Thursday, October 18, 2007

Has Qualmcast Gotten Back to You?

If you've left your customer number with your complaint on this site, did the company follow up? And how satisfactory was that experience? Do tell.


Rick in Atlanta said...

Wow - What at week! Customer number 8220202103530647 here - I am a long-time $225.00 per month All Service Comcast customer. After possibly the worst string of service attempts, I just received a "Welcome NEW CUSTOMER" computerized message on my cell. Once I answered it negatively, I was graciously put in queue to speak to a rep (I hung up after 10 minutes on hold). A short list of issues:
1) Three consecutive scheduled appointments - all no shows (Friday, Saturday and Monday).
2) Two separate escalations to managers, whereby I was promised a phone call in 5 minutes - no calls.
3) A 3rd manager gave me a $25.00 credit on internet for 6 months - $50.00 says it was lost in the shuffle as was my account.
4) Two reps called me from my house on the same day wondering where I was (I bet that kind of follow-up never happens normally, but it did, however, just to rub it in. You see they came on Wednesday - a day that was scheduled and not communicated to me after the 3 strikes (missed appointments) and 2 balls (missed callbacks).
5) I had them apply a new cable modem to replace the free one that comes with CDV and that went swimmingly, until the “Walled Garden” got me because the rep failed to tie the new equipment to my account (went the whole day with no service).
6) I was downgrading from 4 boxes to 1 and gave them the SSN of the one to remain active. They set it correctly. On the next day someone removed that box and added one of the disconnected boxes – Thanks,
7) When I initially set up the services to Downgrade cable and transfer the phone, I tired to do two separate work orders. The woman told me that you had to combine them. On first issue with the order the next woman said they can not be separated since I combined them – I was happy.
8) Resolution - I have no phone. When they cancelled me and tried for 4 days to reinstall, they ultimately told me to call sales to start a new account - just what I want to hear "Buy it anew!!!"
9) Several hours of holding and transfers, with several accidental disconnects.
10) They do have a person scheduled to come next Friday to pick up equipment, but we will see.

Mr. Cable guy - please answer this one!!! Oh and can you tell your reps to stop answering the phone “It is a fantastic day at Comcast, how may I be of service today?” At least one rep laughed when I responded, “Not if you are a Comcast customer in need of service.”

Mark said...

Never, ever, does Comcast respond to complaints. In fact, I've had them tell me that I in fact did not even file a complaint. And forget asking to speak to supervisors. They still try the "sorry, no supervisor is here" line.

Johanna said...

Customer #: 8495741016863916

Yes!! I posted my comment on Oct. 12 and I had a message from someone that weekend! I am pleasantly surprised. She offered to remove the $37 upgrade fee or service fee - some kind of fee - when they came out to upgrade my service. I will check my next statement to see if they stick to their word. Thank you "comcastmustdie" and thank you ComCast for making it right. :^)

Johanna said...

May I also add that the lady called not once, but gave a follow up call yesterday and she was very pleasant. I'd love to tell her name but I couldn't understand what she said (wouldn't want to get her in trouble either).

Anonymous said...

They have in a way gotten back to us...after being told that we would have to wait two weeks to recieve a HD box, they called back and said they could come the next day. Great, right? Two days later, 4 hours late, and one broken non-HD box...we called. Our resonse...a follow up call "Thank you for your interest in Comcast, we have you scheduled for new service 2 weeks from now. Would you like to add Internet and phone to your install package?" Um we are currently talking to you on the phone you installed two days ago...thanks though!
Still one bum non-HD box and no service date.

David Miller said...

I hate Comcast. They bought Adelphia in my area (VA). They claimed that rates would stay the same (yeah, right), they claimed that customer service would improve (sure) and that overall, consumers would benefit. Adelphia went broke (mismanagement), someone had to buy them. Comcast did. Then my internet (basic) got turned off, magically it just stopped working, but my bills didn't stop. So I couldn't get service, couldn't get my service fixed but then had to continue to pay, nope! Turns out that if I had I could have saved money because once they finally "shut-off" my service for failure to pay, I no longer grandfathered in with the old pricing structure. Now I have a "new" RCA modem that shuts down every twenty minutes to resolve an IP conflict, a bill that is 20% higher than then this happens. My internet stops working. I call; they determine that a tech needs to come out. They say that the tech will call me. He does, at noon on a Friday while I'm trying to get my employees to do their jobs before I can go to my other store. The tech calls and says that he’s at my house. He didn’t schedule with me, just assumed that I could drop what I was doing to get my basic internet service at my home fixed. I asked him to schedule with me for a future day because that day was BS. He hung up on me, so I call the main office (luckily I have bribed a local rep to give me the local phone number because they claim that you can’t just call them you have to call the 800 number). The main office tells me that the person who claimed to call me isn’t with the company anymore (the guy lies so that he could do exactly what he did, hang up and sign the form that I should have signed once he was finished). The company told me that they’d schedule something within the hours I had specified and get back with me. One month later, I finally have the time to go to the damn office. They call a tech he agrees to meet me the following morning. He arrives (who knew) and comes in and turns on my modem (it’s been a month, I wasn’t going to waste the electricity) and plugs in his little box and tells me the internet is working. After assuring him that I wasn’t LD and had turned off the modem to save electricity, he tells me that about a month ago there was an upgrade (some upgrade huh) to the system and my box was probably knocked off then, If only someone in the tech department had known what they were doing, if only someone in the customer support had known what they were doing, if only the tech hadn’t been a lying son of a bitch. If only the company wasn’t a multi-national that couldn’t do their damn job. If you outgrow your ability to serve your customers, you should reevaluate your business model.

Chris Beasley said...

I'd like to preface my comments by saying I used to work for MediaOne/AT&T, the latter of whom was absorbed by Comcast. I was with tech support for the actual customer service personnel.

My first problem began when I moved from one apartment to another. My account was transferred. However, about 6 months after the move, my email account stopped working. When called, I was told that while my account was transferred, by email addresses had all stayed with the old address. As a result, my email accounts were closed. I was then told (on a Thursday afternoon) it would take 72 'business' hours to correct the problem. Due to my experiences with their tech support, I knew this was actually only about a 30 minute process to release and reprovision email addresses to the new account. I asked for a supervisor, and was instead transferred to a lead customer service rep. They told me their managers didn't talk to customers. They also refused to give me operator IDs or last names. I did get a case #. I placed calls to the local franchise authority and also got the office number for a local senior executive. By 7pm that night, only 4 HOURS later (not 72), they called me to say the issue was corrected, and had given me 2 months credit for my troubles.

When my wife and I moved from our apartment to our current home, the problems continued. The tech was supposed to arrive between 11 and 1, and didn't arrive until after 5pm. They were unable to get me a decent speed... I had speeds no better than dial up. They returned a few days later, and added an amplifier, which improved the speed, but it was still only about 512k, not the advertised 1.5mbps. It was also intermittent, and would go down for no reason. This went on for several months, resulting in countless hours of calls to 'techless' support, and repeated visits by technicians. I wasn't getting IP addresses sometimes too (not related to the real cause) and was told on more than one occassion that the TCP/IP and DHCP issues were 'Macintosh specific' and that I'd need to connect a Window's based computer. Idiots!

One tech finally identified that the 450 feet of cable run along my driveway, across my backyard, to the opposite side of the house as the cable box was the issue. He confirmed that there was almost 400 feet of EXCESS cable, resulting in signal loss and degredation. So, what did they do? The reran the same 450 feet of cable, instead of boring under my driveway, as they originally wanted to do. The issues persisted, and I finally got names of Comcast engineers, general managers, and contacted the FCC and Local Franchise Authority. Within 3 days, I had guys out planning how to bore under my driveway to shorten the cable length and improve the signal. A couple of days after this, they had come out, done the work, and all 3 lines of service were working terrific. I had over the course of 1.5 years received $500 to $600 in credit for my troubles, including credits reimbursing me for time away from work and cost of my time to call them repeatedly.

Within 5 months, once I had taken advantage of all the credits, I dropped phone and video service. I could not, and still cannot get any other internet service than Comcast, but did go to Vonage for phone, and DirecTV for video service. I will be changing once I have another option.

Comcast sucks! Everyone I know who has them or has had them has ALWAYS had issues. Their customer support is horrible, and their tech support sucks like nothing that has ever sucked before. I'd love to see the go under and out of business one day.

DrBob said...

Business Accounts are treated no better then residential ones. I'm paying $55/month more to get SERVICE! What a waste of money...

Spirit said...

I went from direct to the all in one cable so that everything could be on one bill. After the third time they made it here with almost everything. I hooked up everything my self and they charged me $150.00 for it...LOL. Then they didn't have the proper cards for the other computers to hoock to the internet, so I wait!.
I end up going down there to hear them tell me that I have to pay for the cards..." But ma'am, I already have". Well sir, I don't know. You have My ticket there, read it... " Ok, here is my number. Have some call me and tell me what is going on". Its been three months and several phone calls and no one has called me. I still haven't paid them a bill yet and won't till they call me. I have just about hade it with the COMCAST family. I think that I'd rather be disowned!!!

Anonymous said...

They're terrible. They are running ads all over Chicago radio about why people shouldn't pay for the Big Ten Network.

We don't.

They're too cheap to add it.

Anonymous said...

Well, where do I start...?

My service goes out about once per month (or so it seems) and each time I try to contact Comcast, I first navigate their phone tree and then get disconnected... No live human being, no report, no warning... just disconected. Of course, in order to get a credit for lost service, you need to report the issue. But they make it virtually impossible to report it. I've given up.

Maybe we could have the government break them up much the same way they did with AT&T... it wasn't great at first but the increased competition has made choice and service better overall...

Anonymous said...

I read this site after it linked from the story of the old lady that attacked Comcast with a hammer -- after reading some of these comments it appears that some people are rather inept and things like reset work to fix issues -- its like Comcast might have alot of issues and all but their customers all seem like dimwits -- how can people demand so much but dont pay their bills or complain about a problem and then dont want to be there when the tech arrives -- sorry people you are adding to the problems

Anonymous said...

Man I have had Qualmcast for about 3 months. They first came out and took 3 yrs to set up my cabe and then they didnt set up all the boxes and they never came back like they said they would. So I called and called each time they said they were sorry and that they would fix it but they never freakin did. They said dispatch would call me in 5 min but never did. I was also suppose to get internet and phone with them but ofcourse they never showed up. Im so sick of it and too top it all off I got a bill for all 3 things for 260 dallars. I called them again after that and they again said im sorry we will fix it but nothing. So I just called them back again and they said oh im sorry but we show all your stuff is hooked up and that you have never had a complaint. I just dont understand what the hell they are doing over there. Im so frustrated and the girl on the other line is just laughing at me like oh well you know. I asked her well they say this call might be moniteried so when I asked if I could know if all my other calls were monitered she said oh no prob not. It just pisses me off so much. They are a bunch of pricks and I just want to slap them and take my non working dvr and hit them in the head. oh well I signed a lease but it looks like im going to have to break it bc I cant get anything done and im not going to keep paying for something I dont have. But either way they win bc they get my money and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I found your site after hearing about it on the news as part of the story on hammer lady. Still living in the past with a dial-up internet connection, land phone line, and free antenna tv. Have been considering entering the new technology millenium and have researched some providers. Your stories scare me away (certainly from comcast)so I've decided to stick with my $35/month outlay which covers phone and isp. Thanks!

trombone said...

Has anyone been helped by comcast by posting complaints on this blog?

What is the deal with being cut off when talking to customer service? This happens routinely. Often, it happens while I am on hold after the 39 minute mark.

Leo said...

I posted a comment Friday evening, and Monday morning received a phone call from Comcast corporate. My complaint was rate increase and no Big 10 network...person who called was polite and we discussed the temper lost on either end. I mentioned that I cancelled my HBO because I wasn't going to give them more money than I had to...she offered a year of HBO free. I accepted...this didn't address my issue and didn't really make me happy, but I wasn't going to turn down something for free.

Anonymous said...

Cusomter# 8798 30 005 76389978 here.....Had a terrible experience getting my service transfered after moving apartments. I had to take a day off work for the tech to come or else wait 2 weeks. Wait 2 weeks after I'd been calling for 3 weeks prior to the move to schedule something in anticipation of a scheduling backlog only to be told that i couldn't get anything scheduled until the current tenants in the apartment called to cancel their existing account. Why they can't tentatively schedule something for me and perhaps call the existing customer i'm not sure. So the tech shows up and he brought a used, broken phone/cable modem. He asked if his "manager" could come back the next day with new equipment..when the manager shows up he leaves a regular cable box instead of a DVR box which I had signed up for and was expecting. When I called back I was told I'd have to wait 2 weeks for someone to come back or go to the local comcast office myself and exchange it. I decided to just drive over there but was given another used piece of equipment which (suprise!) didn't work when I got home. I called and asked to get some kind of emergency ticket opened and another tech came out on that Saturday with a new box. I'm finally setup. oh wait....Now I get my bill with close to $100 in installation fees on it. I called to try to get it removed/reduced since I had to take 2 days off work and drive myself to the comcast office to exchange the equipment that they incorrectly installed. The person on the phone said they'd have to open a ticket to talk with the techs to confirm my story and they'd get back to me in 24 hours. Guess what? almost a week later and no call back......what do you think are the chances that a ticket was even opened?

Laura said...

Well I have just joined the elite club of being mistreated by Comcast. I have asked them 3 times to come to my house to put cable in our new home. This first time, no show; the second time, they had the order wrong. I was a transfer client from a previous address; of course the techs came unprepared, had me as a new customer. Of course they could not finish the job (on a Friday) and scheduled us to return on Monday.
My husband stayed home from work, Monday came and went and we were told it the appointment was never scheduled.
Of course they would schedule an appointment and that day was today. Again my husband stayed home from work, and guess what?? They never showed up. The phone operator said the appointment was cancelled and soonest they could schedule us is Thursday between 11am and 2pm.
I never thought it would happen to me!!!

Rick in Atlanta said...

Well I have gotten 6 to 7 calls from comcast management on the day I posted my comments. Tomorrow is the big day to see if they show up. Judy in Atlanta was supposed to call me to get my equipment SN's on Monday but did not...... I will keep you posted. So far here is what I have realized:

Comcast provides fantastic service to millions of customers, however, due to the nature of things some of us get screwed. They are way too big, but are doing a good job. We just need to look beyond our own issues, which is hard. Be happy in life, despite circumstance............

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Anonymous said...

I posted a comment in this blog (after the Mona story came out) about my terrible 75-minutes-on-hold customer dis-service experience...Immediately after that phone call (in the last week of September) I contacted an online rep on the website and proceeded to request my comments about the unsatisfactory experience be forwarded to the complaint dept. or wherever. She assured me she would. One month later and still I had no reply from them...until I posted on this blog and signed it with my email address. I got a call six days later. And I didn't answer it. And they called again this evening. I answered it. There were many apologies and the guy listened to me go off about what shitty customer service they have and what they could do to make it better. He stated also he would credit me for a fee that was charged (which I was never told I would be charged, for a change in programming).

I really expected something better. Any company who has any respect for its customers would offer some sort of a substantial credit (something more than a miniscule $1.99).

I am really not impressed.
What's even worse is I had to post on an anti-crapcast blog in order for them to contact me. Hah!

Thank you, you have truly helped to prove how terrible their company is as a whole.

-K in PA

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budman said...

Well they finally came to see me gave me a months credit and blamed the area for my problems we will see if they fixed it or not, I hope so because its been 18 months how can they not fix it by now!

buglady said...

I posted under Customer Disservice on November 1 and Qualmcast has not contacted me. I will repost under "How to Use this Blog."

buglady said...

Today Jeff called and turned me around 180 degrees. He listened, was genuine, apologized, and explained my bill to me. He also issued me a credit and explained that.

He asked me more detail about what went wrong so that they could improve their service.

He was so good at what he did that he got me back as a TV customer (I stayed with internet throughout this ordeal). He offered to be my point of contact through the installation process, which meant everything.

Thank you, Jeff, for your sincerity. You are very good at your job and I am an appreciative customer. You have restored my faith in Comcast!

Howard said...

I am account number 01619525785-02-8.

I wanted to follow up on the two postings I made under "billing fiascos".

Comcast has been in touch with me and I think I've gotten the information I've been asking for - I finally know which tv package I'm getting and how much I need to pay each month. It's sad that it took 3 months and at least 6 hours of phone calls, but I'm happy to have the situation resolved.

For upset customers - all I can recommend is be patient and stick with it. There were many points where I wanted to tell the guy on the phone he's an idiot. I was even told that my complaint was "pathetic" which really sent my blood pressure sky high, but I bit my tongue. If I had gotten upset, it would simply have caused more problems.

This bog can help you if you post your account number, describe your problem in detail and hopefully someone will get in touch with you who can or will help.

For comcast - Thanks for your help (you know who you are). There are a lot of problems at the local level, and the fact that the central offices don't communicate efficiently is a _big_ problem.

Customers want clear and consistent answers. At no point during my ordeal did I ever get the same answer from any two people, even for simple things like what tv package I was supposed to get.

Best of luck to everyone.


Open Letter To: Brian Roberts, Mitch Bowling, and Rick Geramo

Here is an example of the CRAP that has been going on within your company as customers try to get problems fixed. Comcast might want to work on fixing their EMAIL FAILURES.
To find more information about why this issue is occurring, I encourage you to perform a Google search for “comcast e-mail forwarding problem”. I found several articles from different companies explaining, in detail, why this issue is occurring.
To cut spam received by users, Comcast block entire mail servers. By doing so, these companies are preventing legitimate e-mails from getting delivered. While these blocks do prevent spam from getting through, they also prevent legitimate business-related e-mails (orders, reservation requests, questions from potential customers, etc) from being delivered as well.
The problem with Comcast doing this is that they do not seem to be telling all of their support people, and do not be notifying their customers. This has been going on around the country for MONTHS. Instead, it takes the end user hours of frustrating time on the phone spent with lower- level tech-support who has no idea that this change has even taken place.
I am using , and as forwarding email addresses to The “giftsite4” emails are part of a domain hosted by Yahoo. Emails to the “giftsite4” addresses are forwarded without problem to both Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. They are not forwarded to the Comcast address. I do NOT receive any orders for the products sold on the giftsite4 website. Additionally I do not receive 18 financial, health oriented or interest oriented newsletters to which I subscribe. This is an outrage!!!! This problem is ongoing since the beginning of October 2007.
I have spent 12-15 hours cumulatively attempting to rectify this problem. Your 2.0 techs either had no knowledge regarding the neither the problem nor the tools to fix it. They would either blame the domain host, my computer or accuse me of spamming. After wasting time calling our web host, and going through various troubleshooting techniques, they tell you to call Comcast. Finally I was elevated to your 2.5 techs who primarily repeated the “blame process”. I called Richard Spence, from Comcast’s Office of the President in West Palm Beach, Fl. I had gotten his number after dealing with corporate on the absolutely terrible job their installers did on the initial install. Mr. Spence has been helpful in the past dealing with other issues. After placing several messages with Mr. Spence, I did receive a return call. He was empathetic and informed us he would look into the problem and get back to us. Not too long after I received a call from Ryan at Comcast’s National Support Desk. I reiterated the problem and arranged a conference call with Yahoo’s tech support. It turns out Comcast is blocking my incoming mail port 25. After several additional calls and adjustment on your end the problem “appears” to be remedied. The remedy is extremely short-lived. We attempted to recontact Ryan, but he was unavailiable because of an emergency leave. We now received emails from Jim, who took over from Ryan. As per his instructions we changed the email portal settings in Outlook Express to port 587. This temporarily corrected the problem for at least ONE day. That was 11-12-07. THE PROBLEM IS STILL UNRESOLVED!!!! I have placed several (5) to Mr. Spence, without so much as a response.
You should google comcast and see the complaints customers have that they go online with rather than try to complain because for starters, there are no complaint forms or EMAIL ADDRESSES to complain to. Your main corporate telephone number can ring, unanswered for over an hour
One can only guess how many individual users are still frustrated at this very moment because they are being forced to do their business e-mail from home using their accounts, after uninformed Comcast agents are unable to help them?
Great customer service. If there was any competing product in my market I would switch in a heartbeat.
Thanks Comcast, for valuing our time so very little, in your quest to make mega millions.
PS According to the website it is my understanding that Mr. Rick Geramo will be hearing complaints in the South Fla area on Dec 12. I reside in the Boynton Beach area and would love to speak with Mr. Geramo face to face to fully explain the lack of service and customer care on the part of Comcast.

Steve Pregosin (561-734-3844)

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