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It's heartening, indeed, to see how Comcastmustdie has already become an outlet for so much deepseated rage. I hope we can keep the blogtharsis flowing and keep the hammer assaults down to a bare minimum.
I'm also amused to see the post from a Qualmcast employee observing that the company is made of of people. Yeah, well so is MS-13. So was the People's Temple.
So was Soylent Green.
People, when caught up in venal, soul-less bureacracies, can be powerless to effect change. But I digress. While the comments here are fascinating, they are also quite varied. I may soon switch to a more robust blog template. Meantime, let's try to segregate posts by subject. This thread, for instance, should be for CUSTOMER SERVICE NIGHTMARES. Please don't forget to include your Comcast account number. As far as I can tell, there is no risk to doing so, and Comcast can follow up and try to help you. I'm delighted to report that they've have done so already.
Thanks again for taking the laws of economics into your own hands.


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CCemployee said...

I'm assuming of course the:

"I'm also amused to see the post from a Qualmcast employee observing that the company is made of of people."

Comment was directed straight at me; this is mostly to counter the argument people have against specific instances of an individual acting in a less than professional way. IE, the infamous tech falling asleep. That is a case where an individual failed. If a tech is late because the dispatchers overbooked him, then that is a failure of the company, I simply wanted people to be mindful of the two.

Anyways, I admire what you're trying to do here, and that you're being pretty civil about it. We as a company could definitely improve, but I also think we (meaning the hard-working employees) get much less credit than we deserve. :-)

CCEmployee said...

Also I want to clear my stance:

I do my job, I do it well, and I'm quite content with that. I know there are people who do not do their job well/just don't care, and I know the company can make many strides to better itself.

That said, it's hard not to be a *little* hurt when I see blanket statements that condemn everyone who works for Comcast, even though I've probably never directly or indirectly impacted anyone posting here. Or, when people get upset with employees/the company as a whole when the situation is something that is not even in our control.

I am a huge fan of objective discussion though, hence my interest in this blog, I just hope most people respond objectively and with an open mind as well. :-P

Anonymous said...

Network World -

Verizon FiOS out for 5th time in 7 months, but …
Submitted by Paul McNamara on Thu, 10/04/2007 - 4:13pm.

This time it's at least possible that Verizon is not to blame; both my wife and I are leaning in the charitable direction at this moment … although the conspiracy-minded among you may think otherwise.

In either case, my family didn't get to watch the Red Sox last night, I didn't get my customary early-morning jump on blogging today, and my wife, Julie, had to do the always-annoying wait-for-the-serviceman thing (after cancelling a hair appointment).

These disruptions have happened so frequently of late -- this is at least our fifth major FiOS outage since mid-March -- the details no longer matter. All I know for certain is that our TV, telephone and Internet services went dark yesterday afternoon (is that what they mean by triple play?) and only returned about 2:30 today after visits from two different Verizon techs.

At least the first one spotted the cut cable and the second one did the necessary splicing, which I'll get to in more detail in a moment. (Although I have no idea why the first one couldn't do both jobs.)

Now, I've been accused by a Verizon exec of wanting to "take down" the company, and by a reader of harboring a vendetta -- actually, "Can you spell VANDATTA???" was the verbatim charge. Neither is true, and while I will cop to knowing a human-interest/misery story when I experience one, at this point I'd just as soon be denied any more fresh material if it means my 6-year-old son, Grant, will be able to watch Game 2 of the Red Sox/Angels series tomorrow night.

I'm also aware -- oh, am I aware -- that my family is by no means the only to experience FiOS-related distress. I've written about the fires, and the smoke, and the busted gas lines, and even the sewage so often in recent months that I can't really blame my colleagues for joshing about retribution or that reader for wondering if I might have a "vandatta."

Anonymous said...

08 June 2005 — Verizon Sucks (89)
I hate big corporations. I really do. They're enormous behemoths that can't be fought. Or when you do try to fight them, it's futile; you get squashed. (Some of my previous complaints about corporate frustrations: Authorized Apple Service Provider, Credit Report (in which I complain about Sprint), and Customer Disservice.)

On January 12th, I received a phone call here at work from somebody representing Verizon SuperPages asking us to advertise in their phone directory. I have little memory of the conversation (because I have several similar conversations a month), but I'm mostly certain that the call ended with me saying something like, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to advertise with you." I have no memory of agreeing to advertise with any new yellow page company; we're pleased with our current level of advertising.

In March, we received a $37.20 bill from Verizon for advertising in their Portland/Vancouver SuperPages. I phoned Customer Service (what a misnomer!) and explained that we had no record of having placed any advertising with them — would they please remove the charges? They would not and could not.

They asserted that we had, in fact, placed the order. "We have third-party verification indicating that the sales representative spoke with you, Mr. Roth, and that you provided your taxpayer identification number. This is all the confirmation we need to verify your order."

The call ended with nothing resolved. A few days later, I received a letter from Verizon re-iterating all of this information. I contacted Dave. On his advice, I sent a certified letter to Verizon's customer service department stating that the business has "neither requested nor authorized any service from" Verizon, etc. The letter threatened legal action if Verizon continued to bill us.

Verizon continued to bill us. They billed us in April. They billed us in May. They never replied to our certified letter. Today I received a letter from Verizon's collection department. Enough is enough, so I phoned them again.

The woman in the collections department was nice enough, but she couldn't help me. Her department has nothing to do with resolving disputes, only with collecting on outstanding debts. She suggested I call customer service.

I called customer service, and though I was trying to be polite, I was, I admit, a bit confrontational. (No shouting, no cursing, just had my hackles up.) This conversation was frustrating to a degree that I cannot even convey. I went through the whole "we did not authorize this" bit, and the customer service rep (Makeesha — is that a real name?) went through her whole "we have third party authorization in the form of your name and your business tax identification number" bit.

"Look," I said. "My name is common knowledge, accessible from any database. And I give out our TAX ID number all the time. This is not proof of anything. I want written documentation that we authorized this, or I want an audio-recording."

"I'm sorry, sir," said Makeesha, "but this is authorization."

Repeat ad infinitum.

Eventually, Makeesha gave me the address for Verizon's legal department, though I'm certain any correspondence sent there is destined for the same old dead letter file that my former certified letter reached. (Actually, to be fair, the previous letter has been scanned into Verizon's computer system. They have the letter, they just don't care.)

Have you ever gone through anything like this? How do you cope with the awesome might of transnational corporations? How can the individual hope to have his voice heard when the transnat will not admit error? How can this be resolved to my satisfaction?

Yes, I could just pay for the add — $40/month is peanuts for Custom Box — but I refuse. It's more than a matter of principle. If megacorporations can collect money because they say you owe it, where does that leave us? It's insane!

On 08 June 2005 (10:54 AM), Anthony said:08 June 2005 — Verizon Sucks (89)
I hate big corporations. I really do. They're enormous behemoths that can't be fought. Or when you do try to fight them, it's futile; you get squashed. (Some of my previous complaints about corporate frustrations: Authorized Apple Service Provider, Credit Report (in which I complain about Sprint), and Customer Disservice.)

On January 12th, I received a phone call here at work from somebody representing Verizon SuperPages asking us to advertise in their phone directory. I have little memory of the conversation (because I have several similar conversations a month), but I'm mostly certain that the call ended with me saying something like, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to advertise with you." I have no memory of agreeing to advertise with any new yellow page company; we're pleased with our current level of advertising.

In March, we received a $37.20 bill from Verizon for advertising in their Portland/Vancouver SuperPages. I phoned Customer Service (what a misnomer!) and explained that we had no record of having placed any advertising with them — would they please remove the charges? They would not and could not.

They asserted that we had, in fact, placed the order. "We have third-party verification indicating that the sales representative spoke with you, Mr. Roth, and that you provided your taxpayer identification number. This is all the confirmation we need to verify your order."

The call ended with nothing resolved. A few days later, I received a letter from Verizon re-iterating all of this information. I contacted Dave. On his advice, I sent a certified letter to Verizon's customer service department stating that the business has "neither requested nor authorized any service from" Verizon, etc. The letter threatened legal action if Verizon continued to bill us.

Verizon continued to bill us. They billed us in April. They billed us in May. They never replied to our certified letter. Today I received a letter from Verizon's collection department. Enough is enough, so I phoned them again.

The woman in the collections department was nice enough, but she couldn't help me. Her department has nothing to do with resolving disputes, only with collecting on outstanding debts. She suggested I call customer service.

I called customer service, and though I was trying to be polite, I was, I admit, a bit confrontational. (No shouting, no cursing, just had my hackles up.) This conversation was frustrating to a degree that I cannot even convey. I went through the whole "we did not authorize this" bit, and the customer service rep (Makeesha — is that a real name?) went through her whole "we have third party authorization in the form of your name and your business tax identification number" bit.

"Look," I said. "My name is common knowledge, accessible from any database. And I give out our TAX ID number all the time. This is not proof of anything. I want written documentation that we authorized this, or I want an audio-recording."

"I'm sorry, sir," said Makeesha, "but this is authorization."

Repeat ad infinitum.

Eventually, Makeesha gave me the address for Verizon's legal department, though I'm certain any correspondence sent there is destined for the same old dead letter file that my former certified letter reached. (Actually, to be fair, the previous letter has been scanned into Verizon's computer system. They have the letter, they just don't care.)

Have you ever gone through anything like this? How do you cope with the awesome might of transnational corporations? How can the individual hope to have his voice heard when the transnat will not admit error? How can this be resolved to my satisfaction?

Yes, I could just pay for the add — $40/month is peanuts for Custom Box — but I refuse. It's more than a matter of principle. If megacorporations can collect money because they say you owe it, where does that leave us? It's insane!

On 08 June 2005 (10:54 AM), Anthony said:

Bob Garfield said...

Speaking for myself, I'm delighted to see a Qualmcast employee posting here, officially or unofficially.

He also makes a good point: many of his colleagues work well and hard every day, and he hates to see everybody take the blame for a few rotten apples.

The point of, however, is that the rotten apples aren't there because of the random rotten-apple distribution afflicting all organizations.

They are there because, institutionally, Comcast is all screwed up.

Management has made decisions on how much to spend on customer srvice, how to train its people and how much authority to give those people. In all of these areas, it is not only failing, but failing with malice aforethought.

That is inexcusable, and the institution must be made an example of.

Maarten said...

OK... here goes... I am not a Comcast employee. I do not work for their agency, PR firm or am in any other way related to Comcast other than through their monthly bill. I do work in the marketing industry for a fairly well known FMCG company.

And I think I am a rarity. I have heard people bemoan their services. I have read about dreadful consumer experiences. But not me. I have had mostly positive experiences with Comcast.

When I moved to Atlanta, I signed up for their TV and Broadband service, and splashed out on installation by a Comcast professional.

To date, each time I have had an issue I have been able to get on the phone with an English speaking person, who was fairly knowledgeable, and who managed to get a service agent to my front door on the day promised (the time was not always spot on, but close enough).

Only once was a technician a no-show, but when I called to ask where he was the lady on the phone apologized, told me another job was taking much longer than anticipated, and waived a month of broadband cost.

When you do have an appointment, they confirm the day before via an automated voice messaging system, which, for a scatter brain like me, is not a bad thing.

Their hi-speed internet I am buying is indeed that: hi-speed. It is phenomenally fast.

And... I like their advertising. The pay-off "It's Comcastic" is a great find. And most of their ads make me laugh, and make me feel good about the service I have bought from them.

So I know this post will probably be treated by disbelief and mistrust. But I am actually a fairly happy and content Comcast customer. Perhaps it is different by region... but where I live things are pretty Comcastic.

TechHead5 said...

My name is TechHead5, and this is my quest to install Comcast HDTV. I currently am using DirecTV for over 10 perfect years have never been happier. I decided to quit DirecTV because DirecTV canceled TiVo DVR service can I can’t use it with their HDTV because DirecTV can’t use cable cards. I’m very sad I have to leave my perfect service DirecTV, but I don’t have any choice. They would have to take my TIVO from my cold dead hands!!! Trust me, I’m not alone on this.

As for today 10/11/07, I don’t have Comcast installed. Here is my journey so far.

10-6-07 Ordered Comcast HDTV with two cable cards and one standard receiver. Install date set for Monday from 12:00 to 3:00.

10-8-07 Talked to Jessica at customer service. Was told that the installers did not even come out to my house today. Received a $20 credit. I said, “ I don’t want the credit, I want the service installed. Why did you not even call me to tell me your could not make it out?” They could don’t care. A new install date of Tuesday of 3:00 to 6:00 set.

10-9-07 Called customer service to make sure someone would be coming out today. They said, “Yes and the installers will call me 30 minutes before coming out”

10-9-07 Comcast installers came to the house at 5:50pm and said they where here to install wireless internet service?????? What the hell!! I did not order that!! No cable cards, no HDTV. Later I called and asked for a manager to call me back about this, nobody called.

10-10-07 Talked to Marleen, and gave me a tracking number for a manager to call me. Said the other person should have given me a tracking number to talk to a manager.
Later around 8:00pm, a person from Comcast called me. He said he was NOT a manger, but a person who worked in the escalation center. A new appointment was set for Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00pm.

11-11-07 I received a strange call on my cell phone that appeared to my coming from Comcast in Spanish!!! I don’t speak Spanish!! I called Comcast at 12:15PM and talked to Tonya and was told I missed my appointment. I appointment was from 3:00pm to 6:00pm!! For the record, I was home when I received the Spanish installer alert from Comcast, looked out my window, and no car was there. What a lie! Get ready America, soon all of us will have to learn Spanish. I guess it’s my fault for not speaking Spanish.

11-11-07 Left a message for the same guy at the Comcast escalation center, three hours later no call.

Why oh why did DirecTV break my heart and cancel Tivo for their HDTV service. Now I have forced to deal with this. How can any company be so incompetent? Is it me or is someone at Comcast harassing me? I could order HDTV service from Verizon FIOS, but they are suing Vonage out of business with their stupid VOIP patents. Anyone now how to find a manager at Comcast?

kidd said...

Comcast HDTV service in Nashville is not great. They've been to my house 4 times to try and stop intermittent signal loss which causes my sound to drop out and the picture to go all pixelated. One time they said it was squirrels- suppsedly the hum of the wires on the poles attract them and they gnaw on them. Yeah, right. The fact is, their network in my meighborhood just isn't robust enough. Squirrels, indeed. Give me a break.

Marenghi Media said...

I switched from Comcast to Verizon FIOS after being told one too many times that the problem was "my hardware." Don't you love it when technical support tells you that, even before they've heard you out? I explained to Comcast my hardware hasn't changed, but today I'm not getting Internet pages for 5 minutes after clicking a link. How can it be my hardware? Actually Verizon isn't all that much better. I complained that the promised "true qualm" was not apparent, and that my Internet browsing was actually slower than under Comcast. Know what they said? It must be my hardware.

Cate said...

I wonder why no one has yet addressed the shell game Comcast plays with its service pricing.
Trying to save money and thinking that TV really isn't a necessity of life, I switched down to 1 box and basic digital cable. The cost for that is now $60 a month! Add to that my cable modem (required in my older neighborhood) and my bill comes close to $100. For TV and Internet - $1200 a year! THe only way to reduce your bill is to call and complain every 6 months and get the "introductory" rate on either service. Regular customers who don't complain take it in the wallet.
We really need some alternative service providers here.

Cate said...
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Local Atlantan said...

Maarten - I, too, live in Atlanta, and I suspect that the reason Comcast operates a little better here than other areas is the presence of Bellsouth/AT&T. Since Bellsouth has been a presence here for many, many years as HQ (and now a main hub since they've been picked back up by AT&T), Comcast has been making sure that they do better here than other areas - why? Because AT&T is coming out with their version of digital cable (not through DirecTV) in the next few months. Comcast is very much aware of this, so they're focusing extra hard on this area, hoping that there customers won't jump ship right off the bat.

Trust me, though, as soon as AT&T offers TV services regionally (they're starting in Atlanta first), and then nationally, Comcast won't have ANYWHERE to hide.

CCEmployee said...

Marenghi Media: Um, just an FYI... based on what you described, it DOES sound like it's your equipment that's running slow.

I'm not trying to be mean, but if it 'takes 5 minutes to open a page', I can guarantee you it's your computer. That doesn't mean it's anything wrong with the hardware though, I think you misunderstand, 99.9% of the time it's software related. In fact, I would bet if you booted your computer up in safe mode with networking, and/or used a different browser (try Firefox, it's free), you wouldn't have these problems.

Please don't place the blame on someone else when it may be simple ignorance on your part.

If you want any assistance, let me know.

Johanna said...

I've attempted using the online chat feature many times and each time, except for one time, I did not get my question or issue resolved. One of the most infuriating instances was later in the evening, around 9pm EST. I had just upgraded my service from basic cable to the Digital plus one premium channel service with On Demand. My On Demand service was not working so I wanted to simply chat with someone to figure out why. What a nightmare. Funnelling myself through the proper drop down boxes was irritating enough (especially since there isn't a specific selection for On Demand questions or problems). I chose to go to the digital cable section and before you can chat with someone you are asked to enter in a brief description of your question or problem. So, I entered in that my On Demand service isn't working. I was like # 20 in the queue and it was counting down fast. I thought, "Wow! They are really blowing through these inquiries." When it was my turn to chat, an individual came online and without even giving me a second to chat, he immediately said that I was in the wrong area and that he would have to transfer me to the proper area. OK. Disappointing, but I believed him. I waited and waited to be "transferred". Never worked. So, I tried again. The EXACT same thing happened again but with a different associate. Fool me twice, shame on me, right? I tried yet again. Same result. Next time, I entered in a different reason for my chat session, just to see what happened. I simply put "digital cable" (keep in mind I was in the "digital cable" section). Again - SAME result. I was sooo irritated. It became obvious to me that there were probably just a few guys working the late shift and they just didn't want to help anyone so they agreed to just put in the stock response and send people on their way. On their way - TO NO WHERE! I ended up having to call (which isn't too bad but I prefer the chat method - I mean, why have it at all if it isn't going to work). The lady I spoke with was very nice but she did not fix my problem even though she said it would work within 24hrs. I ended up having to make another call which, again, the lady was nice and within the next 24hrs my On Demand was finally working. DANG! I'm sooooo glad ComCast charged me - AN EXISTING CUSTOMER WHO WANTED TO UPGRADE HER SERVICE - $37.00 for that crap. What happened to : "so you want to upgrade service and pay more money to us each month - we'll do it for free because we appreciate your business"?? I apologize for the lengthy rant. If I had a cable alternative in my area, I would give it a go.

Luiz, a chat representative, was my only good luck with the chat feature. I wanted to switch my premium channel from HBO to Showtime and he made it happen during the chat session and waived the $37 dollar fee. Thanks, Luiz!

Customer #: 8495741016863916

Anonymous said...

No one should ever forget that Comcast and Adelphia were one in the same. Adelphia, for those with short memories, was that wounderful cable company whose founders are still rotting in jail for defrauding shareholders of hundreds of millions of dollars during the 1990's.

There is an old saying, 'a fish stinks from its head' and the Comcast senior management team are more than capable of continuing to demonstrate their Adelphia connections and heritage!

CCEmployee said...

Bob: Thanks for the acknowledgement! I'm actually here quite unofficialy. :-)

Also, your comment:

"They are there because, institutionally, Comcast is all screwed up.

Management has made decisions on how much to spend on customer srvice, how to train its people and how much authority to give those people. In all of these areas, it is not only failing, but failing with malice aforethought."

Isn't exactly true. It's really hard to see from the outside, but we've taken a lot of strides to work on the problems we see at hand (and believe me, we're not blind to the problems). The biggest problem is though, for those changes to be effectively noticed by the customer can take a long time; I'm talking it could be years before our 'image' improves despite all the changes that we've made.

And again, there are many things we can improve upon. For example, I think one of the key things it better communication between our various departments. The problem? All the departments were using different software apps to do their job, which other departments didn't have full visibility on. The solutions? Make universal apps for all departments, as well as form groups to act as mediums of communication between the various departments. The new groups have been extremely effective at allowing better communication, and the universal app... well, they're still working on it, it's partially integrated but not there yet.

My point being, we ARE always trying to improve, it's just that it's not always immediately obvious to you folks.

maarten: You are most definitely not in the minority. In fact, you're in the majority. The vast majority of our customers have no problems or gripes with the services (other than the prices, but who doesn't complain about the price of anything at all in this day and age), it's just that people don't go creating blogs and leaving messages when everything is working well. Why? Because that's what we as consumers expect, so we don't go out of our way to acknowledge it. But when something goes wrong... look out!! :-P

Anonymous said...

I'm a Chicago resident and when I first signed up with ComCast I received the introductory low price, but in the first 3 months, I had to call customer service 3 separate times due to the fact that my cable went out (by the way - I haven't made a call to ComCast that's lasted less than 20 minutes, which is currently my favorite way of using up cell phone minutes). After the 3rd incident, I asked more questions around how interuptions could happen so frequently. It was explained to me then that there were a lot of people in my neighborhood stealing cable...

So, ComCast decided it was a good idea to disconnect everyone's cable (3 times in 3 months, mind you), and wait for legitimate customers to call and complain in order to reconnect valid accounts.

It's like something you'd read out of a business-school textbook on how not to treat valued customers. I am planning on buying a new home within the next 6-12 months and I am almost certainly going to switch over to a dish network provider; they cannot possibley be any worse than ComCast...

Bart said...

Well, let's see... JUST moved to an area that was not RCN capable, so I was pretty much stuck with ComCast. While the tech showed up on time, he marked up my newly painted walls and apparently didn't know how to crimp the ends of his cable, since they slipped out.

Add to this a company that has paired with TIVO and yet, they can't get my TIVO service to work. (Two different techs: "Sure, we can do that...", "No, we don't support TIVO")

So I subscribe to ComCast's DVR service... the DVR doesn't load in all the shows the first day and tech support restarts my machine twice with the same result. (As it turns out, apparently it takes MUCH longer than 30-45 mins for a new DVR to populate with programming content, but NONE of the ComCast Support folk seemed to know this)

Seven calls, two bus rides to switch equipment and two tech visits later, I have cable. But of course, NOT the cable I had for RCN and certainly not at the same price.

Looking forward to seeing what others have to say on this blog.

Grand Rapidian said...

Two years ago we moved into a new home that was not yet set up to receive cable service. When I called Comcast to ask them about setting up service, they informed me that it would take TEN WEEKS for someone from Comcast to get around to running a line a couple dozen feet to my home from the connection that already existed on my street (in a well-established neighborhood).

I hated to be without Internet access and premium TV service for that long, but I grinned and bore it (which meant missing the last season of "Six Feet Under") and at the end of 10 weeks after hearing nothing from Comcast about the status of the line to my house, I called them up and was informed that they'd already hooked me up two weeks prior and neglected to notify me.

I went nuclear, gave up on my plans to go VOIP with Vonage, and contacted Dish Network and SBC the very next day to set up a regular phone/Internet and TV service.

The best part is that two weeks after the ink dried on my contract with Dish Network, Comcast had the stones to send a telemarketer my way to pitch their service to me.

Go, Bob, go!

Anonymous said...


Good luck dealing with a company who outsources the majority of their call center staff to INDIA! I am sure that will be a much better experience ;)


Brian said...

I figured this would be an appropriate place to post a letter I sent to Comcast about a year ago.
Fortunately, this letter led to me receiving a free year of Comcast cable, as well as a Christmas card from the company acknowledging that "we've had a rough year" (true story.) Of course, they still couldn't figure out how to change the name on the account from Brain to Brian (after three attempts), but I've decided to let that one slide. Hope my misery provides some entertainment for you all.


I am writing to inform you of the incredible difficulties I have recently encountered with your company. While I imagine that a company of your size often receives complaints about various isolated issues, I strongly encourage you to examine the widespread problems I faced. I apologize beforehand for the enormous length and detail of this letter, but I don’t believe you can fully understand my frustration with this situation unless I include these details of my experience. As you will see, your company seemed to break down at every conceivable level of service: on the phone, in your internal database, in your dispatching system, through your installers, and even in the television service you provided. I imagine the following account will be as appalling to you as it was for me, and I will be submitting this complaint to both the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission.

It may be helpful to begin by noting that I have never written a company out of frustration with their services, since I had never encountered a situation so incomparably infuriating that it merited spending my time to do this. In addition, I have been a manager at a large Fortune 200 company, so I have a sympathetic understanding for some of the difficulties that emerge in large bureaucratic organizations. Nonetheless, my experience with Comcast in the past two weeks can only be described as completely ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable.

Previously, I had a number of service interruptions with my Comcast service, and I was often disappointed that it took days (and once, even a week) for service to be restored. In fact, at one point I was awarded a month of free service because of the high volume of interruptions. However, this had never motivated me to write to your company. But, after trying to transfer your service from one apartment to another, I was simply amazed at the atrocious level of service which accompanied this seemingly simple task.

I estimate that I spoke with over 25 different employees in your call center over the course of twenty days in the process of transferring my service from one apartment to another. To my utter amazement, when one employee made an entry or correction, the next person would not have this information in the system. On approximately 5 separate calls, I informed the employees that they were using an incorrect apartment number. I would be reassured that the problem was being fixed, but this issue would occur again on later phone calls. The same frustrations occurred when I informed the employees that they had the incorrect phone number and had improperly entered my hours of availability. This speaks to a failure of integration of data in your company (and leaves me to wonder if your employees were even listening to the information I provided), which produces incredible frustration for your customers.

Yet, I recognize that system integration is a major task, and something that cannot be resolved easily. However, my experience with your dispatched installers cannot be explained by this failure. When I first made my appointment for 3-5 PM on a Tuesday afternoon, I waited for the installer to show up. I received a call from the installer on my cell phone, which unfortunately cut-out in the middle of our conversation. I continuously redialed the cell phone number from which the call had been made, but the installer did not pick up his phone over the next four hours. I received a call from your call center claiming that the installer had shown up at my home and that I was not there. When I protested, the employee stated that the installer had arrived at my red, four-story house, and that I did not answer the door. I explained that I lived in a white, two-story house, and that I had been waiting in the doorway for the appointment. I was reassured that the installer would come out that evening, which he didn’t. After a series of phone calls, I was assured that the installer would return the next day. I had to take the day off of work to remain in my apartment, but the installer did not show again. I spoke with numerous call center employees in the course of these problems, and each offered a different excuse, but no one was able to get an installer to show up at any point throughout the day. A similar situation emerged on the following day, since the dispatcher set an appointment time that I had repeatedly said I would be unable to accommodate.

This particular phase of the process was only resolved when, after explaining this situation to one installer, he was willing to come to my apartment outside of the scheduled appointment time (which had been moved to the following Monday, which was seven days after the original installation should have occurred).

After all of these difficulties, I finally sat down in time to enjoy a Chicago Bulls game. However, when I turned to the appropriate channel, I was surprised to find that it was not available. In fact, a number of the channels which I had access to in my previous apartment, with the same cable service, were not available. When I called Comcast, I was informed that I would have to pay another $23.00 per month in order to access the same channels which I previously had. Of course, when I grudgingly accepted this offer, the dispatcher again set an appointment which I had specifically said I could not accommodate. By now, I had been far too patient with your company for far too long.

I have had 3 separate operators credit my account for $20 each, and apparently a supervisor will be giving me one month free after reviewing my account (although none have been reflected on my account as of yet, and many of my peers have complained about never receiving discounts which Comcast operators had promised them). These are nice gestures, but they do not nearly compensate for the frustration I have experienced in my dealings with your company. I would have gladly forfeited the $60 credit and free month’s service if Comcast would have simply performed the task which it promised: providing me with internet and cable services. Quite frankly, that should not be too much to ask. Like you, I am far too busy to spend more than two weeks waiting for installers that do not show up, speaking with operators who either don’t listen or can’t make necessary changes to their databases, and, now, calling your competitors to price out comparable services. AT&T has even offered me three months of free service if I were to switch to their service. To entice me to continue to be your customer, and to try to ignore the difficulties I have encountered, I would expect an even more generous offer from your company.

We all share the same concerns of getting the best value out of our limited budgets. As you must certainly know, word-of-mouth is often the deciding factor in which companies we choose to do business with. Obviously, I will warn my peers about the horrendous experience I have had with your company, and encourage them to take their business elsewhere.

For your own sake, and for the sake of your customers, I hope you strongly consider improving these circumstances.


[name removed]

Anonymous said...

One employee is reflective of the whole company. One of them misbehaves/acts in a professional way, they should be immediately weeded out. No excuses made for them. And the company should take responsibility, not use the "it's just one employee, the rest of us are fine."

Like when I call in with a simple billing inquiry. After being held on hold for 20 minutes, I get attended by a snippy employee who could have simply explained to me the process to shut down service. I cancelled service a month ago only to find they are still billing me for another month (even though I called, cancelled, and was given confirmation the service was cancelled on the agreed upon date).

As it turns, apparently it takes a whole month after the date of cancellation to actually shut down the service. Then you are told "this is not a high priority for us" when you ask why it takes so long. So apparently, timely customer service is not a priority to the company. And all this delivered in a mightier than thou condescending attitude as if they are doing me a favor. A polite explanation would have been good enough. I would have accepted things may have taken a bit longer had the news been given in a polite and friendly fashion.

Is this just one rotten apple? Probably, but sadly I have no control of who takes my call after keeping on hold on end. So, impressions do count, and this, for something that was so simple, left a very poor impression.

Anonymous said...

CCemployee - You are very biased and sound like someone from Comcast Management. I used to be in a senior management position with Comcast. It is true that 99% fo the employees work very hard and do the best that they can. Senior Management drives the employees like slaves. Nobody is happy to work at Comcast. It is a 50-70 hr per week job with no appreciation from management. They don't care about the employees, they just care about how much money they can make. Employees are second class citizens. The almighty dollar is all that Comcast cares about. If you want to know why you get such bad service from is because unhappy employees don't provide good service.

Anonymous said...

First off let me say that I am NOT a ComCast employee or stockholder.

That said, I will admit that I'm very much addicted to tv watching and make the most of my DVR.

That's one thing that has improved dramatically the past couple months.

Up until then, you had to baby the thing every moment or it might blink out and have to reset. In the meantime several minutes of whatever program we might be trying to record, would be lost.

This chronic condition happened most often when we tried to watch prerecorded programming while another was being recorded but could also occur all on it's own.

Then, one day, the mothership "upgraded" it's on screen program guide and all the re-setting went away.

Earlier in the year our next door neighrbor ditched CC altogehter for Direct TV. I know nothing about how all this stuff really works but getting them off our mainline seems to have improved our own signal a lot.

Very few incidences of Tileing any more.

Of course I'm not happy with today's announcement that we're getting stuck with another $3 a month increase for TV.

For 4 more HD channels (they aren't saying which). But if it's one of the half dozen home shopping or 24/7 infomercial channels (Does anyone really need a Jewery Channel?) There could be trouble.

I agree with several readers that CC needs to have all their packages itemized on their website.

We once had the "whole enchilada" with Platinum!. Yeah baby!

Then one day I couldn't get Fox Movie Channel anymore.

Since there's zero info on programming on the website I had to call customer service to find out that now FMC is part of a Premium sports package.

Don't get me wrong. I do watch sports. Rarely an entire game but I watch them. That's where HD really shines. But I have more than I need and more so because I live near Seattle and my teams usually suck.

So I choose not to medicate away the pain but instead lessen the effect by turning to movies (especially during the playoffs when 99.9% of the participants are teams on the opposite side of the country.

Peeve # 2 is the weekly Triple-Play junkmail. Hey Comcast! I dropped my landline 4 years ago because we have cellphones. Don't need one to update a cable box anymore and I use your slower-than-Bangladesh Broadband. All cable! How 'bout putting a box on your mailers we can check off and send back saying we don't want it! Enough already!

Based on the general population of commenters on this blog, I'm still classified as a happy customer.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

When FiOS finally comes to my town, I'll be the first to switch. Comcast service is terrible, too expensive and their support is deplorable.

I've had numerous Internet outages. If the outage happens after business hours, I don't even bother calling support. I see no sense in talking to someone in Canada who is going to tell me either the problem is with my hardware or they will send a truck at somepoint. In the last several years, EVERY outage has proven to be a Comcast issue. In some cases, the support department is not even aware that the problem has been identifed. After being told I would have to wait for a truck, a spotted a Comcast truck on the street. the tech told me the problem was affecting everyone in my area, had been indentified hours before and they expected it to be fixed shortly. I called support back and told them what the tech told me. Support said they knew nothing about it.

I give them my money because they are the only game in town. As soon as FiOS arrives, GOODBYE COMCAST!

Anonymous said...

Here's a letter I've sent to the BBB as well as my local Comcast office:

RE: Digital Cable Service Issue – without service for over a week now

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have recently had some horrible experiences with your company in response to my efforts to get a problem with my digital cable box fixed. I will simply insert below the text that I included in my report to the Better Business Bureau:

Sometime in June or July, my digital cable box stopped working, displaying a message on my screen that the "settop was not authorized for use." I called Comcast, and was told that there must be a problem with the box, but the soonest they could send a technician would be a week later. My only other option was to go to the service center and pick up a new box myself. I did so, and the problem was solved.
On 9/28/07, the same problem occurred again. I called Comcast to report the same problem re-occurring. After going through some troubleshooting steps with the phone representative, I was again told that there must be a problem with the digital set-top box. This time I agreed to a service call, thinking that the problem could not be with the brand new box. I was told that the soonest a technician could come would be the following Wednesday, 10/3. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and informed the phone rep that I could not afford to take time off work to meet a technician at home during work hours on 10/3. Then, all of a sudden, I'm told that there IS a sooner appointment, they can have a technician out on Saturday 9/29. I received a call back from the supervisor as requested, and he assured me that the technician coming out to the house would be able to solve the problem. The technician arrived on Saturday, necessitating an early departure from a social event for my wife. He spent about one hour at the house trying to fix the problem, during which time he tried three separate new boxes with no success; the digital cable still would not work. He left the house stating that "it must be problem with the account, I'll have the local office manager call you on Monday (10/1)."
I received no call on 10/1, 10/2, or 10/3. On 10/3, I called Comcast again to ask why noone had called me, and was told that they could find "no notes" from the service call that was made. I was forced to go through the EXACT same troubleshooting routine as the first time I'd called, and was AGAIN told that there must be a problem with my box and that they would have to send out a technician. I also asked to get a call back from a supervisor, in hopes of getting some actual solutions. I was again told that the soonest appointment was during the next week sometime, and I again repeated that I work a day job and could not take time off work to meet a technician on a weekday. Again, I was told that (all of a sudden) there WAS a weekend appointment available on Saturday 10/6. I agreed to this appointment and changed plans to be home and available. I never received a call back from a supervisor despite my request for one. On Thursday 10/4, I received a confirmation phone call to be sure I still needed the Saturday 10/6 service call. I stated emphatically that I did.
On 10/6, the technician never arrived during the specified time. When I called to ask about this missed appointment, I was told that there had never been any appointment scheduled for today, that it was scheduled for the following Saturday 10/13, in DIRECT contradiction of what I had previously been told twice on the phone.
Comcast provides terrible customer service, with no confirmation or trouble ticket numbers offered, poor record keeping of service calls, and technicians who apparently don't know what they're doing, both via the phone support and in-person service calls. I do not plan to pay for the last 8 days that I have been without digital cable, and will be sending this report to Comcast as well.

A disappointed customer wondering why cable TV is allowed to have a monopoly on local service options,

(name redacted)

Since this letter that was sent to Comcast on 10/8, I had a tech come to the house on the evening (5-6 PM) 10/12 (a day sooner than they said they’d come, but I didn’t complain). The tech replaced the box (the 5th box tried in 3 months), and it worked. I asked him if it was fixed, and he said “yes, for now…” I replied, “for now?” and he said the signal strength was low and they were having problems with the boxes they get from “the warehouse.” He left, and the cable worked for a while. Then, I get another knock on the door around 8:30 or 9:00 the same evening, and the tech is back with another guy and a big truck. They interrupt my evening plans without any call or warning, (I had friends over for a few drinks) and start fiddling with the box again, checking signal strength, and claimed that the strength had gone back up to a good level before they left. Yesterday (10/15) the box went into “brick mode” again. I can’t bring myself to call and complain again yet….

Acct #: 01619 133405-05

Anonymous said...

I was a customer of Comcasts for years. One month I got a bill for $700 for on demand movies we didn't order. They wouldn't take them off the bill so we went to another provider. They still say I owe the money. They could have had me for life if they weren't such short term thinkers!

Anonymous said...

Comcast- what can I say? Their On-Demand never works. Why call it On Demand if I can't demand it when I want?

Also, why force so many garbage channels onto me when I only want some?

The main three things they can do to fix a LOT are as follows:
1. Fix on demand.
2. Allow one to choose only the channels they want. If they are concerned about some channels not getting a fair share, then they can randomly give (or bill) every customer 10 channels in addition to the ones they choose.
3. Lower pricing.

Anonymous said...

While our chief issue was with the "80's era" paucity of selection available on our $100.00/month "silver" service, we were shocked the other nite to utilize the On Demand service to watch a free movie - only to find an edited-for-network-tv version -COMPLETE WITH TBS LOGO AND COMMERCIALS - instead of the movie we'd chosen to view.
When we sat later & considered the huge advertising expenditures ComCast uses in "hyping" - and we don't use this word litely- OnDemand, we were very upset. $1200 a year for shows we could VIDEOTAPE from network television is a bit extreme.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed very easy to bash MegaCableTron - you can't really call them a monopoly, though. What they are is -a- source for the entertainment content and information transfer services we want. None of the T & C i read guaranteed uninterrupted service to broadband users. We can't blame these companies for representing themselves as the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing we can fault them for is the obscene amount of money they waste on the self aggrandizing.
Sure, it would be great to be able use an interface like mozilla or IE to select FAVORITES like our internet bookmarks and eliminate what we consider crappy stations. This sure won't make more money for ComCast. Their chief responsibility is profit. Everything else will take a distant second. We have to bash them because WE believe the hype. If we disregard their various claims and lower our expectations to a realistic level, we'll be a lot better off.
5 exceedingly lame MTV channels? Endless reruns of Dirty Dancing & Roadhouse on PAY CHANNELS? This is what makes ComCast money. Service DOES NOT make money. When we can get service elsewhere, we'll leave ComCast. Until then, c'est le guerre.
mallet brigade

Anonymous said...

My area has a terrible HD selection compared to all other Comcast areas. We do not get many of the HD channels including Fox and Comcast Sportsnet. All calls go to Pennsylvania where they tell you channel selection is a local decision but they are not allowed to transfer you to anyone locally and they cannot give you a local #. It's a very frustrating situation. The monopolistic nature of cable franchises really hurt the consumer and offer no alternatives to customers.

Anonymous said...

Will follow up later with name and number, but my brief beef with Comcast: the cost for service is ridiculous. Pondering going to satellite, but will give Comcast the opportunity to upgrade into the 21st century and provide a la carte service. Give me 20 channels that I want to watch and not 65 of 70 that I don't! Charge me the same $1 per channel that you're currently charging.

Anonymous said...

Comcast support is actually not that bad. They pick up the phone pretty quickly. What really kills me is how they force you buy THEIR channel packages. I recently downgraded my service and lost ESPN HD. I still have ESPN2 HD and pretty much every other HD channel but not ESPN HD. I am also paying extra for “The Sports Package” but this somehow doesn’t include ESPN HD. I called them and they want me to pay an additional eight bucks a month because that’s how they “split up” the packages. I even offered to pay more for ESPN HD but that is not allowed. What person wants a package that includes ESPN2 HD but not ESPN HD? They are “forcing” me to upgrade!

Anonymous said...

Is Verizon Big Brother's best friend?

By Preston Gralla on Wed, 10/17/2007 - 12:20pm
Here's more frightening news for those concerned about the feds and telcom companies snooping into Internet and phone use. Verizon has told Congress that it turned over private information to federal investigators more than 700 times in a less-than-two-year period without court orders, apparently in violation of the law.

The Washington Post reports that when Verizon gets a request, it turns it over without even bothering to check the legality of the request. According to the Post, "The company said it does not determine the requests' legality or necessity because to do so would slow efforts to save lives in criminal investigations."

This, of course, is absurd, because if lives are at stake there's a provision in the law allowing the feds to get a legal tap as quickly as they want.

Congress is investigating the NSA wiretapping and Internet-tapping program, and in particular, the role of telecom companies in illegal surveillance. But apart from the disclosure from Verizon, they're not getting very far. Today, for example, AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest "refused to reveal to Congress the nature of their involvement in the NSA warrantless wiretapping program," according to ars technica.

Congress will try now to get the information from the Bush administration. I have two words for them: Good luck! It'll never happen. The administration has resisted turning over information in the past, and certainly won't change its mind now.

Congress is considering passing laws about the wiretapping program, and in at least one proposal, the telecom companies will get legal immunity for turning over information to the NSA in the past. That's flat-out wrong. The courts should decide whether it was legal; telecoms shouldn't get a free pass.

Considering, though, that telecom lobbyists line the pockets of Congress, don't be surprised if telecoms get off the hook.

Anonymous said...

I just read "Hammer Time" and thought it was great. Several years ago we moved into a newly-built home and, having Comcast at the previous house, I wanted service established at the new location. The neighbors had Comcast, the cables were already buried from the junction box to the house, a roll of excess cable at the side of the house ready for connection. I call Comcast. Comcast reply: There is no house on the property. Me: We live here. Comcast: Our records show no house. Me: It is a new house, your cables are here, we just need them connected. Comcast: We can't send anyone to a location until we know there is a house there. Me: I am telling you NOW that a house is here, today. So in the end (which came to my mind in dealing w/ Comcast), and after talking to a Comcast installer at my neighbor's house who told me to call the office to schedule installation, only to be told AGAIN that we did not exist, I ripped out the Comcast cable, cut their wires at the house, and installed satellite. Problem fixed.

Anonymous said...

I am surrounded by $700,000 homes, but Verizon said I was too rural for fiber optic or DSL. So, I have SLOW dial-up. I had three tries with Comcast High Speed Internet. None of the three techs could make it work. My Comcast cable TV works fine, so I'm puzzled -- and back on dial-up for my internet business.

marycoleen said...

I have a new role model! If I had a hammer...

I have been thoroughly frustrated with Comcast since July. In trying to get service, we had two no-shows (they tried to tell me I cancelled the appointment once, the other time they said the tech knocked on the door and no one answered.) Both times I had taken off work early to meet the tech just to wait for nothing and have to re-schedule.

They were outside the service window another three times, once when they were supposed to be here between 12 and 3:00 on a Sunday, the tech showed up at 7:00, took a look at the problem, said he didn't know how to fix it and left.

It's hard to express in a post the rage and frustration I have experienced because of no shows, lateness and the agonizing experience of having to call in to Comcast over and over again, explain the issue anew every time since no one ever seems to know anything about the history, just to be told that somehow I am at fault.

I sent a letter on September 9 detailing my complaints and got no response from that. When I called to see if they had received the letter, no one knew a thing about it. I faxed it again to one rep's attention, no response. I finally got a call from someone but when I tried to return the call, never got an answer despite leaving three messages.

After calling AGAIN, I finally spoke to someone on October 11 who eventually offered me $105 credit. Not nearly enough for the leaving work early (twice) just for no-shows, waiting around for seven hours on a Sunday, more hours on two other occasions, an outage for an entire weekend due to someone's screw up at their office (they told me this is what happpened, it's not just my opinion), and a minimum of 20 hours on the phone trying to find out what was going on and how to fix it.

Yes, there are some nice people at Comcast but their business model sucks! There must be a way to put history in a customer file so that I don't have to explain everything in full every time to someone who just has to transfer me to someone else. Also, the $105 credit is an insult considering the problems I have had with this service and the amount I pay every month. If I had any other option, I would take it immediately but we can't get satellite.

If someone at Comcast reads this, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to talk to you--something has got to change over there!

Mary Thomas


Anonymous said...

...ahhhh...Comcast. This is my last week with Comcast. As of Monday, I will be enjoying Direct TV. FREE installation.
When I first got Comcast...I was told if I wanted to watch The Sci-Fi channel...I was told I had to upgrade to their basic digital service...which meant having to get a special digital reciever: made by Motorola. This came with a new remote control. After watching programs for only two days...the reciever started to switch itself. I called Comcast, and the "Tech" arrived pretty close to the window time promised. They saw what was happening first hand...and replaced the reciever. After the "Tech" left, the NEW reciever started doing the same thing. And my new "Handy Dandy" remote control I have? That has been replaced 3 times...because, you has to stand at least 1 inch away from the reciever for it to work! After 5 months of these problems, Comcast sent out another "Tech". He proceeded to "troubleshoot" the problem. "Aha" the "Tech" exclaimed! You have "sucked out sockets!" After "fixing" about 4 "sucked out sockets"...he proudly brought the system back up and marvelled at his work...and while looking at the channel he selected to watch: the channel changed. Then he used my 3rd replacement "handy dandy" remote to put it back. To his surprise, the remote did not work. "Obviously, this needs new batteries" he said. He replaced the batteries and SURPRISE! It didn't work. Me, not being very tech minded explained to him that he had to hold the remote about 2 inches from the reciever...which really isn't that remote at all. THAT worked. So I lived with this annoyance and continued to pay my monthly bills. Everytime I saw that smug brunette spokeswoman on the Comcast comercials exclaiming "It's not Fantastic, it's Comcastic"...I would mutter to myself "'s Comf*ckstick". After seeing all the Direct TV dishes over the past year popping up in increasing numbers, I went to my neighbors home to inquire how he liked Direct TV and how the picture quality and service was. After spending half an hour with him...I was convinced. Bye bye Comf*ckstick...bye bye reciever that likes to change channels on its own. Bye Bye remote control that wasn't remote. Bye Bye.

Jesse said...

My experience with Comcast goes thusly: I run an internet business. A violent thunderstorm broke a tree branch from a neighbor's tree which disconnected my service. Simple enough. I call Comcast.They tell me, a service tech won't be out to repair the line for a week. The week passes.I call again. I am given the same response. The week passes. I call again........only this time, I'm all over the customer rep before she opens her mouth to give me the same croc of bull that I've heard previously. She listens intently, allowing me to vent. Long pause....comes back to the phone( I'm hoping she will send someone out that day)after investigating my account. She proudly tells me she has gotten to the bottom of my service problem! She claims that the second service rep that I'd talked to previously, erroneously entered my service call as a "start new service". She dramatically points out that she has corrected the problem, and that I should be expecting a service tech at my home to connect my service promptly!!! For a moment I am absolutely ecstatic! Then I ask the obvious question..."When will that be?" Oh, Sir, not for at least a week and half!.....this is her declaration. I disgustedly slam down the phone and immediately switched to Direct TV. I have no regrets. Best move I've ever made!

P.S. Two weeks after I turned in all my Comcast equipment(cable box, remotes, etc.) Comcast had the balls to send me a threatening letter demanding the return of all their equipment, lest I be charged a fee of $350 for non-return. To which I returned a response letter with the address of my lawyer. I just said.."have your people call my people, and we'll do lunch"!

Anonymous said...

I am finally free of Comcast (hopefully forever). I don't think I was EVER a satisfied customer; our picture quality was poor (service people tried more than once to correct it, but could not); the rates were high and always increasing; the channel selection was lousy and bogged down in "package" deals so that I could not get an economical combination of channels I would actually watch. I considered Star Power, but I didn't see a solid enough base or track record, so I held off. Just as we were seriously looking into satellite, Verizon introduced FiOS. I'll admit I had a lot of trouble getting signed up; I think they probably use the same call centers as CC. (In fact I didn't really get their attention until I said the word "Comcast" a few times in one conversation.) End of story, my whole family is very happy with the system -- phone, net and TV, and we pay less than we did for Verizon phone/DSL and CC Basic.

Personally, I think the "23 million satisfied customers" are primarily located in areas where there is no other TV option available. If it's all you can get, you're going to say you're satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Here is my diatribe against Comcast. It is long, but I just found this sight and it is cathartic to share with others.

I am writing in regards to my several failed attempts to get my cable internet service hooked up.

It took approximately two weeks from the time I called until Comcast could send somebody to my house to hook up my cable internet. Of course, the installation crew arrived early, left before I was told I needed to be home and didn’t show back up until just after 7:00 pm. The six hours I spent in my apartment waiting for the installation crew, however, was just the beginning of a long – and fruitless – quest to get internet service.

The initial two servicemen who showed up said they could not get a signal for some reason and that a line repairman would come out and fix the problem within 1-3 days. The gentleman told me I didn’t need to call to make an appointment and that I didn’t even need to be home because the problem was with the cable box located outside the house. Even as the words were coming out of his mouth, I knew there was no chance the problem would just get fixed in three dayst. Comcast didn’t disappoint me. A week later I called Comcast’s “customer service” number (it would take a very liberal definition of the word to describe what I have received as “service”) and they had no clue that I had any problem. The first person I talked to (and by now I had spoken with at least 12 different “customer service” representatives) told me he couldn’t help me without the serial number on the modem. That evening when I got home, I called back. The representative who answered my call had no clue why the last “customer service” representative would have needed me to give him the serial number. “It is right here in your account file,” he said.

Even with my serial number in hand, this “customer service” representative was unable to set up an appointment that worked for me. I spent the next two weeks trying to schedule a time after work or on the weekend when Comcast could send out a line repairman to fix the problem. I tried to reason that I had already taken time off work once to meet the original installation technician and that I could not do so again. The “customer service” representatives could never help me as they said they could only schedule evening and weekend appointments three or four days in advance and none of the slots they had open worked for my schedule (Why a multimillion dollar cable company cannot schedule service appointments more than four days down the road is beyond me). Other “customer service” representatives seemed genuinely concerned and they promised to personally try to set up an appointment for me and call me back. They never did. Most of the people I have spoken with at Comcast were extremely polite. Unfortunately they have also been unfailingly useless.

After several calls and almost two weeks with no progress I demanded to talk to a manager. The representative said his manager would not be able to help set up an appointment that worked with my schedule. I said I just wanted to talk to somebody who could solve my problem. He responded “We don’t have anybody like that here.” I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

I finally agreed to another open ended, all day appointment. The line repairman came out and was unable to fix the problem. He told me the problem could be fixed if he could access my neighbor’s cable box, two doors down. The line repairman knocked on my neighbor’s door to no avail. He told me Comcast would call my neighbor and set up an appointment with them. A few days later, I called Comcast back and the “customer service” representative had no clue what I was talking about. For some reason, Comcast is unable to put any notes in their customers’ files so I had to repeat my story every single time I called. This “customer service” representative told me in five years working in the cable industry he had never heard of a technician needing to go to a neighbor’s house to fix a problem with another person’s service. So, I guess I am just really lucky.

The “customer service” representative said that Comcast had called my neighbors and left messages about the problem (yeah, right). I was told that if the neighbors didn’t call back, I would simply be unable to get internet service. Before hanging up I asked if Comcast would be able to work with their schedule as I do not expect them to take a day off from work to help solve a problem that does not affect them. The “customer service” representative said Comcast can work with the neighbors’ schedule because they would send a line repairman to fix the problem and “line repairmen are the firemen of Comcast. They are on call 24 hours a day.”

I laughed and pointed out that after two weeks of calling, pleading and begging Comcast still wouldn’t send out a line repairman to my house during the evening or weekend. The “customer service” representative responded “line repairmen are the firemen of Comcast. They are on call 24 hours a day.” Taking his robotic response as evidence that he didn’t know what he was talking about, I told him I would try to talk to the neighbors myself and hung up.

I called back the next day, not believing the company would work with my neighbors’ schedule and was informed that, even if I did convince my neighbors to call Comcast, they would have to wait on hold like everybody else and that the normal practice of a four hour, open ended appointment during normal business hours is the best that could be arranged. Being that I didn’t know these people, there was simply no way I was going to ask them to do that.

I left town for the holidays a few days later, and returned to a bill from Comcast charging me more than $47 for my “internet service.” I wish I could say that surprised me. I called Comcast and the billing department immediately removed the charges. Of course one month later, I got another bill, charging me for another month of internet service. Additionally, the last person I had talked to at Comcast did not actually remove the internet charges and I had a past due bill for $47. The charges were again removed,

So after approximately 13 weeks and more calls to “customer service” than I can remember I finally gave up. The service I received from Comcast failed to meet even the extremely low standards I have grown accustomed to. I called, cancelled my service entirely and returned the modem. Roughly a month later I received another bill for internet service. The “customer service” representative who answered the phone told me there was no indication that there were problems with my service and that their notes show I had not called Comcast a single time since my original call to request service. Further, he said he couldn’t remove the charge. By this point, I had made at least 20 calls trying to get internet service. I had cancelled the service over a month before I received the bill, and I never actually had service in the first place.

I went ballistic, screaming, cussing and threatening to go to every government agency and press source I could think of if they didn’t remove the charge. An hour later, I got a call back saying they would remove the charge. Sometime after that, I got another call from Comcast saying I was going to be charged for not returning my modem. Expecting this, I had saved all the paperwork I was given when I returned the modem and resolved the problem quickly, through gritted teeth.

That Comcast has grown so large and profitable is shocking. I did everything short of beg to pay them $47 a month for internet service and every person I spoke with proved to be incredibly incompetent. It has been my experience that the only way Comcast could actually provide customers with service or fix a problem is by accident.

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible that Comcast has the gall to respond to its widespread, well-known failures in customer service with the trite response that in a company with 25 million customers, a few are going to be unhappy. Having dealt with Comcast's outrageous conduct in 2 states over the past few years, and having heard similar experiences from everyone I know who has ever had to interact with Comcast, I'm betting its more than just a few isolated instances. I would love to see an actual poll. Perhaps someone can convince Zogby to take this up so we can shut up that infuriating Comcast VP who insists that Comcast has few problems with customer service.

Anonymous said...

We have comcast, we have problems. Now granted I'm not a computer savvy person, some of the problems I thought were my fault, however, we just got a brand-new computer, and I still must close most applications if I want the computer to react with any speed when I click on something. Last week I stopped recieving emails on my main account, my husband emailed them, they said the problem would be fixed in 72 hours... it's been a week now, no emails. And the tv, it just decides to shut off arbitrarily. Very frustrating, esp. the lack of emails.

smitty in baltimore said...

No doubt that some of the customer service people I've spoken with in the two+ years I've been a Comcast subscriber have been friendly and hard-working.

The problem is that I've had to speak to them at all.

I have a long and sordid story with Comcast that involves four tech visits in two weeks, some broken crystal and a huge hassle to get re-imbursed for about $150. And since then, I've had numerous problems with service, paid for things I never received, and have spent more time on the phone with Comcast than any other company I deal with. (I've got the phone number memorized. I can't remember my parents' phone number, but I know Comcast's.)

And I pay nearly a hundred bucks a month for cable tv. Amazing.

I'm debating whether to have a tree cut down just so I can switch to DirecTv.

In case anyone cares, my Comcast number is 09518 164701-01

Poon said...

I live in Memphis where Comcast took over from Time-Warner about 18 months ago. Boy, I only thought Time-Warner sucked--Comcast is much worse. Besides never keeping their service commitments, here in Memphis we have a large poor, uneducated, lazy workforce, and Comcast hires them all. These are people who can't hold jobs at McDonalds. Add their lazy stupidity to Comcast's incompetence, and you have an intolerable situation.

I've tried DirectTV but can't get it because I have too many big trees in my yard. My wife and I are thinking about taking up reading full-time and getting rid of TV all together.

Remember back in the 60s when theaters and drive-ins used to warn you about the evils of cable television? They were right...

Glenn Fishbine said...

We looked out the window one day to see Comcast digging a massive hole in our front yard. When asked, they said, "we're improving your service." Nice, but the hole is down-stream from our access point. When finished, we asked, "will you replace the lawn." They left. Called customer support. A few days later, some guy came out, sprinkled grass seed on the lawn and plowed it under with his shoe.

Then a few weeks later, a NEW hole had to be dug in our yard. More grass seed, more shoe plowing.

Comcast has destroyed our yard.

Shopping for SAT TV now.

CB said...

I have had problems with my Comcast service for four and a half years, mostly that the picture becomes pixelated periodically for hours at a time. I have had technicians to my house numerous times. They have re-layed cable connecting to my house. They have changed cable boxes. Now, they have pretty much given up and simply stuck me with the problem. Most recently, I requested a service call, the technician never arrived, I called to complain, and they told me the technician had called my house and left a message. That was an outright lie. I had no messages from Comcast. There was nothing on my Caller ID indicating they had called. And when I asked the "customer service" rep (I use the term very loosely) if they were accusing me of lying, she hung up on me.

I have asked for reductions in my monthly fee due to poor service, and of course, they never agree to that.

One of my pet peeves with Comcast is that when you first call them, they ask for your telephone number to be punched in. I do that, and then when I finally get to speak with a human, they ask me for my telephone number. I tell them they already have it. They tell me they don't know why, but they have to ask for it again.

In any event, Comcast is one of the most horrible companies I have ever known, from the standpoint of customer service. I am about ready to switch to another carrier, but I'm afraid that their service won't be much better. Sometimes I yearn for the days of rabbit ear and roof antennas, and seven channels. Life was simpler then.

Poon said...

The problem gets down to this--Comcast doesn't give a shit if you go to another company or not. Just like another giant--BestBuy, who also doesn't give a shit about it's customers. Those of us in here who complain are so small a fraction of their customers that they could care less if we leave. Comcast, like BestBuy, knows that there are countless customers who just put up with the rude non-service and keep forking over the money because they feel powerless to do anything...

That's why we need a strong government to step and an regulate these mega-companies. Unfortunately, our present government is in bed with all these corporations.

Victor Yuschenko said...

Here is a letter I sent to David Cohen, executive VP of Comcast, this summer. I am amazed at how similar my experience is to others on this board.

I am writing to tell you about the Single Worst Customer Experience of My Life, courtesy of the fine men and women of Comcast. This story has it all – shocking lack of competence, outright lies, and a customer service system that can best be described as Soviet in its hopeless ineptitude and ability to drain time and destroy souls. Mr. Cohen, I write to you because you are a man whom I respect, and who has tackled the Philadelphia city budget, which may be the only structure west of the Iraqi parliament which is more brazenly dysfunctional than the Comcast customer service system. Mr. Dougherty, I write to you because you apparently have the unenviable task of herding the motley collection of dispatchers and technicians in the Wilmington, DE area.

Let’s cut to the highlights, shall we?

I have had no digital voice service for 4 ½ weeks. More important to me, except for maybe 1-2 days of isolated connection, I have also had no Internet service. Given that my girlfriend and I both work from home upon occasion, this lack of service directly affects our ability to earn a living.

To say that I have made an effort to have you resolve these issues would be like saying that Jeffrey Dahmer has a few minor personality issues. To be more specific, I have spoken to Comcast twenty times. Two-zero. That’s not puffery – that number was confirmed by Brian (ID #9FN) in your (Kafka- or Orwell-esque) “retention” department.

But here’s the really infuriating part. Over the past week, Comcast technicians have failed to show up for four scheduled appointments. No call, no rescheduling – just flat-out didn’t show. A quick recap of your efforts from the week of June 18, 2007 looks like this:

• Thursday, June 21 – I’m scheduled for first block of appointments in the morning. The technician was supposed to call my cell phone 30 minutes prior to arriving. The technician never called and never showed. When I called back the evening of the 21st, I was told that there was never any appointment in the system. I rescheduled for the following day, June 22.

• Friday, June 22 – Scheduled for first block of appointments (again). Tech never showed (again). I called that afternoon, and was told that a technician could come out between 5:30 and 7:30. The technician shows up at 8, does some work, and tells me the problem is fixed.

• Saturday, June 23 – Internet and phone are out again. I call customer service and am placed on hold for almost 40 minutes. A representative tells me he’ll send someone out tomorrow (Sunday) between 5:30 and 7:30. I give them my cell phone number so they can call 30 minutes in advance.

• Sunday, June 24 – At 5:45, I call customer service to confirm the appointment. I’m told the appointment has been cancelled… because the technician tried to call me and no one was home. The problem? He called the (broken) home phone line! I say fine, send him out now, since I still have plenty of time in my designated 5:30-to-7:30 “window.” I’m placed on hold for 20 minutes while the representative talks with his supervisor (or surfs for porn on the Internet, or whatever it is he does). At about the 21-minute mark, I’m disconnected.

• Sunday, June 24 (continued) – I call back and talk to a nice young man named Amir. He sincerely apologizes, but all the technicians have been sent home for the day. Amir informs me that he spoke to the dispatcher in my area, and that dispatcher claimed he tried to call both my home and cell phone numbers. This is a blatant untruth. The best he can do, Amir says, is to set me up for a new appointment tomorrow, between 10:30 and 12:30. I give him my cell phone number, and make him read it back to me. The tech is supposed to call 30 minutes in advance on my cell phone before showing up.

• Monday, June 25 – Given past history, I call customer service at 10:45 a.m. to confirm my “window” of 10:30-12:30 and that the dispatcher has my cell phone number. Their response? “That appointment was for yesterday. We don’t have anything today.” Jesus weeps.

• Monday, June 25 (continued) – I receive a callback from the local dispatcher, who informs me that the technician will “probably try to be there by 1:00,” but he can’t make any guarantees. I inform the dispatcher that my time frame was 10:30-12:30; he responds that that is the best he can do. To his credit, the dispatcher does show up around 12:45. The problem is fixed … for now.

I have spoken to Michelle in your office and informed her of this twisted chronology. She was kind enough to credit my account for my difficulties. However, even by the distressingly low standards of today’s customer service systems, this entire episode stands out as being truly exceptional – exceptionally bad. Indeed, once-in-a-lifetime bad. I sincerely hope your company is able to improve its customer service and dispatch systems. If not, you’ll lose a lot of customers – myself included.

[name redacted]

Anonymous said...

So, last night, half our channels are repeating the same two-seconds of material. They obviously lost their Satellite feed, and the material is being regurgitated from memory...which isn't changing.

So, I call Support (bwaahahahah!). They offer to send a technician out to my house in five or six days.

The problem is at the head-end, dumbo! If course, Comcast management doesn't want their front-line folks to call the right person...just dispatch an expensive service call, long after the problem has been solved. But, certainly, DON'T take the information and call the on-duty head-end tech to look at and fix the problem!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Comcast customer and decided to fight back and bill the company.
Several months ago I was contacted by Comcast. A message was left on my answering machine to notify me that there was a problem with the cable in my neighborhood and to please call back to schedule an appointment. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, as I didn't have any problem with my cable, but I did call them back right away.

The rep I spoke to explained the issue and said that they would need to come into my house and that it may take up to five hours to fix the problem. When I kept insisting that this problem didn't exist with my cable, the rep repeatedly told me that if I didn't get it taken care of now, I would start to have problems with my cable. So, I let them schedule an appointment. I took the morning off work so that I could be home during the window I was given. Nobody showed up. Nobody called. I called Comcast and was told they were on their way. So I took the rest of the day off work so I could be home. Nobody showed up. Nobody called.

I called Comcast again and explained the issue. The rep insisted that the repair person came to my house and I was not home. She told me I had to reschedule the appointment. Can you imagine? It was of no use to counter her because no matter what I said, she kept repeating the same thing. I asked to speak to a manager. Was told that none were available and would call me back. In the meantime, I rescheduled the appointment. The soonest date they had available was for three weeks later. No manager called me back. After two days, I called again. I was passed around from person to person and sat on hold for quite a long time. Nothing accomplished. I got tired and gave up. Waited for the next appointment date to roll around.

Appointment date #2. I called the day before to confirm my appointment and make sure someone would be coming within the specified window. Comcast confirmed my appointment. Had to take time off work again to be there. Surprise- nobody showed up! I called Comcast. Was given an apology and told they would be there shortly. Another whole day taken off work and nobody showed up.

I was livid. I called Comcast and after lengthy hold time, I was finally permitted to speak to a manager. The manager was of no use and continued with the claim that I wasn't home for my appointments. He eventually hung up on me! I called back, jumped through a zillion more hoops, and was finally connected with another manager, who couldn't seem to understand what problem I was experiencing with my cable tv! I explained numerous times that I wasn't experiencing any problems and that Comcast called ME and told me if I didn't get it repaired I would start to experience problems. I told him over and over again that Comcast initiated the contact and requested the appointment. He looked into it. Called me back a few hours later and asked that I reschedule the appointment. I told him that I couldn't afford to miss anymore work for his no-shows and he assured me that would not be the case. Stupidly, I rescheduled. In the meantime, I asked to speak to his supervisor so that I could receive some type of compensation for the two days of no-shows. I was eventually connect to someone who was very nice and understanding. She opened up some type of repair ticket for me, which sounded like a good thing. She also told me that no-shows were an ongoing problem. She said that too often repair people don't show up for the appointments, for a number of reasons, but then write up that they did show up! Sometimes they indicated that the customer was not home, and sometimes they indicate that they actually came in and did the work! Unbelievable! She said she could probably lose her job for telling a customer this, but she was sick of lying to customers and inconveniencing them and how unfair it was. She really helped me understand what was going on and was so apologetic. She gave me a small credit for my inconvenience and said she wished she could give me more.

Appointment #3. Yay!!! The repairman showed up on time!!! BUT... he was there to fix the problem with my computer. MY COMPUTER???? WHAT???? I explained that Comcast said the issue was with my cable tv and I told him that I didn't even have Comcast for my computer. He showed me the work order. I was flabbergasted and told him of the weeks of hell I'd gone through. He tested my cable tv. He said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. He told me if they ask me to make another appointment, just hang up on them. He called someone from the company on his phone and told them to, "leave this woman alone. There's nothing wrong with her cable."

I was absolutely floored that I had spent hours on the phone being tossed around, and that I had taken off three days of work FOR NOTHING! I got on the phone to Comcast again and tried for hours to reach someone with some clout. When I finally was given permission to talk to someone who could do something, I told her that under no uncertain terms was this an acceptable way to treat a paying customer. I told her that my time is money too and I expect them to reimburse me $25 per hour for the time I missed from work due to their bad business practices. She said, "I can give you a one time $20 credit, but I can guarantee you we won't be paying you any more than that. It's not our policy to pay customers for lost wages while waiting for their appointment." I told her that I "GUARANTEE" her that if she doesn't pay for my time, then I would be taking legal action to be made whole again. I reminded her that Comcast initiated contact and requested I make these appointments and didn't show up. I reminded her of the weeks of frustration, head banging and hoop jumping I'd gone through in order to get any assistance. I informed her that I would be sending Comcast an invoice and it better be paid within thirty days. I indicated the total amount I expected in reimbursement and then I hung up on HER.

Within an hour, I received a call from the same employee. She said they would be paying me what I asked for. And they did. They did so in the form of credit on my bill, which was fine. After all the credit on my account was used up, I called Comcast and told them I no longer wish to do business with such uncaring and incompetent people and a company that doesn't value their paying customers. They did not seem to care that because of their bad business practices they lost a good customer. I've never been happier to be rid of them!

Anonymous said...

My Comcast nightmare just started.

We've been dealing with shotty cable quality this past summer. The screen gets all jumbled, freezes, and then restarts a few minutes later. This gets very frustrating when watching a game on tv or a good movie. But to their credit, when we call to complain, Comcast takes a few dollars off of our next bill.

However, due to "company transitions" I've been chosen to work from home for the next few months. Since I just use my cell as my primary phone, I need to add a landline in order to make working from home, well work.

We decided that since we already have cable and internet with Comcast, why not add the phoneline with them. And while we're at it, have the account changed from my SO's name to mine, since I will now be the primary user.

So we call Comcast (on the cellphone) yesterday to arrange this and we had the following conversation with the Comcastic Customer Service Rep:

Comcastic Rep:To switch the account holder, we need to cancel service in the original account holder's name, come take back the equipment, then the new account holder needs to schedule a time to re-install the equipment and add the phone line.

Us: Can we do that all in one day?

Comcastic Rep: Cancellations and Installations are different departments and we cannot coordinate appointments.

Us: But that doesn't make sense, all we're doing is switching the name on the account and asking for a phone line. We'll be paying you more money! Why can't you just do it all at once?

Comcastic Rep: We don't work that way.

Us: Well, how long will we be without service?

Comcastic Rep: It depends. Could be a few days or it could be a few weeks.

Us: We can't go days or weeks without internet and cable. It doesn't make sense. Why take the equipment if you're going to just bring it back again?

Comcastic Rep: I'm sorry, but that's our policy. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Us: Can we just add her name as a secondary account holder.

Comcastic Rep: No.

Us: Really? You can't do that?

Comcastic Rep: No. It's against our policy. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Us: No.

So since I live in an area where Comcast is my only option, we're completely screwed.

I'd add the account number, but I don't have it on hand.

Thanks for your blog and letting me vent today.


Ms. JelloBelle

Anonymous said...

I hate Comcast with a deep, deep passion. After dealing with them during a recent move, I understand what prompts people to go into to offices with hammers, guns, etc. Really, I never thought I would understand that anger until my recent two week long debacle with the devil i.e. Comcast. Moving is considered a very stressful event and Comcast just made as terrible as possible. It was the same old story of appts being made, technicians not showing up and of course, the operators who are can't help. There's some serious gaps in communication between the call centers and technicians. To the poor operators' defense, they did the best they could. Especially in the Northern Virginia area, many Comcast technicians are contracted out which creates a very lackluster effort to see through customer satisfaction. After calling the same Manassas call center that the woman to the hammer to, sobbing in tears to the manager and threatening to find her, did they complete the installation. I got the Triple Play and there's a strange clicking on my land line but you know what? I rather deal with it than call them and deal with their crap. Isn't that sad? I am paying too much for crap service and I don't have the fight in me to get it fixed. I think what really made me angry about the whole experience is that I did not have a choice in providers. I live in a area without Verizon Fios and a building prohibiting the Dish. It was terrible not to have options. I wish I didn't have to give them my money. Really, I rather give someone else my business.
Thank you for a creating a blog where we can vent and I find it really sad that this place has to even exist. What Comcast needs to realize is that it really takes alot to anger someone to put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard.

Sandy K. said...

Back in April, I decided to bundle services, and I installed a modem and made an appt. to have digital voice installed. I already had cable, and movie channels were going to upgraded.

My first appointment was on a Saturday morning between 7 and 11 a.m.

Saturday came and went, I sat around and nobody called, nobody arrived. The next day, I received a message apologizing for and also rescheduling my appointment for the next Thursday between 4 and 8 p.m. So, I get off work and go home on Thursday, and again, nobody called, nobody came. Friday, while I was at work, I received another call, no apology, but a reschedule for Saturday morning between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Again, nobody called, nobody arrived. So I called, and asked if I could again reschedule my appointment, as nobody has arrived for the first four appointments.

I will not recount in detail the next six non-existent appointments, the mornings of going to work late, or going in early so I could get home, or another two Saturday mornings not doing errands, or the last two I was home sick. After good old appointment 9 though, I got a message canceling my order. WHAT? It had been over two months, and I had been wasting my time for NOBODY to show up, and now you're canceling my order? Oh, I haven't mentioned at this point none of my movie channels were upgraded either, except for 2 days when I magically had them all.

So I called Comcast again, and spoke to the same inept woman in sales who told me she did not cancel my order, but now it was going to cost me another $30 a month if I bundled my services. We jousted with words for about 30 minutes, she maintained she had nothing to do with my order, until I told her I had her name and voice on my answering machine 8 times, and I know she was the person that canceled my order. I hung up.

Calling back immediately, I spoke to a guy who wanted to transfer me over to sales, but I asked specifically not to transfer me to that piece of work again. So he worked on my order himself, and gave me his name and extension, and assured me that if there were any problems with appointment 11, to call him directly. So when they didn't show up, I did call him directly. He wasn't around, so I spoke to another gentleman, and I explained to him that I have been paying a premium for services that I was supposed to have for 4 months now, and how I felt like I was being ripped off at this point, and I just told him I was frustrated. Finally, a guy on the line who empathized! Believe it or not, Friday afternoon I got my first ever reminder call (which I had never received before) reminding me that I had an appointment Saturday from 7 to 11. So I sat again last Saturday, and when I just about gave up at noon, they arrived! A subcontractor who came, and after 1 ½ hours, all was installed!

Last night, I checked my cable, and no movie channels. Later on, I tried to check my e-mail account, and I could not log in. Knowing my login and password, I tried to change my password, and received a message that I was not recognized.

So I called this morning about the movie channels, and spoke to a nice woman who was VERY kind to me (my reputation precedes me at this point), she apologized about the movie channels, but I was not on a plan. I spoke very slowly and patiently about how I ordered a bundled package four months ago, and have been paying an extra $50 a month, and my frustration level is at an all time high. Finally, after her trying to add 3 movie channels to my account for $15 a piece, I told her I was not paying anything additional, that a bundled package has that all included (shouldn't she know this?!?!). A dim light lit across the phone lines, and she finally changed my account to what I originally ordered. Afterwards, I asked her if I could speak to someone about my e-mail.

I was transferred to that department, and they guy put me on hold for 30 minutes, coming in every 10 minutes to tell me that he was trying to contact someone in the internet department, and nobody was answering. He said he would have to open a ticket. He called back to tell me that none of my information is in their system, and he needs my modem again, and all my information.

Well, after not having e-mail service for 2 weeks, and never getting a call back, I called Comcast again. They had re-created my e-mail account, with my name (which was spelled wrong). I asked if they could fix this, and the guy on the phone asked if I could change it myself. They create your e-mail account, I have no access to their computers! So my main account to this date is spelled wrong.

I had set up a second account before, which I had to re-create, and my entire address book was wiped out. After four months of stealing from me because they couldn't get their act together and provide their "triple play" on one bill, and as a result overcharging me at least $50 a month, I'm tempted to scrap the whole thing.

CanI borrow a hammer anyone????

Anonymous said...

We've had Comcast since last year when they took over Adelphia in the area. Sad to say Adelphia wasn't the greatest but they were better than Comcast! We moved into our new home on August 25th 2007. I called Comcast almost a month in advance (July 28th to be exact) of the move to have transfer of the service setup and in place for when we moved. First I was told that because I had a current bill due they could not process the request and I would have to wait until I paid the bill before they would process the order! So the bill got paid about 9 days later and I called to do the request again. Now I'm told that they would have to send a survey crew out to make sure that the address was "serviceable" before they could schedule the installation. When I asked how long would that take they said oh it should only take 3 to 5 days but could take up to 3 weeks!! Now mind you, the neighbors in the house right next to ours have Comcast, the neighbors down the street have it etc.. So I said okay I'll call back in a few days to check. I waited 4 business days and called with my "case" number, the survey hadn't been done yet! We were less than two weeks away from our move now. So I inquired again and was put through to like 2 different people and got this guy on the phone who was like Mr. let’s take care of this right now (basically trying to pacify the customer). Well again I waited 3 business days as this was over the weekend and everything. Well now we're down to 4 days before the move and no one has still been there to do his survey. I started to get really aggravated with them on the phone. The reason this was important to us is that my wife and I both work from home and the internet connection is very important to us for work. Especially when you FTP files to and from customers plus e-mails and their attachments etc..

Well I wasn't getting anywhere over the phone so I paid a visit to the local office. Now I was definitely aggravated when I pulled up at 1:30PM and their parking barn in the back as well as their parking lot was chuck full of Comcast work vehicles!! Gee wonder why they can't make a 10 minute drive to a house to look at it and say yes it's serviceable?? So I went and explained to them that we were moving in 4 days and needed the service hookup by no later than that Friday or Saturday. The woman at the desk was no help other than to make a half feeble attempt to call some guy from the back who looked like we had disturbed his afternoon nap and ask him about the survey. His response was sorry but it could be another 2 weeks! So I went home and got on the phone again and raised hell with customer service and told them if it wasn't hooked up by that weekend that I would just cancel my account then and go with DISH TV and BellSouth DSL. Bell south was already coming out on Saturday to hook up the phone! Also during the last 2 calls other people had said that this address had service in the past like 5 years ago. They couldn't understand why this was such a problem blah blah blah. Funny thing,...this house was new construction and Comcast wasn't even servicing the area five years ago!

Well after raising hell and telling them to cancel, the lady I spoke with said give me about 2 hours and I'll call you back. Well she did and Lo and behold guess what......they would be out to hook up service on Saturday! Funny how that changed, only after having to get so aggravated and pissed off that they finally decided to do something about it. I spoke to my builder later that day and he told me....yeah they were out here.....they drove by and stopped for about 2 minutes in front of the house and pulled away!! That’s all it was??? A 2 minute stop to see if you can reach it easily from the street?? OMG That pissed me off even worse at them. So the day comes for the installation. The guy was pretty decent as far as calling and patiently waiting for us to get to the house because our Movers were horribly slow. But we got there and he did the hook up. However he forgot one important thing. He never bothered to check the hook up by actually turning on the DVR Box or testing the Cable modem and therefore he didn't even bother calling the connection in to the dispatch people to turn on the connection! I called customer service and thankfully in a rare moment got e gentleman on the phone that actually knew what to do and was able to do the activation for us. So finally we're up and running.....but wait (it gets better (sarcasm)) there's more that transpired over the following weeks up to the current date and still in progress and I will do that in another post.

Bless said...
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Former Customer said...

My hatred for this company runs so deep that I have been a "former" customer for two years now & am still compelled to post on this blog. That's how atrocious the customer service was.

Never mind the random, unexplained, frequent fee increases. Never mind the frequent service interruption in the middle of the day with no explanation. Never mind the stubborn refusal to "price match" when asked why my next door neighbor was paying less than I was for more features!

No, it was the g*ddamn customer service!

Q: Why can't I order On-Demand movies all of a sudden?
A: Because you haven't paid your bill, which arrived in the mail yesterday, but which our new system shows as more than 30 days past due & thus shuts down your ordering capability.

Q: What? Is this new? I've been a customer for six years & have never heard of this.
A: Yes, we just implemented system improvements six months ago.

Q: What? But I've been ordering movies more recently than that. Can this be fixed?
A: It's not broken, it's the system.

Q: But how can I be expected to pay my bill before the bill arrives?
A: You aren't, but the system thinks that it's more than 30 days past due.

Q: Even though it isn't.
A: The system thinks it is.

Q: That doesn't make any sense.
A: That's the system.

Q: Do you realize that, having paid a month in advance at start-up, that if I canceled my service now you would owe ME money?
A: But the system...

Having exhausted the limitations of this mental midget, I hung up to attempt to get a higher brain on the phone. Instead I got Mr. I Don't Need This. During an attempt to explain my situation, he repeatedly tried to interrupt me. When I posed the concluding question to him, his response was, "Are you finished?" At which I saw red & asked for his supervisor - a request which he refused. I told him that if he wasn't willing to listen than I wasn't going to talk to him & demanded his supervisor - at which point he hung up on me.

I called back ready to drive to White Marsh myself. Got the a$$hole's supervisor on the phone & was assured that he was being fired. Not only that, but the "system" COULD be fixed & Comcast was getting a lot of requests for the adjustment! Supervisor fixed it for me right there on the phone.

As soon as I had the ability to choose my TV provider I went with DirecTV. I've been thrilled with their picture & customer service. Comcast will never get another dime from me. If I have any inclination to go back to cable in the future I'll go with Verizon's FIOS, which I hear is fantastic.

The above example was the last straw but nowhere near an isolated incident of poor customer service with them. If there's a business hell, Comcast should be at the head of the line to get in.

RJB said...

I don't have a customer number. I'm not a Comcast customer. I've been receiving Comcast "junk mail" marketing cards in the mail for at least 2 years. I don't want their product/service. I've called them numerous times over the last six months about dropping me from their mailing list. I receive junkmail from them every other week it seems like and I don't want to see it any more. After getting disconnected and transferred more times than you can believe, they told me they have no process for dropping someone from their mailing list, but one supervisor told me they would try. Nothing has happened. Still get their junkmail. A bunch of creeps.

I called my local post office. They said their is nothing they can do from stopping someone sending me mail unless its sexually explicit. I jokingly told them I was offended by the image of Spiderman's skintight "jammies" on the Comcast junkmail. It got a laugh, but hasn't solved the problem. I'm already on the Direct Marketing Association's "Do not mail" list.

Anonymous said...

Wow. All I can say is, I live in Alaska where there is no Comcast, no Verizon, & thank god for that. (My service provider is an Alaska company called GCI. Sorry you don't have it down there.)

Anonymous said...

My favorite Comcast moment: We purchased a new HDTV for our downstairs family room and placed a service call for a technician to deliver and hook up the new box. After waiting all day (we were given a timeframe of 8:00-5:00), he showed up at 5:05. He spent over an hour in our basement before informing us that he could not hook up the box because our new TV was not high def, and left. We looked at our TV manual and at the carton it came in, all of which definitely said "HD." So my husband, who luckily is an engineer, went to RadioShack, purchased some cables, and hooked it up himself. Comcast had the nerve to charge us an installation fee, which we did get them to refund.

Keith, from Maryland said...

We recently moved across town and switched from the standard cable package to digital cable during the move. We were told, when we checked into the switch/move two weeks in advance, that the setup would only require them to change the signal to point to the new place and drop in the boxes.

The installer sent out to set up the boxes, who >did< actually arrive within the 3 hour window promised, but had to place splitters because of the tv/internet lines.

After he left an hour later, several of the channels did not appear to work at all - customer service told me they would be operational within a day or so. I would have registered my complaint online but that service stopped working when they attempted to reset my digital box remotely.

Did I mention that when the installer put in the splitters he left the plates off of the cable jacks and I had to run around and screw them all back into the wall?

When I called them about the internet service, they tried telling me that it was my cable modem and that I needed to rent one from them. Okay, so the very same modem that I had used for three years prior suddenly wasn't going to work? *I* managed to reconfigure the modem so that it worked without any CS assistance (I do PC work) though it took me over an hour to track down the problem and correct it. So much for my "defunct modem" not being able to work, huh? Nice try, Comcast.

Flash forward to the following day. Several of the channels that *had* worked the first day... stopped working. Music Choice was one of them - we wanted to listen to it while we unpacked.

Calling CS I was told *repeatedly* that I didn't have digital cable and that I'd have to pay an additional fee to get those channel. When asked why I had them the day before and not today, the CS "expert" mentioned that the nightly batch processing "corrected your non-digital service" and thus the channels ceased working. When asked why, if I didn't have digital (as she kept telling me), was there a DIGITAL BOX on top of my TV? She kept telling me that we had standard non-digital cable. I asked her why I was able to see OnDemand movies if that was the case. No answer except that it would likely stop working as well.

We finally demanded to speak to the sales rep we'd spoken to several weeks ago and got put through.

Surprise, surprise! We did have standard DIGITAL cable... go figure. When we mentioned that the CS "expert" tried to sell us the Music Choice option (which, of course we had) for a nice fee, the SR was beside her apologizing for the CS's lack of knowledge in pulling up a customer's account information. We explained about the missing channels and she put in a repair call for the following day after again repeatedly apologizing for the horrid CS we'd received.

When the new repairman came out, he looked at the splitter and actually laughed. Aloud. The installer had plugged the "cable out" line into the "cable in" line and vice versa. "What f***king moron did this?", he asked looking up at me. "The installer did it. I haven't touched the line, I swear". He looked at the installation ticket that I showed him and said, "Oh. Figures." when he saw the signature. Within a few minutes of swapping out to a correct splitter (the one the installer used was completely non-compatible), the channels were made operational. Music choice and all!

Kudos to the Sales Rep and the Repairman. Those two were awesome but the installer and customer service? I'll be calling the former two directly and forgo the headache of the other morons if I can from now on.

Oh, and you don't wanna know how much of a headache the telephone service was because Comcast clipped the phone lines outside of our condo, trust me. Even if CS tried to tell me that they don't *ever* cut phone lines when they drop in VoIP (which the previous tenant had). Uh huh, suuuuure....

newhavener said...

On Tuesday Oct. 16,2007 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM I tried to reach a service representative regarding my Telephone service. I do not believe I have ever been treated so rudely in my whole life. If this is any indication how I am going to treated as a Comcast customer, I am going to rethink about having your services. A rep by the name of Brandon took my first call and I was hung up on. I called again and Brandon answered again and again I was hung up on, I called a third time and it was a good fifteen minutes before my call was answered, I was put on hold and another rep by the name of Aimee took my call and was to put me in contact with a supervisor and again I was hung up on. I called back again and a girl named Lindsey took my call and finally I made contact with a supervisor by the name of Chelsea. I was then able to express my dismay about the way my complaint was being handled. I should also tell you that all the time this aggravation was happening to me, it was only when Lindsey answered my call did I find out that the problem why I was not able to receive incoming calls was because you had not contacted the phone company so I could use the same number I have had for seven years. I am not an unreasonable person but I will not tolerate the kind of treatment I have received tonight. I expect an apology for the rude manner I was treated and would hope some disciplinary action would be taken against those responsible. William Herens

Anonymous said...

My problems with Comcast started when I moved into my new apt and was trying to sign up for service (and I was trying to sign up only because there was literally no other cable service available - although I do not by any means live in an out of the way place - and because my apt has restrictions regarding satellite). I was trying to sign up for Comcast cable with DVR and Comcast internet. After having problems with the Comcast site allowing me to sign up online, I was chatting with a technician who could not "figure out" how to sign me up for DVR. I figured if they couldn't even figure out how to sign me up then they could just forget it and so I only signed up for regular cable and internet and ordered my DVR through TiVo. When the technician came out he arrived at my door with a cable box with DVR in hand and an order saying that I had signed up for that (even though I had told the technician online that if she couldn't sign me up then never mind and left it at that). He had to go back down 4 flights to get a different box which I felt bad about but I had already bought and paid for the TiVo. That evening after installation I found I was unable to access OnDemand movies. I made three separate service calls about this and each technician had a different story as to why I could not access it. One told me to wait and it would be available later, one tried to take me through trouble shooting, and finally the third one said that since the service was not coming from my state I probably couldn't pick up the signal and that I would never get it. I couldn't believe that they would just leave it at that but she expressed that I shouldn't care since I wasn't tehnically paying for OnDemand anyway. I have, as of now, never been able to use my OnDemand service. My current problem is that neither my cable nor my internet is working. I am having to wait a week until they can get out to look at it at a time when I do not have to take off of work and lose money in order to get this resolved. I asked if I would be charged for a week without service and was told to wait until the tech came out to see if the problem was Comcast's fault and then they would credit me. I'm already pretty certain it is the fault of the service, so we'll see if the credit ever happens. The frustrating thing is that I do not have a choice in my cable service and therefore I have little other recourse although I may start writing Verizon a letter a day begging for them to bring service to my area.

Anonymous said...

"Marenghi Media said...
I switched from Comcast to Verizon FIOS after being told one too many times that the problem was "my hardware." Don't you love it when technical support tells you that, even before they've heard you out? I explained to Comcast my hardware hasn't changed, but today I'm not getting Internet pages for 5 minutes after clicking a link. How can it be my hardware? Actually Verizon isn't all that much better. I complained that the promised "true qualm" was not apparent, and that my Internet browsing was actually slower than under Comcast. Know what they said? It must be my hardware."

Why wont you admit it's your hardware moron?

disturbingly satisfied said...

I feel weird writing this... but all my service interactions with Comcast have been good. I feel someone needs to say this. And I say this as someone who HATES the phone company. (Where is SBC/ATT/

My only issue w/ Comcast is how expensive it is. The one time my box died, I was able to pick one up the next morning, with no issues, and my internet service is much better than it was with DSL (where my cordless phone would typically disconnect my service). It may be because I only got cable for the first time two years ago, but I've never had to deal with the bad side of Comcast. I do wish they supported PHP on their user space though.

marycoleen said...

The power of the internet--someone from Comcast reads this blog and actually called me today several hours after I posted my original comments. He was very nice, asked me to send him my original letter of complaint, and promised to get back to me. I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

the only thing comcast excels at is collecting our money. the company sucks. HELL WHERE'S MY HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i'm joking)

Anonymous said...

To the Quack that has frequented this site MANY times saying he is just a "hard working employee" for Comf*ckstick...and claims that Comf*ckstick has "Millions and Billions" (think McDonalds here) of satisfied customers...the REASON you do is because of the monopoly in markets that can't compete...or are non-existent. IF people HAD a choice...your company would just cease to exist. Your endless rants about "just because we have a "FEW" bad apples" is bullshit. Comcast is a flawed, flagrant and broken utility that needs to just GET out of communications...and let their employees find work at some reputable company...again "Think McDonalds".

Kyle said...

Is CCEmployee really the only Comcast employee to be posting here? I find that unlikely.

Anyways, I am a former employee (stopped working there about a month ago for a new job oppurtunity) and I can tell you folks right now that the people complaining in a public forum about Comcast's quality of service are a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people my company has screwed over.

CCEmployee, you're really going to tell me that the Comcast transition in Florida and Houston couldn't have been done any better? Or that it's completely reasonable to outsource our technicians to the point where we aren't even capable of contacting them when they screw up a job? Or that allowing our CSRs to completely blow off customer complaints by refusing to get a supervisor is reasonable?

That's just a small list off the top of my head of the horrible stuff we did to our customers while I was working there. I had someone call me one time, in tears, because 3 technicians had failed to show up to fix her problem, and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to call 911 if her grandmother had a heart attack because her CDV was down and she couldn't call 911. I asked my supervisor for help, he took the call, saw there was nothing we could do, and hung up on her.

People, Comcast owns 26 million of you. They don't really care if you're happy with your service or not. They know you don't have a choice really about who to go with for cable service, and they will continue to put forth absolutely NO effort to resolve your complaints as long as they know you are trapped with them.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I've been a Comcrap subscriber less than 6 months and am literally so Goddamned fed up I could scream! Okay, for openers, I'm a retired broadcast engineer, (ex. FCC Lic P1-17-77148) and during a brief 1-year period of temporary unemployment during the Nixon presidency I took a temporary fill-in job working for what back then was known simply as "Warner Cable". Alas, the cable company back then was not the cable company we're stuck with today! We'd have been tarred & feathered. At the present time we're inbetween homes, temporarily living in a rental while our new home in a retirement community is being built. We were previously DTV subscribers and are frothing at the mouth to go back.

Our main problem with Comcrap (as it is everyone else's problem in this community of Katy, TX) is frequent pixellation and micro-freezes of the picture on all of the digital channels. We also have serious problems with program audio levels on the HD channels, particularly ABC. It's as tho there's multiple audio tracks and they're all boosted 20db while the character dialog is attenuated 20db. Now it isn't that way OTA, nor was it that way on satellite. No one else is complaining either, only Comcrap subscribers and everyone you talk to is experiencing the exact same problem.

I ask neighbors, "have you called to complain?" and get responses like, "are you crazy? I dont have a half-hour to spend on hold waiting to talk to some first tier teledroid who wants to walk me through a diagnostic script." And that's it in a nutshell. By making their Customer Disservice Lines such a debilitating ordeal they have literally succeeded in pissing off their customer base so bad that none of us are willing to undergo that ordeal and call back a second time to complain again. Little wonder they report so few trouble reports. Have you ever tried to report trouble with your cable? You could call Pizza Hut for a delivery and have your meal finished before your call matures to the end of the queue.

What I'm encouraging people to do is exactly what we're going to do in just 6 more weeks: Stop complaining, take your blood pressure medicine and vote with your wallet. Cancel your service and leave.

What's that? You want me to bring in my receiver(s) and exchange them? Why? So I can stand in a line clear outside the freakin' door only to get to the counter 40 minutes later and learn that you're out of my particular model? Phuque you Comcrap!

Traci said...
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Anonymous said...

So my story is pretty simple. I signed up with a sales rep at my college, he wrote on the contract my instillation date, and told me he would call in two days to let me know the time. Well the day came and surprise, no call. The next day I called up Comcast who said I did not have any instillation date specified and I would have to wait a week and a half past the date on my contract for an instillation. Well ok, that day comes and suprise, no one shows up, even though I got a reminder call the day before! I call up and they tell me that I will have to setup a new appointment for another week. So 3 weeks after I signed up for service the guy finally shows up, spends ten minutes, writes down 1:30 on the instillation agreement and makes me sign it before he will spend 5 more minutes to install the internet portion of my bundle. What B.S. I called up comcast to complain, they said sorry but this is a problem I have to take to the local company, when i call the local company their machine directs me to national WTF, I'm switching to verizon FIOS as soon as it gets here!

Traci said...

I am new to the frustration that is known as Comcast. However, while I've only been a customer for 2 months, I can honestly say that I truly detest dealing with their customer service.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I moved into my new place on a Friday, so I order service to be set up on Saturday, from 11-2pm. Great, no problem, right? Of course not. They call me on Thursday, informing me that the cable guy was coming Friday 11-2pm. Now why did I want them to come on Saturday? I cannot move my television alone and I was moving a few things in alone on Friday. I had to go buy a small 13" TV so I could move it myself and so that he could set up the cable on the wrong day. I was pretty annoyed, but I was going to be at my new place by 11am anyway, so I didn't really argue too much.

I get to my new place at 10:30am, do the walk through with the apartment woman for 15 minutes and get ready to head back to get my moving truck so I can open up this new TV I bought for the cable guy so it would be ready for 11am. It's 10:45am. The cable guy is outside, clearing ready to leave, but sees the office woman I'm with and asks us if he could leave a message with the office. I ask him if he's there to set up my place and he says, yes, and then says he was on his way to leave and cancel the appointment because I wasn't home. At 10:45am. For an 11am appointment. I am annoyed, tell him he was early, he scoffs and then 2 minutes later he's all smiles as I let him into my building. He sets up my cable for me in 5 minutes. And then he calls Comcast to make sure the signal is being read. He tells whoever he's talking to that he hooked up the HD box. He hangs up the phone and then I ask, "Is this an HD-DVR box?" He says no and I inform him that I made sure to order one. He looks at the work order and, sure enough, it says "HD-DVR" on the sheet. He says to me and I quote, "Most people order the HD-DVR box but don't know what it is and they usually mean the HD box, so I assumed you only wanted the HD box." I stare at him and inform him that I want the DVR portion. He tells me he doesn't have an HD-DVR box with him and says I will have to call to schedule another appointment for them to bring me a DVR box. I ask if they'll charge me for that and he says no. He leaves. I'm pissed but I'm trying to unload a truck full of boxes so I don't call them right away.

They call 2 hours later to see how the set-up went. I inform the woman of my displeasure and she is shocked. She is certain that the work order must've been wrong. I tell her what the cable guy said to me and that the form said DVR. Again, she is shocked and says nothing. I have to call back to set up another appointment since I was driving, which was fine.

I call the next day, informing them of the mistake so I can get my HD-DVR box. They set up the appointment, no problem. I inform them that I will not pay for it and they are shocked that they're cable guy said that would be fine. They don't charge me, which, at this point, shocked me.

They finally get me a DVR box THREE WEEKS later. The guy comes on a Saturday, has some box that is broken, and thus wants to leave without giving me a DVR box. He claims it's the end of the day. It's 2:15pm. I tell him I want an HD-DVR box that day. He actually goes out and gets one from another worker after trying to convince me to let him come back on Monday. I tell him weekdays are bad, I'm a graduate student so I don't have set work hours. This takes 15 minutes before he finally calls around and finds a box. That box was fine. Since it worked, I didn't call to complain. I was just happy I had an HD-DVR box.

While I waited for the DVR box, I realized that I was missing some HD channels - ESPN, TNT, and a few others. Since I had a new box coming, I waited for it to be installed in case there was a problem with the HD box I had. Still no ESPN-HD on the DVR. I grumble a bit but call Comcast to see what the story is. The first person I talk to is surprised, says she is sending a signal to my box and that it will take 45-60mins before it registers. I thank her for such an easy fix and wait. Two hours. Still no ESPN-HD. I call back, speak with someone else who informs me that it costs an extra $7/month to get the rest of the HD stations, such as ESPN and TNT. I'm shocked, inform them about what the previous woman told me, and, after agreeing to pay for it, the new rep says she is sending a signal and it will take 10-15mins to go through. They inform me that if it doesn't work, I will need to have another service rep come out to my place to change the box since it's probably something wrong with the box. The whole time this woman is giving me a nasty attitude because I told her I was confused about why this didn't work the first time. Ugh. After another hour, I am still missing the channels. I groan and call back. Another rep informs me that he'll try the signal again, and that it will take 30mins. Guess what. I still don't have ESPN-HD.

Around this time, I look at my credit card statment. I have a $330.55 charge from Comcast. I stare at the charge in horror. I had apparently had a $30.55 charge from my freshman year in college that I was never billed for since I changed schools. When I called for the new service, they informed me about the charge. I was surprised but had no problem paying it since there was no way they could've got the bill to me after I changed schools. I gave them my card information to pay for it but never checked to see how much they charged me. The guy who took care of this overcharged me by $297 since he clearly couldn't type properly and added a zero to the price. (And he is also the customer service rep who screwed up my installation date, despite me confirming with him THREE times for the date and time.) I call them when I see this $300 charge, get a surprisingly good customer service woman on the phone and she is horrifed about the charge. She takes care of it, says a check will be mailed within twenty days. It's been over a month and still no check for $297.

I've been waiting it out for the check, because I can't stand the thought of having to call them about it. Likewise, since the Red Sox aren't on ESPN in October, I haven't called about that since I can never get the same answer about a seemingly simple problem.

Oh and one final thing: I really hate that I cannot access my bill online. It told me last month it would take until the next billing cycle. Well, that's come and gone now since I got my first bill ever that included 2 cycles last week. Since I cleaned up my place, I must've thrown out my bill and, since the online account center is a piece of crap, I can't get my account number to leave all of my information here.

Traci Haddock
Attleboro, MA

Traci said...

Update: Managed to get my account number after much hunting around!

We'll see if anyone calls me about this $297 check they owe me or if I'm going to have to begin the agonizing process of calling them and getting three different answers.

Traci Haddock

Anonymous said...

I don't know my customer number. I'll save it from my next bill. But this morning I found an outage on channels 2 through 99 and there was no answer on the phone for over an hour. I don't mean that I got the recording and got put on hold. There was no recording. The phone just rang. Fortunately I live in Montgomery County Maryland so a little later I will be getting in touch with my county council representative. They fined them once, they can do it again.

Loren said...

I was a Direct TV Customer (am again) I started with the High speed from comcast that I must say was GREAT,but I should have known there would be problems when the installer never showed up. I had someone waiting in my house for the Installer just so I would not miss the install as I had alot of things to complete that weekend over the internet. I called to find out why no one had showed up and was told that the tech wrote that they went by and no one was there, I Lost it and preceeded to get my pen and paper ready to start taking names. turns out the installer lied after I spoke to 3 seperate supervisors and told them what the situation was they sent the installer out that night and he was there until midnight! that was the only good.

I then added the TV service because of the so called Bundle discount put it on auto payment with my CC, I thought that there would be no problems....well after the initial savings period was up my bill went up by 35%. three months into my service with them my CC was lost so I gave them the new info....10 months later THEY somehow re-submit my old CC number, it is declined, THEY SHUT MY SERVICE OFF! after 1 year of a perfect payment record with auto pay they make a mistake and screw me for it. When I called I requested a supervisor and was on hold for 28 min before the operator came on and told me that the supervisor told her that there was nothing they could do until i paid the account up to date, would not even get on the phone with me. I again requested to speake to the super visor and was told again that they would not talk to me.

So, I shut them down and am writing a letter to my local BBB.

kthuh said...

I have a Comcast installation nightmare to vent about. I order three boxes when we switched to digital cable. The technician showed up 6 1/2 hours late, at 10pm on a weeknight, drunk as a skunk. He stumbled through our door before I even invited him in. I smelled peppermint schnapps all over him and we had to get my little sister out of the room because every other work out of his mouth was a curse. He wasn't angry, just "talking comfortably". He started installing the first box and I grabbed the phone, called his dispatcher,who I had been in contact with for the past 6 hours, and told her he was drunk. She acted surprised at first, and then mentioned to keep a close eye on him because he does this often. I, of course, stated "and you sent him to my house??". She said she'd make a report of it and to call her back if there are further problems. That statement made me even more uneasy. Anyway, I watched him struggle to get the box hooked up for a half an hour (this is still the first box). I checked on his project and nothing was done. He couldn't figure it out. I showed him how to do it. I hooked it up myself while he sat, half asleep, against our wall. I told him to leave the other boxes and i'll do it myself. He said "two?" and stated how he doesn't have a third one in this way: "You're assed out". He left and I called the dispatcher again to tell her we were missing a box, and I installed everything myself. She never answered. I call Comcast the next day to report it and they said that they will waive the installation charge. When the bill came, we had other charges of splitters on the bill. The splitter I had was new, I went to check on it and it was gone and replaced by another splitter that was too small for the amount of hookups we had. I said I wanted the one that I bought back; that I need it for my other TVs and I want the charge of the splitter he put in removed. They said that I'm only allowed the one refund (installation). When I stated that there was no installation to charge me for in the first place, I used the phrase, "what the h*ll?" and she responded by saying "I don't have to take this abuse from you" and hung up on me. How is a customer subjected to such bad service when the technician they send is drunk, swearing, and can't hook anything up?

davefrompa said...

Several months ago my drop wire (the piece of cable from the pole to the house) came undone. I called ComCast, asked if there was no charge, the customer service rep said there was no charge, I was scheduled for a service call, the tech met the committment (actually exceeded the "Service Level Agreement" time by being early), and I had no issue with anything.
However, I, just like many millions of COMCAST customers have bit of stress the the second rate increase of the year because of their service expansion.
Since, apparently, COMCAST is not regulated by the PUC, COMCAST can set its rates as it wishes. I can see why customers are switching to satellite TV. I am exploring that option myself. COMCAST is "growing" too fast, and has too many underpaid employees.
CONGRATULATIONS to CUSTOMER CARE / TECH SUPPORT REPS who took care of situations for customers, after this customer was passed around to various levels of support, with no resolution.

lesliek said...

almost a year ago I had an issue with one of the digital boxes we had in our home. One of 4 i believe. I called comcast and they tried to fix it with me by phone, then they said that we had to have someone out. I asked if they had to come in the house because I needed to be home for that. They said yes and we made an appointment for a Wednesday afternoon...I came home to wait for Comcast to show up during the window of time they told me that they would be here. They never showed up. I called several times to figure out if they were actually still coming and I played in their phone maze numerous times and was told at one point that the problem had been resolved and no one was coming the appointment was cancelled, another time the same day I was told they were still coming and a third time they told me that the actual service person had been to my house that morning. I told them that was impossible because no one was at home in the morning to let anyone in, so if a service person had actuallly been to my home they had bigger issues because then they had broken in my home and I should probably be contacting police. I finally got someone that appeared to understand that there was still and issue and now my first appointment actually had never occurred. We made another appointment for the next day. Again, they were a no show. I called and tried to get answers and a supervisor, but got no where. They simply told me I didn't have an appointment for that day. So now I had been blown off two days in a row. Now also during the time that I am making these appointments they are very clear to tell me that a person has to be home over the age of 18 I believe they said that is english speaking. I bring that up for the following reason. The third day I was home and waited until 2:30 for the service person to actually show up. I was actually shocked when he did come to the house. He barely spoke english. I couldn't understand him at all. I had to have an english speaking person there in my home to meet with the service person that didn't speak english. What the heck. English is the only language spoken in my home, but how can I communicate with someone that doesn't speak english. It just seemed ironic. He came in with attitude so I let my husband fumble through the english to russian or polish language barrier. We got the issue resolved with the broken digital box, but in the mean time we ordered a dish and had that installed over the weekend. On Monday I went with our digital boxes to Comcast to return them. Wow, they are pleasant as a kick in the head. I turned them in cancelled service and wanted to set up receiving my service refund. They said it would be issued after a service person came out and disconnected service at my home. I was fine with that. They came, and disconnected me a few days later. Weeks went by and no refund was received. About $40. was owed me. I made several calls to no avail. They told me at one point that I was in arrears for 966 days of service or something. I told them that was impossible because I had never been disconnected until I discontinued service with them and there was no way they would have allowed me to have service for that long without payment and I had paid for my service monthly for 13 years. Finally, I got irritated once again, and I contacted the better business bureau and they got me my refund. I would never use comcast again under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

First I must say that I have been a Comcast Subscriber since June of 1990 and for the most part have been very satisfied with their service where I live. That being said I too have had my ocassional problem with Comcast's Customer service.

However the thing I noticed was that those problems did not start occurring until Comcast made it no longer possible to call the local office.

It used to be when you could call the local office that they would answer right away with no annoying automated menus and talk with someone immediately or with a very short hold time if any.

Now when you call the "local" number you are immediately transferred to the menu driven wait forever on hold system that you get when you call their 800 number. This system is so totally messed up it is amazing.

I usually just get tired of waiting on hold and hang up after about 20 mins.

Since this change in their phone system, if I have a problem, I just jump in my car and drive the 3 miles to the local office and report my problem or get my question answered. It is usually easy, quick and no hassle when I do this. The local people are usually very helpful and easy to deal with.

For the most part I must say their actual cable/internet service for me has been very good over the years. It could be because I do live like only 5 miles from their local office. I seldom experience any outages or problems with my service and my high speed internet is just that "High speed"

However someone else pointed out a very good tip. Call them from time to time and get them to give you the specials that they offer. I can tell you it works. I even have had a rep give me their name and extension and tell me to call them back when the special ends so that they can hook me up with another one.

To finish...the one thing that I feel would improve their customer service alot would be to go back to letting the calls to the local office actually go through to someone at the local office.

Didi said...

I cannot believe Comcast is STILL in business with all the horror stories posted about them. Where is the Attorney General's office when you need them. Can't the GA's office get them on mail fraud??? The blogs read like a Pyramid Scam of bait and switch, price scams and lies. What the Hell? Is the economy so good that companies don't have to deliver service or goods anymore to actually stay in business? Are we as consumers such sheep? I'm appalled.

I was a Dish satellite customer for 7 years. A happy, well adjusted, well informed, giddy TV addict. Alas, I sold my home to bail out of a declining housing market and moved into a sweet rental. Dish showed up to install but couldn't get a signal because my apartment with views of Manhattan faced the wrong direction. After my mini meltdown, I was told Comcast was my ONLY choice. Holy monopoly Batman. And so it begins...

No home phone service for almost 2 months despite the repeated return service calls. Three DVR receivers that work intermittently at best. One DVR that was replaced 3 times and still doesn't work. No Court TV service on one of our boxes - the only box we actually record Court TV on. Loss of all recorded programming on one box. Inability to record or cancel series recordings for no apparent reason. A TV that turns on all by itself every day at 12:30 like a Poltergeist. Service cut off on one box for a month because Comcast had flagged it as "stolen" though they brought it to my apt and installed it themselves. Refusal to have my call transferred to a Supervisor and being forced to speak to the same zombie clone customer service agent with different names over and over again like a bad Groundhog Day scene. I could go on, but really, why bother. It's just more white noise out here in cyberspace and no one is listening. I'm now at an 8 on the snapometer scale of 10.

Why so bitter you ask? It's not just Comcast people. It's hundreds of companies just like them and it's OUR fault. Yes it is. Ours - the consumer, the customer, the shopper, the wanter, they buyer, the enabler! Like a crack addict, we keep feeding the addiction and making the corporation drug lords richer at our own expense. The solution you ask... It's time to ban together and use the most powerful information tool in the universe, the internet, to go viral and tell our stories. Force these companies to treat us with respect. We are paying for their mansions, yahts and poloponies (yes this reference is from the Honeymooners). The point is, I bet the kingpins of these corporations get better customer service from their employees than we do. They probably don't even have to call the same 1-800-PLEASE-HOLD-WHILE-WE-TRANSFER-YOUR-CALL-TO-SOMEONE-ELSE-WHO-DOESN'T-GIVE-A-CRAP number.

I'll be back with a list of offenders to add the Comcast Hall Of Shame. Stay tuned :-).

Charlie said...

Look here...;_ylt=Amw8fjxSdOxLThfZ3VNZHzpZ.3QA

Comcast blocks some Internet traffic
AP - 1 hour, 25 minutes ago
NEW YORK - Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

Comcast See ya in HELL!

Anonymous said...

We had Comcast service for about 5 years, and to be honest, until the start of 2007 we had nothing but fantastic things to say about them. The people we spoke with were always genuinely nice, we had few issues and problems were solved in a timely manner. I don't know what happened after the first of the year but things certainly changed for the worse!

We saw the Triple Play offer, wanted to add phone service, and called about it. Were told it was for new customers, but since we'd been such loyal customers, they could do it for us as well. This conversation was recorded by Comcast. We had a phenominal deal going with the local phone company, so I was very careful to verify that they were giving us this deal before I agreed to it - there was no misunderstanding. That was the start of the end so to speak. We were then consistently overcharged and the company refused to honor what they originally told us our rate would be. They "lost" a payment. We ended up with an extra $100 charge on our bill that no one could explain or remove.

Then you have the service side of things. Our phone seldom worked - and after we got the Triple Play our internet began going down frequently. Not only annoying but it had a direct negative effect on our livlihood as well. We called it in several times. We had an appointment for one Thursday. On Wednesday, they called us to complain that we weren't there when the tech showed up on Tuesday. When they looked, our appointment was indeed scheduled for Thursday! I confirmed that a tech would actually be out the next day - and of course he never showed up. Called back on Saturday and was told that a senior tech would be out by noon on Sunday. You guessed it, no one showed up! So I called back Sunday only to be told that our "appointment" wasn't until the following Wednesday during the day. We had NO knowledge of any "appointment" for Wednesday, had been told someone would be out that day, and as we both work contract and lose money for every hour we miss, we couldn't keep this unknown appointment anyway! The rep became very rude and informed me that since *I* was uncooperative in accepting an available appointment time, the best they could do was for us to wait yet another week when an evening appointment was available.

The issue never did get fully resolved - they put us on their "intermittent we don't know wth is wrong and hope it fixes itself" list. The final kick in the face? They flat out refused to credit us for the time we didn't have service! We've been with dish for several months now and couldn't be happier.

Blackburried2 said...

I'm no longer dissatisfied. I've found a ma-and-pa outfit named "", and the service is excellent.

I've had internet at my house since the 80's, although I do remember using a 1200 baud modem to get it. I'm fairly technically savvy about Internet issues, and prefer it when the voice on the other side is technically savvy too. I don't do WinDoh's, so I'm not pleased when I'm told to reboot my machine by a service agent programmed to say that. DSL has never been an option for me, as the substation is so far away the DSL that I can get is similar to the 1200 baud modem I once used.

I was so excited when TCI first started talking about cable-based broadband, and was the first in my neck of the woods to get it, and was a big proponent. Boy, did things change.

I'd never call Comcast until I was sure that the problem was with their equipment, and all my equipment was working properly... but, they would never believe me, would tell me to do irrelevant things or things I'd already done... then, after the first hour of finally convincing themselves that I was right, they'd say "we can send somebody out in 5 to 7 days".

With utahbroadband (a wireless service), when I email support, a techie on the other side takes the ball from there, and rings out his equipment and tells me all about the test results (i.e. ping times to my house, bandwidth through different sections of their network)... it's great.

The "straw that broke the camel's back" was when Comcast did a blanket shutdown of the smtp port; "no exceptions, your dead"... at least until I could get another provider.

I was chuckling to myself the other day when a friend said he was staying at another friends house and couldn't send email via his laptop: "your friend was using Comcast, wasn't he".

Blackburried2 said...

P.S. once you dump Comcast, get Skype for your phone.

Their customer service really sucks too, they don't have 911 service or outbound caller ID...

...But, for $50/year (that's YEAR), I have unlimited US/Canada calling and an incoming Skype number, and, Skype is so popular in Europe and Asia, that those calls are free too.

In their case, it's worth the lousy customer service, and EBay may yet straighten that out (as Comcast never will).

My second vote would be for Verizon: I pay through the nose for them, but they do have great customer service.

Anonymous said...

After four years of Comcast and it's bad service and B/S we dumped them, best move we ever made.

Comcast Must Die

Anonymous said...

Last August I received a call from the Comcast Telemarkter and in a weak moment I decided to switch to Comcast to take advantage of their Triple Play deal. I am extremely disappointed the level of support and service that I have received from Comcast. I was a happy AT&T customer for both telephone and DSL for years. Comcast may claim to have a faster speed connection, but since it is not reliable, the average speed is much slower. On top of that my numerous call to the support center have been horendous. I have been put on hold, disconnected (and not one called me back) and switched to a spanish speaking VRU. It seems their only answer to solving simple problems is we will send someone out. I now have a billing issue that has yet to be resolved. I have been told someone will call you back at least 10 time and surprise surprise --no one ever does. How they stay in business with such a terrible customer support organization is incomprehensible. My account number is 8798 40 150 0010342.

LucasATL said...

ok, my house gets broken into. The thiefs (a bunch of juvenile delinquants) turn on the TV, or $85 of pay-per-view pron, steal a bunch of stuff, and leave. The police come, and I filed a police repot. One month later, I get a bill from Comcast for the per-per-view charges that occured during the time of the beak-in. I called Comcast, offered to send them a copy of the police report, so they could take the charges off my bill--they refused! Instead, they told me that they would cut off my service if I did not pay for the porn that the thieves watched!

Three months later, my DVR box stops working. I schedule a Saturday appt for 2 weeks in the future, and the tech never shows. I schedule another Sat appt, between 11-2. On that day, after waiting 6 hours, and calling every 1/2 after 2 when the tech did not show up, they finally tell me that the tech is not coming, and that I would have re-schedule! To top it all off, despite the fact that they knew I had no service, they still charged me!!!!

Death to Comcast!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised I haven't seen anything about Cox digital cable.

Their customer escalation department is actually competent - after I got on the VP of the region's radar for shady practices I dealt exclusively with them.

They signed me up for service I didn't want, the rep told me I signed up for it, we had an argument about that for a while while he refused to get a manager for me, then when I talked to the manager I was informed that I was being charged an installation fee for a jack so that the phone they hooked up could actually work - even though I was assured that there would be no installation fees.

Then the shady sales person who signed me up for every cable package under the sun called me on my cell phone and left me a rude voicemail.

We have FiOS now. That was almost as funny. We wait 5 weeks for a saturday install. I call friday, having had experience with cable companies and their idiocy, to confirm theyre coming out the next day. They claim my date has been moved to the following saturday, which I was going to be out of town for, because they couldnt get my existing number from Cox.

I tell them just gave away my install date...and wasn't going to call me and let me know? They "found someone to come out" on the original date - and I allegedly have a credit coming due to me.

That doesn't really solve the problem that we're now paying more for 15/5 internet service and my boyfriend and I cant play video games at the same time on the wireless network because their router is completely useless. I called to get a new one and was told I needed to do a series of tests on it...I just don't have the strength.

FiOS is far and away an improvement from Cox and Comcast...but its not like you have to do a whole lot to improve on Comcast and Cox.

-Sarah in Sully Station, VA

Chris said...

Customer Number # 8220202104046429

I moved into a New Apartment back in June, before moving in I scheduled a Comacast Installation and prepaid for the install and first months cable/internet. We set up the install date 2 weeks ahead of time so that I'd only have to wait a week without cable/internet for the home based business I run on the side.

So I manage to take half a day off from my brand new job and guess what, the comcast tech never shows up. I begin calling comcast Atlanta and get the run around, busy signals, transfered to the wrong department, hang ups, etc. I give up and call the 800 number they finally put the boot to the ATL people and tell me the tech will be there no later than 3pm. (I've been waiting since 9am.)

3pm rolls around, no tech. More calls more run around. I am told now I will have to wait another week and a half for an install. I have taken a day off from work for NOTHING and will have to take another day off. After threatning to demand a refund and go with the dish I get in touch with a dispatcher who calls the tech on speakerphone and tells him to make my stop his last. However, she forgot to tell him he was on speakephone. HE BEGINS CUSSING AT THE DISPATCHER about the job and having to stay late. I hear the F bomb, N word, and many others. Nice.

Install tech never shows. nice.

Finally got cable a week later and missed several deadlines on my graphic design sidework.

Worst customer service ever! COMCAST SUCKS

Anonymous said...

CCEmployee, I have to respond to this comment that you made on 10/12:

"maarten: You are most definitely not in the minority. In fact, you're in the majority. The vast majority of our customers have no problems or gripes with the services (other than the prices, but who doesn't complain about the price of anything at all in this day and age), it's just that people don't go creating blogs and leaving messages when everything is working well. Why? Because that's what we as consumers expect, so we don't go out of our way to acknowledge it. But when something goes wrong... look out!! :-P"

At least in my experience you are dead wrong about this. The majority of people are not happy with Comcast. I have had mulitiple problems with Comcast for the past 6 years, I have two DVR boxes right now that each have problems. I've put off the call because it upsets me when having to deal with Comcast and I just have to be in the mood to deal with it.

I talk to people all the time that have Comcast and I have never, not once, met a single person that is happy with Comcast or that has ever been happy with Comcast. Alot of people in my area are dropping Comcast for satellite. I am looking into it myself and if I made the switch it would be a great day. If another cable company popped up in my area I would make the switch without even asking about the price or service. I wouldn't think twice about it.

Ask around, ask people you know if they are happy with Comcast. Just assuming that most people are happy with Comcast doesn't mean that they actually are.

Anonymous said...

This site is GREAT! I found out about it in the STAR LEDGER reading that story about Mona in Virginia.

After being stuck with their crummy digital voice telephone service for 6 months, I can relate to her plight.

From Day 1, the phone service never worked right. I had no incoming phone service for the first week. Then, they finally "fixed" that problem, and from that moment on, every phone call I made or received would get dropped sometime during the call.

I got sick and tired of this "third-world country" phone service, after spending about 6 months trying to get someone to resolve it. I had at least 3 different technicians visit my home, one of whom admitted to having previously worked for Verizon.

I continued to have calls dropped left and right and got tired of people thinking I had abruptly ended the phone call.

I set up an appointment to have Comcast cancel my phone disservice after contacting Verizon to have them come out here to reconnect me. Well, through a series of mishaps, Verizon and I did not connect for at least a month. In the meantime, Comcast cut my phone service off. So I spent about a month relying on my cell phone.

In order for Verizon to reconnect me, I had to make arrangements with my apartment superintendent to leave the basement door open so the tech could have access. It was a maze of wires, and the Verizon tech was cursing. He asked me who had done such a horrendous job wiring my apartment--COMCAST, of course.

Anyhow, I now have Verizon service again--expensive, yes, but it functions with NO DROPPED CALLS! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Interesting story from Associated Press
Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

Comcast Actively Hinders Subscribers' File-Sharing Traffic, AP Testing Shows

AP News

Oct 19, 2007 09:15 EDT

Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally.

The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users.

If widely applied by other ISPs, the technology Comcast is using would be a crippling blow to the BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella file-sharing networks. While these are mainly known as sources of copyright music, software and movies, BitTorrent in particular is emerging as a legitimate tool for quickly disseminating legal content.

The principle of equal treatment of traffic, called "Net Neutrality" by proponents, is not enshrined in law but supported by some regulations. Most of the debate around the issue has centered on tentative plans, now postponed, by large Internet carriers to offer preferential treatment of traffic from certain content providers for a fee.

Comcast's interference, on the other hand, appears to be an aggressive way of managing its network to keep file-sharing traffic from swallowing too much bandwidth and affecting the Internet speeds of other subscribers.

Comcast, the nation's largest cable TV operator and No. 2 Internet provider, would not specifically address the practice, but spokesman Charlie Douglas confirmed that it uses sophisticated methods to keep Net connections running smoothly.

"Comcast does not block access to any applications, including BitTorrent," he said.

Douglas would not specify what the company means by "access" — Comcast subscribers can download BitTorrent files without hindrance. Only uploads of complete files are blocked or delayed by the company, as indicated by AP tests.

But with "peer-to-peer" technology, users exchange files with each other, and one person's upload is another's download. That means Comcast's blocking of certain uploads has repercussions in the global network of file sharers.

Comcast's technology kicks in, though not consistently, when one BitTorrent user attempts to share a complete file with another user.

Each PC gets a message invisible to the user that looks like it comes from the other computer, telling it to stop communicating. But neither message originated from the other computer — it comes from Comcast. If it were a telephone conversation, it would be like the operator breaking into the conversation, telling each talker in the voice of the other: "Sorry, I have to hang up. Good bye."

Matthew Elvey, a Comcast subscriber in the San Francisco area who has noticed BitTorrent uploads being stifled, acknowledged that the company has the right to manage its network, but disapproves of the method, saying it appears to be deceptive.

"There's the wrong way of going about that and the right way," said Elvey, who is a computer consultant.

Comcast's interference affects all types of content, meaning that, for instance, an independent movie producer who wanted to distribute his work using BitTorrent and his Comcast connection could find that difficult or impossible — as would someone pirating music.

Internet service providers have long complained about the vast amounts of traffic generated by a small number of subscribers who are avid users of file-sharing programs. Peer-to-peer applications account for between 50 percent and 90 percent of overall Internet traffic, according to a survey this year by ipoque GmbH, a German vendor of traffic-management equipment.

"We have a responsibility to manage our network to ensure all our customers have the best broadband experience possible," Douglas said. "This means we use the latest technologies to manage our network to provide a quality experience for all Comcast subscribers."

The practice of managing the flow of Internet data is known as "traffic shaping," and is already widespread among Internet service providers. It usually involves slowing down some forms of traffic, like file-sharing, while giving others priority. Other ISPs have attempted to block some file-sharing application by so-called "port filtering," but that method is easily circumvented and now largely ineffective.

Comcast's approach to traffic shaping is different because of the drastic effect it has on one type of traffic — in some cases blocking it rather than slowing it down — and the method used, which is difficult to circumvent and involves the company falsifying network traffic.

The "Net Neutrality" debate erupted in 2005, when AT&T Inc. suggested it would like to charge some Web companies more for preferential treatment of their traffic. Consumer advocates and Web heavyweights like Google Inc. and Amazon Inc. cried foul, saying it's a bedrock principle of the Internet that all traffic be treated equally.

To get its acquisition of BellSouth Corp. approved by the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T agreed in late 2006 not to implement such plans or prioritize traffic based on its origin for two and a half years. However, it did not make any commitments not to prioritize traffic based on its type, which is what Comcast is doing.

The FCC's stance on traffic shaping is not clear. A 2005 policy statement says that "consumers are entitled to run applications and services of their choice," but that principle is "subject to reasonable network management." Spokeswoman Mary Diamond would not elaborate.

Free Press, a Washington-based public interest group that advocates Net Neutrality, opposes the kind of filtering applied by Comcast.

"We don't believe that any Internet provider should be able to discriminate, block or impair their consumers ability to send or receive legal content over the Internet," said Free Press spokeswoman Jen Howard.

Paul "Tony" Watson, a network security engineer at Google Inc. who has previously studied ways hackers could disrupt Internet traffic in manner similar to the method Comcast is using, said the cable company was probably acting within its legal rights.

"It's their network and they can do what they want," said Watson. "My concern is the precedent. In the past, when people got an ISP connection, they were getting a connection to the Internet. The only determination was price and bandwidth. Now they're going to have to make much more complicated decisions such as price, bandwidth, and what services I can get over the Internet."

Several companies have sprung up that rely on peer-to-peer technology, including BitTorrent Inc., founded by the creator of the BitTorrent software (which exists in several versions freely distributed by different groups and companies).

Ashwin Navin, the company's president and co-founder, confirmed that it has noticed interference from Comcast, in addition to some Canadian Internet service providers.

"They're using sophisticated technology to degrade service, which probably costs them a lot of money. It would be better to see them use that money to improve service," Navin said, noting that BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer applications are a major reason consumers sign up for broadband.

BitTorrent Inc. announced Oct. 9 that it was teaming up with online video companies to use its technology to distribute legal content.

Other companies that rely on peer-to-peer technology, and could be affected if Comcast decides to expand the range of applications it filters, include Internet TV service Joost, eBay Inc.'s Skype video-conferencing program and movie download appliance Vudu. There is no sign that Comcast is hampering those services.

Comcast subscriber Robb Topolski, a former software quality engineer at Intel Corp., started noticing the interference when trying to upload with file-sharing programs Gnutella and eDonkey early this year.

In August, Topolski began to see reports on Internet forum from other Comcast users with the same problem. He now believes that his home town of Hillsboro, Ore., was a test market for the technology that was later widely applied in other Comcast service areas.

Topolski agrees that Comcast has a right to manage its network and slow down traffic that affects other subscribers, but disapproves of their method.

"By Comcast not acknowledging that they do this at all, there's no way to report any problems with it," Topolski said.


Associated Press Writers Ron Harris, Brian Bergstein, Deborah Yao and Kathy Matheson contributed to this story.

Anonymous said...

From a former Comcast customer: After 5 years of dealing with terrible customer service, first in San Francisco and then in Los Angeles, I made the switch to Directv. I couldn't be happier. Comcast is overpriced - I'm getting another 100 channels for $40 less than the Comcast charges. The installer called 30 minutes before he arrived, showed up when he said he would and finished the job in 30 minutes. Contrast this with the two miserable experiences I had with Comcast - first in San Francisco and then in LA. In SF, the installation guy missed appointments twice, causing me to miss work twice for no reason. In LA, I had to have them replace my cable box three times in less than a year. The service person who replaced it the last time told me they just sent boxes out without checking whether they were functional. He also ruined a brand new $750 TV stand by scratching the front of it with the cable box. Never again. I'll go without TV before I ever go back to Comcast.

Anonymous said...

I am having all sorts of problems with comcast. i would just cancel my service but i live in an apartment complex that only allows you to have comcast. so its them or nothing.

first, i made an appointment to get my cable and internet installed. they never showed up. I called customer service and they told me they had no records of an appointment and that this has been happening rather frequently (?!?!?). I was then told it would be a month before they could fit me in again. I threatened to go with a different company so they got me an appointment the next day. The tech showed up 2 hours late and installed our cable, however, he stated that he did not have a dvr for us in stock (we were supposed to get one) so he would bring it to us in 4 days. The next day, half of the channels i was told i would get suddenly stopped working. after another 2 hour phone call of threatening to cancel and asking to talk to supervisors, they fixed the situation.

about 3 weeks later i called them again to ask about my dvr that i still had no received. they said that the techs could not bring them to me and that i had to go to the store to pick one up. They gave me the address of the store i was to go to, and when i asked the clerk about this, she told me she could not give me one and i had to make an appointment for a tech to bring it. So, i called customer service again and they tried to tell me to go to the store, but i talked them into setting up an appointment, which no one ever showed up. so i made another appointment, and still no one has showed up.

its been 3 months and i still have no dvr because the store won't give me one and the techs never show up, so i called them today to inquire about the situation. The csr was very helpful and told me that i had been sent to the wrong store. the store that is a mile from my apartment does not cover my area, so instead i have to drive 10 miles to the one that does. she called the store for me and found out that they do not have any in stock but they will get a shipment of five on tuesday and its first come first serve. meaning that those with an appointment on that day will get the dvrs before me, who has been given the run around for three months now.

comcast needs to get their act together and i need my dvr

customer number 09526149120063

Smittoswife said...

well here it goes we had comcast phone.. then we got two differnt bills two differnt accounts numbers the first time i called and they fixed but the seacond this happen they couldnt figure what happen and how we had two accounts so they told us to pay them both i have done nothing but fight with them to fix but they keep saying duh i dont know why u have 2 accounts numbers i have talk to every under the sun over there so i said forget and we which to Verizon and dish network they are much better they always are there to asnwer anything i need if this happen to anyone else write me

Anonymous said...

My cable used to be through Adelphia, but Comcast took over here in Blacksburg, Virginia a few months ago. Since October 1st, they have been broadcasting sports in place of C-SPAN 2. This is NOT WHAT I AM PAYING FOR ON TIME EVERY MONTH. The C-SPAN networks are a vital tool of democracy. Broadcasting sports in place of C-SPAN IS PART OF THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. We desperately need more civic education and involvement in this county, not more sports programming. I just spoke with a supervisor at Com-dis-cast, who would not give me his name, but he assured me that he was "sending this to the escalation department." Gee- I wonder where that is at, MARS, maybe? He assured me that someone will call me back about my concern. I will not be holding my breath. This is an example of CORPORATE AMERICA PUTTING PROFIT ABOVE SERVICE, AT THE EXPENSE OF CIVIC EDUCATION. C-SPAN VEIWERS UNITE! Do not let this corrupt corporation take away our window into our government, especially at a time like this in our country!!! If you live in the New River Valley, please call Heather Browning at the Town of Blacksburg 540-961-1199, to complain about this violation of Comcast's agreement with the TOB and their customers to provide C-SPAN 1 & 2 programming. Hold the TOB accountable---they collect a franchise fee every month for Public Broadcasting/Educational & Government Access programming, well, there IS NO C-SPAN 2 ON COMCAST, so the TOB should step in to TERMINATE COMCAST'S CONTRACT AND GIVE US COX CABLE!!!
Customer # 01650 109384-02-6

DAnn said...

My rage at this unethical and arrogant multi-national corporation knows no bounds. Every interaction leaves me wishing there was a way to force some legislative intervention IMMEDIATELY! I truly hate this company and let me share only a few reasons:
On Thursday, Oct. 18, when I tried to pay my ever increasing bill I was told that I could not pay using my credit card because their computers were being upgraded. But what sent my blood pressure off the deep-end was that a computer told me my balance and my history of payment without any verbal information from me! I have a block on my phone line to maintain my privacy and this mechanically damned bully was able to get around that and identified me as a customer by reading my home phone number.

I have complained repeatedly about this invasion to both my phone company,another multinationally bully--QUEST--and they blame it on Com Cast who blames in on Quest. I do NOT have this invasion with any other company outside of Com Cast!

The programming for the platinum package is worthless and expensive! They show the same damned movies over and over again, more and more are rotten films 20 years old, and most are recycled from the previous weeks and months. Hell, so many of these 20+ year-old clunkers were crummy back in the day when they were free! Now I have to pay for this crap?! When something recent airs it's either so violent and plotless or sexually graphic and plotless that there's little choice. Try finding something entertaining on the weekend that is not aimed at the 16-30 year-old crowd whose combined IQ is under 25, and whose educational sophistication is beyond burping and whoring!

There is a wealth of fabulous films and documentaries, comedies and musicals, dramas, mysteries, historical, well-written and acted stories and family films which are continualy ignored for the mindless crap that costs customer like me $119 a month, but where there is still NOTHING on that's worth any human's time. Not even the dog wants to watch this nonsense!

Let me also add that the representative whom I finally reach after going through an incessant electronic system from hell, rarely gives me his/her company ID. Even more rare is their basic knowledge that is helpful to customers like me who ask questions. When I ask to speak with a supervisor the wait time is always contingent upon how dramatic the rep is in giving her/his side about the encounter and negating all responsibility. Getting a supervisor who often has only four more brain cells than the idiot I had just spoken to and who is even more arrogant and defensive seems to be personality-types ComCast puts on to make no decisions but to make me think that something will be done. I always begin the call with hope, but I have yet to find anyone in the last whatever years they have been here in Salem,Oregon, who really resolves the problem.

If the recording that states that the call might be recorded for improving customer relations then either no one listens to the tapes, or all the lessons blatantly obvious that have the potential to improve customer relations are COMPLETELY IGNORED!

I hate Com Cast! It's a monopoly that like Bell Telephone must be broken up or better yet, eliminated!

I have hundreds of negative experiences with ComCast and their limited office/customer reps on site, their limited hours and uncentralized locations, and their frustrating stance which must have some hourly quota they have to fulfill to piss-off customers, but let me stop here for now and take a long walk to lower my blood pressure! I'd turn on the damned cable but there's nothing but crap on again this evening!

--D Ann

:):):):) said...

Tell me why the Comcast dirctory service can not even find one of their own office locations in Galveston, TX. I was told it didn't exist! I have been to this office about 20 times to pay the cable bill with no problems. When I was given the 1-800 # from the office to use for later inquires; I call and get the same D@#$ answer. After being redirected about 3 times....I just give up and drive to the office. WHY!!!! Will someone from Comcast please take the initiative and get this address along with the correct dang number and add it to the system. And enough with the darn phone trees!!! No phone tress = happy customers!!! It is not rocket science!!! IT IS NOT COMCASTIC!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Comcast cable never had a really good picture, but one day half the channels were all snow. I called Comcast and they attempted to fix the problem from the office. I was told that after whatever they had done it should be working properly within the hour. It wasn't. I called again and they tried something else. After this none of the channels came in. When I called them back I was told it was a bad box. They told me they could be out in three business days (four calendar days)to fix it. I replied that I would bring the old box in on Monday and replace it myself.

On Monday after work I replaced my box with their new one and still no picture. I called Comcast and was told it was a bad box but they could come out in three days with another. I took the box back and got another one Tuesday after work. Hooked it up Tuesday evening and sure enough, it didn't work either. New one Wednesday, same thing. They finally said that it must be something other than the box, and they could be out Monday between 9 and 5 to fix it.

The following Monday I stayed home from work waiting for the tech. He never showed. They said they would give me a $30 credit for my inconvenience (I lost $180 staying home from work). I was told they could send someone out on Thursday between 9 and 5. I again stayed home from work and waited, again no show. As I was walking out the door to keep a prior engagement at 7 pm the tech called and said he was "running a little late and would be there within a half hour". I replied that was great, but I would not be home. I was again given a $30 credit and told that some one could come out Monday between 9 and 5.

I declined this offer and took the equipment back to Comcast the next day. After explaining to their representative why I was canceling their service I had expected an apology at the very least. The rep said, "Sign here", handed me my receipt for the box and said "Next".

I went home and called Dish Network. They said they could be out at 8:30 the next morning. They were at my house at 8 and were all done by 8:30. The service is cheaper, the picture is better and I have not had a problem of any kind with either reception or customer service. The only way to fight back against these idiots is to get the word out about how bad their service actually is and cut into their profits. I wish I had known about this site sooner. I will definitely refer to everyone who either has Comcast or is thinking of getting it.

Ben said...

Adelphia Transition to Comcast (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA)

Why a 35-year cable, five-year digital cable, and seven-year high-speed internet household is now contemplating canceling its Cable TV Service.

Since its takeover approximately a year ago, Comcast:

·Immediately removed a number of premium stations, admittedly primarily west-coast feeds, that made the service stand out because it provided more variety

·Restructured our digital lineup to an almost undecipherable pattern of random channels

·Increased the cost of service for its top-paying customers by more than 13% in the first month (and countless other customers) after takeover primarily by stopping Adelphia’s customer-oriented attitude to discount bundled services for subscribers

·Switched from a system of free cable repairs to a satellite-TV-like repair coverage plan with even more exorbitant service call fees (why people usually keep cable to avoid satellite service charges)

·Moved to digital or completely removed several (approximately six) channels from our basic analog lineup (in an effort to force people to get a digital package for those channels), and yet replaced them with nothing – it’s now nearly a year later

·Restructured to now provide a slow-responding on-demand service that is visually confusing, cryptic to find channels/movies, and is almost never updated with new content (especially movies)

·Is again promising to raise rates (second time this year) while providing no new content (apparently consistently)

·Constructed a customer service department that is now so rigid that speaking with a customer service representative is difficult if not impossible, and in some instances, will cause a charge to your bill (try the “billing” option – you’ll see it costs $4.95 if you need help with your payment – apparently even if it’s asking whether they received your prompt payment not reflected in your current bill)

My thoughts:

If Comcast were a satellite-TV company, it would’ve gone out of business long ago.

It is one more company that epitomizes a federal bureaucratic conglomerate relying on the safety net of monopolies who value profit over people and will step on customers again and again to reach new heights.

In general, Comcast has no idea of how to provide good customer service or value for its products, the very essence of a good company.

Annoyingly, they make sure all digital converters power on to the Comcast Channel (and there is nothing you can do about it – there was previously an option to set the power-on channel) and super-saturate existing customers with their own commercials. I suppose they think they're "improving customer relations." Well, they're not.

In my opinion, our cable has gone from a value and customer-oriented service to now as hated as those cable providers around the nation.

Thanks a lot, Rigas family!

(By the way - this is the third cable company servicing our area in less than 10 years.)

Todd McCartney said...

Customer #8773202500073598

History – My Tivo S3 had been running flawlessly for 6+ months with two cable cards (S-cards) installed back in May 07. I decided to get another Tivo for our house; here is where the fun begins after my new Tivo box arrives…

Tivo Technical Information:
Tivo S3 – Can use 2 S-Cards, 2 M-Cards, or a combination of 1 S-Card and 1 M-Card
Tivo HD - Can use 2 S-Cards OR 1 M-Card

October 13th - I purchase a new Tivo HD box. This Tivo will be for my living room. I call Comcast later this day to have a CC installed and told the CSR to note that for this device I’d like them to bring 1 M-Card. They set up an appointment for October 14th between 1pm-3pm; and noted the M-Card requirement. Excellent!
Time Spent: less than 5 minutes.

October 14th – 12pm the Comcast installer calls to cancel the appointment because he doesn’t have any cable cards with him. Isn’t that what the note was for? I call the Comcast support line and speak with Mary; while at this time I was a bit peeved at them not having the correct equipment, Mary states that it is normally a 4 day window for an install. She says she will do what they can to get it scheduled the next day. About 2 hours later she calls me back and says they are guaranteeing an install on October 15th. Good news! She gives me her extension and name and says to contact her if anything goes wrong, she also re-notes that I need an M-Card..

October 16th – Tech shows up about 19 minutes late at 1pm or so, no issue there. However he shows up with five S-cards! Not what I asked for. If I had wanted S-cards I would have asked for those, but seeing that each S-card would cause me to pay another CC fee, don’t you think I’d rather have 1 M-Card than 2 S cards? I explained this to him, and he says “I don’t see notes where it says M-Cards, this is what dispatch gave me”. Down at the bottom under tech notes on his work order it says “M CARD PLEASE!!!”; the tech responds and says “We don’t read that”. So much for an area on the work order for the tech to read.

Despite this I explain to the tech: “Look, my Tivo downstairs has 2 M-Cards, instead of this failing, why don’t we take an M-card from the Tivo S3 and put in one of these new S-Cards. Then the M-card that we took out can go into the new Tivo”. He agrees and thus begins the saga. With out going into the gory details of the next 8 hours, yes you read that correctly, 8…shall I repeat? EIGHT HOURS; I will summarize the events.
• Tech calls dispatch regarding s-cards being bought instead of M-cards – to no avail, he is the only tech in this area all day
• 1:15 pm -Tech calls some Comcast help line, who says we can’t do anything and promptly tells him to call ATS.
• 1:30 pm - Tech calls ATS waits on phone for 20 minutes – Reaches someone in tech support who tells him the cards are bad and he can’t help him. The ATS tech HANGS UP on your tech!
• 2pm - Tech calls ATS and finally gets someone who is somewhat competent; understands the situation and begins working on the cards
• 4pm – I serve snacks and a drink to the tech.
• 6pm – Tivo S3 is not working with ANY cable cards, Tivo HD is functioning as advertised (finally!!) – So the box they came to get working is working, but the original box that was working is now not.
• 6:pm – ATS Ends the call with the tech saying that they don’t know what to do anymore. The recommend for him to “Get a box of cable cards, and come back tomorrow. Good luck”. Litterally, this is what they told him. The tech then tells me they had the gall to write “Tech having problems with cablecards” in the case notes; indicating this job was the Techs fault. By this point the Tivo S3 has had about 5-6 cable cards in it. Each one that ATS can’t get working is deemed “dead” or “bad”. Amazing that a cable card that was working before this all started is somehow deemed “dead” once ATS can’t get their ducks in a row to re-authorize the card.
• 6:30pm – Tech is reaching out what to do, calls numerous other numbers and has me call 877 Comcast line to get help from that side. I reach a Comcast supervisor who says “All I can do from here is tell the tech to call his dispatch”.
• 7pm – Tech speaks with dispatch and other people at Comcast – 2 things going on here. First the tech feels bad for me and second he’s trying to clear his name from the job becoming “failed”. It wasn’t his fault ATS couldn’t get the cards working. And the cards surely aren’t “bad”; as we will see in a moment.
• 7:15pm – Tech calls ATS again and begins working on the Tivo S3. Soon he has 1 of the cards working. ATS says Ok lets send a hit to the other card to refresh it Turns out ATS sends a hit to all cards and now the TivoHD AND the Tivo S3 are not working. Back to square one, time to re-pair all 3 cards. Tech looses connection with ATS.
• 7:30pm – Dinner arrives, I had a sub sandwich delivered for the tech.
• 7:45pm – Tech calls back ATS and now gets someone who knows there stuff – Jeff in ATS
• 8pm – Tivo HD back online and working.
• 8:45pm – 1 Cable card in Tivo S3 up and working (with one of the cards deemed “bad” by ATS).
• 9:00pm – 2nd cable card in Tivo S3 ½ functioning. At this time the Tech calls it quits and states he will come back tomorrow with other cards and get the final S3 card working
• 9:15pm – Tech leaves
Total Time spent: Approx 8 hours

October 16th – approx 2pm the Tech arrives with a back of cable cards. Great! Wait no, he was given a bag of Motorola Cable cards!! My area is Scientific Atlanta!! They will not work. Tech calls dispatch regarding what to do, they say they will call him back, which they don’t do while he’s here. He then calls ATS and gives the info for the second Tivo S3 card. This tech says “ok try it now, gotta go we are busy”. End of call. Of course the card is not working. Tech calls ATS again, wait who is the tech he gets? Why its Jeff from last night!! 5 minutes later the card is working!
Time spent: 15-20 minutes

So over 10+ hours of my time to get what should have been done in 5 minutes.


John_David_Galt said...

Fortunately I no longer have a Comcast customer number. I had my dispute with them about 4 years ago -- right about the time a competitor, SureWest, started service in my neighborhood. In most ways they're much nicer and well worth the difference in price.

That said, some of the nasty things Comcast does, a lot of other big businesses do as well. And I'd like to start a movement to have them outlawed.

#1 is those machines that answer the phone and tell you to "press 1 to wait on hold for an hour." BITE ME! I'll settle for two tin cans and a STRING before I wait on hold more than 10 minutes for ANYBODY!

If the owners of a business don't think they can afford to hire enough people to answer every call immediately, even by putting their call center in Bangalore, I say it's time to show them the hard way that they can't afford NOT to. Or at the very least, they can provide a (bleep)ing answering machine, so I don't have to sit holding the (bleep)ing phone for an hour just because they're too cheap to do their jobs.

Kevin said...

After a couple calls (Ref.#105021035 & #105042576) to Comcast customer service and several time consuming attempts at trying to troubleshoot they determined I needed a new modem. They could send someone out between 6am-12 noon or 12 noon to 9pm or if I wanted I could exchange it at the office myself. I chose to do it myself to save time. They directed me to the closest office. We were there right after they opened, gave them our address only to find out they couldn't help us at that office. They aren't interconnected with our area which would allow them to pull up our account. When they realized we were a bit upset they offered to set up an appt. which they were able to narrow down between 11am - 1pm. My wife stayed home from work waiting. When they didn't show she called only to find out that it was an all day appt. they had until 8pm to make the service call. The technician she talked to did check further and see a foot note "between 11am-1pm" and claimed he didn't know why they would put that on an all day appt. but they would make it before 8pm. When I got home I called back (ref. #105103126) to confirm they would make it, while talking with that tech. we got the "Bad" modem working but she suggested we keep the appt. and change out our modem. I confirmed our phone number and was informed that the service man would call when he was on his way. When we didn't hear form him by 7:15 I called to check. They checked (ref. #105103126) and found out the service tech. had stopped at our house at 7:00 knocked and got no answer (lie) so he went home. We were sitting at the table eating dinner a 7:00 just a few feet from the front door, no phone call, my wife missed a days work never leaving the house.
We then set up a sat. appt. 12-3 which they did make. They redid a few connections, did not swap out the modem and said we were fine. We'll see. At least were up in running.

marycoleen said...

Well, I spoke too soon. After my first post, a Comcast rep called me to follow up on my issues. He asked me to fax my original letter od complaint (again!) which I did with another cover. He assured me he would call me the next day. He didn't. A week later, I finally received a call from an "executive" level person offering me $100 for the missed appointments and $100 as a courtesy credit. Maybe this seems like a lot to them, but the hours spent waiting for their technicians, who didn't show at all on two occasions, and the frustrating hours (30 at least) spent on the phone explaining things over and over again to what seemed like every last Comcast employee, are worth much more to me. I am not willing to stay with a company that thinks so little of its customers and will be looking for someone else to provide my cable, phone and internet service.

Anonymous said...

ACCT #8993 21 302 0167814:
Just got up to check on phone status on new # change,found out my line is disconnected. I was told "You may have to wait another 24hrs to receive phone service,we're not sure why it's not available for you." I could've kept my old # for all this inconviece.I called in to change service Wed,it's now Fri,you mean I have to wait another 24 hrs. It's an inconvience,my old number doesn't work right along with the new #,may be missing important business calls.

Shima said...

I am very unhappy with Comcast.. It took me two months, 7 visits and 2 no shows for them to finally install my cable and internet. I finally sighed relief until 3 weeks later my internet and cable are down. Who knows how long it will be until this one is fixed again... I have yet to pay them a single penny for their disservice.

Rick said...

I have had two phone numbers for over 8 years at my current residence. They started out as AT&T who sold out to Comcast. Comcast sold my account to Time Warner Cable last year. Now I'm told I must change to digital or my service will be "discontinued". In my attempt to stay with Time Warner I have been told that Comcast will not release one of my phone numbers to be "ported" over to Time Warner. I have used that line as my home business phone for years and now am told I can not have that number anymore? What kind of BS is that? Congress has legislated that I can keep my phone number no matter what phone company I choose. Who are you, Comcast, to tell me I can't have my phone number anymore? I have found it impossible to get a live human being to explain this ridiculous situation to me! If I lose my phone number it will cost me a fortune in lost revenue in my business, not to mention the time, money and advertising I have spent on promoting MY phone number. Comcast, you have really sold me out. I am so angry I am going to call an attorney and see if I can get reimbursed for your faceless, unreachable beaurocracy.

Comcast/Time Warner Customer Number 001 825 0049537013

Harlan said...

I just seen where someone busted A## in Manassas, I realy do not under stand why she got fine, Comcast sucks I order the same system in that same time frame and I gone with verison sorry to say as you all suck as far as I see it were stuck with Cavalier and you two other companyes and state not step in to fine you but moct persons does not know that DSL unregulated so you can just cut someone service and feel nothing you to big and all the people just pay and pay, ( Just like Gas)
I live in MANASSAS also And I told them I would also come down to see there manager if they would not get on the phone. I see that did not help[ at all so I do not have comcast nor will I. They all three try to change my number and people should know you pay tacx of 3.00 per month just to keep you number.

Chris said...

From: Account 05014619214-03-0 (Hyattsville, Maryland)

To: Mr. Wilkinson [of Comcast's Silver Spring, Maryland office]
Cc: Comcast Must Die

I am writing to follow up on my letter dated 22 October 2007. In that letter I outlined the trouble I’ve had upgrading to your new Triple Play service. After technicians from your contractor, Non Stop Cable, failed to show up for their sixth scheduled visit to my home on Monday 22 October, I scheduled what would have been a seventh appointment for Comcast to finish installing my service. The evening of the 22nd I spoke with Chanell who, with help from her manager, scheduled an appointment with an actual Comcast employee (not Non Stop Cable) for yesterday, Saturday October 27th.

Sadly, nobody from Comcast came to my home yesterday. I called and spoke to Albert, who claimed that I had never had an appointment for October 27th, but rather for Saturday November 3rd. I have known for several weeks that I will be out of town on business the entire weekend of November 3rd and certainly would not have made any such appointment. Chanell, who scheduled my appointment for October 27th gave me what seemed to be exemplary, diligent customer service. I seriously doubt that she would have entered the date incorrectly. As I mentioned in my first letter to you, this is not the first time that Comcast’s computer system appears to have arbitrarily changed the date of my appointment. Yesterday, I appraised Albert’s supervisor, Elif, of my situation. I suggested the possibility that Comcast might mail me the two Cable Cards that the seven scheduled visits by Comcast have failed to deliver. After investing many hours in this process, I believe I am now better qualified to install Cable Cards into Tivo devices than most Non Stop Cable technicians. For unknown reasons, Elif did not think that mailing the cards would be possible. Some online reading leads me to believe that in some areas, such as Seattle, Comcast customers are offered the option of picking up Cable Cards from their local Comcast office. I would be interested in learning why this option is not available to me.

Today I spoke with Tia, who scheduled an appointment for Friday November 9th from 8-11am. I hope you can help by ensuring that a Comcast employee capable of installing Cable Cards shows up at my house between 8 and 11am on November 9th. Alternatively (and preferably) please arrange to have Comcast mail me two Cable Cards or contact me with instructions on where to pick up the Cable Cards myself.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I am absolutely outraged that Comcast has wasted so many hours of my valuable time during this month-long ordeal. I take pride in embracing the Christian values of patience and peace. But I have recently begun to have disturbing daydreams about hammer attacks. I have written a separate letter to the Prince George’s County Cable Commission and also plan to post this letter on As I said in my first letter, I know that Comcast is aware that the era of its local monopolies is gradually drawing to a close. Thus, for your own interest, as well as for the public good, I urge you to redouble your efforts to stop abusing your customers in this egregious way.

Chris said...

To: Fellow Northeast Washington, DC Suburb Residents
From: Comcast# 05014619214-03-0

Although my letter (above) emphasizes the sins of Comcast, 75% of my trouble actually stems from a contractor Comcast uses called "Non Stop Cable." The many technicians Non Stop Cable has sent on six different visits to my home all seemed like nice enough guys, but every one of them seemed totally ignorant about cable installation. I'd advise fellow victims of Comcast's monopoly over Prince George's County, MD to specifically request that Comcast not send Non Stop Cable technicians. Comcast representatives may tell you they have no power over who will show up at your house, but in reality supervisors have the power to request that an actual Comcast employee be sent. If you do have the misfortune of being assigned to Non Stop Cable, it might be helpful to call the remarkably surly woman who answers their phones (301-735-7893) to remind them to bring the right equipment (cable cards, DVRs, digital voice units, etc).

I feel like a sucker for allowing myself to believe that upcoming Comcast visit - #8 - supposedly by an actual Comcast employee - may actually get the last of these friggin cable cards up and running. But when you live under a kafkaesque USSR-type corrupted monopoly, I guess there's not much you can do but foolishly continue to hope while waiting in endless lines for toilet paper.

One other bit of advice - today I called and canceled the telephone portion of my Comcast Triple Play package. Turns out Vonage offers the same basic voice over IP service for about half the price. And with Vonage I get to keep my existing phone number, which Comcast wouldn't let me do. Plus there's the advantage of not having to squander all your vacation days waiting for Comcast/Non Stop Cable to show up (or not) and fail to get the job done.

P.S. Hey - Bob Garfield, you rock! This blog was a stroke of genius. I've been a fan since the first episode of On the Media. Actually, maybe even before that - I dimly remember the thought "oh, that guy's great" when I first heard you'd be hosting OTM. I wish there were more journalists able to temper overtly challenging interviews with some humor.

Brandon said...

I hate Comcast.

I didn't realize they were so bad until I found I couldn't access websites like,, and When I called for help I was on hold for an hour, transferred to a technician who told me it was my firewall settings (I use a Mac; also I am a computer tech; at the end of the day I know exactly what I'm doing when it comes to the internet and if it doesn't work it's NOT on my end). When I demanded to speak with a supervisor he transferred me to cable television (presumably to get me off his call sheet) after insisting that I wasn't about to speak with his supervisor. The person there promised me a supervisor would call (but they didn't).

I'm about ready to cancel Comcast in favor of dialup. It's my only other option but since I have to use a proxy server to connect to my e-mail at, it's better than nothing.

Just so Comcast knows my account number is 09529 177521-02-1. If they fix my problem before I convince Verizon to install DSL, then they get to keep my business. Otherwise, they're done.

bill the cable guy said...

Brandon, I have Comcast HSI and those pages all work fine for me..?

tab13 said...

Non-customer here, but have had nasty run-in's with Comcast: they tore up my yard and left a dangerous unprotected wire exposed in my yard...since late June, 2007. Help!!!!
See my blog: (not a blog troll, really)

Steve said...

First of all, I apologize for the length of my post. I started taking notes in August, but I started having intermittent issues in July. I have lived at my current house for over a year with no issues. DSL is only offered at 1.5 mbit where I live, which is smack dab in the middle of Memphis. I've looked at satellite, but since I do alot of remote work for my job, there is no option other than Comcast. Here are my notes... I apologize in advance if they are at times incoherent. I mostly jotted these while on the phone. For reference, my account number is 0958605137114.

Internet has been going up and down for the past month. When it is up, it was slower than dialup speed. I checked everything on my end and thought maybe it was the new router I purchased. I tried everything, including bypassing the router, and putting the old router back on. I eventually decided it wasn't the router. I finally called Comcast Support and they immediately said they saw a problem. They said my modem was dropping 22% of the packets and set up a service call for the following Wednesday any time between 2 and 4. He also said that once the issue was fixed after the technician left, to call Comcast back to get a credit on our bill for the past month of crappy internet service.

Technician came around 4:00 finally and checked out signal. The internet had been working ok for the past day or so, other than being a little slow. He said everything was good. Went to check pole but it said "no pole access" on work order. He was only here for about twenty minutes. He said he had worked for Time Warner before we were switched to Comcast. He also said that since the change, Comcast has had many reoccurring issues like this, and talked about how they all have had to go out to houses multiple times. About an hour after he left the internet went down again. Called Comcast and talked to Nick, who said something needed to be configured on the modem. Transferred me to Chris at Tier II support. He reset the modem, and after it came up, I opened a browser window which caused the modem to restart agian. After the modem finished rebooting, the internet worked and Chris reassured me that it was up for good this time.

Yeah, it went down again so I called again and talked to Feurtte for about 30 min. She said there was nothing they could do on their end. She wouldn't transfer to a tech or a manager. She said she would send someone out on tuesday between 1-5 and they may cancel if we are not here. I told her we would not be here, and if they cancelled i would be right back on the phone saying the same thing. She also said our account would be credited for the downtime, but only billing could tell me what would be credited.

Now the High Definition tier doesn't work. Called them to send a signal to reset the box. Works now.

Internet down again so I called and talked to Megan. She said we had a bad signal and they were sending it to maintenance to have it done. Told her if it was not done by the 25th when we got back from vacation, we would be cancelling. She said it would be fixed be the begining of next week (20th would be Monday).

Got back from vacation. The internet is still not working correctly. Called said maintenance still hasn't been done, said they have up to 10 bus. days, it has been 9. Said to call back tomorrow b/c maintenance isnt there today so she can't see what is going on.

Talked to billing about bill. Said someone changed the codes on 8/15, she didn't know why b/c she is in Knoxville, told me to call back tomorrow. Cable bill is showing as $60 when it should be $32.04. She also said that the maintenance call had been put on hold, but she couldn't find out why, and to call about that also tomorrow. She said she reinstated it for me, but to go ahead and call anyways to put an emergency rush on it.

Also, Partial month charge ($3.08) is when you add or cancel a service and they charge you a partial month for it. We have made no changes to our service since February.

Same issues... Called and spoke to Robert. Ran through all the normal stuff. Connected cable modem directly through the computer and bypassed the router. Took off the cable splitter (that was used for my tv card but isn't being used right now), rebooted and still had issues. Couldn't load a full web page. I even took off the velcro I was using, hoping it was causing some type of interference with the cable signal bing binded to the power cord. The technician said the modem was getting around 16% packet loss. Came back from hold to say it was around 22%. Back to square one apparently. They are sending a technician out on Wednesday between two and four. My guess is the intermittant issue won't be showing itself again when he is here, and we'll start the whole ugly process at the beginning.

The technician came and said Comcast is having issues all over the place and they need to upgrade some equipment, but they won't. Who knows if he is for real. He changed something at the pole. Seems to work... for the moment.

It has actually worked without issues for about a month and a half. I called and the technician on the phone said I needed to change out my modem. One of the few things I actually haven't done. She schedules a tech for the next Wednesday between 2 and 4.

The technician calls and says he can come by at 11:30. I tell him I can't get off work until 3. I ask him if he will bring a modem, and he says he will try to get one, but will fix it either way. He gets here about 2:30 and I meet him here. He doesn't have a modem. He's out at the pole for a long time. He comes back and says squirrels have chewed through the line and there and they replaced the line running from the pole to the house. Internet is back up for now.

Internet is completely out again. Calling Comcast customer support to just get a credit on my account. I'm not bothering with tech support anymore. On hold for five minutes and disconnected. Called again. She tells me to unplug my modem. I tell her I am very familiar with all the steps. She tells me to do it anyway. She can't pull up my account information. She says the account information for Memphis is down. She says she can't give me a credit and transfers me to the Memphis department. I get disconnected again. I call back, and get pissed off that I know the hold music not for not, including interruptions. Talked to David in Knoxville. He said he knew a maintenance manager in Memphis, and would email him directly. Also he would turn the account information over to management to see about getting a credit. He actually gave me his extension, and gave me the hours he works. The internet remains down today and nearly all day Sunday. However, Monday it works.

A technician calls me today and says I am scheduled for a service call between 1 and 5 today. It's news to me. I was thinking a manager would call me. This guy doesn't sound like he knows what he is doing, and I'm not ready to take another half day off of work today for some guy to play around on my roof again. I understand how intermittant problems can be difficult to track down, but I'm not putting up with any more techs who don't know how to open a web browser on Windows Vista. I call customer service, and am transferred to Mae at the Memphis office. She tells me she will send a supervisor out to take a look at it and get it fixed once and for all. She sets up a technician (supervisor) for Saturday between 10 and 12. This is the last straw before I start spamming every email address I can find, as well as sending an email to the Comcast account rep for my business. I have tried to keep him out of it for now, but I honestly don't know what else to do.


That's it so far. I actually used to work tech support, so I have tried my hardest to be patient and not take it out on the poor tech on the other end, but for me it's almost "hammer-time". My email if anyone can help is my name at my website in the links above.

Brandon said...

bill the cable guy: That's the point. Comcast keeps insisting that it's my Windows Firewall and Microsoft Internet Explorer settings that are messed up...I told them if they could find Windows Firewall on my Mac I'd stop calling them. When I use a proxy server I can get the websites just fine; when I use their system I can't. It has to be their network that's the problem; I've exhausted everything on mine.

Shima said...

Not only is their customer service crappy, but they can't get their billing straight. I just spent 30 minutes on the phone straightening out my bill [sigh]. This is in addition to the many hours I have spent on the phone trying to get a technician over to fix my service. Unfortunately, my building is stuck with using their service until we can get Verizon Fios.

katharine said...


My husband decided to switch to comcast from direct he's pissed off and ready to about lack of communication.A service tech came out last wed. to hook our cable up.WE specifically wanted 4 rooms of cable and only 2 digital boxes,we also decided to get the i-net also with the special promotion with each service only $33.00 each.....Well,a tech. came out that wed. and only brought 1 digital box and only did 2 rooms of cable.We paid $126.00 that day for the installation charge and the first month of cable.I asked where the 2nd digital box was and asked about the other 2 rooms of cable......he stated..."I don't have a work order for that"Then to top that off he didn't feel like installing the cable where I requested it in my living room and gave me some cable wire and said I can do it......I got real irritated.The tech left and I called comcast and told them what happened and they made an appt. for another tech. to come out with another digital box and run wire for my 2 rooms as I ordered the first time.O'kay.....a tech. came out that sat. and brought me the second digital box.....told me to sign the receipt....I said...."are you going to make my other to rooms cable ready?"Then he said he didn't have a order to do that......Now I'm really getting pissed...the tech leaves and I make a 3rd phone call to comcast.I asked to speak with a supervisor but they said one was not available,I spoke to customer service rep named Amy,she apoligized for the problems and credited my account for $35.oo and made an appt. for a tech to come back out on mon.28,2007 to run cable wire to those 2 other rooms.About an hour later that same day I'm on the i-net.....then my i-net stops modem stopped working.....I find myself back on the phone with comcast again for the 4th time.I get an appt. for a tech to come out mon. between 2pm-5pm.....I said that I already had a tech scheduled to come out that same day between 11am-2pm so maybe that same tech could come out and complete the work.......then they said that there was nothing noted about an appt. that day.......I am so irritated......what is so complicated about making 2 rooms cable ready......I just hung the phone up because I'm getting a headache.The tech comes out mon. with a new modem......I still never got cable in my other 2 rooms.......I havn't even had cable for a week and I've had all these problems and nothing has been comcast is saying that it will cost $100.00 to install cable in 2 rooms.......ridiculous......It should've been done the first day as ordered,now they want more money.........I'm very angry,service I received was terrible.......

buglady said...

I, like Mona, am from Northern Virginia. I decided to switch to Comcast when DirecTV was unable to move my dish until 3 weeks after my request. Since I was switching my TV, I thought I would also switch my phone. As for cable internet, I have been with Comcast for several years. I signed up for the one bill for 3 services deal.

When I called I spoke to a very lovely woman, Christina, who was able to set up installation really quickly, and made the billing simple by rolling it all into one. I was SO EXCITED!!

Installation day, September 17
Within an hour of the Technician leaving, I lost a good bit of the TV programming (apparently it reverted from the upgraded package that included HBO to basic cable). I called Comcast and the phone was answered “our systems are down – please call back in a half hour.” I got the person to talk to me and was told the problem was that the Technician didn’t close out the work order. So I called back after ½ hour and was then told the systems were down for 24 hours.

The next morning, I called the Technician directly (he left me his cell phone number) to see if he, in fact, didn’t close out the work order, and if that was what was causing programming problems. He called his dispatcher, who “pinged” my cable box and got the programming back.

After that, though, my DVR still didn’t work and kept disabling. I called once to reset it and about 1/2 hour later, it disabled again. I called again and was offered a $25 “inconvenience fee.” I was told it needed to be replaced and probably was refurbished. The day after it was installed!! Unacceptable.

About 4 hours after the Technician left on installation day, I also lost my internet service and after about 5-6 hours worth of phone calls, which made me miss the Redskins game as well as about 3 hours of work, the reason is that the new modem, which accommodates phone and cable, somehow could not be added to my account...and it would take 24-72 hours before someone could even work on it. Also unacceptable. Another tech support representative told me I would have to call the maker of the new Arris modem to get the problem resolved. Why should that become my problem when Comcast created it? Unbelievable.

Then, finally, sometimes when I dialed phone numbers, the call would not go through (this happened several times when I tried to call Comcast and twice when I tried to call my sister). Why should I deal with that when Verizon works just fine? I immediately called and got my Verizon service re-connected, and I am getting my old phone number back.

So I called Tuesday, September 18 and said I wanted everything removed from my house. I requested to be downgraded to simply an internet customer, even though my internet had not worked since Monday, September 17.

On Thursday, September 20, a kind gentleman came to get my equipment (Arris modem and DVR box). Although I had made the 2 separate calls to phone/internet and to cable and had 2 orders for the equipment removal, the gentleman was only given an order for removal of the DVR box. He handwrote the appropriate serial numbers for the Arris modem and indicated that he had picked it up as well.

My impression was that he would also make sure my internet worked (with my old Surfboard modem, which for some reason, was still hooked up, even with the Arris modem) before he left. He informed me that he couldn’t do that because he didn’t have a work order for that. He removed the equipment and left wires hanging from my alarm system where the phone/internet modem was hooked up.

After he left I still had no internet service and no one could help me after 1.5 hours on the phone. The first person was in Canada and she thought she knew the problem and told me I had to talk to internet billing to get the surfboard modem added to my account. Only, since she was in Canada, she couldn’t transfer me. So she put me back into the phone tree. I selected prompt 1 for billing, then the prompt 2 for internet…but I got someone in cable TV billing who couldn’t help me. They transferred me again back into tech support. They couldn’t help me. After being transferred around several times, and crying out of frustration, I got a competent person – also in Canada – who I think could have helped me, but I had to leave for work. He seemed frustrated that I couldn’t put work aside and sit there in front of the computer. He said to call back when I got home. I knew that would result in multiple transfers and just couldn’t take anymore.

On my way to work I called on my cell phone and canceled….only they never canceled anything. I found this out when I called several days later to see what to pay for my bill.

I was told that NOTHING was disconnected and it showed that I still had the Arris phone/internet modem, which was picked up September 20. I was told I had to take the paperwork to the local office to prove I returned the equipment. I said I was NOT going to do that. I had wasted enough of my time (I would say 5-6 hours at this point) trying to make Comcast's services work and I had enough. I was transferred AGAIN to someone in billing who couldn't help me.

That person transferred me to Retention, which was "where I was supposed to be instead of billing." Of course, that person was in the Maryland office and she couldn't help me. Again, I was frustrated to the point of tears. So she transferred me to the Virginia office and I spoke to Yao, who said I could fax the paper to him. I did that and was told it wasn’t readable and I would have to prove to the local office I returned the equipment after all.

Then I emailed the lovely Christina again, who was so kind as to get my internet service reconnected. The nice gentleman (Luiz) who picked up my equipment returned to reconnect my Surfboard modem. The internet worked; however, because, again, the modem had not been added to my account, I couldn’t access the internet. I called the next morning and spoke to a competent man who got it added. I had to be on hold almost an hour, but he got it done.

At this point, I was very happy. Until my bill came…. When I called about my bill a couple of weeks earlier, I was told by one person that I had a credit of $9 and change and another told me it was a credit of $2 and change. My bill showed a charge for the full month of internet, even though it didn’t work. Plus DVR rental and TV charges, even though I called to cancel it the day after installation. This put me over the top.

I called the evening I got the bill and was transferred to Yao again in Retention. The long and short of it is that all of the credits and debits on the account were completely confusing. But we argued over the $25.00 “inconvenience fee” credit I received on September 18. He claimed that since it showed up on my bill as a cable credit, that I was wrong. And that the $25 credits me for the cable I didn’t receive and that the bill stands. That is insulting on top of what I have already been through. I was told that I didn’t return a modem (when it was picked up by a Comcast representative), then I got told that I was incorrect about a $25 credit. If someone was to look at my record they would see that the credit was issued a few hours before I called to cancel my service...not after the service was canceled.

I request a sincere apology from someone at Comcast for this nightmare, as well a new, easy to understand bill that credits me for my hours of inconvenience and frustration.

Account #: 01668 248880-01-1

buglady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam said...

Customer #09520236366077
I can't stand Comcast but I live in an apartment and we ONLY have Crapcast! I thought that all my problems were going to be done after the horrible install that I had to go through. They were 1 1/2 hours late but at least they showed up THIS TIME. It was my 3rd try! But I was wrong it was just the beginning of my trouble. See I have a email address on an old friends account that I have had for 18 months and wanted to switch it to my account since I no longer talk to this person and now have my own comcast account:-( So I logged in to the email account and just switched the name of my address and after I put it on my account I was going to delete it from my ex friends. Well I tried and it didn't work. It said the address was in use. So I contacted God, oops I mean Comcast and they said I would have to wait 3 MONTHS or contact my friend and have them call and have it done! I told them I don't even talk to this person anymore! Even if I did I have none of their contact info. I said I have the password to my email address that I wanted to switch over and everything but of course they couldn't (wouldn't) do it! I should not have to wait three months on a email address that I use for EVERYTHING! Business and personal reasons! All they had to do was push a few extra buttons! I can not stand this company! They are CRAPTASTIC!
reference number for this issue is:

Anonymous said...

These stories really get my blood boiling. My horror story follows below, and because of this, I jumped on the AT&T hi-speed DSL bandwagon when it was available in my area, and I've been quite happy with it.

The following is a slightly edited email I wrote to a friend about a year and a half ago about my experiences with the Comcast cable internet service.

Ok, as you are aware, we've been having internet problems for ~6 weeks, whenever time I got the IMAC from you (not related to the problems, just mentioned as a point of reference). Manually entering DNS addresses helped for a while, but this past Saturday we went down randomly after working without a hitch. I removed the router, connected the modem to my computer, and the problems remained. I did get a real IP and pages would eventually load after 5 minutes, but not steadily, more like 5 minutes of not working and then immediate loading like it would do under normal conditions. Speedtest confirmed my suspicions, download speed was around 6mbit, but the upload test wouldn't even start. Couldn't load pages, yet I could ping out everywhere. Interesting, time to call Comcast. Normal script questions, but this guy didn't pretend to even try to know anything, except he did notice that the signal from my modem was "weak" and that it appeared that several people from my area were having problems as evidenced by the difficulty to get a service truck out at my place faster, though no "official" outage for my area had been posted, so he was able to schedule a tech call for Tuesday between 2-5. Fantastic.

Internet came back up a couple of hours later, but then went down again later in the evening, the cycle continued, so I decided to keep the appointment. Comcast calls at 10:00a.m. Sunday morning verifying the appointment. Yes, I still want you to come out, I'm still having problems. They called 4 TIMES on Monday, leaving a message once, call us if you need to cancel your appointment. My brother answered on the 3rd or 4th call, yes, we still want you to come out. Great. I break from my carpool and take my own car on Tuesday, as I need to leave early to make the 3-hour window. I get home at 1:50. Message on home phone left at 1:19p.m., "Hi this is Comcast...wanted to see if you were still having problems please call us if you still want a truck out yada". So I called, spoke to some guy named Tim. Tim tells me they've canceled the truck because of an outage in my area. Um, ok...I didn't say much at this point because I remained hopeful that whatever outage this was actually fixed my problems. I'm naive like that, but actually everything seemed to be working smoothly at the time, so Tim instructed me to call back if I had issues. Great, so I have some extra time at home and started playing a game. Didn't get much time to play it though, as my mom comes home and informs me that the internet is down. Huh? I checked, she was right. Crap. Unplugged the router, tested the modem by itself, same deal. Time to call Comcast again. "Thank you for calling Comcast, this is Tim..." Wow, Tim again, well at least he was familiar with my call from earlier, and he seemed courteous enough. Hey Tim, this is Brian, having problems again..." Tim asks me to recycle the modem, I inform him I already did. "Do it again." Sir yes sir, maybe it will magically work because Tim requests it. K, waiting forever for sync lights, they finally come on, they do but I'm still down. Tim says he can ping the modem just fine. Yeah, great Tim, if you'll recall from the first call I told you that in my original call from Saturday, I could ping out just fine, but I can't seem to connect, almost like DNS is out. There is no phasing Tim now, he can ping the modem so it must be my problem. "It might be spyware" says Tim. No Tim, this is a recent Windows install, Spybot pulled nothing up, I have antivirus updated and am normally behind a firewall, just not at present because I know how uppity you people get when we have those pesky routers on our connections. Besides, even if my computer was affected, the others shouldn't be when connected to the router. Tim now assumes I am a complete idiot. "Ok, we'll schedule a truck to come out Friday, but just so you know if we find it's a problem on your end you might incur a $50 charge for the service call." Now, I was told this on Saturday when I scheduled the original truck and was more accepting then, I suppose that's fair if there really was a problem on my end (because according to Tim my computer was just seething with malware), however I seriously doubt they would be willing to credit my account $50 if they problem was actually on their end. So, I didn't exactly take the comment in stride. "Tim, if you attempt to charge me $50 for a service call I guarantee I will cancel my service on the spot." Tim didn't like this. "What, for a problem on your end?" "No, because I left work early to show up for an appointment that was confirmed at least twice by actual people, and would have never been notified of the cancellation had I not actually phoned in to confirm for a ridiculous 3rd time." Tim is not backing down. "Did you or did you not tell me in our first conversation that you had a message from a Comcast rep verifying your appointment. She was probably trying to tell you that it was canceled because of the outage." Wrong again, Tim. First, it would have been very easy for her to say that in a message, like you just did, but she did not, and second, her message asked me to call verify that I still wanted a truck sent out. That's why I called, because I still wanted a truck sent out! Tim is defensive. "Well we simply don't have the manpower to call each customer to let them know of a cancellation because of an outage. Besides, it's automated and assumes all problems you are experiencing are related to that outage. Some customers get lost in cracks, but overall this in your best interest." Wow. So they don't have the manpower to let me know of a canceled appointment so that I can avoid missing work, but they do have enough to verify this doomed appointment three times beforehand. Sounds like plenty of manpower to me. On the issue of the automated system, as a longtime customer I am not at all happy that: 1) I will be without promised continuous, reliable service for at least three days more, 2) I will be forced to miss more work, and 3) that you had the nerve to threaten a charge if the problem was deemed on my end, knowing the circumstances I have told you. At the very least, if I was an idiot and didn't have something set up correctly, you should eat that cost because of the actions of your company on my "behalf" today. Perhaps, I should instead send you a bill for my lost wages.
Overdramatic...a bit, but Comcast cannot afford to be pissing loyal customers off. I believe FIOS is around the corner, perhaps in a year's time it will be nearer, and SBC DSL is already available where we live. One of my employees lives less than a mile south from us, and just switched to that from Comcast. Her husband, who is at least knowledgeable in speeds and such, says he is getting more than the advertised speed, and it costs like 1/3 less. I am seriously considering switching.

Chris said...

I posted above as Chris from Atlanta describing a horrific installation from Comcast. However, I must leave an update.

Comcast called me a few days later, wanting to discuss the situation, letting me know the install tech had been fired, and crediting my account for a month of cable/internet. At least they are trying to correct some serious mistakes.

The Union Master said...

Comcast stock is dropping because more of their customers are switching to other forms of entertainment(sattelite,FIOS,etc).
People are tired of being deceived,such as the hard working employees of Comcast,In a Union Atmosphere,Pride and Dedication to customers would be restored,BECAUSE,(and listen very closely Mr. Roberts)DECENT COST OF LIVING WAGES WOULD RESTORE PRIDE TO ALL OF YOUR HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES..
Every Comcast customer and employee can relate to what I'm refering to,With a Union Shop,you would get better employees and better training for those employees,(and not Comcast University-bogus training school)
Real Training with Certification that would go a long way with an employee anywhere in his or her lives.
A decent wage to be proud of,A decent pension for their families to live on,better medical benefits,
In turn,An employee given these benefits would be proud of their job and would go the extra mile to give that customer what he or she wants and do it proudly as a member of a UNION..UNION PROUD=UNION STRONG AND RESPECT.
You can change it..
you have the choice..

you want respect from customers,officials,the public??

Want RESPECT from White Collar Do Nothing Management!! Release Your Power,watch them tremble...

Feel proud about what you do,and get the CORRECT WAGES doing them!!




Very dissatisfied customer said...

My all-time favourite Comcast problem is when I moved to my current home, and I called them up for service, and they told me the address I live at does not exist. Which was odd, since I was standing in the apartment at that very address, and no other company had had a problem with it. But Comcast wouldn't have none of that - if in their Universe some address doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. Comcast apparently is God.

aninterestingman said...

Dear Comcast -

More corporate speak - 'key queuing'

When the DVR does not work, so you press it again, and again and then realize that you will get all the key presses activated in the span of two seconds.

I am TIRED of the EXCUSES. Tired of the problem. You Promised me a DVR with play, pause, rewind and fast forward, not rewind, rewind more and then even further - oh no - it won't stop because of a 30-45 second delay - so I need to hit live when I finally get there and start all over again. you know, I jsut wanted to see that play again, not explore the limits of your technology.

Who designed this crap?

How about some kind of deal?

I complained - and you had a woman call me who admitted she had the EXACT same problem, but needed to waste my time sending a tech to my home to confirm your hardware sucks. What kind of stupidity is that?

8773406120004111 - thats me.

Give me something here?

Anonymous said...

I have been out of service for two hours now. I realize this is peanuts in terms of time, I shouldn't complain but it happens like clockwork about once every month.
I am on the phone, for the fourth time, holding for a human. The first three times I had the computer system send a reset signal, which did not work. Each of these phone calls takes 5 minutes from beginning to finish. I have been on hold for near 1/2 hour now. The same 20-second or so loop of muzak keeps playing in my ear. On occasion a pause interrupts the muzak catching my attention, but it is nothing.

Maybe I'll have service tomorrow, maybe not.

Ladies and gentlemen.
If you have ever wondered why people go postal?
This is the reason why.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, it's not just Comcast.
No sir, it's every and all the megalocorporations, you may have switched to someone else and you may think you are happy now but it is all only an illusion until the first time your new service experiences a real problem that somehow falls just outside the service menu tree and the nightmare begins anew.

Believe me, when I saw someone mention At&t as if they were the next greatest thing having switched from Comcast it made me sick to my stomach, At&t is who I had before I went with Comcast and you can take my word for it they are at least as bad.

All of them, every single last one.
Trust me, I know.

To write this message I put the phone down, I can't hear the muzak playing but I'm picking it back up now.

I'm still on hold.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah reading those stories above gave me some good old memories and LOL's, although truth be known it's definitely not funny.

They PWN you.
No, actually Ma Bell does.
But they got broken up in the 1980's.
Yes, except it was Ma Bell that put the physical cables in the ground!
And those same cables are still in use today!
And they own it!
They are leased by all the little sibling companies such as At&t and Verizon and you call it what you want but it's all one and the same.
Hence they own you!
And they know it!
Which is why we get shitty service.

Damn, now it makes sense.
I would probably still be on hold if I had not got tired of waiting and hung up the phone.

I think I'll be pirating TV in the near future.

Anonymous said...

It is now 1:45p the next day.
I have to admit, calling at 11p at night probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, not that their automated service would let me in on their dirty little secret that nobody might answer, but I didn't wait too long.

Today I got on the phone well over an hour ago, I hope some readers are beginning to understand why I started to complain when I did?

They had this service of "call back," how cool, just leave a phone number and I can hang up and go on about my business while the system keeps my seat, then when my turn in the line is near, it calls me and connects me to the next rep!
Well, in principle.

Apparently I must have been in a good mood because of that and the rep must have noticed, because apparently that meant I had not waited long enough according to their little inside clock so I was put on hold again, this time without a call back option, you understand.

Yes sir, I am still on hold.

Anonymous said...

Well, I did get it working, after nearly another hour on hold finally I got a human to send the signal, which did the trick.

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