Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome to Denialworld

This is from a comment posted by an anonymous (draw your own conclusions) Qualmcast employee: "My next point is that incidents such as these are EXTREMELY isolated, and you will find a handful of individuals with such incidents in any company with 26+ million customers."

This is from an Ad Age editorial today: "And no, no one believes the comany's claims that outrageous service is 'an isolated incident.'"

And here's an outright Qualmcast lie from an Ad Age article about cable/telecom customer service in this week's issue: "We treat every interaction the same, independent of Bob's blog or anybody else's blog," said Jennifer Khoury, a Comcast spokeswoman. "Bob didn't want to be treated any differently, and he hasn't."

The truth is, when my blog item was published, Qualmcast - having repeatedly lied to me, failed to appear for appointments, walked out in the middle of a failed installation and stubbornly refused to connect me with a supervisor -- suddenly put on a full-court press to attend to my complaints. This was not customer service. It was PR.

And do they need better PR? Yeah, I think so. This is from Norman Chad's column in today's Washington Post. It's a complete digression from his ostensible subject, but he felt moved to throw it in, anyway: "By the way, Maryland plays its games at Comcast Center; coincidentally, between 1997 and 2000, Comcast had a "zero percent response rate" to its customer's cable problems. "

Denial may be a natural defense to the painful truth. But it gets you nowhere.


Sean said...

Believe me, things are no better in Time Warner Cable country!

Frederick said...

Are the problems with Comcast limited to specific regions of the country? My partner and I signed up with Comcast about three years ago in Florida and have mostly had very positive experiences with them, including when we went to the 'Triple Play' offer and ditched our Bellsouth phone and DSL. This may be due to the fact that there is lots of competition here in Florida especially from DirecTV and other providers.

I do wish we could pick exactly which channels we want to receive -- but that complaint would extend to all providers, not just Comcast. (20 sports channels? hello? what kind of demented couch potato wants that many channels devoted to thuggish millionaires playing sports?)

Of course, now that I've said this I will probably encounter the same type of callous and incompetent behavior described by some of their victims in this blog. (We are exchanging our cable box today for a HD box. wish me luck)

Stefan said...

I recently left Comcast after a series of bizarre incidents concerning my cable TV service. At various points, Comcast would send updates to the DVR/HD box that would corrupt the picture or send me no picture at all. There was one time where they had to send a guy to climb the pole at the end of my street to rewire the cable box. Unreal.

I finally got tired of all the BS and switched to DirecTV. So far, so good. NFL Sunday Ticket is the best! HD is superior to Comcast. Service is okay.

Anonymous said...

Of course Comcast will lie like the scum suckers they are and claim that bad service is an isolated incident. The Winder Georgia office is run by idiots. They have a paper posted that said now everybody be patient and service will improve. The Winder Georgia manager should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Last Friday, our Comcast cable and internet went out for no apparent reason. A serviceman came to fix the problem on Sunday. He said that another serviceman had cut off our service accidentally when trying to cut off the service to a neighbor's house. Brilliant, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have suffered Comcast's unservice in three different locales -- Northern Virginia, Key West and Fort Lauderdale Florida with all the usual problems. I can confirm without a doubt that the company is incompetent, unreliable, and extremely arrogant and ignorant about its own serious shortcomings. My most recent round with them -- I've since switched to problem free Direct TV and AT&T for DSL -- came after the storms of 2004-5. Comcast had serious outages and equipment failures. They have no redundancy or battery backup in their system (unlike the phone company); nor do they have any system that allows them to identify problems automatically. Although it would blame the power company during power outages, it always took Comcast double the time to get back in "service", e.g. after Wilma we were without power for three weeks; it took Comcast more than four weeks to get back up and running. During this time, service reps. had no idea what was going on, they were obviously told to say different things to the same people on different days; and to add insult to injury it's employees took off on a three day holiday weekend in the middle of this crisis. A telegram to CEO Robinson at the time was answered with an impersonal greeting card months later featuring a heart shaped cartoon apology. My decision to switch to other providers keeps paying off -- most recently when Comcast has arrogantly refused and still refuses to carry the new Big Ten Network (even in states with Big Ten schools!) while Direct TV had it on from the get go. AT&T DSL has also been better than Comcast -- no outages and more reliable connection and service. I never thought I'd ever talk up AT&T, but the fact that I am and can shows just how bad Comcast is. I would easily go without TV or DSL if Comcast was my only option. Thank God for competition and let's get more of it as the phone companies build out better systems than cable.

tbearjo said...

To get results on problems try calling 215-665-1700. Ask for customer service. This is their home corp office. At least it will get someone in the local office to call back mad as hell

tbearjo said...

If you get no response locally try calling 215-665-1700. This is their corp number in philly.
Ask for customer service. At least someone locally will call back mad as hell

Anonymous said...

I live in former Adelphia-Land, Comcrapstic as of late 2006. Earlier this year, my cable service was out for 3 days. Being used to outages, I waited 2 full days before even thinking about calling them. Here's my conversation from memory.

Me: My cable internet service is not working.
CC: Please go to your modem.
Me: Standing in front of it.
CC: Please tell me the lights that are on.
Me: All are yellow. Seems to be an indication that I'm not getting service from you.
CC: Please reboot your modem.
Me: Did it earlier, but I'll do it again.
CC: What lights are on?
Me: Same as before. All Yellow.
CC: Your modem is broken. If you were renting from us for $6/month, I could send someone out today to replace it.
Me: I'm an accountant. In 5 months, the $30 one time fee to buy a modem from Best Buy would cover your rental costs. I don't think it's the modem.
CC: It has to be a modem. Nothing else is wrong.
Me: Fine, I'll get one later today.

An hour later, I'm headed out for Sunday brunch. My next door neighbor was headed out the door as well. With a Best Buy bag in hand.

Neighbor: Comcast told me that my modem was broken. Apparently this one is too (in a scarcastic fashion)
Me: They told me the same. Convienient that both our modems broke exactly three days ago.
N: Yeah. So is Bob's (neighbor up the street).

Later that evening, my service came back up, nearly 4 whole days after it went out. I didn't get a new modem. Still working good after 3 years.

dad said...

sure, comcast service sucks ass.

but qwest is worse...

and AT&T even worse than that!!

but whatever you do, don't try to call someone at Ford if something on your dashboard doesn't work.

comcast is bad, sure - but it sure as heck isn't alone. and i don't blame their employees, who on my behalf have often sheepishly gone around the rules of the service they're SUPPOSED to offer and said "they tell me to tell you this, but here's how it REALLY is". no, i fault the people at the top and their relentless bottom-line mentality.

something is broken in american business culture. they've gone from selling us Turd In A Can (TIAC) to Turd On A Wire (TOAW) - now, instead of charging us for crap that doesn't work, they charge us.....for nothing!!! far more profitable for them of course.

Don said...

Comcast has done nothing but a criminal fraud rip-off scam with me. Their FAKE supervisors NEVER resolve anything and they owe me over $300 in fraudulent rip-off scam charges. That’s not even counting all of the massive intermittent down time which should also get a refund of some kind. This post is only about their fraudulent billing scam for the last year (well, almost 11 months now).

I plan to file both criminal charges against them with the state's Attorney General's Office and also take them to small claims court to get my stolen money back since they are too dishonest to resolve any of these issues.

I have already reported them to the FCC for illegal text ads overriding ALL TV programs, a totally separate issue from the fraudulent billing scam mentioned here.

Comcast Acct#: 01715 142359-01-2

Here's billing scam story: These Comcast slime bags have consistently lied to me and continuously refused to ever resolve any issues including fixing downed service and fixing billing errors. On top of that, absolutely no refunds have EVER been issued for massive down time which ranges from several days to several weeks. In the case of the illegal advertising overriding TV programs, that went on for 6 months without ever being fixed and is in a separate post on this web site.

This nightmare started last December when Comcast took over my local cable company which provided a great and reliable service:

1. They never sent a bill in December and then shut down all of my movie channels for two weeks in January. The morons in their tech support said that nothing was wrong, but everything was down except for basic cable channels for over two weeks. In other words, I was paying for a service that didn’t even exist.

2. Finally, after being jerked around by about 10 different people, ALL of them claiming to be “the manager”, I finally found out that the nearest local office had illegally shut down all of my cable boxes (all four of them). I was told basic cable channels can’t be shut down or they would have been dead too. During these two weeks of total down time, their incompetent tech support had absolutely no clue as to what they were doing and swore that there was absolutely no problem with my. They criminally refused to even send someone out to my house to check it out. Of course in typical Comcast fraud style, they billed me for those two weeks of no service and expected to be paid for nothing.

3. To cover for their illegal actions, tech support then tried to claim that I was shut down for non-payment of the bill for November and December. I said, "you never sent a bill in December and November IS paid I can see it in my checking account. Also, I sure as hell am NOT paying for the two weeks of down time in January, so you owe me a refund on that too."

4. The local office easily verified that the November bill WAS PAID. They also admitted that they “purposely” NEVER sent out any bills in December to anyone due to the transition from Adelphia to Comcast and supposedly the billing error was corrected. They also admitted to illegally turning off all of our cable boxes for two weeks. The bill was paid in full for both December and January right there in their local office at this time by my wife, she never got a refund for the two weeks of down time.

5. The next bill came to me in the mail. Guess what? They claimed that January was not paid and they never refunded the money for the two weeks of down time for the illegal shut-down of all my cable boxes. The criminals threatened to shut down my service again, so they extorted another overpayment from me. Now they owe me the $200 overpayment for January which was never credited to my account AND $100 for the two weeks of no TV service due to the illegal shutdown of all cable boxes. Comcast has only been in charge for two months and they have already pulled a $300 billing fraud scam on me. That’s not to mention the fact that there was a major hassle from the service being illegally shut down for two weeks.

6. Again two million phone calls later, and after demanding to talk to the manager, Lisa E. who claimed to be a customer service manager (employee# 7836) said that she would fix this. Also, she said that she would issue a refund for 1/2 month because my service was down for 2 weeks in January. I felt good and thought that this was the end of the Comcast nightmare. WRONG!!!

7. Next bill, same crap. No refunds issued. Lisa E. was apparently a scam because every time I called, they connected me with another FAKE MANAGER who had no clue who Lisa was and never did anything to resolve the issues.

8. Another criminal extortionist from Comcast called me and threatened to shut off my service if I didn’t pay the extortion money. I told this moron that Lisa told me to hold up payment until it was resolved. Long story short, I ended up paying the $300 criminal extortion money every month since then or they would illegally cut me off. They had me by the balls since fiber optic TV isn’t available in this area yet and a satellite dish can’t go through the trees. The Commissioner of Public Works can’t even be bothered to get off his lazy butt to answer the phone, much less do anything. So what can you do?

9. Every single time I have called, Comcast has illegally REFUSED to ever fix this billing issue and has refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. They now keep telling me that I have to contact my “local” office about the billing issues and then always illegally refuse to ever give me the phone number or even the address of my local office. They have also illegally refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. Also, they have illegally refused to even give me a physical address where I can send court papers to sue them. There is nothing legal going on at Comcast, absolutely nothing.

To date, almost a year later, the Comcast jackasses have consistently criminally extorted an extra 1-1/2 payments ($300) from me every month that I DO NOT OWE. They have no intentions of ever fixing the billing error or refunding the money for the two weeks of down time in January. They owe me $300 of refunds just for this one illegal scam alone.

This does NOT include refunds that should have been issued for other down time and all the other problems that their tech support REFUSES to ever fix. Like the “Hammer Lady”, I’d like to do some damage to these criminals offices too.

Comcast is a fraudulent rip-off scam monopoly. They should be arrested for fraud.

Don said...

Comcast Acct#: 01715 142359-01-2

Speaking of illegal here’s another scam for which Comcast owes me even more refunds as well as owing EVERY customer a refund. I’m surprised someone hasn’t already filed a massive multimillion dollar law suit about it yet. Rest assured that I have collected a lot of evidence against Comcast for various things they never fixed, but this takes the cake.

Let me tell you this story too, I’ve got all kinds of examples of it recorded on a DVD for criminal and/or civil court:

This is an illegal thing that Comcast has been doing for a long time, about 6 months. I have filed a complaint with the FCC since it is illegal and it just stopped happening a couple months ago. Apparently the FCC finally got around to it, but it was another issue with Tech support refused to ever acknowledge just like they refused to acknowledge any other problems as existing. Tech support is ALL LIARS.

Several times every evening while watching TV, I would suddenly have my TV program interrupted with an illegal advertising message interrupting everything on every channel. It was a text message similar to the Emergency Broadcast system without the screechy sound. It was illegal advertising bought by the Mount Zion Church and a few other unscrupulous organizations who used Comcast’s greed to illegally advertise their church events on top of everybody’s TV programs. You would be watching TV, when suddenly one of these retarded church ads would interrupt your program for 2-3 minutes.

Just to show you how horrible this illegal crap was, here’s an example: I was recording a concert on VH1, a one-time concert that can NEVER be rerecorded again. These bastards ruined 6 songs in a 1 hour concert with these illegal church ads. The whole concert was ruined by these evil Christians and their evil Comcast cable company. I hope you ALL go to hell for that.

Basically, it’s ALL recorded for criminal prosecution and civil court and I CAN prove that it happens on ALL channels and on both analog and digital cable boxes at the same time. Why? Because many times I was recording stuff on two different recorders on two different cable boxes and these criminal ads were on both of them at the same time.

Somebody belongs in prison for that illegal crap. Also, somebody should sue both Comcast and the Mount Zion Church jackasses who paid for this illegal advertising. Of course tech support denies everything, but I have the recorded proof.

If you, or anyone you know, plan to file a multimillion dollar class action law suit against the Comcast criminals, I would be happy to give you a copy of some of my evidence on DVD for your case. I have examples of intermittent “Black screen” down-time for a few seconds to a few minutes. I have examples of intermittent down time for several minutes while the cable box just shuts itself down and displays an “application loading” error message. I have examples of intermittent down time from these illegal Christian ads Comcast broadcasts on top of all channels on all cable boxes, I can prove this is on two different channels on two different cable boxes at the same time.

If you can prove that you are NOT a Comcast slime bag and that you really are suing those bastards, I’ll make you as many copies as you want for free and mail the DVDs to you. Just call me at 304-724-6130. But be forewarned, I am NOT going to help Comcast cover up their own illegal actions, so you MUST prove to me that you really are suing Comcast and not helping those Comcast bastards to make up more lying excuses for their illegal behavior.

Hope this helps,

Don said...

Questions for everyone:

1. Did your old cable company get bought by Comcast at the end of last year?

2. Did your Internet Access speed get reduced to less than half of what it was before Comcast? Now some web pages load slower than a 56K modem.

3. Did your Internet Access price double when the Comcast slime bags took over?

4. Have you had nothing but non-stop over billing errors?

5. Has your TV service had chronic intermittent problems?

Perhaps if your local news paper, TV news stations and Commissioner of Public Works get enough complaints from all of you dissatisfied Comcast customers, someone in authority will force Comcast monopoly to become an HONEST company. Think about it. Complain to everyone you can. Send email to your senators. File a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (both state and federal). Let’s get some action. Don’t let these scoundrels get away with ripping you off. Take action NOW.

Anonymous said...

Dear Whiners:

Is anyone holding a gun to your head?
Why do you stay with Comcast?
I guess you love the stress in your life,isn't that so?

Listen,If you don't like the fuckin service,then disconnect it..we don't want you scumbags as customers anyhow..every 1 that disconnects..we get 5 bad eh?
So,Whining assholes of this blog world..PLEASE PLEASE DISCONNECT TODAY...The sooner you do it,the better..we don't need your,FUCK YOU..TAKE A HIKE!!!

The Comcast Technician 666

The Union Master said...

The Union Master said...
Come to our world Comcasters,we will give you better wages with a
competitive pension plan,your current plan is shrinking like a dickie on a cold day,Comcast stock is under 20.00 a share,this is due to the ways of your current management who reap in the benefits of your hard labor,they are making the money,you get the crumbs brushed off their tables,you have the power to change that-ONLY YOU!!
Think of your families in the latter years to come,,come to our world.
Have a voice and choose how you want the company to be ran,come to our world.
Stop being cheated and lied to by a
dictatorship which is your current management.come to our world.
I will not lie to you,I will tell you this:
We will provide the power of collective bargaining for you..but with a price

Union Wages will be provided,but memebers must pay dues.
Expect Comcast to threaten you with such things as STRIKES,LOST WAGES,NO MORE FREE CABLE AND INTERNET.
Nothing more than mere threats by a management desperately wanting to instill fear into you,because their jobs hang in the and only you have the true power to change the are the force..the voice.
Union members also get RESPECT from the general public,even your current customers will respect you more..UNION IS RESPECT AND POWER..
Management at Comcast uses the "divide and conquer" method with all of its staff,so no one can unify together,they teach Comcast managers this in classes,if you can believe that.

I was a non-union worker at one time,let me tell you,it's a sad life,you are really at the mercy of your employer who could fire you at will without warning

With a Union..We represent you,We fight for you..You have someone on your side,Not management!!

Heed this all Comcasters:
Thank you for you time
Good luck with your future decisions
The Union Master

The Union Master said...

Comcast stock is dropping because more of their customers are switching to other forms of entertainment(sattelite,FIOS,etc).
People are tired of being deceived,such as the hard working employees of Comcast,In a Union Atmosphere,Pride and Dedication to customers would be restored,BECAUSE,(and listen very closely Mr. Roberts)DECENT COST OF LIVING WAGES WOULD RESTORE PRIDE TO ALL OF YOUR HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES..
Every Comcast customer and employee can relate to what I'm refering to,With a Union Shop,you would get better employees and better training for those employees,(and not Comcast University-bogus training school)
Real Training with Certification that would go a long way with an employee anywhere in his or her lives.
A decent wage to be proud of,A decent pension for their families to live on,better medical benefits,
In turn,An employee given these benefits would be proud of their job and would go the extra mile to give that customer what he or she wants and do it proudly as a member of a UNION..UNION PROUD=UNION STRONG AND RESPECT.
You can change it..
you have the choice..

you want respect from customers,officials,the public??

Want RESPECT from White Collar Do Nothing Management!! Release Your Power,watch them tremble...

Feel proud about what you do,and get the CORRECT WAGES doing them!!




Anonymous said...

COMCAST ABUSE DEPT.--If you have an abuse issue or want action from comcast or just need to
complain--CALL 856-317-7272

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