Friday, October 19, 2007

"Tiny Percentage" My Sorry Ass: A Challenge to Qualmcast

Dear Qualmcast,

It seems that many of the 25 million satisfied customers you crow about are pretty dissatisfied. In fact, they hate your guts. I challenge you to announce publicly a radical shift in how you approach customer service, including your OWN website where you listen quietly while your customers dish it out.

The public is onto you. The regulators, no doubt, will be knocking on your door. Wall Street is next.
Change your ways. Do so transparently. Or else.



Kissed Comcast Goodbye said...

I jumped at the first chance to dump my sub-standard Comcast cable service for Verizon FiOS TV. First of all FiOS TV has exceeded all of my expectations. The picture quality is unparalleled. The real fun, however, was calling Comcast to kiss them goodbye. They made it nearly impossible to disconnect my service. Their "customer loyalty" queue is set up so that you are on hold for more than 30 minutes and has limited hours. Then, after reaching someone, they have the audacity to tell you that they will bill you until you return the boxes.

I contacted my municipal cable liaison and she indicated that it is a common complaint and that this issue would be raised during upcoming franchise renewal talks.

John said...

When your choice of broadband is from crap, crap or more crap you choose crap. That doesn't mean your satisfied, it just means you believed on crap companies crap ad more then the other.

We finally killed off Comcast and use Verizon EVDO, if I need a big download I just do it at work.

Anonymous said...

Check this out.
Comcast is now blocking internet for some customers. What a great company, that I have to pay for every month for sub standard service.

Click Here

Anonymous said...

Now they are blocking people from sharing the Bible. What a great place

Anonymous said...

Blocking the Bible?
Comcast is the Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Amen to absolutely everything you've all said! My day is made! I subscribed to Comcast unwittingly because I had a dear sweet little sales woman come by and she was wonderful. But as it turns out, the sales people don't actually work for Comcast, but are some kind of sub-contractors. Yet another way that Comcast screws literally everyone. The first chance we got to drop our service we did and even that was a huge hassle. They even refused to release our telephone number so that we could keep it on our new service. The customer service at Comcast may not have sunk their ship yet, but it's only a matter of time. I wouldn't subscribe again until I knew that everyone associated with their senior management was either fired or dead. (Of natural causes, of course--no hammers here.)

NHLPens said...

So, like a fool I caved when Comcast told me that they could add premium HBO and Showtime, and give me the cable phone service, and still lower my Cable/Internet bill by $20 a month. I jumped....and the phone works, but they ported the WRONG phone Number, even though it was correctly printed on their invoice. They assigned me a temporary number that isn't even in the right area code and now it has been 3 weeks trying to get ,y original number back to no avail. I have called 5 times to customer non-service, the longest taking 2 hours and 10 minutes (mostly spent on hold waiting for a supervisor who never came). The first date that it was promised to be fixed by has passed. I completed the third party verification process 3x. I now have a new date for them to fix the problem by. If it isn't fixed, I am getting out my hammer.....

Paul -

Anonymous said...

And Now COMCAST is trying to Block File Sharing. if people want to download Complete Files from one another they can't COMCAST jumps in between and stops it.Comcast says it uses too much BANDWITH.... Ok, With all the Money COMCAST makes with Billing People Ahead and other ways they take your money You would think they would be able to come up with another Idea instead ofjust plain out Stopping the Person. I mean to me COMCAST is Starting to sound like HITLERCAST. They are trying to Control Everything. I am so Glad I NO LONGER USE THEM...

Chloe said...

Oh Yes Comcast, I hate them all!! they are the saddest group of employees I have ever had them isfortune to deal with in my life. Customer Service should be Called " Liars @ Comcast. They lie so well they actually believe it. For about 3 weeks, I had problems with my service all I got was a run around, scheduled appt's where no one showed, then constant calls from supposed supervisors to fix this because I was such a valued customer. They SUCK big time!!!! so I say GO GRANDMA, too bad you didn't beat customer service over the head w/ that Hammer. If you need money for your defense, please contact me! My ordeal went on for 3 weeks with those morons, until I finally said if you contact me 1 more time you will be hearing from my attorney for harassment. They wouldn't fix the problem but kept calling to convince me that they cared. As my late father always said money talks & bull**** walks, and COMCAST WALKS. I think we should all report them to the FCC. AWWWW I feel so bad that their stocks are dropping, let's hope their customer base goes the same way!

Anonymous said...

This site is GREAT! I found out about it in the STAR LEDGER reading that story about Mona in Virginia.

After being stuck with their crummy digital voice telephone service for 6 months, I can relate to her plight.

From Day 1, the phone service never worked right. I had no incoming phone service for the first week. Then, they finally "fixed" that problem, and from that moment on, every phone call I made or received would get dropped sometime during the call.

I got sick and tired of this "third-world country" phone service, after spending about 6 months trying to get someone to resolve it. I had at least 3 different technicians visit my home, one of whom admitted to having previously worked for Verizon.

I continued to have calls dropped left and right and got tired of people thinking I had abruptly ended the phone call.

I set up an appointment to have Comcast cancel my phone disservice after contacting Verizon to have them come out here to reconnect me. Well, through a series of mishaps, Verizon and I did not connect for at least a month. In the meantime, Comcast cut my phone service off. So I spent about a month relying on my cell phone.

In order for Verizon to reconnect me, I had to make arrangements with my apartment superintendent to leave the basement door open so the tech could have access. It was a maze of wires, and the Verizon tech was cursing. He asked me who had done such a horrendous job wiring my apartment--COMCAST, of course.

Anyhow, I now have Verizon service again--expensive, yes, but it functions with NO DROPPED CALLS! Amazing!

Brannon said...

I was trying to post a reply. This is my Comcast story at this link.

Jennifer Khoury said...

We are committed to improving our customers’ experiences with us and we’d like customers reading this post to know that we are undergoing a company-wide effort to improve customer service. More information about this effort and how to contact Comcast online can be found at

Jennifer Khoury, Comcast

Anonymous said...

Mr. Garfield, THANK YOU for this blog. I had no idea until I saw Mrs. Shaw's story on Good Morning America today. My immediate reaction was - I understand completely! I just moved (1 month ago) and porting my phone, internet and cable service, which were all through Comcast, was a NIGHTMARE which still has not ended. No-show technicians, repeated calls to customer service - I talked to countless Comcast "representatives" - none of which knew OR cared enough about their company to be able to provide "customer service". I STILL have no internet. I burned a vacation day waiting for my 3rd scheduled appointment and then the guy shows up without the equipment needed for my order. Then he leaves an exposed cord running all the way through my yard and it took several calls to cc to get that taken care of (no one I spoke to had any idea who was supposed to bury the cord). I hate this company. Hate them! Am researching sat tv/internet/etc so that I can stop giving them my hard earned money. Thank you, thank you for giving me a place to vent!
Customer Number 0564596271-5 (2)Independence, Missouri

ex-comcast, Portland said...

To Jennifer Khoury and her ilk from Comcast:
I had Comcast for internet service because that was the only thing available. But when Verizon came along with DSL, even though it was supposedly slower I switched. In fact in turned out to be almost the same speed and so much cheaper than Comcast without the hidden massive increase after the trial period that Comcast sticks you with. I saved enough to start a real web site with my own email name (not tied to any isp) at GoDaddy. I originally had AT&T but since Comcast took them over they have jacked the price and customer service has been miserable - any time I had an outage, if I called at the end of the outage instead of during it then they would not credit me.
I gave Comcast a chance to dissuade me from switching by matching Verizon's price but they tried to upgrade me instead...uh no, that's not why I am calling you - I'm trying to save money not spend more and save both of us the aggravation of me switching to another provider. No dice so I switched. I can now go to FIOS and still be spending no more than with Comcast.
While I do not condone what Mona the granny did, I certainly can sympathize and it is unfortunately symptomatic of just how crappy service has become across all businesses. Rather like our politicians, just because you say that you provide great products and service does not make it true - you have to actually deliver because sooner or later the average bamboozled American will wake up and see that the Emperor is in fact not wearing any clothes...Legal fund for Mona anyone?

ex-comcast, Portland said...

P.S. please stop filling my mail box with your bogus offers that fail to indicate the regular price of the "triple play" service, which is actually way more than the prominently displayed introductory price.
Perhaps if you spent less money filling people's mailboxes and more on service, COMCAST'S PRODUCTS WOULD ACTUALLY SELL THEMSELVES through their happy customers - what a concept!

Jersar said...

It's funny, but I bet Comcast is probably this country's "Most Hated Company." It isn't just bad service, it is horrible over-pricing, state-sponsored monopolies, and a general lack of concern for customers.

I have never, ever had a positive experience with Comcast. I've moved between Detroit, Richmond VA, and Washington DC, and every single place it has been aweful. My most recent 'installation' with Comcast resulted in 5 trips to our apartment. In the end, I ended up solving the problem myself. If I had another option for TV, I'd be there.

My favorite billing ploy - I purchased a router from comast when I was in Virginia (two years ago). I cancelled my cable when I moved, and kept the comcast router assuming I'd need it again. So, when I had it set up this time, they told me that I had to pay a "rental" fee to use a Comcast router on their network. Where, if I had purchased another router that was not comcast brand, I wouldn't have to pay this fee. What the heck? I think Comcast is just one big scam.

MR said...

I work for Comcast and have absolutely no complaints about the company what so ever. I have been here for quite some time and I see ups and downs as with any company.

For the "comcast employees" that so ironically complain about the company who signs their paycheck every two weeks- why make yourself anonymous? Better yet, why continue to work here? Grow up, quit and move on so that people who actually want to work for the company- can. In my opinion, you are worthless and it is employees like you contributing the the poor customer service that we so often hear about.

I work in repair and am trained on all three lines of business and I can tell everyone first hand that WE CARE about our customers AND what happens to them. If you have a poor experience with an employee wether it be on the phone or in person- let us know. We correct it IMMEDIATELY most often with termination.

Let me also say that it is pretty funny that we got a company email not to long ago stating to NEVER blog about how much you hate the company or discuss any internal information and here you are.

Say who you are.... other than a jackass.

Pat Mc said...

I'm sympathetic to the comments here, but have to say it's Comcast who rescued me from Qwest. Comcast answers my questions at 2 in the morning with actual people, comes out when they say they will, and about 80% of the time is very courteous and helpful to me. By contrast, Qwest billed me for my mother's phone for eight months after I told them (and their documentation showed) she was dead. Then they refused to reimburse me until the state public utilities commission inquired into my complaint, after which they agreed, "in the Qwest spirit of service," to pay me back in full. When they first connected her, ten years before, they neglected to check the line, so she, already confused, thought she'd forgotten how to use the phone, which remained dead for at least two months (the problem turned out to be in the building, not in the line, but they never checked).

Virginia Squire said...

My beef with Comcast was not with the actual service, but with the porgramming offered. For example, the Washington Nationals debuted in 2005. However, it took almost two years for Comcast to pick up MASN's telecasts, as they were in some kind dispute.
Well, as someone who is in business for himself, I can tell you that your customers do not care about your problems, only that you deliver for them!!!
I also had programs ordering ESPN's PPV college football & basketball packages, as Comcast just "did not carry them."

When I moved, I made sure that I had a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky. That was so that I could get clear reception with a DirecTV dish. DirecTV gives me all the programming I want. For example, the Fox Business Channel debuted this Monday & DirecTV has it at Channel 359. I'm sure that Comcast will takes it's good sweet time to pick it up.

Leo said...

Acct Number 05818 524692 02 0

I don't have a horror story to report, but do have a couple of issues with Comcast.

1. Comcast "gallantly" has refused to provide the Big 10 network to its customers, claiming that not everyone wants that network (which obviously is true), and they don't want to charge everyone $1.00 per month to carry the channel. The amount per month may not even be correct...but nevertheless thats been their response to inquiries. So....last Saturday I get home to find a rate increase in the mail, for guess how much....1.10 per month for Expanded Basic...and NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE So let me get this straight - they dont want to charge everyone 1.00 for Big 10, but they WILL charge everyone 1.10 for nothing!

I called 1-800-WASTEYOURTIME on Monday to complain and asked that someone from the corporate office contact me to discuss, or at least the regional office. I was promised a callback in the next "24 hours" Well needless to say, its been 4 days and no call back (I have caller ID, so I know nobody attempted).

2. In the Southeast PA area, you need cable to be able to get Comcast SportsNet. Comcast does not make the Philadelphia version of the network available to Dish or DirecTV. (Gee I wonder why) So, in order to watch Flyers or Phillies games (most are on CSN), you need to subscribe to the Expanded Basic (at the new price of $56.00 per month). I already have DirecTV for the NFL Ticket only (I am grandfathered that I don't need to subscribe to basic services), and I explored the possibility of getting my TV from DirecTV, and adding the subscriptions for baseball and hockey. But I am in the blackout area so I am screwed. The ONLY way I can get all of the Phillies and Flyers games that are on CSN is to pay Comcast 56.00 per month.

So far I have cancelled my HBO (14.00 less to Comcast each month), and am considering changing my internet to Verizon (will be 42.90 less to Comcast each month) Also looking at ways I can get DirecTV for everything except the Expanded Basic service.

Its just a shame that you can't get a callback from a company as promised...although with some of the other horror stories I have seen on here I guess its no surprise.

Would love to figure out how to get regulation back for cable...can't rely on anything from the Governor of PA...cause he is busy...doing the Eagles postgame show on COMCAST. So I am sure he would be of no help...guess its on to US Rep next.

Very disgusted, but just resigned to bending over for my bill each month.

Danny said...

Without any warning, Comcast block my port 25 (smtp) trafic to the world. Yes, I cannot connect to any, any SMTP mail server at all.

videostreamer said...

Comcast blocking peer to peer file sharing by imitating your computer.
The Associated Press has documented this.
Another reason for customers to leave.

John in San Jose said...

I am not a CC customer, I almost was. I ordered the phone/DSL package. They said they'd be out in 7 business days to do the install.

My oldest son was home but he didn't know where the crawlspace entry was, so he tried to call me to get the info.

He didn't get through to me the first time he called and the techs said they were going to do another call and would come back the next day between 3 and 5.

My son did get through to me 5 minutse later but it was too late the techs had already gone.

So next day comes, my son waits for installers, I get home around 4PM, we both wait, no-show.

I called dispatch they said that there was no call placed to install at our house, they could come out the following week on Wednesday.

I said that was unacceptable and asked to speak with a supervisor. The supe finally got on line with me about 20 minutes of on-hold later. The supe says, no problem we'll get guys there tomorrow by 5PM.

I call the next day near 5PM they say that there is no call in for installation today, they'll be there next week, same-day, Wednesday.

Again I said that is not acceptable and asked to speak to another supervisor. I get another supe that says she can't do anything about the schedule and I ask her how the supe the previous night can make a statement the way he did if he had no intention of carrying through with the install.

She apologized but said she couldn't do anything. I asked for her supervisor. She put me on hold for over 30 minutes. Finally the original moron I had spoken with when I first called comes back on saying that the other supe said to tell me they couldn't do anything.

I told her to shove the install where the sun doesn't shine and to cancel the install that I would go with another vendor.

I called Earthlink, they are in process of setting me up with the same 6Mbps DSL and VOIP phone for $30/month less even after the intro price gets jacked up.

Oh and the following Wednesday the Comcast installers came out and my son called me at work asking what to do, I told him to tell them to wait while I made my decision.

I called back about an hour later and told him to tell them to fuggedaboutit.

Longhrnlax said...

Jennifer Khoury: You are in denial. Unless and until you have to be on the other side of the coin the world is filled with roses for you. You maybe committed, however, the people you work with are not. Your billing practices are along the lines of stealing thugs. You should be ashamed of the company you work for and with. Account No. 8777 70 206 317 4051. I have been a loyal Time Warner customer for 12 years. Direct TV can't get here fast enough.

Tybio said...

My horror story is ongoing, follow the stupidity on my Blog

G. David said...

My brother and I were very unhappy Comcast phone customers (just analog, nothing more) for several years, mostly because we needed the service and couldn't see a practical reason to switch to another provider. The reason for our displeasure was that my sister had signed us up, and when she left our apartment, they refused to change the name on the account unless we paid them $20 for a "reinstall"; I've worked in Technical Support that doubled as Customer Service, so I can say without impunity that that's the lamest excuse anyone's ever given me for not changing the name on an account. We finally rid ourselves of them in September when they gave us an excellent reason; they decided that their analog phone service would no longer be offered in our area, and we aren't about to trust them with any other service. We didn't really have an avenue to complain via, which is why our complaints were never registered with them, but when they tried to get us to upgrade our service, we repeatedly refused (they still sent us a bill for service we wouldn't receive).

Anonymous said...

Comcast to Launch 'Start Over'-Style Digital Cable Service

Found at Cable Rant

Anonymous said...

You guys should check out the "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" national radio show. They've been promoting your web site. Their host Dave calls them "CONcast" they do a pretty fun and informative show about Consumer Electronics and listeners often call-in and complain about products and services like Comcast.

MR said...

Danny, as a Comcast employee (who loves their job), I can tell you a very simple explanation for why you were blocked from PORT 25. We didn'ty do it to inconvenience you in any way. We did it because a there were numerous emails being sent out in the web attaching themselves to your email address. More than likely, they weren't you. stop whatever spammer you had, we blocked that port and I bet when you called...they easily moved your SMTP port to 587 and you were easily resolved. I also bet that you use an external mail program like Outlook, Eudora, etc. and if you used the Webmail, you would have never known the difference. I understand your frustrations but please...please...find out WHY before you want to blame the WHO.

Have a great day.

MR said...


As a matter of fact, we are picking up the FOX Business Channel. We received notification about it yesterday and as I am not in the office right now, I cannot seem to remember the exact date but VERY soon we will be getting it.

Thank you for your concern.

MR said...


I apologize that you had a poor experience with Comcast.

It is not our "policy" to continue to bill you until the equipment is returned. What happens is that you get a charge on your account for the equipment and that will remain there until the equipment is returned. The equipment is quite expensive (in upwards of a few hundred dollars) and I can certainly see how it may look like it was a continued bill to add up to that charge.

I apologize for the confusion.

MR said...


I aplogize that you think so poorly of Comcast. If there was something that went wrong with your account, I wish you would have called to voice your concern.

Have a great day.

MR said...


I am sorry that your experience was a poor one. We do not port numbers with the wrong area code. It is not possible. This is not a Vonage service where you can choose any area code you would like. The area code that you were assigned is simply the area code in your rate center.

For any further questions, please contact 1-800-COMCAST

Anonymous said...

Actually, my service in Houston has been pretty good. All I have though it is the internet service, which until recently was Time Warner's "Road Runner" service which never missed a beat. I think I had maybe two outages last year that lasted maybe 4 hours total.

Since the Comcast takeover though, I have weekly outages, some lasting as long as 24 hours. But a call to their service dept had a tech out in 24 hours to check my line out, even though it was back up the next day I can't complain about that. The guy was on his game and they were there on schedule.

Suggestion for phone users: If you have the broadband, get a Vonage phone. The $14/500min deal is great. And it's a solid performer. Unlimited is $24. I've been very satisfied with the services they offer.

My biggest complaint is Comcast jacking the price up across the board for all the services including broadband. TV was already too expensive, and I went to Dish Net because of it. Phone is too high and too undependable, hense the Vonage. Now they are jacking the prices up again on broadband? BS! Where is FIOS or DSL when you need it?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to be back in civilization where Comcast is not forced upon me. When I left DC, I canceled Comcast with plenty of notice. Noone showed up during the appointed time "window" to collect the equipment, so after four hours of multiple calls, I finally left it outside as I caught a cab to the airport. Now they're trying to collect for three months' service. Sue me, you f---s.

This is the worst non-insurance company ever to exist. They exist at the leisure of regulators. How!?

Finally Over said...

To MR,

You say, "if you have a poor experience with an employee wether it be on the phone or in person- let us know. We correct it IMMEDIATELY most often with termination". Sure wish I would have known how to contact "us" before I made MULTIPLE calls to your NON customer service department before finally just giving up and cancelling my service. I have a list of CSR's and a few supervisors that I talked with if you need names of people to terminate. ALL who lied stating they would call me back or told me that my problem should "now" be resolved. No one from Comcast has EVER called me back and my problem was NEVER resolved. I am not posting my name or account number. I am afraid that you guys will dig up my yard for a third time for reasons I still don't know or send me a bill because "the system does everything". HAPPY to say that I am not with Comcast any longer and am now with DirecTV. The fact is that obviously a lot of people have had similiar experiences with Comcast and feel the same way that I do.....otherwise there would be no need for this blog, right?!!

Brad said...

Add me to the p***** off customer list.

1. The original Internet broadband service I bought years ago from Media One was relatively expensive, but great quality.

2. When Comcast bought Media One and absorbed the network, the transition was ugly... although it was worked out.

3. Fortunately I ran for a few years without incident, and good service... until...

4. For reasons partially, but not totally clear, service has gone south for the last 60 days. Slow response; timeouts; packet loss; total outage.

5. Their first tech diagnosed the problem: some Comcast tech hooked 3 customers to a 2 customer tap, at the pole.

6. After 60 days, multiple calls, emails, faxes, etc.... still no change at the pole!

7. During one of the calls, a thoughtful customer service phone rep offered me a $20 credit for outage and inconvenience; I wasn't asking for money back, but, fine!

8. To add insult to injury, yes, the $20 credit was on the next bill --- but so was a $35 charge for a service visit... (one of the 3 they did? Well, no... on a different date!!!

9. Sent the letter to them to ask for correction... however I am not holding my breath for an answer.

10. The only thing holding me back is that my experience with the local telco (SBC, now named AT&T) has been equally unresponsive in my past dealings.

Comcast, if you're reading, put your people to work on account 09588 146938 01 3. Why not correct the problem at the pole? Three of your techs agree that it's wrong!

Comcast management, if you're reading... don't take refuge behind your monopoly status thanks to city franchise agreements! Read your business history. Many big companies, once monopolies, are now either gone, or small. Look at GM, National Cash Register, Woolworth... Satisfying customers is what it's about!

Anonymous said...

Dear Winers,
Be it Comcast,Verizon, At&t,etc.
You will find a way to bitch and moan,cry like the little bitches that you are..Get a life,stop blogging,go have sex or somethin,As a Technician,I deal with you sorry fuckers on a daily basis and to be honest,I get tired of listening to your bullshit..shut up and let us fix the can't even change batteries in your damn who's the idiot??You don't have to like me,because I sure don't like you,i.e. dirty houses,roaches,wild untamed dirty kids,fat stink from your lazy asses,etc..

Clean your fucking residences so I can get in and out without stinking like your funky asses,No matter what kind of service we provide you will never be satified,it's just in your are all a bunch of fucking losers that don't have a life..Remember..use soap when you wash..Sincerly Comcast Technician.

Anonymous said...

P.S. If you don't like telecommunications,here is a suggestion:

Buy a roof antenna
Climb up with your 350 lb ass and install it(Hope you crash and burn)

Disco cable..and see ya,wouldn't wanna be ya.....

Victor said...

Well, my family uses Time Warner, and I have to say, it was everything that Comcast is, apparantly, not.

I live in San Diego, and recently my internet service was oddly slow, and worked only half the time. So I called technical support, and they quickly escalated, diagnosed the issue, and said they'd send somebody over.

In the middle of the worst firestorm that's ever hit the county.

And the technicians were early, too, and managed to get everything fixed inside an hour.

Time Warner ftw. Even if that damned roadrunner is a jackass.

Jason said...

I just have to leave my opinion in agreement. I am sure it has been said many times before me, but the fact that Comcast does not have at least 25 million complaints (one from every single one of their customers) is becasue of one of two reasons:

1. People have no other (comparable)choice for service.

2. People know that their complaint will go unheard.

The reason is not because even a fraction of Comcasts 25 million customers are happy with their service.

The saddest thing is that Cocast could care less to do anything about comments like this one. Brushing-off the majority opinion is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Those worthless pricks at Comcast jerked me around for 7 MONTHS for a problem with the digital service for my bedroom TV. It was one big CIRCLE JERK!!! I had more service calls to my home than Carter's has liver pills. (A stray dog gets treated better than I did by them). I wouldn't give their WORTHLESS customer service reps the sweat off of my ass if they were dying of thirst! I finally contacted the PA State Attorney General's office last week and what do you know? Problem fixed, and the pricks even gave me a free month of cable. Just remember, people, all it takes when these scum bags jerk you around is two magic words: ATTORNEY GENERAL. You'll be AMAZED how Comcast will even walk through hell carrying 2 cans of gasoline for you. Amazing. I can't wait to dump these worthless bastards big time! Verizon FIOS is supposed to be in my area next year. The countdown begins. I can't wait to tell Comcast to bend over and kiss my ass!

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Anonymous said...

Here's to the SMART-ASS Comcast rep who bitched about all of the people whose homes the worthless bastard has to enter because they supposedly don't bathe and have roaches. Well, Mr. Richard Cranium, I sure as hell don't fall into that category. You can't generalize ALL Comcast customers that way. I'm very clean, and so is my home. However, the way Comcast conducted business with me (and screwed with me for several months for an unsolved problem) was anything BUT clean. I would also like to mention that the last dude I had at my home (who finally fixed my problem) smelled so bad I had to spray my entire room with Febreeze after the stinky rotten bastard left. Smelled like he hadn't washed HIS ASS in about a month. So, some of your techs are no damn better. Put your money where your FU*%ING mouth is and YOU AND COMCAST CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!!! DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARDS. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN'T FU*%ING THROW STONES!!!

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Are you real people having real problems or are you venting on an issue-any issue- to have a built in ausience. This used to be an interesting blog- but now its degenerating into a name calling, cussing free-for-all....

Anonymous said...

This is to MR: you are a fucking kiss ass nothing fucking parasitic piece of shit..

Anonymous said...

TO M.R. Do you have a baseball bat with that big red Communist "C" that scumcast uses,do you have that logo on the bat..I bet you lube it with vasoline and shove it up your ass every day and night.

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