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Anonymous said...

Account number: 19204310914112

After having to close my Comcast account and re-open a new one when I moved last July (apparently I couldn't just transfer service because my new house was in a different "service area" even though it was only about 15 miles away) I was told by my installer that because of the way my cable ran into my house from the street, it was not possible to install my cable without a special service request to have someone crawl through my attic and pull the cable to the other side. About a week later when the service guy came to do this, I was told that "it was too hot in my attic," and that "it wasn't on his work order and I should call an electrician." Right before he was about to leave I discovered that the ground wire which both technicians said didn't exist and was preventing them from installing my service, was actually exactly where it should be and the tech finally agreed to install the cable. When I finally got the receipt when he left, written very clearly on the front of the work order was, "attic crawl." I of course was then charged for the attic crawl and spent 45 minutes on customer service convincing the Comcast worker that I never actually received the service.

Each of the past two months I have been charged an additional $36 in "Digital Voice Addt'l Chages," which the customer service representative is simply unable to explain. Last month I was credited the $36 after two 30 minute phone calls. I have still not had the charges credited back this month.

About five weeks after I called to have my service turned off at my old apartment, I received a bill notifying me that I owed them for the previous month's charges. After a 45 minute phone conversation, I was assured that the error was corrected and I was not liable for the month's service where service should have been disconnected and no one was living in the apartment. However, about a week after that conversation, Comcast automatically withdrew the full amount of that bill from my checking account. I have since made at least ten phone calls to their customer service/billing and spent an immeasurable amount of time trying to re-explain my situation. I was initially told that the money would be put back into my account within a day and that I would get a call from someone at their Accounts Payable as soon as this happened. I was told this three separate times in three separate phone calls. I was later told that these customer reps were mistaken and the only way to refund money in a situation like this is to have them physically send me a check, which would take 4-6 weeks. This was August 13th of this year and I have still not received anything. After talking to one of their customer service reps yesterday I was told, quite smugly, that "I wouldn't even know who would handle something like this." After I informed him that Accounts Payable would be who, I was told "well, they're definitely not in this building so I really don't know what I can do for you." I then asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that he was very busy taking other calls and wouldn't be able to speak with me. He did however promise to send him an e-mail. Being told that the best I could hope for is an e-mail to a very busy supervisor, I am less than optimistic about my chances to recoup money that was drafted from my bank account due to an error that was completely and undeniably their fault.

These issues are only those which I've experienced at my most current residence. I have spent more time on hold with customer service than I could possibly count. Additionally, these are only the problems I've had since moving into my new house last July. To document all of the problems I had with Comcast at my prior apartment would take up at least as much room as this rant and by this point I think that my current problems with this company serve as testament enough.

Anonymous said...

Cablecard Installation

Has anyone else had to deal with Comcast to get a Cablecard installed into a new (non Comcast) Tivo or set top box? This is nightmarish!

First, convincing the persons at the front office that you really do want a Cablecard and that they are mandated by the FCC to provide them was stunningly difficult.

Then, I was told I could not install this simple card into the slot on my unit. That takes a "trained technician" from Comcast, which will cost me an Installation fee! Mind you this process is nothing more than sliding the small metal device into the only slot on the Set Top Box.

Upon arrival (4 hours late), the "trained technician" announced he had never done this before, which became immediately apparent.

The Comcast "technician" was clueless, and hours of phone calls back to the office were equally fruitless.

In short, I have learned where FEMA gets employees -- COMCAST !


Anonymous said...

Get a Life! This is what you do with your free time? instead of blogging you should be brushing up on your Cable Card install skills oh ya you can do it yourself I almost forgot!LOL!

John said...

It's not really a fiasco, but I thought it was amusing that my latest bill had this one it:


As a reminder, this month's bill reflecty the new prices notified in September bills.

Yes, Comcast is indeed demanding more!

Anonymous said...

I really really do not like Comcast, and usually go to great lengths to avoid paying them more money, but I have a new roommate who insists we take advantage of their internet for $19.99 deal. (hey, its a good price) Much to my surprise, in order to get more service from Comcast, and ultimately pay them more money via increased bills, you have to PAY to get these services added! Adding internet for $19.99/month was going to cost $49.95 for installation, $14.99 for activation of an existing pre-activated outlet, and whatever else they decide to come up with. Ridiculous! Im getting DirectTV!

Anonymous said...

Direct TV? Good luck. Youll be forking out HUNDREDS for that privilege.
Install fees are standard for any service being installed.
The outlet fee covers the tech showing up, seeing your outlet that is usually way out of spec and wouldnt support HSI and repairing, re-running or relocating it.
In most cases if you call in you can have install and activation fees waived.
Try that with Direct TV.
Oh.. and try to get internet from them as well.

Ethan said...

Comcast has missed their appointments, charged me installation fees that they didn't tell me about ahead of time, and provided me with defective DVR boxes, but the biggest crime of all is that they will not carry the Big 10 Network. Comcast - don't hide behind the argument that "not all subscribers should pay for something that only a few people want." You make me pay for 40 channels that I don't watch and will never watch and you never asked me if I wanted those. Make the Big 10 Network part of your regular package!

CCEmployee said...

"I really really do not like Comcast, and usually go to great lengths to avoid paying them more money, but I have a new roommate who insists we take advantage of their internet for $19.99 deal. (hey, its a good price) Much to my surprise, in order to get more service from Comcast, and ultimately pay them more money via increased bills, you have to PAY to get these services added! Adding internet for $19.99/month was going to cost $49.95 for installation, $14.99 for activation of an existing pre-activated outlet, and whatever else they decide to come up with. Ridiculous! Im getting DirectTV!"

See, this is one of those kind've statements that bugs me. The ignorance stemming from what you wrote is ridiculous...

1) Go ahead, call DirecTV, see what kind've install fees they're going to charges, in addition to their monthly prices (*especially* for internet).

2) You're getting a new service professionally installed. You have to expect that you were going to pay something... install fees are a standard for ANY company, be it us, Verizon, DirecTV, etc. etc.

3) On the amount of the install fee; here is something that may shock you: Comcast LOSES MONEY on installs. The average install actually costs the company roughly $115-$125; this is when you factor in the tech, truck, equipment, tools, tech's benefits/insurance, etc. If we were to actually charge a customer what it REALLY costs, everyone would just laugh at us and say "screw that". We lose money on installs, we take a hit, but we gain a customer. The install fee serves two purposes; first, it helps recoup the loss of installing the customer, and two, it prevents customers from abusing the services (what I mean by that, is if installs were free, people would have techs in and out of their houses all the time... I mean hell, we don't even have contracts [minus 2 year triple play offers]).

4) You DO have the option of getting a Self-Install kit, which is free. You just would be running the lines yourself. We do give you a choice.

Don't get me wrong, as a customer whose had to pay install fees for Comcast and DirecTV in the past, yeah, they suck, but they're a part of life, and I think it's absolutely insane you think this is something unique to Comcast.

Anonymous said...

My family had been loyal to Comcast since cable came on the scene (or at least since my parents decided we could get it in the house). When I got married and moved out, my husband and I continued the tradition and had Comcast installed. A few months of service went by with no problems then, all the sudden, I noticed my bill had increased significantly. Why you ask? Pornography charges! Charges for movies we weren't watching - naughty movies that were airing when we weren't even home! When I contacted Comcast to dispute the charges, they told me to put a child lock on (even though we have no kids in the house) and basically insisted that "someone" in our house was responsible for ordering the movies. Nothing like having Comcast insist that your husband is ordering dirty movies behind your back. Even if he was order, as they claim, wouldn't you think he would have done so for movies running while he was home to "enjoy"? So, three months of this garbage and almost $250 of fake charges later, we're Dish Network customers! What a difference. Decent customer service and the picture quality is honestly 10 times better! Consider it...

John said...

I used to have DirecTV. Install and equipment was free. The service was reliable and the customer service was excellent.

I switched to Time Warner to get faster Internet than SBC (now AT&T) could give me. It was faster, except during the several-hours outage every week or so.

Since I work from a home office that was unacceptable, so I dropped internet and went back to DSL. Then Comcast took over the local (Houston) TW franchise. Then they raised the prices. So now I'm thinking of going back to DirecTV - and I checked, install and equipment (including DVR) are STILL free.

Anonymous said...

"1) Go ahead, call DirecTV, see what kind've install fees they're going to charges, in addition to their monthly prices (*especially* for internet).

2) You're getting a new service professionally installed. You have to expect that you were going to pay something... install fees are a standard for ANY company, be it us, Verizon, DirecTV, etc. etc."

I just canceled my Comcrash account and signed on with Direct TV. The installation, along with the equipment is free, no matter what package you order. I was also able to talk the salesperson into a $20 per month discount for 10 months..."

"3) On the amount of the install fee; here is something that may shock you: Comcast LOSES MONEY on installs. The average install actually costs the company roughly $115-$125; this is when you factor in the tech, truck, equipment, tools, tech's benefits/insurance, etc. If we were to actually charge a customer what it REALLY costs, everyone would just laugh at us and say "screw that". We lose money on installs, we take a hit, but we gain a customer. The install fee serves two purposes; first, it helps recoup the loss of installing the customer, and two, it prevents customers from abusing the services (what I mean by that, is if installs were free, people would have techs in and out of their houses all the time... I mean hell, we don't even have contracts [minus 2 year triple play offers])."

I would expect the company to LOSE money on installation. They are signing on a new customer who could potentially pay $100 or more for YEARS as long as they are not dissatisfied with their service. $115-$125 is a drop in the bucket...

Anonymous said...

"Direct TV? Good luck. Youll be forking out HUNDREDS for that privilege.
Install fees are standard for any service being installed.
The outlet fee covers the tech showing up, seeing your outlet that is usually way out of spec and wouldnt support HSI and repairing, re-running or relocating it.
In most cases if you call in you can have install and activation fees waived.
Try that with Direct TV.
Oh.. and try to get internet from them as well."

Umm, I have the Direct TV. I get around 200 channels with HD for under $50 per month. Installation was free...

Anonymous said...

Account number: 8770340093956408

I received my second Comcast bill after starting service on cable and high speed internet. When I signed up online, I was offered 6 month promotional prices: $44.95/mo for cable (with HD) and $19.99/mo for internet.

First, they tried to charge me $24.95/mo for the internet but 30 minutes in their online chat room resolved that problem.

Second, cable went out in my city and supposedly sent out a technician (one I never saw) to fix the problem. Then they had the gall to charge me $17.99 for this service call. Again 30 minutes in the online service chat room solved that problem.

So those keeping score 2 ridiculous charges fixed upon spending a total of one hour online with a reasonable customer service representative that agreed with my side.

Now, third case, mind you this has been all on 2 total bills. Not a good way to start a relationship with a customer if you ask me. I have a total of $17.67 of partial-month services that comes from 4 lines of charges that make no sense. I spend 1 hour online with a customer service rep who upon conferring with his manager in Colorado was too confused to be able to resolve or explain the charges. I was told that now I had to go to a live service center. So I did and the line was out the door - apparently I'm not the only one with problems. Given that I didn't want to spend 2 more hours in line I left.

So I'm now stuck with ~$18 in charges that Comcast can't explain and I have no way of disputing them w/o being willing to waste 2 hours of my weekend standing in line without any guarantee of resolution.

The name of this site couldn't be more appropriate!!

Anonymous said...

If you really want Comcast or any other giant company to actually listen to your problems that they have created, do a google search for and contact your state's Attorney General & the BBB to file a fraud complaint. Your problems will be fixed faster than anything you have previously tried. I recently had to use this technique with Apple, and my issue was corrected before the BBB and the state Attorney General could even reply.

acfirm said...

I was billed a service fee for Comcast to come out for a "leakage". I returned home from work one day and had a notice from comcast that they detected a leakage and that they needed me to set up an appointment and be there for them while they resolve the leakage.

I just got my bill and they billed me $24.95 for a service call. I had to call up and argue with them as to why I should not pay this fee as they required me to have them out and it had nothing to do with me or my service. After 20 minutes they finally agreed to remove the fee.

So I turned it back on them and told them I was charging them $24.95! I mentioned that they had to come out, they contacted me to come out and required me to be there and that if Comcast was going to charge me a service fee if I needed them to come out, that it was only fair for me to charge them a fee if they required a visit and required me to be there.

After much time they finally agreed to give me a free month of digital service.

Comcast = bad customer service. The techs that come out are usually pretty good. But the folks on the phone and in the office are horrible.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has anyone else ever been charged for porno flicks by Comcast.....

First let me say that I absolutely hate COMCAST with such a passion. I have never ever seen a company simply get away with the murder that they have.

I have personally experienced being billed for not one or two porno movies but 15-20 on one bill when I had the digital box. I had to threaten to go to Pennsylvania and hunt all the board of directors and the president down to get some results. They were charging me each month using someone else's old box or how ever they were doing it and I was getting a bill for about $300-$500 dollars on top of my regular $100 dollar bill a month. I call the attorney general in my area, the FCC(who was absolutely no help at all), the Charles County Maryland Cable Division, who monitors Comcast in my area, I wrote the BBB, who didn't and wouldn't touch Comcast. I was on the verge of sending out a mass letter to my entire area of Charles County and PG County, and sending a HUGE package to both the EyeTeam on channel 9 and the Washington Post.

Put it this way, the charges were removed from my current account, but the old account it is still on my credit for a total of $585 that they will not take off. I now have to get basic cable so that they can't bill be for pay-per-view movies at all using the digital box. They are trying to make up for those who bootleg cable by making innocent people pay for their mistake or just being greedy.

FM, Waldorf, MD

Anonymous said...

Account #: 8773102271040778

Twice I've been charged with a "returned check fee" even though I pay with a debit card and my bank shows no record of Comcast trying to put a charge through when they calimed to have.
The first time I called and asked how I could have such a fee and was told that I didn't have enough funds in my checking account when the charge was put thorugh. So I called my bank and they confirmed that for that period I never had insufficient funds, and no charges had been refused. Called Comcast back with this information and was told that someone would get back to me with an answer one they checked their records. I never got a call back, but the fee was reversed by y next billing statement.

The second time, same thing except that Comcast customer service just kept repeating to me that my check must have been returned, hence the fee. I kept repeating that I paid with a debit card and was able to confirm with my bank that no charges had been refused from Comcast and I had sufficient funds at all times. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one was available to help me. Finally, having other things to do with my life, I hung up.

It's been a few months and I have yet to pay that bogus fee, but it's frustrating as hell to have someone very obviously not want to listen to me or show me evidence that this charge is valid.

I'm moving in a month and, for this and other reasons, will avoid having Comcast at the new place at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Update on my October 12 posting at 9:49AM...

This site is fantastic. Quickly after making my post I received 3 phone calls from Comcast: (1) a fellow named Mark called from corporate, left his number and told me I would be contacted by someone from my local office, (2) a call from Gwen who was at the local office letting me know who specifically would be handling my case, and finally (3) Rebecca who was handling my case.

After some phone tag (due to my schedule - not Comcast's fault), I was able to connect with Rebecca today who had gone through my bill, corrected all of the charges and let me know my new monthly balance. She also made sure that I was creditted for past charges and called to let me know how much my new statement amount was so that I wouldn't overpay.

All in all, I must say that Comcast is trying and I am now much more pleased with the Customer service provided by them. I hope that Comcast does everything they can to hire and retain more "Rebeccas!"

Anonymous said...

This is in response to this post:

"This site is fantastic. Quickly after making my post I received 3 phone calls from Comcast:...I hope that Comcast does everything they can to hire and retain more "Rebeccas!""

Does it have to come to this? A company with 25 million paying customers would have to be goaded into good customer service only after a negative publicity? Other customers had to involve the BBB and the state's attorney generals. Does this show good corporate citizenship? In my opinion, no. Comcast should do much better, and competition will force it to do so.

Anonymous said...

Had to add my horror story. Ordered comcast at my new house. Guy installed it and said all was well. After he left I turned on the coputer to find that the only web site I could get was Comcast's home page. Called comcast and sat on the phone for 3 hours - told I was in the "walled garden" meaning I'm getting service but nothing beyond Comcast's page. Took one week and a new modem to fix it.
Everyhting's fine until I get my bill at the end of the month. I'm charged for TWO services. I call and complain and they say they'll take care of it. Next month the bill comes and not only is the previous month not fixed but I am once again charged for two services. I call and they say they'll take care of it. 5 minutes later my web service is down and I am back in the "walled garden". I call and they say someone will get back to me. No one does. I call again and they say they're working on it and someone will get back to me. No one does. This goes on for 2 weeks - no one fixing it and no one getting back to me. I finally call to cancel my service and they tell me that it's already been cancelled! They tell me they'll send me a check for the credit to my account - of course that never happens. Wow - not sure I've ever seen such bad service with a company.

Anonymous said...

Comcast stole from me. It overbilled me, then refused, despite repeated phone calls, to correct the error. The snakes in the customer service department essentially dared me to sue (which they knew would have cost much more than the amount at issue). Instead, I canceled my service forever. I'll pop a champaign cork the day Comcast goes belly-up.

William said...

Hate to say it, but the only way Comcast will change their ways is for people to stop complaining and start buying service from a different provider. Switch to Verizon. Switch to DirectTV. Switch to anything, but switch. In a free market, that's the only thing that will work. Comcast could care less about complaints---if they're still getting their profit, why change tactics? Fixing customer service would be VERY EXPENSIVE and only worth doing if Comcast is losing significant business. Make the biggest statement of all by going without cable for a while. It'll save you money, you'll have more time to spend with your family, AND Comcast might change its ways while you're away. It's a win-win-win!

Janet said...

I just read the Washington Post's story on Mona The Hammer Shaw. I have a new hero---The Hammer. I have had a long running dispute with Comcast and its rude, you-don't-matter service. I had a business account with them. Never again. Mona, make some fundraising T-shirts emblazoned with the Hammer. I am the first in line to buy them to help pay for your court costs. Too bad Comcast's personal service doesn't match up with its ads.


Anonymous said...

We have DirecTV and have been very happy with it. The installation and equipment were free, and service has been fine--no billing problems and no outages, unlike my previous service with Comcast.

Anonymous said...

After I canceled my service around june 30, comcast billed me for the first two weeks of july.

I called about the erroneous bill, and after the requisite 45 minutes on hold, was told that I would be credited for the charge, blah blah.

At the beginning of August, I got another bill for those first two weeks of July, with a late fee tacked on. Another call, another assurance that my account would be credited.

fast forward to september. Collection Notice. more late fees. another phone call. sorry, it's not in our hands anymore -- call the collection agency.

I've been in touch with the collection agency, and their rep seems very helpful, but the problem isn't yet resolved.

It is outrageous that comcast could so frivolently and carelessly destroy my credit rating by putting collection notices on my account. Who knows how much this could wind up costing me??!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with moving (less than one mile w/i the same city). Comcrap insisted on changing my account number and then proceded to apply the the last payment for the old account to the new account and couldn't comprehend the problem despite 4 different phone calls. Total morons. Idiots. Simpletons. The WORST customer service in the world. Comcrap's awful reputation is well deserved. If there was competition they'd be out of business in a week.

Angie Schultz said...

This site's only been up a couple weeks, and already it's in the WaPo? Wow.

We are brand spanking new Comcast customers, sold unwittingly by Time-Warner, with whom we never had a problem.

Our first brush with our new cable overlords is detailed here. It sounds as if we got off light. I suppose they could have said, "Yeah, yeah, it's all our fault. We'll have someone out Tuesday. Is February, 2012 good for you?"

Michelle said...

Where's my hammer?

I moved to another state in July. I called Comcast to have the cable turned off at the old place. I assumed it was, though my lovely realtors moved the old house's TV into my basement as part of "staging" and there's no cable outlet down there for me to have confirmed. Anyway, just day before yesterday, on October 16, I got a Comcast bill for September forwarded to my new address! And I think we've been being charged ever since June or July when I called to have it turned off, just didn't realize it because my husband has a bad habit of writing a ginormous check to whatever utility and then not thinking about it again for 6 months or however long it takes the credit to run out. Our bad, yeah, for not having doublechecked, but I thought when I called and said "turn it off" it would be turned off. Silly me, huh?

This is adding insult to injury on top of the nightmare that was getting cable TV service at the new place. Our "new" digital boxes were cracked and old then stopped working after 2 weeks saying we "weren't authorized;" we were being billed for cable Internet and modem rental that we NEVER had and didn't want; we had tried to sign up for only basic digital cable and it turned out we were being billed for LITERALLY everything EXCEPT that; the first installer didn't leave a---whatsit---short piece of coax to go from the cable box to the TV---it took 3 installers and too many phone calls to fix this mess. I thought I was done and now I get a bill from an account that was supposed to be closed MONTHS ago!

All of you Comcast apologists posting to say that we unhappy Comcast customers and ex-customers are simply impossible to satisfy by nature, or only want something for nothing, etc., etc., make me ill. *I* am not the bad guy here; *I* am not the party with my head up my ass.

It's only inertia and limited competition that keep Comcast in business. A new company, or a company that had to operate in a truly competitive marketplace, would absolutely crash and burn if it were run the way Comcast is.

Michelle said...

Oh, even better. When I got that bill two days ago I tried to call the local customer service number printed on the bill, from my Cingular cell, and got "your call could not go through." Figured it was the cell and I'd try again later. Just now tried it from my T-Mobile cell, same thing. The number is bad!! So I went to their website and found a 1-800 number to call, and after navigating the phone tree I got "Due to high call volume, we can't connect you to a customer representative. We hope you can try us back another time!" What is that about? You're stealing my money and I can't even get you on the phone to ask you to stop?


Anonymous said...

I don't have an account number, because I kicked Comcrap to the curb 6 months ago.

To be fair to Comcrap, we never had any problems with technicians - they always showed up when scheduled and went out of their way to be helpful and resolve our problems.

That said, we always had problems with billing. Eight years of problems with billing. You see, we refused to let them have electronic access to our checking account, which they claimed would solve all of our problems. What problems? Mostly, our bill never arrived until the day after it was due. We always had to call up and pay the bill by credit card to avoid having the service shut off. Plus, we lost service about once a month because they didn't bury the line deep enough, and the kid who cuts our lawn often ran over it with the mower. The late charges usually cancelled out the lost service credits, though.

Finally, we switched to Verizon FIOS. The day we called to cancel Comcrap was a very happy one, and was early in the month, so we weren't into the next billing cycle yet. The service rep told us to wait until the end of the month to return the box and remotes, since we had already paid for them through that time.

The VERY NEXT WEEK, we got a collection notice from a debt collection agency that we owed Comcrap $65 for equipment. We hadn't even been through a billing cycle yet. The collection agency said we had to call Comcrap, which we did, and it took several hours before we got to someone sufficiently competent to inform us that it was an error and that the fee would be waived if we returned the box and remotes the next day. So we did, and they still charged us $65 on the credit card. We decided not to dispute it and called it the price of getting rid of them forever, but I fail to see how this was not purely retaliatory for daring to cancel service.

Kristen said...

Last fall I moved out of my apartment, paid my final bill to Comcast, and a few weeks later got a late notice. I called and was told not to worry, my payment probably just hadn't posted yet. I checked my bank account, and the money had cleared my account. Then I got a second notice. I called and was told everything would be taken care of. Then my account got sent to a collection agency.

I had my bank fax Comcast the record of my payment. I got more collection notices. I faxed my bank accounts to Comcast. I continued to get collection letters. Oh, and couldn't get a human being on the phone at the collection agency.

This went on for nearly four months. Representatives from the Comcast never called when they said they would. The right person never seemed to get any of my information.

After I consulted an attorney and threatened to file a civil suit, I finally figured out that Comcast had misapplied my payments to an old account held by a former roommate who had moved out. She called me one day to say that she got a check from Comcast and she didn't know why. Coincidentally, it was exactly the amount they were claiming I owed.

I loath Comcast!

Anonymous said...

Comcast Account Number: Not shown because my billing is finally right and I don't want to scratch the scab off again!

My story concerns the frustrations of establishing service with Comcast and the length of time it took to get the billings straightened out.

First, you should know I live in a gated community which includes a mandatory annual fee in its fee for Comcast cable service. (The service has been pretty good and at $26.50 a month paid annually in advance through the association, I won't complain.) I subscribed separately to Comcast internet service as well for $42.95. The rate was advertised as being discounted since I am already a cable customer.

When Comcast started pushing Digital Voice (voip phone service) a committee from the community decided to approach Comcast on a deal for members of the Community. What they worked out was individual signups for $59.95 a month for both Digital Voice and High Speed Internet service. It appeared to be a no-brainer: I had landline phone service at about $50 a month and toll call service at about $20 amonth plus the $42.95 for the ISP service for a total of $113 or so plus usage fees for toll calls. There was an immediate $50 + saving for going with Comcast. I confirmed other things. For example, if I signed up by a certain date I would get a $25 American Express card. There were to be no additional taxes and fees (as it turns out, there are both added fees imposed by Comcast as revenue sweeteners and taxes imposed by governments). My current phone number would be retained and continue to be listed in the local phone directory. E911 service was provided (needs a good address for the phone service). There really were no long distance restrictions on the service area - US, Canada, Puerto Rico. The system required installation of their modem (no self-install but also no installation charge) but they would let me continue to use my regular internet modem at the same time. The salesmen didn't have the slightest idea of whether this presented a problem or not.

Well I signed up in the first wave. I set an appointment for installation in about 10 days. I proceeded to install electrical service to support a modem installation next to our communications distribution box on the wall of the garage - this is where the telephone lines and the cable lines become octopuses of cable distributing signals to all the boxes throughout the house. I was ready.

Well, Comcast didn't make the installation appointment - supposedly due to the evening schedule, they couldn't get into the development - but there is no evidence they even tried and they certainly didn't call to let me know. When I followed up later to determine what had happened, I discovered that they had canceled my request for service so I had to sign up all over again. Now the price was $59.99 - a 4¢ increase over the previous contract - a petty chisel typical of a lot of things at Comcast. Anyway, I rescheduled the installation appointment.

The price was split into $20.04 for high speed internet and $39.95 for Digital Voice. The $39.95 is a rate that was in their computer and it also gave them a greater base for extracting the hidden fees and taxes.

My installation was special (isn't everyone's?) in that I already had my own modem providing Comcast internet service and I wanted to retain it with no changes (I had too much invested in getting it to work properly when it was installed). This meant that I ended up with two modems attached to my cable - theirs which was providing only phone service and mine which provided the internet service. In any event, that's what was done after much coaching. Voila! Everything seemed to work except for a few items like passwords, etc. I finally did get this straightened out.

In general, the service has been pretty good except for some recurring periods (one hour or so) of no phone service. After complaining about this for a couple of weeks they finally fixed something and it works pretty reliably now. There are still some periods of overload on the internet service. I think Comcast keeps trying to make software fixes - sometimes they don't work. I haven't made much use of their home page nor their e-mail so I avoid some of the problems I hear associated with these services.

Then I encountered the billing problems. They kept overbilling me for months on end. I would receive my bill on the 15th of the month. I would review it and drive off to their office - it was reasonably close. I would, after a wait in line - others seemed to have some problems, explain to them that the billing didn't represent their contract with me (they denied that it was a contract). They would nod their heads and proceed to fix the obvious problems with credits, changes in billing codes, and calls to supervisors and IT people. Their excuses included the fact that they didn't have a code in their computer for the special rate we had been given (several hundred of us signed up). I suspected that part of the problem was that they queried the modems every month and reset everything each month. I doubt if their software included the consideration that one user might have two modems.

The bad billings went on from February through July. Each month I would trot off to their office when the bill came in and insist on getting everything corrected. "You want to speak to a manager? We don't have no stinkin' managers here. They're all at the central office [15 miles away]." Finally, in August, in self-defense resulting from a vigorous discussion concerning the July billing, they finally got the billing right. I added up the credits which they had given me and concluded that I had at least gotten even including the $25 American Express card promised several times but never delivered.

I am now sitting with the bliss of 3 months of correct billings after 6 months of bad billings. I no longer cringe when the 15th of the month arrives and the Comcast bill arrives in the mail. The service has continued to be at least satisfactory even if not perfect. Now I'm looking forward with apprehension to what will be revealed when we enter the next period after the first year's service. I think we ought to be able to negotiate a better deal - like maybe $50 plus fees and taxes (currently $3.18 a month) for the Digital Voice and ISP package we now have.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved to the East coast - CT. I signed up for the Comcast digital cable TV and high-speed internet.
I signed up online for a deal that was stated to cost 33$ for the cable TV introductory 30-month rate, afterwards which it would cost ~45$.

I just got the first month bill in the mail, and they are charging me 55$ fr the cable TV! I phoned customer service to inquire.

So, the rep I managed to get hold of "didn't know" why I was billed more than the 33$ into rate for the first month, but told me that it would be fixed the next bill. He said that the price actually varies with location - and that the rate written on the first bill is what we would have to pay after the 3 months. Indeed it is written in the fine print on their website, but we are talking almost a 20% difference from what the rep referred to as the national average!!! I do not believe them at all.
Is there any place in the states where they charge 20% below this average? I think not. And my town is not some farm in the CT hills, it's actually in one of the biggest cities in CT.

I would really love to see some statistics on how much they charge across the different states - it is not so much the price that ires me as the fact that they don't TELL ME how much I will have to pay! This is just fraud.

Anonymous said...

Account Number: 8798402020457930

So I thought my Comcast special of $33 for Cable and $33 for INternet was for a year but today, 6 months into my billing horror-show with Comcast my cable bill went from $33 to $52.48 per month!

Also I am on Disability and it turns out I am always having to pay "late" (although I don't understand how I can be "late" when I'm in fact paying in advance for the service).

So every month, they automatically shut off my service for a day or two and then my Disability check comes and I pay and a woman pushes a key on her computer (while I'm standing there) and for this they charge me a $4.99 "re-activation fee."

I want to switch to Direct TV but because of being on Disability anfd stuff Direct TV wants a $200 deposit which I can't afford.

I called once and the lady, a "supervisor" said she could move my billing date so that I wouldn't get turned off each month but that never happened.

I am also of retirement age and I think Comcast is thw worst company I have ever had to deal with.

PS: They mis-spelled my first name since day one and I have asked 3 times for them to correct my name, 3 times they said they would and 3 times it's never happened.

How hard could it possibly be to correct the spelling of a name on their computers?

John said...

This comment is for CCEmployee who posted outright lies on October 12, 2007

You must work the phones too because i'm sure I've talked to you in the 4 calls I've made trying to have Comcast complete the closure of my account which I canceled in June of this year. That's a topic for another post.

Back to the lies. Let's take them 1 by 1.

1. DirecTV install fees - you imply that DirecTV charges fees. Lie. I have DirecTV, upgraded this year in June. Install was free. I also moved recently. Install of a new dish and setup in the new house - yep, $0.

I also had the fortune of getting Verizon FiOS in February. Again, installation of fiber to the house and battery backups for phone, internet was free. Tech was there for 4 hours.

2. Professional installation - This is certainly a crapshoot. some will get competent techs, despite Comcast's best efforts to purge them, and some will get nitwits. However, most homes are already setup for cable. The 'professional installation' consists of perhaps connecting a piece of coax and calling the office. I can do that and I shouldn't have to pay for it if you insist on coming out for the 5 minutes.

3. Losing money on installs - nonsense. Comcast doesn't 'lose money' on installs. The gain a paying customer to rob month after month. By your cost schedule, breakeven for comcast is about 3 months.

4. Self-install - Lie. I asked by phone and again in person at a comcast office attempting to get a self install kit. Comcast would not give me one. I had to pay $50 to have someone come to the house, plug in my cable modem that I own. Complete nonsense.

Comcast tactics are not incompetent as some have stated here. Their tactics are calculated and designed to mistreat, overcharge and steal from customers.

Anonymous said...

I have had many bad experiences with Comcast where they have bullied me into paying them. In one case, I could not be at home for the installation of cable and internet so my wife stayed home. All of the cable lines were in place so this should have been a simple install (flick the cable on). When I got home I noticed outlets were installed in my bedroom walls. The technician cut the cables that were running through the floors and installed new ones but used the same splitter under the house so I know there was nothing wrong with the previous installation. Sure enough I was charged $15 for each room (3 total) on top of the $50 standard installation charge. The worst part is the technician drilled screws directly into the drywall so the outlets popped out after a couple of days. I called and complained but they would not take off the additional charges. They said they would have to have a technician come out to fix the outlets. Screw that! I had to fix it myself.

Other billing problems I've had include promotions not being what they promised over the phone, delivery of a DVR box that I did not ask for and was told I had to pay for it until I got another appointment for them to bring a standard box, and downgrading service one month did not change the amount charged the next month despite a "credit" that was somehow buried in the bill. I'm switching to Verizon FIOS.

Jon said...

I didn't have a car and I wanted to downgrade my service and just get basic cable I called customer service and asked could someone come out and pick up my cable box since someone from Comcast is always in my apartment complex. I was told I would get charged a "fee" I said that’s a bunch of b.s if I don't pay my bill someone will come to my house and get the boxes for free. The customer service rep then asked could I get a ride to bring the boxes in I said sure "can you pick me up" I then told her I was not going to hitchhike up interstate 95 carrying cable boxes. I went on a Comcast strike I let my service get cut off and I refused to give the technician the boxes when he came out to pick them up since my service had been disconnected. I think I kept the boxes for over a year; I should have taken them inside Comcast with a hammer and broke them in a million pieces. Let me say I HATE Comcast. They charge outrageous fees, everytime you pay them you get a bill for even more money, and no one can explain the charges on your bill.

Howard said...

I am account number 01619525785-02-8.

I moved to a new apartment on August 10. Previously I had comcast and didn't have any troubles (originally I was an adelphia subscriber who was bought out by comcast a year before I moved).

When I originally visited the local office I was told that I would receive digital basic plus HBO for a 12 month special rate of $36/mo since I was being handled as a new subscriber. I asked about the availability of cablecards and was told that "they were not available in my area" (Charlottesville). I also signed up for HSI at the same time (another promotional $36/mo for 12 mo.).

I was able to convince the office to send out a technician to install my cable on the same day that I was moving in. The tech comes out, hooks up one tv, and refuses to check the other outlets in my new apartment, one of which I found out later didn't even have a connector on the end of the bare wire.

Two days after being connected all the digital channels stopped working. I called tech support and was told that I would have to subscribe to an additional service that included showtime, and this would only cost me an additional $8/mo. This price was guaranteed for 12 months.

When the first bill arrived it was for a total of $173.89. The bill stated that the digtal channel promo was only good for 6 months. I called to find out what was going on, and was put on hold by the customer service rep until finally (an hour later) we found out that they were double billing me for August, plus the bill for September. The customer service rep noted that I had already paid for August at my old apartment, but that credit would have to be refunded to me rather than applied to my new account. The rep stated that this "should happen in a week or so". I asked them to contact the local office for me and get them to just apply the previous payment to the new bill, and call me with a new total price to pay. The friendly CSR said she would and promised that someone would call back within a week.

A week later I still had no phone call. I called the customer support center back and talked to a new rep who said that a refund would be issued in 4-6 weeks and that nothing could be done. I asked about the digital channels I had signed up for, and why I suddenly was being charged an additional fee for this, so the rep offered to note my account and get the local office to correct the billing for me. Again, a call back within a week was promised.

Another week later still no calls. The bill was due soon and I needed to know how much to pay. I called the customer rep line again and got a very ... how to state it... unwilling-to-listen-to-what-I-asked gentleman. I asked if he could connect me to the local office, and he said no. I asked if he could fix my billing issues, and he said no. I asked if he could tell me how much I should pay, and he said no. I asked why no one had called me and he responded that it would be 4-6 weeks before I heard from anyone. I asked what was going on with my digital channels and he said that there was nothing that anyone would do for me, that I clearly misunderstood what was described to me originally, and that there was nothing that anyone could do to fix this issue. I refused to accept that answer, and refused to hang up. After an additional 30 minutes of his complaining that I was being unreasonable, the customer representative became very frustrated and offered to put me on the phone with a manager. I accepted. Before he hit the hold button, he mumbled that "this is pathetic".

When the supervisor got on the phone I explained the situation and that I had been mislead multiple times with regards to what package I would be getting, what price I would be paying, and for how long each promotional deal would last. Finally the supervisor agreed that I had been signed up for a completely different package than what I agreed to sign up for, and that he could reverse many of the charges because of this. On the phone he reversed $85 worth of charges. I asked him how much I should pay and he very clearly told me "don't worry, the local office will send you a new bill once this clears with them".

Last week I received my new bill ($118) in the mail. It was mailed on Monday, October 8 (the postage stamp marked this). I received the bill on Wednesday, October 10. The statement was prepared on September 26. The bill was due on October 16. Wednesday night after opening the bill I immediately mailed out payment by a personal check.

Saturday, Oct 13 I received a phone call stating that my account was over due and that comcast would happily take my credit card over the phone for no additional charge. If I had already made payment, I could press "2" and my account would be marked as paid. I pressed "2".

Monday morning, I get the same pre-recorded call again stating that payment hadn't been received and that Comcast would happily take my credit card information for no additional fee. That afternoon I called the 800 number and gave them a credit card number so they would stop calling me.

I noticed on my bill tonight that an additional $4.95 is applied to my bill if I pay by credit card over phone. (Notice I said in the last paragraph that such payment would be accepted FOR FREE when I received the message saying I was over due).

As it stands today, I've double paid for service. Each time I've called the Comcast customer support someone there has promised me the world - either a really great promo deal on tv channels that I later get charged full price for, or that someone would call me and they never do. I have no idea what tv channels I'm supposed to be getting. My cable bill honest to god says I'm getting the "pink" promotional package. There is no other explanation than that on the bill. All I'm receiving is the expanded basic analog service. I have two cable boxes that I'm not using.

I am not a happy customer. I've spent over 4 _hours_ on the telephone talking to CSRs.

On the plus side, my internet service works great, though I have no idea how much I'm paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Last March when comcast monopolized time warner a comcast rep explicitly promised that for the next 12 repeat twelve months I would get triple play for $99 a month. Six months later my bill is up to over $150 a month. When I called comcast about this they told me they had these offers ($99 a month)for only six months NOT a year.
Well, since they tape all conversations with their customers I am sure they can find the salesperson telling me the fee would be for a year not six months. But I'm sure they will tell me they don't have a recording of that (outright lie)transaction!
Comcast you are PIGS,
LIARS and thieves!

Anonymous said...

Comcast service sucks. Plain and simple. They have a monopoly on service and their prices are awful.
I had occasion to have an interruption of service. I knew it wasn't on the inside.. all lines were functional and recently ( last year ) replaced. My older wires WERE Old and outdated, anywho.. I called and asked for someone to come and check the outside line. They said I couldnt have an outside call that I needed an inside appt. I refused. They sent someone out 3 days later... by the time he came out the problem was resolved ( Squirrels on the line???) and my next bill came with a service charge. I called and the guy said I had to call back to see if they accepted my complaint or not. I still havent called. These people suck big time.

Anonymous said...

After my divorce, finances were tight. I got a cancellation notice if I didn't pay my bill (understood and reasonable). The day before the cancellation, I went to a Comcast office, paid my bill. They couldn't find my customer number (even though I had the bill). Knowing that something was amiss, I requested a receipt. That night, my cable was shut off. When I called the service center, they acknowledged that I paid my bill but they did not have the authority to turn it back on even though they had the authority to turn it off. It took 3 days to get it turned back on. Verizon is coming in with FIOS in the next week. I hope they are better. I am dropping comcast like a hot potato.

Ron Hicks

rbkrusz said...

Living in Woodbridge N.J and having comcast for service so we can enjoy our T.V. is a nightmare being a senior and paying such a high fee for there services is out of sight,I recently called them for info is they gave seniors a discount and yes was the answer only IF YOU HAVE APAAD CARD which I do not but what in gods name doe's a paad card have to do wirh cable .
So I called my town hall for info and so far not a resopnds I guess we know where some money might be going< I wish verizon would hurry up and put fios here .
Seniors need a break on cable so maybe this will wake some of them up.

Anonymous said...

I am being ripped off, I pay for comcast TV as part of my condo fee and have to pay an additional$48.00 a month for internet. When I started it was $24.99 a month as a introductory offer. They were making money on that why is it twice as much now. That is a rip off. I am trying to go to DSL but there is a stumbeling block it seems that comcast has a monopoly goin on which isn't supposed to exist. Whatever happened to fair trade? Ports of call, North Palm Beach Florida.

Shane said...

I have used Cocast for years, well because it's the only game in town.
I was somewhat happy with the service, occasional outages, but all in all it was reliable.
However, I can't understand how they can bill a month in advance,
charging for service you have yet to recieve.
What really has me tiffed, and to this day is still unresolved, is when I had some type of work done at my home, the tech showed up, acctually 2 guys showed up, one sat on my couch watching TV and asking me for ciggeretts, the other was on the phone with the office trying to figure out how to install the Internet on my system... wow!
Anyway, I gave him my Intenet Modem, it had been attached to my computor with velcro, (so would stay where I wanted it), when I took box off the velcro was covering the bar code on the bottom.
The service tech said he would be sure that I was credited with returning the unit (which they are still charging me over $300.00 for), well I noticed on my bill I was being cahrged for "un returned equiptment" I called and explained what happened, they basically told me that there was no way of proving my story as the tech did not "scan" the modem into the system on return, I explained that the bar code was covered on and so forth...
To this day (almost 3 years later) I am not able to get a account in my name due to not only 1 unreturned item, but 3!

Now they claim I owe over $800.00 for unreturned equiptment.

I cant prove the tech took the stuff, so I must be a lier.

Comacst has raised prices, (99.99 a month? yea, before all the other fees!) I pay over $125.00 a month.

The account is now in my wifes name, I still can't get comcast to take there equiptment off my bill, what would I do with a cable box and 2 cble modems?
They belong to comcast, I have no use for them.

Shane Thans

Anonymous said...

Account number 05014262814013

I can appreciate all the frustration and comments regarding Comcast. After closing my Comcast account I started receiving past due bills. When I was able to produce bills and receipts going back as far as 1998 they changed their story on what I was being billed for and started billing me for a Converter they say was not returned.

Once I produced work orders with serial numbers and could verify dates equipment was returned they sent my name to several different collection agencies. I keep extra copies of my documentation in packets ready to send as they continue to transfer my PAID closed account(since 2005)to new collection agencies periodically. Each time requesting a different amount as "past due".

I made numerous telephone attempts to handle this problem using their "not" customer friendly phone service.

I made several trips to the Comcast office, receipts in hand, talked personally to the Comcast Payment Center Supervisor who said she could only handle her part of the billing problem because the equipment issue had to be handled by an Equipment Supervisor.

After several attempts to have Equipment Research Investigation Tickets for the converter instituted, numerous call backs to check the status and months of no response I was left at a deadend with Comcast.

Thank God I am a good record keeper because otherwise it would have been my word against theirs. But I had proof in writing with receipts, cancelled checks, money order stubs and certified mail stubs from USPS. Comcast has a very poor recordkeeping system plus a lack of customer service compounded with their unusual billing practice of billing a customer for a month before it comes. These are the exact reasons I left them and have no regrets.

The past due bill was for the month after I had left Comcast and started Direct TV. I received my first bill from Direct TV that covered the same period Comcast was trying to collect.

Today my account shows a credit they owe me but they continue to send my name for collect when the money is documented by them as being paid.

I am still trying to get them to remove the negative credit error they placed on my credit report which really was their error.

Anonymous said...

Their pricing is outrages,and I just learned that they are going up,and for what.I guess CEO AND THE GANG MUST NEED A RAISE.I tell you what we are looking into other options that are more promising than these money hungry clowns.

Anonymous said...

I HATE Comcast! It was so wonderful this morning when I was watching ABC news and found out that their is an actual "Comcast Must Die" website. I have had Comcast for 3 y ears now. From the very beginning I had problems with my cable. The picture kept going black, I had no sound-all that fun stuff. The repair person would just come and switch the DVR box, which would just leave me with all the programs I had saved-GONE. THey came and switched my box-3 times until finally I called and demaanded they take money off of my bill. The Comcast Tech I spoke to on the phone told me that they would take $100 off the bill. For 9 MONTHS I would get my bill and their would be no $100 credit. I would call up and they would tell me that it would be on the next months bill. Finally at the 9th month the Comcast Tech informed me that she had no idea what I was talking about, and that their was nothing in their system that mentioned anything about a $100 dollar credit or of any problems. After screaming and yelling at multiple people that got on the phone with me, I finally requested the name and address of the Vice President of Comcast. I wrote him a letter telling him what had been going on for the past nine months with a list of all the people I had spoken to every month that told me I was going to get this credit. FINALLY I got the $100 credit and an apology card in the mail! What a joke! 9 months of aggravation. Now I just switched to their internet and phone package and of course they didn't connect to my house alarm correctly and have to come back AGAIN to try and fix it! It is mind boggling to me that this company is so big when it is run so poorly. During this last incident I had with Comcast I told the department manager that I was contemplating moving to another town just so that Comcast would no longer be my cable provider! They are AWFUL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comcast customer service sucks!!! Ever signed up for automatic bill pay, received your monthly statement saying 'none due' and then the next month being 'past due'???

Well according to some hot-shot representative I was told it was an EFTS type 3 problem. "What is that," I say. He says he has no idea and I should visit my local Comcast office. Only problem is they have no idea either. Thanks for screwing me over!

Its Comcastic!

Ephus said...

Comcast #09518 177768-01-4
When I first received cable service from Comcast in Baltimore, it turns out their technician merely spliced my service from my neighbor's connection, next door, in the rear of our townhouses. Later, as I had service calls to check on the service (there were several), or to upgrade the service, each time (I kid you not, each time), the technician would comment on how the installation was improper, but he could not stop to fix it. Instead, he would send someone else. Several of them even pled that they could not fix (only admire, I suppose), and then left. When I laid this sorry story out to one of them, he said he would place the right call and get it fixed.

He succeeded, sort of. I still get my service from my neighbor - spliced - via cables to the rear of our houses. But now, I also have a cable connection, run from the junction box to a nail in the brick facing on the front of my house, strung across four neighbors' driveways, sort of (and only sometimes) tucked in between the driveway macadam and the concrete sidewalk. On occasion, snow shovels pull them up. On occasion, I tuck them back in. I give up. It's sort of like that mole on your face, that dimple in your butt, that discoloration in your skin. You live with it. and I will concede, at this time of year (Halloween is coming), it looks sort of festive.

Incidentally, my neighborhood association cited me for having the wire in the front of my house - against the rules. I said I agreed, and that I deplored it, but that I did not put it there. I referred them to Comcast.

kozntrbl said...

My ordeal started almost 8 weeks ago. On Aug 27 I went to my Comcast website to pay my $110 bill. Two days later my husband said that he could not use the ATM card to get money what was wrong. I ran to my computer to find out. Well the line item for my Comcast read $1,100.00. I called Comcast and after 30min on hold (I have kept track and my total is currently 3 hrs 48 mins) I was told that I could wait 5 to 10 days for a refund check or go to my local office and get a check.
Not one word was said if this was my error or something else. Now I assume that it is my error because no one else was using my fingers when I was paying my bill. But would I really approve for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS extra to be paid on my bill, no.
So the next day Sep 1 I trot down to the McHenry, Ill office and wait in line to see the most unpleasant woman I have ever meet. When it is my turn I walk up to this woman and explain to her my issue. Her reply in a very loud voice "That is ridiculous no one would ever tell you to come here to get a check, we don’t do checks. That is not Comcast’s policy. No one would every tell you that" I asked her to check my account to see if there where any notes in there that could help. Her only reply was "oh, don’t know why they would tell you that"
I never did get the I'm sorry I yelled at you and pretty much said you where a liar in front of packed room of strangers, oh and have a nice day" I was looking for.
Since then I have talked to 6 customer service reps, two floor managers, one accounting agent, and one finance specialist. All of which who swear they will not only fix my problem but be the last person I would need to contact. The money was removed from my account for over 4 weeks while I waited for a check. When I called to see if there was a check number or something I could get I was told that no one knew what was going on and I had to go to my bank and fight this. Next day $880 was but back in. Keep in mind I'm still paying my bill and they keep deducting money for services. And every time they moved the money they charged me $2.00 Administration Fee.
I have been to my bank and my bank has been on the phone for over 46 mins (not included in my mins). They have written a letter. Still I have gotten nothing from Comcast. The last message I got last week. We have done all that we can here. Your refund has been approved here but needs to be approved by corporate. I suggest you get a new bank they should have been able to fix this for you right away.
Of all the people at Comcast I talked to not two of them ever told me the same thing of what the policy was. Now if someone owed them $1000.00 for over 8 weeks. What do you think they would do???
Kozntrbl in Ill customer number 8798100270591982

kozntrbl said...

My ordeal started almost 8 weeks ago. On Aug 27 I went to my Comcast website to pay my $110 bill. Two days later my husband said that he could not use the ATM card to get money what was wrong. I ran to my computer to find out. Well the line item for my Comcast read $1,100.00. I called Comcast and after 30min on hold (I have kept track and my total is currently 3 hrs 48 mins) I was told that I could wait 5 to 10 days for a refund check or go to my local office and get a check.
Not one word was said if this was my error or something else. Now I assume that it is my error because no one else was using my fingers when I was paying my bill. But would I really approve for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS extra to be paid on my bill, no.
So the next day Sep 1 I trot down to the McHenry, Ill office and wait in line to see the most unpleasant woman I have ever meet. When it is my turn I walk up to this woman and explain to her my issue. Her reply in a very loud voice "That is ridiculous no one would ever tell you to come here to get a check, we don’t do checks. That is not Comcast’s policy. No one would every tell you that" I asked her to check my account to see if there where any notes in there that could help. Her only reply was "oh, don’t know why they would tell you that"
I never did get the I'm sorry I yelled at you and pretty much said you where a liar in front of packed room of strangers, oh and have a nice day" I was looking for.
Since then I have talked to 6 customer service reps, two floor managers, one accounting agent, and one finance specialist. All of which who swear they will not only fix my problem but be the last person I would need to contact. The money was removed from my account for over 4 weeks while I waited for a check. When I called to see if there was a check number or something I could get I was told that no one knew what was going on and I had to go to my bank and fight this. Next day $880 was but back in. Keep in mind I'm still paying my bill and they keep deducting money for services. And every time they moved the money they charged me $2.00 Administration Fee.
I have been to my bank and my bank has been on the phone for over 46 mins (not included in my mins). They have written a letter. Still I have gotten nothing from Comcast. The last message I got last week. We have done all that we can here. Your refund has been approved here but needs to be approved by corporate. I suggest you get a new bank they should have been able to fix this for you right away.
Of all the people at Comcast I talked to not two of them ever told me the same thing of what the policy was. Now if someone owed them $1000.00 for over 8 weeks. What do you think they would do???
Kozntrbl in Ill customer number 8798100270591982

Anonymous said...

Acct. #8777702061460478

My problems began in the Spring of 2007 with picture going black quite often & had several techs out who replaced DVR box & remote & of course each time I lost all recorded programs on DVR they took. The tech dep't. at Comcast told me they couldn't send out any more techs without a service chg. but that I could purchase a maint. agreement for $1.99 month & then they could come out whenever I wanted. I agreed since I felt it was easier than doing battle with them each time I called. Now then, for all the problems & many times they came out, on April 10 I spoke with Danny in customer svc. & he said he would reduce my bill to $50.47 a month for 1 year (incl. taxes) & I agreed to this.
My bill which was due 10/7/07 was in the amt. of $78.22 --- I have not paid it because on 9/24 I called & spoke to Darrell in CS. He said the bill was correct & he couldn't change it. I explained my agreement with Danny but Darrell said there was no record of it. I asked to speak to a supervisor & he told me they couldn't do anything for me that he had the authority to handle all calls!!! After much talking, he said he'd try to get supervisor on the phone. After 30 minutes or more, he said no one was available & that he'd have them call me back. He said their policy was to call back within 24 hrs. --- that was on 9/24 at 12:30 p.m. & I have yet to hear from anyone. Now then, I got the name of Gabrielle Ortiz (here in Houston) & have placed at least 3 calls to him (to no avail) & have left messages. This is 10/19 & I still have not heard from him. Darrell in CS had a real attitude like he was doing me a favor! I've had it with Comcast & am going to try ATT Uverse. They have great promotions similar to the satellite companies where it costs nothing up front & ATT even sends you a $50 or $100 Visa Card.
I'm sure I'll hear from Comcast in the next couple of weeks since they haven't gotten my payment!!!!!

honeykbee said...

My service was out for one month. 31 days to be exact. In that time, we had 8 appointments with Comcast to come out and fix our service. They showed up for 3 of the 8. With each appointment being 4 hour windows, that's 20 hours of needless waiting. We were supposed to get $20.00 service credits for each missed appointment (that's $20 for a 4 hour window. I don't know how much you make an hour but I bet it's more than $5) including waiting around all day Labor Day. What a great way to spend my day off! Turns out there was a "known problem in the area" that was later discovered and therefore all scheduled appointments were canceled, without notifying the appointed. In fact, I got a call from the automated service to confirm the appointment that they canceled. This cancelation procedure was not an accident, IT IS THEIR STANDING POLICY! In the end, we were credited $100 to cover the cost of the outage period (which it did not) and charged $4.99 in "transaction fees" to apply the credit.

Anonymous said...

I moved from one franchise district to another (Montgomery county, MD, to Frederick County, MD). As it turns out, Comcast is the provider in both of those counties, so I called them up, had my service transferred, cable guy came by, no problems.

My first bill came in March 2007 and I paid it. No problem.

My next bill came in April 2007 and I paid it. No problem.

Then a bill came in June 2007 that was more than double what the monthly amount should have been, including a late fee and a suggestion that a bill was past due. Weird.

What is weirder is that I also received from them a refund check for the last two payments I made to them. Huh!

I called them up and asked what was going on. They didn't really have an answer for me. But they removed the late fee from the payment and told me that if I didn't pay them the balance on my latest bill within 3 days my service would be terminated. So I paid them by credit card over the phone and they assured me this wouldn't happen again.

Except it has happened again. Every 3 months, like clockwork, my third monthly bill is marked as late, I owe them hundreds of dollars, and they write me a refund check for the amount of past due money I supposedly owe. I keep copies of these checks and their corresponding bills.

As it turns out, despite the fact that I write my current Comcast account number on every check I mail them, they continuously credit the account that exists for my old address. The one that is closed.

I have asked their customer service to resolve this 3 times now. The third time I was finally able to speak to a floor supervisor named Rod who apologized for the inconvenience and credited my account for $50. No word on whether this issue is going to be resolved, but I don't mind the inconvenience if it means I get $50 off every 3 months. My only concern is that they might report that I'm a late payer to credit agencies.

What a hassle.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting back at Comcast for all the money they stole from me. Here's what I did. Got cable installed with HD/DVR box. Couple days later I called to cancel the "extended cable", so now I only pay $18 for basic cable plus $12 for the box. Thing is they won't send out a technician to turn off the extended cable, they just turn it off using their computers. So get a splitter and send one coax directly to your tv. Now I get basic, extended, and HD all for $30 (what is should be anyways). Of course my DVR stopped working but I guess that's part of the game.

Anonymous said...

This is for the Anonymous who said: Anonymous said...
"Bored?Bored?Bored?Bored?Bored? and so on...Get a Life! This is what you do with your free time?... and so on on October 10, 2007 5:39 PM

You are obviously a high ranking official at Comcast sent to infiltrate our little revolution. Your life consists of ruining other peoples hopes and dreams of peace on Earth and good customer service. Your free time is spent reading about the misery of others and mocking them. You are a BULLY and probably not that attractive either. If you don't like the message, get out of the blog.

e said...

Acct number:09518331301-04-8

I attempted to arrange to have my Comcast account closed on August 31, the same day I was moving. Coincidentally, the cable stopped working about 10 days before, which we called about and is on our file with them. We had also paid the bill through September 10, so Comcast should reimburse us. Since the middle of August I have received 3 more bills, which I have called about and each time had a customer service rep tell me that the bill is incorrect, and to disregard it. So I do, and then I get another bill, which includes the credit from when the service was down for the last 10 days. It also has a little threat in the "News from Comcast" section: "Our previous requests for payment have not been answered. Your cable service has been disconnected. You will be charged a reconnection fee plus advance charges in order to restore your cable service." No kidding. I've been trying to have it shut off all along. I call, and again they say disregard. After reading everything below, I'm just waiting for them to send it to collections, at which point my hatred for them will multiply another 100 fold...

I'm in grad school now, so I have no cable, for money and studying's sake, and I think I prefer it that way. Comcast has been nothing but billing errors, missed appointments, broken boxes, and headaches for the past 2 years. Next time I'm definitely going with a dish...

Anonymous said...

My roommates and I had Comcast and my name was on the account. When I moved out, I called to transfer the account to my roommate who was going to remain living in the house. They told us that they couldn't just change the name on the account, that they would have to close my account and open a new one for my roommate. Fine with me. I ended up getting a bill for $300 for not returning the cable box. I called and resolved the issue, but what a waste of my time that was unnecessary and should have been done right the first time.

Anonymous said...

Account number 8773 10 372 0431147


Maybe three years ago I discovered that an elderly former neighbor of mine, a woman whose family did a lot of nice things for my family through the years, was stuck in a nursing home with no TV. I investigated during a visit to the nursing home and discovered that her local family had not been paying her Comcast bill for some months, and it had been shut off for non-payment.

I contacted Comcast and got the account re-activated and turned back on, but to do so I had to pay her back cable bills that her relatives had not bothered to pay for her. I had the billing put in my name (so I thought) and they started to mail the bills to me and I was paying them through my online banking.

On one occasion they messed up and overbilled me and I did not realize it. Comcast was good enough to figure that out on their own, and so they sent a check to my address for the difference, made out to the lady in the nursing home and not to me. Nothing I could do with Comcast could convince them that I was the one paying the bills and therefore was the one to whom the check should be made out to. I ended up tearing it up and tossing it because it would have been extremely difficult to get the lady in the nursing home to sign the check for me and get it back again; I would have had to mail the check to someone in her local family to get her to sign it and send it back. I saw the odds of that happening, and the money not ending up in the pockets of the local family, zero.

On another occasion Comcast decided on their own that they owed someone money again, so another check showed up in my mailbox, again made out to the lady in the nursing home. Not being one to forge signatures on checks, I again called Comcast and complained, but got nowhere with the CS drones, and tore up the second check.

At some point I had managed convince a friendly CS rep at Comcast to put the last four digits of my SSN into the account as an "identifier", when she admitted that they did not even have the elderly lady's SSN digits on file for the account, but that made no difference to them, the check had to be made out to her.

Fast forward to June of 2006. Word reached me that the lady had passed away. Her scummy family did not even bother to let her former acquaintances know that she had passed away, even though she had prepaid for burial services back home in our town, etc... but I digress. Comcast was notified by the nursing home the day she died, and they came out the next day to disconnect the line. However, they did not terminate the account and continued to bill me for three months. Since I was unaware that she had passed away, I continued to automatically pay the bill. I know it sounds odd that I didn't know she had died, but her family didn't tell anyone at all, and I only got to see her about once or twice a year when I traveled back to where she was living.

I contacted Comcast, and they agreed to stop billing me for her service, but now there is a credit on the account that they once again refuse to refund to me because they are claiming I have no right to that money. They want to send a check to me, made out to the dead lady, or they want to make it out to her 'estate'. I gave up trying to reason with them over the amount, but every month they continue to send me a statement showing the outstanding credit balance. I've written to Comcast on several occasions to try to stop this madness, but they are unresponsive and the statements have been rolling in monthly for over a year and a half now.

I should add, that nowhere on the monthy bill that comes to my house is the woman's name. Only mine, my address, and something that says, "for service at... {name of nursing home and room number}".

Bottom line is, don't be a Comcast customer and die. They'll continue to bill or credit you long after you're dead and gone. If someone with any real power at Comcast to fix this sees this, I'd really appreciate a check made out to me (my initials are DT, my name is on bill) and sent to me at the address on the bill (and not to the "service at.." address!), and close this damn account once and for all. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Our comcast saga

Account # 09592726848

I have tried everything I can think of to get help with my comcast bill.

I have had problems since the first bill we received.

I have to call each month to have the bill corrected. I pay that then the following month it is wrong again.

I received our most recent bill on 9/17/07 dated 9/18/07 - 10/17/07 was $276.36. We are on the $33, $33, $33 plan for internet, phone, and cable. We did get the dvr and the wireless access which I understand is alittle more.

We are constantly being charged for a video promotion which is $66.00. Now they are charging .88 for connectivity charge for the phone.. it is now $33.88 not the $33.00.

Since I received this bill. I called on 9/17, then again 9/24 both times I was told that we would be receiving a corrected bill. I tried getting it taken care of though the internet instead of calling customer service and I was told to call customer service again and ask for a supervisor. I tried calling on October 1 asked for a supervisor, was told the customer service person could do everything a supervisor could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold. After about 5 minutes I was told there were no supervisors and I was on hold for over twenty minutes when I hung up.
October 2nd I sent a letter to the address on our bill and I still haven't received a proper bill, phone call, or letter.

We were with Directv for years and never had these kinds of problems. If we had a problem they would correct it and give us something for the inconvenience. The only reason we switched was because here we would have to use comcast for internet or we have to have dial up.

I am hopeful that this will be taken care of soon. I have told them that the bill will not be paid until a proper bill is received. Who knows maybe we will be shut off first. And if that does happen I will make sure everyone I know knows about how bad the customer service is and how they can't get their bills right.

Caffienefrog said...

two acct numbers:8495752541437761 and 8495752541392099

i moved and transfered my account from one place to the other on 8/12/07. everything was fine for two months. then, all of a sudden, i am getting billed for service at the old place. i called to correct it and was told to disregard the bill and that all is fixed. i was ok with that. then, the calls started. i have spoked to 11 people at comcast and 5 supervisors, all which have told me that i should disregard the old bill and everything was fixed. well, i have no cable, new internet service and am moving back to dishnetwork because my bill at my old place is now over $400 dollars, has no one living there, i have no equipment has been disconnected, but i am still being billed for it! they came to my house and requested my equipment back from me and disconnected me for old services that i was told to disregard!!! unbelievable! i have never experienced so much frustration, anger, or inconsiderate service as i have with comcast. i have spent hours on the phone over the past 3 months with employees who tell me the same thing over and over again but do not fix the problem! now, i have a collection agent after me for issues that comcast told me to disregard countless times!!!! the situation is so bad that i cannot even speak to them anymore as i cannot be nice or even calm when they call. even now, typing this my hands are shaky. they put eveything in 'notes' on the software and no one updates the system or reads all the notes. so now my family and credit suffer for their incompetence. it is really incredible.
i went into store-front offices, talked to managers, case workers, employees, supervisors and every one of them has failed to fix the problem of cancelling service at my old address. i actually called into the local news station and have an interview with them sunday to discuss how bad this situation has gotten. take good notes people and write down names, times, dates, badge numbers, amounts and keep all of your gold service sheets and bills, banking/payment records.

Longhrnlax said...

Getting ripped off!!!! Got my new bill. It states that we owe for October and November! What?! Was on hold for 30 minutes trying to figure out why Comcast had not received my last payment since it had cleared my bank the first week in September. I've never had to pay cable ahead! Whatever. I'm only going to pay monthly. Direct TV here we come. This is awful! I told the rep that I had been paying my cable bill for the last 12 years MONTHLY not ahead one month and he proceeded to argue with me that I was wrong. Comcast is a rip off and should be investigated by the attorney general in Texas. I have no words. Loyal customer for over 12 years and getting the shaft.

Anonymous said...

Comcast Incorrectly billing my Account for Unreturned Equipment.

I am an existing Comcast Customer and I have just about had it with Comcast. In short Comcast is billing me $150 for Unreturned Equipment which I have actually RETURNED. I have tried the following to have the $150 remove from my account but nothing seems to work with Comcast:

1. Call and talk to Comcast Customer service (reps and Billing supervisor) - 5 times.

2. Visit the local office to speak to someone in person and show them the work order which clearly indicated that the equipment was returned to the Installation Technician - 2 times.

3. Send 2 letters of complain to the Comcast local office in Ann Arbor, MI.

Comcast told me they will investigate and get back to me. After several days the Comcast Rep contacted me with the news that he cannot find the Returned Equipment in their 'System' and still insists on billing my account $150 for the equipment which I have already RETURNED. He basically told me that there is nothing else Comcast can do. So I guess this is my last resort now; to post to Comcast-Must-Die blog and hope that something will come of it. My Comcast Ordeal goes like this…

On 08/23/2007 I had my Comcast services transferred from my old address at xxxx st, Ann Arbor, MI to my present address in Ann Arbor, MI. At the time of the transfer the Comcast Technician installed new equipment (a new Cable Modem and new Digital box) and took the old existing equipment (including the old Cable Modem and old Digital box) from my old apartment. He informed me that it was stated on the WORK ORDER that he should issue the new equipment and accept the returns, therefore all the equipment was returned to the Technician.

One month later I noticed that an amount of $150 was incorrectly billed to my account for Unreturned Equipment. I immediately contacted Comcast and notified them about the 'BILLING ERROR'. Since then I have done all the things mentioned above but no results so far.

I know that the Installation Technician took the old equipment, so my guess is that he probably took the Digital box for himself or he forget to input the returns in the 'system'

Everyone, let this be a WARNING to you all: Returning Equipment to a Comcast Technician is NOT such a good idea. There are NO guarantees that you will NOT be billed for Unreturned Equipment even though you returned the equipment.

Well I have now decided to CANCEL my Comcast Service (Internet and Cable TV) and try some other service provider (probably AT&T for internet and Dish TV).

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I subscribed to Comcast HSI because the local telco's DSL service was simply not available in my neighborhood (Verizon).
Despite having no cable run from the pole to the house (I did the inside coax run myself as I wanted it done correctly), my "installation" was at no charge. I also purchased my own cable modem. The tech who came to run the cable took down my modem info, maked the work order "customer supplied modem", handed me a disk and left.
All worked fine, until the first bill which had a modem rental charge on it. Calling got it removed but this went on for 3 months before I was told I would have to show proof that I actually owned the modem. I suggested they read their own work order which the rep said they had no idea where they could find it. My reply was "fine, just cancel my service".
They don't like to hear that, so suddenly my word was accepted.
For the 3 years I had Comcast's HSI it worked well. Rare were any outages or problems, save one instance where a traffic accident took down a pole and a main feeder line, which was restored in a couple hours.
My gripe was the fact that I was not a Comcast Cable TV subscriber. Their cable service in my area is horrible both in quality and channel lineup, and is simply not worth it. Because of that, I was charged an additional $15/month. Comcast describes this as a "discount" to their Cable TV customers. Regardless of how it's spun, I was paying more and not even getting the 6mb service or speedboost that Cable TV customers got with their HSI service.
When Verizon finally got its act together with DSL, I ran.
I recently had some serious service issues with my DSL, that for a while Verizon wasn't having much luck solving. I contemplated going back to the Cable modem as it was at least reliable, if not expensive.
A call to Comcast got absolutely no kind of a consideration for a potentially returning customer. A meager 3 months at a reduced rate was the best they could offer, and were going to charge me a $50 "installation" fee. When I protested the installation as there was nothing to do except reconnect the cable to the splitter at the pole, I got the B.S. that my comptuer needed to be configured, software installed, yada yada yada.
Again I explained none of this was necessary, all I needed to do was pull the ethernet cable out of my DSL modem, connect it to my Cable modem, make a couple quick config changes to my router and I was hot to go. No dice, they weren't going to let go of that fee, explaining that normally it was $99, but lucky me, I was getting a "discount".
I teminated the conversation, saying I'd think about it.
Next day I get an automated message from Comcast informing me of my scheduled service appointment and informing me I would need to have a check or credit card ready for the install fee plus the first month's service.
Funny, I don't recall ordering anything.
Seeing as it was during a time I would be at work anyway, I simply ignored it. I've received several calls from Comcast and have just not returned any of them.
In the meanwhile, Verizon stepped up to the plate big time. I was contacted by the regional manager, who gave me his direct office and cell phone numbers, and after a couple truck rolls and some ass chewing of the people at the CO, I have a solid, reliable DSL connection once again. I was also credited for 60 days service from Verizon for my inconvenience.
Don't get me wrong, the phone company isn't perfect either...not by a long shot. But compared to ComCrap they're worlds better.

Anonymous said...

July 8th lost phone & internet service due to " migration " from
TimeWarner to Comcast. Many calls
and service was never restored for more than 20 nimutes at a time.
Took modem into Comcast and ordered
those two services stopped on July 23..... bill for those services paid in full. Still getting biled for phone and actuallu getting threatening letters to cut phone service ! Moved to AT&T July 25th !!!!
Many calls to billing dept.. assurances that the " next " bill will be correct..... it's the end of October and still not corrected.
Still showing an unpaid balance of $58.18 and still being billed for phone service we have not had since July 8th !!!! Come on.
How bad can a company be that had almost a year to plan for conversion ???? REAL BAD !

Don said...

Comcast has done nothing but a criminal fraud rip-off scam with me. Their FAKE supervisors NEVER resolve anything and they owe me over $300 in fraudulent rip-off scam charges. That’s not even counting all of the massive intermittent down time which should also get a refund of some kind. This post is only about their fraudulent billing scam for the last year (well, almost 11 months now).

I plan to file both criminal charges against them with the state's Attorney General's Office and also take them to small claims court to get my stolen money back since they are too dishonest to resolve any of these issues.

I have already reported them to the FCC for illegal text ads overriding ALL TV programs, a totally separate issue from the fraudulent billing scam mentioned here.

Comcast Acct#: 01715 142359-01-2

Here's billing scam story: These Comcast slime bags have consistently lied to me and continuously refused to ever resolve any issues including fixing downed service and fixing billing errors. On top of that, absolutely no refunds have EVER been issued for massive down time which ranges from several days to several weeks. In the case of the illegal advertising overriding TV programs, that went on for 6 months without ever being fixed and is in a separate post on this web site.

This nightmare started last December when Comcast took over my local cable company which provided a great and reliable service:

1. They never sent a bill in December and then shut down all of my movie channels for two weeks in January. The morons in their tech support said that nothing was wrong, but everything was down except for basic cable channels for over two weeks. In other words, I was paying for a service that didn’t even exist.

2. Finally, after being jerked around by about 10 different people, ALL of them claiming to be “the manager”, I finally found out that the nearest local office had illegally shut down all of my cable boxes (all four of them). I was told basic cable channels can’t be shut down or they would have been dead too. During these two weeks of total down time, their incompetent tech support had absolutely no clue as to what they were doing and swore that there was absolutely no problem with my. They criminally refused to even send someone out to my house to check it out. Of course in typical Comcast fraud style, they billed me for those two weeks of no service and expected to be paid for nothing.

3. To cover for their illegal actions, tech support then tried to claim that I was shut down for non-payment of the bill for November and December. I said, "you never sent a bill in December and November IS paid I can see it in my checking account. Also, I sure as hell am NOT paying for the two weeks of down time in January, so you owe me a refund on that too."

4. The local office easily verified that the November bill WAS PAID. They also admitted that they “purposely” NEVER sent out any bills in December to anyone due to the transition from Adelphia to Comcast and supposedly the billing error was corrected. They also admitted to illegally turning off all of our cable boxes for two weeks. The bill was paid in full for both December and January right there in their local office at this time by my wife, she never got a refund for the two weeks of down time.

5. The next bill came to me in the mail. Guess what? They claimed that January was not paid and they never refunded the money for the two weeks of down time for the illegal shut-down of all my cable boxes. The criminals threatened to shut down my service again, so they extorted another overpayment from me. Now they owe me the $200 overpayment for January which was never credited to my account AND $100 for the two weeks of no TV service due to the illegal shutdown of all cable boxes. Comcast has only been in charge for two months and they have already pulled a $300 billing fraud scam on me. That’s not to mention the fact that there was a major hassle from the service being illegally shut down for two weeks.

6. Again two million phone calls later, and after demanding to talk to the manager, Lisa E. who claimed to be a customer service manager (employee# 7836) said that she would fix this. Also, she said that she would issue a refund for 1/2 month because my service was down for 2 weeks in January. I felt good and thought that this was the end of the Comcast nightmare. WRONG!!!

7. Next bill, same crap. No refunds issued. Lisa E. was apparently a scam because every time I called, they connected me with another FAKE MANAGER who had no clue who Lisa was and never did anything to resolve the issues.

8. Another criminal extortionist from Comcast called me and threatened to shut off my service if I didn’t pay the extortion money. I told this moron that Lisa told me to hold up payment until it was resolved. Long story short, I ended up paying the $300 criminal extortion money every month since then or they would illegally cut me off. They had me by the balls since fiber optic TV isn’t available in this area yet and a satellite dish can’t go through the trees. The Commissioner of Public Works can’t even be bothered to get off his lazy butt to answer the phone, much less do anything. So what can you do?

9. Every single time I have called, Comcast has illegally REFUSED to ever fix this billing issue and has refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. They now keep telling me that I have to contact my “local” office about the billing issues and then always illegally refuse to ever give me the phone number or even the address of my local office. They have also illegally refused to ever fix the chronic cable problems. Also, they have illegally refused to even give me a physical address where I can send court papers to sue them. There is nothing legal going on at Comcast, absolutely nothing.

To date, almost a year later, the Comcast jackasses have consistently criminally extorted an extra 1-1/2 payments ($300) from me every month that I DO NOT OWE. They have no intentions of ever fixing the billing error or refunding the money for the two weeks of down time in January. They owe me $300 of refunds just for this one illegal scam alone.

This does NOT include refunds that should have been issued for other down time and all the other problems that their tech support REFUSES to ever fix. Like the “Hammer Lady”, I’d like to do some damage to these criminals offices too.

Comcast is a fraudulent rip-off scam monopoly. They should be arrested for fraud.

Anonymous said...

Acct: #8798 40 202 0457930

OK, so fair is fair.

After posting here about my frustrations with ComCast and their billing anfd customer service etc, a very nice lady named Marti called me from ComCast. She apologized profusely for my problems, corrected my billing special, and I think, went over and above in her efforts to make sure that I was pleased and I have to say that when I got off the phone I was very pleased.

She was very understanding of my complaints and, as I said, I was very pleased with her accomodations when I got off the phone.

I guess ComCast can be very helpful if you can just get to the rght person.

Anonymous said...

please visit if and when you are done with the bitchin.

noni said...

I too have started to get bills for phantom porno movies. I notified Comcast after the first month of receiving such charges and was told that "someone" must be watching the movies despite the fact that several of the charges are for films "watched" while my family was on vacation or away for Labor Day. I was given the address for a "customer service" office in Virginia, so I'm going to see if I can get this resolved there. I will definately use the other posts about porno overbilling that I found here as ammunition.

Shannon said...

Account#8798 30 001 7248140

This is LONG but I'm desperate - Comcast owes me over $750. I am so happy to have found this site! I’ve had to deal with a number of very frustrating and unresolved issues that have taken place on my Comcast account over the last year – including an undelivered refund check worth more than $750 – I didn’t know where else to turn.

My problem started back in November 2006 when I was reviewing my annual bank statements and noticed Comcast had been charging me for service twice each month, at two slightly different rates (through automatic payroll deductions). Alarmed, I reviewed my records and discovered Comcast was charging me for my current account (8798 30 001 7248140) and a previous account I had cancelled in April 2006.

Adding up the extra fees from May – November 2006, I realized Comcast had overcharged me over $750. I immediately called Comcast and told the customer service agent what had happened. She reviewed my account, saw the error and told me Comcast would send me a refund check. It is now October 2007 – and I’m still waiting for that check.

Below is a long description of what I have faced since that first call back in November (several errors to my account, unanswered messages and more). However, to make a long story short, I have yet to receive my refund check and have been brushed off and ignored by several Comcast agents and even supervisors – and now have been informed the company no longer has any record that it owes me a refund. WHAT?

When this began back in November, all I wanted from Comcast was my refund check, but now I expect the company to pay me interest on my money; to fix all the errors that have subsequently taken place on my account; and to provide me some compensation for the time, energy and frustration I’ve had to deal with over the last year.

About six weeks after my first call to Comcast in November 2006, I still had not received my refund check so called Comcast to inquire about it. The agent I spoke with saw the information in my account and explained to me refund checks take from six to eight weeks to cut. Satisfied with his answer, I stopped worrying.

But then…on January 4, 2007, I received a call from an automatic messaging system, informing me my Comcast account was past due and I owed Comcast approximately $340. I was baffled, thinking to myself, How could my account be overdue, I have automatic payments?

I, once again, called Comcast and learned that, as a result of my November inquiry regarding my $750, my automatic payment feature was terminated. I informed the agent I was speaking with that I had not requested this and did not know about it, and then asked if she could turn it back on for me. She told me this was not possible and that I’d have to go into a Comcast store to have it done.

To add insult to injury, I was informed I’d be charged a late fee for my late payments. Since the change to my account was done without my permission, I felt these fees were unfair and informed the agent that I didn’t think I should have to pay them. At that point, the agent told me, “Well, I don’t have the authority to reverse the charges, and they are only $6, so it’s not really that big of a deal.” Um, hello! It was a big deal to me. However, I was out of town at a funeral, so gave in, made my payment over the phone and decided to call back when I returned to Chicago to inquire about the late fees – and my refund check, which I still hadn’t received.

But the mistakes didn’t stop there. When I received my mid-January statement, it had my old address back on it (as the service address), and my name had changed…instead of being Ms. Shannon Guernsey, I was now Mr. Shannon Gurnsey. Yes, I had become a man…

Well, it was time to call again. This time, I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor – knowing that only a supervisor could reverse the late fees I had been charged earlier. I was transferred to a supervisor named Pam Ward, and explained to her everything described in this letter thus far. She was very apologetic and gracious, and told me she’d:
 Reverse the late fees
 Update my service address to my current address
 Correct my name
 Give me free Internet service for February – as a courtesy
 Call the accounting department and inquire about my refund check – she did this and called me back to tell me it was all set!

I was happy and felt things were finally being taken care of – and very appreciative that Comcast had offered me a discount for my troubles. Pam even gave me her direct number for any other problems. How nice! Well, in mid-February, I received another statement from Comcast. The good news was that Pam had reversed the late fees and updated my address. The bad news was that:

 My name was still incorrect
 Pam had not given me free Internet service, as she had promised, and
 Still no refund check!

After repeated messages to Pam went unreturned (yes, the customer service supervisor didn’t call me back ONCE), I decided to test my luck with yet another agent. The agent I spoke with this time told me he updated my name and that it looked like my refund check was still in accounting. I thanked him and hoped for the best. At this point, I had given up on the free Internet service. Getting my name corrected and having my money returned to me was all I really ever wanted!

By mid-March, no refund check and my name was still incorrect on my monthly statement. After I calmed down, I called again and spoke with another agent about my name and my check. She, like the agent before, told me my name had been corrected and my check was in accounting. Sure was taking a long time! At this point, I decided I’d call Comcast once a week to inquire about my check. I’d wait until my April invoice to see about my name.

On March 27, I called an agent to inquire, once again, about my refund check. He informed me he couldn’t give me the information I needed, and would need to speak with his supervisor and call me back later that evening. Guess what? He never called.

So, on March 29, I called once again, and once again, shared my refund check dilemma with a different agent. She, for the first time, was extremely empathetic, reviewed my account, saw all of the different times I had called and shared with me that Comcast can “escalate” problems like mine to make sure I get an answer. I was very appreciative, but also thought to myself, Why is this agent – now four months after my initial call – the first person to tell me about this process? She escalated my request, gave me a ticket number and told me to call back after April 5 to find my answers.

So, on April 11, 2007, with a knot in my stomach, I called Comcast to finally get an answer about my refund check. I gave the agent my ticket number, to which she replied, “Shannon, the records indicate that there was never any refund owed to this Comcast client.” At this point, I almost started crying – I just couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe it! How, after all this time, am I actually worse off than I was when I started calling about this? After a very heated discussion with the agent, she told me she’d do some research on my account with her supervisor – Rick Irving – and they’d call me back. Like so many times before, I NEVER received a call.

So I called YET AGAIN, and finally got a very nice agent. She told me that all my calls about my refund had been recorded but there was no record that I ever had another account. Ok, people, all of our calls are monitored and recorded, yet you have the audacity to tell me my old account didn’t exist and you don’t owe me MY money?? For goodness sakes, I HAVE THE BANK STATEMENTS. I told the agent all of this, she was extremely apologetic and told me they probably LOST THE RECORD of my account when they finally changed my name back to its correct spelling. HA! Ok, great, guys…you finally correct my name but have lost an entire account. I don’t think so. So this agent told me the only thing she could suggest is that I take my bank statements into a local Comcast store and sit with them until they pay me my money. I appreciated her advice, but hmmm, I just haven’t had the time to spend an entire day of my time at a Comcast store begging for MY money because of THEIR mistake. Unacceptable. So I’ve been wondering what to do…I mean, this company has had my money for over 1.5 years now…so I’ve been debating writing the paper, but when I saw this site, I was SO happy! I hope this gets me somewhere!

So…Comcast, you going to give me my money (and interest and free service and some compensation)? I’ve spent HOURS and HOURS trying to get help from you…now, what are you going to do for ME???

Shannon Guernsey
Account#8798 30 001 7248140

Anonymous said...

To Shannon:

Advice: go to the Comcast store and sit with an agent there until this is resolved to your satisfaction. Bring all your copies of bank statements, etc. to show them. They can't put you on hold, they can't transfer you into limbo, and they won't tell you, "we'll call you back". This is what I had to do to clear up my cable billing mess, and it worked. Yes, it intruded on my time, but really, you've already invested so much of your time already, what's one more day?

Secondly, I don't understand-- you said you were reviewing your "annual" bank statement in November of 2006. You don't review your bank accounts at least once a month? Especially when someone like Comcast has their hands in it for automatic monthly payment? You stated elsewhere that a $6 penalty was a lot of money to you, but yet you don't even take the time to review your accounts regularly to be sure you're not being ripped off?

I hate to be harsh, but maybe you deserved your misery. I pay my cable bill electronically too via electronic banking, but no way would I let them take it out automatically. That sort of thing should be reserved for important payments like mortgages where you might lose your house if the payment was forgotten, but cable? That's just lazy, and it's asking for the situation you find yourself in now.

Anonymous said...

Account number:8993 21 302 0167814

I contacted cust service,speaking to 2 managers wanting an explanation in regards to allowing (an ex-boyfriend now) him access to my account in which he ran up a $700+ bill,once using my SS#.We're not married,pin code they allowed him 2 change. No one should've had access BUT ME.It's my SS#

Anonymous said...

ACCNT #8993 21 302 0167814

In regards to comcast allowing my ex to run up accnt,I kept getting the same response(We assumed since he's in the same household the info he gave is correct)1.We're not married 2.He was denied once so how come he couldn't get denied for accessing my acct for all the other calls. 3. RED FLAG-who calls almost every day forgetting their pin. 4.NO ONE should've had access to my account but ME PERIOD. I was FURIOUS access was allowed w/him using my SS# to unlock my pass code with one ohf his calls. You better believe a police report was filed as well. I spoke to 2 managers(one of them was named Wendy at ext 5047. I should not be held liable to repay a bill they authorized access for. There were 5 calls made to resetting and changing of MY pin code.When I spoke to sales rep Leeyah 10/5/07 approx.3:00pm,I responded to this info saying "WOULDN'T THIS PUT UP A RED FLAG ON MY ACCNT!"
Well, obviously not.They allowed a $700 bill to be ran up in my name.It's bad enough they AUTHORIZED a phone # change prior to this incident. His name isn't on the accnt,mine is. He heard my mouth about that one as well!

My next step now since no one is doing anything about it,is I'm going to my nearest service center to obtain their contract and have an attorney review the policy.I want to review the policy on access,who can obtain access and why. Regardless if you're in the same househould if you're not married,they shouldn't allow anyone to access your accnt by CHANGING and RESETTING your pin!

Anonymous said...

Update to 10/19, 7:00 a.m.
Acct. #8777702061-460478

As stated previously, my problems began in Spring of 2007 with my picture going black quite often.
Within 5 hrs. or so of my posting on this site, I received a message on my home voicemail from corporate office, an executive assistant named Sherri Cox. She sounded very concerned with my issues & asked me to return her call & left her number. I called Friday but it was too late when I got home & corporate was closed. I called Monday morning, Sherri was on another line & I left a message on her voicemail to call me. Tuesday, 10/23, I had not heard from her so I called again. She was on another line again (trying to put out all the major fires, I would assume)so the receptionist said she would take my name & number & personally give it to Sherri as well as me leaving another voicemail. This is Friday, 10/26 & I have yet to hear back from her or anyone else, leaving me to believe that the corporate office is no better than customer service, billing dept., or the techs they send out!!! I was really excited last Friday when Sherri responded to my blog so quickly but I guess that was to suck me in for another week. I just received another bill for more than last months, which was completely incorrect. It's apparent to me now that Comcast has grown too big for its britches & doesn't really care about anything but the almighty dollar!!! The rate increases that were itemized on the bill I just received are ridiculous & I'm sure Comcast will lose many more customers who are fed up with getting nothing for their hard earned money. I'll see how long it takes for Sherri Cox to get back to me this time since I now have a double bill sitting on my desk waiting to be corrected. In the meantime, I'll give ATT Uverse a call --- they give you a lot more bang for your buck & no contracts either. Good luck to everyone else with Comcast problems!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie D said...

Porn Charges....

After moving and receiving new HD boxes - Since October 12, 2007 - there have been 10 porn movies charged to my account. The latest one charged when the on demand credit limit was set to ZERO.

Comcast has insisted that someone inside my house was ordering these movies. I have maintained all along that NO ONE in my house ordered those movies. One was ordered when I was not home, and when the block of time should have been showing on my TV - I was on the phone with a comcast Tech looking at the on demand channel and there was no show playing.

IF anyone has found an answer to why these charges keep appearing, please let me know.

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

WOW! All these billing fiascos sound familiar. Many years ago I dropped Comcast when after complaining about repeated service outages. What happened was that each time I complained, they credited my account. At some point they shut down my cable and internet because they claimed I requested it. Shortly after I got it working again, Wideopenwest (formaly Americast) came into town. The service and quality was so superior I new I would never go back. When I cancelled Comcast told me to leave the modem between our outer doors and I thought I was done with them. The only problem was that they didn't leave me receipt. Ever since, I get a bill collecter calling me once every couple years asking for $130. This, apparently, is how they plan to win back my business!

Anonymous said...

Customer # 8777702062564054

After having spoken with two Comcast "customer service" representatives, both of whom seemed ignorant of billing policies and one whom was rude, I have no idea how Comcast is arriving at the amounts I am being billed. If I look at the schedule of billing changes effective 10/1 that was sent out by Comcast in my September bill, it appears I am being incorrectly. That is not necessarily the case, but it sure would be nice if I could tell whether my bill was correct or not.

This is what I subscribe to:


Digital Video Preferred Package
Sports Entertainment Package
1 non-HD, non DVR cable box
1 non-HD DVR box
1 HD non-DVR box

Internet with modem

That's it. Anyone have any clues on how I can "check" what Comcast is billing me? My October bill was about $150.

Anonymous said...

Acct # 09518 40303004 025

I cancelled our Baltimore City Comcast service on August 24, 2007 and we turned in all of our equipment the day before, yet Comcast continued to bill us, despite our cancelled service, up through October 17, 2007. This despite repeated phone calls indicating our bills were incorrect and repeated promises by customer service representatives that the bills would be fixed.

According to their records and ours, we were paid up in full through August 17, 2007 so all we needed was a pro-rated bill for SEVEN days.

• We were waiting for a pro-rated bill, as promised by the customer service rep, for 7 days of service and got a bill for $336.32. Our normal full-month bills were $167, so you can imagine this was a bit off for only 7 days of service.

• The bill indicated we had not paid through Sept 17, 2007 (right, cause we cancelled on August 24) and we owed that and now another month’s service through October 17, 2007 (did I mention we cancelled August 24, 2007?).

• I called right away, explained the situation, and was told the incorrect charges would be credited back to our account and a new bill for the 7 days of service we received from August 18-24, 2007 would be sent out. The next statement we got had some credits but still showed a ridiculous $184.79 due (still more than a full month’s service). It actually looks like the problem lies with our statement dated 9/14/2007 which, for some reason, didn’t credit all amounts through 10/17/2007 and this seems to come close to the disputed bill amount. This bill was obviously wrong as well.

• I called again in late September and once again explained the problems and working with a very nice CSR, was told that our final bill for the 7 days of August service (18-24) would be $56.98. The reference number from this call where everything was supposedly fixed was 98270. I paid $56.98 the same day to Comcast.

• I got another bill dated October 7, 2007 indicating that Comcast had received our payment of $56.98 but that I still owed $127.81 and that (this is classic) “Your cable service has been disconnected.” (It is worth noting that our cable service was disconnected on August 24, 2007 and Comcast had made sure we couldn’t watch anything or log on by taking all our boxes away!)

• On October 22, 2007, Comcast at 410-649-9000 informed me that my account had been transferred to the collections department and I’d have to call them to clear it up now. The same day during business hours I called the number and the message said no one was available to leave my name and number and I’d get a call back. I never and still haven’t received a call back.

• On October 24, 2007, I called collections again and got through to and spoke with a nice woman in collections named Grace at x8130 and walked her through how $127.81 for 7 days of service was ridiculous. She could not see that I had paid up through August 17, 2007 in her system and said she would look up my July bill and call me back. I did not hear back from Grace.

• I called Grace again on Friday, October 26, 2007 and left a voice mail. I did not hear back from Grace.

• On Monday, October 29, 2007 I got a bill from CMI credit management, lp (“a professional debt collection agency”) stating that I owed Comcast Baltimore City $127.81. I left another voice mail for Grace after hours last night, Monday, October 29, 2007.

• Called this morning, 10:30am October 30, 2007. Waited for any representative and again the message said no one was available to leave my name and number and I’d get a call back, did just for giggles. Then called back and left another message for Grace just for good measure.

I wrote a long letter that I plan to mail this week to Comcast with every tiny detail of what has taken place over the past couple months, but I have little hope that all will be fixed and who knows what they’ve done to my credit.

Basically I have now spent hours on the phone with Comcast to get our bills corrected for a mere 7 days of service. Grace was the first Comcast person who wouldn’t tell me it was fixed, and given the collections notice asking me for an amount that I do not owe Comcast, that appears to be true. Except now Grace, and apparently the Comcast collections department, is no where to be found.

As you can imagine, this has more than soured our feelings toward Comcast. I read about the elderly lady who took a hammer to a Comcast rep’s computer. While I do not condone what she did, I totally understand it.

Shannon said...

Account#8798 30 001 7248140

I posted my "saga" at 11:15am on October 24. I received several calls from Comcast today - October 30 - to resolve my issues, and as of 3:45pm, I have been promised a refund check for $750 to arrive in 3 to 6 weeks. I am very grateful for this site as I have been waiting for this money (with not a lot of hope I would ever receive it) since November 2006. I will definitely confirm when I receive the check from Comcast, but thank you, thank you to the nice customer service representative who helped me today and to this site for bringing my issue to his attention. I hope all of you get your issues resolved just as quickly. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Comcast HSI has worked very well for me. But I still have trouble with billing errors. I signed up for an HSI promo online- $33/mo for 6 months. The installer came on 10/25. I received my bill today 10/31 and of course it billed me for the full shot of $59.95 plus installation. Sooo, I called Comcast rep #1. She explains "that $33/mo is only for their Cable customers". Well, thank you ma'am but the promo rate currently offered for cable subscribers is $19.95/mo. and $33/mo for HSI only. Besides the service is in my significant other's name and she can't discuss the top secret account with me. I explain that I am the chief designated check writer in the home and maybe if Comcast would like to see a check, she should talk to me. It is a no go with her. So, later in the day when hubby is home, I call Comcast rep #2. I explain that rep #1 couldn't help because I didn't have clearance to handle something as highly classified as a HSI bill. "Oh no", she says. "I can talk to you". OK Dokey then, I explain about the billing error. She can't figure out what code to use and why when I called for the service hookup they gave me that rate. WHOA, WHOA here. I NEVER called Comcast for service or for installation. All of that was done via the internet with my pokey, slow dial up service at I ask her if she wants me to fax a copy of my work order with the rate on it. Well, she goes off to consult a supervisor.... tick, tock, tick, tock.....she's back on the phone. OK, my bill will be corrected by the department that has the top secret codes. Being a cautious person, I ask for a reference number regarding the phone call. Say what? Reference number? We don't have those but my name is "such and such". So, I don't suppose this is my last billing problem.
Why doesn't Comcast just charge a fair and reasonable rate to all of their HSI subscribers and do away with all of the online third party signups? There would be much less confusion at billing time. Plus, those third party vendors aren't doing those sales out of the goodness of their hearts. Comcast could save all of that kickback money and pass the savings on to the customers.

Howard said...

I am account number 01619525785-02-8.

I posted earlier (look for a somewhat long thread above in this list).

Following up -

The Friday after I posted my message on this blog a member of staff from the central Comcast office in Philadelphia called me in reference to my post. She left her phone number. On Monday morning I called this number, and it rang and rang and no one ever answered. No voice mail either (corporate doesn't have voicemail?!). Later Monday afternoon someone from the local Comcast office in my area contacted me and again left a message saying to please call back. During my break that afternoon I tried to contact her and received her voicemail (good - someone has voicemail!). I left a message identifying my problem and what I wanted to know specifically. This person left a message for me on my voice mail about 30 minutes later apologizing for missing my call, and to please call her back so we could discuss my problem.

I'm in an unfortunate situation where I work from 9-5:30pm M-F. It sucks. I have to pay bills though. I don't have a lot of time to make personal calls to handle situations like this.

The week after I received a letter in the mail stating that my local office wanted to resolve my issues but were unable to get in touch with me by phone. The letter requested that I call them M-F 9-5pm. I wrote Comcast a postal letter in response stating that I was unable to call during their specified times, but in the interest of solving my problem if they would choose a time to meet me in person at their office at their time and date of choosing, I would take personal leave off from work to come in and take care of this.

Today I received another phone call from Becky at my local office - please call her back at my earliest convenience.

Comcast, you guys just don't get it.

I don't want to be unreasonable.

I cannot and will not be able to return any phone calls.

I will not and can not take off an entire day to sit in the local Comcast office waiting to speak with someone.

If someone at my local Comcast office will arrange a time and date, and let me know, I will be happy to meet with a local rep in person and resolve my issue as easily as possible for both of us.

Please don't make me wait outside on a bench.

Naut2b said...

When Comcast came to Houston they told us how great the service would be and that our bills really wouldn't change.

Presto - my Bill went from around $90.00 to almost $150. My brother went in to talk to them and there was an hour long line in front of him of people canceling. Everyone had the same question "Why has my bill gone up?" They got the same answer "Uh, duh we don't know."

I had been happy, but even on our town's board there are hundreds of posts of people asking for recommendations for satellite because they are canceling. What are they doing?

Kate said...

BTW, regarding the above post...I'd love to hear from comcast (my email is available) about WHY my bill has gone up so much.

I have one non HD DVR, The middle of the road digital package, & TWP NON HD Receivers. I also have Internet. The original message we got from you guys was that the bills would be going up a few dollars. I could have internet, phone & satellite for almost half.

You guys need to come clean really, really quick. Even the BBB has said on TV you guys were not honest about the increase. Our town's message board is overloaded with people having issues and switching.

Anonymous said...

Account # 01653170120-01-6

I started with Adelphia and had no problems, until Comcast took over. I swear I never got the same price on my bill each month, a few times I called to cancel and was promised things to stay. The last time they gave me a special with HBO and before it was running out I called and asked for it to be cancelled, the girl told me to leave it and she would have it automatically cancel when the "special" was up. Of course it wasn't and I got a real high bill that month, I called to complain and no one knew anything of course. I had 3 bad DVR's in a row and kept asking for a rep and they kept telling me the mother board was down in my area - well 4 months later, I finally got my 3rd DVR box that worked correctly. My cable was supposed to be $88 a month, I kept getting bills over $100, up to $187. I finally switched over to Direct Tv (no installation charges) and also got bellsouth as a high speed, we called to cancel Comcast and they said ok , and they would send a rep to pick up our modem. We then got a call saying our cable would be disconnected for non payment, so when the rep came, my husband paid him and said please disconnect, as we don't want the cable anymore. The rep said we had to call the 800 . We called and she said it was all taken care of. A month later, we get a card on our door saying we were getting disconnected..we called and said we had cancelled the month before. Comcast said we had never called. OK - I had to talk to 3 different people, Shannon, Ron and Tamisha and they said we owed $84. That if we return the modem ourselves, and proof we had bell south we would get the price back dated - so I gathered up the kids and went to the main office and the guy I got (very condenscending..) that I would be all set and owed them $91. I said, wait, I owed $84, and if you back date the high speed, it should only be about $15-20? He said, no its $91. I just walked out, refused to pay and told them to just cancel and send me a bill. He told me he couldnt cancel if i didnt pay my final bill - I finally got him to agree that I would not be charged any further and left it at that. I called my husband to rant and rave, and he told me to just pay the $91 and be done with it - I told him NO WAY!!!!! It's principal! I will not pay Comcast 1 more single dime - of course now they are offering the package i paid $180 for, for $39. you'd think they would just call it a day with us, but they won't. I'm so over them, that I will go without beore EVER using them again.

Anonymous said...

account number:1603354120-12

Comcast has ripped me off and the only reason they get away with it is because they are a monopoly. Yes I could get the dish once I am if ever I am approved for it in my appartment complex. but what the heck why not just pay comcast another 600 plus dollars. No biggy right? wrong for me that is quite a bit and I will never deal with this company again. Last November I moved into a place and got service with comcast that included the internet. The catch was that there was no internet when I called comcast they said that they would send someone else out and when they did he just said that it was my computer, I tried the same modem on other computers and the same thing happened finally after appx. 2 months we found out that the modem wasn't programed the right way, I would be credited for the billing so they said I never was. Then I moved into a place that I was waiting to get into again they hooked up the internet to so they said I called a number of different times but was also stuck ill at the time so I really didn't push to much figuring that they could not bill me for what I was not receiving again I figured wrong because they did bill me for it. They threatened to shut off service and told me that the only way to stop it was to pay the whole bill and then they would credit me for the amount over payed. It turned out that the modem was not turned on from the office this time. Since they never turned it on I could not use it it would be a simple credit right? NOT They never credited my account and then they said the could not go back that far, that far was Jan. to April and this was in June but thier computers would not premit them to go back and give me vredit for m oney I pais for a service that I never received. So they shut of the cable and I told them right where to go. They still charged me though that advance charge you know that you pay for the service before you get it. So I am out 200 dollars, The kids have no cable for thier programs, and I would really like to no why a big company like this must steal from someone like me and the worst part is they get away with it.

Anonymous said...

This is a recent request for an install from the Comcast live chat

user Nicholas_ has entered room

Nicholas(Fri Nov 2 07:50:58 EST 2007)>Order Information

analyst Evangeline has entered room

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:51:06 EST 2007)>Hello Nicholas_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Evangeline. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:51:09 EST 2007)>Thank you for your confidence with Comcast. I am glad to assist you with your order today.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:52:50 EST 2007)>You are ordering for Digital Starter and DVR, am I correct, Nicholas?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:53:40 EST 2007)>Yes

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:53:43 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:54:14 EST 2007)>Nicholas, let us now get started. First, may I verify your information I have here, please?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:54:47 EST 2007)>sure

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:55:50 EST 2007)>what are you looking for from me

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:56:19 EST 2007)>May I get your complete address, please?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:57:02 EST 2007)>somewhere in comcast land usa

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:57:16 EST 2007)>Thank you for that information, Nicholas.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:57:46 EST 2007)>np

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:57:34 EST 2007)>May I get your phone number, please?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:58:07 EST 2007)>0000000000

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:58:00 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 07:58:53 EST 2007)>Nicholas, may I place you on hold for a moment while I locate your address in our system, please?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 06:59:25 EST 2007)>ok

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:00:55 EST 2007)>Before I do that, may I know if this is for new install? Do you have any other Comcast service right now in your address?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:01:58 EST 2007)>it is a new install no other service

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:02:17 EST 2007)>Thank you, Nicholas. I will now place you on hold.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:02:49 EST 2007)>ok

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:02:51 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:05:35 EST 2007)>I am now processing your order, Nicholas. Please continue to hold.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:06:09 EST 2007)>ok

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:06:02 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:10:20 EST 2007)>Nicholas, may I get the last four digits of your Social Security Number, please?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:11:11 EST 2007)>0000

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:11:04 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:14:00 EST 2007)>You want to add an additional outlet, Nicholas, am I correct?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:15:06 EST 2007)>yes I think that all but one of the rooms has an outlet already

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:15:21 EST 2007)>How many outlets you wish to add, Nicholas?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:16:57 EST 2007)>I have 4 tvs that i would like hooked up to cable

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:17:59 EST 2007)>Nicholas, do you know how many outlets your house have already?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:19:32 EST 2007)>I am not really sure b ut I believe that there are 3 outlets there already

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:20:06 EST 2007)>Do you still wish to add an additional outlet, Nicholas?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:21:29 EST 2007)>no you know what we will just work with what is there already

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:22:22 EST 2007)>Okay, Nicholas. Got it. Please continue to hold for few more minutes. I am almost done.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:22:52 EST 2007)>ok

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:22:38 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:28:42 EST 2007)>I am sorry for the delay, Nicholas. I am still processing your order. Thank you for your patience. it is really appreciated.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:29:15 EST 2007)>np

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:29:12 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:29:12 EST 2007)>Thank you

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:38:55 EST 2007)>Thank you for patiently waiting, Nicholas. I am done with packaging your order. I will now schedule you a technician. Would you prefer morning or afternoon for installation?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:39:38 EST 2007)>morning

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:40:27 EST 2007)>The available schedule in the morning is on Sunday, will that be okay with you, Nicholas?

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:40:27 EST 2007)>The available schedule in the morning is on Sunday, will that be okay with you, Nicholas?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:41:17 EST 2007)>sure that is just fine

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:41:54 EST 2007)>Is between 8-10 am okay with you?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:42:39 EST 2007)>sure is

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:42:31 EST 2007)>That is great.Your appointment has been booked in our system. The technician will call 30 minutes before coming to your home. Please also ensure that someone over the age of 18 is present during the time of the appointment.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:43:15 EST 2007)>ok

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:43:27 EST 2007)>thank you

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:43:25 EST 2007)>Please prepare a check addressed to Comcast amounting to $80.10

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:43:39 EST 2007)>You are welcome, Nicholas.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:43:55 EST 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:44:24 EST 2007)>okay

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:44:36 EST 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with today, Nicholas??

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:45:09 EST 2007)>can we get two dvr boxes?

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:45:18 EST 2007)>Yes. Nicholas. Do you want me to add that in your order?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:46:09 EST 2007)>yes please thankyou

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:46:14 EST 2007)>Please hold on for few minutes while I do that, Nicholas.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:46:45 EST 2007)>ok

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:46:34 EST 2007)>Thank you.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:57:13 EST 2007)>Thank you for waiting, Nicholas. I am done now adding 2 DVR's on your account. Please prepare check amounting to $108.00.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:57:50 EST 2007)>Please disregard the amount I mentioned earlier.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:58:06 EST 2007)>Are you still there, Nicholas?

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:58:38 EST 2007)>yes

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:58:51 EST 2007)>ok that is 108

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:58:35 EST 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 08:58:48 EST 2007)>Yes, Nicholas.

Nicholas_(Fri Nov 2 07:59:30 EST 2007)>no that is good thank you very much

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 09:00:27 EST 2007)>You are welcome, Nicholas.

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 09:00:36 EST 2007)>Thank you for contacting Comcast! We appreciate your business!

Evangeline(Fri Nov 2 09:00:44 EST 2007)>If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at to help you reach a resolution independently.
Have a great day!

Remote Control Status: Disable View Only Full Control

The only thing that was changed in this conversation was the address, the phone number and of course the last 4 digits of the social. When the guy came out he only had an order for 1 outlet and no DVR boxes. Then because my Mom was there, because I couldn't be hence someone over 18, They did not hook up service because she has had problems wwith them that have yet to be solved, they took money by billing to much and she told them where to go. Comcast was also not interested in this chat session unless I go down to there office with it. Anybody know where the hammer is? No but really if this was your company wouldn't you like to know of a mess up that is documented. They said that they can not get into the chat sessions on there computer I said I have it in my notepad want me to send it they said to bring it to the office after they were told over and over agian that I could not get to there office so the conversation ended with READ IT ON COMCAST MUST DIE OK? I will be calling dish or directtv

Anonymous said...

Re: account number:1603354120-12

You were chatting with a computer, in case you hadn't figured that out.

Sucks that even their online 'chat' computer can't get orders correct, even after reading it back to you for confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I am in Houston and got changed from Time-Warner to Comcast. We have 3 Hi-def cable boxes in the house and they have been there for several years. It was bad enough when Sept. 1 the rental cost went from $7.99 to $8.99 a month for each box. Then Oct. 1 Comcast started charging $3.50 for each additional Hi-def box. A couple of emails to Comcast asking what this new charge was for got me a call from a rep today. Seems the answer is very simple. "We just wanted to charge for this." I send an email into the local TV station, maybe they can find something out.

texas gidget said...

I think everyone should join Florida's lawsuit against Comcast about their sorry On Demand service. New Movies are often not there as advertised or will come out for one day and then get yanked. In addition, they go for weeks without updating the anime channel although they supposedly made a deal with the anime network to offer more and better service.

In addition, Comcast uses the old bait and switch when it comes to advertisement for services that include hidden fees like a $99 installation fee for phone service for their 33+33+33 for internet/phone/cable service.

Was I the only one charged $99 for an installation fee. If so why? How do I correct this.

Anonymous said...

Account number: 8497101300006318

I thought everything was fine with Comcast. I have internet and tv cable with hd service and sports channels. Then I received my mail today. It is a 'Statement of Service' from Comcast for a whopping $402.72. It says Final Collection Notice and states that I have been charged for each unreturned comcast converter and/or modem. It says 'please return your unreturned equipment to your nearest Comcast Connections Center immediately or call us at (number) for pickup.
After talking to a comcast customer representative I understand that they are now billing me for a modem they think I didn't return 4 1/2 years ago on March 28, 2003 from an apartment I rented in Boulder. It's now 2:30AM on November 11th, 2007 and I can't sleep much less remember what I did 4 1/2 years ago but I have every reason to believe I returned it..but I wouldn't even know where to look for the paperwork. Would You?
As a side note, the representative cannot give me anymore information other than what I have just shared with you. As a point of reference, for the last few years I have watched my credit report and I have not even seen any reference to an outstanding invoice with Comcast or a collection agency in reference to this matter. This is the first bill I have received....and now I'm supposed to call a Comcast 'collection' representative on Monday to determine what the nature of this bill is and to clear this issue up. Maybe that's why I can't sleep. I'm dreading that call. After all, collection people aren't exactly geared to clearing up customer issues. They aren't incentivized for good customer service. The customer representative tells me that the reason it would not have shown up on a collection report is that they haven't yet turned it over to an agency. 4 1/2 years later? Comcast doesn't turn their outstanding balances over to agencies? Smells like a billing 'glitch' to me ... and I think I know a customer who was happy yesterday who will probably pay dearly for this...especially if my Comcast recommended solution is to clear it up with a Comcast collector.
I couldn't be more upset. And earlier today I was so pleased with the Comcast service I am currently receiving.
Some companies talk about garnering business through superior customer experience.
Wow! Sucks to be me!

The Union Master said...

Comcast stock is dropping because more of their customers are switching to other forms of entertainment(sattelite,FIOS,etc).
People are tired of being deceived,such as the hard working employees of Comcast,In a Union Atmosphere,Pride and Dedication to customers would be restored,BECAUSE,(and listen very closely Mr. Roberts)DECENT COST OF LIVING WAGES WOULD RESTORE PRIDE TO ALL OF YOUR HARD WORKING EMPLOYEES..
Every Comcast customer and employee can relate to what I'm refering to,With a Union Shop,you would get better employees and better training for those employees,(and not Comcast University-bogus training school)
Real Training with Certification that would go a long way with an employee anywhere in his or her lives.
A decent wage to be proud of,A decent pension for their families to live on,better medical benefits,
In turn,An employee given these benefits would be proud of their job and would go the extra mile to give that customer what he or she wants and do it proudly as a member of a UNION..UNION PROUD=UNION STRONG AND RESPECT.
You can change it..
you have the choice..

you want respect from customers,officials,the public??

Want RESPECT from White Collar Do Nothing Management!! Release Your Power,watch them tremble...

Feel proud about what you do,and get the CORRECT WAGES doing them!!




Anonymous said...

Account number: 8497101300006318

Result from posting on Saturday morning when Comcast sent me a $402. bill for services they claim were outstanding from 4 1/2 years ago on an old account.

When I called for the collection department this morning they said I did indeed have an open invoice from 4 1/2 years ago. I had no proof I paid or my only resolution from their standpoint was to pay the credit agency they were going to refer my balance to....or to pay Comcast.

So I walked into the Denver center with my current equipment at my current address...hoping to talk to a manager to resolve the issue...but ready to make sure I didn't pay any more than I had to to COmcast. Wayne at the Denver center said there is no manager at this address to speak with...(of course's a customer center) I returned my equipment for my current address...GOT A RECEIPT..for my return...I closed my current account where I pay about $100 per month. I paid the $402 Comcast claimed I owed from 4 1/2 years ago from an apartment I rented.The customer rep said the reason I hadn't seen a bill in 3 years was because they wrote off the account in June of 2003. This could happen to you - if you move too much and you don't keep receipts from 3 1/2 years ago.

When I left the center I realized it's not a total loss even though I was disssapointed that noone cared that I had an open account with them...not one could discuss the old bill cuz they didn't have the detail...and if your only resolution is a collection agency... I figured the lost business from me alone would cost Comcast about $24000 over the rest of my working life, just one lost customer. If I can influence 10 people over the rest of my life not to go with Comcast it could have a $240K effect on their business. Businesses build and crumble based on good and bad customer experiences. I lost a lot of sleep over this issue over the weekend. I would have hoped that I would have a good report of customer resolution that went over the top - the kind of response you might expect from Nordstrom - but that might be why Nordstrom is special. I think Nordstrom has managers at their stores you can talk to if you have an issue.

Anonymous said...

The Union Master said:


and you did. What does this have to do with Comcast billing fiascos? Get a clue.

Makee said...

Last year Comcast double billed me for reconnection. I'd switched to the dish for a while but decided to return to cable. It happened that a rep was in the neighborhood and we paid him to reconnect the account. Here came the problem..Comcast ran the payment twice..they submitted the check electronically then manually. Of course this caused a ripple affect on my account. My bank agreed to reverse all the fees if Comcast would restore the payment taken in error. BUT THEY REFUSED TO DO IT! Instead they offered me a credit to my account. I said 'NO WAY. Even if I took the credit, I still had fees because of the error. So the bank reversed it anyway for me. No biggie I thought. NO!! After then Comcast said I "BOUNCED" a check, charged me a fee, and REJECTED me from paying via check by phone! It took me so long to explain this to a logical person. I would swear that these idiots are trained to purposely irritate the customers so we will get frustrated and hang up. It took me weeks...and tons of letters to get this straight.

WHEW!!! I'm tired of typing; however, I will tell you all later about the problem I'm having with the high speed internet (not), the awful customer service AND NOT TO MENTION the convict looking "auditors" they had in my neighborhood this weekend.

JOHN said...

I too have been cheated by Comcast through their subsideraries and I have been arbitrarily denied rebates totalling $175. Can anybody give me info [Law Firm & case number]of any class actions against Comcast or either of the above mentioned subsideraries, particularlly regarding rebates?

Anonymous said...

We added Internet phone to our service. We were told the package price was $79 (an outrageous amount) for six months with free install. We were not only charged an instillation fee, the charged us over $100 before any taxes or fees for this "$79" service. It took several calls to clear this rip-off job up. I wonder how much money they make by all of the people that just give up.

In addition to the billing issues comcast 1) Changed our installation date by 2 additional weeks (the first was scheduled 4 weeks in advance) 2) Never ported our phone number 3) Continuously lost work orders to port our number. I spent many hours, on the phone with people who were either lying to me or totally incompetent

We are with Vonage now.
I am in an older part of Houston, and Comcast is the only player for high speed Internet in my neighborhood AS OF YET, but that won't last forever. I will never choose to work with Comcast.
I look forward to the day a Comcast customer "outreach" person knocks on my door to see how they can better serve me. I expect that to happen after there is a choice. That is what happened with the phone companies when we I got rid of my land line.

I have found that this is the only way to deal with Comcast. Never wait on hold for Comcast Always select the option for canceling service. This will shorten your hold time to about 5 seconds. Nicely inform the person working on the other end of the line that they have 5 minutes to fix your problem, or you will be switching to DSL. Ask for a supervisor.

Things will change, and in the near future they will all be coming to us, hat in hand, asking how they can do better. The only way that will happen is if we have other options and, if that is the case Comcast can go suck eggs.

Pushing hard for city-wide wireless!

rubyred said...

Account #: 8798 30 005 7233572

On 10/20/2006, my service was transferred. The tech gave me a new box, re-used a box, and swapped a modem. Yes, this was 14 months ago.

A month later (Nov 2006) I called to resolve a billing issue and was told that equipment had to be returned. But all had been returned: I dropped off a box and the tech took the modem. The agent said it can take many weeks to process, so try back-but no luck a few weeks later. The agent said, "If we don't get it back, it'll show up on your bill." Since you NEVER billed me, NEVER informed me that you had not received the equipment, I took the word of the agent and assumed it had been “found.” ALL of this is apparently documented in my “account notes.”

I recently got a 2nd letter from COLLECTIONS asking for $150. More than a year later AND having NEVER been informed by Comcast that the equipment had not been “found.”

After the 1st letter, I called customer service b/c clearly this was a mistake (12/3/2007). I learned that you don't even have a record of the equipment I allegedly have. Comcast can't tell me what it is (box? modem?), and there’s no record of being referred to collections. An investigation was opened (000690763) to be resolved by 12/17, but has not been. I had to provide all of the info to the agent; how can you be charging me, wait, no, sending me to COLLECTIONS when you can’t even tell me what piece of equipment I allegedly have not returned?

I called again on 12/19 and asked to be called by a supervisor: no call. And it took a lot of teeth pulling to get the agent to even offer me a “callback” but clearly she didn’t even bother to put it in the queue. I sent several emails to customer service, including the very special “Contact Rick Germano” directly method. Regular customer service responded, but not Rick! In any case, I’ve asked 3 times via email for a direct number for a supervisor and still get the same boiler plate response from them: call the 800 number or chat online. I don’t need to explain the situation again. I just need it resolved.

I don’t care about the investigation. They’re not going to find the “equipment.” I’m I supposed to believe there are people scouring warehouses looking for it after 14 months? It’s probably still sitting in the back of the installer’s truck, if he even works for Comcast anymore.

Why do they insist on wrongfully accusing customers of such things (which are CLEARLY their own issues with their installers and record keeping systems), NEVER telling them of the issue, then sending them to collections, for what amounts to a piece of equipment that can be purchased on eBay for $15? Oh, and the price they want for it is LESS than what I pay them for one-month’s service – which I ALWAYS pay on time and in full. Haven’t we heard a million times that companies pay 5x more (in some cases I’ve heard 8 – 10) to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones? Why the runaround Comcast? Why wasn’t this resolved on the FIRST call? And WHY do you continue to place the burden of proof on customers, when clearly this is a HUGE issue. There are tens of thousands of posts on hundreds of web sites just like this that have a familiar ring to them: long story short, your installers screw up all the time and you have horrible customer service.

Here’s is what I request from Comcast:
1) A letter saying I’m not responsible for ANY equipment other than the 3 items currently being used in my household right now
2) To contact Credit Protection Association to ensure I’m never contacted again about this matter and that any/all records they have of this be closed (or whatever)
3) Provide letters, etc. to have the item removed from my credit report if necessary

I’ll also give Comcast the opportunity to cut ME a check for $150 then I can pay off their thugs. That’s a CHECK, not a service credit, which you’ve never done for me, even when you say you will.

I sincerely hope that Comcast cleans up their act. Yes, I realize they have a lot of customers, but maybe their “lines” wouldn’t be jammed with callers if they actually had the foresight to actually provide good service in the first place.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bob Garfield said...

I deleted the previous post because it included personal information about a Comcast employee.

stargate said...

Since JULY 2007 its crazy my bill has never sayed the same from $160.00 to $197.00,
Now trying to prove the bill there giving me now is wrong nad its paid is so hard i drove 3 places to get help and all i get is phone calls and they say are records dont go back that far i an not well and at the point of RAGE where i want to take one i dont care person put my hand donw there throat and rip out there guts

Anonymous said...

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Burkeman1 said...

Yeah- I am sick of comcast. Every single time I call them I get hung up on in the middle of the call. For the second time in two years- trying to change my service- cancel movie channels and lower my bill- they get me into a conversation about "bundling" my package and blah blah- and then- hang up on me. So I called back in- went through the stupid phone tree- another 5 minutes of my time wasted- and then they wanted to talk to me about "bundling" again. I said- just cancel my movie channels this time! Finally- they did. This hang up routine with them is so common I can only conclude that it is deliberate and they are just trying to frustrate me so I won't cancel services. An issue that keeps coming up at my condo meetings is Direct TV vs Comcast. This year- I am gonna push for Direct TV for my building. Sick of Comcast and their petty little phone games. And I'm not the only one who is to this hang up scam with them. They do it all the time. And if it wasn't intentional? They would call me back when I get hung up on- but they don't.

So Comcast? Get lost. Comcast is the bank of America of the TV world- a huge government protected slimey institution that has been given a license to steal.

MJ said...

Ya! Whats up with them hanging up on you? I called them 3 times within an hour, all different people, all Hung up on me after speaking for anywhere for 5-10 minutes, explaining my store, providing my 'credentials' to prove who I am then there is no 'hang up' noise. It just falls silent and you look at your cell phone and its not connected!?! Ive had the same cell for 4 years, its not me, I have full bars and have never ever had this happen. Either they are purposely hanging up on people, or they have the crappiest phone system ever. I believe its mainly monkeys who just dont know what buttons are what combined with a crappy phone system that needs to be upgraded.

All my latest frustration stemmed from me going into my local office to pay my bill in full! They drove out and shut my service off that same day, no knock, no warning, just a ninja at 6pm decided to cap me off.

Its like if your service is working, DONT TOUCH IT! Dont call them, dont break the plan, don't move. They are stoned or something. You ask for 1 thing and they completely destroy your life. F' them in the A so hard a million times for all the frustration. I still havent been able to get someone to my house to hook my service back up. I'll be moved by the time they get their ass here. So for now, I had to run my own 150 ft line from my box. Which for some reason, they just have the digital tap chillin out in the open. Not locked up or anything. Well I'm paying and taking my service that I rightly paid for in full for the month and they are to Fing stupid to get shit straight. I've got my receipt and after nights of calling, hung up on and their instant messaging chat proving fruitless. I give up. You win Comcast. Your stupidity is beyond me. Busy people with lifes and shit to do just dont have time to deal with your monkey business.

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Anthony Iodice said...

Ok. But crooked billing practices are not a way of re couping those losses. Thats why the fcc just fined you guys over 2million $. You dont "take a hit" it's all recouped from outrageous oackage prices since there is a monopoly on cable service here.

Anthony Iodice said...


Anthony Iodice said...


Anthony Iodice said...

Ok. But crooked billing practices are not a way of re couping those losses. Thats why the fcc just fined you guys over 2million $. You dont "take a hit" it's all recouped from outrageous oackage prices since there is a monopoly on cable service here.