Friday, October 26, 2007

Please Look Left

Along the rail over there is a list of previous posts. Note the ones dedicated to Billing Fiascos, Employee Confessions, etc. Please leave your comment attached to the appropriate post. That will make my life much easier as I collate your comments, in order to bring the monster to its knees.



Harlan said...

I just seen where someone busted A## in Manassas, I realy do not under stand why she got fine, Comcast sucks I order the same system in that same time frame and I gone with verison sorry to say as you all suck as far as I see it were stuck with Cavalier and you two other companyes and state not step in to fine you but moct persons does not know that DSL unregulated so you can just cut someone service and feel nothing you to big and all the people just pay and pay, ( Just like Gas)
I live in MANASSAS also And I told them I would also come down to see there manager if they would not get on the phone. I see that did not help[ at all so I do not have comcast nor will I. They all three try to change my number and people should know you pay tacx of 3.00 per month just to keep you number.

Anonymous said...

Please learns how to reads and spells befores yous leaves messageses

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. I came here to see if I could find any info on Comcast and Usenet problems like I am having only to realize that I guess I AM and ol'fuddy duddy that still uses Usenet because I can't seem to figure out this blog?
I seemed to have exhausted Comcast techies abilities in figuring out why I can't get on Usenet from Houston.
Anybody in Houston having the same problem?

Anonymous said...

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