Thursday, October 4, 2007

How To Use This Blog

Actually, I have no deathwish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity, What I do have is the earnest desire for such companies to change their ways. This site offers an opportunity -- for you to vent your grievances (civilly, please) and for Comcast to pay close attention.

I advise you to include your customer number in your post; this will give Comcast the chance to contact you and work on your problem. If it does so, I encourage you to post an update, giving credit where credit is due. Meantime, be aware you may be the target of online fishers trying to get personal information from you. DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS CLAIMING TO BE FROM COMCAST. Deal with them only by phone.

Congratulations. You are no longer just an angry, mistreated customer. Nor, I hope, are you just part of an e-mob. But you are a revolutionary, wresting control from the oligarchs, and claiming it for the consumer. Your power is enormous. Use it wisely.

-- Bob Garfield


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Michael said...

Bob, you rock! I've had an appalling number of problems, starting with their website crashing when I tried to order service....that should have been a clue. Several posts about it on my own blog:


Edwin Aviles New Hampshire said...

comcast has been screwing me for over a year, after dozens of phone calls still no satisfaction...i pay 225.00/month for HDTV/Internet/digi phone and i have random outages two-3x a DAY yes every day ..the first nine times this happened i left it down for 48-72 hrs until a tech could come out each time they replaced one wire refuse to replace the wire from the pole to my house...then said it was our electrical system...i had a electrician come out and 350.00 later he said no prb w/ the wiring...on top of that i returned a HD box last november which they charged me $350.00 and they will not refund my $ saying they have no record of it COMMUNIST CAST i ve figured out to get the connection back i go out and disconnect the main wire from pole hook it back and boom....but unless i leave it down they wont send a tech out...i got three kids cmon no cust serv, no credit, no techs they should be sued

Anonymous said...

If you have to unplug from the pole then hook it back up and it works you probably do have an electrical issue as stated. A built up charge from your home that you discharge when you disconnect the line.
just something to think about. Good luck either way!

dmk said...

I've been pretty unhappy with Comcast lately, their service - especially the HD service - has been in the toilet the last month or so.

The Chuck and Heroes season premiers were unwatchable in HD because the sound kept skipping and the picture would freeze. Then it would correct itself, only to have the audio not sync with the video. Very frustrating.

Especially when you have to switch to the non-HD channel to watch your show, knowing you're throwing money out the window because HD isn't working. A call to Comcast yielded the same results as always "we don't see anything on our end, it must be your TV. oh HD is fine on all the other channels? ummmmmmm, we'll send a tech. Are you available from Saturday until...December?"

Plus they haven't added any HD channels in months. Actually, they haven't added any channels lately. Why oh why does my apartment have to face West?!?

Great blog, hopefully Comcast will look in and make some changes

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have a blog on how Comcast sucks to work for... lots of stuff posted on the internet about Comcast is posted from employees who are or have been treated poorly...

Anonymous said...

Is it really a good idea to post your customer number? Can some social engineering expert get a CSR to do things you don't want?

Bob Garfield said...

As to the safety of listing your customer number, it's hard for me to imagine how this would create a security issue. It's unique to Comcast. But if someone were to try using it, they would encounter a series of questions from Comcast that presumably they couldn't answer. Seems to me ther worst thing they could succeed at would be cancelling your service.
Comcast is, I'm delighted to report, already monitoring this site. Perhaps someone from there can clarify.

Max Powers said...

Great News! Now I have another company to kick around on my website

These type of companies just don't get it. Word of crappy service travels fast on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Comast is bad. Put on the BTN!

Bill said...

I don't hate Comcast but I do tire easily when it comes to corporate arm twisting. We are now just beginning to hear stories of customers that are feeling the ($) pain of their bate & switch marketing. Maybe they,ll feel the pain like WaMu when its all said & done. I'm still enjoying my $16 dollar third party VOIP home phone service. AND the reason I chimed in this evening is that I got a kick out of Comcast's renaming of my stone age broadband service. Its now called "Performance Lite". That's a good name for it because my service is a far cry from what we should have. (fiber to home) Oh well, I know of no others in my area that seem to care about the prospect of endless choice and a more diverse democracy that real broadband could give us all.
No customer # needed Mr. Roberts has things (us) all figured out...

Anonymous said...

I love free speech. And, freedom of choice. They (Comcast, etc.)aren't the only game in town. If you're not happy, CHANGE your provider. NONE of the providers are perfect and NONE are cheap. You always have the option of installing rabbit-ears on your TV. You enjoy now!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I would like to contribute to your postings a real-life experience of one of my customers. I'm a private computer-support guy who helps home users. One of my customers in Denver, Co. had Comcast install her service and provide a NetGear router. Worked fine for the first year, then flaked out.

She called me because she told me they wouldn't help her with it. That didn't make sense because she had a signed service install order from them listing the router.

Incredulous, I called them, and yes, they confirmed on the phone they DID NOT provide such a router.

Now, my customer may not know a lot about computers, but she knows her transactions, and is in business for herself. I escalated to a manager, repeated that yes, they provided the router on install, yes we had the service order with date proving it and YES we expected support for it.

She called us liars and said we did not deserve support and hung up.

We got around it by calling NetGear directly, but that's not the point here.



SW, Denver, Co.

Anonymous said...

After years and years of shitty comcast service, I have finally felt some relief. Ive had hd on my 2 tvs the last three years with comcast, pixeling in and out and im sick of it. Ive also delt with my broadband going in and out for 12 hours at a time. It sucks to pay for hd and have to watch the game on regular tv. Just a kick in the teeth. I went to verizon fios, its awesome, cheaper, and u have a more secure, unshared line. thank god.....

Anonymous said...

Horrible idea. The very last thing you would want to do is include your customer number in complaint posts.

Doing so allows Comcast to remove you from their customer list. Comcast, nor any other company, is required to sell you a thing.

It is far more profitable for them to remove you as a problem customer than it is for them to meet your requirements as a customer.

Instead of griping, vote with your wallet. DirectTV operates in every market that Comcast does, and although they are no better a company than Comcast (or any other large corporate monolith these days) this is really the only way you can deal with Comcast.

Quit buying from them, and instead, give your share of their profits to Comcasts competitors.

Bob Garfield said...

The last post is incorrect. Qualmcast is not likely to retaliate against anyone who posts here. The entire point of this exercise is that its conduct with individual customers is now subject to the glare of public scrutiny. Far from striking out against customers, it is now obliged to being most attentive to anyone who posts here. That's obviously already happening.

Anonymous said...


Comcast is aware of the "public scrutiny" they are receiving.

They know they suck. They are a monopoly in wired access in virtually every market they serve. Because they are a monopoly, their customer service doesn't have to very good ... just barely good enough to maintain their monopoly.

Complainer customers are profit-reducers. It's far cheaper to satisfy them by forcing them to another vendor (DSL or DirectTV) where they can then suck the profit from the bottom line of Comcast competitors.

Do yourself a favor. Keep your public complaints anonymous ... or you will have your relationship with Comcast ended for you since you are so unhappy with their service.

My_HD_News said...

October 8, 2007 8:33 AM is correct. And, it's happening more and more. Express a bad opinion about the company, contact the customer service department too many times... you're history. The big phone/cell phone companies are doing it, why not cable?

When my wife and I go to McBurger or Wallie-World, she wonders where good customer service has gone! I tell her "That's as good as it gets." Welcome to a world of mediocrity where the only thing that matters is the bottom line.

Every year mid-level managers are pushed to spend less money and make more of it than the year before. The spending trend should constantly go down and the profit trend should always go up... forever! I wondered where this greedy management style would take us, and now I know.

What's worse, we (the consumer) are buying into this.

Your cell phone drops out during a call? That's normal. There's a glitch in that heavily compressed MP3 file? Oh well. Outsource your customer service to another country that ends up costing you more in the long run? That's just the cost of doing business.

Anonymous said...

Let's see - had TW/Comcast for a little over a year for their "always on" internet service.
Problem was, it was NEVER on when I checked it! 3+ weeks wait for in-house service, WHILE they're advertising <3 days new installations for new customers. Huh?
Started noticing the economics of it - we're in a 45 house subdivision with houses 1/4+ acre away from one another, have overhead service. The "new customers" are in subdivisions with homes sandwiched onto postage sized lots - density versus distance...I'm in the industry; so where's the economics of existing customer service vs new installs? Do we see the horizon yet?
Last event just before I fired them & went to HughesNet; after 5 days of DOA cable modem, I email them from work addy, to inform them in writing of the problem & my many requests for service, past & present.
You just gotta love their reply: "you can chat online with a live representative at https://www.(deleted)"
Hmmmm, internet doesn't work, but to troubleshoot it, please get online from the problem modem in a chat session & they'll walk you thru troubleshooting. Fired!

Anonymous said...

I am paying more than $100/month ro Comcast for broadband internet and a cable package of standard channels (no HBO, etc.) I am being ripped off, I know it.

Anonymous said...

Actually whoever runs Comcast is very smart. They know that in most areas that Comcast is about the only way that people are going to be able to receive tv unless they opt for the over-the-air channels. Most people don't have the smarts to choose Directv and many of them believe the ads that the cable industry runs about the dish blowing over and the outages caused by weather which of course is a huge lie.

The test to be a Comcast call taker must include the ability to be obnoxious, stupid, and pretend not to speak English. I have to applaud Comcast for this because many callers simply hang up and never call back because of the experience.

Try having a home installation or repair appointment scheduled at your home and then having Comcast not show up. Try calling to ask where the repairman is. Try getting a half-assed response. Listen to them reschedue the appointment for two weeks later even though you don't have cable or Internet service.

But whose fault is all of this? It is ours because we keep paying our bills to Comcast and keep receiving their service instead of switching to satellite.

Kyle said...

Gotta love it how a bunch of suits in Philly who probably never even touched a football in their life except for a photo op can dictate what's in the best interest for big ten fans in the midwest.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is charging me for renting a DVR even though I don't. They are also charging me for two outlets and two cable cards. In fact I'm using a third party DVR (which I bought for cash from a big box store) and I am using the two cable cards in it.

I also pay for 8 mb service though I've not exceeded 5mb in a few months and usually get closer to 4mb.

I subscribe to the HDTV service including all the premium (non sport) channels and I must say the digital reception is spotty. I regularly (read at least once per half hour) get major "macro blocking." This kind of voids the benefits of improved picture quality of HD.

I am a subscriber to comcast voice. The voicemail interface won't email my voicemail messages to me. Rather it requires that I dial in or use the website which doesn't work with my normal browser (to their credit it does work with firefox as of two weeks ago). This is a missing feature which is available from AT&T as well as third parties like grandcentral.

I've used the web-chat feature of their support site more times than I should have had to. The IM feature is staffed by folks with narrow scripts. I understand that this is very cost effective - but it sucks big time.

Anonymous said...


I left Comcast about 9 months ago when right in the middle of the TW?Comcast changeover a $100 payment went missing and no one would help me. One person would say call the local office and ask for this form to fill out, but the local office had no idea what that form was, etc. I think I "owed" them over $300 by the time they figured out I really meant it when I said to cancel and was no longer using the service.

I was TO'd about the money, but also about the drop in extras after the takeover. Roadrunner was SOOO much better. One extra I really missed was that RR customers got free Nascar TrackPass. Oh, well, now I'm paying for DirecTV's HotPass.

I switched to DirecTV. Not only did I get my installation set up just a few days out, but the installation tech called me about 2 hours before his scheduled 3 hour slot and asked if he could come on then.

But I still use my Comcast email addies! They all still work 9 months later! HA HA HA

chuck rampart said...

Here's one behavior from Comcast that fried my ham to a charred lump. I used to have a RePlayTV with commercial advance. It was a great machine sued into bankruptcy by media lawyers because it could automatically fast-forward through commercial clusters in recorded material, among other things. I wanted to use this box with Comcast, but when I upgraded my cable box, they flat out refused to give me the IR blaster code needed to integrate the ReplayTV into my set up. Instead I had to use *their* PVR box with no commercial advance. I thought it a tad on the monopolistic side. As for customer service, the only way it's ever been good in my years of experience is when I don't have to call it. Fortunately, that's been the case with internet service in my area lately.

Anonymous said...

I work for a company that sells equipment to Comcast - I am also a customer. So not only do I have to deal w/ political BS and deal w/ folks in Philly that have no clue about their customer base but when I come home I have to deal w/ dropped calls, compressed video, inadequate CSRs.

Verizon FIOS TV is much better than Comcast, not only do you get faster cable modem speeds, but verizon doesn't compress the crap out of it.

PickYourCherry - CC Sucks!

Anonymous said...

I think you all are morons for posting about your issues with Comcast. 9 out of 10 techincal service issues are the result of idiots like you messing with the equipment or trying to split your cable yourself. I bet 90% of you have disconnect notices on you counter at home because you can't pay your bill. Get a clue. Quit blaming Comcast and start blaming yourself for expecting service beyond what is required.

Anonymous said...

HDNET - Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I have good things to say about Comcast. Not everyone has a bad experience with them. Sure,it's easy to be negative because nothing is perfect. But, overall, I think they offer a good value (and no, I'm not a CMCSA employee -- I work at a bank). Anyway, I considered switching to satellite, but decided to stick with Comcast for the convenience and cost savings. And everything works well. The number of HD and On Demand offerings are increasing. And, my cable modem is plenty fast and reliable.

Scott Gilbert said...

Comcast took over the Houston market from Time Warner a few months ago. I have had analogue cable for 11 years at this location and it still seems to work fine.

Then, I decided to move.

I called Comcast to have the cable (still analogue)turned on at the condo I bought (which is 65 miles from where I currently live) and they sent someone out to turn the cable on. He didn't work for Comcast but was one of their contractors. He was there for over 2 hours and could not figure out how to find the end of the cable that connects to the main trunk in the basement of the building, so I still had no TV when he left. He told me that I'd need a "line specialist" and that I'd have to call Comcast and set up another appointment, which, of course, would require a 2nd 130 mile round trip. Comcast told me that they could have someone out there in a week.

Fortunately, as I was leaving the condo, I noticed a Comcast truck in the parking lot. So, I blocked him in with my car and got him to hook up the cable!

Aramor said...

They still owe me 251$ after 6 months :( They even ADMIT to owing it to me.. Just refuse to give it to me.
I've done about ~5-6 hours on the phone trying to get it so I am sending them a 1200$ consulting bill... see what happens

ccemployee said...

To Bob's earlier comment:

Providing an account number on this board shouldn't provide a security risk. While I can never recommend posting personal information on a website; if someone were to call us with just an account number and weren't able to verify their name or address, they wouldn't get any further on the phone with us than that.

shadowfire said...

Comcast may have good intentions but if they can't control their employees at the local and regional level nothing will change. Their various departments constantly blame each other and in the end it is the customer that ultimately pays for it. The executives of Comcast need to get off their thrones and come down into the trenches to see what is really happening and I am talking about those regions where there are constant problems such as Northern Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I moved into a new house about a year ago, every room wired for cable, all connections neatly done by the contractor on the main panel board.

Had Comcast come in to bring service to the panel.

For some unknown reason, the tech cut every cable to the main panel, and re-wired the existing set-up. No need to do such a thing, and it looks like crap. No idea why this was done.

John.B said...

We switched from Comcast to WOW Cable (Wide Open West) in Southeast Michigan. What a HUGE difference in customer service. Now, we use WOW for our Digital Cable, Phone Service and High-Speed Internet. BIG Mistake Comcast Big. I have never been treated so rudely as a cusomer than on their toll-free service. I was told the long wait times are a strategy to get the customer to hang up. They will not pay an outsource company to take overload during peak call times, because they WANT the customer to just go away. Well... I did. Forever. I will never return to Comcast at any price point.

Anonymous said...

Comcast DOES outsource high call volume to Canada.
Any more propaganda anyone?

d.mand said...

Actually my issue with Comcast is quite different and it is something I have been trying to correct for over a year and one half. My credit report lists an upaid bill by Comcast that has been put into collection. I had identity theft about two years ago and I am sure that this is an outcome of that horrible situation which took me many months to clear up. I never had a comcast account and after this fisco never will as long as I live. I have called the collection agency for Comcast and explained that this was not my bill and I never had an account with Comcast and I could prove it, they instructed me to call Comcast which I did and they said they could get involved because the debt was sold to the collection agency. I proceeded to call both of these companies and both consistently referred me to the other and here it is almost eighteen months later and I still am unable to remove a negative credit remark from my credit report and correct this mistake. I was able to correct and remove all negative reports from the utilitie accounts after I provided them with proof of where I was living at the time, a police report regarding the identity theft and other paperwork that they requested. COMCAST MUST DIE is totally and absolutely the way I feel after this horrible run around for 18 months for a bad debt that was not mine and I still have not solved the problem. My next step is to find an attorney that will handle the situation and if I could get involved in a class action suit against ComCast I would.

Anonymous said...

If Comcast finally puts the Big 10 network on and it is on their sports tier plan(which I've never heard of) what will it cost the customer? Why won't Comcast put the BTN on their basic package?

Anonymous said...

I'm switching next week. The only reason I signed up for their internet was because Verizon's DSL was worse. Now there is a new cable provider on my street and they are running an underground line to my house for free.

Comcast has ancient plant in my town and RCN has new plant. There are only twenty subscribers per segment on RCN and probably hundreds on Comcast. This makes a huge difference with DOCSIS modems.

I'm tired of daily service loss and my IP phones cutting out when I'm in my home office on a conference call. RCN users get 10Mbps downstream where I've never done better than 2Mbps downstream with Comcast.

I used to work for a CMTS company, so I'm aware of what poorly maintained HFC plant looks like. Comcast sucks.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I got rid of cable a few years ago when it was over $50 for just basic cable. I still have to pay $10 a month for reception but that is a huge difference. Some of my friends and family are doing the same. Most shows can be downloaded or are on DVD.
The only way to get their attention is through their wallet
Go outside or read a book instead of paying hundreds of dollars to them each month

Anonymous said...

This is a great site! Another problem we have to focus on with Comcast is in the Philadelphia market, especially if you are a sports fan living in the market. Its refusal to allow satellite providers to carry the regional sports network Comcast SportsNet, while also not willing to charge people who only want Sportsnet and no other TV service, to buy it a la carte. This has been going on for 10 years as Comcast hides behind the terrestrial carriage loophole. They allow their other RSN's (Chicago/Balt/Wash/Sacramento) to be carried by DirecTV, but not in Philly the company's hometown. Last week, Comcast VP David Cohen, a good friend of Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell (who's on the Comcast payroll which he does donate to charity), told the Phila. Inquirer
that Comcast, "won't soak the American consumer," in reference to Comcast refusing to carry the Big Ten Network on basic cable, insisting on it being placed on a sports tier. That in itself is another issue, but the fact is Comcast is soaking this American consumer every month, making us pay for expanded basic service, $37, just to receive Sportsnet. Everything else is repeat programming from DirecTV which we have had little problem in 10 years of service. Comcast is telling the sports fan in Philadelphia that you are too moronic to make your own educated choice of how you want TV delivered into your home. If you choose DirecTV, because its cheaper and has a better picture, etc., tough luck if you want your regional sports network. And Cohen does his heavy lobbying in D.C., and the FCC allows Philly to be "carved out", meaning Comcast does not have to allow its programming to be available on satellite in this market. Quoting media pundit Phil Mushnick of the N.Y. Post, "The Feds blew it years ago when they allowed those that distribute programming (cable operators), to own their own programming (regional sports networks). The public has been having its pockets picked ever since."

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a Comcast call center. Each day I was more amazed at the customer service nightmares I was forced to listen to. Keep in mind that there are millions of happy customers out there. Only the ones with problems call in. Most issues are resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Please note that whether you call 1-800-Comcast or your local office number, you will most likely get an agent in a call center miles from your location. If you want to speak to someone local, call sales or go to a local office. They can’t forward you to a local number – because it will just bounce back to the call center again.

If the person you are speaking with is doing a bad job or is rude, hang up and call back later. There are really good people and really lousy ones, why waste your time and get frustrated speaking to a lousy agent? Some agents are nice but not as knowledgeable technically, others may be very intelligent and highly technical, but have very little patience. Most try to do a good job. But with the low wages, it’s hard to keep good agents around.

Technical support over the phone is limited to basic connectivity. Unless you pay extra for home networking, they are only allowed & trained to help you get online with ONE computer directly connected to your modem. They don’t support routers, or multiple computers. If you have a computer problem, they can’t help you with that. Computers are complex devices and many things can go wrong – they are not all the fault of, or responsibility of your internet provider. Agents are told to instruct you to speak to the Original Equipment Manufacturer or hire a computer technician. (You wouldn’t expect Comcast to fix your broken TV or VCR would you?) They are not allowed to send a technician out to your house because you have a computer or router problem. Even if they do because you insist, dispatch may cancel it, or when the tech arrives he will not be able to help you. – and he may charge you for the service call.

Email is considered a “perk”. Issues with your email will usually be taken care of, but it’s not a high priority and you can’t get a credit for email issues. Remember that anything electronically stored is NOT SAFE. Back up &/or print out anything you can’t afford to loose.

Don’t tell them you are loosing money because you can’t get online. Terms of Service limits your service to personal use. They don’t care if you use it for your business, but it won’t get you any faster or better help because of it, UNLESS you are paying for a Business Account

Does ANYONE ever read the Terms Of Service they sign? Comcast doesn’t PROMISE you consistently good service. They don’t promise prompt response to your problems. Dispatch feels that scheduling a technician 3 – 5 days after you call is acceptable. If they escalate a “please”, dispatch will reject it no matter what. If you have a technician schedule you MUST answer the phone when they pre-call you or they will cancel the truck. Yet, if you ask to be called so you can go home to meet him, they probably won’t call you! Likewise, if an outage is declared in your area, dispatch will cancel your appointment without notifying you. This is dispatch’s rules, not the people in the call centers. I recommend calling in to make sure it’s still scheduled.

Some agents will lie to you to get you off the phone Others will tell you the truth and make you angry. ALL THEY CAN DO IS PUT IN A REQUEST. That is all they can do. They have no power, LOCAL offices are in charge, and they shield themselves from calls.

Requesting a supervisor may get you another agent. This agent MAY be better qualified to help you, and register a complaint about the agent you just spoke to. Asking for that person’s supervisor is futile. NO real manager will come to the phone . Demanding to speak to a higher level individual is futile. They don't have the phone numbers of anyone important in the company. You are wasting your time and breathe, and risking the $10 hour job of the individual you are harassing. Keep in mind that their raises are based on how fast they handle calls.

If you have a legitimate complaint, your best bet is to file an official complaint to the President of Comcast, CC the FCC, BBB, your governor, CBS News, whoever might care. Some people threaten to file class action lawsuits but do they follow through?

People scream that this is "unacceptable" - if it is unacceptable, then don't accept it. Yelling at a "supervisor" won't get you anything. Being abusive or yelling gets you LESS help, not more. You loose the sympathy factor that way.

Go old school - write a letter:

I found this on

If you have been unable to resolve your Comcast problem after exhausting your local city's Comcast escalation process, you can escalate it to the Comcast Executive Complaint Center, and they will address your issue within 24 hours.

They can be reached at: 215-665-1700

They are listed as:
Comcast Cellular Communications
1500 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2100
(215) 665-1700

They handle all Comcast complaints nationwide.
October 17, 2007 9:59 AM

Try writing a letter to your ISP's CEO or other corporate executives. Many people actually have gotten positive results this way. And then service agencies that regulate the industry.
Contact the FCC Consumer Complaints: 1-888-225-5322
Your Public Utilities Commission may help you.

Here is a link to the executives at Comcast:

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Comcast about a year ago. Altogether it's really 2 years because 3 years ago I also had the service disconnected. The reason is customer service and Billing. Comcast would charge me a fee with interest if I was 2 minutes late. However they rarely refunded me for all of the outages. Another situation that drove me nuts with them is that they had this community service channel that played the same repetitive non-stop broadcast instead of CNN. I wanted to watch my CNN, but I had no choice. When I called Comcast the arrogance was incredible. One lady told me "What dont you like about our service sir ! we do allot for your neighborhood" Incredible ! Luckilly now I have FIOS and i can watch CNN in peace.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for Comcast for tv and cable internet both at home and the office. The picture was crappy and after two visits I gave up on that part and switched to DirectTV. We have no other high speed internet providers however. The signal goes out at least a couple of times a day and my office of 20 people waste at least an hour a day when they are unable to work due to this. If there were any other option available I would take it in a heartbeat, but we are in rural Martinsburg, WV so nothing is availaible. Needless to say, Comcast doesnt give a damn.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to me that Comcast's rapid expansion of service in the Philly metro area has far outstripped their ability to provide even a modicum of technical support. My most recent examples: after 3 months of trouble-free triple-play service, I start getting intermittent tiling and total loss of cable signal at certain, and regular, times of the day/week. Since mid-August I've had five (5) service calls, with most of the techs speculating that there is interference with the signal somewhere on the street, but nevertheless proceeding to change out everything inside the house--connectors/splitters, digital boxes (twice so far), and all wiring. Yet the problem continues. BTW, I've had to call twice so far to get service call charges taken off my bill, as well as listening to repeated, interminable suggestions that I enroll in the system maintenance program for my in-house wiring. As I said, this is only the latest fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Go Mona Shaw! You have exhibited the frustration we all share when dealing with Comcast and been victim to the common rudeness of its staff.

The symbolism of the hammer has made you a hreo in many pairs of eyes.

Anonymous said...

Just read the "Hammer" incident. I am not alone! I have nothing but respect for the lady who filed her complaints with a hammer. More of us need to do the same - as it is apparently the only way to get the attention of the arrogant morons who run Comcast!

Next time, use a bigger hammer!

DBM said...

I just read an article in The Washington Post about "The Hammer." I literally stood up and did a happy dance. I was so happy that someone did what I have fantasized about and I was happy for finding your blog! Four years ago we tried to have Comcast cable installed in our home. It was a disaster! Five weeks into what became an odyssey project I finally gave up after dissolving into tears while on the phone with yet another incompetent phone representative. [One funny aside about this, the one time someone did finally come to our house to perform the work he showed up late and freely admitted it was because he was taking a nap at the lake abutting our property. He then proceeded to inform us he didn't have the right tools to finish the job and left. Comcast did though manage to start charging us for service we were not receiving.]

Fast forward four years and through forced circumstances we had to use Comcast again. This time only a two week blip in getting them to come out. However, we recently discontinued service and returned our boxes to have two things occur: we received a bill as if service had not been cancelled and we simultaneously received a notice stating that we had not yet returned our equipment for our cancelled service (although it had been returned almost a whole month prior).

The incompetence of this organization is astounding!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I have had comcast for my whole life growing up, and in college as well. When I got my own place I got it there too. Then a few months ago, I was having trouble with my digital box. They said I had to rip out the line that was burried under my carpet, and put a new one in because they said everything else was fine, and that had to be the problem. 4 times they were out ti my house in a 1 month period. They could not fix a thing, and the techs were morons. I then switched to the Fios, using the same cord that was under my carpet, and have not had a problem since. I even get more high def channels. I just had to share with someone, how bad they really are. The company is full of douce bags and imbisuls who have no idea how to fix anything.

Anonymous said...

Where to start. I have had so many customer service problems with comcast I don't know where to start. Let's see.... I live in the Woodbridge Virginia area. I just upgraded to the triple play. So I ahve TV/Internet/Phone services but am thinking about cancelling. This is why. For the past 3 months I have repeatedly asked for a service tech to come out. And some do and are very nice and other times they don't show at all. I don't have alot of free time so when I schedule an appointment for a Saturday I expect that person to show up or at least call and let me know they can't make or that they are running late. Well I spent 9/22, 9/29 and 10/6 (all Saturdays) waiting for Comcast to show up to fix my TV service and no one showed up. SO I called. One time I sat on hold for over an hour and than I asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me they were at lunch and would be back in an hour. Guess what? I'm still waiting and its been over two weeks. Guess that's the longest lunch break in the history of mankind. A couple of times I got through and they customer service rep contacted the technician and they told him/her that they were running late and would call later. Guess what - they never called. One time a tech came out (during the week) took my box and left me another one without calling it in. So I lost all service for that box for over a week. Another time a tech came in and scheduled a next day appointment for me (over my phone) and the tech never showed up. Its been 9 days since that one. Now the other night my box went out so I called and the customer service rep was very rude - talked to me like I was a five year old and I called her on it. Know what she did? She hung up on me. Guess what I did. I called back - got the same rep again and I asked her why she hung up on me?? She said I cussed at her which I didn't and than she proceeded to tell me they had me on recording and that her supervisor was standing right next to her. I asked to speak to speak to that supervisor several times and proceeded to tell her I had been waiting for over two weeks for a supervisor to call me back about another problem. Guess what? She hung up on me again. So I called back - got a different rep who was very helpful. GOt my problem fixed but I asked to speak to a supervisor so I could report the previous rep and guess what. You guessed it. No supervisor was available. So he told me he would have one call me the next day. Its been 3 days now. I am beginning to wonder if they have any supervisors working their. Now you know my story.

Kathy said...

You may not want to see Comcast die...but I would love to see this company die a painful sputtering death.

In Montgomery County, they apparently hire FELONS as service techs. Not exactly who I want to see in my home.

Comcast service reps are rude, patronizing and the technicians are worse.

I've had DirectTV for four years and the only time I have NOT had service was during Hurricane Isabel back in 2003. That was only because I didn't have any electrical power.

elias said...

Comcast is -the- worst co. I've had the displeasure to be using. But we have NO other options in SE Michigan if we want a basic TV package - comcast has a monopoly out here and I'm centimeters away from pitching my TV out the window just because comcast is so bad.

What barf.

Runner Girl DC said...

Our problem with Comcast is that every 5 minutes the picture gets pixilated and freezes.. just when your about to hear the punch line of a joke.. or find out who did it.. bam... picture freezes and jumps ahead.. and you'll never know what happened.

When you call to complain about it.. they reboot your box.. but it doen'nt fix anything.

Angry in Arlington,

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse wrote:

Anonymous said...
If you have to unplug from the pole then hook it back up and it works you probably do have an electrical issue as stated. A built up charge from your home that you discharge when you disconnect the line.
just something to think about.

Speaking as an electrical engineer, this is just bogus crap written by someone who has no real experience.

Coaxial cable has a braided shield. That shield is grounded. If disconnecting it causes the purported "charge" to dissipate, then there's a deep, deep problem with the coaxial distribution system, not the house!

Charge accumulates in the absence of ground. Disconnecting the cable disconnects from ground at that connector!

Rick in Atlanta said...

Wow - What at week! Customer number 8220202103530647 here - I am a long-time $225.00 per month All Service Comcast customer. After possibly the worst string of service attempts, I just received a "Welcome NEW CUSTOMER" computerized message on my cell. Once I answered it negatively, I was graciously put in queue to speak to a rep (I hung up after 10 minutes on hold). A short list of issues:
1) Three consecutive scheduled appointments - all no shows (Friday, Saturday and Monday).
2) Two separate escalations to managers, whereby I was promised a phone call in 5 minutes - no calls.
3) A 3rd manager gave me a $25.00 credit on internet for 6 months - $50.00 says it was lost in the shuffle as was my account.
4) Two reps called me from my house on the same day wondering where I was (I bet that kind of follow-up never happens normally, but it did, however, just to rub it in. You see they came on Wednesday - a day that was scheduled and not communicated to me after the 3 strikes (missed appointments) and 2 balls (missed callbacks).
5) I had them apply a new cable modem to replace the free one that comes with CDV and that went swimmingly, until the “Walled Garden” got me because the rep failed to tie the new equipment to my account (went the whole day with no service).
6) I was downgrading from 4 boxes to 1 and gave them the SSN of the one to remain active. They set it correctly. On the next day someone removed that box and added one of the disconnected boxes – Thanks,
7) When I initially set up the services to Downgrade cable and transfer the phone, I tired to do two separate work orders. The woman told me that you had to combine them. On first issue with the order the next woman said they can not be separated since I combined them – I was happy.
8) Resolution - I have no phone. When they cancelled me and tried for 4 days to reinstall, they ultimately told me to call sales to start a new account - just what I want to hear "Buy it anew!!!"
9) Several hours of holding and transfers, with several accidental disconnects.
10) They do have a person scheduled to come next Friday to pick up equipment, but we will see.

Mr. Cable guy - please answer this one!!! Oh and can you tell your reps to stop answering the phone “It is a fantastic day at Comcast, how may I be of service today?” At least one rep laughed when I responded, “Not if you are a Comcast customer in need of service.”

Anonymous said...

OK, they have been to my house 5 times in the last 2 or 3 months. The latest technician says that's typical for the defective HD boxes they are using. I have had 3 or 4 different boxes, not counting the one they gave me at the desk when I brought a non functioning one back, that was NOT AN HD BOX. The woman told me yes it was identical to the one I turned in. NOT! When I brought it back---it wouldn't even connect to the cords I had---she said "This is wrong. Who gave you THIS? OH...I did"

The other thing that's annoying is that twice in the past month they have said, for example, we are coming out sometime on Wednesday (of course you have to wait all day) then they call on Monday and say "We are confirming your appointment for Thursday" and when I say No, it was Wednesday, they argue and argue that I am WRONG. No, I am NOT wrong. This has not happened with any other appointments I have, like doctors, dentists, etc. so I seem capable of writing down the correct date for everyone else...Hello!

Anonymous said...

My Comcast BROADBAND ISP problem is solved !

After enduring several episodes of unbelievably bad service (upload speeds less than 100bps, download less than 500bps);
And after wasting multi hours of time on the phone with ignorant customer service people;
And after several visits by incompetent service people;
And after looking out my window to observe construction of the magnificent new Comcast office building --->

I switched to Verizon FIOS.

Its a new world. I kick myself for not switching sooner.

(Just discovered your blog or you would have heard from me months ago).

Anonymous said...

I was going away for a month so I thought I'd have them turn off my service and then turn it back on when I returned. They said I didn't need to do that - they would issue me a vacation credit. Well, of course the vacation credit never came. Their bills kept saying I was a month late, and the "courtesy" robocalls kept rolling in. I called three times and all three times I was told that yes, there was a record of my request, and oh, those boneheads don't know how to issue your credit, here let me do it, OK it's done now! But each time it was just a lie. So I finally did what I should have done the first time, and what I will do every time from now on...I filed a report with the county consumer affairs office. Problem solved in 48 hours.

Anonymous said...

Please note that cable companies use rights-of-ways that they negotiate with localities. In exchange for these rights-of-ways, the cable companies are required to maintain a certain level of customer service and satisfaction. THEY HATE IT when you complain to your locality. It threatens their bottom line. So quit waiting through their customer service queues and complain to your city or county office of consumer affairs. It works.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of "pre-post"?
Let's hope you never do. This is the latest Comcast "reason" why they can't "be there." They've put you into "pre-post" and will positively, absolutely "be there" WITHIN two weeks! Except they aren't. So THEN you go into "installation and instruction," where they will absolutely, positively "call you within 24 to 48 hours." Except they haven't. This all transpires, of course, AFTER you've made THREE appointments, two of which they unceremoniously and unilaterally cancelled with no notification -- even though you sat, waiting patiently. Did they "telephone" as promised? Yeah, once on a [obviously non-working] VOIP line and left no message, so you had no idea they'd tried to reach you. Another time when you got the words "I'm 10 minutes from my house" [having gone to try and pick up a replacement modem], at which point they hung up on you, and didn't show. What's this "we'll call you when we're on our way" nonsense? Obviously, it a way for the company to overbook its appointments and -- knowing a given percentage of people won't get to the phone on the first call, for one reason or another -- let Comcast "off the hook," putting the customer back at Square One. But Comcast DID make the appointment and DID call,and it was YOUR fault you couldn't get to the phone. Goodbye. Hang-up. End of story. TWO times. So to heck with you. Isn't customer service from monopolies just awesome, though?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of "pre-post"?
Let's hope you never do. This is the latest Comcast "reason" why they can't "be there." They've put you into "pre-post" and will positively, absolutely "be there" WITHIN two weeks! Except they aren't. So THEN you go into "installation and instruction," where they will absolutely, positively "call you within 24 to 48 hours." Except they haven't. This all transpires, of course, AFTER you've made THREE appointments, two of which they unceremoniously and unilaterally cancelled with no notification -- even though you sat, waiting patiently. Did they "telephone" as promised? Yeah, once on a [obviously non-working] VOIP line and left no message, so you had no idea they'd tried to reach you. Another time when you got the words "I'm 10 minutes from my house" [having gone to try and pick up a replacement modem], at which point they hung up on you, and didn't show. What's this "we'll call you when we're on our way" nonsense? Obviously, it a way for the company to overbook its appointments and -- knowing a given percentage of people won't get to the phone on the first call, for one reason or another -- let Comcast "off the hook," putting the customer back at Square One. But Comcast DID make the appointment and DID call,and it was YOUR fault you couldn't get to the phone. Goodbye. Hang-up. End of story. So to heck with you. Isn't customer service from monopolies just awesome, though?

Anonymous said...

I just found this site because of the Post article on that wonderful lady who took the fight to Comcast.
My problems with Comcast began in July when I stopped getting a signal. So they came and changed the cable box. Still no signal. Then they disconnected my soorund sound. Still no signal.They kept sendingin young guys who looked like they'd taken the day off from high school to fix my problem. When I complained a Customer Sevice Rep asked me if I'd like to do some rcruting for them because they didn't have enough CS reps ot Techhies to staff and respond to all the requests that came in. It's been three months now and I call Comcast EVERYDAY to give me a signal on my cablebox. Still no permamnent fix. A CS Supervisor Reggie Riddick tellsme to call him immediately at 410-931-9489 the next time I have a problem with my service. I've called Reggie five times during the past five days and left him messages. NO reply. And COMCAST has a monopoly in this part of our county. No other service providers. The State should intervene and do somthing about this. A little healthy competition and they won't have those 25 million customers much longer.

Blackwood One said...

Letter sent to Comcast executives via email...
October 18, 2007
Via Email
Dear Comcast:
We are exasperated and livid. Our corporate internet service was disconnected yesterday (10/17/07) at approximately 3:00pm. When we realized our internet access was down we called to find out why. While our operations manager was on the phone she asked me if it could possibly be a non-payment issue. I replied that this was inconceivable.
A few moments later your rep told her it was indeed for non-payment of a “past due” balance, a whopping, huge, colossal balance of $96.38. Yes, you saw that right. I will spell it for you: ninety-six dollars and thirty-eight cents.
First, let me say that for a business to owe you $96.38, roughly 50% of our monthly bill, is surely a microscopic amount of money. I’m sure Comcast spends more than that on toilet paper each and every day. So, if it is toilet paper you so desperately need, let us know and we will supply you with enough for a few more days. If you do run out and need to use “natural” paper, tell your employees not to use the ones with three leaves.
We need our internet service more than you need $96.38. If the extent of your normal customer service to business is to just “cut them off” then you desperately need to go to customer service summer camp. If you continue down this road, rest assured that business will turn to Verizon and to satellite providers when they are treated this way and you’ll soon be dealing with the loss of plenty of customers.
Second, let me say that this really isn’t the issue. You’re probably thinking right now, “well, you delinquent slime, if you had just paid your bill on-time your service would never have been cut-off”. However, it isn’t quite that simple.
We had an old account# 09569674822019 when we were at an old address. We moved from that address in March of this year and opened account# 09569674824015. The old account stayed open since we parted with the tenants and they remained in the space, continuing to use the service at the old address.
In the past, we made several payments that were somehow not reflected on our account. We called in June and our check for $312.90 had been incorrectly posted to the old account. We spent considerable time on the phone with you and were assured that the problem would be straightened out and would not occur again in the future.
The problem remained completely unresolved as late as 9/27/07 so I called. I spoke with Tinnia at 4:30pm on that day. She created ticket# 521295 to take care of this once and for all. I was told I would receive a 48-hour call-back response. I did not.
I called again on 10/5/07 at 10:50am and spoke with Aaron at ext. 2584. Spending much time on the phone with him he finally concluded that Tinnia had filled out the previous ticket incorrectly. This though, does not begin to explain why I didn’t receive my 48-hour response. In fact, I never got a response; just left out to dry.
Aaron then completed ticket# 530991 and assured me that this time it would be completely and competently handled and that I would surely get a call within 48 hours. Like a Shakespearean tragedy, again, I didn’t.
When we contacted our account rep, Vernon Keen, to make some system changes on 10/15/07 we were told there was an outstanding balance to take care of before anything could be changed. I emailed Vernon this history and it obviously caused a stir because Aaron called me back within 30 minutes of that email.
Aaron again tried to rectify the situation but couldn’t. He then transferred me to another gentleman at another department in Comcast, whom I am ashamed to say remains nameless because I don’t remember his name. I didn’t write it down because I really thought the issue was finally solved.
He was able to get me enough information that I finally understood our account status. In short, according to the account information provided me by Tinnia and Aaron, I expected that the total dollar amount still needing to be transferred from the old account to the new was $610.76 (312.90 + 249.51 + 48.35) and that this money, when correctly moved to the new account would erase any balance on our account.
It was not until I spoke with this last gentleman that he accessed the records correctly and told me the $312.90 and the $249.51 had already been applied and that the $48.35 was the only unresolved issue. He suggested that we take up the $48.35 with the other party in our old location so that Comcast need not get involved and we could get it cleared up without “going through the system” at Comcast. I agreed that $48 wasn’t a big deal and decided to take his advice.
He then told me that my newest bill had been mailed on that day (Monday the 15th) and that it would say $520.93 was owed. He clarified that this would be incorrect and that only $271.42 was owed now. He then added that of that amount, only $96.38 was “past due”. I solicited the exact meaning of “past due” and he assured me that the $96.38 had only become past due in the last two days!! I was sure that we had finally fixed all the issues and were back on track. I told him I would pay the $271.42 as soon as the bill came and he agreed to the perfection of that plan. There was absolutely no mention of any payment issues or pending disconnection.
Until this day: the day you cut-off our service. With all those trouble tickets YOU screwed up. With all the 48-hour response promises on which YOU failed to deliver. With the final reassurance from YOU that all was well and we should just make our next payment of $271.42 and all would be right in our world.
YOU have been patently inept and we have paid for it. When is this worse-than-lousy customer service going to be addressed? Comcast has an absolutely tragic word-of-mouth reputation for customer service. Since you seem eager to spend multi-millions on advertising and pennies on customer service, we at Blackwood One will be sure to do our part to sustain your unscrupulous credibility by our free (we won’t even charge you for the accompanying toilet paper) word-of-mouth advertising campaign.
We can’t change the past but it would be nice if YOU would change the future. I can assure you that we will be examining all options for procurement of our internet access business. Your total mishandling of this situation will not be forgotten.
We were offered an equitable resolution. If we simply paid $96.38 immediately our service would be reinstated. We did, it was. Interestingly, had the $48.35 been applied correctly when I called on 9/27/07 the “past due” amount would have been less than $50! Why we were not informed, by any of the four (4) people with which we had been in contact, before we were cut-off over $96 is beyond our understanding, especially given the effort we made over the prior two-week period to get the situation rectified (which reconciliation YOUr bungling made impossible).
Almost surely, there will never be an opportunity for us, the small business, to return you, the conglomerate monopoly, the same competence, courtesy, fairness, and respect which you have shown us, your customer. But and if, by some miraculous turn of events that occasion ever materializes, I am convinced we will have to wait our turn in a long line of other customers for that grand opportunity. Perhaps God will be especially gracious to us for our years of suffering and give each of us a hammer.
Thank you for your time.

Tom said...

Thank you for creating this site. This is a great outlet so I can vent. My main problem is as follows:

I like to pay and check my bills online. I had entered my current email address as the username with, as the site requires. I used the same password I use for every other website where I log in (about twenty total). After paying my first month's bill online, the next time I tried to log in online, I was told my password was incorrect. And my answer to the question was not accepted. I tried to create a new account to start over but was told by the system that the username was already used.

So basically, I just wanted reset my password. Called the main Comcast number today and was put on hold for 45 minutes. Was told I needed to verify my identity. Gave them name, phone, address, etc. but because I have obtained a new driver's license and can't remember the number for my now-defunct out-of-state DL, guy wouldn't certify my identity.

Asked to speak to a superisor. Was told someone would call. Three hours later, no one called.

Called a local Comcast number (I'm in the DC area) and got someone very polite and willing to help, although she said she had little experience troubleshooting issues. I explained I just wanted to reset my online user info so I could start over. After she verified my identity, I was told it was reset and to start a new online account. I was given the same error message (see above). The lady was also frustrated and offered to input the info for me. She did and it...DIDN'T WORK!!! A COMCAST EMPLOYEE WAS UNABLE TO GET COMCAST'S ONLINE SYSTEM TO WORK!!!

As a lawyer, and not a very good one at that, I see this situation as proving the danger of monopolies when companies don't have to worry about competition. I rent a house so if I want TV, I need cable. If I want cable in Arlington, VA I can only choose Comcast.

As a result of their position as a monopoly in my area, Comcast is full of stupid, obnoxious, incompetent people. And it doesn't matter to them, because what are customers gonna do?

Comcast needs competition, not just for the well-being of their customers, but because at some point this idiocy will become too grave and the customer base will flee. At least, that's what I'm hoping will happen.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is soooooo funy I can hardly stand it! First of all, kudos to the HAMMER LADY. I wish I would have thought of that.

My fiasco took place about 3 years ago....we switched to Comcast (big mistake) when we lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When our first bill was wrong. So I called the customer service dept. and I was told to "adjust" it on my bill and they payment would reflect the error, and they would note the correction. (liars)
Next month....the bill was wrong again. So I called, and I was told the same thing. I asked to talk to a supervisor...and after explaining my situation to 2 other reps...I finally talked to a supervisor. She also told me that it was a computer error, and they would correct it on the next bill. (But to pay the correct amount) We did.

Guess what happened month 3???? yup. Wrong again. This time, they added a fee for not paying the correct amount. They said we had to pay the "previous balance" to be brought up to date.
Once again, I called and spoke to 2 supervisors...and I was told that I had to pay my pervious balance, or our service would be cut off. (the difference was 48.00)

I told them it was their mistake and I wanted it fixed or I was cancelling our service.
Well, not only did they give us free movie channels (4 of them) for 6 months...guess what happened when the bill came after the 4th month?
They said that we had a balance now at $100 and they CHARGED US FOR THE FREE CHANNELS THEY GAVE US!

So we paid the "correct bill" and I followed it up with a phone call to tell them I was cancelling their service and they could kiss my ass.

Here's where it gets funny. The rep on the phone told me that if we didn't pay, they would cut off the cable. I said ok, we got DIRECT TV. So go ahead. I also told them I was fed up with their service and I was filing a complaint with their corporate office. She laughed and said for me to "go ahead and do that...and see where it gets you..."

I was shocked. (This was 45 minutes into this insane converation) So I got really pissed and just started screaming at this moron and told her that she was an idiot, and to take their service and shove it ...(guess where)

So after that I hung-up. Guessing that it was over. (sigh)

I got a call the next day from another "manager" who said that the rep I spoke to felt "threatened" and they were filing a complaint againt me for harassment.

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I told them to "bring it on".

Well, as you would guess...nothing ever came of it. But it was pretty funny that 2 weeks later a tech came to my house to "shut off the service" and again, I laughed in his face. (My husband told him he might want to start running now)

I ever so politely invited him in, offered him a soda, and told him to "sit."

I handed him all of the bills with the corrections written on them, and the names of the people I spoke to, and told him the story. His cocky attitude changed.

So my husband have him all the comcast equipment back (we put the boxes in the "direct tv" boxes...) and we sent him away, with his head hung low.

But want to know what dumb asses they are....they claimed that we owed them (for the 6 month fiasco $249.00!)but here's the proof that they are IDIOTS...they sent us a REFUND check for....(ta-dah) $249.00.
'nuff said!

By the way...DIRECT TV ROCKS! We LOVE it!

Angela Dunlap
(former Harrisburg PA. resident)

Happy BBB customer said...

Anyone who is a current paying customer, or a former customer who feels is owed money, should open a complaint at the Better Business Bureau website as this is the best place to get your issues handled. I had opened one with HSBC (Credit Card company) after a year of trying to get fraud charges cleared off my account and not only was I refunded the original refund amounts but also interest, penalties (late payments, overlimit fees)and the HSBC rep I talked to seemed like he would take any amount from me, word of mouth, and credit my account. It was such a relief.

Laura said...

I just discovered this blog. So glad to see that I'm not the only who hates Comcast - actually, I am dismayed that so many people are upset with Comcast because it just shows how poorly they treat their customers.

Anyway...haven't explored the whole sight, so I might be repeating a question, but has anyone else experienced problems with their Tivo and Comcast?? My two Tivos, that I bought at different times and are different models, both stopped changing channels properly at the same time. Therefore, programs I have scheduled to record don't record because the channel doesn't change. For example, I want to change from channel 010 (three digits must be entered) to 006, and it doesn't change because only "00" comes up and the third digit never appears. I also found out later that a friend experienced the same thing. The only other common denominator besides Tivo is Comcast. I think they are messing with something in order that customers are forced to buy Comcast's DVR. I mentioned the channel changing problem during a call in regard to a different problem, and I was assured by the rep (who was very nice, to be honest) that someone would call me back regarding that issue and set up a service call - but no one called back!!!

Anonymous said...

I moved from one apartment to another. I called Comcast and told them the dates and the addresses. They showed up at the apartment the day I move in and all seems well. About three months after the move I mention to my wife that I had not seen a comcast bill in about two months. She agrees that we have not and so I call them to ask what's up. Apparently the people who lived in the new apartment bewfore me called to tell comcast that they had moved and they gave comcast all of their new information. So, no bill was being sent to me, but to the people who previously lived in my new apartment, who were now living and enjoy Cox in their area. The comcast agent tells me that we're due to have our cable turned off the very next day for non-payment. I stated if they had A) not allowed someone else to change the info on my account causing the bill to be sent to another state or B) had just sent me a bill that this would not be a problem. This went on for too long and I spoke with a supervisor who stated that indeed our service was going to be cut off, we were going to have to pay a surcharge for late payment and a reconnection fee. So, I lost it at that point and said if my service was going to be cut off that I would appear as an office customer the very next day since I would have nothing better to do with my time and that allowing someone else to change my file information and not sending me the bill was the cause. The tone then changed to them asking me to give a fax number and coming in to pay the bill in person to avoid having the service cancelled. I refused because the service was going to be cut off in the morning and I was not going to miss a day of work for their error. 20 minutes later they finally relented and said they called off the termination of service, but I still got billed for a reconnection and late payment. That took another hour of my life to fix. It's insane that there is no competition for cable in my area and they day FIOS or anything else become available I will be switching. I also have nightmare story from when we moved to the house from that apartment I'll enter another time

Cristale said...

I just saw this blog after reading the story about the lady with the hammer. Have you discussed how Comcast is requiring people who signed up for the triple play feature (cable, internet, phone pkg) at some special reduced price to sign a 2 year agreement? On the surface, I don't think this is a horrible. However, they didn't tell me this until weeks after my service was installed. That is so shady.

Chris said...

When my husband and I first signed onto Comcast Internet service in March, we went through the whole procedure that got the service charged to our credit card, etc. Then I called the 800 number for getting the cable and modem installed. I got someone in Toronto, who looked up our location in Virginia and said "Oh, I'm sorry, but we have no service in your area." I knew she was wrong because our neighbors had the service (begun with a company, Adelphia, that Comcast had just acquired). She had been pleasant until that point, but when I insisted I had already set up the account, she became defensive and insisted it wasn't possible. After I got pushy (just not QUITE as pushy as the lady in today's delightful Washington Post story) she did reluctantly give me a phone number for a sales rep in our area who said, "Oh, sure, we must have service there -- I talk with people there every day." And scheduled our installations. But I should not have had to fight for that. All the computer and Internet companies I have dealt with seem to be that poor in their customer communications, however.

Anonymous said...

Against my better judgment, I have subscribed to Comcast high speed internet (we don't have much choice for high speed in my area), and it has been all right so far. What irked me, however, is that it took me one hour and twenty minutes -- no less -- on the phone to convince the Comcast rep that I was not going to buy the Triple Play or any of about 6 other "deals" he wanted to offer me. He would not take my order as requested. True to Comcast form, he quoted me monthly costs "for the first 12 months," but I had to ask him to "look up" the costs after 12 months. Needless to say, my Dish TV is much preferred to Comcast cable after the 12 months are up. I like to see real costs up front, and Comcast goes to the greatest lengths to hide those. Finally, I won that battle and have my high speed at a regular rate -- no deals, no overcharged services.

Howard said...
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Anonymous said...

A few months ago on the day my payment was due I went to the nearest Comcast office to make a payment because I did not want it to be late. The following month I received my bill in the mail and there was a two dollar increase on it. I called to find out why. They told me it was because I made the payment at the teller window at the Comcast office. I was told that if I would have just dropped the payment in the payment box, I wouldn't have been charged the two dollar fee. So when I hung up the phone I called AT&T UVERSE to have my cable switched.

Anonymous said...

We got rid of Comcast 3 years ago because their tech told me "I don't care" when I called in about a service outage. Now we've moved and I can't have anyone but them. Call in service is somewhat better, hold times are still HUGE, and it took 5 service calls to get us set up right. It wasn't until I call them and asked for their billig address that they finally waived their install fees. Here's how it went:
Me: I need a billing address.
Comcast: To send your payment?
Me: No, YOUR billing address so I can send you guys a bill.
Comcast: Send us a bill?
Me: That's right. I need to send you guys a bill and I need the appropriate address.
Comcast: Why are you sending us a bill?
Me: You guys are charging me over a hundred dollars to install your services in my home - and last night your tech was here until 10 pm for the 5th service call and I still have to take one of the remotes in to exchange because it doesn't work right. My time is valuable and I've spent over 20 hours on this endeavor myself and it's all because your technicians don't know what they are doing and couldn't recognize that an amplifier was installed, but not plugged in so I'm forwarding a bill for my time. I'm not a cheap person to keep waiting.
Comcast: "chirp chirp" "chirp chirp"
Me: Hello?
Comcast: Hold please.
musical overture
Comcast: thank you for holding. Would it help if we were to waive the installation fees since you've been through so much?
Me: Well, I believe that would work, then I could waive my waiting fees and save the cost of a stamp in sending you this bill.

So they waived the fees. They still sent me a bill that had things on it that I didn't even ask for, so we had a lot of adjustments that first month - last month.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is despicable!!!
I understand the frustration the woman had. I agree that you can't go around smashing their office, but it certainly made them wake up and gave me an opportunity to join in the complaint against this heartless company. They definitely do not respect your time or the appointments they keep. I have not had a problem getting through, but the attitude they have about constant missed appointments makes one want to explode! I will be watching this site, if there is something we can do to really let Comcast know they must do better, I am willing to join any legal methods of dispute.

Anonymous said...

I no longer have comcast. My mother in law died and I called to cancel her service,they told me I needed a death certificate to cancel it which took a week.00ey only wanted the extra money. I also have in my attic a device that cost over 426.00. It is an tried for over two years to give us service we could live with..they never suceeded..we now have direct tv and couldn't be happier..we have a picture that we can live with and a lower cost..i do hope comcast dies

Anonymous said...

Comcast is despicable!!!
I understand the frustration the woman had. I agree that you can't go around smashing their office, but it certainly made them wake up and gave me an opportunity to join in the complaint against this heartless company. They definitely do not respect your time or the appointments they make. I have not had a problem getting through, but the attitude they have about constant missed appointments makes one want to explode! My sister and brother experienced many problems with comcast as well as friends and co-workers. The biggest complaint we have is their very poor attitude and disregard for the customers time. I will be watching this site, if there is something we can do to really let Comcast know they must do better, I am willing to join any legal methods of dispute.

Dennis said...

My name Is Dennis Rogers. I live in Stone mountain Ga, and I am sick and tired of getting Ads from Comcast. I haven't had cable for over 18 years. I have called and did everything I have been told to get off their mailing list and still get at least four ads a week. I have had Comcast techs try to come into my house stating they are here to upgrade my cable. When I have tried to explain they must have the wrong house. They state they aren't leaving. I told the tech, " Can't you see that 10'dish and that 18" dish next to the garage". I had to call the cops to get their tech to get off my land. After the police explained to the man that I have the right to put you in jail and that the tech has the wrong address.I had to contact the tech's boss to get him to call the tech and explain the mistakes. How can we stop the mailings. Please feel to contact me at.

Nothewayitworks said...

I fired ComCast out of frustration three years ago. I was told that to move from premium to basic service would cost more due to the required additional monthly filters. After being told three times (not so politely) that "that's just the way it works"
I decided to go OTA. I think Verizon has the right customer attitude.

mama said...

In dec. I ordered Comcast and a Tech. came to set up my service. I got cable and internet. After the Tech left we tried to get on line and could not. We called and they had to send out aother Tech. we waited for over a week and the Tech came out and told me it was my Computer, but it was on line now. Again we tried to get on line and couldn't. So I tried a diff. computer. Still couldn't get on-line again I called Comcast. It turned out that they never turned on the modem on thier end. Then I moved and the real nightmare began. Again with the internet service it went on and on with phone calls almost daily to Comcast and with them billing me for internet service that I did not have. After 4 months we finally found out that again they did not activate the modem. I was on line that was good but they said that they couldn't reverse the charges that were aready charged to me. I was told to pay the bill and they would credit my account for those charges. 2 months later I again had still hadn't had the charges credited to my account I called they said that they can not credit it because it was my fault that they did not activate the modem. Then I was told that they did not have any record of the phone calls that I made to them. By the time I got to a supervisor I was told that they could not go back that ar in thier records so there was nothing that could be done about my money. I asked them why they could not go back 2 months and why would they would say that they didn't have any record of the phone calls if they really couldn't go back that far in thier records. Comcast never resolved any of this and my best answer was to shut off the cable service and tell them where to stick it, because I live in a place that you have to get a weitten statement to get direct tv we are, to the dismay of my Children, still just watching what we could et over the air. Comcast soltion was to bill me a couple of extra months of service mind you I called told them were to put thier cable and to shut it off, they shut it off but still charged me for cable that I was not getting.

Bob, You are great for this web site up I till now I could get no one to listen. Now maybe someone will. If not for me becasue I do not have an acc. # for them to contact me and I am really not sure if I would ever go back to Comcast again, I say not sure becausse of the Children. But maybe they will change the way they do things for others.

Melody said...

I HATE just another one of the monopolies that these "utility" companies have! Comcast does WHATEVER they want to the consumer's time and money, and there is no way you can dispute it. When I converted to Comcast, my total hard drive crashed and I ended up spending an additional $2,000 - because of an initial blunder by a Comcast installer, which was proven by many computer repairmen's statements - the intial installer had not put in the correct modem, which crashed my hard drive. After paying all of the repair bills, I still just ended up having to purchase a brand-new computer. I was told at least three times - WITH MY COMPUTER REPAIRMAN ON THE PHONE AS A WITNESS - that I would be reimbursed by Comcast. WELL, needless to say, I then received a telephone call from a Comcast "VP," who informed me that the people who made the promises had no authority to do that, that I would be credited for "one month's service," and that that would be the end of it. I have hired an attorney and am still contemplating SUING Comcast, if nothing more than just satisfaction with the fact that their employees can be relied upon.

I now have the "Comcastic" package discussed with this lady; and every time my cable goes out, so does the telephone. Plus I had to call SEVERAL times because they had charged me additional fees erroneously!

In the past, I have had SEVERAL times - again the word "SEVERAL" - where one Comcast repairman would do one thing and then within a month, the same problem would emerge, they would send another repairman, who would proceed to tell me that the first repair was not done correctly!


I listen very closely to every advertisement for cable, internet, and phone and consider leaving them in the dust every single day.

Brittany said...

Words cannot begin to describe how dissatisfied my roommate and myself are with Comcast. I have never had such horrible experience with tv and internet, and where I'm originally from all I can get is slow dialup, but I'd take that any day over what we're dealing with now. Comcast came on 8/28/2007 to install service. We had the cable internet receiver & router for them. We had all the wires ran for them. The man came in and set up service and left, telling us to call Comcast in 30mins to get our service...he just had to call in saying he completed setup. So we waited over 30mins and called. He never closed the workorder. Fighting for an hour to get it closed, we were finally told that since Comcast was updating that day, they wouldn't be able to push service (and the gentleman from Comcast was not very polite either when I asked him when we would receive service). So why even send someone when you know you can't provide service? In the next couple of days, we finally got our internet and cable services. But, it has been nothing but a pain sense. We constantly are losing internet service. The cable is constantly going out. So we call, and they say that they're going to send someone to fix both our problems. Well the guy gets here and "fixes" the cable and says something along the lines of Comcast is sending too much signal to your internet box, if it continues your box could blow (Our 300 dollar box...thanks comcast), and that he couldn't fix it and someone else would have to come by that Sunday (he came on a Friday). Well Sunday rolls around and no one comes. We continue to lose internet, and guess what? Our cable keeps going out too! So well call and they said they'd put a work order in and call us back with a date. So we wait and there's no call back, so we call again and they say it could take up to 30days...even though supposedly our internet box is getting ready to blow up. Since August, we've paid close to 300 dollars for their service, and what have we received? No service, lack of customer service, and technicians that lack knowledge. I'm sorry but this is just unacceptable. Comcast really needs to straighten up or they are going to end up without a customer base.

Customer Acct #: 01645106672061

Anonymous said...

I just saw the segment on GMA with the old woman who smashed the Comcast counter with a hammer.. It wasn't too long ago when I nearly smashed the front door at the Clinton Township Michigan office because they closed the doors early..The 2 idiot employees just stood insider and laughed at me.. Remember, CRAPPY companies breed CRAPPY employess.. I am now a very HAPPY DirecTV customer!! I laugh every time I see the Comcast commercials..

Kathy in Kansas said...

We of course have had numerous problems with Comcast also. It came to a head when we couldn't use our on demand 3 weekeds in a row. We asked for a refund/credit and were told we weren't owed one because we didn't actually pay for on demand. Anyway, long story short, we said we'd file a complaint with the BBB and the state att. gen. Still no luck, so true to my word, we did it. That got their attention. We got a MUCH larger credit than we expected from them. Now if our cable will actually work for the shorter appt. time windows - BULL SHIT. Pardon my french. The tech came out a couple of weeks ago and the appt. time was 12:00 - 5:00. That's SHORTER? So everybody, get busy. If everyone who's having ongoing problems files a complaint (and I think the FCC is a good complaint place too) something might actually make improvements. They'll never do it on their own without being forced.

Anonymous said...

I've heard enough stories from Comcast customers to know that dealing with them wasn't going to be any different than dealing with Time Warner.

The usual cable service call with TW was for them to show up late or rescheduled and then to immediately say that the fault was within my cable. Having gone through that one before about 5 years ago I ripped all my coax out and replaced it with quad shield, at a substantial increase in cost and after that the TW tech didn't have much to say about the quality of the coax, just the connectors and unapproved splitter.

So this time around when I was getting a lot of multipath interference (ghost image to those of you who aren't technical) I called Comcast and prepared for the worst.

The problem had been increasing slowly over a couple of years and had just finally reached the point where I was tired of putting up with it. So the day of the service call I took a day vacation from work. Made up a 20' cable and plugged it directly to the lightning arrestor at the point where the cable enters the house, unplugging the house cable. The set a small TV out under the patio and plugged it in. Voila! Ghost image and it wasn't even running inside the house. Several beers later the Comcast tech showed up. I introduced myself and showed him around back and the TV with the ghost image. He took one look at the way the cable was run and said he would be right back. After returning from his truck he ran a temporary cable from the pole to the TV and the signal was clear. He then proceded to replace the cable from the pole to my house routing it and mounting as it should be done. I suggested that he replace the old lightning arrestor too and he frowned but replaced it anyway. A lightning arrestor is about a buck at Altex so it wasn't like a big expense in case you were wondering.

I went inside checked the signal and then thanked him and he left. 1.5 hours. Not much he could say about the house coax if it wasn't even running on the house coax.

You just have to outsmart them!

Anonymous said...


You're a genious! Especially, if this gets this huge Company's attention!

I'm getting the kind of relief I need. I really started to think I was insane. These "Stepford" employees seem to have their standard employee "lines" down pat as evidenced by the comments posted here.

I have had an ongoing nightmare with Comcast for over a year. After looking for a customer service number different from the one in my area (MA), I ended up in (DE) and finally at (NH) Executive Customer Service. These people offer substantial credits, but the problem goes on, and if you call repeatedly, there comes a time when they won't return your call within 24 hours.

I have an illness which causes me to fall. Imagine not having a reliable telephone service. I've been home bound for a relatively long time and unable to utilize the service Comcast haphazardly provides--anthing but COMCASTIC.

And how about those bogus programming plans and the outrageous prices. I was on the 3-way $99.00 special. When it ran out, I asked if they could do something for me because of the lack of service during my year (extend the offer)--guess what the answer was--NO! Because they had given me credits. Get this, they were willing to give me a $400. credit and being fair-minded, I said give me half. I feel like such an idiot because things didn't get much better. I think this is a manipulative way of doing business. The customer then feels guilty and stupid as a result of these credits because Comcast uses them against the customer as a bargaining tool, and the customer still can't get what he or she wants.

Monopoly or what??? Try to get the same product from another provider. Unless your landlord will let you put a satellite on his property your trapped with this giant irresponsible monster.

I'm moving and guess what--Comcast can now give me the $129.00 deal not the $99.00 deal I orginally wanted extended and was refused a month ago. I'm down to an $85.00 deal ($15.00 credit on phone) that gives me half the channels I want, half the speed I want, and now I'm going to pay more just so I can have what I want.

I have an idea! Why don't customers of Comcast who are not getting what they pay for sell their homes and MOVE. Maybe they will get a credit or a "new" deal.

Oh yes, many customer service representatives acknowedged the fact, that there was a "Digital Voice" problem in my area. The service was unstable for a year! Imagine, they still want their money without providing a reliable service.

Did I mention the charges on my cell phone bill while waiting upwards of twenty minutes to get through to customer services many times????

I could go on and on. Although I'm not a violent person by nature, like Mona, I can certainly understand why she reacted the way she did.

I can't believe we pay Comcast to treat us like this? I would ask what "our" collective problem is but the answer is MONOPOLY.

I'm sure these postings are just the tip of the iceberg. It seems people all over the Northeast are getting the same time of non-service and lack respect. I'm so tired of hearing "We are so sorry."

Thanks for the sounding board.

Whitney said...

My hat is off to Mrs. Shaw. I am another Mrs. Shaw. I had Time Warner for years and had to switch in mid July to Comcast due to the buy out. I did what I was told to do. Dial some number and a Comcast Rep. would help me get changed over. I got someone in Missouri. I have no idea what this guy did but I had problems. I called back and got someone in Maryland. The Maryland guy and I were on the phone a total of 15 hours spread over 3 days. I got so frustrated and tired I asked my husband to go to the liquor store and buy me "something" (never drank before) Meanwhile the guy in Maryland was frustrated with whatever happened with the Missouri set up. He was so hungry he ordered a pizza...Midnight now!

I could not keep my Road Runner name so the guy gives me new names and new passwords. Nothing gells together. In fact on one of the names, if an e-mail comes will come in over 50 times...Then if you try to mail from that name, the receiver will get an e-mail stating. "too many hops" undelivable. I called again and got someone in Florida.. The supervisor there could not help me. Told me to get someone in Houston. Well everytime I called, I never got Houston. No one could help me...they passed the buck. Meanwhile, I was told to call billing and get an adjustment on my 49.00 a month bill. Billing dept (God Only Knows where) laughed at me..
YOU WANT WHAT?", she said. She told me that as long as I can get on line...they are not responsible for anything else...PERIOD! and there would not be a dime credit.

My son set up GMAIL. for me. I pay 49.00 a month to Comcast so I can get GOOGLE which is FREE!~! LOL

I called Comcast again (every time I call I have to wait and wait and push soooo many buttons. One time, I loaded & unloaded the diswasher (about an hour on hold)
made two beds but I was boiling. Comcast can do this to us. Finally, I got a gal in Missouri and she said, "you have been through so much, I am going to have someone come to you home, tomorrow"...I was elated. This is now October (3 months of ^$^& has gone by) and the Comcast guy comes out yesterday. I never was soo happy to see someone. Well, he informs me that my problem is not his problem as he is there to see if the lights are blinking on the modem.!~~!~!~ I showed him the mess and he really was sympathetic. I told him we are paying every month for this mess. He asked if I had called Houston Billing. I told him what some billing dept told me a month ago. He gave me a direct Houston Number and said no one should have to go this long, without good service. (this man is an original Time Warner man and he was nice but could not help)
So do I get a Hammer or what? (-: Comcast sucks...hate that word but it fits them to a tee. I believe I am due "mental cruelty" compensation. While typing this..I am on hold again. I am soo tired.
Whitney in Sugar Land.

Scott from Mantua, NJ said...

I have been a Comcast customer for over 5 years. It has been a relationship built on insanity. "Insanity" is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result but getting the same. This is what it has been like trying to get my tv and internet service to run smoothly. I pay well over $100 for cable and internet service that is terrible. Comcast has sent techs to my home atleast twice a month only to get the same answer from the techs. They state, "Mr. Scott, the problem is not in your home, it is in the delivery system. We have checked the wiring in your home and it is as close to perfect as perfect can be. The system in your area needs to be upgraded and comcast is not willing to spend the money to do so." So, I call comcast and ask them what they are willing to do about it. They state, "When will you be available for a tech to come out?" So, this is where the insanity comes in to play. THEY JUST DON"T CARE!!!! However, they want your money. They keep offering me 6 months discounts of $20 on my bill and they try to sell me the phome service. Screw That!!!! Come fix the problems first. I live in a town home community. We are all waiting patiently for Verizon Fios to come to our area. Rest assured, Comcast will loose everyone in this development as clients. Even if the service is higher in price. Every time I am outside playing with my son all you hear are neighborhood conversations talking bad about Comcast. WELCOME VERIZON!!! BYE-BYE COMCAST!!! AND YOU WONDER WHY STOCK PRICES ARE FALLING. Good luck in the future if there is one.

Just an F.Y.I.
I would love to have used many curse words but wanted to maintain my composure. COMCAST YOU S%$k!!!

Scott from Mantua, NJ

Cecilia said...

I have to say, being a born skeptic out of Missouri, I think it's rather strange that customers who post on this blog suddenly get their service complaints addressed, while people like myself, who call the corporate office, the local office, and the customer service department don't even get their phone calls returned.

Comcast no longer returns my calls, likely because I complain so much -- but then again, if they provided the service that I pay for, I wouldn't have to call and complain, now would I?

This morning is a classic example: I unfortunately have the triple play service, and it has actually been working okay lately. But, this morning, there was no signal on the basic cable channels and the phone wouldn't work. However, the internet worked fine. I called customer service twice to report the outage and both times I received a recording that said "The party you are trying to reach is not taking calls right now. Please try again later."

So now, they are just turning the phones off. I live in Montgomery County, MD, and we are trapped by the franchise contract. We have no choice other than to switch to satellite for television, or DSL for internet. In my neighborhood, we can't get Verizon FIOS, which I would love to try.

What my nightmare experience with Comcast has done is reinforce my belief that we need cable access choice on a nationwide basis and we need it NOW.

Contact your local representatives and lobby for cable access choice. If Comcast won't deliver the service they are contractually obligated to deliver, then we should have the choice to buy cable service from another company.

Comcast, if you just did your job, no one would even notice you were the only choice in most areas. However, you can't deliver the services and you treat your customers -- who pay your salaries -- like crap.

For those reading this posting, here is the corporate headquarters contact information:

Comcast Corporation
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2148
Phone: 215-665-1700
Fax: 215-981-7794

If you call them, just state that you wish to file a complaint and they will transfer you to an executive assistant.

They aren't as responsive in this office as they used to be (at least to me) but if this group and others could start an email/letter writing campaign to demand the services they sell and we pay for, we may be able to beat them into submission.

You can read about my Comcast experiences at under the consumer affairs link.

nealo said...

Bob You are the man! I have been fighting with Comcast for six weeks to port my three phones to Vonage. They refused! I involved the State of CT when they terminated my service despite promises that this would never happen.
Their problems are as immense as their company. They are on the same road as Ma Bell, but worse.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

I live in Douglasville, GA. To have cable here we have to use Comcast. My father and I lived together in my house (he is 89 yoa)until three years ago when I married and moved in with my new husband. He has had his phone number for over 20 years. He started believing ads and "friends" when they said they had the big "C" for internet, phone and cable. He decided to change completely from AT&T. When they finally came out, the man spent about six hours trying to get things hooked up correctly. Finally he gave up and his supervisor came out in the evening and redid everything so it worked. By morning no service at all. Called him again--it was Saturday by this time--he came out fixed the problem and left. By evening no service and had to depend on the cell phone. My father has a Life Alert monitor and MUST have the phone. I called C and told them again about the situation, said it would be Tuesday afternoon before someone could come out. I explained the monitor, they said that was the best they could do. I told them AT&T would be out immediately--they said they were not AT&T. Tuesday afternoon it was fixed, by Friday, no service. Monday fixed again. They listed the phone in my name instead of my fathers. We tried to get that changed and they said it had to be in my name because I owned the house and would not change it. What about the people that rent? My dad finally realized the mistake he had made and wanted to change back. Called AT&T to start the process, Comcast would not release the phone number for some reason, could not ever get it straight. It took two months to get it changed back to AT&T. He was without internet a month, they disconnected his phone and I had to spend all day trying to get it connected again until it could be transferred back to AT&T which was month later. We are back with AT&T now thank goodness. I shudder every time I think about Comcast and tell people all the time about our experience. I think I have saved serveral couples so far (we live in a new community) many headaches. It won't do any good to give his number because we are through with Comcast--unfortunately he still has cable.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is the worst. I have been trying to get rid of them for years but there has been no alternative-until now. As soon as Verizon FIOS gets here, I'm switching. Comcast lacks service, professionalism and most of all cuatomer appreciation. They should take the money they spend on their annoying, misleading commercials and use it to reduce prices. Why do I say misleading? Their so called "triple play" would reduce the highest internet speed that I have now. So I can pay less but get less service. Verizon may or may not be better, but I'm willing to let them try. I'd do anything to rid myself of the Comcast people who sit up there coutning their money thinking they are so terrific. They are just the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought to everyone who is slamming Comcast. If you wish to bring this company to it's knees and bring them down they also hire many small companies as contractors and you can thank yourselves for causing small businesses to fail and for many people to be out of jobs. Take a step back and realize that they are not the only "big" company out there. How about Verizon or Qwest and yes DirectTV. They and many more are not the perfect company to all their customers. So as you attempt to shut down Comcast you will be destroying many small businesses and their families!!!

Kathy in Kansas said...

Shouldn't the On Demand be renamed? Talk about false advertising!!! We did try to point out the absurdity of it all (I think they must look long and hard to find such dense, ass kissing - to the company anyway, customer service people. I vote for On Demand to be renamed "Fat Chance". And while I'm on a roll, why is it that big companies are not smart enough to realise that when a customer has to call customer service they probably already have a problem. They/we do NOT want to be left on hold listening to YOU trying to sell us more crappy services, and longer we're left on hold the madder we're going to be. Now days the CUSTOMER has been left out of CUSTOMER service. Oh yeah, I guess the SERVICE has also been left out of CUSTOMER SERVICE. I could name other companies with equally bad customer service, but my hubby draws a paycheck from one of them. Can you say CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?????

jeans102 said...

I have such disdain for comcast service that there are no words strong enough to describe it. After 3 years of internet problems, nothing has been done to correct it. Numerous calls and many hours on the phone, many service techs at my house (who just refer problem to maintenance) and still nothing has been done. Supervisors refuse to return my calls and I can't get help from anyone.

TEXAS TIM said...

highlands tx...Texas Tim says "HANG 'EM HIGH!!!!!!" unbelievable.....after 3 months of "you have to be there" appointments, they can't find why digit freeze and audio loss interruptions are happening. drill a hole and run another cable...still...same friggin problem. i have heard good and bad stories of dish, but, it can't be THIS bad. a good piece of oak, wrap em on the knee, tie em up, and use comcast as a pinata. SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!

grw said...

acct# 01643208128-03 About a year ago I had a problem with someone in my house ordering Pay per view movies (very expensive). Well, I contacted Comcast who told me that they would block it so that the PPV movies could not be ordered through the box. I would have to call in and order it using a pin number. And being that the account is in my name only, I would be the only one who could do it. Also we put a password on the box at home. Well, somehow it has happened again. 27 movies in one month to the tune of $228.45 and 7 more still to be billed. I called comcast to find out how this could happen and the guy (he was very nice) told me that this person had figured out my password, but I was told previously that they had done something on their end also. They would not do anything to help me with these charges. When they told me last time that I would be safe I believed them. Now I'm in the hole over $300.00 that I cannot afford. Also, I wanted to move a box from one room to another and they charged me $27.00. I think this absurd, it wasn't a new activation... I was just rearranging my house. I prefer cable to satellite but I am seriously thinking about switching to save money...this is getting crazy.

Scott from Mantua, NJ said...

I learned about this blog on ABC news. Even the top media channels are on board with taking down Comcast. Iguess their service sucks too!

lazer said...

Mrs.Mona Shaw is a hero. A Black guy called JD(on this site as a blog writter) he said take them to court,- wrong answer. This "Hammer time" ( which we had the song in the background-by M.C. Hammer playing)made a good impactive exposure to comcrastic's multi-layered problems and exploiting them on exactly of "How not to run a Company".In this case,going to court would do nothing. I too would love to help pay her fine Now, thats a good investment!!!!!

Gary K said...

Don't have a Comcast account since this occurred several years ago and I dumpted all my Comcast files after dumping them.
Sales repet came to my door and sold me Comcast. They didn't show up to install on scheduled day. I called them and they had no record of installation date. Rescheduled. Service installed a week later. Had phone service for a week then service stopped. Called Comcast - service will be up and running in 24 hours but it wasn't. Called again every day for almost two weeks. Each time was told service would be up in 24 hours. At end of two weeks I had service for two days then it quit. Called again and same reply, "24 hours". After a month went to their offices to speak to Supervisor. Fort Knox, not allowed in to speak to Supervisor but was allowed to talk to him on phone. He asked if anyone had been to my home. I replied "No". He sent someone out and the repair tech discovered improper installation. During previous 30 day period had service for a combined total of 4 days. Received a $5.64 credit on my phone bill.

Jim Craig said...

Im Jim Craig, The Director of operations for a NFP Org, called The Citizens In Action.
I hav an amazing story to tell about Comcast, That I find hard to belive myself and have felt until now that i was alone in my plight.
So first id like to thank all of you for speeking out.
My problem began at instilation, When i had requested Tv, internet and phone service.
Apor arival of the instilation truck i was amazed to find three man that spoke veary little english and what thay did speek was badly broken with spanish. befor thay started i told them I wanted the cable installed through my crawel space witch is clean, dry and quite large for a crall. I was told" no problemoh" after thay took a large cable buring machine out of the truck. I realized somthing was wrong as no buring was needed. I was then told " No we got to do like this.
At that time i made sure thay understood that thair were electrical lines buried from my home across the back yard to my shed. I agean was told " No Problemoh, we no hut tem" As thay proceded to bury the cabol through my yard, around to the other side of the house, using three times the amount of cable that would have been needed if done the way I had wanted it. The hair on my neck stood tall as thay proceded to cut through my yard passing directly over were my electrical lines were burird.
That evening my sone advised me we had to change the bulbs in the security lights out back as thay didnt come on when the dog went out. I new then that thair was a problem but didnt realize how severe it was. the next day i checked the bulbs to find them O,K. but there was no power to the shed. After further invistigation ,I found My worst nightmare was a fary tale compared to what had happened and what i was about to go through.
Hold on to your seats this is a long one !!!
I emeditly called comcast to inform them of what had happened and was blown off as if i were a stupid idiot, that dident know what i was talking about. after 33 years in maintenance and construction I thought I had seen it all, I was wrong.
It was already late in the year and fall was setting in. by the time the snow flew< I still had no response to my request for help. So I wated through the winter befor calling back to be told " thair was no work order put in on the complaint and thay didnt know what I was talking about. I then proceded to put in a worke order for repairs. That was the first of four work orders that I had to put in over a period of a year and 3/4 until the next august when the big rains started and the lights in the house started going out, witch wasnt unusual as we always lost power to the storms throught the aria. we had gone through the hotest summer we have had in years without our pool being put up, no power to the shed ment, no place to plug in the pump without a G,F,I ground foult interupter. to prevent shock. thee winter had been hard in the dark trying to put the plow on the tractor or even get the snow blower out of storage. but that wasnt the worst after the rains came the power went out and came back on, after the wind had died down and the power the power went out a second, and third, and forth time and then only half the power in the hose came on at aney time so i called an electrition to come out and check out the fuse box, because i thought i had smeled smoke. Guess what!!! The cabol thay had cut through was a main, and when the ground became saturated it started shorting out and burned through the centeral main fuse in the box . mind you this is an older home and not on a braker systum. The electrition told me that the short came veary close to burning the house down, kids, dogs, mom, and dad included. he traced the short to the back yard and found the problem a cut underground cabol, he wouldnt splice it because it was a wet aria with the poool and said if the watter pudeled and someone steped in in bare foot it could electricute them, and he would have to replace the cable compleatly , witch would be costly as it had to be hand dug with all the tree roots in the aria and even at a friend to friend cost it would cost about fore hundred bucks thats including the emergancy call, tracing the circut, materials and labou. for a hand dug 40FT run i thought that was a good price. after informing comcast of the price thay emeditly tacked that 400dollars on to my bill saying that it was charges for tha converter box that i hadent returned after refusing to pay the bill until thay compleated the repairs. Thay then proceded to turn off the cabol and then snuck into the yard ware the conection to the pole was and disconected it compleatly, and now that i have had to make the repairs myself at my own expence and being tolt to " fax them the recepts and thay would think about it" Want to charge me agean for Instilation when I had been told thay couldent disconect it as the phone was considered a utility and with me being a severly disabld person that at times has used 911 and would most probably use it in the future for life suport, it wouldnt be cut off well guess what, it was and being on ss disability raising 2 kids and unable to make ends meet as it is now thay have thair hands out wanring to get paid agean for services not rendered and are asking the government for a price increase, excuse me but who the F Word do thay think thay have by the short hair just because the feds are taking away broadcast chanels and giving them a monopoly and thay think thay can get away with it because thay didnt create the situation. what am I stupid or what.
I dont agree with the method of the woman I saw on the news, with a hamer her methods were a little extreme but I know were shes comin from , and feel I have noware to turn as i cant afford an attorney to fight the giant , I need to contact JACK THE GIANT KILLER to end my plight, but jack is just a childs tail and I have to find hummor in this situation just to stay sain. being almost bedriden the TV was my only distraction. Now the hell continues. God help us all, as we are only pawns in this game for big companies to play with and laugh about as thay brush us off, the table when thair done with us. thank you all for sharing your thoughts and trials and tribulations with us. Jim Craig
we need to find a come together point so we can help eachother in this delema I may be contacted through the citizens in action P.O.Box 83 New Lenox Ill.60451 and am Looking for an attorney to take on our case Pro- Bono this giant may be hard to kill but when it falls it may be heard by all.

Anonymous said...

I am a comcast customer from when they bought AT&T so it's been awhile My frustration is this They can't or won't put all their services on one bill I get a phone bill a cable bill and an internet bill. Secondly I get a letter in the mail saying I must upgrade to their digital phone system or lose service. The problem is they can't support the service I currently have. They say they can ony handle two lines per householrd so I have to lose my third line. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't UPGRADE imply that you will be getting better and increased options rather than having to downgrade. This is a hardship because I need a dedicated fax line When you finally talk to a CUSTOMER SERVICE rep they say they can't help with this issue and have no time table when a COMPANY THE SIZE OF COMCAST will be able to support Three lines to an address.

Anonymous said...

My wife recently moved apartments and we contacted Comcast to switch our cable and Internet services. I spoke to the customer service
representative and they had both apartments (old and new) on the system as being active units, meaning, receiving cable signals and currently wired for cable. We scheduled our appointment for Saturday 9/29 between 8am and

The technician arrived around 10am and began working on installing our
system. Because we were actively moving apartments (luckily from one side of the street to another) I was able to be around to answer any questions. The technician caught up to me and said there was a problem.

In the new apartment, he wasn't receiving a cable signal with his line equipment. He found the building manager and took a
look down a the main cable box in the basement/alley to make sure there was a line. It turns out, that a previous Comcast technician, sometime between
when I made the appointment call, the 3rd week of September and September 29th, took the cable line going into our new apartment and switched our active line to another unit within the same building. The current technician told me that a totally separate Comcast installation team, that deals with "multi-unit dwellings" would have to come out to install new lines. He could call in
and make the appointment for us and he hoped that someone could be out within 48 ours to fix the situation.

On Sunday, we called Comcast again to check on the status of that situation and the customer service operative told us that the earliest someone could get out there would be 10/22! Nearly a month! I said that was
unacceptable and asked for a Supervisor. After explaining the situation, again, to the supervisor and emphasizing how one of their employees' laziness caused this problem, they need to get someone out there ASAP. The
Supervisor, Kathy, said she would put an 'escalation order' in on the
account. And she would get back to us to update us.

On Monday, 10/1, we still hadn't heard anything so we called back and spoke to another supervisor, Judy Dell, who told us that the previous supervisor, Kathy hadn't made any notations on our account and hadn't put in the escalation order. Judy however was able to put in the order, but alas, we
are now slated to get our cable/internet service installed between now and 10/22.

As you can imagine, we're completely frustrated and stymied because Comcast has a monopoly on cable service in Chicago, with the exception of a few areas. We find it completely unacceptable that we would have to wait nearly a month for our service to be installed because on of their own employees was too lazy to do the right thing the first time. As I said,
when I made the appointment, the customer service representative could see that there was still service going to the new apartment.

Since the time of that, we actually received a bill for service from the old apartment. So I called the billing department (isn't it funny how that line you barely have to wait for a human to talk to?) and told them that we haven't been at that address for almost a month and we haven't had cable for the reasons explained above. He removed the bill from our account.

At this point, my Spidey Sense (tm) was going off and I figure I should check on the appointment for Monday. He said he had it there that a wire technician would be out on Monday between 1-5pm to wire our apartment. And then I added, and to install cable and Internet correct? No, said the operator, that would be a separate technical to do that. WHAT?! I told Paul the operator that there had better be enough people out here on Monday to do whatever they had to do on Monday. I also reminded him that at no point during our previous conversations with customer service did anyone mention that we'd have to have 2 people out the same day to get us set up with cable. UNBELIEVABLE.

Anonymous said...

I just FINALLY got rid of Comcast once and for all. All the stress I had disappeared. My phone didn't work right, my cable was horrible, my internet was slow, but at least it was up most of the time - after 2 months of difficulty. I was just so sick of the terrible customer service and the total inability for them to help at all with anything. No matter what was wrong, it wasn't them. It was the weather, MY TV, MY computer, MY phone, MY imagination... and all they'd recommend was for ME to bring in the box and get a new one. I went with ATT UVerse and so far so good. The quality of the picture on my TVs is unbelieveable. I had HD with Comcast and it was visible at best. I don't have HD now because I didn't want to pay extra, but the quality is crystal clear. AMAZING. I'm SOOOO happy I'm rid of Comcast. I read one of the posts from an employee where they said they were expected to sell services no matter what. One of them nearly gave me a breakdown. When the "conversion" from Time Warner to Comcast was going one a few months ago, I had so many problems with my services. I called and called and called and was nearly hyperventilating. I let whoever I was talking to "have it" like the screaming crazy person I had become and they actually asked me if I was interested in adding some more movie channels. I was STUNNED! The AT&T customer service has been wonderful so far.

C. Hall said...

My experience was identical to Victor Yuschenko's posted on Oct. 18 except for a few more unbelievable episodes. I had a supervisor ask me "What do you want me to do about it?" and when I told him I wanted my phone fixed he hung up. I have and continue to experience phone problems since April 07. Once being without service for an entire week. The main problem is what they call a robotic sound that generates from my end. I had two phone calls yesterday that I made to the same person where they did not even hear me. During the summer after upping my cell phone bill by 50.00 to increase my minutes I actually broke down and sobbed with someone at comcast telling them that I can't take anymore of their non caring attitudes and I am not much of a crier until I get really mad. I too have made so many appts. where technicians did not show and have also left my cell and when calling back found that they were calling my broken home phone. I too have been cutoff in the middle of a 30 minute conversation and had to call back and start over more times than I can even tell you. This company ought to be put out of business due to their lack of care or concern for their customers. I have never seen anything like the treatment that you get from these people. It ought to be against the law. I once asked if I could just have the TV service what would it cost me and I got a quote of $89. Well, how stupid would it be of me to do that when the package they offered was supposedly $99 per month and ends up around $130. At one point in July or August I deducted $33 from my bill when paying and told my husband that I would fix them I just won't pay for a phone that I don't have. Sometime around Sept. we got a letter stating that our acct. was behind $33 and our service (all three) would be cut off in 5 days. When I called them about this and had another hour long conversation I ended up having to pay over the phone with my debit card the $33 dollars or my service would cut off. Needless to say, I have handed all communications with Comcast over to my husband because my nerves cannot take anymore. I can see him eventually going in with a hammer if he has to put up with half of what I have had to for the past six months. I surely hope that this site helps customers in our situation and they do not have to be driven to insanity. All this because my husband had to go out and purchase an HD Television.

scaredof comcast said...

I have only been a customer for three weeks and I wake up everyday with an outage in my area. I used to work for DTV so I know they suck it is just that my children needed the internet and there was no way I was entering the black hole that is AT&T.
A drunken tech arrived at my house on the SECOND day of installation, he stated that he had just quit smoking and was frustrated. His dispatcher told him the order had been cancelled so he just left and left cable in the middle of my living room floor. At this point I have no idea what my bill will be and although they told me I could keep my phone number they changed it twice, so I am still trying to remember it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dO YOU REALY THINK YOU CAN STOP THEM THAY DONT GIVE A DARN ABOUT YOU ITS THE BIG BUCK IF THAY WANT MORE ALL THAY HAVE TO DO IS ACK UNCLE SAM IF THE Boo Boo lip is big enough he will give them any thing thay want even his own young for there diner so dont get on your high hourse you ante gettin nothing

Anonymous said...

Today's News about Comcast pretending to be their own customers to reduce bandwidth, etc. etc. is SOOOOOOO cheap!!

I do file sharing and there are many, many good and noble applications out there that use this feature (cure cancer, SETI, count stars projects, etc, etc.). Anyway in their constant effort to stand in the way of progress and get more money out of us, they do what they do .......

NEW YORK - Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is without a doubt the most inefficient,uncooperative & unobligiging company that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.I wrote letters to the Divisional President & then the CEO & never ever received a response or an apology.

appalled in san jose said...

On the same day that the Washington Post ran Mona's story, I was having my own Comcast hammer tale: On my day off, it took me three trips and six hours to upgrade my cable service. At 10:30, the office was closed for a "staff meeting." (what customer service-related business closes during prime hours?!) The second time, there was a line out the door but I picked up the equipment I needed. Had to go back a THIRD TIME because equipment was defective. It was almost a 4th time because the rep forgot to give me a cable wire. Luckily, I had one at home.
And they want to be my home and internet provider, too? I don't think fact, I am looking into satellite now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Another reason to hate Comcast: they engage in "the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider."

MSNBC: Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-Comcast customer - Internet and TV. Internet service was OK the first year, but they soon over-subscribed the area, without the requisite equipment upgrades. From about 7PM til 11 PM, DNS timed out, sites timed out, even the Comcast site timed out. TV was full of audio dropouts and pixilations until it was just plain not worth watching.

Customer service was hard to reach, mostly unskilled, and always ready with "We don't support that." Every time I wanted something fixed, it was part of some expensive upgrade.

The LAST STRAW was when the took the TC Guide Channel off the analog service and said I could only get it on the more expensive digital service. I have gone with Verizon - not perfect, but worlds better, and cheaper, too.

BTW - Verizon called me three times after their install to see if I was satisfied.

Denise said...

Comcast is the worst!!! I have now been without internet or cable for over 18 hours. There seems to be an outage in my area that cannot seem to be fixed by the intelligent and competent technicians at Comcast. The best part is I called last night and the woman I spoke to said they were aware of the problem, the tech was on the way and it should be resolved in 45 mins, that was at 7:15. At 8:35pm, still no cable or internet, I called back and spoke to a woman, she said the other rep was just
being “optimistic” and there is no way to tell how long the outage will take to fix….Wonderful!!! So now I have no cable or internet and they said they would compensate me by taking the 2 days off my bill. What the heck, I pay over 120.00 every month to receive service and expect it to be reliable. 2 days compensation is absolutely ridiculous. So I still have no TV or internet and they are unsure when the problem will be resolved…Does anyone know any fun things to do when you have no connection to the outside world:) Anyone else in my area having this issue…Norristown, PA…
P.S. The Hammer Lady made my day!!!!!

Denise said...

Comcast is the worst!!! I have now been without internet or cable for over 18 hours. There seems to be an outage in my area that cannot seem to be fixed by the intelligent and competent technicians at Comcast. The best part is I called last night and the woman I spoke to said they were aware of the problem, the tech was on the way and it should be resolved in 45 mins, that was at 7:15. At 8:35pm, still no cable or internet, I called back and spoke to a woman, she said the other rep was just being “optimistic” and there is no way to tell how long the outage will take to fix….wonderful!!! So now I have no cable or internet and they said they would compensate me by taking the 2 days off my bill. What the heck, I pay over 120.00 every month to receive service and expect it to be reliable. 2 days compensation is absolutely ridiculous. So I still have no TV or internet and they are unsure when the problem will be resolved…Does anyone know any fun things to do when you have no connection to the outside world Anyone else in my area having this issue…Norristown, PA…
P.S. The Hammer Lady made my day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I called Comcast to have the cable split so we could set up a TV in another room in our house. I made an appointment and in the very cliche way...the cable guy never showed up. When the 4 hour window had come and gone, I called Comcast who told me the technician was running a little late and that he would be there soon. I called about an hour later when he still hadn't arrived and they told me the technician had gotten lost but will be arriving soon. Another hour passes and he still hasn't arrived. I call again and they tell me that he did arrive but nobody was home. Bulls*%t. They gave me a different excuse every time and the final one was trying to put me at blame. I spoke to a manager and had the problem resolved. He arranged for a technician to come at my convenience which was outside regular service hours, and he made it happen at no set up cost to me. I appreciate that they resolved the issue, but it couldn't give back the day I spent waiting around for the cable guy to arrive.

Andy said...

Try swithing to FIOS. I've had them for a few months and the service is great and Verizon is better to deal with the Comcast.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to find this site. My bill last month was $225.00!!! My internet has been down since Sat. 10/14. I hated calling because I knew the tec. would tell me to unplug. Sure enough that is jsut what he had me do, which then sent my wireless router off. Calling back I was told not Comcast problem, it must by my router!!!! Bottom line. I have reached out to another carrier and will be COMCAST FREE in less than a week. I am telling anyone who will listen not to deal with Comcast. To my surprise half of my friends and family have switch from comcast. How do they stay in business??? I rather switch than deal with comcast.

Anonymous said...

I am no Comcast victim (not a customer) but had Verizon experiences that beat those of the Washington Post story of Mona Shaw by months.

The problem is that companies that have quasi-public monopolies (like Verizon) or limited competition under cartell-like conditions have NO INCENTIVE to train and pay their workers, provide better service etc. Why would they -- every dollar spent is a dollar less in profits.

I congratulate your blog, and should consider starting one on Verizon. Except that after 8 months of cutting off my Internet over and again (and charging me penalties for terminating early), they haven't bothered me in a while. Sure they will again, though. And then won't respond to my requests, complaints and screams for mercy. Why would they? They are the monopoly.

This is a case for regulators to step in. When certain minimum standards are not met, that should trigger a compensatory fine. $100 a day without service, or $25 per hour of waiting for service, or for a manager to talk to. That would wake them up -- or at least comensate the "customers."

Anonymous said...

Our brilliant city council has signed on to an exclusive contract with Comcast which leaves us no choice but to pay their inflated prices to purchase cable from a monopoly. In neighboring communities at least they have an option. My local leaders have accepted the bribe offered by Comcast to keep competitors out. Oh for freedom of choice!

Anonymous said...

In San Jose,CA, Comcast just removed the channel guide for basic level subscribers. Petty bastards!

I'm going to try and set up for OTA HD and ditch the SOB's for good.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear from all the Memphis Comcast customers. Since Comcast took over in January 2007 my autopay went away, received multiple bills in one week with charges double what was owed and since then when and I mean if I get a bill it is never the same as the previous month. Is Comcast a crook or just stuck on stupid.
Also the CSRs in Memphis tend to be rude and either can't or won't help the customer and the information they give will differ from agent to agent on the same day, A late nite call to Comcast at the Knoxville payment center really proved to be an eye opener. The Comcast agent when told that we were having problems with the Memphis center commented that the agents in Memphis were just downright mean even to them when they had dealings.
Does anyone know who to contact in the Memphis or Tennessee goverment about the performance of Comcast and their franchise requirements.
Ok Memphis lets hear your stories...are you being robbed by Comcast and not even getting the product you pay for.

Anonymous said...

Here's a copy of the letter I sent to the Comcast CEO a couple weeks ago. So far, no response. My account number is 01619 454630-01-3:

Brian L. Roberts
CEO, Comcast
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dear Mr. Roberts,

I am writing to call your attention to a disturbing lack of good customer service within your company. I had hoped that cable service would improve in my area after Comcast replaced Adelphia, but if anything, many things have only gotten worse. The following is an *abridged* account of my recent experiences with Comcast.

On the morning of Sunday, August 26th, I called to report that I could not access the Internet; I was told that this was the only reported outage in the area. I called back about half an hour later to report that the television signal was also very poor, and the customer service representative apologized for the long wait time, which was due to “hundreds” of outages being reported in my area. A service appointment was scheduled for five days later, between 8:30 and 5:00 on August 30th. I stayed home from work on the 30th, and called about 12:30 to see if there was an estimate of when the technician would arrive. I was told I had no service appointment, and that I could schedule one for September 10th. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who told me that I had had an appointment, but it had been canceled, because my entire subdivision was without service. I explained that this was odd, since I had checked with five of my immediate neighbors, who all reported no trouble. I was told that someone would be there by 5:00. I called back at 6:00, and was told someone would arrive by 9:00.

The next day, I went to the “local” office (a 40 mile round trip) at noon, and was to expect someone by 5:00 that day (the 31st). No one came. I called that evening, and was told that someone “ought to” be at my house by 11:00 Saturday morning. I asked what “ought to” meant, and was told that someone would be there by 11:00. Saturday at noon, my neighbor asked how things were going, and I told him the good news – that someone would be coming by 11:00. I once again called Comcast, and was told that the technician had already been to my house and that things were working fine. Since I was doing yard work in front of the house from 8:00 until 11:00, I knew this was not true. I was told that they would request that the technician would “return” later that day.

By Sunday, I had gotten tired of being without service, so I purchased 200 feet of cable ($60) and laid it across my yard. All services were restored. I contacted Comcast again, and explained that I didn’t need to be home during a service call, since I knew that just the cable from the street to my house needed to be replaced. The customer service representative said this was fine, and that someone would come Monday or Tuesday.

On Wednesday, September 5th, I visited the local office again, and was told that a technician would come either later that day or the next day. When I got home from work on Thursday, there was indeed a new cable, and a note saying that it would be buried at a later date. (The last time a new cable was laid, it took two and a half years for Adelphia to return to bury it; I trust Comcast can do this more quickly.)

So, finally there was some good news. However, there was some more bad news. There was a post at a blind spot in my driveway, with reflectors to help drivers turning around to leave my driveway. This post had been torn from the retaining wall to which it was attached, and was laying in the driveway with the reflectors smashed. Unless a large package is being delivered, it is extremely rare for anyone to use my driveway during the day, and Comcast seems to be the likely culprit. I called Comcast, and was told not to make any repairs until someone could come out and assess the damage.

Yesterday, September 29th, I again called regarding the destroyed post. I was given yet another claim number (524231), but no date to expect inspection or repair. I was told to visit my local office if I want to schedule a visit.

What are my expectations at this point? I expect fair compensation for my time and costs, and I expect timely assessment of the damage that your driver probably caused. Also, once you have received this letter, I expect Comcast to assume liability in the unlikely event of damage caused by the absence of the warning post along my driveway.

In my view, Comcast has mistaken its license to operate a monopoly for a license to operate without integrity. If such carelessness and lack of follow-through were happening within my organization, I would want it brought to my attention. I hope you will act swiftly and decisively to overhaul the service that your company should be providing.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Lucie said...

Lucie 8798201640011543

Comcast has been quite annoying lately with their charges. I recently noticed that I have been overcharged for at least the last two months. They have been charging me for the sports package and two additional channels they said I was to receive free for 12 months since I signed up for phone service. What a mistake. When I checked the sports channels on my TV, I don't even receive it without a subscription. Go figure. I have been paying for something I don't get. I was able to track it for the last two months but never kept my statements. Now I do. They said they will not charge me anymore. But I also wanted two months credit and they did not respond. I have to say that each time I talk to a rep they have been very polite but not too knowledgeable. I have other concerns with them too but this has been too long already. Just wanted to express my latest experience with comcast.

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I've had my issues with Comcast. But after takeing off 5 days of work and having the problem come back every 4 months or so I decided that i wasn't going to pay for the service until they fixed my service. They didn't take that well and threatened disconnecting my service. I didn't take that well and complained at 2 days later someone from corporate called me to schedule a saturday morning appointment with a 2 hour window. The rep showed up on time and fixed the problem, which was faulty wiring on the outside of the house installed by the comcast tech. Not only that but they gave me a HUGE credit that basically gave me my last 2 months of comcast service for free. So the moral of the story is to complain to the BBB.

Lucie said...

Forgot to mention that I saw Mona Shaw on the news and then Bob who mentioned this website. I would never have known about this unless I caught Mona on the tube. I think this is a great website to vent and possibly change the way comcast does business. I will only give comcast 12 months for this triple play service and then will actively seek other alternatives. Thanks Bob for this great blog.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I hope this blog catches on. Why give comcast the opportunity to fix what they have broke. It is apparent that they don't care. Many of us have been trying to resolve the issues with comcast for more than a reasonable amount of time. Maybe... We can start a Verizon Fios Blog welcoming them to the neighborhoods. It might really motivate them to install the fiber optics quicker. VERIZON....WE NEED YOU!!!! HURRY UP AND INSTALL FIBER OPTICS IN MANTUA, NJ!!! COMCAST SUCKS REALLY BAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Moved to Greeneville, TN from Southern Oregon. Gave Comcast our address and they said cable no problem, made an appointment that took 2 weeks. They came and said we couldn't get cable even tho it was at the road. Our driveway is long but offered to do the ditch ourselves and was willing to pay $600 to get connected for internet. They gave us a quote of $7000 whether we did the ditch or not. They sure don't want any new customers. Also very rude and unfriendly. Comcast can kiss our a--es. We got Hughes which works fine for what we did. said...

I would like to include my customer number but considering the comcast website "can't locate my account" I do not know what it is. This is the latest in a three week saga.

I made the call to transfer my service on September 26. At that time they told me they could not get somebody to me until October 8th from 8-11. So I take the morning off work expecting to go into the office for the second part of the day. My technician didnt arrive until 11:45, spent sometime wandering around the building, told me I had a bad prewire and they would have to reschedule a "specialist" to come do work.

That appointment would have to wait until October 16 11-2. So I wait on October 16th and a technician, not specialist, comes to my apartment. This guy I give all the credit to. He arrived at 11:15 and spent an hour trying to figure out my cable situation. However, he was unable to get into the cable room in my apartment building because the last comcast rep that checked out the key never returned it (management had his license still as a deposit).

So my appointment is rescheduled for October 17 from 2-5. I get a call that same day at 530 from another technician looking for my apartment for that appointment. I inform him that the appointment is for the following day.

I call comcast the morning of the 17th as I arrive at work to verify my appointment. The man tells me not only do I have the wrong day, but i have the wrong time. My appointment was scheduled for Oct 18th 8-11 AND 11-2. Apparently they had to send out two guys to do the wiring first and then another guy to hook up the cable.
On the 18th the first two guys arrive at 11:30, walk around the building for 20 minutes, then tell me that management didn't run the cables correctly (new building) and it was their job to get that done before they can hook up the cable. So I go to management who tells me that Comcast was contracted to do all the cabling in the building so they are the ones that need to fix it. I am obviously incredibnly frustrated.

That same day at 2:30 I get a call from another Comcast technician looking for my apartment (apparently nobody told him that my building was messed up). This guy was also a good employee and spent a good hour with me showing me why he couldn't hook up the cable and what needed to be done to fix it. Bottom line, when comcast was contracted to install the wiring they cut corners and never finished wiring my hallway in the building. That is supposed to happen today and on Monday. I will keep you posted.

Matt Hill

Scott said...

Actually, I've done the best thing that can be done with a zombie company like this. I took my money and business to a competitor.

How do you like them apples Comcast? You don't get my money any more, for anything.

marcy said...

I was a customer of Adelphia cable for internet services..Comcast bought them out and promptly raised my internet charges to 62.00 a month, an increase of 18.00 because I did not use their cable services (I have directtv) Bellsouth has the same DSL for 32.95 a month here in SE Florida, so I contacted them for service. I notified Comcast in plenty of time to stop any further billing, but they chose to wait a week before sending someone out to disconnect, and I am now getting bills from a collectin agency for 13.00, which I have no intention of paying. Funny thing tho, if you didn't pay your bill on time they could disconnect from the office..go figure. It's a monopoly, I can remember paying as little as 12.00 a month when cable first started, and the price for the service now is utterly ridiculous.

S. Pine said...

We can understand Ms. Shaw's frustrations. Recently we canceled service with Comcast due to poor service. We purchased and paid for a Cable Modem from Comcast in 2001. After canceling the service Comcast continued to bill us $40 for our modem not returned. Numerous phone calls to our local office as well as to Comcast home office have failed to remedy the problem. They have since threatened turning the balance over to a collection agency and damaging our credit. We have supplied them with all documentation proving that we own the Modem. The last billing received changed the wording from Modem to Equipment, however, we do not have or have ever had any cable boxes or equipment owned by Comcast.

Our complaints have been sent by mail and e-mail to Comcast Executives, Kansas City Better Business Bureau, Missouri Attorney General, and the Kansas City Star newspaper.

The billings and threats have stopped, however, we have no proof that Comcast has cleared the account balance.
Acct. #05645 052126-01-9

Don said...

Comcast has done nothing but a criminal fraud rip-off scam with me. Their FAKE supervisors NEVER resolve anything and they owe me over $300 in fraudulent rip-off scam charges. That’s not even counting all of the massive intermittent down time which should also get a refund of some kind. This post is only about their fraudulent billing scam for the last year (well, almost 11 months now).

I plan to file both criminal charges against them with the state's Attorney General's Office and also take them to small claims court to get my stolen money back since they are too dishonest to resolve any of these issues.

I have already reported them to the FCC for illegal text ads overriding ALL TV programs, a totally separate issue from the fraudulent billing scam mentioned here.

Comcast Acct#: 01715 142359-01-2

Here's billing scam story: These Comcast slime bags have consistently lied to me and continuously refused to ever resolve any issues including fixing downed service and fixing billing errors. On top of that, absolutely no refunds have EVER been issued for massive down time which ranges from several days to several weeks. In the case of the illegal advertising overriding TV programs, that went on for 6 months without ever being fixed and is in a separate post on this web site.

This nightmare started last December when Comcast took over my local cable company which provided a great and reliable service:

1. They never sent a bill in December and then shut down all of my movie channels for two weeks in January. The morons in their tech support said that nothing was wrong, but everything was down except for basic cable channels for over two weeks. In other words, I was paying for a service that didn’t even exist.

2. Finally, after being jerked around by about 10 different people, ALL of them claiming to be “the manager”, I finally found out that the nearest local office had illegally shut down all of my cable boxes (all four of them). I was told basic cable channels can’t be shut down or they would have been dead too. During these two weeks of total down time, their incompetent tech support had absolutely no clue as to what they were doing and swore that there was absolutely no problem with my. They criminally refused to even send someone out to my house to check it out. Of course in typical Comcast fraud style, they billed me for those two weeks of no service and expected to be paid for nothing.

3. To cover for their illegal actions, tech support then tried to claim that I was shut down for non-payment of the bill for November and December. I said, "you never sent a bill in December and November IS paid I can see it in my checking account. Also, I sure as hell am NOT paying for the two weeks of down time in January, so you owe me a refund on that too."

4. The local office easily verified that the November bill WAS PAID. They also admitted that they “purposely” NEVER sent out any bills in December to anyone due to the transition from Adelphia to Comcast and supposedly the billing error was corrected. They also admitted to illegally turning off all of our cable boxes for two weeks. The bill was paid in full for both December and January right there in their local office at this time by my wife, she never got a refund for the two weeks of down time.

5. The next bill came to me in the mail. Guess what? They claimed that January was not paid and they never refunded the money for the two weeks of down time for the illegal shut-down of all my cable boxes. The criminals threatened to shut down my service again, so they extorted another overpayment from me. Now they owe me the $200 overpayment for January which was never credited to my account AND $100 for the two weeks of no TV service due to the illegal shutdown of all cable boxes. Comcast has only been in charge for two months and they have already pulled a $300 billing fraud scam on me. That’s not to mention the fact that there was a major hassle from the service being illegally shut down for two weeks.

6. Again two million phone calls later, and after demanding to talk to the manager, Lisa E. who claimed to be a customer service manager (employee# 7836) said that she would fix this. Also, she said that she would issue a refund for 1/2 month because my service was down for 2 weeks in January. I felt good and thought that this was the end of the Comcast nightmare. WRONG!!!

7. Next bill, same crap. No refunds issued. Lisa E. was apparently a scam because every time I called, they connected me with another FAKE MANAGER who had no clue who Lisa was and never did anything to resolve the issues.

8. Another criminal extortionist from Comcast called me and threatened to shut off my service if I didn’t pay the extortion money. I told this moron that Lisa told me to hold up payment until it was resolved. Long story short, I ended up paying the $300 criminal extortion money every month since then or they would illegally cut me off. They had me by the balls since fiber optic TV isn’t available in this area yet and a satellite dish can’t go through the trees. The Commissioner of Public Works can’t even be bothered to get off his lazy butt to answer the phone, much less do anything. So what can you do?

9. Every single time I have called, Comcast has illegally REFUSED to ever fix this billing issue and has refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. They now keep telling me that I have to contact my “local” office about the billing issues and then always illegally refuse to ever give me the phone number or even the address of my local office. They have also illegally refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. Also, they have illegally refused to even give me a physical address where I can send court papers to sue them. There is nothing legal going on at Comcast, absolutely nothing.

To date, almost a year later, the Comcast jackasses have consistently criminally extorted an extra 1-1/2 payments ($300) from me every month that I DO NOT OWE. They have no intentions of ever fixing the billing error or refunding the money for the two weeks of down time in January. They owe me $300 of refunds just for this one illegal scam alone.

This does NOT include refunds that should have been issued for other down time and all the other problems that their tech support REFUSES to ever fix. Like the “Hammer Lady”, I’d like to do some damage to these criminals offices too.

Comcast is a fraudulent rip-off scam monopoly. They should be arrested for fraud.

Don said...

Comcast Acct#: 01715 142359-01-2

Speaking of illegal here’s another scam for which Comcast owes me even more refunds as well as owing EVERY customer a refund. I’m surprised someone hasn’t already filed a massive multimillion dollar law suit about it yet. Rest assured that I have collected a lot of evidence against Comcast for various things they never fixed, but this takes the cake.

Let me tell you this story too, I’ve got all kinds of examples of it recorded on a DVD for criminal and/or civil court:

This is an illegal thing that Comcast has been doing for a long time, about 6 months. I have filed a complaint with the FCC since it is illegal and it just stopped happening a couple months ago. Apparently the FCC finally got around to it, but it was another issue with Tech support refused to ever acknowledge just like they refused to acknowledge any other problems as existing. Tech support is ALL LIARS.

Several times every evening while watching TV, I would suddenly have my TV program interrupted with an illegal advertising message interrupting everything on every channel. It was a text message similar to the Emergency Broadcast system without the screechy sound. It was illegal advertising bought by the Mount Zion Church and a few other unscrupulous organizations who used Comcast’s greed to illegally advertise their church events on top of everybody’s TV programs. You would be watching TV, when suddenly one of these retarded church ads would interrupt your program for 2-3 minutes.

Just to show you how horrible this illegal crap was, here’s an example: I was recording a concert on VH1, a one-time concert that can NEVER be rerecorded again. These bastards ruined 6 songs in a 1 hour concert with these illegal church ads. The whole concert was ruined by these evil Christians and their evil Comcast cable company. I hope you ALL go to hell for that.

Basically, it’s ALL recorded for criminal prosecution and civil court and I CAN prove that it happens on ALL channels and on both analog and digital cable boxes at the same time. Why? Because many times I was recording stuff on two different recorders on two different cable boxes and these criminal ads were on both of them at the same time.

Somebody belongs in prison for that illegal crap. Also, somebody should sue both Comcast and the Mount Zion Church jackasses who paid for this illegal advertising. Of course tech support denies everything, but I have the recorded proof.

If you, or anyone you know, plan to file a multimillion dollar class action law suit against the Comcast criminals, I would be happy to give you a copy of some of my evidence on DVD for your case. I have examples of intermittent “Black screen” down-time for a few seconds to a few minutes. I have examples of intermittent down time for several minutes while the cable box just shuts itself down and displays an “application loading” error message. I have examples of intermittent down time from these illegal Christian ads Comcast broadcasts on top of all channels on all cable boxes, I can prove this is on two different channels on two different cable boxes at the same time.

If you can prove that you are NOT a Comcast slime bag and that you really are suing those bastards, I’ll make you as many copies as you want for free and mail the DVDs to you. Just call me at 304-724-6130. But be forewarned, I am NOT going to help Comcast cover up their own illegal actions, so you MUST prove to me that you really are suing Comcast and not helping those Comcast bastards to make up more lying excuses for their illegal behavior.

Hope this helps,

Don said...

Questions for everyone:

1. Did your old cable company get bought by Comcast at the end of last year?

2. Did your Internet Access speed get reduced to less than half of what is was before Comcast?

3. Did your Internet Access price double when the Comcast slime bags took over?

4. Have you had nothing but non-stop over billing errors?

5. Has your TV service had chronic intermittent problems?

Perhaps if your local news paper, TV news stations and Commissioner of Public Works get enough complaints from all of you dissatisfied Comcast customers, someone in authority will force Comcast monoply to become an HONEST company. Think about it. Complain to everyone you can. Send email to your senators. File a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (both state and federal). Let’s get some action. Don’t let these scoundrels get away with ripping you off. Take action NOW.

Anonymous said...

I haven't bee terribly dissatisfied with Comcast though it annoys me that as a long time, loyal customer, they charge me 50% more than they charge new customers. But now I find out that the new digital voice service that is replacing digital phone (which will no longer be available)will not support external devices such as my emergency call button. If I hadn't happened to mention it, I am sure I wouldn't have known until I needed to use it. I assume they also won't support other external devices such as fire alarms that dial out to a service center. They are forcing me to Verizon for phone so I will just have to switch for Internet and TV also. I guess they are not interested in doing business with older folks. Has anyone else been told this said...

SERENITY NOW!!! It's so nice to know someone feels my pain. Comcast can kiss it!!

Tomorrow, Comcast will be coming out to my home for the FOURTH time to install cable & internet. Although, I'm not holding my breath. I've been without cable for over a month. In that time, I've lost about 15 hours of my life on the phone with them. It could actually be more. One day, it was more than 4 hours!! And in one phone call, I was ON HOLD for ONE HOUR and 40 MINUTES before I even spoke to an incompetent person who transferred me between departments again and again. INSANE!! And let me tell you I'm very close to being clincally insane myself after dealing w/ their shady service. They were crediting my account for some of their mistakes and I actually asked them how much credit I could get since they've taken my mind and soul!

How did I get to this point. I'll tell ya....

First time they came out, they never came to the door. I missed their first call, and called immediately back and was on hold nearly 2 hrs. By that point, they had moved on to other installs.

Later, they sent someone out for 3 hours who never installed a thing to me, but actually unhooked my neighbor's RCN cable instead. So, then both of us were w/o cable. In addition, that cable guy installed wires only halfway to the spot where I needed cable and left it just hanging there from my doorway. It will need to be removed. He also left a phony number to call him back. Classy.

Then they sent someone out to fix it, but he couldn't help me, b/c he was a "trouble" person, and not an "install" person". And since the first guy never installed anything the trouble guy couldn't fix it. Pointless.

Then another guy came out and just never plugged the cable into the box outside. That seems like something they should know to I wrong?? This install was from someone who acted like I was crazy for questioning whether it would actually work when he left. Ridiculous.

I've also scheduled multiple appointments and got people to stay at my house to wait for them when they either never showed or just cancelled the appointment with no warning. Then they say, "Oh, ma'am, we can just come out tomorrow". They don't seem to understand that I WORK and I don't know any more people dumb enough to come to my house and wait for NOONE to arrive.

The latest thing they did...They actually asked me in the last phone call if I wanted to add phone to the account...when I haven't even being able to get cable TV or internet. Shock and Awe!

Ok, that's all for now. Wish me luck for my latest install appointment. Fourth time's a charm!

Katrina in Chicago

Anonymous said...

ME HARRY SIMMONS OKEECHOBEE FLORIDA acct #01643136986-01-4when comcast bought out adelphia all customers are stuck. i had buccies from calif ornia say good luck adn you will need it
none of the socalled service folks have had any training
and they admit that. they only install adn then it is all ''how close are you to the guy upstairs''
you can not talk to the local office unlwss you drive in there adn i am over 20 miles round trip
one gal that works there named Ada is the only person that is helpful

none of them know how the SMTP works adn that was a problem for months

you could not SEND adn the error msg said that comcast did not recognize the user name that they gave you

then they started cutting me off after i sent just a few e-mails

soncha jsut luv trying to work with a dbunch of intellectual pigmy's

brigy said...

What a wonderful idea to be able to express the pent up anger towards Comcast. I was a Time Warner cutomer for 12 years and never went through the aggravation that Comcast has put me through since January. When I think of the commercials that aired this summer telling everyone in the Houston area that the switch to Comcast was going to be painless I want to smash a hammer through any property of Comcast! First of all around 2 months ago my ex-husband's name starting appearing on caller id when I made a call. His name had not been on my TWC account for 5 years and never when I was a digital phone subscriber for TWC. I called Comcast, went through the stupid press this, wait for that 35 minute hold routine. When I finally got a person I was guaranteed that this would be taken care of immediately. Like a fool I trusted and believed only to be let down. Three more times in the next 2 weeks I spent 30-35 minutes on hold trying to get this matter resolved to no avail. Then I realized that when someone called my home they received a recording stating that my number of nearly 12 years had been disconnected. So again I began the process of calling, holding, and finally getting an incompetent person to listen to my complaint. I was told that I had put in for a new number. I explained that I had not done so and was asked, " Are you sure?" Another week or so goes by and I'm constantly calling to get both problems taken care of. The people were not knowledgeable in what they were doing and I was given several different answers as to when the problems would be resolved. Finally after threatening to pull my business (cable, internet, digital phone) and waiting another few days both things were taken care of. Never once was I offered a credit for the HUGE inconvenience this had caused me and my family. I also have had difficulty connecting to the internet on a daily basis. OK so a couple of days go by and I start getting messages from Comcast asking me to call this number and verify that I wanted to have a phone line installed. I first tried calling this number only to be faced with the long hold times and pushing this number and that. I got mad and hung up, because I had not made an appointment to have a phone line installed in the first place. Well I continue to get these calls, each on with a more negative tone telling me to call this number. Again I call and am on hold for nearly 30 minutes before I get a person. Once I get a person I tell them my situation and also tell them that their products are awful and I'm ready to pull the plug on Comcast. She assures me that once again this will be taken care of and I'll get no more calls. I got 3 more calls from them, two of which I answered. I exploded and once again they did not even apologize for the mix up. They asked, " Are you sure you didn't make an appointment to have a phone line put in?" Yesterday my bill came and guess what?? Not only did it not include any credits for not having a phone number changed without my knowledge, or for putting up with all of the other inconveniences but they had the ardacity to increase my rates. I've had it. I'm in the process of researching other alternatives. I don't want to pay these idiots any more of my hard earned money. customer 8777702062840892.

Anonymous said...

We had Comcast until this past December when they cancelled us for nonpay. In October we had made changes which substantially reduced the monthly charge. They never made the changes and continued billing us at the old rate. I, being a 77-yr. old lady, refused to pay. They continued charging us even after they cut off the TV cable service. By that time we had FIOS thru Verizon, and they have jumped through hoops trying to please us. My son is a computer nerd who appreciates their fast uploads and downloads.
They turned the account over to a Collection agency and I explained my stand. They agreed with me and have made no further calls. They probably wrote me off as a crazy old lady and ruined my credit.

Emilina said...

Comcast is the poster child for INCOPETENCE. We, just like most of these bloggers have going back and forth with Comcast's people for almost a year. The techs that have come out to do repairs do not have a clue about what they are doing. The customer service reps. do not know how to add or subtract, nor do they know how to inform customers that prices/adjustments quoted by phone do not include the taxes. The reps. at the offices are worse. I came close to doing the 'hammer' the last time I ventured into their offices to complain about the third incorrect bill in the last three months. To infuriate me even more the girl behind the glass used dyslexia as her excuse for not being able to do her job properly! My mother on the other hand did get into a verbal "hammer" with the people over the phone on Wednesday night. Who could blame her, she had been on the phone every night this week with some one from Comcast because her cable box has not been working. They set an appointment for a tech to come out and fix her cable box...we are still waiting for this technician. Just a few words of advice: document, document, document! Record the reps identification number not just their name, and document the time and date of your call.

no name said...

I too have become a victim of this customer unfriendly poor excuse of a company. I have had intermittent service for over a year now.I would switch to dish but,there is a large tree in my yard blocking the signal. Most of my neighbors have. They were all disgusted by the way comcast treated them . My dilemma is I get intermittent service that is down weekly, as they provide my cable,internet and phone this is a huge inconvenience for me, I am running a business out of my home I also have a teenager who wants his tv shows. I have called too many times to remember and they keep giving me any and all excuses under the sun. I pay 150. a month for basic service. I would not be so angrey if my service just worked but, it doesn't . Let me ask a question," What would happen to Safeway, Raleys, any store for that matter that tried to charge you for items that weren't in your cart"? No one would shop there anymore and they'd undoubtedly be facing fines and lawsuits and government investigations right?. That is basically what comcast is getting away with and I am furious. Let me explain the latest issue with them,the main box coming into my condo complex is on the ground, all the wires exposed and laying open. My service was bad before but, now it's barely functioning. I call them back in August, tell them the issue they state they're sending out a tech and try to schedule an appointment with me, I state, this has nothing to do with my unit, it is your main box for all 11 units in the building, I need no appointment, I don't want an appointment ,an appointment is not neccessary this has nothing to do with my unit it is your main box,I am not taking a day off work to show your tech who probably will not show up anyway,where the box is. Just go to the main box you'll see what I am talking about.End of conversation. 2 weeks later, service still lousy, box still on ground, I call and talk with someone in customer service, "My internet isn't working, my phone and tv are out,I am pretty sure it's the box that is laying on the ground open with all the wires exposed."Y didn't you come out and fix the box"?. She replies "the tech did, he found no problem" . I wish I could attatch a picture to this post, the box is on the ground, wires everywhere, getting rained on , stepped on. NO PROBLEM??? I again ask her"Would you please send someone out, all of us are having problems, the box is on the ground, laying wide open , all the wires are exposed and this time make sure you send someone who will actually get out of his van and look, make sure he is not blind!!! weeks go by, my temper is at the boiling point, no phone, no internet, no tv, finally I had it I call them at night when it's out again and speak with a gentleman and try to explain just what the problem is and "y, Y won't anyone fix this, You have no problem charging me, in fact you charge a late fee when I don't pay on time, You charge me for service I am not getting,my cable is down more than not, and I have no phone, want to pay my cell bill because I have to use that when my phone doesn't work"! Bless T-mobile, perhaps they should take a class in customer service from them. At any rate i continue to tell this man that I need this issue fixed.Im tired of this , Im fed up and Im going to file a complaint with puc if you don't he replies,"Go Ahead". Well here we are now Oct19th, I just got my bill 2 weeks early, surprise there is a 20.00 service charge? For what???? What service do they think they provided, the box is still on the ground, the wires are still bare and my service still sucks, and they're charging me 20.00 for what?.So I try to call , I get through after 10 min , ask for supervisor and Raymond refuses to give me to one, he states he can handle my problem.In fact Raymond wants to talk over me and argue, well I just don't have the time for Raymond so after repeatedly asking for a supervisor and being denied access to one I hang up. call again this time I talk with Lindsey, she says the supervisor is too busy to talk to me,I again state to her that If I do not get a supervisor I am going to cancell my account and go else where, She replies" Well I'm sorry you feel that way but she is busy with other customers right now. So I guess they have only 1 supervisor for the whole trivalley area?I doubt it they just don't want to talk with me.Well I don't go away when I am angrey and I will not give up.I Call a third time, this time Eric takes care of the charge or at least he says he did,He tells me they will be taken off my bill .Somehow I feel that they will not be, just a hunch based on past experience. We'll see. I wonder if anyone out there knows where I can send a formal complaint about this company and is there a possibility of starting a class action suit against them. I feel I've been ripped off . I am paying for a service that I don't get half the time .I have dealt with bad customer service but I have to say in 45 years I have never , EVER dealt with a company so blatantly rude and downright nasty to it's customers. I am looking for another company to switch to as I type this.Customer id#8770 53 021 0152648

HARDCASe said...

I have five friends who are with Comcast. I have tried sending individual emails, bcc emails, group emails, single emails --- nothing works. They all confirm that they have received no email from me since October 14. It is now the end of October 19 and I am still unable to send email to Comcast people in my address book. MCHSI says they are working with COMCAST but to date nothing has happened. Since it is Friday evening, I am reasonably certain I will have no resolution until Monday, at the earliest. In the meantime, I see in the Richmond newspaper that Comcast is blocking some internet traffic. Terrific! is the link, in case anyone wants to check. Sheesh!!!

Anonymous said...

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic

Peter Svensson, reporting for The Associated Press, writes: "Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally. The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a US Internet service provider."

Anonymous said...

Comcast Cable TV is dropping MSNBC (Keith Olberman!) out of the regular news lineup at the end of this month (October 07) in my area. They are forcing it up into the "digital starter" package -- requiring time, $$, inconvenience in order to keep receiving KO -- but if I _do_ upgrade, even then, MSNBC has been moved completely out of the linuep -- to channel 180 or something -- while, the whole slew of the rest of the cable news channels will be all together -- there is something truly rotten, I suspect, with their choice! I have not been able to get a decent answer from them for this move.

Anonymous said...

I've also been subjected to repeated no-shows when Comcasts high speed internet service provider continually dropped me and I called for a tech to come out and fix it. I can't tell you how many days out of my life were spent waiting for someone who never showed up from Comcast and didn't even bother to cancel. I also spent hours on the phone punching buttons for this and that on an endless recorded service menu only to get a tech who told me to disconnect my modem and then blamed the problem on my equiptment. I should have known when I first asked Comcast to install internet and TV cable. That was the only time they showed up anywhere near their appointment. They dug a trench in my lawn, didn't bother to fill it in, and cut my telephone cable in the process even though I had blue line flag them as requested. Qwest had to fix Comcasts blunder because they wouldn't. It took three weeks for Comcast to come out and fill in the trench they had cut across my lawn. By then the grass had died.

Two years later, Comcast Security called me late at night and said that I was using too much bandwidth. I told them all I did was to surf the internet about three hours a week and spend 30 minutes a day checking email. I rarely download anything but short emails. They told me I was using enough bandwidth as an office building working 24 hours a day and suggested someone might be stealing my bandwidth through my wireless connection. I told them I'd put a firewall on it and asked them to let me know if the high usage continued so that I could troubleshoot the problem.

Comcast refused to tell me if this fixed the problem, what times of the night or day the high bandwidth was being used or how much bandwidth I was using after the firewall was installed. I asked them how I was supposed to know if I'd fixed it or not if they wouldn't help me. Comcast said I'd know when they shut down my internet in a month if I was still using too much bandwidth. Sure enough, one month later without further warning and no help at all in determining the problem, my internet went off. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of shipping a few chapters on my first novel to my Literary agent for a publishing deal. (Which I subsequently lost because they didn't get the gallies in time.) When I called Comcast Security back they were rude and told me I couldn't re-start my service for a year. There isn't even any bandwidth limit listed in the Comcast contract.

I've gone to Utahbroadband and have had no further problems. The upper management of Comcast are the most arrogant self-serving people I've ever been forced to deal with. Shame on them for this monopolistic self-serving abuse of their customers.

done said...

I left comcast two years ago and I am happy with Direct TV

I had comcast for 17 years. I was tired of the frequent price increases but most of all I was angry with ON Demand services. When I first got On Demand I loved it. Over time I was very frustrated with the constant changing of shows. As soon as I got to like a show it was taken off. I called to complain and was offered a dozen free movies. I never received the cupons.

I didn't expect them to change right away but I figured that was the only way they could hear from enough customers to change it.

Finally I returned my receiver and got DT with a recorder. It is more work then on demand but you get what you want.

I pay less too. If using a DVR on CC would have been just a little higher I might not have switced but it was a lot more for DVR

I have been amazed at the lack of interruptions. even bad weather has rarely effected it.

I have had some billing problems with the sports channels I canceled being added back on but it has been smooth compared to comcast

The real problem is that these companies can charge so much more then it costs them to provide a service we need more regulation or more competition

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, Im a former contractor for Comcast in the Chicago area. I just wanted to let everyone know that some of the contracting companies in chicago are hiring illegal immigrants that dont even speak english and that are in the U.S. on tourist visas working as techs. Im going as far as naming one company that has atleast 75% of their company working under false names , which is a major security issue . W & E communication Comcast contractor empployes only foreign techs illegally here someone realy needs to look into this. I got sick of working under this company so I went to work for Direct TV.

Anonymous said...

I switched to satellite the day after similar treatment by Comcast's predecessor in Florida--Adelphia. I could never go back to cable. After each hurricane, I had TV as soon as I had power (in this case a generator). Neighbors on cable had nothing for weeks. With plans like Comcast (and others) you put all your communication eggs in one basket.

ridofcomcast said...

I am recently divorced and my exhusband's name is on the bill. They will not change it to mine. My exhusband and I do not speak. I am told I cannot change it at all, can not change my service either. I was told that even though I pay the bill and own the house, my exhusband is off the morgage and deed I am not able to do anything with the cable. Can not cancel change or add service...OH MY GOD Help. Is this legal? I told them I wouldn't pay the bill but they told me I am responsible for the bill even though I have no control.

trombone said...

My experience has been such a nightmare that friends and family have taken over making the calls to Comcast for me. My health just cannot take the stress.

Please tell me how to get a phone, tv, and internet service. My town is monopolized by CC. I'll try anything!

Anonymous said...

rid of comcast:

Have a male friend "be" your husband and take his name off the account or cancel the account. If I were you, I'd start a completely new account because there is no way to be certain those morons will do it, correctly.

The other thing you can do, is have your male friend change your address on the account to your ex-husband's address. When he gets the bill, maybe he will do something about it.

This happened to me. I was the primary account holder. My ex- husband took my name off of my account (I still don't know how he did this).

Then, put his name on the account and cancelled the account. I had no phone, internet, cable. Comcast claimed that the "account was changed" to his name at my request.

Anonymous said...

As you may, or may not, be aware
News Corp recently started the
Fox Business Channel to compete
with CNBC. A small, but highly
profitable market. So I emailed
Comcast with a simple question:
"When will FBC be available?"

Below I offer verbatim their
unbelievable, content-free,
customer-go-f-yourself response.

Thank you for contacting Comcast via e-mail.

I understand you would like further information regarding the addition
of Fox Business Channel to your Comcast channel lineup.

Our goal is to provide a wide choice of quality cable networks and local
broadcast channels reflecting the diverse programming interests of our
customers. In addition to requests from customers, the following
factors play a part in our decision making process:

· FCC regulations, such as requirements to carry all local broadcast
· Requirement by local broadcasters to carry their affiliated cable
· The number of access channels required by local government
· Customer satisfaction with networks carried in other systems
· Customer satisfaction with similar networks
· Importance of the network to our diverse community
· Level of interest across a percentage of our customer base
· Per-subscriber programming fees charged by the network versus the
value added to the line-up

As you may know, we have been investing millions of dollars in new
technology to increase the channel capacity of the system through
digital technology. So an additional factor in launching new channels
is whether or not a particular network is available in the digital

What this all means is that we take all requests for new networks very
seriously, and that we carefully consider the overall impact of adding
each network. While we cannot honor every request, we do take each
request into consideration in planning future changes to the line-up.

Thank you for choosing Comcast.

We value your business.


eCare Specialist
Comcast Customer Care Specialist

Anonymous said...

I have been happy with satt tv but
I wanted to consolidate my bills
ie internet, phone... however, I didt like the offer besides I have been weary of using satt tv since
it may be affected by weather. So
I got suckered by Comcast. But now
I found that their cable is even less reliable than the satt tv.
It begins to static on a perfect weekend night. I need to go back to sat.

barb said...

Comcast has screwed me for so long in so many ways that I switched over to Direct, which believe it or not, was worse. So in desperation I'm back to be screwed, robbed and humilated by Comcast. I hate this company with a passion and wish I had the nerve to use a hammer. Comcast personnel by and large are stupid, arrogant and lazy. Would like to climb through the telephone wires and choke them. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Barb

Anonymous said...

I am a fairly recent Comcast customer (08/07) #09542138167-06-4. I subscribed via a special "student" price for cable and Internet combined and was also quoted a "special price" for a DVR upgrade. When the bill arrived (to put it gently) nothing was "special." After numerous telephone calls (that have resulted in my maintaining a detailed list of employee names and extension numbers, now in excess of 8 different individuals) I have on two separate occasions been promised that a supervisor would call me back within approximately 24 hours. An unfounded promise (to say the least)...and on one occasion I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, only to discover that they had transferred me to another agent (not a supervisor) who would have pretended to be a supervisor, had I not specifically asked.

The current problem is twofold: 1.) They have cut a huge portion of the programming service that I was initially told came with the initial service and the DVR. They still indicate that they cannot honor the initial price I was promised for the DVR service and would need to bill me at a price in excess of 125% of what I was promised. It has now been almost two weeks and we still are awaiting a supervisor callback and living with diminished service (substantially less than what we were initially promised), and 2.) A technician came to our house approximately one month ago (they have been here on four different occasions) and ran a new wire from a box in the back yard to the house and promised someone would be back to bury the cable within about two weeks. Needless to say that has not happened, and may end up getting cut via the lawn mower or weed whacker, or someone may trip on it potentially causing serious injury.

I am an instructor in telecommunications and a Ph.D. student in mass communications and teach large lecture classes (210 students), specifically in telecommunications, which covers the cable industry. Besides the potential for negative word of mouth from the lectern, I am appalled by the lack of customer service by I have personally experienced from Comcast (and other cable providers) since the industry was deregulated in 1996, as part of the Federal Telecommunications Act. The result has been very poor customer services by monolithic mega conglomerates (like Comcast) and others telecommunications companies and no federal regulation that specifically covers customer service to protect consumers from these industry giants, as it did prior to 1996.

I actually believe that the US congress needs to again look at implementing regulations that will address these issues (that were manifested in near-violence by a frustrated 75-year old granny!) and again provide for some regulation of this monolithic industry, especially for the protection of consumers. In the meanwhile, I will expect immediate response from Comcast, as Direct TV and Dish Network are looking like pretty good alternatives!


Anonymous said...

I have a solution to all of your problems...
Ready to hear it????

Disconnect the cable and install
the dish..

Put those cable criminals out of business.

Have a nice day....

Anonymous said...

kudos to the hammer lady..go granny go..but next time,do the job right..use a machine gun..

Anonymous said...

I would love to leave a comment but there would be too many bleeps..I have never met a company like Comcast.

Signed: Another Mrs. Shaw

Anonymous said...

What Does Uncle Sam Pay to Read Your E-Mail?

According to an internal Comcast cable company document, the giant cable-Internet-phone provider charges the government $1,000 nearly every time the FBI or other intelligence or law enforcement agency wants to surveil a person's e-mail or digital phone account.

Complete article here:

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (AP) - Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high- speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users.

If widely applied by other ISPs, the technology Comcast is using would be a crippling blow to the BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella file- sharing networks. While these are mainly known as sources of copyright music, software and movies, BitTorrent in particular is emerging as a legitimate tool for quickly disseminating legal content.
D8SCEBLG0&show_article=1 or
category/comcast/ or

Laura said...

I live in an apartment building and was moving from one apt to a different one in the same building. When I call they tell me I need to bring a proof of lease becuase the people that used to live there have not cancelled their service, however the woman sees that they are going to be cut off because they haven't paid and pushes it through. Of course she tells me they can't switch my service for a week which would put me at a Tuesday. I work 8-5 mon-friday so I have to wait for the following Saturday to set my service up. The not-so-bright woman wants to know if I want to keep service at the old apt until then. Of course not. I don't live there anymore lady. Anyway... midweek I notice that my email has been disabled, the "customer service" rep didn't mention that I would have to continue to pay for my lack of service if I wanted to access my email. When I call the cust. rep says yeah no problem they'll fix it but the technician later informs me its now too late and I'm stuck without email until that Saturday. Too bad for me one of those is a buisness account for me. Instead he recommends that I sign up for a free account for 4 days... sorry dude but that's why I pay for my email so I don't have to do that. Anyway, the installation guy comes out that day and sets everything up. He was there for 3 hours trying to get service in the rooms I wanted. I didn't think it would be that hard since there were outlets in the rooms I wanted. Three hours later he leaves and so do I. I came home at 11 that night and sit down to watch some tv. Guess what, no service. I call Comcast. At this point I'm still trying to be nice. So whoever answers these calls finds out that 4 hours after they set up service someone came to my building and cut service because the people there before me hadn't paid. But wait they knew that. The woman I talked to told me that. Hadn't she noted the change of customer or anything? Couldn't their dispatcher have figured out that service had just been set up that day!?! So he then goes about setting up an appointment for them to come set up service again. That will be... next Saturday. Now I'm done being nice. I demand to speak to a Supervisor. He tells me that the supervisor is only there for 10 more mintues. I don't see the problem. I'm on the phone, he's got ten minutes, put him on. Well supervisor's don't actually answer the phone. You leave them a message and then they call back. Well then have him call me back first thing in the morning would you please? At about 11 on Sunday I haven't heard from anyone yet so I call again. The girl I talked to this time informs me that she also can not let me speak to a supervisor but that it usually takes 24 hours for them to get back to me. That won't help since I need them to come out Sunday to fix the problem that they created. Finally a supervisor calls me back mid-day Sunday. She can have someone out at my apartment at the earliest on Tuesday. They wanted me to wait 4 days for something that they screwed up and I couldn't be there at that time because I wasn't going to take off work for their BS. They were going to have to do better than that. So the woman offers to see if someone can come out on a day when I'm not there and fix the problem. I don't see an issue with this since I didn't need to be there for them to cut the service they could fix it the same way. I tell her to go ahead and find out, I'll hold. This is when she informs me that the supervisor in charge of that doesn't work on Sundays. Of couse... I should have known better than that. So she's going to find out the next day and call me back. I politely inform her that I will not under any circumstances wait until Saturday to get this taken care of. If she doesn't have a better solution then I would like to cancel all service immedidately. Monday come and goes with no call. At this point I'm not suprised at all. When I got home from work I turned the tv on and it worked fine, along with everything else. No one ever called to let me know. I called an left the sup a message thanking her despite her lack of fulfilling her promise to call me.

Anonymous said...

A warning to the folks on this blog. There is a debt collection law firm called "Wolpoff and Abramson". They are one of the top five worst debt collectors in the country. They stoop to every dirty trick, including harrassing people even when they have the WRONG person.

One of their tactics is to make it so that their phone calls show up on your caller ID as "Comcast Cable".

I know that this is tangential to the Comcast discussion (with which I agree), but I try to warn people about Wolpoff and Abramson as often as possible. They were instrumental in at least one suicide and they need to be outed.

Lynne said...

Time Warner bought Comcast in Los Angeles, and it was at that time that my service went all to hell - AND my fees went up. I had to take time off from one of my 3 jobs to wait for a technician to install service at my new apartment. A half-hour from the end of my installment window, I call them and they say that the technician came by but nobody was home. I think that's odd, cause I've been watching movies in my ONE ROOM APARTMENT for the past FOUR HOURS, and I don't know how I could have missed the knock at the door which is 6 feet away from me! Of course, they can't give me another appointment at my convenience for their fuck-up, but tell me I must wait 2 weeks for another appointment - meanwhile, 2 of my 3 three jobs require several hours of inet connection a day to keep! I called them the next day to cancel my service entirely and only the man in the "I'm fucking taking my money away" dept (disconnection dept) was somehow able to get me another appointment at my convenience. Hmmm...funny how that works.

It's all about transferring you to so many depts, putting you on hold while they "talk to the local technician's service" or whatever. My FAVORITE is when you finally get a live person on the line and spend 15 minutes explaining to them all the fuck-ups their company has made and then they say they will transfer you to the dept who transfered you to them, and they PROMISE they will stay on the line and talk to the person from the other dept with you to sort out who the hell over there has the responsibility to FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM and then they transfer you without staying on the line, anyway, leaving you to explain the same problem for another 15 mins and giving the other dept the ability to insist, once again, that it REALLY isn't their dept that can fix your problem.


Anonymous said...

I had terrible trouble with Comcast too.The problems I had were astounding. Several times I almost had a stroke my blood pressure would get so high. But FINALLY I found a way to get them to solve my problems. The trouble is, there are some excellent Comcast employees. But you have to get through 10-15 idiots to get to the good ones who can & do solve your problem. My solution was to bypass the phone warriors that put you on hold, disconnect you, and never give you an employee number with which to identify them. Which allows them to get away with saying whatever they want.

The solution is to contact CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IN PHILADELPHIA!! I can post their email addresses that I ferreted out. Also, CALL their Headquarters. In fact, I was amazed at the good service this brought me. Havent had a problem since. I am assuming that Corp hates being bothered by the little guy. But the fact is that they put me in touch with the people who are good, and bypassed the 15 idiots I had previously been forced to talk to who never fixed a darn thing. The people who are out in the field, in my experience, have usually been great. Its the phone jockeys who jerk the customers around. Its pointless to try to get help via the 1800 number. Its a joke. I suspect corporate knows its a joke too. Ill look up these addresses & numbers & emails & post them. As well as a copy of the letter I wrote that sure resulted in me being given EXCELLENT COMCASTIC SERVICE!!! It amazed even me how fast they solved my problems when I started emailing the corporate offices as well as the investors area.

In short, you need to be a pain in the ass. But be a pain in the ass where it works because that 1-800 comcast number is USELESS. Dont bother. Bug corporate & they send the very best employees to help you. They did me. Their are great, professional, helpful Comcast employees. The problem is in getting through to the good ones who can & will help you.

Again,the trick to getting good service from Comcast is to bypass the 1-800 smart alecky desk jockeys ,to get to the good ones who will help you. And this can only be done by contacting the corporate offices.


Anonymous said...

customer #370632

We upgraded to digital HD in August and have had NOTHING but problems with these folks.

They couldn't possibly be this inept and still be in business. Their ineptidude is planned in hopes of wearing down the consumer.

We have had 6 techs, none of which could fix THEIR own problem. We finally had to pay our audio visual installers to come out just to discover that all of Comcast's hook ups were loose. These people tightened them and problem, for now, is fixed.

In the meantime we've been receiving bills with none of the credits that were promised, deducted. We call cutomer service, go over the problem, get a group number and credit promised, only to receive another bill WITH NO CREDIT APPLIED.

They also might want to screen their subcontractors a bit more vigorously. We had one that came into the house looked at the new TV's, told us we probably got ripped off by our Audio Visual company, did NOT fix the problem, and left. After he left we discovered that our one TV that was NOT HD/DIGITAL had no picture, and when we called Comcast they basically said "Not our problem". Again, that was fixed with the tightening of the loose connections.

I believe they train their Customer Service Reps to placate the client.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how else to contact you, so here's a thought about your home page: You might want to be more specific about "Deal with them only by phone." Comcast will not be calling you asking for account info, etc.--you should be calling them.

Todd in Southern NH said...

Customer #8773202500073598

History – My Tivo S3 had been running flawlessly for 6+ months with two cable cards (S-cards) installed back in May 07. I decided to get another Tivo for our house; here is where the fun begins after my new Tivo box arrives…

Tivo Technical Information:
Tivo S3 – Can use 2 S-Cards, 2 M-Cards, or a combination of 1 S-Card and 1 M-Card
Tivo HD - Can use 2 S-Cards OR 1 M-Card

October 13th - I purchase a new Tivo HD box. This Tivo will be for my living room. I call Comcast later this day to have a CC installed and told the CSR to note that for this device I’d like them to bring 1 M-Card. They set up an appointment for October 14th between 1pm-3pm; and noted the M-Card requirement. Excellent!
Time Spent: less than 5 minutes.

October 14th – 12pm the Comcast installer calls to cancel the appointment because he doesn’t have any cable cards with him. Isn’t that what the note was for? I call the Comcast support line and speak with Mary; while at this time I was a bit peeved at them not having the correct equipment, Mary states that it is normally a 4 day window for an install. She says she will do what they can to get it scheduled the next day. About 2 hours later she calls me back and says they are guaranteeing an install on October 15th. Good news! She gives me her extension and name and says to contact her if anything goes wrong, she also re-notes that I need an M-Card..

October 16th – Tech shows up about 19 minutes late at 1pm or so, no issue there. However he shows up with five S-cards! Not what I asked for. If I had wanted S-cards I would have asked for those, but seeing that each S-card would cause me to pay another CC fee, don’t you think I’d rather have 1 M-Card than 2 S cards? I explained this to him, and he says “I don’t see notes where it says M-Cards, this is what dispatch gave me”. Down at the bottom under tech notes on his work order it says “M CARD PLEASE!!!”; the tech responds and says “We don’t read that”. So much for an area on the work order for the tech to read.

Despite this I explain to the tech: “Look, my Tivo downstairs has 2 M-Cards, instead of this failing, why don’t we take an M-card from the Tivo S3 and put in one of these new S-Cards. Then the M-card that we took out can go into the new Tivo”. He agrees and thus begins the saga. With out going into the gory details of the next 8 hours, yes you read that correctly, 8…shall I repeat? EIGHT HOURS; I will summarize the events.
• Tech calls dispatch regarding s-cards being bought instead of M-cards – to no avail, he is the only tech in this area all day
• 1:15 pm -Tech calls some Comcast help line, who says we can’t do anything and promptly tells him to call ATS.
• 1:30 pm - Tech calls ATS waits on phone for 20 minutes – Reaches someone in tech support who tells him the cards are bad and he can’t help him. The ATS tech HANGS UP on your tech!
• 2pm - Tech calls ATS and finally gets someone who is somewhat competent; understands the situation and begins working on the cards
• 4pm – I serve snacks and a drink to the tech.
• 6pm – Tivo S3 is not working with ANY cable cards, Tivo HD is functioning as advertised (finally!!) – So the box they came to get working is working, but the original box that was working is now not.
• 6:pm – ATS Ends the call with the tech saying that they don’t know what to do anymore. The recommend for him to “Get a box of cable cards, and come back tomorrow. Good luck”. Litterally, this is what they told him. The tech then tells me they had the gall to write “Tech having problems with cablecards” in the case notes; indicating this job was the Techs fault. By this point the Tivo S3 has had about 5-6 cable cards in it. Each one that ATS can’t get working is deemed “dead” or “bad”. Amazing that a cable card that was working before this all started is somehow deemed “dead” once ATS can’t get their ducks in a row to re-authorize the card.
• 6:30pm – Tech is reaching out what to do, calls numerous other numbers and has me call 877 Comcast line to get help from that side. I reach a Comcast supervisor who says “All I can do from here is tell the tech to call his dispatch”.
• 7pm – Tech speaks with dispatch and other people at Comcast – 2 things going on here. First the tech feels bad for me and second he’s trying to clear his name from the job becoming “failed”. It wasn’t his fault ATS couldn’t get the cards working. And the cards surely aren’t “bad”; as we will see in a moment.
• 7:15pm – Tech calls ATS again and begins working on the Tivo S3. Soon he has 1 of the cards working. ATS says Ok lets send a hit to the other card to refresh it Turns out ATS sends a hit to all cards and now the TivoHD AND the Tivo S3 are not working. Back to square one, time to re-pair all 3 cards. Tech looses connection with ATS.
• 7:30pm – Dinner arrives, I had a sub sandwich delivered for the tech.
• 7:45pm – Tech calls back ATS and now gets someone who knows there stuff – Jeff in ATS
• 8pm – Tivo HD back online and working.
• 8:45pm – 1 Cable card in Tivo S3 up and working (with one of the cards deemed “bad” by ATS).
• 9:00pm – 2nd cable card in Tivo S3 ½ functioning. At this time the Tech calls it quits and states he will come back tomorrow with other cards and get the final S3 card working
• 9:15pm – Tech leaves
Total Time spent: Approx 8 hours

October 16th – approx 2pm the Tech arrives with a back of cable cards. Great! Wait no, he was given a bag of Motorola Cable cards!! My area is Scientific Atlanta!! They will not work. Tech calls dispatch regarding what to do, they say they will call him back, which they don’t do while he’s here. He then calls ATS and gives the info for the second Tivo S3 card. This tech says “ok try it now, gotta go we are busy”. End of call. Of course the card is not working. Tech calls ATS again, wait who is the tech he gets? Why its Jeff from last night!! 5 minutes later the card is working!
Time spent: 15-20 minutes

So over 10+ hours of my time to get what should have been done in 5 minutes.


Rusi said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the saga begins. I am a new Comcast customer. I had satellite for years but I just moved into a condo where satellite is not allowed. I was weary of signing up for Comcast as my parents have Comcast (Triple Play) and they lose TV, Internet, and Phone service every time it rains. It has actually become a running joke between us because if I call their house and it does not ring I know it is raining at their place or has rained that day. (They live 350 miles from me.) They have called Comcast numerous times and I have called Comcast on their behalf but nothing ever gets done about the problem and there is always a different story.

But I digress, I just had my internet and cable set up yesterday. I had an 8-11 appointment and the guy showed up five minutes to 11, which I kind of figured would happen. He was a nice guy who did a good job, although he didn't have a working modem with him and had to wait on someone else to bring a modem to him, which I suppose happens. Not a big deal, I had planned on missing a few hours of work, and like I said he was a nice guy and he actually did his job.

My problem arises in the fact that I signed up the first week of this month under a package that was supposed to be Digital Preferred with HBO for a low price for a certain amount of months and then, of course, that would be raised a substantial amount after a few months. I also got internet and a DVR. Well I got home from work last night and thought I would flip through the channels and I saw that I did not have HBO. So I call Comcast and talked to a guy who cannot do anything really and tells me I need to call back in the morning because the account is showing that I did not sign up for HBO....even though the plan I signed up for was supposed to include HBO.

So I was quite busy at work this morning given my half day yesterday and just called Comcast. The guy I spoke with today told me that I had no HBO on my plan (even though the price I am paying matched what I signed up for with HBO.) So I asked him how much extra HBO would be? He said slightly more. So I asked how much is "slightly more." He put me on hold for about ten minutes and came back and said it will be $59.99 with HBO. So I well how much am I paying now? (I knew it was in the $33 range but I wanted to make sure they knew that.) And he told me $33.49. Sorry Comcast, that is not "slightly more"....yeah that constitutes "nearly double."

I told him not to worry about the HBO. I figure I could complain like the dickens to Customer Support about what I know I signed up for for the price I know I should have but in the end nothing would get done, or I could try an alternate route and post on this blog and see if anyone in the higher ups cares about a new customer who is already getting shafted and didn't want to be with Comcast to begin with.

I remember when I signed up the guy on the phone told me it would be something like $64 a month during the promotion period for everything and then bump up to close to double that after the promotion period. I better not be paying for the HBO Comcast, because I will raise hell.

Oh yeah, as a side note, I live in a condo complex where everyone is stuck getting Comcast because of the covenant against satellites, but when I signed up for Comcast the first person I talked to and myself had the following conversation who told me my house did not exist:

Me: No, I can tell you my house does indeed exist. The guy I talked to online was having the same problem. Trust me.
CC: Well, I don't know, we have a pretty sophisticated program here and it is telling me that it does not exist. You said your address is [retracted]?
Me: Yeah, that is my address, and my house exists, and Comcast services it, all my neighbors have comcast, but if you want to lose on business be my guest.
CC: Well, I didn't mean it doesn't exist. I just meant it is not in our service area.
Me: I am telling you that it is in your service area.
CC: We can send someone out to survey the apartment to see if we are wrong. Will that help?
Me: No, don't bother, that is just a waste of my time, I can deal without cable. Thanks

Ahhh....Comcast, I hope you can prove me wrong. Account # 8495780020459543

Barbara said...

I went through sheer hell a few months back. Went two weeks without cable or internet service. At the time I had visitors from UK and spent days waiting for repairmen instead of sightseeing with my company. Also spent at least one hour each evening on the phone on hold waiting to speak to someone. I finally had a new underground line installed. Two months later it was cut as it was a mere one inch beneath the grass. Took three days to have it spliced and it still in one inch beneath the grass. Just waiting to be cut again, I guess. I am looking forward to Verizon Fiber Optic coming to our area so I can ditch Comcast. And what a happy day that will be. I am so sick of it. I worked for the cable company years ago and what a huge difference there is now. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I also was charged six months to rent their modem(broadband)when I have my own
which I purchased.

Anonymous said...

I just relocated to Northern Virginia from Texas. In Texas we used Time Warner which was always problem free during the 7 years that I used them. In just one week here in Virginia it has been one problem after another with Comcast. The installer showed up early to my appointment the first day - early was nice, but actually I was not quite ready for him, I was just getting out of the shower at the time. The install was quick and everything worked. I had ordered the triple play package. The next day the phone line stopped working. The installer returned and told me that there had been a mix up and all of his "installs" were cancelled. He instructed me to call customer service and tell them that the install was complete and that everything would be working again. After being on the phone with customer service for 2 hours and 40 minutes they tell that my account was not set up correctly and they needed to arrange for the installer to come back - and the phone number assigned to me was changing. They said I should have never given out the first number they gave me even though the installer had come and gone and the phone worked for a day. Two days after this last phone call, everything (cable, phone, etc) stopped working. I called customer service and was informed that my account does not exist and they said I must have brought my own boxes and accused me of stealing cable. Accusing me of illegal activity - now that is customer service! After an hour on the phone with this gentlemen he sets up yet another appointment for an install (and assigns yet another phone number). After this 3rd install, everything seems to be working. But it is very difficult with my schedule to wait at home for these appointments. Comcast has been very unwelcoming to this new customer. My new co-workers have warned me that my comcast issues here will be never ending and they all sound like they are at wits-end.

Buster said...

I've read your comments and feel your pain. I used to work for this company and understand your frustrations. I have set up a blog for both positive and negative Customer Service experiences. My hope is that it will get popular enough that CEO's and Quality Management teams will use the comments to rectify what's wromg with their Customer Service experiences. One of my upcoming events will deal with Comcast and my ideas on how they could get this right!

Anonymous said...

...I don't even know where to start with my list of issues I had with my Comcast installation! I could start with the un-uniformed employee knocking at my door after dark, simply identifying himself as from Comcast (wait, did he?)...I let him in and followed his unbelievable body odor to my living room...two hours and about three words later...he left me with a beat up piece of crap receiver, stained remote control, shredded wires on the floor, sheetrock dust on my furniture, and cables scattered all around the room (my previous provider neatly attached the cables along the floorboards). When I asked him about the disgusting equipment, he merely said, "it's used". So for more money, less features and ridiculous service, I was beyond fed up. I promptly ate the installation fees, cancelled the next day, and returned to my previous provider who is professional, courteous and actually gives a damn about their customer....I am going to be one of those people who says "I have never posted on a blog before", but when I heard about this site, I had to vent! I tried to vent to my previous/provider...but as the professional company they are, they simply just held my hand and we moved past it thank you for providing this forum as I know now I am not alone!!

Anonymous said...

Periodically I lose my comcast internet signal. I call them and they confirm that they show no signal coming to me (yet I continue to get cable TV). They want to schedule an appointment. I run a business that requires I be out on appointments so it is difficult to sit in my home office and wait for them to come, merely to tell me they don't know why I'm not getting a signal (that was the response the last time they came). Recently I lost my signal but was going into a very busy period with my business so I didn't even try to schedule an appointment. Instead I went to Kinkos and spent as much in five days as I would pay for Comcast internet in three months. Before I had a chance to arrange for an appointment I ran into a neighbor who asked if I was getting a cable TV signal. I said yes, and I learned she was getting a signal but couldn't get on-demand, so she had a repair person coming. The very minute he completed fixing her on-demand signal, I got my internet signal back. Different service, different house. Why? Why? Why do we have to pay for that type of unexplainable difficulty, and then pay Kinkos too?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr: James Assey

I have No one but you to turn to for help! As Time Warner of Rio Grand Valley has now been bought out by Comcast as I was told by BBB. We never got a responses from them?
I was promised a deal over the phone by them and by direct soliciting to my home! I was contacted by them for the purposes of saving me money!

In reality them have stolen from me the SUM of $250.00 Dollars from a botched installation and over charged me for the whole time I was with them. Not only did they not keep their word but raised their prices over the entire period of the contract.

We had to reduce service even thought they still offer the same plan at the price I was first quoted by them! 75 per-cents of all channels are Spanish we have only 16 channels in English Total. I don't speak Spanish at all.

They repeatedly lied to me about the service and the quality of the product they offer. They been over charging me again for reduced service, the exceeded the printed offer made me to my home.

I have documentation of all this some in paper's some just by phone!

I have a bill for the damages to my TV by their first Installation.

I am in blind one eye and have reduced vision in the other eye. My name is Pearl. I live in the poorest community in the USA. I am born in the USA. I vote every election for those who care. The Politisions make promises but never do anything.

Please consider my PLEA for help! I am 81 years old. I need someone who cares to help me! Their offer was for $34.99 a month. They Promised would not charge me for the lowered service plan! They LIED and sent me a bill for $113.00 to pick up a box I offered to take to them as they are only one block from my home. They insisted on they had to come out. All they did was to disconnect the cable box which I could have done myself. The box never worked right from the beginning I rarely used it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had found this blog before I spent an entire weekend waiting for a Comcast technician. It's a sad state affairs when the company's ONLY compensation for a technician no-show is to RESCHEDULE the appointment. Why do they think that THAT appointment will be kept?! Fortunately my area has other options, and Comcast will be nothing but a bad memory for me. I'm also ditching my Comcast stock (shares that were gifted to me a few years ago), because I don't believe a company with such horrendous customer service can ever survive.

Dale said...

Where to start?
Ex employee, unsatisfied current subscriber. Of course by being honest it only causes me to be perceived as a disgruntled ex-employee as opposed to a legitimate unhappy customer by this comcastic bunch of crooks.

The cable company I worked for that was bought up by the giant comcast monster was very accomodating to me and my autistic daughter through some very hard times. Comcast comes in and sees the amount of FMLA I utilized each year, and even though my 6 year work record is outstanding, in fact perfect if I must say so, I am terminated withing 2 months of the takeover. No satisfaction from NLRB or any other agency... I live in an "at will employment" state and the rights all belong to the employer. This employer is in the business of union busting too- this all happened after a comment on the lack of employee representation during the "hostile" takeover meetings that occured in early transition. There were very few chances to voice or request clarification... it was a "sign the paper or you might not have a job" approach by management- management mind you that was all new over the previous months leading up to the formal first day as comcast from the day the annoucement was made that we were being bought by comcast. All of the hoopla surrounding the buyout, all of the talk about guaranteed positions and wages for a certain period of time were moot once the "takeover" team came in and had all the papers signed- any complaints were met with a termination sending a clear message to all other employees; shut up and you can keep your job.

Fast forward to current day... I recently had a technical issue with my high speed internet; I know how to fix the problem (remember I am a tech) but I don't own the tools or have the authorization to make repairs to the cable plant where I live as I don't work for them anymore. The account database did not have my phone number listed correctly, and since the call center automation process is triggered by your phone number- I couldn't even get through to complain. I finally managed an inside line from old resources, was told my account was updated to reflect my phone number properly, and scheduled service and maintenance was to ensue. The work order was cancelled evidentally, and I was waiting at the arranged time to no avail. I call in- guess what? My account was never updated- I have to use the work around to get through again. Another service call is scheduled, I am told my account is now correct (yea, sure) and I am forced to wait another 4 days. Surprise! The scheduled call comes and goes and no one shows! Keep in mind- this resolution is something that is outside on the trunk lines and feeder lines of the cable plant... it is not a problem inside the house! I am pissed! I call again- no update- I work around using the inside line, I demand to be transfered to the highest authority available which ends up being a call center supervisor. I tell the supervisor I want to speak with their supervisor... you get the idea- I want blood! Long story short, I get another service call scheduled, a minor credit, and assurnces my account shows the right phone number... the supervisor is personally making the updates. They end up sending a flunkie tech who couldn't find his ass with both hands much less troubleshoot his way out of a wet paper bag, and isn't even the right type of technician to correct the problem. I send him packing. I don't call- I won't risk it, my blood pressure doesn't need the workout. I call a friend who is a maintenance tech and beg for a return sweep on my node. He complies and band-aids the problem. I still have an improperly bonded cable that was supposed to be rerouted (this is a major no-no and if I get hit with lightning they will have to pay) and I am now once again off of the customer service radar. I don't have the time and energy to pursue this fiasco.

I want competition in the market. This is the type of business practice you get with unchecked growth and power... Comcast must die!

Dale Settle
Customer #01722149564-01-5

David (Arlington, VA) said...

For years I've had trouble with Comcast. Most recently (for the past 7 months) we had intermintent Internet problems (never worked when we really needed it) even though the TV feed continued to function. Muliple visits by technicians (with a few cancellations). Every technician assured me that the problem was fixed. Nope!

Then we felt that we should receive a credit for all the missed Internet service. They gave us a $25 credit for what we calculated to be over $300 of missed service. Thanks!

When we asked to whom we could appeal this decision the voice on the phone said come down to the office - "you can only appeal in person." I guess they think that such a requirement will keep most people away. But I went to the local office where they told me that there is only one manager for sixteen or so offices (i.e. there's no one here who can help you). That was followed up with a promise to have someone call me. How many times have I had that promise. I can't tell you how many times I was told that a manager or supervisor would call me to help resolve the problem.

Technology can be painful and I don't expect everyone or every company to be perfect, but Comcast has treated me like ****. No more Comcast for me.

Great commercials but their product and their service sucks!

A happy Verizon/Fios customer

gpsman said...

Note: Sorry, I started a separate blog by error so I'm copying that over here.
First (and maybe only) Comcast Post
Why am I here? Because I think I've got the most incredible Comcast story yet told.

How It All Started:
My wife wanted to see baseball games involving the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland As plus whatever other games she might want to watch. Simple huh?
As Advertised:
Comcast had a 'package' advertised as "All the Games All the Time" for $165. for the season. I confirmed that I could get both the Seattle and Oakland games before commiting my $165. As soon as I agreed to the package, they enabled the baseball channels remotely so that I could immediately check it out. There was a game scheduled for that afternoon with Oakland playing at Seattle so I set up my schedule to watch it at, I believe, 1:00pm that day. Before the game came on I browsed the other channels (there were 10 dedicated channels with one channel listing the games on the other 10 channels) and found 2 or three games in progress with the game of our interest scheduled on the index channel starting at 12:30. So, being about 11 am I settled in to watch one of the other games for an hour or so. A little before the appointed time we switched to the Oakland at Seattle channel which had a stationary poster indicating the game we were about to watch. At 12:30, no pre-game warmup announcing which I thought was strange and then at 1:00 the screen went completely blank and stayed that way. We knew the game had started because we checked it on the radio! Of course, we tried the other channels but only the other games were on.
I Called Comcast:
The support fellow asked a bunch of questions about the cable entrance, what kind of TV we had, were any other channels not delivering picture, what the picture quality was on the channels which played, etc. I'm not unknowledgeable about multiplexed signals and levels and things of that sort because I'd been in the communications business as an equipment designer for some 25 years followed by another 5 years of video game design followed by another 15 years of computer programming so, I knew where he was going and when he confirmed that by telling me that it's probably a case of low signal, I told him what I thought of his off-the-wall idea but, he insisted that he 'knew' and that he was going to schedule a technician to come to my house the next day and assist in solving my problem. I figured that it couldn't do any harm and that having a person here to communicate with the Comcast support desk would solve the problem, perhaps even more quickly.
Comcast Support Arrives:
Comcast Support Arrives:
A Comcast truck stopped across the street. A lady in uniform gets out with clipboard in hand and starts surveying my house from across the street and making notations on her clipboard. She walks back and forth the length of my property, looking at the poles on the other side of the street and then measuring the distance between the poles and the distance across the street, all the while making notes and then, finally knocks on my door. I open the front door and she announces that she's from Comcast, here to solve my problem and that the cable entrance needs to be changed from the left side of my house to the right side!!! Wow, what a deduction! I ask her how that might be accomplished as my wiring all focuses on the left side and she tells me they'll just string it under the gutters at the roof and hang the wires from the supports holding up the gutters! At this point, I tell her to forget that idea and see if she can get me the missing baseball channel. I point out that a clear stationary picture has already appeared on that channel and that other games have already played on that channel but she insists that it's a signal level problem.
Not Much Later:
Not Much Later:
She talks to 'Master Control' who tells her to schedule the outside wiring change and then she starts asking about 'splitters' so I show her the splitters and switches to divert signal to other rooms. She gets very annoyed and gets out her tools to start dismantling my connections at which point I say "What do you think you're doing?" and she tells me she's going to rip out all the interconnections and "unnecessary" wiring and splitters in the whole house to which I reply "The hell you will. What you will do is get the hell out of my house right now and you'll cancel my baseball service with full refund, and I want to write this all down as a record on the call sheet to make a permanent record of this nonsense." which I do and then escort her to the front door and out of my territory.
I call Comcast again and relate the above details to them but, all the while they keep insisting that it's all caused by low signal levels. They agree to cancel the baseball service, credit me the full amount and provide me with the name of the outfit in Texas who programs the baseball service. I call Texas and the fellow I get there tells me that all the MLB clubs prohibit televising games in the home territory whether at home or away, which was my test case of Oakland playing at Seattle. I explain that the reason I bought the service was to let my wife watch the Seattle games with Oakland and I tell him that he should have trained the Comcast people because they hadn't a clue and he says "Yeah, we really need to make the local service companies aware of that!"
1- Comcast knows nothing.
2- Comcast employees/contractors know next to nothing.
3- Never let a Comcast person make any decisions about your system without your approval.
4- Don't be afraid to challenge the know-nothings.
5- Don't be afraid to throw the bums OUT!!!
To think that the representatives of Comcast know less about what the situation is and what they are selling than you may yourself is absolutely frightening, don't trust them, at all.

Anonymous said...

Few blog sites these days captivate me enough to make my hand scroll through and read the many responses THEN actually respond myself. This one struck a chord. I had Adelphia service when I first move to Florida. Living in an apartment complex, I could not choose my service provider. I say this because I would have gladly chosen Bright House over Adelphia.

The Adelphia installer was nice enough; however, one thing grinded my gears... they did not yet have HDTV available. This disappointed me as I had recently purchased a very nice HDTV prior to my move. "We should have it by July," He assured me. This was April.

Being the rabid college football fan I am, I called Adelphia in August eager to receive my HD service. "We're being acquired by Comcast," the less than apathetic customer service rep explained. "Everything is on hold."

"Until when?!" I exclaimed. After all, this monotone woman was the only thing standing between me and watching my college football in HDTV glory. "Not sure. Maybe in a couple of months. Thanks for your call." Click.

I was outraged. For months my bill continued to be from "Adelphia" and when I called or went online with Comcast, they could not find my records. Finally, my bill came and it said Comcast. I thought, hot damn! I can finally get my HDTV! SO once again, I called.

"Can I get HDTV in my service area yet?" I anxiously asked. "No. Maybe in the next couple of months," the 'gentleman' explained. "I've been waiting 6 months now!"

This prompted him to actually go into some system and check for me. "Oh, we DO have that in your area!"

My heart skipped a beat with joy.

"Just go trade in your box at your local office and you should be good to go!" he explained.

So off I went. I deleted EVERYTHING off of my DVR and hauled it to the local office. When I arrived and announced the reason for my visit to the lady behind the counter, she hung her head in shame, shaking it back and forth ever so slightly.

"I wish they would stop doing this," she lamented.

"Doing what?" I inquired... nervous at this point.

"Well, we don't have HD boxes and the customer service people keep telling people we do."

I didn't know what to feel at that point. My heart was broken and my temper enraged. Not only could I not get HD, but now I had lost EVERYTHING recorded on my DVR.

I have since called only once to inquire again about the arrival of HD. This time, I actually spoke with someone helpful! It was truly a miracle. He explained how sorry he was, but my area does not have the proper wiring for HD yet.

FINALLY! A logical and honest answer! I have not called since because there is obviously no point. I live in a suburb of Tampa, an area you would THINK would have HDTV. Oh well... I am moving soon, two college football seasons later.

I also have to rest my internet modem every other day to get it to work with my wireless router. I am not technologically inept, either. I have a CCDA and a CCNA. I am certified in networking. Therefore, I know everything is configured properly. Only conclusion... CRAPPY INTERNET SERVICE. This is extremely inconvenient as I work from home frequently with my job.

My lease is up in February. I am moving to a Bright House or FiOS area ASAP. $130 for this craptacular service?! Comcast, you are simply raping honest, hardworking Americans without remorse.

buglady said...

I, like Mona, am from Northern Virginia. I decided to switch to Comcast when DirecTV was unable to move my dish until 3 weeks after my request. Since I was switching my TV, I thought I would also switch my phone. As for cable internet, I have been with Comcast for several years. I signed up for the one bill for 3 services deal.

When I called I spoke to a very lovely woman, Christina, who was able to set up installation really quickly, and made the billing simple by rolling it all into one. I was SO EXCITED!!

Installation day, September 17
Within an hour of the Technician leaving, I lost a good bit of the TV programming (apparently it reverted from the upgraded package that included HBO to basic cable). I called Comcast and the phone was answered “our systems are down – please call back in a half hour.” I got the person to talk to me and was told the problem was that the Technician didn’t close out the work order. So I called back after ½ hour and was then told the systems were down for 24 hours.

The next morning, I called the Technician directly (he left me his cell phone number) to see if he, in fact, didn’t close out the work order, and if that was what was causing programming problems. He called his dispatcher, who “pinged” my cable box and got the programming back.

After that, though, my DVR still didn’t work and kept disabling. I called once to reset it and about 1/2 hour later, it disabled again. I called again and was offered a $25 “inconvenience fee.” I was told it needed to be replaced and probably was refurbished. The day after it was installed!! Unacceptable.

About 4 hours after the Technician left on installation day, I also lost my internet service and after about 5-6 hours worth of phone calls, which made me miss the Redskins game as well as about 3 hours of work, the reason is that the new modem, which accommodates phone and cable, somehow could not be added to my account...and it would take 24-72 hours before someone could even work on it. Also unacceptable. Another tech support representative told me I would have to call the maker of the new Arris modem to get the problem resolved. Why should that become my problem when Comcast created it? Unbelievable.

Then, finally, sometimes when I dialed phone numbers, the call would not go through (this happened several times when I tried to call Comcast and twice when I tried to call my sister). Why should I deal with that when Verizon works just fine? I immediately called and got my Verizon service re-connected, and I am getting my old phone number back.

So I called Tuesday, September 18 and said I wanted everything removed from my house. I requested to be downgraded to simply an internet customer, even though my internet had not worked since Monday, September 17.

On Thursday, September 20, a kind gentleman came to get my equipment (Arris modem and DVR box). Although I had made the 2 separate calls to phone/internet and to cable and had 2 orders for the equipment removal, the gentleman was only given an order for removal of the DVR box. He handwrote the appropriate serial numbers for the Arris modem and indicated that he had picked it up as well.

My impression was that he would also make sure my internet worked (with my old Surfboard modem, which for some reason, was still hooked up, even with the Arris modem) before he left. He informed me that he couldn’t do that because he didn’t have a work order for that. He removed the equipment and left wires hanging from my alarm system where the phone/internet modem was hooked up.

After he left I still had no internet service and no one could help me after 1.5 hours on the phone. The first person was in Canada and she thought she knew the problem and told me I had to talk to internet billing to get the surfboard modem added to my account. Only, since she was in Canada, she couldn’t transfer me. So she put me back into the phone tree. I selected prompt 1 for billing, then the prompt 2 for internet…but I got someone in cable TV billing who couldn’t help me. They transferred me again back into tech support. They couldn’t help me. After being transferred around several times, and crying out of frustration, I got a competent person – also in Canada – who I think could have helped me, but I had to leave for work. He seemed frustrated that I couldn’t put work aside and sit there in front of the computer. He said to call back when I got home. I knew that would result in multiple transfers and just couldn’t take anymore.

On my way to work I called on my cell phone and canceled….only they never canceled anything. I found this out when I called several days later to see what to pay for my bill.

I was told that NOTHING was disconnected and it showed that I still had the Arris phone/internet modem, which was picked up September 20. I was told I had to take the paperwork to the local office to prove I returned the equipment. I said I was NOT going to do that. I had wasted enough of my time (I would say 5-6 hours at this point) trying to make Comcast's services work and I had enough. I was transferred AGAIN to someone in billing who couldn't help me.

That person transferred me to Retention, which was "where I was supposed to be instead of billing." Of course, that person was in the Maryland office and she couldn't help me. Again, I was frustrated to the point of tears. So she transferred me to the Virginia office and I spoke to Yao, who said I could fax the paper to him. I did that and was told it wasn’t readable and I would have to prove to the local office I returned the equipment after all.

Then I emailed the lovely Christina again, who was so kind as to get my internet service reconnected. The nice gentleman (Luiz) who picked up my equipment returned to reconnect my Surfboard modem. The internet worked; however, because, again, the modem had not been added to my account, I couldn’t access the internet. I called the next morning and spoke to a competent man who got it added. I had to be on hold almost an hour, but he got it done.

At this point, I was very happy. Until my bill came…. When I called about my bill a couple of weeks earlier, I was told by one person that I had a credit of $9 and change and another told me it was a credit of $2 and change. My bill showed a charge for the full month of internet, even though it didn’t work. Plus DVR rental and TV charges, even though I called to cancel it the day after installation. This put me over the top.

I called the evening I got the bill and was transferred to Yao again in Retention. The long and short of it is that all of the credits and debits on the account were completely confusing. But we argued over the $25.00 “inconvenience fee” credit I received on September 18. He claimed that since it showed up on my bill as a cable credit, that I was wrong. And that the $25 credits me for the cable I didn’t receive and that the bill stands. That is insulting on top of what I have already been through. I was told that I didn’t return a modem (when it was picked up by a Comcast representative), then I got told that I was incorrect about a $25 credit. If someone was to look at my record they would see that the credit was issued a few hours before I called to cancel my service...not after the service was canceled.

I request a sincere apology from someone at Comcast for this nightmare, as well a new, easy to understand bill that credits me for my hours of inconvenience and frustration.

Account #: 01668 248880-01-1

buglady said...

Bob, thank you for setting up this website. Posting on your website got me connected to Jeff at Comcast, who solved my issues. I am very grateful for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in a lot of places - both major cities and small towns - and in each of those places I have had cable.....COMCAST IS THE WORST CABLE!

I have lived in Miami Lakes, Florida since 2005. The first year I had Comcast wasn't bad, but ever since Hurrican Wilma (TWO YEARS ago), my service has been HIDEOUS!

I upgraded to digital cable with the DVR and I have internet. For the past two weeks, almost all of my channels have pixelated and frozen, especially the HD channels, two of my channels mysteriously switched and I couldn't find what I was looking for and all in all, the quality is pitiful. You would think, in a place like South Florida, the product would be robust due to wacky weather...NOT!! A cloud could pass over and the cable goes down.

My internet is also unreliable. It constantly goes down and when I'm in the middle of something, the cable modem resets itself, putting a halt to whatever I am doing. I'm working on a second Masters degree and the internet is ESSENTIAL! I don't live on campus so when the internet goes down, I have nowhere to run to....BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! I had better, more consistent internet in Greece this past summer than I have in Miami!

I am tired of talking to clueless customer service folks who, I am sure, are trying to do a good job, but how many different answers can one question receive?

Comcast in South Florida needs to get a clue and FIX its product and quality. Quit spending so much time with Spero Canton and his TV show and more time addressing OBVIOUS service and quality issues!

Acct # 8495600510043823

Anonymous said...

As a quick follow-up...NOT 1 MINUTE after leaving my last comment, the bloody cable and internet went down! It's a perfectly sunny day....UNBELIEVABLE! Fix your damned product!

texas gidget said...

Comcast is a screwup. Their On Demand Services will say a movie should be out on a certain day and they will only show that movie that day or not all. Then their anime channels will be down for several days. They keep giving me this bull about not being responsible because On Demand is contracted through a third party. Third party or not. There should be someway that Comcast and the company that controls On Demand should be able to communicate with each other to take care of On Demand problems. In addition, I signed up for the special where it was 33+33+33 for internet, cable, and phone. The cow taking my information did not tell me that there was a $99 installation fee nor was it advertised on the commercial. If it was on the commercial, then it was in small print. If they were not trying to fool potential customers, then they should have mentioned the $99 installation fee up front.

Anonymous said...

I only have about 30 secs before COMCAST internet shuts down again... I HATE COMCAST WITH A PASSION!

The Union Master said...

Come to our world Comcasters,we will give you better wages with a
competitive pension plan,your current plan is shrinking like a dickie on a cold day,Comcast stock is under 20.00 a share,this is due to the ways of your current management who reap in the benefits of your hard labor,they are making the money,you get the crumbs brushed off their tables,you have the power to change that-ONLY YOU!!
Think of your families in the latter years to come,,come to our world.
Have a voice and choose how you want the company to be ran,come to our world.
Stop being cheated and lied to by a
dictatorship which is your current management.come to our world.
I will not lie to you,I will tell you this:
We will provide the power of collective bargaining for you..but with a price

Union Wages will be provided,but members must pay dues.
Expect Comcast to threaten you with such things as STRIKES,LOST WAGES,NO MORE FREE CABLE AND INTERNET.
Nothing more than mere threats by a management desperately wanting to instill fear into you,because their jobs hang in the and only you have the true power to change the are the force..the voice.
Union members also get RESPECT from the general public,even your current customers will respect you more..UNION IS RESPECT AND POWER..
Management at Comcast uses the "divide and conquer" method with all of its staff,so no one can unify together,they teach Comcast managers this in classes,if you can believe that.

I was a non-union worker at one time,let me tell you,it's a sad life,you are really at the mercy of your employer who could fire you at will without warning

With a Union..We represent you,We fight for you..You have someone on your side,Not management!!

Heed this all Comcasters:
Thank you for you time
Good luck with your future decisions
The Union Master

Anonymous said...

Here's why I think Comcast is the worst company on the planet. In july they billed me $400+ for their cable, internet and phone service. When I called to clear it noone can explain it to me. I was on hold for hours with many reps and they all gave me different answers. I finally ask to speak to manager and I was told they are on lunch to call in 2 hours. I waited 2 and a half hours to call and was told they are still on lunch. I called back and spoke to a rude lady when I asked for a manager she said NO! I hang up the phone. I wrote a letter to them and was contacted by a manager who was as incompetent as the reps. She didn't want to reinstate my account. I explain to her I have had comcast for a year and never once missed or send late payments. So how come this is that much. She goes around my question. I was threatened to be sent collections. To make long stories short I paid the bill. I disconnected their phone and switch to Vonage. I cut my cable and left only the internet. Last month, after 3 months with only internet I received a bill for $98. When I called I was told that though I cut my phone I was still being charged for it. I got that fix again. Well, the problem is I can't get any cable because Comcast only provides cable in the area I live. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF AMERICAN MONOPOLY. The other day my wife had to call out work to wait for comcast to fix our internet and they never showed up. OK THAT'S IT. I can go on and on and on. THEY ARE SUCK! I can't wait for more competition so I can get their internet off my back. HEW! I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW.

Rex Standish said...

My recent adventure involves personal webpages. The "upgrade" to this service in November (which, among other things, broke mailforms), also disabled personal webpages entirely for some customers. Exact numbers are impossible to come by. But my personal webpages were out of order for at least 10 days, and I've seen enough complaints online to make me think that tens of thousands of users were affected, whether they knew it or not (who looks at their own webpage?).
Now, I understand these things can happen. It would've been nice if Comcast tried out their update on a test server before rolling it out to millions of subscribers, but OK.
What I don't understand is how it could take over a week to fix.
I also don't understand how they can justify not sending out an email to everybody whose webpages were broken (or, if they aren't bright enough to figure out who that is, to all their internet service customers) advising of the outage and giving an estimated fix time (or date, as it turned out).
Finally, I think all affected users should get a service credit -- $3 sounds about right, though a case could be made for 1/3rd of their internet service bill for the month -- to reflect the period of time during which Comcast wasn't providing the service they had contracted to provide. This is a package service which includes web pages as well as email and internet access.
When I contacted them to suggest that such a refund would be appropriate, they informed me that their policy was that email and web pages were 'free' services and they never provided refunds for outages in these.
However, their advertising makes no such distinction. Internet access, email and web space are listed one after the other as part of their bundled offering. They have contracted to provide all of these services to their subscribers, and in my opinion, they can no more unilaterally exclude some services from their contractual obligation than could a tree care company that had given you a single estimate for removing a tree and a bush, charge you the full price for removing just the tree. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? The bush was a free service. Sorry it didn't happen this time. Better luck next time."
Sounds to me like a good opportunity for some enterprising attorney to start a class action lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I just left Comcast for Verizon FIOS. The TV/Internet/Phone service I received from Comcast was fine. Never had too many issues with that. My main reason for leaving was the cost diff. The second reason was the customer service. Ugh. If you ever had to deal with the ladies in the Norristown office, I feel for you. The minute you walk in you feel you are bothering them.

Anonymous said...

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