwashed. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I figured I would add to this with all of the problems we've had.

We moved into a brand new house one year ago. Comcast came in and set up the wiring themselves.

First we had problems with the email. They promised us (as we were in the middle of planning a wedding) that our email addresses would transfer without a problem. Which they did- until a month later when they stopped working altogether. After close to two hours on the phone, as well as time spent using their useless online help, we got our email addresses up and running.

Then our modem stopped working. I called Comcast and was told to bring it to a Comcast service center. When I did, I was told that they couldn't service THAT kind of modem and would have to make a service appointment. The service person was able to fix my modem and even gave me a part to help it run better.

We were doing okay for a number of months, until like idiots we decided to upgrade to DVR. That was in January. It is now October, and our DVR has yet to work properly. We are on the third one. It gives us lots of problems when we use On Demand (won't play the movie, but charges us for it. Shuts off in the middle of a movie. Won't stop playing the movie...) When I call Comcast I get all sorts of answers. They've never heard of our problem happening. They don't know the code the box gave us. The server has to reset at Comcast. We need to unplug our box. We need to replace our box. The best was when I complained that we were paying $150 a month for a service that didn't work properly and was informed by the rep that "On Demand is a complementary service." Yeah, with my $150 monthly bill and $4.95 for a movie I can't watch. I was again told at one point to bring my DVR to a Comcast service center where I was told they don't have DVRs because of a shortage and I have to make an appointment for a service call.

When we got a service person to the house to look at the wires, he installed an amplifier (that didn't change anything) and then we were charged for the visit because the problem was supposedly with the wiring in our house. That Comcast installed.

I have spent hours and hours on the phone with Comcast employees. Whenever I call, I ask the rep to please read the notes on my account before I tell them what is happening because there is such a long, ongoing history.

The thing that really gets me is that the service people who have come to our house have been the only ones who have been helpful and honest. The guy who came the last two times told us that they have this problem with these particular DVR boxes all the time. The person on the phone said they'd never heard of that happening.

The only reason we hadn't changed was because our only option for a while was Verizon's new FIOS and we were wary about switching to a new system... but at this point it can't get much worse than what we've dealt with with Comcast...

Cust. service # 8773102220163085

Anonymous said...

my bill keeps going up and up and up....

used to be under $100 for all three services (bundled package, long before those 33,33,33 promo deals came along).
now cable & internet is > $110 and dig phone is another $40.

seems like my total keeps going up about $1 a month. and i'm not getting better/more service.

and as more and more people sign up on my street, both my internet speed and tv quality keep degrading.

-- AARGH in MA

Anonymous said...

Comcast lies to customers about fees and raises fees without notice. Techs do not show up when they are scheduled and show up when they are not scheduled. The managers and staff at the Winder Georgia office are incompetent morons. The entire company stinks and should be forced out of business.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote: "A per network, a la carte menu of programming so I don't have to feel like I am paying for 95 channels I NEVER WATCH. Come on Comcast - $10 base On-Demand, plus 2-12; $2-10 per additional network depending on how "premium" or not it is. You'll even end up making more money in the end, at least until people wise up."

Amen! We've been wanting this for years. We're canceling cable TV end of this month because 99% of what's on TV is crap. That's not the fault of Comcast, but Comcast still makes you pay for shit you will never ever watch.

Anonymous said...

For a lot of boring reasons I didn't have access to any television for quite while.

A few months ago life settled down and I had cable TV again, (Comcast and no problems with installation).

After a month I realized I wasn't missing much without watching TV.

I decided I was paying for infomercials, programs that would run 10 minutes of commercials,(I timed them), lots of sports channels, ugly decorating tips, people flipping houses, cooking shows, "reality" shows, and so called news programs with talking heads that was part of the reason I moved from DC to get away from the insular self important culture.

So I canceled the service. I dug out the rabbit ears and the TV works fine. I get local broadcast channels, PBS and C-Span. I watch movies on DVD's, read more, and generally have a life.

What I don't have are $60+ monthly bills for crap, service problems, and planning my free time around being parked in front of the TV.

When and if the cable companies, (Comcast) can offer better programing and service I may get cable again.

Want Comcast, Verizon, DirectTV, et all to offer better service and programming ? Cancel the service.

bob k said...

get comcast out of Woodbridge N.J.

Anonymous said...

I subscribed to Comcast's lastest bundle of cable TV, internet access and digital voice in August.
WHen I call my family and friends on my new digital land line, my online id as seen on their phones is not my account name, but that of another person, Jorge Roman. Every one I call, if they answer my call, tells me about this false identification. I have filed a formal complaint with Montgomery COunty commission that handles Comcast complaints. Comcast has called me, said they repaired this error, but of course, I am still Jorge Roman when I call others.
When I make phone calls to people who do not know my alias, they do not answer my calls. Help.

PL said...

Finally I gave up and switched to Verizon, after having Comcast (originally ATT, etc) for 24 years.
Hours on phone holding, 3 service calls in 1 week sometimes, etc, etc, etc.
I won't bore you with the details - mine problems were the same as most everyone else here.
TV, DVR, Computer all work great now.
Give it up and go to a competitor.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE "Extremely funny and ignorant. I just read this entire thread and can't believe it. Stop it you fools! Like a previous poster said, this blog represents a 0.00001% of Comcast customers"

Does that in your opinion mean that we dont count?..I just talked with a manager of Comcast Excessive Usage Security...He used that exact same figure with me.. He also informed me that "We" The 1 percent are not needed as customers therefore we are being disconnected 1 by 1 until all Comcast has left is the occasional email user paying an outrageous price to do that. Comcast does not want to spend the money to upgrade the network to handle users who know how to thouroughly enjoy the internet and all it has to offer. Instead they will tell the other customers that "We" the 1 percent are creating "all" of your connection issues. They compare Apples to Oranges when issuing statements to the news organizations...for example: The 1 percent that are tying up and creating an internet traffic jam are the ppl that download the equivalent of 30,000,000 emails. That a pretty unfair comparison when 1 HD movie from "Movielink" (that I pay for to own" is 8gb. Comcast needs to start spending their third quarter profits and the Government subsidies they received on system upgrades instead of blaming it on us (the 1 percent that don't matter to them). Fiber Optics is the way to keep up with technology trends and changes and the only time Comcast is investing and upgrading to it is in the neighborhoods the competition is moving into. As far as this blog is people that think it is just a "Bitch" session..maybe it is to you, but i find it a very resourceful way of getting information and delivering it. For those of you in the 1 percent catagory.. if you are told that an upgrade to a commercial account is the answer to your bandwidth is not true.. you are still on the same network and you will still be disconnected. I have a lot more to say and a bigger story to tell but I don't have time right now..

Saucey said...

The customer service at comcast TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!! I was so excited to hear about this site this morning on the news. I sooooo relate to how that old lady with the hammer must have felt. I too have been a victim of the horrific service offered by this company. to run a short list....:

-everytime you call their customer service # you get a different person EVERYTIME, sometimes even in a different state and you end up having to RE-EXPLAIN the purpose of your call EACH AND EVERY time! SO frustratiing!

THEN to add insult to injury... at least 50% of the time the call becomes "conveniently" disconnected and then you get the joy of having to do it all over again!

Comcast just blows on sooo many different levels...its really sad.

I wish that lady would threw a grenade in there!

Scott from Mantua, NJ said...

Try and log onto It is out of services in NJ. Imagine that. Something else is failing. Way to go Comcast. Jim jones was almost as successful

Anonymous said...

Customer #15012044325016 I'm sure my story is similar to many others. My internet service went out at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, 10/16. I arranged for a service tech to come to the house between 9-11 AM on Wednesday. They never showed but did call at 2:30 PM and left a voice mail saying that since I wasn't home I would have to reschedule. I called and rescheduled for anytime after 5:00 PM. No one showed - again. I called Comcast - again - and they said they left a message with one of their tech's to call me directly. Guess what.....he never called. I called this morning and there's apparently a huge outage taking place. So, you guessed it, everything that's down is related to this outage. My cable is fine, only my internet service is out. Can't get anyone to come out until the outage clears. I can't even get anyone to schedule an appointment. What a mess. When the outage does clear it won't fix my internet problem because it was down BEFORE the outage. Looks like I'll be without service for the weekend. Oh, one more thing. There's some clowns across the street laying cable - I think it's fiber optic - for Comcast. Of course, this has NOTHING to do with my problem ( right, I've heard that before ! ). I can't wait until the outage clears so I can go back to normal.....normal being no internet service but at least their service people MIGHT be willing to come out and take a look.

Anonymous said...

The beauty here is that I learned about this blog directly from the media. Media that is broadcasted over comcasts programming. How about that? Comcast and it's employees are wastes of time. The Tech's are very unintelligent and the customer service reps don't even like the company. It is like anything else. Everything comes full circle. It's time to make some changes. CANCEL COMCAST. They will eventually go away. It's your money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can send the Tech's from comcast to IRAQ. They would be a good fit for the job. It is the eternal problem that will never get fixed.

Anonymous said...


Let this blog know how you make out.

The site works GREAT!!!! Or does it work?

Way to go Comcast. Another quality product

Anonymous said...

To the guy who thinks that 1% doesn't matter, think about AOL. They suck just like COMCAST and look where they are....As for being a 1%er, I'm okay with that. That's what they said about bikers....only 1% are trouble. Being trouble is the best part.....

Anonymous said...






Doe said...

C-SPAN 2 is being replaced by Comcast Sports whenever they decide to use C-Span as an "overflow" channel. This is OUTRAGEOUS. This corrupt corporations is now usurping a tool of democracy to broadcast sports. Demand a credit on your bill, visit your local office to complain up close and personal, call the 888 # every time C-SPAN 2 is replaced with other programming. Insist on speaking with a supervisor to make your complaint clear. Make yourself a very squeaky wheel. C-SPAN is our window into our government and should not be taken away at the whim of Comcast.

Anonymous said...

Customer # 8777702061046970
The HD service does have problems with the picture freezing then skipping part of the program. Last Sunday at a scoring drive in the football game the screen blacked out resulting in missing the play.

This is minor to the digital voice issues. First, there is now static on the line which we never experienced with AT&T. Second and even worse, we apparently had our old phone number sold to various lists by COMCAST and are now receiving daily unsolicited calls. Third, the helpdesk personnel have their heads in a place I care not to explore, they are ineffective and rude to their paying customers.

The record keeping system they have in place reflects inacurate information. The last time my spouse called the agent did not know her name but picked one at the other end of the alphabet.

DSL may be not as fast, but AT&T does provide service. They also have better HD. We never experienced any real problem with their phone service. Just a point to ponder.

Anonymous said...

One address. Vehix.Com A company started by Ex-comcast people that does advertising on comcast. I wonder if they are makng any money on those ads. Which brings me to another point. If the programming is so expensive, couldn't they get some other advertising besides themselves and vehix to limit the bill increase to the regular folks. And in my town, they moved ESPN classic (in the basic package) to channel 248. Try to get that on your regular TV.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the stupid Comcast commercials. Perhaps if they didn't blow so much money on annoying 15 second tv spots, Comcast just might be able to give some rate breaks to thier customers. Bill S. in Pa.

Amy said...

One of the comments here said "They should be sued." Well, Comcast is taking action to be sure that can't happen. They are sending notices of Arbitration with their bills. If the customer doesn't respond to Comcast's Legal Department opting out of this arrangement, then the customer has no right to sue to settle any disputes. Any dispute will be settled by an Arbitration forum. And guess what percentage of the time these Arbitration forums find in favor of the consumer. Watch out and pay attention!!

Don said...

You are right, the arbitration is in itself a fraud scam. In fact, I almost could NOT opt out of arbitration because the criminals at Comcast designed the online form to automatically choke and reject your Opt-out when you clicked the "Submit Button.

Why? I found out what the scam was. They put a "half space" that you can't really see in your account number on your bill when they asked if you wanted to Opt-out. This stopped almost everyone from being able to do it.

I compared the new bill with an older one and found that previous bills had a full space. You will need a magnifying glass to see it on the bill that tells you that you need to opt-out in order to be able to sue them.

No surprise about this scam. If this bogus space is missing your online Opt-out will be rejected so that they can force the arbitration fraud scam on you and deny you the right to sue them.

There is nothing honest going on at that criminal company.

Anonymous said...

For those who think it is so nice comcast called to offer help, understand you are just entering the world of no returned calls, don't show up on time and throw the cables in the neigbors trees and out in the street and hang them off your house so they bang on the side of the house all winter. Yes they may someday show up to "fix the problem" and the supervisor will say "what a mess" then they will schedule 2 hours to fix ALL cables when residing your house only to find out it takes a whole day and that does not do it. I have been tramatized by Comcast over the 8 years I have lived here and I am not stupid, I am a college professor. I simply do not have the time or emotional stamina anymore to wait and wait for someone "in the know" to get on the line only to blame someone else. I could write a book...but no one would believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS A BETTER OPTION IN MY AREA AND I WILL PAY 4 TIMES AS MUCH TO GET COMCAST OUT ON THE STREET IN MY TRASH.

pwp said...

Ditto to all of the above.

I was a Comcast customer before they bought the service from AT&T (and I was with MediaOne before AT&T bought them) - for all 3 services (internet, 2 local phone lines, and cable tv). To make a LONG story short, they badly messed up all three of my services during a residence move, and then forced my 2 phone lines to their 'digitial voice' service. After several problems with all 3 services, and SEVERAL HANG-UPS BY their customer-no-service representatives, I moved all 3 services to their compeititor. I'm happy I changed, and I'd NEVER go back even if they offered their so-called services for free.

THANK YOU for setting up this blog!

Anonymous said...

I finally got my bill taken care of.

I spoke with a great manager and she found were the problem is.

She corrected the bill and sent me a corrected bill to my email address.

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The Union Master said...

The Union Master said...
Come to our world Comcasters,we will give you better wages with a
competitive pension plan,your current plan is shrinking like a dickie on a cold day,Comcast stock is under 20.00 a share,this is due to the ways of your current management who reap in the benefits of your hard labor,they are making the money,you get the crumbs brushed off their tables,you have the power to change that-ONLY YOU!!
Think of your families in the latter years to come,,come to our world.
Have a voice and choose how you want the company to be ran,come to our world.
Stop being cheated and lied to by a
dictatorship which is your current management.come to our world.
I will not lie to you,I will tell you this:
We will provide the power of collective bargaining for you..but with a price

Union Wages will be provided,but memebers must pay dues.
Expect Comcast to threaten you with such things as STRIKES,LOST WAGES,NO MORE FREE CABLE AND INTERNET.
Nothing more than mere threats by a management desperately wanting to instill fear into you,because their jobs hang in the and only you have the true power to change the are the force..the voice.
Union members also get RESPECT from the general public,even your current customers will respect you more..UNION IS RESPECT AND POWER..
Management at Comcast uses the "divide and conquer" method with all of its staff,so no one can unify together,they teach Comcast managers this in classes,if you can believe that.

I was a non-union worker at one time,let me tell you,it's a sad life,you are really at the mercy of your employer who could fire you at will without warning

With a Union..We represent you,We fight for you..You have someone on your side,Not management!!

Heed this all Comcasters:
Thank you for you time
Good luck with your future decisions
The Union Master

punched cards said...

A long, long time ago....I mean wayyy back before the age of computers....there was literally no choice about your telephone service provider -- Ma Bell. The service they provided resulted in a bumper sticker that you still see every once and a while: "We don't care. We don't have to."

They did whatever they wanted because there was no competition since everyone had only one telephone company they could use. If it wasn't Ma Bell, it was some other minor outfit because each household was served by only one provider. Verrrry few households had any choice. Then Ma Bell got broken up and things changed quite a bit. With competition came better service and better pricing and more options. Once technology jumped up, things got a lot better. Look at long distance phone service pricing as a good example.

The reason Comcast is such a weak provider is that it doesn't have sufficient competition to drive it to do business any other way. The reason for that is provider agreements with cities and counties dictate monopoly. Also federal and state regulations and laws limit the number of providers in any one area. So, I hate to say it, but the only way to get better service out of Comcast is to up the competition. That means vote for the candidates that (at least pretends to) support the consumer and quit electing fat cats that are allowing this sort of business climate to fester in the first place. There was a time when monopoly was needed (maybe) in order for new technology infrastructure (like cable tv) to be built. But that time has long since passed.

The hope is that technology will overcome the hurdles of providing wireless access to telephone, cable/satellite tv and internet service. Whoever owns the wires (with current technology) calls the shots. If we can get rid of the wires, competition will flourish and you will begin to see decent pricing, service and options.

In the meantime, don't waste your time arguing with Comcast. They don't care. They don't have to.

AIG said...


I have been having a problem for like 6 months with Comcast and my Vonage phone. I have been a customer of Comcast for about 4-5 years and with Vonage about the 4 years. At first it was just some loss of sound and lately it actually drops my Internet connection!! It reboots my cable modem! Im typing this as fast as I can because I am scared that if the phone rings I will drop again!!!

I have called Comcast about this problem plenty of times and I always get the same crappy service from these people. I used to LOVE comcast because I do every thing online and they have the best speeds around where I live, but this love affair is OVER!!! The first chance I get to leave this company I will!!! I didnt even mention Vonage, but they knew.

GET THIS... I had to go to the Comcast Chat Support to explain this again because I cant make a phone call!... Sadly the same outcome, but this time I saved the conversation!! These fools contradict themselves and when I tried to explain further, they just DITCHED ME!!! NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF FURTHER AFTER I WAS TRANSFERRED OR ESCALATED!! WOW THIS SHOWS YOU HOW LITTLE THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!!

Problem: My internet line drops every time I try to use my VOIP Phone. (NOT COMCAST VOIP). I need this resolved ASAP, Please.
End Session
user Alex_ has entered room

My internet line drops every time I try to use my VOIP Phone. (NOT COMCAST VOIP). I need this resolved ASAP, Please.

analyst Mary.25337 has entered room

Hello Alex_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Mary.25337. Please give me one moment to review your information.

I will be more than happy to assist you today.

For account identification can you please verify the last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN) that is listed on the account?


Thank you, Alex.


Thanks for helping me out.

I understand that you are having issues on Internet when using the phone. May I ask when did this start to happen?

You are welcome.

about 6 months ago, but only recently has it started dropping totally

it has i mean

Thank you for that information.

The reason this is upsetting is that this is my only means of communication.

Police, Fire...

I have a sickly child in the house and I depend in this phone

I completely understand you Alex. I would also be wanting this issue to be resolved myself.

Thank U

Have you tried to unplug the modem and the phone line for 45 minutes and then plug them back in?

Yes, in fact I have had it off the entire night.

I turned in on in the morning.

went to work

Alright. Are you using Comcast phone also or just the internet?

the only service I have with Comcast is HSI. My phone is with another Company.

The reason I dont call this in is because the line drops

I see. If you will be detaching the internet, does the telephone work?

I dont understand.

If I what?

I mean, if you will temporarily unplug the modem, does the telephone work?


its a voip phone

it only works with the internet

Yes, I understand that. I am just verifying that I got every information correct.


Is the phone connected right now?


if you call it will ring

but if I answer it drops

If I dial a phone #, it drops

I could replicate the problem if you like, but our session will drop I assume

I have checked the connection status of your internet and the performance of your modem and it shows here that it is in perfect condition.

No its, not.

I can prove it.

I would suggest that you contact the supplier of the phone because the problem must be coming from the unit you have.

No, thats not it.

let me explain what I have done.

to test that

Sure. I appreciate that, Alex.

I have replaced my phone router twice! I have replaced my wireless router once and I have changed all the cat5 on my home network

I am a Network Administrator; I do this for a living.

My Pc doesnt have to be on and the line drops.

there is no congestion on my network

I have 2 pc's and they are never on at the same time since I am the one that uses them

but they both have access to the web.

If you like I can try to make a phone call as you watch the cable modem

you will see it drop

Also, my phone device is a client of my wireless router, it doesnt connect to comcast directly

so therefore it cant bring down the modem

this is Comcast's problem

Okay, Alex. As far as I can understand the issue, the internet account part is doing good. You can access web sites and everything as you said. The problem only occurs with VOIP using the Comcast internet.

Yes thats right, but that shouldnt matter that it is a VOIP phone.

I have limited resources for that issue right now, so I will be escalating this chat to the Comcast Digital Voice representative to better assist you with that issue.

Would you like me to transfer this chat now, Alex?

I cant speak on the phone how would I talk to them?

You may reach Comcast at 1800-266-2278. A representative will be very happy to assist you.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


That's why I am offering you for me to transfer this chat to another agent whose expertise is with Digital Voice/ Phone.

Would you like me to transfer this chat now?

so it will be over chat?

Yes, Alex.

Ok then please transfer me. I will blogg this conversation with your company.

For you to avoid typing all the details you had gave me earlier, you may just give the next agent the time to read those messages before you proceed to another aspect.

These will all be passed on to the next agent.

Would there be anything else you want to ask?

Ok. No.

Please standby while the agent receives your information. Thank you for choosing Comcast and have a great day.

You Too.

Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

analyst Mark has entered room

Thanks for your patience. I will be with you as soon as possible.

analyst Mary.25337 has left room

Are you using vonage for phone service?

Yes, Sir.


Due to a network disruption, the message "Why?" has not been sent. Please try again.

Why? May I ask?

Ok. You need to first power cycle the comcast cable modem, then power cycle your vonage box.

In order to power cycle the modem you'll need to shut down your computer, then unplug the power to your modem for 60 seconds.

Turn your computer back on, then plug the power back into the modem once the computer is fully loaded.

Then you're going to want to wait for the cable light to go solid green as well with the power.

If you are still having issues after you've tried this, please feel free to come back into chat, and we'll continue from there.

I have done that so many times I cant even count!

Are you using a wireless router?

Im sorry, could you see my last conversation with the other rep I was chatting with?

Yes I use one.

A Linksys WRT110

Unforetunately I cannot see the last conversation. You need to power cycle in sequence: modem, then router, then vonage box. If you are still having problems you may need to contact vonage. I regret any inconvenience. Is there anything else I can help you with, Alex?

Ok I have it if you like. I copied it so I can blogg this conversation with Comcast, because I knew you guys would pretend not to know what the problem is

I have been having this problem for 6 months

I have replaced every device on my home network

I just bought a new computer!

Analyst has closed chat and left the room

analyst Mark has left room




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