Sunday, October 21, 2007

Send this to Congress

The Hon. Daniel K. Inouye, Chairman

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

The Hon. John D. Dingell, Chairman

House Energy and Commerce Committee

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Yes, this email is "astroturf," but please understand how you came to receive it. I visited a website called, because I am at my wit's end. I am like Mona Shaw, so frustrated with Comcast's arrogance, impenetrability, incompetence and abusive treatment that she took a hammer to vent her rage. This email, sir, is my hammer. Comcast calls me one of a tiny percentage of dissatisfied customers, but if you would visit, you would see that there are a lot of us, and we have horror stories that would peel the enamel off your teeth. We pay ever-increasing monthly fees to be be ever-more abused by a so-called "customer service" apparatus that serves only the company's bottom line. Please intervene to protect us. Call hearings. Call this company to account.



Anonymous said...

"but please understand how you came to send it."?

I think you mean to say "how you came to receive it"?

N.Simons said...

Where to start? I've been trying to get my bill straightened out for 5 months, having moved from one home to another, and transferring service. They are charging me for unreturned equipment for service (either internet or phone, they cannot tell me which) that I cancelled almost 2 years ago, but I retained cable service. They knew I switched to verizon cable and phone; and I gave them ample notice when I planned my move. They were more than eager to sell me upgraded services for my new home.

I do not have their equipment, but they are threatening me with disconnect although I continue to pay my monthly cable fee. Now late fees are accruing on this mythical equipment charge.
I have no idea where their equipment is, but they say it was my obligation to call them to come get their equipment. Why is that? I forgot about it totally, and I don't think it is unreasonable for them to come get it upon cancellation.
I am switching to another company rather than pay the enormous fees - something like $190.

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Why would you post an email address without first checking with that person. This is TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! PLEASE REMOVE THIS ASAP!!!!!

Bob Garfield said...

not sure what you mean. if you are from sen. inoue's committee, i was given that address by the committee itself. if you have a better way to reach the chairman, i'd be pleased to switch out the link.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a full blown campaign by thousands of dissatisfied Comcast customers demanding action by the FCC. Thousands of phone calls on a given day gets attention, as well as faxes. E-mails aren't as effective and chain letters are a waste of time. To have any impact they require name and address, sometimes phone number.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered investigating a Class Action Law Suite?

Anonymous said...

Yep, the class action law suite is where all the tort rich lawyers hang out when they take away the punitive damages they dig out of Comcast when they finish up your class action law suit. It's pretty swanky.

Gregg said...

Letter was sent to the energy committee.

I might point out that letter campaigns to the FCC are somewhat futile as the Bush administration has moved the FCC's focus from service customers to censoring content and implementing bad RF policy.

In the past 7 years they have managed to alienate everyone from the broadcasters down to the radio amateurs.

We can only hope that once the administration changes hands next fall, the FCC will re-organized and refocused.

Anonymous said...

All liberals must die... said...

I was recently unable to use email through my Comcast internet service because I could not access the Comcast home page. I called Comcast Customer service on Thursday October 18, 2007. During that call the Comcast Rep explained to me that the Company was upgrading the home page and there was a problem. He directed me to a short cut which only worked once. I tried a few time s away from home to access the homepage to check my email and still with no success. Finally I had some time to spend on the phone on Monday 10/22/2007 and I called customer service again. I spoke with a technician who directed me to a page which allowed me to access my email. I then asked to some type of credit and was directed to billing. I spent close to 15 minutes waiting for a representative. I reqested a credit for the time I was out of email usage. My calculations put that at about $5.00. The representative asked if I had a technician come out to my house to diagnose any problem? I responed "why would I have a tech come out when the problem lies with the Comcast web page?" The representative said based on her evaluations she did not feel a credit was warranted. She said that she saw no record of my call on Thursday. That is nice I said. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. She responded that one was not available now but she could have a supervisor call me back. I gave my cell phone number and asked when I should expect a call? The reprenetative said it could be anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. It has now been more than 52 hours and no call. I would also say I a feed up with the need to reset my cable box just about everytime I want to watch something from ondemand. It is unbelievable what we as cutomers pay and then what we must go throught o receive service. Mr. Roberts get your act together or your empire will surely fall. I am, as many customers are, on the verge of changing my service of cable tv and internet service

Eric and Katie said...

I have sent off my tale of woe as follows:
Dear Mr. Chairman-

I am writing in the hopes that you will take my plight seriously. As you can see by my e-mail address, my internet service provider is Comcast. For my husband's 42nd birthday, I finally relented and he arranged for us to finally be transitioned from dial up (we must be the last people on earth to have dial up) to high speed cable. I relented with great trepidation, as the only option in my area (20 minutes outside of Nashville) was with Comcast; we have had a long, rocky relationship just with basic cable, so I was not looking forward to my ongoing internet relationship with them. My worst fears were realized; service guy shows up on wrong day, must reschedule the installation. Receive bill and determine we are overcharged by about $120; customer service staff being patronizing and asking to discuss matter with my husband. Customer service staff insisting bill was fine. I don't believe my saga is finished yet, because Comcast finally agreed I had been over charged, but insisted that the current bill had to be paid in full, despite the billing error, and I would receive a credit on the next statement. I informed them I would only pay the correct, adjusted amount, which is what I did the same day I received the bill. I am anticipating late payment charges on my next statement, but as I am a social worker by trade, I am hoping for the glass half full scenario for a change. It was a Friday night nearly ruined; really no different than any other Comcast experience I have had. I just chalked it up to life. Except, then, I read about the older woman who entered the Comcast office with a hammer and destroyed the computer keyboard of the receptionist. That AP article referenced I could not believe that there is a whole brotherhood and sisterhood out there of people with exactly my same issues! The website at least made me feel validated; there are apparently many post grad professionals out there who can be reduced to blithering, ranting idiots after dealing with Comcast. I write to you in hopes that I am not only validated, but vindicated.

I am aware in the scheme of things (war, dwindling Social Security reserves, housing market/mortgage fiasco) that this may seem like a trivial complaint; I am here to tell you it is not. I am simply seeking some sort of accountability as is expected of all other lawful beings and organizations. Can you say Federal Fair Trade and Practice violations??? Bait and switch?? If nothing else, please venture to the aforementioned website; you will be amused, you will be angered, but more than anything, I think you will see a pattern of business practice that is essentially criminal.
Thank you for your time--

Anonymous said... try something new

Harlan said...

I just seen where someone busted A## in Manassas, I realy do not under stand why she got fine, Comcast sucks I order the same system in that same time frame and I gone with verison sorry to say as you all suck as far as I see it were stuck with Cavalier and you two other companyes and state not step in to fine you but moct persons does not know that DSL unregulated so you can just cut someone service and feel nothing you to big and all the people just pay and pay, ( Just like Gas)
I live in MANASSAS also And I told them I would also come down to see there manager if they would not get on the phone. I see that did not help[ at all so I do not have comcast nor will I. They all three try to change my number and people should know you pay tacx of 3.00 per month just to keep you number.

Anonymous said...

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